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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1031 new posts and replies over 153 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
# Replies Subforum - Topic TitleFirst Last   
Subforum - TopicLast   
1hSoon-to-be-divorced portfolio & spending check23:44 sdeahelgob02:39 invest4
0n[Australia] Stay the course or detour?02:31 JimboMutumbo 
15tAA recommendations16:07 swayswift02:01 swayswift
206tNew version of PortfolioVisualizer?05/18 Gaston01:57 comeinvest
53tStarting to Worry [concerned about future SWR]05/17 BizarroJerry01:57 StillGoing
2pCan anyone recommend a good personal income tax CPA?05/22 nassau3401:46 hvaclorax
31cCamera advice for African safari11:05 retire1401:40 novicemoney
19pI have too much house at 6.75%, but I could pay it off. Should I?20:46 dpkg01:32 babystep
0tThe 60/40 Portfolio Is Not Dead; It’s Just Not Well-Balanced01:21 retireIn2020 
19cColorado Red light camera ticket18:06 stocknoob411101:16 twh
1pLarger down payment vs keeping invested23:31 misterg01:13 JBTX
105tSPIA: What Do You Think?06/19 Taylor Larimore01:02 retireIn2020
8hShift future savings from tax-deferred to taxable?21:43 Schooly D01:01 Wiggums
99tConsidering Schwab04/18 WhitePuma00:58 MoreTaxes
15pMortgage or Roth 401k Contributions05/24 Unitsmoke00:57 JBTX
31pSpending in Retirement15:25 MrWasabi6500:56 heyyou
272pShare your retirement cash flow plan05/06 murrays00:55 splat789
30tFilling the TIPS gap years with bracket year duration matching05/22 Kevin M00:19 Mel Lindauer
4hAnnuitize Your TSP - Why or Why Not?21:14 AnnetteLouisan00:18 TheRoundHeadedK
4hNewRetirement site questions - Just joined 5/26/24 - Retired 2/2/2418:30 NatureWaterLove23:50 Sandi_k
2hExpense ratio and management fee: set them equal trick?21:47 barrybonds28223:34 nedsaid
15hHSA - Stay with Health Equity or Convert to Fidelity05/25 OldSport23:30 aristotelian
11hEducating myself, want to catch up. Help appreciated.05/23 GardenGal23:27 GardenGal
9cNeed sprinkler controller capable of 2 valves on one station19:09 Teague23:22 Tracker968
12hPlease Help Me Allocate my Bonds and Equities Properly - $4M Value11:33 RidgeCrestMan23:21 LISD
133panother 5500ez penalty tale - $210,0002022 sunrisevalley23:16 hvaclorax
15tRecommended Stocks15:51 PapaGeek23:08 nedsaid
29pCan't have enough Roth?05/26 hedge_hog8822:59 RetiredAL
3pIn-Laws Veterans Administration life insurance retirement questions05/26 ScubaHogg22:58 ScubaHogg
23pFinancial planning advice05/25 Georgie22:56 Sandi_k
24pAspiring Cardiologist: Loan Strategy Advice05/22 DrMmamba22:55 hvaclorax
1hBond Funds - Appreciation or Yield?21:31 Kistle22:44 retired@50
52hWhat is the percentage to hold in gold?05/25 mrweisu22:41 Atgard
47h100 % Fixed and Content, a Mistake ?05/18 Goodenuff22:33 EnjoyIt
16hTLH First Time05/25 learning3022:30 learning30
29tnon-100% Monte Carlo success rate does not mean you will go broke05/25 gavinsiu22:26 nedsaid
63t[NVIDIA announces 10 - 1 stock split for June 10]02/06 swong22:26 chipslinger
7519pBank of America/Merrill Edge - Preferred Rewards2014 navyitaly22:25 i2cube
32cWhat's the best way to get rid of large super heavy items that you don't want?11:03 CobraKai22:15 placeholder
41hShould we keep working?05/24 Grump9922:14 Arboecars
83tWhat do you think is the bare minimal you need to know05/24 gavinsiu22:13 Dottie57
11365cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36822:07 jginseattle
3066tModified versions of HFEA with ITT and Futures / Lifecycle Investing with Modern Portfolio Theory2021 skierincolorado22:05 comeinvest
4fJust joined can't add Avatar19:00 NatureWaterLove22:01 NatureWaterLove
5hMoved dad’s iBonds money into something else now?19:46 abcdef191222:00 phoroner
33pThoughts on Empower Financial Software05/17 DireStraits21:59 Explorer
269tVanguard Notice - Update to Brokerage Agreement, Commission and Fee Schedules05/03 LadyGeek21:53 nalor511
1pHas anyone appointed a POA for their Treasury Direct account?05/24 RationalWalk21:52 phoroner
2hTLH & TGH -> Quick transition to passive investing?18:21 Vivi21:51 Vivi
