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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1776 new posts and replies over 224 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
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Subforum - TopicLast   
36cWhat was your best quality of life improvement for $1000?18:55 carloslando21:29 hi_there
7tOne Stock Portfolio20:06 ZenZero21:28 ZenZero
15calternative to costly chlorine tablets for pool16:32 sabhen21:27 RickBoglehead
109pGuidance on Max Car Price06/20 ilikeshreddingm21:27 bgf
238hVTSAX or VTWAX over the next 35 years?2019 guyesmith21:26 Da5id
309tI Bonds variable rate @ 3.54% in May04/13 tomsense7621:25 tim1999
166cFavorite Movies - Name Five06/17 OpenMinded121:25 Nicolas
303hTime to reach 1M and 2M milestones2015 sanfran201521:24 CyclingDuo
132tThe Mathematics of Retirement Investing2017 longinvest21:24 SnowBog
3pAfter Action Review Funding My Revocable Living Trust04/04 Bogle64Pilot21:24 Bogle64Pilot
5312pWhat's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?2016 guitarguy21:23 classicindexer
275tI'll never regret not having international funds in my portfolio06/14 tvubpwcisla21:22 TropikThunder
25cBike Cameras13:43 edgeagg21:19 Jack FFR1846
6cCar GPS Screen size19:28 nesdog21:18 regularguy455
22p[SSA calculator doesn't match my spreadhseet. What is wrong?]06/21 cantak21:11 neurosphere
11hDonor advised fund questions06/20 phatkev21:07 Wiggums
17proth ira for a minor who does cash work?10:20 dred pirate21:05 mhalley
4tShort Term Treasury Inflation Protected fund at Schwab?15:53 PickitPaul21:04 Bluce
1hRoth 401k to Roth IRA transfer20:38 kp72521:03 lakpr
65cDo you use a Kindle? Are they worth trying?06/21 Ricola21:03 Da5id
9hPlease help me pick retirement funds...18:26 dodgersummer21:01 Brianmcg321
9hWhat fund to pick for retired Mom19:09 Bluemnatra21:00 Outer Marker
9cCustomer Reviews13:08 OpenMinded120:55 Da5id
7pHow to prevent escheat19:58 Seasonal20:53 Seasonal
9cBermuda cruise in June 202218:53 rosemary1120:53 yatesd
4hReal Estate Investment Decision - Rental or Sell20:07 nward20:52 Marmot
48pBuy and hold blighted property in neighborhood with future potential06:17 coalcracker20:52 CurlyDave
81pGolden Handcuffs06/20 Chris3320:51 Mr.BB
12tThe Atlantic: A Major New Index Fund Should Unnerve Climate-Skeptical CEOs18:00 roth evangelist20:50 LadyGeek
32cConsidering a Move from Ubuntu to Debian (Linux)06/20 roamingzebra20:48 roamingzebra
3pWhat tax forms for pre-tax indvidual 401K to Roth IRA conversion17:12 DebiT20:47 DebiT
2hVTI or VINIX/VIEIX for US Stock Allocation?20:05 dmbosstone20:46 ruud
2pJob change19:53 NabSh20:35 bltn
25tHow Do You Make Your Asset Allocation Decisions?07:27 sureshoe20:33 PKD
13pCan I pull this 900k house?20:01 newyorker20:33 JoeRetire
694tBonds in free fall02/16 00020:30 NoRegret
1hNon governmental 45719:45 mtinsc120:29 lazynovice
6nAGGU small pricing06/21 Neus20:28 glorat
26c(Updated - hidden expenses) Budgets and treatment of cash back06/19 RubyTuesday20:26 RubyTuesday
12pForm 8606. Did both Backdoor Roth and also additionally did 401k to IRA and then to Roth conversion01:02 johnsmithsf20:17 johnsmithsf
73tWhen is 0% bonds appropriate?06/21 etfan20:13 afan
2913c[What TV Show Have You Recently Watched?]2016 dbCooperAir20:07 Mr.BB
16ciPhone 12 vs SE vs Pixel 506/21 BogleMelon20:00 oldlongbeard
161tIs the secret to long term wealth as simple as living below your means and investing in a low cost index fund06/19 tvubpwcisla19:59 Marseille07
99pLooking at Retirement Area Indianapolis->Cincinnati->Lexington->Knoxville-> Ashville->Outerbanks06/20 MishkaWorries19:58 rbslos36
10tIs the S&P a tech play?15:16 Gaston19:57 whereskyle
7tWhere to Invest $50K Over Next Six Months06/21 MrCheapo19:54 tomsense76
