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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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2024 new posts and replies over 251 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
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1cBuy a used car or brand new12:44 jaymeetme12:50 Denver_Inv
16hMarried Retirement Couple Maxing Order?11/30 fedworker202112:48 fedworker2021
3tDIA vs FXAIX11/29 Denver_Inv12:47 Denver_Inv
3pseeking a job in statistics12:28 latak21512:47 mrmass
31pIdentity Theft just happened to me16:37 mtmingus12:46 likegarden
46hCan't do Roth conversions because of ACA17:04 shuresm7b112:46 Rubydee
3367tSmall Cap Value heads Rejoice !!!2019 hdas12:45 vineviz
105cWhat are you getting your s/o for the holidays?11/23 OnBoard12:45 OldBallCoach
0hReinvest or Sweep to Settlement Account12:44 bpkasl 
65pMy car insurance rate is $1000/month. HELP11/27 newyorker12:43 JackoC
3hHow do estimated taxes work?11:49 jumpy12:43 increment
42h1258% YTD00:02 k198212:43 simba1
3hFixed Income Need Help11:50 jcjc12:40 arcticpineapple
5hQuestions on Cost Basis and Disposal Methods06:52 AdventureGuy12:39 rkhusky
5tTotal portfolio allocation and withdrawal (TPAW)20:39 Ben Mathew12:38 Steve Reading
19tReplacing low-yield parts of BND with HYSA/Cash?16:37 eshkidd12:38 eshkidd
103pHas anyone used a Career Coach for new college graduate?11/29 RetiredCSProf12:37 sschoe2
31cFloor are slanting05/21 Faisal12:37 Faisal
11hNew investing account17:49 M.Bison12:36 FIREchief
0hExit Strategy for Fidelity non-qualified annuity12:36 Slemers 
631pRelationship mortgage discounts for moving a million assets2019 softwaregeek12:35 sgboggle
45nBrexit Planning message from IB to EU customers09/16 nick_r12:34 cafe72
29tHigh valuations, CAPE, and passive investing11/30 WCF12:34 mortal
236cWhat is your favorite reasonably priced bourbon?2017 Dead Man Walkin12:32 Kenkat
182tRenting vs Owning Your Home2018 Ben Mathew12:32 pasadena
0cShopping for new appliances..12:31 Ed_Sandwich 
29pWould a MBA be beneficial to me?20:46 miamivice12:30 regularguy455
12hTIAA retirement income stream options06:52 beernutz12:30 galawdawg
32lMissing Munchkin Man11/12 Bammerman12:28 SmileyFace
51pSon diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes - how prepare for future?11/27 JV12:28 novolog
27pImportance of young adult building credit?10:31 texasdiver12:28 arcticpineapple
130hWilling to share your Taxable Portfolio?11/28 iudiehard112:27 dratkinson
87hNeed reassurance - having FOMO11/23 Jimsad12:25 retire2022
5pbest way to shop for medigap plan08:12 retire1412:23 FIREchief
20755tU.S. stocks in free fall2011 Lbill12:23 nigel_ht
8pVanguard Solo Roth 401k17:19 Sky Man 3312:20 Sky Man 33
96pGraph of how SS benefits can change with decreases in 2020 national wages for one born in 196004/17 neurosphere12:19 FIREchief
4cWalmart vs. Sam's Club, prefer which products?10:54 tenkuky12:18 Dude2
50hThoughts on VGT [Vanguard Information Technology ETF]11/22 Armani12:18 abuss368
305pH&R Block 2020 software offer10/19 CABob12:17 nalor511
11cQuestion For Bread Bakers About Wheat Flour05:22 LifeIsGood12:17 Bogle7
