National 403b7 Roth Vender Recomendations

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National 403b7 Roth Vender Recomendations

Post by bobsmith » Tue Jan 29, 2013 7:51 am

I'm trying to get a no-load or low cost fund company listed by my 403b7 provider, preferably with a good selection of index funds. However, it's not been easy. A Roth 403b7 option is critical.

Vanguard: Don't do roths 403b7, and don't allow access to any fund class beyond investor.
Fidelity: Requires 1 million in assets before they will bother setting up with someone.
T Rowe Price: Don't do roths 403b.
Tiaa Cref: require 1 million in assets or 250,000 in investments.

It's not like I'm going to have an easy time lobbying my employer. That's going to be a battle. But the worst part is I can't even find a good fund company to recommend. So far all the available options want either a 5.25% load on everything or they want to charge excessive annual rates on the entire principal.

Can anyone recommend national companies that:
- provide ROTH 403b7
- provide low cost access to reputable index funds
- don't have steep requirements to get them in the door

I'm still new to much of this, so perhaps recommend any major no-load fund companies that I've missed.

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