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15p Student Debt  02/17SoundAndVision10:28Big Dog
38h What Do You Keep In Your Bank Safe Deposit Box?  02/17rattlenap10:27pyld76
19f HAPPY 10TH BIRTHDAY BOGLEHEADS FORUM  22:24Mel Lindauer10:27HueyLD
3p 1095-C from ex employer; don't think we are covered?  11:53TomatoTomahto10:26montanagirl
76c Tesla Model 3 or Chevy Bolt?  page: 202/15squirm10:25researcher
15h Fund recommendation  02/15mpolo10:24ruralavalon
15h Good strategy?  08:56Vision680010:24TinkerPDX
2h 403b options  08:54rckiv10:20alec
7h Liquidating 401K to consolidate - should I stay in CASH  02/17aqan10:19sometimesinvest
20h Math help needed. Calculating allocation Wellington Wellesley Total Bond to 30/70.  02/14Sandtrap10:17retiredjg
26c Wifi Router Advice  02/17Fiat lux10:17wander
139p Sallie Mae Rewards MC being discontinued  page: 2 312/14Eurookat10:15pennstater2005
18t US debt approaching $20 Trillion  08:42tampaite10:13LadyGeek
7p Is it worth filing an amended tax return?  08:03mbres6010:13samsoes
7h If you were going to drop down to 15% bracket for one year...  06:20Coato10:13MikeG62
79t Is a 4% plus CPI withdrawal rate actually aggressive?  page: 210:59willthrill8110:12gilgamesh
7p Re-applying for same job?  07:50Nyc1003610:12FedGuy
6h New Allocations after Inherited IRA  10:40Purpose31110:09Purpose311
16h Advice Please - Am I Doing This Right or Do I Need an Advisor Like All My Friends?  02/15sourcebp10:07camillus
10p Please help me with Tax / form 8606 adjustment!  10/11adamhoud10:02retiredjg
18h Older parents advice.  18:55David Scubadive09:59David Scubadive
292t The Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses  page: 2 3 4 5 608/05Earl Lemongrab09:58cookymonster
39t Challenge: Oldest BOND FUND in Morningstar?  2011nisiprius09:56petulant
49c Long Day Trip: Drive Old Car or Rent Car?  02/17captmccrae09:55an_asker
14h How do you invest the proceeds [from your RMD?]  10:37parigi72309:53JW-Retired
2p H&R Block...1099-B...Ordinary?  23:33Hopalong09:52Hopalong
16c Car windshield wipers - go cheap or better?  02/17lightheir09:52tinscale
0p UTMA 2016 Filing Question 8949/1099B  09:52satch  
52t Valuation does not matter (may be)  page: 202/14long_gamma09:50willthrill81
19p 1.3 million dollars in debt  16:14Slayer3709:49Big Worm
50t TSP Expense Ratio jumps to 0.038%  page: 202/05FEDFERS09:48tinscale
6t Which Investment Accounts are Right for High Earners  02/11mowill7409:46Traveler
39t Why is American funds returns too good to be true?  02/16misterno09:45onourway
22p Is there ideal Asset LOCATION % as you get closer to retirement?  16:13ved09:44KlangFool
8h New to Investing, [21 years old]  21:53VanillaThunder09:43willthrill81
48t Bonds Are Riskier Than You Think? Article implications for today?  02/17Sandtrap09:41dkturner
5h What to do?  06:47Cipro09:39goingup
64t The case against small cap value  page: 22014Streptococcus09:38willthrill81
4c Novice hotel billing question-Chase Sapphire rewards credit  09:02corysold09:37StevieG72
5p Deferred compensation plan default risk  23:12hund09:33Wagnerjb
6h Please critique my plan and portfolio (tax efficiency)  02/17Stang7009:33Fishing50
113l Bogleheads Los Angeles meetings  page: 2 32015rocko09:30Purpose311
15h Thinking of Leaving Vanguard Personal Advisory program  15:01barb194809:29goingup
1p Credit Rating--Notice of Corrections  09:14warthog0109:29cherijoh
2c Temptooth?  08:02Barefootgirl09:25burgrat
