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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1876 new posts and replies over 216 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
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Subforum - TopicLast   
37pThe reality of borrowing from your 401k for home mortgage21:52 bostonengineer13:59 TropikThunder
15pWhat percentage will I keep when I sell my home?10:34 Ed_Sandwich13:57 michaeljc70
7hI need help with my investement stratagies please20:09 WhatTheWho13:56 WhatTheWho
424hMr. Money Mustache, SWR, and equity allocation12/18 Triple digit go13:56 EnjoyIt
41tLarry Swedroe: The Factors That Plague Factor Investing04/16 Random Walker13:54 DonIce
33cNeed vacuum recomendations2018 IowaFarmWife13:54 vu8
136pCan I semi-retire now?04/11 fnmix13:54 cowdogman
1016tRumor mill - Fidelity starting individual HSA's Nov. 15th11/11 liberty5313:54 danaht
1cUpdating to MacOS Mojave on an old mac Mini13:32 jeanpierremelvi13:53 anoop
66tThis could be the biggest risk that retirees face?19:56 CULater13:52 FIREchief
4cQ: Aetna + GoodRx. Will Aetna count it toward your deductible?09:17 rantk8113:52 HEDGEFUNDIE
36hLeave a job with a pension?04/17 BradJ13:50 chrisjul
20hFire my financial advisor now or later? (recent windfall help needed)08:45 investingdeacon13:50 Frank Grimes
178tHow Do You Like My New 'Doo2015 nedsaid13:49 nedsaid
14hInvesting in someones YouTube channel?12:00 Keepcalm13:48 MotoTrojan
8hVanguard wire transfers without 'medallion signature guarantee'01/22 TedSwippet13:46 chrisjul
68pExecutor of Will - Selling House in Poor Condition04/16 DarkHelmetII13:46 JGoneRiding
43cAt what point would you hire someone vs. cut down a tree yourself?12:29 tony541213:43 tony5412
10hStructuring Portfolio for Moderate Income Withdrawal?07:58 RegattaJoe13:43 bloom2708
34tAmerican Funds vs Vanguard15:28 Paisley13:43 Toons
6cMedicare B only vs FEHB only18:25 kilkoyne13:42 oldcomputerguy
43cCollege admission inputs - Purdue vs local SJSU vs others04/18 techrover13:40 HEDGEFUNDIE
2hHow does an international mutual fund pay foreign income tax12:46 Tyler Aspect13:39 Tyler Aspect
19pRSUs and ESPP after 2-Week Notice06:49 embeddeddragon13:39 quantAndHold
64cVideo Camera to check in on Elderly Parent03/30 ThankYouJack13:37 planetmike
361p[2018 tax return - How does it compare to previous years?]02/11 RobLyons13:35 Jon
3hRollover 401k to new employer vs roll into IRA12:02 minodm313:34 minodm3
39pWhat I don’t understand about Donor Advised Funds...04/16 ForeverMom13:31 FIREchief
46cGardening 201904/11 Earl Lemongrab13:27 DrGoogle2017
781cWhat frugal thing did you do today?2017 Nectarineman13:26 Doom&Gloom
1pEasy to use legal zoom for revocable trust?11:21 sil201713:26 FIREchief
75tHow and when did you do it - to get to 1 Million2013 migmarks13:24 stoptothink
51hThinking about selling stocks near all time highs22:48 mathguy302113:19 Ben Mathew
51tIn which companies do you own a single share, or token amount, of stock?04/18 tristessa7913:17 Toons
18pDW worried about What if ...? Wishes to pay off mortgage11:21 frugaltigris13:16 Olemiss540
