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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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2207 new posts and replies over 272 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
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13t401K matching and front loading14:29 unstoppable07:10 rkhusky
74pHow much money did you receive from family? (Gifts/inheritance)11/07 Chrysalis07:09 bennettg
2tTell me your HSA strategy/advice06:53 3-20Characters07:08 RickBoglehead
0tThe Elements of Investing, Charles Ellis and Burton Malkiel07:07 MEA 
26pHSA [How do I organize expenses for future reimbursement?]01/17 stillers07:07 zeal
1hHow to Simplify Retirement Funds?20:36 chaika07:06 lakpr
2cBuying Property in Northwest USA - Advice?03:57 AF_Engineer07:05 runner3081
6hWhat do you read?05:48 bck6307:05 Maven
2279tWhat are you up YTD? [Year To Date]2014 InvestorNewb07:05 long_gamma
38tBenefitWallet HSA - anyone successfully liquidated 100% of investments? (update: also transfer/rollover issues)01/09 cas07:02 rantk81
2cFord F-series pickup with 4x4 and 4 doors?01:59 Jeep4Life07:00 BobStrauss
3cdiagnostic fee for car under warranty?06:48 woolie06:58 RickBoglehead
93tTributes to Jack Bogle01/17 J072106:58 motorcyclesarec
23tWhat active management stock funds would you own?21:53 hushpuppy06:55 dcabler
19pBest Credit Card for International Travel07:15 NYCaviator06:55 NavyIC3
11hNewbie needing some advice - which other Vanguard funds01/17 abhishek@198506:54 ruralavalon
10hHesitant to sell21:27 oncall06:51 livesoft
2hWhat To Do With Our Money?06:00 Theguy06:51 jharkin
5pHSA Bank: ongoing bad experience08:55 overthought06:48 cas
22c2019 Camry vs RAV401/14 Alexa906:47 fasteddie911
11pWire $50K Out of the Country09:47 JHU ALmuni06:45 ivk5
14hInteractive Broker Tax on dividends concerns for NRA and Ireland domicile ETFs12/27 bubbasour06:44 bubbasour
48cNJ EZ-Pass Why a monthly service fee?01/18 A44006:42 criticalmass
8cHome Owner's Insurance08:57 Bonnan06:42 rooms222
0cSicily over Italian cities?06:41 theplayer11 
87c11 days in Europe...Budget and logistical advice please01/04 An03081506:36 theplayer11
25hNever thought it would happen to me - life changing injury20:48 Flitch06:34 JoeRetire
89pRetirement accounts and physician SCorps and Tax Reform2017 gasdoc06:33 gilgamesh
88cGas station prices and quality2017 Luckywon06:33 criticalmass
29cCredit score dropped dramatically, while credit has been frozen01/14 JD277506:32 Katietsu
0pCatchup - 401k, 457, 403b06:21 RickBoglehead 
53tBogle "5% Gold"01/17 JuniorRob06:21 JuniorRob
134tMy trend following strategy and experience01/17 willthrill8106:19 long_gamma
41hWhere Do HSAs Fit in Asset Location?01/17 KingRiggs06:19 dogagility
17hwould appreciate your thoughts01/17 hacksaw202506:18 student
66cWho's flying?01/11 Dude206:16 Capricorn51
4pThe NY Times calls us a cult but in a good way22:01 S&L194006:11 TheOscarGuy
858cBoglehead Beer2011 Thetightfist06:10 Bylo Selhi
9pHow to Get Competitive Quotes on O&G Tax Prep Fees01/17 Beatle Boots06:07 ivk5
14hSavers Credit dilemma00:05 Machinebuzz06:05 Machinebuzz
4cLooking for old school CD player & bookshelf stereo20:40 texasdiver05:52 ft2010
5hCD ladder vs Treasury ladder for short-term "backup" EF15:01 AerialWombat05:52 Capricorn51
8hPRHSX (T. Rowe Price Health Sciences Fund) vs VHT (Vanguard Health Care ETF)19:16 milosz1905:34 craimund
3tSpot Rates for Bonds01/13 raffrobb05:26 GrowthSeeker
