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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1934 new posts and replies over 229 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
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Subforum - TopicLast   
36tChinese property bubble?21:26 Caduceus14:04 retire2022
14hTrying to help a relative "see the light"13:19 Randtor14:04 Randtor
16tThirty Year TIPS Auction Thursday August 22 201908/19 #Cruncher14:03 CULater
49hAnyone else more aggressive in retirement than required?08/20 Nowizard14:02 Always passive
150hWhen Did You Ease Up On Saving Aggressively?08/19 RJC14:02 HornedToad
28hVanguard Change to Personal Adviser Services08/21 NYC114:01 GmanJeff
31tThe Small Lie: Small Caps are Riskier22:13 pdavi2113:59 pdavi21
20hVanguard MM 10-day hold on written checks17:07 vectorizer13:59 HomeStretch
241tLarry Swedroe: Small Value Stocks are Cheap08/13 willthrill8113:58 abc132
9cNational Gypsum EXP Shaftliner between condo units09:01 FlyAF13:58 FlyAF
57hAge 92 Dad Wants to Boost stocks2016 BetaTracker13:57 mikemikemike
236tBogle "5% Gold"01/17 JuniorRob13:56 nedsaid
38t"The Best Diversifiers For Your Equity Portfolio"08/20 Taylor Larimore13:55 nedsaid
5hbest place for a true no-cost refinance?13:05 dred pirate13:54 chevca
102tMinimization of maximum regret: Supportive of balanced AAs for some long-term investors?08/17 willthrill8113:53 willthrill81
175cDo you buy new or used cars?2018 Hulk13:52 Alf 101
74tPast Performance08/17 Taylor Larimore13:52 abuss368
13cFederal job benefits10:29 atlanta_dad13:52 delamer
425tLifecycle Investing - Leveraging when young02/28 305pelusa13:50 305pelusa
7tBoglehead’s Vanguard Dogma13:32 bennettg13:49 02nz
23pHomeowner's insurance - replacement cost18:50 michaeljc7013:49 barnaclebob
18hWe're on the bubble with regards to IRA income limits, can we just play it safe and use the backdoor Roth approach?09:30 hp12see13:48 ThankYouJack
16pHave you ever used a Power of Attorney for Health Care or Property (Financial) ? Tell me about it!19:11 ComputerHelp6913:46 ResearchMed
103pWhite collars- How much is your work downtime?08/21 BogleMelon13:46 stoptothink
1pTitle Insurance of REfi13:27 TropikThunder13:45 Mako
37hSafe retirement income now08/19 Leb412313:44 cherijoh
441tHEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure Part II: The next journey08/11 HEDGEFUNDIE13:43 MotoTrojan
61cChicago - What to see, do & eat in two days08/20 stilllurking13:42 lazydavid
9hOverwhelmed by bond diversification strategies for young investor08/21 schachte13:39 dratkinson
1tForeign Investment in U.S. Stocks & Bonds, 2000-201911:49 SimpleGift13:38 garlandwhizzer
13cUsed Kona Lanai bike for $200-$23010:36 KeepItSimple7813:38 ThankYouJack
30tBond appreciation is impossible without market timing.15:18 J G Bankerton13:38 J G Bankerton
7tCD Rates_Terms advice09:28 EvelynTroy13:37 Austintatious
1cFixing roof with missing tiles13:34 Caduceus13:37 CAsage
936pFidelity as a one stop shop12/15 BogleMelon13:35 djheini
1hSEP IRA under Chase08/21 Bassman13:35 Alan S.
