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0c Ford Air Bag Recall  18:44btenny  
2h Question on IRS filing status  18:09kath201618:44Epsilon Delta
31c Preparing financially for our funerals - prepay or not?  15:50Miriam218:43Doom&Gloom
8t What Permanent Records To Save Out Of Vanguard Accounts?  12:32JLMA18:43JLMA
8h Following up a year later  07/28summerof4218:43Intens
1h Leaving Advisor - Switching to Vanguard - Need AA Advice  18:11MMMsentMe18:42mhalley
5p Young Professional seeking advice  11:30Rotiv2718:42VoiceOfReason
19c Never owned a cell phone.  17:08drkathryn18:38drkathryn
0h 44yr old dad needs advice on how/where to invest  18:37CouponJack  
106t are the markets overvalued? Are Grantham/Hussman etal correct?  page: 2 307/27larryswedroe18:36NMJack
8p Insure Home for less than replacement value  15:50crake18:35pshonore
146p Evicting a tenant-Hire lawyer?  page: 2 305/11Kyle R18:34boglephreak
0h CD Ladder in an Irrevocable Trust  18:32natibo  
35c Last day for free update to Windows 10  09:49westie18:30reriodan
10h Help with AA across Roth/401/taxable and with rollover AA  07/26xilex18:28xilex
17h investing an inheritance  07/14painof6218:24selters
6t What's Next for US Treasury Bonds?  15:40Abbey1518:22Epsilon Delta
17p Self insure for LTC using Reverse Mortgage HECM?  13:13SuzBanyan18:21whaleknives
3p Unexpected death, inheritance windfall, do we need professional help?  12:42SnyDMD18:21Carefreeap
7c Diminished Value Appraisal Recommendation  07/28health teacher18:21pshonore
43c What makes people succeed?  07/28an_asker18:20Earl Lemongrab
6t Stock Screeners  16:17GuitarXM18:15Tycoon
40t Vanguard Dividend Growth just closed (effective *now*)  07/28ResearchMed18:13drkathryn
28c Buying a used DSLR Suggestion  07/26MikeZ18:12MikeZ
11t Gold. OUNZ, PHYS, IAU, GLD, SGOL?  07/26boglerdude18:11Phineas J. Whoo
11c Breathe Right nasal strips: more economical alternative?  07/27Tamales18:10WasabiOsbourne
48c It's too hot  07/28mouses18:06bo105954027
26h Taxable account or non-deductible tIRA?  2015hcj18:06Thrifty Femme
52p Premium increase for federal employee long term care insurance  page: 207/21ikowik18:05Diogenes
20p Doctor takes HMO but not PPO insurance?  12:16boglerocks18:04boglerocks
42c Canada vacation  07/22goru118:02jlawrence01
26p Are there any dental insurance worthwhile?????  07/28parigi72318:00WasabiOsbourne
24c google sheets - so frustrating...  07/28WasabiOsbourne17:58TimeRunner
29h Private Wealth Management - Vanguard or ML  07/25sagar2417:56sagar24
3c Search "anywhere" for flexible travel destination?  17:06workingovertime17:55djheini
37c New car or not?  07/24Pharmacist17:51rbaldini
33p MRI Price [Magnetic Resonance Imaging]  07/27athan17:50goodenyou
52t The Value of Low Volatility  page: 202/11Beliavsky17:49WasabiOsbourne
0h Married - both 31, need guidance on asset allocation across accounts and more!  17:46waylonrobert  
26t question about differing amounts of standard deviation displayed  07/27arcticpineapple17:46cherijoh
36p IRS questioning my backdoor roth?  07/20WarChest17:43Duckie
49t High Yield Junk Bonds  07/22abuss36817:41Dan999
21p Should I worry about FDIC limits if only a short time period is involved?  07/27englishgirl17:40Chicago60
8p Actual SWR when considering mortgage principal payments  09:25panhead17:40grabiner
49h IRS Audit - Backdoor Roth  2012Bimmer17:37mrc
0l Sacramento Bogleheads ~ Meeting 10:30 AM Sat August 13, 2016  17:30digarei  
10h Question on Reinvestment of Dividends  20:07einstem17:27einstem
