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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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2590 new posts and replies over 238 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
# Replies Subforum - Topic TitleFirst Last   
Subforum - TopicLast   
67p30 year mortgage under 3%02/25 1130Super02:27 mortfree
17tImmature Investor and Lessons Learned10:19 marcus_silvus02:25 Gemini1962
9nUK renewable energy investment trusts (e.g. BSIF, TRIG) - how to account for them in portfolio?02/23 mattjgalloway02:24 Valuethinker
1nWhat are "one-off costs" for Vanguard ETFs? (UK)01:23 seeker702:19 Valuethinker
11hWhat's your TLH trigger/timing?02/25 SnowBog02:19 ray.james
35pTeaching kids about saving money and investing02/25 Mario222202:16 SQRT
75hThinking about (temporarily) moving all *retirement* stock to bonds - please help20:09 CT-Scott01:54 Cruise
6tMerrill vs Fidelity - Where to buy TSM Mutual Fund ?02/25 confusedinvesto01:48 LiveSimple
1nWhere can you buy stocks? [Lithuania]11:17 Arvis01:47 finrod_2002
6pRental Mortgage23:09 gr707001:44 IMO
105cAvis charging for existing damage on rental car02/24 atdharris01:34 student
7pUsing IRA and/or 401K money to pay the bills20:06 WindyCitySaver01:34 fyre4ce
10cCertificates or no certificates when purchasing tires as Discount Tires?10/22 helloeveryone01:31 IMO
8hDid I mess up my TLH?21:22 bogle8601:19 RCL
362cProtection Against Home Intruders02/11 Prudence01:16 sawhorse
14034tU.S. stocks in free fall2011 Lbill01:13 CurlyDave
6hAdvice to young adult with inherited ROTH IRA/Student loans14:40 JustJack01:07 fujiters
3cDriving cost per mile19:23 ThankYouJack01:03 IMO
23tThis is boring02/25 roadnottaken01:00 mrspock
83pDoes Biomedical Engineering School Matter?02/24 Cg201:00 HEDGEFUNDIE
15hWarren Buffet on renewable energy02/23 crockpotinvesti00:58 anoop
4tWhat Makes U.S. Treasuries the World's "Safe" Asset?17:49 SimpleGift00:54 Northern Flicke
120tThe Calm Post - Stay the course thread.04:34 max1237700:51 vipertom1970
26cInexpensive men's razors?16:10 R2D200:43 anoop
1hwho is worried and feels like selling stocks?22:54 k198200:38 InvestingGeek
12h[401K]Explain technically how staying allocated Aggressive is superior over Conservative "time the market"02/25 richmondthefish00:33 Katietsu
2hMaxed Out Roth08:32 kommisarrex00:32 kommisarrex
19cVancouver area trip in Aug - 5 nights02/20 Wannaretireearl00:27 Erwin007
114t"The "Everything Rally" Continues - Will this end badly?02/20 CULater00:26 james22
620tCoronavirus and the market02/04 XM16E100:17 ray.james
159pRefinance Mega Thread09/01 AZAttorney1100:15 somekevinguy
49cHow Do you Exercise Indoors?15:49 ruanddu00:10 quantAndHold
9h3 pensions what to do18:10 hapbob00:07 celia
387cCoronavirus (Consumer Issues) How you are preparing?02/12 TomCat9600:04 kksmom
5hSell Bonds. Buy Total Market?23:28 kobebr00:04 vipertom1970
28cbought a used laptop on eBay at great price but feel guilty16:29 Nyc1003600:04 Spooky
79cCostco Tires02/12 CULater23:57 Starfish
9cPhotochromic Transitions glasses02/25 SciurusVulgaris23:49 kevinf
25hDCA vs LS for Life Changing Windfall?15:39 RonSwanson23:48 Cubicle
20ccar accident settlement without insurance company15:13 sil201723:43 Cubicle
6tAnyone read books by Richard Thaler???16:53 BeachPerson23:43 Invisi8
56tNovice high income invester- leveraged ETFs02/25 redfan1123:40 KyleAAA
1pIs a capital loss of MD mini fund taxable in Maryland?19:19 Faith2087923:36 grabiner
0pAm I doing these taxes correctly?23:34 speer 
31pJob interview question: how do I explain wanting to leave my current job so soon?02/24 Halicar23:31 KyleAAA
