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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1798 new posts and replies over 229 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
# Replies Subforum - Topic TitleFirst Last   
Subforum - TopicLast   
94pArticle on high deductible health plans - and the math06/14 dm20014:47 HereToLearn
61hTIRA to Roths? help Please06/16 dettom14:47 FiveK
42cHow to avoid high vet bills?09:00 RobLyons14:47 BuckyBadger
22cAnyone make their own tortillas?06/15 ThankYouJack14:47 lthenderson
21pDoing Your Own Taxes19:49 TinyTim14:46 sarahjane
40hWhat percentage of total portfolio in REIT's do you have? Why?09:37 Sandtrap14:45 willthrill81
83pWith hindsight, what signs indicated you were about to lose your job?06/16 B4Xt3r14:45 jrbdmb
6hopening Fidelity account, asking for employment info??10:37 juliewongferra14:43 ncbill
13tStocks/Bond Allocation Based on Buffet Indicator?06/14 urizaf14:43 urizaf
18tWhat's the Best Diversifier for Equity Risk? [Morningstar article]06/16 Taylor Larimore14:42 willthrill81
1tBonds question14:27 urizaf14:41 Taylor Larimore
673tMy trend following strategy and experience01/17 willthrill8114:41 CraigTester
24cPark City Utah Hiking04/14 Bacchus0114:41 Bacchus01
5h30 Y.O. Portfolio Review12:30 jfalconsp14:41 lakpr
94tare TIPS expensive? or are they cheap?06/01 grok8714:39 Kevin M
84tWhy do large personal portfolios include bonds?06/16 kfitz131314:38 jeffyscott
12cTermites or Ants in Garden?18:45 Johnny Thinwall14:38 unclescrooge
2023tHEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure [risk parity strategy using 3x leveraged ETFs]02/05 HEDGEFUNDIE14:37 HEDGEFUNDIE
42pShort-term money needs for Executor of Estate06/12 Broken Man 199914:35 kaudrey
5pTraffic ticket: Anyone use ticket Ninja or similar service?13:01 financial.freed14:35 renue74
16cKeep 12 yr old bmw?08:49 am14:34 MoeMoney
7t"John C. Bogle Quotes" by Rick Van Ness"06/15 Taylor Larimore14:34 Vanguard Fan 13
14tShould I abandon the Total International Stock Index Fund for greener pastures?13:02 glass314:34 jibantik
1hESA Allocation11:48 BV327314:32 BV3273
26h29 with newly available 401k, help with fund selection06/02 Cruz14:32 jakehefty17
31hAdvice for young married couples: PLEASE HELP!07:49 PQ12$14:30 Watty
24cRecommendation for light beer.09:33 am14:29 Quirkz
447t[Book: Living off Your Money, by M. McClung (Prime Harvesting)]2016 siamond14:26 DanMahowny
31hWhat do you think about Vanguard Growth Index Fund for a 22-year-old?06/15 Matahari14:25 Matahari
4hNeed help / guidance with work 401k fund options-allocation11:29 Rebels3814:25 Rebels38
11pPension plus savings vs defined contribution plan for new teacher06/11 psrande14:25 psrande
734tUltimate Buy and Hold - 8 slices vs 42009 Trev H14:23 webbah
6nVariable (0.96%) or fixed (2.29%) mortgage for 30 years?02:31 FireProof14:23 FireProof
217t2019 Hedge Fund Contest01/01 BackOfTheNet14:22 bgf
32hHelp me Built a Dividend Growth Investment Portfolio01/09 bei2200014:17 RAchip
25pAdditional inspections other than general inspection for new construction home in Orange County, FL area?06/12 synthfan2314:16 synthfan23
17hFor those of you who have a factor diversified portfolio, what is yours?06/15 YRT7014:15 YRT70
17cRestore Corrupted External Hard Drive00:11 lostinjersey14:14 THY4373
13cMy Cost of Progressive Lenses/glasses - did I pay too much?13:06 dm20014:12 samsoes
24cUser reviews - How do you use them?18:45 goshenBogle14:11 mrsbetsy
2hInvestment Options in Retirement12:27 shavenyak14:10 Watty
0hPartial wash sale calculation14:09 9-5 Suited 
