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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1617 new posts and replies over 215 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
# Replies Subforum - Topic TitleFirst Last   
Subforum - TopicLast   
20076tU.S. stocks in free fall2011 Lbill05:22 lostdog
37tLars Kroijer: If you are not in Total World (VT or VTWAX) you are market timing!09/19 invest2bfree05:20 Valuethinker
11pThe conundrum of Pennsylvania 401K contributors who are in no way "married" to the state for retirement. What to do?17:27 corp_sharecropp05:19 Katietsu
27pAny retirees thought about cutting spending in March 2020?09:34 flyingaway05:18 JoeRetire
5tCash that's been on sidelines for 2-3 months21:46 QP151205:15 GoldenFinch
9tBest 401k provider offering mega backdoor Roth15:33 MrJones05:14 ICMoney
5pCalifornia Auto Registration Fees — Moving09/17 J29505:13 vested1
1pPaying BofA credit card bill online?04:55 boomer_techie05:06 Katietsu
2hinquires to the Vanguardians23:38 anaelmasri04:51 Johm221122
3hInternational out of Roth20:58 lokillo04:35 Johm221122
11tBest Books for Complete Beginners19:30 MissOptimist04:31 Johm221122
4cQuiet treadmill for apartment21:17 InvestorNewb04:20 German Expat
141cYour "at peace" moments.2017 Keepcalm04:18 snowox
24tWondering why Value funds have done so poorly?09/15 itsmeagain03:45 Uncorrelated
22cPreparing for a Long Distance Move - questions09/20 GiannaLuna03:37 boomer_techie
8nUS Expat with Australian Superannuation fund09/15 NorthSouth03:37 NorthSouth
112tWhy use percentage AA with significant assets?03/27 TheTimeLord03:36 Uncorrelated
7nBooks for UK investor09/14 Joshalf199703:35 Valuethinker
15nExpat and currency exchange02/25 DartThrower03:33 occambogle
2710tSmall Cap Value heads Rejoice !!!2019 hdas03:21 Forester
49tThe Fed, Snowflake, and Stocks09/16 epicahab03:14 Seasonal
6327tHEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure Part II: The next journey2019 HEDGEFUNDIE02:58 AnilG
1nAGGH on XETRA via IBKR02:52 Spgold02:57 Laurizas
1nIrish gift tax or inheritance tax23:02 zemmac02:52 TedSwippet
1nUK tax resident investing for retirement in EU19:30 pierre.x.l02:34 TedSwippet
1hClassifying Contributions from a Roth Rollover00:24 DollarsInMyRame02:11 celia
14cSuggestions on how to spend $300 work exercise equipment credit09/17 MikeZ02:08 tamudude
1hCould a downturn be a good thing for inherited IRAs?23:48 mikeny1702:06 MathIsMyWayr
76tIs anyone waiting until after the election?15:29 Loandapper02:05 UpperNwGuy
33tA mean variance framework for portfolio optimization08/08 Uncorrelated02:02 Uncorrelated
2hHelp with insurance claim- partial loss of use23:45 LH8201:54 LH82
8tI found the answer to the "correct % cash allocation/EF" questions20:00 justsomeguy201801:12 gaz101
331pHow to get over finance envy2013 Paddington7901:01 unclescrooge
12p2 passports- traveling between US and Canada help21:50 sil201700:58 sil2017
13cDoes paying for 1Password Family worth it for a family of 2?09/19 BogleMelon00:53 dgbg
4tInvesting Groups (online, Zoom etc.)09/19 LoFI Resolution00:42 barberakb
10nInvesting in Guaranteed products09/19 Spgold00:42 Spgold
111cCoping with Wildfire smoke09/15 blackwhisker00:41 Finridge
147pPaying off sub 4% mortgage interest rate early09/11 Frugalbear00:28 BF2011