2cFlooring questions16:06 psteinx23:29 Cubicle
11pWhich Loan to Pay Off19:59 Captain_Andrew23:24 grabiner
18pHelp some first-timers with the home searching (and buying) process02/24 Bob Sacamano23:22 Nutmeg
330tWell, I am market timing... Wish me luck.02/05 CnC23:19 Corsair
10pFine Art: Appraisal and insurance concerns20:46 totallynotsure23:15 Flyer24
0tExplajn small cap fund investing for me23:15 justsomeguy2018 
12hWhere do you get financial/Investment info from the web07:40 Puretaxableinde23:15 Cubicle
341pRelationship mortgage discounts for moving a million assets05/08 softwaregeek23:14 softwaregeek
87h38 yr old having 2nd thoughts...02/25 k198223:03 miket29
18pS-Corp salary question for partial W2 / 1099 from employer02/23 Elysium22:59 MP123
3pAm I calculating a mortgage refinance break-even point correctly?21:07 LiterallyIronic22:57 grabiner
4tAutomatic investments14:48 justsomeguy201822:55 Eagle33
36tWhy do companies give dividends?02/25 international0022:48 JustinR
49tWhen/how to spend HSA funds in retirement?12/13 willthrill8122:44 willthrill81
0tArticle by the founder of Intuit and Personal Capital: Bitcoin is a scam22:42 Plz 
5tRole of money market fund in a portfolio21:06 corner55922:41 corner559
1307lPost your Financial Milestone Announcements Here2017 VAslim1622:35 willthrill81
5hMoving Stocks from E. Jones to Vanguard15:06 billybe22:32 pkcrafter
8tInvesting or Speculating?19:03 Taylor Larimore22:32 305pelusa
9pConsiderations of Leaving MegaCorp20:28 NBKCF22:30 Watty
4h529 withdrawal in Dec, pay the bill in Jan12:30 markcoop22:27 markcoop
23cYellowstone trip beginning of June02/25 hoops77722:22 Random Musings
14pAnonymous QCD??02/25 TheGreyingDuke22:15 InMyDreams
23pName of a living trust?12:24 jazure82822:15 palanzo
12nAustralian starting simple investment portfolio - feedback welcome :)02/14 JustAddGenius22:14 JustAddGenius
20cGeneral house remodeling approach16:31 psteinx22:13 HereToLearn
2924tHEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure Part II: The next journey08/11 HEDGEFUNDIE22:10 MoneyMarathon
1tCollateral optimization/interest rate arbitrage18:56 unranked22:00 ARoseByAnyOther
22pHSA for single-person S-corp02/13 meeotch21:50 vm81
5pAvoiding Taxes in Trust Termination2018 tryonthis21:47 MarkNYC
185tGold $1600 Oz - When?01/24 watchnerd21:46 TimeRunner
12pDirt cheap HEL / HELOC or 10/15 yr mortgage available? Where?11:09 ctfish21:40 psychoslowmatic
3pDaughter's 403b with Fidelity07:02 theplayer1121:40 F150HD
8pMortgage Refinance Advice20:14 Captain_Andrew21:38 Captain_Andrew
3h1099-Misc earning to ROTH18:29 mailman78121:27 kaneohe
13hTaxes on Large Roth Conversions11:54 lexor21:27 Geologist
4pDo I need to amend my federal tax return?19:24 SunDevil21:26 SunDevil
9pInterviewing for a new job (Anesthesiologists) any tips etc.13:53 rai21:22 Student2
6hCost Basis Reporting08:52 EightBall21:22 kaneohe
3pLooking for best option to choose for company pension15:45 sabhen21:16 Watty
128cPostponed travel due to Corona Virus. Am I am overreacting ?02/25 Theseus21:14 Irisheyes
10tWhat happens when money pours into bond funds/etfs?02/25 Edsel21:13 alex_686
247pQuicken 2019 and forward2018 Scorpion21:00 The Big Apple
5pWhat should we do next?20:04 Humility10120:54 bltn
63tWhy aren't Asian stock markets down due to coronavirus?02/15 fredflinstone20:53 redfan11
36pBeneficiaries/TOD for Vanguard Joint Account2017 deeppizza20:52 joer1212
1pHSA in CA - Tax Reporting15:16 Cappybara2320:51 bhtomj
20hHelp w Fed Employee TSP C Fund02/25 jason112220:46 OpenMinded1
128pMy LenderFi refinance is going well01/15 abyan20:44 Cash
6hTax Help08:55 Deuces885520:43 Duckie
