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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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2556 new posts and replies over 258 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
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102tWorst investing year ever....11/26 JBTX00:17 davidsorensen32
61cAnyone with experience with Carmax?2012 milestogo00:13 PGR
7hPortfolio recommendations [Belgium]01/14 beans2100:12 msk
8tSingle Income Family Max All Tax-Advantaged Space21:11 ETadvisor00:12 pdavi21
30pHave I Now Become Out of Touch Financially? Aging question...15:45 phxjcc00:11 davidsorensen32
549tJohn Bogle has died at age 8916:17 d332300:11 Global100
127hWhy are you NOT buying rental properties?13:28 tomtoms00:07 tomtoms
19tThe Worth Of A Man: A Tribute To John C. Bogle19:16 Rick Ferri00:05 Luckywon
29cHawaii vacation, any recommendations?01/13 tommy8500:03 sco
42hVariable annuity, a success story?01:16 HEDGEFUNDIE00:01 smectym
10cCar reviews - Consumer Reports or other sources?16:26 blackcat allie23:59 phxjcc
77cDuffel Bag vs Wheeled Stand Up traveling01/12 Keepcalm23:58 PGR
8pHow do I indicate an HSA rollover contribution on Fidelity's website UI? (screenshot included)22:21 timmayy23:58 totoroto
11hHelp updating portfolio for 2019.12/31 CBgall23:54 CBgall
62hWhy isn't an AA of 75/25 with a SWR 3.75% the standard??01/08 TheTimeLord23:51 willthrill81
3hConsidering dropping Vanguard advisory services15:44 drift3423:51 HEDGEFUNDIE
28pZelle Fraud? But how? What now?13:51 crystalbank23:50 drk
1hClearing the decks at age 60 and starting over13:12 Alkali Ike23:47 quantAndHold
6pWhat is US Bank up to?! Easy Checking Secret Changes!20:23 heybro23:47 drk
0pUsing Medicare while having employer insurance23:45 jim779 
9pFidelity app now has fingerprint login01/15 Frankieg4833623:45 drk
851tRumor mill - Fidelity starting individual HSA's Nov. 15th11/11 liberty5323:42 ninjab
2pParents never paid non-resident state tax for rental property10:52 knightrider23:41 FiveK
42cBuying a car? [Need help with strategy for purchasing a used car]2018 lazylarry23:35 PGR
1p[Wash sale concern - Are these stocks substantially identical?]22:18 FlyingHigh23:34 Earl Lemongrab
3169pWhat's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?2016 guitarguy23:31 criticalmass
11cFun with Amazon19:12 Earl Lemongrab23:29 Earl Lemongrab
12tDoes Microcap add diversification to Total Stock Market Index fund?13:38 gtt56123:27 raven15
11p401k After Tax contributions to Roth-IRA Tax questions.01/14 saldev23:27 Earl Lemongrab
5hLSE vs EURONEXT stamp duty? [London Stock Exchange vs. Amsterdam]12/26 forkobg23:26 alexfoo39
19cIn the market for a new dryer01/15 carmonkie23:19 carmonkie
6cHouse Dillema19:23 Joe Nathan23:18 MSUBobcat
1hRebalancing Help21:24 jbell312423:15 carmonkie
7pBackdoor Roth and Pro-Rata Rule12:01 WBF7323:15 FiveK
20cAny admission pointers from pre- med/ med students?11:02 new00023:09 jgdsss
44tReal value of NYC real estate, 1899-1999.01/14 protagonist23:08 letsgobobby
5hRoth contribution with the HEART act01/15 Whiteolive23:02 Whiteolive
55cShould I get umbrella liability insurance?01/10 yosemite_mounta22:59 PGR