32tHow do you define "asset", "investment", and "speculation"?11/27 00012:15 firebirdparts
0hWhat is a good rate of return during a recession?12:13 checkyourmath 
9pCan I directly fund my HSA?21:52 new2bogle212:09 armeliusc
0hCapital Loss on matured Treasury12:01 NancyABQ 
9hETF fund and Mutual in both Roth IRA and Brokerage09:49 g00dvibzz12:01 lakpr
78cKitchen Pots and Pans - Any Recommendations?11/28 ruanddu11:59 Lee_WSP
281tBitcoin: What is it, in Plain English2011 Leesbro6311:56 downtownrb
7pShop for refi without multiple hard credit pulls?13:04 CFIT11:56 Millennial
29pFirst Home Buying Experience22:19 Invest_Wisely11:55 toomuchRE
89tCAPE: A much stronger predictor of stock returns than many think14:53 willthrill8111:54 willthrill81
70hDo I need Bonds in my portfolio?11/26 JMK909er11:53 Outer Marker
26hInvestment idea: US Construction and Housing to capture some alpha...11/29 xerxes10111:48 chassis
189cLong time retirees: any regrets?10/29 tennisplyr11:46 JS-Elcano
109tERN: See that house over there? It’s an investment!11/29 tomsense7611:45 halfnine
6cBest non-cotton undershirts that run long and stay tucked in?19:14 Messner800011:44 notBobToo
5pLump sum payment instead of monthly long term disability insurance payment15:36 scooter8211:44 Stinky
9tAsset allocation and risk parity ?11/30 Spgold11:42 BJJ_GUY
1hInterest Rate Change, Duration, Fund Value: Which Interest Rate?08:37 Van11:39 Horton
65cHow often do you backup?15:08 pondering11:39 hnd
81cAny bogleheadish black friday deals to look out for?11/25 Aw0k3n11:38 whodidntante
10508tU.S. stocks continue to soar!2018 GoldStar11:35 TheTimeLord
102tHow do Bogleheads cope with FOMO? [Fear Of Missing Out]09/07 n00b_to_investi11:34 H-Town
86cNetflix - New Way Of Throttling [DVDs]?02/05 BolderBoy11:34 BolderBoy
141tSilliest Investment Mistakes?11/23 geerhardusvos11:34 montanagirl
18pBanking with elderly adults17:10 tweet73711:32 dratkinson
25pmedicare without supplement15:43 niagara_guy11:31 JoeRetire
49tBuffet buys gold miner08/14 SemiRetire11:29 james22
1cWhat is the best way to study for the series 65?11:22 Somethingwitty911:28 arcticpineapple
152tWill the Dow ever see 29500 again?03/22 justsomeguy201811:27 Carol88888
14pWhen can I no longer file as Head of Household11/29 blackwhisker11:27 arcticpineapple
76cImproving Wi-Fi coverage: Use existing Cat5e and MoCA?11/02 Chip11:24 Chip
11hNo Emergency Fund/Coronavirus distribution15:22 SCSurf11:21 SCSurf
16tTesla leaving Extended for S&P500.22:00 MJS11:21 Lyrrad
14cSmall Camera recommendation11/30 clemrick11:20 Sandtrap
6787tHEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure Part II: The next journey2019 HEDGEFUNDIE11:19 Uncorrelated
8080pRefinance Mega Thread2019 AZAttorney1111:19 logiclife
2hWhat tax efficient Fidelity ETF or Fund should I hold in taxable?05:59 big bang11:13 big bang
2051pShare your net worth progression2014 techcrium11:11 LFKB
8cNest Gen 3 Learning Thermostat09:30 fishnhunt11:11 lthenderson
5pOlder parents, young kid, retirement accts, SECURE Act15:19 MamaLlama11:10 MamaLlama
160cVitamix Worth It?2016 SpaceCowboy11:08 retiredjg
71pIs it public record when you pay off a mortgage?11/30 tony541211:03 mervinj7
