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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1914 new posts and replies over 244 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
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Subforum - TopicLast   
42tRiding HEDGEFUNDIE’s excellent adventure09/29 CanaBogle2413:28 langlands
7459pRefinance Mega Thread2019 AZAttorney1113:28 dks05c
2cWhat I don't get about Part D drug coverage13:19 montanagirl13:28 egrets
13tDid the 4% rule just become the 5% rule? :)12:16 rickcrna13:27 alex_686
35c"Bubble level" tool17:17 rjbraun13:27 rjbraun
44cHelp me plan a family trip to Italy - Two Weeks20:59 BillWalters13:26 Outer Marker
141pSoftware developer about to seek new opportunities -- discuss salary up front?10/09 doss13:26 Pomegranate
0tVONG Worth Holding?13:26 hotelcalifornia 
12cChartering a flight on short notice?08:28 BSA4413:24 sk2101
19hAccount fees with full service Chase Private Client account?10/20 CrisisAverted13:24 neverpanic
195tAnybody here trying Coast FIRE?10/16 stocknoob411113:21 RJC
2hDeferred Compensation Program and TLH12:44 aaja13:20 aaja
72hGoing “all in” on paying mortgage15:43 pepperz13:20 neverpanic
9hWhen to dump/replace a fund - considering taxes10/21 JimmyJammy13:20 retiredjg
80cRunning Linux vs Other OS?2017 Alexa913:19 inbox788
12pCares Act (CRD) distribution/tax question10/12 signewton13:19 odcard
32pHELP! Columbia Threadneedle, Medallion Signatures, Notorized Doctor's Letter!07/13 redeem_ct13:18 Seasonal
27tTax GAIN Harvesting10/21 Doc13:18 Doc
2tPimco Ca. Muni....PCK12:28 hoops77713:18 hoops777
15tguaranteed return from bond funds10/21 RustyShacklefor13:17 RustyShacklefor
25pwaited too long to buy a house - but starting to feel priced out..18:52 nonamer80013:15 rustymutt
41tWhat is the truth behind the statement very few people are able to beat the market?14:28 okmanl13:12 langlands
77tBogleheads are good at market timing10/16 TheoLeo13:11 whereskyle
50hHelp for wife after I pass away10/16 smmsmm5713:11 delamer
30tVXUS sideways... why hold it?08:53 mojorisin13:10 muffins14
4hGuidance on fund that won't transfer to Vanguard11:38 Octavia13:09 Broken Man 1999
34cNew kid on the way, should we get a new minivan? or else?08:04 armeliusc13:08 White Oak
9pPayoff rental mortgages?11:32 Stoic913:06 8foot7
24cRecommend WiFi camera that works on guest network10/18 AAA13:06 rustymutt
84pdo doctors/hospitals HATE Medicare Advantage (as payers)10/20 montanagirl13:06 gasdoc
117pIdeal City to live in?10/21 cbr shadow13:05 JackoC
128hAll in on VTSAX10/16 JohnDindex13:04 behumble
2h401k matching question09:27 Mr.BB13:02 deikel
2483tThe Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses2016 Earl Lemongrab12:59 Thrifty Femme
149tWhy not Real Estate instead of Stocks?10/03 Addy12:59 Go Cy
283cPC Build Thread 202009/02 Independent Geo12:57 LadyGeek
14pNaming Beneficiary for Vanguard account09:19 Silverslick12:56 Silverslick
21pSpouse PPO vs my HDHP+HSA20:04 OldSport12:53 OldSport
956cWhat are you listening to now01/10 Artful Dodger12:53 Broken Man 1999
179tTesla becomes most valuable car company in the world07/01 Jags418612:49 a