7cchoose lowest cost part d plan if not taking medications?10:15 gips19:54 gips
217tRoth Conversions - McQuarrie study06/17 indexlover19:53 VanGar+Goyle
23pHow Do You Hire Housekeepers / Gardeners / Contractors?06/21 FIREGuy8819:46 crit
9pNew York Last Will in Nevada06/19 Goodman6019:43 tibbitts
9pHow many days after trad Ira contrib to Roth conversion?..11:43 Mardoc0119:38 billthecat
4hFirst Post -Portfolio Review with Excess Cash to Deploy06/21 Badger201719:36 Badger2017
22pBest way to fund large expense? Taxable, EF, btc, loan?13:13 lolbatross19:33 TheDDC
79tSix more ETFs from DFA (Dimensional Fund Advisors)11/17 vineviz19:33 abuss368
13hBackdoor Roth - pro-rata question09:21 lurkman19:26 lurkman
18cMammoth Lakes & HWY 395 - What to do?06/19 bogledogle19:22 paintprimer
3hMega Backdoor Roth - timing18:25 michadv19:21 michadv
15hJust opened a Roth IRA and have no other!06/21 unrulydooley19:19 LittleMaggieMae
2tWhat happens when a fund changes the index it tracks?18:22 spencydub19:17 Gaston
858pBest CD rates thread2019 indexfundfan19:13 othermike27
21hSimplify Portfolio05/17 surfer0519:11 dratkinson
116hIdeas to get 5-6%06/18 ryanbohle19:10 SuperXmas
27hAfter Tax vs Tax Deferred 401k Contributions - How Much do YOU Contribute?06/20 catchinup19:08 tony_roach
100tWhy hold bonds? (again...)06/21 BFRAME19:06 whereskyle
104tWhat Is Your Longest-Held Investment?06/17 chris31919:02 abuss368
11h457 or taxable06/21 PassiveInvestor19:02 PassiveInvestor
116tWhat pitfalls do even smart people make when buying a home?06/19 JustGotScammed19:00 Jeepergeo
26pDefinitive source on how soon Roth conversion can be withdrawn over age 6006/21 DebiT18:59 MarkNYC
10604pRefinance Mega Thread2019 AZAttorney1118:57 Familyman2012
8pPersonal Finance Accounting Software?05/15 LegacyWealth20118:51 jajlrajrf
19hMade Roth IRA contribution mistake - Prorata rule issue06:52 Planner0118:49 celia
33cWhat's your thoughts on moving to Tennessee?06/21 mathwhiz18:44 whodidntante
13hInvestment books for novice.12:03 Dan S.18:44 abuss368
53tWhy do stocks always fall faster than they rise ?06/20 skor9918:42 sundevil_jay
20hTotal bond versus I bond for retirement account10:36 Brianjp1818:39 Bama12
189c[Amazon Prime Day]2017 runner918:37 iamlucky13
10hReasonable Time for a 1035 Exchange Transamerica -> Fidelity01/28 DroppedKnee18:36 VanGar+Goyle
15h457B ICMA-RC account help06/21 dodgersummer18:34 dodgersummer
425tThe One-Fund Portfolio as a default suggestion2019 longinvest18:24 longinvest
55pOpt out for Advance Child Tax Credit payments available at IRS.gov08:44 aprilcpa18:19 the-worst-inves
9tWhat's the Smallest Percentage of Stocks that Will Make a Difference?17:15 GoneOnTilt18:16 retiredjg
218cBogleheads, tell me about your 40's?2014 brian201318:16 squirm
17tRequesting a Different Vanguard PAS At $5M+06/21 FIREGuy8818:12 Misenplace
0hDealing with premium on bond fund18:12 JustThisGuy 
2pMortgage Question / Points / Relationship Discount16:38 setitandforgeti18:11 MrJedi
13thas morningstar legacy functionality (comparing funds) ceased?12:44 arcticpineapple18:07 JBTX
153cPhoenix, AZ as an early retirement location? Advice please05/10 cbr shadow17:58 Lee_WSP
76hUtility of Financial Advisor06/19 wije17:57 illumination
1hIs my asset allocation too conservative? And how should I pay for a big home improvement project?17:24 Bammerman17:55 MattB
5pTaxes on Co-Owned I Bonds06/18 LongTermGains17:55 BrokerageZelda
1173tVariable Percentage Withdrawal (VPW)2013 longinvest17:52 longinvest
16pCharter, NetJets, WheelsUp11/16 Mofire17:51 Ependytis
4pCancel for any reason (CFAR) travel insurance16:13 Theseus17:51 FeesR-BullNotBu
19tDo I need bonds and so much international stock? (Target Retirement Fund)06/17 tranceFusion17:51 Nathan Drake
13hComplicated RMD questions - fee-only CPA/CFP05/27 bhrjwx17:39 Alan S.
