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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1461 new posts and replies over 211 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
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9hWindows 10 update and Vanguard [account shows unauthorized transaction]11:07 AlwaysaQ09:57 RickBoglehead
26hAGGG vs AGGU? (French, 30, living in Singapore)12/01 dulac09:56 ICH
2pWhat percentage of pension income to save?09:42 sil201709:56 sil2017
8cShell $0.05/gal discount card07:44 sunny_socal09:55 Parthenon
109pObamacare (ACA) Ruled Unconstitutional by Texas Federal Court12/14 dcop09:55 A-Commoner
341lSouth Florida Local Chapter2010 niteowls09:55 MarilynDennison
15pFraudulent charges on Chase Credit Card -- Chase unresponsive12/06 McCharley09:54 02nz
10pTax preparation software for 2018 returns00:54 Dead Man Walkin09:53 OAG
4pSocial Security ... Can spouse get a bump?08:02 J29509:52 Silk McCue
5cIs there a machine that can automatically heat up milk (not boil) and froth it?09:39 doss09:52 Jazzysoon
1hModifying McClung's Prime Harvesting guardrails09:28 donheff09:52 freebeer
22cNice gifts for young kids12/14 ThankYouJack09:49 TheHouse7
1tDo Factor Tilts, Such As Small Value, Increase Idiosyncratic Risk?09:31 Park09:48 DaufuskieNate
3hHedging Question12/15 obsidian09:48 Valuethinker
20hQuestions: moving Fidelity solo 401k to VG?12/14 new2bogle209:48 southerndoc
17pAvoiding underpayment penalty12/13 Harley FXS09:48 grabiner
14pCar buying decision16:50 TANDM09:45 RickBoglehead
49hWhy I use Roth for bond instead of stock. Please correct me...12/12 vwgrrc09:45 elainet7
11hFidelity Contra Fund20:57 workerbeeengine09:45 goblue100
25pFidelity as a one stop shop20:33 BogleMelon09:43 BogleMelon
10pCan I buy a PIN prepaid debit card with a credit card for rewards bonus08:09 J29509:40 Jack FFR1846
16cLottery Tickets06:56 jfn11109:38 jfn111
1582tQSPIX - thoughts on interesting fund2015 Yesterdaysnews09:36 Elysium
72cShould I buy a Tesla?12/13 pennylane09:36 TomatoTomahto
90cFavorite Purchase of 2018?12/14 WhippingPost09:33 Ged
35pStrange [job] interview- what do you think?13:19 Cleverusername09:32 recalcitrant
12cSports illustrated subscription, how to avoid auto renew16:24 blackwhisker09:32 joe3411
8615tU.S. stocks in free fall2011 Lbill09:31 bearcub
209tWhat Happened to you during the Financial crisis of 2007–200812/11 AllStarDaniel09:30 Ged
13pReal experiences of someone who did not have Medigap policy?13:28 Looking4Answers09:30 dm200
5hCan you "un-cash" savings bonds?12/13 jim77909:27 jj
5cSmall difference between medicare and own insurance12:03 sil201709:26 sil2017
2hChange broker when: Maintenance fee + FX conversion are high?11/18 bubbasour09:26 bubbasour
66cA "super mega roll" of toilet paper = 6 "regular rolls:" is this possible?12/13 nisiprius09:25 jainn
317cConcierge medicine Worth It????2016 Rexindex09:21 dm200
41pBank of America Merrill Edge Up to $900 Bonus for Preferred Rewards Clients01/30 LifeIsGood09:15 theplayer11
94cPersonal Adventure - recommendations10/16 seychellois_lib09:14 rennale
22pSignificant Change in Salary - What to Change11/29 HardHitter09:06 HardHitter
53pCan I retire12/14 waxman00309:04 pennylane
64cLaw school without practicing law12/14 oaks09:03 shawndoggy
9hUnderstanding dividends (NRA in SG)12/15 bubbasour09:02 bubbasour
5tWhen cash is riskier than bonds17:30 jalbert08:59 columbia
