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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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2513 new posts and replies over 309 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
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10pGetting fed up with E-trade for taxable brokerage. Where to go?02/23 Immelmann03:03 Thefinancialhob
1hBeating myself up over this02:40 LukeOfTheDraw03:03 AquaBliss
0hNeed Advice on Asset Allocation02:49 investor2018 
48cWater leakage - fix it or not?02/23 babyvinny02:48 Fat Tails
138pBest decision(s) in your financial life02/23 ArtsyProf02:44 pseudoiterative
3hA 97 Year-Old's Perspective23:55 swansong02:32 Wricha
16tContradictions: Snippets of why things happened15:06 1241302:31 Fat Tails
166lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2021!05/25 Miriam202:24 Miriam2
78cCost to build a southern home like you are in Minnesota with pipe protection for freezes02/21 nec02:20 Fat Tails
33nAny Chinese Investors ?(有中国的投资者吗?)01/01 TomGannon02:02 TomGannon
34nWhy does the Forum recommend International Stocks yet dismiss Gold?02/23 Anon900101:59 whereskyle
537pIf your net worth is over $3 million, how did you do it?2014 ahmadcpa01:58 Fat Tails
93pSchwab as a one stop shop2019 Jmh04j01:50 sfnerd
85tDelaying Social Security02/20 chris31901:42 chris319
8cPool Automation using Phone App02/23 SonnyDMB01:36 phxjcc
130pPrivate School - financially irresponsible?02/22 head01:33 Wannaretireearl
22hTraditional TSP vs Roth TSP02/22 unices01:21 Fat Tails
402tWhy the disdain for managed funds like ARKK that destroy total market funds?02/13 Bwlonge01:06 Nathan Drake
3tTurnover rates and Index funds How do I evaluate21:53 sunny588500:59 asset_chaos
1tWhy do Treasury Zeros Yield Higher than Regular Treasuries?00:48 BluesH00:50 000
38cContractor Issues with Remodel14:19 ADower00:48 CurlyDave
18hWhere to put money for a down payment on a house?02/22 nervousetfman00:47 OldSport
3hMerrill Edge Guided Investing vs. Merrill Edge Guided Investing With Advisor?00:00 Japanfan198600:46 jpmorganfunds
33hLeverage - Is this a Reasonable Boglehead Way to Use It?02/20 MetaPhysician00:43 Afty
11cWhere to buy inexpensive bird houses and bird feeders?02/23 Kennedy00:38 celia
20hlong wait time when calling fidelity customer service2018 blackwhisker00:31 2tall4economy
47pImporting Schwab 1099's into H&R Block tax - Fail02/19 MnD00:28 FlyMyk888
3pProperty Management 1099 for "early" rent19:18 ianferrel00:25 ianferrel
17hWhy Use a Target Date Fund?21:09 ilikeshreddingm00:22 Beensabu
8pInsurance Bill Question20:11 paulsalem00:17 Archimedes
6pSetting up Turbo Tax Account18:10 razorbacker00:15 beyou
9pLLC & Physical Address Problem - Please Help!02/23 jaykob2100:13 make_a_better_w
4013t[GameStop GME trading mega-thread]01/21 Prettyfrtnt00:13 travelspot
6hAdvice on retirement strategy- 3 yrs out.15:40 Chip Shot00:11 benderbr
2tVBTLX vs VWITX in rising rate environment18:55 OldSport00:02 retired@50
3pHello New Here - Question On My Retirement Strategy19:41 RagingBullMarke00:00 123
13pPaying for care for Mom11:37 hicabob23:55 MrsBDG
106pCan't E-file form 1116 [FreeTaxUSA]02/01 ehh23:54 rcarnes1
2hConfused about mutual fund dividend mechanics (VCADX)23:17 Ready2RetireNow23:50 retired@50
