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24c Anyone travel without hacking?  21:22Allixi15:56awval999
26p Uber driving for extra income in retirement.  02/04Bustoff15:56stoptothink
6h Educational summer camps in technology for teens  13:28VINNY15:56NoGambleNoFutur
8t Boglehead mentality re todays oil price  14:05BogleInvestorLo15:56livesoft
31t Asset location strategies for taxes are OK; but not great  2014Rick Ferri15:53Doc
3h Need advice to help with Mom's porfolio  12:24sryan15:52sryan
21h I Lost My FInancial Brain - Please Help  02/04beehumble15:51beehumble
20t Is there any investment that lets you get in/out whenever you want, and govt-guarantees you CPI as a return?  11:01whiteprius15:49bsteiner
27p My Megacorp offered a pension buyout today...  02/04supernova7215:49ubermax
4h How do you invest your DAF?  13:03FelixTheCat15:48FelixTheCat
9t Measure of stock market participation?  02/04virw15:47Dirghatamas
43c The Coming Boglehead Zombie Apocalypse (LED bulbs)  02/04tadamsmar15:46batpot
3h Investing/saving with IBR student loan repayment  22:10sneilsen15:46sneilsen
14t "Picking Individual Stocks is a Loser's Game"  10:19Taylor Larimore15:45Bob B
6p Please help me form this equation for Employer/Employee 53K Max contribution  14:59iaminam15:45Dieharder
124h Large amount of CDs maturing....what to do?  page: 2 301/11protagonist15:40mur44
2t cash/currency and rebalancing  12:24TylerDavis15:37TylerDavis
4p Do I need to hire someone to do my taxes?  00:54newlawyer15:36N1CKV
95t Active or Not, I Love Wellington  page: 22014TheTimeLord15:35jjface
10t Please share examples where earning an extra $1 can cost more in taxes than income.  11:57sai15:35dm200
3h Overwhelmed - Asset Allocation Questions Between 401K, Roth IRA, and Taxable Accounts  22:34atl_brownie15:26retiredjg
3h Life Settlements  12:27rmcguern15:25grog
33c Advice for parents with Perfectionist Child?  22:04investingdad15:22KlangFool
138h Clueless college new grad 22 yo, 200k income looking to start saving  page: 2 302/02moonhalf15:22WalterMitty
10h UTMA Account  02/04mryan71715:21dbr
18h Solo401k EmployEE/EmployER contributions, and ETFs  01/31Dodge15:16Dodge
15h Tilting towards oil  07:06mpt follower15:15surfstar
110t The failure of valuation predictions  page: 2 301/25HomerJ15:11JoMoney
7c out of network charge  14:35Jmaestro15:10nisiprius
17h New to Bogleheads: Portfolio advice please  02/03giesen515:06retiredjg
23c Charities for Bogleheads?  02/04psystal15:03cjcerny
24h New to BH; Advisor is suggesting changes  01/27JonCincy15:02JonCincy
23h Need Help Cleaning up our Edward Jones Mess  01/03Cras108er15:01Cras108er
126t 2016 hedge fund contest  page: 2 301/03Norbert Schlenk14:59slickwillbo
5h Buying bond fund outside of IRA, taxes  22:40NSW114:58livesoft
1t Smart Beta: When the shark jumps the shark  13:35countmein14:57nisiprius
30t What is Your Bond Allocation & Location  01/24greenalfalfa14:54KlangFool
14h Decisions: Eliminate PMI, Max 401k, or Pay Student Loans?  01/06antiga14:53antiga
0t "John Bogle Dismisses Index Fund 'Danger'"  14:53Taylor Larimore  
6p Roth IRA withdrawls of contributions - how to account/track?  21:43ljwobker14:52ljwobker
9h Investment Advice [for UK-based professional poker player]  02/03john758414:52cottonseed1
100p How to get a 200k+/year job?  page: 2 302/04betterfinances14:51BW1985
82p Do you use the service of a CPA or you do your tax yourself?  page: 201/22trudeo14:47batpot
7p file for social security so wife can get widow benefit?  07:29NeverGiveUP14:46ObliviousInvest
18p Maxing out then quickly paying off credit cards?  23:23Cruiser14:42German Expat
1p What Percentage Raise to Expect for a Small Promotion?  11:00Expos_Fan14:38Rodc
1h 1099-R Tax question  09:51Hungry3414:36Alan S.
