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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1389 new posts and replies over 212 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
# Replies Subforum - Topic TitleFirst Last   
Subforum - TopicLast   
1pGot IRS Notice CP22A00:34 AlwaysLearning103:24 Infinity
4tStructure of Berkshire-Hathaway holdings15:51 pghbob03:07 seajay
26tWithdrawal based on net worth?11/26 tennisplyr03:05 xxd091
151cAll-electric vs. hybrid cars. Teach me! [Car with tech bells and whistles that’s not a Tesla]11/20 bertilak03:04 Valuethinker
24cFinally Making the Video Doorbell Plunge - Ring or Blink11/22 AllMostThere02:57 Mudpuppy
1hVanguard Personal Advisor recommendations00:58 linguista5702:52 MattB
0hFirst Time T-Bill buyer02:30 aa411 
1hFidelity Household View01:20 dlong02:19 nalor511
23cHow is the market for new cars today?10/18 tc10102:11 JamesG
7pShould I follow my tax advisor/preparer?12:44 doob01:34 Cruise
8hAny reason I should not sell ibonds I bought last January to buy new ones with the higher fixed rate?21:01 Raspberry-50301:28 BL
13pRetirement Budget Calculator13:57 bh3fpinv01:25 MathWizard
1129cPC Build Thread - 2020... and beyond!!!2020 Independent Geo01:16 Nekrotok
0hRequest Recommendations for 2022 Conversion Amount within Desired IRMAA Bracket01:04 texasgal47 
11hQ about TSP transfer to IRA11/26 HoneyBee00:55 placeholder
105hManaging my mom's account09/22 LadyGeek00:54 rossington
45pHow much should you know about your parents finance11/26 gavinsiu00:52 gavinsiu
100tWhat's going on with Fidelity's mid cap value & small cap value index funds?11/23 JasonHutt00:52 Northern Flicke
6pLarge capital gain from private company stock17:11 lvewell00:51 gips
1tVanguard P.A recommendations00:39 linguista5700:46 Makefile
14pBuying Rentals with Minimal Cash Flow?11/15 mojorisin00:43 Invictus002
68hIs index fund investing the way to go?11/24 masonstone00:33 Vanguard User
3hTax Loss Harvesting/Fidelity SMA17:56 lionplum202000:33 placeholder
12pshould I "expense" improvements to investment rental property17:04 RustyShacklefor00:32 RustyShacklefor
20pProbably a naïve issue. Pay mortgage or invest.17:33 Caliscotsman00:32 Wannaretireearl
9058cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36800:31 Sandi_k
346lSearching for Lost Contributors2021 RovenSkyfall00:29 Sandi_k
2379cWhat frugal thing did you do today?2017 Nectarineman00:25 ray.james
91tTaxation of Treasury bills, notes and bonds11/15 Kevin M00:10 Kevin M
5pCosts to a dentist for accepting discount plan vs insurance22:22 hoops77700:06 VT03008
9hEE Savings Bond December 2003 question09:20 tibbitts23:59 Mel Lindauer
1cHotel recommendations: Barcelona and Madrid23:30 Wannaretireearl23:50 curmudgeon
3cPC Suggestion - without operating system09:32 keith601423:50 gavinsiu
32tIncome stability --> stay the course?11/22 shriram23:47 shriram
180hRetiring in 6 months (off TSLA options); Plan Review; 11/22 Update - Ain't Pretty2021 roguewarrior023:43 LeftCoastIV
20cSamsung 10.5" Galaxy Tab A8 vs iPad mini 611/21 September23:40 gavinsiu
