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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1611 new posts and replies over 204 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
# Replies Subforum - Topic TitleFirst Last   
Subforum - TopicLast   
3tIbonds18:42 quallkidd20:24 z3r0c00l
3cinsurance covered roof19:18 Figuring_it_out20:23 mkc
3hNew Investor Profile - What Should I Invest In?17:52 appleseed8820:21 chassis
78tVanguard Abandoning Ship, Developing ‘New Brand Image’ has removed its ship logo from corporate docum11:39 BlindedByTheLig20:20 J295
11cPatio, cover, outdoor kitchen ideas & lessons learned.11:14 Bronko20:20 Bronko
91t7 Reasons Not to Use a 100% Stock Portfolio - The White Coat Investor08:23 Rowan Oak20:19 willthrill81
67hHow much do you allocate to international equity?10/20 Blueberry200920:16 Blueberry2009
9cwhich listing agent should I hire?19:08 sil201720:16 Boglegirl81
8hRMDs00:43 SeamusAlan20:15 Alan S.
994pRetiree Portfolio Model2012 BigFoot4820:14 BigFoot48
0cScottish Single Malt vs Domestic Blend Scotch Recommendations20:14 One Ping 
107c"Nice" furniture recommendations10/10 fyre4ce20:12 2tall4economy
7pHomeowners Insurance Options18:24 6d1v7x320:11 6d1v7x3
1hDouble MYGA?19:38 leftcoaster20:11 ThisTimeItsDiff
25h72 year old, wanting to put investments in "auto pilot" mode, please advise10/21 LearningAlot20:10 Northern Flicke
13pUnion/Employer Limiting 401k contributions10/20 spencydub20:10 theresearcher
9nSuperannuation Advice [Australia]10/20 mongolianaus20:08 Hockey Monkey
290cPC Build Thread 202009/02 Independent Geo20:07 LadyGeek
11hSo many options. Too many options. Help22:55 jayhoss20:07 jayhoss
109hI bonds - Are they worth it to you?10/18 Willmunny20:07 ThisTimeItsDiff
22hHelp getting in the market10:48 Pokerpot20:07 pkcrafter
81pChoosing a career10/09 vk2220:03 phxjcc
0tAny opinions on NXQ muni CEF?20:03 ChinchillaWhipl 
7ptrust --- withdrawing all income for the year15:02 bluegill19:59 MarkNYC
125hGoing “all in” on paying mortgage10/21 pepperz19:58 rockstar
60cGoogle Play Music sunsetting to YouTube Music08/11 heartwood19:56 Kruser64
46pNo Peeking - 2021 Goal to not look at balances06:29 Aristotle_Foulm19:50 Dottie57
65hHow do you estimate retirement expenses?10/22 2Scoops19:50 heyyou
7508pRefinance Mega Thread2019 AZAttorney1119:49 tj
184cConvince us to buy our first luxury car!10/18 lawofcompoundin19:47 EnjoyIt
28cSquirrel proof bird feeder02:30 davidsorensen3219:41 sevenseas
0pHSA contributions after getting layed off19:40 Figuring_it_out 
2t"Why Investors Are Pulling Money From Vanguard’s Index Funds"19:05 JBaumgart19:34 BroIceCream
48tVXUS sideways... why hold it?10/22 mojorisin19:33 tibbitts
43ciPhone 12 Pro Max OR ...?10/19 need403bhelp19:31 02nz
31pLT care premiums are going way up; should I self-insure?10/19 catdude19:31 Alan S.
