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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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2146 new posts and replies over 272 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
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Subforum - TopicLast   
13tIs this the single worst time to be a passive investor21:46 tvubpwcisla03:13 Forester
7nVanguard ESG Global All Cap UCITS ETF03/26 White Wolf02:53 ilarion
29pSeeking advice - College selection - Premed04/10 learn10102:49 Cruise
40pPrenuptial arrangements04/10 throwaway153502:42 celia
3pQuestions about Frequent trading or market-timing23:09 omgsy2402:08 000
51pAnother 2.8% SWR Article Quoting Wade Pfau09:50 Leesbro6302:08 Derpalator
37tMonthly or Yearly Withdrawals in Retirement04/01 Edify01:52 quantAndHold
2hWhat equities fund should I add to my Target Date Fund?22:06 necroman01:50 000
1hPortfolio Help: How to "fix" allocation w/ high-NW in taxable after windfall?21:50 cluelessandfort01:40 lakpr
30cBest 4 wheel drive vehicle10:45 MrsO01:27 HE Pennypacker
8hH1B visa holder with Green card is in process. How should I plan for my retirement20:11 nikitash01:24 anoop
6pHome Owner's Insurance Questions04/10 catchinup01:23 catchinup
15pAge 63 retired, planning how to use Roth conversions04/10 DebiT01:21 FiveK
68t“Buy and Hold No More” says A16Z04/10 KittyCorner01:05 watchnerd
10cAnyone keep a separate phone for 2FA?19:46 luckyducky9900:55 vstariradev
13cMedicare Claims Processing Question15:52 gregwils00:55 celia
122tStone Ridge All Asset Variance Risk Premium Fund04/04 nedsaid00:54 Northern Flicke
58pBroker 3rd degree over every retirement withdrawal?01/30 JoeTaxpayer00:53 bampf
0pBrioDirect - 0.60% Money Market Account - Are they reliable?00:50 teelainen 
1h401k investing in "target" fund with retirement withdrawals in mind21:30 thegeographer00:46 lakpr
16cWhat do you do with well worn clothing?01/01 anoop00:45 Metsfan91
14cAny MagicJack phone alternatives that are cheaper and better?04/10 teelainen00:44 teelainen
15hBuying a 1.5M house in Austin. Should I pull it?21:11 newyorker00:44 ohboy!
0cBird Repellent Methods00:40 Cruise 
0pMedical Group wants me to be CFO -- advice?00:39 financial.freed 
64hI cant find anything better than S&P04/08 newyorker00:33 watchnerd
1hHelp with my 457b Allocation Please00:22 JuniorDiaz2200:32 lakpr
39hI Bonds04/11 Rjs00:22 Mel Lindauer
1hNY Saves 529 AA for teens20:13 csei2100:20 lakpr
29hMortgage Payoff vs Taxable Account - What else should I consider?17:19 Scooter K00:19 gideon trumpet
42pFinancing to Purchase Law Firm04/09 Invest201600:18 CascadiaSoonish
0pTax Refund applied to next year's taxes00:09 SlowMovingInves 
2hAny suggestions on what type of investments would be good for a Roth IRA23:57 investmax00:07 000
2pPhysician Jobs: Private Equity or Industry?22:15 dwade110900:06 MedSaver
76p[Spouse recently passed away. Please help me handle his financial matters]04/08 Bennie00:06 Bennie
10cFlooring decisions for whole house - tile vs laminate18:27 tigermilk00:03 quantAndHold
120tLatest Thoughts from Larry Swedroe08/15 nedsaid00:01 JBTX
151pEd Slott's new book NEW RETIREMENT SAVINGS TIME BOMB04/10 EagertoLearnMor23:58 fatcoffeedrinke
27hCreating revocable trust just for buying I Bonds?04/10 BrokerageZelda23:53 SonnyDMB
91pIn-Laws' HOA demanding $8000 lumpsum payment04/09 MortgageOnBlack23:51 Saving$
223t2021 Hedge Fund Contest01/03 Tanelorn23:50 Raymond
2hThank You19:00 investingforban23:47 Wannaretireearl
83hMixing Bogle and Ramsey to build my portfolio04/09 flaman23:32 watchnerd
3hBeginner: Vanguard Roth IRA questions13:04 mariocarrillo23:32 mariocarrillo
14tVPW too aggressive?13:05 balbrec223:30 Ben Mathew
95cAAA - American Auto Assn - Service has gone way down01/03 tc10123:26 criticalmass
125pThe primary factor for picking a College/University is out of pocket cost10:04 nigel_ht23:24 FoolStreet
208tWhat’s the correct diversification for high inflation?03/29 thethinker23:23 000
32cThe Great Swing Set Dilemma04/09 CoastLawyer203023:17 JBTX
