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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1843 new posts and replies over 260 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
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Subforum - TopicLast   
3pCOBRA Election and Open Enrollment Deadlines08:21 GeraniumLover12:01 JBTX
2cApple experts or anyone using the new MacBook Air M111:42 Bill202012:01 LadyGeek
1htaxation of savings bond interest11:51 15202guy12:01 BogleFan510
38hThoughts on Pre-Paying my Mortgage?16:47 CaptainTyson12:01 KlangFool
3hInvestment Advice00:38 simpleinvestor112:00 3funder
2034pShare your net worth progression2014 techcrium12:00 Chicattle
278pH&R Block 2020 software offer10/19 CABob12:00 dodecahedron
4hCan I max out $19.5K pretax to both a 403b and TSP at the same time?07:11 168gr11:59 168gr
4hNewbie investor - sanity check09:59 goulash11:58 3funder
2pSale of two homes and capital gains taxes11:25 Colorado1311:57 MarkNYC
40pChase Sapphire Reserve retention offer - was worth the effort11/24 rjbraun11:56 SciurusVulgaris
58pHas anyone used a Career Coach for new college graduate?18:29 RetiredCSProf11:54 teniralc
13hPortfolio's been a few years, and I have some questions.09/02 daheld11:53 daheld
11hPortfolio Review - Need to Redeploy11/29 chickadee11:53 tredd351
1pComplicated backdoor Roth situation11:05 atthebuzzer11:53 Alan S.
316tA Returns Spreadsheet for Bogleheads2014 longinvest11:53 nwnerd
20739tU.S. stocks in free fall2011 Lbill11:53 Doom&Gloom
22cFood Safety -- Let Me Have It!12:50 bhwabeck353311:52 Old Sage(brush)
11tHigh valuations, CAPE, and passive investing10:58 WCF11:52 alex_686
0hPortfolio review for tax efficiency, please11:50 esgwat 
26cIs Our Olive Oil Real?21:22 centennialstate11:50 palanzo
72cAny bogleheadish black friday deals to look out for?11/25 Aw0k3n11:49 whodidntante
3hAdvice on IRA Withdrawal11/28 Skyfighter11:49 Skyfighter
16cLG refrigerator failure - any hope of compensation?18:30 statman11:49 Don_Qua
1079cWhat are you listening to now01/10 Artful Dodger11:49 Mike Scott
92tWho actually rebalanced recently?11/25 Exchme11:49 Jacklh
3pPortfolio review for tax efficiency, please11:16 esgwat11:48 WoodSpinner
83cTrading a BMW for a Toyota11/26 kaywalker11:48 palanzo
34pIs it public record when you pay off a mortgage?09:56 tony541211:47 LittleMaggieMae
91pFather-in-law denied apartment for lack of income even though he has assets. What to do?2018 Ron Ronnerson11:47 rkhusky
1859lPost your Financial Milestone Announcements Here2017 VAslim1611:46 Chicattle
62tHow does the stock market return 7%?11/28 stocknoob411111:44 RyeBourbon
163pTimeshare surrender denied, no idea why, please help11/28 Uncle Freddie11:44 LadyGeek
11tNeed to start investing, where to start?11/27 rissadavis11:44 Beehave
3tNew Vanguard Brokerage fees starting in January 202109:49 FrankLUSMC11:43 JohnnyBeGood
5nCountries with deemed acquisition rule for a portfolio of shares00:27 assyadh11:43 assyadh
2tDIA vs FXAIX23:29 Denver_Inv11:42 Ferdinand2014
15hAdvice on cashing out of variable annuities?11/27 alexcr11:42 alexcr
9hMimicking VTSAX with SP500 SP400 and small cap18:17 vas11:37 rkhusky
2cRecommend a glass or steel blender - for small batches22:03 get_g0ing11:37 lthenderson
