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81p Net Worth Milestone Today - $1.5M  page: 209/23Meg7717:41White Coat Inve
71t public pension plan unfunded liabilities  page: 205/06larryswedroe17:40njboater74
3c How is this scam supposed to work?  11:57batpot17:38Pajamas
23c I might have made a mistake on ebay?  09/19rec717:37steadyeddy
25t "In Defense of Bonds"  09/23Taylor Larimore17:35White Coat Inve
20p Cancer Insurance  08:36DFAMAN17:35DFAMAN
9c People with living spaces that could be featured in magazines, what is your secret?  15:33dgm17:34White Coat Inve
10c Viking cruise in Europe  09/23Dottie5717:34Jags4186
4t Who's Tipping?  12:14InvestorAdam17:33Swelfie
30h Purpose of Dividends  09/25GuitarXM17:33alex_686
1p Traditional IRA contributions and individual 401k  15:13tludwig2317:32Duckie
0h Value indexes to bring portfolio back from growth tilt  17:32JaySayms  
34p When (or whether) to have a second child  09/24The Planner17:30dgm
16t Interesting new study on Financial Advice Seeking, Financial Knowledge and Overconfidence  07:59larryswedroe17:29Fallible
9h Considering moving a 457 to an IRA  09/21secretlysaving17:27secretlysaving
29p Contribution to satisfy RMD  09/21kate123417:27IowaFarmBoy
3h Fresh View on Investments  14:41TXGator17:27patrick013
22c Three Full Days in Asheville, NC - Help for First Timers  20:59darkhorse34617:26ChrisC
18h Vanguard GNMA fund as a short-term asset?  09/25fourwheelcycle17:25stockpickerted
8h When to collect Social Security - Please check my logic  09/24eddot9817:24JW-Retired
16h Need help with Vanguard direct deposit  07/18workingovertime17:22sharukh
49h Fundamental Difference in Roth and Traditional 401k  09/23ch171917:21KlangFool
5h 23 years old, foreign worker in the US, starting my portfolio  09/22Arkh17:20Arkh
39c has anyone leased a luxury/sport car to get it out of their system?  09/24lomarica0117:15whodidntante
774p What's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 1605/25guitarguy17:14VictoriaF
26p How to become debt free?  11:45modulok17:10modulok
14t House as Investment vs Stock Market.  20:18TomCat9617:06alex_686
15c Daughter will study abroad in ireland need advice  09/24pat77617:06The Wizard
33c Stain Our Deck Before Winter - $3,000 or DIY?  09/25Small Law Survi17:05CJC000
10p ACA Marketplace  09/25mayoman17:03DetroitRick
11h Just Refinanced Homestead - Pay Additional Principal or Invest?  09/25Sales628016:58Sales6280
12p latest scandal has me thinking of leaving Wells Fargo  21:16forkhorn16:55Tycoon
2h 457b rollover after retirement  15:55lvidaurri316:55retiredjg
15h 72t Withdrawals for Young-Retiree  14:01OriolesFan8916:54cherijoh
7p Taxes  15:13an_asker16:52ralph124cf
49c Loan on $1.3MM Fixer-upper  09/19unclescrooge16:51unclescrooge
24c Amazon Echo & Tap  07/18johnny16:50Taz
53t Harvard Endowment Losses Tied to Value Stocks  page: 209/23BetaTracker16:46psteinx
3p Inheriting a Non-Qualified Annuity  14:47gotlucky16:45HueyLD
4h mutual fund only vs brokerage  14:13metrunt16:44SpringMan
32h IRA CD question  09/23InvestorAdam16:44Kevin M
0p Transfer of primary residence to trust: but with California Proposition 13, 58 and 193 in mind  16:37bnes  
17h My future in your hands...  09/21beachlife8616:35Duckie
3p Medicare Advantage 2017 Rates, premiums, etc.  12:57dm20016:34Alan S.