184pSoftware developer about to seek new opportunities -- discuss salary up front?10/09 doss19:27 KyleAAA
142pIdeal City to live in?10/21 cbr shadow19:27 CyclingDuo
7tVanguard Large Value Options13:50 AdrianC19:16 Elysium
50pA bit embarrassing, but I was looking at SS wrong10/21 breeves224519:12 JoeRetire
11nWhat happens to my Vanguard/TSP accounts if I move to Japan?10/06 pointyhead19:08 plats
1hRoth 401k/ 401k plan fees?18:45 staxchips19:04 Duckie
3119tSmall Cap Value heads Rejoice !!!2019 hdas19:03 zhuyz05
2hNew 401k provider, allocation questions21:20 momind92419:01 momind924
7hUGMA/UTMA question15:33 theappleman19:00 theappleman
22cStationary Indoor Bikes10/22 Paul Basenberg18:57 CharacterCounts
9pMedicare/medicaid help - newly paralyzed10/16 nyclon18:57 finite_differen
0pBackdoor Roth IRA Question for Married Filing Jointly18:52 lewis05 
16pMortgage for Retiree?10/16 March200918:42 Golf maniac
21cGot Samsclub membership -- give me your best tips!13:51 doss18:40 Helios
25cOut of state car purchase04:43 rxjayhawk18:37 tibbitts
100tBest way to mitigate the top heaviness of Total Stock Market Funds10/20 bikechuck18:34 Seasonal
7hFTSE social index00:46 SeamusAlan18:34 000
9cHeating smaller 1-car Detached Garage16:24 MortgageOnBlack18:32 Designairohio
260lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2020!2019 Miriam218:29 onthecusp
25hTake Pension Now or Defer and Continue Roth Conversions for 5 years10/18 bpg123418:28 FiveK
0hVanguard fund pricing: VSS vs VYMI paradox?18:27 kirk1299 
28cChartering a flight on short notice?10/22 BSA4418:21 jodhpur
4cBilling dispute/error?15:59 GW20818:20 Stinky
13hPrudential FlexGuard Indexed Variable Annuity20:40 TacoShells18:14 TacoShells
32cDownsizing to one car in a pandemic10/16 peseta18:07 michaelingp
9388tU.S. stocks continue to soar!2018 GoldStar18:04 rockstar
31tRoth IRA for working child?10/21 JV18:01 smitcat
1hPortfolio Sanity Check22:18 snackattack17:58 Duckie
2hWindfall & ETFs11:57 T3slaMy3sla17:51 Steadfast
11pmultiple babysitters over the summer/fall, 1099 or W2?00:30 inlalaland0117:48 phinanciallyfit
3pChange of Career HELP11:33 Mr F17:48 johnny
54hHelp for wife after I pass away10/16 smmsmm5717:48 palaheel
5hCan retirement income requirements be estimated accurately easily?22:32 Workinprogress17:46 Workinprogress
168tIf you have a sizable portfolio, you don't need an emergency fund04/09 millennialmilli17:39 000
33cNew washing machine / washing clothes in hot water?10/20 FlyingMoose17:34 MathWizard
0hWhere to sell pre-IPO shares17:33 elegrand 
136hAll in on VTSAX10/16 JohnDindex17:29 Grapesarelilbal
7hEstimated social security09:32 Theseus17:28 zie
86pTenant modified property and subletting on AirBnB10/19 jinnix17:27 vtjon02
9pIs switching to Kaiser but losing HSA worth it?13:05 HighFlyin17:27 UserFace
1pRetiree Medical Plan choice: Which to choose, HRA or HSA Plan13:50 Woops17:20 FiveK
10hFidelity HSA13:47 Megamill17:08 illumination
14c"Congrats on Moving!" postal mail, but I have not moved10/22 neurosphere17:04 egrets
5cCollected short stories by one author12:52 DV Nayak17:03 Finridge
3hPortfolio AA Help Needed09:35 Damocles17:01 Quaestner
47pBank with no debit/ATM card?10/21 NYCaviator17:00 nalor511
406cItems that are worth the money for the quality10/16 newguy12316:58 000
6587tHEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure Part II: The next journey2019 HEDGEFUNDIE16:58 Texanbybirth
15nCanadian Investing in Canada, America, and International10/20 CanadianehLol16:57 CanadianehLol
8cprintable costco shopping list09:41 mookie16:54 Random Poster
7cSamsung UHD TV Model Number Differences10/21 Cruise16:52 Cruise
163tWhy not Real Estate instead of Stocks?10/03 Addy16:51 22twain
2hQuestion about rebalancing my portfolio15:34 ttman173016:37 pingo
10pIRS Form 1116 not included (past year), no other changes, must amend?10/22 nalor51116:31 nalor511
9pProgessive Insurance21:01 student16:31 student
1929pShare your net worth progression2014 techcrium16:27 herpfinance
