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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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59tTotal Stock Market Index - Section 199A dividends this year01/21 Makefile22:08 Duckie
2pPaycheck deduction limits21:41 lexor22:08 yangtui
7hFISVX14:48 prk22:06 Wiggums
12pFidelity to Wells Transfer for Better Mortgage Rate13:15 bbwall22:05 Ocean77
18cMost inexpensive places to buy new cabinets and countertops01/25 Calico22:05 quantAndHold
12pOver 65 Standard deduction MFJ11/09 Leroy Jones22:02 kaneohe
9tPermanent losses possible in US stocks?20:50 stocknoob411122:02 whodidntante
74cWhen to Change Car Battery?01/23 capitalhockey22:01 kevinf
55pChase Sapphire checking 1000$ offer09/30 BashDash22:01 02nz
42hHow much do I need to retire early?10:08 southwest_stack22:00 Wiggums
36pTax implications & large cash gift for down payment?12:52 rage_phish21:59 boomer_techie
2pSection 199 A Dividends on VTSAX this year? Turbotax question21:34 scorcher3121:57 scorcher31
43pLong Term Care Insurance Data08:49 ifish10021:53 gmaynardkrebs
40hInherited IRA or Traditional. ex advisor not helpful01/24 teacher216321:53 teacher2163
12643tU.S. stocks in free fall2011 Lbill21:53 J G Bankerton
29tDisadvantages of post-tax 401k ?09:42 WarAdmiral21:52 aceoperations
33pHow to get out cash12:33 lexor21:50 yangtui
21hAlly vs Treasury Direct12:54 Blue45621:50 Mountain Doc
24pBird Leaving The Nest10:53 mikael12221:46 Watty
20pDepositing a deceased spouse's check into a joint bank account01/24 LadyGeek21:44 JimInIllinois
249pEngineers - What are you making? ($$$)01/16 sapper137121:44 spae
22hExecutor of an estate09:14 tom194421:44 quantAndHold
9pDe Minimis Tax Reporting Statement10:47 Brost235521:42 stlutz
24tEquity returns over the next 40 years15:31 Olemiss54021:42 zaboomafoozarg
40pTorn Between Aggressive Home Payoff or Investing01/24 Shael_AT21:41 CheepSkate
6pPension beneficiary01/25 akron197721:40 Tracker968
73pTalk me out of spending my tax refund01/21 BrownEyedGirl_221:39 Financologist
100tWarren Buffett Does Recommend The 90/10 Portfolio2016 rattlenap21:35 Ferdinand2014
23hMy mom's entire 401k balance did not transfer when her 401k administrator changed. Need help recovering her funds!15:21 arcticpineapple21:33 Wiggums
5pTransfer Inherited IRA09:59 maddy21:31 Alan S.
126lHappy Birthday Taylor! 96 years young!01/24 Miriam221:29 Taylor Larimore
30cLearning to read music01/24 MP17321:29 MP173
30cTell me where I'm wrong -- leasing a new car to replace our high-miler01/25 CascadiaSoonish21:28 JonnyB
2pTax questions for surrendering whole life policy20:10 conq21:27 conq
24cAmazon customers...01/05 PoppyA21:26 ScubaHogg
7tSmall Cap Value - Factor Timing vs Constant Exposure14:21 hdas21:26 fennewaldaj
51hWhy are vanguard TDF so aggressive?01/21 mimiesg21:25 corp_sharecropp
58tDo you prefer etfs or mutual funds?2018 glennherwig21:24 02nz
1352cWhat frugal thing did you do today?2017 Nectarineman21:19 timewarp
3hSold for a loss, now what ?19:55 Jerry5521:14 Jerry55
321lSad news: LadyGeek's husband has passed01/22 LadyGeek21:12 Cubicle
11tThe adverse selection of investment discussion.09:43 LongTermEtfHold21:11 LongTermEtfHold
1cBlackTux - buy your rental?!21:02 RamblinDoc21:10 Dontridetheinde
18hHigh saving rate or high rate of return?2011 M B21:08 wyoming82240
14tRebalancing: Do you set a limit?14:34 KlangFool20:55 Dontridetheinde