50pThoughts on car financing02/24 AverageInvestor20:43 bltn
15pHave my clients contribute to a charity in lieu of payment08:57 Rob5TCP20:41 BuddyJet
3pForm 8606 backdoor Roth IRA with existing tIRA17:00 ysl20:37 Spirit Rider
5pPaper Series I Savings Bonds -- Why So Many $50s Issued?13:40 obafgkm20:36 Mel Lindauer
9hNew Boglehead - Advice on Three-fund Portfolio02/24 Canard Gris20:34 1789
6tHow many stocks to invest in the world?06:40 international0020:31 rkhusky
193cTesla Model Y03/14 4nursebee20:31 emoore
2tFormosa bonds, insurance companies, and long-term treasuries17:57 Northern Flicke20:28 Northern Flicke
52hHyper Tax Efficient Funds02/24 lexor20:19 grabiner
25cCredit Card cancelled for non-use?02/24 f35phixer20:15 NewOldGuy
283hWhat did you learn from the 2/24 sell off?02/25 TheTimeLord20:13 latesaver
10tInflation returns to some countries where it was pronounced dead02/24 Northern Flicke20:10 JBTX
10tSo there is no chance to spot a recession? According to the FED it is possible!02/25 Always passive20:10 Phineas J. Whoo
493t[Small Cap Value heads Rejoice !!!]06/03 hdas20:09 klaus14
17pPoll: Break down your SPENDING by category02/25 timboktoo19:58 scrabbler1
3hTiming of Rollover with recent market dip19:04 ChrisP19:45 stilllurking
17tWhat would you do? [lump sum, DCA, or ?]02/25 airshow19:36 Peculiar_Invest
10tAverage market reaction to 6+% drops11:33 Seasonal19:26 Phineas J. Whoo
67cDo You Have a Long Term Travel Strategy?02/21 capitalhockey19:19 Naismith
16pShould my nephew have a real estate agent (buyer)?12:44 CULater19:18 TropikThunder
7pCell phone usage in Europe18:53 tealeaves19:18 ColoradoRick
2tVanguard Total International mutual fund vs ETF17:20 johnanglemen19:17 Geologist
20tWhere is the left tail risk reduction from factors09:14 Elysium19:14 TJSI
3pReal estate Quandry19:03 BradJ19:10 BradJ
3pDeductibility of state income taxes for deceased person when state refund is due02/23 Smilodon19:07 bsteiner
27hShould we use the coronavirus drop to do Roth conversion?09:05 GenawithanE19:03 GrowthSeeker
4hgrowth and income-taxable15:01 calc19:02 whodidntante
1736c[What TV Show Have You Recently Watched?]2016 dbCooperAir19:00 LadyGeek
1hWhat to do with 403b from previous employer02/25 tyscripts18:58 Duckie
9pInvestment Gains offset by Primary residence losses13:58 8355ajs18:50 MarkNYC
9hWhen to Invest in Index Funds?12:51 jch4418:34 pasadena
25cAre there any newer sci-fi tv shows that are family friendly02/25 iamblessed18:34 mhalley
16pShould I buy short-term health insurance or ACA plan02/24 Hayden18:32 InMyDreams
6pVanguard Text/Email Alerts07:14 mstone318:18 Puretaxableinde
189cDo you ever use cash?02/24 tc10118:13 Trism
7hCollege Fund Planning02/24 SouthernDude18:13 SouthernDude
9hTSP G Fund and 2050 Target Fund Allocation Question02/26 cost.basis18:10 nclion
36pCancel flights due to coronavirus concerns?09:55 jjwpls18:01 ame
13tTotal World vs. U.S. plus Ex-US07:52 whereskyle17:55 lostdog
3pComplex estate/tax planning - appropriate use of trust?16:50 fyre4ce17:52 bsteiner
63cShould I get a safe? What kind? What would you do? How safe is a "safe"?02/25 Sandtrap17:48 BuddyJet
2hRollover / Backdoor Roth Advice02/25 Aubazette17:38 Aubazette
1hCan an Expat open an IRA15:40 TeeOneThree17:35 retired@50
3hRetiree Portfolio Review12:41 Slackergirl17:35 Slackergirl
8hbuying a Vanguard fund - how long does it take for transaction to be executed?15:03 CyprusAvenue17:30 BolderBoy
4ptrust distribution and taxes11:31 billyt17:27 Gill
16plogistics of buying house with "cash"02/25 Nyc1003617:23 Harry Livermore
20h"Stay the Course" / "Invest for the long term"09:31 Sigz17:21 ososnilknarf
6hVIOV Tax loss harvesting partner?15:52 DesertInvestor17:20 tobyjoe
