Bogleheads® Chapter Series: Mad Fientist Discusses Financial Independence

Additional links: Chat The Bogleheads Life Stage video project held a virtual meeting with THE MAD FIENTIST on August 30, 2021 discussing achieving the dream of Financial Independence, the highs and lows of Financial Independence, how to achieve a balanced life, budgeting and spreadsheets, withdrawal and rebalancing strategies, and much more. This YouTube video is … Read more

Bogleheads® Chapter Series: Christine Benz on Six Retirement Blind Spots

Additional links: Slides Chat The Pre-Retirement Life Stage Chapter hosted Christine Benz for their zoom presentation on Wednesday August 25, 2021, at 8:00 pm ET. Christine is the Director of Personal Finance and Senior Columnist at Morningstar. She is a Bogleheads favorite, coming to our Boglehead Conferences, spending hours meeting and chatting with everyone, and … Read more

Bogleheads® Chapter Series: Prioritizing Investments

Additional links: Slides Chat This virtual Local Chapter meeting on August 10, 2021 featured Boglehead FiveK discussing “Funding Priority – Prioritizing Investments, Investment Location, & Tax Implications” – what investments to place where and when and why. Investors who are able to place their investments in different kinds of accounts, such as taxable accounts, 401(k)’s … Read more

Bogleheads® Chapter Series – Sean Mullaney Discusses Tax Strategies

Sean Mullaney, a financial planner with Mullaney Financial & Tax, Inc., discusses tax strategies for the pre-retirement and early retirement life stages. The slide presentation: Link Chat from the recorded meeting: Link This Local Chapter virtual meeting video, along with other virtual meetings can be accessed at the Bogleheads YouTube channel. The YouTube site is … Read more

Episode 036: Lisa Bragança, host Rick Ferri

Transcript: Episode 036: Lisa Bragança. Lisa Bragança, JD, MBA, is a former Branch Chief in the Division of Enforcement of the Chicago Office of the Securities & Exchange Commission. She handled investigations of accounting fraud, Ponzi schemes, insider trading, churning, and unsuitable investments. Today, Lisa is now in private practice at Bragança Law. Throughout her … Read more

Tampa Bay and South Florida June 12, 2021 virtual meeting

The Tampa Bay and South Florida Local Chapters hosted a virtual zoom meeting on June 12, 2021. The meeting was recorded and posted on June 24, 2021. The meeting was hosted by Mark Zoril and Jason Lynch from PlanVision, a financial planning service using eMoney. PlanVision offers remote virtual financial planning at a reasonable cost. … Read more

Minnesota Bogleheads- Allan Roth and Mel Lindauer virtual presentation

The Minnesota Bogleheads Local Chapter presented a virtual meeting on June 6, 2021. The meeting was recorded on June 12, 2021. The meeting featured Allan Roth and Mel Lindauer. The discussion topic was on “Framing Financial Decisions.” The timing format is as follows (Central time): 11:00 – 11:05 Introduction of speakers & discuss format. 11:05 … Read more

Episode 034 Bogleheads on Investing, guest Jason Hsu, host Rick Ferri

Episode 034 transcript, May 28, 2021 Rick Ferri interviews Jason in the June 2021 Bogleheads on Investing podcast. We discuss his academic and professional careers, value investing, efficient markets, active management in the US and in China, and why less desirable Chinese companies prefer to list their shares on US stock exchanges rather than in … Read more