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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1308 new posts and replies over 204 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
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Subforum - TopicLast   
16hShould I call the authorities to report a potential ponzi scheme (involving Bitconnect)?23:22 arcticpineapple13:12 DrGoogle2017
7pTerminology: condo vs apartment12:37 danielc13:11 danielc
15pExpenses, cash flow in retirement12/12 blmarsha12313:11 blmarsha123
1cVacuum Storage Bags12:44 LuigiLikesPizza13:11 2comma
142hWhat to do after losing $117k in stock market?12/12 Fountain8413:11 TG2
2hSame Target Date Fund in TWO places, stay or change?12:43 Mom13:04 Mom
36cNew Car - Always use parking brake ?12/15 RRAAYY313:04 Traveler
18cSingle Purpose Device- Waffle Iron16:46 Rose13:04 Earl Lemongrab
11hWhat 529 plan are you using?12/16 james86513:03 tx_hombre
8pPreparing to hire lawyer to write will - any advice?07:52 cockersx313:03 CAsage
14tDo you have bonds in Roths as a retiree?09:36 Cody13:02 LadyGeek
55cNew job offer - background check07:25 Triple digit go13:00 Silk McCue
1pCan charitable deductions reduce short-term capital gains?12:54 redstar12:59 livesoft
8cLunch Ideas09:43 ddurrett89612:58 bhsince87
9hPlease rate my ETF-Portfolio, thanks! [Germany]12/15 DrChef12:57 rahas
39hgoing to cash w present instability01/31 frederickj12:56 TG2
64cFinancial Assistance to Adult Child (health insurance)12/15 it'smyjob?12:56 delamer
12pEstate Planning in PA with Revocable Living Trust? Special Needs?12/15 Yukon12:55 Katietsu
17pSpousal SS benefits09:17 retire1412:53 pshonore
3tDiversification: Is there any way to produce the same returns with less risk?12:11 CULater12:53 garlandwhizzer
61tVanguard year end distributions - updated estimates12/08 boglesmind12:51 talzara
19tBest 401k Employer Match Structure04:32 employer12:50 bhsince87
23hBitcoin futures with Fidelity13:29 Mndiver12:50 am
38cCheap tablet just for internet surfing12/12 BashDash12:46 SeekingAPlan
2pDoes pension income count for Roth contribution?11:35 Zea Mays12:43 CAsage
7pWhat are the negatives of inheriting a Roth IRA - if any? (Non Spousal)09:38 EyeYield12:43 HIinvestor
2pPay off low interest loans or keep?11:17 FriedFire12:43 grettman
2hQuestion about Backdoor Roth IRA12:05 M_to_the_G12:39 eye.surgeon
6tThe "Natural" Interest Rate vs. The Fed, 1990-201708:24 SimpleGift12:34 Valuethinker
6tVanguard: Bond principal-at-maturity myth07:25 Seasonal12:30 dbr
6pHow much Auto Insurance to get09:29 dingdongditch12:28 dm200
96tCall the top! - Bitcoin12/07 ccieemeritus12:25 casun
8pSolo 401(k) employer matching18:42 Dieharder12:23 MP123
0fIs (or might) diehards be subject to ADA accessibilty lawsuits?12:21 dm200 
7pWorking in a secure area12/08 MikeZ12:20 f35phixer
55tAny of you trade just a little as a hobby?11/18 Ron Scott12:17 Mrxyz
13tClever use of a "C" Corporation06:42 rrouse12:10 Osp62
2pReal Estate taxes in 201711:40 ram12:07 ram
30pWorth it financially to trade my Tesla Model S for a Model 3? Got my configuration invite12/14 eye.surgeon12:07 jj
7pSmall business website as good as WillyMcG12:06 Sandtrap
10pSold Rental Home - Was Primary Residence - Tax Situation12/15 bogleviewer12:02 Ace1
3pShould job effect asset allocation09:46 B3GINN3R12:00 ram
32htoo much $ in my company of work?01:16 wsiddiqi11:59 quantAndHold
1h401K fund help06:21 Kendrick3311:55 ruralavalon
75p55+ Early retirement offer.11/15 Dottie5711:52 Dottie57
24cNew Honda CRV is MotorTrend's SUV of the year12/14 CULater11:52 CULater
20hBuy on Ex-Div Date or Just Afterwards?03/23 aj76er11:51 thangngo
4hRipple and Ethereum: Which exchange do you use and do you recommend it?10:19 Gauss4411:48 stl717
