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27p Flagship Investor with 700 credit score ?  02/05NC 91123:39Mapache
7h Need advice on my next Rental Investment  18:46livealife12323:36Watty
92c Sibling's destination wedding?  page: 202/04Former Usher23:35Scotttheking
9p Should I Refinance? - 85% LTV, 30-Year Fixed, 5.5% to 15-year Fixed, 2.99%  14:41atl_brownie23:35Raladic
5p refinancing for high rate  16:49ser6623:33ser66
1h Selection Process for Choosing Funds  23:20atl_brownie23:33lack_ey
0c Canadian dollar  23:27Jane  
0p Why Invest in an International Index Fund?  23:25atl_brownie  
20c VERY low cost/low use cell phone service/plan  12:29dm20023:21CABob
85c The Coming Boglehead Zombie Apocalypse (LED bulbs)  page: 202/04tadamsmar23:20Atgard
13h Help A 24-Year-Old Start Planning for Retirement  10:29malibuboats9123:16nimo956
64h I Lost My FInancial Brain - Please Help  page: 202/04beehumble23:10beehumble
19p What happens when car accident claim exceeds insurance limits?  13:43betterfinances22:58kenner
4c Personal property inventory  10:10vveat22:54Mudpuppy
49p My Megacorp offered a pension buyout today...  02/04supernova7222:52Leeraar
15t Taxable account strategy for delaying Social Security  02/06Pursuitofqualit22:52radiowave
13p Costco AMEX Update  01/23anonenigma22:51anonenigma
8h Made tax payments in 2015, confused about 2015 return  09:12workPsy22:42Beth*
5p Looking for some clarification on ROTH Conversion Ladders  18:45echelon22:38KlangFool
7h Tax Mitigation / Employer Stock / TLH Advice  02/06mike12722:37mike127
3p $1 More saves $34/month (Jumbo vs Conforming)  16:14Purelife30422:36Goal33
48c Anyone travel without hacking?  02/04Allixi22:29Beth*
0h New 401K Plan Investment Selections  22:27kmmuelle  
18p Need advice - Employer withdrew accepted offer  13:05Star91222:27kenner
8c Managing kid's internet use  20:43dm5222:25Pursuitofqualit
5h How to invest my HSA money?  20:47jkushne122:19Aptenodytes
1p Health Savings Accounts: Factual Errors in Wiki  11:01LonScott22:10grabiner
12h Live off Inheritance for 3 Years, or Withdraw from 401k  13:18FreddieG22:08randomguy
8p would like to increase ss payment  12:27retiredbuthappy22:04jjface
9h Rebalance Question  16:48Pondo3322:01Pondo33
39h Disappointed in International Funds  02/05betterfinances21:59gkaplan
21t Will the Super Bowl Theory Hold Up This Time?  2014Rick Ferri21:45cheese_breath
12c Help Me Plan My Trip  01/23nedsaid21:44nedsaid
19p Filing taxes for free in 2016  02/04autonomy21:37autonomy
9h When does it make sense to move part of your emergency fund into a Roth IRA. And which fund to put it in?  02/06lisber21:37slow n steady
25t [Vanguard Brokerage Services] 1099Bs Issued at the End of Feb  02/06CUBuffs21:32AviN
4h Confused doctor's portfolio  11:47Cucumbers21:32EmergDoc
10p Selling makeup on Facebook for extra income?  02/06betterfinances21:30LadyGeek
25p World-class Worrier Trying to Reassure Another  11:36Mintee21:27Zott
59t "Picking Individual Stocks is a Loser's Game"  page: 202/05Taylor Larimore21:05David Jay
1431c What Movie Have You Recently Watched?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 292014abuss36821:02Thrifty Femme
8h 24Yrs old, 158k inheritance, make a diversified drip?  13:46blackvans123420:53BL
1h Partial Conversion/Recharacterization of CD Experience?  02/06Carl5320:50Carl53
28c Raw Honey?  02/06investingdad20:46Toons
8h Long time lurker, first time poster  02/06Briar Rabbit20:37Peter Foley
4h Are FA fears of ETF market (SEC comments) valid?  19:02Rs6420:34warowits
2h Move CREF Stock into TIAA Traditional  19:13Kate20:27Toons
5c Adult Coloring Books  19:34RooseveltG20:25mhalley
9t Dividend Reliability Studies  16:19Kalo20:21patrick013
20p Costco AMEX Transition - Costco has no answers  01/04anonenigma20:21Nuvoletta
14p 10% Mortgage Down payment  15:04jmiles20:20dm200
43h Overwhelmed - Asset Allocation Questions Between 401K, Roth IRA, and Taxable Accounts  02/04atl_brownie20:15runningman19
4h small 457b for wife's job, not sure if she'll go back  02/02DHolliday20:06icefr
11h 3-fund portfolio for non-US citizens? [Singapore]  02/06lazysingaporean19:52longinvest
24p Can a minor child sue former guardians for theft once they turn 18  02:40megslachlan19:40LadyGeek
31p Please share examples where earning an extra $1 can cost more in taxes than income.  02/05sai19:36gvsucavie03