7p Lost cost basis on non-covered stock. Audit what to do  12:41rm16:31Watty
20c Aging and Spending  09/22tennisplyr16:31VictoriaF
24h How is the financial advisor taking my mother? Annuities?  09/21spd8716:27David Jay
3p Inherited Roth IRA  15:16brak16:25JoinToday
19c Used BMW X1  09/25mightyquinn0016:23Valuethinker
4h Please check advice from Vanguard PAS  13:32Shaoya16:21JoinToday
21h Schwab vs Vanguard  09/22nc70016:08ruralavalon
6h Have a unique situation - how to execute Three-Fund Portfolio properly?  09/25boggledhead9116:08LadyGeek
7h Roth distribution conflicting information [how much is taxable]  09/24Hazel-Rah16:03retiredjg
2h Max out contribution to HSA if moving away from HDHP?  15:07vivekian12316:01MWormwood
18p College advice  11:53twees5216:01TomatoTomahto
11h Living abroad. Retirement savings options?  01/30john7715:57john77
13p A Re-Financing No-Brainer, right???  09/23SuperSaver15:52SuperSaver
34c Protein Powders  09/25Barefootgirl15:50stoptothink
3h Help - IRA account needs a quick adjust!  14:02LJfolio15:50retiredjg
22p "Boglehead path" derailed  09/23sawhorse15:48sawhorse
67t "Uncle Sam Pays Almost Twice The Yield On Treasurys--If You Know Where To Look  page: 209/17Taylor Larimore15:47whadyaknow
27c Anybody here make 70K or under  09/24yellowgirl15:47stoptothink
58t Switching to Fidelity's new Total International Index (includes small cap!)  page: 206/28harikaried15:42*3!4!/5!
1c repair or replace 2005 Nissan Xterra  15:39guardianangel15:42RoadHouseFan
33t Merriman knocks TSM  09/24pkcrafter15:32JoMoney
7c Were these microwave oven potentially harmful?  10:00URSnshn15:28LadyGeek
0h Help With Where To Open HSA  15:28bigez17  
25p Best way to manage irrevocable trust?  21:06bostondan15:25FIREchief
0p Term life insurance recs  15:24fpr4  
9p Revocable Marital Trusts - what goes in them?  17:50Escape Velocity15:16afan
6h Track asset allocation with TSP  18:32jjg24714:57mhalley
14p S corp for physician  09/23strongboy200514:31Artsdoctor
36h Invest entire $1M windfall now or over time?  09/23DoctorStrange14:18Traveller
6p Handling house sale proceeds, am I being paranoid?  13:52t6014:17t60
1h 401(k) allocation for new Boglehead  12:05brettc1414:17Lou354
0p Hiring a PR person/team to promote music business: worth it?  14:15financial.freed  
8h Yet another Roth question  08:24Poe13:56Poe
18t Christine's article today on RMD's...a question to bogleheads  08:22birdsong13:50birdsong
39c Audi Service Dealership Cost too high? Where should I take it?  09/22Thesues13:41kjvmartin
40c Companion Dogs for an older person  09/22Barefootgirl13:40JPH
9h Inherited Whole Life Insurance Policy  09/25threedecades13:37mephistophles
3p foreigner - closing 401k : what tax? [France]  09/25frederic13:23c1over8
3h Help with 403(b)  18:07randomstring13:21randomstring
18h Traditional versus Roth 401k question accounting for social security and one pension and a beneficiary IRA  20:13acura30113:19acura301
16h Need advice on mortgage principal prepayment  09/19cygnus_1813:19cygnus_18
67p Cosigning a new car lease for sister out of state  page: 209/23yorkpond13:17yorkpond
52p 60K Car Maintenance Service = $600. Is this Reasonable?  page: 22015maroon13:16recycle1947
2h HSA investment options  10:54Bearcat13:11cmublitz
148c Should I lease a Tesla?  page: 2 308/07investing101213:10Valuethinker
0t 401(k) to Simple  13:02happysteward  
3h Fidelity funds suggestion  12:44metrunt13:01whodidntante
17t Classic Bernstein 3 — Diversifying Portfolio Equities  05/06Simplegift12:50Random Walker
6h What kind of return is decent for high fee 401k funds?  09/22leangreen12:46leangreen
12c Crossover SUV Suggestion  09/25stubborn12:36TomatoTomahto
12t Here we go again  09:21pkcrafter12:28Kevin M
7c Where to spend January-March in Winter??  10:54yorkpond12:23JimmyD
15p Can I pay off the 1k of credit card balance this way?  22:06bigguy843712:23CAsage
7c Mechanics of Mortgage Prepayment  11:41MichaelRpdx12:13whatusername?