121hLosing Money with Index Funds09/19 MissOptimist00:27 MJS
18cCancelling Old Credit Card Effect on Credit Score09/19 DTalos00:25 seawolf21
2tElectric Vehicle Revolution - How to Invest23:38 JimmyJames00:21 iamlucky13
23cGoogle voice device ?12:20 Chuck10700:19 AerialWombat
23pChallenging a physician's bill15:54 Godot00:19 000
154cIs Costco worth the $120 membership?09/19 sabhen00:18 seawolf21
1142pMy LenderFi refinance is going well01/15 abyan00:13 Goal33
0hPortfolio Review for Newly Retired Single00:11 GetSmarter 
16pFront load years 401k contributions when moving from high tax state to no tax state?09/16 spacely00:08 grabiner
7pAccident Insurance vs continuing to self-insure?09/18 Rainmaker4100:01 grabiner
1ploan on paid for house09/19 Kuecker223:56 grabiner
32cChase Freedom to Freedom Unlimited on Credit history09/17 mtmingus23:56 02nz
110hCan I afford a $1,400,000 house2017 anon121223:50 l1am
2hPortfolio review - more checking on asset allocation22:49 joetro2923:47 joetro29
129cQuicken Disaster!09/16 bertilak23:41 RetiredAL
6782pRefinance Mega Thread2019 AZAttorney1123:39 bgh11
15pAnswering Survey Questions Regarding Income12:25 Peter Foley23:27 Cheez-It Guy
245pRegret early retirement/downsizing2017 namekevaste23:22 billthecat
13c[getting payout of] fire insurance after fire09/19 kwb31523:19 Dyloot
32ptax underpayment penalty09/14 viewer022:58 tibbitts
118pwho do you bank with and why?02/03 pesos22:57 tj
62pThe WR in practice [Withdrawal Rate]09/18 blueandyellow1222:52 celia
3cHardwood floor furniture protectors - recommendations?18:35 JAZZISCOOL22:47 Beach88
3hPortfolio evaluation - looking to refinance mortgage and drop to 1 income09/20 wokkawokkawokka22:44 wokkawokkawokka
34hAlternative Investments09/18 Always passive22:36 Grt2bOutdoors
14hMaximum age to open traditional IRA?09/19 Herekittykitty22:34 ResearchMed
21pRetirement re-planning for 50+05:41 Rovermom22:32 JS-Elcano
3pChallenging bloodwork bill22:03 tman994022:26 tibbitts
7pSocial Security Claiming Question09/19 cloneman3322:23 BernardShakey
9pQuestion about moving out of state and in-state tuition for my child in that new state20:18 Calico22:17 Calico
42pReason not to rent out your old house?09/18 justsomeguy201822:08 refinedchain
23hBest Vehicle for Home Savings11:07 bwn22:05 oldfort
1pRepayment Steps of CRD in 202221:45 brainstorming22:00 FiveK
13pCOBRA v. Spouse's Health Insurance09:02 RedClay21:52 RedClay
25hStrategies for scenarios when using taxable with no EF09/18 masrepus21:52 grabiner
59pUPDATE AND THANK YOU: Career advice — asking for the “gray hair perspective”2019 Badger175421:49 Stick5vw
362pPhysician Retirement Savings2016 llessac1521:47 calvin+hobbes
55tEE Bonds and Sequence of Returns Risk09/16 SantaClaraSurfe21:47 spdoublebass
7cWhich used hatchback to choose?14:29 Ace7721:41 matti
24tDoes anyone know how the loan limits work over multiple 401(k) accounts?2016 K8ya21:34 nolapepper
7pCan I Retire in 2 Years17:00 liverpool21:31 liverpool
7hRebalancing, taxes and Retirement Accounts09/19 spacebanjo21:31 grabiner
15pHow to maximize savings at BOA06:12 Rocky7721:31 bling
0hCan you deduct moving costs, appraisal fees on portion of home office with new house?21:27 crazygrow 
49cBest shoes for running?10:31 sabhen21:20 sabhen
105cPC Build Thread 202009/02 Independent Geo21:19 Rowan Oak