11hBeta Vanguard APP11/16 retire202208:59 Jmh04j
7pWash Sale Tax and Logistics Question15:46 Buffetologist08:58 bberris
6hNon Diversified Portfolio With Large LT Gains15:19 JerBear08:57 alex_686
14hPossible Recession and a Retiree's postulation?15:36 midareff08:55 midareff
18pCritique my SS/RMD Tax Plan12/13 jacksonm08:54 Indianrock
4pAmica Auto Insurance Increase In CA21:13 bottomsup08:47 averagedude
9t"Vectors"18:43 Taylor Larimore08:41 F150HD
13hSelling Specific ID Shares at Vanguard12/14 Blake708:41 Buddtholomew
74c[Anyone drop cable for YouTube TV?]12/10 dmk39508:41 montanagirl
16cRaspberry pi or starting an 11 year old with programming10:08 letsgobobby08:41 J295
4pAffordable Care Act and subsidies03:07 NewOldGuy08:40 averagedude
3hRoth or Trad 401k - 24% bracket07:49 NYCaviator08:34 nolesrule
15pSocial Security options for 2 equal-history spouses.13:05 rgs9208:34 smitcat
3hColorado Stable Value Plus only 2.49% in 201912/15 Sammy_M08:32 Sammy_M
21cAnnoyingly Expensive HP Ink Cartridges12/15 Leesbro6308:32 F150HD
7tCan Vanguard freeze mutual fund redemptions during times of duress?23:52 hotpancakes08:29 Rick Ferri
79tI may have understood why it's so hard to save and invest07/19 airelleofmusic08:24 fortyofforty
34cPotential New Home - Planes and Trains Noise12/13 Dynasty9008:20 staythecourse
29pMoving from Schwab to another bank12/14 NYCaviator08:20 NYCaviator
3112pWhat's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?2016 guitarguy08:17 Jags4186
2hRoth IRA lump sum at start of 2019 or DCA throughout the year?23:24 themang008:10 retiredjg
23tBerkshire Tempting12/15 delrinson07:56 Blake7
5pExecutor fee in Texas22:08 SoonerD07:54 8foot7
4hSafe Harbor, Cap Gain, and RMD21:51 RetiredCSProf07:50 kaneohe
167cBest values at Costco? Honestly, a little disappointed...12/02 fortfun07:46 konman
6hDeductible trad IRA contribution and Conversion to Roth in the same year19:54 OnLevel07:23 OnLevel
10cHonda Pilot - Improving Traction12/15 ThankYouJack07:22 Cody
7hProtection of brokerage accounts in Vanguard / Fidelity with more than 250K / 500K03:00 ThisJustIn07:14 Chicago60
73hFidelity Money Market Funds for everyday expenses01/12 FabianMontescu07:13 Cash
13tHow do you know when dividend/interest is paid from a mutual fund?18:35 GoPackGo06:48 RickBoglehead
3hWash sale BRSIX and VSS. What to purchase?12/15 JonnyDVM06:35 Vegomatic
87tAllan Roth: 3 Correlation Myths In Portfolio Construction12/13 Random Walker06:34 vineviz
44hoptions to cover next 10 years before SS12/07 ras425005:47 Silk McCue
21h0% Long Term Capital Gain rate?12/09 Ken7205:03 kramer
38cAdult Games / Board Games - Recommendations16:54 fishandgolf03:49 fujiters
7tHigh Load and ERs12/14 tadamsmar02:47 tadamsmar
22hPortfolio for a military lifer, too conservative?!?12/11 brandonp31102:12 Fishing50
7hSocially Responsible Funds18:53 Nomadix01:59 phantom0308
61pEmpty nester downsizing - any advice?10/22 FIREchief01:51 SoAnyway
3460cWhat Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI2014 Alex Frakt00:29 quantAndHold
15cReceiver for klipsch bookcase speakers12/14 Dottie5700:26 jalbert
5hCalendar Years and Backdoor Roths15:31 justsomeguy201800:06 MTZ
2hTax Gain Harvesting - When Should I Transact?12/15 MechEngInvestor00:03 FiveK
1hIRA withdrawal12/15 bearcub23:58 FiveK
19cNEW CAR anyone w/ experience buying police, SSV or taxi package?12/12 Bongleur23:57 Bongleur
112pForgoing health insurance12/14 metrunt23:37 runner540