14c Fidelity Website Bugging out?  16:40Jags418617:24ResearchMed
101c Advice w/ 62YO Mom Moving In - Rent? Resentment? Plans? (Update, Pg 2)  page: 2 305/18Onion17:23Trader/Investor
23h asset allocation too cash heavy: how to unwind?  07/27cb990z17:20Earl Lemongrab
0p RM LOC vs Home Equity Line of Credit  17:12Rlc250  
2h Just started 401k. Need advice on allocations!  16:39blofishhh17:09TomatoTomahto
1748c What Movie Have You Recently Watched?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 352014abuss36817:04vested1
9t Covered call scam  19:10kande5667317:03verbose
7h Choosing a retirement plan? 403b, 457b, Roth 403b, 401k  07/28JRix17:02Spirit Rider
0p Living Trust - alternative beneficiaries strategies  16:58regfman  
34h Help appreciated: 90/10 AA too aggressive for us. Best way to change?  07/28Cheeko24616:57Fallible
33t Two-Step Rebalancing -- to keep both emotions and risk in check  07/28longinvest16:57siamond
42p SSA MANDATORY cell phone based multifactor authentication  07/28mrc16:54abuss368
71c Car totaled, no collision insurance  page: 207/13BusySnevl16:53Onion
33c Need advice, dealer sold me wrong year golf cart  07/28ugaDAWGS0916:49TomatoTomahto
44t Just finished Flash Boys  09/17soccerdad1216:47WasabiOsbourne
122p Any retirees here who have been life-long renters?  page: 2 307/25countofmc16:45aboose
0p Has anyone used SoFi mortgage?  16:41akpk  
4h Fixed Income Question...Short Term Bonds or I Bonds  11:15convert94916:40Phineas J. Whoo
6t Count International in USA Centric Funds?  07/25SeeMoe16:37JoMoney
14c Best/most effective home BP monitor  22:54bowtie16:36Pharmacist
6p Who should get Power of Attorney?  10:44gd16:23earlyout
84c Interview in Silicon Valley - Suit?  page: 207/27cbr shadow16:15sfnerd
265p [Fidelity drops AmEx, Bank of America credit cards]  page: 2 3 4 5 601/03rupalb916:09runner9
17h Recently widowed.. Starting over planning for retirement with a couple of unique challenges  07/28JWalker16:08nedsaid
14c Car lease when unemployed  22:29boglebill201516:078foot7
43p BigLaw compensation portrayed accurately by media?  07/26dannyboy16:06dannyboy
2t External auditors: Vanguard & Fidelity  11:58Pete1216:02JoMoney
1p Fidelity Card Autopayment - Interest Charges - PSA  15:30avalpert16:01akpk
8t Fidelity Go (Robo-Service) has launched nationwide  07/27mervinj715:58akpk
2t IRAs and the federal estate tax  15:08dkturner15:57bsteiner
62c What is your plan if you lose job tomorrow ??  page: 207/26rakamaka15:55Buster65
10p 2 Mortgages, Student Debt, & Future Planning  07/28Hugo989815:52ruralavalon
8c Airbnb rental review  23:44htdrag1115:49htdrag11
7h 35 Year Old - Plan Assessement  06/24bogle327415:42ruralavalon
13h Is retirement a serious option for me?  10:31Vanrnr15:39Engineer250
265t [Book: Living off Your Money, by M. McClung (Prime Harvesting)]  page: 2 3 4 5 605/26siamond15:34siamond
46t Theory only... when to stop 401k contribution  07/25flatfoot15:31itstoomuch
82t Anti-Boglehead Claims There is a Better Way to Invest  page: 207/18joer121215:20SeeMoe
8p Home Insurance -- Chubb v. PURE  07/28famcalc15:11aquaman
5h New Boglehead in need of guidance  07/28alphamale8115:11noco-hawkeye
7h tactical question on 529 superfunding from two sources  07/26boglebill201515:07letsgobobby
81l Master thread for Washington DC Area Bogleheads  page: 22014grabiner15:02bobcat2
9c Refi to a 15 with 15 years to retirement?  08:03BrianMc14:57CAsage
79t How can markets keep going up ?  page: 207/27coachz14:53Tigermoose