88tThe inflation trade02/22 bostonboglehead23:49 ForeverPunjabi
6hLayoff preparation and Finance Review22:34 moneysmart23:47 fatherjames
3pMedicare or Social Security fraud activity?22:09 Zonian5923:45 Big Dog
152tARK investment01/10 Always passive23:45 retire2022
3hCalifornia tax question23:09 Al1durst23:44 Doctor Rhythm
118pSenior citizens can lose everything [to professional guardians via court rulings]2017 tc10123:40 LeeMKE
49pSchwab vs Fidelity - For Brokerage/Banking/Debit & Credit Card Use02/08 makeminemichael23:39 Thefinancialhob
15hFirst Portfolio Review for a 55 year old17:25 reviewingthings23:36 luminous
5pRefinance question: Can bank asks for this?21:38 ut2sua23:35 Watty
62hAdvice on how to ease the anxiety of deciding to retire.02/23 DKD23:27 travelspot
8hCD or Treasury note? Help me decide11:22 Swimmer23:25 SuperTrooper87
24tCheapest ways to Long Volatility / Hedge against equity volatility?02/22 RonSea23:22 eshkidd
2hPortfolio help with bonus beneficiary IRA conundrum14:24 rmga23:17 123
10000pRefinance Mega Thread2019 AZAttorney1123:13 jimmyrules712
63cCalling all Plumbers (or anyone who has bought a toilet).02/21 Cruise23:13 Californiastate
12pCan I afford a break in employment?14:50 bevodive23:11 travelspot
4pI think the calculation for AMT in Turbotax for 2020 is wrong...20:52 fire_dave23:10 lstone19
2hVTMFX in taxable - who has it and what do you use it for?21:53 OldSport23:08 jhawktx
4nHelp a student set his long-term investment strategy [Italy]02/22 B4fius23:08 tre3sori
4hSeeking portfolio comments21:00 mjb7e23:07 000
18pA gift for DW12:16 kamikazekid23:02 Jeepergeo
26hNeed help with building dividend focused portfolio02/20 nrkv22:54 raiderjkwong
6hBackdoor & Mega Backdoor Roth in Same Tax Year?09:44 catchinup22:53 catchinup
22pTurboTax significant rounding error02/19 summit22:47 gobel
1htime to move International to taxable and lower growth in my tIRA?11:26 relentless122:38 lazylarry
7pWhat software should I use to issue an one time W2 or 1099 for childcare13:44 artibug22:21 bouncyboglehead
322tSimulating Returns of Leveraged ETFs2019 EfficientInvest22:19 siamond
9tDoes this rebalancing strategy have a label?14:51 alluringreality22:18 alluringreality
21hYoung Investors - Buying insurance against a stock market rise03/12 Caduceus22:17 Northern Flicke
9tis my understanding of tax loss harvesting correct?02/23 Physician10122:15 Nate79
22pNew Pennsylvania Income Tax Filing Web Site01/26 Leesbro6322:15 mortfree
20cTax Refund IRS Processed Quickly02/23 shunkman22:14 SimonJester
34hHow do you deal with timing regrets?16:14 Caduceus22:12 UpperNwGuy
98cWhat are subscriptions that add the most value in 2020?09/26 BogleMelon22:11 tooluser
50pPrepaying Mortgage Aggressively (Ramsey approach) vs. Investing12:58 bucky622522:08 wander
14cRecommendation needed for a Keyboard and Mouse02/20 Namashkar22:08 lightheir
133pUmbrella Policy; Anyone actually made a claim?02/23 Lazareth22:07 SimonJester
6ptax underpayment penalty use turbo tax estimate or let irs bill me?11:11 lomarica0122:04 theduke
862t“New Bitcoin Investors Explain Why They’re Buying at Record Prices“01/21 BogleBuddy1221:58 000
6nNew to investing Canadian living in Sweden02/21 Breathru77721:56 wineandplaya
