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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1204 new posts and replies over 176 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
# Replies Subforum - Topic TitleFirst Last   
Subforum - TopicLast   
60pSpouse Money Management07:57 amd723917:44 nedsaid
9pThe right offer on a home08:14 ARB5717:43 cockersx3
230pCalling out the not so rich bogleheads09/18 skor9917:43 Dieharder
3h31yo should I consider a VAC annuity?09/12 CnC17:42 Tyler Aspect
62hHelp?! My 70 year old father is 100% invested in equities09/23 Messner800017:42 arcticpineapple
39pWiki article - Credit freeze09/14 LadyGeek17:41 need403bhelp
4pfinancial checkup- expecting first baby06:12 lobon17:39 Watty
69tHow Do You Like My New 'Doo2015 nedsaid17:36 nedsaid
0p1120S - New 1099s issued now for 2016 - How to file amendment17:35 scorp_pccorp 
50pBogleheads monthly costs of dog ownership?09/23 Coachrhino1117:34 MulesFan
2pHow much do I have to save?09:12 notmyhand17:28 delamer
44cWhere do you get your news?09:48 tc10117:27 azurekep
16tBond funds and stock funds, which one is riskier?08:07 flyingaway17:23 flyingaway
17cOlder or younger people travel around?09/22 flyingaway17:19 Watty
15cFinding a Driver09/23 J29517:19 mouses
0pWife's Business Losing Money - Can She Deduct A Salary?17:16 crazygrow 
15pTransfering 250K online from one bank to another09/23 Laconic17:15 ImaBeginner
39cDo you subscribe to digital newspapers?23:23 luckybamboo17:13 mouses
9tResearch Associates Model Portfolios: ZERO % US stocks15:11 Always passive17:12 TheNightsToCome
9t"Fidelity and Vanguard Online Fraud Policies"20:07 Taylor Larimore17:05 AlwaysBeClimbin
27hLarge inheritance -questions to ask potential advisors09/23 Grinder1200017:04 Grinder12000
6tThe real impacts of passive investing09/23 TxInjun16:59 BuyAndHoldOn
21cHonda CRV All Wheel Drive VS Front Wheel, Which One?09:16 TLC195716:52 Jack FFR1846
36hRoth Conversions and taxes09/20 veyron16:50 FiveK
43cThe Expert's Dilemma - How can I know I'm getting a good physician without being one myself?22:38 motorcyclesarec16:45 Calli114
10hMy idea---four fund portfolio ?09/23 vijaym7316:44 Olemiss540
3pQuick social security question12:16 petesamprs16:43 clemrick
70cLifestyle Creep18:00 4nursebee16:41 Volkdancer
165pLet's talk about your FI # and family income [Financial Independence]09/15 Admiral16:39 travellight
1pJohn Rekenthaler: "The Latest Salvo Against Indexing"09/19 gkaplan16:38 nedsaid
65pcalifornia homeowners - do you have earthquake insurance?07/15 blueleaf16:38 ClaycordJCA
283cAny books really change your outlook on life?2010 am16:37 dia
12hHow do I retain check writing on bond fund?09/23 Eureka16:37 Eureka
2589cWhat Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI2014 Alex Frakt16:34 Koogie
9hPlease help physician newbie to investing with intention09/22 behindthetimes16:32 Duckie
2hhelp with 401K, high fees and commissions15:51 jct313216:29 livesoft
11ta really beginner question [Why are the fund prices different?]09/23 alanine16:27 alanine
103pAge you retired09/22 ReadyToRetire16:25 fishandgolf
34hVanguard Health Care Fund in my portfolio?09/13 Slothmeister16:24 hushpuppy
246cGood Modern Science Fiction2014 gatorman16:23 Koogie
56cWhat is your favorite reasonably priced bourbon?09/23 Dead Man Walkin16:23 CassiusRex
