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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1202 new posts and replies over 181 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
# Replies Subforum - Topic TitleFirst Last   
Subforum - TopicLast   
4pWhen trial deposits bounce back19:00 Carno19:28 Silk McCue
26cTrail Runners - What Shoes?07:12 NYCaviator19:27 stoptothink
2hPortfolio Review and Financial Planning: Asset protection, tax management and bequeath assets17:56 ranipola19:26 David Jay
27cCapital One Credit Card FRaud Issue05/17 suemarkp19:23 suemarkp
20hTiming the CD Market06/25 anonenigma19:23 JIMX7
59pSaving Rates - What I tell my kids07/01 nigel_ht19:23 finite_differen
18tBest broker for RMD management07/01 radiowave19:23 quietseas
24pFiling Federal Estate Tax Return to Get Portability07:31 Leesbro6319:22 bsteiner
3pMaking Too Little for ACA Subsidies19:03 cowdogman19:22 KlangFool
2pWhy do I keep getting rejected for credit cards?19:13 cat_guy19:21 livesoft
89cGardening 202203/14 ray.james19:20 placeholder
10pHow does IRS statute of limitations work for pass through entities like a partnership? Linked to tax payers?06/18 Yarlonkol1219:19 flyingcows
44tAvantis Funds: what's so special about them?22:03 JSPECO919:15 typical.investo
21cOregon coast summer06/28 bi0hazard19:14 Isabelle77
1pCarnival Corporation - Cancel December Cruise or Go?19:08 RetiredInTheWes19:14 quietseas
274cPantry Inventory and Grocery Shopping in Time of Inflation06/18 Ivygirl19:12 ncbill
23ctesla collision repair times?06/27 gips19:11 av111
12cOptions to get rid of in ground trampoline14:18 bonglehead19:11 quietseas
7tSplitting VTSAX Into Small-Mid-Large Cap Funds16:41 JSparks19:09 arcticpineapple
100tAnyone want to guess where the bottom will be?06/13 Richard158019:07 finite_differen
26hBuying T-bills at Fidelity05/10 student19:04 Retirement_Life
81tACATS Transfer thefts from Fidelity11:10 catnapper19:01 RubyTuesday
47pHow hard is significant merit based college money to come by?06/05 miamivice18:59 Isabelle77
5731pWhat's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?2016 guitarguy18:57 CletusCaddy
5hHow has my strategy done? A lookback....17:46 gutrageous18:57 gutrageous
8hCD Rates06/29 lsaul18:52 RubyTuesday
49pFI and Young, but not close to SS second bend point07/01 cellisto18:52 Marseille07
1pNon U.S. brokerage account for US citizens17:06 geewhiz18:51 typical.investo
4hClarification on iBond Interest Rates17:10 LookinAround18:41 AnnetteLouisan
1cSoil Analysis for Lawn18:22 EagertoLearnMor18:33 livesoft
3tBond funds drop vs stock funds drop17:31 hoops77718:32 JoMoney
28cNeighbor damaged fence with heavy equipment06/29 Sprucebark18:29 crinkles2
8331cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36818:24 crinkles2
17cbooked flights on American without assigned seats11:29 gwe6718:17 RetiredAL
23pFederal Retirees and Medicare vis a vis FEHB?06/23 MrWasabi6518:13 HeelaMonster
74hVanguard vs Schwab vs Fidelity for young/new investor2021 Iorek18:02 tibbitts
67tWhat's the big deal on TLH05/12 boater0717:58 international00
29cColorado Springs - 1 day tourism06/30 psteinx17:54 willthrill81
58tTxAggie's Avantis Adventure03/07 txaggie17:53 CletusCaddy
1897pTales from this insane real estate market2021 ASpenderInRecov17:53 5th_Dimension
88tSoft vs. Hard Rebalancing06/25 Marseille0717:50 Marseille07
48hFidelity's Zero Funds - are they truly zero?07:53 muitu17:46 JoMoney
22t"Bogleheads® Live" Dr. Bill Bernstein ep. available as a podcast06/27 JonL17:37 JonL
