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179t I'm Calling an Emerging Markets Bottom  page: 2 3 401/15grap001322:00livesoft
8p Liability Waiver vs. LLC for Personal Trainer  19:49skiguy1821:58CFM300
5h New to Rebalancing - Estimating Tax Hit  18:09molesky21:56molesky
49h Investment Fee's [too high?]  04/29Krkestne21:51Taylor Larimore
3h Newbie...request critique of early retirement thoughts...  19:29newbogleheader121:49jjface
8p Question about contributing to solo 401k  20:11am21:46DSInvestor
16t Your age in bonds minus ten? Not according to Vanguard  18:24Admiral21:43boglephreak
7t Classic Bernstein 2 — Choosing Portfolio Bond Duration  12:25Simplegift21:38saltycaper
14p Quitting too early? Firecalc comments  12:33letsgobobby21:37matjen
3h Keep high amounts of cash for lower ACA premiums?  21:04jjunk21:37jjface
24t Mohnish Pabrai launches ETF channeling Charlie Munger  04/21Robert T21:36HomoLudens
6c Fingernail Polish on my carpet, call leasing office?  16:53JHU Alumni21:31obgraham
7c How to properly fire a painter?  05/03MegaPixel21:30daveatca
67h Fidelity or Vanguard  page: 205/03ImNotABot21:29whodidntante
55c WOW fantastic Cars in the Wild  page: 205/01btenny21:28NaOH
1h Keep same asset allocation in Trad IRA & Roth?  21:13GreenGrowTheDol21:27in_reality
30p Anyone use Fidelity as their bank account?  2014Hayden21:26whodidntante
5h Feedback on VTMFX  21:0020stc1621:2520stc16
144t Vanguard Partnering with Yodlee  page: 2 309/29mhc21:24Backdoor Confus
32t Buffett goes after fees pushes index funds (again)  05/02fortysixandtwo21:24FreeAtLast
29h Critique Fixed Income Strategy - GNMA Dominance  04/26Buffetologist21:23Taylor Larimore
1h Closing a tIRA...  06:49Lemonaid5621:19Alan S.
18h Family member asks my advice about Employee Stock Purchase Plan  07:18Bammerman21:14marie567
9h Should I Buy an annuity?  05/03jgarr21:12Taylor Larimore
12p Leasing and renting vs buying cash  05/03longinvest21:11longinvest
2p Question about FERS retirement  20:17am21:06am
30c Just called Directv and saved $600 for one year  05/02tigerdoc9321:06JHU Alumni
15c *IF* VW buys back my TDI  23:03Wileycoyotepdx21:05desiderium
72c Sci-Fi ... your favorite movies and episodes??  page: 205/03midareff21:02lhl12
3h Compare 3-fund to current portfolio started in Nov  09:45jbrinker20:59pkcrafter
10t Factor concentration within funds – does it really matter?  17:57Robert T20:59Random Walker
19p Choosing Medigap Insurance  11:38grandmacassie20:57Sheepdog
7t Phishing for Phools, important book  08:50larryswedroe20:56arcticpineapple
13c Considering buying my own modem  17:09workingovertime20:55StevieG72
70t How many funds in your portfolio?  page: 222:14jay2220:52dwickenh
1c 2 years left, what % would refi make sense  18:11deweybogle20:50HawkeyeJD
2p Tax refund not received - what to do?  19:40ge120:45BeneIRA
13p Things to do in Cincinnati  10:17Joey_Freshwater20:43blindguardian
5h Safe withdrawal rates  16:21JacK 09820:36BahamaMan
13t Does T.R. Price add value for its investors  05/03larryswedroe20:35nedsaid
3h How does interest work with Brokered CD's?  04:31500Kaiser20:32Geologist
9p Gifting Valuable Stock to Charity  05/03bogleviewer20:30grabiner
2t Downsides of Unconventional Portfolios  19:13trope20:29ogd
29p First time home buying, need advice!  03/31mbdav20:14EXH
35t I Bond rates for May 1 announced  05/02beardsworth20:08JDDS
27h Portfolio Help for Early Financial Independence  05/03Henry8520:08Henry85
