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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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2017 new posts and replies over 256 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
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Subforum - TopicLast   
7682tU.S. stocks continue to soar!2018 GoldStar16:02 Robot Monster
4957pRefinance Mega Thread09/01 AZAttorney1116:01 JSDNJ
310tImproving the Dalio/Robbins All-Seasons Portfolio2016 azanon16:01 willthrill81
32pWhich account I need to use to do Roth conversion07/23 tinopather16:01 tinopather
122cWhat price range for Daughter's first car?08/10 theplayer1116:00 DSBH
70cProducts that last forever06:20 B4Xt3r16:00 Watty
1pMD 529 to Pay Student Loan15:44 tjo71615:59 arcticpineapple
27pCovid Salary Reduction, Debt vs. Investing v. Saving08/11 dellamy187315:57 Colorado13
8tTIPS vs TIPS ETF and speculation12:08 tonyclifton15:57 vineviz
187cShould I purchase a whole house generator?08/05 miamivice15:56 willthrill81
130cWho is your favorite fiction author and what is your favorite book of theirs?07/10 beernutz15:55 bertilak
9pFinancially Independent young - why not retire?12:45 Shorty15:54 Scooter57
840pMy LenderFi refinance is going well01/15 abyan15:54 Pessimist55
5tCurrent Podcast Recommendations?14:29 Slovus15:54 RNJ
21p22 year Old. Needs recommendation to get first credit card.21:10 AB202015:54 SheReadsHere719
17pAn un-bogleheaded question on high end home financing20:28 2tall4economy15:51 RNJ
29tWhat is the big deal with RobinHood accounts???08/12 BeachPerson15:51 ballons
11pLending Appreciated Stock to a Relative11:41 NC202015:51 fyre4ce
3hMoney Market IRA06:04 Atownstaydown15:50 SheReadsHere719
8cStreaming Peacock12:18 cheese_breath15:48 jebmke
4pEmergency Fund vs. Paying off Loans13:55 adam6115:48 dvvader
22tIs Total Market Diversification Meant to Be Cap Weighted?11:10 nzahir15:48 nzahir
46pStruggling with Spending22:09 Frugalbear15:48 Scooter57
8t"Where Are the Liquid Alternative Shareholders’ Yachts?"12:48 Taylor Larimore15:46 skepticalobserv
46hDCA vs Invest Everything08/11 nervousetfman15:45 Doctor Rhythm
6hHow do you manage cash flow for investing?15:03 tryingtogetahea15:44 ruralavalon
12cLooking for cell phone that is great at being a phone11:09 BH_RedRan15:43 BH_RedRan
3cRV Camping near DC13:47 andyandyandy15:40 andyandyandy
13pBudget Estimate Methodology07/08 Kiana15:40 Broken Man 1999
38hHow to buy gold in a boglehead friendly way06/19 settlement1215:40 000
25pAlly Bank savings interest rate dropping from 1% to 0.8%12:31 anon_investor15:39 tennisplyr
28tActive fixed income funds that make sense04:46 seugene15:35 jeffyscott
59hAnyone using crypto exchanges to earn higher interest on their cash?08/07 tman999915:35 qwerty123
14pRule of 55 403b Withdrawals effects on Obamacare subsidy?07:53 Homeby515:32 helloeveryone
31pMarcus lowers savings APY from 1.05% to 0.8%08/04 Cranberry4415:31 atdharris
5pA few things that points blogs don't tell you about credit card points08/11 freyj615:28 Workaholic
135tKitces on Roth Conversions vs. Harvesting Capital Gains07/22 petulant15:27 yog
9cBarbells14:34 Triple digit go15:25 simplesimon