26cCar reviews - Consumer Reports or other sources?01/16 blackcat allie04:54 MarkBarb
7tPortfolio Visualizer and Vanguard Investor Tickers20:27 TropikThunder04:09 samsdad
15cWild Planet Sardines quality problem [Review of sardine brands]01/16 dual04:02 Carl53
7hHelp/Advice/Thoughts17:00 salestalent200403:59 salestalent2004
8pCitizens Access 2% Savings rate07/15 Jim2171303:59 Delawarean
2tTax-managed LifeStrategy fund00:14 michaeljmroger03:27 bluquark
11tEquity beta. What does ishares mean?2017 Always passive02:44 magician
0pMortgage Observation - when it's better to invest at lower rate01:56 frostyblue 
2hBackdoor Roth & Pro-rata conversion rule - Strategy question12:58 grkmec01:29 shess
32cImportance of college summer internships??18:21 texasdiver01:24 quantAndHold
79h100% in VTSAX - Is it crazy???01/16 bg501:21 Carol88888
16tAlan Roth: 5 Investing Lessons12:53 Random Walker01:08 Random Walker
90tWhen would you stop being a Boglehead?01/16 michaeljmroger00:55 Davinci
91cStrategies to combat or justify lifestyle creep01/05 bligh00:46 JustinR
55cAny admission pointers from pre- med/ med students?01/16 new00000:41 DrGoogle2017
2hPortfolio Checkup - Please help with my taxable account21:44 OmanOsnaps00:30 Davinci
3hInvestment advice - mixed thoughts13:43 DB200:24 Davinci
0pTax basis in TIRA after backdoor Roth conversion00:20 philrhenry 
16hInherited IRA - RMD13:19 scottrj1200:17 NMBob
3tSo when do you sell?22:06 justsomeguy201800:06 OregonDucksFan
15hFund suggestions for a taxable account with a ~15-year time horizon14:52 financeisfun00:06 michaeljmroger
111tUS and International Bond Fund Allocation2017 pong3d23:59 Davinci
15tGold ETF "Guarantee"08:37 Call_Me_Op23:58 JoMoney
6tSpreading 3 fund portfolio across brokers?19:12 Pomegranate23:54 Davinci
1457tThe Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses2016 Earl Lemongrab23:44 Earl Lemongrab
10tInvesting and Paying down Debt01/17 keith601423:38 Nissanzx1
4pLong-term disablity insurance?22:35 Niam23:35 ralph124cf
16tBacktesting Results01/09 justsomeguy201823:30 Ben Mathew
102cAirbnb - cleaning fee, service fee, occupancy fee....???06/27 F150HD23:22 AlphaLess
38tIs Fidelity Zero Fund BETTER than Fidelity Expense Ratio Fund11/17 heybro23:02 MisterMister
26hShould I dump our wealth planner/financial advisor?13:32 ljgs23:01 FIREchief
8hIs my 1099-r correct?18:36 ghe201922:55 Alan S.
2cChase Sapphire Reserve and Costco travel22:02 viz22:54 viz
13h2018 or 2019 Roth IRA Contribution?18:34 arengarajsug8822:43 arengarajsug88
26cIs the security check website "Have I Been Pwned?" legit?08:08 Sandtrap22:42 nalor511
0hBrazilian NRA in the US, interested in Irish Domiciled ETFs22:41 dfd2 
91pShould I buy a house in the Bay area or give up?01/17 yosemite_mounta22:40 DrGoogle2017
17tSold Treasuries to buy flexible, rising rate, direct 3-year CD01/17 Kevin M22:40 nalor511
6hMy 2000th post19:44 radiowave22:40 Darth Xanadu
4tFidelity muni money market fund yields cratering...?20:20 sarabayo22:29 venkman
3175pWhat's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?2016 guitarguy22:27 LadyGeek
10tRebalancing portfolio using "bands"?20:43 ericcohen22:20 Davinci
26pAny MD pursued a CFA? Thoughts?01/17 Hulk22:12 furnace
0hHelp w/ asset allocation across accounts22:09 matt27 
7cUmbrella Coverage for Hired Subcontractors01/17 creditdefaultsw22:05 123
21pIRS to lower 2018 safe harbor withholding threshold to 85% [2018 only]01/16 NotWhoYouThink22:01 terran