11t Multi-Factor Investing - Can You Help Interpret/Explain These Data Tables?  05/03scottj1970720:07larryswedroe
6h Seek advice on rollover  04/28luchini20:05luchini
51c Sunscreen  page: 205/02Joey_Freshwater20:04LadyGeek
4p Peculiar Airline Pricing  18:42boater0720:03sfnerd
9p Contractor took advance for work on out of state rental property and has stopped returning calls...  11:59savemorelivebet20:03Cherokee8215
10p Wiki article for new investors - Risk tolerance  05/02LadyGeek20:01LadyGeek
12c MLM supplement friends, neighbors  12:58tp_from_ks20:01tp_from_ks
2h International Allocation, VTIAX/VEMAX vs. VTMGX/VEMAX  18:20AudioAce19:49jhfenton
12t Do bond funds have a tendency to revert to par value?  05/03mptfan19:39grabiner
0t USA NRA Investing: Using a USA IBC?  19:31galeno  
3h Is participation in this ESPP worth it? [Employee Stock Purchase Plan]  16:23ssri19:27ved
14p Primary Residence Capital Gain over 500K Strategy question  05/03KnowNth19:23Tanelorn
7t Predicting the future  09:32Ron Scott19:22Clive
110f Please Try Out Test Posts Here  page: 2 32007tfb19:17Miriam2
16c Not at fault Car accident, should I file for Arbitration?  05/03TimothyWong19:04Cindyjrn
2h VFIAX vs. VTSAX  18:52bmg7c919:01triceratop
24t LifeStrategy Moderate Growth fund or its components?  05/02Kelly18:53ogd
7p Received CP2000 notice for IRA recharacterization  04/28mikep18:47Alan S.
1c acura lease or refinance  15:58freyst18:41JoeJohnson
1p roll over solo401K to IRA: protection from creditors  18:06dual18:35Alan S.
10p Wells Fargo - Transfer Fees  05/03abuss36818:33Grt2bOutdoors
3p 32yo male - Contemplating Term Life Offers (had stage 0 skin cancer 7 years ago)  16:53CuseHokie18:31Grt2bOutdoors
4h Help rebalancing my sepp fund and retirement planning  05/03parksea118:27parksea1
2l MN Bogleheads Meeting May 7th  08:53Peter Foley18:21a2z
68c Buying a New Car...Is it Unwise?  page: 204/29Generator51518:17surfstar
12t Jack Bogle: "David and Goliath: Who Wins the Quantitative Battle?"  05/03Taylor Larimore18:17matjen
13t "MetLife to Pay $25 Million"  09:18Taylor Larimore18:15afan
2t This is fascinating ... "The McGurk Effect"  16:25scottj1970718:03LadyGeek
41t Why not a 2 fund portfolio like Bogle suggests  2015thesePretzels18:00Clive
183c Tesla X  page: 2 3 42015oragne lovre17:59TomatoTomahto
31c Help Buying First Car  04/25ForeverInvestor17:54jharkin
44c I cannot stop buying... [Investing/Personal Finance Books]  04/30Fieldsy102417:48Fieldsy1024
11h New senior investor  05/03NancyT00717:38Morik
60p Potential Employer was excited to hire me! Then silence... What did I do?  page: 205/01toto23817:32toto238
630c Boglehead Beer  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 132011Thetightfist17:26roymeo
29p Almost perfect credit score (FICO from Amex)  05/03inbox78817:23ParkersPaPa
1h ICMA-RC 401a with TDameritrade option  12:17Scott31117:21Duckie
50h Personal Capital says I'm way off track..what do you think?  page: 212/02oleblue17:12Hawaiishrimp
21p Should my Mom take a large distribution from her IRA before I inherit it?  07:02tmhudg16:58bsteiner
57p How Much House  page: 205/02TheBestOrNothin16:46jabberwock
8h Roth IRA and/or Roth 401k?  10:33new2bogle216:42new2bogle2
2t Interesting Round Table with Cliff Asness and "the" Steve Cohen  09:00matjen16:35edge
7h Lump sum or per month?  00:12expat_16:30ruralavalon
24t Vanguard Small Cap Value Index Expense Ratio Decreases  04/28triceratop16:30triceratop
10t Longer Re-Balancing Periods?  13:52QuietWealth16:14blevine
33t Meaning of the label Market Timing?  05/03magneto16:12JoMoney
