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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1038 new posts and replies over 151 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
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3pMuni mm keeps dropping in yield, thinking of switching05/26 am23:42 venkman
3tMEMORIAL DAY 201822:36 Taylor Larimore23:39 MP123
16cBuying Ford Extended Warranty online vs different plan offered by the Dealer...15:18 rebellovw23:39 rebellovw
23cPeloton spin bike worth the high cost?16:14 Milo95323:38 Calidude
12tStrengths/Weaknesses of Market Cap and Value Strategies05/26 Park23:35 Park
7pFinancial plan review for a widowed mother05/25 jaj227623:32 Watty
4hIntermediate-term flexible investment 3 - 10 years17:50 bbsf23:30 manedark
20c3 days in Boston with an 8 year old05/26 runner923:28 Krawmp
188tBuy on Really Bad Days, Sell on Really Good Days?10/03 TheTimeLord23:26 Lieutenant.Colu
6h401K Reallocation05/22 frisbeeaddict23:26 PFInterest
19pGenworth LTC (Again)05/26 Limoncello40223:25 birdy
13tGerman Bonds: a virtually riskless bet for an Italian investor, with no downside and a big upside possible?04:24 Lauretta23:24 NoHeat
19tShould REITs and BDCs be looked at more like bonds?05/26 ChinchillaWhipl23:21 asset_chaos
38hWhat would you do: TIAA traditional vs. TREA?05/24 ai_3_us23:08 NoHeat
16tNew Trend: Bonds in Roth IRA05/22 PFInterest23:06 Independent Geo
133tTheory: Total World Index a Sure Fire Win [VT/VTWSX]05/22 guyesmith23:00 pascalwager
34tIs Precious Metal Equity a better diversifier than emerging market equity for US investors?05/24 jalbert22:50 jalbert
11cRemote temperature monitoring11:35 ediekrager22:50 tev9876
24pWhat was your experience inheriting assets held at Vanguard?05/26 Dale_G22:47 Big Dog
131fThe front page is ugly05/14 kagantx22:43 chickadee
484tWhy do so many people quote "You will likely be in a lower tax bracket in retirement"05/16 CnC22:41 The Wizard
11pIs having insurance from 5 different companies normal?05/26 capitalG22:36 MathWizard
20pShould I Leave Traditional IRA to Grandkids?05/26 thebigad22:29 jalbert
25cI need advice on having 2 jobs.05/25 achen929122:26 MathWizard
5hTax-loss selling before (or after?) receiving dividend05/26 southport22:26 grabiner
10hCD / Treasury vs Paying off Mortgage - Rates are really close02:17 chhill12122:21 bmelikia
22hWhen and how often do you rebalance09:17 keepingitsimple22:18 grabiner
48cHelp Buying Mens Shoes for Work and Dating05/26 Gardener22:10 stimulacra
89tPost Your Morningstar Box Style01/19 jonnyboy22:10 samsdad
91tRenting vs Owning Your Home05/24 Ben Mathew22:09 Jags4186
10hTwo Fund Vanguard vs. Managed Portfolio14:56 JSS22:08 pkcrafter
18cCheapest ways to watch NBA playoffs16:36 ThankYouJack22:07 TxAg
2pVariable Percentage Withdrawal (VPW) for Advanced Users20:51 longinvest22:06 longinvest
152pHelping Adult Children (but not too much)05/19 Stormbringer22:05 LadyGeek
37tThe Savings Rate Grid05/26 snarlyjack22:03 snarlyjack
151pGEICO auto rates vs. USAA: too good to be true?2017 msa621:56 randomguy
17hrecommended Roth percentage of total investments05/21 lomarica0121:55 grabiner
22cPlease help with grocery budget05/26 pomidoro21:54 frugalmama
5hMilitary Equity/Bond Allocation05/26 Yelvi21:53 Fishing50
10honly iShares ETF's, risks?05/24 Wimble21:38 TxInjun
106cSingle People and Retirement Question02/11 Limoncello40221:34 AerialP
9hNew doctor looking for your seasoned advice on initial investments23:50 ERdoc_21:33 WanderingDoc
41pmedicaid as early retirement medical insurance (or maybe Obamacare)05/24 datamonkee21:27 LadyGeek
39tIs inflation the greatest risk to retirement portfolios?05/24 CULater21:24 ResearchMed
3hchild's cashier check - deposit to bank or brokerage18:34 sambb21:22 Grt2bOutdoors
27cRowing machine05/25 test12321:20 wordsmith11
41cGetting Furniture into a Basement03/28 SVariance121:17 Toadandfriends
23celectrical outlet dead; fuse not tripped14:09 go_mets21:04 Dottie57
4hDoes anticipated SS alter today’s allocation?18:57 Rexindex21:01 Dandy
70h36 yr old BH Newbie with substantial savings- Help!!!04/08 ElmoHongZito20:49 mmr30