3376pShare your net worth progression2014 techcrium17:36 bluebolt
8pCompare Insurance Rates Directly or Use Independent Agent?12:54 msheald17:35 McDougal
124cWhat recent technology has improved your life and how?06/02 Ependytis17:34 Normchad
13pSoc Sec Question RE: COLA increases06/30 MrWasabi6517:34 Carl53
13pliving trust necessary? recomended?06/30 gutrageous17:29 gutrageous
94pOfficial HELOC (Home Equity Line of Credit) thread2020 JohnSmith12317:26 Silk McCue
12cMt Washington New Hampshire Cog Railway for young kids06/30 Edge21517:22 cableguy
29pPay off mortgage with low-income but high net-worth?06:21 jks198517:22 jello_nailer
59pWill California home prices fall?06/30 financial.freed17:16 ApeAttack
23pOnline social Security application process09:21 Good Listener17:11 BarbK
22nBAHRAN | What brokerage platform do you use? [Bahrain]2021 boglehooligan17:10 Abdulla9104
15tVanguard hedge fund05/06 donocash17:10 Logan Roy
43cQuestion for folks who have raised or are raising kids in the Seattle area07/01 phositadc17:08 Isabelle77
1pSpecial 457(b) catch-up contributions pre-retirement limit questions00:50 Workinprogress17:05 Duckie
18tHow does the Federal funds rate translate to Treasury rates?08:18 martincmartin17:05 billyt
6hSurviving spouse with a title "JTWROS"15:55 JjL0nt0k17:02 celia
26pFrom the UK. Not knowledgeable about US Health Insurance.06/28 Caliscotsman17:02 Valuethinker
26pIncluding SS benefits in retirement calculation07/01 Bandu7917:01 Eagle33
4282tWhat are you up YTD? [Year To Date]2014 InvestorNewb17:00 livesoft
8hInvest, or pay off debts07/01 BogleBoi16:54 grabiner
133cAs summer electric bills go up, has anyone invented an air conditioner that doesn't use as much electricity?06/18 CrossOverGuy16:45 Johndoefire65
96hAvantis U.S. Small Cap Value. Is it worth it ? Really?06/29 Ed 216:44 willthrill81
771cLet's play chess2021 LadyGeek16:44 rockstar
9hPay off mortgage?15:42 Billyboy16:40 grabiner
37cRecommend a color 'photo' printer06/02 sunny_socal16:36 MGBMartin
9hWhat to do with real estate in India?20:11 shriram16:31 Valuethinker
4hCan you delete out your Treasury Direct Account ?09:50 dia16:27 JoMoney
3hPreferred securities and closed end funds for income?15:17 IslandTime16:27 Valuethinker
80cVisiting India for tourism05/22 prettybogle16:24 Vanarayana
4hExecuting First TLH: Confirmation of Fund Choice?11:35 YoungSisyphus16:19 YoungSisyphus
519tTrading Treasuries (nominal and TIPS)05/24 Kevin M16:06 jeffyscott
0tBogleheads® Live: Submit ?s for Barry Ritholtz15:59 JonL 
40cTom Clancy series book recommendations2020 Swansea15:59 privateer79
11tBogleheads® Live: Submit ?s on Taxes for Millennials06/28 JonL15:58 JonL
41hSafe place to park 500k for a year or two06/29 3feetpete15:57 White Coat Inve
14pHow to research Term Life Insurance07/01 bawaso15:49 Chardo
4pMoving States with Car Lease12:20 soup_can15:39 Jack FFR1846
0pSocial Security Disability SGA limit and TWP (Trial Work Period)15:35 deweybogle 
32pShould I keep my 400K term Life Ins now that I an retired06/28 trueson115:31 Herekittykitty
4pArranging down payment13:04 esipsi15:29 esipsi
2pRent vs Buy in Belgium09:32 VWCE15:25 happyisland
1pGeneration Skipping Trust (GST) for non family person with no children (yet) [NY]15:02 nyc21215:22 bsteiner
16pTrust Advice for Divorced Daugther06/30 delrinson15:19 bsteiner
0hMid-30's portfolio review, seeking feedback15:18 KidneyMD 
16hVanguard Tax Harvesting06/21 JacK 09815:18 rkhusky