16cContractor with non-payment to supplier11:56 uclalee16:22 galawdawg
5hWhere to withdraw; Roth conversions11:05 BarbBrooklyn16:19 BarbBrooklyn
58tWhat is the truth behind the statement very few people are able to beat the market?10/21 okmanl16:10 okmanl
42pPayoff rental mortgages?10/22 Stoic916:00 willthrill81
153cWhere do you buy coffee beans?2016 Morik16:00 Chrono Triggere
52cMeditation Guides?10/20 LuigiLikesPizza15:59 HermosaSurfer
8cUpgrading iPhone - Basic Questions23:15 tealeaves15:56 mmmodem
5pStopping a father from continuing to financially ruin a family.15:19 Somethingwitty915:41 Flyer24
64tDid the 4% rule just become the 5% rule? :)10/22 rickcrna15:33 minimalistmarc
4hVanguard Money Market Funds12:59 leehsm15:28 anon_investor
24nFT article on withholding tax and switching to synthetic ETFs10/10 Lauretta15:08 hushroom
4pLenderFi waiting period before refinancing again07:02 J_and_K14:55 J_and_K
1hEvaluate my plan13:25 dmoney12314:41 Olemiss540
20cMotion Sensor for Pantry Closet10/22 sad214:41 Luke Duke
10hHSA employer contribution confusion (federal employee)02/13 leviathan14:35 Spirit Rider
1083tVariable Percentage Withdrawal (VPW)2013 longinvest14:26 delta123
6ttaxable vs tax-exempt bonds in taxable account10/22 loukycpa14:13 retiredjg
9hSwitch to Roth 457b?10:49 fyrfyter814:11 FiveK
8tAA vs Savings Rate12:54 JD277514:09 Ron Ronnerson
6tHow can I better use portfolio charts?09/27 zetsui14:03 willthrill81
68tShort vs long TIPS inflation protection04/15 FlyingMoose14:03 MotoTrojan
55cNew kid on the way, should we get a new minivan? or else?10/22 armeliusc14:00 phinanciallyfit
6hRoth IRA Contributions10/22 4md113:45 celia
6t"The Virtues of a Minimalist Portfolio"10:02 Taylor Larimore13:43 Rowan Oak
15cHome Office Furniture10/21 bdylan13:39 HawkeyePierce
26cBest Home Blood-Pressure Monitor for Accuracy?2017 harmony13:36 Exchme
50tRiding HEDGEFUNDIE’s excellent adventure09/29 CanaBogle2413:36 Semantics
1hNewbie Investing / Three Fund Portfolio Qs22:10 darkforcerising13:33 ExitStageLeft
9cHelp me pick a bike21:05 Horton13:23 Horton
35pHow to transition from Spousal to Own SS benefit?10/09 One Ping13:15 JoeRetire
5cRCA AVI to HDMI Converters10/20 DTalos13:10 crefwatch
26cSmall Bank Technology - No 2FA and 24/7 Support10/17 NYCaviator13:01 sam1838
55cTrane HVAC - Bad Experience10/19 like2read12:58 tomd37
22hA lot of dumb questions.22:22 llmgwc12:56 SnowBog
6hTerm Life Question (Thrivent)10/21 pindevil12:55 Stinky
19hTax efficient way to convert single stock position to index fund10/16 passiverisktake12:45 JimmyJammy
24tDo renters need more real estate exposure?2019 gatsby1112:44 Register44
27pNaming Beneficiary for Vanguard account10/22 Silverslick12:13 Silverslick
70pFinancially independent, still working, how to spend the extra cash?10/21 EnjoyIt12:06 Wricha
42nUsing Swiss Bank and Taxes08/31 90012:04 900
8cMacBook Pro and Lagging Bluetooth Peripherals10/21 NYCaviator12:00 Independent Geo
251tNever Ever Rebalance Bonds into Stocks?09/22 Leesbro6312:00 offthegridbcmar
235tAnybody here trying Coast FIRE?10/16 stocknoob411111:51 CyclingDuo
1hEmployer mistake with 45711:00 coldweather11:49 retire2022
3nShifting to UCITS10/20 boglehooligan11:43 boglehooligan
17cBest way to provide wedding gift?10/22 CorradoJr11:41 cheese_breath
11cMedical Provider Refuses To Do Any Insurance LegWork?10/20 snackdog11:39 Deblog
32tTax GAIN Harvesting10/21 Doc11:36 Doc
9fCan we have a TIAA forum?10/13 dknightd11:36 blgaarder
15hAlly for trading?10/22 theplayer1111:24 theplayer11
4tVanguards Alt Energy Fund?09:43 Jesteroftheswam11:22 cinghiale
7pCredit card balance transfer23:39 bigguy843711:21 whodidntante
3p2nd Home/ Airbnb legal and tax questions09:56 TexD11:21 Lee_WSP
26pOpened a Fidelity CMA Account10/09 peterwantstosav11:18 radiowave
21hFinancial Planning 23 Y/O10/20 rickylearning11:08 rickylearning
216hLong Suffering VXUS Holder No More09/23 cowdogman10:58 flaccidsteele
201cWhich diet soda pop do you enjoy?2018 Earl Lemongrab10:58 bhchica
9h401k matching question10/22 Mr.BB10:52 goodenyou
