Am I On the Right Track?

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Am I On the Right Track?

Post by eagleb1977 »

Emergency Fund: $26K (will not spend since I am moving but will use some to pay off debt after move)
Debt: Car-1.9% APR, CC-6% APR
Married Filing Jointly
Tax Rate: 25% since deployed for ½ of year (military), 0% State (FL)
State of Residence: Florida but will be moving to Iowa for job since leaving active duty military and was hired on for GS-12 position.
Age: 36
Asset Allocation: 60% stocks/ 40% bonds
International Allocation: 30% of stocks

Current Retirement Assets

Taxable at Fidelity
0% Cash
8% FSGUX .22% Exp Ratio
9% FSTMX .10% Exp Ratio

T. Rowe Price
6% Cash for Emergency Fund

Roth IRA at Fidelity
13% FSGUX .22% Exp Ratio

Self Directed IRA
2 Rental Properties- $80K not including this number in Portfolio

16% C (S&P 500 Fund) .01% Exp Ratio
16% S (Small Cap Fund) .01% Exp Ratio
16% F (Aggregate Bond Fund) .01% Exp Ratio
16% G (Short Term US Treasury).01% Exp Ratio

100% Total Asset Allocation

I am still deployed till end of May then back in the states. Will be moving in July/August to Iowa for GS job in which the Govt will match my first 5% that I plan on putting in to equal 10%

New annual Contributions
$5.5k into Roth IRA in 2015 (already put in $5.5K for 2014)
$9k into TSP (Will be matched my first 5% by Govt)
$9k into Taxable Retirement with Fidelity
$12k into Taxable for house purchase in 5-8 years

1. Should I count my long term investment as part of my portfolio even though I plan on using it in 5-8 years?
2. I am planning on working till I am in my 70’s. I want to work in the Financial arena once I am retired from the military and government. I will be receiving two pensions 1) GS time. I will have 20 in 8 more years 2) Guard. The idea is to stay for 30 in which I would be 54 years old. I am will be starting on my MBA. Am I investing with the right AA? Should I be more aggressive or is an AA of 60% stocks/40% bonds, my fund contributions and wanting to retire with $80k year of today’s dollars good enough? I keep hearing about a lower return in stocks for the future. Does this mean I need to be more aggressive with an AA of 80/20?

Thank you for your help and responses!

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Re: Am I On the Right Track?

Post by pteam »

You should list how much is in your portfolio, and how much debt and cc debt you have. First thing is to probably pay off your cc debt which gives a guaranteed 6% return.

Also nobody knows what will happen in the future , so having more stocks or more bonds could perform better. There was almost a 10 year period recently where bonds performed better.
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Re: Am I On the Right Track?

Post by eagleb1977 »


Copy and thanks for the information. I will repost with numbers!

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