401k Questions

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401k Questions

Post by andyandyandy » Sun Jan 07, 2018 5:03 pm

Happy New Year Bogleheads!

My situation is:
Married filing jointly, both husband and wife married below 50. Wife and I both are members of LLC (S Corp Tax treatment).

We had Solo 401K but we converted to Regular 401K (Safe Harbor) after we got another employee in our Company.
I have self employment(payroll runs from own company) and full time job (started last year). My employer offers 401K Match so in 2nd quarter I switched to employer 401K plan. Totaling ~18,000 last year . So currently I am not contributing to my own company's 401K.

Company has 2 other employees who opted for not enrolling to 401K.

Just wanted to check if there are any complications because of my non contribution to 401K of my own company but just contributing to employer's?

Thank you in advance!

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