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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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2754 new posts and replies over 296 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
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2hReal Estate Value Drop?14:13 Beach00:22 annu
0pInteresting Offer from Private Pre-School During Shutdown00:21 clippersfan79 
9tBlack Swan Portfolio Insurance ?22:52 Fat-Tailed Cont00:21 stuper1
180tIs the coming pain really "priced in"?04/01 DualCitizen00:20 DonIce
49t"They All Retired Before They Hit 40. Then This Happened."19:32 RJC00:17 Alex Frakt
4hAdvice for age 29 with $500K to invest. What’s the best play???23:11 Dub2300:16 k1982
42tWhy shouldn´t I buy oil futures now?03/11 TheoLeo00:15 DonIce
0pRecommendations for Checking Account: Need ACH with no/high limits, decent APY for savings00:14 fatFIRE 
4097tHEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure Part II: The next journey08/11 HEDGEFUNDIE00:14 Dovahkiin
172pStimulus help for small businesses, sole proprietors, s-corp etc03/28 Theseus00:12 EnjoyIt
30tVanguard & Investment Account Statements12/31 abuss36800:12 123
132tWhat is your age/AA during this crisis?03/31 Turkishcoffee00:11 dreamrrr
21tWords of Wisdom William Bernstein_chat w/Ben Carlson18:19 EvelynTroy00:09 vipertom1970
81tInvesting in stocks in the current market conditions: how and when would you do it?04/01 k198200:08 YRT70
96pAre your personal expenses down during stay home and shelter?10:57 Xrayman6900:05 madbrain
935tSmall Cap Value heads Rejoice !!!06/03 hdas00:02 one1twice
9hChase You Invest charging interest for selling ETF and buying MF same day23:21 ma21n200:02 ma21n2
122cSo what are you cooking03/21 Skeeter123:57 Mudpuppy
91pCollege choice dilemma04/01 GentleBreeze23:56 fwellimort
5hVanguard's new Robo-Advisor not an ideal choice for all investors ...16:52 tvubpwcisla23:54 tetractys
23tchances of the dollar becoming devalued04/01 novice11123:52 justsomeguy2018
0hPlease Help Me Compare This 17-Fund, 85/15 Portfolio Versus VASGX Baseline23:50 MoneyJungle 
0tDo stocks really protect against inflation?23:48 justsomeguy2018 
8cwide lace up work boots03/31 Heidi123:45 chemocean
730pRefinance Mega Thread09/01 AZAttorney1123:44 mervinj7
45cShould I keep paying fitness center fees while it is closed?18:57 miamivice23:44 tesuzuki2002
29cRecommend me a good laser printer for a chromebook!2017 lightheir23:42 krafty81
24pconfused about stimulus check20:27 mouses23:40 RedClay
4850lBogleheads community discussion - Coronavirus02/27 LadyGeek23:34 madbrain
0tHow do bailouts and chapter 11 bankruptcies affect a company's balance sheet?23:31 traderlmd 
260cAre you still going to the grocery store or using a delivery service? Which?03/25 totallynotsure23:30 Mickey7
31tDon't like bonds? They are outperforming stocks since 199915:57 Admiral23:29 vipertom1970
7pHow to Transfer 529 Beneficiary to Grandchild without needing to file Gift Tax Return?03/31 Counterpoint23:28 Counterpoint
5pBanks doing SBA PPP that actually have the correct process?09:22 PluckyDucky23:24 Cubicle
29hWhich fixed income Bond Fund would be best to use right now?18:05 solidsimpson23:23 Elysium
18080tU.S. stocks in free fall2011 Lbill23:23 Lee_WSP
2hWhat else should I be doing?19:12 blake2223:21 justsomeguy2018
52tVanguard Yr End Statements: Save Them?2013 Leesbro6323:17 abuss368
13pBank of America dropped me from the preferred rewards program!?11:21 addicoe23:15 anoop
13pBuying a New Car in Current Market Conditions12:46 dhuser23:06 helloeveryone
