Requesting Help with 401k Options

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Requesting Help with 401k Options

Post by Wyatt007 » Fri May 03, 2013 6:29 pm

Greeting Bogleheads!
My 401k offers the following funds through Fidelity. I would like to get as close as possible to a 3 fund portfolio, but don't know where to start other than using FUSVX for for most (all?) of my US equity. Any help regarding what I should do for bonds and international equity would be appreciated! Thanks in advance.

Age 30
Desired asset allocation:
US Equity: 55%
International: 35%
Bonds: 10%

Fund name: Description: ER:
FID CONTRAFUND K (FCNKX) Stock Investments Large Cap 0.63%
SPTN 500 INDEX ADV (FUSVX) Stock Investments Large Cap 0.07%
TRP EQUITY INCOME (PRFDX) Stock Investments Large Cap 0.68%
INVS MDCP CORE EQ R5 (GTAVX) Stock Investments Mid-Cap 0.82%
JH SMALL COMPANY I (JCSIX) Stock Investments Small Cap 1.16%
AF EUROPAC GROWTH R6 (RERGX) Stock Investments International 0.50%
COL/ACORN INTL Z (ACINX) Stock Investments International 0.98%
OPP DEVELOPING MKT Y (ODVYX) Stock Investments International 1.03%
FID FREEDOM K 2000 (FFKBX) Blended Fund Investments* 0.39%
FID FREEDOM K 2005 (FFKVX) Blended Fund Investments* 0.46%
FID FREEDOM K 2010 (FFKCX) Blended Fund Investments* 0.50%
FID FREEDOM K 2015 (FKVFX) Blended Fund Investments* 0.51%
FID FREEDOM K 2020 (FFKDX) Blended Fund Investments* 0.54%
FID FREEDOM K 2025 (FKTWX) Blended Fund Investments* 0.58%
FID FREEDOM K 2030 (FFKEX) Blended Fund Investments* 0.59%
FID FREEDOM K 2035 (FKTHX) Blended Fund Investments* 0.62%
FID FREEDOM K 2040 (FFKFX) Blended Fund Investments* 0.62%
FID FREEDOM K 2045 (FFKGX) Blended Fund Investments* 0.63%
FID FREEDOM K 2050 (FFKHX) Blended Fund Investments* 0.64%
FID FREEDOM K INCOME (FFKAX) Blended Fund Investments* 0.39%
FID PURITAN K (FPUKX) Blended Fund Investments* 0.48%
WF STABLE VALUE M Bond Investments Stable Value 0.73%
PIM REAL RETURN INST (PRRIX) Bond Investments Income 0.47%
PIM TOTAL RT INST (PTTRX) Bond Investments Income 0.46%
TMPL GLOBAL BOND ADV (TGBAX) Bond Investments Income 0.66%
FID RETIRE MMKT (FRTXX) Short Term Investments 0.42%

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Re: Requesting Help with 401k Options

Post by DaveS » Fri May 03, 2013 7:20 pm

Not having really good retirement options is fairly common. I would just have the 500 index and the Pimco bond fund. Then I would hope to soon be able to open an additional account and put Vanguard Total International there. The alternative is a much higher cost Fido target retirement fund. Costs are something you should control so I would not go that route. Dave

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Re: Requesting Help with 401k Options

Post by Duckie » Fri May 03, 2013 10:56 pm

Wyatt007, given your choices I'd go with:
(FUSVX) Spartan 500 Index Fund Advantage Class (0.07%)
(RERGX) American Funds EuroPacific Growth Fund R6 Class (0.50%)
(PTTRX) PIMCO Total Return Fund Institutional Class (0.46%)

FUSVX is only large caps and RERGX is only developed markets, but they'll do. If you have an IRA you could use that for the missing US mid/small caps and/or foreign emerging markets.

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Re: Requesting Help with 401k Options

Post by G-Money » Sat May 04, 2013 3:39 am

Agree with Duckie's recommendations, although the AF EuroPacific Fund also has invested in emerging markets. Per this article, around 20% is in emerging, and AF defines a few borderline countries as "developed" that other fund companies define as "emerging." ... fund/aepgx

Just checked, and Morningstar shows that RERGX holds 18% emerging. So it's pretty close to an ex-US fund. ... ture=en-us

No IRA? You could always buy some of your international or bonds there.
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