338pWhy are you NOT buying rental properties?01/16 tomtoms14:08 Lextalionis
290tHow Bad was 2008, really?2017 SpartanBull14:05 Lee_WSP
12hWhere to Invest 2k - 4k a month15:30 dks05c14:05 CoAndy
53hQuestioning our portfolio06/16 CancerZero14:05 Taylor Larimore
252pCan I afford this 2.3 million dollar home?05/29 cmoney201114:04 cherijoh
12cwood floors and general cleaning: steam?08:58 finfire14:03 audioaxes
43pDo I need "Professional Trustee?"06/14 Lucky2Invest14:02 bsteiner
19cRadon levels in home06/15 Triple digit go14:01 Feb29
23pHsabank to fidelity-HSA06/12 Jyb3314:01 engineerbme
27pCredit card sign on bonus suggestion06/12 walletless13:55 Chicago60
13pShortcomings on Estimated Taxes06/16 BAM!13:53 kaneohe
43tSo much for financial predictions, eh?06/16 CULater13:50 willthrill81
60hSelling Business for 2.5 Million - Where to go NEXT?06/16 Dallas_Housewif13:48 Dallas_Housewif
1hPlease advise on AA - too much cash12:48 clementine13:34 dbr
16pShould we retire in 4 years?06/16 theplayer1113:31 Watty
60cCancel collision coverage on older car?2016 Admiral13:29 dm200
3cAre you a member of Any concerns registering your info?13:03 BogleFanGal13:29 runner3081
37t5 Million Into Fixed Income06/15 LISD13:29 Grt2bOutdoors
22ccar cylinder ignition coil - replace only nonfunctional one or all of them?06/16 fsrph13:28 neilpilot
39pCareer advice — asking for the “gray hair perspective”19:03 Badger175413:27 Beehave
2hUpdated SuperSmart portfolio question2016 salival13:25 Silk McCue
1037tRumor mill - Fidelity starting individual HSA's Nov. 15th11/11 liberty5313:23 engineerbme
14cThe Economist print and digital, $99 today05/29 DWesterb2iz213:23 rjbraun
36pNeed advice - refinancing from 30 yr. to 10 yr. fixed mortgage16:16 MickMal13:22 MickMal
46pCapital One will only send security notices if you let them spy on you once in a while06/16 DivesEtPauper13:19 DivesEtPauper
1hhow to set up a fund for non US citizen friend?13:09 ERdoc_13:17 dm200
4513cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36813:16 wilson08
9pBest Way to Pay Tuition for Child of Employee (LLC)16:54 Kywildcat13:16 dodecahedron
9hAny way other than real estate to leverage good income and credit?10:09 moneybeard13:15 rmelvey
14tWould a war be bullish for bearish for stocks?10:54 mikemikemike13:07 jbranx
25pSelling Home - When to Reduce Price?07:39 Broadway201813:06 JoeRetire
0hInvesting and personal finance advice for moving from America to Norway12:57 Batra 
4cThe Economist Magazine $47.99 one year-digital or hard copy05/31 TexasPE12:57 Broken Man 1999
20pLooking for help with my parents' finances - dad's death, RMDs, social security23:54 j0nnyg198412:55 cherijoh
2hDump FTCOX for 4-fund or just some? When is best?11:38 Pegasus_RPG12:54 GLState
5pkeep me company while i wait on hold with a major firm11:11 peterwantstosav12:50 jbranx
67tHow safe are pensions in the U.S.?06/13 Afty12:50 eldinerocheapo
8cPowered Recliners. How reliable are they?09:19 AKBTX1412:48 spitty
7cWinning $0.99 bid items on eBay17:48 DTalos12:46 jimmyrules712
10tCan You Get A Meaningful Factor Tilt With Present Investment Products?06/16 Park12:44 rascott
5cIs it a waste of money having heat pump checked every year?18:50 goshenBogle12:41 whodidntante
25fA way to "thank" posts23:06 ERguy10112:38 whodidntante
36cMy Bad Experience With Angie's List06/15 Small Law Survi12:37 fareastwarriors
14hWhat is most accurate income to mortgage calculation?06/16 Joe Nathan12:30 mervinj7
20pCollection agency destroyed my credit report06/13 looking12:30 j0nnyg1984
19htIRA contribution post tax11:11 ZachFinch7612:26 ZachFinch76