8pParent wants to gift kids second home:tax implications19:41 veindoc11:02 veindoc
4cWhat other online forums do you find helpful23:35 blackwhisker11:00 HawkeyePierce
13hDoes it make sense to purchase a SPIA. With my TIRA.11/30 Sherlock10:52 bertilak
11hQuestions about cashing out an equity-indexed annuity prematurely11/30 Uncle Freddie10:47 houseofnine
1pUS expat tax and financial planning10:26 BeaverFood10:45 Soon2BXProgramm
42cWIFI mesh - Orbi or Google11/20 Hoosier CPA10:45 hudson
321tA Returns Spreadsheet for Bogleheads2014 longinvest10:45 abuss368
9hCharitable Contributions to DAF - CARES act - Bunching of deduction11/26 Theseus10:40 Theseus
1hEE Bonds after 20 years10:38 Mitchell77710:40 Soon2BXProgramm
8hER vs Fees - help with new work plan17:28 buckeyes10:36 pkcrafter
17h[Vanguard Int'l Dividend Appreciation, FTSE Emerging Mkts as core Int'l holding]11/16 PennyWise710:35 asif408
1pAuto Registration Check Not Cashed10:22 sport10:29 jebmke
9cTrade in MacBook Air (Intel) for M1 version?00:45 catdude10:29 abuss368
7tEasiest way to buy bit coin/cryptocurrency index fund04:22 Jimsad10:25 arcticpineapple
4pAre the cars limited when using car buying services???07:30 BeachPerson10:12 sport
30cLG refrigerator failure - any hope of compensation?11/29 statman10:08 HomeStretch
54t2021 retirement portfolio ?11/24 shuresm7b109:58 matti
5hRebalance advice08:19 Pawpatrol09:57 JoMoney
16tReason number 10385395 not to time the market22:48 manatee200509:56 rocket354
11pT-Mobile Bank 4.00% APY2019 johnpau09:45 MBB_Boy
80tPSA: gold07/25 NoRegret09:41 NoRegret
47pChase Sapphire Reserve retention offer - was worth the effort11/24 rjbraun09:38 MBB_Boy
1hProfit Sharing Retirement Plan (PSP) Questions09:01 newDDS09:38 Pigeye Brewster
16hMimicking VTSAX with SP500 SP400 and small cap11/29 vas09:32 JoMoney
94hNo Mortgage - Wrong??11/26 KandT09:27 queso
46pExperience with Better Mortgage2019 AerialWombat09:26 JAZZISCOOL
1nWorld equity ETF (Japan investor): Is this a viable option?04:34 dreambig09:23 Kanto
15pReassure my nerves please [home purchase]11/29 Planner0109:20 veindoc
165tNot Experiencing Any Problems With Vanguard12/15 Cheez-It Guy09:19 SmileyFace
2tWhat happens if Chinese stocks are delisted?08:31 S7M83209:04 oldcomputerguy
509pJPM Chase Reserve Card gets more expensive01/08 WhiteMaxima09:03 EverydayWallSt
33tRoth conversions... tax speculation?11/29 LivingTheDream08:53 Monster99
28pTurbo Tax for 2020 Returns?11/29 tomd3708:50 GrowthSeeker
10pCD at Ally bank matures Aug 2021. Will I get a 1099Int in 2020 ??12:53 1210sda08:43 SlowMovingInves
17hPortfolio's been a few years, and I have some questions.09/02 daheld08:38 daheld
4pNon-529 "College fund" for friends/family to contribute to23:52 moneybags08:36 humblecoder
103tWhat does your Crystal Ball say?03/12 Mode3208:33 balbrec2
8n[Austria] Too good to be true CD rate13:42 alpine_boglehea08:22 alpine_boglehea
1860lPost your Financial Milestone Announcements Here2017 VAslim1608:22 Crow Hunter
4hConsidering portfolio changes with target date and G funds11/30 Fan of Jack08:15 grabiner
7tCRP land [Conservation Reserve Program]2015 mbenz199708:10 southwest_stack
5hBest Taxable Portfolio11/29 Baseball3008:09 grabiner
