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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1304 new posts and replies over 181 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
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Subforum - TopicLast   
14cWho “owns” the side of my garage?21:05 wilked09:47 wilked
110t5% Withdrawal Rate Recommended by US News Columnist09/09 BluesH09:47 am
0hIs this enough for retirement?09:47 cognovimus 
418pSelling home- Demanding Buyer (Repairs)05/16 Gardener09:47 welldone
1plast minute quarterly tax payment question?08:58 lazylarry09:47 kaneohe
19hwhat should I be doing with my after-tax 401k contributions?09/09 BeerTooth09:46 decapod10
3cNew key options for Volvo S9012:42 camden09:45 Nowizard
9p> 6 months medical leave14:41 Newbie_Investor09:44 Mr. Rumples
44tHow do You Evaluate Ability and Willingness to Take Risks Associated with Factor Investing09/13 HootingSloth09:43 Random Walker
11p90/10 LTV HELOC?09/06 Count of Notre 09:43 Count of Notre
39cDo you trust Microsoft updating your Windows 7 machine?10:51 xerxes10109:43 cheese_breath
2pTime for QCD/IRA RMD -- need dividend estimate09:17 Indianrock09:41 yangtui
8pI hesitate to post this (the sky is falling again on BND) but...06:33 cpumechanic09:41 grabiner
46tThe best portfolios when the going gets rough13:08 CULater09:41 Rowan Oak
117tFidelity beating vanguard now? switch to Fidelity?12/29 Jimsad09:37 ruralavalon
4hTracking savings vs expenses in quicken07:20 BHWB09:35 dbr
60cBest Dog Car?09/11 skime09:35 ADAMNOGGI
4pCollege savings options09:09 PaulS09:35 Bacchus01
33t3X leveraged ETFs - where are the gains coming from?09/08 assetalloc09:35 cjking
11pDIY nanny payroll09/14 wineandplaya09:34 decapod10
2pIRS Direct Pay down?08:35 Smilodon09:30 Elysium
3cAltice Mobile10:35 Cpadave09:29 douginct
12035tU.S. stocks in free fall2011 Lbill09:25 ruralavalon
24pTerm Life Insurance vs Permanent Life09/12 Namashkar09:25 deltaneutral83
4tHow is it possible that VFWAX and VFSAX have outperformed VTIAX over the past decade?09/14 Hilarius Bookbi09:24 grabiner
14cHVAC isues - fix R22 system or replace?09/14 aude09:23 Big Dog
7cStubborn water spots on car paint - help!07:38 JimmyD09:23 sport
14hAre my 403 and 457 worth the fees?20:35 impatsman09:17 surfstar
33pMother's Pension Plan is Being Terminated - Help with Options Needed08/28 AllMostThere09:17 student
12hInternational Fund Questions – Roth vs. Pre-Tax, FTIHX vs. VTIAX?17:51 cck09:15 retiredjg
2hUsing options to protect the portfolio?09/14 sp22609:14 lazylarry
35sRetirement - Spain or Portugal?07/20 Json09:09 Valuethinker
55hBest International Small Cap Option2018 billy26909:08 caklim00
23tBogleheads, how are your three fund portfolios doing?16:17 me11296409:07 Silence Dogood
1pDCRA Reimbursement for Grandparent Watching Our Child17:48 BogleNewbie12309:02 NoblesvilleIN
36cLaptop for aging parents09/13 Rienzi09:01 lostdog
144tBest of Bogleheads - your #1 takeaway08/27 LilyFleur09:00 Dottie57
17tBuying the Dow as a super-low-cost index strategy?14:46 Null4208:59 Cheez-It Guy
16cBooks set in New Zealand/Australia (police procedurals)09/13 ResearchMed08:58 TallBoy29er
10hHow Much in Muni Funds?06/18 sf6408:55 typical.investo
21hWhen should I rebalance?09/07 HEDGEFUNDIE08:52 grabiner
48cBest Leaf Blower?09/13 Small Law Survi08:50 fishandgolf
13hHow to get 10 year cumulative return on TSP account09/13 Jimsad08:46 vineviz
