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1h Tax Loss Harvesting with VTSAX and VFIAX  02:25larryfoxx03:43livesoft
134h Retirement with $8M in investments  page: 2 312/04marktop03:14inbox788
1h Where does Gold fit in passive investing  02:52elitistuser03:14fanmail
66c Amazon Prime Getting Stingy?  page: 212/03kjvmartin03:09biturbo
40h Help placing limit order for BND  12/04ilan1h03:00fanmail
19c Anyone still upgrading their PC build? (Not replacing the machine)  15:43lightheir02:32mhalley
182t Historical Bond Returns - Shiller: From Rates to Returns  page: 2 3 412/12longinvest02:01AlohaJoe
49h Retiring in a Decade after Graduation  12/06ldailey301:59mlebuf
9h Inflation protection for retiree portfolio  15:38brak01:52FIREchief
1h 15-20% To Retire, or Setting an Exact Number  01:17heybro01:42AlohaJoe
74c Owning a Chromebook  page: 211/20tennisplyr01:36JoMoney
3h SEP-IRA vs. 401k & Roth-IRA  03/21larryfoxx01:31larryfoxx
8t article of interest regarding Vanguard as a monopoly  20:22forkhorn01:28Iridium
7t McDonald's Stock  22:07abuss36801:23youdiditr2
23t Backtesting Corporate Bonds (VCIT vs LQD + history)  11/30siamond01:15MachineGhost
5t IRA self managed  04:08katon01:10katon
3t "5 Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Retirement"  15:14Taylor Larimore01:00noraz123
8h (When) should I move from individual stocks to VTSAX?  12/07Wanttolearn01:00Fishing50
12p HELP: salary negotiation  05:58eddiejov5500:56HopeToGolf
2h IRR Calculation Fully Leveraged  00:31Count of Notre 00:43whodidntante
1c Double Oven Ranges  19:20TallBoy29er00:40curmudgeon
7c MBA Folks - Question About the App Process  12/06JCrack00:38carorun
5p Where to move to for lowest health care costs (for nomad types)  18:32clast00:33protagonist
29c Buy iPhone 7 or Wait for iPhone 8  12/01RoadHouseFan00:24inbox788
28c Eclipse viewing  12/06Bfwolf00:22itstoomuch
10p Living Trust vs Transfer on Death [Suze Orman Protection Portfolio]  17:51hurrro00:22FIREchief
25t Highly compensated Employee  11/18Investing Newbi00:11Blender
30c Learning an instrument as an adult?  12/06investingdad23:59Cyclone
2h Schwab retirement quote on 4 mil. Advice??? Can I do better?  22:04ChuangTzu23:59mhalley
13p Roth or traditional with 401k  10:58joyanni23:58Miriam2
105p Retirement: Where $200K Will Last 30 Years  page: 2 308/23Gambler23:58protagonist
13h Investing 100k with Schwab  12/04Tmbuktu23:55Earl Lemongrab
3h HSA Bank investment options  14:06TSR23:53sco
4t "Mr. Bogle and me"  12/05Taylor Larimore23:51abuss368
2t "When It Comes to Diversification, Don't Be Naive"  15:39Taylor Larimore23:48abuss368
55h How much risk do we need to take? Retired at age 47.  page: 212/05RetiredEarly23:42RetiredEarly
12t Did Buffett really believe the stock market went nowhere from 1964 to 1981?  20:16nisiprius23:41abuss368
23c Should I go for the 2K+ flying squirrel solution?  13:12crazyapple1123:36Watty
37p want to buy property, abandoned trailer on it  12/06squirm23:35sco
42h Edward Jones to Vanguard - about to make the move  11/30Green_9823:33sco
5p Solo 401k tax filing  12/04corner55923:31corner559
31c Digitizing old home movies...  2013jefmafnl23:26protagonist
10h Starting Mom's IRA at Age 70 - Advice?  08:42WadeLawrence23:11WadeLawrence
10h Is American Funds 20xx Target Date Retirement a good fund?  12/01BogleMelon23:081030danielle
30c Books (real or digital)  12:13Buster6523:04abuss368
7t Vanguard Health Care Fund  21:52Howard Donnelly23:04abuss368
28h TSP Allocations 43 yr old  12/05Rad-122:59Rad-1
13h Simplyfying to 1-Fund Portfolio?  12/06tomd3722:55inbox788
2h Holding bonds in an HSA with state taxes  12/06otinkyad22:33grabiner
13p TSP beneficiaries per my will  12/05nasatiger22:33Alan S.