9pMortgage with a downpayment of less than 10%!01:36 Olive9015:25 arcticpineapple
152hAssets going from 600K->15M, should I change my asset allocation?08/11 principlegenera15:24 RonSwanson
5835tHEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure Part II: The next journey2019 HEDGEFUNDIE15:24 Semantics
8hPrecious metal equity09:18 DPEMD15:23 Robot Monster
6cAcura MDX and oil dilution issues?08/11 Deighve15:20 Broken Man 1999
17hwould you pay $140 to sell funds at vanguard?12:10 BooneDocks1115:15 retiredjg
10pGreen Card Holder Unemployment08/12 JoeChick1015:12 Flobes
3tInternational Bond Yield09:41 abuss36815:12 grabiner
63tExpected return of a bond fund2019 grabiner15:08 Kevin M
12trobinhood makes money on customer trades despite making it free12:23 arcticpineapple15:07 000
4pUnemployment Insurance Enhanced Benefit EO08/12 Jags418615:06 arcticpineapple
36nEx-US fellows I think I've found a gem and I need your help !!07/31 danyboy715:06 xerxes101
814cWhat are you listening to now01/10 Artful Dodger15:05 Nicolas
16cConsiderations Before Going Solar20:54 Nearly A Moose15:03 randomguy
0pTerm Life Insurance. Need advice to get new policy.15:03 AKBTX14 
155tI Got Burned: Selling mutual fund and simultaneously purchasing ETF08/11 absolute zero15:02 Northern Flicke
4hAdvice on Investing08/12 kyleadam1814:55 deikel
338c[On-going Scams - Post them here]2019 ketanco14:53 palanzo
48pPrivate University Apartments Leases during Covid19:44 legaladvicepls14:52 davemanjam
0ciPhone Mail Help Needed. Does not sync.14:52 Sandtrap 
34hESPP...sell ASAP?08/09 JSDNJ14:51 AnEngineer
30hWon the game08/11 LarryCarell14:48 Broken Man 1999
172pIn retirement, a $100 monthly expense needs $30,000 in your portfolio09/09 willthrill8114:45 willthrill81
13cMouse for Arthritis08/12 scarson14:43 wmackey
1tTexas Retirement System vs Vanguard14:10 BeachPerson14:42 realclemsongrad
7cSpectrum App on Roku08/12 Cruise14:42 Digital Dave
21pCFP - One-Time Consultation (to Generate Plan), Worth It?08/12 dabretty14:40 gamboolman
132tGold continues to soar!08/04 00014:39 columbia
52pTree section fell on my neighbor's property...who is liable08/12 JustinCredible14:37 likegarden
7hSelling stock - what to do with the cash?14:00 phinanciallyfit14:35 phinanciallyfit
2064tSmall Cap Value heads Rejoice !!!2019 hdas14:35 Taylor Larimore
3hRoll over or self manage13:51 mzvarner14:34 deikel
3hCapital gains distributions and evaluation of mutual fund performance in a taxable account11:27 little_star14:32 grabiner
6hLocking in gains21:15 chally7314:32 Kenkat
2pAm I overthinking leaving FA? Financial management12:08 barneycat14:30 Tal-
8hInvesting Newbie: Bid / Ask and What Happened w this Trade11:01 atlgenxennial14:28 000
1pRefinance Sooner than Later: A New 0.5% Fee Going Into Effect Sep 114:20 sapphire9614:24 alfaspider
17cNew Clothes Dryer Questions & Recommendations08/07 jco14:22 jco
30cShould I caulk this area on a shower door?08/11 deskjockey14:21 sean2724
12pNotice of Pendency of Class Action2019 Almost there14:20 neilpilot
20cApple users - iMac and iPad vs MacbookPro?08:11 NYCaviator14:17 rich126
7hinvesting fees10:43 LarryCarell14:15 bloom2708
9hTarget Funds VS Index Funds10:55 bei2200014:13 grabiner