9cCar Wheel Cleaner Spray03/30 J29523:06 darrvao777
1cTrane or Carrier heat pump?22:42 Berean23:05 Teague
27hCan I un-file my 2019 taxes in order to get a bigger stimulus check based on my 2018?16:39 matt188223:01 av8r316
99hAnyone here depressed just looking at their portfolio?04/01 kareysue23:00 manatee2005
5pEstimating unemployment benefits21:47 miamivice22:54 OnTrack
5237cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36822:53 siamond
24pCanceling Auto Insurance for Few Months? Any down sides?16:34 a010z22:51 helloeveryone
0tVanguard HarbourVest Private Equity M* podcast interview22:49 rolandtorres 
280tWhy does anyone invest in international funds?03/24 Brianmcg32122:47 boglerdude
3tWith high spreads, wait for large ETF losses before harvesting04/01 grabiner22:46 grabiner
69hWhat Individual stocks are you buying?03/04 Frugalbear22:45 OnTrack
2pHow to allocate 529 contributions among 3 kids?22:24 Berean22:45 camillus
3pLifespan assumptions and personal finance10:27 bestplans22:40 willthrill81
6pProblem Creating an Inherited IRA for the Benefit of the Estate03/31 depressed22:40 depressed
361pHow Is Your Job Being Impacted By The Current Crisis?03/17 RJC22:39 JDCarpenter
4486tU.S. stocks continue to soar!2018 GoldStar22:38 J G Bankerton
25cGOOD RX...What Is It?04/01 Leesbro6322:36 Chin00k
82cSafest way to get food04/01 pablolo22:31 random_walker_7
633tJack Bogle - Two Fund Portfolio2016 abuss36822:29 1789
6tREITs are in free fall..04/01 guyinlaw22:26 market timer
22hHow do you keep of track of capitol loss carryover ??03/23 bluegill22:19 grabiner
2pESA Refund Due to Covid1918:59 SimonJester22:17 Krm45
27hPlease advise! [Portfolio Review]03/03 mimiinca22:17 dratkinson
855pWhy are you NOT buying rental properties?2019 tomtoms22:14 abuss368
125hDoes anyone else just not care/worry?04/01 heyyou22:13 endeavour
1392cCoronavirus (Consumer Issues) How you are preparing?02/12 TomCat9622:12 KlangFool
12cAnyone have experience with the I-95 Florida checkpoint?04/01 tadamsmar22:11 GCD
15tWhat determines the spread between ARMs and fixed rate mortgages?03/30 Virus476222:09 Virus4762
16pHome Refinance - Help reviewing offer terms12:30 brett4122:08 brett41
0pBuy a house now or wait?22:08 DebiT 
238tThe end of cruise ships03/11 kosomoto22:04 fennewaldaj
4hNeed help deciding whether to sell home -- complicated market question21:24 25feelingold21:50 Watty
57pbogleheading my car, opinions please. From a Tesla to a Honda04/01 eye.surgeon21:49 Cubicle
2pIs Form 8949 required?20:49 Darth Xanadu21:44 FiveK
113lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2020!05/27 Miriam221:43 onthecusp
3n[Dominican Republic] Portfolio Advice03/25 kaidou100021:42 kaidou1000
1pCARES stimulus check for elderly parents21:14 pkay21:40 FiveK
3692tCoronavirus and the market02/04 XM16E121:33 canadianbacon
130phow much cash do you keep at home?03/28 camillus21:32 Cubicle
31tCares Act Payroll Protection Program03/29 kmurp21:31 mx711yam
39cReplacing Cable TV with Streaming: Critical Analysis06:42 bhwabeck353321:31 michaeljc70
1nHelp creating allocation from scratch to invest a lump sum?15:24 thermalfama21:28 andrew99999
103cDid you move for better weather? Did you regret it?03/31 phositadc21:23 Sandtrap
10pPPP in CARES Act: What happens when income over $100k?14:29 coalcracker21:18 bbqguru
30htax loss harvest by specID while preventing a wash sale03/30 invest021:14 nps
29hEarly semi-retirement - 3% or Variable Percentage Withdrawal?03/31 ThankYouJack21:14 TN_Boy
9hExceeded the $56,000 401k Limit in 201904/01 Inverse_The_Inv21:07 Alan S.
