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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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2034 new posts and replies over 245 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
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10cHated Tesla Model 3 - try Y or ICE car?18:10 markfaix19:12 whodidntante
309t[Why did my fund suddenly drop in value?]2011 stratton19:12 Ocean77
277pHow I use I-ORP, and who shouldn't2017 LeeMKE19:11 Exchme
1632cBird watchers – what birds are you seeing?2020 JAZZISCOOL19:11 JAZZISCOOL
3hRole of BRKB for Asset Allocation in Taxable Acct18:29 lawman396619:09 aristotelian
27060tU.S. stocks in free fall2011 Lbill19:09 peskypesky
42tBogleheads take on bond tent08:27 martincmartin19:09 loukycpa
380hWhere Do I Go From Here - Asset Location [2022 Update]09/18 AnnetteLouisan19:09 7eight9
3954tWhat are you up YTD? [Year To Date]2014 InvestorNewb19:08 beCalm
25pTLH - buying my not "substantially identical" funds in a tax advantaged account01/19 archurisk19:07 rkhusky
119pConsidering first big purchase - mid 20s01/21 OutOfCollegeInv19:07 FireSekr
33tVanguard execs: Stock investors will be stepping off the gas for years to come02:22 psh19:06 Elysium
14pTURBOTAX says efile rejected my 2021 return13:13 Dan99919:06 theplayer11
2hCan I match my teens Roth IRA contributions with mutual funds?18:49 Curiouslearner19:05 Dontridetheinde
46tJeremy Grantham: 70% EM value+30% cash01/22 Lauretta19:03 hnd
36cSigned agreement for new house build -- NOW told we are required to pay for a deck? How to handle?01/20 doss19:03 andypanda
140pWhich do you think is better and why Medicare Advantage or Medigap?01/16 iamblessed19:01 bertilak
16pCalling SS Experts! Need a calculation09:58 summerof4219:00 Wrench
11pWhen should one start to seriously consider writing/having a will?15:44 Cranberry4418:59 JoeRetire
35pHow do I enter the workforce after 16 years?01/21 luckybamboo18:57 Carson
20390tU.S. stocks continue to soar!2018 GoldStar18:57 Robot Monster
2hPortfolio Review/comments/suggestions appreciated14:34 retired6118:53 g8tgod
28tHow to treat HSA12:06 Percyjackcson18:52 Joe Public
105cDoes anybody else out there still pay for an email address?2017 Bammerman18:52 Vulcan
1hUK expat with a US spouse planning retirement/investments12:10 jedmac2318:51 Duckie
7hWash Sale11:38 USPSA18:50 Lee_WSP
85tBonds are doing their job so far01/21 HomerJ18:49 KlangFool
196cDo people still wear ties and belts?01/20 Caduceus18:49 andypanda
118cWordle [Anyone playing Wordle?]01/15 MidwestMike18:43 SagaciousTravel
1h1099-R for 401k in-plan Roth conversions18:40 Ghosh_Bogled18:43 kd2008
171cReport of leaked LastPass master passwords12/27 VictorStarr18:43 Doom&Gloom
86t[Should I move money from Intermediate Term Bond Index to I-Bonds?]01/12 stocknoob411118:39 GetSmarter
9ptrying to understand relationship between bonds, interest rates and valuation01/20 capran18:33 alex_686
11242tHEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure Part II: The next journey2019 HEDGEFUNDIE18:33 Hydromod
14hVariable Annuity for my 9 year old daughter15:41 psriniva18:31 rob