3355tSmall Cap Value heads Rejoice !!!2019 hdas11:32 vineviz
20pIRS hasn't processed 2019 tax amendment(Mail delivered to IRS August 2020), not showing up in IRS portal, what to do ?11/16 sharukh11:31 sharukh
295hFamily member has one million in one stock , doesn't want to cash out08/31 sjl33311:28 hnd
1hMarried Retirement Couple Maxing Order?10:41 fedworker202111:28 CAsage
0pTurbotax vs H&R Block11:28 Bill2020 
1please purchase land sale11:09 brendavid11:26 adamthesmythe
12cWeighted Blanket?06:47 LunaLauren11:26 lthenderson
25hMajor Life Changes - Seeking Advice17:37 WinstonSC11:26 WinstonSC
9tIssue with Fidelity website?10:32 jjunk11:25 rkhusky
39cWhy Would All Four Tires Have Slow Air Leaks?15:58 Small Law Survi11:24 lthenderson
14hRe-entering the market in 202007:32 consinv11:24 mickeyd
34cTransmission troubles11/25 imbogled11:22 sd323232
14cAnyone use excel with a large (100,000 row) spreadsheet?20:31 Tamales11:20 Roinsborg
165hConsidering switch from Vanguard to eTrade...pros, cons and other input?2019 galawdawg11:16 Blue456
37cCan openers10/29 sawhorse11:16 dratkinson
7ptax planning questions (MAGI, Stimulus check & misc.)11/27 capran11:15 jhawktx
3tAsset allocation and risk parity ?09:10 Spgold11:13 birdog
45tERN: See that house over there? It’s an investment!15:31 tomsense7611:12 willthrill81
29cFitness Rowers: Hydrow vs Concept 216:25 friar161011:11 jhfenton
2336c[What TV Show Have You Recently Watched?]2016 dbCooperAir11:06 Blues
0hQuestions Regarding Balancing Tilt & Allocation Disruption11:05 STVCT 
6772tHEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure Part II: The next journey2019 HEDGEFUNDIE11:04 cooljack4u
29pMaintaining high FICO score11/29 Lensvik11:03 SmileyFace
296cWhat have you baked recently?2018 Elsebet11:01 dratkinson
34hSwitch from target fund to VOO or QQQ14:41 dory_SF10:58 alex_686
48cSwitching to Ooma11/27 nesdog10:57 JackoC
20pSmall claims court - how to proceed?17:02 Myopic squirrel10:50 8foot7
1hQuestions about cashing out an equity-indexed annuity prematurely09:54 Uncle Freddie10:47 Stinky
0hContributing to SEP IRA and Individual 401k with goal to get money into Roth?10:45 jakm54 
23pTurbo Tax for 2020 Returns?13:33 tomd3710:40 BogleTaxPro
65cKitchen Pots and Pans - Any Recommendations?11/28 ruanddu10:39 michaeljc70
25tWhat is the worst time to enter SP500?19:56 Koale310:38 checkyourmath
13pReassure my nerves please [home purchase]21:35 Planner0110:35 Planner01
15hIn need of a strategy update09/18 cincyinvestor10:34 cincyinvestor
31cWealth and Well Being?10/21 LuigiLikesPizza10:32 beandeveloper
4pCan I download Turbo Tax without CD Drive on my Computer when Purchasing Via Amazon?09:55 J29510:23 J295
125hWilling to share your Taxable Portfolio?11/28 iudiehard110:22 abuss368
7hKeep Funding 529?11/29 black_knight_3210:21 Firemenot
0hTraditional to Roth Conversion10:21 giddyup969 
4pMedicare PartB - reduce paid amount each month?2019 patandjames7210:18 HoneyBee
29tDollar Cost Averaging Merriam-Webster vs the Boglehead Wiki12:38 tadamsmar10:17 vineviz
20tVanguard 529 shows incorrect performance data11/25 shariron10:14 mgk2010
4tCRP land [Conservation Reserve Program]2015 mbenz199710:14 southwest_stack
0hConsidering portfolio changes with target date and G funds10:13 Fan of Jack 
65hVWO01/16 drjazz10:12 PennyWise7
