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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1843 new posts and replies over 284 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
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Subforum - TopicLast   
6hExchanging VFINX for VTSAX14:35 blacknotebooks18:21 nisiprius
2hFidelity Contrafund- primary 401k plan15:29 SimpleThing18:19 inbox788
29t"College Endowments Badly Trail The Market"01/15 Taylor Larimore18:18 malabargold
10pTaxes for First Time Solo Small Business Owner02/15 Boxtrap18:18 Spirit Rider
30pPurchase SPIA through Vanguard?05/28 Stinky18:17 Gill
94tHow many bogleheads do you know in real life?02/18 texasdiver18:14 epoxyresin
3pHow much do we need in roth IRA to retire?17:02 turkey123418:14 turkey1234
3h457 Plan Advice17:08 mark3918:13 ExitStageLeft
13hOk for my wife and I to lump sum invest into Roth IRAs now?20:56 index2max18:13 tibbitts
1cNetflix show: Can't Pay? We'll Take It Away. It will keep you on guard.16:27 TheRural18:12 randomguy
17hMy First Mega Backdoor Roth02/17 TigerNest18:11 Spirit Rider
14tSequence of Returns Risk in a Low Return World08:35 DaufuskieNate18:11 gmaynardkrebs
23pAuto Extended Warranties02/18 JustWantToGetIt18:09 OldBallCoach
1pUsing Federal Tax Refund to Purchase Ibonds18:00 Prudence18:09 Grt2bOutdoors
0hHSA Started : HRB Software Says I Contributed Too Much!18:07 BillyV001 
27hGLD (SPDR Gold Shares) and Taxes2010 statsguy18:06 cdgoldin
85h“Won the Game” how do you know?02/18 Old Blue Chair18:06 am
1nLow salary help needed [Europe]16:34 serman18:05 Watty
5pTurbo tax K-1 and pass through deduction02/18 Caligas18:05 MManiac4676
8tOn this Forum, is X% of Income Saved Pre or Post Tax?17:32 Kennedy18:05 zaboomafoozarg
12pState Refund - reporting on 104002/18 Sidney18:05 boomer_techie
11hEffective tax rate17:07 skor9918:04 ved
50tOn Leverage02/15 grayfox18:04 alex_686
30trebalancing during decumulation phase02/16 jmk17:53 retiredjg
14pOld car repair.. Justifiable?12:56 Brokepilot17:52 azianbob
5pPersonal Liability Umbrella Policy question & "tuning"16:51 Minerva9017:51 Iridium
42tWSJ--Fidelity Employees Fired After Alleged Misuse of Reimbursement Programs05/07 MFInvestor17:51 Taylor Larimore
1pTaking SS early + PT income - how to calculate?16:59 bayview17:50 Epsilon Delta
360hAnyone tired of the stock market going up?2017 TheTimeLord17:50 StandingRock
48pHelp with difficult work situation02/16 davehica17:50 Doom&Gloom
0cRetroactive Rx Price Changes17:50 sport 
41pFamily member duped into life insurance -- any recourse?02/06 dimdim17:48 BruDude
15pTurbo Tax only reading 1st page of 1099-INT2017 AlwaysaQ17:43 TravelGeek
42pMoved to new state/job 6M ago. Previous employer wants me back!02/17 sunny_socal17:43 sunny_socal
4hBeginner question re: taxable vanguard mutual fund17:33 cone77441317:43 cone774413
14pQuestion re 1098-T12:55 OnTrack202017:41 OnTrack2020
2pSection 179 Deduction - H&R Block Software Bug?17:26 tealeaves17:40 tealeaves
2t"Repurchase Agreements" in Vanguard Federal MM Fund17:23 BlueCable17:39 Grt2bOutdoors
3hInvesting, as an American, in the London Stock Exchange (LSE) Tax Implications, Shariah Investor16:32 CashFlowGlobal17:39 AlohaJoe
572tHEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure [risk parity strategy using 3x leveraged ETFs]02/05 HEDGEFUNDIE17:36 HEDGEFUNDIE
0pTurboTax Import of PenFed 1099-INT - Incorrect Data17:36 TravelGeek 
43pHigh earners: thoughts on college and aid02/18 Admiral17:36 fourwheelcycle
29pFast turnaround on Federal Tax02/13 papiper17:33 willthrill81