39hConvert my VG mutual funds to ETFs to save basis points?06/15 tiernado12:24 Silence Dogood
3t"Bogleheads on Investing" podcast hits milestone09:38 Rick Ferri12:23 DecumulatorDoc
36tLarry Swedroe: Has The Value Trade Become Overcrowded.06/15 Random Walker12:21 DaufuskieNate
5tIndexes all up - Total Market down?12:03 jimmieg12:15 Tdubs
4cAirbnb in LA17:31 squirm12:13 IMO
836pVariable Percentage Withdrawal (VPW)2013 longinvest12:08 5th_Dimension
13hAlternative to $3,000 minimums at Vanguard09:28 jrthmas12:03 transient_acade
37chow is Home Depot's contractor service (for a water heater)?06/15 bernoulli12:02 IMO
11c70th Birthday Party Ideas16:56 lostinjersey12:00 gretah
7hShould we go CD ladder or bond fund?18:41 JWStar11:54 onourway
7pFile retroactively for SS spousal benefit?20:08 One Ping11:52 HueyLD
21tSCV tilt advocates, please suggest a percentage for me to use in a backtest10:08 nisiprius11:50 marcopolo
179lNE Ohio (Cleveland Area) Master Thread2014 Maid of the Mis11:45 CyberBob
213tHow have your homes as investments done?2016 TomCat9611:33 Portfolio7
7hAnnualized vs Cumulative Return07:11 HappyJack11:33 dbr
13tAny Successful HSA Transfer from Elements Financial to Fidelity04/21 snorkelwise11:32 mhalley
2h38 year old portfolio pulse check20:01 linuxology11:28 linuxology
2pHelp with car decision10:34 typicalmillenia11:24 Afty
977pShare your net worth progression2014 techcrium11:23 mmcmonster
0hUS citizen leaving the country for UAE, then Europe - please help11:16 firecommunityba 
3tBalanced Funds and Target Date Funds, Performance and Risk09:50 Benjamin Buffet11:13 moneybeard
3pPosponing FIRE to go back to School10:34 cnblure11:11 adamthesmythe
94pDo not use Personal Capital04/15 generallyspeaki11:05 KarenC
40lJune 6, 1944 D Day and General Patton [D-Day plus 11 days, a war article by Ernie Pyle]06/04 Sheepdog10:55 Fallible
107hSuggestion for updating "Asking Portfolio Questions" thread2012 hoppy0852010:47 livesoft
5hCharles Schwab Money Market Retirement Account interest payment01:05 bpt10:37 Broken Man 1999
32pDental/Vision Insurance for Baby06/14 HistoryTeacher110:32 atomicrc11
5cFilling Concrete Driveway Cracks - Best ways?06/15 TBillT10:28 TBillT
13hHas anyone recently transferred shares from Computershare to Vanguard?06/05 anon_investor10:12 mpnret
61c40+% increase in auto policy (GEICO) - normal?06/12 noraz12310:09 michaeljc70
6hRollover 401k Options18:40 Broadway201809:54 747driver
6nBest Brokers for those in other nations01/19 Benjamin Buffet09:53 Benjamin Buffet
11hMega backdoor roth, keep in Roth 401k or do in service rollover to Roth IRA06/15 anon_investor09:51 747driver
1nBond allocation for Swiss resident08:59 elglanto09:50 Valuethinker
735pFidelity as a one stop shop12/15 BogleMelon09:48 marcopolo
77tUtilities - worth another look?03/16 HEDGEFUNDIE09:46 skeptic42
6pShould wife take SS at age 62?08:37 RetiredInTN201709:38 Silk McCue
37nLate developer ..... (UK)05/25 Plantagenet09:37 Valuethinker
6nConcentration risk of networth in one ETF in one broker20:50 glorat09:35 glorat
2cFull Upper Needed17:17 exoilman09:35 exoilman
3cLandscape / Erosion Question06/14 tryinghard09:27 Sandtrap
3cEssential oils08:58 Filetmerlot09:23 oldcomputerguy
24pPersonal Capital Software06/05 DKD09:05 LSLover
25cBest way to teach my 4 year old to be fluent in Spanish?06/15 jastevenson09:04 dm200
14tFor the wiki: HSA as an emergency fund06/14 LinusP08:47 teen persuasion
20cused car advice06/13 knowledge08:43 Thegame14
23hMy Retirement "Catch Up" plan. Please help/critique.06/11 StevenNJ108:31 Tamarind