5pHow to handle excess HSA contribution?15:27 tsewell1023:36 lstone19
73cPlanning first international trip - London/Paris10/30 ugaDAWGS0923:35 curmudgeon
3hHelp get me out of these ETFs...21:52 determined033123:31 RetiredCSProf
3tWas Eliminating Investor Class Shares a Mistake?22:36 learninginvesto23:30 venkman
70cIs it difficult to change a baby's legal name?12/14 Shald23:07 sco
11pVanguard RMD tax withholding17:26 Indianrock23:02 Indianrock
100cVolkswagen Reliability12/12 monkey_business22:56 brennok
93cCertified Used BMW, Audi or Mercedes01/28 Buster6522:55 kjvmartin
7pCP2000 Education Credit Denied17:53 wrongfunds22:48 wrongfunds
20tAA for a Retiree being a Booglehead12:25 Tatala194522:23 Watty
114pTime Value of Money vs. Variable Percentage Withdrawal (VPW)11/05 willthrill8122:19 willthrill81
29cIs this a good time to start paying extra on the mortgage?18:08 fortfun22:16 Cycle
101tDo Bogleheads Bucket?2016 El Greco22:11 pascalwager
87hI made a mistake by not selling when the market was high this year12/14 sheople221:50 RudyS
4tWhy did Fidelity Extended Market Fund (FSMAX) drop 6.75% yesterday?12/15 USGrant21:45 dalbright
4hST Loss taken, ST Gain pending?19:36 BolderBoy21:36 BolderBoy
1hHDV dividend down 10.4%. Why?20:33 DrCheese21:31 Nate79
34cAudi S4 vs S312/13 Keepcalm21:26 ssquared87
8cSpectrum mobile phone offering12/09 Jeep4Life21:18 AerialP
26tNPR On Point: Stock Market Distress Signal: How Low-Cost Index Funds Are Taking Over12/12 Cruz21:18 Indianrock
27cQuestion on dryer vent cleaning12/14 Calico21:08 RudyS
975c[What TV Show Have You Recently Watched?]2016 dbCooperAir20:58 FB01
4pChoose gold or silver health insurance plan through work?13:03 Infomom220:58 Infomom2
19hconvert to TSP Roth or existing brokerage Roth?12/10 4nwestsaylng20:48 4nwestsaylng
160t[Robinhood to offer 3% cash management program, not a bank account]12/13 MindTheGAAP20:44 brokenrecord
12pCredit card question11/29 archer20:42 RudyS
9cHas anyone used Heal? [Doctor housecall app]14:38 HEDGEFUNDIE20:12 leeks
2hWhere to put my money.17:49 Ijp6620:00 UpperNwGuy
61tArticle: Your love of index funds is terrible for our economy12/10 mptfan19:54 sksbog
2pSpecial Needs Trust Taxation16:44 kmn9919:54 bsteiner
20hNew Boglehead. Need some help please12/14 SoaringEagle19:53 cas
2tDoes this TLH strategy make sense?19:03 shariron19:42 shariron
1hTIPS 5-yr December vs 10-yr January18:11 newpup19:22 Svensk Anga
92cIs a New Car Okay if Driven 15+ Years?12/12 Keppy19:14 randomguy
125pHelp create a Financial Presentation: Calling all Bogleheads2013 neurosphere18:40 siamond
9hHelping GF move to 3-fund portfolio07/28 snordquist18:28 Duckie
6pRolling 401k to IRA after Retirement12/14 samta0918:28 sawdust60
16pMaking our first backdoor Roth contributions12/09 finetuning18:28 Earl Lemongrab
40pRoth Conversion No Brainer?12/14 mtwhmemn18:22 Silk McCue
17hSelling specific tax lots at Schwab2011 FedGuy18:20 merdahl
8h401(k) Allocation12/14 frisbeeaddict18:16 frisbeeaddict
1352tThe Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses2016 Earl Lemongrab18:08 b0B
69tTips breakevens and illiquidity premia12/06 grok8718:06 grok87
4hNew job, trying to simplify to something coherent12/08 Atarax1a18:05 Atarax1a
14hShould I replace PIMCO Income Fund with an intermediate-term Treasury fund?12/04 megaroth17:46 megaroth
31csafest downhill ski helmet12/10 boglemania17:46 ChinchillaWhipl
6pSmall Landlord Exemption - suggested books/blogs12/13 seadreamer17:46 informal guide