83c Sibling's destination wedding?  page: 202/04Former Usher14:35Random Musings
43p Is TIAA-CREF one of the "good guys"?  12/15Morse Code14:34Gretchen
4h Large Cap Tilt?  13:28BER7114:34BER71
4h Started new job - what to do with my old 401k?  02/04kew14:33gmc4h232
13h 401K, Roth, then what  19:05missionalan14:28Dulocracy
195l Master Thread for Metro Boston's Chapter  page: 2 3 42014siamond14:25siamond
3h Roth 401k Contribution beyond earned income?  11:50BolderBoy14:25Alan S.
68p Retirees: What percentage of your expenses are covered by SS and/or pensions  page: 202/04TheTimeLord14:24sergeant
20p Do I have a legal case to stand on?  23:37Olav214:17greg24
37h IRA Advice For 18yo  01/30Qcos14:15Dulocracy
2p Do I need to amend 2014 1041?  08:59dustythyme14:14bsteiner
4h Are fiduciary and commissions mutually exclusive?  12:30Teague14:14691175002
38p 45% of Income On Rent  02/04closetoreality14:13Dulocracy
18p keep or sell house after separation  09:33riptide14:13Twins Fan
27t French-Fama 2x3, 10x10, mid-caps... Help?  01/26siamond14:12siamond
4t Why has growth beaten value recently?  07:21Beliavsky14:11garlandwhizzer
0h suggestions to start using backdoor ROTH  14:08s2kmw  
3h Retirement Planning  07:43CEH14:02Peter Foley
4p Yet another one, how much house can we afford?  12:39curious mind14:01Twins Fan
1h Best IRA account for Self Employed?  12:13pepperz14:01DSInvestor
15h Roth IRA basis  2011pointyhairedbos13:59Alan S.
51t If SS covers expenses why invest?  page: 202/04Exige13:58HomerJ
13t Today's dumbest investment advice  12:36bertilak13:56bertilak
0h New to on the way!  13:52rfleming222  
4p MS Money and Vanguard, quadrupled transactions  07:53TheGreyingDuke13:52heartwood
35t Make your retirement money last  02/01larryswedroe13:51digarei
21c Chicken rub  02/04packet13:50latexman
30h 60 Years Old - Forced to Stop Working - Need Investment Advice  02/01rocco5613:432retire
3t Global debt, global growth, and expected returns  02/04letsgobobby13:39visualguy
25t Delaying SS Benefits?  02/04hawkfan5513:24BahamaMan
7c Spam filter?  2008jefmafnl13:12bertilak
2c Anniversary To Europe On Points Need Suggestions  12:12William10413:07havehad
104l Roll Call for the Retirement Class of 2016!  page: 2 308/02VictoriaF13:06VictoriaF
18p Are expected returns higher  01/31EnjoyIt13:02quantAndHold
2t Vanguard looking for a CFO  09:23cadreamer201512:57bs010101
1t low overhead business: should I put intermediate-term funds into my portfolio?  02/04K8ya12:51BLSH
4h 10 years to Retirement, Roth IRA?  07:26esgwat12:44Toons
19p Payoff debt with Roth?  09:36Meaty12:42ray.james
0t 401k Help  12:41MMVV88  
13p Tax prep Q - 1st time home purchase  02/01Cautious_Optimi12:40Cautious_Optimi
36c New Car - Compact SUV or Sedan  02/01vginvestor12:40jpa
177t What is your favorite Financial Quote or Metaphor??  page: 2 3 401/25mevans15412:38wolf359
53h S. Corp Salary Amount and Retirement Contributions  page: 203/05bls12:33EnjoyIt
19t Emotion? question from dan howitt  12/03dan howitt12:27livesoft
31h Would love input on retirement investing strategy for a novice trying to make deep strides.  02/03Rhizzlebop12:26ruralavalon
2h New Money  10:06Savergal12:23Rob5TCP
0t Ben Carlson on Individual vs. Institutional Investing  12:21jalbert  
9p Which company can give a addon credit card for my mom living in India?  02/02sai12:14CuppedUp
37c Where to Stay in San Francisco?  02/01Bustoff12:12Pdxnative
