How to locate an address:

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How to locate an address:

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I was recently inspired by comments made by a person in the news, though not a public official or someone with a website. I do not know where this person lives but would like to write a few comments responding in a positive fashion. I see stories about people who, for example, receive many birthday cards on a special day from unknown people and have no idea how they get a non-public address. How is this obtained other than by using one of the Internet sites that prepares profiles for a charge?

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Re: How to locate an address:

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Hmm, seems a little odd to do that, personally. Creepy.

However, have you checked your local county recorder? If they bought a house, there is a good chance you can find their address on the deed or whatnot.

In the county I live, it is all online, and unless they bought with a trust, finding an address is very simple.
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Re: How to locate an address:

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