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2h 401K Advice Please  09:20gm_gm_gm17:382comma
12t Is a Bond Fund considered an Equity?  11/30thethinker17:38thethinker
17t Drag of ETF periodic investments question  11/29am17:37Artsdoctor
47c Honda Accord broke down last night  11/28LadyIJ17:36Pinotage
24p How to start out with TurboTax?  08:48VictoriaF17:36pshonore
11h Helping my parents see the light with Ameriprise  15:14inmymind17:35Miriam2
3t Automatic rate-of-return calculator for a fund?  19:59Latestarter17:35longinvest
5t Wealthfront  15:08J29517:34lee1026
1310t The Three Fund Portfolio  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 272012Taylor Larimore17:34gvsucavie03
1200c What Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 252014Alex Frakt17:34VictoriaF
17p Boglehead cell phone strategy  16:23BW198517:33David Jay
20c Original Mattress Factory  11/29RedHawk17:31likegarden
3p Getting a Car Loan without a Job?  17:13new2bogle217:30dm200
18h Wrongful Death Settlement Planning  21:06PlannerMom17:28PlannerMom
31c How do "finishes" count in home appraisals?  11/30davebo17:24bayview
44p Need advice on truck purchase  18:17southLA17:22jumppilot
207p Push child to avoid expensive college?  page: 2 3 4 511/24Grahamsdad17:22reggiesimpson
17h Tilting to small caps?  11/30thethinker17:19ogd
385c TV show recommendations?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 82012reggiesimpson17:13avenger
1h Looking for advice specific to my situation  15:46TKJ17:12retiredjg
4c Help Protect My Home From Water!  14:12davebo17:11reggiesimpson
0t Vanguard Federal Money Market Fund Reopened  17:08Doc  
35p Comparative negligence (car accident)  11/25zkzkzk17:04likegarden
5t To calculate CAGR, how long is "a year?"  14:40nisiprius17:04Abe
50h Are individual stocks really a bad idea?  page: 211/17Guile1117:03dreamxite
2p Real Estate Advice - Primary Residence/1031 Exchange  13:17audifan16:58expat
2h is this considered as "wash sale"?  16:20LeslieSmiley16:55JW-Retired
28p Vanguard TurboTax - Not Available 2015?  11/30Rob54keep16:53rendrag
11t Who is doing the bulk of the trading  02:36boglerdude16:47691175002
80t Shiller - S&P 500 may reach 1430 by 2020  page: 22011Adrian Nenu16:47William Million
13p MAGI and IRMAA [Income-Related Monthly Adjustment Amount]  11/25Mitchell77716:44dodecahedron
6h tIRA to 2nd Vanguard Roth: Surprised by brokerage account.  11/26ItDontMeanAThin16:42ItDontMeanAThin
9c iRobot Roomba--do you like it? Would you recommend?  08:47retire1416:40DoTheMath
27t One (selected!) individual stock: IBM vs Vanguard 500 Index  11/30nisiprius16:40Abe
8t Bloomberg Article [Vanguard’s Gain Is Wall Street’s Pain]  12:13Pops186016:38davidkw
1t Factor tilters: What sectors are you underweight? Do you care?  16:21saltycaper16:38Call_Me_Op
35c Mom's unsafe browsing -- how to protect her accounts  11/30dphmd16:37mhalley
5c Gun Safe Purchase  12:07takingcharge16:35bottlecap
58p Expected Family Contribution  page: 211/05privateID16:35privateID
13t Closed-End Funds at a discount  08/11ajacobs616:34mrtozsde
60t Fixed Asset Allocation for the rest of your life  page: 211/28tennisplyr16:33BahamaMan
3p Refinance with Home Equity Line of Credit  14:53Jay04516:27psychoslowmatic
8h Help with Inherited IRA and rebalancing of assests  10/11Chathamite16:26steampitt
30c TV Problem  11/21CountryBoy16:16tennisplyr
28t Is Real Estate Bond-Like?  11/28Stormbringer16:14dbr
4c Advice on Induction Cookware  06:32rakornacki116:12daveatca
47p Tell me (more) about Las Vegas  11/16an_asker16:12goingup
21c Iphone 6S case  11/29prettybogle16:10EZ James
57h Too much in tax-advantaged accounts?  page: 211/28Mastiff16:09KlangFool
