Sacramento Local Chapter video from Meeting #97

Presentation: “The Investor’s Toolkit” Speaker: Greg Dietrich reviews a collection of useful tools from chapter presentations, the Bogleheads Wiki and member spreadsheets assembled over the last eight years to help members invest with confidence. Greg has been an investor for nearly 20 years, learning much of what he knows about investing through the study of … Read more

Sacramento Local Chapter video from Meeting #95

Presentation: “Tax Loss Harvesting” Speaker: Ravinder Bhumbla was educated at the University of California and the University of Michigan, earning post-graduate degrees in business and engineering. He works as a finance professional at a Fortune 100 company and as a volunteer with AARP Foundation Tax Aide. Ravinder is a member of the San Francisco Bogleheads … Read more

Sacramento Local Chapter video from Meeting #95

Presentation: “Roth IRA Distribution Rules” Speaker: Huey Tseng enjoyed a career as an accountant and now lives with her husband in Tucson, Arizona. She’s a member of the leadership team with Sacramento Area Bogleheads.. Zoom meetings are held each month on second Saturday. The best part of our meetings is the group discussion that follows … Read more

Sacramento Local Chapter video from Meeting #94

Presentation: “Developing a Distribution Plan” Speaker: Steve Shaffer is a Health Physicist for a federal government agency. He has held various positions in engineering and health physics over the past 30 years and has been a member of the Philadelphia Bogleheads for the past 6 years. Recorded February 25, 2023. Zoom meetings are held each … Read more

Sacramento Local Chapter video from Meeting #93

Presentation: “Driving Electric” Speaker: Alan Baker is a longtime car enthusiast and electric car owner. Retired from a senior information technology position at IBM, he enjoys helping nonprofits with their technology needs, volunteering for AARP and other worthy organizations. Alan was a co-founder of the South Bay Bogleheads and is currently a member of the … Read more

Sacramento Local Chapter videos from Meeting #91

The Sacramento Local Chapter provides videos of three presentations regarding healthcare insurance. Topics include the Affordable Care Act insurance, Health Savings Accounts and Medicare. Affordable Care Act (ACA) (“Obamacare”) SABH Meeting #91 Presentation: “Affordable Care Act (ACA) (“Obamacare”)” Speaker: Harry Sit, author of My Financial Toolbox, shares his experience with ACA health coverage. Harry currently … Read more

Lazy Portfolios in 2022

The following table lists 2022 total returns for various examples of “lazy portfolios”. Some of the portfolios (Coffeehouse and Coward’s) are designed as 60/40 stock/bond portfolios. Other portfolios (Armstrong Ideal and Swensen) are designed as 70/30 stock/bond portfolios. The two-fund, three-fund, and four-fund portfolios are scaled to similar stock/bond allocations. Prior to 2018, returns are … Read more

Harry Browne’s Permanent Portfolio- 2022 update

2022 returns for the portfolio, implemented with fund portfolios at iShares and Vanguard are tabulated below. Portfolio Total Market Gold Long Treasury T-bill Total return iShares -19.51% -0.69% -31.41% -3.90% -13.88% Vanguard -19.54% -0.82% -29.47% -3.87% -13.43% Portfolio composition The Permanent Portfolio investment strategy is based on the economic cycle, which is composed of four … Read more

William Bernstein’s Coward’s Portfolio – 2022 update

William Bernstein, investment manager and author, first introduced a version of his “Coward’s portfolio” in 1996. The “coward” refers not to the investor’s risk tolerance but to the strategy of hedging one’s bets and having slices of a number of asset classes. An indexed 60% equity/ 40% fixed income Coward’s portfolio would consist of the … Read more

Frank Armstrong Ideal Index Portfolio- 2022 update

Frank Armstrong III, investment advisor and author, offers the following seven fund “Ideal Indexed” portfolio in his book, The Informed Investor: A Hype-Free Guide to Constructing a Sound Financial Portfolio (published December 16, 2003). The portfolio employs a 70% equity / 30% fixed income split, consisting of six equity asset class funds and one fixed … Read more