John Bogle videos

We provide a selection of substantive John Bogle video interviews as a supplement to his career as author and investor advocate. The videos are presented in order of publication.

The Consuelo Mack interview was originally aired on November 15, 2012. The address at the National Press Club took place on March 21, 2001.

Morningstar (the first video) and MIT (the Andrew Lo/John Bogle interview) have placed restricted access to embedded videos. However the videos provide a link to the you tube video, which is viewable.

Remembering John Bogle: January 19, 2019. Time duration: 31:18. John Bogle interviewed by Christine Benz.
Investment Lessons of a Lifetime: January 18, 2019. Time duration: 46:31. John Bogle interviewed by Consuelo Mack.

An Evening with John Bogle: January 18, 2019. Time duration: 55:04. John Bogle interviewed by Pam Krueger
Simple Investing with John Bogle: January 17, 2019. Time duration: 51:13. John Bogle interviewed by Motley Fool.

In Pursuit of the Perfect Portfolio: May 8, 2018. Time duration 1:01:39. John Bogle interviewed by Andrew Lo.
A Conversation with John Bogle: November 28, 2017. Time duration: 58:46. John Bogle interviewed by Rana Foroohar.

John Bogle Inteview: July 24, 2017. Time duration: 49:50. John Bogle interviewed by David Miller
John Bogle Founder: June 18, 2016. Time duration: 1:09:43. John Bogle interviewed by Rebecca Katz.

Jack Bogle on Investing: April 21, 2015. Time duration: 1:08:02. John Bogle interviewed by the Aspen Institute.
Questions and Answers: December 22, 2014. Time duration: 1:10:31 John Bogle Q&A with Tim Sullivan and Chip Simon.

Saga of Heros: June 24, 2012. Time duration: 1:06:54. John Bogle speech: Saga of Heroes.
At the National Press Club: July 8, 2011. Time duration: 57:35. John Bogle at the National Press Club.

The Battle for the Soul of Capitalism: July 1, 2009. Time duration: 55:18. Interview at Massachusetts School of Law.
Mutual Fund Scandals: February 13, 2004. Time duration: 27:51. John Bogle, Jason Zweig & Sarah Bartlett.


A number of John Bogle’s speeches at various venues were captured by the use of podcasts. The table below provides access to these podcasts (the downloads require Windows Media Player).

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