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10p Roth Conversions and the Vanishing 25% and 28% Tax Bracket  10/04BigJohn15:16Artsdoctor
455t Vanguard sued for charging too little  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 102014Buysider15:15Silence Dogood
22p Avoiding the dreaded AMT  10/05nycguy8315:14halfnine
3c Kindle Unlimited  14:28Barefootgirl15:13jhfenton
10t Effect of Rebalancing When Stocks Are Down  12:08tfb15:12grap0013
4c Internet (and TV) in rural CT, NY, MA  11:44TomatoTomahto15:12lthenderson
11h Flexible Premium Adjustable Indexed Life  10/05suming15:11nisiprius
27c Reduce/Reuse, but no Recycle  10/04leftcoaster15:10Jonathan
6c Paid Tuition for Junior  06/19Tico_7515:10sciliz
17h Vanguard alternatives (brokerage, not funds)  10/03Mastiff15:10dratkinson
3t Cybercrime/outages a real theat to our Vanguard accounts in 2015?  11:26texasdude1715:07whatusername?
27t A Hedge Fund Manager Shuts Down and Goes Bogle  10/04Leesbro6315:05Maynard F. Spee
39p How to take advantage of 2 lower income years in early retirement ?  10/03Fat-Tailed Cont15:03Fat-Tailed Cont
4p Thinking about purchasing "retirement" annuity/fund for non-family member in lieu of small inheritanted sum later  14:17rfowler15:03Gill
3c Chandelier bulbs  14:02Tom_T15:02piperkub
9h Analyze/Criticize my portfolio please!  10/04LOwrestling200115:02retiredjg
7h Taylor's Investment Gems  10/05ShiftF514:56Mel Lindauer
1074c What Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 222014Alex Frakt14:53bertilak
12h How to Chose Where to Open IRA  10/05aerolulu14:51aerolulu
2t "In Praise of the Dead (Investors)"  12:42Taylor Larimore14:50Fallible
12h Newbie question about changing funds  10/05sofla_diyer14:50pkcrafter
342p Mango prepaid card - 4.8% (effective) APY  page: 2 3 4 5 6 72012boglestan14:45jjface
17p Vanguard delays ACH funds availability  08:40statman14:42jhfenton
10h Allocation, TLH advice needed!  10/04crit14:40crit
101c Where in the U.S. can I buy a house for under $250k that's a nice place to live?  page: 2 310/03eethy14:36rfowler
9h Older Investors Seeking Guidance  09:45MaggieBianca14:31MaggieBianca
8h Vanguard DIY Portfolio vs. Target Funds & Rebalancing  10/04jerky128014:31crit
1p Yet another Whole Life Insurance Question, and paying debt.  17:35muredhawk23514:31muredhawk235
47c Should I buy a color printer or black and white for light home use?  10/05Fat-Tailed Cont14:30MDfive21
25t Tony Robbins Said It Well  06:43Leesbro6314:22#Cruncher
7p Small Business Owners - How Do You Manage Your Cash?  10/04mr_orange14:17mr_orange
10c Tub/Shower combo or Shower only in bath remodel  16:17btenny14:15whatusername?
1t Whom do you purchase a SPIA from?  13:42CWRadio14:15Taylor Larimore
27p Pros and cons paying off credit card immediately after billing cycle ends  10/04sdotsen14:14Barefootgirl
48c Mattress Run: Was it stupid?  10/04VictoriaF14:12swaption
10h After tax Solo 401k -> Roth IRA -> distribution taxable?  15:41steffen70714:11niceguy7376
2p HSA with spouse FSA-different plan years  18:53dford197014:09tfb
38t Common Misconceptions about Safe Floor Retirement Planning  10/03bobcat214:05Kevin M
70h To pay for college education ? Or not ...  page: 209/30tzukulika14:03MrKnight
8p Being the backer of a real estate project  10/04AirTimeMD13:56renue74
27h [How do I] short a stock  10/01Carpentermaass813:53NHRATA01
4c Purchasing a new home from a builder - Advice and Hints?  12:33texasdiver13:53texasdiver
3p Shopping for lowest price of a SPIA  07/29CWRadio13:45Taylor Larimore
98t Northwest FCU 3-year 3.04% Add-On CD  page: 210/01Kevin M13:39RustyShacklefor
9t Peoria area Bogleheads  09/28larryswedroe13:38mxs
1h Help with fee's  13:27stevemed13:32terran
11c Property Inspector questions  22:38Billy Pilgrim13:27Jonathan
8t "Second-Grader Who Beat Wall Street -- A Decade Later"  10/04Taylor Larimore13:26TwoByFour
76t S & P 500 "fair value" as of 10-02-15  page: 210/02Rx 4 investing13:23oneleaf
14p Need homeowners insurance for vacant home. Any suggestions?  22:28d_green13:22rterickson
2h TD Ameritrade v Vanguard ROTH IRA ?  11:38kmo211113:22livesoft
1l Eastern Iowa Diehards, Sat Nov 7, Coralville  06:27wmcclain13:21wmcclain
