note of thanks, new money in 2 fund portfolio

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note of thanks, new money in 2 fund portfolio

Post by peterwantstosave » Mon Feb 11, 2019 3:33 pm

Hi, all,

This is just a note of thanks to the Bogleheads. I'm putting new money (Roth and Taxable Brokerage, both at Vanguard of course) into a 2 fund portfolio Vanguard World Stock VT & Vanguard World Bond BNDW (It's an even split, for those playing along at home). I realize this might not work for everyone, but I've been persuaded by the value of simplicity, especially Rick Ferri's articulations of it.

Over time, I'll move all old money to this even split as well. It's a bit more conservative than I'd like, but I like that it's at Vanguard, I like the international flavor, and the simplicity seems very doable long term. I also like that I can explain how to do it easily.

I really like having a community of folks around to talk about investing with. It means more than you know.

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