Episode 030 Bogleheads on Investing Podcast, guest Sarah Newcom, host Rick Ferri

Sarah Newcomb, Ph.D., is a behavioral economist for Morningstar. In this role, she works to integrate the findings of her research into Morningstar’s financial management applications and tools. Sarah has expertise in consumer psychology, economic decision-making, personal money management, and cognitive and social psychology. Before joining Morningstar in 2015, Sarah earned her doctorate in behavioral … Read more

Episode 029 Bogleheads on Investing Podcast, guest Frazer Rice, host Rick Ferri

Frazer Rice is the author of “Wealth, Actually: Intelligent Decision-Making for the 1%”, host of the “Wealth, Actually” podcast, creator of the “Wealth, Actually” blog, and a Northeast Regional Director for Pendleton Square Trust Company. Frazer is an attorney and experienced trust officer. His wealth management career has included serving for over 15 years as … Read more

Episode 028 Bogleheads on Investing Podcast, guest Roger Lowenstein, host Rick Ferri

Our December podcast guest, Roger Lowenstein, reported for The Wall Street Journal for more than a decade and is also an award-winning book author. His work has appeared in Bloomberg, The New York Review of Books, Fortune, The New York Times Magazine, and other publications. His best-selling books include Buffett, When Genius Failed, Origins of … Read more

Episode 027 Bogleheads on Investing Podcast, guest Cliff Asness, host Rick Ferri

Our October podcast guest is Dr. Cliff Asness, Founder, Managing Principal, and Chief Investment Officer at AQR Capital Management, a quantitative money manager overseeing $186 billion in assets as of December 2019. Prior to co-founding AQR Capital Management, he was a Managing Director and Director of Quantitative Research for the Asset Management Division of Goldman, … Read more

Episode 025 Bogleheads on Investing guest, Don Phillips, host Rick Ferri

This is a fast-moving, information-full podcast you won’t want to miss. We cover everything from mutual funds to interest rates to cyber securities. Episode 025: Don Phillips, host Rick Ferri Don Phillips is the former CEO and a managing director of Morningstar, Inc. who remains involved in corporate strategy and investment research. He joined Morningstar … Read more

Episode 021 Bogleheads on Investing, guest Larry Siegel, host Rick Ferri

Laurence B. Siegel is the director of research at the CFA Institute Research Foundation, former director of research at The Ford Foundation, former Ibbotson Associates, Inc. managing director, senior advisor to OCP Capital LLC, and an independent consultant, writer, and speaker specializing in investment management. He has won many awards for writing including the coveted Graham … Read more