90pHave I Now Become Out of Touch Financially? Aging question...01/16 phxjcc21:59 LadyGeek
3tWhat do you think about this 5 Fund portfolio vs 3 Fund one ?21:21 RIMDBogle21:59 pdavi21
828tJohn Bogle has died at age 8901/16 d332321:57 InvestInPasta
19p529 Details11:01 psteinx21:55 SimonJester
559pAlly Banking 1% extra back up to $1,000 on new money deposited10/15 LSLover21:50 AlphaLess
0pFidelity Solo 401(k): Automatic Investments21:49 southerndoc 
5pBank As Executor Of Will?20:00 bluebutterfly5021:45 bsteiner
49tReal value of NYC real estate, 1899-1999.01/14 protagonist21:34 protagonist
14hetf vs index funds . tax efficiency17:33 Smk1821:30 Pigeye Brewster
17hTD Ameritrade Money Market Options01/10 WesternRoad21:28 SandysDad
10112tU.S. stocks in free fall2011 Lbill21:26 Davinci
7hNoob needs help15:07 Heelz21:25 mbres60
20cUPDATE-Best way to heat basement?01/13 fortfun21:22 fortfun
48p[Wash sale concern - Are these stocks substantially identical?]01/16 FlyingHigh21:17 David Jay
3hWho defines date of (403b) contribution?19:57 Avolition21:17 Determined
5cMyrtle Beach Restaurants12:07 wolfeman21:10 jafoinwf
171pWhat I spent in 6 months on medicare07/05 dm20021:09 OldSport
4pBank Acquisition Lowering Credit Score08:47 greenback21:09 TropikThunder
34tJack Bogle's Obituary From The Family01/17 Taylor Larimore21:06 Goodmand3
2hWould You Rather (Conversion vs Mega Backdoor Edition)16:33 changingtimes21:01 changingtimes
12hPlanning to transfer assets from Vanguard to Fidelity, any bonus01/14 LiveSimple20:56 davegreen10
247tWho's buying today? where's all the "dry powder" folks at? :)12/20 F150HD20:56 DrGoogle2017
7pPurchasing a home in one state and selling a home in another state. Should he get an Heloc to fund home purchase?16:07 Bogle82620:56 health teacher
0tCFA/Financial Analysts Journal: John Bogle, Industry Leader Collection20:53 Vegomatic 
88pChild # 3 - seeking advice from older members01/07 The Planner20:49 K8814
17pTIRA Roth Conversion and Backdoor Roth IRA in the same year possible?01/16 azianbob20:39 The Wizard
190hWhy are you NOT buying rental properties?01/16 tomtoms20:37 mesaverde
8hVery short term cash - where to put it01/17 teerup20:37 authrd
61lArizona Chapter04/12 mabromovitz20:30 MarvinK
10pPrice-to-rent15:42 28fe620:29 Gronnie
41hDifferences in Investment Approach09:15 RJC20:23 Tycoon
33tVanguard Total World Stock and All-World ex-US Small Cap Admiral Shares should launch February 501/17 jhfenton20:22 TimeRunner
2hRoth 2050 Target Fund to Total Stock20:12 GridironGems20:21 GridironGems
4044cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36820:19 ruralavalon
5pYet another Solo 401k vs SEP question18:37 car73320:15 Duckie
57hShould I increase my stock allocation to 90% stocks?01/17 yosemite_mounta20:10 Davinci
1hPOMIX vs SVSPX in HSA- an issue of fees01/16 mc220:07 grabiner
2pCitrus Canker compensation check12:43 susa20:06 123
6hVTEAX Tax Exempt Bond Index Fund01/17 MarvinK19:59 grabiner
128tTIPS yield curve inverted at short end12/22 Kevin M19:54 Kevin M
512pRetiree Portfolio Model2012 BigFoot4819:54 munemaker
4hPortfolio Critique/Allocation Advice14:05 foxtrot7519:49 foxtrot75
7pIRS and fed shutdown and balance due01/17 mainiac19:44 MarkNYC
9pRetiring in NJ, no taxes?17:24 yeahman19:30 IngognitoUSA
31hhelp with financial planning01/08 mirandablue19:27 Strayshot
2hFidelity 401K Quesiton18:48 Real Investing19:26 livesoft
34cCurry Powder?13:29 Isabelle7719:17 mrb09
