Bogleheads 15® Conference video


Bogleheads® 15

These videos of the Bogleheads® 15 national conference, held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania from September 29 to September 31, 2016. were produced by Rich Guerra (aka VELO724X).

Keynote address

The first video records the John C. Bogle keynote address delivered at Bogleheads® 15 on September 29, 2016.

This is another wonderful talk delivered by our mentor, Jack Bogle. He covers the growth of Vanguard, the triumph of indexing, the effects of the Fiduciary Duty Rule and more. Jack imparts his wisdom with his usual sharp wit and humor. It was fascinating! – Rich Guerra

Ten Topics of interest

Karen Damato  in her September 30, 2016 Money article, Jack Bogle Sounds Off, provides highlights of Bogle’s address by summarizing ten topics of special interest to individual investors:

  • On the fund industry
  • On ETFs
  • On his sometimes prickly relationship with Vanguard
  • On the reason low fees are more important than ever
  • On what index funds can and can’t do
  • On his most often criticized advice (disinclination towards international investing)
  • On the value of keeping things simple
  • On buying dividend stocks as an alternative to bonds
  • On the impact of the fiduciary rule for retirement-account advice
  • On the right mix of government and corporate bonds
The video

Mr Bogle states “My own three parts of the program consumed a total of about 6 hours over the course of two days! My remarks included some 56 slides.”

Here is the accompanying slide presentation: John Bogle: The Undisputed Champion of the Long Run, September 29, 2016.

John C. Bogle  Q&A

Please enjoy a wonderful Q & A session with our mentor, Jack Bogle at Bogleheads® 15 on September 29, 2016. – Rich Guerra

The video


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