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8p Property Tax - Estimate  10:45FB0115:06heartwood
12p Car purchase "ripoffs"  11:30dm20015:05barnaclebob
9p Unhappy with job, thoughts on my options?  10/23Gardener15:04Gardener
11h Low Volatility Funds - Should I sell them?  01:52Erwin15:03CP4641
4c how to download a website or a facebook page  10:18mouses15:03daveatca
15t Dr. Bill Bernstein Books  09:22stemikger15:03oldzey
74c How to transfer huge amount of data (>500 GB) to someone through the internet?  page: 210/20mac_guy15:02telemark
11t Vanguard Prime Money Market vs Online Savings  12:20closetoreality14:59closetoreality
19c New couch? Please advise.  16:19CMLAW114:58Elsebet
87t Larry Swedroe's latest market returns forecast  page: 210/21MikeMak2714:54saltycaper
1p Need help on vehicle purchase  14:04harlan24714:53meebers
34p How to Avoid Paying Taxes if You're UHNW  10/20rrppve14:51edge
101p Need help. Drowning in debt and worried about the future and retirement  page: 2 310/21andrewm3314:51Ninegrams
3h buying same stock with different accounts  14:36ketanco14:49villars
17c Infiniti M37  10/19LadyIJ14:49edge
29t Merrill Edge VS RobinHood  10/22GuitarXM14:48walletless
16c advice on buying a new Outback/Legacy/Camry  21:40mookie14:47likegarden
22h Help with 66yr old mother  10/19Winterjp12314:47trueblueky
85c How many have moved from California due to Cost of Living?  page: 210/22HardHitter14:46teacher
1c VW Jetta TDI Settlement  14:12closetoreality14:44lazydavid
126t The riskiness of home ownership  page: 2 310/18rbaldini14:43bligh
38p Refinancing After 1 Year  10/17kerplunk14:43garfield207
15p When to File for SS [filing for survivor benefit, still working full-time]  10/21Skeeter_114:42Skeeter_1
57t Who disagrees with Jack. . .  page: 210/23stemikger14:39heyyou
4h Roth 'conversion' from TSP - Is this plan possible?  11:29AnnieK14:37AnnieK
2h Considering UTMA for child. What are the implications?  13:32GreatOdinsRaven14:35GreatOdinsRaven
4h Rollover old 401k to new 401k or IRA?  19:03Smorgasbord14:32rob
7t The End of Alchemy  05/07htdrag1114:27htdrag11
3c Integrative medicine doctor  20:11sawhorse14:23prudent
34c recs on gas forced air furnace replacement?  10/16montanagirl14:21smackboy1
11c My recent car buying experience.  11:09jasc1514:21jasc15
74c Cheapskate for not flying business class?  page: 210/22msk14:18likegarden
2h Cost of Issuance: Private Placement - Red Flag?  13:06theeld14:15JDCarpenter
31c First time Maui vacation - where to stay?  10/23walletless14:15livesoft
3p California Paid Paternity Help  16:11engineer428614:11Garthilk
40c Declining Service Expectations. Are there any excellent companies still out there?  22:53kjvmartin14:10WiscoTrout
8t A better measure of retirement security  20:46bobcat214:10Christine_NM
38c Replacement Windshield Wiper Blades  10/21burt14:05batpot
0h Rebalance Question  14:04UMHockeyFan  
51c Free old BMW worth it?  page: 204/10blinx7713:56jabberwockOG
0h 100K to invest on behalf of an educational trust. What do I do?  13:56roqlizard  
20c Aldi doesn't accept phone calls  10/23pondering13:52barnaclebob
10p Land Transfer to Son  20:51mule13:51CaliJim
11h Portfolio Advice - Recent Retiree  18:54William458913:42retiredjg
14c Portable battery jumpers  10/19azurekep13:34TnGuy
8c Verizon phone upgrade?  10/20Pharmacist13:25DaftInvestor
18h How should I increase my bond allocation?  10/21Petrocelli13:19Da5id
1c Florida Winter Lawncare Advice - Central/South FL  10:54czr13:15Gill
10h Suggestions for financial goals and planning  08/02jsa30713:15jsa307
5c Identity Stolen, Next Steps?  12:03poker2713:09poker27
3p Organization Group Medical Insurance  17:11GS13:08GS
55t NY Times first in a series about 403(b)s with public K-12  page: 210/21sschullo13:08heartwood
16c Anyone has experience renting out their car(s) with Turo?  10/12taojaxx13:07leonard
46p Great 403b for teachers?  12/26krow3613:05sschullo
22p Can I afford a new (used) car?  10/23miamivice12:56jrhampt
7p Taxation of credit card rewards (cash back and signup bonuses)  21:36*3!4!/5!12:55*3!4!/5!