54hIs anyone putting money aside into Gold?12/16 uberational4411:46 Tortoise2030
26fThank you Admins12/08 vested111:45 2015
51h28 Years Old: In the current market, what % into bonds?12/15 YoungPup2611:45 ruralavalon
4panyone been able to connect Wells Fargo Mortgage to Go Blue 9911:41 kerplunk
12hHow invest Bitcoin Gold/Cash using ACH21:56 kayanco11:39 peterinjapan
50t2nd million is easier!12/15 bubbadog11:38 Nathan Drake
1tVPW Spreadsheet Question11:22 sixtyforty11:35 longinvest
83cMoto G5 Plus: Software updates?12/02 VictoriaF11:30 2015
16tWhat Experts Say About "Simplicity"2015 Taylor Larimore11:29 rec7
11pPaying Medicare Premiums Quarterly While Suspending SS08:41 dollarsaver11:27 ResearchMed
1p529 tax loophole? Am I missing something?06:28 Zapp Brannigan11:27 nanoanalyzer
3hThoughts on annuity & other retirement ideas05:25 Rotary11:24 kerplunk
0pTurbo tax and overseas bank accounts11:23 brak 
12pConfused about memory care and assisted living21:53 Mndiver11:22 CULater
4hDividends10:57 Esq12311:21 rec7
89p2018 financial goals - what are yours?12/10 notmyhand11:21 meercatter
65cHow much do you spend on food per month, per person?15:05 whiteprius11:20 Goinganontoday
0pHSA contributions for 1 spouse11:19 WillRetire 
8pPurchasing childhood home from my parents (for us to live in)16:30 LITeacher11:12 Broken Man 1999
1pQuestion on Calculating IRA Deduction10:04 Drew3111:09 kaneohe
0pFidelity Retirement planner limiting my TIRA contribution - why?11:08 tmhudg 
33lHoliday thanks to Bogleheads. How have they helped you?12/04 Sandtrap11:05 VictoriaF
38pBuy home with structural issues16:27 investor101211:00 DrGoogle2017
31pGap Year, Sabbatical, Leave of Absence - Questioning My Sanity12/10 2Birds1Stone10:58 bampf
6tIRA for SAHM whose husband exceeds income limits?12/15 pepperz10:54 retiredjg
173cSave all this money, what do you splurge on?12/08 HardHitter10:41 flyingaway
5tEmerging Market Bond Fund Choice12/15 an_asker10:35 tibbitts
0hMilitary Deployment Help—TSP Optimization10:31 Habu 
22cIs a Year on the JOb too Soon to Ask For a Promotion?12/15 Kuota Rider10:24 tibbitts
11pTrust for my kids (in the event of my death)19:02 dandan1410:21 MikeG62
7care made for iPod, iPhone, iPad accessories safe to use?12/16 A Boglehead10:16 LadyGeek
82tBuying Real Silver and Gold (Not Bitcoin)12/13 grayfox10:16 Johnnie
6hAnnuity Help18:23 Kendrick3310:15 vested1
7hAlly 11 month CD with no penalty vs regular high yield saving account14:36 loklav10:14 radiowave
13tDo ETFs have the same issue as mutual funds at year end (distributions)?12/10 billthecat10:12 MnD
6hM1 Finance - now Free. Great way to rebalance12/13 Colleen09:58 whodidntante
12tAm I wrong in thinking about the bull this way?12/15 jmetsrule09:58 Wakefield1
199t[Why did my fund suddenly drop in value?]2011 stratton09:58 tibbitts
30hWhen to move into bonds12/16 Weymouth09:45 ruralavalon
1hQuicken for Mac09:25 Tammy8809:42 boglebrain
6pWork bonus Tax question12/11 emanuel_v1909:34 emanuel_v19
71cDad Needs Help Buying Wedding Liquor12/05 TLC195709:32 Dulocracy
30cUS Postal Service Informed Delivery12/15 tomd3709:24 FrugalInvestor
20pTwo commas, I'm calling it12/15 2 bits09:21 Dulocracy
21pShould we buy term life insurance?11/20 Tammy8809:13 Tammy88
41tWhy is Vanguard switching all accounts to brokerage accounts?12/08 goshenBogle09:12 Cosmo
6cReplacement for Fitbit HR22:53 Pacific08:58 Rob5TCP
17hStop Contributing to 401(k)??19:20 cowdogman08:57 cowdogman
48cLinux based laptop or just a Windows based laptop formatted?12/08 bogleviewer08:51 technovelist
3pAmended Returns ? - Alan S.20:00 tomd3708:47 MarkNYC
0hHelp me tighten up asset allocation08:32 a__ 
1hChannel Islands (near UK!) pension fund - what to do?12/15 nevet5m08:27 Valuethinker