20cFavorite Productivity "Systems," Apps, etc.01/04 Cranberry4418:30 Silverado
32cSignature Kitchen Suite (SKS)- update: thermador vs GE Monogram01/21 rage_phish18:29 andypanda
0p2021 Turbo Tax - reducing $600 charitable to $30018:23 startwithtruth 
175tTraditional SWR - flawed at the core01/21 9-5 Suited18:20 Marseille07
1pHow many stimulus paments 2021?18:17 effillus18:18 Cheez-It Guy
30pInheritance drama - enforcing the will13:01 Gemini18:18 Mr. Rumples
0pTreasury direct account - name is too long.18:17 dred pirate 
3pSharing Your Experience with a 401(k) True-Up Match10:37 careerdata18:16 ilisira
3hSell from taxable to max out 401k?12:38 euler18:16 grabiner
5506pWhat's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?2016 guitarguy18:14 Hannibal Barca
29tHow high, and for how long, can the Fed raise interest rates?23:34 Phyneas18:11 Flyer24
5pIs Title Lock Insurance really necessary?14:04 diehard18:08 LadyGeek
79hGot my first paycheck with $0 net pay01/22 Alto Astral18:04 pasadena
9hDid I mess up by going with a traditional 401K rather than Roth 401K?13:23 Jeeperscrow12318:04 Cruz
25hTIPS underperforming regular bonds in 2022?01/22 siriusblack18:04 grabiner
13hJoint account and inheritance11:49 FrodoKenobi17:59 chemocean
1h401k and job change08:11 goodenyou17:56 Duckie
14tDo Low ER Index Funds Exist for Concentrated Small Sectors?01/22 MetaPhysician17:51 000
273tFama and French: The Five-Factor Model Revisited01/15 Fremdon Ferndoc17:44 Apathizer
13tPut stocks in Traditional IRA first? Or put in Roth IRA first?01/20 teelainen17:42 dboeger1
37pQuicken for Mac Users - Best Alternative2021 Markwhy17:41 randyharris
17hTastyworks Bonus - Questions01/22 Kookaburra17:39 Drew31
7pAppropriate Amount of Credit?01/20 Investor128717:35 Raycpact
0cHave any fellow Union Pacific investors received the shareholder calendar?17:33 tcb1005 
3nMoving back to Canada, expatriation exit tax and cap gains16:39 ee22bee17:31 retire2022
2pHow permanent disability and ira withdrawals are taxed16:59 RVohioken17:31 Silk McCue
12hKeep VASGX or exchange for VFIAX, VTSAX or equivalent?01/17 ninjturtles17:28 retire2022
4hAsking family member to contribute to my son's 529 with my money?17:12 ballasowjanya1817:23 Flyer24
15hUse it or Convert it, Roth Conversion Strategy09:13 TheTimeLord17:21 Leif
37cNew Build Home Privacy Wall Issue, WWYD?01/22 cannister17:19 NYCaviator
10hEvaluating Pension Start Date01/20 cashheavy1817:16 cashheavy18
29thelp me understand why Roth conversions after retirement?11:51 dred pirate17:14 marcopolo
3pReporting 529 QTP withdrawal for K-12 private school tuition16:49 aum17:10 marcopolo
1hManaged Accounts or DIY?16:57 cat517:10 mhalley
55hWhen to sell individual stock after run up?2020 renegade0617:10 307068304
21pBetter To Lease Than Buy A Car Right Now?01/22 rsilver4117:05 rich126
13tFavorite investing/personal finance education YouTube channels?01/18 Missjosie44417:03 CrazyCatLady
14hUsing 403(b) or 457(b)2019 Jboglecmu17:02 Doc7
496cOddly Difficult to Find Items During the Pandemic2020 alfaspider17:01 canadianbacon
69cCitibank credit card - can you win a dispute?12/30 michaeljc7016:56 seawolf21
2hWhich Fidelity Bond Fund for Inherited IRA?16:11 catchinup16:53 mrpotatoheadsay
24cTravel recommendations for England?01/21 blackburnian16:52 MMiroir
2hPortfolio advice15:00 moonlit16:48 Alto Astral
14cHas anyone dealt with lead paint and young children?20:05 totallynotsure16:47 Flyer24
1hDefined Contributions15:40 value888816:44 retiredjg
5pBest browser if restricting Vanguard account?01/21 conundrum16:43 tj
2706cWhat are you listening to now2020 Artful Dodger16:39 Nicolas
28pWhat is the consensus on reporting 1099-K eBay sales used stuff?01/22 bigtex16:39 lstone19
5hBuy another 10k ibonds?13:01 TarHeel200216:36 Alto Astral
206tTarget date funds ... so much for "set and forget" [and WSJ article]01/03 lasater16:30 LadyGeek
6h[Sitting on cash, when to put it in the market?]12:08 ROB5216:30 pkcrafter
13tBuying $600k in i-bonds.15:19 MattB16:29 MattB
2917pBank of America/Merrill Edge - Preferred Rewards2014 navyitaly16:28 sarabayo
30pThere are 5 stages of life—here's what to do at every age: 'Don't obsess over money in your 30s'01/21 skor9916:22 Flyer24
3hAllocation between 401k and Roth IRA15:35 Eurookat16:13 Silk McCue
7699cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36816:10 JAZZISCOOL
99hAn Easy Way to Frontload (temporarily exceed) I/EE Bond Annual Limit?2020 oneleaf16:02 dboeger1
21cCeiling fans01/22 dogbones15:52 Bogle7
2psubstitute payment in lieu in a K Roth20:57 flaresident15:52 flaresident
20pForeign Tax Credit - Changes to Form 1116 for 202101/06 Electron15:50 Electron
48hCapital gains in taxable accounts - Why is it that bad?01/22 Curiouslearner15:50 Geologist
2pVanguard address discrepancy in TurboTax import15:19 Danw15:49 tj
62cWhat do you all pay for TV and internet? rates just went up01/21 dred pirate15:48 jharkin
12tKeep Trading Target Date Funds Every Five Years (To Maintain Close to 100% Equities)?11:05 CoastLawyer203015:46 buyer
91cLooking for Advice for a Short Trip to NYC with toddler (I'm from small Midwestern City)09/28 jpa15:43 newyorker
52tMaxing 401K frustration08:56 conservativeinv15:41 MathWizard
36tIs Ignorance Bliss?01/22 IRouteIP15:39 tadamsmar
19c? If You Have a Bosch Dishwasher01/21 mbres6015:38 mbres60
203pHow has inflation changed your expense/spending strategy?11/15 sents1315:36 jackrabbit14
6tMoney vs Currency11:17 rockthisworld15:30 LadyGeek
5662cWhat Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI2014 Alex Frakt15:26 quantAndHold
5tWhere to place bonds in a 3-fund portfolio over time12:51 archurisk15:22 ivgrivchuck
0pInteresting Part Time Jobs15:13 keyfort 
4pWhere to deposit large sum12:32 jameswg15:13 jameswg
35hMLP (Master Limited Partnerships)01/20 copenhagen22714:54 jackrabbit14
19hMutual Fund Conversion To ETF01/03 Jason-Paul14:52 anon_investor
30hHow to invest with ZERO SWR in retirement next 25+ years ?19:55 carminered201914:52 AlphaLess
30cOutdoor Holiday Lights12/23 chris31914:45 Nver2Late
704c[On-going Scams - Post them here]2019 ketanco14:44 hsmith
17pCreating Trusts to Buy I-Bonds01/21 Stormbringer14:41 Outer Marker
4pFederal Retirees W2's on mypay13:36 f35phixer14:38 f35phixer
1hHancock Venture III Var Annuity11:01 SeaDog14:33 Stinky
29cEpic Winter Trip Ideas - snowmobile, XC ski, hike, yurts?20:07 ThankYouJack14:32 halfnine