3pAnother PenFed Failure (Funds transfer)17:59 Colorado1322:57 criticalmass
14pEver encountered a toxic advisor? How did you handle it?10:46 Rus In Urbe22:54 Davinci
10hHelp with portfolio advice for family member with Special Needs01/15 jaxhunt22:51 jaxhunt
14hCIT savings builder account ?01/15 new00022:50 ProfitMD
3hWhy is my fund balance lower than my cost basis?09:51 TravisA22:41 PhysicianOnFIRE
3pAccountant or do it myself?19:30 dollarbillz22:39 JBTX
4hBoglehead investing - Portugal01/15 balineselion22:37 pascalwager
13tRetirement savings new research01/15 Mr.BB22:35 willthrill81
30cSwimming, do you? Advice sought.06:17 4nursebee22:32 Beehave
0pConsidering converting my LLC to Sole Proprietor22:30 evonboeck 
30tWhen/why have you needed customer service from Fido, VG, Schwab etc.?01/15 YoungBogle22:30 drzzzzz
2hBalanced investment for my HSA?21:46 4nwestsaylng22:21 CRTR
2hHelp w/ Portfolio16:39 dailyrider22:16 02nz
2pHSA provider good for investment for individual account21:15 phrelo22:13 lstone19
12pTIRA Roth Conversion and Backdoor Roth IRA in the same year possible?12:14 azianbob22:11 FiveK
4cQuality/speed of Xfinity Mobile hotspots07/08 IowaFarmBoy21:59 lawlopez
30h37% marginal tax rate --> does Roth 401k make sense?11:13 beehappy21:58 JBTX
0tVariable Annuity - mortality and expense risk fee?21:58 stlutz 
8tWhy does VGSLX hold Van R.E. Index II Fund07/26 Rob5TCP21:56 Helping hand
29h5 year CDs @Penfed mature 1/22/1901/03 carolinaman21:54 BrandonBogle
18tThe Bogle Rule18:10 Rick Ferri21:46 FBN2014
120p457 vs 403b11/11 cjniemiec21:40 F150HD
17tBook on withdrawal strategies / retirement income?01/14 germark21:39 FBN2014
23lForming new chapter-Virginia Beach2016 seanmerron21:39 Googliebear
15pAuto Owned By Revocable Living Trust12:46 Leesbro6321:36 bsteiner
14lAustralian Chapter ?2015 duffman1221:29 AlohaJoe
6cIbotta locked account01/15 go_mets21:24 go_mets
1ccanvas floor cloths for kitchen21:12 gasman21:23 123
229pWhat to do when a parent's money runs out?2013 McCharley21:19 WolfgangPauli
51cAnyone ever buy Hilton's Timeshares (HGVC)?2016 blackomen21:14 texasdiver
159cAre You Dumping Netflix?01/15 lexie200021:14 Mingus
7hBrokered vs bank CD10:19 new00021:12 new000
63tWhen would you stop being a Boglehead?01/16 michaeljmroger21:12 Cycle
4hInvestment Help Request - Windfall01/15 bushey3721:07 bushey37
115cWSJ Digital Subscription - a bargain!2017 Erwin21:07 StrangePenguin
33pHelp me pick a retirement date. Or enough is enough?01/14 IowaFarmBoy21:06 Peter Foley
46h100% in VTSAX - Is it crazy???08:17 bg521:05 Cycle
15hTD Ameritrade Money Market Options01/10 WesternRoad21:01 Vegomatic
11pBest kids savings account16:01 tipee20:59 malabargold
35cHow to buy business class tickets?01/12 flyingaway20:58 sco
2hRolling over tIRA to a 401k with mixed pre/after tax contributions11:08 yeric20:49 yeric
26tGMO's 7‐Year Asset Class Real Return Forecasts01/14 Beliavsky20:35 garlandwhizzer
10tWrong about international bonds?01/15 Crow Hunter20:34 fortyofforty
2hHelp finding QDI Ratio for ETF19:29 hdas20:27 hdas
185pFidelity as a one stop shop12/15 BogleMelon20:21 radiowave
164hBiggest Investment Mistake01/11 RJC20:19 RJC
73tAre mega back door Roth contributions considered contributions?01/15 investor99720:16 Lyrrad