6pShould I file both state taxes?16:00 ThisTooShallPAs21:56 grabiner
5hSelling RSU's - Commission?18:36 Wings521:54 ma21n2
13113tU.S. stocks continue to soar!2018 GoldStar21:51 Triple digit go
20cwiFi extenders17:19 pgs5921:50 Exchme
7hKeep HSA in bond funds?09:30 lessismore2221:46 Da5id
6375cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36821:44 neilpilot
10hWhat is 50 joint and survivor annuity?02/23 Zillions21:42 Stinky
21hGrowth in International Funds?02/21 Kal198121:41 Makefile
11tStaying the course means buying your AA despite the "conversation in the marketplace"11:11 SantaClaraSurfe21:39 Clever_Username
33tNew William Bernstein book10/30 bzargarcia21:35 staustin
30pEstate planning - Living revocable trust12:47 40040140221:35 fourwheelcycle
60tNate Silver sums up trying to beat the market very well02/22 protagonist21:32 eshkidd
5hQuestion on G Fund and Rising Interest Rates10:45 cresive21:28 calmaniac
30tBuying Lottery Tickets: Playing Devil's Advocate18:05 Caduceus21:16 MinnGuyInvestin
15pNewbie Tax Question: Why No Federal Withholding for Spouse?02/23 Messner800021:15 runner540
812tWhy not 100% PSLDX?03/04 TeeDee21:13 ljford7
26h401k issues17:19 I-Know-Nothing21:10 arcticpineapple
1hAllocation / Funds in my 45711:48 ArtsyProf21:10 lazylarry
3905tSmall Cap Value heads Rejoice !!!2019 hdas21:10 Nathan Drake
38cA boat for old knees02/20 reisner21:06 Kiter
21882tU.S. stocks in free fall2011 Lbill21:06 Triple digit go
29hDiversifying via I Bonds?02/22 an00j21:05 jason2459
140tRe-evaluating Total World Bond (BNDW)?02/19 watchnerd21:03 redbarn
4hBond Funds17:49 macandal21:02 grabiner
0h401k: Can Employer Contributions be Rolled Out?21:00 Kookaburra 
49hPension, 457B, IRA investing and tax questions.02/22 71GTO20:56 arcticpineapple
10pHow do I enter interest for Treasurys in turbotax - HSA California?02/24 Hector20:51 gobel
3hBond Help - mimic VBTLX (Total Bond) with VAIPX (410k) + ??? (IRA)19:05 Musigny20:49 Beensabu
462tWisdomTree 90/60 U.S. Balanced Fund [NTSX]2020 kevinf20:46 crystalbank
195cA primer on backup battery systems for power outages08/18 willthrill8120:29 willthrill81
3hPlease Help w Bond Fund Selection17:21 love2run20:25 love2run
3pWhat IRA distributions to report on Form 1040 line 4a12:01 PennySaved19:50 PennySaved
4pDeduction of moving expenses16:25 heikejohn119:48 Watty
2nWhat protections are there for non-US investors who us US broker and hold over 500k$ SIPC protection limit?02/22 QuestioningWand19:46 glorat
2cAny veterinarians out there? Was this treatment normal?18:51 EdNorton19:44 LadyGeek
6hFinancial Review - What to do to retire in 10 yrs? - Middle Age Family, VHCOL18:16 dave41519:44 jarjarM
104fWhat is the deal with "DW"?12:37 dumbmoney19:40 LadyGeek
13cMounting on Plaster Wall versus Sheet Rock02/21 ubermax19:40 GrowthSeeker
532tThe Calm Post - Stay the course thread.02/26 max1237719:38 LadyGeek
34pAny expats retired in europe? How much needed to retire?02/23 jayk23819:21 Barcelonasteve
123cWhere would you live in Phoenix if you could WFH02/16 manatee200519:19 IMO
1pPSA: Tax filing and payment deadline for Texans is June 15, 202118:28 theRoCK19:17 Texanbybirth
1cExperience at Royal Lahaina Resort in Maui11:06 FB0119:08 fabdog
1hPortfolio help - Bonds13:53 Jtee19:07 SnowBog
