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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1774 new posts and replies over 236 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
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Subforum - TopicLast   
7hFor Alan S and others 2020 Covid-19 RMD06/29 pablolo14:26 pablolo
8pSeeking Student Loan Advice for Fiance07/29 DollarsInMyRame14:26 CyclingDuo
3hDan Wiener just shutdown his forum12:13 littleboss14:26 littleboss
768pMy LenderFi refinance is going well01/15 abyan14:25 anon_investor
58cwater softener for whole house?2017 rakilive14:25 willthrill81
87tBogleheads blog: a new rebalancing study08/08 siamond14:23 vineviz
14hPoke holes in this early retirement plan (I've got 4 years to figure it out).13:15 fortfun14:23 Steve Reading
9cDo not call11:06 HeadTail14:23 Mr.Chlorine
47pThinking of buying a vacation home in NC mountains and doing Airbnb. Bad idea?08/03 Perkunas14:22 oldmotos
32pAuto Decision00:28 tryingtogetahea14:22 Watty
352cDon't pay full price for SiriusXM radio2016 catdude14:21 catdude
7hIs not making early mortgage payments a good hedge against inflation?10:53 kevin9914:21 heyyou
6tLong term bond returns close to stocks13:23 JBTX14:20 JBTX
7cNew to YouTubeTV...Network Channels?12:05 bhwabeck353314:18 Tubes
15pSpouse got a job, now have 2 HSAs11:14 sedonabogle14:18 sedonabogle
14pChanging the name of Vanguard Accounts2014 alwayshedge14:17 yolli71
280tPaul Tudor: Compelling case for bitcoin ?05/11 indexlover14:16 HomerJ
7hEnergy Technology and Autonomous Vehicle ETF Selection10:48 seychellois_lib14:15 Robert20
23cAnyone using meal delivery services?08/08 PoultryMan14:14 willthrill81
9hOrganize fidelity brokerage account20:36 Chronos14:13 motiv8ed
24tFamily Dynasty 529 plan for multigenerational college planning08/05 arcticpineapple14:12 motiv8ed
0tBuy TIPS Mutual Fund or I-Bonds?14:11 diyinvestor 
128hBond Alternatives in the time of Zero rates07/04 Compass14:11 vineviz
43tReal life example of 7 digit 401k/Roth IRA portfolios08/09 teddytimtam14:10 retire2022
7481tU.S. stocks continue to soar!2018 GoldStar14:09 CurlyDave
4660pRefinance Mega Thread09/01 AZAttorney1114:09 mcdb84
33tWhy not Vanguard U.S. Growth Fund?04/14 TheDDC14:06 asif408
7pAlternatives to Ally Bank?11:20 Echohammer41914:06 BogleMelon
43hPAS moving from index funds to ETFs14:29 dm529614:05 Northern Flicke
7hnew investor20:31 gautamsa14:01 retired@50
1pPurchasing MIL's home as she moves to 55+ community: best practices13:57 coalcracker14:00 Gill
31cWiFi burglar and fire/smoke detector system08/09 TomatoTomahto13:52 Chuck107
9h401k Advice - New to Boglehead world12:00 Finch86813:52 retired@50
74tInflation, TIPS and asset allocation08/08 Mr.BB13:45 FIREchief
46hMaster Limited Partnerships (MLPs) and taxes08/04 MakingBacon13:43 pshonore
601cMy New Car Buying Tips2013 denovo13:38 BanditKing
34ctips for frozen food during power outage08/08 go_mets13:38 neilpilot
9hCash in portfolio10:42 Fins2513:38 dbr
21tWhy I don't trust S&P 500 index funds (Brett Arends)11:33 Sheepdog13:37 sakhir
22pFront Load 52908/08 FrownLines13:35 Meaty
11p401k for 2nd home or stop contributing and save08/09 longrun1013:34 bloom2708
5809tHEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure Part II: The next journey08/11 HEDGEFUNDIE13:34 Meaty
108tThoughts on bonds from Fed decision...08/04 TexasBorn13:33 7eight9
2022c[What TV Show Have You Recently Watched?]2016 dbCooperAir13:32 Capsu78
45hShould We Our Shorten Bond Duration?05/21 galeno13:30 Starfox