2tWriter Morgan Housel will be our next "Bogleheads on Investing" podcast guest09/17 Rick Ferri21:15 Wind_Reaver
5hLooking for a solo 401k w/ Roth option + brokerage09/15 WEL21:12 Lastrun
2tFund Management: An Emotional Finance Perspective14:54 JohnDoh21:11 Ethelred
9hOver-contributed to ROth IRA09/17 NoRisk21:08 NoRisk
8tNo Dividends for S&P500 index fund in 401k?20:02 Samosa2221:05 Samosa22
4776pWhat's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?2016 guitarguy21:02 absolute zero
2tThe relentless rules of humble arithmetic20:43 Tejfyy21:01 cos
4hFinancial Check Request11:15 JJP8820:50 chassis
49hRebalancing to 50/5009/18 Kayaking20:50 BarbBrooklyn
6prefi vs reverse mortgage for new retiree (and other questions)12:50 pb199620:50 David Jay
6tIf I buy into an ETF/Mutual Fund, are new shares generated?20:25 justsomeguy201820:42 runninginvestor
7cPossible Relocation to Columbus, OH Area14:32 blackwhisker20:37 jlawrence01
247lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2020!2019 Miriam220:22 Miriam2
65pwhat is your side job and income?09/11 bo10595402720:17 BV3273
14pBad time to build a new house?09/19 misterlucky20:16 retire4lyfe
19pThat Magic Number - Downpayment09:26 socialforums20120:13 KlangFool
29hROTH Conversion and Early Retirement Plan08/22 mgp20:09 marcopolo
6cSubscription to watch live sports16:31 blackwhisker20:07 New Providence
25hIs there a tax-efficient, one-fund portfolio?09/11 pbguky20:06 grabiner
48hMortgage as a negative Bond2008 Yukon20:06 alex_686
6pPaid off home in MA - what else do I need to do?09/17 doob19:55 doob
14hAny (legal) “loophole” for unused 529 funds?16:34 Saaybogle19:51 JBTX
18hRoth IRA withdrawal question for parent nearing retirement09/18 Mode3219:49 grabiner
113tAQR still singing the same song09/11 garlandwhizzer19:43 Rick Ferri
5hQuick question about my current portfolio17:51 Dannyzecca19:40 pasadena
26tInternational Dividends Got Crushed in Q2 202006/26 Cornflakey19:38 sycamore
190tReasons to invest internationally, or not.09/12 dwickenh19:34 columbia
36cAnyone REGRET retiring too soon?2018 Cleverusername19:14 RJC
8cPlease Help: Rental Truck damaged a roof, need guidance on paying for repairs09/19 teaman19:00 mmmodem
10pCondo fees & insurance costs; what is fair?09/19 Fractalleaf18:58 Fractalleaf
4583cWhat Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI2014 Alex Frakt18:56 Norris
12cCats and Sunbrella-covered sofas09/19 BarbBrooklyn18:54 JAZZISCOOL
0hContemplating retiring in about a year: are we ready?18:49 Diluted Waters 
5hAsset allocation review09/13 73940918:49 retired@50
32hMy four plan vanguard portfolio !09/15 anaelmasri18:44 Doctor Rhythm
2118c[What TV Show Have You Recently Watched?]2016 dbCooperAir18:42 MikeWillRetire
19tWhy have international stocks done so poorly?09:13 LMK518:39 arcticpineapple
21hPortfolio Adjustments for Retirement : More Defense?08:24 Incognito2u18:39 Incognito2u
7pRoth IRA strategy - new MAGI11:03 Retirecarefree18:38 lazynovice
197cGrocery store didn't tell me Shingrix was $16009/16 LadyIJ18:35 TallBoy29er
1882pShare your net worth progression2014 techcrium18:32 wtfire
3tIs there an easy way to figure out the cumulative dividend payouts for a mutual fund since its inception?17:39 HenryPorter18:28 HenryPorter
5cStarkey Livio Edge Hearing Aids $6,80009/19 Bigfish18:26 birnhamwood