22tJanuary 2021 ten year TIPS auction01/17 FIREchief19:04 Prudence
15hnewly retire02/20 rch202119:03 rch2021
22pClosing on a house and frost damaged shrubs12:34 Stanczyk19:00 Lalamimi
8hInclusion of an Active Fund in IRA?11:53 mahtats19:00 pkcrafter
7hFUAMX - HSA01/06 Rjs18:59 grabiner
25tNew Money: what's the justification for buying Bonds in 2021?02/23 coffeeETF18:45 OldSport
37cRooftop Solar Plan and Pricing - Feedback?02/17 jasonrecite2518:32 Tingting1013
31hPortfolio Review - Preparing to FIRE after Windfall02/08 MosDefAnon18:31 young-ish
383tBonds in free fall02/16 00018:28 Scooter57
9hRetire early in 10 years?12:05 sallyann218:28 sallyann2
1pHome Purchase, Budget, and Upcoming Retirement12:19 abracadabra1118:27 abracadabra11
6pAmica offer discount for low annual mileage vehicles?02/23 JohnF18:23 robphoto
4pFile State taxes before Federal14:46 ved18:23 ved
19cAny Traditionalists on here? (in terms of their home interior)02/17 Tellurius18:22 iamlucky13
50pWife's OBGYN will only refer her to one location.02/19 JDP18:19 Beachey
85pPost when you have received various tax forms01/10 bigtex18:15 MisterBill
2pPersonal Injury Insurance on home insurance policy13:44 bmjohnson3518:13 Lee_WSP
65pDo you plan in real or nominal dollars?02/22 corn1818:10 2tall4economy
23tTIPS v. inflation protected mutual fund/ETF02/21 learningtime18:03 secondopinion
1pExcess roth IRA contribution to report on TurboTax?15:55 ivgirlie18:02 Duckie
14pMortgage prepayment -> Principal Reduction versus the usual02/23 KlangFool17:56 cchrissyy
380fPlease Try Out Test Posts Here2007 tfb17:55 LadyGeek
90cRetiring to Vermont/New Hampshire area02/20 Tourne17:55 TT
41hParents gifting my infant son $10k. What's the smartest way to invest it?02/23 totallynotsure17:54 Gill
32hBest way to withdraw money during earlier retirement02/23 coffeeblack17:52 Sahara
2pBeneficiary designation for MYGA/ownership designation16:14 pooser5217:51 Stinky
5nUK - 36 Year old male - £800k in assets can I retire on £25k a year? Please recommend funds.12:33 Star_fish17:47 Star_fish
2pMoving to MCOL/HCOL in retirement16:43 Admiral Fun17:45 Watty
300cAny Minimalists on here?2013 snyder6617:40 Colorado13
151hWhy no love for REITs?05/10 tvubpwcisla17:35 mrmass
5pBackdoor IRA slight goof - Suggestions?14:42 Janhaus17:21 lstone19
4hFunded Roth IRA by mistake. Should I recharacterize?02/23 easyroc17:20 easyroc
37pStepping back in career when wife is doing well?02/23 chenzi17:16 qwertyjazz
2pFidelity Roth IRA as emergency fund - withdrawal timing logistics15:27 bigtex17:12 JoMoney
50cMVNO on Verizon network...moving away from Ting10/16 guppyguy17:12 Marseille07
32hShould a long term investor worry about a NAV decline of Total Bond?02/21 Cody17:11 love2run
31hAll One's Eggs in One Basket?02/23 DKD17:05 pooser52
2hOnly one bond fund available, is it worth it?14:05 autobahn16:59 autobahn
11hContributed to Rollover IRA with No Earned Income02/23 joshatboglehead16:59 Katietsu
36tTesla stock price now tied to bitcoin price02/23 arcticpineapple16:56 JD2775
12hIs VGENX already failing after the rebalancing?11:33 jrwirth16:53 000
1400cWhat are you listening to now2020 Artful Dodger16:51 Nicolas
57hRoth conversions vs ACA credits (in early retirement)02/23 LivingTheDream16:48 LivingTheDream