15h The $250,000 Question  02/06Dimitri19:33patrick013
7h Too aggressive? Seeking advice  10:30jwright1919:20FreeAtLast
49t Asset location strategies for taxes are OK; but not great  2014Rick Ferri19:05randomguy
24h Fidelity or iShares for total stk market?  02/05zadie18:45Artsdoctor
4h Limited 401K bond fund choices...which one(s)?  16:55Gort18:39Toons
23h I have to leave Ameriprise  2015ewood80118:37plazio
143h Clueless college new grad 22 yo, 200k income looking to start saving  page: 2 302/02moonhalf18:27krv
8h How do I do this re rollover?  14:50Gonewiththewind18:27jmndu99
16t What is your average return?  02/05MDreppin18:18Cramerica
8p Preparing for marriage (taxes)  07:53wassabi17:51wassabi
26t Emotion? question from dan howitt  12/03dan howitt17:49Fallible
1h Tax-Loss Harvesting Schwab International Funds  13:00RFox6817:39in_reality
2h Old non deduct. iRA contribution and backdoor Roth question  16:14am17:35am
75p Car-Certified Lexus LS 460 Vs New ES 350 Vs New RX 350  page: 22014ram17:21ram
12h Pension options vs. Term Life policy  02/06A44017:15A440
34h Yikes! FA is killing me...desperate to know how to fire FA and DIY?  02/04N2planning17:02bayview
7p Another question on umbrella insurance  12:09jmwsmom17:02betterfinances
23c upgrade OS on older MAC?  02/06sam516:55subd3v
17t How to calculate annual standard deviation from monthly returns  13:02longinvest16:52longinvest
5p IRS Form 8889 question - Wife & I both have HSA  15:44snoopdoug116:49Artsdoctor
5p Land purchase as Investement - how to deal with loan interest?  10:24gilgamesh16:40gilgamesh
10p Should You Work Longer ?  02/06burt16:38LadyGeek
6p Excess Roth IRA Contribution - Which option?  02/06ThankYouJack16:35Alan S.
13p Problem e-filing return (deceased primary)  02/06azurekep16:34LadyGeek
13h 23-Year-Old Investors Need Advice  01/28esilael16:34BL
13t Vacation Homes  13:05tc10116:31NorCalDad
1p Filing taxes: capital gains on investment property  16:28plantdr16:30jebmke
87c What was your biggest unexpected home expense?  page: 201/21davebo16:19Artsdoctor
4h Roth IRA Investment Choices  02/06Ynginvestr16:09Ynginvestr
6h Moving from individual stocks to index funds  02/06uvamd16:01PaunchyPirate
438p Mango prepaid card - 4.8% (effective) APY  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 92012boglestan16:00tenkuky
15h Rebalancing without selling  02/06startingtoinves15:52Artsdoctor
13h Help with investement decisions. Both teachers and two babies  02/05amanditaroa15:38amanditaroa
21h Enhancing Yield with adjustments to the Total Bond Index  00:29mpt follower15:34saltycaper
8c Planning European-Southern Germany Road Trip Travel-Hacks Wanted  02/05MikeZ15:31Jeff Albertson
4p American Opportunity Tax Credit  12:32leonardotmnt15:28trueblueky
13c Costco Whole Lamb: 9 Month Old Frozen Meat  02/06Hope15:24Leeraar
13t Expense ratio vs return on investment  02/05uconnlj15:14JoMoney
5t Another corner case for TLH: foreign tax credit  13:01House Blend15:12House Blend
75p What growth rate would you use?  page: 202/03lvrpl15:10BahamaMan
9t NYT article on Vanguard lawsuit  10:00dodecahedron14:55LadyGeek
21p 1099B not coming till end of Feb but need info now  02/06markcoop14:43markcoop
3h Eastspring Investments fund manager  14:01RandomWalking14:40Teague
4p need help finding an article [Investing info for surviving spouse]  14:11Angrypuppy14:37Angrypuppy
99t Active or Not, I Love Wellington  page: 22014TheTimeLord14:29fortyofforty
1342c What Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 272014Alex Frakt14:26heartwood
19h is it realistic for me to retire in 15 years?  02/06dopamineagonist14:23joebh
2c Water Usage and Super Bowl  13:42dm20014:20LadyGeek
6t Hold International Funds in Roth IRA or Taxable Account?  06:22RooseveltG14:19dharrythomas
463t Rick Ferri looking to internationalize his portfolio  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 102015walletless14:19Rick Ferri
3p planning for medical spending in retirement?  12:38freebeer14:05JDCarpenter
13h TLH timing question  02/02Jai0814:04Makaveli
10h Looking to rebalance, would love some advice  02/06timtheenchantor13:59Toons
6h Dollar Cost Averaging and Re-balancing  09:05jakobox13:59Aptenodytes
10p Best 529 for Massachusetts resident?  02/06bostondan13:53lhl12
1h Roth Ira withdraw question  12:56fkampere13:53FiveK
7h Could be in Roth IRA phase out this year. Safer just to do back door?  11:49lisber13:44lisber