3pLooking for inflation data17:18 DireStraits17:38 Oicuryy
4pHow to name beneficiaries for qualified accumulation trust for IRA17:00 ljb17:35 bsteiner
113tCritical view of index investing06/02 NostraHistoria17:33 alex_686
4hTransitioning to Brokerage Platform15:31 PCFV17:30 Makefile
17cHome Office Furniture10/21 bdylan17:26 namajones
8hWhat should my stock allocation be?23:04 necroman17:24 necroman
52pBest month to retire06/16 privateID17:09 quantAndHold
0p[Are there any tax writeoffs when purchasing art?]17:03 Eastcoaster212 
2hVPU=?(Fido)12:05 ekid17:01 wetgear
34cExternal hard drive to back up photos06/20 unclescrooge16:58 MarkBarb
3pComparing Medicare Supplement Prices (Illinois)16:25 czaj16:52 czaj
4h4-year portfolio update – early 50’s, DW cancer, retirement timing?15:34 streamline16:52 domoi
65pRoth conversions plans via RPM -- help me compare06/16 DebiT16:31 DebiT
1311cBird watchers – what birds are you seeing?2020 JAZZISCOOL16:20 jebmke
44cMaster bath remodel - tub or no tub?06/21 tigermilk16:14 Colorado13
4652tSmall Cap Value heads Rejoice !!!2019 hdas16:07 absolute zero
0tFinding Qualified Dividend Percentage for ETFs16:02 cap396 
9pInherited IRA RMD Shocker06:05 Kagord15:57 Kagord
7hLooking for guidance as retirement approaches07:50 hacksaw202515:50 Jablean
24hToo much cash- Prudential FlexGuard Indexed Variable Annuity as an option?06/18 Sam Clemens15:49 David Jay
21h?s for those using/considering PlanVision06/21 buckeye798315:47 esteen
7hRedeeming CDs09:31 Prudence15:44 anon_investor
27tDid dividend stock funds provide "downside protection" in 2020?08:53 nisiprius15:39 patrick013
15843tU.S. stocks continue to soar!2018 GoldStar15:34 Doom&Gloom
93pPrivate School - Elementary vs Middle/High (bang for the buck)06/15 sdsu0415:33 vrr106
6hOverall portfolio check up after 6 years, and more questions09:47 binvesting15:31 binvesting
3pAsset Based Loan Mortgage Qualification13:33 blahblahsunshin15:31 desconhecido
3l"Pre-Retirement/Early Retirement" Life Stage Virtual Chapter "Master Thread"06/17 DFWBogleheads15:28 gailcox
7hAVUV instead of VXF for "completion"06/21 UsedUpstairs15:25 hnd
5pCorrect type of Financial Advisor?06/21 powercherry515:15 SubPar
21crenting a house boat??06/21 familythriftmd15:07 MitchL
556pWashington State Long Term Care Trust Act - 0.58% payroll tax - $36,500 lifetime maximum benefit02/16 Soon2BXProgramm15:06 BruDude
18hTaming a 2 Headed Monster, Diversification vs RMD09:25 IzItBo15:01 retiredjg
16tBasic Investing Principles: the Video05/03 chris31914:55 Cranberry44
59hTypes of Retirement Accounts: Which one to invest now?06/20 Vanguard User14:48 Vanguard User
1177pRetiree Portfolio Model2012 BigFoot4814:45 ManiakMan
61cCharlotte Area vs Dallas Area (C vs D)06/19 deltakappa14:41 xtracrispy1031
9098tHEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure Part II: The next journey2019 HEDGEFUNDIE14:41 Ramjet
26tAny decent trend following commodity options out there?03/24 corp_sharecropp14:34 firebirdparts
20cOutdoor light fixtures - please help me choose05/26 PinotGris14:31 whr19606
23tVanguard Customer Service 202106/18 PinotGris14:29 Tony