5p Retirement Research Conference in DC next week (free!)  07/27bobcat214:52bobcat2
16h INvesting in 529 for my kid  08:36kamikazekid14:50Danzangdc
3p Free ATM withdrawals - worth keeping brokerage account  10:53michaeljc7014:48inbox788
199t I'm Calling an Emerging Markets Bottom  page: 2 3 401/15grap001314:46supertreat
28t Revisiting Dr. Bernstein on REITs  07/27swaption14:45swaption
14h Trying to help my retired parents  08:15Jakson14:45Watty
11l Roll Call for the Retirement Class of 2017!  07/11invst6514:38cfs
17t Help me learn to love my taxable account  07/28tpn14:21bertilak
15c Vacation loans  08:18plumberboy14:15Teague
79c Winter Tires: Yay or Nay  page: 207/26Generator51514:08Ninegrams
16p Subaru VIP program question  01/11sksbog13:55rph12
9h Reasonable Rate of Return for Local Business Venture  07/26lawman396613:47tbradnc
5h Putting Money down on a house.  11:56Robeen13:44joebh
25c Security system ADT Cost  07/22hsfan9213:37Loik098
30c How to dispose of an inorganic chemical kit?  06/19mr_breen13:20livesoft
0p Mortgage payoff, then HELOC open - how long to wait?  13:1262nc  
11c Gmail, Two POP Clients, Smartphone, Gmail Recent Mode  07/26Electron13:00Electron
1t Views on SPDH as value and dividend play???  10:26Sinbad12:56pkcrafter
4h 29 yo- How Can I Improve?  07/28guspus12:36Engineer250
2p 1031  07/28Incendiary12:33Incendiary
2p Good Bank to Refinance in South Florida  20:45aerolulu12:28Miriam2
1h Implementing Three-Fund Portfolio Across Multiple Accounts  07/28aero22512:24Earl Lemongrab
65h 4% rule - Asset Allocation  page: 207/14panther201412:22dbr
6p Retirement Calculators, which one ?  08:49sixtyforty11:58whaleknives
51c My experience with "older" used car  page: 207/25dm20011:54FRANKLINPROPERT
6p Mechanical Breakdown Insurance - Yay or Nay?  09:52JimmyD11:42Rupert
2c Changing UGMA to my adult daughter  10:57retire1411:38livesoft
9h Made Great Progress, but Need Some More Mentoring  07/28EnthusiasticLea11:38BolderBoy
4h 401(k) Allocation  22:39sammonsdr11:34ruralavalon
15p Small Pension vs. Small Lump Sum  07/27jb311:33dm200
10c Auto repair consumer fraud - lawyer  07/28Carson11:33Chicago60
27t FTSE ex US Small Cap Fund Performance  07/28Doc11:32Doc
11h Boglehead temptations: not following AA plan  07/26Tigermoose11:21Tigermoose
23p Advice for child: Computational Biology, Biomedical Engineering  03/29JCE6611:07campy2010
40c Costco rotisserie chicken  07/28Pete1211:04Teague
4p Retirement Plan [Vacation rental]  10:04ktd10:57ktd
51c Stats on Americans 'cutting the cable' ?  page: 201/22Fat-Tailed Cont10:57fpr4
225p Where were you financially when you were at 30?  page: 2 3 4 506/29bo10595402710:52herpfinance
14p What tax app can i use to prepare my scorp/personal taxes?  07/28CodeMaster10:45bhsince87
33p Convince me not to go to grad school  07/28Rifampin10:43Texanbybirth
2p Title Insurance Question  07/28nickjo8810:40riverguy
3p Withdraw from old 401K for rental property...  07/28hueyandthenews10:38renue74
9p Is market out of Sync  07:57mule10:21mule
22p Another can we retire...  08:02Philachild10:20JDCarpenter
29c Comcast - lease modem/router or buy?  07/27joms10:19takeshi
55p Quit work and become SAHM - advice? regrets?  page: 207/24hcj10:12kithwang
11t Anyone ever "churn" investment/retirement accounts for deposit bonuses?  07/28Niam10:03sesq
8t The quality premium, risk or behavioral based, a deep look  08:02larryswedroe09:36coachz
42c is this wise? purchasing honda cbr 250r  07/27ruppel9309:11trinc