370p Mango prepaid card - 4.8% (effective) APY  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 82012boglestan16:07ashleyk23
48c How do high earners get rid of their junk?  11/27MikeZ16:03PaddyMac
16c Tablet suggestions  11/27powersmo15:59inbox788
0t Why no Cheap Index ETN?  15:58dangerous  
46c Cyber Monday  11/30ny_rn15:56goodlifer
63c The end of our Teflon pans is what do we buy?  page: 211/26Julieta15:55M_to_the_G
7c the business of marketing watches ?  13:17JohnFiscal15:54TimeRunner
2t Investing with medium-term timeline: wiki page useful?  11/26BeBH6515:52LadyGeek
17t Index ETFs and hedging for the regular guy  11/26Yesterdaysnews15:50inbox788
100p Travel rewards credit card?  page: 2 310/20walletless15:50walletless
8p HSA limit  09:13Kiloaxe15:49livesoft
6h 21 Year Old Just Getting Started  01:43Satoshi15:49dratkinson
15p 2016 Obamacare-> What happens if make less than poverty level ($11800) in a state that didnt expand Medicaid?  11/30Gambler15:42LadyGeek
10p What govt assistance can I sign up for? (Unemployed for 1.5 yrs)  09:23Gambler15:41LadyGeek
96c Best TV to buy  page: 211/22CountryBoy15:28Optimistic
55p Strategies for RMDs [Required Minimum Distributions]  page: 209/05malloc15:28mickeyd
11h Recommended Vanguard Investment Plan  19:26phase315:28phase3
13c Online prescription glasses good or bad?  11/20Watertree15:27cheese_breath
7t Fed ends 'too big to fail' lending to collapsing banks  11:25Day915:19LadyGeek
20p Donor advised funds  11/30leftcoaster15:19gardemanger
0t VG is "costung" financial industry $20B  15:15mickeyd  
1h Wife's portfolio (UK)  15:02minimalistmarc15:06minimalistmarc
5t Vanguard Int'l High Dividend Yield Index vs Total Int'l Stock Index  10:54Sconie15:04JoMoney
17p 401(k) rollover and judgment creditors  11/30Quark15:00Alan S.
5p Schwab PAL credit line as rainy day reserve  11/18Don4614:57Don46
11t Vanguard 2060 fund 8% cash?  08/17asif40814:42mickeyd
28c New Printer  11/28abuss36814:39mkc
5c Electric Pressue Cooker, Useful?  12:15dbCooperAir14:37CABob
6p Term Life Insurance - Evaluate My Plan  11/29GO-UK14:36kaudrey
44p 23 year old wanting to retire before 50  11/25bigguy843714:32kaudrey
6p 401k Restatement requirement  11/30glenn8214:26glenn82
36t Why do FDIC insured CDs yield more than treasuries?  11/26Kelly14:19dm200
90t Vanguard Partnering with Yodlee  page: 209/29mhc14:10JQuinn
20t LT Corp Bonds as part of one's AA  11/30siamond14:08JoMoney
4c Who should be my company's plan admin for 401k and COBRA  12:23AirTimeMD14:07Rupert
14h Admiral Conversion = Cost Basis Reset?  2012Keep It Simple14:07JamesSFO
42p Social Security Made Simple (Free on Kindle for 2 Days)  11/30ObliviousInvest14:05BL
46h long term capital gain tax vs. roth conversions  04/17bobk10014:04JW-Retired
4t Year-End Financial Checklist  18:11Mel Lindauer14:02Guest9876
39c Use Credit Card Company to Resolve Charge at Car Shop?  09/04fastpace_re13:59JonnyDVM
1t Lower Rate for 2016 in Colorado 529 - 2.54%  11:21rrppve13:54dziuniek
0h After-tax gains/loss on Mega Backdoor Roth  13:51dontlikebeingan  
6p Should my wife agree to be her father's executor?  10:37terran13:30delamer
0h Portfolio design help  13:16SnowNovel  
18c Garbage Disposal  11/25LiveSimple13:16Naismith
43t Does being a Boglehead make you want a career in finance?  11/24ajacobs613:06leonard
18t Vanguard is getting sloppy [Fund performance info]  11/29pshonore13:04leonard
3h Rebalancing question regarding new 401k choices  10:30Icarus96113:00Icarus961
36h "Sin stocks"  11/29ARB5712:59Guest9876
6h Life Strategy vs VWIAX  09:48lens12:58Levett
2h Beginner portfolio help!  20:15kcpa12:47ruralavalon
5c Little Passports/Kiwi Crate/Top Secret Adventures  11/30nisiprius12:45corysold