3tCallan Periodic Table of Investing13:26 Gaston14:24 bling
3cOmicron virus and domestic flying14:09 pablolo14:23 Flyer24
4tretirment plan with a mix of Roth and pre-tax contributions12:00 dred pirate14:15 dred pirate
18pEscrow waiver fee...01/21 Ed_Sandwich14:03 Golf maniac
13hMega Backdoor Roth check steps01/08 joetro2913:59 retiredjg
13pRenting home to a family member - tax concerns?01/22 AZAttorney1113:59 fyre4ce
6tWhen looking at long term asset performance over a 30 year future period, what do you use?07:00 iim7V7IM713:57 dbr
15hNew Boglehead seeking Portfolio Advice12/18 2032vision13:55 rhubarbpie
31pLife Estate Question01/20 bhjjk1913:54 lws
43hWhen you win the game... quit playing01/20 Hooked13:53 bertilak
3hBackdoor Roth Excess Contribution Question09:01 Wisco2213:52 retiredjg
7tDo Target Funds Weight Equities Similar to VTWAX?12:25 CoastLawyer203013:51 sycamore
12tTax Loss Harvest pairs leverage fund vs standard index22:20 ChinchillaWhipl13:43 Nate79
23cSafest way of sending document to Asia01/10 Caduceus13:34 Yooper
13pSolo 401k for eBay sales?01/22 new2bogle213:31 MP123
6tA benefit of the Vanguard "new platform:" single consolidated 1099-R form for my RMDs01/22 nisiprius13:30 sycamore
493tBill Sharpe's preferred portfolio2017 Quark13:29 SpideyIndexer
16cBuilding a front porch: regrets and recommendations20:49 coalcracker13:27 coalcracker
31hShould I sell RE assets?01/22 stanthecaddy13:24 stanthecaddy
3pNegotiating Pay Raise with an Internal, Lateral Move10:23 BradJ13:22 BradJ
28hHow to best use gifted money to pay for our kids college?01/22 jb313:22 teen persuasion
7pNeed to liquidate 30k mutual funds in next 60 days...when to do it?12:23 miamivice13:10 colddeadfish
1165tBonds in free fall02/16 00013:01 stocknoob4111
17pQuicken - Alternative?01/22 BullMoose13:00 mrpotatoheadsay
2hRequesting Portfolio Review10:21 HappyPappy12:47 retiredjg
4ptIRA vs roth [Traditional IRA vs. Roth - How to minimize AGI?]01/22 Jimmyjab12:36 FiveK
48pExperience with Citibank Bonus Offer04/17 CashConfessions12:30 EnjoyIt
8pAnother SS Question11:17 maniminto12:27 RyeBourbon
31cNeed a new blanket01/09 D. C. Pline12:26 Beensabu
8pHold on 401k rollover or do it anyway01/20 mortalsonofmort12:22 mhalley
28cMen's Exercise Shorts12/27 Cruise12:14 BerkeleyChris
25pCost Basis for Inherited Shares2019 GeekGal12:12 GeekGal
40tVanguard thinks retirees might want to keep 50% in equities01/21 cadreamer201512:10 GaryA505
11pPaying into SS01/19 Nickinsticks12:10 phxjcc
8pNeed advice re moving vs. staying put, buying vs. renting - WWBD?01/17 calirunner12:07 Kristopher
5pHow specifically to distribute trust with IRA, Roth, capital loss, cash12/01 CAsage12:06 CAsage
29hHelping Divorced Mom Manage Finances01/21 Concerned Daugh11:58 Dottie57
9hRetirement Podcast Recommendation??05:53 R700011:58 averagedude
72pWash sale/TLH question [Tax Loss Harvesting]01/21 buyer11:55 Lee_WSP
3pRecommendations for Tax Advisor for Axie Infinity Earnings01/16 careerdata11:53 careerdata
137hEarly retirement plan advice (39yo, $880k, ~3.5% withdraw)01/13 aaaaaa11111111:50 Oldaroo3
56cAerospace Engineering as a college major01/21 lasp50611:38 Normchad