40hTime for my asset rebalancing, am I alone in feeling uneasy about this task ?05/25 Kumsajack21:51 baconavocado
8pAnother “What to do with home sale proceeds” with special conditions05/24 chemocean21:47 fogalog
2nVanguard AU superannuation lowers fee05/01 asset_chaos21:44 JimboMutumbo
25tCreative Planning vs Ritholtz Wealth Management2019 jjames0306221:34 hnd
18p2nd Letter from the IRS-Dear Taxpayer05/25 Skeeter121:33 celia
39cHyundai Ioniq lease deals05/23 SlowMovingInves21:14 CletusCaddy
16pBuying new car in another state05:58 sambb21:11 vinhodoporto
1044tVanguard Cash Plus Account01/12 stan121:11 xmorphicx
5h25 Y/O Investment Strategy14:40 anoninvestor13121:08 Sandtrap
6487pFidelity as a one stop shop2018 BogleMelon21:05 Minty
28pZelle scam? what can I do?02:42 Swiss Chard21:01 rkhusky
113pShould I pay down mortgage with 6.5% interest ?2023 oneboglehead20:57 babystep
36pSelling House in 2025 and Realtor Commisions05/23 Owlette67820:56 rkhusky
80pEffect of Current Income on Decision to Retire Early2018 investorpeter20:54 WestCoastPhan
16h"T+1" settlement also work for Roth & Trad. IRA sales?05/24 swong20:54 Robert20
8pRent a Timeshare ?12:13 EricGold20:50 DCChak
42hMy experience straying from Bogleheads principles05/25 I-Know-Nothing20:47 Chv396
32h[Unwinding a complicated portfolio from our advisor]05/23 Bogleway20:47 Bogleway
96tCharley Ellis says "Too much in Bonds"05/24 FRANK200920:44 AlwaysLearningM
21hQuick questions about buying 5 year treasury05/23 taxck3320:39 taxck33
45pStates That Don't Tax 529-to-Roth Rollovers05/21 jb1020:34 toddthebod
5nAustralian Portfolio Questions [Split from Thoughts on Australian portfolio construction . . .]05/23 sobar7720:28 sobar77
21cCar with engine problems05/25 SlowMovingInves20:27 tibbitts
6hWhere to put additional savings?15:27 T700k20:26 babystep
12hHelp me decide Roth 401k vs Traditional 401k please.05/24 41fan20:16 babystep
8hConsolidation and Back Door Roth Question...05/20 buldogge19:59 placeholder
37pHome Insurance in California05/20 Baldrekr19:57 celia
47cNew BMW X5 - do I ask for my money back?05/23 TRC19:49 jmw
6117cWhat are you listening to now2020 Artful Dodger19:40 Nicolas
24pCredit Card for 20 year old03:53 RetireWhen19:33 DivesEtPauper
19pPlanning to sell my condo. Right decision ?03/04 twotwotwo19:31 twotwotwo
3pSelling commercial property - How can capital gains be deferred?05/25 JATRAN19:27 bsteiner
13cNavigator Plus Software and Windows 1005/16 Tipster194719:26 heywhoathere
28pFirst time getting health insurance from an employer in my life. Is this an average price?05/24 Randyman19:23 Young Boglehead
14tStay in Your Seat - presentation by Weston Wellington from DFA05/24 arcticpineapple19:23 Lawrence of Sub
115hHelp me invest $10m ...05/21 ThePensiveInves19:21 Ryzan
6hPurchasing FBALX05/24 Thundering Man19:15 ruralavalon
250lSacramento, CA Area Chapter - Master Thread2015 digarei19:12 digarei
1256tBox Spreads as Loans - Interactive Brokers IBKR - 2021 [and later]2021 kellykline19:12 klaus14
38hFidelity, Vanguard and Schwab???11:14 Mr. Potter19:10 ruralavalon
17cRome Hotel Prices05/26 boogiehead19:01 bobn60014
90pAging couple move from NV to CA? Worried if health declines. Advise?05/15 thenow18:57 mjg
21pMoney Sit in Vanguard Settlement Fund Indefinitely05/24 diamonehands20918:47 Misenplace
104pE*Trade as a one stop shop2022 manlymatt8318:34 CCD
31tJ.P. Morgan Guide to Retirement 202402/24 InvestorHowie18:27 greenbogle
35tWhy should expense ratios matter to retail investors?05/25 monkeytoad18:23 nedsaid
447tHow Do You Like My New 'Doo2015 nedsaid18:11 nedsaid
16hEmergency fund in money market account05/24 Please-FIRE-Me18:10 Robert20
151tVictor Haghani on owning TIPS bonds vs TIPS etfs05/23 bobcat218:05 watchnerd
9hPreparing Data For Transfer: Managed (Merril) -> Passive (Schwab)11:14 monkeytoad18:01 placeholder
2pMatching your kid's income into their ROTH -- tax implications?17:44 Zillions17:52 toddthebod
0hSOFI Roth IRA and TDF Question17:24 YourAverageInve 
6108c[What TV Show Have You Recently Watched?]2016 dbCooperAir17:11 soretired