9pM1 Borrow - 2% margin loan04/01 HEDGEFUNDIE21:06 luckyducky99
108tSitting on a bunch of cash; what to do with it if I believe we're headed for SPX 1800 and protracted recession?03/29 scintillator21:02 CT-Scott
2tVanguard Intermediate California Muni18:33 hoops77720:57 hoops777
1n[Italy / EU] How to select bonds to increase risk parity on an All Weather (Ray Dalio)'s inspired portfolio13:49 zetarun20:52 glorat
22tBuy call options for locking in current low prices for future monthly contributions?03/28 sharukh20:51 SovereignInvest
2tQuestion for CAPE advocates20:31 marcopolo20:45 marcopolo
30tCalPERS Savings PLUS changes on hold11/19 pkcrafter20:44 LadyGeek
11hMy 401k /457b (California Savings Plus) Removing Most Index Funds11/19 Spectre20:40 LadyGeek
2hPortfolio Review Request, Thank you!19:12 apalizha20:39 billfromct
12tThe lost era of the 1960's to early 1980's. How did investing work and not work back then?16:36 HenryPorter20:39 Northern Flicke
50cCruise Cancellation03/09 Vulcan72120:28 michaeljc70
2hWindfall advice during these unique times...17:12 MrIrishandProud20:23 grabiner
15hIs anyone 100% TIAA?03/31 Toadvine20:13 Godot
337cWhat are you listening to now01/10 Artful Dodger20:08 iceport
0pCheck Dependent Care FSA election20:06 shyturtle 
2hConflicting Info for Max After-tax Solo 401k Contribution?15:04 jt419:50 jt4
7t[What is] Bond Carry03/13 biggaron19:46 alex_686
0tAfter the Crash Wall Street Week Oct. 23, 1987 (Timeless Wisdom)19:45 DelcoEE 
15hNon retirement account suggestion03/30 JD10119:35 FiveK
2cInternational shipping - Parcelmonkey?2017 mchop19:34 knightrider
1465pFidelity as a one stop shop2018 BogleMelon19:34 JoMoney
11hFixed Income allocation question. A CD or BND?10:07 solidsimpson19:33 dbr
3tRanking of safest options to park cash in *present* market times?15:05 itsbogletime19:30 dbr
13pWithout a requirement for RMD's in 2020, are you still going to make your QCD's?04/01 1210sda19:29 sport
13pShould I apply for unemployment?14:42 babyvinny19:22 av8r316
51pCollege in fall03/29 Calhoon19:14 GoldenFinch
79cCoronavirus Flight Cancel Thread03/13 mc219:10 Nate79
15cWine Club Recommendations?03/31 Retiredron19:09 Retiredron
208cTesla Model Y2019 4nursebee19:08 FoolStreet
0h95%/5% with mortgage19:07 Steve_H 
57tEfficient Markets Indeed04/19 DonIce19:06 fortyofforty
109tSmarter approach to "emergency funds"?03/25 vineviz19:05 Silence Dogood
72tSo yesterday I leveraged up03/14 Ari18:58 Nicolas Perraul
5hMerrill Edge Money Market options09:13 HappyJack18:53 Lastrun
278tA Returns Spreadsheet for Bogleheads2014 longinvest18:53 longinvest
77hI bought a Put option - now what?03/31 justsomeguy201818:52 inbox788
8hTalk me out of undo rebalancing?11:17 vchiu2518:50 galeno
0tEdward Chancellor interview, author of Devil Take the Hindmost18:49 lazyday 
93cBird watchers – what birds are you seeing?03/28 JAZZISCOOL18:48 wayfarer
25h401k After Tax Contribitions and Taxable Accounts03/28 csh18:41 MathIsMyWayr
90tInvestments you wouldn't touch with a 10 foot pole03/30 tvubpwcisla18:40 grog
15hTechnical Question on Conversions04/01 NRI18:38 Alan S.