29cNear commercial level treadmill05/26 dentoid20:06 lightheir
63tThoughts on Paul Merriman's Portfolio2014 zadie20:03 palaheel
2hStarting out17:23 crossroad10119:45 crossroad101
5c1st Cell Phone in 8 Years; or, Cell Phone Strategy, 5/2018 Edition05/26 dougger519:45 livesoft
3cold kindle not responding17:15 brandy19:35 brandy
0hAdvice for US permanent resident with £50k GBP in the UK19:34 oscillate.wildl 
186pWhy pay cash for a car?11/12 RDHlooking4FIRE19:32 ThankYouJack
20pKeep or sell primary residence condo after job move?05/24 zagurit19:18 ThePrince
16hSchwab Purchased Money Funds, CDs, Bonds, ... best yield after tax03/24 Coconut Cream P19:14 Coconut Cream P
13hOptimizing for the 12% bracket in early retirement14:16 megaroth19:11 MP123
30cConsidering iPad to replace failing Nexus tablet09:43 jebmke19:10 Lynette
53t2017 Relative Tax Efficiency02/19 triceratop18:42 JustinR
76cRetirement in Arizona - Seeking Advice2015 Bustoff18:42 TxAg
14hCIT MM Now 1.85% [Money Market]05/26 VinhoVerde18:39 manedark
23pForeign Tax-Please check my math01/29 2beachcombers18:26 LadyGeek
0tTax-Efficient Fund Placement for G-4 Visa Holders (Non-Resident Aliens)18:25 MrDee 
51pBuy an old farmhouse?05/22 health teacher18:21 ifish100
10cGoogle WiFi and Verizon FIOS09:47 Small Law Survi18:17 eugenem
9hDoes Wells Fargo Advisors Require Medallian Signature Guarantee14:25 goldy1818:16 livesoft
22hTaking a pension to invest in stocks05:29 TheTimeLord18:02 TheTimeLord
7hFund choices in Nationwide 401k00:18 fefifofum17:48 fefifofum
154tVanguard New Factor Funds Portfolio Statistics03/08 jhfenton17:45 comeinvest
56cTesla Autopilot, worth it?05/20 squirm17:38 DanMahowny
17tThree fund portfolio - Which bond fund?05/26 Doc17:37 student
27cUpdate: New iPhone - Older iPhone text msgs disappear05/21 ResearchMed17:34 student
114cRe: done with Gmail05/20 Rob5TCP17:33 Ged
14pMinor car accident two years ago. How long till clear record?05/26 sunny_socal17:32 LadyGeek
14tFactor Investing?05/26 lazylarry17:24 jeffyscott
126cWhat have you baked recently?03/20 Elsebet17:22 Caligal
21pProfessional negotiator05/26 theiatejareddie17:17 LadyGeek
17pIs backdoor Roth IRA eliminated in 2018?05/25 abonder17:15 LadyGeek
230fPlease Try Out Test Posts Here2007 tfb17:07 metalworking
8hRetiring and have questions about retirement accounts14:00 metalworking17:03 metalworking
14cReducing mosquitos by pool05/25 ThankYouJack17:00 jebmke
27pBank of America ATM card not working internationally05/24 jima16:48 Chimz
29pCostco Eyeglasses - No satisfaction guarantee. Any chance of resolution?11/18 kjvmartin16:35 mrc
5hPortfolio Review for a DIY'er approaching retirement05/26 togb16:31 BL
40tIf the US market cap was 5% instead of 52%, would the US vs International conversation change?05/25 JustinR16:07 dknightd
0pAdvice for Mom's LTC policy renewal15:57 Ginny'sMom 
13hBond Recommendation05/26 Anon6415:52 Kevin M
111cLexus RX 350, Audi Q5, or Volvo XC 60 (update)05/15 ugaDAWGS0915:41 livesoft
90tUS T bills - first time user05/22 duricka15:35 Kevin M
8pScarcity Mindset10:23 TresBelle6515:31 arcticpineapple
8h[EU] Considering investing in 10Y Spanish bonds: Change my mind05/26 RME15:28 Valuethinker
6cTemporary living arrangements09:57 Itster14:52 RudyS
83hHigh Income Earner Humbly Seeks Advice06/03 LongTerm114:32 tfb
65cAlexa Echo sent family's audio file to a contact05/24 ResearchMed14:31 NextMil
3hBogle interview offers basic info for newer investors05/26 pkcrafter14:29 bltn
27hAnybody hit their rebalance bands?02/09 JaySayms14:09 Lieutenant.Colu
3cSquare Trade12:32 JBTX14:06 runner3081
5hTransferred my Roth (American Funds) to Vanguard, but money stayed in AF funds05/26 jonce1713:56 goldy18
44hDo I pay towards my mortgage or invest?05/17 mech_tower13:44 dknightd
94cWater Heater Install $1,800!2016 Andyrunner13:44 DoubleR
88pAm I crazy to pay off my 30-yr fixed 3.625 mortgage?05/24 rantk8113:42 Church Lady
10cHow to dispose of car towed to mechanic?07:52 mbres6013:37 mbres60
3hRoth IRA Conversion snag due to existing Rollover IRA10:53 yummeemunnkee13:34 Alan S.