64pProcess for surviving spouse.2014 runner920:52 bsteiner
20pAmbulance Ride and Insurance (911 House Call)11:17 dcw21320:51 naclt
29cCredit Karma says someone added me as an authorized user on their card01/18 Faisal20:51 Marylander1
16cMultimedia Home Theater PC and OS that can handle 4K video files01/25 mac_guy20:48 quantAndHold
2349tHEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure Part II: The next journey08/11 HEDGEFUNDIE20:44 rascott
15pHow to dispute inaccuracy in share prices01/22 wyoming8224020:41 wyoming82240
40cCybersecurity and passwords08:05 Cpadave20:41 ARoseByAnyOther
139tThree Fund Vs Butterfly Fund or other11/30 NearlyRetired20:37 Lee_WSP
5059cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36820:37 jlawrence01
6hWorld 500 Fund?19:46 Haeysh20:30 whodidntante
602t(NEW) WisdomTree 90/60 U.S. Balanced Fund2018 hdas20:29 MotoTrojan
3hVanguard retirement allocation help needed18:44 ticebt20:28 Elysium
4pPBGC pension survivor benefits?18:20 Seasonal20:28 Seasonal
14cClosing cost review01/16 akhilsam20:24 2babogle
6pMedical Insurance--Primary vs. Secondary Insurance01/25 cowdogman20:21 brennok
7pA reprise of my mother's hospice and Medicare Advantage plan "catch-22"12:42 CULater20:18 Katietsu
6hUsing 100% Muni-Bonds for Bond AA?18:29 greco1220:15 gjlynch17
18pSelling house without realtor - cash offer17:12 burgrat20:09 DiscoBunny1979
25pHas anyone looked into pet insurance?01/25 Cait20:07 Dregob
434lSouth Florida Local Chapter2010 niteowls20:06 gailcox
2pBackdoor Roth question...19:26 Ykcor20:00 Ykcor
2hSelling Appreciated RSU's / Diversifying16:34 MrBinLA19:58 RootSki
23hMilitary and 22% tax bracket, still favor Roth?01/23 Tiger8519:58 FiveK
48cMy Hotmail account is getting spammed big time01/18 squirm19:56 meebers
59pHow to negotiate a severance01/24 durazno19:51 toofache32
8hShould I bother with tax exempt bond08:26 vchiu2519:51 vchiu25
7cTipping advice18:53 AAA19:48 makingmistakes
12pexecutor of trust: distribution to great-grandchildren01/24 piton19:45 NoblesvilleIN
6pExperience with Alliant Joint Checking?01/25 NYCaviator19:39 dallasjava
18hPaul Merriman's 2-fund portfolio: Suggestions for small-cap funds2018 ThisJustIn19:30 Bama12
15hPortfolio checkup / starting to invest in bond funds01/15 sarabayo19:29 alec
6pTo do or not do to...Taxes, that's the question.17:58 Thevillianinbro19:29 shess
16pMedical Evacuation Insurance09:11 CULater19:28 quantAndHold
80pTIRA => ROTH Conversion Strategies and SS Taxes01/24 BillyV00119:21 wrongfunds
2hOrder of investments17:21 450319:16 lakpr
60cTrying to downsize but still too much stuff2018 sgilmarti8919:15 Amanda999
10pAuto-pay from settlement fund?09:07 2commaBH19:15 Cheez-It Guy
1tDo analyst forecasts have any value?18:37 international0019:13 whodidntante
5nUK SIPP investor questions04:54 Gemini196218:54 xxd091
41tGold $1600 Oz - When?01/24 watchnerd18:53 305pelusa
7hIndex MF Dividend Frequency (Vanguard vs Schwab)11:44 riskyman18:50 kaneohe
64pHSA receipts01/24 manatee200518:48 FIREchief
23hLeaving TIRAs to kids vs.spouse and vs. Roth conversions08:48 tealeaves18:48 tealeaves
37cMechanics of maintaining two homes01/23 AerialWombat18:46 jlawrence01
13pSwapping a lease and buying used car?12/28 kaeltor18:45 TheGreyingDuke
40hConsidering pension plan in asset allocation2017 investor99718:42 mikeyzito22
31tStairway to Financial Heaven08:45 bck6318:40 Dandy