126tThe Classic 60-40 Investment Strategy Falls Apart. ‘There’s No Place to Hide.’11/14 stephenspapa23:33 tibbitts
14hTIPS fund for inflation08:59 aaaxl23:30 chrisdds98
74tHow do you balance Need, Ability and Willingness?11/24 TheTimeLord23:21 Marseille07
9c25th Anniversary trip - France / Belgium ?18:11 chickadee23:20 tigermilk
62cWhat brand and model of typewriter do you have and how much did you pay for it?10/14 helloeveryone23:14 cs412a
14pHow best to pay off a car loan11/26 miamivice23:07 Watty
61h401k administrative expense 1.5% -- high?11/25 kinks22:59 lakpr
164tAvantis Funds: what's so special about them?07/01 JSPECO922:54 Bama12
4hQuestion on $750K Mortgage interest deduction21:04 pmdonca22:53 lakpr
53tSequence of Health Risk: AKA What Age is it Worth Planning For a Full Life To?11/20 Patzer22:50 JS-Elcano
14cWifi Router - replace or keep existing?15:38 Saving$22:43 Diluted Waters
12p$25k gift of jointly-owned ETF shares to a child--no 709 required?17:29 HouseOfLancaste22:22 HouseOfLancaste
38hBackdoor Roth Newbie11/26 eboats22:22 placeholder
20cOffice chair and sit-stand desk recommendations11/21 daheld22:20 bb
4380c[What TV Show Have You Recently Watched?]2016 dbCooperAir22:15 Matahari
3294pFidelity as a one stop shop2018 BogleMelon22:13 nalor511
38pAnyone using the Fidelity Rewards Visa card?04/12 Gaston21:58 criticalmass
5cSuggestions for good solar entry lighting20:17 jplee321:52 Nyc10036
3hDoes Silvergate’s business model work?21:07 rodamusprime21:41 whodidntante
6hPretax or Roth contributions, given a large taxable account?08:32 AprilCake21:37 FiveK
5h529 withdrawal14:35 sambb21:31 delamer
2pDifferent yields: Ally CD via Fidelity vs Direct19:09 BayouBoy21:30 Geologist
5hAre unrealized losses unable to be used after death?14:21 illumination21:27 02nz
11hTIAA traditional conundrum11/26 itsmeagain21:25 itsmeagain
15pAnother question about inherited Roth IRA and withdraw11/26 gavinsiu21:25 Alan S.
1073tWhat is your age and asset allocation ?2020 poppa2321:21 L84SUPR
21cYouTube TV vs Hulu (+'s and -'s)11/19 bhwabeck353321:21 augryphon
52tUTMA coming due for estranged child11/23 FelixTheCat21:18 toddthebod
816cSo what are you cooking2020 Skeeter121:16 arcticpineapple
3hPlease review my portfolio; focus on fixed income15:57 Klemomann21:12 lakpr
10nMy Vietnam Surprise11:29 Taylor Larimore21:10 black
9hConvert rollover IRA to Roth?20:21 RealEstateGuy21:08 FiveK
4hShould I TLH VBILX, VFIDX and VFSTX and buy VWITX?12:57 Wading Ashore21:06 Wading Ashore
5cMicrosoft 365 (Office) Subscription deal at Amazon - $43 after GC, Home & Student 2021 $10016:16 02nz21:05 02nz
21hMay Have to Sell My Wellesley Fund12:30 dbc4721:02 mkc
21hAccrued dividends in NAV for sell during month11/13 Carsson320:51 Carsson3
166cREAL ID now set to be effective May 3 2023 UPDATE2021 heartwood20:46 grok87
21tsubmit ?s: Bill Bengen on the 4% rule of thumb11/22 JonL20:43 MaineRunner2001
8hRollover my 401K to TSP?08:54 Rogerdodger20:40 L84SUPR
3pIRMAA question need advice11/26 Ninja20:37 LiveFor30
10pCredit Utilization and FICO score19:49 Kookaburra20:36 whodidntante
0pSpecialized Multiple Account RMD/Conversion Strategy Ends20:30 Alan S. 