91tVanguard Energy & Oil10/19 abuss36816:47 tooluser
2pHelp me understand my LenderFi mortgage offer16:19 JHU ALmuni16:46 JHU ALmuni
7823tHEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure Part II: The next journey2019 HEDGEFUNDIE16:44 Marseille07
12hAA advice requested02/22 n171n16:36 retiredjg
3hChanging Funds in 401k Timing and Decision02/24 ilikeshreddingm16:30 Kenkat
11cFirst Ever Real Cell Phone Plan (pilot needs)13:55 4nursebee16:29 dukeblue219
58hVTSAX vs. VFIAX - What Am I Missing?06/07 Investor131916:27 Nathan Drake
36cBaseball cards - worth anything?10/08 CorradoJr16:25 Glockenspiel
13hConsolidating Wealthfront / Old Employer 401K / General Simplification and Switching to Vanguard02/21 Koko416:20 livesoft
4h401k Investment Elections & Allocation02/23 User1316:17 User13
9hSilly to Have Both VTI and VOO in ROTH IRA?13:09 GrayfoxJames16:14 GrayfoxJames
10pCalculating mortgage interest deduction after a refinance01/17 Jsdi7873hd16:01 cchan05
7h(Belated) 4th year Boglehead Review Request...02/18 buldogge16:01 buldogge
13p2nd home purchase with little down.11:00 Finger12315:57 cchrissyy
36tMicrostrategy (MSTR) and Bitcoin02/19 Kagord15:45 ohboy!
18pDo I still need disability insurance at 51 with these financials?02/23 eye.surgeon15:41 afan
5pTurboTax Question: Maternity / Disability Leave - California02/17 mrmood600715:38 mrmood6007
46tWhat do you think about CGM Focus Fund2007 CodeMaster15:27 Chip Shot
15hCA HSA and FUAMX (Fidelity Intermediate Treasury)02/13 CFM30015:24 CFM300
1hKeep 401K payroll deductions or contribute to Roth IRA13:48 megabyte68215:24 lakpr
17pQualified Charitable Distributions10:50 Georgedds15:16 celia
6pSolo 401k Questions02/10 knswamy15:05 ICMoney
40cThoughts or suggestions: upgrading from Honda Fit for DW's comfort on long road trips...02/23 JDCarpenter15:02 curmudgeon
19cTesla Model Y update11/01 retire1415:02 harikaried
17hBest Course Of Action In Retirement For Tax Consequences08:34 BigDGB14:41 BigDGB
8hAccounting for capital gains taxes when calculating rate of return08:06 aks4065514:40 BabaWawa
8pIs my full-time student eligible for stimulus payments and HSA? How to count 529 support?02/23 GeraniumLover14:38 GeraniumLover
14hYay! Finally opened a Roth at Fidelity. A few questions for those that use Fidelity02/23 Methos197914:32 Squirrel208
12hHow to minimize taxes while drawing RMD02/23 King32114:30 BabaWawa
18hHelp me fire my financial advisor :)02/23 sendnewts14:28 sendnewts
4hHelp me choose my 401k investment options to mimic VTIVX02/08 NewbieBogle00714:21 NewbieBogle007
492lSouth Florida Local Chapter2010 niteowls14:16 Miriam2
17pNew or used car?02/23 tryingtogetahea14:11 SmallSaver
7h6 fund portfolio tax efficient vs tax inefficient and other etfs07:41 Ssp21314:11 Taylor Larimore
137pFidelity 2% Credit Card: [Update on Experiences, drops two benefits]01/13 blastoff14:07 TheGreyingDuke
4tInvesting for the short/medium-term13:28 decatur198913:59 anon_investor
28hAre there any tips / best practices for an Inherited IRA?2019 dropdx13:53 Raraculus
39pDCU digital credit union Massachusetts2019 bogleboy13:52 UnLearnYourself
34hCurrent Portfolio - Goal of Buying a House in the Near Future02/20 munk131313:43 checkyourmath