5hBack door Roth question12:15 unclescrooge13:15 fabdog
151pIn Laws Retirement Nest Egg04/15 Bogle198113:13 RadAudit
4pReal Estate Advertising06:59 jfn11113:11 jfn111
4hPortfolio Allocation Changes for MBA expense04/17 hungryforhummus13:09 hungryforhummus
199t(NEW) WisdomTree 90/60 U.S. Balanced Fund08/08 hdas13:08 EfficientInvest
36cSmoke detectors04/18 crypto1113:03 mariezzz
4hYouInvest Account10:04 Zero8512:59 Zero85
1600tHEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure [risk parity strategy using 3x leveraged ETFs]02/05 HEDGEFUNDIE12:57 reformed.trader
4tVanguard vs BlackRock vs DFA09:26 Paisley12:55 heyyou
7hFirst time posting - Portfolio Feedback17:38 rutgersRU12:52 Dandy
1680tThe Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses2016 Earl Lemongrab12:50 whodidntante
7h[401k Allocation]04/13 Benosis12:50 Triple digit go
13pHelp Try to Get Fidelity to Offer Online Contributions to Solo 401(k) Plans03/11 southerndoc12:50 southerndoc
6hHelp with Roth distribution on taxes07:06 jsiulinski12:45 nolesrule
14hLimit on Roth Conversions per year with a Backdoor?09:23 CorradoJr12:43 nolesrule
30cIn search of a dishwasher that dries plastics well...08:09 Ed_Sandwich12:43 UALflyer
189pWife hates new job...wants to quit after 1 day04/09 Sockpuppet12:42 F150HD
3pItemizarion of Non-Cash, Charitable Contributions12:11 Nowizard12:39 Mike Scott
62cCar Battery01/08 Namashkar12:32 Electron
3hkeep or sell the home00:48 hadron12:29 hadron
76pWhen did you start spending more and saving less?14:15 TheTimeLord12:28 GlacierRunner
19hAdvice for 2803/29 DE1112:27 DE11
56tConsensus on I Bonds for 2019?02/02 sophie112:20 patrick
3cCape Cod to Colonial19:31 ENT Doc12:20 sport
2cAloft Tampa Downtown-Late April 4 nights11:34 mrmass12:19 mrmass
20hAsset Allocation - 34 year old worth $1.2M01/16 123go12:17 totesmagotes
194tWhy diversification is not a viable strategy?03/08 KlangFool12:16 DB2
3hHelp Clean Up Retirement Savings - Half one stock16:33 UpsetRaptor12:15 mega317
9hNet Worth where it should be?11:00 tman994012:14 22twain
83cAfter financial independence, do you play credit card bonus games?04/15 flyingaway12:07 Starfish
15pHome Purchase Feasibility09:05 guwop12:06 Jags4186
89cLuxury car recommendations?04/14 AQ12:05 brucebuck1010
35cWindows 7 end of support - Jan 14, 202004/18 heartwood12:02 jebmke
22cGarage Door Opener Replacement17:54 DTalos12:01 Ged
54pdropping umbrella and increasing auto liability04/17 tiburon889211:59 tadamsmar
7nDoubt about asset allocation [UK]17:13 adrihead11:59 Valuethinker
5pState Tax Question Concerning 401k to Roth IRA Rollover04/17 Cruz11:48 grabiner
12pNew job offer, pension vs diy retirement10:19 warowits11:45 warowits
54tWould you be willing to temporarily change your AA?05/15 Windylotus11:44 garlandwhizzer
59cDissuade me from buying art [Kauai]2015 unclescrooge11:40 unclescrooge
14hThe Final Definitive Thread on Best Brokerage04/18 Jmh04j11:38 livesoft
42cBuying a bed04/11 dave105411:25 ssquared87
7hYieldstreet06:25 skd11:24 jminv
5tAlpha using rebalancing rules10:28 michaeljc7011:22 garlandwhizzer
3hCombining Old Pre-Tax 401Ks Into 1 Rollover IRA08:10 Clarice11:10 Alan S.