154l"Pre-Retirement/Early Retirement" Life Stage Virtual Chapter "Master Thread"2021 DFWBogleheads17:03 Miriam2
152h[What Should I Invest In? Bank Investment Plans or On My Own?]2022 arca16:50 KingRiggs
32hDecumulation Curves - What do they look like?05/24 RadAudit16:47 KingRiggs
40t100% VOO (My Current Allocation) vs. 80% VOO and 20% International05/24 CoastLawyer203016:37 Zillions
1hPortfolio Review/Advice05/25 sfolsom7616:21 FiveK
21pSaving an Inheritance for a House vs Investing05/18 95233stegosaurs16:14 Olemiss540
1tDCA into TIPS ETF’S15:44 hoops77716:00 bikechuck
97tmortgages as negative bonds05/22 sharx15:28 EnjoyIt
141cGetting rid of stuff05/18 Claudia Whitten15:14 TravellingTechO
5c5.5 days near Nice?05/25 joetro2915:09 Dornhoefer
0pDoes U.S. Government interest contribute toward Minnesota standard deduction limitation?14:52 Smilodon 
39tPreparing for 2026 tax brackets05/25 bertilak14:41 teen persuasion
14hTransition to new Vanguard Personal Advisor05/24 NickCoulson14:39 standard7
7pImpact of jointly held checking account on gift tax return requirement?12/18 TallyMan14:37 WorkToLive
7tWhere to cap Roth Conversions05/25 Seoulseeker14:37 ralph124cf
345tAlphaArchitect launches BOXX: 1-3 Month Box Spread ETF2023 happenstance14:28 LadyGeek
18hNavy Federal cd vs vanguard money market04/22 fabis14:28 SunnySideUp
6tGovernment MMF vs Other Similar Options Ease Convenience Tradeoffs05/25 DTalos14:23 wwhan
3nUK DC Pension TFLSM, UFPLS, India relocation etc - unable to decide11:21 bluejeansman14:03 TedSwippet
1tVanguard mistake in publication13:00 B4Xt3r13:39 afan
41cElectric Shaver Recommendations (2022)2022 NYCaviator13:22 KT785
18pSelling Index Funds from Taxable Account05/25 Atreides13:20 livesoft
7pUnable to move 529 money to my Roth IRA, 15 year clock reset05/24 Blsgator13:15 mhalley
57cAt what point do you replace your HVAC system?2022 CobraKai13:11 edge
11tAdvantage to the Boglehead investor05/25 SantaClaraSurfe13:11 Misenplace
19pPrePay Discount Offers for Medical Procedures ???05/24 PaulieLilly13:01 PaulieLilly
126pLow Expenses, How?05/20 rich12613:01 EricGold
22cMac Migration Process Failure05/24 EZ James13:01 Polar_Ice
2tTwo Fund Portfolio Allocation and Withdrawl Rate11:24 tvubpwcisla12:53 zincTwo
3hFunding LTC with fixed income05/24 Goodenuff12:46 dbr
2932cBird watchers – what birds are you seeing?2020 JAZZISCOOL12:42 minesweep
42cNew iPad Air or 10th gen iPad?05/25 mbres6012:38 desiderium
12cPA Taxes (Schools)05/25 rich12612:21 rich126
418cWho's up for pickleball? Zero-zero-two. Game On!2022 LadyGeek12:18 rich126
5cPlease help choose bathroom faucet for a Home Depot vanity05/25 LeoNYC11:51 Mayacallie
35hmy experience so far setting up Fidelity CMA05/07 syc11:39 syc
14cFind My Device network - Android?05/22 biscuit511:38 biscuit5
2tResearch on returns of average individual 401k investors?10:54 MikeZ11:30 livesoft
76tFinancial crisis of 2008 - Inside Job05/19 Claudia Whitten11:28 Valuethinker
28cPlanning Trip to New Zealand - Suggestions Please05/24 WhitePuma11:24 niagara_guy
12c[Air Conditioning malfunction?]05/22 tunafish11:18 tunafish
16cHot water heater seeping water05/24 YeahBuddy11:09 JoeJohnson
6932tI Bonds Mega Thread (I Bond Heads Rejoice!)2021 tomsense7611:08 You Know What I
10cCooperative ("co-op") apartment - repairs / maintenance; work involved to 'snake' drain?05/22 rjbraun11:06 LilyFleur
74cYour experience selling a car to a dealer / CarMax / Carvana09/17 ThankYouJack10:54 seawolf21
2psanity check: multiple Solo 401ks & control group rules05/24 calabel10:51 calabel
15nHow do you maintain your US self-employment when moving overseas?05/24 wineandplaya05:43 halfnine
6hAutomate Bond/CD Ladder Reinvestments05/25 Hilltop05:32 LookinAround
37pCan I fire my CPA after they filed my tax extension?05/23 wwzz05:29 4nursebee
10cSeeking Recommendations for Cruise of Norwegian Fjords05/25 MichDad04:11 Cruise
6055tInternational (Non-US) versus US Equities (The "Arguments")07/23 CraigTester03:34 seajay

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