25tIndex fund with tax drag vs stocks with no capital gains in taxable accoun11/22 adamsdp10:11 Greenman72
40pExperience with Better Mortgage2019 AerialWombat10:07 JAZZISCOOL
4hVanguard's 529 Nevada Plan21:58 FIREGuy8809:59 Broken Man 1999
15pSocial Security Questions - How much each spouse should pay in?11/28 crazygrow09:56 smitcat
21tRoth conversions... tax speculation?11/29 LivingTheDream09:53 jeffyscott
427tWithdrawal rate for an early retirement11/17 nptit09:52 birdog
14ciPhone photography - lens add ons11/27 Jonezez09:51 midareff
14pAm I calculating Refinance Savings Correctly?11/27 trumpet8309:51 BackOfTheNet
26pNo longer have PC - how to amend HR Block desktop returns?15:59 noraz12309:47 jebmke
5tRoger Lowenstein is our guest on the "Bogleheads on Investing" podcast16:51 Rick Ferri09:42 Rick Ferri
1hNon-qualified plan for self-employed?11/27 sp22609:41 David Jay
34hWhere do you keep cash for future car purchases?11/28 lessismore2209:37 Money_Badger
85cPowerful Battery Leaf Blowers11/02 SmileyFace09:36 Blues
22pShould I retire now?2019 Bratbill09:22 Old Guy
45pWhat percentage of your net worth is not taxed?11/28 Cpadave09:19 oldfort
8cLearning a new language07:35 290349032409:18 Nicolas
102cNew Truck Purchase11/18 ManOfIron3509:14 The Woodbutcher
91hNo Mortgage - Wrong??11/26 KandT09:13 checkyourmath
3pSeeking advice: Set up for Sole Proprietor, Personal Checking Account, Payment Gateway (PayPal, Stripe, etc)11/17 URSnshn09:12 URSnshn
131pHow can I reduce my annual expenses: Budget help11/25 yosemite_mounta09:11 Sandtrap
10487tU.S. stocks continue to soar!2018 GoldStar09:09 whodidntante
46tYou are probably invested in Bitcoin now09/15 bogivan09:09 ohboy!
14hManaging my own 401k instead of target date fund?11/29 Danimals54309:09 drumboy256
20hTorn between robo advisor and diy11/25 tsunami09:07 Cyanide123
1tAny Venezuelan Investors here?06:42 SemiRetire09:01 Steve Reading
13hInvestment idea: US Construction and Housing to capture some alpha...12:45 xerxes10108:55 dziuniek
0ciFIT subscription renewal strategy, NordicTrack treadmill08:49 fctu 
77tPSA: gold07/25 NoRegret08:48 Robot Monster
6hShould I avoid having a balance in Trad IRA11/28 nimo95608:36 nimo956
6tPros/Cons of Individual/Joint account ownership?11/25 Monster9908:33 HueyLD
6pPersonal Capital Doesn't Work11/28 FIby4508:25 seawolf21
12tRenters and REIT11/28 duricka08:25 bling
92cI just bought a Peloton - Love it!10/30 PhillyPhan08:19 RobLyons
30tAny dangers of passive index fund investing?14:33 PTGuy108:15 balbrec2
16cBetter to pay contractors for free estimates?11/29 boglerdude08:13 SmileyFace
4cAny Deals on Turbotax This Year?11/01 Outer Marker08:12 Mako
264hTesla Motors Stock2013 oragne lovre08:09 Valuethinker
11pHas Anyone Seen any Black Friday Quicken Deals?11/27 djmbob08:05 djmbob
6pRisky adventures after FI11/29 uberdoc07:54 climber2020
20hEstate planning to avoid probate2017 macman_6507:52 Nowizard
12cWhere to find Corelle Livingware 8.5'' Country Cottage Plate?17:41 MathIsMyWayr07:41 mbres60
2nPortfolio advice - 35 y/o Belgian05:02 matthiasdb07:36 zarci
3hPost TLH should I go back to original fund?22:06 Investing Newbi07:28 rkhusky
15nVanguard closing its European factor funds11/27 Forester07:23 steve321