26cHow to set android phone to send phone solicitors directly to voice mail.01/16 tc10119:17 F150HD
4tWhat is going on with my Vanguard account01/17 3feetpete19:15 lukestuckenhyme
3hIndependent Contractor with Zero Investments - Where to Begin?14:05 Excelsior19:14 Davinci
14hovercontributed 401k12:12 bighead10018:54 Earl Lemongrab
13hHelp updating portfolio for 2019.12/31 CBgall18:53 Peter Foley
15tEver heard of "Floating island" strategy?13:11 serbeer18:53 White Coat Inve
50cReceiver for klipsch bookcase speakers12/14 Dottie5718:52 Dottie57
45cWhat shelf liquor and your favorite cocktails?01/17 ThankYouJack18:47 tennisplyr
120lSeattle Area Chapter Meetings - Master Thread2015 delconte18:46 Elsebet
15pCapital gains on house sale07:15 defscott62718:46 Artsdoctor
4hProfessional in NYC - trying to figure out investment strategy14:01 YP11218:44 Duckie
2lMinnesota BH Main Meeting 1/26/1901/12 Fallible18:37 jeff mc
2cNY Times $1 per week digital09:33 Rob5TCP18:32 dustinst22
0pWhere to file state 1099-MISC forms?18:29 the11diesel 
1hYoung couple figuring out contributions, allocation, and forced 401k closure13:06 inspiredinvesto18:29 Duckie
7hMega Backdoor ROTH Clarification01/11 sapper137118:27 retiredjg
20pBest kids savings account01/16 tipee18:16 beyou
1tBenefitWallet/Save Daily HSA to Fidelity16:44 BlueGator18:04 cas
11hNot getting transaction confirmation emails01/16 msimon17:56 msimon
17pChild Turning 18 in a few weeks10:48 JBTX17:53 gwe67
71tpros and cons of target date funds?2018 jayk23817:50 JustinR
35cHow do you keep a calendar?01/17 letsgobobby17:48 climber2020
17cRefurbished iPhones from Amazon01/17 catdude17:40 catdude
34hRetire in 2 years. Advice for plan for withdrawals, Roth conversions & SS01/17 reddison17:37 mhalley
5tany issues with FUAMX (Fidelity Intermediate Treasury Bond Index)? better alternatives?01/18 15202guy17:37 15202guy
12hGoing from 100-0 to 90-10 with bonds in taxable account13:56 cpan00b17:36 retiredjg
4hSanity check on investments01/17 flyermw17:36 flyermw
23tLarry Swedroe’s Your Complete Guide To A Successful And Secure Retirement Coming Soon10/18 Random Walker17:28 jginseattle
7pIs it worth moving16:31 raamakoti17:11 MotoTrojan
15pParents never paid non-resident state tax for rental property01/16 knightrider17:09 dcnut
30cBuy house without agent11/03 squirm17:09 pdavi21
41pSchwab to Vanguard ?01/01 sixtyforty17:06 RustyShacklefor
3hWhere can I find Lazy Portfolio returns for 2018?16:16 Sonicendeavor16:52 Sonicendeavor
4pVanguard Advantage Account - Bill Pay12:38 dkturner16:50 criticalmass
41pTax filing software01/13 Triple digit go16:45 matt27
51cPaper or Paperless? How and what financial records do you keep?11/06 texasdiver16:43 2tall4economy
7hPre-Retirement Review- Need Wise & Witty Bogleheads01/17 ThriftyisFun16:39 Duckie
10hScammed into Cash Value Life insurance, now what?01/14 ralphy00616:27 NotWhoYouThink
7tLarry Swedroe: Hedge Funds A Bad Buy13:06 Random Walker16:13 Random Walker
12cbathroom vent condensation moisture01/17 go_mets16:08 Matigas
19cfinding a good plumber01/15 dknightd15:55 ralph124cf
7hRebalancing Help01/16 jbell312415:50 Duckie
4hAnother do all bonds belong in your 401K question?14:49 Time2Quit15:44 Time2Quit
30lSan Francisco Mid Peninsula, California Chapter Interest?03/25 nance15:35 Raybo
29hCapital One 360 MM for $500 bonus01/18 3-20Characters15:19 JBTX
20hNo 401K match new employer01/17 inn_vest15:16 H-Town
60tAny thoughts on The Aurora Report? [Arora Report]2016 petergibbons15:16 Portfolio7