9383tU.S. stocks continue to soar!2018 GoldStar12:49 abuss368
17hTake Pension Now or Defer and Continue Roth Conversions for 5 years10/18 bpg123412:47 bpg1234
17tPayPal will let customers buy cryptocurrencies and use them for online payments10/21 F150HD12:47 rockstar
57pFinancially independent, still working, how to spend the extra cash?10/21 EnjoyIt12:46 rockstar
53cNew smoker recommendation?10/21 Pomegranate12:46 mrc
88tBest way to mitigate the top heaviness of Total Stock Market Funds10/20 bikechuck12:41 Taylor Larimore
193cWhich diet soda pop do you enjoy?2018 Earl Lemongrab12:40 ncbill
0pPAI/AD&D - yes or no12:38 guppyguy 
6574tHEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure Part II: The next journey2019 HEDGEFUNDIE12:32 stockmaster
34pAdministration of Testamentary Trusts10/20 mptness12:32 Lee_WSP
22cwater softener (southern california) - worth it ?10/19 krishk2412:30 Yooper
96pWhat are the financial risks of not owning a house?10/15 rgs9212:29 bobcat2
39hHow do you estimate retirement expenses?05:37 2Scoops12:25 finite_differen
2tSmall amount left in Vanguard rollover IRA; How to transfer it?12:08 willthrill8112:25 willthrill81
2cBogleheads Resources - Getting Smarter [Free investing books]11:00 STVCT12:23 LadyGeek
3tJim Dahle (aka White Coat Investor) interview08:19 ruralavalon12:22 Wade Garrett
3hWhat to do with $100k10/21 Windsor3312:20 rich126
23pTRS(Teacher Retirement System of Texas) and Social Security10/20 rightdecisions12:17 songman52
3hFidelity® Money Market Fund (SPRXX) yield less than ER11:40 aaja12:14 aaja
106cLooking for a three row SUV; $90k budget10/16 Tingting101312:13 tmcc
2hFinancial moves to make while not working?11:52 VartAndelay12:03 bhough
33pHow much house to buy in Seattle?08/15 bantam22212:01 KyleAAA
2hCan I hold more than one state's 529 Plan?09:54 Mode3211:59 Mode32
13hLiving on investment10/21 David1411:58 willthrill81
4hConverting my pre-tax 401k to after-tax?03:33 fung11:58 Alan S.
13hGetting Started - TIAA Investments13:30 vlake2111:56 crefwatch
567pRelationship mortgage discounts for moving a million assets2019 softwaregeek11:53 LFKB
8pChanging JTWROS to Tenants in Common17:30 cowdogman11:51 bsteiner
26cOff Road Mods?10/15 rockstar11:51 Kagord
199tFidelity lets clients now trade fractional shares of stocks and ETFs01/29 pokebowl11:51 MAI
12cWasher / Dryer recommendation [stackable units]12/17 casualflower11:50 eucalyptus
96hI bonds - Are they worth it to you?10/18 Willmunny11:45 Angst
18tVanguard 529 Changes10/18 shariron11:41 rkhusky
467hShould We Ever Save for Children's College?10/05 griswoldfamilyx11:29 Vulcan
33nUsing Swiss Bank and Taxes08/31 90011:27 DJN
1hIs solo 401k the right move?10:49 Partyof511:27 terran
13hBonds or What Else in Taxable - mid-term investment10/20 NYCaviator11:26 ivgrivchuck
12hFinancial Planning 23 Y/O10/20 rickylearning11:23 rickylearning
3cSocks for my son (yeah, not the most urgent question these days!)10:32 newbie00311:21 Andyrunner
2cHome Office Furniture14:57 bdylan11:20 Soon2BXProgramm
26hETFs: VTI vs. SCHB [Total Stock vs. US Broad Market]2011 Landmonster11:11 ruralavalon
24pWhy does it take so long for a check to clear.10/21 Toller11:03 Dottie57