192c Why do you go to restaurants?  page: 2 3 402/10flyingaway09:18ClevrChico
0h TSP Investing or Private Student Loans ($300K+ total student loans; $53K of which are private)  09:16GetItDone2017  
114t Fresh Look at the "Larry Portfolio" from Portfolio Charts  page: 2 302/05Kevin K09:14Theoretical
0c Tesla Model X 2 Months Review  09:08cannondale  
9p Tracking progress to $1M portfolio and no mortgage by 40  11:48Just_For_Jenna09:07Just_For_Jenna
2t Interesting Roth IRA Decision reversing Tax Court  00:00TIAX09:06TIAX
19p How did you start up your small business?  2013opus36009:02LTD
21c Dashcam recommendations  06/27metrunt08:58BogleMelon
1h 403a questions  00:36rene08:56Spirit Rider
0p California estate law - Living trust  08:54jwblue  
5h fidelity equivalent of vanguard total international bond index?  12/26puzzledhomeowne08:47twistypencil
6h 39 year old - advice on best priority and allocation?  02/17atxraider08:45atxraider
32c The russians are hacking me  02/17new2bogle08:33Will do good
15p 1098-T & 529 question  01/26jchris08:33kenschmidt
32p Life insurance policy on kids - prudent?  02/17pepperz08:32Dottie57
44c How long do you keep your kitchen sponge?  02/13frugalprof08:24Sandtrap
8c Moving with expensive electronic equipment.  21:56rgs9208:16rgs92
5h Questions to ask Parents.  05:43Waterddd08:10Bogel0048
2h Question about mutual fund dividends  21:52sanfran201508:06oldcomputerguy
5c Is the free AAA identity theft protection a good idea, or is there a catch?  17:59tc10108:02RudyS
1p Moving to very part time self-employment/issues  07:30Barefootgirl07:58livesoft
7h Need portfolio/asset clarification  02/17uncle otto07:55retiredjg
6h 2 year investment  03:15emoregon07:54aqan
23h Recommended books and resources to fully understand how the world stock market works.  02/09tchasteen07:47a
32h Emerging Markets Allocation  2014Taggerung07:44Valuethinker
50h Stock Market Fears  page: 202/15AnnHW07:44aqan
5h Inheritance - advice  02/18+DUSTOFF+07:39+DUSTOFF+
7p Credit Karma vs H&R Block - significant discrepancy  15:13gouverneur07:34dodecahedron
2398c What Movie Have You Recently Watched?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 482014abuss36807:27Nova1967
8c Any Chromebook experts?  17:50boater0707:26Toons
37t 30 yr TIPS Auction Feb 16: real yield 1.1%?  02/04grok8707:15209south
0h Vanguard VSMGX [LifeStrategy Moderate Growth]  07:15Brianna05  
40t Boglehead mentality re todays oil price  2016BogleInvestorLo06:58Valuethinker
4h Help with overall review  02/17freshcakes06:56nps
6p What is my real taxable salary?  18:28WinnFlak06:51WinnFlak
10h Investment in Limited Partnership?  02/17HermosaSurfer06:44Valuethinker
9h Review my thinking before doing rollover  01/27Bucknuts06:42Bucknuts
3h Exercising ISOs in a public company  12:46peter390106:35Valuethinker
1t Article - Vanguard, Passive Grow Massive At Active's Expense  02/18davidkw06:07davidkw
9c Foreign bank transfer, small  02/18legio XX05:49ivk5
91h Who would quit playing if they already won?  page: 202/13Wricha05:49burt
6h Asset Allocation (Young Fed Early Retiree)  02/17shaowned05:45Fishing50
218c Good Modern Science Fiction  page: 2 3 4 52014gatorman05:39legio XX
8h Good time to buy bonds?  02/18jsuarez05:26oldcomputerguy
10h Beginner investor: start investing now or wait for a correction? [4-5 year timeframe]  02/16Scotty3205:13Scotty32
3p Moving assets to taxable accounts for inheritance  22:47Choy04:49afan