4pVaca car rental - commercial v 'personal'?11:39 Myopic squirrel14:53 Myopic squirrel
2hLittle mess with a 401a in a 457b13:52 tenkuky14:51 tenkuky
89cAny good reason to get a smartwatch?01/15 Ed_Sandwich14:49 Davinci
259tWhat is your overall portfolio weighted expense ratio2016 happysteward14:47 Spinola
39cNetflix Recommendations01/15 jacksonm14:45 JackieBog46
1cGiving Amazon Kindle books or gift cards from the US to Mexico?14:19 nisiprius14:32 go_mets
60pFurloughed Fed Employee - How to make best use of time01/15 mstone314:31 zhy0916
4hHelp with keeping my Portfolio/Investment strategy as SIMPLE as possible09:48 MortgageOnBlack14:25 MortgageOnBlack
38pAmazon Rewards Visa -- predatory lending?01/14 danielc14:20 frugalmama
6hHelp with Beginning Taxable Account09:07 IMhooked14:20 magicrat
16h401(k) vs Taxable on a low income01/10 perihelion14:19 perihelion
6pSocial Security work only 1 quarter in a year01/17 German Expat14:17 Epsilon Delta
4fLog-In Issues January 17th around 5:00 PM CST10:40 Random Poster14:06 LadyGeek
10hAlly CD rates - why is 12-month CD rate higher than 18-month CD?01/17 ma21n214:06 Phineas J. Whoo
20cIs My Iphone Now a Brick?01/17 lthenderson14:01 Watty
59hJust missed a few days of gains rolling over 401K from Fidelity to Vanguard09:25 Mark261413:58 dacalo
141t2019 Hedge Fund Contest01/01 BackOfTheNet13:57 ladycat
3hGrowing Up & Learning More - Changing Funds in Roth IRA?12:45 penguindance4913:41 lakpr
14tGovernment shutdown and US Treasuries01/17 whadyaknow13:34 Phineas J. Whoo
48tQuestion for RobertT2016 saurabh13:20 Random Walker
101tAny thoughts on the role of Gold in your portfolio?01/12 ericcohen13:15 JuniorRob
13hTaxation of Treasury Bills (Question)2017 Call_Me_Op13:15 grkmec
5hFidelity? Which Fund for Capital Preservation?08:20 Old Guy13:04 Old Guy
11hInvestment Help Request - Windfall01/15 bushey3713:00 bushey37
87tAre mega back door Roth contributions considered contributions?01/15 investor99712:48 changingtimes
15pScrewed up big time applying for life insurance01/17 sergio12:40 NotWhoYouThink
5pYet another wash sale question - buy/sale accross retirement and taxable accounts01/17 ctuser112:38 rkhusky
17tDecember "Bogleheads on Investing" podcast with guest Christine Benz now available12/13 Rick Ferri12:31 Bruce
57pCapital One now at 1.85 [Money Market Rate To 1.85% APY]02/21 deskjockey12:23 ReformedSpender
39hRollover - why checks instead of wiring funds?01/12 stw12:22 Earl Lemongrab
24tThe Bogle Rule01/16 Rick Ferri12:22 travelogue
129pHow much house can I afford (really)?01/16 CPA_RIA12:13 LadyGeek
11hWife's 401k investment options are bad...options?09:38 furgason512:10 CyclingDuo
24pFidelity app now has fingerprint login01/15 Frankieg4833612:09 CalculatedRisk
10tIf Everyone Did The 3 Fund Vanguard Strategy, Would Vanguard Be Controlling US Companies?01/17 Kagord12:04 UpperNwGuy
9hHelp With Poor 401k Options01/03 Sammie675812:02 alaskantraveler
98cShingrix [Vaccine availability]08/25 NavyIC312:02 mickeyd
27h29 yo resident doc married need personal finance/investing advice01/13 boomie5312:02 youngt2
21hHelp with portfolio advice for family member with Special Needs01/15 jaxhunt11:54 tenkuky
4pTransferring Large Amounts Between Banks01/17 cheese_breath11:42 2015
3tVanguard Learning Module for Schools01/17 patriciamgr211:41 patriciamgr2
5pTurboTax Question:08:30 Nowizard11:24 Nowizard
0pStock quotes available in Excel11:18 pasadena 
5h2019 Backdoor Roth limit when turning 5009:05 Traveller11:14 mcraepat9