18cFloor tile grout appears stained. Is it a plumber issue or a cleaning issue?10/06 URSnshn10:54 willthrill81
46cTesla Full Self Driving Option09/02 TravelforFun10:52 harikaried
15c2020/2021 Toyota Highlander - Gas and Hybrid questions10/19 MJD10:46 jerseysure
15pSoftware Developers - should I look for a new job?10/20 ThankYouJack10:44 HawkeyePierce
3pFiling a 709 - Gift Tax form for contributions to a third party Special Needs Trust02:23 Sandwich10:41 bsteiner
11cMotion Sensor for Pantry Closet08:33 sad210:31 JupiterJones
20h72 year old, wanting to put investments in "auto pilot" mode, please advise10/21 LearningAlot10:30 NYCPete
22hEmployer Cash Deferral Program (2.9% rate): Use in lieu of bonds? How would you think about it?10/20 YoungSisyphus10:29 ruralavalon
4tWhy does Vanguard Target 2065 have less stock than 2045?08:56 pb199610:23 firebirdparts
8c"Congrats on Moving!" postal mail, but I have not moved07:18 neurosphere10:17 clip651
34hWhich Megatrends for the next decade ? Which ETFs ?10/18 LiveSimple10:15 belugawhale
0cWinter Putting Practice10:11 fishmonger 
2nEmergency Fund - Advice08:56 rerombo10:08 JupiterJones
51pDonor Advised Funds considerations10/18 sp22610:02 jebmke
81pMerrill Edge $900 preferred rewards brokerage bonus01/24 Figuring_it_out10:01 BrandonBogle
25pLT care premiums are going way up; should I self-insure?10/19 catdude09:59 willthrill81
196tVanguard Announces Plans to Launch Commodities Fund2019 MFInvestor09:59 azanon
4889pWhat's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?2016 guitarguy09:55 JackoC
10pChase Marriott Bonvoy Credit Card Waive $95 Fee10/20 Leesbro6309:52 fishmonger
1378pMy LenderFi refinance is going well01/15 abyan09:44 Monsterflockste
169cWho is your favorite fiction author and what is your favorite book of theirs?07/10 beernutz09:35 tenkuky
32pPen Fed Nightmare Customer Service10/15 rascott09:35 hudson
9hcapital gains15:03 Robert4409:32 Robert44
1pHiring Part-Time Nanny; Should I Get Workers Compensation Insurance?09:15 biscuit09:30 TomatoTomahto
35tMLPs - A Word of Caution [Master Limited Partnership]10/05 petulant09:29 pshonore
16nBrexit impact on Irish domiciled ETFs traded on LSE2019 Maple09:28 rudolfr
10hCan't view Schwab portfolio performance in Chrome on Windows2019 Elric09:26 wander
113lTampa Bay Local Bogleheads Chapter2015 tampaite09:24 sleepysurf
50p[How to determine budget for toys/luxuries?]2018 EnjoyIt09:21 EnjoyIt
74hStruggling Over whether to Sell my Tesla Stock09/15 goodenoughinves09:21 guyinlaw
6cSamsung UHD TV Model Number Differences21:32 Cruise09:21 ncbill
17tWhat's the difference between mental accounting and having a budget?10/21 PicassoSparks09:18 alex_686
145hTerrible experience with Ally bank- buyer beware08/15 savemorelivebet09:16 rascott
19hInvesting Help07/27 ChiCat1109:07 ruralavalon
7pHMO with no premiums vs. HDHP/HSA10/21 monkeydluffy09:04 monkeydluffy
12pDelayed Wire Transfer at Ally07/09 NewMoneyMustBeS09:00 MikeG62
116hHedging the 2020 Election10/18 Lensvik08:58 tibbitts
2nIB tiered commissions for LSE USD-denominated ETFs01:08 Tylenol Jones08:53 900