21pAny IRMAA experts? [Income Related Monthly Adjustment Amount - Medicare]08/09 Big Dog13:29 pahkcah
0hUsing Captial gains as offset for high yield/risk investing13:20 annu 
13nLeverage on mortgage08/09 frugalbelgian13:12 grabiner
66pCompare the state tax across states - California, Florida08/04 LiveSimple13:09 ballons
0hRe: Real estate investing in current COVID situation13:05 Mrxyz 
13hWhat should I do?21:03 Guptonr1113:04 arcticpineapple
49tDemographic Destiny [US vs International]08/09 Alchemist13:03 LadyGeek
102p[Auto insurance companies issuing refunds due to coronavirus]04/06 pshonore13:03 Harry Livermore
17cAutotrader bait and switch09:24 Admiral13:03 Kenkat
6tSmall value outperformance - already priced in?18:00 oscarsonthepond12:49 000
4519cWhat Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI2014 Alex Frakt12:46 birnhamwood
3hHelp figuring appropriate stock/bond ratio11:10 Nowizard12:43 pkcrafter
141cWhat Car Maintenance Do You Do?08/02 Superleaf44412:39 Chrono Triggere
3pDrop my HSA healthcare plan?10:23 HappyHourLife12:39 HappyHourLife
5tGOOGLEFINANCE Mutual Fund Prices16:53 pascalwager12:35 pascalwager
126pRental property investing and #'s explained (why real estate can be a great investment)08/03 barberakb12:35 knpstr
10hany suggestions on investing bond etf?03:14 hihillary12:34 000
35hHow to zero out a traditional IRA account?07/14 mrchen12:34 mrchen
9hVanguard Incorrect Cost Basis In Taxable Brokerage Account08/09 cmublitz12:34 drzzzzz
1pTime limit for amending taxes for prior year excess withdrawal?10:11 fkane22012:33 kaneohe
53t2020 Bogleheads Conference Update05/07 Bogle Center12:30 BrandonBogle
10pRefinancing - previous loan payoff07/27 Triple digit go12:30 ma21n2
8pInsurance Companies08/07 azianbob12:30 afan
0tSigFig wins 2020 Q2 Robo Report ranking12:28 RetiredNewbie 
1pFor those that have taken a break from work... [Military to civilian career change]12:08 Ripcord12:23 OAG
45tWhat to do with International Bonds?08/07 Nightowl9912:16 abuss368
5hBest way to rollover old 401k17:42 kroton12312:15 lakpr
56tSilver: The Forgotten Precious Metal?08/08 willthrill8112:12 goblue100
7pBuy a House or Continue Renting08/07 Businesscasual12:10 gr7070
200pWhat percent of net worth should a persons house be?10/17 masonstone12:05 Sandtrap
64tAnyone abandoning trend following and/or dual momentum approaches?08/08 steve32112:05 LadyGeek
69tNegative Interest Rates: What's the Big Deal?08/07 bck6312:04 Walkure
46pCareer advice08/07 Supurdueper12:04 3of10
11hIdentifying tax efficient funds for my taxable account21:00 Kams123112:03 anon_investor
3nHow to allocate capital tied up in family business?10:39 MrCurious12:03 Sandtrap
17cMoving truck rental add-ons15:14 Nyarlathotep12:02 Nyarlathotep
1nDividend tax10:25 MrCurious11:59 TedSwippet
4pWould a recast make sense here?08/09 sergio11:55 gr7070
16hTLH Sale Of Rental Property Against Stock Gains19:31 FS5111:50 FS51
19pEmployers - Will you comply with EE request to defer payroll tax?17:39 Jefferson11:48 Lee_WSP
18hAre we going to be able to make it? (Networth question)08/07 Zillions11:46 chipperd
31tYou cant time the market...but, can you use the data to support your timing?08/07 nomorework11:44 Anon9001
7pSalary increase - traps, phase-outs, etc.08/08 mpsz11:40 whodidntante
12h401(k) Investment Fund Options for Myself?07/28 fitmisfit11:35 fitmisfit
15ctru tankless(electric) versus rheem hybrid(electric)08/04 finfire11:34 finfire
34cNew refrigerator08/07 MDfan11:33 Dougiefresh
23hESPP...sell ASAP?20:53 JSDNJ11:32 inbox788
36pGetting through to Equifax02/19 statman11:32 3of10