10hWhat to do with 457b money after switching jobs?08/11 fc_pty14:07 tashnewbie
6tActively managed but operating as buy and hold09:46 Burchib14:01 texasdiver
42tVanguard Updates 10y expected Returns07/23 klaus1414:01 Taylor Larimore
7pGifting Strategy12:58 BestCoast12313:57 BestCoast123
19p401k for 2nd home or stop contributing and save08/09 longrun1013:56 fyre4ce
0pName Change Notifications Restarting Clock on Time Barred Debt?13:52 SweetPea1 
61tEquities and inflation08/11 TwoIdenticalInd13:50 petulant
3pDelayed Inheritance and Trust - Tax Implications17:00 GeraniumLover13:50 GeraniumLover
61cWiFi burglar and fire/smoke detector system08/09 TomatoTomahto13:49 NYCaviator
0tVariable Dist'n Calculator Model For Discussion13:47 investor.saver1 
2nFreetrade (UK)19:40 steveyg5013:45 steveyg50
66pChase Amazon Prime Card--4% back08/11 cowdogman13:42 dodecahedron
2048c[What TV Show Have You Recently Watched?]2016 dbCooperAir13:42 ChrisC
86tThe death of nominal bonds? All Weather without bonds?08/11 DollarvsGold13:40 000
13tHow to invest in an inflationary environment: real estate?17:52 physixfan13:40 onthecusp
22tVanguard Mid Year Market and Economy Outlook08/12 garlandwhizzer13:37 Anon9001
64cRice Cooker2017 renue7413:32 lazydavid
2276tThe Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses2016 Earl Lemongrab13:26 ras4250
6pRefi Quote08/11 goru113:25 soobaerodude
4pFor new roof, painting, new deck: cash-out refi, or cash-in investments?08/12 Bammerman13:25 katrid11
11hWhere to direct a new investor?08/12 alex12371113:24 retired@50
19tVNQ close to a ten year low valuation?08/11 hoops77713:20 000
0p6 month Retroactive Medicare13:04 DustyDebris 
5fUnrecognised PM12:44 ubermax13:01 ubermax
3tConsequences of Direct Listing20:59 viewer012:55 RPA59
74pCareer advice08/07 Supurdueper12:55 toocold
9hTD Ameritrade transfer22:03 mikeyzito2212:50 drzzzzz
9tVanguard International Growth VWILX, what's in it?10:01 livesoft12:49 azanon
351pOptimizing PPP Forgiveness04/18 Stormbringer12:47 Lee_WSP
15tWhere do institutions hold their investment?19:41 investing engin12:43 LadyGeek
5664cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36812:39 tenkuky
72h28 year old with $1.4 million in cash investing for the first time. My thoughts.07/30 calcada12:36 Mullins
1trobinhood user performance08/10 Croissant12:31 snailderby
11hPlease help me choose a bond fund with my new Fidelity 403b07/24 sunny skies12:30 sycamore
779pBest CD rates thread10/07 indexfundfan12:28 MikeG62
3p529 Qualified Expenses Interpretation11:11 tweet73712:28 tenkuky
128hMoving to Cash?08/11 Thegame1412:28 N.Y.Cab
1pRefinance General Question on what to do12:20 fastpace_re12:28 Ryzen
1pCan you negotiate with Amerisave?08/12 mark_in_denver12:17 snailderby
107nConcentration risk over-rated?07/28 Anon900112:15 Anon9001
11hMessed up my ESPP!08/12 aceoperations12:12 AnEngineer
5pIRS tax payment (paper check) not received11:19 andooz12:06 jebmke
65pJust got ~50 insurance quotes, thought I'd share my results for posterity08/12 2tall4economy11:55 MJS
26cMoving truck rental add-ons08/09 Nyarlathotep11:45 Luke Duke
41cPersistent Internet Outages - should I upgrade to Comcast Business08/10 FeesR-BullNotBu11:40 Dottie57
