Russia Bogleheads®

The Russia Bogleheads® Local Chapter consists of a number of social network sites, and was introduced in the topic, Russia Local Chapter, on August 5, 2020:

At the end of July, we (private investors from Russia) launched a noncommercial, informational and educative project BOGLEHEADS_RU.
It’s aim is sharing the experience of successful investing from the beginning and showing the way to financial independence in Russia.

The theoretical foundations of the project are the ideas of Nobel Prize laureates in economics, John Bogle’s principles, modern portfolio theory and asset allocation strategy.

The practical basis is the well-balanced portfolio containing index funds of diverse classes of assets.

Yuriy Holmogorov is the project editor and Edward Zamorsky is the head assistant.

Please refer to our blog post: Investing advice for Russian Bogleheads.


The chapter currently consists of four social network sites. As of December 2020, these sites have attracted over 2,000 followers.


For additional information contact Yuriy Holmogorov, (