15hFidelity Tips: Building an auto-rolling US Treasury ladder for EF or HSA in California01/21 mervinj718:39 Kevin M
10tIn kind transfer from TIAA01/24 radiowave18:35 radiowave
4hoptimizing Roth vs Regular IRA07:42 3feetpete18:31 Uniballer
36pDeduct independent contractor mileage?01/19 tomwood18:25 JBTX
16hLooking for Portfolio Guidance01/24 twr18:24 retired@50
24tIs S&P 500 P/E ratio really at 24?2016 Bogle_Feet18:24 abuss368
26hAsset Allocation within a few years of retirement01/25 spartyfanaa18:18 tennisplyr
36pIs it possible to contest beneficiary of a life insurance and brokerage account of a deceased?01/25 gromozeka18:13 Mordoch
23tjlcollinsnh - Stock Series2018 Rowan Oak18:07 305pelusa
3hValic 403(b) to Rollover IRA2009 jamacq18:03 tim1999
2pSocial Security Strategy WEP And Survivor Benefit16:50 Harry Livermore18:00 Harry Livermore
4369pWhat's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?2016 guitarguy18:00 Bibliothikarios
80tCritique this leveraged portfolio01/20 danielc17:59 Waba
60tDiversification beyond 80 Stocks is not necessary?01/14 shellycoat17:58 danielc
6nStarting again in the U.S.A. [UK]2018 Forster17:50 TedSwippet
24pBuy House with Cash OR Mortgage and invest01/23 ThisTooShallPAs17:49 grabiner
1pAuto Insurance Deductible & Break Even11:14 njdealguy17:44 SimonJester
4pRoth Solo 401(k) at End of Employment - Rollover to Roth IRA?11:21 southerndoc17:41 southerndoc
15tRetirement Income - planning for inflation vs. planning for general increases in living standards01/22 D-Dog17:32 GAAP
3hTIAA CREF ?15:40 450317:29 TropikThunder
10tManaged Futures Fund...If you must2018 hdas17:15 hdas
31cWhich of these two water heater would be cheaper to run and why?01/23 iamblessed17:09 iamblessed
0nTransferring stocks outside of the EU?17:05 mindgap 
23tThis is why I'm wary of buying stocks on a bad Friday2018 hdas17:03 hdas
43tDoes Fidelity or Schwab have an online community comparable to Irenaeus16:57 White Coat Inve
108tHow Did 2001-2002 and 2007-2008 Influence Your Investing Philosophy? Or Did It?01/24 Random Walker16:56 Rowan Oak
529cMy New Car Buying Tips2013 denovo16:56 LadyGeek
1hIrrevocable Trust - Tax Exempt Bond Questions15:17 ConcreteMan16:53 Gill
29hEmergency Fund In Taxable Account?2016 rattlenap16:50 mikeyzito22
54cGlobal Entry [wait time for interview]01/25 Prudence16:44 Lusy539
4hContributing to both Vanguard Roth IRA and TSP 401k.14:30 riotgames16:38 retiredjg
5hNeed advice on diversification, sell stock and pay mortgage?02:21 purewater16:37 Watty
10hIs ETF bid-ask spread a concern for long-term investing?12:27 zsaber16:37 MotoTrojan
20hHow to show accountant how VUSXX is taxed ..?09/06 fastrak9916:29 neurosphere
9hexpense ratios in vanguard vs. fidelity?15:11 healthiswealth16:28 cowbman
1hVUSXX - State Tax Exempt - How to report13:37 black_knight_3216:24 colodane
8hTSM/Cap weighters, what's the worst that can happen to Small/Value tilters?12:23 corp_sharecropp16:23 Elysium
13hreduce taxable account09:56 texan100%16:20 texan100%
5hAlliant Roth IRA09:06 mikael12216:15 lakpr
2pSocial Security Retirement Process Time15:31 Danielle89615:58 GerryL
11hContributed to ROTH, MAGI too High, Led to Recharacterize, Now Backdoor ROTH Question13:19 Futuregood15:52 lakpr
10hMoving asset allocation according to account balance ?? Does anyone else do this ?01/25 curious george15:52 Phineas J. Whoo