5hContrafund vs SP Index Fund10:24 nesdog11:38 JBTX
8cWordPress - minimalist theme08/09 VictoriaF11:37 planetmike
3hSelling covered calls or leaps - short or long term gain or loss?09:51 Bambuk11:34 BogleFan510
15h401(k) Investment Fund Options for Myself?07/28 fitmisfit11:33 ruralavalon
4nDividend Withholding Taxes for US-listed ETFs that track other countries indexes22:10 washingpole11:32 livesoft
5cHow to replace prepaid cellphone08/12 fsrph11:31 inbox788
14tSPTM (S&P 1500 etf) vs VTI (market)?08/12 nzahir11:22 seymore92
10pBypass-trust seems to be no longer feasible for inherited IRA?08/11 Lazareth11:21 FIREchief
61pBuying Rentals for retirement income. Worth it?08/09 mojorisin11:20 flaccidsteele
147pDo not use Personal Capital2019 generallyspeaki11:17 Shorty
9h529 Plan Choice: Bright start (TRLGX) vs Vanguard (VWUSX)08/11 despearado11:16 despearado
9pWould IRMAA brackets drop due to a deflationary year?16:41 FIREchief11:13 FIREchief
4hHousehold Investment Question05/27 chally7311:05 dbr
6cTaxable wellness reimbursement offered by the company10:46 softmax11:00 sailaway
8hUS Growth vs. POGRX and Primecap2019 Sarastro11:00 Sarastro
33cRetiring this Friday. Now what?08/12 tealeaves11:00 bloom2708
4tSLYV - Wilshire Small Value? SP600 Small Value?10:30 kelway10:55 cheezit
4pCollege16:48 Juice310:48 Vulcan
68tDan Wiener just shutdown his forum08/10 littleboss10:46 Sarastro
58t2020 Bogleheads Conference Update05/07 Bogle Center10:40 LadyGeek
15hShort Term Treasury vs. Short Term Federal08/11 Munir10:32 Munir
7hAlternative investments: article in WSJ on Yieldstreet08/12 unclescrooge10:31 Chicken Little
4h3 Fund Portfolio01:59 hodgeman10:25 retiredjg
4hFirst Investment Plan22:17 investment_scho10:21 tashnewbie
5hNew to investing, please advise01:37 SloanKeterson10:11 bertilak
207cBooks that changed your life02/02 HotRod14009:59 iamblessed
6tAllocation horizon and subdividing volatility over time08/12 lairdb09:58 dbr
10hReset cost basis - is this possible?18:22 curious george09:51 grabiner
4cAnyone replace/upgrade their fireplace?08:58 rebellovw09:48 rebellovw
15hLooking for a cloud based portfolio tracker08/08 Bitzer09:45 BlueRidgePro
3pRenters Insurance--Campus Housing09:00 cowdogman09:22 cowdogman
11hRIRA --> 401K to facilitate Backdoor Roth IRA conversion??08/11 Buddy032909:16 masrepus
2n[MT] €80,000 and a 20 years plan - Any advice for a novel investor, please?08/12 N_EU_bie09:13 zarci
8p401k/SEP IRA in setting of a 401a plan08/12 Phinance09:03 Phinance
21pHELP! Columbia Threadneedle, Medallion Signatures, Notorized Doctor's Letter!07/13 redeem_ct08:59 crefwatch
37cCalling all Long legged BHers for SUV or Car advice08/11 Domadosolo08:56 lazydavid
21pHow to receive answers to specific SS benefit queries from the source08/08 Maisie08:55 dodecahedron
12hVariable Annuity vs Mutual Funds08/11 rb100108:54 dbr
27pRec'd Unsolicited Offer for Land08/12 shavenyak08:51 Dottie57
491pRelationship mortgage discounts for moving a million assets2019 softwaregeek08:35 Daapower
13pFinding out PIA if taking Spousal Benefits08/12 BarbBrooklyn08:23 David Jay
63cRetirees: How you spend your time?07/15 AerialWombat08:21 somber