12tThe First 100k10:13 FrankTheViking23:17 asset_chaos
25cUSPS Delivery issues10:42 Cousin Eddie23:16 criticalmass
846tWhy not 100% PSLDX?2020 TeeDee22:59 RussellWilson
15tLIVE interview with Bill Bernstein, author of "The Delusions of Crowds: Why People Go Mad in Groups"03/30 Bogle Center22:57 asset_chaos
20cProgressive Auto Insurance2020 Lynn198722:54 Sheepdog
228cWho is your favorite fiction author and what is your favorite book of theirs?07/10 beernutz22:54 Shalom Aleichem
15tHow is it not QE when the Fed buys treasury bills?04/09 Virus476222:51 Northern Flicke
27hLife Savings in Cash--Need Advice04/09 Bandit32922:44 Corsair
10pGross Income Definition16:52 arf141022:41 gobel
6hQuestion on simultaneous 72t & Roth ladder10:25 yog22:39 yog
4hTrying to use TurboTax to amend 2019 return due to excess Roth contribution. Ugh.16:19 OffgridSooz22:39 OffgridSooz
9cMarantec: Are Rolling Code Garage Door Openers Really Necessary?15:32 Cyclesafe22:39 CurlyDave
17pTransfer Vanguard mutual fund positions to Interactive Brokers11/26 zhuyz0522:37 todaysBob
10pTransfer out from E-Trade and consolidate with Vanguard, or not?20:41 kavm22:34 Cheez-It Guy
15pContract with Family Member for Grandfather’s Care?04/10 shuchong22:33 Cruise
38cReplacing 20yrs old wooden fence and situation with neighbors04/08 GKSD22:33 socaldude
35tS&P 500 High Dividend ETF - SPYD04/06 abuss36822:32 anon_investor
13pBackdoor Roth IRA and Pro-rata Rule04/09 ill22:24 ill
44pHow much should I overpay?08:52 brocker22:23 Nyc10036
14287tU.S. stocks continue to soar!2018 GoldStar22:21 Beensabu
50tnew Vanguard Ultra-Short Bond ETF01/19 sunnywindy22:20 watchnerd
6tTax equivalent yield munis vs. other bond funds15:20 ilan1h22:20 grabiner
6pWhat would you do - housing?19:20 GotNoWisdom22:18 sport
2tFTC and 1116: How to do it with TurboTax18:21 international0022:16 livesoft
40pCan I early retire from my corporate job?04/07 mobileagent22:14 cacophony
5pWhere to start?17:16 atennislover22:10 babystep
11htoo much in munis?08:54 sambb22:09 abuss368
1pS-Corp 1120S ERC reporting for 2020 filing ?20:27 RIMDBogle22:09 noobpro
9hRoth Conversion Strategies03/28 glamourzolt22:02 livesoft
39tRebalance frequency04/09 KansasDoc22:02 ksualum
9pUsing only Fidelity for Retirement13:25 Pax22:01 Bogle7
43cWould you preemptively replace your Roof10:52 MikeG6222:00 planetmike
0pAdvisor Shares Question21:59 jackb1117 
37pAnxiety about the future04/10 Cyanide12321:59 beth65
6pSeeking your reactions to tax situation.18:32 sharppencilinve21:59 humblecoder
573tCAPE: A much stronger predictor of stock returns than many think11/30 willthrill8121:56 tvubpwcisla
11cSimple time tracking/logging tool04/10 HasHas21:55 Bogle7
1tRebalancing while avoiding paying Capital Gains tax, am I missing anything?21:28 ramsfan21:50 ValueInvestor99
3hUsing different withdrawal amounts throughout retirement14:12 ER202321:48 Exchme
51cTire experts? Can I trust a patched tire?2018 togb21:45 willthrill81
238twho here is tempted to pullback on stocks?2013 sambb21:40 Morse Code
36cComfortable Men's Flip Flops?04/10 waltman30021:40 Go Blue 99
148pWashington State Long Term Care Trust Act - 0.58% payroll tax - $36,500 lifetime maximum benefit02/16 Soon2BXProgramm21:35 mags
74pPre-retirement checklist, what is on yours?2017 TheTimeLord21:35 TheTimeLord
53cAnyone prefer their old golf clubs?01/29 mike@jb21:28 phxjcc
10pTurbotax "Date of Withdrawal" - electronic paymet of Federal08:35 mike_in_ny21:26 mike_in_ny
4hRequired minimum distributions: All to QCDs vs. ROTH conversions19:50 conundrum21:16 David Jay
11htransfer betterment to vanguard?04/10 bstewie21:10 bstewie
10hmy first Vanguard rebalance04/10 bfeenix4421:03 bfeenix44
2pTitle Company Lost PII [Personally identifiable information]19:23 Barntime21:01 mhalley
5hPaying taxes on CG when estimated taxes are required20:10 TheDogFather21:00 gobel
4hamerican funds cost basis accounting20:29 rotLobster20:56 stan1
10hRoth Conversion: small or large - which makes sense?04/04 SmilingSally20:56 celia
3hPartial rollover of current 401k to Vanguard10:00 Retired soon20:50 Alan S.
13tHigh-Yield (VWEHX) as inflation protection?04/02 Tommy20:49 Beensabu
3hLooking for tool to manage multiple accounts, rebalance, help with taxes and planning10:40 kingcrimson20:42 stan1
2hAVUS vs VTI in taxable?20:12 brademac20:32 000
10tIs AGG considered a "safe" bond etf?2020 matonplayer20:29 nisiprius
1hMultiple Accounts Asset Allocation19:02 IM_MM20:28 Duckie
14hInvest in After-Tax Brokerage Account or Take Student Loan?16:51 careerdata20:14 careerdata
3pEstimated Taxes - Necessary now?19:57 adinvest0320:13 retiredflyboy
7pThrift Savings Plan account locked - too many password reset attempts18:31 MnD20:05 wander
634tAre 3x leveraged ETFs the long-term winning strategy?03/24 tradri19:58 chris319
75hSimplicity over Small Cap Value04/07 investingforban19:44 Outer Marker
4pSocial security survivor benefits09:56 cowdoc19:41 cowdoc
6pQuestion about catch-up contributions04/10 investor4life19:40 BruinBones
31cDeck Replacement Options04/08 Johnny Thinwall19:36 Big Worm
10hRPM Suggests Lower Roth Conversion is Better?04/04 Rose19:33 celia
51hEffective tax rate 40%+ Sanity check on strategy for tax efficient investing04/10 ltv19:29 Outer Marker
8tTrading Platforms15:21 Savergal19:27 Marseille07
6tIf a broker manages individual savings account for Goldman Sachs employees does it mean that it is likely to be safe?09:46 steve32119:18 luckyducky99
9hSimplifying portfolio04/09 mikeyzito2219:11 mikeyzito22
7hTaking over in-law's retirement accounts, advice on strategy13:19 Rd12312319:00 rossington
3hPortfolio Review - Need help extracting from Ameriprise12:01 PurpleTiger19:00 jimkinny
246cThe $2000-$4000 Car :) This made me wealthy so jump on board04/07 bg518:56 Ron Ronnerson
73lIndiana Bogleheads Chapter Established10/27 IndyMachiner18:51 IndyMachiner
15cWhich Credit Card to Get for Travel to Hawaii (looking for a bonus offer)04/10 Ron Ronnerson18:46 Ron Ronnerson
13hquestion about opening a TIAA Brokerage account?10:56 ProfessorX18:45 Katietsu
25pContribution deadlines for qualified plans / Mike Piper2016 vnatale18:43 vnatale
2hAdding a bond index fund to taxable to replace HYS, and the rebalancing after18:19 persona482618:39 BruinBones
19hHELP - How to Allocate $5M in retirement funds04/07 mhsiao4518:30 Lawyerd
13cbuying laptop04/11 looking18:25 grok87
12pFidelity Cash Management check clearing and transfer times04/07 intluser18:23 tfb
1pNo longer kicking myself for not doing Roth Conversions in 201917:38 chemocean18:12 Silk McCue
444tA time to EVALUATE your jitters2011 nisiprius18:10 bmjohnson35
4cNo Salt Water Conditioners04/10 hoops77718:09 hoops777
13cTrip insurance for beach vacation?13:27 2Scoops18:08 MDfan
1547cWhat are you listening to now2020 Artful Dodger18:07 GG1273
2pEFile rejected, Turbo Tax, involved with Foreign Taxes paid16:36 TheGreyingDuke18:06 cas
8643tHEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure Part II: The next journey2019 HEDGEFUNDIE18:01 DMoogle
20pLiability Associated with Son's Car: Homeowner's Insurance and Umbrella04/10 cowdogman17:59 cowdogman
103pTheory: The Only Four Situations Justifying Debt04/10 DesertMan17:58 LadyGeek
241cWhat is the BEST thing you spent money on?03/17 Shalom Aleichem17:56 Shalom Aleichem
11tBuying a range of bond maturities?04/09 mehujael17:50 Northern Flicke
8hFinally read the Little Book of Common Sense Investing...13:02 BV327317:37 BV3273
18tCan this be true? [CNBC: Investors put more money into stocks]04/09 g2morrow17:31 grabiner
3tTRF decumulation08:53 Boatbuilder17:25 grabiner
16tLong Term Treasury (VGLT) vs. Ext Duration Treasury (EDV)2020 Fat-Tailed Cont17:13 watchnerd
13hTaxes and rolling over pension lump sum04/10 Planner0117:13 placeholder
1hInvesting in the water business16:24 simple man17:11 Silk McCue
11hHow do I self-manage and completely change my portfolio?04/10 danisport17:10 danisport
51tReal Return Fakers & Quitting Investing For Good04/09 Ben884817:09 secondopinion
1tWhat are the best resources you have read on how to interpret financial statements and value businesses?13:21 foodhype16:58 RyeBourbon
14tVanguard: "Thank you for restoring access..."2015 Angst16:56 colodane
1p[How to deal with] 1099-R with code(s) PJ15:33 parent0f216:53 Alan S.
10200pRefinance Mega Thread2019 AZAttorney1116:49 Jimmy21
9pIncorrect Tax Calculation by IRS FreeFile [or]04/10 Rose16:26 LadyGeek
1pAdditions to Cost Basis of Land16:23 FrugalInvestor16:26 Gill
14pH&R Block business 202001/06 bsteiner15:52 ncbill
16hInvestment Allocation: Unpredictable Income04/10 Slowandsteady9515:49 ruralavalon
10t[How does one compare the value of real estate in relation to other assets?]04/05 Granger15:43 KlangFool
23pHow to pay estimated taxes10/10 stuyguy015:41 dafioram
15hSanity Check - Factor Portfolio Review04/08 FiveFactor15:32 Wade Garrett
55hDeciding it it's worth it to buy long-term individual stocks04/08 invester12315:22 inbox788
130pHow quickly did you receive your 2020 tax refund?03/06 CardinalRule15:17 quantAndHold
10pFirst time homebuying in this environment...12:27 B4Xt3r15:16 rage_phish
46cTravel Trailer vs My Pickup Truck: Specs?04/09 bhwabeck353315:14 tibbitts
8hInternational equity ETF options (IXUS, IDEV, IEMG)04/06 ramaj15:14 ruralavalon
148tBogleheads blog: a new rebalancing study08/08 siamond15:09 PinotGris
3h3 Fund Portfolio at Schwab04/10 csei2115:08 csei21
11hPortfolio update/re-balance, 33 yo female05:58 scommander715:02 Duckie
4hRecharacterization from Roth IRA to TIRA04/10 Linanq3l14:58 Duckie
20pI usually use electronic bank transfers to send money10:20 lmpmd14:56 tj
8hFinancial health checkup07:23 DreamsOfRetirin14:51 NYCaviator
6t"John C. Bogle: Renaissance Money Manager for the People and More"04/07 Taylor Larimore14:49 abuss368
10tAn alternative to bonds04/10 grobertj14:45 abuss368
13nCzech, 23, FIRE, investment suggestions welcome!04/02 Ikarases14:44 zerex
145hPurchasing MYGAs - Blueprint Income vs. Gainbridge vs. Canvas12/31 Stinky14:43 HueyLD
20nInteractive Brokers (via Charles Schwab International)03/28 Neuralgia14:37 Neuralgia
10hRetired - Fidelity to Vanguard 401K/IRA transfer $2.9m08/20 RPC197614:31 RPC1976
15hReady to push the easy button on investements: Portfolio review2016 WhiteIris14:30 abuss368
83htraditional IRA vs Roth - how to figure out03/19 hartista14:27 abuss368
34tNew "Bogleheads on Investing" podcast with estate expert Frazer Rice01/01 Rick Ferri14:25 abuss368
4cDC WMATA is phasing out old(er) SmarTrip cards10:13 Faith2087914:24 2cents2
4tStrategy for RMD to ROTH12:30 jriggio114:22 jriggio1
114pDo budgets work?04/10 mikejuss14:20 NYCaviator
42pAnyone contemplating OLY (One Less Year)?04/10 Whatyear?14:19 EnjoyIt
13pGift Tax form 70904/10 boater0714:06 FIREchief
102tBox Spreads as Loans - Interactive Brokers IBKR - 202103/30 kellykline14:04 outofthebox