17tLawton Study and Zeroes04/16 272 Sheep11:10 272 Sheep
3tPrinciples_of_Tax-Efficient_Fund_Placement02:05 Bongleur11:10 grabiner
45hA separate traditional IRA acccount?04/05 annabel11:09 annabel
1tState Tax basis in IRA, Roth, HSA and 403B09:29 money_bunny11:08 grabiner
4pTIAA Traditional Question - Moving from Liquid to Non-liquid Version23:54 inepteft10:58 aristotelian
1pRefinancing Private Student Loans20:54 ssteinkamp10:55 mariezzz
64cThings to do in Indiana02/23 jaj227610:54 Godzilla
15pSwitch auto insurance?04/16 jeff62285910:51 cowdogman
11nCurrency risk when retiring abroad - Investing internationally in EUR?03/12 undid10:43 sean.mcgrath
2hWhat should I know before selling a mutual fund for the first time?09:01 Macro10:33 grabiner
5tVanguard Treasury auctions: funding sources?04/18 hotpancakes10:33 hotpancakes
11cAir Purifier for Bedroom?07:22 unstoppable10:33 telemark
38tHedging against hyperinflation scenario04/18 alexfoo3910:29 averagedude
23h401k help!! Which of these is most similar to VBMFX?15:22 ElmoHongZito10:29 ElmoHongZito
9hBeginner question: best way to $ Cost Avg on sp50004/18 rajwar10:18 F150HD
7hWhat are the Pro’s and Con’s to Tips?17:20 Old Blue Chair10:13 Dialectical Inv
9cGet the best deal for your cruise: Whole Food, Plant Based20:41 Wildebeest10:12 dm200
39cFinal Word from Cyber Security types?-Password Manager for non-techie??04/18 Sophia188410:07 F150HD
26tWhen to prefer low-rate bonds to stocks in taxable2012 grabiner10:05 international00
14cA week in Newfoundland, activites advise04/15 RW-Expat10:04 TLC1957
7hinvesting beyond the three fund portfolio22:19 souleman5509:59 Cycle
5hInvest in taxable account for 5 years23:50 mswbogle09:55 mswbogle
12pTransferring DAF funds from VG to Fidelity2017 Sidney09:51 stan1
19cAC went kaput, Sketchy quotes. Time to think Geothermal?03/20 crystalbank09:45 NHRATA01
3fpassword reset difficulties2017 irish1709:35 LadyGeek
2tThe Market Cycle of Emotions09:14 Paisley09:32 Toons
109pWeigh in on our Marital Argument =)-- HCOL edition10/13 Myamar09:29 JackoC
17hNeed bond advice02/08 cpotter63809:28 cpotter638
10c2016 Toyota Sienna all weather mats04/18 tampaite09:27 aas
4tPublicly traded Partnership vs Publicly traded Corporation ?04/18 ResearchMed09:21 alvinsch
57tLoans from 401k -- back door investing?2015 ilovedogs09:07 LongRoad
17cControlling Ivy on walls04/18 Nearly A Moose09:06 dm200
21cIs it worth renting a car in Vegas?19:26 z9108:56 Doom&Gloom
23pDealership vs independent mechanics04/18 RobLyons08:48 Strayshot
36pNot Maxing 401K OK?04/17 Nissanzx108:44 mnsportsgeek
11pWhole Life policy advice04/18 idealtrucks08:43 Dandy
14hShould I repatriate my cash?19:21 Neoseo130008:37 Valuethinker
12hNew to Investing! Large qualified ESOP distributions, CASH to taxable. Complicated!!04/17 OSUperu08:22 lakpr
86hIs the disaster scenario for stocks a reason not to invest or pull out of the market?04/13 TheTimeLord08:22 Dandy
88cWhat is your hobby and how did it come to be your hobby?04/16 keepingitsimple08:17 knightrider
2pMarketwatch Article on Back Door Roths14:45 Alan S.08:10 panhead
84h$1.1 million rental portfolio, but tired of being a landlord04/15 teelainen08:01 renue74
24pleaving state job / pension. ..... bad idea?04/18 UnclePhil07:57 dziuniek
33pMarriage and Student Loans04/18 embeddeddragon07:54 dziuniek