4cVacation Rental Question09:56 Prudence13:22 abner kravitz
15pHow safe are our funds in online platforms?05/25 hithere13:20 simas
436fForum software upgrade bug reports and change requests2015 Alex Frakt13:08 Bulgogi Head
28pLeave career (fortune 200) and join the peace corps?05/26 Paul_12:46 Jags4186
9tFZDXX- 1.81%. Security? [Fidelity Treasury Money Market]05/24 protagonist12:45 indexfundfan
12tPaul Merriman on Market Timing Discussion Thread05/22 whodidntante12:43 Jags4186
8tRebalancing Slice-'N-Dice Equities: Isn’t That Buying Low & Selling High?05/26 Johnnie12:28 dbr
4pHSA limit validations10:18 simas12:17 FiveK
41tFear vs. reality. Don't worry. Be happy. [Outliving your retirement savings]05/24 protagonist12:04 2015
2pRisky To Keep Genworth Term Life Policy?11:21 InvestorDN11:58 Stinky
94lSacramento, CA Area Chapter - Master Thread2015 digarei11:58 digarei
9pCan I max out TSP and do a traditional IRA?05/23 TexMexIndex11:46 BL
3psolo 401k spousal contribution to minimize taxes05/26 basky11:37 Spirit Rider
19tCouple of questions about passages from Bogle's book "Enough"05/24 arcticpineapple11:37 arcticpineapple
7tBooks on stock market cycles/crashes and derivatives markets23:53 BWildt11:31 nisiprius
50pMissing my Microsoft Money - any equivalents?2017 lebewohl11:20 Sheepdog
5hnew total world bond fund instead of total bond market in my 3 fund portfolio05/26 Boglerules11:12 galeno
50tWhy Edward Jones?01/04 CABob11:02 bsteiner
10hUTMA Change of Ownership Effect on Compound Interest05/26 Kydough10:40 alex_686
7hBond fund choice in 401K has 0.43% expense ratio09:15 '67Bosox10:36 '67Bosox
305lSouth Florida Local Chapter2010 niteowls10:33 pennywise
11cComputer RAM Prices05/26 crystalbank10:29 pondering
12cHeart rate monitor05/23 test12310:13 test123
42pwork one more year or attend law school05/24 novicejamED09:51 Big Dog
21pBest Available 2018 tax estimator02/27 Ged09:41 feehater
612cNetflix, Your Current Favorite Show2016 dbCooperAir09:41 Briar Rabbit
1hHelp for a Young Doc looking to build a portfolio05/26 youngdoc8709:41 PFInterest
293cDo people still use AAA?12/06 fittan09:37 BogleBoogie
2hOpened 401K - Slavic Portfolio Help Please00:34 woodog111409:29 badbreath
5clooking for lowest cruise ship price site08:10 silentfaith09:26 ResearchMed
1hCritique Opportunistic Rebalancing08:41 ef1109:04 dbr
2cHtc u12+ on Verizon [Cellphone]05/25 DiggleRex09:00 DiggleRex
28hLiving on Your Investments? What Happens When a Bear Market Hits?05/26 alex12371108:57 dbr
4hHelp with a few questions please - British expat05/26 Lazarus08:57 Lazarus
3036cWhat Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI2014 Alex Frakt08:50 mancich
758pVariable Percentage Withdrawal (VPW)2013 longinvest08:29 longinvest
19tMisuse of the word "technology" in finance05/26 s8r08:11 jharkin
13hAlternative to Morningstar X-ray Tool05/25 Exafchick07:13 dcabler
3tWhy over think bonds with a small portfolio?05/26 spdoublebass07:00 dbr
26hBook for wife on investing05/25 corn1807:00 metacritic
9hLooking for guidance on implementing 3 fund portfolio05/25 4growth06:43 retiredjg
38cCredit card question - get Uber's new 4%er?03/13 lazylarry06:25 student
81tBuffett says Bonds are a terrible investment now. What should we invest in besides stocks?05/18 rjb11206:15 UpperNwGuy
7hIndexing [investor in Emerging Market country]05/23 CarpeDiem2201:43 msk
1hHelp With Sister's Portfolio & 403b Choices.05/26 bschlabs23:54 Grt2bOutdoors

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