43t What's a good analogy for average returns?  02/15TareNeko04:46mikestorm
9h High valuations - still worth buying?  02/18alpine_boglehea04:37nedsaid
6h Mother's finances... lots of stuff spread all over  23:16BFive5504:25HurdyGurdy
11p Social Security Calculator - COLA Adjustment  02/16lawman396604:14celia
4h Roth vs Traditional  00:28zetagirlhcr03:41FiveK
2h Australia - Please help me with my first portfolio  01:17swifteagle03:33Lou354
3p Chromebook with the feel of a MacBook? Personal Finance Software?  19:26kjvmartin03:06inbox788
36p How to Split $10K Fed Tax Bill Between Husband and Wife  16:16dumbbunny02:51inbox788
22p Ideas for tiered emergency fund  10:46jb302:25lakpr
0h municipal bonds for taxable bond portion  01:20boglebrain  
2p Cash out 457(b)?  23:22annie2001:00BL
6h [Lousy] 401k vs. Taxable Account and Some Tax Questions  19:04blackat1300:46blackat13
23h Live off portfolio NOW (non US)  01/27ebblv00:39Tylenol Jones
4h How should I buy WisdomTree DLS ETF shares?  02/17Tok00:37TIAX
23p Missing my Microsoft Money - any equivalents?  13:34lebewohl00:35heartwood
2p Traditional IRA excess contribution withdrawal and 1099-R  12:25memcpy00:33memcpy
0h avoiding ACAT fees for Roth IRA transfer  23:57sobresa  
47h New to investing (25 yr/old). Diverse Vanguard Portfolio? Overlaps I am missing?  02/16MotoTrojan23:49BrandonBogle
0p Advice for my Age - 28  23:38youngin87  
5p If both were considered equal (529/brokerage)  02/12dreamjob923:38dreamjob9
19t BofA HSA dropping Vanguard Funds  02/15VFANX23:26Yohanson
19c PC replacement time  02/17Earl Lemongrab23:16Earl Lemongrab
10h Pre paid credit cards  19:15badbreath23:10masteraleph
17p TaxAct still not importing stock data  02/08squeat22:19Impromptu
7h Beginner opening Roth IRA for first time - Double up for 2016/2017 on VSMGX ($11,000)  20:24GunLob75722:13blaugranamd
119h Wow, Vanguard Flagship service is bad. Really bad.  page: 2 302/07blueman222:12DEZ1
3p Life insurer with no credit rating? AAFMAA  02/13Sophia188422:00Nords
24l Tulsa Local Chapter?  2009foodnerd22:00Sunshine604
0h Australian High Net Worth Investing  21:49rsasub  
42h Two-Fund Portfolio Role Call  02/08rattlenap21:49Big Dog
4h Expecting first child portfolio review request  02/14sneakboxer21:47Nords
10p Commercial Real Estate - LIBOR or 10 YR Treasury? Swaps?  02/17cwilm7921:42chw
11h Portfolio advice regarding placement of bonds  02/17kzombie21:37grabiner
4h Portfolio review for 31 year old married couple with baby on the way  19:45Triple digit go21:27Triple digit go
7h Question [Help with individual stock holdings, asset allocation]  02/18Kelli2821:15LadyGeek
16h What is the equiv. to VASIX Life Strategy Income but without international, Balanced Index plus Total Bond, Other??  02/17Sandtrap21:10integritetus
2p Money for down payment in one year  16:56Spedward20:50Taylor Larimore
6c EPA MPG estimates then vs now  18:57squirm19:52Mel Lindauer
2p Double Check 8606 Cost Basis  16:27jason92399319:49jason923993
30t 2016 Relative Tax Efficiency  01/21triceratop19:31raven15
19h Question on cash needs in taxable account  02/17Triple digit go19:22KlangFool
10h 401k & Portfolio Allocation  02/15RetireSomeday519:17RetireSomeday5
13h Inexperienced and starting to invest...suggestions on where to start?  13:05Leftover40oz19:17aristotelian
13p Pre and Post Tax 401K dollars comingled in IRA  13:06Noob195619:12Alan S.
