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14p Accelerating financial independence by living with father-in-law?  23:54Dietmar17:25delamer
42c Anyone travel without hacking?  02/04Allixi17:25awval999
34c Warning on Amazon Subscribe & Save  02/05theta17:22tbradnc
26t "Picking Individual Stocks is a Loser's Game"  02/05Taylor Larimore17:20JoMoney
11p 1099B not coming till end of Feb but need info now  15:19markcoop17:19NotWhoYouThink
1h The $250,000 Question  17:15Dimitri17:18swl
1h Looking to rebalance, would love some advice  15:46timtheenchantor17:15Aptenodytes
42t The Gravy Train Departed?  07:25closetoreality17:14jackholloway
9h Overwhelmed - Asset Allocation Questions Between 401K, Roth IRA, and Taxable Accounts  02/04atl_brownie17:14jjface
8t Stock Allocation in Retirement  12:05Dutchgirl17:13itstoomuch
40c Three devices = redundancy  06/27Barefootgirl17:13stoptothink
4h Retirement Income @ 67 yrs. New to Forum  10:19JRDEWEYII17:09delamer
18p 529 Question  11:56Ignatious P. Da17:08livesoft
7c Wet iPhone and Fidelity AmEx  02/05LifeIsGood17:06mhalley
47t Impact of Obamacare on investment decisions  05:59protagonist17:05NauticalRounder
2h Roth IRA Transfer  16:38jcb1317:02BL
0p Best 529 for Massachusetts resident?  17:02bostondan  
3p Refinancing - what to ask?  10:34ARB5716:57ARB57
20c Forced to sell a an expensive vehicle at the wrong time how to handle???  23:22adam6116:56Jack FFR1846
39p My Megacorp offered a pension buyout today...  02/04supernova7216:55Leeraar
2c BillFixers - Anyone Used It?  15:22x3586416:54Dimitri
5p Problem e-filing return (deceased primary)  00:42azurekep16:54azurekep
2h Missing Out on Available Retirement Investment Options?  11:22enginerd31016:52delamer
5h difference between two vanguard funds and more  09:40AnnaFin16:47pkcrafter
81p Retirees: What percentage of your expenses are covered by SS and/or pensions  page: 202/04TheTimeLord16:46Christine_NM
1p Full-Time job (W-2), 1099-MISC and 401(k)  16:38trudeo16:45livesoft
0p Excess Roth IRA Contribution - Which option?  16:45ThankYouJack  
17t Is there a rule of thumb for 50/50 Total Stock/Total Bond  19:43sonoferu16:43Taylor Larimore
10c Renting Bobcat  07:02Allan1216:42dratkinson
6h Need Help Getting on Track  21:56allencw8516:34Morik
0t WSJ Weekend Edition: Vanguard Seeking Finance Chief  16:31FreeAtLast  
6t Investing nontaxable money with zero taxable income - how?  18:06K8ya16:28K8ya
34c Purchasing Business Class Tickets  02/04LifeIsGood16:27THY4373
436p Mango prepaid card - 4.8% (effective) APY  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 92012boglestan16:20tj
6h TSP asset allocation  09:28dumbttt16:18sometimesinvest
64t If SS covers expenses why invest?  page: 202/04Exige16:14Dandy
15c upgrade OS on older MAC?  10:34sam516:13Sandi_k
331t Decided to try timing the market. 100% short on 9/17/15  page: 2 3 4 5 6 709/17TorturedRegret16:07Doom&Gloom
63p What growth rate would you use?  page: 202/03lvrpl15:52Rodc
21p Grandson working for me-Child labor law?  07:44Allan15:52joebh
44c Advice for parents with Perfectionist Child?  02/04investingdad15:47bayview
19c Do you download software or use a DVD drive?  08:32Lynette15:46bertilak
0t Furnishing your portfolio with ETFs and Mutual Funds  15:42arcticpineapple  
27h Yikes! FA is killing me...desperate to know how to fire FA and DIY?  02/04N2planning15:37Morik
119t The failure of valuation predictions  page: 2 301/25HomerJ15:34larryswedroe
9t "John Bogle Dismisses Index Fund 'Danger'"  02/05Taylor Larimore15:31mickeyd
3h Tax Mitigation / Employer Stock / TLH Advice  14:27mike12715:31livesoft
4h 401k Help  02/05MMVV8815:26MMVV88
32t Today's dumbest investment advice  02/05bertilak15:17bertilak