3t 401k contributions  21:36Invest201622:33DSInvestor
5p Veterans Administration(VA) benefits for my sister  20:03newstreetnj22:33GerryL
117p TaxAct pre-purchase discount  page: 2 310/16Saving$22:24Spirit Rider
14t "Cash Equivalents" ?  10:11ddunca194422:13whodidntante
18c Would appreciate a book recommendation.  12/06LuigiLikesPizza22:13TTBG
4h Help with fund transfers and Thrift Savings Plan  17:46mattod12222:12trueblueky
23h Are Bonds a Good Investment Now?  10:53jafcorrea22:10abuss368
10h Bond funds in taxable account  12/06bob the baker22:09abuss368
58p Is Quicken Worth it?  page: 22013sunnyday22:06abuss368
5p Non Roth, After Tax 401(K) Contribution - Question about Qualified Compensation  11:52walletless22:06Alan S.
50p Spouses and spending styles...  page: 212/05Ollie12321:56celia
880t Spreadsheet for backtesting (includes TrevH's data)  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 182007simba21:54siamond
12p Mistakenly Penalized on Roth IRA withdrawal?  13:40Allan1221:53Alan S.
10h New to investing: general portfolio suggestions?  12/06JasonA198721:35JasonA1987
86c Got a Job offer, can I see 401k options beforehand?  page: 211/23achen929121:34achen9291
108t Great CD Promo! Andrews FCU 84 mo 3.01%  page: 2 311/16protagonist21:33aqan
0t VWRD vs VT - why the difference in performance ?  21:32virw  
3h Taxable account and other help  18:59Ollie1121:30Duckie
8t Vanguard Advantage accounts - one consequence  10/29friar161021:28grabiner
2t European fund stock?  20:49hammond21:26whodidntante
39h Academia female professional seeking your suggestion  09/03cutebean21:20Garco
33c Should I fill out survey evaluation of my boss?  12/06financial.freed21:19TomatoTomahto
19h RMD Dilemma  12/05Par5zn221:16Nowizard
183t Retreat to cash  page: 2 3 411/22marge-g21:15Blender
0p Roth IRA rules [Qualify based on marital status?]  21:10Ownedbytia  
13h Need help to find a direction to invest $800k plus $900k  14:09HenrysPlan221:06bmelikia
5h Unload Healthcare Fund?  18:42kobbiemandd21:01Nowizard
1t AQR - Alternative Thinking 4Q 2016: Superstar Investors  18:51matjen20:50matjen
7h TSP Lifecycle Fund Question  12/04Unadan20:48Unadan
12h Investing now for possible future abroad  11/18bugle20:47bugle
15p Sort of a new question on college funding  10:28Cody20:46GreenGrowTheDol
22h A very safe no-bond asset allocation?  12/06flyingaway20:43itstoomuch
15p Trying to get a week on the beach with Credit Card Points -- Mariott Rewards Premier Credit Card(s) or other cards?  12/06acura30120:42acura301
6h Muni Fund for Downpayment and Help Understanding Bond Risks  12/06Nearly A Moose20:41Nearly A Moose
5p What's Next in Financial Education?  20:19burningskulls20:37burningskulls
6c Where to purchase tea  12/06Hayden20:35yukonjack
5h Need guidace with where to place savings  19:40Green_9820:33DaftInvestor
3p Student loan refinancing  12/06parthology20:31Biglaw Investor
13c AppleCare?  11/28LuigiLikesPizza20:30kjvmartin
9h So the ROTH is maxed, 403B maxed... am I leaving anything out?  12/05arcion20:20krow36
3p 529 Plan and tax credits - what can I use?  12/06Brewman20:13teen persuasion
13t Am I estimating these retirement future earnings correctly?  12/06PlayingLife20:09Grt2bOutdoors
28h Edward Jones Guided Solutions  11/29millennialfalco20:09millennialfalco
9p Big 2016 income drop  10:58boglerocks20:08dodecahedron
39p simulating wealth building effects of home ownership  12/06elb201520:04MindBogler
8h Moving an IRA to another brokerage  11:27boglerocks19:53krick
6h 55 y/o with 850k portfolio looking for balance  12/06drhoda19:48stats99
7p Credit Karma to offer free online filing of federal and state tax returns  09:49Mapache19:38TravelGeek
25h Thinking about hiring Advisor  12/06desiderium19:33investorguy1
22t Swedroe's book  12/03Beat The Street19:31larryswedroe
40t active, passive, and factor investing  12/03privatefarmer19:24kolea
254c Flaunt Your High-Mileage Car  page: 2 3 4 5 62015Teague19:19Easy Rhino
3t BND partial month dividend after sale & account transfer  18:12jane119:17jane1