11h401K rollover08/08 shriram11:31 ruralavalon
32cNew hybrid SUV? Talk me into/out of it08/08 TheTurtle11:31 John88
1p[Testamentary trust questions - cost basis, capital gains]08/08 Satirepups11:29 senex
13tRule of 7209:09 ReformedSpender11:25 jeffyscott
25cHerman Miller Aeron chair20:33 aiyuanuc11:24 z0r
4h401k - stable value vs bond fund10:31 DosCommas11:14 UpsetRaptor
4hVanguard Roth IRA and buying Non Vanguard funds09:49 Abk91111:13 grabiner
47lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2021!05/25 Miriam211:08 radiowave
0nUS TIPS as an European Investor11:04 DollarvsGold 
15tWhat is your Ratio of lifetime income saved to investMeant growth08/08 skor9911:03 David Jay
3pfamily 1099 and llc08/09 JMBINVEST10:59 JMBINVEST
106tThink no one can beat the index?08/08 southwest_stack10:57 southwest_stack
4tRetirement % Assumptions Teacher/Administrator Pension07:36 AlwaysLearning210:56 Ron Ronnerson
15hRetirement Planning07/31 dogwalker10:56 FoolMeOnce
26cLooking for gas can that is easy fill / easy pour08/09 URSnshn10:48 3of10
28pLarge windfall - impact on financial plan08/09 Bb07308410:44 Regattamom
3hContinued Investing Question......08:43 Bbsgarcia10:37 HomeStretch
2cSingle sink to double sink conversion- Is it a DIY project?10:14 A44010:34 David Jay
79pStarting divorce process - how to succeed financially?08/07 throwaway11210:32 tibbitts
8hRefi to pay off house or invest08/05 Katz10:21 anon_investor
1561lPost your Financial Milestone Announcements Here2017 VAslim1610:21 sailaway
191cBooks that changed your life02/02 HotRod14010:20 GR8FUL-D
10hPortfolio Contribution Question07:16 BinkUSMC10:18 retired@50
114cShould I purchase a whole house generator?08/05 miamivice10:17 Luke Duke
10pShort-term loan to avoid realizing capital gains?20:09 jory180410:09 langlands
50cHonda FIT08/09 shell92110:01 stoptothink
4tGold, the Golden Constant, COVID-19, 'Massive Passives' and Déjà Vu08:24 arcticpineapple09:58 Forester
165tAnyone else hoarding cash right now?08/05 JustinR09:52 mak1277
9hMEG backdoor: Vanguard Paperwork In Service Roll over08/06 Abk91109:52 Abk911
6hEntering worforce, have large inherited allocation in a single stock21:55 selenium09:45 HomeStretch
2nHow to calculate foreign exchange effect on investment05:51 mooseboi09:44 TedSwippet
5hIs my plan charging crazy high expense ratios or not? Pls help me understand01:31 Funletter202009:41 pkcrafter
6pmortgage pay off Laura Pitko08/09 Pdub09:34 SDLinguist
41tBroad commodity investing with iShares CMDY ETF08/06 chem09:30 czeckers
7hShould I cash my 457?08:27 Streptococcus09:20 runner3081
18cElliptical recommendation under 2k2019 am09:12 BalancedJCB19
4pHSA and change in medical insurance question08:31 Opibus09:11 lstone19
35tDid Vanguard Eliminate Access to Financial Engines?12/21 iceport09:09 roydornoch
19hCash Injection into 3 Fund Portfolio16:38 HrdWkr9909:04 Wanderingwheelz
6hConverting Vanguard mutual funds to ETFs.06:24 Robdac08:51 Robdac
18hNew to investing- is this a good time to invest lump sum?08/09 inv10108:49 inv101
6pCareer advice08/08 k b08:43 sfnerd
335c[On-going Scams - Post them here]2019 ketanco08:26 OrderAndChaos
22pBuying Rentals for retirement income. Worth it?08/09 mojorisin08:17 SimonJester
35tHow do I know what withdrawal rate to use?08/09 UKFred08:14 dknightd
16hNewbie here. I need advice on my financials!!!19:59 newyorker08:14 Chrono Triggere
2hSEP IRA - earned income for S-Corp owner08/09 mx711yam08:12 mx711yam
1034tLifecycle Investing - Leveraging when young2019 Steve Reading08:09 zhuyz05
5h4 total stock index funds in same IRA14:58 clipso107:56 Kenkat