11c Sell truck and buy SUV?  07:07larklea15:13joebh
15t Case for Bull Market Next 15-20 Years  21:30William Million15:07livesoft
6t VOOG + VOOV not equal to VOO [S&P 500 + Growth not equal to Value]  07:30TheTimeLord15:05JoMoney
141h Clueless college new grad 22 yo, 200k income looking to start saving  page: 2 302/02moonhalf14:57bonn
24c Airllne carry on luggage size: recommendations?  02/02ResearchMed14:55jridger2011
5p Medicare Part-B premium  02/05Namashkar14:53dm200
44h I Lost My FInancial Brain - Please Help  02/04beehumble14:53radiowave
5h 5-year rule necessary? Inherited IRA, estate  02/05Simone14:52Simone
8p Multiple HSAs and Form 8889, Please Help  09:35apc1214:50livesoft
10p Netspend 1099's?  02/02sco14:43turnips
6c Anniversary To Europe On Points Need Suggestions  02/05William10414:38William104
107p How to get a 200k+/year job?  page: 2 302/04betterfinances14:37FireProof
1p Selling makeup on Facebook for extra income?  05:56betterfinances14:33sbh8
54c Paying at Costco with gift cards  page: 22012dandan1414:20susa
8p solo401k, FICA and 941  2014EnjoyIt14:08JLMA
7t Expense ratio vs return on investment  02/05uconnlj14:08dm200
11p How Long Until Financial Independence?  02/05JustinTime14:04JustinTime
8p Retirement planning, draw rate, investments, TIA-Cref, etc  10:00Jackson1214:03livesoft
129t QSPIX Nightmare - Closed Off to Retail Investors  page: 2 310/09tarheel14:02scone
250f Forum software upgrade bug reports and change requests  page: 2 3 4 5 605/02Alex Frakt13:53bertilak
29t Bogleheads investment philosophy at huge risk?  22:10caliguy113:50JoMoney
2h Looking for Advice / Guidance Please  03:31big_hat_no_catt13:49retiredjg
2h Portfolio Advice - 30 y/o switching from FA to Vanguard  11:44amyjo13:44radiowave
26p Tax rate on IRA withdrawal when on Social Security  02/04sonoferu13:44Doc
17h How to behave on a RGD (Really Good Day)?  02/04kiddoc13:37minesweep
6h Full 401k annual contribution from bonus this year?  02/04virgingorda13:27virgingorda
3t Taxable account strategy for delaying Social Security  10:46Pursuitofqualit13:11livesoft
179t What is your favorite Financial Quote or Metaphor??  page: 2 3 401/25mevans15413:11munemaker
41t Asset location strategies for taxes are OK; but not great  2014Rick Ferri13:02livesoft
64c The Coming Boglehead Zombie Apocalypse (LED bulbs)  page: 202/04tadamsmar13:01dbr
11h Merged accounts at Vanguard--cost basis info gone  04/27baw70391612:59anonyvestor
2p After tax IRA contributions  11:11metalworking12:48metalworking
0p SoFi Mortage  12:47Pepper11  
10p Costco AMEX Update  01/23anonenigma12:47cuda74360
4p How do I classify stock purchase plan sale  23:20zbxb00612:32FiveK
7c Where to buy Subaru Outback Accessories  20:42sksbog12:32DoTheMath
8c Foreign Transaction Fee for Skype Payment on New Fidelity VISA  22:08Soon2BXProgramm12:26tdogz
4t What is up with Tech Industry?  06:46closetoreality12:11telemark
19h Roth IRA basis  2011pointyhairedbos12:06Silence Dogood
4p Medicare Part D IRMAA incorrectly assesed  20:33The Wizard12:05heartwood
5h Retirement Income  10:43ellwood12:02ellwood
9p Sallie Mae / Navient payoff date doesn't agree with my math  21:36rheitz112:01rheitz1
23t Emotion? question from dan howitt  12/03dan howitt11:54dan howitt
14c Best Tips for Packing & Moving?  02/03LuigiLikesPizza11:51jridger2011
10h Investment Advice [for UK-based professional poker player]  02/03john758411:46john7584
6t TLH timing question: how to count 30 days  00:39randomizer11:41randomizer
12p TaxCut missing features  01/25hms11:40hms
21t Please share examples where earning an extra $1 can cost more in taxes than income.  02/05sai11:26SpringMan
2h Backdoor Roth  10:39Hungry3411:25Alan S.