63t Take the Verb Tense Pledge!  page: 216:33nisiprius12:09jhfenton
9t Situation where earning $1 more will cost $2000 in taxes  09:50sai12:03Grogs
37p Sell Home and Invest Proceeds or Stay Put?  01/28JKampel2011:56JKampel20
11p Warning on Amazon Subscribe & Save  09:02theta11:52corysold
41h Muni bond ladder vs fund for large $$$$  01/31underwood11:51livesoft
3h Back Door Roth Question  02/04WalterMitty11:49vas
5h For 401(k) purposes I'm "highly compensated"; what happen if I leave?  02:04InternalPane11:47InternalPane
18p Filing taxes for free in 2016  02/04autonomy11:37b4nash
0h Help with selecting bond funds  11:37sryan  
25p Tax rate on IRA withdrawal when on Social Security  02/04sonoferu11:36The Wizard
3t Annuities as an Alternative to Shaky Markets? Not So Fast  09:50bertilak11:36Munir
3c Wet iPhone and Fidelity AmEx  07:42LifeIsGood11:23mhalley
0l Portugal Chapter (?)  11:18MachineD  
4p 1099-R, 5498, 8606 and RD Roth Timing  10:28jepalan11:17jepalan
94t Rebalancing, another study  page: 201/24livesoft11:11fortyofforty
0p 1099-R Excess Roth  11:11Hungry34  
3t Seeking Sample IPS (Investment Policy Statements)  08:03kellyfj11:09bertilak
7t I don't understand the expected 1 year inflation implied by the TIPS secondary market  17:58whiteprius11:07whiteprius
61p Retirement - Ten key years + Summary  page: 201/30Peter Foley10:512015
11h USD/EUR cost averaging of ETFs from the EU  02/03mixinvest10:50Micks
5t Expense ratio vs return on investment  06:19uconnlj10:44pkcrafter
12c Best Tips for Packing & Moving?  02/03LuigiLikesPizza10:332015
458t Rick Ferri looking to internationalize his portfolio  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 102015walletless10:30Taylor Larimore
3h Balancing retirement goals with short term savings?  09:03pepperz10:28Lafder
9h Possible to purchase excess SIPC coverage?  17:37johnanglemen10:22Phineas J. Whoo
0h Portfolio investments - International accts  10:22sryan  
21t SEC proposed regulations can affect index funds  02/04Taylor Larimore10:14Tanelorn
14t Negative Interest Rates?  09/24nukewerker10:12Heir-A-Parent
245f Forum software upgrade bug reports and change requests  page: 2 3 4 505/02Alex Frakt10:11yolli71
38p What growth rate would you use?  02/03lvrpl10:09fmzip
13p Eligibility documents for Obamacare premium tax credit  01/20Bfwolf10:05Bfwolf
14h TSP doesn't credit dividends & interest?  02/04macnatty10:00macnatty
33c Purchasing Business Class Tickets  02/04LifeIsGood09:54LifeIsGood
5h Help with Cost Basis for Vanguard REIT Shares  00:54alan09:45Kevin M
2h VOO vs VTI tracking  08:28zadie09:45nisiprius
5p What should I do (highish earner now, rainy day may come)  07:43The Planner09:45quantAndHold
0t When risk and return are negatively related  09:44larryswedroe  
14h How to behave on a RGD (Really Good Day)?  02/04kiddoc09:39dratkinson
24p Do we need disability insurance  01/21mybogledhead09:37MRDI
15h Fidelity or iShares for total stk market?  04:18zadie09:33IPer
58h [Am I getting a bad deal from my financial planner?]  page: 202/04pepperz09:26Miriam2
1p S-Corp Help  01:20AryaSQ509:21Spirit Rider
20h Life Insurance HELP! what to pick Term, Whole Life?  12/10musicman691309:11mrc
7p solo401k, FICA and 941  2014EnjoyIt09:10EnjoyIt
3h When should you purchase a SPIA?  08:31CWRadio09:09Bustoff
15p IRS 1095 equivalent for short term health coverage?  02/02DoBee09:02rkhusky
1l The Woodlands, Texas Chapter?  08:48Hecdias09:01JZinCO
5h Full 401k annual contribution from bonus this year?  19:04virgingorda08:59Artsdoctor
48p Friend is an Edward Jones financial advisor -- should I drop him?  02/02doss08:56fmzip
122t QSPIX Nightmare - Closed Off to Retail Investors  page: 2 310/09tarheel08:51empb
7h TLH carryover  16:52Dazed&Confu08:51Artsdoctor
22h Leaving FA, plz help review new portfolio  02/02lgrw1308:41lgrw13
8p HELOC or Buy Next Car  16:14opriskguy08:30opriskguy
10t Re Yale Endowment, via Bloomberg  02/04RNJ08:28cottonseed1
1p On PBS website: tips for applying for SS to get maximum DRCs [delayed retirement credits]  22:20GerryL08:20neilpilot
37p Banks or credit unions  01/31betterfinances08:17rakamaka
7h Need advice - 1st time investor  02/04alhhaois08:11pkcrafter
2t McNabb on Bloomberg at 7:30 today  06:23bondsr4me08:01LadyGeek
2c COSTCO Membership Offer at LivingSocial  02/03Leeraar07:55duckcalldan
30c Advice about a stop in Chicago  02/01GerryL07:52mak1277
19p IRA Basis After Roth Conversion following TIRA loss  02/04Buffetologist07:49retiredjg
29p Child Support and taxes  02/03stoptothink07:46stoptothink
3h Roth TSP questions  16:55Iorek07:41rkhusky
30p Inherited a home, any tax benefits?  02/04Bshowalter07:40Bshowalter
3t VTI VEU alternatives based in Europe  03:34mr07:25Micks
1420c What Movie Have You Recently Watched?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 292014abuss36807:18Bustoff
4h How to recharacterize a conversion amongst backdoor contributions  01/24jaj227607:04jaj2276
26t Reporter doing story on expense drop when kids go off to college  02/03Mel Lindauer05:48wilked
43c Recent Vanguard Trouble  02/02in_reality05:08sambb
37p Taxation of fellowship  02/03Bob's not my na03:07Bob's not my na
5t Private equity investment  02/03boglerocks03:03Valuethinker
15p Trustee Question  02/02DKD02:51alisa4804
27t Bogle vs. Vanguard on International Funds  01/31lisber02:36William Million
12h Yikes! FA is killing me...desperate to know how to fire FA and DIY?  18:34N2planning02:28Bogle_Feet
84p What age did you retire  page: 202/02mule01:402comma
10h Mortgage modification vs refinance - $750 fee seems like a lot?  02/03jjface01:05jjface
207c Do you pay for exercise?  page: 2 3 4 501/24wabash_sphinx00:37willie838
1h Momentum etfs  00:18virw00:26lack_ey
14c Airllne carry on luggage size: recommendations?  02/02ResearchMed00:23pannkake
2p Land sale with property transfer - handling taxes including 1099-S  01/31Earl Lemongrab23:55Earl Lemongrab
7p Insurance increase after Citation and Traffic School  02/03inbox78823:38sergeant
12c Don’t Be Hacker Bait  02/04testing32122:55LadyGeek
1p Series 6 [Preparing for FINRA Series 6 exam]  22:22GenYboglehead22:53LadyGeek
3h Sweep Account  02/03asdfgf22:31asdfgf
27t Why didn't bond funds go down?  02/01sawhorse22:25patrick013
2t Expenses portfoilo ratio  21:38mule22:16mule
0p Paying off investment mortgage  22:12armatt12  
44c Cost of home addition? Should I do it?  02/02davebo22:11Mike83
2p 1099-Misc: earned income?  21:42TOM196422:07TOM1964
17p Should we really trust the market?  02/03IGWT22:01warowits
15h New Principal Financial Group 401k  01/27Emily198021:56Mike83
11h TLH timing question  02/02Jai0821:52Makaveli
85h What to do with VGPMX (Vanguard Precious Metals and Mining)?  page: 22014FlyingMoose21:50MGator
5h Vanguard not fixing Incorrect Transfer  02/03Garystrunc21:48Alan S.
15h Wellesley and Wellington instead of VTINX?  02/04Wild Willie21:44Dancer
5p Money Dance-track split expenses  01/31teniralc21:44Lacrocious
3h Heath Care Funds  19:41Kpthehp21:44timboktoo
1h Help with 401k  18:59mhartshorne21:11mhalley
6p Anyone know what happened to "My Watch List" at Vanguard?  16:42arcticpineapple20:56House Blend
3p HSA Administrators -Poor Customer Service  02/02mayoman20:55fmzip
19h How to allocate equities in TIAA-CREF 403(b)?  02/02The_Fourth_Doct20:51Careful
7c United vs Lufthansa on taxes and fees  02/03vveat20:47shelanman
6p HSA & FSA Eligibility  19:34wonderfuffin20:45wonderfuffin
102p Spreadsheet to show how taxable SS benefits will affect you  page: 2 309/11PapaGeek20:20jmndu99
66c Which news source do you use?  page: 201/28PlayingLife20:19cheesepep
55t "Money in the stock market isn't real money"  page: 202/03The Planner20:09patrick013
4p Amex Jet Blue moving to Barclays  02/03gmtret20:06amphora
4c Online Money Market - For Business  02/02fishmonger19:58SteveKL
4h Web sites to calculate personal investing returns  18:19InvestorNewb19:51Peculiar_Invest
2h Asset Allocation (AA) help with 401k  02/04kelway19:43Peter Foley
8p Insurance says rock chip repair will not count as a claim on insurance?  02/04AtlantaFamily-219:42dwickenh
5t Earnings and revenues???? [Company financial status]  02/04JTJjr19:38patrick013
7h Am I crazy for seriously considering using FutureAdvisors?  02/02Squeak19:37Squeak
9h New Roth IRA with Vanguard  01/28kira7059119:24FiveK
3l MN Bogleheads Meet Sat., Feb. 6, 2016 - UPDATE  02/04Fallible19:16jeff mc
14p Switched employers, have a funded FSA and HSA. How to use?  02/012tall4economy19:11ofckrupke
137c The Big Short  page: 2 312/26asterix018:57Allixi
4t AQR interview with Harry Markowitz  02/04Robert T18:53Wildebeest
98p dilemma over house division during legal separation  page: 212/18riptide18:50riptide
6p Emergency Fund/Roth IRA  17:33closetoreality18:39jimb_fromATL
10t 67% Expense Ratio?  02/02Dulocracy18:14Broken Man 1999
20c Inexpensive Smartphone for Cricket Wireless  12/19ShoogyBee18:10ShoogyBee
79p Public school or private school (with school data)  page: 201/30falcon18:10TomatoTomahto
2h Starting small, but looking to grow long term  16:14Bugge18:09mhalley
9h 55 Single Divorced Female Looking To Invest!  02/04macav93318:07in_reality
12t Why is this Bear wrong?  02/04Squeak18:06blueblock
19p Moved from NJ to AZ [Residency for tax purposes]  01/28Almost there18:03Almost there
7t VEMAX up 0.44% / VWO up 2.67% ??  02/03ge118:01jhfenton
24h Is This An Acceptable Tax Loss Harvest?  02/02yearzero17:57Morik
1h IRA reinvest - 72T expiring and need to rollover/liquidate(?) flexible annuities I bought 5 years ago  16:19gregval1417:55Alan S.
8l Singapore [Local Chapter Interest?]  02/19w4rd17:43dratkinson
6t "Maybe You Should Sell Some Stocks"  02/04Taylor Larimore17:29Toons
329t Decided to try timing the market. 100% short on 9/17/15  page: 2 3 4 5 6 709/17TorturedRegret17:23fortyofforty
5p Impact of early retirement on Social Security  16:48vas17:23vas
16c Am I Over Insuring My House?  02/03mister_sparkle17:12likegarden
0t Muppet Investors...literally  17:06stratton  
8h Backdoor Roth with pro-rata tax issue  02/03BlueShoe17:04BlueShoe
104t How important is an international allocation?  page: 2 303/21RevYoung17:00fortyofforty
43p Saving for down payment  02/02FullYellowJacke16:59FullYellowJacke
5h Help With Stable Value Fund vs. Total Bond Market Index  02/03chuckwagon111116:37Kevin M
4t Do value stocks outperform growth when rates rise?  02/04BlueEars16:15BlueEars
33t Update Total Return  02/01InvestorAdam16:11Jebediah
11h Suggested AA for Retirees  02/04tennisplyr16:08tennisplyr
1h Choosing the right funds from an Irish law perspective  01/31mixinvest15:57Micks

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