Investing help for 22 year old

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Investing help for 22 year old

Post by mxw22 »

Hi everyone,

I want to start investing and don't know what all to invest in. I have had an IRA building for the past 4 years but haven't started investing due to the uncertainty of choosing the right things. I am with vanguard and I had it create a profile for me and it pulled different investments for me to choose. Is this the best way or is there a better way to begin?
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Re: Investing help for 22 year old

Post by RadAudit »

Welcome to the forum

Start here Watch the videos, read the linked stuff, read a few of the recommended books.

read the first post on this thread viewtopic.php?t=88005 and the associated linked articles.
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Re: Investing help for 22 year old

Post by aristotelian »

At 22 years old, I would go for VTI, a low cost fund that tracks the total stock market. Just invest and watch it grow. Once you build up your IRA, start to diversify into bonds and then any particular types of stocks (small cap, mid cap, tech, etc) that you want weigh a bit more.
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Re: Investing help for 22 year old

Post by PFInterest »

also the target retirement funds are super easy, and you wont have to look at it for years at a time.
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Re: Investing help for 22 year old

Post by Compound »

Have you read this?

It's an excellent primer.

How about start out with a target date retirement fund? As you learn more over time and start collecting an assortment of accounts, you could switch over to other funds.

Congrats on the early start -- well done!
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