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Minnesota Local Chapter meeting

Bogleheads® local chapters are as varied as the Bogleheads. As a complement to the national meetings, local Diehards or Bogleheads chapters have existed since January 2005. In addition to the Local Chapters and Bogleheads Community sub-forum, Yahoo Groups, Google Groups, and serve as a venue for meeting plans, recaps, and a way to stay in touch between meetings.

Some chapters meet in small informal groups at random dates. Other chapters have a set meeting schedule and a more formal meeting agenda. But the common bond between these local chapters are the desire to discuss personal investing with like-minded peers. Information regarding the date and time, as well as planned agendas for group meetings, can be found by visiting Calendar of Events in our site’s menu.

A complete list of local chapters and contact information is posted in the forum at: Bogleheads Local Chapters – General Info and Chapter List. For guidance and instructions on how to to join or form a local chapter see How to Join a Local Bogleheads® Chapter.

Local Chapters in this Blog

The following local chapters also have descriptive pages here on Financial Page. Descriptions include information regarding a chapter’s meeting tendencies; a listing of past meetings; meeting venues; picture galleries; contact information; and links to a group’s external sites and forum discussion topics. Not all chapters are currently active. See Inactive chapters for further information.

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Master meeting list

As noted in the wiki, several chapters maintain a “master list” for their meeting information. Bogleheads forum members interested in joining these meetings should post in the relevant forum topic:

US Chapters


Outside the US

Local chapter map

Boglehead Local chapters are displayed on the Google map below.

More about the Bogleheads

Personal reflections by Boglehead’s local chapter members, along with interviews of Boglehead members can be found in the following pages. Additional insights regarding the Bogleheads can be found on the Bogleheads YouTube channel and the Bogleheads® Live podcast site.

Local chapter meeting summaries

Here on Financial Page, we encourage local chapter participants to provide summaries of their local chapter meetings. We provide a convenient means of accessing these summaries here.


Financial Page occasionally interviews forum members on various topics. Here is a handy reference for our interviews.

Bogleheads YouTube

You can see and hear a great deal more about the Bogleheads by visiting the Bogleheads on YouTube channel. Videos include Boglehead Conferences, Speaker Series, and Local Chapter on-line meetings. The Bogleheads on Investing Podcasts audios are also available.

Bogleheads® Live

Bogleheads® Live is a weekly Twitter Spaces meeting format, where host Jon Luskin and the Bogleheads discuss different topics from investing to personal finance with expert guests.

Local Chapters directory

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