105cWasp nest07/31 michaeljc7008:16 Doug E. Dee
2tSPDR ETF custodian01:25 investing engin08:12 JoMoney
26tBuy TIPS Mutual Fund or I-Bonds?08/10 diyinvestor08:11 #Cruncher
190tAnyone else hoarding cash right now?08/05 JustinR08:04 Ed_Sandwich
32cMore fun: drone or RC plane?08/10 jastevenson08:02 OldBallCoach
18tHelp me understand how to sell mutual funds08/12 ColoRetiredGirl07:47 dbr
1IAny Bogleheads in Denmark?2019 Ionchamp9907:43 dentexas
203tVanguard High Dividend Yield Index Fund12/20 abuss36807:25 Ed 2
19hTransfer 403b from Aspire to Vanguard?08/11 KatieMN07:11 retiredjg
66pThinking of buying a vacation home in NC mountains and doing Airbnb. Bad idea?08/03 Perkunas07:07 westie
31nUS v International (Investing Review) [UK Investor]07/29 Mr F07:03 TedSwippet
12fDo Vanguard employees read this forum?22:03 Croissant06:56 LadyGeek
23hFFNOX thoughts? [Fidelity® Four-in-One Index Fund]08/02 Fidofan06:54 Sufferlandrian
46tBroad commodity investing with iShares CMDY ETF08/06 chem06:32 chem
13pWater damage from upstairs neighbor- which insurance to claim?08/12 LH8206:32 wander
244tBill Sharpe's preferred portfolio2017 Quark06:16 djm2001
1hDownload Lot Details to Excel / Google Sheets03:36 German Expat05:44 PaunchyPirate
3hIs FUAMX a good bond fund?08/12 VartAndelay05:27 dcabler
18pLawyers - How much does it cost to write a prenup contract?08/11 kadye05:05 neverpanic
4hIs there any Canadian Bond ETF available to USA investors?16:22 likashing05:00 Valuethinker
448cWhat fun car should I get in the $150k - $200k range?06/06 ElBarto02:21 Mofire
1719pShare your net worth progression2014 techcrium01:31 goos_news
8hNew to investing, need advice please!08/12 SloanKeterson01:27 flaccidsteele
9pPrices Not Pulling on Google Sheets08/11 pkay01:24 hansp
53hPAS moving from index funds to ETFs08/09 dm529600:51 dm5296
155cWhat Car Maintenance Do You Do?08/02 Superleaf44400:34 greengrass222
2n[Poland] Advice on mid/long term portfolio08/12 onda00:20 onda
5hClose to Retirement08/07 kazcaid00:01 kazcaid
22cDo not call08/10 HeadTail23:58 furwut
306tPaul Tudor: Compelling case for bitcoin ?05/11 indexlover23:52 Croissant
8hHow to mimic VTSAX in 401(k)...08/12 txottopilot23:48 TropikThunder
12pseeking advice on flood insurance08/11 LearningAlot23:47 furwut
164hThe Black Swan is Here03/16 TravelforFun23:36 TropikThunder
6pThank you08/11 kurious23:00 Sandtrap
19hTaxable vs Mega Backdoor Roth?08/06 thegreathambino22:57 inbox788
1tInternational Funds And Domestic Inflation21:12 Gleevec22:49 grabiner
6tVSIAX21:27 Mario222222:45 grabiner
6pRefinance: Who have you closed with? What was the experience like?08/12 cb47422:40 mcdb84
10hVBTLX vs VFIDX08/12 virginiabirdie22:37 grabiner
6pZenith Prep Academy (SF bay area)01/27 Wannaretireearl22:23 suv
11cSOLVED was: Ideas for hard-to-find OTC supplement?08/11 MandyT22:06 MandyT
15cErgonomic keyboard suggestion08/12 goshenBogle21:56 stlutz
46cWhat YouTube channels do you watch?08/10 batpot21:49 michaeljc70
58pAuto Decision08/10 tryingtogetahea21:47 alpha88
17pFor those that have taken a break from work... [Military to civilian career change]08/10 Ripcord21:42 zacf16
361cDon't pay full price for SiriusXM radio2016 catdude21:29 like2read
