New page: John Bogle articles and speeches

We have added a new page to Financial Page: John Bogle articles and speeches.This page appears as a sub-menu below the page tab “Who are the Bogleheads?”

John Bogle articles and speeches

The genesis for this page begins with the decision by Vanguard, after the death of John Bogle, to remove the Bogle Financial Research Center site from the Vanguard web site. The Center was established after John Bogle retired from the Vanguard board of directors. The site was a repository of John Bogle’s speeches and op-eds.

All was not lost, however, The Bogle eBlog, John Bogle’s blog, contains many Bogle speeches and articles for download. Much of this material, however, is not easy to find. In our article, we provide a spreadsheet which indexes (by date descending) many of these links. The spreadsheet consists of six tabs:

  • The first tab contains speech links listed on the Bogle eBlog site. The page also contains links to John Bogle’s testimony before congressional committees.
  •  The second tab contains additional links which include memos to the Vanguard crew, as well as links to slide presentations.
  • The third tab contains links to podcasts of speeches (requiring Windows Media Player).
  • The fourth tab contains links to John Bogle scholarly articles, downloadable from SSRN, and the Bogle eBlog. This is not a complete index of John Bogle’s academic publications as various Journal publications are not publicly available for download.
  • The fifth tab includes a selection of John Bogle op-eds and letters to the editor. Some of these links are to Bogle eBlog pages that quote the op-ed. Other links (color-coded) can be down-loaded. Once again, this is a partial index, since direct links to newspaper op-eds are often broken, or are only viewable to paying subscribers.
  • The sixth tab provides google cache versions of speeches from the Bogle Financial Research Center.
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