27tWhat do futures really leverage exposure to?01/13 overthought20:06 AlphaLess
1pworking as paid tax preparer08:58 go_mets19:58 sbaywriter
70cHow do I stop jeans from ripping in the thighs?01/13 mindgap19:48 kskih
271tHistorical Bond Returns - Shiller: From Rates to Returns [Bond Fund Simulator]2015 longinvest19:45 longinvest
12cHow to set android phone to send phone solicitors directly to voice mail.11:10 tc10119:45 kramer
6hTaxable diversification question and portfolio review request01/15 SteelMagnolia19:33 SteelMagnolia
9cWashington State Solar Incentives01/15 Westcoaster719:33 iamlucky13
49hWhat are some disadvantages to TLH?12/27 tthesian2519:30 stan1
17pKeeping up with inflation?01/13 nbseer19:20 Ben Mathew
30tCurrent Drawdown Scorecard11/20 hdas19:20 hdas
13p100k funds from closed ally cd needs a home.09:08 am19:19 lakpr
0pInability to allocate within Admiral Shares in a 401k19:13 KGR 
10hNot getting transaction confirmation emails15:11 msimon18:47 Longdog
2hNew Member- Help with Portfolio13:41 MSU152618:40 Dottie57
3pSavings Account Interest14:01 schutzk2118:40 BruinBones
56pMortgage: 15 vs 30 year01/14 Njm884518:40 delamer
539pAlly Banking 1% extra back up to $1,000 on new money deposited10/15 LSLover18:37 walletless
0h401k & Roth IRA Help18:35 bobdobolina 
11hBond Allocation09:36 Invest_Wisely18:25 BruinBones
12cfinding a good plumber01/15 dknightd18:12 fortfun
3520cWhat Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI2014 Alex Frakt18:11 ruralavalon
24pGeico auto - used parts??01/11 BostonButterfly18:10 Morgan Dollar 1
5hRecreate Total International with institutional funds01/15 ai_3_us18:07 sarabayo
13pQuestion about co-signing mortgage beyond just mortgage liability01/15 go140point618:06 Carefreeap
22tAn Annuity Hater Revisits SPIAs01/15 Rick Ferri18:01 jimkinny
57tHow to avoid temptation to buy hot stocks or bitcoin?01/13 nyanchu02117:57 lassevirensghos
1026c[What TV Show Have You Recently Watched?]2016 dbCooperAir17:57 aspirit
30pHow much house can I afford (really)?14:33 CPA_RIA17:54 Dottie57
35hPreparing for modest early retirement in 5yrs. Questions & Feedback.01/15 fortfun17:52 fortfun
2t2019 Boglehead Contest Charts10:54 surfer117:48 TheHouse7
2pIRS to lower 2018 safe harbor withholding threshold to 85%17:22 NotWhoYouThink17:44 Artsdoctor
8hPlan for 3 fund portfolio when I leave USA [ Singapore Citizen ]01/14 athrowman6617:39 athrowman66
8hUnusual Check from Fidelity16:33 Oak&Elm17:37 Oak&Elm
22tIs Morningstar Premium worth it?2016 Kompass17:35 mrbill
11hMed student asking for portfolio help!01/11 waltzflow17:30 waltzflow
16hMega Backdoor Mechanics Clarification - Check Payable to Me01/01 LifeLearner17:25 Earl Lemongrab
156pGetting a Mortgage when You can Pay Cash for a House01/11 A-Commoner17:12 Starfish
9hHelp with poor 401(k) bond options01/15 dart33017:04 dart330
28tFurther diversifying the 60/40 portfoilio?01/13 jjwpls17:04 inbox788
15hQuestion moving from stock portfolio to VTI Total Stock Market Index01/15 peterb17:02 sco
17hNeed tips!01/14 Richard3216:55 Flyer24
18hIRMAA/Beginning SS01/14 Buster Smith16:54 Buster Smith
0tAny update on the rumored VG UI update?16:53 YoungBogle 
507pRetiree Portfolio Model2012 BigFoot4816:47 BigFoot48
151lMaster thread for Washington DC Area Bogleheads2014 grabiner16:38 Scotttheking