12h Rollover IRA as primary account  07/28LukeRoz08:59retiredjg
8h Help deciding asset Allocation between 401k and IRA  07/28topcatin08:46topcatin
40p Best full featured online checking?  07/07marlowefamily08:41inbox788
8h Thank you  07/27bligh08:40cfs
14p 5 reasons the rich are better investors than average Joe  19:19bondsr4me08:38telemark
3t High beta index funds (novice question)  07:41naraicjul08:36naraicjul
185p How many folks choose to give inheritance to their children in unequal portions?  page: 2 3 407/21miamivice08:35invst65
8p LT Care costs to decimate retirement savings?  18:52Alan S.08:30jebmke
4c Virtual Box on Win10 host  08:05jebmke08:27jebmke
4h Backdoor roth IRA conversion  02:21ecocredit08:05TomatoTomahto
15c 50 gal gas water heater replacement  07/25Mrxyz08:02jdb
10t Why is MTUM sluggish in rally?  07/27Sinbad07:28Sinbad
5p Chubb v. AIG homeowners coverage  07/28Small Law Survi05:41lhl12
364p What's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 805/25guitarguy02:10giesen5
33p Buying a House as an Investment?  07/26~~JBS~~01:46jumppilot
30h Market Entry Strategy Thoughts for a New Boglehead?  07/24djy2g3300:35BeBH65
47t Dividend stocks or real estate rental  07/27TonyDAntonio00:32TonyDAntonio
76t What rate of return do you use when planning for retirement?  page: 22015wolf35900:07emoore
1h Can I rollover my 401k to 2 different rollover IRA's in the same year?  23:29algorithm23:38Alan S.
4c Honeycomb shades for sliding glass doors  21:56General Disarra23:33mouses
17p Housing for newlyweds  07/27runfast423:15newbie_Mo
23p Umbrella Excess Liability - Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist  2011TomatoTomahto22:02boglerdude
21t VTEB vs MUB [Vanguard Tax-Exempt vs. iShares National Muni Bond ETF]  03/07passiveindexing22:00abuss368
1p Advice needed : Second Child and Doctor/Hospital prep  07/28bhead_sane21:59BolderBoy
3t IRA/Roth Conversion Married Filing Separately  07/28BuffaloBill2121:55BuffaloBill21
35h 100 % Wellesley Admiral (VWIAX)?  07/26dbp777721:51dbr
4t Is the most intelligent move to max your tax advantaged accounts FIRST?  07/28njfastlife21:46gclancer
9p Considering Career Switch  19:17Drew77721:28Drew777
2p My Success So Far  07/28TMMB21:28dwickenh
77l Wisconsin - Madison Meetings - Master Thread  page: 22014renjuzone21:07dennisswal
7c Where to find resume professionals?  07/28lagflag21:06wilked
27h Sell individual corporate bonds to pay off mortgage?  07/26ScroogeMcDuck20:15ScroogeMcDuck
8p New retirement, Inc Website  07/27CUBuffs20:06The Wizard
2p Fee only versus stockbroker advisor  07/28brak20:04afan
5p Estate liability questions..  07/25draggin4919:58draggin49
4h 401(k) Investing Help  07/28therockbenz19:57therockbenz
7t Diversification! A must read article  07/25Erwin19:55Tyler9000
10h Question on Vanguard web site: hide fund with 0 balance  2013itworks19:46Duckie
22p Leaving "on or before work anniversary" and golden handcuffs  07/27ryman55419:36AlohaJoe
3p taxes after permanent legal separation  07/28reisner19:29reisner
20h Redemption fees for Fidelity Index (nee Spartan) Funds  07/28daveydoo19:22Tier1Capital
2p K-1 Tax question  07/28meccos19:19Two Headed Mule
1719c What Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 352014Alex Frakt19:05Fallible
78p Rules of Thumb: Max House Value as % of Net Worth?  page: 207/24taxeconomist18:56swaption
0l May 14, 2016 - Sacramento Area Bogleheads - Meeting Summary  18:55digarei  

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