18p Pension buy outs ???  04/26die-tryin16:03die-tryin
30p 7mo/7%/7K CD at nrlfcu  05/01Barefootgirl16:02tbradnc
18p Use 529 or cash first?  12:26WalterMitty16:02blevine
4h Help needed. US ETFs vs UCIT ETF for an Irish resident  05/03mixinvest15:52mixinvest
2h 401k Rollover? And Long-Term Planning  10:25chrisr24415:49clydewolf
58p Should I pay back my parents back for paying for some my college costs  page: 205/02tony541215:46madbrain
11h Ready to clean up a 400k portfolio that has gotten too unwieldy  05/02dcdwntwn15:46Taylor Larimore
0p RSU -- Qualified Dividend vs Reducing Basis  15:37Squeak  
14p Short visit to Toronto  05/0350ismygoal15:25fandango
83t Why Are Real Interest Rates So Low Worldwide?  page: 204/24Simplegift15:09scottj19707
15t Anyone try Jason Kelly's 3Sig Investing Method?  05/02sruliz15:07tyc
3p Fixed indexed annuities technical question  14:09Bogle_Feet15:02Taylor Larimore
469p Changes to Social Security  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1010/30ObliviousInvest14:57vtMaps
429p High Earners - What's Your Profession?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 92014Hawkeye_Saver14:52SQRT
53p What to tell your child about Bill for tax preparation  page: 204/26Wildebeest14:43Wildebeest
2h Help with USD listed-currency Irish-domiciled ETF [LSE]  05:31jtt2314:43Tylenol Jones
24p Recruiters reaching out with larger salary, how to ask for a raise at current job  05/03sdotsen14:34Isabelle77
2h Traditional IRA Fund Suggestions?  10:25tman994014:21123
23c Medicare help!  05/02retire1414:14123
6h Advertised High Rate 4.65%* CD  05/03rrppve14:11rrppve
204c Soapbox (car safety features)  page: 2 3 4 504/144nursebee14:09leonard
31h Looking for investment input (mid-40's, dual high income)  2015CT-Scott13:49CT-Scott
25p Sue your employer over 401k  05/01ControlContentm13:38ruralavalon
1425t The Three-Fund Portfolio  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 292012Taylor Larimore13:22Taylor Larimore
10t Mutual funds vs. ETFs ?  05/03yuper13:11NMJack
22t Reasonable Firecalc Assumptions and Results?  05/01remomnyc13:07HomerJ
4h New to Investing, New to BH  05/03spoco7913:03Toons
101c I bought the wrong car - know it after 15 days  page: 2 305/02LadyIJ13:01alrick
103p The psychology of high deductible health plans  page: 2 312/12neurosphere12:46CT-Scott
148p University of Virginia vs University of Miami  page: 2 304/15privateID12:17TomatoTomahto
12h Finance new home but keep the old - sell taxable, HELOC, cash out refi?  03/24namenloseblonde12:14namenloseblonde
57p Advice for new trustee, distributions  page: 204/25afan12:13celia
8p Whole Life Insurance - hold or cash out?  05/03adhar712:12InvestorAdam
135c Who else hates choosing a car?  page: 2 32014SilverDollars12:052Birds1Stone
11h Software Question [Looking for Windows-based portfolio tracker]  05/03davidbeitz11:59BolderBoy
28c Pea gravel as paver patio alternative  04/27doon11:54mrc
30p Chase Sapphire Preferred  05/02samsoes11:53boater07
10t Why does DFA not offer a market neutral fund?  05/03bjr8911:27lack_ey
20c Non-Compete Clause  04/15fizxman11:24dltnfs
1c Supporting parents and tax deductions  09:59logicon11:21BolderBoy
10p Why do these products exist?  05/03Independent Geo10:42tbradnc
8h New 401k - Worst in history?  09:50kite10:28retiredjg
23p Good book(s) for the soon to be retired?  05/01Ron Scott10:24Taylor Larimore
2h rebalancing at a loss out of CEF (gold/silver)  05/03Castanea_d.10:23Castanea_d.