2cChromebook voice dictation ?10:15 tc10110:49 tc101
1385pMy LenderFi refinance is going well01/15 abyan10:40 Goal33
60tArk Funds09/01 Stanczyk10:35 Nicolas
65cHelp me plan a family trip to Italy - Two Weeks10/21 BillWalters10:35 Workaholic
957cWhat are you listening to now01/10 Artful Dodger10:18 Nicolas
31hnot entirely new, but knowledge is power right?10/17 james826610:15 ruralavalon
6nIB tiered commissions for LSE USD-denominated ETFs10/22 Tylenol Jones10:11 Maple
9hI'm an independent contractor with a Roth IRA. Should I also have a SEP IRA or Simple IRA?10/22 oxband09:53 retire2022
11pChoosing a Simple IRA provider as a small business owner10/22 Bmsm609:51 Lee_WSP
11pTerm life insurance - how much does premium increase over 15 years10/21 raiderG09:47 Harry Livermore
339hCustomer Service with Vanguard2018 LilyFleur09:45 rkhusky
6cGood books on economic development?10/21 Jesteroftheswam09:42 Jesteroftheswam
4896pWhat's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?2016 guitarguy09:41 myleaf
81tBogleheads are good at market timing10/16 TheoLeo09:35 Leesbro63
51cTesla Full Self Driving Option09/02 TravelforFun09:24 cusetownusa
54p[How to determine budget for toys/luxuries?]2018 EnjoyIt09:12 EnjoyIt
4hmega back door roth - in-service distribution requirement08:29 datamonkee09:07 retiredjg
25tguaranteed return from bond funds10/21 RustyShacklefor09:07 jeffyscott
26tPayPal will let customers buy cryptocurrencies and use them for online payments10/21 F150HD09:01 MBB_Boy
166hMarcus or Ally03/31 2020 ButClassic08:36 Lastrun
200tFidelity lets clients now trade fractional shares of stocks and ETFs01/29 pokebowl08:35 trigger08
195tTesla becomes most valuable car company in the world07/01 Jags418608:18 guyinlaw
17t50/50 VT/BNDW?10/20 Cincyfed07:58 tennisplyr
7hRMD income10/22 Mr.BB07:58 crefwatch
7cWinter Putting Practice10/22 fishmonger07:49 carolinaman
301tInteractive Brokers (Best Kept Secret)2015 Andymoler5807:46 bling
2hVNQ07:19 bmhcta07:38 abuss368
40cFavorite Horror Books10/12 Dude207:36 heartwood
7hGuidance on fund that won't transfer to Vanguard10/22 Octavia07:14 bertilak
10hsocial security nightmare00:38 k198206:57 oldcomputerguy
11tAnyone Regret Converting Mutual Fund to ETF?22:52 Kookaburra06:48 absolute zero
3pCHASE OFFER-$500 to you10/22 Kersten06:30 LifeIsGood
41cseptic tanks replacement10/19 serbeer06:27 forgeblast
2pTax Strategies, going from high income to low income05:51 LuigiLikesPizza06:21 sycamore
35nKeeping Vanguard account as Non resident Alien12/17 saroop06:02 TedSwippet
6tRoth Conversion timing -- DCA, Lump Sum or Market Timing?10/22 WoodSpinner05:26 WoodSpinner
6ncommodities funds (UK)10/16 wearethefall05:01 minimalistmarc
68cWindows 10 very slow (2 year old Dell Desktop)10/18 runner904:21 inbox788
17cHow to handle the cash transaction on a private car sale?10/18 investingdad02:00 Sandi_k
36hPutting aside money for kids, not 529 / education10/11 lilemme01:45 SnowBog
7hIs solo 401k the right move?10/22 Partyof500:37 hameshatumkocha
98pWhat are the financial risks of not owning a house?10/15 rgs9200:29 fyre4ce
53t"Converting Vanguard Mutual Funds To ETFs"2019 Taylor Larimore22:40 anon_investor
8hCapital Gains on House LESS than 1 year10/22 62caster22:39 62caster
79tDoes Dry Powder Work? - The White Coat Investor10/19 Rowan Oak22:28 willthrill81
11hWhen to dump/replace a fund - considering taxes10/21 JimmyJammy22:18 JimmyJammy
43pHELP! Columbia Threadneedle, Medallion Signatures, Notorized Doctor's Letter!07/13 redeem_ct22:14 increment
26pSpouse PPO vs my HDHP+HSA10/21 OldSport22:11 phinanciallyfit
4tVONG Worth Holding?10/22 hotelcalifornia22:10 grabiner
36pUsed Car Purchase, No Title. Need Advice10/20 whaleblow21:57 ctfish
4673cWhat Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI2014 Alex Frakt21:20 abuss368
59cNew smoker recommendation?10/21 Pomegranate21:03 goblue100
181tSimplicity on Bond Funds10/01 abuss36821:03 luckyducky99
44c"Bubble level" tool10/21 rjbraun20:46 jabberwockOG

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