3tTesting Safe Withdrawal Calculator Excel Spread Sheet.14:47 investor.saver107:15 investor.saver1
31tBetter than index funds: Buy a conglomerate’s stock2014 George-J06:58 000
1004tVariable Percentage Withdrawal (VPW)2013 longinvest06:56 longinvest
10cCar Insurance Tracking Apps08/08 Superleaf44406:25 mw1739
32nNeed help to invest in ETFs [Bahrain]07/22 mohd06:21 mohd
230lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2020!2019 Miriam206:20 Talisker
1hRoth IRA and high non-resident state income tax03:22 nonhysterical06:19 rkhusky
8pAttn: Social Security Experts15:49 summerof4205:42 JoeRetire
5hPortfolio Review - Retirement in 8-10 years08/04 csh05:40 csh
11cAre Leather Lounges Worthwhile?08/08 alex12371105:02 mmcmonster
11hNewly retired seeking an investment & cash flow plan16:10 Octavia03:42 rossington
34hTaxation of long and short term capital gains in a high-tax state08/09 ThisJustIn03:39 MathIsMyWayr
5nPFIC and expat US citizen investing in non-US domiciled funds08/09 michaelotal02:46 TedSwippet
9hLooking for a cloud based portfolio tracker08/08 Bitzer01:21 BroIceCream
124cMosquitos! Mosquitos! Mosquitos!07/22 El Greco00:26 FandangoDave501
14tVanguard Personal Advisor Service vs Rick Ferri08/09 KansasDoc00:21 renegade06
7cVehicle After Market VS OEM Parts?08/06 michadoh00:04 michadoh
15hBackdoor Roth Conversion - Pls Advice19:10 Denver_Inv23:44 FiveK
4007tCoronavirus and the market02/04 XM16E123:36 flaccidsteele
5hLTCI: long term care insurance, guidance please....20:42 Wannaretireearl23:26 Luckywon
21hGetting rid of Financial Advisor. What do I do next?08/08 sleeker23:09 Elric
7pTax strategies07/26 D333123:01 fyre4ce
54pTSP Participant Account Balances2015 MichDad22:43 tj
7pKeane (Legal Claimant Services) Question Re: Unclaimed Property16:09 smitty151522:42 ResearchMed
8pNewbie Refinance Questions08/07 blackwhisker22:31 blackwhisker
46hAnyone using crypto exchanges to earn higher interest on their cash?08/07 tman999922:23 typical.investo
7hBonds or Payoff Mortgage (in my case).08/08 fortfun22:00 REITired
8pInsurance08/09 cowboy73721:59 Ron Ronnerson
122cWho is your favorite fiction author and what is your favorite book of theirs?07/10 beernutz21:47 tenkuky
16nSeeking a US expat Friendly stock broker07/22 wmwphu21:47 txranger
52tPress Release 4/16/20– Vanguard Closes Treasury Money Market Fund to New Investors04/16 Paul Romano21:42 pascalwager
15hVanguard Passive Income Portfolio08/09 silverstring21:25 BolderBoy
15hI bonds for 202008/09 Willmunny21:22 Dottie57
131tVanguard "sunsetting" CFP consultations08/03 seasmokefarms21:12 Helo80
2cText Message Auto Spelling Name08/08 J29521:08 J295
23pAccess to e-bills in joint checking: separate logins08/07 delamer21:07 KeepingEyesOpen
4hMerrill Lynch Wealth Management to Merrill Edge process/experiences?08/08 mkc21:02 WoodSpinner
10tExposure to future real estate without buying it08/08 00020:19 000
23pEstate planning; Charitable Remainder Unitrust (CRUT)05/17 egghead20:15 bsteiner
29cOffice chair recommendation for carpeted home office04/09 PlayingLife20:13 aohex_dave
5hSimple Question - I think08/02 WanderingWilly20:08 random_walker_7
5hHelp me help my Dad with his foreign ESOP?08/07 bpfwt19:50 random_walker_7
33cLooking for a $500 new office chair08/05 BogleMelon19:43 stoptothink
5h529 Investment Change??08/07 mkpainter19:32 inbox788
5hPortfolio feedback/advice, late 20s08/08 younginvestor4419:23 1789
116tAMZN & AAPL - time to bail?08/08 adave19:14 rockstar
12hNew Investor- Need Advice08/08 Denver_Inv19:12 lakpr