40cHomemade Salad Dressing04/01 tetractys18:32 nguy44
15pHome office deductions for mandatory work at home?17:02 texasdiver18:29 nguy44
5tAre XLK (Technology Select Fund) and VGT (Vanguard Information Technology ETF) considered "substantially identical"?04:59 boglefan9018:27 an_asker
7hGive me your SCV MUTFs.13:53 17outs18:27 JohnDindex
67hAdvice for a 26 year old with $400k cash05:16 BruhDLT18:23 BruhDLT
1hIRA dividends affect on Wash Sale Amount?17:34 Ontheupnup18:15 rkhusky
12hSocially Responsible Fund Allocation (Shariah-Compliant)04/01 Nomadix18:11 MarkRoulo
77tWhat's happening with Muni Money Market fund yields?03/21 GreendaleCC18:04 Kevin M
50pCOVID-19 Stimulus Payment Issue04/01 rickwmm18:02 Paradise
2h158% Turnover rate for Fidelity 2050 Index fund?15:11 Tiger8517:57 Tiger85
367t[Why aren't forum members following the "Stay the course" approach?]02/29 Regattamom17:56 TNOA
445lSouth Florida Local Chapter2010 niteowls17:54 Miriam2
1pHome Buying17:18 Cipro17:45 dandinsac
8tBuying T-Bills - direct purchase vs. ETFs09:45 CULater17:42 Hector
1tBuying I-bonds now for EF but able to redeem within 1st year?17:06 petercooperjr17:39 englishgirl
8tDoes Traditional Wisdom RE: Asset Allocation Go Out the Window in a Non-Traditional Labor Market?03/30 KNomad17:37 stuper1
3nPortfolio Advice Kindly Requested (USA + Australia)03/29 greg2greg17:37 asset_chaos
49cOnline / Gun Dealer Recommendations03/31 rvflyer17:34 brcarls
62cAny Airlines Issuing Actual Refunds03/27 Leesbro6317:19 SandysDad
3hStable value fund principal risk?14:56 457b17:18 457b
6pWaiting to Buy a Rental?09:59 austin75717:16 novemberrain
2hIPS woes, when to adjust IPS oversight, and taxable stock funds10:35 Clever_Username17:13 Clever_Username
17tUsing LEAPs to build a conservative portfolio in taxable account with a large cash reserve (SWAN)04/01 guyinlaw17:08 lurker415
9hRussell 2000 vs S&P50014:54 Escapevelocity17:06 grabiner
5tTLH with recently-purchased ETFs16:14 dannyboy17:05 ChiKid24
66hAny high bracket investors dumping munis?03/28 am17:04 Dale_G
22presolved: IRS letter *not* received03/29 vectorizer17:03 cheese_breath
55tBuying only top 10 S&P500 companies every year04/01 Poorman16:59 Slowtraveler
48pAirline refusing to issue refunds03/30 rm16:58 Paradise
18pMortgage Forbearance04/01 ScoobyDoo16:54 simplesimon
1tWhy are some asset managers brokerages too?16:16 SpaceSashimi16:53 senex
9h[Suggestions for talking my wife into keeping our stock fund]13:53 zorclon16:49 Sandtrap
3tTo ESPP or to buy into the cheap stock market right now?05:01 easyroc16:46 MoneyMarathon
9hPortfolio Review Request from New Member03/31 woodshed2716:41 abuss368
18pTaking SBA Loan When Not Absolutely Needed - Moral Considerations03/31 fullham16:38 MoneyMarathon
0tWhat is the difference between "structured products" and "securitized products?"16:32 biggaron 
21tIs Bogleheads suffering a derivatives epidemic?04/01 David Jay16:23 grabiner
15cAir conditioning- replace furnace too?04/01 Bolder16:20 mcamp18
42tBook suggestions for a 16 year old03/28 MiloMoney16:16 HenryPorter
4pDelivery Drivers - IRS Schedule C loss against W2 wages04/01 Pullupking21416:07 RudyS