43pRetirement Budgeting - What Do You Spend?02/15 3504PIR17:31 SQRT
23hPortfolio for young professional02/16 305pelusa17:25 305pelusa
8hQuick Social Security question15:58 KingRiggs17:25 LiterallyIronic
2pAnother Pension Annuity Payout Decision13:12 Oil Boiler17:23 megabad
6hOpinions on VG advisor's recommendations15:37 Randtor17:20 billfromct
13tHow are Roth earnings calculated for recharacterizations?02/18 JustinR17:16 Epsilon Delta
2hSeeking constructive criticism of my portfolio!20:32 GoBills8617:14 Duckie
27hAre traditional 401k's of any value from a tax perspective?11:04 make_it_rain17:12 whodidntante
5hNeed help with selecting pension survivor annuity option14:00 Retiredron17:12 Retiredron
5pBudgeting for new immigrant dad health care02/18 newseahorse17:10 cashheavy18
37hFidelity vs Vanguard02/13 maryelai17:07 Vulcan
58pEasiest Way to Give $100k Cash to Non-Family Member02/17 baxterboy1217:06 psy1
318pIs Long Term Care Insurance worth it?01/31 CobraKai17:06 WhiteMaxima
17pDo Non Boglehead Type People Know Their Net Worth?15:37 bigtex16:59 LadyGeek
13tsmall value01/31 prk16:58 Taylor Larimore
9cProblems Using ATT Phones on Verizon Network?15:43 RooseveltG16:57 boomer_techie
4hBond funds in 401K01/30 Max The Dog16:57 Max The Dog
4tConverting Mutual Fund into ETF at Vanguard15:48 Jack FFR184616:55 Jack FFR1846
2hPortfolio and Plan Review15:48 Mathew67516:54 megabad
9pDoes Turbotax and HR block increase prices when getting close to tax deadline ?13:59 johnpau16:52 TheCowbell
23cFavorite youtube channels?02/17 TxAg16:52 Vulcan
49cTrailer towing capacity questions02/17 Tamales16:50 smitcat
14cElectrician broke ceiling heat and won't fix it02/08 freelancer16:46 ponyboy
0h1099-Misc investing/tax recommendations16:43 Wyodoc 
60tVanguard Customer Service is Horrible02/17 Crimsontide16:42 sbaywriter
4p1099b Question15:57 kmurp16:41 kmurp
1pPaying 100K+ twards Mortgage16:33 akhilsam16:40 Nate79
21pWhat's your tax filing strategy? (for commoners)13:46 PeterParker16:38 Stinky
42pDo we need a will/trust/etc?19:06 miamivice16:38 FBN2014
19hHSA investments questions02/16 johnpau16:34 willthrill81
8hMove from Merrill Lynch to Fidelity - Now what?02/12 retired_tom16:33 Duckie
4hHelp with Mothers Investments15:24 patchhunky16:32 Rudedog
21hPay cash for house or 50% down and continue to invest the rest02/18 DoubleIPA16:31 123
0p401k Roth In Plan Conversion16:31 harrad 
2pBogus Credit Karma notification11:19 28fe616:31 nalor511
102tHow to use Vanguard Portfolio Watch for rebalancing2014 livesoft16:30 wassabi
92cWife filled our gas engine car with diesel fuel02/18 Abe16:29 onthecusp
8hRoth IRA - excess contribution02/11 ChiliH2016:24 Duckie
41cTips/suggestions for skiing out west?02/04 A44016:23 A440
7hHow do you handle Three-Fund Purchases without Partial Shares?02/18 Wextini16:21 livesoft
7pTrust with Agricultural Program Payment Income19:36 depressed16:20 dcnut
354pEarly retirees, how much did you leave on the table?2016 TheTimeLord16:19 tibbitts
0pQuestion about 2018 1099R related to 2017 401K over contribution16:15 Lyriana07 
884cMy 2017 CRV is a victim of the dreaded oil gas-dilution issue03/14 CULater16:13 smitcat
136pI want a new Audi A6 2018 (50k) - Can I afford it? Or is this just a really dumb decision...02/17 preciseman16:09 JackoC
26pReasonable cost for a forever home?10/16 NRoy16:07 NRoy
9hbest way to invest outside of tax shelters02/03 prk16:03 prk
7tWhat do you think of this portfolio? (not mine)11:43 GaryA50516:01 megabad
37cCCRCs - problems with the transition process to higher care levels?02/16 CULater16:01 ChrisC