204pBest cash-back credit card right now?2018 TheBogleWay15:06 anon_investor
52ccentral air - maintenance?06/28 CloseEnough15:02 BogleFanGal
2075cBird watchers – what birds are you seeing?2020 JAZZISCOOL14:53 sevenseas
33cHVAC System Older, but running well - replace or wait?07/01 URSnshn14:52 Parkinglotracer
84pWhy you need a rainy day fund06/28 gavinsiu14:43 srt7
75tFree Morningstar Portfolio Ending06/16 Expro14:40 Electron
45tCaptial gains: Friend or foe?06/29 restingonmylaur14:32 restingonmylaur
6tNew "Bogleheads on Investing" podcast featuring Michael Kitces and Dr. Nicole Boyson06/30 Rick Ferri14:22 Mr.BB
24hKids Roth IRA account07/01 samz1046114:16 TomatoTomahto
8pWhen Is It Time To Hire a Financial "Pro"? Is a CPA better than a Financial Planner? Do I need both?06:11 Messner800014:13 feehater
7pCredit freezes - over the phone or online?06/30 adzio14:13 adzio
27pFinances during separation/divorce06:54 LAMan197714:06 LAMan1977
39t60/40: They're coming for you07/01 McQ14:04 Ricola
24hComplex question from new member06/05 scalawag7314:04 scalawag73
2136cWhat frugal thing did you do today?2017 Nectarineman14:01 stoptothink
19hAll-out Performance Chasing08/11 batangueno13:55 nisiprius
3991c[What TV Show Have You Recently Watched?]2016 dbCooperAir13:52 young danny
34nClearing out US retirement accounts06/27 internet_explor13:49 TedSwippet
18tA Random Walk and MC Simulations06/30 NearlyRetired13:39 ApeAttack
4pGetting Good Price for Brass12:25 soup_can13:34 Abe
3hBuying T-Bills at Fidelity12:34 stocknoob411113:28 stocknoob4111
10pliability protection - umbrella policy07/01 atlanta_dad13:11 mkc
280lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2022!2021 Miriam213:04 squirrel1963
101hTalk my daughter out of this plan06/27 Johny Fever13:00 gobel
218tTotal portfolio allocation and withdrawal (TPAW)2020 Ben Mathew12:53 Ben Mathew
16tIndividual Bonds vs Bond funds07/01 bowerynation8612:40 MrJedi
21tNew Avantis worldwide ETF with value tilt06/28 brademac12:28 drumboy256
10pCan you front-date signatures?07/01 Caduceus12:17 bh1
12hYTD VIPSX (Tips fund) vs VFIIX (gnma)07/01 shak_VF12:07 hudson
5hWhat to allocate towards after emergency fund is built?08:14 muitu12:00 Dottie57
152tSell or hold? [Russia / Ukraine war]02/24 jokerr11:53 Forester
5hRebalancing for Dummies07/01 Paulie11:51 retiredjg
6tGetting recent cap weights06/27 bh111:44 bh1
183cAny Boglehead musicians out there?06/19 Jazztonight11:30 Jazztonight
10pHSA overcontribution: What happens if we do not correct it?20:10 livesoft11:21 MP123
12cCleaning Pavers07/01 RYD11:20 CMHBuckeye
76tNew inflation-protected ETF launches: iShares Inflation Hedged Corporate Bond ETF (LQDI)2018 lack_ey11:15 drumboy256
10tWhat do you guys think of Arrived Homes07/01 batangueno11:14 hi_there
5pLapse versus gap car insurance06/30 sil201710:59 toddthebod
26hBad 457(b) vs Taxable07/01 jjstraub410:56 Statistical
40p1st withdrawal from 52906/27 miamivice10:45 HMSVictory
0tStories about & lessons from Jack Bogle, recounted by Bill McNabb at the Bogleheads Conference in 201910:45 Xexanoth 
35pCredit card liability when spouse dies06/30 JediMisty10:44 JediMisty
14cReplacing kitchen cabinet doors – any DYI-ers who could share advice07/01 idc10:42 jjj_22
86l"Pre-Retirement/Early Retirement" Life Stage Virtual Chapter "Master Thread"2021 DFWBogleheads10:41 sleepysurf
14hHow can I manage to TLH?06/28 pnw_guy10:32 rkhusky
7cThree Apple devices with same Apple ID. How do I change one to a new ID.06/28 gypsyman10:25 Capricorn51