50cAsking for no wedding gifts09/22 linlan16:08 jucor
7hAsset Allocation + DCA Advice09/22 gandalfthegrey16:04 dbr
108lNE Ohio (Cleveland Area) Master Thread2014 Maid of the Mis16:04 Maid of the Mis
11ppre-tax money in a nondeductible IRA09/22 flight16:01 flight
7pRoll over now or next year - thoughts?09/23 flight15:54 flight
19pTax issues relocating abroad, avoid capital gains by gifting to foreign partner09/21 jiji15:53 halfnine
4hCash + LT Munis = IT Munis?14:52 Cash15:46 stlutz
159tVanguard upgraded my accounts - angry [Brokerage Services]06/28 jackhensy15:39 plats
1h401k Help13:53 Vrm1715:39 dbr
16pShould I move?10:12 marcyg32115:38 csm
87tAny "average Joe" here actually make out well with individual stocks?09/19 wstalcup15:30 nedsaid
13pWhat's the purpose of having a child's name on a deed?07:58 Eurookat15:26 munemaker
14hJust Need Encouragement to Stick with TSP G Fund over F Fund09/23 bdrolan15:24 livesoft
3pCredit Score, Credit Check, and Credit Freeze09/21 AndrewK717815:19 AndrewK7178
2pNYC Health Insurance13:09 lambrap15:12 truenorth418
13hMove 401(k) to IRA after retirement?09/23 Nana15:03 delamer
629pEquifax customer information leak09/07 finjour15:02 runner26
28tJack Bogle, Eugene Fama- New Freakonomics Radio Podcast07/26 buckeye798314:54 6miths
5tWarren Buffett Books09/23 abuss36814:38 dbr
16hWhat am I thinking.. a new car finance thread.09/23 midareff14:21 likegarden
3hKeep small cap value in Roth or not?09/23 jeremyl14:16 Earl Lemongrab
16pVanguard college calculator and some questions09/23 am14:09 Pdxnative
13p28 Year Old having a Crisis, how am I doing?11:45 purpleradish14:08 cherijoh
3pMorningstar Forums Display Name07:17 WorkToLive13:58 need403bhelp
8pMortgage Recast Before Renting Out04:35 diverdoc13:58 ResearchMed
20hRebalancing into U.S.Stocks09/22 unclescrooge13:51 VaR
12hRoth vs traditional 401k09/23 Jmkimmd13:49 PFInterest
14t"My Favorite Mutual Fund"19:07 Taylor Larimore13:44 goingup
2pIs a Roth conversion worthwhile?12:41 Ruger13:43 delamer
1pCar fund and HSA investing?13:23 Coachrhino1113:38 aristotelian
32cThe money trail...import vehicle vs domestic.09/21 TxAg13:35 LadyGeek
13hIs it a good time to buy Apple Stock on 9/23?20:09 maxgrowth13:33 Alexa9
353tMichael Kitces 4% rule podcast on Madfientist08/31 camper113:31 VictoriaF
150cBooks that have actually changed your life, in a way.2012 snyder6613:28 kayanco
1pIRA to 401k rollover23:51 homeslice13:27 Earl Lemongrab
9lBoglehead of another species17:46 mouses13:26 Dude2
2hSP500 for a European expat12:03 brianflanagan13:17 TedSwippet
1hPortfolio / Goal Check-up08:22 Senti13:17 jsh84
27lNew Columbus, Ohio Chapter08/20 RetiredMarine13:13 RetiredMarine
5tBond Duration education09/22 workerbeeengine13:10 VaR
13pHelp me solve: Not allowed access to savings at Canadian bank09/16 jmk12:59 Valuethinker
10pEvaluating my HSA21:57 Determined12:49 Determined
24pHow Often Do you make a Back-Door Roth Conversion09/22 Jones04712:40 Earl Lemongrab
8pTransition to new health insurance company - cautions?09:17 MichaelRpdx12:29 dbr
28pEquifax Credit Freeze 100% online09/15 djpeteski12:25 neilpilot
10pOnline brokerage bonuses - ever get taken away?09/22 flight12:23 Earl Lemongrab
18hOpinions on moving to VG09/18 jayars3512:22 hogfanboy
1cHome security advice09:29 Smokey2112:17 Minty
