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The Blog has Moved!

As we’ve often noted, this site is 100% supported by volunteers. After a 6 month run, we’ve decided that the effort to maintain the blog was taking time away from the forum and wiki. Much of the blog content has been copied to Barry Barnitz’s personal blog at Financial Page. Barry will maintain the blog from this point forward. No content will be removed from the Bogleheads site.

To explain: After the initial newness of the blog passed, we got into a weekly rhythm to simply repeat the blog posts. Those posts are always available in the wiki’s left side menu, see: News and blogs. The blog really did not provide added value.

We’ve also gotten into routinely reporting ETF fund flows, which can be posted in the forum just as easily. Our articles quite simply never generated any significant amount of discussion. There were one or two exceptions, but not enough to warrant a change in our decision.

The Bogleheads forum and wiki together work best for what we want to do. The blog was stuck in the middle. Given that we have limited resources and wanted to spend time in the forum and wiki, we decided to terminate the effort.

We want to thank everyone for their efforts.

Friday blog review September 5, 2014

Here is our selection of this week’s blog posts from forum member bloggers.
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August ETF flows


Archduke Francis and wife, shortly before his assassination, one precipitating cause of the The First World War, which began in August, 1914

Investors added $15 billion into US exchange-traded funds in August, raising total assets to $1.912 trillion.

The bulk of investor dollars flowed into US fixed income and international equity.

Alternative, commodity, currency, and leveraged exchange-traded funds all experienced investor redemption during the month (see table 1. below).

Among the top three US exchange-traded fund providers, Blackrock iShares garnered $10,734.11B of investor inflow; Vanguard added $5,237.96B: while State Street experienced an outflow of $-5,111.34 B, led by investor redemption from the SPDR 500 ETF.

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Vanguard UK cuts fees on index tracker funds and ETFs

Vanguard UK will be cutting the costs on 25 of its tracker mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, and LifeStrategy balanced funds, effective September 1, 2014.  These price reductions follow similar recent cost reductions by Fidelity. (For average cost comparison between tracker funds and etfs, see figure to right, click to enlarge).

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Friday blog review August 29, 2014

Here is our selection of this week’s blog posts from forum member bloggers.
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Friday blog review August 22, 2014

Here is our selection of this week’s blog posts from forum member bloggers, along with this week’s  five top downloaded papers from SSRN.
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iShares to close target retirement ETFs


Recently, the Board of Trustees of the iShares Trust voted to close and liquidate the Fund[s]. Trading will be halted prior to market open on October 15, 2014. Proceeds of the liquidation are currently scheduled to be sent to shareholders on or around October 21, 2014.

Blackrock iShares has announced the imminent closing and liquidation of the firm’s target retirement exchange-traded funds. Trading is to be halted  on October 15, 2014 (see the quote to the right.)

The series of iShares target retirement funds hold approximately $300 million dollars.

The funds are indexed fund of funds portfolios, tracking S&P benchmark indexes,  with annual expense ratios ranging from 0.28% to 0.31%.

The closing funds, including ticker and assets under management, are listed below.

Fund Ticker Assets (millions)
iShares Target Date 2010 ETF TZD 9.1
iShares Target Date 2015 ETF TZE 31.1
iShares Target Date 2020 ETF TZG 56.9
iShares Target Date 2025 ETF TZI 44.1
iShares Target Date 2030 ETF TZL 43.3
iShares Target Date 2035 ETF TZO 35.2
iShares Target Date 2040 ETF TZV 53.9
iShares Target Date 2045 ETF TZW 8.8
iShares Target Date 2050 ETF TZY 14.2
iShares Target Date Retirement Income ETF TGR 13.6

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Friday blog review August 15, 2014

Here is our selection of this week’s blog posts from forum member bloggers.
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