Inactive chapters


The local chapters included in the table below are currently inactive. A majority of these chapters were once active. In order to restart, most chapters require a coordinator. The chapter coordinator doesn’t have to be an investing guru but simply communicates with the other members to arrange for the meeting dates, locations and times.

Additional new local chapters can be formed in other cities if there’s enough interest. All it takes is for one person to volunteer to be the chapter coordinator and at least four or more other members who express an interest in forming the local chapter and meeting to discuss investing topics of mutual interest. For additional insight regarding joining or setting up a chapter, see How to Join a Local Bogleheads® Chapter.

Inactive  Local Chapters

Castle Rock, CO Bogleheads®Middle Tennessee Bogleheads®Southern New England Bogleheads®
Central Florida BogleheadMilwaukee Bogleheads®South of Boston Bogleheads®
Chattanooga Bogleheads®Nashville Bogleheads®Syracuse Bogleheads®
Cincinnati Bogleheads®NH/ME Bogleheads®Tulsa Bogleheads®
Des Moines Bogleheads®New Jersey Bogleheads®West Texas Midlands Bogleheads®
European Bogleheads®New Orleans Bogleheads®
Gainesville/Ocala Bogleheads®NY & Long Island Bogleheads® 
Greenville-Metro Bogleheads®Orlando Bogleheads® 
Hampton Roads Bogleheads®Pittsburgh Bogleheads® 
Huntsville Bogleheads®San Francisco Bogleheads® 
Jacksonville Bogleheads®SC LowCountry Bogleheads® 
Knoxville Bogleheads®Sonoran Desert Bogleheads® 
Michigan Bogleheads®Southern California Bogleheads® 

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