33pHow to repair credit due to late Bank of America payment09:20 renegade0615:58 Vulcan
124pLosing a job in your 50's...02/16 CyclingDuo15:56 willthrill81
9tExpenses and AA09:05 305pelusa15:54 megabad
16pK1 delay and taxes09/06 deanmoriarty15:45 beyou
13hOregon 529 vs. Vanguard 52902/17 magnificent15:44 oneleaf
20pNO Gift Tax on Gifts >$15k in a Year02/17 willthrill8115:41 willthrill81
569tU.S. stocks continue to soar!08/27 GoldStar15:39 GoldStar
12cKeyHero? Home Depot?21:48 F150HD15:37 HobbesMB
6hBackdoor Roth for Newly Weds and Homeowners in 201819:52 kameman15:28 retiredjg
46cQuestion for gearheads on Honda Pilot/Passport reliability02/06 ASpenderInRecov15:26 JamesSFO
17tBucket strategy fails according to study02/17 Tony-S15:21 pascalwager
11hETF choice for short term cash01/23 HappyJack15:17 TheRural
45pMore Bad News for USAA Bank02/16 SueG512315:09 andypanda
4hTerrible 401(k) Investment Options at Work02/17 aburntoutcase15:08 aburntoutcase
7hPIMCO Total Return Fund11:10 Oak&Elm15:04 Rwsawbones
62hGirlfriend's Financial Advisor Recommendations...02/14 Kierlack15:02 likegarden
5pForm 2210 Issue11:38 Leesbro6315:02 Leesbro63
6hStopping SEP IRA contributions11:35 Chasman15:01 gclancer
181pTeachers Who Have Net Worth of $1 million +08/16 Gardner's Son15:01 Socrates28
71cFirst thing(s) you'd do when you achieve financial independence?02/17 H-Town14:57 seed4great
5hHelp choosing 401k funds19:45 ososnilknarf14:55 ososnilknarf
0hHow to build a portfolio for my mother14:53 apple44 
26pHow Much Home Value Added by Finishing Basement?02/18 bigtex14:53 bigtex
15cDon't Save your pymt info online11:12 Cpadave14:52 pdavi21
3pSchedule CA (540) - adjusting for Treasury MMF (VUSXX)13:43 ishkadetto14:48 ishkadetto
43pMy Mortgage = Is it a problem?08:08 bg514:42 Sandi_k
3pNYC tax filing(City tax filing) question13:37 langleybc14:39 MarkNYC
54cusing uber versus buying a car02/16 lake14:38 Epsilon Delta
4hHelp with 1099-MISC10:07 4inhand14:37 4inhand
30cRefurbished Nikon D750 + AF-S 24-120mm f/4G Nikkor VR lens02/15 raveon14:34 midareff
26hstrategy to re-enter the market02/18 gram14:31 H-Town
28pUSAA Auto Premiums Up Exactly 10% in 3 Consecutive Renewals?01/22 Ketawa14:31 ERguy101
15hDoes Anyone with 3-Fund Portfolio & Government TSP Tax-Loss Harvest?02/18 Messner800014:29 trueblueky
19pContinue with home project or not?02/17 boglebrain14:19 michaeljc70
24hself-directed solo 401 k using Vanguard pooled account, etc.06/01 sophiainvests14:18 grp2c
3303pWhat's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?2016 guitarguy14:13 Mister A
10cThoughts on Getting a Tesla Model 3 Performance?02/18 curi0usAndCuri014:09 TravelGeek
3n[Belgium] Taxes on financial investments06:17 Arbre14:06 Arbre
419tYear 2000 retirees using the '4% rule' - Where are they now?2018 willthrill8114:02 randomguy
3pPost-tax 401(K) contributions19:56 idlebrain14:01 Earl Lemongrab
20tPenFed new savings rates11/07 Sheepdog13:58 MikeG62
16pForm W-4 - Exemption From Withholding12:26 TheCowbell13:58 TheCowbell
19hHow much is too much capital loss carryover?02/18 Misenplace13:50 Misenplace
10pBest Practices for Managing Credit Freezes02/16 Beatle Boots13:48 beyou
51pDo I need a degree?02/18 Swarm Trap13:47 mlebuf
0hPortfolio check-up13:43 bwatts849 
43hWhat is your RMD (required minimum distribution) strategy?02/18 carol-brennan13:36 fposte
4157cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36813:29 Colorado13
60pLong term care issues -- quality, accessibility, and tail risk02/15 CULater13:28 InMyDreams
9cDarn Tough Socks....Boxers???06:42 ddurrett89613:26 Bogle7