8hAdvice for diversifying and simplifying 401K and IRA06/21 Poisns114:24 Poisns1
0pNY, PA state tax filing requirement question14:24 Material Guy 
52cPour Over Coffee & Bean Grinders04/28 Barefootgirl14:22 GT99
87cFlorida State University06/18 bstevlin14:19 LadyGeek
7n[Germany] Starting to invest in Germany06/19 shirow14:15 shirow
26cBest reasonable price eye glass store06/18 atlanta_dad14:11 wstrdg
50lNashville / Mid-TN Chapter Master Thread2013 mojorisin13:57 Sunshine44a
29cDo you refill k-cups?06/21 splitatlantic13:34 Reamus294
62pProblems obtaining a free annual Equifax credit report online2017 msimon13:31 LadyGeek
4tWorking and receiving (reduced) SS before FRA.06/21 Godot13:25 Godot
30hHow do you TLH(tax loss harvest) in reality?06/19 nrkv13:11 iceport
5pchanging jobs - roll over 403b or keep current plan?10:25 dred pirate13:09 crefwatch
177pDad wants Wife to live in house left to me and sister after he passes06/15 mouth13:09 Meg77
24pRent or sell06/20 fiorehoffmann12:59 SaveStrong
10hSmall Cap Value Tilt Allocation Question06/16 necroman12:58 necroman
16cMortgage sold06/21 Shem00212:50 Broken Man 1999
6hBest Vanguard Money Market?02/22 chadamrein12:45 exodusNH
2cIs SK II worth it?05:59 Caduceus12:39 blackangus
32hRetirement withdrawal mechanics01/18 MathWizard12:34 Rajsx
25hAllocation stocks bonds06/21 capen246812:31 namajones
15pHave Any Bogleheads Sold Their House On Redfin?06/21 FIREGuy8812:30 Xrayman69
4hSaving for college as an adult09:14 eml12:29 Colorado13
9pleave of absence/unemployment aid question IL06/21 dalbright12:22 Marmot
5hShort-term muni bonds11:40 dave_512:10 dave_5
23hhow do Bogleheads increase risk?06/21 one_speed12:06 ruralavalon
13pattorney after car accident?06/20 miket2912:04 obgraham
51tImpending Alzheimer’s: what would be your investment for life?06/20 BigDrop12:00 Chester Peake
2pMortgage bait and switch rate lock - Homefinity11:13 LuckyOz11:48 LuckyOz
11hPortfolio Review Request: Late 30s couple06/20 sullivanjones11:28 tashnewbie
4hTexas TRS and early retirement06/20 joetro2911:25 sawdust60
25hSwenson vs Target Date funds12/20 davudvl11:23 whereskyle
0cAudible Premium Plus offer on Amazon Prime Day?11:18 Looking4Answers 
21ciMac replacement -- purchase decision06/19 rjbraun11:15 d18lover
2hIndividual HSA Advice10:58 DLAKE11:08 DLAKE
9hCritique my IPS06/21 lazyinvestor3011:07 lazyinvestor30
7hWithdrawing pension options..IRA?08:11 marc2149011:07 marc21490
49cBest enhancement for folks who work from home2019 Iowa David11:01 lazydavid
39p4.7% SS COLA?05/15 CABob10:53 JoeRetire
113pNYS Audit Advice ( Moved out of State)05/24 FrugalConservat10:51 Stinky
873pRelationship mortgage discounts for moving a million assets2019 softwaregeek10:46 grp2c
21cDoes this $12 Yubikey work with acegolfer10:44 Dechan
9cFirst time home buyers worried about home inspection results. Please help.07:27 hg06475410:28 sureshoe
0phelp with Google sheets10:24 cruisefan 
125hWish to retire in 7 yrs. and request financial advice07/16 afr10:19 Outer Marker
12tHow to change mindset after “winning the game”00:05 BogleBuddy1210:18 NiceUnparticula
2t"Personal Investment Performance" in TSP vs. average annual return07:53 Bammerman09:46 Paul Grouch