16hGoing to try my hand at Mega Backdoor Roth09/20 fantasytensai12:14 Thrifty Femme
1hNeed some advice on AA (UK investor)10:48 Mario_12:11 Valuethinker
5hPortfolio Review - Contemplating Changes09/22 Circumspect12:04 ruralavalon
5cFavorite small Colorado towns near great fishing?23:24 Beezthree12:02 btenny
16hTransferring IRA as Beneficiary While Avoiding Financial Adviser09/13 egionesco11:57 MN Finance
36pRealtor to buy home?09/21 Oak&Elm11:48 adamthesmythe
34hTake The Lump Sum or The Immediate Annuity?09/18 michaellarimore11:47 itstoomuch
29cIOS 11: Anybody using it yet?09/22 oldcomputerguy11:46 harrington
112cThe cost of walking el Camino de Santiago2015 VictoriaF11:34 livesoft
19hInvesting in Roth/Traditional vs Paying off debt09/21 malucol11:08 FiveK
1pHome insurance discount for retired teacher10:54 sil201711:02 neilpilot
7hBond allocation choices for rebalancing 401k09/22 Mr.BB10:59 ruralavalon
5hHelp consolidate accounts & 3-fund portfolio setup18:32 Perkunas10:55 Minty
21hNew Job, First Time Investing, How-To09/17 error10:46 FiveK
26cAnyone used Amazon to buy household goods09/23 Petrocelli10:30 jayars35
80tRetirees, what is your marginal tax rate?05/12 BogleMelon10:13 Ged
4hNewbie - Help with Vanguard Dividends22:34 earlyretire10:13 earlyretire
23cThoughts on Barefoot/Minimalist Running09/23 azurekep10:01 Wakefield1
23pReally need Bypass and Qtip for ~$20MM estate?09/21 gotlucky09:48 Spencer
14hNeeding a little guidance!09/22 Marcyp09:46 ruralavalon
16pShould I create LLC for new business?09/23 uwbadgers09:32 dm200
3lRTP, NC Chapter Meeting 11:00 AM Sat September 9, 2017 (NOT August 26, 2017)04/23 Steve Thorpe09:27 happytooth09
312cIphone X is $100009/12 investing101209:25 marc515
2941cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36809:24 LadyGeek
16cQuestion for car guys & gals: Two vs Three Row AWD vehicle...?09/23 kjvmartin09:21 informal guide
17cToilet Woes09/23 AAA09:18 dbr
9hAre all investments compound interest?02:04 Derivative09:12 dbr
13hA series of misinformed decisions and now the painful realization. Help with current 401K, 457B, prior 401K's, other q's09/18 tubelight09:11 ruralavalon
68pWhat is FI if you love your job? [Financial Independence]09/17 DC350908:57 MnD
11pInitial co-trustee instead of successor trustee09/23 Pretzel lover08:54 afan
5tDCP rollover: rollover first or convert first?09/19 jusden08:53 retiredjg
3hEligibility for TIAA-CREF account07:45 SlowMovingInves08:51 student
5hIlliquid private shares and asset allocation - sound approach?09/23 chapstick08:43 dbr
27hAdvise on what to do with additional savings09/17 beth6508:39 retiredjg
72cHurricane Harvey has me rethinking my approach to disaster preparations08/30 stimulacra08:33 Dandy
38hLincoln Investments "Participant Directed Platform"2015 A44008:32 mrsff
8pWhen does whole life make sense ?20:36 raptor00108:20 pintail07
25hsell high/buy low??09/11 hacksaw202508:01 hacksaw2025
6hCan i max out a Roth at the start of the year?09/23 Reggeee07:59 limine
17pInvest, or Buy a $25,000 Screened-in Deck?09/23 Messner800007:58 Olemiss540
18pInnovis and ChexSystems freeze confirmation letters09/21 buckeye798307:58 DaftInvestor
94pThe Magic of Savings Rate09/19 heybro07:48 supersecretname
4hInternational Bond Funds09/23 LuigiLikesPizza07:43 Valuethinker
14hMoving to TSP + Pension - How to adapt AA to changes?09/21 kjvmartin07:43 grabiner