6pHow to pay homeowner's insurance, escrow or bank account?07:33 Ddd765108:21 dm200
28pCompound interest for 10% interest rate?06/15 awdesign08:14 MrJones
19h$1 million Where to Park?06/11 TNOA08:07 badger42
12cWindows: Milgard Ultra vs Marvin Infinity vs Starmark Evo (Okna 7500) vs VistaMark06/13 need403bhelp08:05 Crow Hunter
10hA 401k only partially vested06/14 justsomeguy201807:55 autolycus
5hROTH asset allocation04:30 jtelwood07:55 lakpr
20hSocial Security Retirement Age06/13 happysteward07:53 smitcat
38cMosquitos06/15 RJC07:52 sschoe2
17cWhat to read prior to visiting ancient sites in Athens?06/10 tenkuky07:38 RadAudit
4pAny Aviation Medical Examiners out there?06/13 AkwardDoct@rd07:37 gd
6hRE: Retirement Advice for a late starter16:50 cinnamon07:36 HomeStretch
26pHow high of a Hurricane Deductible in FL? And is all Flood Insurance created the same?06/11 synthfan2307:34 synthfan23
2pLife insurance cheaper when buying as couple?20:53 buglenote07:11 Stinky
15hRelative tax efficiency of total international funds07/06 aaja06:53 bogledogle87
50pVariable Percentage Withdrawal (VPW-adv) for Advanced Users2018 longinvest06:51 longinvest
57cAnyone buy Security Cams from Costco?06/12 davebo06:44 mpnret
66pJob opportunity - KSA/Bahrain06/11 DeathFalcon06:18 retired recentl
2hShort Term Capital Gains - Thoughts/Help03:19 InvestingNewbie06:17 Gill
14hProfessional in NYC - trying to figure out investment strategy01/18 YP11205:14 Valuethinker
302pPaying for rent is throwing away money...myth?06/08 Ducksinarow04:27 mark39
29hDeep out of Money Puts and LEAP Puts- What am I overlooking?06/09 MetaPhysician04:18 Valuethinker
30cDurable non-stick cookware suggestions?06/14 AerialWombat03:53 Franklint
26nBritish Bogleheaders - S&P 500 vs FTSE All Share, etc?2018 SmilerUK03:46 andrew99999
76hRethinking Individual Stocks05/25 DonCamillo02:36 international00
6h24 Years Old - Need Advice20:31 onedayer02:31 mortfree
87pPay off a 30 year mortgage in 15 years? The cost of flexibility01/10 willthrill8101:46 Devil's Advocat
29cFor those who have a revenue generating website.06/14 Presintense01:23 KyleAAA
7tWhich schedule is better when making periodic investments into an ETF18:54 Carol8888801:13 Carol88888
24cMower purchase considerations04/10 Earl Lemongrab01:03 Earl Lemongrab
9pLow interest student loan - pay off?06/16 astoriaRunner00:53 JBTX
11cWatch experts: Bucherer with orange face????06/14 Socrates23:27 Minot
14hHave to Have Treasuries?06/16 TNOA22:41 MotoTrojan
9hOpportunity Zone Funds06/16 cdaddio2322:41 cdaddio23
37hShould I invest 100k into a total index or do it slowly06/15 FarmD22:34 willthrill81
385pSeeking comment on proposed revisions to Marginal Tax Rate and Traditional v. Roth wiki articles05/17 fyre4ce22:34 FiveK
8nRollover IRA to Roth IRA Backdoor Tax [Non-resident working in US]02/14 timestap22:27 Tubds6VcST
45hVanguard Financial Plan requires Brokerage Account? Bait and switch?06/14 RandalThor22:20 RandalThor
35hAsset allocation for those in their late fifties06/12 Mr.BB22:09 retiredflyboy
12pExperience with Synchrony savings accounts?06/15 PTGuy122:02 retiredflyboy
2tRekenthaler: High-yield bonds behave like half bonds, half large value stocks18:39 grabiner22:01 asset_chaos
12hThinking of leaving Fidelity - where to go?16:40 jz4h3m21:51 radiowave
75cIs it a waste of money having your furnace checked every year?2017 harrington21:48 lazydavid
6pRelocating to new job and how to sell & buy @ same time06/14 Findourway121:42 Findourway1
59pAttempting To Be Debt Free02/10 ygman21:36 scubadiver
3pSettlement Payout into Disability Trust?15:08 GrogStrongjaw21:07 JBTX