1hEuropean alternative to VXUS07:26 ripper2316:37 TedSwippet
16cWebsite/Tool for HOA01/14 fortfun16:33 furwut
2hTIRA Roth Conversion and Backdoor Roth IRA in the same year possible?16:26 azianbob16:29 David Jay
1h[Backdoor] Roth IRA a good idea for future NRA?10:01 JD1316:20 TedSwippet
0tSwedroe: 8 'Sure Things' For 201916:20 Ever Ready 
39pFurloughed Fed Employee - How to make best use of time01/15 mstone316:14 dm200
18cNetflix Recommendations01/15 jacksonm16:12 Jeff Albertson
1pUsing Cash Reserves to Provide Consistent Cash Flow into Checking Acct13:22 Arkad8816:04 Scotttheking
13pBoost Emergency Fund or Pay Down Debt?06:40 DragonJoey315:59 RobLyons
19hhelp with financial planning01/08 mirandablue15:53 LadyGeek
5cWild Planet Sardines quality problem [Review of sardine brands]00:36 dual15:44 UpperNwGuy
4hHelp with the next steps01/15 optimismhelps15:37 optimismhelps
3htransferring ETFs and cost basis info not showing up12:40 Wade Garrett15:31 go140point6
54cGas station prices and quality2017 Luckywon15:29 mike77308
12hstuck forever in alternative funds after tax loss harvesting?13:02 DualCitizen15:29 student
35cEnd of an era - Boeing 72701/15 dm20015:29 LadyGeek
45hRetirees: Timing your withdrawals08/19 tennisplyr15:20 CRTR
9pWSJ: This Alabama Quarterback Wants to Be Your Insurance Salesman01/15 Badger175415:14 LadyGeek
77pA co-worker makes more than me01/15 JHU ALmuni15:11 LadyGeek
9tHow do Money Market Fund Yields and Expense Ratios Work?12:41 travelogue15:10 MnD
12pTax prep software with direct input to forms rather than hand holding?01:36 jjface15:07 lstone19
9hDebt free - now what?01/15 Meaty15:01 Thegame14
3cViolin beginner tries an Irish tune, comments welcome12:26 investingdad15:00 ByThePond
14hError in Bogleheads Guide to Retirement Planning, 2009 edition?09:35 DaleMcMillen14:59 dialecticalinve
51cWho's flying?01/11 Dude214:58 SRenaeP
20hSuper Aggressive MF or ETFs?01/15 perini197514:48 sureshoe
81cGillette Mach 3 alternatives01/15 johnsmithsf14:46 LadyGeek
75cLarge SUV01/06 skinhealer14:43 4nwestsaylng
18pWhich Type of Annuities Did You Choose and Why01/15 TravelforFun14:43 heyyou
26h29 yo resident doc married need personal finance/investing advice01/13 boomie5314:37 SheReadsHere719
10pHELP and advice07:30 ConfusedBoglehe14:32 JGoneRiding
9pHelp me decide how to be paid (bonus structure)01/15 aurem14:25 aurem
1429tThe Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses2016 Earl Lemongrab14:24 MikeG62
0pHas anyone used The Bridge Plan medical insurance plan from Petersen International Underwriters?14:19 boomer 
73cAny good reason to get a smartwatch?01/15 Ed_Sandwich14:19 H-Town
7hFidelity Four in One Fund for a Starter12:46 bei2200014:18 bei22000
128tEmerging markets cannot be fairly valued and investors are better off elsewhere: Change my mind :)01/12 Nicolas Perraul14:17 dialecticalinve
6pWhat kind of health insurance for a newborn?01/15 yeahman14:13 yeahman
48pCan I afford a 50k car? If so, whats the best way to do it?01/15 Captain kangaro14:10 alfaspider
2pNon fiction book about life and retirement?11:11 Wannaretireearl14:10 elisa
0hHelp needed escaping from Ameriprise [Denmark]14:09 NineK4 
