The Blog has Moved!

As we’ve often noted, this site is 100% supported by volunteers. After a 6 month run, we’ve decided that the effort to maintain the blog was taking time away from the forum and wiki. Much of the blog content has been copied to Barry Barnitz’s personal blog at Financial Page. Barry will maintain the blog from this point forward. No content will be removed from the Bogleheads site.

To explain: After the initial newness of the blog passed, we got into a weekly rhythm to simply repeat the blog posts. Those posts are always available in the wiki’s left side menu, see: News and blogs. The blog really did not provide added value.

We’ve also gotten into routinely reporting ETF fund flows, which can be posted in the forum just as easily. Our articles quite simply never generated any significant amount of discussion. There were one or two exceptions, but not enough to warrant a change in our decision.

The Bogleheads forum and wiki together work best for what we want to do. The blog was stuck in the middle. Given that we have limited resources and wanted to spend time in the forum and wiki, we decided to terminate the effort.

We want to thank everyone for their efforts.