Help with After Tax investment advise

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Help with After Tax investment advise

Post by jlm411 » Sat Aug 18, 2018 8:47 am

I am interested in seeking advise from the group about taxable investment advise. Our current Take home(post tax) income is 24K. Our monthly expense is about 6K. So we have a monthly surplus of about 18K. I am struggling with the direction to invest this surplus properly.

Age: Me(46) DW(42)
401k: 750K(me) 300K(dw)
Cash equivalent: 900K ( CDs, IBonds, Savings etc)
Real Estate: 300K (Primary home - all paid) 200K (rental - all paid currently rented at $1500 a month)

2 Kids: 20 (in college) 16(in High school) - Both kids have 250K balance in 529 accounts thanks to their grand parents

We have been putting max amount in 401k and HSA. Besides that we are just putting money in CDs and iBonds. I do not have any IRA or roth IRA. I do not have much knowledge of finance market. I took help from the financial advisor in the past but I ended up losing money so I am skeptical of hiring someone. I would rather learn on my own and handle my own finances.

Long term goal is to retire in 10-12 years.

I need help in investing our monthly surplus of about 18K.

Thank You.

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Re: Help with After Tax investment advise

Post by PFInterest » Sat Aug 18, 2018 9:16 am

do this: viewtopic.php?t=6212
well get you fixed up.

really only 2 items easily to change:

- you need to start doing backdoor rIRA.

- take your taxable investments and split them between total US (VTSAX), total intl (VTIAX) and int term muni (VWIUX) in the asset allocation you choose based on your entire portfolio.

thats it.
its not tricky, its not hard, you dont need to pay anyone.

also you can spend it you know. like other real estate, vacation, etc.

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