Overseas inherited property sold at a loss

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Overseas inherited property sold at a loss

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I inherited this property 2 years ago overseas. At the time I hired a local real estate appraisal company which valued the property $200K and since then I collected rent also. Now I am selling the property and real estate telling me it only worth $100K

Can I deduct this loss in my taxes? Is there any limit or is there a restriction on overseas properties?

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Re: Overseas inherited property sold at a loss

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Assuming you are a US resident, and the person you inherited from was not, when you inherited the property 2 years ago, you should have filed a form 3520. If you did not do it, there may be penalties.

Did you declare the rent received over the 2 years as income on your tax returns?

Any year one has an overseas bank account and the balance is over 10,000 USD at any time during a tax year, there is an FBAR filing requirement. If this did not apply so far, if you open a new account to receive the proceeds of 100k, it will definitely apply in the year. You may need to file form 8938.

You can deduct the loss.
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Re: Overseas inherited property sold at a loss

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Here is a link to the IRS FAQ about deducting a loss on the sale of a rental property which is reported on Form 4797. The FAQ contains a link to the form and instructions which may be helpful.
https://www.irs.gov/faqs/sale-or-trade- ... xchanges-1
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