6h Puritan fund recent changes  05/03Dave C.10:22Dandy
11h Do you get more SS if you wait, but do not work?  05/03sheople210:15EdB
16h Inherited IRA + Long Time Horizon  04/30DS11110:09ImNotABot
27c Buying a house, but sold as is?  05/02Bandit39009:58blueberry
9h Advice on 401k Rollover and General Investment Strategy  05/02gnr09:56BL
19h Help A Special Education Teacher Retire!  05/02Baj8209:52JW-Retired
1535c What Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 312014Alex Frakt09:35Valuethinker
8h 401k Advice- Help me simplify into Taylor 3 Fund  05/03phr09:31ruralavalon
1h Can you replicate goal based investing in Vanguard?  09:11Chris2509:21jjface
3h How do 401k Contributions Affect Tax Rate?  09:10hafjell09:19KlangFool
4t The influence of recency on investor behavior - Part 2  05/03larryswedroe09:07larryswedroe
9h UTMA Account  05/03learningLady08:56learningLady
5h Seeking advice for retirement portfolio and 457 investment.  05/033cat08:55Lou354
13p Capital gains from sale of real estate  05/01MoMoneyMa08:51desiderium
25c remodel: energy-independent house!  04/30rocketb08:39Careful
2p confused about the Medicare donut hole "closing"  07:58mouses08:27mouses
26t What's a typical pension funding % ?  04/30packet08:18triskelion
33t Dow 100,000  04/24sabhen08:11JonnyDVM
4p Practice owner with a stay at home wife (social security question)  05/03eltron08:01terran
30h Mods: please lock this thread  05/03EHEngineer07:49prudent
10h Emerging / Frontier Markets: Allocation & ETF Recomendations  07/15jtt2307:05Valuethinker
12p Mortgage question for soon to be ex-husband  05/02wildkatz06:05joebh
2h Private Company Shares - Tax Question  22:12black_knight_3205:52JGG
23p Opening FSA/HSA to pay for my son's medical bills/expenses?  01/15Gamma Ray05:43nps
11p Potentially invalid HSA (due to FSA) -- what to do?  05/03maral05:34nps
8t P2P Real Estate Investing  05/02ClevrChico03:57Valuethinker
4p Help me vet criteria for selecting used car  05/03sksbog03:29czr
0p Anyone here have experience with Fractional Equity -- ?  03:15mxp  
24t Paul Merriman's Emergency Fund Recommendation  05/02neomutiny0600:42Ari
40h Lazy portfolio - Mutual funds or ETFs?  03/20l1am00:25jjface
6h Best way to invest in US index etf from Hong Kong  04/26boglehkhead00:11boglehkhead
132h Vanguard Customer Service  page: 2 307/01A44023:48radiowave
24h Making my own German index "fund"  05/02kosomoto23:20inbox788
19p House down payment source - 401K loan vs selling mutual funds  04/28br0nd23:18livesoft
12h Revisiting “Could I retire…. next week?” two years later  05/02Dwayne22:50art_org
47t Best place to keep vacation funds and emergency funds  04/26fortfun22:23fortfun
17t Tax loss harvesting: in rare occasions for the boglehead?  04/30lapuce22:22lapuce
1p Canadian Non-Resident and US Resident Planning  05/03jayaamit22:13LadyGeek

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