39h$1M cash: how to invest20:03 tarheel1513:33 jsapiandante
262cAnyone disenchanted with retirement?2018 tennisplyr13:31 22twain
27padvice for new grad daughter getting first apartment08/20 vasu10013:30 chevca
49ciPad Pro 12.9 - 3rd Generation03/27 raamakoti13:29 Dottie57
48pClose on first home on Wednesday, might not take possession until 30 days... advice please08/17 JJP8813:28 Northern Flicke
9pPlease help me understand Schedule H and Nanny taxes01/31 Bucknuts13:27 HereToLearn
33pPrepare for Recession?17:23 apple4413:27 sunny_socal
9pYoung Professionals ... Pay Student Loan or ???15:01 J29513:27 sd323232
67pVanguard vs. Fidelity??08/19 Doug00713:24 BUBear29
4h401k deductible or Roth 401k19:57 crentist13:23 lakpr
25cFirst time traveling to Seattle this weekend. Advice?20:31 Bob Sacamano13:22 KyleAAA
13pShould my S Corp pay my health insurance08/20 Hayden13:21 Spirit Rider
64cRV purchase ?08/19 novemberrain13:21 researcher
11cDual-use "dress" / comfy shoes: Matte Black, locally sourced--starting with Brown Rockport Pro-walkers06:33 synthfan2313:15 NHRATA01
25pPay cut to take a federal job?08/20 SailorJack0213:12 rich126
0hMom-in-law divorced at 67, investment plan advice13:07 pathdoc 
16hwhere does kids college funds come into play in my plan?08/20 dred pirate13:05 dred pirate
22pRetirement benefit Choice: Rule of 85 vs Age 6508/20 fulltilt13:04 misterjohnny
11tWe want all-in-one balanced ETFs. Where are they?12:20 unknownfuture13:02 abuss368
158tNegative Interest Rates in U.S.08/10 susa12:59 index2max
8pLender Processing/Release fees of $300 for Mortgage Payoff, Advice?12:17 ArmchairArchite12:58 Broken Man 1999
0hPortfolio tracking tool12:57 orenesto 
10cSedona and ________ trip In February with 3 and 5 year old08/19 BashDash12:57 DVMResident
12hInheritance Question16:18 monboddo12:55 bsteiner
67cBest undergrad majors ahead of Law school?08/21 investingdad12:53 sd323232
43cHotel recommendation for Cambridge / Boston08/15 rjbraun12:48 kaudrey
50pAnybody else enjoy sitting around and doing little in retirement?08/21 tealeaves12:48 Slapshot
63tWhy investment complexity is appealing and simplicity isn't08/21 CULater12:45 abuss368
11758tU.S. stocks in free fall2011 Lbill12:45 abuss368
18hShould I go 100% index funds08/20 KirklandCoug12:43 02nz
10h401k management when I can not utilize "Source Direction".09:28 Hector12:36 megabad
31h401k Rollover disaster08/20 OnTheWay12:36 unclescrooge
6h401k allocation from previous employer07/30 P410035412:35 ruralavalon
22hCash Investment Question.08/21 mailman78112:33 sergeant
3nUS Citizen with funds in UK, is Jersey any better for investment?14:29 mtbouchard12:30 bgreat
9h59.5 is approaching and need advice08:31 DemoEngr12:29 rich126
3hPortfolio Review request08/21 bigbadbuff12:22 misterjohnny
24tAfter-tax 401(k) Matching Statistics/Company Listings/Case Study/etc.08/21 dlong12:21 jsaver
134t2017 Relative Tax Efficiency2018 triceratop12:14 mervinj7
14p4% withdrawal success rate stats16:46 theplayer1112:09 abuss368
10hPortfolio Review and Inheritance08/20 Beaker1212:04 Beaker12
49tVanguard's "Bogle Site" gone? Hopefully just a glitch.08/19 nisiprius11:58 abuss368
13n[CZ] ETF investment plan check & questions03/22 JakubFranek11:52 JakubFranek
38hI'm signing up for Vanguard PAS...08/19 ljr11:44 Chip Munk
10cWant to create a simple iPhone app for personal use - can I do it: cheaply, with little to no coding, etc?06:15 synthfan2311:23 AerialP
4009pWhat's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?2016 guitarguy11:16 Supurdueper
3pMoviePass Confirms Data Breach That May Have Exposed Credit Card Numbers06:40 3-20Characters11:16 Alan S.