6hAm I supposed to start backdoor Conversation now?04:35 snowox07:52 cas
129cNew 2019 RAV4 is now out - looks good2018 CULater07:51 FoolStreet
15hCurrently with Schwab private client--and decided to get out--but what to do15:00 GNXGuy07:35 mptfan
63pI’m a Loser Stuck in a Dead End Job04/17 WillingtoLearn807:28 BrooklynInvest
15nP2P Lending - Europe03/25 Tellurius07:17 hithere
8hNeed more interest, non qualified dividends, or STCG!04/18 boomer_techie07:09 Admiral
9hForeign tax credit while US expat04/14 assyadh07:04 Gufomel
44cWashing Machine that uses a LOT of Water04/16 bagelhead07:01 Valuethinker
80pJob Offer Evaluation - FANG04/16 Broadway201806:43 Broadway2018
16h100% total market index for 10 years, wondering if I should have bonds and international04/18 Magova06:29 jakehefty17
5cAdvice on non warrantable condo in Bellingham04/18 RobSg06:15 j0nnyg1984
257c"The best and worst U.S. states for retirement"03/30 Taylor Larimore06:08 neilpilot
30cBasement water issues04/16 numberman06:05 IowaFarmBoy
27tAn Annuity Hater Revisits SPIAs01/15 Rick Ferri04:29 columbia
148h"Never time the market" vs. lump sum investment06/21 bonzai04:17 msk
16tCan 401k type retirement plans provide safe retirement income? - Thaler & Milevsky04/14 bobcat201:10 Darwin
26cElectric smoker14:09 TarHeel200200:49 ClaycordJCA
30h40 years old and just trying to figure it out04/15 cwwolf00:37 ClaycordJCA
122tDoes 100% stocks make sense for very high net worth individuals11/27 masonstone23:16 willthrill81
16pSolo 401(k) - Separate EIN Should Be Used for 5500EZ Filing01/14 southerndoc22:57 DrGoogle2017
3565pWhat's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?2016 guitarguy22:55 DrGoogle2017
8hInherited 401k Options: Non-Spouse, Beneficiary Age < 59.5, Deceased > 59.5 and < 70.520:04 DarkHelmetII22:47 Alan S.
115pQuicken 2019 and forward11/27 Scorpion22:45 TimeRunner
21pHas anyone used Income Strategy website/software?2018 busdriver22:14 spammagnet
20hAnyone here have experience with Zacks or Personal Capital managing their investments04/16 davidofma22:01 Passive Dave
14hBeginner Investor Questions04/17 Seananigans21:46 mighty72
42cTrip to Central Asia. Do you need a CC?04/15 ChinchillaWhipl21:39 quantAndHold
30hM1 Finance04/08 Wezzley7721:37 wootwoot
2tVanguard kicking butt with Target Date Funds03/04 BeachPerson21:35 changingtimes
1tVanguard Risk Meter12/31 dwickenh21:24 retire2022
3p1099 Interest on savings bond for kid04/16 psteinx21:20 HueyLD
7hSelling house: can the proceeds be directly wired to VG taxable investment account?04/09 CoastalWinds21:18 thoughtware
1tGovernmental 457(b) Plan06/11 LifelongLearner21:16 retire2022
8hPrivate Sector Job or Stay with State Job04/17 UpstateNYer21:13 wilson08
39lSan Francisco Mid Peninsula, California Chapter2018 nance21:10 Mel Lindauer
0cBest and most affordable email autoresponder service?21:08 teelainen 
20hRoth or Traditional 457B with Pension04/18 magicman21:06 retire2022
11pLoan options04/16 firstwordproble20:56 corn18
18hWhere to put $100,00004/17 lgb20:51 lgb
3pORP optimism17:55 notPatience20:50 corn18
22cmicrowave that doesnt beep forever?04/17 fru-gal20:49 whodidntante
9hFidelity ZERO Funds Question14:03 bck6320:38 bck63
11hValuing Individual Stock in Portfolio04/15 sunisfun20:34 sunisfun
5hAccount location and ownership question (Vanguard and Fidelity)04/18 mdds20:07 RickBoglehead