24tI was wrong! Recession in 10 years 8 Months09/19 KlangFool18:24 andypanda
59cRelocation - CO considerations?09/16 wabbajack18:24 wabbajack
2hI-bonds and the interest treatment......17:23 Broken Man 199918:21 Gill
1646pFidelity as a one stop shop2018 BogleMelon18:20 Artsdoctor
54cRetiring to Canada09/19 Petrocelli18:15 Tejfyy
157cTrader Joe's Fans - good value?2016 LuigiLikesPizza18:06 Bobby206
3pCo-founder rights start-up company, contract negotiations13:17 TheTurk17:57 000
36hIs retirement in 2 years possible?09/18 singlewhip203017:52 Wannaretireearl
356tThe One-Fund Portfolio as a default suggestion2019 longinvest17:51 sycamore
35tAre retail investors driving the market? But I thought 10 percent richest own 90% of market?09/16 andysnp17:50 reln
9hAre there any limits on transfer fees?09/18 userwithconcern17:50 illumination
3tProfitability related question.15:47 A_C_E17:45 alex_686
20cVisiting Oregon Coast09/12 almostretired1917:26 Isabelle77
43ciMac - wait or buy now, if so which one?09/17 NYCaviator17:22 Bogle7
3hHow does E*TRADE accept funds for their Solo 401(k) plan?15:46 jomama34116:55 terran
1nTax-efficient golden butterfly16:24 rerombo16:53 TheLaughingCow
13pOffshore Bank Account?09/17 March200916:43 AerialWombat
29hSwitch employers - Transfer of old 401k to new employer09/04 Fortune16:42 SxSW
10hLooking for some balance in the portfolio2010 AdamSmythe16:41 AdamSmythe
1hVTSAX & VFIAX dividend distributions timing16:33 Mode3216:39 bob60014
3h401k LifePlan or just straight S&P 50016:02 grandnexus16:39 lazynovice
2pHow to legally move money offshore as a US citizen?15:33 jomama34116:33 jomama341
166cPSA: switch to LED light bulbs and save hundreds per year08/22 Afty16:25 unclescrooge
22cWhat can I expect from new golf clubs10:17 dodgy5516:23 J295
32tAny further reason to hold DLS?09/12 ilan1h16:17 000
12pIBond maximizing for a married couple09/18 Goldilocks16:08 JBTX
7hPortfolio evaluation: new investor09/19 passiveinvestor16:00 000
34cMicrowave keeps tripping circuit breaker2019 abs998615:56 neilpilot
142cJust Ordered Peloton Bike07/17 RJC15:55 1year23
168cCoping with Megacorp rat race09/14 Frugalbear15:52 JBTX
22cNew Zealand Local Chapter Thread2018 dekecarver15:35 Ken.
22h403(b) Fidelity to Vanguard08:33 bwn15:34 retiredjg
12nGoing 100% into VWCE [Vanguard FTSE All-World UCITS ETF]09/19 Jashi15:22 whereskyle
23pBuying a house before a potential corporate restructure - good or bad?09/19 Jesteroftheswam14:56 epictetus
77cShopping for college08/30 manatee200514:50 niagara_guy
15hLump sum mortgage payoff at 3.75% vs. invest09:46 Jack Burton14:45 Admiral
128cPlease help me, need to buy a computer09/09 steve32114:40 niagara_guy
35pDoctor disclosure and consent09/18 Seasonal14:30 TropikThunder
901cWhat are you listening to now01/10 Artful Dodger14:16 The Electrician
27hHow long does it take for your 403b/401k contribution to show up after payday?08:46 Cranberry4414:13 bugleheadd
10tSofi liquidated clients’ ETF investments, moved proceeds into new funds without ability to opt out causing tax headaches2019 johnsmithsf13:36 BetaTracker
36pAggressive SL Debt Pay down v. Not meeting other goals09/19 Surfinfan13:34 hoffse
2hDoes Vanguard 2-Factor apply even when you call customer support?12:36 userwithconcern13:28 retired@50
8h401k - IRA - Roth limits for 2020; Alternates for 401k09/13 Fortune13:27 Fortune