10tNYT opinion piece calling for more investigation of index providers22:03 Ndop13:24 JamesSFO
2cQuicken Lifetime Planner? Useful...cheesy?09:13 Keepcalm13:19 SimonJester
2pTax Reporting on Rollover (Roth) 401K to (Roth) IRA22:36 armeliusc13:17 armeliusc
50cBest PAID music streaming service?02/18 Broken Man 199913:13 blee
23hyoung-ish physician windfall01/13 rabbitrun13:10 neurosphere
34pTo: Taylor Larimore: Early Withdrawals2014 DouglasDoug13:07 Taylor Larimore
12hPassive Fund in Name Only--Creating your own index to suit your fund19:06 Tdubs13:05 index2max
37hHelp with 403b/457b02/14 BigChubbyCakes12:59 BigChubbyCakes
3pAge 62 Selling my home .. investing my money09:03 jadeskirt12:48 Jack FFR1846
1hstudent loans payoff with pre tax retirement funds12:15 cpdeeg12:47 jminv
0hRetirement Advice12:45 Trbo2 
69tLeverage Success Stories2016 whodidntante12:38 MotoTrojan
1pNonqualified ESPP, Taxes, and basis adjustment02/18 RatherBeSailing12:33 FiveK
6pHow to get money out of the house for aging parent09:56 jadeskirt12:30 LilyFleur
227tVanguard lowering Admiral level to $3,000?11/10 DartThrower12:28 jhfenton
7ccholesterol lowering butter substitute08:43 fru-gal12:25 sport
64tDo you look back and wish you were more aggressive?02/18 rholt12:20 Nowizard
9pSolar Rebate Expiration00:40 covertfantom12:11 TomatoTomahto
16pWhen to take SS02/18 JimMolony12:11 HueyLD
19cRear ended by drunk driver01:08 dustinst2212:10 NotWhoYouThink
36hRetiring 5 Years Before Taking Social Security, How Would You Do It02/18 Ckprocker12:06 HomerJ
8hPortfolio help for 2 teacher family in Ohio21:24 jbell312412:06 CyclingDuo
6pDifferent results using TaxAct vs. TurboTax?08:25 A44012:01 A440
21hNeed advice on personal situation [may return to Europe]02/09 inves7612:00 WhiteMaxima
158pWere you 100% debt free at retirement01/31 TheTimeLord11:57 Ron
13hMaking sense of 403b with no match02/18 fingoals11:56 fingoals
54cAnother "Is it worth it to fix" question [2002 Nissan Sentra]02/15 ScooterBob11:55 ScooterBob
6hMunicipal Bond Questions02/17 exoilman11:53 rh00p
34tThe Section 199A Tax Benefits Of REITs Over Direct Real Estate Investments at by Jeffrey Levine09/26 arcticpineapple11:49 kramer
19cComposite Cedar Siding and Real Cedar Siding Maintenance02/15 Jamesla3011:42 staythecourse
9hHelp with excess Roth IRA contributions20:22 indusbull11:42 samsoes
4hMoved 401K to Vanguard, Bond Selections?09:28 R700011:41 ruralavalon
307pH&R Block 2018 Tax Software Deluxe $18.00 - Black Friday sale11/01 LadyGeek11:37 Kevin M
17pbrother purchasing consulting firm with delayed majority ownership02/15 gips11:27 LFS1234
8hVWITX vs MUB23:37 michaeljmroger11:25 am
1nIreland Domiciled ETFs06:51 omigosh11:16 TedSwippet
27cAdvisability of Using a Personal Trainer at the Gym02/17 Strider11:10 nick evets
18c"good" binoculars for bird watching for eyeglasses wearer02/15 go_mets11:09 ralph124cf
8hKeeping Fees Low With Long-Term Investing02/18 aendia10:59 aendia
2pExperian to monitor bank accounts/utility bill history (optional)07:28 Keepcalm10:58 Alan S.
1t"4 Hidden Benefits of Roth IRAs"10:43 Taylor Larimore10:51 willthrill81
26hWhere to Park Emergency Money/Equivalent Yield Question02/13 catchinup10:49 Kevin M
49tRuminations on Taleb's "Antifragile" and its Applications to Retirement Income02/16 Horton10:48 JackoC
2tWhen the Fed lowers interest rates by buying treasuries, what duration of treasuries does it buy?23:36 Virus476210:47 Oicuryy
5pBitcoin charitable donation - possible complication02/17 dancecore10:45 LFS1234
6p403b and TSP02/08 cookiesncream10:41 Alan S.
18cHostels while solo traveling in Europe?02/08 Theseus10:39 VictoriaF
36pJoining finances - what's easiest?02/18 Trying2learn10:36 Isabelle77
14hNeed bond advice02/08 cpotter63810:27 cpotter638
15t30 year Tips Auction Feb 21st: exp. yield 1.1%02/16 grok8710:27 Angst
3tTrying to hit Robert T's factor targets in a three fund portfolio09:52 Coato10:21 Taylor Larimore
2tCheck Cost Basis on Total World Stock Adm shrs conversion02/16 trailmk10:13 billyo44
14hFunding retirement with a taxable account02/18 northtexan10:10 ruralavalon
1hVanguard Personal Performance numbers don't match02/16 Dazed&Confu10:04 RoxieII
121pWhat net worth supersedes Bogleheads’s strategy02/16 Wricha09:43 stoptothink
0tLarry Swedroe: Time Varying Factor Premiums09:42 Random Walker 
7h26 with a dream for FIRE (already <3 my job).20:22 sashi09:26 BeanCity
5pOne Pay Tax Estimates02/18 Leesbro6309:24 lstone19
64hMega Backdoor Roth Questions01/22 catchinup09:24 retiredjg
7tCAPE 10 and the Financial Crisis20:49 hirlaw09:06 jeffyscott
70pBad Idea or Good Idea? - Investing in 529 College Savings Plan02/11 teelainen09:03 Broken Man 1999
13pBudgeting Software02/18 bandit51008:59 TravelforFun
0tJoe Davis (Vanguard Chief Economist) on Masters in Business podcast08:44 sleepysurf 
25pShould I Contribute To A Roth, Even If It Bumps Me Up To The Next Tax Bracket?02/04 dwp45608:37 scifilover
0hoffice retirement plan08:36 lilgrinch 
24cNYC diamond district - pre-owned diamond jewelry, buying tips?02/16 rjbraun08:31 Pioneer
144hWhy international?08/05 stocknoob411108:29 ruralavalon
15pWallet-size personal investing handout to jumpstart learning.10/16 dratkinson08:24 BlueSkies
8hHelp with taxable account.02/18 CarolL08:20 MikeG62
6hEasy VG Allocation Question!02/18 OtterBee08:19 ruralavalon
7hmaximize my portfolio02/13 loudu7207:56 loudu72
51tBig IRA accounts02/10 elainet707:08 elainet7
24hEmployer plan at Ed Jones01/12 Mm871906:43 acunn
14hAnother, my family member is stuck with her salesman rep, help me break free02/17 adam6106:42 goblue100
7hTax efficient strategies for incentive stock option windfall02/18 rasputin06:24 MikeG62
72t3 stages of Financial Independence2017 TheTimeLord06:11 Snowjob
8pSS at FRA and PP at 70 or SS at 70 and PP at FRA?02/16 restingonmylaur06:04 Watty
5pTurboTax eFile fails with "cancelled"02/18 kaesler06:02 HueyLD
25hBasic TLH/wash sale question02/13 need403bhelp05:56 rkhusky
27t30 years not long enough to calculate SWR?02/16 Raybo05:47 Watty
2hParents' Social Security Strategy02/18 BlueCable05:43 JoeRetire
15hHow to Set Up a Bond Portfolio02/17 beachretirement05:04 Valuethinker
39tWhy borrow money in RE but not Stocks?02/09 jackbauer_2403:30 comeinvest
6nPortfolio allocation - Is it worth to invest in bonds? [EU - Germany]02/16 agofino02:51 Valuethinker
3nMoving funds from overseas into the US [Germany ex-pat]02/18 Trying2learn02:45 TedSwippet
4p"Noncovered" security sales reporting02/18 ABS00:22 Epsilon Delta
3hBonds in taxable or not, my scenario02/17 billthecat00:00 Startled Cat
30cShould I Feed the Aide?02/17 cheese_breath23:59 eddot98
2hWhich tax codes were changed regarding Notice 2014-54?02/18 MrRE23:28 MrRE
1pchildren's taxes23:07 boglefreak23:12 123
145cButton Down Shirts / Travel Pants / Light Jacket? Other Tips from experienced Boglehead world travelers?01/20 Sandtrap23:03 ram
292tMy trend following strategy and experience01/17 willthrill8122:59 marcopolo
12h15% Bond allocation - CA Munis in Taxable or Total Bond in IRA02/17 ma21n222:50 ma21n2
42cTravel to Cuba02/09 FireHorse22:48 Starfish
7pReturn of Premium Term Life Insurance02/16 Mm871922:45 BruDude
10cNeed career advice to get into data science field20:12 JHU ALmuni22:41 radiowave
6hPublic Safety Defined Benefit 10% penalty02/17 chelly22:39 Alan S.