8hAll the gains come from 4% of stocks22:29 RussellWilson11:35 randomguy
13hadvantages of 457b over 403b?01/22 dred pirate11:34 dred pirate
3tWash sale adjustments and deferring loss22:52 ChinchillaWhipl11:33 Lee_WSP
19hWindfall - mutual fund or real estate?01/21 reasonabletoexp11:33 Donpaz
14pSoftware for filing 1099-NECs01/19 hameshatumkocha11:30 mugworts
38hMy First Roth conversions to be this year! Top of 24% or 32%?01/16 ClassOf202111:26 Rajsx
11pIRA spousal beneficiary strategy - older spouse survivor01/22 elgob11:22 secondcor521
3416tThe Three-Fund Portfolio2012 Taylor Larimore11:22 Taylor Larimore
3pHelp With Math! Calculating effect of being paid weekly vs. every 6 weeks05:43 Messner800011:19 Messner8000
44tWilliam Bernstein’s complicated portfolios01/22 BogleBuddy1211:18 nedsaid
47tRPAR on Steroids10/15 sunnywindy11:17 Booogle
46cHow much energy does water heater use when I'm not home?2014 mediahound11:15 finite_differen
8cKitchen remodel and credit cards01/22 rage_phish11:11 NewishBog
0pBusiness Bank Account Recommendation11:09 takingcharge 
148lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2022!06/09 Miriam211:07 desiderium
2pWhat documents should a homeowner retain which prove ownership of a property10:46 Yarlonkol1211:07 Zeno
6hRetirement is hopefully 5-Years out. Checking in to see if that is realistic?09:58 iim7V7IM710:57 iim7V7IM7
33hCash on the sidelines, rules for getting in?01/21 IslandTime10:51 kuhio
3cTile bluetooth trackers10:12 michaeljc7010:50 bogledogle
10pSSA-1099 Anomaly01/22 BluesH10:48 jebmke
43pDIY Trust software - do you have experience with Nolo/Quicken Willmaker and Trust or other software?01/19 spreadsheetguy10:46 bsteiner
3pPrintable ledger for teenager budget (envelope based)10:11 guppyguy10:42 Sandtrap
14pSSA [Social Security - spousal benefit earnings]08/31 jcjc10:36 retireIn2020
1hABLE accounts and Medicaid clawback10:23 startabatha10:33 eye.surgeon
40hThrift Savings Plan Withdrawal Process2019 MichDad10:23 lindalyc
169h18 to 100 percent annual return fund02/12 johnsmithsf10:22 Cheez-It Guy
17cCar help (Buying)01/20 hbdad10:05 jpelder
32pWhat % down to put on a house01/20 FIdream210:03 Outer Marker
7pGo-to recommendation(s) for refinancing01/20 summerof4210:01 summerof42
5tShorting SQQQ for long term01/22 Ninjadetector09:50 learntoinvest12
486tA time to EVALUATE your jitters2011 nisiprius09:42 Leesbro63
2tYTD returns and expense ratios09:12 fish7109:39 increment
20cWent under contract last week for new home -- bad timing? Mortgage rates, etc01/10 doss09:34 Nowizard
11hCheapest 529 Plan22:28 throw12311209:32 gas_balloon
10pShould I sell my house or rent it?01/22 centralvalley09:27 Outer Marker
25p50K Deck - Do or Don't01/22 Bogglebendi09:22 Gmt21
6hmove cash to ? and keep it conservative ?01/22 briang_g09:21 7eight9
4hRecession worries anyone?09:00 singletonjack09:13 oldcomputerguy
139lTampa Bay Local Bogleheads Chapter2015 tampaite09:12 sleepysurf
2pFinancial Checkup - Ending 20's01/22 Veni Vidi Deces09:02 Outer Marker
25hNervous about 1st Lump Sum Investment01/17 jason112209:00 retiredjg
19hShould I Stop Retirement Contributions? A behavioral finance dilemma01/22 fundmental08:55 vineviz