8hQuestions on non-spousal Inherited IRA RMD18:05 simplify08:07 Crow Hunter
6pRecommendations for virtual financial advisor for retirement withdrawal/conversion/tax strategy?20:56 BSA4408:05 BSA44
1hRoth IRA over-contribute 202008:02 trooma708:04 Soon2BXProgramm
371tThe One-Fund Portfolio as a default suggestion2019 longinvest07:41 sycamore
47cIs Our Olive Oil Real?11/29 centennialstate07:24 SquirrelEater
22tPlease help find Vanguard Transition Tab!!11/25 invhelpme07:21 beyou
4cRecommend a glass or steel blender - for small batches11/29 get_g0ing07:13 Sandtrap
26tMorgan Housel is our latest "Bogleheads on Investing" podcast guest09/29 Rick Ferri07:09 Leesbro63
20hAdvice on cashing out of variable annuities?11/27 alexcr07:05 alexcr
45pMaintaining high FICO score11/29 Lensvik06:58 RetiredNewbie
32pSmall claims court - how to proceed?11/29 Myopic squirrel06:56 SquirrelEater
18cYouTube TV just dropped Tennis Channel...20:35 Ykcor06:54 scifilover
37tDollar Cost Averaging Merriam-Webster vs the Boglehead Wiki11/29 tadamsmar06:50 jyoung
7hVanguard: Pricing of ETF shares in a Traditional IRA to Roth Conversion13:56 hcs7713506:38 crefwatch
14pYNAB and Fidelity09/30 FelixTheCat06:28 inverter
67cWhy Would All Four Tires Have Slow Air Leaks?11/29 Small Law Survi06:22 chw
6tTheoretical question on options in a trading strategy11/28 Uncorrelated06:01 PicassoSparks
12pBooks re: teaching children responsible money skills2015 ImaBeginner05:52 mary1969
3nCredible China option (non-passive?)23:08 rohitiiml05:44 AlohaJoe
12cLearning a new language11/30 290349032405:27 Kagord
14nExit strategy for NRI on H-1B08/02 dzurik04:55 TedSwippet
16hChinese Government bond08/02 viralmehta2804:23 Valuethinker
3nPortfolio advice - 35 y/o Belgian11/30 matthiasdb03:51 xxd091
15cApple experts or anyone using the new MacBook Air M111/30 Bill202002:06 Eagle33
3253tWhat are you up YTD? [Year To Date]2014 InvestorNewb01:51 Sandi_k
297cWhat have you baked recently?2018 Elsebet01:45 Sandi_k
42tBuying TQQQ vs Shorting SQQQ (for long term)11/03 calvin11100:50 calvin111
64cGaming PC Build: Newbie questions and feedback!11/11 Wannaretireearl00:11 Independent Geo
7hInvestment Advice11/30 simpleinvestor100:10 simpleinvestor1
4cOutdoor motorized floodlight22:27 Wannaretireearl00:07 Wannaretireearl
2p401K Loan payoff or invest in Roth IRA18:33 JayhawkGolfer00:04 bhtomj
8t2 Bucket VS LifeStrategy or Target Date11/29 xxsocraticxx23:43 soccerbogle
23tIs the S&P500 the same as S&P500 Indexes?21:16 CodeMaster23:31 abuss368
2pBuying new car, 2nd child on way, new house soon HCOL18:03 DS198623:18 geerhardusvos
42cGift for departing physician11/25 sawhorse23:15 EHEngineer
15pRoth conversion over age 65 - this year or next?11/28 barefootjan23:12 Katietsu
4n[Australia] Seeking input on Australian portfolio construction09/04 newcomer8322:28 newcomer83
40tSeriously, how are the markets UP this year???11/29 Cautionary Tale22:21 ChinchillaWhipl
575pAmortization Based Withdrawal (ABW)2019 willthrill8122:20 Ben Mathew
15hpossible to buy stocks or etf in Vanguard Roth IRA?11/16 Eurookat22:12 abuss368
23hContinue Maxing Retirement or Buy a House? (Military)11/22 hammer10k22:11 hammer10k