4h New Money  02/05Savergal11:22joebh
8h Finally Getting Investments In Order - Help is Appreciated!  01/26Travis111:17Travis1
2t What is your average return?  19:59MDreppin11:15Sbashore
2t Ben Carlson on Individual vs. Institutional Investing  02/05jalbert11:09printer
15h How do you invest your DAF? [Donor Advised Fund]  02/05FelixTheCat11:06Artsdoctor
27t Reporter doing story on expense drop when kids go off to college  02/03Mel Lindauer10:58Rodc
11p What Percentage Raise to Expect for a Small Promotion?  02/05Expos_Fan10:55tnr
10h Life Strategy Growth VASGX & Target Retirement 2035 VTTHX for IRA's  01/30Franko196610:49MNGopher
21h New to Bogleheads: Portfolio advice please  02/03giesen510:46retiredjg
10p Flagship Investor with 700 credit score ?  19:33NC 91110:44Runner01
87c Sibling's destination wedding?  page: 202/04Former Usher10:39Miakis
4h Help with investement decisions. Both teachers and two babies  23:46amanditaroa10:28MNGopher
19p Are expected returns higher  01/31EnjoyIt10:21siamond
7h Roth TSP questions  02/04Iorek10:21Soon2BXProgramm
2h help with international funds  02/05sdog99ty!10:19sdog99ty!
3p S-Corp Help  02/05AryaSQ510:11Spirit Rider
51p Friend is an Edward Jones financial advisor -- should I drop him?  page: 202/02doss10:06sambb
15h USD/EUR cost averaging of ETFs from the EU  02/03mixinvest09:57Rotsevni
1h 403b / 457b / Roth IRA - What order?  01:16Ericular09:36FiveK
8p Tax question for my brother  02/05ugaDAWGS0909:36pshonore
1h Undo Roth 401(k) contribution?  08:47RMO8709:33Alan S.
63l NE Ohio (Cleveland Area) Master Thread  page: 22014Maid of the Mis09:32Maid of the Mis
0h Anyone here use VOOG or VUG in their portfolio?  09:23TheTimeLord  
110l Master Thread for Philadelphia PA Area Bogleheads Chapter  page: 2 32012dickenjb09:23marnie
5h Investing/saving with IBR student loan repayment  02/04sneilsen09:22lobon
5h Portfolio Advice for a new member  02/01NDND6009:20NDND60
13t Global debt, global growth, and expected returns  02/04letsgobobby09:07Valuethinker
5h Simple financial account tracking spreed sheet needed.  02/04MrMojoRisin08:59MrMojoRisin
3h Contribute to ROTH or 401K  02/05cjchef08:55retiredjg
7h when is the right time to do a planned shift in AA  23:01mookie08:54Rx 4 investing
18p Tax prep Q - 1st time home purchase  02/01Cautious_Optimi08:52MarkNYC
86p Public school or private school (with school data)  page: 201/30falcon08:52janiebegood
4p I'm dying with this portfolio  08:03timmy08:50timmy
38t What is Your Bond Allocation & Location  01/24greenalfalfa08:43livesoft
98t Active or Not, I Love Wellington  page: 22014TheTimeLord08:42TheTimeLord
22c 3 Years to Obsolescence - SONY Blu-Ray YouTube App  01/24Boglenaut08:37cutterinnj
13p How do you hire a lawyer to be "on retainer"?  17:36AndroAsc08:36Meaty
3h suggestions to start using backdoor ROTH  02/05s2kmw08:36retiredjg
64p Retirement - Ten key years + Summary  page: 201/30Peter Foley08:12Sandman62
15h Disappointed in International Funds  20:27betterfinances08:03Geologist
4t AQR's Asness on Fama on Momentum  02/05matjen08:02larryswedroe
15t Boglehead mentality re todays oil price  02/05BogleInvestorLo07:48just frank
66c Replacing timing belt on 2009 Accord(Do it or sell?)  page: 201/31DonDraper07:05neilpilot
21h Fidelity or iShares for total stk market?  02/05zadie07:01zadie
0h Partial Conversion/Recharacterization of CD Experience?  06:33Carl53  
22c Chicken rub  02/04packet06:25tenkuky
126t I'm Calling an Emerging Markets Bottom  page: 2 301/15grap001306:24biscuits222
12p Roth IRA withdrawls of contributions - how to account/track?  02/04ljwobker06:22retiredjg
4h How to prove 2015 income for 2016 ACA  11/11zbxb00606:03Monkeyboy
127h Large amount of CDs maturing....what to do?  page: 2 301/11protagonist05:12protagonist
3h Can we harvest anything out of this whole life before we lapse it.  22:26kay17jan04:53bogleblitz
1h Should I dump Vanguard Explorer & Strategic Equity?  04:22betterfinances04:48in_reality
