TLHing EWA (MSCI Australia Index)

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TLHing EWA (MSCI Australia Index)

Postby jackpistachio » Fri Jun 28, 2013 10:04 pm

One lot of EWA I own is down 13.9%. I'm looking to tax loss harvest. I can't find a good alternative to replace with. This is held in a US-based Fidelity after-tax account. I am a US expat living in Australia and use EWA together with AUD Fixed Income to match my AUD-denominated goals/needs. Aside from these, all my income and the remainder of my savings/investments are US-based, as some day I'll return to the US and a good portion of my expenses are in the US. I'm looking to TLH and replace this in the same Fidelity account, as it's not worth it to me to open an Australian brokerage account just for the Australia equity portion of my portfolio. EWA behaves like more like emerging markets than developed, because the AUD is strongly correlated with China's commodities demand, but replacing with a combination of emerging and developed isn't close enough to what I bought this for.

Any ideas of a fund to replace with after TLHing? Alternatively, I can sell and buy back in 31 days after wash sale rule expire, although I don't like being out of that market that long, and I won't see the tax benefits for a while (I have plenty of loss carry over). My marginal total tax rate is around 35%.
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