RTP NC Local Chapter meetings in 2013

This article is provided by Bogleheads forum member Steve Thorpe.


The RTP, NC Chapter Meeting 2:30 PM Sat February 23, 2013  is detailed in a separate posting. Author Larry Swedroe was our special guest at this meeting: RTP, NC Chapter Meeting 2:30 PM Sat February 23, 2013

RTP, NC Chapter Meeting Noon Sat May 4, 2013


Fullsteam Brewery

The RTP NC Chapter Meeting convened at Durham’s Fullsteam Brewery.
Well we didn’t get the glorious spring weather after all, however yesterday’s RTP Bogleheads meeting was fabulous nonetheless. Eight of us gathered over delicious micro-brewed Fullsteam beers for an informal discussion. (Not that any of our gatherings are formal, mind you!)
Topics included:

  • Robert Shiller’s CAPE
  • Spookiness of web tracking technologies that Google and Amazon use
  • ETF trading techniques
  • DFA vs. WisdomTree vs.Vanguard vs. RAFI
  • October’s national Bogleheads meeting
  • Potential guests at future meetings

RTP, NC Chapter Meeting Sat September 7, 2013


Fullsteam Brewery

The RTP NC Chapter Meeting convened at Durham’s Fullsteam Brewery.
Today’s weather in Durham is absolutely splendid, and a half-dozen local Bogleheads took full advantage by gathering for beers and fine conversation at the Fullsteam Brewery’s picnic tables.We discussed many topics including:

  •  Larry Swedroe’s Only Investment Guide You’ll Ever Need book, and his more recent book on how to invest like Warren Buffett.
  • Short-term TIPS vs. Intermediate-term TIPS?
  • Tax efficient investing
  •  Arbitrage between time zones
  •  Individual stocks vs. index funds in taxable accounts?
  •  How to best advise young people to start their investing career
  • Burton Malkiel’s Random Walk book
  • Precious metals stocks
  • Historical return and volatility data of multiple asset classes
  •  Bill Bernstein’s latest short books
    Thank you Boglehead friends for another fun meeting

RTP, NC Chapter Meeting Noon Sat December 14, 2013


Bull City Coworking

Meeting 18 of the Research Triangle Park Bogleheads® was held at  Bull City Coworking in Durham. The main event of this meeting was a guest appearance by renowned Boglehead author William J. Bernsteinn, who kindly agreed to join us via Skype to answer questions from local chapter members.

William Bernstein

Dr. Bernstein is an American financial theorist known for his research in the field of modern portfolio theory and for his self-help finance books for individual investors who wish to manage their own equity portfolios. He is also a principal in the money management firm Efficient Frontier Advisors.
His many published works include:

  • Deep Risk: How History Informs Portfolio Design
  • Skating Where the Puck Was: The Correlation Game in a Flat World
  •  The Four Pillars of Investing
  • The Intelligent Asset Allocator
  •  A Splendid Exchange: How Trade Shaped the World
  • The Investor’s Manifesto: Preparing for Prosperity, Armageddon, and Everything in Between
  • Masters of the Word: How Media Shaped History
  • The Ages of the Investor: A Critical Look at Life-cycle Investing
  • The Birth of Plenty: How the Prosperity of the Modern World was Created

This afternoon we had one of the best RTP chapter meetings yet! Around 20 of us enjoyed a couple hours of Q&A with our special guest William Bernstein who joined us via Skype.
Our conversation was all over the map and covered topics such as (two slides):
[googleapps domain=”docs” dir=”presentation/d/1EVKB57ff2s2ywJTSRyhQcWq7zS7zkXL91iwRKBZ3jhk/embed” query=”start=false&loop=false&delayms=3000″ width=”960″ height=”569″ /]
Near the end, Bill shared some books he likes to recommend:

  • The New Coffee House Investor by Bill Schultheis
  • How a Second Grader Beats Wall Street by Allan Roth
  • A Random Walk Down Wall Street by Burton Malkiel
  • Devil Take the Hindmost by Edward Chancellor

Bill, you were great – thanks so much!

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