5t Convert TIRA to Existing Roth IRA  20:26diy6011:58pshonore
8p Establishing A Memorial Scholarship  09/25LeeInTN11:57Mike Scott
264t Help Me Understand: Why Shouldn't AA Be 100% Stocks During Accumulation Phase?  page: 2 3 4 5 607/24Lieutenant.Colu11:55Lieutenant.Colu
67t What are your thoughts on the "Golden Butterfly" portfolio?  page: 204/17PecuniaryPeccar11:49siamond
79c Trader Joe's Fans - good value?  page: 209/23LuigiLikesPizza11:49Mudpuppy
2t Question about International Corporate Debt vs. Equity  08:58Theoretical11:42Theoretical
95c Timing Belt Change - Months or Miles if car is old?  page: 22013Grt2bOutdoors11:39Mudpuppy
9p The allocation you pick has little to do with performance success  01:49Erwin11:38QuietProsperity
23c Best way to play the points in Marriott-Starwood merger  09/24hoops77711:26carorun
0p Social Security Solvency - Two Perspectives  11:14ubermax  
14h Help with College funding plan  06/12bogman11:13bogman
4h VINIX  09:25Poe10:59Poe
12h Please Help with Bond Allocation!  09/21isipwater10:40ruralavalon
6c Conference/Vacation in Colorado Springs in November -- suggestions for things to do? Also, how much/what can I deduct?  09/11acura30110:40nova1968
72c Complete Car Noob- Help Making First Vehicle Purchase  page: 22015pghpens10:34LarryAllen
2p Special Needs Adult Children and the ABLE Act of 2014  01:05johnra10:32talltodd
5t High yield bonds and GNMA's in a portfolio, since 1988  09/25Beliavsky10:28Beliavsky
2t Sharpe Ratio's Shortcomings  09:23BetaTracker10:11Beliavsky
19h Retirement options advice  09/22Volidon10:10Watty
7h How to make $500 a month out of $30000  19:19thompkinz10:06unclescrooge
6l Derby City (Louisville) Bogleheads Master Thread  02/16Thomas Hunt Mor10:05Thomas Hunt Mor
8c TV question  08:09an_asker09:57an_asker
257p A car nicer than the boss?  page: 2 3 4 5 612/052tall4economy09:56randomguy
16h Apps or Spreadsheets to Help With Rebalancing  09/22acura30109:48Childay
15p TSP - Surviving spouse should probably move out of the TSP  09/24fundseeker09:43Info_Hound
5h Direct-Purchase Stock Plans  07/14katon09:38katon
0p low credit score refinance possible?  09:37erik265  
104t The Trouble with "Buy and Hold"  page: 2 309/22glossolalia09:37sreynard
83t Do Bogleheads Bucket?  page: 209/20El Greco09:36dbr
4h How to put 53K in tax advantaged account  09:14VAinvestor00109:26The Wizard
2c Shopping for an adventure wagon  09:09Amaya09:19Jack FFR1846
22c Rental Cars  09/25Barefootgirl09:16alfaspider
7h Does this make sense?  09/25Nowizard09:14pkcrafter
21t Financial planner: % of AUM plus commissions?  09/25jefmafnl09:12goingup
3t "Finance is not the economy"  00:02randomizer08:51RadAudit
29t Should synthetic ETFs be avoided?  09/24Ari08:46Theoretical
26p Buy a new house with cash? Please advise  09/23teramesher08:40Tal-
43t Selling in October  09/25MEA08:22Taylor Larimore
8p Relocating from place with no state tax to a place with state tax  09/25soulrider08:16pshonore
16c HSBC Bank- Easy $350 bonus  09/23protagonist08:10SRenaeP
0c Poshmark vs. EBay  08:10shakenbake  
27h Company's 401k junk and Trad IRA languishes - I want to fix now!  08/22dgoldstein08:06dgoldstein
64c 2006 mazda miata for daughter, 42k miles, $10k?  page: 209/11gips07:59alfaspider
16p Recently found inheritance and how to proceed?  09/24ThrowAway192107:51celia