25cIdea for a basic drawing book for granddaughter...08/19 Broken Man 199911:11 forgeblast
23tFidelity retirement planner accurate ?2018 skor9911:09 MathIsMyWayr
38cMoving to Houston08/15 siker11:07 livesoft
16hCapital gains affect tax rate on ordinary income?08/21 reisner11:04 reisner
9h401K bad investment choice...need help08:39 ajm148911:04 ajm1489
2hNegotiating Brokerage Margin Rates10:33 Agent00711:01 Agent007
6hGood time to implement plan?18:58 just_learning10:46 3funder
3h64 yrs young! Am I making the best choices and going in the right direction?19:02 summerof4210:45 Mullins
0tMeaning of "cross-section" in financial economics?10:43 nisiprius 
38pHow do you get billed for child's college when not enough cash?08/21 konoha10:43 stoptothink
42pPaying credit card "current balance" vs. "statement balance"08/19 Nyarlathotep10:38 abuss368
4tInternational bond fund vs Foreign bank account with euros05:25 eleventhstreet10:35 abuss368
24pBudget for a new professional out of college08/20 LiveSimple10:29 Grt2bOutdoors
10tRMD and Rebalancing15:41 backn4th10:27 delamer
3n[wiki] New page on Robo-advisers for non-US investors05:44 DJN10:26 glorat
8hHow to sell?/portfolio advice please!08/21 BusterScruggs10:21 bloom2708
14n[wiki] Draft non-US 'My portfolio: seeking advice' template page08/19 TedSwippet10:11 TedSwippet
0tInception dates of funds10:11 asif408 
24hUsing TSP versus non-government funds in retirement08/19 cresive10:10 02nz
26hInverted Yield Curve - Anyone making portfolio changes?08/20 tommy2punch10:09 DetroitRick
290pSelective Colleges08/16 psteinx10:09 KingRiggs
4ttax efficiency of funds vs ETFS - better to stay the course than chase a few bp23:28 DoctorPhysics10:06 MoneyMarathon
4pSimple model for cost savings moving from NY to FL?20:48 mcangelo409:59 Clarice
2hYou Invest Liquidity / Time to withdraw?21:07 waldensky09:55 waldensky
34cHouse flooding due to heavy rains, injury and landlord's response08/20 ybdam09:46 Hulu
21hVFIAX or VOO?14:08 cstar1709:36 Vanguard Fan 13
2h401K Rollover (Left Workforce), Husbands Employer 401K Options20:01 tomsmom62009:22 David Jay
25hFinally ready to start a taxable account - Need some advice08/20 djeayzonne09:18 DA200
12cBuying used car (another one of those threads!)00:05 kaeltor09:18 stoptothink
22cFreeze coffee beans?14:41 ThankYouJack09:09 TN_Boy
11pMegabackdoor Roth IRA double check08/20 erikill09:08 megabad
49pLife Advice: deciding what you want to do.08/18 Piplup199609:07 PhilosophyAndre
108pAre there advantages to being married to a teacher?08/20 Bob Sacamano09:06 A440
201tWhy do dividends still exist?08/09 hungrywave09:03 CnC
3cBe Wary of Citibank telephone automation08:15 scifilover09:03 Seasonal
18pEstimating social security in the future08/21 CnC08:51 smitcat
904lPost your Financial Milestone Announcements Here2018 Alex Frakt08:50 mimn15
0hAmericans Abroad: Portfolio Review for New Investors Living Overseas08:45 seekingair 
74tBullish/bearish on GE? Make your case here - new lows today2018 tmcc08:38 Whakamole
6nUsing Revolut as complementary investment vehicle02:59 Mindhacker08:38 imperia
1hIndex funds and dividends distribution23:00 glades08:36 David Jay
25cShould I paint dark brown wainscotting?08/20 SimonJester08:35 Rus In Urbe
3h25 yr old portfolio review20:11 romo559808:30 Fishing50
6hFidelity Full View recent improvements20:26 ARoseByAnyOther08:25 golfer292
9tPersonal Advisor Services rocked today!18:13 Wenonah08:15 bondsr4me
4hBack at This 401k Thing Again.21:19 mrcheezle1907:58 Stinky
16pCan I backdoor a recharacterized IRA?06/02 zagurit07:04 retiredjg
17pAny reason NOT to drop SGLI?08/12 Sophia188406:57 SueG5123
1cTelescoping downdraft vent for range06:44 Pat06:55 Silk McCue