10t Smart Beta: When the shark jumps the shark  02/05countmein04:39Robert T
1h Newly-retired Canada/US ctzn seeking feedback on invstmnt plan  18:58bmikal03:23TedSwippet
4h Bond Investing in a 2%World  00:35mpt follower02:35mpt follower
2h New to on the way!  02/05rfleming22200:58betterfinances
48h Caterpillar Company investment  01/10552BB00:52Leeraar
5c COSTCO Membership Offer at LivingSocial  02/03Leeraar00:06ze233
5t a look at floating rate note funds  02/03larryswedroe23:55patrick
6p Better way to save for a home purchase?  02/02Galt23:49Galt
16c Which would you buy?  12/15thomasbayarea23:47ladders11
41t Best article/study describing why and by how much retail investors under-perform?  01/22Fat-Tailed Cont23:32wije
8p Asset Protection - Health Care Costs  02/05davidr-va23:18hnzw rui
5l The Woodlands, Texas Chapter?  02/05Hecdias22:25christophertowl
69t Take the Verb Tense Pledge!  page: 202/04nisiprius22:14arcticpineapple
16c patio enclosure - advise  01/31ready2learn22:05Geneyus
1p Problems with Credit Sesame?  21:21Thrifty Femme21:56drawpoker
4c How do the very wealthy buy vehicles?  21:31betterfinances21:45LadyGeek
1423c What Movie Have You Recently Watched?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 292014abuss36821:44abuss368
10c Home security system - cost to convert from landline to cellular  01/30BigSaver21:44Geneyus
2c Planning European-Southern Germany Road Trip Travel-Hacks Wanted  20:42MikeZ21:41jjface
10p HELOC or Buy Next Car  02/04opriskguy21:41jpa
4p Paying off investment mortgage  02/04armatt1221:38grabiner
12p I should cancel this credit card, right?  18:24JonCincy21:33drawpoker
8c Educational summer camps in technology for teens  02/05VINNY21:27LadyGeek
18h Tilting towards oil  02/05mpt follower21:20fmzip
12h TLH timing question  02/02Jai0821:17grabiner
8p Insurance increase after Citation and Traffic School  02/03inbox78821:14nanoanalyzer
34l Sacramento, CA Area Chapter - Master Thread  03/17digarei21:10digarei
3h Keeping track of tax loss harvesting  18:33bubbadog21:08bubbadog
14c $50 Amazon tablet  17:35AlohaBill20:55metsmetsmets
1p Small Business Treatment of Inventory for Tax Purposes  19:54mister_sparkle20:39Miakis
7h Portfolio help - 28 yo  02/02greenheck120:38TXJuice
6t Why has growth beaten value recently?  02/05Beliavsky20:26JoMoney
459t Rick Ferri looking to internationalize his portfolio  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 102015walletless20:24LadyGeek
67c Which news source do you use?  page: 201/28PlayingLife20:18scubadiver
3t Could Vanguards fees quadruple?  19:13Franko196620:13LadyGeek
7h Roth 401k Contribution beyond earned income?  02/05BolderBoy20:11CFM300
31c Advice about a stop in Chicago  02/01GerryL20:02Carson
5h 10 years to Retirement, Roth IRA?  02/05esgwat19:41esgwat
44c Recent Vanguard Trouble  02/02in_reality19:37blevine
5h Tax loss harvesting: ITOT and FSTVX  02/05Yesterdaysnews19:30mcraepat9
1p 1099-R Excess Roth  02/05Hungry3419:19Alan S.
42h Muni bond ladder vs fund for large $$$$  01/31underwood19:05Artsdoctor
31p Uber driving for extra income in retirement.  02/04Bustoff19:03burt
8h Best IRA account for Self Employed?  02/05pepperz18:43Spirit Rider
38p Sell Home and Invest Proceeds or Stay Put?  01/28JKampel2018:24Carefreeap
6h Money Withdrawn From UTMA Account Eligible for Roth IRA Contribution?  17:38tamuag18:20tamuag
3h Sub-accounts within your brokerage account?  18:01pepperz18:17itstoomuch
2t low overhead business: should I put intermediate-term funds into my portfolio?  02/04K8ya17:59K8ya
80t Hedge Funds blame Index funds: Bogleheads referenced  page: 201/27mouth17:48Theoretical
10h Possible to purchase excess SIPC coverage?  02/04johnanglemen17:46patrick013
6h Started new job - what to do with my old 401k?  02/04kew17:44cmublitz
36t Make your retirement money last  02/01larryswedroe17:41joebh
0h Getting Laid off...what to do?  17:38spacewrangler  
22p keep or sell house after separation  02/05riptide17:37riptide

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