125pRetirement itch- when did you get it?12/02 Cleverusername17:44 Soon2BXProgramm
684tRumor mill - Fidelity starting individual HSA's Nov. 15th11/11 liberty5317:39 schildi
5hAdvice on Roth IRA12/14 venus_0617:36 Geneyus
10hSWTSX to SCHB wash sale??12/15 merdahl17:31 drk
7tBonds stocks commodities etc all declining. What to do?12/15 jayk23817:11 elainet7
15pHow to Evaluate Giving12/13 ThatGuy17:01 RetiredCSProf
30hRetiring next year, would appreciate some advice12/14 Barsoom16:50 sawdust60
42cHow much do you pay for internet only?12/15 markcoop16:49 whodidntante
26p[How do I send my Qualified Charitable Distribution to a charity]?04/22 TheCreeker16:48 sport
13cFurnace in rental has issues with out-of-warranty parts, replace or repair?12/14 InvisibleAeroba16:44 Sandtrap
0hWindfall - Stick with Current Investments or Shift to Lazy 316:41 krohrer 
5hAccounts rebalancing philosophy13:50 borealis_laura16:27 Good Listener
63tWhere do the losses in HY show up? [High Yield bonds]11/29 restingonmylaur16:24 Electron
4hInvesting a lump sum in today's market climate15:40 Rocket106616:23 Hubris
6hTLH - split Growth/Value between IRA/Taxable14:50 retiringwhen16:21 retiringwhen
15cPolyurethane- House STINKS12/14 crockpotinvesti16:21 Sandtrap
20pFidelity HSA - Account Closed (Risk Department)12/12 Atgard16:07 amitb00
15pBarclaycard Arrival Plus™ World Elite Mastercard®12/08 susa15:56 TravelGeek
34pIf you have credit monitoring do you need to freeze credit?10/31 NextMil15:54 Trism
333lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2018!2017 NCPE15:43 Miriam2
257hVanguard Municipal Money Market VMSXX 1.39%04/05 Bimmer15:42 Kevin M
58cportable jump starters12/06 go_mets15:40 sport
7tWhat caused the JUSRX one day 10.5% drop on 12/12/18?12/15 butforwales15:40 asset_chaos
27pCredit Card Question11/28 FPS_dapdap15:39 Trism
52pShould you always use a 529?04/13 DJP194415:36 Terri-bh
6hNew Physician-Need Advice11:52 Dunder Mifflin15:32 mhalley
26pSocial Security Claiming dilemma-Would love opinions12/13 musicjay15:13 musicjay
736tHarry Browne Permanent Portfolio Discussion (Cont'd)2010 MediumTex15:11 willthrill81
8tNFCU 40-month certificate offer question (fine print)12/13 seadreamer15:08 Austintatious
2pAuto, home and umbrella insurance14:54 happysteward15:05 OnLevel
11hCan I contribute to different HSA account?12/13 zenghaidong15:04 Spirit Rider
68p"The Steak Dinner Annuity Pitch"11/30 BolderBoy15:01 LadyGeek
375lMaster Thread for Metro Boston's Chapter2014 siamond14:53 siamond
413lSuggestions for the Wiki2008 Barry Barnitz14:50 Spirit Rider
63cWho else is doing home automation?12/13 corn1814:47 TravelGeek
9hBackdoor Roth at what cost?12/15 Yukon14:39 MathIsMyWayr
12hUpdate, and tax loss harvesting questions (Portfolio review)08/03 fear/greed14:36 BL
1hAdvice/Perspective for investing cash and overall AA.12:56 congruentsea14:32 patrick013
4h401K Question12:50 Jimmy Mac 3314:28 MathIsMyWayr
9tS&P 500 ETF versus total stock index ETF12/14 Carol8888814:26 Earl Lemongrab
29tA Note to my Future Self2009 Gekko14:19 VictoriaF
128cHow to learn a second language2015 CountryBoy14:12 grog
4pturbo deluxe or premier for 2018 tax return11:57 sil201713:49 RickBoglehead
31tWhat should a new investor being reading?12/08 eddyphamelin13:49 harvestbook
15tWhich asset class is down the most for you?12/14 ChinchillaWhipl13:26 SpideyIndexer
78hVanguard Junk Bond fund05/15 mikebee13:03 Castanea_d.