19nPaying the IRS with a TransferWise 'borderless account' debit card10/06 TedSwippet07:18 assyadh
4hIRA Advice03:34 scguy61307:16 HomeStretch
4hEnd of year after-tax 401k strategy?23:33 caligrateful06:43 HomeStretch
565pAmortization Based Withdrawal (ABW)2019 willthrill8106:39 dcabler
14hPurpose of Roth Income Limit11/28 jameswg06:27 prudent
4hInvestment policy statement/portfolio advice11/25 lainvestor06:06 birdog
1hAny compilation of stocks joining/leaving the Russell 3000/2500 by year?02:00 skis4hire05:36 JoMoney
12pFEHB/Medicare: Retired Feds, What are you doing for Open Enrollment11/13 virginiabirdie05:16 Swansea
23tGreat video by Ben Felix on Tech Revolutions11/28 BeachPerson05:03 Uncorrelated
29hWhich sites to use for financial news and watchlist tracking08/24 bawaso04:58 dgnative
28pHealth Insurance - To self insure?11/28 toaskaquestion404:16 boomer_techie
9pIPO: RSU income retirement account options & any other advice13:45 curiouskitty03:51 neverpanic
3nAsset allocation and risk parity ?01:21 Spgold03:29 Valuethinker
124tSilliest Investment Mistakes?11/23 geerhardusvos02:52 bearcub
3n[HK/Singapore/Australia] Investing through HK LLC or personal account in SG/Aus?18:03 Mostif02:21 glorat
8pRe-opening rollover IRA (after backdoor ROTH)11/27 gurusw01:46 marcopolo
8059pRefinance Mega Thread2019 AZAttorney1101:33 manatee2005
38pNew car - cash or credit?11/27 SavinMaven01:10 idc
4hRoth 403b or Roth 457 Roth to fill 12% bucket21:49 ert51000:52 ert510
2twhere to see whether particular preferred stock dividend is tax preferred?19:40 advicenow00:38 reason-logic
18tSeriously, how are the markets UP this year???21:32 Cautionary Tale00:14 Firemenot
17hRental Property vs S&P index11/28 newyorker00:02 CurlyDave
1pWhen can I no longer file as Head of Household23:35 blackwhisker23:50 mhalley
18cBest Books for Post Retirement11/20 Edify23:31 Brianmcg321
8pNext Move - Living Considerations11/29 RGB20523:28 RGB205
2hTaxable account Taxes22:55 ACJC23:28 ivgrivchuck
63pMy car insurance rate is $1000/month. HELP11/27 newyorker23:15 calvin111
40tBuying TQQQ vs Shorting SQQQ (for long term)11/03 calvin11123:09 calvin111
12hQuestion on vanguard Tax Managed Funds11/29 parrish23:01 Northern Flicke
4906pWhat's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?2016 guitarguy23:01 djheini
39cFabulous free things11/28 2commaBH22:46 retire2022
9hBrokerage for "after tax contribution" solo 401k (etrade / fidelity / (?)11/28 grouponde200022:42 Spirit Rider
11tBlockchain as a completely new payment system – Avalanche [AVAX] from Cornell University for next chapter in Blockchain?11/20 Financial Indep22:37 TropikThunder
13nExit strategy for NRI on H-1B08/02 dzurik22:27 goldenfish101
25tAny reason to swap SWPPX for VFIAX?11/27 schrute22:26 Gabelli2020
61cGaming PC Build: Newbie questions and feedback!11/11 Wannaretireearl22:11 Wannaretireearl
2hBest Taxable Portfolio21:18 Baseball3022:03 FiveK
33tShooting for the moon as a young investor2017 eurobogle21:59 firebirdparts
100tWhat does your Crystal Ball say?03/12 Mode3221:58 psyrnpsy
71hTime to buy Tesla?02/04 GingerandPiper21:53 BNAIBOA
20cMisen Knives11/28 houpgh4121:43 beergod
204tVanguard High Dividend Yield Index Fund12/20 abuss36821:37 DSBH
5cSeveral Questions About Stationary Bicycles11/29 Strider21:35 rich126
