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Small Company 401k

Posted: Sat Jun 16, 2018 7:19 pm
by tonsofthorns
Operate a Quick Service Restaurant with 25 employees
Currently have a Simple Ira (no fees) with 5 employees participating, including wife & I

Considering a 401k with (fees are $8 per employee)
Could add an additional $6K per in contributions for my wife and I.
Could contribute as a Roth401k as well.
Could roll my vanguard IRAs into guideline 401k
With having assests in 401k I could then do a back door roth.

Are the fees (estimate $480 per year +500 first yr) for an 401k worth it to switch?
Are there any other low cost options for 401ks?
Is there any thing I am missing?

Thanks for your help