Bogleheads Chapter Series: Q&A with J.L. Collins

The “Starting Out” and “Mid-Career Accumulators” Life Stage Chapters were delighted to host JL (Jim) Collins, author of “The Simple Path to Wealth,” for exciting conversation and Q&A at the zoom meeting held on Wed. June 15, 2022, at 8:00 pm ET. This was an enjoyable interactive meeting featuring well-known and delightfully engaging personal finance … Read more

Bogleheads® Chapter Series – Setting Your Children Up for Financial Success

There are many things parents or guardians can do to help set their children up for financial success in life. Since there is often no one way to do things that works for every child, participants share what has worked with their family, along with any successes / failures / lessons along the way. This … Read more

The Bogleheads Conference is Back in 2022!

(This blog post was originally published March 2, 2022. It has been updated to reflect that registration is now open.) The Bogle Center Board has made the following announcement in the Bogleheads forum: We are pleased to open registration for the new and expanded 2022 BOGLEHEADS ANNUAL CONFERENCE! October 12 – 14, 2022Oak Brooks Hills … Read more

Bogleheads® Chapter Series – Chris Pedersen on Simple & Effective Balanced Lifetime Portfolios- 2022

Chris Pedersen, Director of Research at The Merriman Financial Education Foundation, shows several very simple portfolios that achieve massive diversification across industries, geographies, stocks, bonds, and various equity premium factors. He also discusses 2 Funds for Life strategies that augment target-date funds to reduce risk with age, increase expected returns, raise safe withdrawal rates, and … Read more

Bogleheads® Chapter Series – Documenting Financial Information for Surviving Spouse / Executor

In some cases, one spouse or partner handles most of the financial tasks. If this is true in your case, what can you document ahead of time to make things easier for your surviving spouse/partner to handle the finances should you pass away or become incapacitated. For this meeting, a series of slides was presented … Read more

Sacramento Area Bogleheads Video: Rebalancing: Staying the course with your Target Asset Allocation

Presentation: “Rebalancing Your Portfolio”. Speaker: Jerome Moisand, speaking on the topic of rebalancing and asset allocation. Jerome spent his career working in Telecommunications in various engineering, product management and strategy & planning positions. He’s now financially independent and volunteers part of his time on personal finance and passive investing topics. He’s an active member of … Read more

Sacramento Area Bogleheads Video: Why Humans Weren’t Built to Play the Markets

Ravi Ranganathan presents concepts from behavioral psychology, decision science, evolutionary psychology, causality illusions, and black swan blindness to explain why our incredible mental circuitry that’s designed for efficiency and survival is ill-equipped for the task of winning in the markets. Ravi is a lead software engineer at Netflix and a member of South Bay Bogleheads. … Read more

Sacramento Area Bogleheads Video: The Year in Review…

Chris Goslow shares a simulation comparing Barron’s Top 10 stock picks for 2021 with the *worst* performing pandemic stocks and Vanguard’s celebrated index fund (VTSAX). Chris is a composer, piano teacher and blogger. He is an advocate for index fund investing and financial literacy, and has been a member of Sacramento Area Bogleheads since 2015. … Read more

Bogleheads Local Chapter video: Jill Steinberg – Successful Retirement: From Retiring to Rewiring

Jill Steinberg, Ph.D. discusses how to make the retirement experience successful and purposeful. This is not a financial discussion, but rather a discussion of how to prepare yourself for a happy and fulfilling retirement. Jill Steinberg, Ph.D. is an Emeritus Professor at SJSU, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Salzburg Fellow, and author and Founder of She … Read more

Sacramento Area Local Chapter Video: The Delusions of Crowds

William J Bernstein interviewed by Greg Dietrich. Bill Bernstein’s latest book: The Delusions of Crowds is the discussion topic. Dr. Bernstein is a Boglehead, neurologist, author, historian and co-founder of Efficient Frontier Advisors. Chapter YouTube site The complete series of chapter videos can be accessed at: SABH YouTube channel