Does such a tool exist?

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Does such a tool exist?

Post by dgoldstein » Mon Mar 20, 2017 12:34 pm

My wife and I have:

Me: 401k and IRA
Wife: 401k

Is there a tool that once you set the primary unified Portfolio Target allocation percentages (Stocks (Domestic, Intl, Small/Large, etc. & Bonds, etc.), that it will calculate what percentage needs to be allocated for each fund within each respective account that factors in that each account has to have it's respective funds' allocations total 100%?

Other than my IRA, our 401k allocations can only be changed in percent units, not by shares or dollars.

We tried several of the spreadsheets linked in the wiki, but without heavy modification and math, none of them broke down what percent of each fund should be held within each account (where each account's total allocations needs to equal 100%) to meet/maintain the unified portfolio target percentages.
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Re: Does such a tool exist?

Post by JupiterJones » Mon Mar 20, 2017 1:14 pm

Part of the problem, I would think, is that there is not one "correct solution" for such a tool to solve for. Except in cases where there is absolutely zero overlap in asset classes among your various accounts, or some overarching rule to go by (modify account X before other accounts, etc.) you would have several different funds in different accounts you could potentially adjust to get the same end result.

All that said, I do this sort of thing myself in a humble spreadsheet. I do, in fact, have one account that I basically treat as my "rebalance" account, and the funds there are all very specific asset classes (i.e., no funds-of-funds), which makes it easy.

I basically convert my desired percentages into actual dollars. Use that to determine dollar adjustments, then convert that new desired state back (where needed) into percentages.
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Re: Does such a tool exist?

Post by dratkinson » Mon Mar 20, 2017 5:03 pm

JupiterJones wrote:...
All that said, I do this sort of thing myself in a humble spreadsheet. ...
+1. Ditto. Roll your own and make it do what you want.

If you input exact number of shares owned, and download daily fund prices, then your spreadsheet will update itself. (I use Gummy's macro to download fund prices, but many other methods exist. Believe this feature is built into Google documents.)
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