Thoughts on allocation strategy

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Thoughts on allocation strategy

Post by l1am »

Age 35, tax bracket 35%, ~80/20 desired allocation.

Roth IRA:
- 100% equities
- % in bonds such that (401k+Roth) matches desired asset allocation.
- Match asset allocation w/ bonds held in VWIUX, plus iBonds (still thinking about this vs more muni).
- EF in savings.

I know the most contentious part of this is the bonds in taxable, but the reason I do this is because I may need to dip into this money in a few years (downpayment on house, buy car etc.). Does that sound reasonable? Although by that logic, maybe I should have even more bonds/cash in taxable.
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Re: Thoughts on allocation strategy

Post by PFInterest »

if the money isnt for retirement, then it needs a different asset allocation.
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