1hTransferring IRA to work 403b15:23 huskerfan141415:58 retiredjg
56tMarket is irrational03/30 JD10115:56 Phineas J. Whoo
20hLuckin Coffee (LK)13:51 k198215:54 LadyGeek
9tBOGLEHEAD CONTEST -- 2020 First Quarter Winners03/31 Taylor Larimore15:51 jazman12
10hInteractive Brokers - 1% Lending04/01 Makaveli15:46 yougotitdude
5pCARES Act & Long Term Unemployed...12:50 Megamill15:39 fareastwarriors
88tFidelity shuts 3 (Treasury) MM Funds to New Investors03/31 JoMoney15:31 Kevin M
20tSpeculating on Oil/Gasoline04/01 Leesbro6315:30 acejacksingh
561pBank of America/Merrill Edge - Preferred Rewards2014 navyitaly15:27 Eno Deb
34pSell Stock to Payoff Credit Card Debt09:47 dumbbunny15:24 MathWizard
11tWhat book to read next?13:04 Tim147715:22 NotTooDeepLearn
17hPlease Review My Asset Location Strategy04/01 CaptainJ15:18 CaptainJ
1hSimple TSL question.15:05 4ransom15:13 Silk McCue
4hIs there increase in risk in going from VTI to ITOT?13:41 duricka15:11 RomeoMustDie
35t6.65 million new unemployment [April 2]07:37 Seasonal14:59 LadyGeek
6pMarcus at 1.7% vs Vanguard Fed MM at .68% SEC Yield09:44 LFKB14:53 Arthur Digby Se
105pPaying $20 to E-File State Return2011 Leesbro6314:49 Doom&Gloom
24pInheritors Need to Open an EJ Account to Access Inheritance?03/31 uclalien14:28 senex
40tMacy’s dropped from s&p 50003/31 Dennisl14:23 rkhusky
1pCARE Act...Part time employee filing for benefits..12:46 Summit11114:20 JonnyB
16hDecrease Retirement to increase EF?04/01 tomwood14:19 livesoft
5pChase Southwest Priority Visa question04/01 tibbitts14:17 tibbitts
10tLarry Swedroe - "What If I've Over Estimated My Tolerance For Risk?"03/31 ChangedInvestor14:13 hulburt1
1tVanguard - Great Customer Service Experience13:17 LPSpecial14:11 bertilak
80tNew era for TSP "I" Fund?2018 Darwin14:03 MnD
6tVanguard in ??? Monroe, Wisconsin, pop. 11,000, Swiss cheese capital of the world?11:25 nisiprius14:02 MP123
6nbond ETFs - some basic questions!04:39 Betelgeuse7913:57 Betelgeuse79
13pProposed wiki page on Stretch IRA03/24 fyre4ce13:55 Peter Foley
42hWhy buy treasuries when CD rates are so much better?03/30 tc10113:53 Hector
1hAsset allocation/location with anticipated house purchase13:42 markfaix13:47 Sandtrap
5tVBTLX (Total Bond Market) vs. VBILX (Intermediate Bond Index)04/01 Munir13:36 50/50
2hNo news from Vanguard on RMD changes?12:16 RK13:23 CABob
2hSmall Business Loans (SBA.GOV)03/27 Sublime870013:21 smitcat
118tWhy not 100% PSLDX?03/04 TeeDee13:07 Ramjet
3pGuilt over budgeting11:31 Utahdogowner13:05 Utahdogowner
4t[ETF] versus Mutual Funds, Morningstar chart07:25 matthewmatt13:04 TropikThunder
39pHouse Buying Advice - Contract Already Signed03/29 ljax197913:04 jj45
2pCan you reimburse yourself w/ an HSA for partial amount of bill?12:54 HenryPorter13:02 HenryPorter
24hSitting on 1.2M. What to do...?03/18 PatrickW13:01 minesweep
14cHow to "Reverse" an Exterior Door Pet Door Piece?03/30 Kennedy12:59 Spirit Rider
2hCDs at Merrill Edge12:40 raveon12:55 indexfundfan
5hConsidering moving Trust account04/01 zorclon12:44 zorclon
6pEIDL vs. PPP disaster loans... with an S-Corp wrinkle03/31 cudds12:34 gasdoc
4hMuni Money Market Fund vs. High Yield Savings03/22 BoneDok12:34 nalor511