5784cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36813:27 tooluser
427pImproving the TSP [for current participants]2014 MichDad13:20 MichDad
18hMuni Bond Funds for Taxable Account09/19 jameswg12:57 hudson
6hPortfolio help - Losing Money with Index Funds09/19 MissOptimist12:56 Eagle33
4hHelp w/simple taxable account investment choices11:13 Toadandfriends12:43 lazynovice
307pPreparing for retirement in mid 30s09/16 lecithar12:26 Keenobserver
12pInsurance Medical Report (MIB): Should I Apply for a New Policy and Risk Blacklisting?09/17 gaz10112:13 gaz101
17cAre deleted videos on Iphone really deleted?09/19 Caduceus11:59 Cheez-It Guy
10cTour de France - sort of09/19 OldOne11:59 LadyGeek
367cDon't pay full price for SiriusXM radio2016 catdude11:52 CardinalRule
33pEstate considerations with sibling living in home owned by parent09/18 bluebolt11:50 bluebolt
12hInvesting for minors2019 fdrm201911:37 tibbitts
44cBike Recommendation09/13 keith601411:36 AnEngineer
31cDIY Auto Detailing Products04/25 jpa11:33 dollarsaver
6pFederal Reserve average mortgage rate data10:15 Sunrise11:28 Sunrise
52tChris Hogan's Facebook Group restrictions09/19 RobLyons10:54 Misenplace
300pHow Much House Can We Afford in HCOL Area?09/02 hereverycentcou10:52 socialforums201
25nWiki - Investing from India08/29 TedSwippet10:50 LadyGeek
4pSetting financial goals08:06 mzvarner10:43 runner540
54pDebt vs Savings2019 mountainair10:43 mountainair
8n$800K house on income of $160K with 50% down and a fixed 1.5.% 30 year mortgage09:37 coloreddo10:38 BrandonBogle
5tNice article featuring "The Three-Fund Portfolio"09/19 Taylor Larimore10:29 Robot Monster
13hVoyager vs Voyager Select and 4% Rule09/19 naranja10:20 naranja
3hSell or Hold Class C shares until they convert to A07:24 architect9710:11 architect97
12tGlobal Wellesley vs. Domestic09/17 Kevin K10:07 Robot Monster
1pmunibond returns08:56 Imaretyre10:02 BuddyJet
12pWhich Other Insurance Companies To Get Quotes From?09/12 Mugen09:46 Patzer
12hAre employer contributions/matches to Solo Roth 401(k) deductible?09/18 jomama34109:46 jomama341
6pSmall Windfall, Looking for Advice09/19 friendofafarmer09:42 Patzer
16hMYGA vs CD - what would you choose?09/17 ARB5709:35 indexfundfan
3pRefi mortgage - When does it make sense? How to shop around?09/19 NYCaviator09:16 mbasherp
255tGold continues to soar!08/04 00008:54 nedsaid
61cbuying a car every year for almost no money08/15 vanpan08:42 LadyGeek
10hNeed direction_understanding MYGA(multi-year guaranteed annuity09/19 EvelynTroy08:39 HueyLD
14hRoth IRA funds - where to invest them09/19 aurelien7501708:35 poisedforflight
8pToo good to be true? [Refinance]09/18 prosperosdaught08:26 prosperosdaught
8hHelp me select my 401k funds to align with low cost and close to 3 fund portfolio09/19 saagar_is_cool08:03 pkcrafter
9hAdvice re: Long Term Treasury Bond Fund09/18 dawnmo07:53 welderwannabe
29cWhich snow tires for serious snow commuting?09/19 texasdiver07:43 getthatmarshmal
1049tVariable Percentage Withdrawal (VPW)2013 longinvest07:33 longinvest
12hSmall Cap Value Mutual Fund Suggestions for Fidelity User08/14 Milujo07:26 dcabler
83cRing for a new girlfriend09/18 Pomegranate06:44 Pomegranate
9hVanguard's Roth IRA?09/13 MissOptimist05:25 HomeStretch

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