7pFederal Tax Return Delayed Due to Adoption Credit?04/22 wassabi19:08 TheDDC
16cChromebook for elementary student08/08 hbdad19:02 jlawrence01
9cWhole House Generator propane odor08/08 mrshanno19:01 mrshanno
13cRecurring Amazon Charge (fraud suspected)08/08 runner919:00 inbox788
11hPortfolio Review and Recommendation.07/03 Madboggle18:45 lakpr
6hGuidance needed, sale of inherited homes, cost basis, capital gains tax08/08 jason5432118:44 Gill
19pWedding Finances during COVID07/31 pennywise18:34 pennywise
36tMalkiel: Preferred and High-Dividend Stocks are "Bond Substitutes"08/05 bck6318:26 BH+
1693pShare your net worth progression2014 techcrium18:24 Radman
9hAlly NP CD down to 0.75%, HYS rate likely to follow?16:10 anon_investor18:23 tibbitts
80cAny Chase Sapphire Reserve cardholders planning on cancelling?08/02 totallynotsure18:22 jeffh19
14hConfusion about 4% rule withdrawal for income08/08 Boulous18:21 FactualFran
5tUnderstanding portfolio formation by Fama French and Q508/07 vimpindare18:09 Wade Garrett
4pTaxation of Accrued Interest on i-Bonds or After-Tax Annuities at Death15:50 Retired180918:05 Gill
7tAsset Allocation16:41 EdwardjK18:04 anon_investor
5hBest way to cash stock08/08 krish72718:04 grabiner
13cNew Clothes Dryer Questions & Recommendations08/07 jco17:59 robphoto
20hFidelity Puritan or Balanced Versus Three Fund Approach07/30 choral5417:58 choral54
17tThe Case for Consumer Staples in Your Portfolio2016 mrog114117:45 dodecahedron
6pWar chest size needed for major a career transition08/09 johnegonpdx17:44 22twain
109lTampa Bay Local Bogleheads Chapter2015 tampaite17:41 Miriam2
7pCiti credit card refunds08/08 Sammey117:40 Doctor Rhythm
4hREITs in total stock market index08/09 rjicsjjw17:32 retired@50
124pCapital One is at it again06/17 JD277517:32 CardinalRule
4hUTMA - Taking Custody w/out financial advisor08/09 sedna27317:20 RetiredAL
19cUsed Gaming Desktop buying advice08/08 AKBTX1417:00 invest4
12hHow to withdraw Roth IRA contribution at Fidelity (contribution only)?08/07 JRER16:59 Duckie
8hTraditional to SEP transfer?2018 Mr400meterdash16:55 Domadosolo
25cGroundhog in crawl space08/06 Old Sage(brush)16:45 brianH
8hNew 401k Company. Which fund to choose?08/08 RL101316:34 ruralavalon
77pdeferred payroll tax implications?08/08 Gord0n16:32 LadyGeek
9cFLA/AL Panhandle/Gulf Coast Beaches?08/02 LunaLauren16:32 tiger81
11hViability of Tax Exempt funds even in a lower tax bracket08/09 LookinAround16:27 RCL
6tWhat if I have to fund more of my retirement myself?08/09 effillus16:25 Beehave
42tHow Can I Reduce Total Market's (VTI) Tech of 25%08/05 Bob16:25 bck63
12hVTEAX (Tax-exempt bond index fund) vs VWIUX (Intermediate-term tax exempt fund)08/07 CrankAddict16:22 abuss368
5IRussia Bogleheads Local Chapter08/05 YHOLMOGOROV16:22 LadyGeek
10tQuestion on Vngd Advisor Service08/07 jackoak16:03 stan1
45hConsidering Firing Financial Advisor08/08 RyanJud7616:03 illumination
38pAdvice needed on interesting PSLF situation - should we change course?10/26 ASpenderInRecov15:39 gazelle1991
37tSmall Cap Value vs Mega Cap Growth08/07 physixfan15:03 burritoLover
2h401k Institutional Shares?14:47 LivinGood15:01 fabdog
26hRegular charitable giving with Fidelity DAF08/07 MrJedi14:59 LeftCoast
3hDistribution phase-Tax ramifications08/09 fusspot14:46 khart23
937pRetiree Portfolio Model2012 BigFoot4814:37 BigFoot48
26pChase "You Invest" account - Biggest complaint2019 teelainen14:30 sbillertpa
9hAdvice on best strategy to supplement pension in early retirement08/07 Woops14:27 Woops

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