6h 403b fees-what is reasonable?  10/23Boglenewbie3912:53krow36
7l Wisconsin - Milwaukee meetings - Master Thread  2014LeeMKE12:52LeeMKE
2t Stocks For The Long Run In The Paper (Fiat) Currency Era  07:47Park12:50Park
13h Real estate investing....thoughts  10/23Five12:49KyleAAA
8h New investor looking for advice  10/23investorintrain12:45betablocker
5c Mirai malware botnet  10:53ResearchMed12:40Mudpuppy
17h WA state 529 program (GET) change worth it?  2015SunnySeattle12:37letsgobobby
18h Aggressive asset allocation strategy for the young  2008booglehed12:27KlangFool
3l Wisconsin Bogleheads Meeting  09:43mike040912:19LeeMKE
23p Assistance Requested: Candidate to be CEO of a Small Business  10/20mikestorm12:11staythecourse
2h Input on bond allocation  10/23Semolina12:11Aptenodytes
18t If the interest rates rise, won't the bond prices go down?  10/23kamred12:03Van
1p TSP Rollover or withdrawal  10:42Huck11:55Swansea
100p Why have a formal budget?  page: 2 304/25mirror11:53Nick True
3c Anyone have dish network hopper 3  10/22hoops77711:50hoops777
14p Got Chase sapphire reserve credit card. Can I close C S preferred  10/19ram11:35Pam01
33c Preferred "disk cloning" software?  10/20batpot11:30guitarguy
9h Your opinion on mentors  03:51black_shark111:21KlangFool
2p TSP taxes  10:22Rick C11:20HueyLD
31t CAPE, SCHMAPE? WSJ piece raises questions  10/22Johnnie11:19grayfox
38c Car dealer "Internet Sales Department" - Useless?  10/23tim199911:09magellan
16t The Motley Fool vs. Jason Zweig  10/23digarei11:05mikestorm
33c Cell phone service abroad  10/17smartinwate11:03michaeljc70
31c Microsoft Office  10/20Saving$10:57squirm
4h is my 401k is funky!  10/23kilowattcorn10:53Earl Lemongrab
16h Life Strategy 60% - could they move away from Index Funds  10/22andrewmc3610:52pingo
2p 2017 ACA plan previews  08:56Conch5510:50jjface
8t Vanguard Developed Markets Index Fund versus EAFE index funds  20:52*3!4!/5!10:48Doc
15h Question about investing based on when you think you'll need the money  10/23Gamma Ray10:40orca91
13p Over-contribute to 401k to get match: tax implications  10/22Colorado1310:38Spirit Rider
2h Help defining broker and portfolio in Europe  10/20col.kurtz10:31carlito
3h Portfolio advice for an American in Belgium  10/23Belgium10:26in_reality
78p Healthcare costs and self funding  page: 210/20MN Finance10:17dm200
3t TD Ameritrade buying Scottrade?  18:04stlutz10:16Earl Lemongrab
12p I think it's final approach  20:05Earl Lemongrab10:15KlangFool
3t [For some situations] Higher short term CD rates in December  09:28dm20010:13dm200
249c Does it matter what type of college one goes to?  page: 2 3 4 509/26Five10:07DDMS
46h What percentage in TIPS?  2010mediahound10:0492irish
4h Tax Loss Harvesting.  08:39alexost09:59alexost
18h New here/considering moving to Vanguard  10/21tenthstreet09:57dbr
65p Attorney Hourly Rates?  page: 22014drawpoker09:51dm200
0p Does anyone have Medigap with Aetna Health &Life?  09:49suzyq007  
53p Chase Sapphire Reserve  page: 210/19MrsRoos09:48Drew777
0h VIGIX or VINIX for large cap in 401K? Which should I choose?  09:47JB2013  
2t Masters In Business (Barry Ritholtz) hosts Bill McNabb of Vanguard  20:24arcticpineapple09:44prudent
4p charity auction service--tax deductible?  21:12mookie09:33dm200
55c Putting in a Word About Tea - brands, types, etc.  page: 210/20Barefootgirl09:28Dave55
42p Financial Planner - Spouse has no interest in investments  10/22diy6009:271210sda
58c Best DNA genealogy testing kits  page: 201/11Petrocelli09:15dm200
26p Does your bank charge for paper statements?  10/20John15109:12DaftInvestor
2t Decline in number of publicly traded companies in US  08:08Rainmaker4109:01magneto
38p Should I take mortgage loan of under 3% and invest the money?  09/29travellight08:58SouthernCPA
65c Spouse concerned about buying luxury SUV  page: 209/27NYGiantsFan08:54bubbadog
796t Spreadsheet for backtesting (includes TrevH's data)  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 162007simba08:41siamond
5h anyone using solar as an alternative investment  10/23lomarica0108:36silverchair54
9h Introduction with Portfolio Questions *Edit*  10/18livingandlearni08:24BL
17h move from fido brokered cds to bank for better rate?  10/22gips08:20dm200
1h New Investor - Help?  22:59slinky168808:12retiredjg
20p Transitioning from Military  10/20retirementbound08:11lemme think
0t How publication of financial research impacts prices  08:04larryswedroe  
3h Wife wants to work untill 65 im 63 retired  21:05hulburt107:19hulburt1
1978c What Movie Have You Recently Watched?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 402014abuss36807:11carolinaman
9h Just got an offer for a "complimentary consultation" for PAS. Have you done it? Should I?  18:36arcticpineapple07:00afan
4h quick 403(b) questions  10/23rtom06:35prudent
6h Revisiting my portfolio and asset allocation  10/17np8106:21np81
2t Payroll deduction to spouse's IRA?  19:53bene104:45small_index
9l Minnesota Bogleheads Meet Nov. 12, 2016  10/13Fallible00:22Dottie57
50h Regrets using ETFs  page: 210/22victorb00:18boglerdude
3p Use TIRA for Graduate School  10/22NYKnicks1223:36Joel
2c Clothes Dryer - Thermal Fuse  21:30RMO8723:24mjf55
1h Fundamental Index funds better for international?  23:07sabhen23:17in_reality
16p Use of TransferWise to move money - my experience - your thoughts?  10/19Diogenes23:09*3!4!/5!