79c [500 million Yahoo accounts hacked, what should you do?]  page: 209/22Sheepdog07:39pennstater2005
27p Currency risk for 5.5 percent? Missing something?  09/23Diogenes05:45Valuethinker
123t [Vanguard Core Bond Fund opens to investors]  page: 2 303/10rmelvey05:33Doc
31p Can adult child gift money back to parent?  09/23camper105:28Rodc
41t Warren Buffett recommends putting 90% in S&P500 index fund, 10% in Bond index  08/18Vision05:26naha66
21h How much is free lifetime healthcare worth? [Start business in US or Canada?]  09/25trad3fgh05:25in_reality
10p Expat: Losing job and moving back to US  09/25LR-6704:09HopeToGolf
11t Facing Up to low yielding world  09/22Spikeman144403:38ofcmetz
1h help me understand voya fund fees  01:29newbie_Mo01:41in_reality
8h ETF purchase timing  09/24spitaxe01:30aj76er
33c Tesla Autopilot 8.0  09/22soccerdad1200:56harikaried
29h Differences among Vanguard International funds?  2014livesoft00:47triceratop
201l Roll Call for the Retirement Class of 2016!  page: 2 3 4 52015VictoriaF00:32digarei
7h Retirement Management Strategies in Denver, Cabot Lodge, CL Wealth Magt, or Ann Vanderslice?  09/18retiredjg00:27Misenplace
203c The Bogleheads' "100 Things Worth Every Penny" List  page: 2 3 4 509/19cinghiale23:47oragne lovre
2p Term insurance cost after initial term - typical increase?  22:32blevine23:44mephistophles
9h Retirement planning  09/23jackiec23:41krow36
10h Brokerage Account User-Friendliness  09/24darkhorse34623:37mpsz
16p Does anybody here have a good credit score with no credit cards?  09/24rec723:29grabiner
6c iPhone for teenager  18:31Offshore23:09jogren
153l New York City Local Chapter established  page: 2 3 42013quanuec22:34Flying Penguin
11c Football on Over the Air Free channels  09/25FB0122:32FB01
7p Can Living Trust persist after one's death?  09/25MikeT22:20Lieutenant.Colu
9h Stock Dilution Calculation  09/24GuitarXM22:16alex_686
11c Aeropress: cappuccino?  09/23JimmyD22:01JimmyD
4t From the SEC. Nine habits that can undermine investor performance. Spoiler they mention momentum  21:19GreatOdinsRaven21:56larryswedroe
39c Which physician job offer would you go for and why?  08/29kiddoc21:33kiddoc
16c New Garage Doors  09/23Small Law Survi21:20Small Law Survi
18p Uncovered MF Shares at Vanguard  09/23Small Law Survi21:17Small Law Survi
7h Personal Investing ( First Time Posting )  08/29grogfisher20:53Bogle_Feet
27t Investing to Avoid the Consequences of Being Wrong  09/23Jeff Albertson20:02Watty
19t Help: How can I tell if an ETF is actively managed?  09/25grok8719:57retiredjg
30p Best online bill payment service.  09/24DireStraits19:25pointyhairedbos
8p Rental property forum  09/25ControlContentm18:48WhyNotUs
32h Looking for safe ETFs for 200K cash sitting in brokerage accounts.  09/07Stock Investor18:37ralph124cf
178t A time to EVALUATE your jitters  page: 2 3 42011nisiprius18:33Lieutenant.Colu
19c OTA Antenna  09/22BolderBoy18:22smartinwate
32p Best Frugal Way to Create a Will  2011jtea305118:21savemorelivebet
25p Listing minors as contingent beneficiary  09/22sdotsen18:21furnace
4h how to start Substantially Equal Periodic Payments  09/25mesaverde18:20Alan S.
21p Part Time MBA - Deducting Expenses  04/25EJS2218:03xpress2015

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