11tSpecial "Bogleheads on Investing" podcast on taxes04/01 Rick Ferri12:32 iceport
1hFidelity Treasury Only FDLXX12:28 welderwannabe12:29 indexfundfan
31n[Non-US] What makes iShares so popular? How much does that matter?01/22 glorat12:18 BeBH65
12timportant bear market indicator04/01 Valuethinker12:18 nisiprius
19pAm I currently insured under this life insurance policy? "Universal Life Protector IV". About to care for COVID+ cases.03/31 neurosphere12:16 Stinky
1tNon income paying investment12:11 Cpadave12:15 mhalley
15pTaxes on one-time special dividend03/29 Loyalnine12:11 psteinx
111pHow quickly did you receive your 2019 tax refund?02/21 czaj12:04 Tamarind
6pRequest for guidance to buy our first home03/22 sman0912:03 stan1
6nHow (not) to take future foreign exchange rate into account?08:13 bitmouse11:59 TedSwippet
14pAdvice for handling life insurance payout2019 Tiger8511:57 Corsair
43hHow am I doing ? Do i need a financial advisor ?03/29 icestorm11:52 ruralavalon
9hBetterment Portfolio Help04/01 bearcountry1011:52 bearcountry10
1cChase Ultimate Rewards during Covid-1911:41 Immafreak11:50 simplesimon
8pAnother IRA 100k Withdrawal Question06:43 DarthSage11:44 DarthSage
21tReversion to the Mean - April 2020 Edition04/01 jpmorganfunds11:35 ValuationsMatte
15pHELOC to invest in stocks ? Apr 202001:34 novemberrain11:34 mokaThought
54pUndoing your already-taken RMD for 202003/30 Mel Lindauer11:11 Alan S.
85pHelp for Landlords in the Stimulus Bills?03/30 SimpleMan6811:10 fareastwarriors
28pMust file tax return for stimulus check?03/31 michaeljc7011:08 newacct
4h24 year old son ready to begin investing10:21 dixdak11:07 dixdak
370cHow to get Toilet Paper ? seriously.03/16 confusedinvesto10:58 mancich
0nThanks Bogleheads for recommending International Investments.10:55 Anon9001 
244pMy LenderFi refinance is going well01/15 abyan10:45 as9
2hRebalance Review09:19 BigBevo10:45 BigBevo
13cWestern Union Unclaimed Property Letter - Real or Scam?03/31 TxInjun10:43 TxInjun
21hcancel Whole Life policy in this situation?03/31 mesaverde10:38 Wiggums
5tCARES Act and Household Employees03/30 workingfornow10:35 workingfornow
11tLast drawdown info in PV Portfolio Visualizer04/01 international0010:33 international00
24hDiversifying my taxable bond holdings03/27 Buddy032910:16 Clever_Username
29hLiquidate Bond VBILX now or wait?03/24 stocknoob411110:08 watchnerd
6p[Use to pay off HELOC?] $100,000 IRA withdrawal without penalty04/01 akim7409:57 grabiner
103tTIPS Negative Real Yield - SOLD!01/28 grayfox09:56 jeffyscott
34hWhy would anyone buy Intermediate Term Treasury Bonds right now?04/01 mrwheelerdealer09:53 jmk
12tSuggest best readings of past 30 days?03/28 get_g0ing09:50 get_g0ing
5tETF09:08 BogleAlltheWay09:44 BogleAlltheWay
5pHelp decide between 15 or 30 year Refi04/01 amindu09:35 amindu
8hVanguard Federal Money Market Fund vs Ally High Yield Savings (1.5%)04/01 ThunderTurtle09:34 simpleliving1
1pHow to find Credit Monitoring History?03/30 tetractys09:33 Silk McCue
14pPay off student loan at 3.875%, or save for larger home downpayment?02/16 ShadowCat09:19 ShadowCat
81tCNBC: Investors Should Be Buying Individual Stocks, Not Indexes03/30 RJC09:10 arcticpineapple
