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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1262 new posts and replies over 182 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
# Replies Subforum - Topic TitleFirst Last   
Subforum - TopicLast   
103pFIRE - What am I missing in the News Stories05/19 KandT10:14 scrabbler1
12cChiminea, fire pit or nothing?08:45 Bob Sacamano10:13 FCM
1pOpening a Pediatric practice as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner15:29 pendflx10:13 runner3081
18hAm I off my rocker? Shift some assets to real estate?04:36 Plz10:12 renue74
8cMicrosoft Wireless Display Adapter Alternative?15:39 get_g0ing10:12 Quickfoot
25cAnyone have a GMC Acadia? Or similar?05/18 BuckyBadger10:11 onourway
3pCar repairs: what to do next time09:58 Calico10:11 greg24
17cDisposing of Residential Landscaping Rocks, Concrete, etc...16:52 MortgageOnBlack10:11 runner3081
52pChurning Credit Cards05/17 TexMexIndex10:10 jrbdmb
17tTo invest in bnd for 2.5 years?05/18 duricka10:09 LinusP
48cRecycling Different Plastics05/09 Strider10:09 not4me
19cWhen to buy a vacation home05/18 ThankYouJack10:09 winterfan
3hNeed Advice for placement of short- and medium-term money in taxable and tax advantaged accounts06:21 wangy2610:09 Wiggums
52cSigned up for American Express - "Premium" car rental insurance2018 dm20010:05 dm200
33hcompletely freaked out about withdrawing from retirement accounts....01:47 BarbBrooklyn10:04 longinvest
33tPre-RMD Retirement Sweet Spot - Accelerating IRA Withdrawals vs. Roth Conversion05/16 Retiredron10:03 evofxdwg
106tLarry Swedroe: Trend Following As Insurance05/13 Random Walker10:02 2pedals
30pSocial Security replacement annuity -- Is there such a product?15:16 PaulF10:01 dm200
5pHow to help DW to manage the invested money ??22:21 Rajsx10:00 bsteiner
43pSeeking comment on proposed revisions to Marginal Tax Rate and Traditional v. Roth wiki articles05/17 fyre4ce09:58 rkhusky
10776tU.S. stocks in free fall2011 Lbill09:57 HanSolo
4pHelping father with finances - discovered he never took RMDs05/17 zoltan_the_conq09:55 zoltan_the_conq
81pAt what NW do I have disposable income?05/18 B4Xt3r09:50 The Wizard
106cTired of gas grills rusting out...2018 Fess McGee09:49 GlennK
11hWhat is the best roth conversion strategy?10:46 infotrader09:49 lkar
10pDealing with construction noise08:43 mlagrange09:49 Rob5TCP
24tValuations of International Equities vs. US Equities05/18 gjlynch1709:45 asif408
19hHelp me with my 401K Choices05/04 Magnetar09:42 Magnetar
16hIndividual treasuries vs treasury funds19:49 michaeljmroger09:39 dbr
70tFactor ETFs For Diversification Or “Diworsification”05/18 Random Walker09:37 nisiprius
27cCompound miter saw recommendation05/17 RL101309:35 renue74
35cBooking a cruise - any differences in how/where?05/14 dm20009:35 Jazztonight
0hHelp me understand/allocate bonds (TSP? Tax-exempt funds?)09:31 EthanAllen 
6hVASIX or VWINX for emergency savings: crazy?23:30 BWildt09:27 Wiggums
20hVWELX, VWINX, or VBIAX ?02/07 sixtyforty09:21 dbr
6tCalculate total returns13:18 BlueSkies09:19 Forester
45tMid Caps have outperformed Large & Small for the past 50 years. Yet I see very little recommendation for them. Why?05/17 Benosis09:15 petulant
23tHow to avoid 1 week of not investing when buying treasury bills05/16 Hector09:13 jeffyscott
5cIf you liked “They Shall Not Grow Old” - “Cold Blue” coming May 2318:18 David Jay09:09 272 Sheep