20p Anyone ever bought/run a convenience store?  11/30nukewerker12:44BigOil
19l A Thanksgiving with Jack Bogle  11/25Mel Lindauer12:39Kathleen Ryan
14t How close do we know our bond percentages? What counts?  11/29fsrph12:33Rodc
3p Verizon-Wireless Points - best use?  08:51DaftInvestor12:22sliqua
31c How to encrypt files for backup?  2014sunnyday12:16William4u
19p HDHP - Family Deductible / OOP clarification needed  11/09BarbK12:05standard7
4h End of year financial planning for an unemployed person?  07:48Gambler11:59House Blend
4p guidance on selecting adjustable bed ?  11/30greenspam11:57Naismith
4h Asset allocation for retirement - 3 bucket portfolio still good for high net worth couple?  23:26CaliCouple11:55Wagnerjb
240c OPM breach and credit freeze  page: 2 3 4 506/19VictoriaF11:46Blues
97c TSA pre-check enrollment, is it changing? [Yes, it has changed.]  page: 209/25livesoft11:34Guest9876
8c Water damage in apartment  20:28lumberingc11:33ellsbebc
22c Club Youth Sports (Baseball)  11/29Kuota Rider11:32MikeWillRetire
8p Purchasing a Condo vs House  20:58amr11:23Ninegrams
7p Long Term Care Ins - Keep it?  18:53dansmail2611:07Sheepdog
5p tracking checks in transaction history  22:11deejay7710:58blueblock
0p Jonathan Clements Newsletter - issue 2  10:53heartwood  
19c Time to purchase Volkswagen vehicle?  11/20libertyforever110:40TNL
9c What To Do In Santiago Chile Jan 2016  11/30LifeIsGood10:36texasdiver
8h Review of Roth Recharacterization Strategy  11/30indexmeasap10:34pshonore
18t VBILX vs VBTLX for 3 fund portfolio  07/20ankonaman10:24IndigoE
75c Help me decide between Lexus GX460 and Toyota Highlander (Hybrid/Non-Hybrid)  page: 210/26Dieharder10:06itstoomuch
28c Toshiba Chromebook 2 (2015) model available  10/07Fat-Tailed Cont10:04hudson
23t 70/30 w/Treasuries Only or 60/40 w/Total Bond?  11/28Jagman09:56riptide
5h Municipal Bonds with a 3 Fund Portfolio  07:13DCinvestor09:55huntertheory
4t Colorado 529 Stable Value 2016 rate is 2.54%  06:54Constant Chaos09:45NightFall
1222c What Movie Have You Recently Watched?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 252014abuss36809:41wilson08
13p 401k loan  11/30Miler40709:36jimb_fromATL
3h Need Help Placing my Bonds/Fixed Income  11/30tech_arch09:26ruralavalon
7t Direct registration of stocks vs ...?  11/30stevesr009:26alex_686
2h International bonds?  08:51Big Dog09:12ruralavalon
7p Penfed $100 credit  11/12pshonore08:53Carl53
18h 27 Yr Old - Looking for Portfolio Advice  11/26bijan198808:52ruralavalon
10t AQR Style Premia Alternative (QSPIX) to close; AQR Style Premia Alternative II to open  21:37claimui08:48Ketawa
3h This easy to generate $8750 taxable income from Roth conversion?  22:54Gambler08:48Carl53
3h How to retrieve a penny stock from my brokerage...  11/30stevesr008:43cheese_breath
25h Portfolio & strategy review for young widow with child  11/23Zendelta08:26Dandy
0h Schwab Alternatives to these ETFs  08:16runnerguy  
0t Value Fund Only Portfolio For Maximum Growth  08:14runnerguy  
16p Roth IRA conversion ladder  11/29RandomPointer08:08David Jay
0t Hedge Fund BlueCrest Capital to Return Outside Clients’ Money  08:04matjen  
6h SPY vs. S27 - which SPDR S&P 500 ETF is better? [Singapore]  11/29RandomWalking08:03Micks
12p Mortgage Refy  11/28SL1707:51desiderium
95p Vanguard Lost My Account  page: 22014arkady22507:42flowergate
24h Transition to retirement (income stream?)  11/30wwsantos07:39wwsantos
14t Everything in Vanguard?  11/27Birder5207:23carolinaman
86c Best (Available)Red Wine for under $15 preferrably under $10  page: 204/23BahamaMan07:19rokidtoo
14h Mortgage or 401k  11/29blackjack480806:43smartinwate