17hStruggling with tax implications09/22 mgzych07:41 Nicolas
59tOil - Price & Supply/Demand Conundrum09/20 Doc07:28 Valuethinker
34pAlliant Credit Union no longer offering HSA's as of 11/909/18 cuda7436007:18 mpsz
111pSpreadsheet to show how taxable SS benefits will affect you2015 PapaGeek07:15 Spewin
36pAnyone own a home and drop insurance coverage after mortgage paid off?09/23 WarChest07:05 J295
2cEquifax: protecting my minor child's information?20:40 BoglePablo07:04 BoglePablo
17pwith frozen credit, is there benefit to fraud monitoring services?09/21 learning_head06:39 learning_head
40tBitcoin Return and Investing Ideas09/18 grayfox06:30 grayfox
7hREBALNCE: TLH partner, BONDs19:43 RetireGood06:00 RetireGood
8hContinue to save for down payment or invest09/23 Xega00:35 Nearly A Moose
174pHow to pay ZERO taxes in retirement with 6-figure expenses2011 livesoft23:30 randomguy
6tArticle from Pfau on non us countries mostly not supporting 4%09/23 am23:20 randomguy
5pPartially correct form CP200009/19 CRC30123:04 Katietsu
132cAccount security - Hackers gain access to mobile and then break havoc09/14 ray.james23:02 fnmix
9cExperian will give you your pin on-line!09/21 samtex22:58 AlwaysBeClimbin
10cBP monitor inaccurate–how to recalibrate? Or replace with which brand?09/23 teacher22:20 teacher
47cLuxury Car Purchase09/21 Mralki21:56 Traveller
17hMerging inheritance with different asset allocation09/21 bostondan21:19 bostondan
4hShould I buy a long term municiapl bond fund?09/23 Petrocelli21:14 grabiner
10hHelp with asset location09/22 spelhouse0421:12 grabiner
12tConvert SEP IRA to Solo 401 K05/31 EinAustin21:01 Spirit Rider
1hSEP and 401k Max Contribution09/23 alex1120:50 Spirit Rider
50cGaps in new hardwood flooring09/21 unclescrooge20:38 unclescrooge
15ccataract surgery: accommodating vs multifocal lens implants09/23 nekiuk20:37 LadyGeek
35hAsset Allocation for mid 50 age group09/22 Mr.BB20:36 remomnyc
6pCapital One 2 Factor verification10/06 heartwood20:36 andyandyandy
24cSet up a "reverse auction" to get a deal on buying a car09/21 CULater20:24 SlowMovingInves
12hNeed $$$; tap my taxable acct or my IRA?09/23 catdude20:06 catdude
195hI won the Lottery. Need sound advice.09/20 DrHotLunch19:53 core4portfolio
2hiShares Core Dividend Growth (DGRO)09/23 bondsr4me19:32 patrick013
5pReversing [S-Corp] distribution?09/22 theplayer1119:29 kewper
18hWhy use a REIT over a rental property?09/23 jb119:18 Pajamas
8cManagement career job search09/22 prettybogle19:15 market timer
10hgrad student - how much to contrib to IRA09/22 ps56k19:12 triceratop
3cMassage machine for diabetic09/23 andyandyandy19:07 Pajamas
9pExecutor died, as beneficiary can I become executor?09/23 snowcrazy18:53 FIREchief
95tVanguard: Please Offer a Gold ETF09/21 bjr8918:49 boglerdude
44h$3.6 million at age 25 - need investment advice09/22 wolf8518:28 TxAg
42pHow long did it take for Equifax to email you a security sign up?09/15 cdu718:19 Cloud
2hIn-service Rollover of BIL's 401k Plan....09/22 Broken Man 199918:12 Broken Man 1999
19pHelp me calculate returns on Whole Life Policy - Keep it or cancel it?09/20 yowzer918:06 snowman9000
17tRoth Conversion and Strategy03/19 MrFlish17:56 johnra
7p1099 vs W2 decision09/22 spammagnet17:54 spammagnet

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