17tPreferred Stock08/21 elainet706:42 Valuethinker
3pDo you use a Payroll service for in house elder care?22:57 hogfanboy06:41 kaudrey
1nAdvice needed on my portfolio (Philippines)04:05 sublimelaconic06:17 imperia
2pOhio College Advantage/52921:54 Steelhead75406:15 RickBoglehead
89tMy Fido retirement meeting pushing me to SMA07/25 Bronco Billy06:02 dogagility
3tinterest rate risk for individual bond vs bond fund23:59 Tahoe06:01 linuxizer
2hPotential for Stock Option Excise in Japan, US Resident16:05 Hullmet06:00 oldcomputerguy
6hKeep rollover out of market 2days for access to higher rate mm fund?08/20 jbinpa5905:54 Chip
41tAsset location: bonds belong in taxable08/15 megli05:42 AlohaJoe
3IAny Bogleheads from Romania03:34 Mindhacker05:31 Mindhacker
13pfree money from NCUA 6years after CU failure?08/20 shawn_lad05:23 bberris
14hPre Retirement Portfolio Review07/15 Retirement Nerd05:17 Retirement Nerd
4hHow to approach your bond allocation in retirement and where to draw income from?14:30 yarnandthread05:15 yarnandthread
8nPortfolio allocation - Romania08/21 Mindhacker04:56 Mindhacker
77tTax cost stopping move to indexing07/13 restingonmylaur04:15 restingonmylaur
4nTo REIT or not to REIT08/21 Mindhacker02:50 Mindhacker
13nVWRD or SWRD for VT Ireland based equivalent? Accumulating or distributing?08/12 Vision02:19 silverex
28cUsed car purchase, non daily driver, new teen driver, thoughts please?08/12 Admiral02:00 invest4
4pEarly Withdrawal Penalty on Roth IRA Rollover $19:10 esteen01:56 esteen
3pHSA and Health Insurance with VA Coverage08/21 ENT Doc00:59 Vernn
6hTransferring from Wealthfront to Vanguard23:00 degrom700:51 BL
2pMoving from MCOL to HCOL, and avoiding contingency22:55 toblerone00:08 toblerone
16hRoth conversions and NIIT14:24 lovinnorcallife00:02 MathIsMyWayr
60tWhat would investors ever choose arbitrary allocation of US/nonUS stocks?08/12 Vision23:53 Tamarind
43hInvest vs pay off student loan in 1 year period08/19 wbadbada23:46 milktoast
21tLooking at investment asset allocation in more detail than stocks/bonds08/19 Plz23:43 Bosro
6pRoth Conversions - Estimated Taxes08/21 diy6023:33 FiveK
10hJL Collins - You Did It Again :)17:32 Cwh332223:28 pkcrafter
21lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2020!05/27 Miriam223:27 Miriam2
6hFidelity SMAs and Local Offices08/20 brewtoo23:11 brewtoo
351lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2019!2018 Miriam223:01 Miriam2
13hSeries EE Treasury bonds for kiddie tax arbitrage08/21 softwaregeek22:42 HEDGEFUNDIE
2cReceiving free extras that I did not ask for21:47 Caduceus22:39 Goal33
19hVanguard Logon Trouble?18:16 iceport22:32 Harry Livermore
12tParking money08/20 Mike1122:32 BuddyJet
210cInsane to buy a sports car?08/02 misterg22:28 jb1
0hCost Basis vs Sale Basis on Real Estate22:17 RetiredCSProf 
13cTrip to Costa Rica08/19 veena911122:09 birdy
9hHow do bond ratings degrade during recession?08/20 Carbonate2421:39 grabiner
9phelp understanding how mortgage prepayments affect overall interest08/20 fognyc21:21 LadyGeek
3hTax-Managed Balanced Fund?19:27 CoastalWinds21:08 Northern Flicke
18pQualified Charitable Distributions08/17 fru-gal20:55 Silk McCue
16hPros/Cons to rolling IRA into “old” 401k08/21 CoastalWinds20:48 Boatguy
25hKeep VWIUX (muni bonds) or switch to VBLTX (total bond)?08/15 ishkadetto20:44 grabiner
5pFERS refund form SF3106, how to fill out?2018 aha20:43 fieldday2019
18hPensions and planning08/21 PandaBear20:20 Oldschool
8nVWRD vs VWRA - Dividends Calculation14:37 michoco91120:10 michoco911
9h401(k) ER dilemma08/20 bck6320:07 bck63
5hMy company is going to Fidelity for retirement services. Should I open a private acct now ? Or wait until after the move08/21 Kumsajack20:04 Stinky