27tValue Averaging: My experience after 9 years2014 oneleaf20:05 Thesaints
1hPortfolio Comparison12/13 godukego20:04 retire2022
7hClose to Roth contribution income limit - options?18:38 DonIce19:56 lakpr
111tMarket timers thread03/23 revhappy19:48 wshang
0nWSML - iShares MSCI World Small Cap UCITS ETF - Which dividend yield to expect?19:41 thibaulthib 
13hSEP IRA to i401k to open up backdoor ROTH01/07 meebs19:39 Spirit Rider
76pDo not use Personal Capital04/15 generallyspeaki19:35 dacalo
3hTD Ameritrade Automatic allocation18:26 cubsbank19:30 cubsbank
3pHome Owners Insurance dwelling coverage help04/18 oaks19:22 sk.dolcevita
3hWhich should I choose for my Roth IRA, confused04/18 CashFlowGlobal18:57 fabdog
4hPassing $$$ to your kids - Options?14:23 fm304018:56 delamer
12nUS Taxes + Foreign (NZ) Investing / Is Kiwisaver a PFIC?2015 blonders18:45 siddharthanz
19h100% Equity IRA04/17 rascott18:23 CnC
12cHouse with Permanent Wood Foundation - Would You Buy?04/18 allones18:21 Sandtrap
48pInsurance Advice after bicycle accident04/17 cbr shadow17:57 furwut
4hAsset allocation across taxable, tax deferred, tax-free accounts01/30 nicholas_181317:52 nicholas_1813
3pHow to save for a down payment in ~5 years?14:03 beermecaptain2117:50 Sandtrap
10pPayment for an auto accident claim (?)04/16 UncleLeo17:50 hayhayday
1nWhat are incompatible index definitions15:17 PraefectusDeleg17:45 David Jay
10pumbrella insurance negative cost?04/17 GuySmiley17:36 quantAndHold
6n[Europe] Which stock exchange to use?10/23 bonzai17:29 Achkelone
2hBest way to take out cash04/18 sterlingmossy17:26 Duckie
6hAdding Another Money Market?04/18 scubablue17:22 mega317
4pIs Form 5500 Required15:34 Leesbro6317:20 Leesbro63
5pQLAC04/17 Time2Quit17:13 Alan S.
3tFidelity Managed Account Issues04/11 nolajoan16:59 nolajoan
14pUniversal Life Policy Lincoln Financial - what to do?04/16 Trapper16:52 scubadiver
8hInherited Keogh / Stock Basis04/17 flaresident16:50 Alan S.
2tBarry Ritholtz podcast with Bill Bernstein04/18 Jeff Albertson16:36 retiringwhen
2tLarry Swedroe: Hedge Fund Performance Update04/18 Random Walker16:33 retiringwhen
8pExpenses in Quicken, Moneydance04/10 PolarBearMarket16:15 PolarBearMarket
21hInvestment option aside from 401k.04/16 StevenNJ116:05 lakpr
61cBogleheads privacy warning04/17 mikemikemike15:56 LadyGeek
84cA 23% increase from ATT Wireless03/20 htdrag1115:51 BoxOfUpticks
17cHome Page for Your Computer:04/18 Nowizard15:50 inbox788
33hnext dollar of savings03/04 BeerTooth15:44 retiredjg
5hTax Advantaged maxed out15:08 hornet7415:36 hornet74
102pWhat defines "income" on a retiree's credit card application?04/15 munemaker15:29 LadyGeek
10391tU.S. stocks in free fall2011 Lbill15:21 LadyGeek
3hNondiversification Risk. Due to a recent index rebalance04/18 lepa7115:20 Thesaints
12hRe-balancing "organically"04/17 boglehat15:01 MnD
23tHow does Alliant Credit Union make money on their Credit Card?01/08 naveen14:55 Phineas J. Whoo
14hLocked into [American Funds] - best choices?04/18 ellink14:49 Earl Lemongrab
7hFidelity email notifications04/18 AnalysisParalys14:40 veggivet
19tU.S. Bank/Bancorp 100 free trades per year04/17 Nthomas14:39 Earl Lemongrab
2cRoof rails - aftermarket Toyota Highlander14:03 TarHeel200214:25 wriley4409
28hWhere to hold 2-3 years of living expenses04/14 260chrisb14:23 The Wizard

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