25pLocal credit union offered me a $7600 credit card I spend $800 a month on a credit card is the limit high enough?12/04 iamblessed12:54 Trism
2hMechanics of tax loss harvesting10:45 lyrictulip12:48 MotoTrojan
3tHSA - Lively & TDA to Fidelity12/15 Saving$12:38 Saving$
16pConverting to Roth IRA and Standard Deduction12/13 kerplunk12:34 cas
53p"Bank Of America Cash Rewards Card Now Lets You Choose Your 3%(=5.25%) Category"12/10 b0B12:31 MisterBill
108lSeattle Area Chapter Meetings - Master Thread2015 delconte12:07 Elsebet
3cYear-End Tax Software Sales10:30 jpelder11:59 HEDGEFUNDIE
20pChase Ultimate Rewards Points Questions12/11 eimaise11:48 MotoTrojan
10hHelp with old IRA - can I fill out 8606 form?12/14 nodak11:33 nodak
13l2019 BOGLEHEADS CONFERENCE DATES10/23 Mel Lindauer11:29 julmaran
8pHow can I check the status of my Experian credit freeze?12/09 saintsfan34200011:26 Trism
2tLarry Swedroe: Inaccurate Indicator12/14 Random Walker11:23 willthrill81
20tWhat is the worst 30 year rolling return in history? Could 2000-2030 be worse?12/14 andysnp11:21 willthrill81
3tAAII Sentiment01/07 BuyAndHoldOn11:19 willthrill81
13pExperian credit freeze10/21 student11:19 AAA
7cHoliday Card [from Vanguard]12/12 yousha11:08 Housedoc
24pManager suddenly passed away - New manager ethical dilemma12/01 Palatineman11:08 Palatineman
13pHow can you get a car w/ taxi or police package?2011 Bongleur10:55 Atilla
3hTiming of 401K rollover12/15 Gingerlili1310:45 retiredjg
53hIn a Bear Market, What Are Some Best Practices12/05 renue7410:34 heyyou
5pIs E-Trade the lowest cost solo 401k for me?12/15 tomwood10:33 livesoft
48tKen Moraif must be getting nervous2015 Bogle_Feet10:31 jjbychko
14hTaxable Account - Index Mutual Fund vs ETF12/14 RJC10:30 RJC
100pRoth IRA for kids01/26 newbie00310:21 J G Bankerton
10hSimple Plan for Money Needed in 18 months to 7 Years12/08 darkhorse34610:19 J G Bankerton
357pWhat are your property taxes?06/30 Raybo10:14 J G Bankerton
4cConvert to platform bed or good boxspring12/13 realmad10:09 Muri
13csmart locks - schlage vs. august vs. something else12/13 c1over810:03 GAAP
7cBuying a WSJ on Ebay12/13 diyinvestor09:59 Kenny911
5hAnnuity Question12/15 Marmot09:58 Marmot

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