53cBest secure email to use instead of gmail?08/16 CULater19:59 Rowan Oak
12cSelling fruits & vegetables from backyard garden at local farmer's markets?08/21 flyingaway19:59 sedonashine
278pDoes it matter what type of college one goes to?2016 Five19:54 KlangFool
21pOptional Life Insurance (through employer)?14:19 UnLearnYourself19:50 Stinky
19pPossible to refinance before moving in?08/15 boglefi19:47 ARoseByAnyOther
2pRefinance my mortgage?17:44 Tenesmus8319:44 seawolf21
17hMy retirement plan is changing -- AGAIN!!08/19 macandal19:36 retiredjg
4h36, some qu re: retirement16:00 Hullmet19:33 HomeStretch
3n[Wiki] NEW explanatory page on Complex Portfolios for non-US investors08/20 DJN19:32 galeno
9pWhat is window for buying supplemental Medicare insurance? Friend may have cancer.17:02 Muri19:31 catalina355
8pAmerican Express Personal Savings rate dropping from 2.10% to 1.90% tomorrow (08.22.19)17:13 7eight919:25 dardeninvestor
15cQuicken update headaches08/21 mancich19:24 JBTX
12hDo you view a Pension like bonds as part of you portfolio?18:02 joo2lo19:22 Stinky
2hWhat percentage of vested amount of 401k Match to consider in AA?19:09 Hector19:19 Trader Joe
12cSelling your home with Opendoor09/17 hdas19:19 willardx
14pBuying land - no metes and bounds description08/21 goaties19:02 AtlBoglehead
108pDo Bogleheads plan to utilize Independent Living facilities?2015 TheTimeLord18:25 PatrickA5
5hHelp deploying a three fund portfolio strategy15:28 phenx518:21 phenx5
49lSan Francisco Mid Peninsula, California Chapter2018 nance18:20 nance
3hSeeking alpha article- abandon 401k17:37 Dobie18:20 David Jay
5tLiving Off Your Portfolio08/21 SpideyIndexer18:17 livesoft
3hNew on Bogleheads and Seeking Portfolio Advice08/20 TallDrink18:11 Duckie
26tTotal index funds are “crowded”08/20 hungrywave18:00 nedsaid
7hInvesting for the first time after a decade of depression08/21 HogRider12617:51 Kenkat
12hWhere to invest 50k today?08/21 PowerDayJack17:44 stpabv
17hTurn off auto-reinvest dividends?08/21 BoggledHead217:36 Toons
5cFord Sync3 Issue-help!08/15 Julyguy75417:36 Julyguy754
5cBest Way To Ship Bulk Items08/21 cannondale17:06 Yiewsley
65pGo for new job (more pay but travel) or stay?08/17 harrychan16:52 ClevrChico
13hAm I on the Right Track?08/19 stt81616:43 Duckie
29cHiking in the PNW (Seattle) next weekend. What do I need?08/19 Bob Sacamano16:38 livesoft
0pHealth Insurance for New Permanent Residents16:36 topaz318 
6t529 / UTMA / UGMA15:17 90degreeturns16:19 RetiredAL
23cEthernet, MoCA, House Wiring08/18 rich12616:01 gpburdell
40pWhat are your thoughts on USAA for checking? Insurance? Banking in general?08/20 Gardener15:59 b4real
15hInvest 401k only in vtsax08/21 Dobie15:50 Watty
224t2019 Hedge Fund Contest01/01 BackOfTheNet15:47 hornet96
3pIf contributing to 401K & traditional IRA, deductible in both cases irrespective of income?14:54 vel15:44 TropikThunder
19pCheck the restrictions on the out-of-pocket maximum on your health insurance policy08/19 willthrill8115:34 Artful Dodger
96hCan having wealthy parents be a justification for a more aggressive investment strategy?08/12 hp12see15:28 dachshunddad
161tDiversification Regret Index11/02 vineviz15:20 CULater
29cDSL Advice08/19 CurlyDave15:17 CurlyDave
3cone month apartment rental in NYC08/21 curmudgeon15:05 rjbraun
9hPension and Planning for retirement help08/20 90degreeturns15:03 90degreeturns
19pWhen to "follow up" with colleague about job prospect08/20 ryuns14:48 PhilosophyAndre
1hMove after Tax 401k contribution to Roth08/21 mernova14:33 decapod10
484pWhat is/ was your career and would you recommend it now?2018 alex12371114:14 indyfish

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