22cNew washing machine / washing clothes in hot water?10/20 FlyingMoose08:51 Watty
28hnot entirely new, but knowledge is power right?10/17 james826608:50 ruralavalon
149tIf you have a sizable portfolio, you don't need an emergency fund04/09 millennialmilli08:48 Spirit Rider
5878cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36808:38 ruralavalon
8pPersonal capital: Retirement plan review and $10013:57 Stanczyk08:35 hnd
30pA bit embarrassing, but I was looking at SS wrong10/21 breeves224508:35 smitcat
22hFidelity Freedom Fund Question [Freedom Fund vs Freedom Index Fund]10/16 Mikano08:33 Mikano
35tWho here uses a financial advisor?10/10 Dennisl08:30 Racing Grandpa
2pChoosing a Simple IRA provider as a small business owner06:14 Bmsm608:24 mptfan
8hSimplifying portfolio to a 4-fund tax efficient mix09/11 legionnaire08:19 grabiner
16t50/50 VT/BNDW?10/20 Cincyfed08:09 rab
27tRoth IRA for working child?10/21 JV07:48 David Jay
27pBank with no debit/ATM card?19:03 NYCaviator07:46 sam1838
8cPodcasts like Peter Attia, Rhonda Patrick10/18 get_g0ing07:44 VictoriaF
48cMeditation Guides?10/20 LuigiLikesPizza07:43 tm3
30pWills/Trusts - Retirement Account Beneficiary10/19 UPWanderer07:26 RyeBourbon
5cMacBook Pro and Lagging Bluetooth Peripherals10/21 NYCaviator07:20 NYCaviator
51cRelocation - DFW considerations10/07 wabbajack07:02 SueG5123
42pThinking about Return of a Mortgage Prepayment10/20 JamesNYC07:01 Admiral
63h(Serious) How do you not be depressed when you sell a stock and see it rocket up? Lost millions21:40 mask10706:40 LadyGeek
15hbest option for young (minors) children bank/brokerage accounts?10/19 corp_sharecropp06:30 Outer Marker
5tPLL stock isn't trading anymore, does this mean my shares are worthless now?10/21 Samosa2206:28 not4me
17pLTC Coverage10/20 big bang06:22 ncbill
3hNeed assistance to withdraw from a Roth 401k10/21 CrisisAverted06:10 Spirit Rider
10cZoom Call-in Seemless?17:45 DTalos06:07 EnjoyIt
1082tVariable Percentage Withdrawal (VPW)2013 longinvest06:01 NearlyRetired
77tRethinking bonds10/04 stocknoob411105:52 daacrusher2001
3cGood books on economic development?19:11 Jesteroftheswam05:29 oldcomputerguy
12hIs this ESPP worth it?10/20 Trying2learn05:27 WarAdmiral
6nCanadian Investing in Canada, America, and International10/20 CanadianehLol05:11 Peculiar_Invest
63hHow much do you allocate to international equity?10/20 Blueberry200903:44 invest4
2pClaimed HSA contribution on taxes. Forgot to actually do it.23:16 Hub01:43 Sprucebark
28tVanguard Energy & Oil10/19 abuss36801:39 boogiehead
99cWould you send your child to a Gifted program?2011 detroitbabu01:07 Seagal12
149cWhere do you buy coffee beans?2016 Morik00:42 Bungo
8pTerm life insurance - how much does premium increase over 15 years13:38 raiderG00:40 raiderG
15tREITS after 202010/20 james826623:57 HenryPorter
3pMortgage recasting20:31 JBTX23:39 JBTX
519cWhat lifestyle creep made you happier?2019 ThankYouJack23:23 phxjcc
11tBlackRock, Inc., has announced exchange-traded fund (ETF) splits for five of its iShares ETFs10/15 Aw0k3n23:21 nedsaid
282cOddly Difficult to Find Items During the Pandemic07/16 alfaspider23:19 moladybug