4tCharlie Munger - DJCO Annual Meeting08:07 JoMoney13:38 WarAdmiral
22cLow Winter Humidity and Conditioned Crawl Space02/21 delamer13:33 kevinf
13pWhat's the deal with USAA's delays in making 1099's available?02/20 Tamales13:31 Gnirk
1hSmall Business 401k Profit Sharing Question13:03 tvent13:30 CascadiaSoonish
5pMortgage LTV and interest rate question02/19 cashisking50013:24 3of10
0tThe Fed’s system that allows banks to send money back and forth is down13:16 VartAndelay 
7hAxos Invest refusing to provide 8949 tax form02/23 B00st13:16 cowbman
2hWorth doing Defined Benefit Plan?12:33 theeryman13:12 Ellie
3hTrying to improvise on cash reserves in these unusual times (adding Closed-end into the mix)06:04 Alex GR13:08 retired@50
34nMy Portfolio Seeking Advice [India]2019 Anon900113:02 Anon9001
1748pMy LenderFi refinance is going well2020 abyan12:57 Eldendor
374cDon't pay full price for SiriusXM radio2016 catdude12:56 cowdogman
4hPrivate company stock buy-back02/22 corgilady201112:56 djpeteski
2647c[What TV Show Have You Recently Watched?]2016 dbCooperAir12:43 bertilak
6lVanguard Diehards > Bogleheads02/23 tomd3712:42 greg24
3pFile for spousal SS benefit? - help02/23 songman5212:40 songman52
5hInvesting strategy for company equity02/22 reasonabletoexp12:38 reasonabletoexp
0hRental Property and the Financial Order of Operations12:36 Aged Maduro 
27cNew Laptop - Dell XPS02/23 txgolfer_1912:36 N.Y.Cab
40hFord Stock?02/22 impala0112:33 KandT
7cIn-person vs. remote school choice (question NOT related to health risks)11:24 vveat12:28 Flyer24
7pIRS Pin didn't arrive, what to do?02/22 RJ201012:28 chemocean
10hEvaluating a financial advisor?02/23 rmga12:27 rmga
21t3 Fund Portfolio - w/ no US Large - Nuts?2012 steve r12:22 UpperNwGuy
0hIncorrect dividend reporting for transferred shares [Vanguard Brokerage Services]12:21 wooster 
4hstartup options: ensuring long-term cap gains tax07:34 cat_guy12:15 jarjarM
2pUmbrella Insurance without Car or Home12:06 matto12:13 Super Hans
7tReducing Market Risk via Inverse Aggregate Allocation (1 of 4)02/21 GAAP12:10 GAAP
19hConvinced my boss to set up a 401k - which fund is best?02/22 Macro12:08 Watty
0pRecieved a bank Electronic Deposit named Tax Products Pe311:57 Cody 
25pMoved to Florida from Tennessee and my bank isnt near me. Should i switch?02/23 randydimera11:56 LittleMaggieMae
31pChanging Will, considering long term estate after gone02/20 xenorg11:55 Lee_WSP
217pDisturbing experience with Ally Bank2019 deskjockey11:54 Marseille07
103cwhich snow blower ?2018 lmea11:48 260chrisb
43cComputer memory lane08:46 Tom_T11:46 prudent
16pTurbotax help:1099-div box 1105/10 imbogled11:42 capran
15cYahoo Mail Problem02/23 boater0711:40 boater07
15hARK Innovation ETF (ARKK)2020 Stanczyk11:35 carmonkie
2tWhat would it take?11:06 whereskyle11:28 secondopinion
4hTransferring Trad. and Roth IRAs to Vanguard06:57 alindber11:26 retired@50
5hUnemployed and Nearing Retirement but frozen with indecision-Investment Options??02/23 stewardwannabe11:19 tibbitts
1233tLifecycle Investing - Leveraging when young2019 Steve Reading11:19 msun641
6cStorm-related Pipe Leak that Stopped after several days?02/23 creant11:18 pshonore
2nNew portfolio: seeking advice (Taiwan)02/24 fu1818911:14 fu18189