13tWhen to sell a fund to avoid distributions?16:41 mailman78120:29 grabiner
63pMinimal work at job - Keep at it or actively look for new job?11/02 knightrider20:20 Mr. Buzzkill
2280cBird watchers – what birds are you seeing?2020 JAZZISCOOL20:14 AnnetteLouisan
5cBanff/Jasper itinerary for June 202315:51 Theseus20:14 Raybo
6cInfected by Ransomware17:53 arf141020:09 Dakotah
5hIndex Portfolio Allocation Question11:06 UnadillaKayaker19:54 pkcrafter
6365cWhat Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI2014 Alex Frakt19:54 cs412a
10cGifts FROM a dying person14:09 mcamp1819:41 Geneyus
11pHow to calculate net income from 1099 contracting job?07:31 ThankYouJack19:41 ThankYouJack
17tNetflix Documentary- Get Smart With Money09/04 sleepysurf19:40 birb
13hPay now to exercise startup stock options or wait and watch11/26 binvesting19:30 ModifiedDuratio
17hUnderstanding impact of expense ratios11/23 investment guy19:26 EdNorton
15pSell then rebuy VTI same day for TGH purpose11/24 Brianjp1819:21 Brianjp18
0tMove $$ in ShortTerm TIPS fund to IntermedTermTIPs fund now?19:15 xxsocraticxx 
142hWhy not do as Buffett?11/15 conservativeX219:15 Beensabu
56cAverage monthly Internet + TV bill11/24 atlanta_dad19:01 Saving$
56cAd Blockers11/14 gerntz19:00 GreenLawn
58tVanguard Ranks Last for Digital Satisfaction; JP Morgan First11/23 Beliavsky18:55 nisiprius
30tHow will the 1% excise tax on buybacks affect dividends?08/16 Lyrrad18:54 Makefile
132tWhat is going on with Gold price?07/05 artking9918:47 Logan Roy
1pI-Bond Gift Box and UK Taxes18:17 Scrabo18:39 Makefile
30cKindle eReader Black Friday upgrade deal11/22 LadyGeek18:33 protagonist
15tLife-Cycle/Target Date alternatives to Vanguard?11:38 friar161018:22 friar1610
7hInherited IRA and RMDs. Help17:00 SoaringEagle18:22 arcticpineapple
2pReal estate property tax timing12:33 ABS18:21 CAsage
196pAlly offers 1% cash bonus on new deposits - up to $500 bonus10/12 NewbieBogle00718:21 RCL
65hAre Vanguard investment advisors a sound choice of information?11/20 jdkoerner18:19 afan
20pEvery day credit card & I need a Visa11:06 71GTO18:12 3000
24pShall I dump chase sapphire Reserve for Amex Platinum?11/25 sksbog18:10 afan
24pSeries I Savings Bond Portfolio Tracker11/02 csmath18:07 Raspberry-503
15hRMD, timing of14:30 Capricorn21218:06 Capricorn212
8t"Predicting the Past"10:26 Taylor Larimore17:58 Sagenick48
14cIs Onstar worth the expense?11/26 Calico17:53 Calico
2hBond strategy for different buckets15:57 the_wiki17:43 the_wiki
10hMy yearly Portfolio update - love to get feedback from you07:07 Nyc196717:38 Nyc1967
125pTurboTax 2022 [purchase discount thread]11/05 csmath17:36 JerryB
49cCheck refrigerated items on a 30 hour intl airplane trip?11/14 need403bhelp17:31 need403bhelp
171tDoes YTM require that coupons are re-invested?11/03 longvista17:31 Kevin M
15hBuy a CD using a Personal Line of Credit?11/26 westcoastnerd17:20 nalor511
18pI Can't Find How To Wire Money Anymore09:18 dbc4717:16 aspiring_kiwi
8pDifferences Between The Fidelity Account and Fidelity Cash Management Account15:58 keyfort17:04 Nver2Late
83pFidelity Holiday Offer - $150 for $50 deposit11/25 ReardonSteel16:51 brian91480
6cOceanside Beach Services - Do You Tip?11/26 stlrick16:51 TootsieWolf
2pOwner occupied duplex and taxes/depreciation16:00 sutemi16:38 Zeno
22hConsolidating my investments and learning to manage them myself11/20 Shooting4Sixty16:33 Duckie
38hPension from a prior job...Wondering if I should wait for Annuity or take Lump Sum11/26 Nyc196716:25 Stinky