28cAudio book options01/17 LearningAlot11:11 SuzBanyan
155p"Bank Of America Cash Rewards Card Now Lets You Choose Your 3%(=5.25%) Category"12/10 b0B11:03 MisterBill
162pGetting a Mortgage when You can Pay Cash for a House01/11 A-Commoner11:00 SQRT
5cCC conversion fee international travel10:45 workingovertime10:54 02nz
10pFidelity Self-Employed 401(k) Contribution Processing Time09:58 southerndoc10:54 TheTimeLord
52hDoes anyone have entire 401K in bonds?01/13 unstoppable10:45 Earl Lemongrab
7hJust retired, advice on bonds and real estate08:35 SandysDad10:43 SandysDad
79pPay off a 30 year mortgage in 15 years? The cost of flexibility01/10 willthrill8110:40 vineviz
3522cWhat Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI2014 Alex Frakt10:40 XtremeSki2001
69cBrake fluid replacement?01/12 J29510:37 Hanksmoney
270p[Ally online savings now at 2.20%]02/09 sycotik10:36 saagar_is_cool
19cCar Rental - Getting specific type of car01/17 Beach10:36 Beach
9hWe Made It ! now need a little help01/12 MPLSTCH10:34 b4real
6tHow are dividends reinvested in ETFs if you cannot purchase fractional shares?01/17 Jesteroftheswam10:32 MBB_Boy
4hHow to efficiently buy bonds and hold to maturity01/17 Reeses10:30 Reeses
6hTLH - trade date vs. settlement date10:13 gowest10:29 gowest
5pRolled Over 401k to IRA - Tax Documentation?08:08 Jelloanddon10:15 jebmke
8cInfiniti QX30 - MB platform01/17 michaeljc7010:08 stan1
24h57 yr old w/$14K01/17 sonomasmiles10:07 JBTX
674tREGISTRATION FOR 2019 BOGLEHEAD CONTEST [Entry deadline has passed]01/01 Taylor Larimore10:03 bkweathe
4hSetting Up my 3-Fund Portfolio Help01/17 BogleDon201910:03 carmonkie
11hRoth v. Trad for retiring USAF colonel w/30 years active duty01/15 USAFperio09:57 02nz
9hVanguard options for Roth IRA01/17 crazycatman09:45 Vulcan
1cAnyone get a site maintenance message this morning?08:09 TheTimeLord09:37 Silk McCue
25pGeico auto - used parts??01/11 BostonButterfly09:35 meowcat
10hNew Member- Help with Portfolio01/16 MSU152609:33 onthecusp
15pChase Credit Cards - Transaction Activity01/05 SonnyDMB09:26 quantAndHold
7cHow to clean DSLR camera lens?01/17 sksbog09:22 adamthesmythe
2hLong-term Investment Advice Needed01/16 investor55perso09:08 dbr
6pGetting Umbrella Written Policy Terms in Advance of Buying Policy01/17 gokartmozart08:50 ChicagoBear7
18hJust Retired, need some help on what to do with my 401k01/07 dmnhwn08:36 dmnhwn
30t"Bogle's Folly"2016 Taylor Larimore08:34 MJS
8p2018 H&R Block problem: Pension + IRA with non-taxed money01/17 prd198208:34 kaneohe
9pHow do I get a hotel room upgrade ?01/18 Hmwannabe08:19 Watty
39pHow long until we see negative ER funds?01/17 DesertMan08:19 Clever_Username
53pPaying extra on mortgage - what am I missing?01/17 lvrpl08:13 lstone19
53cMultiple newspaper and magazine subscriptions - how much do you pay to stay informed?11/02 letsgobobby08:10 prd1982
2hI'm to expect a call from Vanguard07:37 Flymore08:07 LadyGeek
2hDiversifying investment vehicles01/17 gaius julius ca08:04 jakehefty17
2pWorkaround for DW to contribute to a deductable IRA07:37 mrmass08:03 mrmass
29tGMO's 7‐Year Asset Class Real Return Forecasts01/14 Beliavsky07:55 longinvest
69tVanguard will use blockchain to share index data2017 Barry Barnitz07:36 German Expat
187pFidelity as a one stop shop12/15 BogleMelon07:34 lstone19
4hInvestment switch without my knowledge01/17 zratis07:20 GrowthSeeker

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