Friday blog review September 5, 2014

Here is our selection of this week’s blog posts from forum member bloggers.

From The Bogleheads View:
Treasury I Savings Bond “Cliff Notes”

From Rick Ferri:
Peter Lynch was Wrong

From Oblivious Investor:
Investing Blog Roundup: Is a 4% Withdrawal Rate Too High These Days?
When Does it Make Sense for Married Taxpayers to File Separately?

From Allan Roth:
A Boring Investor’s Gambling Portfolio |

From Bill Schultheis:
Simplicity Leads to Happiness

From Larry Swedroe:
Markets keep defying experts and the news – CBS News
Swedroe: The Mystery Of Momentum |
Swedroe: Private Equity Not Worth The Risk |

From The Finance Buff:
Retiring Early: Effect On Social Security Benefits

From The White Coat Investor:
Retirement Accounts – Your Biggest Tax Break
New Options for Student Loan Refinancing

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