2hAny compilation of stocks joining/leaving the Russell 3000/2500 by year?11/30 skis4hire22:06 skis4hire
14cChimney seal?2015 batpot21:52 theplayer11
10hSelling individual lots in taxable to fund Roths while on ACA. How would you do it?11/26 NorCalGaal21:24 NorCalGaal
7hInheritance question11/30 LittleSaver21:23 FIREchief
37hAdd 457 to the mix?11/26 berg21:11 honduranhurrica
13pRe-opening rollover IRA (after backdoor ROTH)11/27 gurusw21:07 gurusw
2pJust got my Wells Fargo settlement check18:21 fortfun20:42 arcticpineapple
13hGifted ANWPX - Keep or Sell?13:42 Lowlim20:41 Duckie
1482pMy LenderFi refinance is going well01/15 abyan20:35 Little Bird
17cBetter to pay contractors for free estimates?11/29 boglerdude20:34 meebers
9hVanguard's 529 Nevada Plan11/29 FIREGuy8820:25 stimulacra
11hCan I max out $19.5K pretax to both a 403b and TSP at the same time?11/30 168gr20:23 lakpr
14pAnnual physical - subject to lab charges?13:46 michaeljc7020:21 FIREchief
63hThoughts on Pre-Paying my Mortgage?11/29 CaptainTyson20:14 LadyGeek
6hfiguring out monthly interest from tax exempt fund10/13 advicenow20:12 grabiner
14tNew Vanguard Brokerage fees starting in January 202111/30 FrankLUSMC20:04 JS-Elcano
241t[Tesla added to S&P 500 index]07/01 harikaried19:57 denovo
2hPut funds towards mortgage or invest, with a target pay off date?17:59 Plt201419:56 grabiner
31cYoutubeTV free HBO Cinemax for 5 days - What to watch ?11/26 confusedinvesto19:54 New Providence
53tYou are probably invested in Bitcoin now09/15 bogivan19:52 bullmoose85
428tWithdrawal rate for an early retirement11/17 nptit19:52 Marseille07
20hTraditional to Roth Conversion11/30 giddyup96919:48 FiveK
5hIRA & 401K combined contribution limits with limited earned income15:25 ualdriver19:40 ualdriver
9pRecast - Refinance - Do Nothing with Rental10/26 SaveStrong19:39 SaveStrong
1095tVariable Percentage Withdrawal (VPW)2013 longinvest19:33 longinvest
26tVanguard 529 shows incorrect performance data11/25 shariron19:32 mgk2010
12tPros/Cons of Individual/Joint account ownership?11/25 Monster9919:27 Monster99
22cMisen Knives11/28 houpgh4119:08 DurangoWino
296hFamily member has one million in one stock , doesn't want to cash out08/31 sjl33319:08 Hustlinghustlin
11pHome Insurance Deductible - Keep or Raise?13:55 BHawks8719:00 Colorado13
16cWinter in Florida13:39 Paddygirl19:00 Mel Lindauer
134pDoes anyone use an accountant for personal taxes?11/23 2Scoops18:59 Toons
27cFood Safety -- Let Me Have It!11/29 bhwabeck353318:55 TheDDC
5tJoining couple's IRAs?18:23 RetiredMike118:41 ResearchMed
1324pHow much money do you want to retire?2017 benign_user18:33 glamdring269
8pRefinance or pay extra payments vs invest the potential difference11/28 logiclife18:08 logiclife
12hContributing to SEP IRA and Individual 401k with goal to get money into Roth?11/30 jakm5418:07 lakpr
6hEnd of year after-tax 401k strategy?11/29 caligrateful18:06 HomeStretch
7cChrono24: I am seller; what can go wrong?12:59 doob18:04 SimonJester
26htaxation of savings bond interest11/30 15202guy18:03 15202guy
132pHow can I reduce my annual expenses: Budget help11/25 yosemite_mounta17:55 yosemite_mounta
16hManaging my own 401k instead of target date fund?11/29 Danimals54317:48 ruralavalon
