TSP Contribution Election through MyPay Problems

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TSP Contribution Election through MyPay Problems

Post by KYDoc » Sun Mar 18, 2018 12:05 am

Military Bogleheads, anyone having trouble making TSP contribution elections through MyPay this year? I made a change earlier in the year to make all my contributions come from my Basic Pay due to the way the new BRS matching system works. I have made many changes on MyPay this year. After each change, the MyPay system seems to revert an election I have never made (30%) and keeps putting me back in the traditional TSP when I am only electing the Roth TSP. In January and February, I waited until the start of the following month to confirm my elections online only to find that my contribution elections didn't take. At the beginning of this month, I turned in a paper form to change my contribution elections. But here I am, 2 weeks later, and the case is still open and nobody can tell me when it might get fixed. Other than missing out on desire Roth contributions, I run the danger of losing out on a half year of matching contributions since my bonus is coming up in June and will push me close to the annual limit if I can't change the 30%. I have a CMS case submitted and am currently being told by my Finance office to be patient. Anyone else gone through this?
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Re: TSP Contribution Election through MyPay Problems

Post by brokendirtdart » Sun Mar 18, 2018 12:16 am

Nothing like you describe.

I have had issues with changing a contribution multiple times in a month. Example: Set my percentage, do some more beer math, and then adjust it later that month.

Each time I attempt to change it a second time I receive the Mypay transmittal confirmation in my email, but I still only have the original contribution percentage taken out. Not a huge deal to me as I don't do that very often, but just something I've noticed over the past couple years.

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