15hQuestions about mega-backdoor Roth, and is there any reason NOT to do a mega-backdoor Roth?12/14 TheBogleWay08:18 mopman78
23pHealth Insurance Out of Network question15:00 munemaker07:44 munemaker
131pH&R Block Software11/11 DarkNyte07:41 JW-Retired
19pHome owner liablity questions - parcel delivery12/14 LittleGreenSold07:35 Yooper
67pYear end review with less nerdy spouse12/11 mancich07:34 Traveller
3pBuying a Retirement Home, Cash or Asset Dissipation Mortgage?06:13 LuigiLikesPizza07:34 dodecahedron
29pTax gain harvesting12/23 evestor07:26 gd
0hInsurance help please07:17 shades 
58pState Farm Insurance, Time to Leave12/12 PFInterest07:05 bertilak
35hTaxable vs. Tax Deferred - not much difference?12/13 pepperz07:04 FiveK
148cChromebooks- What is the lure?2015 protagonist07:04 oldcomputerguy
2pUndecided between IRA, Roth, and taxable accounts12/16 UncleLongHair07:03 scifilover
332t"Stealth Wealth: I’m Just an Ordinary Average Guy"2016 Taylor Larimore06:56 sambb
7pTerm Life Advice12/16 AJC40806:47 lolbatross
12tBest 401k Provider12/15 employer06:15 Lyrrad
1hRebalance with E*TRADE?05:49 ACA05:54 livesoft
33h1st draft of my portfolio to evaluation [feedback please] [Europe]11/12 Mrpacman05:06 BeBH65
79cAncestry / 23andMe12/11 GridironGems05:01 stickman731
11hTaxes on 401(k)withdrawl13:37 Rick C04:55 Padlin
5hPlacement of Total International Stock Fund for tax efficiency.20:54 Finridge04:31 livesoft
81pWhy am I still scared ? Is it actually normal ?2016 joyanni04:09 HopeToGolf
4hKiddie Tax Optimization17:42 boglebrain03:25 livesoft
0tBest Online 401k Account Management Website03:22 employer 
42hCan rental home generate small income?12/14 kayanco01:54 CurlyDave
1hPotentially selling all investments to redo AA questions23:48 Neuro01:14 mhalley
65pTaxAct and alternatives11/20 Da5id00:52 Katietsu
21cTakata Airbag Class Action Settlement12/15 Rose00:40 iamlucky13
3cBuying a new sofa with two young kids?00:10 t6000:34 squirm
7hMoving Funds To Vanguard: ETF or MF12/14 southpaw32800:00 southpaw328
0pConverting Utma into 529 Plan23:16 rerrabolu 
7hFeedback on Security Benefit 403(b)12/15 ImUrHuckleberry23:12 Powerfultools
85tFactor-Based Investing: The Long-Term Evidence - Dimson & Marsh12/15 matjen22:55 in_reality
6tAsset allocation12/15 GBR22:46 Hukedonfonix4me
1pTricky Mega Backdoor Roth Excess Contribution Question03/23 Idontknowjack22:44 bengt
18pExperiences with Quicken to GNUCash Conversion.12/09 masterofinvesti22:42 masterofinvesti
4hNew to Forum & Sharing Recent Investment Experiment12/02 MissouriTiger22:34 MissouriTiger
7hBuying funds in December12/15 anna2522:33 siamond
9p529 Plans12/16 Isabelle7722:31 letsgobobby
22lSt Louis Bogleheads2014 larryswedroe22:29 Veiled
58cUber vs Ambulance - HUGE cost difference12/15 dm20022:28 StevieG72
6hMixing Roth and Non-Roth IRA Money2012 Finger12322:27 not logged in
5hmade a stupid investment - how to tax loss harvest12/16 nonamer80022:16 StevieG72
3tWouldn't geometric sharpe/sortino ratios be more accurate?15:11 overthought22:08 overthought
8pReal Estate sale- opinions requested19:18 colddeadfish22:07 colddeadfish
9pPsychological anxiety to retirement12/16 vchiu2521:44 Sandtrap
30tThe Pros and Cons of Target-Date Funds vs 3 Fund: LifeCycle Investing12/03 Sandtrap21:43 Watty
4h22 y/o - First Time 401(k) Help18:44 DollarsInMyRame21:34 DollarsInMyRame
3hSuggestions on where to put new tax free/deferred funds19:38 ai_3_us21:30 kerplunk
65pWhat happens when car accident claim exceeds insurance limits?2016 betterfinances21:28 tj
13pOwning vs Renting -- A thought on taxes and returns12/16 danielc21:21 NYCguy
1cBuying a car cheaper without those phony car buying services -- not really all that hard anymore20:08 CULater21:13 UpperNwGuy
21hQuestions on detailed 3ish-fund portfolio plan execution11/11 Garp21:02 MotoTrojan