44t"Converting Vanguard Mutual Funds To ETFs"2019 Taylor Larimore23:19 nedsaid
222pIs programming still a valuable skill to learn?10/08 alex12371123:05 visualguy
11pCan I fix Roth 403b rollover mistake?10/20 jgroth223:01 jgroth2
385cItems that are worth the money for the quality10/16 newguy12323:01 srt7
73cPilot, Highlander or CX-906/23 felzy522:58 srt7
10nWhat happens to my Vanguard/TSP accounts if I move to Japan?10/06 pointyhead22:54 Stephen_Crane
25hSimple Covered Call Strategy10/16 tacotacotacotac22:45 bugleheadd
22lGreenville, SC Bogleheads - Who's Interested?2013 Snow Boarder22:10 Cantwait2retire
56hWhere to start with mega backdoor Roth IRA?06/29 knightrider21:57 Shaka
2197c[What TV Show Have You Recently Watched?]2016 dbCooperAir21:54 Doom&Gloom
61tCliff Asness will be our next "Bogleheads on Investing" podcast guest10/05 Rick Ferri21:42 One Ping
23tWhat is going on with Vanguard International REIT / Real Estate Fund09/10 abuss36821:27 abuss368
1cEmployment benefit - access to legal representation?20:59 cpan00b21:13 runner3081
4tMorningstar: "What Our New Approach Means for 529 Plan Ratings"10/21 Taylor Larimore21:13 Grt2bOutdoors
24tThoughts on placing REITs in Roth IRA?2019 Jesteroftheswam21:12 abuss368
3hTwo Solo 401k for self and spouse?15:35 onthecusp21:12 Spirit Rider
46tOK to hold Total Bond Mkt in taxable acct?10/20 tonysk21:09 abuss368
12tIf google gets broken up what happens when you own the underlying index?10/20 Mickelous21:07 abuss368
22c[PSA] Windows 10 October 2020 Update becoming available10/21 Peculiar_Invest21:02 CFM300
101tConfused by Bogle's apparent dislike of ETFs10/13 mrtwstr21:00 nisiprius
1pNC State Health Plan Medicare Advantage Plan Spousal Coverage20:58 Retired180920:59 Flyer24
10hStock vs etf14:34 Rankhorse20:53 Jack FFR1846
59tHow The Creator Of The 4 Percent Rule Applied It For His Clients And His Own Retirement10/13 MikeG6220:47 willthrill81
47cProtein consumption strength training10/19 MP17320:42 KyleAAA
35ciPhone 12 Pro Max OR ...?10/19 need403bhelp20:34 need403bhelp
4nSuperannuation Advice [Australia]10/20 mongolianaus20:29 asset_chaos
7hSlicing/dicing International Equity10/19 SpideyIndexer20:12 grabiner
9pUnion/Employer Limiting 401k contributions10/20 spencydub20:10 theresearcher
41tGlobal Market Portfolio as a single ETF?2017 thomaspinckney320:05 Register44
27hnew physician out of residency portfolio build09/27 familythriftmd19:55 retire2022
10hPSLF side fund09/22 familythriftmd19:47 familythriftmd
19cCarbon Monoxide Alarms11/12 boater0719:45 gtd98765
15hBonds in Portfolio Right Now16:28 diamonds_in_the19:45 LadyGeek
4hTerm Life Question (Thrivent)18:55 pindevil19:41 Stinky
71tDoes Dry Powder Work? - The White Coat Investor10/19 Rowan Oak19:34 PicassoSparks
34husing iShares iBonds & Invesco Bulletshares to build bond ladders for term-certain income10/17 ponderosa19:24 vineviz
85cChase Sapphire Reserve2018 raveon19:10 Go Blue 99
4tRecent Vanguard support issues14:05 njvi19:09 rkhusky
18hNew Vanguard investor: 3 questions(1. d/c'ing PAS 2. using Target retirement 3. whole life10/15 BirdieMan19:05 BirdieMan
28hStudent loans paid off- where to put money now?10/19 dred pirate18:57 lakpr
