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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1525 new posts and replies over 210 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
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Subforum - TopicLast   
3pAnother "good-to-go" question11:10 hesson1111:46 Pajamas
37pWatch Collection Reasonable or Unreasonable or Irresponsible?07:17 Nissanzx111:44 Nissanzx1
0t6 Portfolio To-Do's for Retirees at Midyear - Christine Benz11:43 Rowan Oak 
8cFence question09:07 mxs11:43 Glockenspiel
36pSelling mom's house07/17 rosepetal11:41 gmaynardkrebs
169tWhy is leveraging property good but leveraging stocks bad?07/14 SpeculativeTrad11:40 JoMoney
7hTaxable Account vs Roth IRA10:06 Thegame1411:38 nolesrule
27tI may have understood why it's so hard to save and invest03:46 airelleofmusic11:38 keystone
7hREITs, etc10:26 conlaw123411:37 Pajamas
412cFlaunt Your High-Mileage Car2015 Teague11:35 bubbadog
9cVacation Ideas like Alaskan Cruises14:48 searchher11:35 GmanJeff
49hWhere do you keep your Emergency Fund?07/10 TexMexIndex11:34 missingdonut
17pShould I get a warranty for my new glasses?00:41 danielc11:33 danielc
19csams club - new member17:32 audioaxes11:33 HueyLD
7pCan churning negatively affect getting a good mortgage rate?09:49 workingovertime11:33 cheese_breath
68p$540 a month on food for graduate student budget too much?07/16 pax423511:31 PhilosophyAndre
10hShort versus Intermediate Term Bond07/17 Always passive11:30 patrick013
17cNeed Help Evaluating HVAC Needs and Quotes07/17 Rupert11:29 UALflyer
0tCan Hindsight Bias Be Inherited? - Christine Benz11:29 Rowan Oak 
1hCost Basis With Fractional Shares In Mutual Funds11:25 Jason-Paul11:28 livesoft
8pMedicare Supplement plans, 3 day rule, and coverage of Skilled Nursing facilities09:50 Jackson1211:27 Pajamas
74pFamilies - What's your total annual credit card spend?07/16 UpsetRaptor11:23 Abe
5hWhat is the best three fund portfolio solution for EU citizen with non habitual residence status in Portugal07/15 DJN11:23 DJN
21pGood to Go, yes/no?22:49 2pedals11:18 2pedals
49cEurope travel Qs11:56 psteinx11:17 Pajamas
4hSelling Fractional Shares after a Transfer10:52 FIBoston11:15 WanderingInvest
34hHigh Crypto Allocation14:44 searchher11:11 MotoTrojan
11cHow do I find information on home security cameras that came with the house?07/17 Morik11:10 Scrapr
117tA different take on retirement income: time segmentation07/15 willthrill8111:07 dknightd
66hHow do you handle the urge to DO something?07/18 blackfish11:07 El Greco
66cHave you ever purchased a pricy musical instrument?07/16 investingdad11:01 kaneohe
1p5500-EZ form question for individual 401K10:40 msj1610:58 msj16
2hBackdoor Roth - Have Existing tIRA - Now what?10:50 1CEBITN10:55 Rupert
316cMy 2017 CRV is a victim of the dreaded oil gas-dilution issue03/14 CULater10:54 freeride
3tHow to calculate daily return for a portfolio of more than one stock?07:21 MrSnrub10:53 livesoft
12hShort term capital gains tax dilemma03/06 newseahorse10:51 MotoTrojan
143pEarly retirement07/13 skime10:51 VictoriaF
86cAmazon Prime Day 201807/16 C4NT10:50 miles monroe
