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The Bogleheads recognize two closely affiliated forums and websites: Canada’s Financial Wisdom Forum and Finiki, the Canadian wiki, and Bogleheads® España, our affiliate investment site in Spain.

All three communities share similar investment philosophies. Information regarding these two communities is included below:

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The Financial Wisdom Forum is our sister site where Canadian investors meet for financial education and empowerment.

The Financial Wisdom Forum (FWF) is comprised of two collaborative elements, a wiki and a discussion forum.

The focus is on personal finance and investing, from starting out to retirement, savings, GICs, TFSAs, RRSPs, RRIFs, RESPs, RDSPs, taxes, stocks, bonds, preferred shares, indexing, ETFs and much more.

The site is independent and non-commercial. The FWF does not accept money or other benefits from providers of investment products or advice. Nor does it allow advertising of any kind on the site. The site is run by volunteers, with the help of donations from the members.

We do not recommend specific products or services, nor are we registered financial advisers or planners. We do have a lot of collective wisdom to share. Ultimately, however, many financial questions do not have a right or wrong answer, but rather a range of options. While we can provide information, you must weigh the pros and cons in light of your specific situation.

The Financial Wisdom Forum had its roots in an online discussion forum run by the Fund Library. In 1999, Jon Chevreau, then a columnist at the Financial Post, started a new forum called The Wealthy Boomer (TWB). When TWB folded, four forum members registered a domain name, built a website and the FWF forum. The forum was unveiled on February 18, 2005. Key moments in the history of FWF are listed below.

Key milestones

  • March 2009, FWF takes over the archive of gummy-stuff
  • November 26, 2009, FWF moves to phpBB v3
  • November 23, 2011, a phpBB themed homepage is unveiled and we refresh our logos to incorporate the maple leaf
  • October 10, 2012, add support for mobile devices via the Artodia:Mobile style
  • January 19, 2014, relaunch FWF as the Financial Wisdom Forum with a brand new homepage
  • December 3, 2020, the FWF homepage is refreshed with a new WordPress theme: We have done a make-over.

Detailed information about the sites can be found below.


The discussion forum is where FWF members carry on discussions about everything related to Canadian financial matters. Individual investors can pose questions about financial matters of all kinds, help answer others’ questions, and provide information that might be of interest to do-it-yourself investors. We hope that this will help you to invest on your own, or at least to have more informed conversations with financial advisers.
We encourage newcomers who may have little or no knowledge of finance. There are no stupid questions. In answering, please remember that we were all beginners once.
You can visit the forum as a guest, i.e. without registering, or you can register. Only registered members can post new messages or have access to the non-financial sections. Registration is free.

FWF subforum screenshot

The forum consists of a number of subforums

The forum is moderated. Please be courteous and constructive. Ask yourself whether you are advancing the discussion. You are requested to read and comply with our forum rules.

The FWF on Financial Page

See our interview with Norbert Schlenker: The Financial Wisdom Forum.

Finiki is a knowledge base of financial subjects for Canadian investors. It is a collaborative work that pulls together the nuggets of information that have been built up in the discussion forum (and elsewhere), but in a much easier format to navigate and search. As discussions progress on the forum, new, or sometimes even old information can lead to updates to corresponding finiki articles.

If you are a new investor looking for help and guidance, you might want to start with Getting started or give finiki’s search a try. Or start with finiki’s Help:Navigation article.

In the interest of keeping useful Canadian investing information available, FWF also maintains a small handful of archived websites. These sites include:

Shakespeare’s Primer

Shakespeare’s Primer ( The purpose of this web document is to serve as a primer for Canadian do-it-yourself (DIY) investors who wish to manage their own investment portfolio. It is aimed particularly at individuals who will be using their investment portfolio as the main source of retirement income. It is designed to educate investors on how to take control of their investments in a cost-effective manner.

This Primer has not been updated for several years, as my current writing efforts are focused on finiki, the Canadian financial wiki.  Some of the articles of which I am the principle author and which can be thought of as supplementing or replacing articles in this Primer can be found on my new home page at Canfinancia.

Shakespeare Smart mutual fund investing for independent Canadian investors

Bylo Selhi – The objectives of this website are to encourage you to take more responsibility for your financial future, to help you learn how to invest on your own, and hopefully to make at least a modest contribution to achieving your financial goals.