29t What does Dave Ramsey mean by "ride the wave"  12/05hammond19:13LadyGeek
16p Purchasing a 2016 Honda CRV EX -- the best out the door price I have found is $25,875.20 -- is this reasonable?  16:25acura30119:01Grt2bOutdoors
72t Can ETFs collapse?  page: 22010learning_head18:58Fourkine808
23c Any particular oven toaster you preffer????  12/04parigi72318:44GerryL
1h Bond (muni or otherwise) ladder  12/05mass_biker18:44patrick013
28c Shoes for flat-footed over-pronators  12/05saltycaper18:43MandyT
2t Why not have an Emergency Fund in your Roth...(for those who can't max out anyways)  16:35Fieldsy102418:40Rainmaker41
25c Cellular Service Surcharges, Taxes, and Fees  2014batpot18:36mikep
6h New investor with $150k cash seeking Boglehead wisdom (self-employed)  11/27bogletete18:34kenner
7h Hopefully simple 403B questions  12/06beetroot18:33krow36
17t Boglehead Contest leaders as S&P 500 Index makes new high  11/21Taylor Larimore18:26Taylor Larimore
19p Advice for Processing a Will  07/18cheese_breath18:08cheese_breath
7p Pension Question  12/06alex1118:04Winkdinkerson
3p Question about Chase Sapphire Reserve Card  15:26FB0118:03inspector00
10p Impact of cancelling a long-standing credit card?  12/06lvrpl18:03bertilak
10h Is a money market fund better than a tax-exempt bond fund?  12/03John15117:58John151
61p Living Trust vs Transfer on Death  page: 203/31Dan3217:57LadyGeek
5h Auto Rebalance software/broker  14:54investorguy117:55livesoft
13t Is Vanguard having issues managing Total Bond Market?  12/06neomutiny0617:44stlutz
1h FIRE with 401a, Prudential 401k, Voya 403b and 457b  15:49iwrotecode17:44krow36
1t Vanguard's 2017 Economic and Market Outlook  15:42lack_ey17:37Good Listener
82t Those with negative yields on international bonds take heart  page: 209/09arcticpineapple17:31lack_ey
31c What to get a 13 Y/O who's interested in money?  09:47TRC17:23celia
42h 403b help in NY Voya  11/30chud538017:18chud5380
259p Retiree Portfolio Model  page: 2 3 4 5 62012BigFoot4817:08Felix Mulier
82h TSP share prices for Quicken  page: 22013Simbilis17:07impdust
2h Help on balance stock/bonds in portfolio efficiently  14:59uwbadgers17:03Aptenodytes
38h Haste Makes Waste Lump Sum Investing  12/02Toby Orange17:03BigJohn
11p Offsetting Carryover Capital Losses with Gains  15:19FrugalInvestor16:51jebmke
86l Wisconsin - Madison Meetings - Master Thread  page: 22014renjuzone16:49Peter Foley
7h Where to Invest after Retirement Accounts  15:03rahmana9216:48ruralavalon
40t Global bonds suffer worst monthly meltdown, cause for concern?  12/01fantasytensai16:33Kevin M
7t US tax brackets throughout history  12/05Tamales16:33Mel Lindauer
17c Physical security solution for basement door?  12/06Morik16:23psteinx
30h Managing kids money  12/05Eagle4Life16:21delamer
18c confused about HDMI cables  12/06gwe6716:17gwe67
8h First investment advice for a European  11/26Someone16:14Someone
51c Computer Backup Ideas  page: 211/16blueman45716:05bertilak
3t Navy Federal CU New Certificate Offering  11:56tomd3716:01tomd37
11h Portfolio in retirement  12/06patngordo16:00patngordo
31p Is Federal Health Benefits Program A Good System?  12/03BetaTracker16:00delamer
25c Who will run my Ethernet Cables for me?  12/03Dakotah15:49saltycaper
114c Flying Across Atlantic with 98th Percentile 18-Month Child  page: 2 312/05Lieutenant.Colu15:43LadyGeek
67p Buying house near church  page: 208/28MikeDun15:33Pajamas
23h American Funds: You can beat the Index  12/06Saphomd15:26goingup
38c CBP (INS) Global Entry program worth it?  12/02gd15:22dbr
13p Freetaxusa dot com  12/02Swimmer15:00N1CKV
6h Beneficiary Ira RMD  12/06piratetwin14:58FIREchief
5p Turbotax deluxe  13:28coffeehubcap14:46Youngblood
9c H2O Wireless to get 4G LTE in January 2015  2014Shadow_Dancer14:35bloom2708
9h Fidelity transfer bonus  12/07johnny14:33Earl Lemongrab
4p PA 529 - Which Plan?  12/05MedicatedMoney14:24Admiral
3h Qualified Charitable Distributions  12:54vineman9314:17Alan S.