94c The cost of walking el Camino de Santiago  page: 206/15VictoriaF13:18halfnine
4h SIMPLE IRA and Roth with high income  08:50huskerfan13:14Radjob4me
14h Combining Roth and Traditional IRA  10/05royutah13:11retiredjg
24c Headlights & car safety  19:53ThankYouJack13:09PowDay
256c Aren't we overdoing electronic auto safety features?  page: 2 3 4 5 605/15Browser13:08randomguy
32c Demand repairs or give a bye for honesty?  08:23packet13:02jjface
8t Why buy government securities at 0%?  11:40BeaglesRule13:00Kevin M
2252t U.S. stocks in freefall  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 462011Lbill12:56linenfort
59p Another new two comma club member  page: 204/11FedGuy12:47TravelforFun
45c Suggestions from Netlfix (or possibly Amazon) fans?  10/01Barefootgirl12:44JupiterJones
1t Q4-2015 market chartbook  11:39Tamales12:35Simplegift
17t Yahoo: People weren't supposed to be saving this much money — and now it's a problem  20:46pcsrini12:34Johno
8h Wash rules for tax-exempt Muni bonds  10/02sanfran201512:21BolderBoy
5h Help with Getting Financial House in Order: Creating and Sticking to a Strategy  23:28beatingthestree12:20Grt2bOutdoors
7p Investing in IRA's  22:58RMCGARRYIRISH12:14bsquared
45t The Investors Manifesto  2011slowmoney12:13Taylor Larimore
122c Manufactured Spending - Good Idea / Bad Idea?  page: 2 303/22mac_guy12:11linenfort
171l Roll Call for the Retirement Class of 2015!  page: 2 3 411/03VictoriaF12:08VictoriaF
4t Safe Investment Options  19:53hudson12:05gasman
1t Scottrade Hacked  11:52dbCooperAir12:05vitaflo
15h Robo? [Betterment]  08/12samtex12:05samtex
27l Roll Call for the Retirement Class of 2016!  08/02VictoriaF11:52VictoriaF
19c Which android phone to buy?  10/05walletless11:52protagonist
20p Security freeze vs fraud alert  10/04sdotsen11:36VictoriaF
12c Car Accident. Repair or buy a newer car??  17:40slimshady11:33vkfu
27c Inherited hoarder's house. Now what?  10/05Slapshot11:27psteinx
133f We need a new forum just for retirement issues  page: 2 32012diyinvestor11:24Miriam2
5c Help me find a case for my Verizon LG Tablet  10/02stev11:16stev
2h Finishing up four fund transition  10:40samtex11:01asif408
13h Do banks/credit unions offer loans off of investment accounts?  10/03jaj227610:54Meg77
1p IBM Trusteer Rapport?  01:39LeonGTR10:50JDCarpenter
18t Market history is calling, and it's saying stock performance will be [poor] for another ~10 years  22:23UnrealizedGains10:49Rx 4 investing
6p Take a mortgage on new home?  09/29exoilman10:46Meg77
42p Legal marriage before wedding for tax/benefits?  10/04saj10:38ryman554
39t Jim Simons and Renaissance Technologies  10/05Howard Donnelly10:27Maynard F. Spee
5h Portfolio Review: Married 33yo High Income, Semi High Debt  09:02PigPen10:21Lafder
7h Portfolio Assessment and Feedback Request.  09/30tmaxx10:02ruralavalon
16l [Bogle T-Shirt Iron-On]  10/04Ice-910:02Fat-Tailed Cont
6h VXUS in Taxable or Tax-Deferred  10/05mlh4610:00lack_ey
154t VW stock goes from 170 to almost 100 and falling, good time to buy?  page: 2 3 409/22CodeMaster09:47Maverick3320
10h Index that Tracks Companies with no Dividends  10/05k8n09:33Wagnerjb
2c How much did your roof cost?  09:14szmaine09:30YttriumNitrate
31p Retired!  10/05eastwayroad09:28heyyou
6c Ok to drop off computers for repair with Apple?  10/05ThankYouJack09:28takeshi
16p Baby sized windfall  10/03Deidre09:26pondering
26p Mint or other software  10/04nyc12309:20yotann
54p Intuit to Sell off Quicken  page: 208/21G-Force09:19bertilak
0h Centre for Fiduciary Excellence (CEFEX)  09:19SpaNancy  
7c Verizon iPhone 6  10/05lthenderson09:12takeshi
7c Power washing our house: rent or pay to have it done  07:45Robconoclast09:10Call_Me_Op
1241t The Three Fund Portfolio  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 252012Taylor Larimore08:50bertilak
26h 25 years old, new job with a 403b, still owe student loans  03/18UniversityEmplo08:45UniversityEmplo
8t Explaining corporate credit spreads  09/28larryswedroe08:44larryswedroe
4h 401k overview (Bogle style)  10/05mech_engineer08:04Lafder
194h Retiree Portfolio Model  page: 2 3 42012BigFoot4808:01BigFoot48
9p Mega back door or taxable  10/05yoga07:52retiredjg