5hMutual fund in margin or cash at fidelity04/01 rm09:06 Steve Reading
3h[Should I move from Money Market to FDIC-Insured Bank?]03/31 Pizza194508:55 Pizza1945
185tVWO seems cheap right now2013 Jfet08:52 sperry8
167tHow many funds do you have in your portfolio?2013 abuss36808:51 Makaveli
9hRoth Conversion during the time of the corona virus.04/01 lawlopez08:44 Lalamimi
877tWell, I am market timing due to coronavirus... Wish me luck.02/05 CnC08:40 thx1138
16hAlready Made a QCD?03/30 jimcrawford0108:30 jimcrawford01
2hVanguard advisory service07:45 clawman08:25 Jack FFR1846
2hFederal Money Market Fund outside settlement fund07:46 PaunchyPirate08:25 PaunchyPirate
8nUK investor with US ETF : tax loss harvesting, bed & breakfast03/31 bluejeansman08:20 TedSwippet
1hHow to take future foreign exchange rate into account?08:09 bitmouse08:18 alex_686
1hTax Loss Harvesting or NOT07:22 ad200708:06 livesoft
9hSpousal IRA Contribution [eligible if not yet married?]04/01 MedPhysInvestor08:02 alex_686
5hwire funds from VG account03/31 jpohio07:44 HomeStretch
58cStand Mixer03/28 DTalos07:43 michaeljc70
52tHas Your Asset Allocation Strategy Changed?03/30 Fat-Tailed Cont07:35 ScubaHogg
13pRe-titling I Bonds to a Revocable Trust03/29 convert94907:15 convert949
3hTLH to unwind position in individual stocks with very low cost basis?03/31 treesinthewind07:14 HomeStretch
0nWhat if I can't invest in USA? [From Brazil]07:09 maga88 
4n[AT/Austria] clarification on ETF taxes03/31 ellaellela07:04 bitmouse
7tMuni bonds have done well even pre-tax2019 Beliavsky06:57 Beliavsky
3hLate IRA to Roth IRA conversion for 2017 and 201805:13 easyroc06:28 livesoft
4hNew, Self-Employed and Planning2018 pranaman06:21 Harry Livermore
296tWho here is buying stocks today and how much?03/09 LFKB06:19 grayfox
116tGreat example of someone who should have never invested in factors03/30 Rick Ferri06:09 YRT70
5pVanguard website: Activity through date?04/01 bene106:03 Joe_R95
4tWhat's going on with the VSS distribution?03:49 JustinR05:58 livesoft
6hIs Blackrock High Yield Bond (BRHYX) "safe" in 401k?04/01 renegade0605:22 renegade06
34tTrend following funds (like VMOT) and dual momentum totally ineffective in this bear market03/20 steve32105:18 klrjaa
6nEmergency Fund for non-US investors03/31 michoco91104:50 DJN
9tThe Bottoming Process: A Step-by-Step Guide04/01 JamesSF03:46 Alchemist
9tHoward Marks - high yield bonds04/01 theorist03:13 fennewaldaj
0hExcess Roth IRA Contributions 2017 to 201902:44 Lovey 
2hREIT Index Funds (VGSLX) worth it?00:27 Mode3202:30 Vanguard Fan 13
3pAmending Taxes For FEIE?04/01 Geographer02:18 plats
1pNeed CA Unemployment Insurance Help04/01 Firemenot02:16 Alex Frakt
22tHow do famous people invest?04/01 tvubpwcisla01:57 Alex Frakt
4cE-Fax04/01 veena911101:48 rec630
246pHow Much in Your Emergency Fund And Is It Used?2017 Jcraz1301:47 APX32
47pPay fed tax now - or July 15?03/21 sunny_socal01:41 novemberrain
320hHow much you lost/gain since Feb 20,2020 ?03/12 mk103900:50 rec630
9tCovered calls, secure puts - when are they used?04/01 walletless00:41 madbrain

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