2018 Podcasts

2018 Podcasts

The following Bogleheads on Investing Podcasts were broadcast in 2018. As of December the podcasts had been downloaded over 21,400 times.

Transcripts are provided by members of the Bogleheads forum. The table provides:

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  • Column three: A link to our Blog podcast announcement page.
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  • Column five: A link to the podcast.
  • Column six: A link to the podcast transcript.
Date Guest BlogForum PodcastTranscript
Sep 9John C. Bogle Episode 1Episode 1Episode 1Transcript
Oct 5Dr. David Blitzer Episode 2 Episode 2Episode 2 Transcript
Nov 6Jonathan ClementsEpisode 3Episode 3Episode 3 Transcript
Dec 13Christine BenzEpisode 4Episode 4Episode 4 Transcript

Gallery of guests

Our 2018 Bogleheads on Investing Podcast guests.