Bogleheads® Conferences

The first U.S. Boglehead Conference took place in Miami Florida on March 10-11, 2000. The Conference has since become an annual affair. In Taiwan, the Taiwan Bogleheads have held two conferences, the first in 2013; the second in 2015.

The U.S. conferences

US Philadelphia Conference organizing committee. From left to right: Marlene Lindauer, Mel Lindauer, Gail Cox, Mel Turner-(aka; “Tom”-The Other Mel), Kathy Turner, Patti Rager, and Ed Rager. Photo courtesy of Kathleen L. Ryan.

Recent conferences (2010 – 2019) have been held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. These conferences include a social reception, a keynote address, panel discussions, presentations, question and answer sessions, and a book signing session. The book signing session is usually accompanied by breakout sessions. The conferences also include a visit to the Vanguard campus, where Vanguard officials provide conference attendees with workshops, panel discussions and a question and answer segment.

The New conference format

The 2022 conference is scheduled for October 12- 14, 2022 and is to be held in a Chicago suburb, with an increase in attendance and a number of new sessions and features. See our post, The Bogleheads Conference is back in 2022! for details.

Upcoming conference registration dates are announced in the Bogleheads forum and here on the Financial Page blog. Recent conferences have proven to be extremely popular and are usually sold out within hours of the subscription announcement.

The map below indicates the site history of the conferences.

Historic conference sites

John Bogle

During his life, John Bogle (1929 – 2019)  was front and center at Bogleheads conferences. He presented keynote addresses for many conferences and participated in book signing sessions. His fireside chats with William Bernstein and question and answer sessions were favorites for conference attendees. (Bogle gallery picture credits, in order of appearance: Gail Cox, Paul Douglas Boyer, Greg Jones).

The 2019 conference

The 2019 Bogleheads Conference (October 16 – October 18), held in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, was the first conference that took place after John Bogle’s death. Mr. Bogle was of profound importance to the conferences, and of course, to the company he founded.

The theme of the conference was a memoriam to Mr. Bogle. In honor of the fireside chats that Mr. Bogle and William Bernstein always enjoyed, former Vanguard CEO Bill McNabb sat down with William Bernstein for a chat (photos courtesy of Gene Lechmanick).

The conference theme was present in both the Vanguard presentation at the Vanguard campus on the evening of October 17 and Gus Sauter’s early morning presentation, Growing Vanguard with Jack Bogle, on October 18.

These photos are courtesy of Greg Jones, who publishes a gallery of 2019 conference photos.

Historical resources

Book signing (2013). Photo courtesy of Eugene Lechmanick

The Bogleheads® wiki contains more in-depth information about the conferences. The pages below provide a history of the event, as well as archival material.

Comprehensive written reports about the conferences began in 2007 with the Diehards VI conference and continued through Bogleheads® 11. Video recordings of conference presentations, “fireside chats” with Mr.Bogle and author William Bernstein, and question and answer sessions begin in 2009 and continue to the present. The table below provides links to reports and videos.



Diehards VIJune 10-12, 2007Report 
Bogleheads® 7Sept. 22-24, 2008Report 
Bogleheads® 8Sept. 30 – Oct. 2, 2009Report 
Bogleheads® 9Oct. 13 – Oct. 15, 2010Report
Bogleheads® 10Oct. 12 – Oct. 14, 2011Report
Bogleheads® 11Oct. 17 – Oct.19, 2012Report

Morningstar also records video interviews with John Bogle at the conferences. The wiki provides access to these videos.

Bogleheads® 7Sept. 22-24, 2008 Link
Bogleheads® 9Oct. 13 – Oct. 15, 2010 Link
Bogleheads® 10Oct. 12 – Oct. 14, 2011 Link
Bogleheads® 11Oct. 17 – Oct. 19, 2012 Link
Bogleheads® 12Oct. 16 – Oct. 18, 2013 Link
Bogleheads® 13Oct. 22 – Oct. 24, 2014 Link
Bogleheads® 14Oct. 15 – Oct. 17, 2015 Link
Bogleheads® 15Sept. 28 – Sept. 30, 2016 Link
Bogleheads® 16Oct. 18 – Oct. 20, 2017 Link
Bogleheads® 17Oct. 3 – Oct. 5, 2018Link

Financial Page

Here on Financial Page you can read an account of the Bogleheads® 16 Conference with Notes from Bogleheads® 16.

Taiwan conferences

Mr. Chen addressing the 2015 conference

The first Taiwan Bogleheads conference was held on May 11, 2013. The event took place at Mr. Brown Coffee, Taipei City, Taiwan. 

The 2015 conference was held on March 28 at the GIS NTU Convention Center, Taipei City, Taiwan. The conferences include speaker presentations, question and answer sessions, and coffee breaks.

Conference details can be found in these wiki pages and Financial Page picture galleries: