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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1546 new posts and replies over 217 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
# Replies Subforum - Topic TitleFirst Last   
Subforum - TopicLast   
38tAre you all staying the course?13:53 Esq12316:34 GAAP
4pHomeowners Insurance Claim-Experiences?16:14 pennywise16:34 8foot7
11cDentists/Dental Professionals: Front Crowns?13:46 Carefreeap16:34 LadyGeek
5pDoes it ever make sense to pay more tax intentionally?14:53 corysold16:34 jebmke
8cQuality pea coat vs parka11:51 Keepcalm16:33 canderson
15tDoes Early Retirement Make You Live Longer?13:47 destiny16:33 randomguy
11p2018 Tax Time is upon us11/13 Doc16:32 jebmke
121p[Financial] Habits of the Rich11/11 Wilhou201516:32 CyclingDuo
6hHigh yield savings vs. Bonds11:03 Closer232316:31 vineviz
13pFlood Insurance- When is it necessary?11/12 PoultryMan16:30 LadyGeek
79cInternational Travel during Maternity/Paternity11/10 Cycle16:30 Sam1
0hPortfolio decisions as we approach retirement16:29 Skyflyerman 
8hSmall Cap Value options for fidelity brokerage link (mutual fund only)02/10 fennewaldaj16:29 brad.clarkston
12hContribute to Roth IRA now or tIRA later (to save tax)?00:06 vwgrrc16:29 celia
43c2019 Subaru Outback 2.5 vs 3.610/30 Encheiridion16:28 TxAg
18hNorthwestern Mutual nightmare - help needed10:37 ZeldaMD16:28 Ged
247hVanguard Municipal Money Market VMSXX 1.39%04/05 Bimmer16:27 UnclePennybags
15csony TV XBR49X900F $1K vs a cheaper alternative Samsung $33012:47 Coco nuts16:26 inbox788
23cUnderstanding the difference in cell phone OS types12:27 Earl Lemongrab16:26 rich126
30pHome addition vs. Buying New11/12 boston8516:25 Sam1
2pMedicare considerations for person with employer insurance15:19 AdamP16:21 dm200
2hHelp with 529 Plan12:59 topaz31816:18 Duckie
10hOk Bogleheads, I'm in... First post2010 SpaghettiPie16:17 SpaghettiPie
47pTime Value of Money vs. Variable Percentage Withdrawal (VPW)11/05 willthrill8116:17 GAAP
18hWon a lawsuit after a wrongful death in the family. How to invest?11/13 Pfthrowaway101616:14 Pfthrowaway1016
6pHelp or Advice on Land Purchase10:08 Trashguy5816:13 LadyGeek
62hI can't take this anymore=) I'm selling stocks and buying bonds!11/13 Alex GR16:13 delamer
25cfuel for snowblower17:41 serbeer16:13 serbeer
39cDirect Primary Care-Anyone use it?02/15 davebo16:12 dm200
32tInvestment advisors- is regulatory burden higher on fiduciaries?11/13 Misenplace16:12 deltaneutral83
12pWait, do I need a prenup?11/13 icedtea16:11 Gill
12hBrand New to Boggleheads, Thoughts on my stocks?12:48 Chessoro16:11 oldzey
5hSatisfied with 3% Returns for the last 10 years of working?14:52 Bella16:10 krow36
82hAre We In A Real Estate Bubble?11/07 kadibex116:09 unclescrooge
27tAQR fund family's performance relative to its benchmarks11/12 nisiprius16:04 KnowNth
67ccvt transmissions2015 sarahjane16:04 Leesbro63
18hTransfering from 401K yearly into trad IRA question19:27 lepa7116:04 Earl Lemongrab
10tPortability of Fidelity ZERO21:26 Mind Bogler16:03 mervinj7
44hMy Grandmother has 80% stocks11/02 simplesauce16:02 Leesbro63
25tCan someone explain specifically how the "bucket" approach to retirement withdrawals is supposed to work?09:12 CULater15:58 Leesbro63
15tAnnuities19:30 ripete15:57 GrowthSeeker
13hBetter funds than VTSAX and VEA?09:54 vu815:56 LadyGeek
7tAsset allocation in Roth vs pre-tax04:26 international0015:42 Earl Lemongrab
19hTIPS OID for 2011 through 20182011 #Cruncher15:41 #Cruncher
22pAccuracy of Zillow/Trulia/Redfin Estimates10:56 vested115:40 vested1
662cMy 2017 CRV is a victim of the dreaded oil gas-dilution issue03/14 CULater15:39 CULater
3hLong-term bond index vs Total bond11/13 peagreenboat15:30 peagreenboat
58tVanguard investor class shares on their way out?11/12 MnD15:30 jeffyscott
0hcapital gains15:29 Dahl49 
5hPension - Lump Sum or Annuity?10:45 bakerjin15:25 bakerjin
10hLooking to invest 80k for 3-5 years11/13 basefifty15:21 basefifty
25cAny space heaters that automatically maintain a temperature in a room!11/12 bigguy843715:19 btenny
156pConsidering Quitting Job - Seeking Advice. Would you do it?09/15 RW7315:14 Thegame14
447pAlly Banking 1% extra back up to $1,000 on new money deposited10/15 LSLover15:11 Kevin M
28prule of thumb for using HSA funds?11/13 feh15:11 dcabler
58cRecommend Chrome ad-blocker11/09 kayanco15:07 brad.clarkston
23hTeaching young folks how to save for retirement06:43 c.coyle15:06 terran
4hVBTLX vs. Vanguard Federal Money Market Fund08:22 GRS15915:02 RCL
17tIs there CD funds in VG to be used for IRA's?11/06 Gamma Ray15:02 Kevin M
5hHow am I doing?10:35 sthadani15:00 Watty
8pWife approved for SS Disability. Any way to reduce the wait time for Medicare?11/11 rupalb914:54 Nowizard
1483tQSPIX - thoughts on interesting fund2015 Yesterdaysnews14:54 betablocker
5t2 Fund Ports: Everything You NEED?12:42 galeno14:52 rudeboy
17pDCA – change of tune, loss of nerve, and how to time?11:18 TomatoTomahto14:46 Sic Vis Pacem
6cDumb question about bedding and comforters14:03 Lynx31065014:41 Lynx310650
2hLTG & LTL does this strategy make sense?16:51 fmhealth14:39 fmhealth
7814tU.S. stocks in freefall2011 Lbill14:33 retiringwhen
43hIs maxing out Tax defered 401(k) enough?11/12 TASK12314:28 mhalley
411tHow much international stock? A suggestion.2016 Taylor Larimore14:24 GuyLafleur
123lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2019!04/18 Miriam214:23 Miriam2
0pNeed help with kiddie tax (form 8615) to estimate AGI & Tax14:16 47Percent 
67tDave Ramsey's advice on investing?2017 neveragain14:09 Nate79
7pQuestions to late starters12:45 BogleMelon14:08 Ostentatious
101hRoth vs. Traditional 401k11/10 FrugalPharmacis14:01 KlangFool
6hVCADX or VMLUX?23:51 michaeljmroger13:48 michaeljmroger
9hVanguard - Cost basis not ACTUALLY switching to SpecID?11/10 stilts100713:46 hornet96
323cGood Modern Science Fiction2014 gatorman13:44 LesBleus**
11pHSA contribution limits & Medicare11/13 mhalley13:42 Artsdoctor
34t"What If You Retire At a Stock Market Peak?" - by Ben Carlson11/13 Rowan Oak13:25 Plz
23pEnjoying Your Work11/12 brokenrecord13:23 stoptothink
10hInvest or pay of mortgage?05:25 Northman13:20 Meg77
2tAvoiding Fund Distributions through TLH10:59 scrp2113:17 scrp21
21tTreating I-Bonds as Long-term Bond Holdings2017 aj76er13:16 Mel Lindauer
2hQuestion re: brokered CD at maturity12:06 swimfin13:12 FrankLUSMC
52hStrategy during the last stock market decline11/09 dh13:10 dh
40cHonda reliability slipping?04/08 Alexa913:09 jacksonm
28hOops! Edward Jones tops Vanguard in customer survey17:47 nbseer13:08 Broken Man 1999
6pAnyone change career/ start over again?19:05 alex12371112:55 John88
3tBroad Market Index fund designed not to distribute?11:34 Global10012:52 galeno
41hShould we drop our manager, for 4-fund portfolio?11/11 Lazareth12:49 ExitStageLeft
69cDo I need an Amazon Echo??.....2017 harrington12:47 miles monroe
3hUS expat in UK / HMRC non-reporting funds00:37 DouroBound12:42 DouroBound
11tBloomberg: GE Preferred STOCK in Vanguard short bond funds??11/13 motorcyclesarec12:39 jalbert
19c2019 Subaru Forester Vs. 2019 Rav 422:21 Monica12:25 Glockenspiel
66cWorth fixing a 30-year-old Maytag dryer?2013 Liam12:23 Glockenspiel
76hFor Those Who Purchased Ally No Penalty CD's in Dec/Jan05/01 MikeG6212:22 Kevin M
65tRegret of selling winning stocks early2016 virw12:18 AnalogKid22
3819cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36812:15 Bylo Selhi
16cNew phone suggestions? My LG V20 phone is kicking the bucket.19:44 catscadia12:09 harrychan
0tTIPS on PortfolioCharts?12:04 snrlx 
59lArizona Chapter04/12 mabromovitz12:02 Asufin21
6pInterested in filing my own taxes08:12 NBKCF12:00 neoptolemus412
2hBond buying question: New issue or secondary market?10:21 Mehitabel11:35 Mehitabel
11hShort Bond Funds or Tips Funds or Bond Ladder11/11 frederickj11:32 rich126
6pnew 401k plan, want to make it mega back door roth friendly11/07 calabel11:28 calabel
6pHSA question11/13 Bhairston201811:23 Bhairston2018
3pParents as trustees for child beneficiary of irrevocable trust.11/13 FoolMeOnce11:15 bsteiner
2pannuity with true COLA built in11:07 montanagirl11:12 montanagirl
2hBrand new to the forum, getting a plan ready for my finances11/13 h2012311:03 Living Free
6p401(k) (like) options during garden leave (non-competition period)11/04 Bodhi31210:52 niceguy7376
8hBonds vs. Savings Account11/13 Closer232310:51 jimishooch
62cCheap cell phone plans02/05 mbres6010:51 Chip
8hAA question11/08 WhiteRabbit10:50 WhiteRabbit
0cHow Do Social Security Disability Quarters of Credit Work?10:35 Kennedy 
107cPoint and shoot camera11/09 legio XX10:34 Fletch
3hTax Loss Harvesting Threshold09:55 Darth Xanadu10:28 Silk McCue
13pSocial Security FRA start date with 1st of month birthday2016 Beck4910:26 biscuits
6pMultiple HSA rollover(s)2014 Don Christy10:16 tfb
1hDiving into DIY Investing18:23 taysel10:13 RadAudit
7cMobile cellular hotspot for low data use08:42 AND_YOU_ARE10:07 Bitzer
33cGarmins & Fitbits: Worth it for non-athletes?11/13 MnyGrl10:06 MnyGrl
19pIs there an online checking account that can do these three things?05:22 bigtex10:05 quantAndHold
3cBlue Cross, Blue Shield dental plans21:42 MrMojoRisin10:00 southerndoc
79tRumor mill - Fidelity starting individual HSA's Nov. 15th11/11 liberty5309:58 southerndoc
15cBest Gutter Guard?11/13 Small Law Survi09:57 daheld
40pHow to deposit cash in online account with no local branch11/07 mptfan09:55 THY4373
1pComparing Medigap Policies - Need a Bit of Advice22:30 tealeaves09:54 celia
22pAnyone have a bad experience with HDHP?17:40 Arizonasun200809:46 niceguy7376
99tDavid Swensen Unconventional Success10/27 abuss36809:46 abuss368
8tOpportunity Cost or Loss.05:51 yousha09:44 cheese_breath
9pShould we open 1 or 2 HSAs?11/11 Bengineer09:38 GranburyBob
6pBuying Property - 20 or 25% down?08:37 JJP09:28 unclescrooge
6hGetting started investing11/13 Xaran09:18 sjt
14tMorningstar downgrades several Vanguard funds11/13 Doc09:15 Doc
30pUSAA Multi Product Discount10/26 tj09:15 SueG5123
5hNeed to invest $100k to bring my asset allocation back in line11/13 wannabebogler09:10 wannabebogler
3hBuying spia in December08:12 Gregorycook09:05 stlrick
20pHow to value retiree healthcare benefit11/13 BostonButterfly09:04 dm200
3hTax-Exempt Bond Funds Kicking Off Capital Gains06:59 animule09:03 animule
21tVanguard closure last week11/08 yousha08:44 harmoniousmonk
3hDeferred compensation vs. non-governmental 457(b)11/12 inforapenny08:39 mhc
74cGranddaughter needs $ help for university11/12 Almost there08:39 NotWhoYouThink
17cWindows 10 October Update (1809)11/12 ubermax08:31 jebmke
27cFlooring for home gym2014 Hayden08:28 Boomer01
83cToo many choices for my next TRUCK11/08 ad200708:19 letsgobobby
0tLarry Swedroe: Momentum Distinctions08:15 Random Walker 
37pAmazon says TurboTax 2018 will be released November 1211/07 cadreamer201508:11 lstone19
3hCan I purchase individual stocks in my Vanguard Rollover IRA?23:09 BogleInTraining07:52 runner3081
6hCan landlords take the QBI tax break?11/12 Loon1107:44 kksmom
0p[UK] Capital Gains Tax Calculation07:29 walkingeejit 
1pConfused with TLH aftereffects in Vanguard23:22 simpleguy12307:14 rkhusky
3tSeries 3 Finra Exam- any tips?05/13 Futuresinfo06:43 TomatoTomahto
2pPPO vs I missing something?20:48 alphacollector06:23 alphacollector
13pStock market open today?11/12 dm20006:20 z3r0c00l
64t"Rules-Based Risk Management System" = Market Timing = Momentum/Trend Following?11/09 sjwoo06:13 tmcc
40cCan you suggest where to live if work at UCLA11/11 aquamarine05:52 orlandoguy
48hUK resident non-dom: what's best investment location?02/26 stressed03:19 stressed
10hNY 457/Settlement Advice10/31 drayno200102:38 retire2022
5hMAJOR Vanguard Screwups in 403(b) Rollover11/13 rmf10502:30 planahead
7pPay capital gains taxes now or defer till 219?11/10 mrspock01:46 mrspock
6tAQR's Cliff Asness – The Past, The Present & Future of Quant11/13 matjen23:57 AlphaLess
26pAnyone use a Wealth Manager?11/09 ThankYouJack23:28 AlphaLess
11hGood time to TLH and which Vanguard funds to avoid wash sale?11/12 fortfun23:27 stlutz
4pHow to handle forced HSA distribution17:45 whodidntante23:09 Spirit Rider
2cFree half price mass transit card NYC for seniors11/13 protagonist23:04 2015
76pFinances in NYC11/10 mark3922:55 blueman457
2303tThe Three-Fund Portfolio2012 Taylor Larimore22:46 2015
114tDiversification Regret11/02 vineviz22:38 Copernicus
2hRetirement Portfolio Review - Advice needed11/12 Br6910222:26 Br69102
2hOld 401k from employer roll over to Vanguard IRA??21:18 inn_vest22:24 sawhorse
25cGlobal Entry Turnaround Time ?11/12 J29522:17 quantAndHold
3hArmy Veteran here in need of help with an annuity builder problem.11/12 H.Pat22:16 GuyInFL
38pDeceased year RMD of inherited IRA2013 livesoft22:13 hudson
30phealth savings account as federal employees2010 September22:11 MnD
37cAnyone with an Audi A3, Sport hatchback e-tron?11/04 Sandi_k22:03 randomguy
15pQuestion re: HSA for federal employees and FSA carryover10/28 InvisibleAeroba22:00 motorcyclesarec
4pAm I daft...Cannot pay Elan with my Fidelity account19:12 mrmass21:48 Horsefly
3hPredecessor to DAGVX?11/11 Valmede798021:38 retire2022
7hAll holdings sold when Roth moved, now what?11/12 InvestingIka21:30 Silk McCue
4hMutual Fund cost basis19:24 erictiger21:14 oldcomputerguy
3tonline trade order limit?20:18 AQ21:11 typical.investo
7hTLH International, should I buy back original holding?11/13 3-20Characters21:10 Misenplace
4tNon-USA person investing: AGG vs IUAG yields2015 galeno21:05 DJN
4cUpgrade from Moto G5+ to Moto X4?20:16 catdude21:03 squirm
29p457 vs 403b11/11 cjniemiec20:36 willthrill81
702pHigh Earners - What's Your Profession?2014 Hawkeye_Saver20:34 darrvao777
14pQ: Post Retirement Roth Contribution (Vanguard) & Earned Income Requirement11/13 Beatle Boots20:25 BL
20hSeverance | 401(k)11/11 Makaveli20:21 Makaveli
72cHow long have you had, or did you have, your HP-12C calculator?11/12 catdude20:17 gtaylor
34tVanguard Year-End distribution estimates11/02 delamer20:13 drzzzzz
51tTreasury term premium estimate: negative in most of 2017, now 2018 too (NY Fed Adrian, Crump, Moench model)2017 lack_ey20:08 ThrustVectoring
5hHelp with 1031 property sale11/07 Loon1120:03 Loon11
5hTLH at Schwab- IXUS & VXUS11/13 chambers13619:41 Earl Lemongrab
3hNew Investor looking for some guidance17:07 meda2319:40 sarabayo
6hVGTSX/VTSAX or Just The VTWSX?11/12 bluerafters19:28 Earl Lemongrab
60tMurphy's Law Of Retirement2017 Random Walker19:25 willthrill81
18pWhen to follow up after job interview11/13 eternalcow19:18 go_mets
4hSpouse Roth IRA Contribution Limits11/11 Ethereal18:53 Ethereal
32pWould you invest CC cashback into market??11/12 toomuchRE18:47 yeahman
5pHow to compare job with 401k vs. without11/13 Triple digit go18:36 Admiral
7cHVAC contractor swapped the furnace11/13 gisPro18:33 Saving$
108hCustomer Service with Vanguard03/31 LilyFleur18:28 mouses
9hSelling I Bonds/Buying New I Bonds?11/10 Barefootgirl18:24 protagonist
21hHow much should Son and DIL put into Roth & Pre-tax 401k accounts...?11/13 Johnsson18:21 Dottie57
5cDual SIM smart phone11/12 legio XX18:15 gold99xx
77lNew Columbus, Ohio Chapter2017 RetiredMarine18:13 RetiredMarine
6pCoverdell to 529 rollover and 365-day rule11/13 markcoop17:41 Alan S.
31c30" or 36" induction range for remodel?11/11 johan85117:35 mrc
3hBond Ladder vs. Vanguard Bonds17:05 Gatewood17:34 HappyWorkerBee
7pAnother HDHP Question11/13 Ren17:26 Artful Dodger
5hApproximate Total Stock Market11/13 ChrisH17:19 retiringwhen
29hSocial Security Claiming Strategy - Seeking Confirmation11/11 jahol00017:16 dknightd
10pAuto Accident Settlement06/15 Tech17:12 ResearchMed
2995pWhat's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?2016 guitarguy16:54 SlowMovingInves
170lMaster Thread for Philadelphia PA Area Bogleheads Chapter2012 dickenjb16:50 marnie
0pHelp needed with retirement numbers16:49 Cheego 
7h2 Questions11/13 Closer232316:37 sport

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