18tImplications of (US) pension funding deficit?01:56 Sinsji15:43 Misenplace
32pMaking funeral arrangements? Consider "pre-need" insurance01/23 LadyGeek15:40 friar1610
16tDiscounting for inflation improperly.01/25 TomCat9615:36 DoubleClick
431pWhat age did you reach 100K networth?2013 techcrium15:33 Triple digit go
80lNew Orange County, CA Local Chapter established2015 Clixt15:32 shelanman
47hIncreasing Contribution to 401k: go with Traditional or Roth01/23 eyeballsurgery15:21 BL
355tA time to EVALUATE your jitters2011 nisiprius15:08 Grt2bOutdoors
4heffect of cost basis on dollar value of gains01/25 classicjazzfan15:08 ivk5
6pcharles schuab referral bonus01/24 Figuring_it_out15:03 Figuring_it_out
34tMore diversification in my US Equities needed?01/25 shellycoat15:01 ducklake
14pMerrill Edge $900 preferred rewards brokerage bonus01/24 Figuring_it_out14:58 student
17nInteractive Brokers US vs EU12/02 Guybrush14:55 TedSwippet
6pUS citizens moving abroad for >5 years07:52 fds214:54 ivk5
19hNeed help selecting Investment in HSA01/25 shellycoat14:53 lexor
1pTax season opens on January 27, 202001/07 mptfan14:52 nedsaid
7hVTI vs VOO2018 BeautifulDisast14:50 UpperNwGuy
4pAny Clarification on QBI Health Insurance Premiums?08:45 theplayer1114:47 Spirit Rider
2nAfter-Tax Roth (IRA & 401k) Contributions Second Thoughts as a Future Non-Resident-Alien (NRA)10:16 Guybrush14:44 TedSwippet
6hMoved High Fee Taxable Account to Schwab - Now What?13:24 Cyclist214:35 shess
29cUpgrade Bank of America Credit Card?01/13 Leesbro6314:34 Trism
2hBeneficiary Pension: Take Lump Sum or Monthly Payments?10:49 tuffyfish14:28 sergeant
1314pFidelity as a one stop shop2018 BogleMelon14:26 Kevin M
1pGathering EOY Tax Documents - 1099s by what grouping if any?13:50 NewMoneyMustBeS14:20 runner3081
115tWhy is Vanguard Treasury Money Market yield so high?06/07 Kevin M14:19 Electron
5tGold vs TIPS vs Inflation11:48 Blue45614:18 oldzey
133cSome possible luxury SUV choices to buy: Opinions?01/17 CULater14:06 btenny
9tEconomist 2005 on the housing market: which new 'implosion' will we look back on?01/25 Sinsji14:03 LadyGeek
27pNUA, (Net Unrealized Appreciation), tax forms2018 busdriver14:00 busdriver
5tSynthetic Roth via leverage?11:56 Dioremius13:57 Dioremius
30c2020 Lexus RX 350L Advice01/10 Wolverine9013:42 Trism
2hMultiple 529 accounts01/25 ssn13:36 ssn
4pMedical deduction11:50 cppoly13:36 cheese_breath
49pRMD: I know I need a Tax Advisor but.....01/14 M.Lee13:34 M.Lee
13hYear 7 as a Boglehead: :sharebeer: emoji01/25 WhatsUpB13:15 WhatsUpB
15cPrescription Drug Pricing: Good Rx Coupon vs. Medicare Part D insurance01/25 Strider13:13 BabyRN
9tHow may ETFs fail?01/25 rinzewind13:05 harmony
10hReading Benjamin Graham's The Intelligent Investor07:24 Jmustang8113:01 Fat-Tailed Cont
2pSocial Security Made Simple for 99 cents11:00 Eagle3313:00 Kagord
6hInvest in JP Morgan Smart Retirement in 401k or others?01/25 bxgeev12:57 bxgeev
0hAdditional purchases of non-Fidelity MF's in 401K BrokerageLink account.. fees?12:56 corp_sharecropp 
9p529 - limits and contribution2019 ejvyas12:55 3Fund4Life
14hOld 401k Fund - investment advice01/24 Blue Thunder12:51 Blue Thunder
349pDo you plan to actually spend down your portfolio?10/23 flyingaway12:51 LuigiLikesPizza
4pMetlife shares and probate11:12 chemocean12:44 Kenkat
23hThe Final Definitive Thread on Best Brokerage04/18 Jmh04j12:43 lexor
15hExpecting first child: portfolio review request01/19 jackson31312:25 lexor
146cWhat are you listening to now01/10 Artful Dodger12:23 travelspot
19pPlanning for in-law retirement/elder-care01/25 CrazyTexan12:20 MJS
39pReview: Mark Zoril - Planvisionmn01/22 leftcoaster12:18 Dinosaur Dad
2pAOTC and Kiddie Tax for 2019 and 202009:23 986racer12:14 FiveK
9cFirst Visit to Keys and Marathon, FL07:40 Retiredron12:10 jello_nailer
70pUmbrella insurance cost01/23 Zetorman12:05 RLL1949
8hquick confirm on best place to stash (lotsa) cash for ~3 months, before deploying01/24 spindrift10312:05 spindrift103
12hNew job, what to do with 401K?08:53 socialforums20111:59 The PA Investor
2pFidelity - documenting trust chain back to natural person11:24 BL174911:52 bogglizer
5h529 Question01/25 Abk91111:50 veindoc
20pWhat to do after we have our 6-12 month EF01/25 skives1911:40 stan1
284tIsn’t Inflation Much Larger Than 2%?01/16 CoastalWinds11:40 JoeRetire
112pRefinance Mega Thread09/01 AZAttorney1111:39 TracyC
58pSimple Bank - Bonus for New Funds in Individual and Protected Goals Account07/18 tj11:26 02nz
5pProfessional Networking & Job Search Recommendations01/22 mattyslice11:25 mattyslice
18pHSA contributions approaching age 6501/25 Horsefly11:19 Horsefly
10hVTEAX Tax Exempt Bond Index Fund2019 MarvinK11:19 GaryA505
45hVOO PLUS VTI01/13 hope2511:14 ruralavalon
2pRoth solo 401(k) contribution deadline09:39 terran11:12 SuzBanyan
13tOil and Gas - Book recommendations01/24 Caduceus11:10 finite_differen
11hAdvice for senior mother01/25 Fireball Island11:07 Fireball Island
23pCannot Transfer on Death (TOD) for Vanguard Money Market Prime Account01/25 Wolfpacker11:00 Wolfpacker
21pAdvice for selecting our first home07:37 PolarBearMarket10:59 PolarBearMarket
25pWarning: Solo K and 5500 EZ01/23 Alan S.10:50 southerndoc
689pFidelity free Turbotax2016 Hayden10:49 MisterBill
102pWhat did you do cool with your money today?01/22 TheTimeLord10:45 Eric76
4pTax question01/25 jtelwood10:41 jtelwood
70hNew Here Wondering About Possible Market Crash01/23 PineForest10:38 PineForest
14cReplacing Working Washing Machine01/23 silverlitegs10:29 MnD
10hFirst Post - So many questions01/23 moneyman42010:27 moneyman420
1pBrokerage account step up22:50 frog1110:27 chemocean
11hSelling rental property or look for a next tenant?01/25 Core1310:27 togb
8hInvestment Planning12/24 invest810410:25 fredflinstone
6tTD Ameritrade Partial Account Transfer Fee01/24 TDuser481510:24 Theratking
33cAP Computer Science A online course recommendations01/22 DiehardDoc10:17 retired recentl
3hShould I contribute to non deductible IRA?09:55 rai10:15 kaneohe
13pCar loans: low interest rate but higher insurance rate?01/24 prairieman10:01 jeroly
15hEthical Investing Fund Companies01/08 bmartinez09:54 lexor
5tWhy do new issue bonds trade above par?06:23 crockpotinvesti09:51 stlutz
5tMacro Factors and Asset Allocation07/20 hdas09:48 305pelusa
23tVanguard Brokerage: Admiral to ETF Conversion01/24 xenial09:38 Doc
19hIndividual Stocks - help!01/25 athlead09:38 1789
146pJPM Chase Reserve Card gets more expensive01/08 WhiteMaxima09:36 defscott627
190lMaster Thread for Philadelphia PA Area Bogleheads Chapter2012 dickenjb09:32 marnie
32lInterest In forming North Texas Boglehead Group2017 Rob54keep09:22 Rob54keep
5hPuzzled by Ally 14-month CD interest payout23:16 investor4life09:20 02nz
