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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1398 new posts and replies over 209 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
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Subforum - TopicLast   
8pPersonal Finance Assessment14:58 pthawaii18:00 luminous
14hSimple question on where to fund - 401k > IRA > what next07/14 Mr_Yan18:00 Mr_Yan
23hWhen to invest 100000?15:16 vu817:58 FireHorse
28cWho has owned a ski boat or waverunner & did you regret it?2015 ThankYouJack17:58 D Newton
11hTransferring money from Canada - Wait for exchange rate to improve?13:04 msj1617:58 whodidntante
114cWhy own a bed?07/16 Caduceus17:58 AerialWombat
71cAmazon Prime Day 201807/16 C4NT17:54 brokendirtdart
63pAre Credit Cards Actually Convenient?07/15 magister17:53 Pajamas
112pEarly retirement07/13 skime17:52 AlwaysWannaLear
3hQuick question on taxable account in early retirement17:13 blaugranamd17:50 jebmke
82tA different take on retirement income: time segmentation07/15 willthrill8117:48 GAAP
48pWhere to get a $100 bill?07/15 cap39617:46 Grasshopper
3h28 years old and Accumulating15:40 sedna27317:45 trojans10
3hHow to reinvest previous years gains to facilitate compounding effect.13:03 ALittleDickybir17:41 VaR
1hBonds17:35 sportsfreak98517:41 retiredjg
20tIs Tax-Managed Small Cap (VTMSX) an underrated fund?02/15 oneleaf17:38 rob
20tNew Vanguard Security Code Requirement13:52 Pale Horse17:37 c.coyle
47pHow often do you buy a primary residence?07/15 pomidoro17:36 AerialWombat
9csuit shoe combo?16:00 Mjar17:36 bottlecap
52pFamilies - What's your total annual credit card spend?07/16 UpsetRaptor17:35 mptfan
39cHow much furniture spending is ok?07/15 jayk23817:34 Pajamas
48hA new investor has appeared! [Portugal]07/08 DrBlues17:32 TedSwippet
2hAssistance Needed with Moving SIMPLE IRA13:54 Bonkie17:31 pkcrafter
3tBackdoor Roth questions. ??15:36 Mardoc0117:31 Duckie
36pDuration of Sequence of Return risk for long retirements07/15 marcopolo17:30 marcopolo
20hThoughts on using an ETF for TIPS investing07/11 PalmQueen17:29 jalbert
78tIn defense of short-term treasuries07/14 danielc17:28 Kevin M
1hEmployer Contributions for Solo 401k16:24 idoc517:26 J295
13cMy roof looks like a patchwork quilt/insurance companies (UPDATE!!!)07/12 Agon17:26 Spyder59
9hStarting my investment10:40 Vlvthamr17:25 Vlvthamr
1cQuestion about new construction basement houses17:20 WolfpackFan17:25 Pajamas
46t1-year Treasury Bill auction07/13 Kevin M17:17 Kevin M
2cMaking an offer on a 'new' home from builder16:27 sunny_socal17:14 chevca
40tRobert Merton on NewRetirement Podcast06/29 Horton17:13 thx1138
23pBuy a vacation home while renting21:09 blue_skies4517:03 MittensMoney
0cValsartan - 3 Companies Recall Blood Pressure Medications Over Cancer Fears17:03 John Z 
8cHow do I find information on home security cameras that came with the house?11:34 Morik17:00 CedarWaxWing
8cExcel Spread sheets -mac or. Windows?13:37 Dottie5716:46 VaR
8hHouse purchase: pay cash or get mortgage?10:13 nerdinvestor16:43 tesuzuki2002
17hMFs in India [Mutual Funds]07/13 arnott16:41 newdoc123
7tShifting Tides of Global Economic Power, 1820 to Today14:11 SimpleGift16:41 SimpleGift
1cAnyone used Costco business phone service?16:36 scorp_pccorp16:40 Utvolfan1
12hToo Diversified?07/13 bgar1516:38 bgar15
17tMath help: 401k vs debt payoff formula07/14 ray.james16:33 ray.james
19pSocial Security Questions for my Parents07/16 LFKB16:33 delamer
1hBeginner looking for portfolio advice / critique!02:01 sarabayo16:29 Duckie
95pAnyone not have a Budget?07/15 masonstone16:29 ray.james
25pYet another CP2000 for Roth IRA conversion thread04/16 Viking6516:28 47Percent
21pWills10:32 28fe616:27 bsteiner
10pAnother student loan question14:52 nymeria.stark16:26 nymeria.stark
