using TSP G fund plus Vanguard brokerage funds to model L2030

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using TSP G fund plus Vanguard brokerage funds to model L2030

Post by jexhhs » Tue Oct 03, 2017 7:12 pm


I'm an early-out Federal retiree, 54, working in the private sector. The bulk of my wife&my 401k-ish funds are in my TSP fund. My current goal is to roughly model the TSP's L2030 Lifecycle fund for our combined savings.

When we retire c. 2028, our L2030 fund would be equivalent to the L fund, i.e. G:74%, F:6%, C:11.2%, S:2.8%, I:6%. So roughly 20% in stocks.

It seems to me that there's no private-sector alternative US Treasury Bonds fund with yields as high as the the G fund, so my intent is to hit that 74% mark if my share of our combined savings is at least 74%; otherwise a bit less.

I plan for us to draw 4%/annum from these funds after we both are receiving Social Security.


* what errors do you see in this approach?
* what might we reasonably do differently between now and retirement?
* is this too conservative?
* are there other indexed stock funds which might be more appropriate than the Vanguard equivalents of TSP's C,S & I funds?
* I've read that it might be difficult for our heirs (children) to get money out of my TSP account. Is there any truth in this? Unless there are radical changes in the tax laws in the coming years, there's no way my estate will have to pay estate tax.

Many thanks ...

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