17pCan I have a employer Traditional 401K and a Roth IRA simultaneously and contribute to both in the same year04/10 investmax14:03 investmax
86tVanguard Portfolio Watch has a new look04/07 livesoft14:01 LadyGeek
20hWhich Roth to choose - IRA or 401k03/17 OKMom13:58 SuzBanyan
88tHow long to turn 1 million to 2 millions for you?2016 Hawaiishrimp13:53 Scott S
74pWhich credit unions offer deposit accounts paying more than 3% interest?03/16 index2max13:50 Nevaco
0p? on form 5330 for excessive employer contribution13:45 foolio97 
10hWhy the general advice to have treasuries in CA HSA?04/10 moneyzone13:44 anon_investor
12tReal Estate Risk: What Do You Call This Kind?04/10 BigEater13:43 tfb
12hVT and home country bias04/10 guppyguy13:37 guppyguy
6535cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36813:29 cheese_breath
23hAnnuity statement. Not sure how this works?04/10 manlymatt8313:26 Stinky
53nGolden Visa Programs01/05 Tjb13:24 Slacker
231tAnyone else hoarding cash right now?08/05 JustinR13:12 FoolStreet
5nUK investors: anyone using HSBC Online Sharedealing?05:28 steve32113:11 TedSwippet
9cPlanning to travel to New York.09:09 Ed 213:03 WS1
8pScholarship vs endowment04/10 nyone12:58 stochastic
49pDon't hit that "File" button in your tax software till you know what filing early does to your 3rd stimulus check03/11 tadamsmar12:46 dcb
159pSecure Act and trusts03/27 restingonmylaur12:44 restingonmylaur
79pEffect of Current Income on Decision to Retire Early2018 investorpeter12:42 Wannaretireearl
1hSale of Mutual Fund for Low Cost Index Fund12:38 MrJett12:40 livesoft
5hCan I contribute the max to a traditional IRA if I made an excess contribution to a Roth IRA then withdrew it?04/10 BuckeyeState12:35 Alan S.
2pPermissible to do a CARES Act withdrawal and Roth IRA contribution the same year?04/10 CrisisAverted12:29 Alan S.
36hRoth conversion ideas needed04/06 PSM12:24 Exchme
10pDAF - At What $ Level Do Other Options Make Sense?04/07 learningstill12:21 aristotelian
22cfan trips GFCI; can I plug into surge protector?04/09 bfeenix4412:18 suemarkp
6nafter retirement allocation04/10 Siaigi12:11 galeno
4pTax Question04/10 peddler1211:48 peddler12
272tBitcoin Resources for Patient/Curious Bogleheads03/26 Enganerd11:40 alluringreality
15cHire a contractor without worker's comp insurance if it's a family business?04/09 CobraKai11:29 pshonore
107tTSLA gamed the system - Could Index Funds Be ‘Worse Than Marxism’?04/06 daniel200011:28 dsasdg
13pLife insurance + long term care rider bundle?04/08 softmax11:28 WoW2012
76cRepair plasma television or get new TV?09/09 ossipago11:08 lazydavid
1pRecharacterizations of IRA contribution for 202010:59 ABS11:04 retiredjg
15hTips ladder for retiree03/29 mnmac111:01 hudson
10cLG Washing Machine Issues04/05 Cruise10:42 Poor Rod
1cCheapest mat boards03/03 Caduceus10:36 Hebell
16hJob after lay-off: Which strategy to follow?04/08 arengarajsug8810:24 arengarajsug88
5hTarget date funds in retirement vs bucket strategy08:42 afstravel10:13 ruralavalon
173tCryptocurrency - Bitcoin Continues to Soar!03/13 MinnGuyInvestin10:07 decapod10
89pInterest only mortgage: the conservative choice?2020 HEDGEFUNDIE10:05 Tingting1013
26hAnalysis paralysis about International in Taxable Account04/10 inforthelongrun10:05 grabiner
7hVWAHX04/10 stevej10:03 dbr
4hFinancial Check-Up - Job Flexibility?04/10 LandOLakes10:03 retired@50
