Great Examples of IPS?

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Great Examples of IPS?

Post by YoungSisyphus »

Hey all,

Back for more great advice. I was wondering if some of the folks that have a written IPS could share with me their strategy for creating one.

I’m trying to remove any emotion in my investing and instead focus on frequency of investing decisions:

E.g. Invest $6k into Roth IRA January 30 every year (or, invest $1500 per month until April of every year)

With all the gloom in the market I’ve tried to not make any changes to my investing habits - including my beginning of year funding. But I’m also trying to be smart about how I bring in new money on a yearly basis - and with whatever strategy (front loading, DCA) make sure I stay consistent with it.

I’m envisioning an IPS that would outline dates for investing new money by category (taxable, Roth, HSA, 401k after tax Roth, standard 401k before tax maxes), along with timing on consistent rebalancing.

Before I recreated the wheel I thought I’d check if this is already out there somewhere. Thanks!
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Re: Great Examples of IPS?

Post by RNJ »

Here's the wiki with two samples and some helpful links: ... -World_IPS

Good luck

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Re: Great Examples of IPS?

Post by MotoTrojan »

Make it even easier and invest as much as you can as soon as you can.
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Re: Great Examples of IPS?

Post by David Jay »

This may be helpful:

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Re: Great Examples of IPS?

Post by PhysicianOnFIRE »

Mine is due for an update, but this is the most recent revision (red text represents changes from previous):


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Re: Great Examples of IPS?

Post by LeeMKE »

Consider who the audience is for your ISP.

My early ISPs were pretty long because I was writing about why I would do each thing, a bit like making sure I could explain my reasoning for each step, with links to references I used. It helped when I met with financial advisors, so they could get up to speed in a few minute reading, rather than a 30 minute interview.

Later, my ISP shifted audience, written assuming something had happened to me, and my husband and/or a financial advisor was trying to understand what I had where, and why. There are specific instructions about what to do next in this one.

Now, my ISP audience has shifted again, and is written for the benefit of the potential executors/attorneys of DH estate in case DSDs sue me after their father passes. This one has more detail about how I managed our joint and separate assets and where the decisions were different, and why.

Starting out, you are the audience. Use your ISP as a place for you to jot down your reasoning. Future reviews will help you see changes you want to make, and avoid having you drift into less than optimum changes because of great advertising or an advisor showing you some shiny new special investment.
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