7hNew investor portfolio review & can we afford another baby?21:03 tupeloblues77709:08 tupeloblues777
61tAmazon....we all have seen this before :)05/16 bg509:08 HomerJ
30cGood quality sneakers for someone with foot issues?05/19 FI4LIFE09:07 ChinchillaWhipl
107pDo you reward yourself for achieving a financial goal?05/15 Schlabba09:07 mak1277
7cHome auction08:26 OldBallCoach09:06 Watty
13pDonor Advised Fund Calculator?05/18 Ray09:05 SRenaeP
0hPros and Cons of Refinancing Mortgage09:05 delrinson 
2tLarry Swedroe: Measuring Value In Forecasts08:27 Random Walker09:02 Svensk Anga
30pUnincorporating? How easy to do? S corp to sole proprietorship?2018 ChinchillaWhipl09:02 ChinchillaWhipl
54pProbate costs?--I am the sole heir and the executor05/16 EByrd08:52 johnnyc321
61cAnybody try the Blue Apron or the like?05/06 EdNorton08:48 michaeljc70
36pAiming to Retire End of 2019 - Abit Scared05/18 gamboolman08:47 JoeRetire
38hwindfall management05/07 canjoos08:43 SDLinguist
5pSelling Mom's Condo18:17 jerryspencer08:41 JoeRetire
10pFinance depreciating asset?08:02 Cmpliance08:41 JMacDonald
23hwhy buy any bonds in your portfolio?11:54 Tenesmus8308:38 ruralavalon
7cAnybody recommending Windows World?20:12 misterno08:38 quantAndHold
1hPortfolio - Please give me your thoughts18:26 ilovetowork08:34 Living Free
7pEstate Planning - Structure and schedule of financial support for heirs05/17 lilyn2008:28 bluebolt
7pWhat can a $120K spending budget do in early retirement years?16:43 flyingaway08:27 MnD
6cYellowstone Family Resort/Glamping Rec's18:34 SuperSaver08:22 Jim85
4nLeaving the country, to sign up for Fidelity or for Schwab20:22 duricka08:16 QuantOfAsia
19hFDIC Coverage Limits05/18 Bern08:14 Leemiller
4hGeneral Bond fund questions with a specific example23:08 NoClue08:11 aristotelian
10hTaxable Account?11:30 LivinGood08:05 jakehefty17
2cEssen Germany...what’s around ?07:32 Stipe07:56 bob60014
139pHigh net worth, elite private or “good” public05/18 notsobright07:55 rashad3000
105pSelling home- Demanding Buyer (Repairs)05/16 Gardener07:54 SquawkIdent
52h5.5% Load 403(b) Roth vs Low Cost Taxable Account05/16 MrBobcat07:48 unstartable
0cPart D Late Enrollment Penalty and IRMAA07:47 LSLover 
12cHow to deal with home upgrades - HELOC or not?05/19 RobLyons07:41 RobLyons
24cde-googling my life: Keep Notes alternatives05/18 dual07:38 dsmclone
43halternatives to 529 plans05/06 gram07:26 RobLyons
3tMy Real Life Long Term Return on Investment REIT Fund05/18 stjoe5607:20 Top99%
13tLarry Swedroe: Public Vs. Private Hedge Funds05/15 Random Walker07:13 gtwhitegold
15t401(K) presentation - are actively managed funds appropriate?05/15 happysteward07:03 happysteward
1cProblems migrating from Samsung photos to Google Photos (long)22:02 28fe607:02 dsmclone
25cReplace possible failing tv or not10:46 mhalley06:50 sunny_socal
4hVTSAX or VTI to move funds from Chase You Invest to another institution19:12 sun2506:44 22twain
9cVacation to Death Valley in November.05/18 EdNorton06:23 EdNorton
573pFidelity as a one stop shop12/15 BogleMelon06:07 indexfundfan
72pMortgage in Retirement05/15 Cipro05:49 Admiral
23tHelp me design a 401k fund menu05/17 kmurp05:28 kmurp
12tConstructing Tax Efficient Withdrawal Strategies for Retirees05/17 Beliavsky05:24 dodecahedron
13premodeling costs in san francisco05/18 x3t4a704:06 mrspock
34tOver 120 Vanguard funds go transaction free at E*trade09/19 Turbo2902:43 andrewchen5678
27pDebt: Student loan or cabin05/18 Makaveli02:13 Starfish