3nUK sister forum?10/20 Nemeziss18:54 xxd091
4nUK Newbie10/20 Nemeziss18:52 xxd091
4pTax Estimate for Small Business Sale14:56 czr18:23 MarkNYC
3cCarMax service10/21 pgs5918:23 ragabnh
3hVanguard prime money mkt vmmxx now named Cash Reserves Federal Money mkt17:06 leehsm18:14 Trader Joe
216tSeriously, what is going on with international?10/14 Tamalak18:14 abuss368
7hLate to the party at 50 - Need advise10/21 Naturelover17:51 randybobandy
28hVanguard acct. conversion, and ETF conversion10/19 bbrock17:47 bbrock
24cPassport Renewal06/06 anonsdca17:41 bandoba
6hVCITX question10/16 SantaClaraSurfe17:31 Electron
9cWealth and Well Being?10/21 LuigiLikesPizza17:25 J295
15hCollege financial info: Is there a general income/asset threshold beyond which it simply doesn't matter?10/20 corp_sharecropp17:21 goodenyou
7cAnybody from out of state ever buy a car from a Maryland dealership?10/21 phositadc17:15 rich126
28pUsed Car Purchase, No Title. Need Advice10/20 whaleblow17:07 inbox788
0pHas Anyone Placed a Vacation Rental Property with Vacasa?16:50 Carefreeap 
13hMother's 401k - End stage COPD- Roth Conversions10/19 coachd5016:47 retiredjg
19cNew/CPO car discounts? Suburban/Expedition/Yukon07/03 five2one16:38 tibbitts
39pretirees? fixed amount vs fixed %10/20 k198216:27 Outer Marker
20pMinimize Kiddie Tax for college student, maximize income 4 years10/18 CAsage16:21 CAsage
52cTrane HVAC - Bad Experience10/19 like2read16:18 littlebird
18pSolo 401(k) eligibility for consultant receiving W2 for hourly rate?10/19 greenleafe16:18 greenleafe
71cMost comfortable shoe: please recommend10/15 get_g0ing16:16 familythriftmd
8hhave seen the light10/21 apsuGuy16:15 123
3hAdvice on what funds to put my 401k and DC plan in10/16 BugsBunny16:08 BugsBunny
163cConvince us to buy our first luxury car!10/18 lawofcompoundin16:08 Tingting1013
27pBest online savings bank05/04 Hoops16:05 Ron Ronnerson
1pHall of Fame: Mortgage Loan officers14:08 Savingscaptain15:51 Flyer24
7hPortfolio Planning/Help10/09 EffiCENTcy15:42 EffiCENTcy
5pEmergency Fund Options.....10/20 Ykcor15:36 patrick
16pPay off 4.99% car loan early? Will it affect credit?10/20 itsallaboutme15:30 Mr.Chlorine
6tE-Trade Bonus Offer10/21 candb15:24 Chicago60
4pSurvivor benefits for social security10/20 Live15:13 LilyFleur
4cRCA AVI to HDMI Converters10/20 DTalos15:03 familythriftmd
17tWill it be a burden to file taxes when you sell after 30+ years?10/20 frugalor14:49 toast0
56tVanguard Ultra Short vs Short-Term Bond Index10/07 Doc14:48 Electron
22hTrying to figure out my estimated taxes for 2020 is driving me insane!09/21 VartAndelay14:43 bbrock
3pSafe Harbor and after tax contributions in 401K10/21 andyandyandy14:40 andyandyandy
65pTenant modified property and subletting on AirBnB10/19 jinnix14:30 Cobra Commander
15hRetirement planning book11/24 Offshore14:30 backpacker61
16pHelp with choosing Mortgage Co10/20 62caster14:26 Outer Marker
11hWhen Your 7 Year Old Confirms The Bubble10/21 sj200014:15 Flyer24
26pLetting neighbor use dock10/21 captpete14:12 Flyer24
8pCalPers offers MetLife Legal Plan09/16 reisner13:32 bsteiner

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