one step forward ..two steps backwards

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one step forward ..two steps backwards

Post by k1982 »

is this what we will be seeing in the next coming weeks or months?

% wise we should be +1 or -1 everyday
not 10 top ever.. records ..every other day...

is this speculation? panic? fears?

this is my first bear market ..i only been in the stock market for 2 months and this is 'laughable' to me

all i can do is shake my head / watch this reality show ..and take advantage of this market
another big future loss coming tomorrow 3/18/2020 after a pretty delightful gain today

what do you think? is this normal?
cause sadly i'm enjoying this spectacle
i believe most investors (before me) had it too easy making money in the last decade and now they see fear and they run away from their investments

in my personal opinion. this is nothing to get crazy about. it's part of life.

and no i'm not rich. i make about $12 an hour with no benefits. i get by and live way below my means. i save every penny i can manage.
i never been this calm about life. maybe it's cause i'm 38 and went thru a lot in my life. so this is just noise to me.
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Re: one step forward ..two steps backwards

Post by JustSomeGuy155 »

It sure isn't normal! No one knows what will happen in the coming weeks and months, and that is why the market is so volatile.

That's great that you're so calm. I like to think that I'm calm too, but it's still painful seeing my account value go down many thousands of dollars for days in a row. That's money I worked hard for...But it is a risk that I knew was present.

My guess is it will go back up in the coming years, but no one knows for sure...
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Re: one step forward ..two steps backwards

Post by ionball »

I'd say not normal in the everyday sense, but somewhat normal in terms of occasional periods of uncertainty. Who knows how long this will continue? Enjoy the spectacle and stay the course. Keep contributing and your future self will be grateful.
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Re: one step forward ..two steps backwards

Post by JoMoney »

The 1999/2000 Dot-Com Bust saw about a -45% drop over about 30 months

The 2008/9 Global Financial Crisis saw about a -55% drop across about 18 months

We had a -20% drop from
09/21/2018 - 12/24/2018 people hardly seemed to notice that one, which only lasted 3 months.

This drop has been about -30% in one month ... and we're still in the midst of it. It's way too soon to really consider how we feel about it.
"To achieve satisfactory investment results is easier than most people realize; to achieve superior results is harder than it looks." - Benjamin Graham
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Re: one step forward ..two steps backwards

Post by k1982 »

well i'm hoping it will go down another 20% SLOWLY (over 6 months or more) cause i lump sum my life savings in the market in January 2020 at all time highs lol

it hurts saving $24,000 and lump sum it and see it dwindle to $17,000 within few weeks.
$24000 is what i make in about a year
am i complaining or whining? not at all
i just wished i DCA cause now i want to buy at 2017-2018 price levels

i bought another $6,000 yesterday (after 30% dip since all time high this year) so that felt much better...
so yeah now i want this market to stay like this for a while so i can keep buying. and live like im homeless for the next year
oh well :)

but i'm sure people that are in their 50's or 60's want to strangle me lol
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Re: one step forward ..two steps backwards

Post by Abk911 »

OP: while, people like to say it always goes up and yes it does, imagine if you were 50 years old in 2000 and 59 in 2009, you actually gained nothing and actually lost a lot all through.
Doesn’t mean there are no people here who have not experienced it. But those people are stronger or clearer on expectations. I faced that in 2000-2009, different country. But when job loss feeling started seeping in [expletive deleted by moderator oldcomputerguy] hit the roof.
I am not trying to be negative. All I am saying is yes one must stay course and I am still 90/10. But many investors today are people who got easy breezy money either through gains, or bit coin, or company fang stock. Easy money gives easy confidence, but only times like these differentiate who can hold and who can let go.

I am not saying this cause I am strong, I am saying this cause I am weak and barring any job loss situation, even though I am weak, i intend to fight this out.

Many a helpful bogleheads have helped me through several posts. But pls do differential between pseudo confidence from easy earners vs the shining diamonds that ran the heat of the coal mines.
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Re: one step forward ..two steps backwards

Post by Gamma Ray »

This is the time that everyone was talking about when they said "what if it drops and never returns" so there is never "it will eventually recover" in this market. Ideally, people say long term it will recover, no doubt, but if you averaged 5-7% for many years and now you just lost 30% possibly another 10-15%, will it ever really "recover". I had just moved $25k from my IRA money market to VOO, that $25k is basically gone in thin air now.
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Re: one step forward ..two steps backwards

Post by k1982 »

I have to say i was a little harsh in my previous posts. cause if it wasnt for sites like this and the wisdom of Bogle and Buffett i would of ran like a little girl and sold of all my equities.

so i should thank you all for the things i learned from the forums here.

am i scared it will never go back to the 2020 February highs and stronger? honestly not one bit cause history repeats itself and i believe we will all conquer thru this together. one step at a time. america is a strong country
it might take a few months maybe years. but this is the risk we take in investing.
we have to keep telling ourselfs this is for the long will turn around eventually.

if you are in it for the short haul are gambling just like in the casino.

so why not just sit there and do nothing in times like this (that is not a bad idea).. or better yet buy more when everything is discounted
those are our only 2 options

once again. i would like to thank everyone on this site and the moderators for partaking in this beautiful journey in what we call life :)
the lessons i learned from this site are priceless
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