5nInvestment plan - is it sensible?16:01 mike14401:56 Schlabba
3hWhat do you guys think about this for my mother's Traditional and ROTH IRA?16:56 BogleGoggle00:52 MotoTrojan
825cWhat frugal thing did you do today?2017 Nectarineman00:41 mindgap
90tDividends almost Doubled between 2013 and now05/14 skor9923:55 OnTrack
3hVWITX superior to Total Bond Market Index Regardless of Tax Bracket23:03 redtuna23:52 Dialectical Inv
34cnew roof04/29 brandy23:44 SlowlySaving
4tHow to read the Morningstar Fund Category Performance Charts2016 grouper22:51 sperry8
270lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2019!2018 Miriam222:48 peetsperk
6pOld Employer 401k Rollover...05/17 Clarice22:36 Clarice
7tSafety of investing in CDs with online bank?19:08 advicenow22:34 Dialectical Inv
952pShare your net worth progression2014 techcrium22:20 ny_knicks
7pAnother car question- repair or buy14:12 bj290622:18 Watty
10pSolo 401k, Plan Administrator EIN question12:03 Ndop22:12 MP123
49cCrazy to Sell a Newer Car for an Older Car?05/18 austin75722:11 Sandtrap
77tWouldn't this make Traditional IRA far superior to Roth?05/03 CurledMoss22:03 MotoTrojan
18cHiking shoe suggestion for supinators/under-pronators05/18 walletless21:55 nesdog
0tS&P Indices Research - Is Low Volatility Anomaly Universal?21:43 imak 
60cHonda CRV or Toyota RAV4 ?05/16 tennisplyr21:40 Socrates
47cSynthetic oil or not for very low mileage auto?05/17 EdNorton21:33 whodidntante
12pHOW to pay off a mortgage05/18 Grogs21:32 spinj
1hShort term Muni ETF's20:57 rgs21:27 stlutz
2nInternational Bond UCITS for an Sg-based Investor - IUAA vs AGGU vs IGLA05/18 karan1048921:14 pin
14p5-Year Rule on TIRA->Roth Conversions11:59 hsmith21:03 GuyInFL
11hAsset allocation when you don't expect to need the money16:01 michaelingp20:39 drk
2hVanguard Tax Free Income05/19 oembogle20:38 grabiner
18t4%rule05/18 yousha20:37 Grogs
36pNow or One More Year?05/16 jdv0120:23 michaelsieg
102pIf I Knew Then What I Know Now2015 mlebuf20:12 LadyGeek
10pTake Loan for house or not05/18 immisaki19:59 stevekozak2
19hUsing the Shiller P/E 10 to Predict Safe Withdrawal Rates?05/13 alex12371119:43 HomerJ
87tWill ETFs Replace Traditional Funds05/15 LoveVermont19:42 sarabayo
23tUndisclosed Fees with "Market on Close" Orders05/16 laidback_and_re19:42 laidback_and_re
4466cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36819:29 You Know What I
25cGuidance to Parents With Kids Majoring Computer Science12:33 fwellimort19:11 LadyGeek
0hMidCap Tax Efficient ?19:04 LiveSimple 
10pAnother Inherited IRA question10:43 mxs18:55 mxs
11pGoing rate for real estate commissions, ATL05/16 effillus18:49 SeeMoe
19hMega Backdoor Roth Questions05/17 eddiemoney18:48 Spirit Rider
7cSpecific earbud recommendation05/18 BashDash18:39 Nate79
26pBest credit union for mortgage?05/17 Eurookat18:38 mortfree
28pLong Term Care Insurance05/18 BoogieShoe18:31 likegarden
7hMerrill Edge Users - What Do You Use for Cash Management?05/14 LFKB18:28 pastel
4pSold Home in HK but MIL living in US16:04 CeeKay172918:09 HueyLD
8hPortfolio Cleanup Advice05/09 blaidd17:51 Misenplace
499tMy trend following strategy and experience01/17 willthrill8117:29 abc132
6tQuadratic Interest Rate Volatility & Inflation Hedge ETF05/19 columbia17:28 nisiprius
10pNew Car in Texas or Illinois05/18 immisaki17:27 immisaki
12hOnline Retirement Planner Tools2017 Dinosaur Dad17:06 Horton
0hThe "tilt" discussion in Living Off Your Money17:01 antiqueman 