2l Eastern Iowa Diehards, Cedar Rapids Library, Sat Oct 22 2016  09/20wmcclain22:52gobigorgohome
28p Medical practice (Neurology) buy-in  10/23gujm22:42LiveLoveLaugh
84c Amazon Prime Shipping Issues since move from UPS to USPS  page: 201/08DaftInvestor22:37kjvmartin
40p My tax situation, looking for advice or for someone to take a look at it  10/10Gamma Ray22:25Gamma Ray
18h To Purchase or Not to Purchase Pension Years  10/22isipwater22:21randomguy
18h Please critique my asset allocation [70% VTSAX, 30% VTIAX]  10/21kamred21:58villars
9h Treasury Direct Account! [Help to setup account]  10/23rattlenap21:31villars
52h Is Buffett's 90/10 Asset Allocation Sound?  page: 210/17stemikger21:01RudyS
23p Roth Conversion Target - Time to Break Even  10/20BigJohn20:59Peter Foley
10c denied checking account for too many chex inquiries  19:33mwm15820:52mwm158
13h Best way to Move Betterment Taxable to Vanguard?  10/21brusan20:23Explorer
10h Emulating Vanguard total stock market  10/23ectoman20:13*3!4!/5!
21p Medicaid or Obamacare  10/21TVBogle20:13Mlm
18t How to know phone call from mutual fund company is legitimate?  10/22JimInIllinois19:55grabiner
1t Does it matters which stock exchange to use for ETF's?  10/23Vayu19:49grabiner
12c Back Up Camera for Automobile  10/23Barefootgirl19:49smackboy1
129t ... "The Coolest Portfolio Tool on the Web"?  page: 2 32015scottj1970719:44Tyler9000
4h Portfolio checkup  10/21jsh8419:44jsh84
139t The Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses  page: 2 308/05Earl Lemongrab19:41*3!4!/5!
6h Moving Stocks/ETFs to Vanguard Brokerage  18:53PaunchyPirate19:28PaunchyPirate
15h Is it bad to purchase bond funds at end of calendar year?  10/22aussiedog19:19ofckrupke
4p Modest inheritance for child; can we deduct if invested in 529?  16:57BaldEagle719:18Spirit Rider
39t "Years Of Expenses": Preferable To "% Of Portfolio" For Retirees' Fixed Income?  10/21Lieutenant.Colu19:13Kevin M
32c Internet going down  10/21jwblue19:00Toons
29p 15 year mortgage or 401(k)?  10/19Gropes & Ra18:47mirror
6t Do you get Bond Fund Dividends if You Sell Before Month End?  18:24riley4218:45Artsdoctor
29h Staying The Course in HNW Mode? How much cash? [High Net Worth]  10/16LeeInTN18:30Kevin M
14h 403b plan help [selecting a provider]  10/22teacher9618:30jerryk68
8c Another "replace car or not" decision  10/23MandyT18:16MandyT
0h 401k Roll Over Options  18:14purpleradish  
37c HSBC Bank- Easy (???) $350 bonus  09/23protagonist17:36madbrain
35p Low Income - 401k beats Roth?  10/21investorguy117:28dodecahedron
30p How to co-own and co-occupy home with in laws  10/20br0nd17:11badbreath
4p Fidelity Brokerage Bonus?  10/22munemaker16:44dbr
4h Personal investing  15:3344070dart16:26ruralavalon
18h 61 yo in all stocks - tone this down & life annuity choice...  10/20tennisnutdave16:19grok87
15h Accumulation VUL Questions...  10/20buldogge16:13buldogge
55h US Expat in Indonesia  page: 210/11GuruSatu16:082tall4economy
12p Vanguard End of Year Statement  10/03wassabi15:56RudyS
924c Tesla S  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 192012Offshore15:47Kevin M
11t VTRIX (Vanguard International Value) history?  10/21siamond15:42siamond
5t Folio Efficncy vs Wthdrwl Eff ?  10/23MIpreRetirey15:41MIpreRetirey
23t How to Build A Retirement Paycheck From Your Investments  10/14talltodd15:27AlohaJoe
22h Buying house. Best mortgage option?  10/12bphaedrus15:25Cash
17c Should I be nervous about  10/17soccerdad1215:10Geneyus

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