19hHealth Insurance: Not able to decide between HDHP/HSA and PPO11/28 HasHas21:26 HasHas
67hInclined to payoff mortgage11/28 Brady1221:25 Brady12
7preinheriting a disclaimed IRA18:44 flaresident21:21 flaresident
14tInvesting for an expected resurgence in international travel11/29 Bammerman21:17 CurlyDave
259tBitcoin: What is it, in Plain English2011 Leesbro6321:16 oldfort
25n[Thailand] Advice needed on my investment plan05/11 mkps21:16 eamesBot
23pNet Worth, high home equity, SWR and investment risk tolerance in retirement - how do others approach this?11/28 NorCal1321:12 goodenyou
0hPortfolio sanity check21:08 doctorgonzo 
6034cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36821:01 matti
104hLump Sum vs DCA in Today’s Market11/24 ggrmv72220:50 placeholder
10cWall Street Journal Black Friday offer11/26 catdude20:38 CardinalRule
38pAbout to commit the ultimate sin; paying PMI...11/04 totallynotsure20:27 traveling_sales
5pEmergency Fund for a business owner19:21 newyorker20:25 newyorker
14pAdvice on will/trust for brother who is in prison11/29 drake1920:24 PoundCake
8cBlink outdoor camera security13:51 yules20:24 yules
11cDrinking water filtration system for home11/28 Samosa2220:18 kfindley79
78tLook at current PE 10-actionable?11/26 am20:17 HomerJ
3cRecommendation: Waterproof music player for swimming11/29 treadingwater20:11 treadingwater
29cYoutubeTV free HBO Cinemax for 5 days - What to watch ?11/26 confusedinvesto20:09 treadingwater
7pAnother should we buy a house thread18:27 EstorilM20:09 EnjoyIt
23p30/F – Would it be worth purchasing a home?11/28 tRacer420120:05 Golf maniac
4t2 Bucket VS LifeStrategy or Target Date19:43 xxsocraticxx20:01 Doctor Rhythm
7nAustralian expat resident in Hong Kong - newbie [portfolio review]11/28 hkboglehead19:58 hkboglehead
50pSon diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes - how prepare for future?11/27 JV19:46 Tremendous Slou
7hYoung investor needs help17:11 cabbageman4719:36 Doctor Rhythm
4hfiguring out monthly interest from tax exempt fund10/13 advicenow19:31 advicenow
3250tWhat are you up YTD? [Year To Date]2014 InvestorNewb19:29 zaboomafoozarg
5h401k / Retirement Planning Investment Advise15:22 yedayoda19:19 David Jay
4pBackdoor Roth Withdrawal18:35 krayzie index19:10 kaneohe
23hHow QBI deduction affects "after-tax non-Roth" solo 401k11/22 grouponde200018:58 Spirit Rider
167tRenting vs Owning Your Home2018 Ben Mathew18:52 checkyourmath
78ciPhone 12 Pro Max OR ...?10/19 need403bhelp18:49 oxothuk
10pT-Mobile Bank 4.00% APY2019 johnpau18:34 cowdogman
41cDeodorants without aluminum?11/27 LunaLauren18:11 Saving$
14hMilitary TSP Question2018 RamblinDoc18:10 snowman
3nPortfolio advice for a young guy11/24 tobitoggy18:07 xxd091
43cAnyone experienced problems with Honda V-6 VCM engines?2014 Browser18:05 LadyGeek
9tSpreadsheet to Track IRA Conversion11/29 Rose17:58 celia
12hCritique My Portfolio Mix & Retirement Plan16:21 Aeiouoiea17:55 Doctor Rhythm
80tLatest Thoughts from Larry Swedroe08/15 nedsaid17:39 wickywack
12cSmart thermostat for a small 2 bdr apt?11/20 BogleMelon17:37 dratkinson
1pOffset accounts and redraw facilities - two mortgage features not available in the US?16:18 billthecat17:19 baliktad
31hEE Bonds for high income couple in their 30's11/28 SlapShot4817:16 SnowBog
