Avantis or DFA ETFs

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Avantis or DFA ETFs

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Hello Group, I'm wanting to buy a Total Market US & International ETF that tilts to small & value in a taxable account. I see that Dimensional has some new ETFs (DFAU & DFAI) and they are in competition with Avantis ETFs (AVUS & AVDE). It's really hard to find specific info on these ETFs, I suppose if I was an advisor I'd have access to all sorts of information but I'm not. Would any fellow Bogleheads help me out on these ETFs and provide some feedback & some food for thought?

Also, Fidelity allows purchase of a specific dollar amount in addition to purchasing whole shares. Is there any disadvantage to buying in specific dollars & getting fractional shares instead of whole shares, I'm thinking that maybe when it comes time to sell that having multiple lots in fractional shares might be a problem but maybe not, any feedback is much appreciated!
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Re: Avantis or DFA ETFs

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ETF.com has info at links below. Note inclusion of [Fund Home Page] link.

Also included a sample link to DFAU info, for example, at Schwab. Change symbol to see other ETFs. The [ETF Report Card] - towards the top - is a nice pdf with info.

Also below are examples of 'Classic' Morningstar, ETFRC, and Financial Times links. Again, change symbols for other ETFs.

DFA @ ETF.com

Avantis @ ETF.com

Schwab ETF Profile Example [DFAU]
https://www.schwab.com/public/schwab/in ... bol%3dDFAU

Morningstar Example [DFAU]
http://quotes.morningstar.com/chart/fun ... ion?t=DFAU

ETFRC (ETF Research Center) Example [AVUS]

Financial Times ETF Tearsheet [AVUS]
https://markets.ft.com/data/etfs/tearsh ... US:PCQ:USD
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