City CU (Dallas) credit union eligibility

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City CU (Dallas) credit union eligibility

Post by ThisTimeItsDifferent » Thu Nov 12, 2015 1:28 am

After the great NWFCU 5 year CD at 3% which has now closed, the next best I see other than the Synchrony bank 2.25% CD is "City CU" (Dallas, TX) with a 2.50% 5 year 6 mon EWP CD. The eligibility requirements, other than certain defined employers and affinity groups, permit members who "live, work or worship in one of the following counties in Texas...."

How should one define "worship in"? Once, years ago? Regularly?
How does one prove eligibility for that criterion?
What are the consequences if the CU later determines one is not eligible?
Are there more concrete eligibility affinity groups for City CU, like NWFCU's Financial Awareness Network?
Perhaps if one questions whether one is eligible, one should conclude one is not.

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