7h401k rollover vs traditional IRA rollover and backdoor01/24 Robo09:20 lakpr
57lOklahoma City (OKC) Bogleheads Local Chapter2019 petulant09:20 You Know What I
5cDoes the GFE for a refinance need to be 100% correct?01/22 z9109:19 Trism
2cTurboTax importing Vanguard tax forms?07:26 JohnFiscal09:07 SlowMovingInves
3pIRA to 401k rollover decisions08:08 tiburblium09:05 Lou354
26cGoogle Voice number- no privacy with personal info??01/25 Kennedy09:05 CULater
14nDutch guy needs feedback01/25 Bart_M08:58 Bart_M
51tDoes Schwab's growth threaten Vanguard's domination (article)01/24 jzachary08:54 Busdrvr
2hSwitch from USAA managed account?22:14 Ufkerri08:42 dbr
1cClearwater Beach Hotels08:07 SquawkIdent08:37 Flyer24
446cPull-ups and Push-ups2013 Jazztonight08:33 LadyGeek
43pGuess what? You could end up paying MORE for nursing home care with long term care insurance.01/24 CULater08:27 CULater
5hClassifying Minnesota Life General Account in retirement portfolio01/25 async08:26 Stinky
4pSimple HRA question01/25 regularguy45508:16 tfb
11hWhat to do with a variable annuity01/25 Cait08:04 Stinky
5hHSA and Death of Spouse01/25 kardan08:03 jj
17tHow much would an hourly CFP cost? SEE ANSWER NOW.01/24 fortfun08:02 Soon2BXProgramm
17tBoglehead and Index Investing Podcast with Rick Ferri01/22 Rick Ferri08:01 Call_Me_Op
17pWhen and why do you need a trust?01/25 260chrisb07:51 petulant
6c2018 CRV vs 2018 Forester(Long term reliability)01/25 DonDraper07:35 nativenewenglan
28cWhat I recently learned about "dealers" and purchasing older used cars01/22 dm20007:34 Sandtrap
6pAnyone here paid college tuition w/ i Bonds AND still claim AOTC?01/25 Megamill07:28 happymob
15nWhat makes iShares so popular? How much does that matter?01/22 glorat07:28 Tdubs
28tSS as a bond and Asset Allocation01/24 Kingpin07:08 vested1
7pHow are capital gains calculated when you mix both long term and short term investments?23:47 frog1107:05 kaneohe
26cAmount of cash wedding gift?01/24 gd06:39 Sandtrap
1tStock Market Forecasts by Ben Felix01/25 guyinlaw06:32 ukbogler
5pSecure Act and 529 Use for Loan Repayments01/25 Carl5306:18 flyfishers83
12hWhen would I want ETFs vs Funds?01/25 Cait05:56 beyou
10nLow 7 figures portfolio : please criticize :)01/25 WorldInvestor04:49 4nursebee
9tHow to check historical performance including dividends01/23 international0004:43 international00
4pProcess OK if all assets including mutual funds go to probate01/25 Lynette02:10 Lynette
31pFederal taxes in retirement2018 4nursebee01:45 Eagle33
64cBaby registry "must haves"?01/23 Bob Sacamano01:02 rj342
20cGreek Islands, during late March01/15 CuriousJoe00:59 Artful Dodger
271tA Returns Spreadsheet for Bogleheads2014 longinvest00:51 Eagle33
42cFridge water filter good enough?01/04 Wannaretireearl00:39 Jablean
3pHelp with Form 1040 Lines 4a-d01/24 BayouBoy23:58 BayouBoy
98tAre interest rates ever going back up?01/23 ChinchillaWhipl23:42 beth65
1pVanguard 529 mechanics of use for grade school tuition01/25 Xrayman6923:39 Eagle33
34cThicker/Flatter Dental Floss or Tape?01/24 GiannaLuna23:31 perl
19tEmerging stocks vs bonds01/25 lexor23:02 lexor
15tBonds look like they are flashing a warning for global markets01/24 retireIn202022:37 MotoTrojan
77lHappy Birthday Taylor! 96 years young!2019 pkcrafter22:26 LadyGeek
5hMega Back Door ROTH conversion01/25 aaronbabu22:25 Alan S.

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