2c home insurance with generous roofing policy  11/30pipedream06:42jmagi76461
26t Lending Club (peer-to-peer) investments now open to Arizona and Texas residents  06/30babington05:44IPer
416c Free Windows 10 Upgrade, Yes or No?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 906/01Ever Ready05:37archbish99
34p Would you consider an eventual inheritance?  11/27bigcmagor04:54basspond
7p Rent vs Buy: A different look?  11/27Alchemist04:20ursugardaddy
14h European investor needing some help setting up a lazy portfolio  11/23SmallInvestor04:17SmallInvestor
14t "HERE COME THE BOGLEHEADS!" by Jason Zweig  11/30Taylor Larimore04:00ofcmetz
24t optimal Frequency for for periodic investment in a taxable account  11/29jocdoc00:58saltycaper
24c [pursuing reimbursement claim against] Delta  11/28Leeraar00:35Leeraar
65p Elderly in-laws moving in: what to consider?  page: 211/25dekecarver00:28itstoomuch
13p 401(k) as planned savings vehicle for partial down payment on a home  11/24travelrider00:24jjface
0p IRMAA and life changing event  00:16nec  
4h Opening Up A Separate Account to Save for a Home  11/30JohnWild23:56Jerry55
52p Can I make a legal last will/testament by myself?  page: 211/12parigi72323:53Earl Lemongrab
2h Mutual funds-- buy/sell timing and taxes  11/30maxranj22:57grabiner
11h 401(k) - Is exposure to Value worth going with actively-managaed funds?  11/28smartinwate22:49grabiner
33p Charge cards- when do you have to pay?  11/08wije22:48wije
3p Amend 8606 question  11/30madpunster22:27Alan S.
9c Lack of Web Browser on Apple TV. Competing Devices?  11/29Strider22:25davebo
17f How to format Tables  2007grayfox22:14pondering
17p When to take RMD - verification  2013aja888822:12Alan S.
0p 529 gift question  21:52mookie  
103c Subaru Blues  page: 2 32014Browser21:51jabberwock
26c Gift ideas for teachers?  11/23ThankYouJack21:46donaldfair71
9p Bank CDs in a Revocable Living Trust  11/29CWRadio21:27Greg4boat
46h Investing in 100% Stocks?  11/29Bekki21:25bhsince87
4p [Please advise on social security and annuities]  20:36Tony_L21:20ObliviousInvest
5h Please review portfolio and advise on social security and annuities  10/26greenfire21:17LadyGeek
6h Cost basis on gifted stock, records scarce  11/30psteinx20:56Peter Foley
10h Move funds from Roth IRA to 529?  11/26Pdxnative20:43inbox788
12f [Wiki software updated] - The wiki goes mobile!  11/11LadyGeek20:35pondering
14h Portfolio review request  10/28MrDonut20:29MrDonut
2h New member, longtime lurker with a few questions  18:00Pursuitofqualit20:28Pursuitofqualit
307p The Mega Backdoor Roth IRA  page: 2 3 4 5 6 72014coolguy95420:22dianna
34p 100K Milestone met!  11/20awg9020:14LiveSimple
14h Have assets, interested in turning nest egg into income  11/29mriordan2320:10Watty
43p Is it ever a good idea to make retirement date known?  11/29MnD20:03pghpens
10h Received inheritance, but am keeping it for mother's benefit. How should I invest?  10/12jasc1519:58Gill
0t BOGLEHEAD CONTEST -- One Month to go.  19:44Taylor Larimore  
1t Monday only $1.99 Kindle "Stocks for the Long Run"  18:41Crystal Ball19:33oldzey
11t William Bernstein's "The Four Pillars of Investing" on Kindle for $1.99  11/30b4nash19:33oldzey
1p best credit card website for different categories of expenses  18:46selftalk19:04blueblock
5h What to do with company stock after leaving company...  11/30SailorJerry18:55BigJohn
21p Term life for stay at home mom  11/3069chevy18:46J295
70t Hedge fund for the masses?  page: 211/05Starper18:44RVD
26h Missed 13% YTD growth; would you have?  11/27SpendLess18:34LadyGeek
14t Factor Funds (Fees versus Exposure)  11/28packer1618:06matjen

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