92tDirect Real Estate Returns07/12 InvestInLife10:46 niceguy7376
14hHouse purchase: pay cash or get mortgage?07/17 nerdinvestor10:46 Admiral
47pNew book based on Millionaire Next Door07/16 timmy10:45 CyclingDuo
23tWhy Take Risk on Equity Side?07:48 Call_Me_Op10:42 azanon
17cComputer Clocks15:08 pascalwager10:42 CaliJim
17tThe joys of investing07/18 tennisplyr10:41 MJW
17pSemi-Retire by 40-45, possible/realistic?07/17 Chuck47410:40 JBTX
16pWhat is the most severe hyperbolic discounting you have ever acted on?07:01 PrettyCoolWorks10:36 livesoft
1hAdvice: Asset Allocation21:54 overthemountain10:35 ofcmetz
8hHow to treat annuity?18:43 sapper137110:33 Bronco Billy
12tDecrease International Growth Fund Admiral and buy Total International Stock Index Adm07/17 Flymore10:26 nedsaid
8hMega Backdoor Roth IRA Withdrawal Pro-Rata?08:53 bouncyboglehead10:20 Spirit Rider
69pSalary vs. Lifestyle07/18 UncleBogle10:20 wrongfunds
45pAny reasons not to donate shares from taxable?03/12 johan85110:19 usaar33
9tThe other side of stock buybacks07/18 jalbert10:14 Glockenspiel
30cPassport expiration time rules for France07/16 hoops77710:10 mmmodem
53tInvest in Tesla?03/28 BradJ10:05 Pajamas
35csuit shoe combo?07/17 Mjar10:00 nymeria.stark
13cPlanning a trip to France in June 2019 - ADvice ?20:07 JD196709:59 Rupert
1cMedicare Supplement question re Guarantee Issue09:24 LadyIJ09:57 robebibb
13cAuto Insurance, best way to compare07/17 island09:50 Sheepdog
39hHeresy: Is It Worth Converting tIRAs to Roth?07/17 Sandi_k09:49 pkcrafter
24hAdvice adjusting Asset Allocation07/16 reddison09:42 retiredjg
36tSome 'hints' about brokered CDs2017 dm20009:39 hudson
14pElectric/Hybrid Tax Credits13:02 burnout45409:37 burnout454
7cAmazon Prime Credit Card Q07/18 EvelynTroy09:31 JoeRetire
27tFlatting Yield Curve - buckle up for the storm?15:18 cj201809:24 grayfox
303cConcierge medicine Worth It????2016 Rexindex09:15 dm200
6hCheck in/How are we doing?15:05 My2Cents09:07 My2Cents
69lSt Louis Bogleheads2014 larryswedroe09:02 Doc
11h403B Coal Raking! Help!07/18 SpicyUnagi08:59 TBillT
7pUS citizen living in the US -- remote work for German company. Taxes? Currency? Invoicing? Benefits?06/20 understandingJH08:53 Wolkenspiel
15tAcceptable uses...New Financial Chromebook18:18 Summit11108:50 FPS_dapdap
20cswitching between AARP Medigap plans06/29 SpideyIndexer08:44 Spirit Rider
11pReevaluating mortgage payoff strategy01:09 JDDS08:36 BolderBoy
54cWhich minivan?10/23 daave08:31 mageedge
0pArticle on attributes of mentally strong people08:24 goblue100 
3hSimulating VTSMX w/ TIAA 500 Index and Vanguard Explorer07/18 gordda4008:21 gordda40
4hProgram and Administration Fee Error?16:32 dignan08:11 livesoft
32cHow much did your braces/invisalign braces cost?07/16 fortfun08:09 newDDS
24pThinking about job change but current job gives 9% salary into 401k..07/17 alpaca108:08 nexesn
3hInvesting from Europe in US stocks07/18 mxzeroo08:01 BeBH65
9pWeird info from HR on HSA20:42 Miguelito08:01 Spirit Rider
12tWhen you look across the horizon.....17:32 midareff07:51 midareff
69lHouston Chapter2013 Kircheis07:36 WestUniversity
60pBuy a vacation home while renting07/16 blue_skies4507:29 SQRT
10hPhasing our Roth vs 401k07/17 Superleaf44407:20 retiredjg
19hVanguard Sub-Asset Allocation Model, Personal Advisor Service07/12 jbuch00207:19 jbuch002
0pBuying A New House - Looking for Suggestions07:10 ltuxl 
20cPossible Knob & Tube in an older home.13:57 becsteele06:55 A440
6hWhy Does Vanguard Emerging Markets not Tie to Market Caps?12:27 LFKB06:48 nisiprius
52pWills07/17 28fe606:39 shell921
4pNew Supplemental Trust: Can someone help me understand the basic day to day operation of recognizing assets?07/01 PlayingLife06:36 RickBoglehead
6h401a Lump Sum Allocations13:39 investrc05:51 frugalmeister
28cBounced check07/12 student05:48 student
15hOther alternatives07/07 fiverus05:43 fiverus
12tMarket timing benefit? Or just pure luck?07/17 greenhill05:14 greenhill
21pIs this correct? 5-6 Days Sell VTEB to Checking Account06/27 hudson05:05 hudson
57cBe Careful Using Mailboxes07/13 Yankuba04:34 HIinvestor
7hBond ETF with the shortest Duration14:11 Hiraclis04:20 Valuethinker
2tInvestorPlace: Best Vanguard Funds for the Second Half of 201820:29 bluerafters03:11 asset_chaos
10hRearranging my investments at age 30. How to handle old 403(b), new taxable account, heavy CD ladder asset?07/17 sarabayo01:56 ofckrupke
14hBond funds in taxable accounts?04/12 l1am01:27 l1am
89tIn defense of short-term treasuries07/14 danielc01:11 danielc
8hBrand New Investor/ Please Help!07/18 Aintsfan2501:05 Doctor Rhythm
20pCan I afford private high school?15:41 EmeraldRoth01:01 bottlecap
113pAnyone not have a Budget?07/15 masonstone00:49 infotrader
23tHelp me understand TIPs.07/17 Jefferson00:35 FIREchief
2hHelp with Asset Allocation. Stuck.07/18 Superbee00:18 Superbee
14hTransfer CapOne360 to Vanguard, or easier to wait until it's E-Trade?07/06 mich_bogle00:12 Earl Lemongrab
1pCredit card for private practice17:26 mybogledhead00:11 DDS
35tIs Tax-Managed Small Cap (VTMSX) an underrated fund?02/15 oneleaf00:10 jalbert
53cCostco Membership07/12 remomnyc00:05 obgraham
4tReceiving 2FA codes from Vanguard while overseas07/18 Jive Turkey23:57 Jive Turkey
0pLiability with assets in irrevocable trust, bsteiner23:44 JoinToday 
6hTaxable AA when goals/horizon unclear07/17 KeepItSimple7823:23 KeepItSimple78
5hThe future for long term bond index funds? i.e. VWALX07/17 starlight201923:15 grabiner
8p529 beneficiary transfer question07/18 ParlayBogle23:11 47Percent
45tNew Vanguard Security Code Requirement07/17 Pale Horse23:00 BL
26tLarry Swedroe: Know Your Investor Personality07/13 Random Walker22:54 drk
6pOptions to lower my tax liability with RMD’s07/17 stumpy22:49 Peter Foley
161pPurchasing a house, downpayment vs. retirement and other considerations05/23 Brantley22:46 wabbajack
10hAnother avg cost vs. Spec ID decision07/18 greenhorn40122:16 PFInterest
420lPost your Financial Milestone Announcements Here01/09 Alex Frakt21:36 keith6014
1cCostco Visa TV extended warranty19:20 gremlins71821:35 runner3081
14hVanguard 2 factor authentication and Mint or Personal Capital2017 jkushne121:09 FiveK
7hReceived a ESOP payout...what to do with it?07/17 dontay15521:04 dontay155
9hRelative tax efficiency of total international funds07/06 aaja21:02 grabiner
73cEmergency Preparedness2016 mwm15820:44 Cruise
8hAsset Allocation with multiple retirement accounts07/16 Elbukari20:41 frugalmeister
51cFord Fusion under Safety Recall for 2 Years - Ford Can't Fix - help12/22 WolfgangPauli20:39 RickBoglehead
6h3-fund at Etrade - "enhancing" SWISX with VSS?13:46 AerialWombat20:34 AerialWombat
3129cWhat Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI2014 Alex Frakt20:33 Halicar
10hTax implication of exercising company stock options07/14 atj52020:17 kevinpet
4tWSJ article on teaching children finance may save your retirement12:49 Freefun20:07 CyclingDuo
49t1-year Treasury Bill auction07/13 Kevin M20:04 Kevin M
3pIrrevocable Trusts17:00 EmeraldRoth19:59 LadyGeek
62tNew Capital One 360 ACH limits06/14 Turbo2919:54 whodidntante
5pRoth conversion07/17 Dahl4919:51 The Wizard
7hAnything wrong with this portfolio?07/18 sapper137119:51 frugalmeister
6hHelp with Retirement Investments07/17 OtterBee19:50 radiowave
2pCan you ACH PUSH to TreasuryDirect?19:25 need403bhelp19:43 need403bhelp
37cDid I get ripoff by this car mechanic?07/15 jfgout19:34 tinscale
58c35 minute connection for flight, long enough?07/17 squirm19:31 VictoriaF
5hPlease help me get to 80/2007/15 Gemini19:27 Gemini
10hHelp with Current Situation07/18 MooseFoot19:22 ExitStageLeft
2tPrime Harvesting with a cash buffer?15:54 cyclist19:06 Broken Man 1999
9pRollover 401k to which institution?13:10 jsapiandante19:04 retiredjg
345pWhat is/ was your career and would you recommend it now?06/21 alex12371118:51 HP-12Cing
11pPersonal Finance Assessment07/17 pthawaii18:51 JoeRetire
4cBooking Intl flight through costco --> Too early/late?07/18 new2bogle18:44 ZinCO
70cNew Brake Pads01/20 GridironGems18:30 epoxyresin
10cMaking an offer on a 'new' home from builder07/17 sunny_socal18:21 michaeljc70
18pReceived IRS notice CP 2000 asking more tax. Need help.07/17 ram18:09 ram
1hMy portfolio11:49 radbenke18:04 ruralavalon
9hSeeking help for investment allocation07/15 bakerjin18:00 Duckie
106cXfinity Mobile2017 student17:54 Drovor
3h10 Year Tips auction16:50 Grt2bOutdoors17:53 Angst
20hRealizing 85% of 401k contribution going to bonds07/15 Jermbo17:51 goingup
2h401k Investing Advice12:13 investornoob17:37 ruralavalon
562tFellow TDA bogleheads [TDA dropping Vanguard ETFs from commission-free list]10/14 John Laurens17:14 livesoft
14p$500k Term Life- get new policy?07/18 turkman17:09 JoeRetire
27hIs my prudential account worth the fees?10/16 matt_ham17:05 Grt2bOutdoors
12tClassifying CDs as Bonds or Short Term assets07/16 AtomicCash16:56 jeffyscott
68lSeattle Area Chapter Meetings - Master Thread2015 delconte16:51 delconte
3pCP2000: Responded by fax - Should I call and/or mail also to make sure?07/18 scorp_pccorp16:51 TIAX
23pHow Unclaimed Property Laws Can Affect Retirees07/18 MikeG6216:43 AlwaysWannaLear
14lWhat Happened to Hampton Roads Chapter2016 seanmerron16:41 Mel Lindauer
14tInternational Stocks in Taxable?07/18 Oak&Elm16:40 Good Listener
23hFidelity Portfolio Advice Please07/15 teacherguy16:27 teacherguy
15hHelp with Solo 401k Placement07/17 firegirl16:19 tesuzuki2002
5cBeginner Kayaks14:46 searchher16:16 Angst
2tTyler Cowen talks with Vitalik Buterin12:30 VictoriaF16:15 bradshaw1965
2pQuestion about LTCG and estimated taxes safe harbor.12:09 DSInvestor16:13 DSInvestor
1hBeginner looking for portfolio/investment guidance13:16 capecod616:06 ExitStageLeft
12cHardwood Floors07/17 SVariance116:00 SVariance1
2hrollover TIAA SRA to Roth IRA - which institution and funds?14:56 NoHeat15:57 dknightd
3hRetirement Accounts15:28 texasmancave15:46 billfromct
14tWhy age is not how to determine risk tolerance07/17 kagantx15:46 btr
2tMutual Fund or ETF?14:19 rvergara15:39 mega317
107pFor those of you who handle all the finances, how do you keep your spouse "in the know"2017 Jags418615:29 nymeria.stark
27cShopping for a new hot tub2017 madbrain15:28 letsgobobby
31pBenefits of using CPA for taxes04/13 TreadLightly15:23 Timon0201
40pDuration of Sequence of Return risk for long retirements07/15 marcopolo15:19 FactualFran
95cAny Boglehead powerlifters?07/02 corn1815:17 LadyGeek
61pShould we sell our business?07/13 201614:59 knpstr
24pAnother student loan question07/17 nymeria.stark14:48 nymeria.stark
23cAlaska Trip/Cruise Summer of 2020. Help me plan07/16 Housedoc14:37 ResearchMed
50tBalanced Funds and Sequence of Return Risk07/16 1210sda14:36 willthrill81
3hHelp with investment and currency plan for expats07/18 time>money14:27 ivk5
11hSmart401K going away07/16 nc70014:22 nc700
2hNewbie question07/17 Mjs9713:57 livesoft
36hWhen to invest 100000?07/17 vu813:56 FOGU
15tShould your employment/income source determine your investment choices?06/15 stlutz13:52 texasdiver
17hPlease help me untangle this mess!07/16 sapper137113:50 sapper1371
15hCIT Bank Current 1-YR CD Rate 2.5%07/07 dia13:41 pobox2001
16hHelp with consolidating Retirement and taxable portfolio07/13 nish13:39 ExitStageLeft
4tSplendid Exchange Kindle Sale07/18 Bill Bernstein13:35 oldzey
122pHigh Income earners, whats your Tax Strategy?2017 tin36913:23 yousha
56pWho are heirs? No will.11/30 lhwerdyt*1791c13:11 c1over8
3cValsartan - 3 Companies Recall Blood Pressure Medications Over Cancer Fears07/17 John Z13:08 John Z
1pCommercial Real Estate Broker - Contact Direct or Via Agent?12:13 oaks13:07 deanbrew
1tBroker CD - Death of Holder07/18 sport12:55 donall
25cPutting a mattress directly on the floor2012 climber202012:48 GrowthSeeker
33pAnyone experienced landlords here? Caught some of my tenants renting out rooms. Anything I should do?07/12 sngaw12:37 bampf
13hAnyone have experience with Redneck bank?07/17 UncleBogle12:37 Millennial
6h3 Fund Portfolio Creation07/17 jcnelsn112:30 jcnelsn1
19cQuestion about new construction basement houses07/17 WolfpackFan12:30 h82goslw
1tVanguard funds for LMP and RP07/18 smithmmark12:26 grok87
19hOpening a Traditional IRA Within Existing Vanguard Account12/04 joer121212:16 The Wizard
6hNeed help picking investments for taxable brokerage07/17 Humboldt5512:12 retiredjg
21cExcel Spread sheets -mac or. Windows?07/17 Dottie5711:52 2015

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