4pStill in Finance Kindergarden08:39 Cindy0709:51 tashnewbie
17cWindows 7 key fraud?04/07 Nyc1003609:45 Nyc10036
14cBest Cell Carrier to Use in the US Temporary?04/10 waltman30009:40 JoMoney
65pCareer advice for high schooler with HFA & difficulty with math04/02 Zillions09:37 MrsO
2pCan I carry over large loss from a K-1?07:39 phatkev09:36 H-Town
93cAny Chase Sapphire Reserve cardholders planning on cancelling?08/02 totallynotsure09:34 welloiledinvest
10hSuperfund 529 with <$70k year 1, contribute the difference years 2-5?2017 need403bhelp09:05 ipdiddly
770pRelationship mortgage discounts for moving a million assets2019 softwaregeek09:02 MrW
2pCalSTRS contributions - are they subtracted from AGI!04/10 TTGO80809:01 TTGO808
25hBuy more bonds now or wait?04/03 SlowPoke08:59 hudson
14tVanguard Digital Advisor appears to be live2020 CyberBob08:56 Kitty Telltales
4hUS Equity Allocation Strategy04/10 Glassman08:47 drumboy256
3pHomeowner Insurance Claim04/10 4nickt08:44 HomeStretch
24pThinking about parking $30k with Morgan Stanley for a free Amex Plat Card06/19 MikeZ08:44 student
25pFavorite Boglehead-ish Podcasts?04/10 FIREGuy8808:36 AerialWombat
3cCompany Healthcare Denying Coverage for Durable Medical Equipment07:17 BradJ08:36 runninginvestor
5cWhere to donate suits04/10 drjazz08:35 Sandtrap
7hHELP: 5-10yr Portfolio with $1mil target04/10 MKFort1208:33 WoodSpinner
17hIs it possible to open and fund a Roth IRA for my kid04/10 investmax08:32 drumboy256
36hSidedoor Roth04/08 fire_203008:28 hornet96
407pHas anyone see an inheritance not go as planned? I would like to hear stories from others of what can go wrong.2019 iamblessed08:28 Sandtrap
20cNeed help deciding on health insurance. COBRA vs Private04/10 saver108:22 SuzBanyan
27pAre we really ready to retire?03/03 GoneCamping08:15 smitcat
43cPre buy Disney World tickets as inflation hedge03/31 Wk101408:12 smitcat
29pUsing equity in primary home to invest in multiple investment properties04/09 Joe211608:10 DesertDiva
17cHelp analyze my HVAC decision04/10 mbasherp08:09 mbasherp
5hQuestion about Roth and Traditional 401K contributions...04/10 xerxes10108:07 retiredjg
8pHelp me untangle this Roth tax issues: first time home purchase + rollover + over-contribution04/10 CommitmentDevic08:05 CommitmentDevic
11hRemind me how to stick to Strategic asset allocation04/09 Neus07:56 KlangFool
16pCan someone become bankrupt from gift contracts?04/05 LibraryWhat07:49 LibraryWhat
47hAA for someone 2 years from retirement04/04 grace202007:36 Woodchick77
5072cWhat Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI2014 Alex Frakt07:20 George Theo
22tCryptoHeads: What's next after NFTs?04/10 Samosa2207:20 LadyGeek
21hPortfolio Planning/Review for someone who should’ve asked 3 years ago01/30 inforthelongrun07:19 retiredjg
29cSmoker recommendations? Meat, not Marlboro.04/08 guitarguy07:09 poker27
26cGardening 202104/09 peppers06:51 Lynette
37pHelp! Alliant is stealing my money via wrongful right of offset2020 Flobes06:46 dukeblue219
161pFor those retired or FI, how much do you spend annually?01/04 MyBrothersAdvis06:29 smitcat
63cWhat EV to buy for 20k-25k?04/07 angelescrest06:22 crefwatch
13pHow much do you spend in retirement compared to before? Did you budget enough?04/10 MrCheapo05:59 JoeRetire
8nUK Question - Platform risk - Pillar 304/06 buildingthefutu03:33 Valuethinker

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