12hPortfolio review for retirement readiness01/22 marcus21308:45 invest2bfree
0hPortfolio comparison using MYGA's vs: bond funds08:40 rwilliam 
22hAm I on Track to Retire at 55?01/21 USPSA08:32 danaht
42pReal estate syndicates: Talk me into (or out of) it2020 MetaPhysician08:31 bltn
9hPurchase Ibond tax return01/22 Oak&Elm08:24 dcabler
27pNearing Retirement - Any missing pieces?01/20 vas08:06 Chadnudj
5tBond risk nature06:28 konik08:06 alex_686
25hWhy the recent drop in target date funds?01/21 Gully Boy07:38 Geologist
2cSell new car and lease?06:51 makingmistakes07:37 Trism
44cBaby equipment - just trash it?01/10 DarkHelmetII07:34 BradJ
5hAm I on track for my age? Seeking opinions/advice21:56 metallihorsemen07:30 backpacker61
15pFirst Time Tax Loss Harvester01/21 3funds4life07:16 LadyGeek
111cCalling all BH wine enthusiasts!01/14 khangaroo06:24 oysterboy
4930t[GameStop GME trading mega-thread]2021 Prettyfrtnt05:45 Booogle
91tIs 100% VTSAX good for early twenties?01/19 paulyb05:07 Ed 2
5nLeveraged Lifecycle Investing - Australian application01/21 Dylan_Goatman04:31 Dylan_Goatman
1892cWhat frugal thing did you do today?2017 Nectarineman04:22 Trism
21pPreparing to run Family death scenarios01/22 Stoic901:38 Zeno
19pShould I do my own taxes or hire a pro?01/22 LGAGA01:17 Fat Tails
274tVanguard Portfolio Watch has a new look [Calculations may be incorrect]04/07 livesoft01:01 beyou
30cCar dealer cancelled maintenance plan - how to get money back01/22 Samskil00:27 Goal33
19hAnyone using Vanguard's in-house 529?2021 Pandemic Bangs00:02 NateH
5hInvesting in OTC Stocks22:49 throw12311223:50 gougou
1252tSimba's backtesting spreadsheet [a Bogleheads community project]2007 simba23:17 siamond
6hSelling shares to switch funds in taxable01/21 HeelaMonster23:16 Dale_G
4hPortfolio review for 5 year retirement plan01/18 Mr.BB22:32 Outer Marker
5pDouble step up cost basis death of spouse01/19 BuzzyQ22:23 BuzzyQ
27tWhat to do with new weekly investments01/21 NabSh22:15 Metsfan91
167cwhich snow blower ?2018 lmea21:54 Metsfan91
53pBank that Doesn't Offer Multifactor Authentication (MFA)12/15 OpenMinded121:52 grogu
9tHow can the market correct given that economy is flooded with USD?19:27 Robin123421:40 dboeger1
75pParent has cognitive impairment, caregiver doesn't want POA, what to do?01/16 bismarck2321:36 bismarck23
1369pRetiree Portfolio Model2012 BigFoot4821:27 jwb0007
13hHelp 'unwinding' annuities?01/21 einreb21:08 Stinky
6cPotential Issues Selling Car with Title in Hand?20:14 Madbull20:57 Madbull
101chealthy food--one day's menu?12/18 Carousel20:48 Gooch1226
12pAdvice for aging relative- fund the spending gap01/22 advice78920:45 dbr
13hHow does market behavior affect "live off taxable and max out 401k"?01/21 OhpBuddy20:38 CyclingDuo
26hMy rollover check is in the mail...01/22 RetiOpening20:03 RetiOpening
80pTax Loss Harvesting01/19 throw12311220:01 gas_balloon
3pTLH and Wash sale [Tax Loss Harvest]01/22 t24b35019:48 t24b350
583tTSLA: What Changed?02/02 Kookaburra19:34 Silverado
4t72(t) Friendly Brokers/Custodians01/21 Typ997S19:27 sailaway

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