4hWhere to deploy a lump sum07:45 dmk39508:45 dbr
4pAdvice on Real Estate Sale Strategy17:21 eagerinvester08:43 SuzBanyan
24cBest Triathlon Bike?09/12 krafty8108:37 stoptothink
239tExplaining the Demise of Value Investing09/06 Seasonal08:36 rkhusky
3pCreating an amortization mortgage loan schedule in excel22:27 Planner0108:33 Planner01
27cBMW - extended warranty?09/14 cochlearboy08:27 stoptothink
6hNeed help with 401K rollover company selection20:42 midwest6008:18 retiredjg
14nOne week out of the market?05:57 eurobogle08:11 typical.investo
68tRetiring on Wellesley2007 grayfox08:08 dbr
3pTax Deduction for work related expenses?22:48 Getfit08:07 retiredjg
174pBay Area teacher saving half my income – why the doubt? (and asking more questions)10:26 Ron Ronnerson08:01 LadyGeek
31lMaster thread - Providence, Rhode Island Bogleheads Chapter2008 poulinbob07:51 fru-gal
14cAdvice on southern Italy trip November09/13 eddot9807:44 Artful Dodger
4hHelp with old retirement accounts14:00 obgynkenobi07:44 obgynkenobi
12tOil price going to a $100-- time to change your asset allocation??01:41 guyinlaw07:43 am
7nNot so happy in Denmark... individual stocks better than index funds? [US ex-pat]04:37 Ionchamp9907:30 LadyGeek
21p"Estate Planning Checklist" (for all of us)2017 Taylor Larimore07:16 bengal22
9pLeft Over 52909/14 LarryG07:14 alex_686
264tFirst 20% of bonds in long-term Treasuries08/07 vineviz07:13 vineviz
3pTransfer SEP and rollover 403(b)19:03 marky07:13 marky
18cHigh-dollar Plumbing Issue Decision09/13 rocket35407:07 Mr. Rumples
22pGeico subrogation claim07/14 StevieG7207:03 StevieG72
5cGas Furnace Question23:24 boater0706:49 gtd98765
1pTrust or Will - Single never married23:54 MightySilly06:48 bsteiner
11cSwitched from Verizon's postpaid plan to prepaid: Saved 38%20:15 willthrill8106:47 SchruteB&B
10pEscrow account between neighbors?09/13 LeftCoastIV06:44 dknightd
2pI need a financial calculation02:28 LeeMKE06:42 Stormbringer
17p2017 ACA subsidies not available if elgible for Cobra?2016 cpumechanic06:26 cpumechanic
7fTrivial but interesting?09/13 tooluser06:25 slow n steady
9cLaptop for a child?11:11 Barefootgirl06:14 RickBoglehead
0pC-Corporation SEP06:09 its4inthemornin 
44tEx DFA CIO launches competitor which will also have ETFs06/26 larryswedroe06:00 comeinvest
26pSpouse/Widow Inheriting My IRA09/08 patrickscott05:56 patrickscott
50cVehicle idle stop-start when parking08/29 jeffyscott05:46 RickBoglehead
9hCan’t pull the trigger19:31 Boatguy05:41 RickBoglehead
541tLifecycle Investing - Leveraging when young02/28 305pelusa03:45 comeinvest
3pTransferring money to overseas banks for personal use18:37 Nowisee02:12 Nowisee
8tDifferent Approaches to Estimating World's Total Market?2017 toxfail9802:00 InvestInPasta
85pManaging joint finances when one is a perfectionist09/13 Caduceus01:58 esteen
4pFiling Taxes and Contributing to Solo 401(k) After Filing12:11 southerndoc01:36 grokzilla
25psocial security benefit - confused about choosing start date09/13 NeverGiveUP01:12 smectym
129tInteractive Brokers (Best Kept Secret)2015 Andymoler5801:10 hungrywave
11nInvestor from Singapore09/13 flowerpalms01:00 flowerpalms
17cSelling an old player piano and lots of song rolls09/13 krafty8100:37 mariezzz
6pEligible for Mega-Backdoor Roth (MBR)?17:36 CoastalWinds00:18 CoastalWinds
7hNeed advise on cash heavy portfolio09/11 orcas23:54 smectym
188pPaying "early" on mortgage may be unwise03/28 dm20023:40 Erwin007