19pShould I reduce the death benefit of my term life policy?10:34 TNL16:25 Stinky
12hHelp with Solo 401k Placement03:26 firegirl16:23 firegirl
3tTitans of Junk: Behind the Debt Binge That Now Threatens Markets [Bloomberg article]07/16 AnotherSandwich16:22 willthrill81
10hSmart401K going away07/16 nc70016:20 pkcrafter
72cGoing solar?07/06 barberakb16:20 VaR
2pTurbo Tax -- Forms 8814 and 8962 (Household income calculations for PTC)07/16 47Percent16:19 47Percent
12tWhy age is not how to determine risk tolerance11:22 kagantx16:19 willthrill81
3hKids Investemnt Advice15:43 Investing.Newbi16:18 UpsetRaptor
25pBored07/16 28fe616:15 Katietsu
1tDecrease International Growth Fund Admiral and buy Total International Stock Index Adm16:06 Flymore16:14 livesoft
2203tThe Three-Fund Portfolio2012 Taylor Larimore16:14 Carol88888
26tGot a Question for the Experts Panel at the Bogleheads Conference?03/14 Mel Lindauer16:09 kupuna
24hAdvice for young colleague please07/16 kjsammy16:09 Meg77
71hTell me what's wrong with my strategy07/13 JoeMontana1616:08 Carol88888
34hbrokerage account conversion01/02 VT1485016:02 Duckie
298cMoviePass-Too good to be true, but it's legit.10/04 denovo16:02 juana
31pAccepted new job, immediately laid off at old one?07/15 preciseman15:55 scottgekko
378cFlaunt Your High-Mileage Car2015 Teague15:53 audioaxes
4hHelp with Retirement Investments11:57 OtterBee15:52 billfromct
9pUnusual asset protection strategies07/16 abw15:51 DetroitRick
25cTravel to Mainland China - Cyber Security07/15 mc715:46 AddingUp
55cHave you ever purchased a pricy musical instrument?07/16 investingdad15:44 MiddleOfTheRoad
2tFund price questions10:01 rvergara15:41 livesoft
51cBe Careful Using Mailboxes07/13 Yankuba15:37 JW-Retired
2712pWhat's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?2016 guitarguy15:35 Bhairston2018
5cRecourse for Unhonored Warranty on Labor09:35 General Disarra15:35 General Disarra
54p$540 a month on food for graduate student budget too much?07/16 pax423515:29 dknightd
41pHow can I obtain compensation data?12/25 MrJones15:26 Afty
5pUS citizen living in the US -- remote work for German company. Taxes? Currency? Invoicing? Benefits?06/20 understandingJH15:24 Jack FFR1846
55cWould you pay $120 for a 5 year dishwasher warranty?07/16 pondering15:22 audioaxes
39cWhich minivan?10/23 daave15:16 Misciagno
101pFor those of you who handle all the finances, how do you keep your spouse "in the know"2017 Jags418615:13 praxis
13pUnclaimed property07/16 Swarm Trap15:12 AlwaysWannaLear
9hConsolidate and simplify07/15 LittleKnown15:11 ExitStageLeft
10pContinue contributing to Roth or switch to Traditional?07/16 SerenityBlue15:04 FiveK
295cConcierge medicine Worth It????2016 Rexindex14:58 dm200
6pCost Basis of Funds to file Decedent's taxes22:29 Jablean14:57 Jablean
17cAlaska Trip/Cruise Summer of 2020. Help me plan07/16 Housedoc14:53 sawdust60
135tWhy is leveraging property good but leveraging stocks bad?07/14 SpeculativeTrad14:43 runner540
16hWhy is my bond fund going up with interest rates?08:34 InvestInLife14:43
2pSS estimate and when you stop working13:39 Hugh Prolly-Wri14:41 delamer
14hFidelity Portfolio Advice Please07/15 teacherguy14:40 teacherguy
1hdivorce- helping my best friend13:27 ready2014:19 niceguy7376
64lHouston Chapter2013 Kircheis14:19 onthecusp
2cWebsite to send gifts?08:36 kayanco14:16 kaudrey
6cCroatia/Slovenia/Montenegro - 8 days11:07 gt4715b14:14 autolycus
14cHow much did your braces/invisalign braces cost?07/16 fortfun14:10 fortfun
57cFlooring for New House07/09 starkinthesouth14:07 starkinthesouth
4hNeed help picking investments for taxable brokerage08:53 Humboldt5514:05 MotoTrojan
1hShort versus Intermediate Term Bond13:58 Always passive14:04 vineviz
3hPhasing our Roth vs 401k09:25 Superleaf44414:03 MotoTrojan
5t3% APY 14 month CD (New England States Only)07/15 alpenglow13:42 Scooter57
