Minnesota Bogleheads®

Chapter coordinator email: MNbogleheads@gmail.com

To receive announcements and meeting agendas, send your first name (last name optional) and an email address to the chapter coordinator.  If you’d like to be dropped from our list – no problem – just say so.  Also email this address to find out more about our East Side & West Side splinter groups and/or be put in touch with the leaders of those groups. You can also follow us on Facebook here.

The Minnesota Bogleheads’ local chapter began operations in 2005 and is one of the largest chapters in the Bogleheads community. The group usually hosts three free “Main Meetings” a year at Twin Cities libraries, typically in January, April, and October. The schedule for the smaller splinter group meetings is generally announced at the Main Meetings and is distributed to separate distribution lists for those interested.

Recent Main Meeting attendance has been from 70 to 100 attendees. Most meetings feature a plenary session on a specific financial topic followed by multiple breakout sessions on other investing and financial planning topics of interest to the Bogleheads Community. Splinter group meeting formats vary based on leader and participant preferences.

Main Meetings are announced on the Bogleheads.org website in the US Chapters subforum. On the US Chapters subforum page, enter “Minnesota Meeting” into “Search this forum…” to find our meeting announcements and agendas all the way back to 2007.

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