9c Educational summer camps in technology for teens  02/05VINNY13:44Mudpuppy
24p How do you hire a lawyer to be "on retainer"?  02/05AndroAsc13:44mike127
245t The Bogleheads' Silent Majority  page: 2 3 4 508/24cfs13:42abuss368
14h Retirement / financial planning with heavy TIAA-CREF  01/18Careful13:35Careful
54t The Gravy Train Departed?  page: 202/06closetoreality13:322comma
28c Traveling in Retirement  02/06bene113:24Leif
10p Sallie Mae / Navient payoff date doesn't agree with my math  02/05rheitz113:22jimb_fromATL
48c Advice for parents with Perfectionist Child?  02/04investingdad13:18LadyGeek
19p Accelerating financial independence by living with father-in-law?  02/05Dietmar13:15StevieG72
28p Tax rate on IRA withdrawal when on Social Security  02/04sonoferu13:09Sheepdog
0p S Corp Owner's Medical Expenses Deductible? (Not Asking About Health Insur Premiums)  13:05JLMA  
8h Mega Backdoor Roth -- Roth 401(k) or Roth IRA?  02/06mike12713:01retiredjg
2p Long-term health care insurance and planning for retirement medical expenses  02/06Jackson1212:56Mintee
2670t U.S. stocks in freefall  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 542011Lbill12:53Leif
2h Portfolio checkup - 28 yrs old  12:25alu458912:46alu4589
9p Huge Federal Tax Return  09:01XtremeSki200112:42XtremeSki2001
28c Chicken rub  02/04packet12:39ClaycordJCA
12p Home ownership for unmarried couple  10:08dm20012:34crit
18c Sell truck and buy SUV?  02/06larklea12:24pshonore
35p Grandson working for me-Child labor law?  02/06Allan11:59betterfinances
8h Vanguard International High Yield Fund  02/06Buster6511:52lack_ey
45p 529 Question  02/06Ignatious P. Da11:42Texas hold em71
3h GERMANY specific questions on Life Insurance and Pension Plans - I think my advisor got me into a big mess...  06:48vesh11:40marnie
9h Made the switch! Updated 30 year old portfolio review.  11/14ptp77711:38ptp777
82p Retirees: What percentage of your expenses are covered by SS and/or pensions  page: 202/04TheTimeLord11:3722twain
4c BillFixers - Anyone Used It?  02/06x3586411:37Phineas J. Whoo
2h Specific ID with Tax Loss  10:55betablocker11:33Kevin M
4h Vanguard not listing all their funds  10:04TheTimeLord11:26biscuits222
5h Getting Laid off...what to do?  02/05spacewrangler11:22itstoomuch
325l Suggestions for the Wiki  page: 2 3 4 5 6 72008Barry Barnitz11:21LadyGeek
8p Where to put slush fund $$ & earn some more $$ ?  02/03wtfjr11:17bikechuck
8t Otar Retirement Myth - overfitting, methods flaw  08:57greenalfalfa10:57Rodc
23c Forced to sell a an expensive vehicle at the wrong time how to handle???  02/05adam6110:42leonard
12h Rolling 300K to Vanguard  02/06tovetove10:09jhfenton
22t Is there a rule of thumb for 50/50 Total Stock/Total Bond  02/05sonoferu09:59retiredjg
4h Best way to create Zero Income Years  08:53TheTimeLord09:55FiveK
44c Warning on Amazon Subscribe & Save  02/05theta09:55daveatca
3t CAPM & inability to borrow at riskfree rate  06:10chatbotte09:42lack_ey
13p (Another) Roth Conversion Question  02/06JGG09:27midareff
7h Need Help Getting on Track  02/05allencw8509:17desiderium
87p Public school or private school (with school data)  page: 201/30falcon09:00falcon
57t Impact of Obamacare on investment decisions  page: 202/06protagonist08:07tbradnc
2p Leasing my coop apt nyc taxes  02/06genjix07:22genjix
4p S Corp health ins deduction a wash?  2014Jay04507:17JLMA
4h Simplifying Portfolio: Next Steps  02/06Cras108er07:14larklea
16h How do you invest your DAF? [Donor Advised Fund]  02/05FelixTheCat07:13IowaFarmBoy
18t Case for Bull Market Next 15-20 Years  02/05William Million07:02GoldenFinch
37c Purchasing Business Class Tickets  02/04LifeIsGood07:01William Million
127t I'm Calling an Emerging Markets Bottom  page: 2 301/15grap001306:26William Million
8h Looking for Advice / Guidance Please  02/06big_hat_no_catt06:08big_hat_no_catt
12c Renting Bobcat  02/06Allan1205:01dratkinson
124c Beef roast  page: 2 312/22Leeraar04:05Leeraar
0h Data on Emerging Market Earnings?  03:02xivzgrev  
33c Alternative to Briggs & Riley Luggage  02/02AZAttorney1102:24DoubleClick
1h Portfolio investments - International accts  02/05sryan00:54in_reality
13c Any Sprinter owners here?  02/01jb900:45Sandi_k
11t Smart Beta: When the shark jumps the shark  02/05countmein00:16nedsaid

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