2019 podcasts

2019 podcasts

The Bogleheads on Investing Podcast, hosted by Rick Ferri, interviewed a full slate of guests in 2019. Transcripts are provided by members of the Bogleheads forum. The table provides:

  • Column two: Podcast guests. A link to a Bogleheads Wiki page.
  • Column three: A link to our Blog podcast announcement page.
  • Column four: A link to the Bogleheads Forum discussion page.
  • Column five: A link to the podcast.
  • Column six: A link to the podcast transcript (transcripts are being developed)
Date Guest Blog Forum PodcastTranscript
Jan 7Gus SauterEpisode 5Episode 5Episode 5Transcript
Feb 5Dan Egan Episode 6 Episode 6 Episode 6Transcript
Mar. 6 Mike PiperEpisode 7Episode 7Episode 7Transcript
Apr 2  Allan RothEpisode 8 Episode 8 Episode 8Transcript
May 5 Wesley GrayEpisode 9Episode 9Episode 9Transcript
Jun 6Deborah Fuhr 
Robin Powell
Episode 10Episode 10Episode 10Transcript
Jul 7Mel Lindauer Episode 11Episode 11Episode 11Transcript
Aug 2 Larry SwedroeEpisode 12Episode 12Episode 12Transcript
Sep 5William BernsteinEpisode 13 Episode 13 Episode 13Transcript
Oct 9Chris MamulaEpisode 14Episode 14Episode 14Transcript
Nov 8 Eric Balchunus Episode15 Episode 15 Episode15  Transcript
Dec 8 Sheryl Garrett Episode 16 Episode 16 Episode 16  Transcript

Gallery of Guests

The 2019 Bogleheads on Investing Podcast guests.

Sheryl Garrett