Bogleheads® Chapter Series – Paul Merriman Presents Ten Life-Changing Lessons

Hosted by the Boston Local Chapter, Paul Merriman gives a brief discussion of the 12-million-dollar decisions covered in his book “We’re Talking Millions”. The Merriman Financial Education Foundation is celebrating their 10-year anniversary this year, and Paul discusses the 10 most important new lessons they have learned over the last 10 years. Slides Chat

Bogleheads Chapter Series: Stoicism and Behavorial Finance

The NYC and San Antonio Bogleheads Chapters present a discussion on the empowering overlap and timeless practical tools found from both the ancient philosophy of Stoicism and modern Behavioral Finance. Topics include the connection between Stoicism and finance concepts to help us achieve our personal financial goals and peace of mind. Hosted by the New … Read more

Sacramento Area Bogleheads video: What If This Turns Out to Be a Terrible Time to Retire? SABH Meeting #87

Presentation: “What If This Turns Out to Be a Terrible Time to Retire?” Speaker: Christine Benz. Director of personal finance and retirement planning for Morningstar and senior columnist for, Christine Benz is a board member of the John C. Bogle Center for Financial Literacy.

Sacramento Area Bogleheads video: The Four-Letter Words of Investing: Navigating FEAR and RISK through Volatile Times

Presentation: “The Four-Letter Words of Investing”. Speaker: Chris Goslow. 10 Ways to ‘Stay the Course’ in Times of Volatility. Behavioral finance, long-term buy and hold thinking, and how to avoid the pitfalls of a risk-averse brain. You can find additional Sacramento videos at the Sacramento Area Bogleheads YouTube channel.

Bogleheads Chapter Series: Q&A with J.L. Collins

The “Starting Out” and “Mid-Career Accumulators” Life Stage Chapters were delighted to host JL (Jim) Collins, author of “The Simple Path to Wealth,” for exciting conversation and Q&A at the zoom meeting held on Wed. June 15, 2022, at 8:00 pm ET. This was an enjoyable interactive meeting featuring well-known and delightfully engaging personal finance … Read more

Bogleheads® Chapter Series – Setting Your Children Up for Financial Success

There are many things parents or guardians can do to help set their children up for financial success in life. Since there is often no one way to do things that works for every child, participants share what has worked with their family, along with any successes / failures / lessons along the way. This … Read more

Sacramento Area Bogleheads video: The Education of an Index Investor ~ Philosophy, Strategy and Discipline

Presentation: “A Few Good Funds, The Genius of Simple Investing”. Speaker: Rick Ferri, CFA. Industry veteran and author Rick Ferri has embraced a low-fee Bogleheads philosophy for the past 25 years. Rick is the current president of the John C Bogle Center for Financial Literacy and CEO of Ferri Investment Solutions where he advises do-it-yourself … Read more

Bogleheads® Live Episode 03: Picking Index Funds

Bogleheads® Live Episode 03, podcast produced May 6, 2022. Podcast summary This Episode, a Twitter Spaces meeting held on March 31, 2022, is hosted by Jon Luskin with guest Rick Ferri. Rick Ferri, CFA, returns, discussing how to select the right index funds, the difference between investing philosophy and investing strategy, and answering audience questions … Read more

Episode 045: Nick Gendron and Josh Barrickman on Total Bond Market Index Funds, host Rick Ferri

Podcast summary This episode features two guests who discuss total bond market investing. The first guest is Nick Gendron, Global Head of Fixed Income Index Product Management at Bloomberg. This is where the index originates. The second guest is Josh Barrickman, Principal, Senior Portfolio Manager, and Head of Fixed Income Indexing Americas. He and his … Read more

Bogleheads® Chapter Series – Chris Pedersen on Simple & Effective Balanced Lifetime Portfolios- 2022

Chris Pedersen, Director of Research at The Merriman Financial Education Foundation, shows several very simple portfolios that achieve massive diversification across industries, geographies, stocks, bonds, and various equity premium factors. He also discusses 2 Funds for Life strategies that augment target-date funds to reduce risk with age, increase expected returns, raise safe withdrawal rates, and … Read more