215p[2018 tax return - How does it compare to previous years?]02/11 RobLyons22:34 Tamales
4pWhen a tax return amendment changes from payment to refund02/18 kaesler22:27 grabiner
10pSelling My House - How Much $ Ends Up in My Pocket?02/17 catchinup22:14 DesertDiva
15pTLH... Holding period not met for LTCG distributions...How to report?02/17 Johnsson22:10 libralibra
2hInherited IRA vs Roth IRA Investment Strategy02/17 Bob Gibson22:07 grabiner
1hPlease Review My Calculation for Optimum Mortgage Lump Sum Payment02/17 catchinup21:49 grabiner
1pClearbalance experiences? (Medical repayment company)18:56 uuuuu21:47 toofache32
47tNew era for TSP "I" Fund?09/11 Darwin21:46 gtwhitegold
26tToday I learned the 4% rule has been around for hundreds of years.02/16 Blueskies12321:45 willthrill81
3hWhat are the most tax-efficient US and Intl equity mutual funds for taxable account (VG and Fido funds)02/17 SarahS21:33 grabiner
21tUltra Safe Withdrawal Strategy?02/18 bligh21:07 marcopolo
1108c[What TV Show Have You Recently Watched?]2016 dbCooperAir21:06 MP173
9tWhen to prefer low-rate bonds to stocks in taxable2012 grabiner21:05 grabiner
11hCash position in VSS2016 scotbogle21:05 StrangePenguin
12cWhy Google isn't your friend when shopping ....02/17 carolinaman21:04 BogleMelon
41hTD Ameritrade Money Market Options01/10 WesternRoad21:00 flight
6cwhen Spectrum internet promo rate expires02/16 leeks20:59 123
10cBooking Hotel Far In Advance02/18 Leesbro6320:56 DrGoogle2017
10hLosing Money with Wealthfront?02/18 MoMoney85620:51 MoMoney856
13nportuguese expat seeking advice01/30 lossehelin20:50 Spinola
0pReporting accrued interest paid in H&R Block20:37 indexfundfan 
9pSIMPLE IRA eligibility02/14 Goblue9720:32 Spirit Rider
7pBank Bonuses w/ Debit Card Activity as Requirement = No 1099-INT18:55 wildungar200020:28 pdavi21
1h[Help with trust distribution]19:32 Hlc20:25 delamer
11tLifeStrategy in Taxable - Percentage Less Tax Efficient02/17 Dink201820:06 JBTX
275pFidelity as a one stop shop12/15 BogleMelon20:03 SpaethCo
9hPlanning for retirement early02/18 Henchman20:01 delamer
14cKitchen Faucet question02/16 RMO8720:00 RMO87
13hRetire early and 403b withdrawal02/17 Mndiver19:52 Alan S.
8pPayoff from megacorps vs small-mid sized companies02/16 PlayingLife19:50 rich126
8hHelp ! What do I need to do here? 403$02/16 Widow6819:43 Widow68
11pProblems signing the tax return02/17 bbb19:41 SoAnyway
46pParents fell for scam: sent cash -- what now?02/16 metacritic19:40 metacritic
2pOnline teaching job and tax form as a contracted employee?18:55 jeremyl19:39 jeremyl
34pfire buyer's real estate agent02/11 indexfunds19:34 Dottie57
8hBreaking BND up for tax efficiency02/18 Leonid9919:26 Epsilon Delta
33t[Fidelity and Schwab Expand Commission Free ETF list]02/12 mervinj719:21 snailderby
18pCar purchase, income ratio02/17 keith601419:11 Patrick584
2pAny educators leave field for other career?18:57 Mndiver19:06 jeremyl
153tFidelity Full View transition to eMoney07/28 crefwatch18:55 radiowave
21t" Vanguard doesn’t bare its finances. Should investors care?"02/18 Paul Romano18:47 delamer
11hiORP Monte Carlo vs FireCalc08/11 FireAway18:47 jmk
18hTeacher: Max Roth 403b and Roth IRA. Next?02/17 HistoryTeacher118:44 Socrates28
7pREITs Vs Rental properties Vs Index Funds?02/15 Invictus00218:42 nisiprius
11tThoughts on Ray Dalio's Risk Parity "All-Weather" portfolio?02/17 teelainen18:25 DB2

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