4t BOGLEHEAD CONTEST -- Third Quarter Report  17:45Taylor Larimore07:39Bustoff
4p 401k Plan Fund Selection  10/05Chiron07:30Chiron
14p PPO or HSA?  10/05TarHeel200206:37Dandy
1h Unit Appreciation Rights  10/04ualdriver06:08ualdriver
16c iPhone6 or Samsumg Galaxy S5?  10/05ved06:01bondsr4me
8h Help with Retirement Allocation of 401k/Roth/Taxable Accounts  10/02AudioAce05:15AudioAce
2h Calculating XIRR :: What am I doing wrong?  19:58renue7404:46red5
4p Undoing a Roth Conversion  22:18Barefootgirl03:29SGM
1t The Power of Passive Investing Now  10/05Rick Ferri03:05boglerdude
23p Age 29 & married, how much life insurance?  09/18sighchological02:07ClaycordJCA
26t A meeting with Jack Bogle  10/04Taylor Larimore01:56SailingAway
92t To ETF or Not to ETF  page: 22008Rick Ferri00:02small_index
9t Protect bank account number from utilities?  10/05learning_head23:37cheese_breath
7t Role for active funds in portfolio  10/03adave23:34MnD
3t "China: How much does volatility matter?"  08/31gkaplan23:18small_index
9p What to do with our money?  2013doglover0523:04doglover05
69t Gold synthesis and its effects on long term store of value  page: 210/01boomdeyada22:52John 2015
1p Advise on changing 401K company and administration cost.  22:04bluedragonfly22:12lack_ey
2h Live abroad, don't pay US taxes but have US investments, should I tax harvest?  18:51Mahou8622:05bpp
5p Drop HSA to get on my wifes health insurance?  10/04jakobox21:57LadyGeek
20t How the Superwealthy Plan to Make Sure Their Kids Stay That Way  10/04texasdiver21:49LadyGeek
18h first real investment in taxable account - looking for advice  10/03kitkatnyc21:41kitkatnyc
4p Capital gains taxes  10/05Bruce's21:32grabiner
1p Electric Vehicle Tax Credit Strategy  20:34sbefort21:30WhyNotUs
10h Help With Unexpected Money  10/05morfred21:00grabiner
7h Advice needed on "bad" mutual funds  10/05ved20:50ved
66t Interactive Brokers (Best Kept Secret)  page: 205/11Andymoler5820:50matto
0h Transfer Health Savings Administrators to UMB?  20:16segfault  
27p Roth Conversions - Retired, Single  10/04retiredjg20:09BigJohn
0t Gary Shilling Interview The 30 yr going to 2%  20:05naha66  
2h US tax implications of investing in Indian mutual funds  19:11yetanotherbogle19:48yetanotherbogle
15p Filing Taxes (2015) after moving in June from Ohio to Florida ?  10/04Fat-Tailed Cont19:43trueblueky
9p Tax Question: How Does the 3.8% Kick In?  12/16William Million19:43Leif
4p HARP Investment Property Refi Questions  10/02PigPen19:412 bits
8p Permanent Insurance Advise  10/05aurdav19:33dhodson
12h Asset allocation Help for 401K  10/03quietgrit19:11pingo
5p in what type of tax deferred IRA can my son put consulting income  10/03Steven2819:03Steven28
55c 20th Century Stereo in a 21st Century World  page: 209/14retiredjg18:52retiredjg
23h Questions about backdoor Roth  09/30kitkatnyc18:40Alan S.
35c Moving to Austin, TX  09/29moneywise318:34sls239
76c Formal Dinnerware  page: 209/14lthenderson18:00Leemiller
4h Tax loss harvesting  17:24D5710217:49D57102
15h Help with my mom's finances  10/03matonplayer17:36matonplayer
7h Transfering cash from Fidelity to Vanguard: do I need to go through my bank account?  10/03Davidson5000BH17:36Artsdoctor
33t TIAA real estate  09/30EnjoyIt17:33sawhorse
48p ALLY Bank and the new tier announcement  10/03Jake-R17:24Coles
52p Fidelity 2% Amex: Security Annoyances  page: 209/28linenfort17:11fidobogo
74p prenup in case of divorce  page: 209/30bigguy843716:56afan
6c New Water Heater Needed - Latest on Tankless & NJ Credit?  10/04PlayingLife16:55tomd37
59l NE Ohio (Cleveland Area) Master Thread  page: 22014Maid of the Mis16:54Maid of the Mis
7h Vanguard and slow/missing letters/emails  10/05jjface16:50sawhorse
1p 401(k) contributions ala livesoft  16:09CuppedUp16:19livesoft
6t EBITDA shows US economy in good shape  10/05feh16:02alex_686
33c Noises in the wall (bats?)  10/03InterestingMone15:39Dulocracy
1p Question about Healthcare Marketplace MAGI  15:36Skizbo15:39ObliviousInvest
11p Trust companies. Layered fee's and trust administration  10/03hero4u2b15:28hero4u2b
48t "Moshe Milevsky on Tontines"  2014Taylor Larimore15:19mickeyd

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