July mutual fund flows

July 4, Washington D.C.

The Investment Company Institute (ICI) has issued its report on July 2014 mutual fund flows. The ICI divides the long-term (non money market fund) mutual fund universe into five categories:

  • Domestic equity (US stocks)
  • World equity (International stocks)
  • Hybrid (balanced funds)
  • Taxable bonds
  • Municipal bonds

July mutual fund assets

MutualfundassetsJulyLong-term mutual funds held 12,908.2 trillion dollars of assets in July 2014, slightly  200 billion dollars less than in June. The funds are allocated in the following amounts and percentages (click image to enlarge).

Category Net Assets (trillions)
Domestic equity 5.935.7
World equity 2.174.8
Hybrid 1.350.6
Taxable bond 2.911.5
Municipal bond .5356

July flows

Investors added 6.1047 billion  dollars to long-term (non-money market) mutual funds in July.

July mutual fund flows were led by investors directing new cash to taxable bonds funds and world equity funds. Hybrid funds and municipal bond funds both experienced investor inflows. US equity funds had outflows of 13,753 billion dollars in June.

Category Net flows (millions)
Taxable bond 7,642
World equity 7,337
Hybrid 3,443
Municipal bonds 1,446
Domestic equity -13,753


July asset returns

The table below provides monthly asset class returns.


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