Dealing with the 2021 Texas power outage

The following account of the 2021 Texas Power outage is a guest post from forum member, stimulacra. See forum post. Houston resident here. We finally have steady power after 52 hours in the dark (early Monday, February 15, 2021 to late Wednesday morning). The last four days have been rather eye opening in terms of … Read more

Getting portfolio investing advice from the Bogleheads

One of the most popular features of the Bogleheads® forum, and of our closely affiliated Financial Wisdom Forum (Canada) and  Bogleheads® España foro (Spain) forums, is receiving portfolio investment advice. Membership in the forums is free – all one needs to do is register- and the advice given is likewise free. To assist investors seeking … Read more

Letter of final instructions

The following is a guest article by Taylor Larimore. As a former life insurance agent and executor of two estates, I understand how important it is to help those we leave behind. Below is my own “Final Instructions” which you may want to use as a guide. Final Instructions For Immediate Action: I would like … Read more

If I knew then what I know now

Micheal Leboeuf

Author Michael LeBoeuf addressed students at Arizona State University with the following words of advice. This is a guest post, passing along these fruits of judgment and experience.

Last October, a friend who teaches Management at Arizona State University invited me to be a guest speaker in his classes. Knowing that I would be speaking to several hundred students, most of who were about 20 years of age, I told him, that if it was OK, I’d like to tell them how to become financially independent by age 50. Wanting to be well-prepared, I constructed a sentence outline of my remarks. Another friend suggested that I post it online and my first thought was to post it on the Bogleheads Forum . Please feel free to share and pass it along to any young person or anyone you know.

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There’s a spreadsheet for that

Taking charge of your finances is a life-long skill well worth learning. From keeping within a budget to managing your investments and loans; understanding a few basic concepts will put you in the driver’s seat. You need a tool to use those concepts. In the world of personal finance, spreadsheets are the tool of choice. Although Microsoft Excel is the industry standard, there’s a free tool available that works in Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux: LibreOffice Calc

If you’ve never used a spreadsheet before, don’t be intimidated. Start with something simple and work towards more complicated topics. Take your time. The spreadsheets below were developed by members of the Bogleheads community.

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