7tNew to forum, first post: Bond Fund Question01/15 HighDesertInves14:01 onourway
5cPaperless and organizing document11:02 Cpadave13:57 furwut
19hMilitary Retirement = Treasury Inflation Protected Security (TIPS)? Does this change the way I allocate?01/07 Readyinvestor13:54 StrawMan
13hCapital Gains Question from Novice01/13 bck6313:54 bck63
127t2019 Hedge Fund Contest01/01 BackOfTheNet13:53 aristotelian
7hRoth v. Trad for retiring USAF colonel w/30 years active duty01/15 USAFperio13:52 at ease
28lSan Francisco Mid Peninsula, California Chapter Interest?03/25 nance13:48 nance
25lMaster Thread for Charlotte, NC Boglehead Chapter2015 jghassell13:40 vader31
91hYou Invest by JP Morgan Chase10/28 Dead Man Walkin13:39 02nz
0hPOMIX vs SVSPX in HSA- an issue of fees13:33 mc2 
1t401k Rollover Help01/15 Clark Kent13:29 Clark Kent
6hOvercontributed to 401k, now what?01/05 AndroAsc13:27 aristotelian
6tForward P/E ratios and subsequent 10-year returns11:04 Beliavsky13:22 alex_686
67tVanguard will use blockchain to share index data2017 Barry Barnitz13:14 roymeo
53cRecommendations for home paper shredder2017 Swansea13:13 geiserob
74tAny thoughts on the role of Gold in your portfolio?01/12 ericcohen12:59 stuper1
19hTaxable versus non-taxable allocation01/15 HappyJack12:55 HappyJack
38pNew State Farm Coverages03/06 sport12:53 sdrilling
2pCan 401k rollover be split into multiple institutions?01/15 azianbob12:43 Earl Lemongrab
3hGetting our (financial) House in Order! Help with Funds and others01/14 Penguin_MD12:42 samsdad
2hReducing Transamerica 401K ER%01/14 tev987612:36 tev9876
11tVanguard Group holds about $415 million of municipal bonds issued on behalf of PG&E Corp.01/15 RCL12:26 jhfenton
0t3 Fund Portfolio article12:25 patrick013 
10pIndividual Disability Insurance Quote Evaluation Needed01/06 lmea12:22 BruDude
10cMessage from United Consumer Financial Services (UCFS). A Scam?01/15 Strider12:21 Earl Lemongrab
10hTLH a la max12377 style with self directed 401k01/14 freckles0112:19 Earl Lemongrab
4pJob Application Question11:04 rich12612:19 rich126
19hVTSAX at Merrill Edge01/14 Shazb0t12:08 Watts
18tBenefitWallet HSA - anyone successfully liquidated 100% of investments? (update: also transfer/rollover issues)01/09 cas12:07 cas
14t"College Endowments Badly Trail The Market"01/15 Taylor Larimore12:02 Sola Scriptura
153tAround 43K in dividends last year - feel good about it ?01/10 skor9911:59 skor99
5hPlease recommend some funds that can serve as partners/substitues for Vanguard Total Bond Fund (VTABX) for TLH.01/07 equanimity3311:58 livesoft
12hInvest for larger expenses?01/15 nekarumih11:58 LiterallyIronic
11tSell an undiversified investment with unrealized capital gains?07:19 Beliavsky11:50 MotoTrojan
0hAsset Allocation - 34 year old worth $1.2M11:39 123go 
5p403(b) plan - did we over-contribute in 201807:53 happymob11:30 CyclingDuo
18hWhen to use Roth 401k01/15 mark162311:19 mark1623
23pGenworth premium increase01/09 hoops77711:18 hirlaw
3htax exempt bond funds/etfs in Fidelity ?09:52 JD1311:11 AlwaysaQ
13hVOO OR VTSAX FOR BROKERAGE ACCOUNT10:32 bei2200011:10 sport
76pPay off a 30 year mortgage in 15 years? The cost of flexibility01/10 willthrill8111:06 Texanbybirth
48tPG&E Bonds01/10 tdub10:56 Scooter57