10tWhat is SEC Yield?2016 thethinker20:47 ahanwadi
8hLegal to Max 403b, 457, and Roth (for $41.5k)?12/16 juggleandhope20:39 Mudpuppy
190tMy Favorite Alternative Funds07/06 grap001320:37 Lieutenant.Colu
3t"Creating a Durable Estate Plan"12/15 Taylor Larimore20:21 Allan
89tStocks always in taxable for tax efficient investing?12/09 kehyler20:20 willthrill81
9hScottrade wrong IRA distribution12/14 btenny20:03 btenny
16pAre you prepaying real-estate taxes this year?12/15 serbeer20:02 LadyGeek
34cElectric Energy Usage12/16 MedicatedMoney19:56 Point
7cApple Watch - which case for my wife?12/16 PlayingLife19:49 jhfenton
4pProblem with H&R Block Tax Software Download12/16 almostretired1919:35 ShowMeTheER
0cPersonal / Professional Development Material19:26 ThankYouJack 
24pTurboTax Prices12/13 John15119:11 TravelGeek
2hNew investor, portfolio analysis16:12 WanderingDoc19:07 WanderingDoc
2hVTSAX Price (?)18:44 UncleLeo18:56 tibbitts
55pCan/Should early retiree avoid ACA tax credits?12/10 marcopolo18:45 Nyc10036
36c4WD necessary/recommended on Big Island, HI12/07 fortfun18:38 BC_Doc
7cIphone Maps with Voice and Bluetooth Hands Free14:28 SVariance118:36 SVariance1
8pAnnual Gifting12/16 bmelikia18:30 Swimmer
7hend of 2017 portfolio review/sanity check16:01 OnThePier18:24 OnThePier
4hBogleheads APP?12/16 tman994018:19 The Wizard
6hBack Door Roth12/15 ACJC18:10 JW-Retired
2692cWhat Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI2014 Alex Frakt18:06 quantAndHold
0h[Mixing Roth and Non-Roth IRA Money]17:56 boomsma 
4hPortfolio Recommendations and Adjustments12/16 PhxRising17:53 Duckie
18pLTC policy increase - keep, reduce coverage or ditch?12/15 Pretzel lover17:50 marcopolo
20h2017 tax help12/15 KPG17:24 KPG
10hWhy does VTI have a fee of .04?13:52 VINNY17:04 Epsilon Delta
10hThe 9.1 billion shares mystery of Googles IPO12/15 BSO99916:55 Valuethinker
11hinvesting strategy and allocation - advice solicited12/15 andyInCT16:40 retiredjg
60pRecast mortgage as part of a pay down strategy12/14 NextMil16:28 ryman554
7tEvolution of the S&P 500 Composition2016 k6616:23 Copernicus
12hNew investor12/15 Esq12316:16 ruralavalon
3hNew SOLO 401k question re: Roth functionality14:23 lifix16:09 JBTX
33tFarmland REITs?2016 wije15:49 not4me
9pTerminating Medicare Part B12/13 Swansea15:30 4nwestsaylng
22cProgressive Insurance12/11 Mndiver15:25 tj
103cTerrible negotiator - need help with words to use [Buying a car]02/10 Daisy Dog15:21 livesoft
7cReminder to Use the Bogleheads' Amazon Link11/24 retiredjg15:20 retiredjg
11cAlliant 3/2.5% card - any experience?12/14 sunny_socal15:17 itworks
6hYear End Distribution for ACINX12/15 munemaker15:05 munemaker
685tThe Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses2016 Earl Lemongrab14:39 zeugmite
42tIs 120 months of expenses in Fixed Income plus 100/0 a viable long term allocation?12/16 TheTimeLord14:36 David Jay
23cHomeowner's Insurance - How Do You Evaluate?12/13 fishmonger14:24 talzara
20fPolitical comments and proposed tax plan remain off-topic2016 LadyGeek14:23 Alex Frakt
5pNew credit card account hits my credit reports before I even get the card?12/15 jrbdmb14:19 Broken Man 1999
1hIs this dividend correctly reported by the mutual fund ?14:00 math2214:16 livesoft
42hQuestion About TIPs and TIP Funds12/15 hirlaw14:04 jalbert
4cDryer Vent Door Replacement12/15 ThankYouJack13:54 ThankYouJack
4pH+R Block Tax Software- discount. Which version?12/15 protagonist13:54 vtMaps
26tJim Simons Medalion fund averages 71.8% annual return12/13 jthokie413:52 Watty
9pMy Plan for Roth Conversion in December - Does This Make Sense?11/28 Small Law Survi13:39 Small Law Survi
103tHow Do You Like My New 'Doo2015 nedsaid13:15 nedsaid

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