2hSuggestions for accounts for minor children?13:25 41fan13:39 Rupert
16pCalifornia Homeowners - Do you have earthquake insurance?07/16 slalom13:37 slalom
13hAdvice adjusting Asset Allocation07/16 reddison13:35 reddison
23cHeart Rate Monitors Fitbit vs. Garmin07/15 Sasquatch13:34 stoptothink
23cPassport expiration time rules for France07/16 hoops77713:34 Bfwolf
11tVtip short term tip etf ??07/16 Mardoc0113:29 emlowe
6piBonds within a revocable trust11:49 Dottie5713:26 HueyLD
15hHelp me analyze this real estate sale07/16 ebeard13:26 ebeard
53lArizona Chapter04/12 mabromovitz13:06 Dwight53
30pHow can I pay my credit card balance with a Visa Gift Card?07/02 Carno13:06 Carno
21tLarry Swedroe: Know Your Investor Personality07/13 Random Walker13:00 lws
15hOpening a Traditional IRA Within Existing Vanguard Account12/04 joer121212:51 fposte
14hRollover to a expensive 401k worth it?08:53 Grover12:49 Grover
14pClass Reunion Fund: How to Hold and Where to Invest?07/16 nszzya12:46 dm200
3hPlanning for housing11:07 krishnam12:41 runner3081
0hNewbie question12:37 Mjs97 
3tSteve Dubner interviews Richard Thaler21:51 bobcat212:36 gtd98765
28pBig 4 Who Jumped to Industry - Compensation07/13 HardHitter12:21 Frank Grimes
8hRelative tax efficiency of total international funds07/06 aaja12:20 aaja
6hIndex funds10:44 Mjar12:03 lostdog
15pHSA (or PPO) and a baby20:51 TarHeel200211:57 Artful Dodger
10cWater leaking from skylight window - Roofer cannot find cause!10:51 scorp_pccorp11:56 mortfree
1pHiring Parents as Household Employee07/16 mk10011:35 Dottie57
12tMarket cap weighting vs rebalancing07/11 mlz11:34 pascalwager
15tGMO 7 year forecasts are worse than a toss of a coin18:59 InvestInPasta11:29 gmaynardkrebs
0pEstate Planning Attory Portland, OR11:26 Investing.Newbi 
14hPlease help me untangle this mess!19:12 sapper137111:20 sapper1371
21hRetirement Funds - Other Financial Advice Requested07/13 fruitjacket11:19 fruitjacket
38tBalanced Funds and Sequence of Return Risk07/16 1210sda11:16 nedsaid
18pNew Career Advice? Would you do it?07/14 mattod12211:15 fandango
28pAnyone experienced landlords here? Caught some of my tenants renting out rooms. Anything I should do?07/12 sngaw11:13 DVMResident
4h23 and seeking help with investments20:33 TheCapitalist11:12 misscourtneyk
4pLump Sum Tax Question07/14 ridonkulous5211:12 ridonkulous52
58cIs expensive olive oil worth it?07/12 tuningfork11:10 mervinj7
3cNeed Help Evaluating HVAC Needs and Quotes09:45 Rupert11:06 renue74
5hSeeking help for investment allocation07/15 bakerjin11:03 bakerjin
4hflowchart from for backdoor roths07/16 arcticpineapple10:59 Alan S.
5hAdvice for a beginner with £100k07/13 Tom9010:52 WanderingDoc
0hThe future for long term bond index funds? i.e. VWALX10:49 starlight2019 
10hSmall windfall, no debt, where to put it? [USA]08:27 Ed_Sandwich10:48 JoeRetire
3hUse TIPS for multi-year RMDs as a risk reduction strategy?07/16 amiller7x710:48 chicagobear
12pPotential Personal Judgement-Florida07/11 Naples7810:46 TheGreatDane
11pNew book based on Millionaire Next Door07/16 timmy10:31 DanMahowny
4cTrouble with Face ID on Vanguard App for iPhone X?07/14 Snert10:30 Snert
2cLooking for a VOIP Replacement for Skype On Mac07/16 Amphian10:28 typical.investo
0hFirst Real Estate Investment question10:20 SpaceBound35 
8cShoe shine, airport?07/16 Xrayman6910:17 ralph124cf
761pVariable Percentage Withdrawal (VPW)2013 longinvest09:42 cap396
7tLarry Swedroe: The Drums Of (Trade) War07/16 Random Walker09:36 Valuethinker
73hLooking for EUR holy grail bond strategy06/04 toine09:28 Valuethinker
6cAny luck Unlocking Sprint iPhone 5?07/16 A44009:20 lazydavid
14cTesla Insurance Question and how to get out of the deposit07/03 InvestoGuy09:17 Big Dog
0hneed strategy to sell stocks without increasing AGI09:08 ionymous 