12hlow volatility funds in a Roth IRA01/13 mathguy302110:53 hdas
7hRMD & dividends08:32 rgar9810:50 my name
26hPreservation of capital at Age 9301/08 ADAMNOGGI10:35 ADAMNOGGI
31hBonds vs. CDs01/15 sureshoe10:29 willthrill81
14hVOO Dividends--How to avoid double tax when wanting to spend them?06:40 SovereignInvest10:27 Nate79
1husing financial advisor for only part of my portfolio01/14 rm10:23 bloom2708
5pIs IRS mailing W2 and W3 forms?07:57 TomatoTomahto10:20 TomatoTomahto
7tUnderstanding leverage with call options and futures (LEAPS)01/14 humblelabrador10:18 depressed
5cReplacing front door slab/prehung09:13 sschoe210:13 mountainsoft
4hSuperfund a 529 Account01/15 mmegu10:12 fabdog
12hNeed Advice on Building Taxable Account01/15 BeanCity09:43 JD13
17tLarry Swedroe’s Your Complete Guide To A Successful And Secure Retirement Coming Soon10/18 Random Walker09:41 larryswedroe
10pBrother in law had a stroke (health ins options?)01/15 DonDraper09:27 marcopolo
5hMuni ETF or T-bill in taxable?08:14 tenkuky09:25 tenkuky
3p? mortgage interest deduction on rental01/14 Lafder09:23 JGoneRiding
13cUsing carry-on for traveling locally?01/15 Keepcalm09:16 BuckyBadger
41cTaking expensive DSLR on kayak?01/13 Keepcalm09:13 TN_Boy
54tInvestment advisors- is regulatory burden higher on fiduciaries?11/13 Misenplace09:08 nedsaid
10hThe Three-Fund Portfolio01/15 bei2200009:03 staythecourse
52ptaxes: e-file vs. paper03/29 datamonkee08:53 BillyJohn
18hNew investor please help!01/13 Richard3208:42 mhadden1
12pBest way to use inheretence to fund GC education01/15 skp08:34 HereToLearn
46pTook on too much mortgage, seeking advice on where to put money going forward01/13 condobaker43108:32 Devil's Advocat
9pGuidance requested01/12 smitty151508:29 Colorado13
0tStock price distributions with stochastic volatility08:11 Beliavsky 
220cFunniest movies of all time? Name five of your favorites...2009 Tall Grass08:10 Dontwasteit
7pGovt contractors what would you do01/15 Elysium08:00 ddurrett896
0hCalculating basis of TIAA annuity payments for state taxes07:56 ByThePond 
3hMore S&P500 or add QQQ03:52 meigloo07:54 alex_686
5hBond Funds, Bond Ladders, and Interest-Only Retirement01/15 Pianocraft07:52 Pianocraft
19hRequesting Guidance - 29 y/o military investor01/10 Kragfromprague07:15 spooky105
15cAnyone have TCL Series 4 65” TV?01/13 RRJeff07:15 mrmass
10tCryptocurrency01/15 rafkg2907:11 queso
11cMeanings of probability01/13 VictoriaF07:07 bgf
1tI-bond Novice, question about annual max06:47 adam6107:04 exigent
3hISO - Bogglehead Financial Revamp01/11 RicoRico06:45 RicoRico
16hVanguard Balanced Index Admiral vs LS Mod Growth>01/15 michaelc06:24 Doug E. Dee
0hLong-term Investment Advice Needed05:40 investor55perso 
6hCSPX or VUSA01/15 alexfoo3904:40 alexfoo39
29pAmazon Rewards Visa -- predatory lending?01/14 danielc03:34 TheHouse7
18hI’m 30 and recently debt free and new to investing01/12 ScottR03:18 TheHouse7
4hDalio/Robbins All-Seasons Portfolio [Europe]01/13 FabrizioC02:55 FabrizioC
2tWhen do you REALLY get ancillary benefits from VG, CS, Fido?00:33 YoungBogle02:46 JoMoney
11hHelp Investing Large Cash component01/15 steve_togo00:33 Windylotus
32cDo you like technical conferences?07/25 Glasgow00:27 sabhen

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