4pOld Whole Life Policy - Rules and Reg.'s15:15 phxjcc17:19 BL
13tCreated a Treasury Ladder Today (similar to NTSX)02/24 caklim0017:19 MikeG62
56t2020 Bogleheads Conference and Survey01/06 Bogle Center17:15 nmdar
9cheating element of warm mist humidifier is flaking02/25 Nyc1003617:10 rustymutt
125hHow do you handle the urge to DO something?2018 blackfish17:10 LuckBeALady
6tVTI VTSAX moving in opposite directions10:17 redfan1117:03 02nz
11ptwo questions about income tax (one cap gains, the other state tax on sale of second property)02/24 arcticpineapple16:49 arcticpineapple
154lSacramento, CA Area Chapter - Master Thread2015 digarei16:47 digarei
3nGerman/UK Dual Tax Resident (EU Citizen) Newbie!05:25 eightynine16:38 TedSwippet
8hBack Door Roth IRA no longer available for 2020 and beyond?16:08 SoftServeAddict16:37 Katietsu
153tGrok's LMP-4: The 3-legged stool approach to retirement planning2018 grok8716:36 grok87
1tVolatility mitigation from Vanguard Total International Bonds: how much?16:13 nisiprius16:35 afan
50cIphone cords / cables02/13 JBTX16:32 Dottie57
35tGold and long-term treasuries are highly correlated recently02/21 fredflinstone16:31 DB2
3hChildren's savings/account options10:20 zmoney1416:26 Spirit Rider
13hRoth IRA for 70 year old? - Retired02/25 Winterjp12316:21 retiredjg
4276cWhat Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI2014 Alex Frakt16:18 Puretaxableinde
26tWhy do people still try to time the market?11:28 GaryA50516:14 GaryA505
3815tU.S. stocks continue to soar!2018 GoldStar16:11 J G Bankerton
30hInvestment account for kids01/30 karmacomes15:58 StealthRabbit
32pAdvice needed - personal loan or credit card balance transfer07:49 Kingston7315:58 Meg77
55hMarket sell off02/24 salahanwar15:39 Ocean77
22pCar recall can't drive over 3 months-WWYD?? FORD02/25 turkey123415:36 GibsonL6s
1421pShare your net worth progression2014 techcrium15:35 lessismore22
3hOpening SEP IRA while planning ahead for a Backdoor Roth02/25 AlizarinBee15:16 PaddyMac
25pRefinance @ 3% vs 'Rewrite' @ 3.125%?02/25 UnLearnYourself15:14 UnLearnYourself
34fForum is very slow?? is this just today?02/25 elderwise15:05 Bluce
26cSelling a house with a safe02/25 Kennedy15:00 Gill
8tCurrent "Fair Value" of the SP50014:20 RayKeynes14:57 alex_686
1301cBest watch for around $5,000?2008 Petrocelli14:41 Broken Man 1999
2pForm 8949 in TaxAct for single transaction09:28 e511614:29 rkhusky
2pIf selling/buying house: Termite Warranty for Tenting07:35 susa14:29 susa
8h403-b funds and fees?02/25 CoffeeQID14:27 dbr
23hRequest to review portfolio - 39 years old family man02/02 morpheus195814:23 morpheus1958
26cNegotiating hospital PT bill02/24 ThankYouJack14:19 OnTrack2020
186tWhat to pair with NTSX?01/27 siriusblack14:11 DaveG75
8hBond holdings in BrokerageLink?02/25 JimmyD14:04 mighty72
4hRollover a 403B to IRA while still employed12:33 teacher216314:03 lakpr
13cMVNO with Visual Voicemail for Android Moto G6 Play02/25 BashDash14:03 BashDash
16pAdvice for very young person promoted02/24 hungryforhummus13:49 hungryforhummus
10nExpat and currency exchange02/25 DartThrower13:47 Naismith
3hStarting a Roth IRA-02/25 Balto13:47 Jack FFR1846
4pTaxAct - how to report excess HSA contribution that was already withdrawn?02/25 pkay13:47 pkay
9hoverwhelmed FI newb seeking advice to reallocate portfolio07:58 figoals13:40 Jack FFR1846
1hWill Vanguard transfer in a fund amount that is less than their own minimum purchase?12:58 GaryA50513:19 UpperNwGuy
2hDollar Cost Averaging and Tax Loss Harvesting in Taxable Accounts08:50 Opibus13:16 House Blend
58pHow quickly did you receive your 2019 tax refund?02/21 czaj13:14 seity