Note to reader: This site is no longer being, um, actively managed. Therefore, while the general information remains valid, specific reference information like the table in Low-MER No-Load Index Funds Available in Canada is now out-of-date. This site is archived thanks to the generosity of Financial Wisdom Forum. It contains material from the mid-1990s to the mid-2010s that may be of interest to financial historians and archeologists.

Bylo Selhi

Gummy stuff

Peter Ponzo aka “gummy” (1934-2020)

gummy stuff … about Investing (mostly): This is an archive of gummy-stuff, from August 2010, that is maintained by the Financial Wisdom Forum. A more modern version of the tutorials list can be found at gummy-stuff tutorials.

July 2020 update: We are sad to share the news that Peter Ponzo passed away peacefully on July 5, 2020 after a battle with bone cancer. We remember Professor Emeritus Peter Ponzo | Applied Mathematics | University of Waterloo.


Bogleheads® España is our official affiliate investment site in Spain, where Spanish investors meet for financial education and empowerment. The site’s main portal is Bienvenidos a Bogleheads® España, which provides access to all of the constituent segments of the site:

  1. La Guía Bogleheads® España, the guide to the site
  2. Bogleheads® España foro, the site’s forum
  3. La Wiki Bogleheads® España, the site’s wiki
  4. El Blog de los Bogleheads® España, the site’s blog

The site is designed to help investors learn about basic investment concepts and personal finances. The group has adopted the Boglehead’s philosophy of regular savings, asset diversification, and periodic investment regardless of market conditions.

The group believes in using low-cost exchange-traded index funds, attention to reducing taxes, simplifying the investment process, and staying on track with a long-term investment plan holding diversified assets.

The forum is moderated and the group insists that members converse in a respectful and friendly way.

Additional information about the sites can be found below.

It is with great pride and satisfaction that we present the Bogleheads® Spain Guide . A guide where we wanted to summarize and synthesize ALL the important points of the Bogleheads Philosophy and where we try to answer the most common questions, or those that generate the most debate.
As we already told you, we want it to be a living Guide, which improves over time thanks to the contributions of the community and which is useful for everyone, both for those of us who are familiar with our principles and for those who are not.
As we already told you, we want it to be a living Guide, which improves over time thanks to the contributions of the community and which is useful for everyone, both for those of us who are familiar with our principles and for those who are not.
I want to especially thank @Depe for his effort, time, dedication and drive, to the rest of my colleagues to advance the Guide. Of course @dullinvestor and @ Jm2t who have also collaborated in the same way.

Announcement: La Guía Bogleheads® España

Bogleheads® España is our brother forum in Spain. According to the forum’s Primera visita:

Welcome to the Bogleheads forum in Spanish. We are sure that you will find very valuable information in order to optimize and simplify your investments. If you are new here and / or you are starting in this investment philosophy, we consider it important that for a better understanding of the approach of this forum and with the registered users that compose it, read and take into account the following:

The Bogleheads philosophy places special emphasis on regular savings , asset diversification and periodic investment regardless of market conditions.

… Remember that in this forum we will talk about the Bogleheads philosophy, always in a respectful and friendly way. We hope you find it interesting.”

Bogleheads® España subforum screenshot

The forum

The forum consists of the following subforums:

Spanish forumEnglish translation


Inversión Bogleheads – Teoría, Noticias y GeneralInvestment Bogleheads – Theory, News and General
Inversión – Ayuda con inversiones personalesInvestment – Help with Personal Investments
Finanzas personales (no relacionadas con la inversión)Personal finance (not related to investment)
Administración del foro y comunicacionesAdministration of the forum and communications
General (Offtopic)General (Offtopic)

Here is a link to Bogleheads® España in English translation. (Note that google translate is not always accurate).

Bogleheads España on Financial Page

See our interview with ClarkBo: Bogleheads® España (en español).

La Wiki Bogleheads® España  is a resource of investment and financial information for residents of Spain. The wiki is a collaborative enterprise by the members of the Bogleheads® España forum.


Esta wiki como todas se nutre de la colaboración. De esta manera creamos una base de conocimiento que es fácil de mantener entre todos y de utilidad para las nuevas incorporaciones a la comunidad Bogleheads. – [Anuncio] La Wiki Bogleheads® España abre sus puertas al público

The Bogleheads España blog provides the members of Bogleheads España access to the blogging medium.

El Blog donde encontrarás el reflexiones, opiniones y análisis relacionados.

Bogleheads España