10cProblem with listening to audio books on smart phone while walking06/21 Retired180909:37 jebmke
15pRule of 55 question...06/21 WannabeBogleHea09:11 retiredjg
6p80-10-10 vs 30y fixed mortgage06/21 MAGenomix09:00 ScaledWheel
78cFavorite Westerns - Name 1006/18 Grt2bOutdoors08:48 JupiterJones
15cOpinions on Montessori beyond the preschool years2014 halfnine08:44 SQRT
62tAnyone here have a golden butterfly portfolio?10/25 zetsui08:42 Jaymover
3pInstallment sale implied interest05/31 bbb08:29 bbb
23hIs the strategy explained in these videos about Mega Backdoor Roth Coversion the most efficient?06/19 investmax08:28 retiredjg
11tWhat is the definition of a TINA investor06/20 Jaymover08:03 Vanguard Fan 13
73hRetiring in 6 months (off TSLA options); Plan Review & Questions02/11 roguewarrior007:43 Ramjet
411tGold continues to soar!08/04 00007:39 market timer
9pSSA Request for Reconsideration of Monthly Benefits06/21 Meeshigan07:30 Meeshigan
5cNetwork storage, portable, reliable06/21 BH_RedRan07:21 gtd98765
14tWhy does a drop in rates cause bond portfolio durations to fall?06/16 Virus476207:18 grabiner
54pDepend on Social Security?06/21 tictock8107:13 LadyGeek
9hRetired - What to do with “extra” $140K?21:44 ExcelJunkie07:12 deltaneutral83
12pHow did you find your tax expert?06/21 esteen07:09 Sahara
16hDitch 403b with high fees and invest in taxable/brokerage account?06/21 vanguardforlife06:53 aristotelian
5c2020 macbook air (M1 processor)--how to connect to 2 external monitors06/21 mookie06:35 Flannelbeard
7cFord Fusion Transmission issue and how to resolve06/19 Gardener06:01 Gardener
0pAnybody use an Accountability/Success Coach?05:52 Gardener 
143tLong Bonds in retirement - curiosity...05/15 daacrusher200105:49 international00
10hFunds for my parents06/20 thebestplans05:36 lakpr
10tPension complexity/obscurity of investments06/20 banook04:52 Derpalator
1hReq Min Distri Questions00:37 CZjc133004:52 lakpr
2pMaternity care FEHB best options06/21 I-doc04:17 chalet
25n[Europe] Help on bonds06/16 boffum03:12 Valuethinker
16hHaving trouble approximating stock market with my 401k funds06/21 wbadbada00:58 asset_chaos
925tWhy not 100% PSLDX?2020 TeeDee00:43 grp2c
40nI want to time the market, talk me out of it and tell me what can go wrong!06/16 QuestioningWand00:21 JustGotScammed
24cTwo weeks stay in Cancun06/20 uberdoc23:15 alexp
33cTire Selection Advice Requested06/20 TheNightsToCome23:01 Rdytoretire
35pJob opportunity dilemma (albeit good) - Need advice desperately!!06/20 cam24022:54 inverter
17hfixed income 6% - what am I missing?06/21 nungjames22:52 123
0pSolo 401k - Plan Errors/Voluntary Correction Available?22:38 mcraepat9 
36tWhy are LTT rallying now? Vineviz??06/18 guppyguy22:28 invest4
6825cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36822:14 Jack Burton
2495lPost your Financial Milestone Announcements Here2017 VAslim1622:12 Normchad
51pHow much does [Seattle area] private school cost?06/14 kasamasa21:58 Xrayman69
2pVanguard - trade day balance?06/21 chet9621:56 chet96
29t‪"Lessons From the Great Minds of Investing‬"2016 digarei21:37 garlandwhizzer

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