10cCan I get the new customer rate from Verizon Fios? Or should I switch to Spectrum?06/16 R2D221:05 peseta
0tSweet Spot Between Short and Intermediate Term Bonds20:59 Park 
11tQuestion about SPIVA and active vrs passive metrics06/16 roadnottaken20:56 retiringwhen
8pMortgage refinance options - should I proceed?06/16 ossipago20:55 ossipago
3cValue of using a car cover for car parked outdoors06/16 buglenote20:50 buglenote
29cWhich car to buy?06/13 Planner0120:43 emoore
2tBetterment's claims on DIY (like us) in this Podcast - Thoughts ?19:12 confusedinvesto20:41 Nate79
5hSwitched jobs - over contributed to my 401k - what if I do nothing?02/10 rasputin20:31 rasputin
15hWatches as investments?06/15 Ryanclarapaige20:28 Buster Smith
46cIPhone 6 - showing some age06/15 Barefootgirl20:12 furwut
3tVTAPX (VTIP) S/T Tips - Distribution Question15:00 Kalo20:11 Kalo
5tTax Rate at which to use municipal money market vs Prime or Federal19:49 Brian2d20:08 Grt2bOutdoors
36tWellington VS Balanced Index08/30 loghauler20:01 Beehave
128tWhat is wrong with AQR?06/12 hdas19:54 Ben Mathew
37lOklahoma City (OKC) Bogleheads Local Chapter01/03 petulant19:51 You Know What I
3824pWhat's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?2016 guitarguy19:43 NewOldGuy
22cKeep car and pay for maintence or get new car06/16 curious george19:24 eye.surgeon
2nBond ETF Choice06/16 Cintrapark19:22 glorat
5tAttention retirement savers: college 529 plans aren't just for kids06/15 hdas19:19 JBTX
5hETF Tax Efficiency - Should I switch?06/15 bck6319:03 bck63
2tBorrowing money to build a business06/16 Yellowhouse18:46 Dale_G
5hIntroduction: Help Needed!!!06/15 Looper2418:40 Duckie
12p....Start SS at December of FRA?06/15 Nestegg_User18:39 The Wizard
2hIRA Contribution For Future Year?06/16 168gr18:23 kaneohe
5hReorganizing taxable account for home down payment06/16 Biodex18:15 grabiner
13cGetting out of timeshare05/31 LC Mike18:13 j0nnyg1984
8pPlanning for potential second home purchase06/10 yeric18:05 LadyIJ
49tSlice and dice for bonds06/11 elglanto17:53 willthrill81
4hFirst Post! Portfolio Review - 201906/16 SeeWhy17:38 SeeWhy
25hHSA investment advice06/10 jlm41117:36 togb
7hIs Vanguard down?06/16 phonond16:59 Trader Joe
15tJohn Bogle gives tips for life on Father’s Day06/13 Jeff Albertson16:48 aspirit
2506tThe Three-Fund Portfolio2012 Taylor Larimore16:40 bltn
6pTax win-win - Appreciated shares contributed to a Donor Advised Fund (DAF)06/16 fundseeker16:30 grabiner
233cI'm thinking about buying a supercar anyone here done this and feedback?06/09 JustinTime16:25 jjunk
6cFreezing Credit issues06/16 JBTX16:10 mhalley
17cHealth insurance cost containment company06/14 sng16:02 dm200
9tWhen to sell and buy funds or stocks06/10 international0016:02 international00
30pUS Citizen Retiring in Ireland06/12 LIGuy8215:58 international00
2hSelling my business06/15 Mike1115:54 Mike11
3hSwitch American Funds ira's to Vanguard.06/16 lostmdguy15:47 grabiner
22hUTMA Mutual Funds Disaster!06/01 scurry1215:38 nix4me
55cBest source for buying Gold Coins06/12 Regina0015:38 rj342
3h401K bond options06/16 windpig15:26 windpig
28tWhy is Vanguard Treasury Money Market yield so high?06/07 Kevin M15:24 Kevin M
124cDon't pay full price for SiriusXM radio2016 catdude15:17 Que1999
13pTeaching a 4 Year old donating with quarters06/15 rocketrex15:11 rocketrex
4nSmall cap value & emerging markets value on European/London exchanges?06/07 YRT7015:01 danielbird193
38cBest SIM card for travel in Europe?05/20 sunny_socal15:00 neilpilot

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