16hPortfolio Review - Need to Redeploy11/29 chickadee17:35 retiredjg
8tFT article on "Lesson of Japan"11/27 jarjarM17:27 jarjarM
5hIndex fund or ETF for new Roth IRA, early investor16:27 greenhornInvest17:25 ruralavalon
1hPortfolio sanity check11/29 doctorgonzo17:06 doctorgonzo
11pDo 401K Rovers to IRAs receive ERISA-like protection?2018 schrute16:48 JoMoney
54hVanguard's 2020 capital gains estimates11/16 Billavoider16:18 Jerry55
9pNext Move - Living Considerations11/29 RGB20516:16 rich126
29pNet Worth, high home equity, SWR and investment risk tolerance in retirement - how do others approach this?11/28 NorCal1316:09 mak1277
24hRe-entering the market in 202011/30 consinv16:08 consinv
2pUmbrella Insurance Policy Language Changes13:09 patriciamgr215:39 patriciamgr2
1tS&P500 compare to MSCI USA11/24 popoff_115:38 JAZZISCOOL
1087cWhat are you listening to now01/10 Artful Dodger15:34 A440
181lSacramento, CA Area Chapter - Master Thread2015 digarei15:32 digarei
4hMy First Brokerage Account: Two Questions11/29 Cheego15:28 ruralavalon
13tRenters and REIT11/28 duricka15:22 barberakb
9hPost TLH should I go back to original fund?11/29 Investing Newbi15:18 SnowBog
5pDoes H&R Block Deluxe handle rental income - Schedule E?11/30 Bill202015:10 pshonore
61hRecommendations from financial advisor11/23 jsh8415:09 retired@50
25hTorn between robo advisor and diy11/25 tsunami15:08 SmileyFace
15pAm I calculating Refinance Savings Correctly?11/27 trumpet8315:07 Quirkz
2cSafest/Most Effective Tick Control Method For Dog14:14 IndependentThin14:44 Flyer24
73hLincoln Investments "Participant Directed Platform"2015 A44014:42 A440
8pComplicated backdoor Roth situation11/30 atthebuzzer14:37 Spirit Rider
110tAlly Bank Removed Online Early Withdrawal From No-Penalty CDs10/20 fsrph14:33 xenial
7pPersonal Capital Doesn't Work11/28 FIby4514:30 Count of Notre
13pHas Anyone Seen any Black Friday Quicken Deals?11/27 djmbob14:11 djmbob
7hMortgage Refinance: Struggling to Choose Loan Term11/28 bosul7ly14:03 JoeRetire
1pDoes PayPal provide a publicly viewable rating of you?13:57 knightrider14:03 Olemiss540
17cWeighted Blanket?11/30 LunaLauren14:00 gtd98765
3pSale of two homes and capital gains taxes11/30 Colorado1313:56 Colorado13
3hPortfolio review for tax efficiency, please11/30 esgwat13:54 esgwat
19cBest Books for Post Retirement11/20 Edify13:40 John Z
10pIPO: RSU income retirement account options & any other advice11/29 curiouskitty13:36 kxl19
167hConsidering switch from Vanguard to eTrade...pros, cons and other input?2019 galawdawg13:29 siamond
4pCOBRA Election and Open Enrollment Deadlines11/30 GeraniumLover13:25 GeraniumLover
3please purchase land sale11/30 brendavid13:10 brendavid
13pHow can I move my HSA?11/25 new2bogle213:02 AHK-Hero
8cAny Deals on Turbotax This Year?11/01 Outer Marker12:59 BogleMelon
13tNeed to start investing, where to start?11/27 rissadavis12:57 BL
10cWireless 5.1 soundbar03/29 gas_balloon12:56 heartwood
26tWhat is the worst time to enter SP500?11/29 Koale312:53 Carol88888
47pWhat percentage of your net worth is not taxed?11/28 Cpadave12:52 corn18
66hVWO01/16 drjazz12:52 dml130

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