16hSimplify Retirement Plan Allocations (18 funds to 3 or 4)08/11 Laser121:22 Laser1
19pCareer advice08/08 k b21:16 k b
2915tThe Three-Fund Portfolio2012 Taylor Larimore21:15 CyclingDuo
34cGroundhog in crawl space08/06 Old Sage(brush)21:15 regularguy455
3tA mean variance framework for portfolio optimization08/08 Uncorrelated21:04 jarjarM
52pLarge pay cut for better quality of life08/12 jtking4420:54 2tall4economy
1nCanadian: Should I stay a US tax resident or become a non resident?16:04 freelancer20:35 theresearcher
5tImpact of negative interest rates on bonds and CDs?20:06 fourwheelcycle20:34 nisiprius
175tWhat happens if you run out of money in retirement?08/04 matti20:28 randomguy
41tThe Case for Consumer Staples in Your Portfolio2016 mrog114120:18 bck63
3hShould I transfer my foreign stocks to my U.S. account?08/11 InvestorWannabe20:12 theresearcher
5hIf I bought Total World Stock would I get the tax credit on foreign taxes?08/12 iamblessed20:10 jason2459
17cNotch in hardwood - what to do08/11 DarkHelmetII20:07 adestefan
3tHow risky is a 15/30 year mortgage compared to an investment portfolio?19:01 XacTactX20:07 Walkure
60cFor 60k, a X5 or Tesla model Y?07/18 retire1420:00 Normchad
13hbond diversification08/04 prk19:50 abuss368
16hChanging tax-inefficient portfolio into tax-efficient08/10 Riversider19:44 Riversider
4hAdvice Re: Transferring Trad IRA to Roth IRA after Retirement08/10 rjm080119:40 celia
70tToo Much Apple [AAPL] Stock2018 Duffydog119:37 000
4pQuestions about Merrill08/09 Sahara19:36 Sahara
14hMega Backdoor Roth // Can't Withdraw for 2 yrs08/12 RPA5919:30 magicrat
32pAny Tips for "Splitting" Finances in Married Couples?08/11 fcox8519:19 Cruise
27cSemi-formal flatware2015 terran18:25 willthrill81
82pHelping my nephew out of his rut07/13 BH_RedRan18:24 Elsebet
11hVanguard Incorrect Cost Basis In Taxable Brokerage Account08/09 cmublitz18:24 retired@50
33pRates so low. Should we take out a mortgage on home?08/10 tryingtogetahea18:21 willyd123
318fPlease Try Out Test Posts Here2007 tfb18:19 dratkinson
2hRoll over a 403(b) to a Self-Employed 401(k)16:56 dme71818:12 lakpr
7cLasik eye surgery16:18 bigguy843718:09 LadyGeek
1h1 million in short term gains17:49 invest2bfree18:01 livesoft
34hTaking profit, discouraged by VG PAS, opinions08/11 FXDXontherun17:56 nedsaid
7hSelling my VTSAX Index Fund for a down payment on a new house?08/12 Scottydoesntkno17:49 Grt2bOutdoors
24hNewbie here. I need advice on my financials!!!08/09 newyorker17:48 Robert20
14tAre the S&P 500 and Total Stock Market Funds No Longer Diversified?08/10 sapphire9617:34 vineviz
13cGoogle Play Music sunsetting to YouTube Music08/11 heartwood17:28 Afty
5h401K and IRA question08/12 sorengard17:23 Duckie
14tWouldn't geometric sharpe/sortino ratios be more accurate?2017 overthought17:20 Oicuryy
132tBogleheads blog: a new rebalancing study08/08 siamond16:50 EnjoyIt
64cHerman Miller Aeron chair08/09 aiyuanuc16:40 aiyuanuc
9pStudent Loans or Mortgage w\PMI08/11 DocInColo16:34 grabiner
53pWhat did you do when you won the game? Edited08/10 Frugalbear16:27 TonyDAntonio
34cLooking for gas can that is easy fill / easy pour08/09 URSnshn16:24 Kenkat

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