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Changing HSA from Adriondrack Trust to HSA Bank

Posted: Fri Jan 04, 2013 7:29 pm
by tonsofthorns
Background: Have a HSA with Adriondrack Trust with a balance $28.7K. And will add another $6.4K this year. Looking to rollover into HSA Bank for the opportunity to invest in Vanguard ETF's.

Could use some help with a couple of questions:
  • Is there any fees to close on Adriondrack HSA?

    What is your experience with HSA Bank w/ TDAmeritrade Investment Options?

    What is a good investment allocation to use with TD Ameritrade's Commission Free Vanguard ETF's (3 Fund Lazy Portifio?)?

    Is it best to DCA into the etf's or just jump in?
Thanks for you help.