8cThe Berkshires or Finger Lakes?09/14 Bob Sacamano23:11 HereToLearn
859tHEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure Part II: The next journey08/11 HEDGEFUNDIE23:01 Diego_Quant
21pMove up in house?09/13 NextMil22:51 Cycle
0hBest Estate Planning Book22:45 black_knight_32 
3nAustralia - Raiz16:55 BaronRouge22:43 andrew99999
53cWhat dish soap do you use?09/13 z9122:33 Gnirk
363lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2019!2018 Miriam222:14 Tracker968
6pElements Financial High Interest Checking20:54 Carlsonwebber21:40 Carlsonwebber
2hHow representative is this dynamics?20:12 fingoals21:15 fingoals
10pMedical expense deduction documentation09/13 tj-longterm21:08 RudyS
3fnew to the forum -- how should I "pm a moderator"09/13 bsammon21:00 Peculiar_Invest
204tIndex Funds Bubble? [Michael Burry article]08/28 exarkun20:58 columbia
27pVanguard "new" checking to replace Advantage Accounts is not really checking07/05 557880yvi20:47 LadyGeek
252tSmall Cap Value heads Rejoice !!!06/03 hdas20:46 typical.investo
2tWisdom tree fund compare tool (includes wisdom tree funds and indexs)05/25 fennewaldaj20:46 guyinlaw
47tis real estate dead as a diversifier?09/10 prk20:31 Sandtrap
32tCentral banks drive income seeking investors to equities09/12 garlandwhizzer20:29 Horton
148cHow old is your cellphone?09/11 MortgageOnBlack20:15 Random Musings
0pdoes new york phase out business deductions for high earners20:14 de48 
3h401k Catch Up Contribution: Newbie Question19:02 watchnerd20:12 Spirit Rider
44hLeaving Payflex HSA - avoid account closure fee?2018 The529guy20:11 anakinskywalker
20c2019 Costco HVAC services: Good deal/issues?09/12 IMO19:59 IMO
1457c[What TV Show Have You Recently Watched?]2016 dbCooperAir19:56 gary11
24pRetirement Planning - Pension09/10 MeasureTwiceCut19:47 StoopieHippo
8nRest of my life portfolio for a 26 y/o from Germany09/12 GermanDoc19:47 glorat
29tNot market timing is hard09/12 markcoop19:46 firebirdparts
5hIndiv Roth 401k "Employee Salary Deferral"?09/14 catchinup19:39 catchinup
166pHow Have You Planned for Sequence of Return Risk (SOR)?08/25 cognovimus19:30 randomguy
5hPortfolio Review- Please give me your feedback09/09 SCbound18:58 SCbound
20pNew 2018 California Adjustments — Residents CA (540) SCHEDULE Question09/13 Carno18:24 kaneohe
4hUS Retiree considering 5 year move abroad: how to organize US finances for the trip?09/14 TXJeff18:19 Gatto Bialetti
5pMortgage rate last week09/14 Fingerfish18:18 TropikThunder
1869tThe Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses2016 Earl Lemongrab18:12 indexfundfan
2hQuestion re NYC Teacher Pension Fund17:30 Katie18:11 Katie
12pQuestion about FDIC limit05/08 Gamma Ray17:55 kaneohe
17cKitchen drawer slide hardware recommendations needed09/13 Valdeselad17:51 burt
17cVisit to Tokyo09/09 cs412a17:34 gold99xx
7tWhere to keep IRA 5498 forms - taxes folder or IRA folder12:42 ps56k17:20 Broken Man 1999
4078pWhat's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?2016 guitarguy17:20 ndpage
20pConfused about after-tax contributions to 401k plans09/13 Clarice17:19 Spirit Rider
216cHas anyone seen the documentary "Playing with FIRE?"07/18 Colorado1317:17 dustinst22
12cVisible Wireless (Verizon Subsidiary)09/13 Arthur Digby Se17:14 abuss368
4c2013 Toyota Sequoia remote replacement12:39 BoomerSooner2417:07 BoomerSooner24
24tWhy are bonds falling when fed is expected to cut rates?09/13 bpr17:00 Northern Flicke