24p Affordable Care Act question - would greatly appreciate assistance  12/06krenzel1614:16Pajamas
12c Car: new or CPO  11:10Admiral13:53btenny
79c Fountain Pens - Do you use one?  page: 211/20Jazztonight13:47linenfort
1p Backtesting Medigap plans  13:04CWRadio13:47robertalpert
12h Stock Options Help  12/06luckyc142313:38inbox788
9c Car buying: bank pre-approved financing  11:18workingovertime13:37NoGambleNoFutur
15c Computer hacked. Next?  12/06metrunt13:33vbsrisri
11h No employer retirement plan; how would you proceed?  12/05iasw13:26retiredjg
10h Emergency Fund Placement  11:42bdrolan13:04dsmil
5t New Paper on CAPE thought the "geeks" would be interested in  12/06larryswedroe12:44lack_ey
11h What happens to my ROTH IRA with Betterment when my green card expires?  12/03niner12:43bcjb
10p how do you comp raw land?  12/06squirm12:43jfn111
0h Has anybody invested in industrial real estate (warehouses)?  12:32Bogle826  
3h 529 safety  07:56leftcoaster12:23Constant Chaos
39p Federal Blue Cross Standard versus Basic  12/02Nearly A Moose12:21Nearly A Moose
2009c What Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 412014Alex Frakt12:07Bungo
12h ETF vs. index funds  12/06alloykat12:05Earl Lemongrab
10h Determining cost basis in taxable account - "uncovered" shares  12/06Boglegirl8111:54Earl Lemongrab
2h Allocation of 3 Fund Portfolio Between 457, Roth IRA and Taxable  12/06TSWNY11:47ruralavalon
3h New Employer Match  12/06jes5811:42ruralavalon
12h moving to Fidelity index funds ~ questions  12/05John 23511:32Earl Lemongrab
25c Why is actual raw sugar hard to find?  12/03nisiprius11:27nisiprius
21p Northwestern Mutual Whole Cash Value Life Insurance (65 Life)  12/03trama0911:25David Jay
22h Help deciding asset Allocation between 401k and IRA  07/28topcatin11:06topcatin
14h Another "emergency fund in muni bonds" question...  12/06Pete1211:04Pete12
13c 2nd cell phone in different area code  12/05Olds3311:01Raryn
15t No Growth?  12/06trope10:56larryswedroe
39p Feel like I'm spending more even though I'm saving more  12/04acejacksingh10:51AnonJohn
6h Any reason not to sprinkle in some small cap index?  12/06silverskates10:43Garco
4p Question on will-custody for minor kids  12/06Panam@201610:25Rupert
391p Share your net worth progression  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 82014techcrium10:17eldinerocheapo
13c Best business credit card and bank account for S-corp  12/04mesmer10:02mesmer
9p Tax impact of switching from W-2 to K-1?  12/05soupcxan09:45123
37p Need advice on how to go about selling my mom's house  12/03PStrider09:35Dottie57
28p Advice on dealing with Amazon customer service  12/04JRix09:33Nate79
65c Men's Fashion - Best Bang for Buck  page: 212/04HardHitter09:29Theoretical
0t Best Way to Convert Daily Returns to Monthly for Factor Regression  09:28Theoretical  
9p Hidden Costs of potential new job  12/06corysold09:15corysold
83l NE Ohio (Cleveland Area) Master Thread  page: 22014Maid of the Mis09:12Maid of the Mis
35p Anyone have experience with Kaiser in Colorado  12/02Steelart9909:09dm200
0t Breakdown of Value returns by Decile  08:58Theoretical  
9h Incomplete contribution to 401K for this year  12/06ensamya08:55goingup
0t Summary of the research on structured products  08:50larryswedroe  
126t What percentage of international do you hold?  page: 2 312/01thethinker08:25Peculiar_Invest
1t portfolio list reflects OLD prices  07:08rgar9808:09livesoft
4p Linking bank accounts through a third party  12/02Mav07:57cheese_breath
91t What was your Asset Allocation before and after retirement?  page: 211/22CaliJim07:51Yordle
5p Quick tax caster question  12/06am07:48kaneohe
33h Thinking of going solo  11/30mostly_patient07:41SGM
2p Insurance Review  12/06InvestorAdam07:19pintail07
3p Is my math for my retirement accounts correct?  12/06fcb07:11techrules
38h $100,000 to invest; pay-off 2nd mortgage or invest all?  12/04mjposner06:55Toons
36f Did you know? Tips for using  2009jeff mc06:19pondering
3c LTC insurance quote calculator  12/06heartwood06:15heartwood
56t How to model TIPS rates (and returns) pre-1997  page: 211/11siamond06:15dcabler
4h TIPS [good time to invest?]  12/06rodman05:03Sammy_M
4t Morgan Housel on public companies, ceo, etc  12/05noco-hawkeye04:01Valuethinker

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