17hBuying Pension Service Credit from 457(b). Wise even though it's down?11/25 coachd5016:20 coachd50
25cApple Watch for “health and wellness”11/26 MtnTravel16:18 birb
3nTax efficient investing (U.K.)11/26 minimalistmarc16:11 minimalistmarc
12cLong distance ground ambulance service11/02 almostretired1915:56 niagara_guy
5tWhy are goverment bonds taxed this way?12:04 ny1003615:54 ModifiedDuratio
7cBuy a used Toyota online with no test drive and have it shipped to me?15:16 TarHeel200215:47 Jack FFR1846
5hTiming of switch from Total Bond Index to Treasury:TIPS mix11:21 tenkuky15:42 jeffyscott
20tWhat are the advantages of gifting as a legacy strategy11/26 Cannibly15:37 Cannibly
100hRetiring in Three Years: Only Enough Cash For Taco Bell11/23 Charles Joseph15:27 Beensabu
62peBay 1099-K for over $600 in sales06/08 miamivice15:22 Buford T Justic
30cOutdoor Electrical Outlets - bubble cover? GFCI?11/26 snackdog15:08 Saving$
6hOvercontribution to 401k13:47 CletusCaddy15:07 CletusCaddy
22cInternational Travel/CC Recommendation for Ireland and Greece07/04 IowaFarmWife15:06 theplayer11
5hCapital Loss vs ROTH Conversion08:27 xxsocraticxx15:05 Geologist
13tWhat (safer) yield are you getting in fixed income now?11/24 unbiased15:04 unbiased
3hVanguard vs iShares ETFs at Fidelity and Vanguard14:09 Blue45614:58 rbd789
27pCarryover losses - do I have to use $3000/yr?11/26 GaryA50514:45 GaryA505
4tTreasury Direct Site Still Down?13:05 AK5914:31 tibbitts
346pShare your Net Worth Regression05/06 Little_Carmine14:30 ranger3
16hIndex investment - ETF vs SPY11:27 lifelonglearner14:24 the_wiki
38pEmployees want 401k how can I start?09/18 newyorker14:24 richmondam
1pResources to understand intricacies of Home Insurance11:01 Aggieland14:18 ChicagoBear7
2966lPost your Financial Milestone Announcements Here2017 VAslim1614:18 Stinky
65c"Practicing" retirement ... and having mixed feelings11/12 rick_california14:08 epicureme
58tWhat are you most thankful for in your investing career?11/25 TinyHouse14:01 Fallible
3cOver washer/dryer garage cabinet11/23 chickadee13:55 chickadee
3472cWhat are you listening to now2020 Artful Dodger13:45 RetirementClass
668cGood Modern Science Fiction2014 gatorman13:28 FlyHighAnalyzeT
59hSeries I Bond Strategy for Y202311/23 Kookaburra13:26 rbd789
580tA Simple Bogleheads Retirement Using Variable Percentage Withdrawals (VPW Forward Test)2019 longinvest13:12 longinvest
17pStaying Organized Across 10 Accounts11/26 Rachel559013:08 bh1
58pFidelity CMA bill pay not working03/09 jeremyl13:02 TravellingTechO
211pH&R Block 2022 software offer10/19 hudson12:55 Bcdkgf
49pHelp With Projecting 2022 Federal Income Tax10/23 careerdata12:47 FiveK
3nNew wiki page, for US persons in the UK05:38 TedSwippet12:37 tubaleiter
6pHSA contribution eligibility for spouse07:16 kmurp12:31 tenkuky
5hKeeping income low for ACA, bonds vs. bond funds09:25 Mtnman12:29 Mtnman
27hNot Reinvest Dividends In Taxable as a Source of Cash?11/26 Charles Joseph12:25 sycamore
3hBogleheads Checkup11/26 peterwantstosav12:25 retiredjg
8pTurboTax for prior tax year 202111/25 nyc21212:15 enad
121cBest EV for around $50k, or RAV4 Prime???11/13 SuperSaver12:11 michaeljc70
5pEstimating future Social Security benefits11/26 JMG12:07 JMG
2082tModified versions of HFEA with ITT and Futures / Lifecycle Investing with Modern Portfolio Theory2021 skierincolorado12:00 km91
30nParking cash at a non-0% account in the EU: Is that available? (July 2022)07/27 Tellurius11:48 Tellurius