3hPortfolio and Plan Review11/29 OutOfCollegeInv17:15 OutOfCollegeInv
9pBooks re: teaching children responsible money skills2015 ImaBeginner17:00 jaqenhghar
14hChinese Government bond08/02 viralmehta2816:49 ivgrivchuck
19pPitfalls of switching from Morgan Stanley to Charles Schwab?11/28 Financologist16:29 dratkinson
12pHow can I move my HSA?11/25 new2bogle216:29 FiveK
19pDisability Insurance- when did you cancel it?11/17 Buzzhead16:26 jaj2276
8pshould I refinance?14:09 autopeep16:17 autopeep
3tUS holiday and markets for Ex-US funds?11/25 Aw0k3n16:16 grabiner
1cCredit dispute-International Travel Credit14:23 andyandyandy16:06 sherwood88
3hPaydown principal or invest?11/28 pmorgan202016:04 grabiner
3hDiversifying beyond Total Stock Market11/28 viajero16:00 grabiner
80pIRS Expands eligibility for Corona Virus Related Distributions06/19 Alan S.15:55 need403bhelp
98tWhy not a 2 fund portfolio like Bogle suggests2015 thesePretzels15:31 Register44
10hMedian Highest Paid Income with Lowest Median Home Prices11/29 invest2bfree15:29 LadyGeek
2hMy First Brokerage Account: Two Questions14:47 Cheego14:59 bogivan
5pOnline calculator for probability of reaching different ages?11/29 alexcr14:57 Stinky
6pOnline Banking-2FA, etc.11/29 nesdog14:51 ikowik
63pHas anyone used Income Strategy website/software?2018 busdriver14:48 busdriver
59hRecommendations from financial advisor11/23 jsh8414:40 tibbitts
10hSetting up a SEP IRA11/28 Hoosierbogle14:40 MP123
159nI took a 10yr loan to buy TSLA shares11/17 herbert_2114:38 chipperd
38hWhat do folks think of the strategy of a TIPS ladder plus a deferred income annuity with inflation protection?11/29 alexcr14:34 Watty
157cHelp...we're getting a dog!10/27 yolli7114:32 stoptothink
5hInvesting Advice IRA/401k12:20 wh0isurdaddy14:22 lakpr
11tWhere do foreign investors invest? Some data11/27 redbarn14:21 Tib
4779cWhat Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI2014 Alex Frakt14:14 William4589
25tI am thankful for the Bogleheads!11/26 L82GAME14:13 yules
110tHere's my portfolio2019 vineviz14:06 1210sda
27cSwitch from dual monitors to one big one?11/27 ThankYouJack14:04 stan1
5pNew W-4 Form Questions11/26 pbmac13:59 FiveK
8hVanguard Roth IRA Account Open Date11/29 jeffreys13:52 abuss368
36hHeads Up - Rebalance12/25 pkcrafter13:52 yules
6hHSA Rollover to Fidelity all online ok?11/29 arsenalfan13:50 orangecrushv
6pRetirement Side Gig in Software Development12:37 stan113:47 stan1
39cGifts for adults children at Xmas11/27 retire1413:41 abuss368
37cNon-Alcoholic Beer/Wine/Mock Cocktails11/20 LunaLauren13:37 gunn_show
3hBIP as "foreign" stock2019 flaresident13:30 flaresident
5hDoes Mega Roth make sense when when in a high tax bracket?11/29 idc13:06 idc
51hHelp with private investment opportunity2017 robertmcd13:04 mass_biker
4077tCoronavirus and the market02/04 XM16E113:00 LadyGeek
9cIdeas needed on work boots11/29 dodgy5512:56 Independent Geo
4cIphone/Ipad Calendar old events disappear.11/23 crefwatch12:49 crefwatch
143cWhat charity are you donating to this Christmas season?11/21 manatee200512:31 Swimmer
14pEenie meenie miney moan, Help me pick a refi loan! :)11/25 letahl12:19 letahl
275lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2020!2019 Miriam212:14 angelescrest

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