65tLarry Swedroe: Volatility Targeting Improves Risk Adjusted Returns05/22 Random Walker13:07 klaus14
22tHow will banks profit from making 30 year fixed rate mortgages?07:17 Caduceus12:37 petulant
189cWould you drive without a spare tire?02/04 prairieman12:23 surfstar
9cHelp With Insulation Savings Calculator06:43 Mr. Rumples12:21 bob60014
11pLet's talk cash out refi's02/24 RobLyons12:14 LittleMaggieMae
8hDoes this type of joint account exist?11:01 R.E.G.P.12:06 Puretaxableinde
1320tMy trend following strategy and experience2019 willthrill8112:03 Forester
7cNew Master BR at rear or front of house?09:39 BogleMe11:51 lthenderson
53hSuper Lazy portfolio, just VSMGX? [Vanguard LifeStrategy Moderate Growth]2019 phxjcc11:49 anon_investor
9hretirement portfolio help for my sister02/25 Julyguy75411:41 PaddyMac
10cThe "Stuff" Happens Fund - for when life's not fair07:08 strafe11:33 Misenplace
5pFDIC coverage on no longer joint account02/19 VanGuppy11:30 VanGuppy
8hAfter tax - Roth 401K contribution09:57 FB0110:56 magicrat
0hWhy does Vanguard cost basis information disappear on busy trading days?10:42 danman42 
4hHelping a friend. What's Pru Guaranteed Income - Hueler Stable Value Pooled Index -08:43 Tico_7510:19 Tico_75
6pUpdate to Hard Life Changes, Should I Take This Job?02/25 lendoman10:16 bayview
4pRoth IRA in turbotax07:40 jallenman10:09 jallenman
18nHow to Move to Switzerland and Still be a Boglehead02/13 FIBoston10:06 FIBoston
9pDid I Over Contribute to HSA?02/17 Fr3d10:01 Spirit Rider
9hAdvice with Accounts and Investments02/23 goodka2409:42 goodka24
10hInfo Overload?02/12 BellTower09:34 BellTower
264tThe Value Premium - New FF paper01/30 Robert T09:31 acegolfer
5nExperience and Thoughts About Firstrade?02/24 Hepsu09:21 TedSwippet
43cAssuming you were going to buy a cargo van (new vs carmax)...02/22 physiorol09:13 physiorol
23hAdvice Requested: LTCi or Paydown Mortgage02/25 L82GAME09:01 L82GAME
8pEarned Income Credit02/25 AAA09:01 AAA
8hOK to max after-tax 401(k) even if means little to no taxable savings?02/24 fimaxer08:57 SteelyEyed
1tPension DB asset mix theory08:51 CorradoJr08:55 alex_686
9pCoronavirus and the Olympics08:16 TheTimeLord08:38 prudent
36hStudy CFA just for personal investment and portfolio management knowledge02/24 esrever08:37 LFS1234
396tI can't believe I am thinking this [Panic and Survival 2008-09]2008 Sheepdog08:26 NearlyRetired
14cTool to remove encrusted soil from bronze02/25 Caduceus08:11 GrowthSeeker
7tHow often do you TLH/Rebalance?02/25 nasrullah08:11 MnD
16tDividing Your Investments Among Several Companies for Security Reasons02/18 OpenMinded107:51 abuss368
64cHow are you spending Valentine's day?02/14 Pete1207:42 abuss368
13hWhere should I put bonds if I plan to FIRE?02/24 SRenaeP07:42 Wanderingwheelz
16hROTH Conversion at 32% Tax Bracket?02/21 whaleblow07:36 smitcat
21h401A, Backdoor IRA and Mega backdoor02/20 Abk91107:31 home_body
2tChange 457b future contribution rate higher to stocks to buy market dip?07:03 gtt56107:23 Gropes & Ra
28pHow to deposit a gift check made out to a child?12/14 RetiredArtist07:18 Gill
102t700 Years of Falling Interest Rates, 1310-201804/13 SimpleGift07:13 packer16
49tBerkshire Tempting2018 delrinson07:04 Caduceus
10pHELOC lender recommendations02/25 countdrak06:50 alwayshedge
17p529 Deduction Recapture02/25 SteelyEyed06:43 happymob
29pPost Divorce Business Sale Sharing, Reality Check02/23 KneadingWater06:24 cutterinnj
4hCompany stock/options divesting help02/25 proceedwithcaut05:59 Stinky
7nIrish- domiciled on LSE still recommended after Brexit?02/25 bogle_man04:55 glorat

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