305tHow Do You Like My New 'Doo2015 nedsaid11:47 nedsaid
22cTrail Shoes and Winter Boots for wide forefoot/narrow heel?11/26 LaurenRose11:34 WoostaGal
10cSpray on roof?11/26 InMyDreams11:25 hicabob
67cHoliday Tipping, Gifting and Donating Season11/19 AnnetteLouisan11:21 AnnetteLouisan
11h30 Year TIPS Ladder starting Half-Way up the Ladder11/26 ollistu11:18 squirrel1963
15hreplicating Vanguard Total Stock Market with S&P500 and extended market11/26 gavinsiu11:16 gavinsiu
1tWhat is the difference between SPIA (Single Premium Immediate Annuities) vs QLAC (qualified longevity annuity contract)11:02 YererMeda11:13 mhalley
141tI don’t understand why tax loss harvesting is that beneficial2021 I-Know-Nothing11:13 TropikThunder
24tNew Simplify ETF TUA (leveraged 2 yr treasury)11/16 texasfight11:10 texasfight
9tFinancial news11/26 the_wiki10:59 the_wiki
9pW4 tax withholding? Should we continue to [check] single even if we will be filing MFJ11/26 YererMeda10:58 YererMeda
2pSolo 401k end of year tax planning11/20 Crmck2610:54 Crmck26
15pFirst Time Converting to Roth - Concerns08:08 OpenMinded110:45 secondcor521
22pClaim s-corp loss on personal return2020 ssgbloghead10:40 MP123
69phow many use buckets?11/22 bobblershead10:37 rich126
1tRational Reminder 228: Avantis CIO Eduardo Repetto.11/24 Apathizer10:21 nedsaid
584cVanguard website succumbs to "Fisher-Price" UI design01/27 HanSolo10:14 stan1
770cFlaunt Your High-Mileage Car2015 Teague09:43 TheOscarGuy
6pRoth Contribution When Over Income Limit - Next Steps?11/06 Boglenaut09:42 Boglenaut
14crefurbished Apple Airpods ? [SOLVED]11/25 Nyc1003609:17 Sandtrap
10pPossible lost check11/26 AAA09:00 Watty
19pFed withholding from IRA distributions2021 jhawktx09:00 BigPrince
199hDry powder of 400k incoming. What can I do?01/28 newyorker08:53 newyorker
205tUseless Investment Books2021 chris31908:31 Keeneland
0pTreasury Direct -How did this happen? Anyone else?08:27 camden 
68tWhat's your International play and why?11/25 Genuinesarcasm08:20 OverseasBH
15hCost-efficient value exposure10/29 Startled Cat08:17 texasfight
13pUsing Pay1040 for paying 1040-ES (Estimated Taxes) for Roth Conversions11/26 aklanche07:57 TravelGeek
3nAsset protection and shielding approaches2021 bubbasour07:46 TECHCON
52lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2023!05/26 Miriam207:22 backofbeyond
24hWhen to move to muni bonds?11/25 OverseasBH07:18 welderwannabe
33p[Sold items on Facebook market. How can I reduce tax impact?]01/29 Hanksmoney07:01 snackdog
85pBuy now in a housing market that has 2x'ed?01/14 SwampDonkey06:56 rich126
8tFunded Ratio Questions11/25 iim7V7IM706:41 iim7V7IM7
13603tHEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure Part II: The next journey2019 HEDGEFUNDIE06:41 bgf
53pTax prep software sharing sensitive financial data with Meta11/22 cadreamer201506:11 jebmke
2hRebalance spreadsheet/calculator11/27 Structure06:02 racy
8hClosed[-end] Funds11/26 Odie05:46 mjb
23nMoving back from USA to my original UK location11/20 scouser12305:45 TedSwippet
340tThe 4% Rule Just Became a Whole Lot Easier - Allan Roth10/25 Kevin K05:17 bugday
55hSCHD [Schwab US Dividend Equity ETF]11/24 AK5905:08 22twain
9pCSS Profile11/26 Shabba7604:39 Shabba76
15hIs favoring buybacks over Dividends an example of "Tail wagging the dog" ?10/29 flyingcows04:12 ClassII
14hVanguard ultra short bond etf instead of money market?11/26 am04:06 Ping Pong

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