3pVTIAX SEC yield?05/19 RadAudit17:00 RadAudit
3pCompare two benefits packages - Did I make a mistake?14:44 evoL16:59 HEDGEFUNDIE
3pDo I need "own" occupation disability insurance (professor)?13:23 BSA4416:51 adamthesmythe
4hRethinking AA16:29 peddler1216:43 peddler12
17cFoam vs pillow-top? Mattresses for the long term05/17 GerryL16:33 Doom&Gloom
4hShould I be.... [Maxing out my Roth?]05/19 rage_phish16:28 retiredjg
72pBigger car, less economical but more safe.. Get used to smaller car over time?05/16 kjvmartin16:22 JackoC
28pSS taxes2017 bbees16:14 FiveK
24tWhy does the stock market grow faster than the economy?05/18 Henry Curtmantl15:48 SimpleGift
10hHow to Rollover TSP to Vanguard IRA05/07 ephu43715:44 Dottie57
13hAm I paying Target 2020 fees and the fees for the 5 funds comprising it?05/19 charleshugh15:31 drk
33tWhy Are U.S. Asset Prices So High Today?05/18 SimpleGift15:20 willthrill81
143tBogle "5% Gold"01/17 JuniorRob15:13 willthrill81
5hIncome Streams05/18 rich12615:11 delamer
49ca week in Italy(first time)02/09 wije15:10 augryphon
6p[Death in family - First steps to pay beneficiaries?]05/19 1030danielle15:04 LadyGeek
26pFather passed - First steps to taking over finances?2016 neomutiny0615:02 LadyGeek
24tThe Flexible Retirement Planner2018 calqueuelater14:56 jmk
15pUPDATE: Funding fiancee plastics practice.05/17 Phinance14:53 veindoc
11cRecent Stays in Riviera Maya Area of Mexico05/15 BillyV00114:52 Brian2d
572cThat Frugal Thing You Do2009 Boglenaut14:46 dm200
8pLife insurance - how much? group vs individual fixed term05/18 johnny14:45 johnny
16hHelp with estimating expenses in retirement05/18 spidercharm0114:40 delamer
6pReverse Rollover Mistake05/19 0x53494714:30 retiredjg
9hYoung Investor Strategy Help05/18 volley14:28 vineviz
6hDeferred Comp 457 Plan Question05/19 stevekozak214:13 stevekozak2
14pLow-income retirement year: take capital gain, Roth convert, or tIRA withdrawal?05/17 cyclist13:59 FiveK
17pFidelity Credit Card - 0% APR for 18 Months05/15 confusedinvesto13:53 confusedinvesto
42tHere's my portfolio03/20 vineviz13:44 kfitz1313
4h3.04% APY 20-month CD?11:36 MathIsMyWayr13:37 Kevin M
55hHow to calculate exactly how much money you'll have by retirement?05/14 shanebagel13:32 shanebagel
35tActual Experience as true measure of risk tolerance05/17 alexfoo3913:21 Fallible
5hRetirement Portfolio For the Early Years? Appreciate Advice05/18 LuigiLikesPizza13:13 mhalley
16cLawncare tips2016 Triple digit go12:18 Triple digit go
613tVanguard is Discontinuing their VanguardAdvantage Accounts02/28 bhwabeck353312:12 dkturner
35hTricky Roth IRA Questions05/16 hirlaw12:10 Alan S.
3hMutual of America- vanguard VIF funds05/08 sunny skies12:00 nedsaid
27hGood fund to accumulate for mortgage payoff05/16 pop7711:52 ruralavalon
24cFrustration dealing with I doing something wrong?05/17 CobraKai11:45 CobraKai
24cHow do I prevent yellow underarm stains on my white shirts?05/18 jastevenson11:37 Bogle7
138cTrader Joe's Fans - good value?2016 LuigiLikesPizza11:27 beardedbrit
18pDoes SS payment day of month change when changing benefits?05/18 One Ping11:15 One Ping
1htax efficiency of VTIAX vs VXUS05/19 yougotitdude11:02 Chip
10hWhy should I employ an advisor?05/18 pnwfintech10:54 ruralavalon
185tLifecycle Investing - Leveraging when young02/28 305pelusa10:39 305pelusa
12pMulti owner property sale with missing owners05/17 Figuring_it_out10:36 Sandtrap

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