3tReduce tax burden of taxable accounts due to 2020 capital gains?09:38 goshenBogle11:11 retiredjg
16nIs appeal of Concentration due to Positive Skew?01/20 Anon900111:10 Stork
36tDraft Wiki article on "Inflation"02/14 nisiprius11:06 Oicuryy
0nBuying directly from Vanguard - anything in particular to consider?11:01 Stork 
413pH&R Block 2020 software offer10/19 CABob11:00 Seasonal
13nPoland - 29y, long term ETF portfolio01/10 markubik10:51 ndr
21hAre there problems with having tax advantaged space all bonds?02/22 cabfranc10:42 celia
8tFidelity significantly below average scenario05/17 skor9910:36 rich126
3pSoc. Sec. - question on early survivors benefit after spousal benefit02/21 eukonomos10:33 ObliviousInvest
20tVTI not doing its job?02/22 hungry_seeker10:33 secondopinion
20h"recode" vs. "recharacterize" Roth contribution02/01 TSR10:32 TSR
31pSell or make rental?02/05 daum10:32 ArtsyProf
4pLong Term Care -- alternative funding method?02/23 brian9148010:30 brian91480
5hwhat are the correct RMD rules for 403b?02/23 niagara_guy10:23 niagara_guy
6pInheriting large estate in the millions (real estate, funds, etc) and asset protection strategies09:17 Scottydoesntkno10:20 Watty
2cShort/dwarf corn02/24 usagi10:16 lthenderson
9pMark’s Financial Computer Security Methods02/22 MarkVH051810:13 jayk238
4pConfused by re: IRAs impact on health insurance subsidy 02/22 Sylvie09:59 Sylvie
29p2020 Tax filing tips02/22 LadyGeek09:57 clip651
12cTrip Insurance? Risk Tolerance?02/23 tydas09:47 Shallowpockets
72tIs too much saving a zero sum game ?02/21 skor9909:46 LadyGeek
15cAir Purifier02/23 ChiCat1109:45 ChiCat11
19hGood approach for buying bonds?02/16 beth2609:44 KneePartsPro
3pRecords for paying rent with 52902/23 DinkinFlicka09:42 cowdogman
15pReporting EE US Savings Bonds Interest02/21 gnr09:27 Kenkat
11hIRA Pro Rata Math/Basis01/13 cruzbay09:24 cruzbay
6pHrblock sent email about prior year 2019 taxes, mistake?02/23 dbs09:23 neilpilot
916cBird watchers – what birds are you seeing?03/28 JAZZISCOOL09:09 JAZZISCOOL
6tAQR shows confusion about its own "TM" Funds11/24 Angst08:57 tarheel
59hUsing Lifecycle Investing and investing on margin while knowing a big salary hit is about to come01/20 thibaulthib08:56 thibaulthib
4hConfirming the mechanics of back door Roth02/23 home_body08:39 David Jay
3tVCMDX - vanguard commodity strategy fund Anyone ?02/23 Stereofun08:38 dbr
65tShould I pull out of TIAA Real Estate...?05/30 fatFIRE08:36 tibbitts
8pIs there any tips when signing up fir Medicare02/23 luberhill08:30 dbr
26pSSA-1099 Form Errors02/01 mc155008:21 Almost there
4tWhat factors other than the fed funds rate affect 1 year bill rates?02/23 traderlmd08:12 alex_686
12tShould I realise Capital Gains while in a lower tax bracket02/23 lamdan07:58 cas
2pPaying taxes in installments07:31 mikejuss07:48 spectec
6hRetirement Portfolio w/ TSP; New to investing02/23 klb202107:42 klb2021
18pInherited house taxed?02/23 ERFM07:31 Gill
9pWhen to payoff mortgage (before or at house sale)02/23 frazil07:25 frazil
12hRecommend an hourly advisor10/18 ALKelch07:23 retiredjg
9nMy Portfolio Seeking Advice: 37 year old Ireland02/23 joeywhelan707:20 Valuethinker
6pHow to account for tax refund & bunching charitable giving02/23 d0gerz07:07 jebmke
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