58c New cars or Pool?  page: 202/14luderiffic19:08charleshugh
13c Sears maintenance/extended service agreement?  02/17oilcan19:03squirm
1h Where to invest $17K to rebalance portfolio  18:13Scubanewbie18:57aristotelian
13p FSA: leaving job mid-year, can employer come after me for contributions?  02/17icedtea18:56sketchy9
6h Buy funds Friday before close, when will transaction be completed?  02/16fantasytensai18:53pasadena
116p Bogleheads not the norm?  page: 2 302/14kgressler18:52Mel Lindauer
3h Big index fund deviation from benchmark S&P 500  18:10DJ_DJ18:50DJ_DJ
16c Have credit card payment verification numbers ever been useful?  01/22McCharley18:47MilleniumBuc
39p Need advice on girlfriend debt/finances  13:57cachemoney18:37Mel Lindauer
3p Vanguard Advantage Check Fraud  13:16kenp1118:20mpsz
23h Lincoln Investments "Participant Directed Platform"  2015A44018:11krow36
1f Incorrect Apple Touch Icons  02/18G-Force17:58Flobes
0t Vanguard Tax-Exempt Money Market Fund to be renamed.  17:50gkaplan  
62c How do you handle switching your handbag?  page: 202/14JenDesi717:46HarrietSpy
31c Induction cooktop impressions?  02/17nisiprius17:43FraggleRock
22h Rolling Over IRA to Crappy 401k in order to backdoor roth  02/14CRC30117:40retiredjg
8p life insurance vs extended warranties  11:30bb17:17qwertyjazz
9p How Long to Keep Medical Insurance EOB Statements?  02/16One Ping16:59spammagnet
42h 401k Decision - Trad vs Roth  02/17AvidBJJ16:51KlangFool
44h Fearful Investor and Close to Retirement  02/12Goldenfan16:48AnnHW
4t How much do small speculators underperform by?  15:56K8ya16:38JoMoney
4h Maxing out Roth - Backdoor conversion same year?  02/17Ryebrook16:30Duckie
21c Subaru Forester - Harsh ride  02/15sixtyforty16:27RudyS
43l Roll Call for the Retirement Class of 2017!  07/11invst6516:22quantAndHold
19c driveway repair  02/13nannid16:20ReadyOrNot
5h Bonds in Taxable? 20% Tax Bracket  02/18Chai16:18grabiner
33c Anxiety about buying used car  02/16verbose16:16cpumechanic
4h Is Your Asset Allocation Reading Accurate?  02/18restingonmylaur16:15grabiner
31p How to sell a funeral plot located in Hawaii on the slopes of Diamond Head (great views)?  02/17Sandtrap16:15Dimitri
22p Vanguard Service problems in the news  02/17pshonore16:12Toons
6p Medical Bill/Collections fight  11:50knicknut16:08Good Listener
98p Vanguard Web Site Down?  page: 202/17Leesbro6316:06tibbitts
7h HSA Receipts  11:16Kingtriton1016:00Artsdoctor
6h PMJXX anyone familiar with this? [Princial Money Market Class J]  11:30gtt56115:51lack_ey
11h Vanguard Target Retirement Fund to Investor Shares  11:53schutzk2115:49pyld76
2h Should Expense ratio be used in compare calculations between Taxable and non-taxable bond funds ?  02/18indexlover15:38goingup
0h Portfolio Allocation Transitioning from Target Date Funds  15:24mtskibum16  
19h Safe Withdrawal Strategy  02/18JuniorRob15:21gilgamesh
6c Looking for mattress in the NJ area  02/18htdrag1115:16htdrag11
48c New car for wife and what to do with old car  02/13Purpose31115:02TRC
175t Great CD Promo! Andrews FCU 84 mo 3.01%  page: 2 3 411/16protagonist14:45nalor511
3h In-Kind Transfer Concerns  10:58winterhascome14:33livesoft
13p Withdrawing from HSA to pay for medical bills is as simple as they say?  02/17fantasytensai14:31jebmke
3325t U.S. stocks in freefall  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 672011Lbill13:58mickeyd
3c best type boat for FL Keys - need help from conchs  02/17rhalterassoc13:52prudent
4h Phase II underway...(got most everything moved; few more Q's)  02/16kiva2213:51CyclingDuo
97t What are your thoughts on the "Golden Butterfly" portfolio?  page: 204/17PecuniaryPeccar13:51banker22
18p Progress Made - What Now? (Pay off cheap mtg or invest)  02/15Meg7713:46Carefreeap
6p Mega backdoor Roth with Fidelity - should there be a 1099-R?  12:30noraz12313:45noraz123
10h Possible Roth Conversion Question  02/17ThreeBears13:31Alan S.
