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There’s a spreadsheet for that

Taking charge of your finances is a life-long skill well worth learning. From keeping within a budget to managing your investments and loans; understanding a few basic concepts will put you in the driver’s seat. You need a tool to use those concepts. In the world of personal finance, spreadsheets are the tool of choice. Although Microsoft Excel is the industry standard, there’s a free tool available that works in Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux: LibreOffice Calc

If you’ve never used a spreadsheet before, don’t be intimidated. Start with something simple and work towards more complicated topics. Take your time. The spreadsheets below were developed by members of the Bogleheads community.

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Harry Browne's Permanent Portfolio

Let’s start with Harry Browne’s own words:

Harry Browne (1933 -2006)

For the money you need to take care of you for the rest of your life, set up a simple, balanced, diversified portfolio. I call this a “Permanent Portfolio” because once you set it up, you never need to rearrange the investment mix— even if your outlook for the future changes. The portfolio should assure that your wealth will survive any event — including an event that would be devastating to any individual element within the portfolio… It isn’t difficult or complicated to have such a portfolio this safe. You can achieve a great deal of diversification with a surprisingly simple portfolio.”

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