12pSocial Security tax implications06/29 bzappasodi10:23 Capricorn51
7tFavorite Page on Bogleheads Wiki?08:33 muitu10:18 Watty
2hTax loss harvesting09:59 Leapingforjoy110:15 rkhusky
10pLimits to and basis for the 1% savings rule for home ownership?07:25 rduinvestor10:14 gavinsiu
98pDo I have too much money tied up in my dream car?06/27 88turnip09:56 whodidntante
158tMarket Down, Dividends UP YTD06/29 Charles Joseph09:54 burritoLover
69cCar Insurance: Why bother above minimum?06/30 Cecelio09:53 protagonist
50tStocks, bonds on track for worst year since post-Civil War07/01 Fremdon Ferndoc09:49 JoeRetire
32pHow do the bad guys do it? (credit/debit card numbers)07/01 artgerst09:42 HMSVictory
2pIs Frontline worker pay earned income21:26 Patrick58409:40 GenawithanE
502tA Simple Bogleheads Retirement Using Variable Percentage Withdrawals (VPW Forward Test)2019 longinvest09:22 longinvest
286pShare your Net Worth Regression05/06 Little_Carmine09:22 schachtw
5hHELOC Repayment Question08:37 GeorgiaTider09:09 GeorgiaTider
0pForm 5500 deadline for calendar year 401k plans at end of month!09:08 panhead 
14nBuying I-Bonds from overseas06/20 Klute08:57 radioactive
67tFidelity Full View?2019 GoneOnTilt08:42 alw000000
250pAnyone have any luck with new TSP login?06/01 gopackers08:35 shunkman
20pDo my adult children need umbrella liability insurance?06/27 FBN201408:15 Nowizard
23cIncrease in Gmail spam?07/01 02nz08:04 scrabbler1
14pQCDs and RMDs06/30 inkabool07:43 inkabool
12pFed Tax accidentally paid twice, how to get the money back from IRS06/30 country5rs07:06 nisiprius
9pWhat steps can I take for rectifying refund delay03/10 Freefun07:03 jebmke
4cStairs- going from carpet to hard material- slip concerns?01:01 Sprucebark06:58 Carl53
9h5 year rule06/30 Actmck306:47 HomeStretch
18hBest way to deploy investable cash in todays market?07/01 Ramec35806:45 burritoLover
15pLiving Trust Plus a Subtrust - "Childs Trust"?06/29 MrWasabi6506:17 HappyPappy
19lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2023!05/26 Miriam205:07 marcus213
55cRecommend toaster2019 montanagirl05:07 Trism
3hAdvice for Investment on House Sale Proceeds for Income06/30 sudonym05:03 rossington
16nAustralian portfolio review2020 Hockey Monkey03:28 sov
249tGoogle sheets not pulling stock prices2018 pshonore03:12 sperry8
12859tHEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure Part II: The next journey2019 HEDGEFUNDIE01:39 bigblue1ca
9pHow to build a financial plan for the future?07/01 bawaso01:01 bawaso
11hWhat do you think of the Stan the Annuity Man MYGA-2-SPIA idea?06/20 GaryA50522:52 GaryA505
5hTaxable Account Question07/01 KBREAMK22:19 grabiner
10pHow much do you pay a third party for tax preparation?12/19 nss2022:14 Kinkajou82
20hPay off HELOC aggressively or save07/01 lazybones1822:08 grabiner
284lNew York City Local Chapter established2013 quanuec21:45 Flying Penguin
686cSo what are you cooking2020 Skeeter121:32 placeholder
11hWhole Life Policy - Cancelation and Implications?07/01 longtimelurker221:29 JBTX
9tVanguard Account Errors07/01 zero_coupon20:29 beyou
62tIn general, why do stocks go up/down so much/drastically?06/15 newbie00320:25 nisiprius
12hPros/cons of VOO plus a midcap ETF compared to just VTI?06/07 Jnlin8520:24 Jnlin85
2cMt Shasta..How many days07/01 FB0120:10 quietseas
35pGot an email from Wells Fargo regarding checking account.06/23 Caliscotsman20:08 squirrel1963
3tMinimum balance in Vanguard money market funds07/01 jefmafnl19:51 Eagle33

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