Thank you Bogleheads

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Thank you Bogleheads

Post by Rainmaker41 » Sat Aug 12, 2017 1:48 pm

I want to thank the Bogleheads community for its wisdom, inspiration, and encouragement.

Two years ago I was still working for a temp agency two years out of college, and learned my current assignment was ending. Another opportunity came up, and it has ultimately led to a permanent job paying nearly twice what that old temp assignment did plus excellent benefits (health, short & long term disability insurance). I must confess that this has led to a bit of lifestyle creep; a better apartment and furniture, getting married soon, etc. but being a modest Boglehead it never really occurred to me to do anything else with the 'surplus' income other than dump it into retirement accounts.

At the end of 2015, I thought it was an outstanding accomplishment to put $3,500 into an IRA and grab the full Saver's Credit. Even though we are but modest 15% tax bracket earners, in 2018 my by-then-wife and I will likely enjoy a year of filling two Roth IRAs and a 403b, at the end of which we'll have 1 year's joint earnings in retirement accounts at age 28.

More importantly, we now have a more secure overall financial foundation than I've ever had in my post-college adult life. I even let my paranoid financial instincts persuade me to spend half a percent (a ‘minor rounding error’) of my salary on a term life insurance policy.

Although we are frugal, I’ve come to realize the only ‘trick’ we really have is to not have kids or a mortgage yet... so best to make gains while the winds are fair. :)
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Re: Thank you Bogleheads

Post by WoodSpinner » Sat Aug 12, 2017 1:50 pm

Congrats, nice to hear about positive life changes.


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Re: Thank you Bogleheads

Post by Taylor Larimore » Sat Aug 12, 2017 2:42 pm


Thank you for returning to the forum with news of your successful investment program.

Helping investors achieve financial success is what we are here for.

Best wishes.
"Simplicity is the master key to financial success." -- Jack Bogle

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