8p Selling taxable fund  02/18mbres6013:28mbres60
1h Do Voyager Select services require Agent Authorization?  13:19Trice13:26sport
50l Master Thread for Austin Texas area Bogleheads  page: 22014gotherelate13:17chrisdds98
14p Turbo Tax only reading 1st page of 1099-INT  02/16AlwaysaQ12:59AlwaysaQ
14h Timing of IRA rollover to solo 401k  02/17mrsytf12:56DSInvestor
3p No need to amend 2015 federal return?  02/174fitness12:454fitness
2h What fund to use in Roth IRA as part of an emergency fund?  11:55Calygos12:40Calygos
9h Leaving Edward Jones  02/17JoeD12:30JoeD
60t Please list value funds you currently use  page: 202/13Longtermgrowth12:26Robert T
3h Sep ira with pre tax or after tax money?  02/17curtis_se12:26Spirit Rider
2t Real vs Nominal Yield  12:07mikeguima12:26petulant
1p Roth as emergency fund question  11:43nbseer12:26orca91
8p Per Trumps Order, IRS Stops Enforcing Individual Mandate (health insurance rquirement)  02/17outdoorsygal12:24LadyGeek
1p 1099-B doesn't match GainsKeeper  11:07krick12:15tfb
24c Vietnam  02/17protagonist12:13TravelforFun
2p 1099-R from mega backdoor transaction  12:00leftcoaster12:11ICMoney
15h How important is 401k/403b's greater protection against creditors?  02/17secondmoment12:06cherijoh
3t Jason Zweig / WSJ lists some books  2014livesoft11:43Nova1967
16p credit card usage / credit score  02/16spammagnet11:39spammagnet
2h Donor-Advised Fund Providers, low fees/recommendations?  11:29taegirain311:37tj
2h UK retirement switch from mutual fund to index tracker  02/17Porta11:31TedSwippet
6h Over-saving in tax deferred while in 15% br  02/17camillus11:29Peter Foley
10p Mortgage fees- Is this reasonable?  02/16omega11:27lakpr
8p Minibonds through the Neighborly platform -- Cambridge, MA  01/27integrity11:26Beeste
4p do i need to amend 1040 tax form for minor detail?  10:45sil201711:22sil2017
4c Spora Ransomware (back up your files)  02/17Elena11:17Elena
21h Help with investing strategy.  12/15banditman11:08ruralavalon
18p converting Vanguard Total Stock Fund to ETF  02/16AlwaysaQ10:56*3!4!/5!
9h [Should I buy Vanguard funds or Fidelity?]  02/02wingman10:55pyld76
5t 457, Roth, and plan through employer  02/07schutzk2110:52schutzk21
37p "With $15 Left in the Bank, a Baby Boomer Makes Peace With Less" -- A cautionary tale  02/17arcticpineapple10:51LadyGeek
4t Vanguard 529 changes - addition of international bonds  02/17alexm10:30alexm

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