Consolidation of Investments and Projections

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Consolidation of Investments and Projections

Post by Jake32 » Sun Nov 05, 2017 1:19 pm

First-time poster...Within the last year I have been doing a lot of research and reading about personal investing, ergo, I find myself on this forum. I have adopted a passive investment strategy through the use of index fund, asset allocation, and rebalancing to reduce management costs.

I and my wife's investments are kinda of all over the place, my plan is to consolidate with one strategy. Current assets are;
Cash; $49,000
Taxable Accounts; $475,000
Tax Deferred; $136,000
And (3) investment properties

They are in a managed investment account, multiple funds in a Fidelity account, my 401k and Roth IRA and my wife's Roth and Traditional IRA.

Looking at an (11) fund portfolio to consolidate too;
Total US Stock Market; 25%
US Small Cap Value; 10%
Microcap; 5%
REIT; 10%
Pacific Rim; 5%
Europe; 5%
Small International value; 5%
Emerging Market; 5%
Total Market Bond; 20%
High Yield Bond; 5%
TIPS; 5%

1. Any thoughts about this allocation? My thought is to add diversification benefits with the additional funds, as opposed to a (4) fund portfolio. I know it complicates things but I'm willing to manage that.
2. I also have a question about rebalancing. I anticipate transitioning this to something like a (4) portfolio for retirement and beyond, about 30 years from now. What is the best way to transition to a more conservative allocation when you reach retirement age without creating a significant tax event.
3. I have been using, to perform backtesting and future simulation testing of the above portfolios. It works ok, but does anyone have recommendations for software that can perform these types of calculations. Looking for something that can project 75 years and model multiple portfolios at different time periods and can incorporate withdraws.

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