12tWhat does "Yankee/Foreign" mean?09/13 TimM16:58 abuss368
34t"Retirement Risk Solutions"09/13 abw16:44 CurlyDave
4hCollectible sale and taxes11:20 GuySmiley16:34 abuss368
4hQuestion for Taylor12:33 HANK196416:27 abuss368
0pGreater Milwaukee Area - Medigap vs Medicare Advantage16:18 jbjeannine 
11pOpening New Savings Account - Citi (2.36%) vs CIT (2.30%)?08/28 Defiance16:15 Defiance
11pLiving Expense Equity State-To-State09/14 vested116:13 Willmunny
19tS&P MidCap 400: Outperformance and Potential Applications07/13 imak16:12 oldzey
5hPortfolio review09/13 Sgnoweht15:55 Sgnoweht
54cCalling all iPhone SE Bogleheads09/11 an_asker15:46 focusedonwhatma
30pHelping elderly parents manage finances - pros and cons09/12 RickBoglehead15:42 BarbBrooklyn
9hCredit check to join credit union09/12 Mitchell77715:36 usagi
13hAlternatives to Fidelity Brinker fund?12:05 pdx4me15:13 nisiprius
10hMoney market in taxable account?09/14 columbia14:59 colodane
30pPrulife life insurance09/12 talnoe14:57 BruDude
54pPrimer on Paying Taxes With a Credit Card03/24 whodidntante14:34 whodidntante
13hWhich stock would you invest in?09/13 Liquidate14:28 unclescrooge
372cMoviePass-Too good to be true, but it's legit.2017 denovo14:11 anonenigma
8p3rd Quarter Federal Estimate Early11:43 JerryB14:08 JerryB
12h401K-What funds should I pick09/14 Bama1213:58 Bama12
16hShould I change allocations09/13 adalaio13:44 Wiggums
24hHow to value pension as a benefit when comparing jobs09/01 Hulksfriend13:20 usagi
11hIRA Trustee-to-Trustee, cash -- can this be simple?09/12 bsammon13:16 TropikThunder
13h** UPDATED - tender offer - PEMEX (Petróleos Mexicanos) Bonds --- investment grade --- nice yield06/14 7eight913:13 Wiggums
12nBelgian - US or EUR denominated bonds?09/13 Sataman13:11 BeBH65
16hLate starter - Need help09/12 fnl1912:59 usagi
14p[How do I convert a nondeductible IRA?]08/31 kt206212:49 cherijoh
16tDividend stocks in a Extremely low interest rate environment09/12 hoops77712:49 CyclingDuo
2pDiscover removing ability to send emails to customer service, use chat instead12:26 MisterBill12:41 stan1
32pAccountant Salary Growth09/13 billlumber198112:37 Cuzz35
8pThe Best Financial Advice I Ever Got09/13 htdrag1112:35 Fallible
32hVanguard Total Int'l Bond VTABX/BNDX Yield 0.29%09/10 just1question12:31 spdoublebass
1506tU.S. stocks continue to soar!2018 GoldStar12:30 Stinky
27hNew member looking for AA and account reallocation advice08/26 Library_Lady12:26 Wiggums
50tVanguard Flagship Services -- Another One Bites the Dust09/11 bhwabeck353312:21 Ricola
3p2020 Medicare Part B Expected Income Breakpoints09/13 FactualFran12:01 FactualFran
7pNew Jersey "qualified investment funds"03/04 cwenger11:46 anakinskywalker
27pCan Self-Employed people get a PPO Health Insurance Plan?09/12 teelainen11:25 MP123
33tBenjamin Graham fans: what did "diversification" mean to Graham?09/13 nisiprius11:09 soter
56pBeach City / Town in Florida09/05 BGeste11:05 protagonist
31hWhere should we cut back saving/investing?09/11 daheld10:55 CyclingDuo
7pFinancing Company Car (one person corporation)09/01 Rob110:55 Rob1
23pAm I just playing mind games with myself?09/12 EnjoyIt10:47 EnjoyIt
2tVanguard early distributions09/14 rkhusky10:47 Stinky
26pAnybody Know Anything About Scooters?2007 zhiwiller10:21 GmanJeff
0cCommunity Solar Gardens10:18 BolderBoy 
20cHilton Honors points stolen09/06 eddot9809:53 eddot98

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