21pSocial Security Tax Hump vs. Tax Torpedo07/14 aebknb09:03 JoeRetire
4tMarket timing benefit? Or just pure luck?01:25 greenhill08:39 BeBH65
65tDirect Real Estate Returns07/12 InvestInLife08:24 InvestInLife
7pBusiness Credit Card07/16 Nomadix08:17 ResearchMed
53pWho are heirs? No will.11/30 lhwerdyt*1791c08:12 NotWhoYouThink
8cTripAdvisor "Points" & "Levels" ?07/15 ResearchMed07:57 dsmclone
22h[EU] About the cost of taxes on dividends in European funds05/05 RME07:39 international00
11hHelp with consolidating Retirement and taxable portfolio07/13 nish07:09 retiredjg
6pJob Change?19:07 KP Patches06:59 simas
3pPension Valuation03:51 stungerz06:33 CyclingDuo
14hMy Annuity of now.07/15 Bronco Billy06:12 Bronco Billy
10hVanguard Sub-Asset Allocation Model, Personal Advisor Service07/12 jbuch00205:36 jbuch002
108tAre Bonds Always Safe? — A Second Look at U.S. Portfolio Disasters07/09 SimpleGift05:12 afan
37hAll-In VTSAX07/15 Hawaiishrimp04:45 Cyclesafe
8hRetiring at 62. Have Healthcare Plan. Is my Plan Sane?07/16 bdaniel5804:29 bdaniel58
7tFlat real yield curve07/15 jalbert03:25 Valuethinker
1043tThe Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses2016 Earl Lemongrab02:14 Mike14
36tFinancial Newspapers & Publications06/27 abuss36801:16 Kalo
3hAsett Allocation07/16 goaztecsfight00:34 goaztecsfight
29lLas Vegas Mtgs Master Thread2013 nvboglehead00:10 nvboglehead
9pPerpetual Withdrawal Rate07/15 skime23:59 aj76er
13hBond funds in taxable accounts?04/12 l1am23:46 gostars
3hMerrill Edge Taxable Account and Tax Loss Harvesting22:20 SVT23:41 SVT
7tClassifying CDs as Bonds or Short Term assets07/16 AtomicCash23:02 danielc
58pShould we sell our business?07/13 201621:46 HenrysCreek
18lAny interest in a Shelby/Jefferson County AL chapter?06/21 Housedoc21:33 Mel Lindauer
7cAnyone use a heart rate monitor for swimming???01/18 davidkw21:12 five2one
19cShould I cancel my Colorado trip due to wildfires??07/01 RudyS21:09 Colorado13
94cWhat are you learning or studying?06/29 dentoid21:05 tnhooper45
8hPortfolio Alignment Guidance07/14 RIMDBogle20:47 LadyGeek
13tturnover rate impact on return07/15 omerthegrouch20:43 asset_chaos
3hCheck-up - suggestions welcome07/16 traveler320:40 David Jay
13hInvesting in oil?07/16 Thegame1420:37 market timer
290cMy New Car Buying Tips2013 denovo20:33 namenloseblonde
343pWhat is/ was your career and would you recommend it now?06/21 alex12371120:32 brokendirtdart
3hMissed Secuties Class Action Claim Deadline07/15 Niam20:27 CrazyCatLady
99pWhat rate of return are you using for retirement projections?07/07 ronhh20:25 delamer
85tSchwab Intelligent Portfolio vs. Schwab Target Fund03/07 lhwerdyt*1791c20:19 Nate79
18pBraces: Keeping cost down and insurance questions.07/14 fortfun19:59 fortfun
8pAny guidelines on going pre or post tax for pension HAS.07/16 fortfun19:56 fortfun
76tSix stocks make up 98% of S&P 500 gains in 201807/10 letsgobobby19:53 ReformedSpender
59cBears!!!07/15 pezblanco19:37 Yooper
7hAsset Allocation with multiple retirement accounts07/16 Elbukari19:35 Elbukari
18hRealizing 85% of 401k contribution going to bonds07/15 Jermbo19:33 Jermbo
5cDSL Modem and settings for TDS.net07/16 aerofreaky1119:14 mhalley
3hPortfolio Tune up Help07/13 invest119:11 invest1
2pSaved up down payment, but may not be buying soon; where to place money18:36 InvisibleAeroba19:04 nasrullah
93cAdvice on IT Certification program07/12 delamer19:03 bampf
4hPlanning to invest, but where?07/16 rvergara19:01 nasrullah
32cDid I get ripoff by this car mechanic?07/15 jfgout18:52 aspirit
8lLooking to start a chapter in Hershey, PA07/15 UncleBogle18:48 UncleBogle
71pOne Person Defined Benefit Plan2014 gasdoc18:37 northernrun
27chow to diagnose problem with cable internet speed07/05 gwe6718:30 student
3hCan I Tax loss harvest this?07/16 sgadlin18:27 sgadlin

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