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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1846 new posts and replies over 247 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
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Subforum - TopicLast   
12tHigh Yield REITS ETF?21:17 Neus19:01 Neus
20pSocial Security extra earnings credit for military service21:04 RVdreamin19:00 corn18
0p2019 Backdoor Roth & TurboTax19:00 agill99 
2832pRefinance Mega Thread09/01 AZAttorney1118:59 anon_investor
42pHow Much Does a Car Salesperson Make on a New Car Sale?10:53 Carefreeap18:59 FIREchief
385pMy LenderFi refinance is going well01/15 abyan18:59 ChiKid24
2hPortfolio help for a recent widow18:07 MundaneStocks18:57 Taylor Larimore
41hMonte Carlo Simulations: Pros, Cons and Value07/08 fingoals18:56 fingoals
5hWhat's My Basis in This Stock18:03 BlindPursuit18:56 typical.investo
17cSports drink preferences18:14 tennisplyr18:56 bloom2708
51c1st Car Purchase - Volvo XC90 vs. Lexus RX35007/06 steadyeddie818:55 Oilcans
46tWhat is your contrarian/alternative play?07/05 P410035418:53 bloom2708
39pDelaying Social Security: is the wisdom still relevant07/07 Tejfyy18:53 New Providence
19288tU.S. stocks in free fall2011 Lbill18:53 Hyperchicken
10hDoes anyone own Health, Consumer Staples, Utility?07/08 Always passive18:52 tibbitts
53cWalk or taxi to bus stop to get to the airport?07/08 atikovi18:49 atikovi
24cPre-fab (modular) home building experience07/07 PoppyA18:49 PoppyA
135pShare your budget07/02 novemberrain18:47 corn18
3hReverse Rollover from Trad IRA with pre and post money into Solo 401K18:00 gerbilunit18:46 gerbilunit
4hAny Commercial Landlords Out There? Questions Abt Non-Paying NNN Tenant10:13 virginiabirdie18:44 8foot7
319tWhy not 100% PSLDX?03/04 TeeDee18:44 Semantics
9hBeginner: Diversifying / Bond trouble / Advice10:23 jaw32618:40 GMT-8
2pShould my Mother file form 706?18:26 GeoMetry18:38 gclancer
18cRecommendation for a good efficient mini tower PC20:45 DesertMan18:33 inbox788
4h[Resident in training - Should I split 403b contributions?]09:32 w3ldon18:32 02nz
17p1099-div Ordinary vs Qualified Div?12:52 dadipsite18:30 sycamore
12c1-stage vs 5-stage HVAC compressor?00:52 nova14818:30 undrc7
15pRounding in IRS Free File Fillable Forms07/08 boomer_techie18:28 Hyperchicken
19cNeed advice for raspberry pi13:49 newbie00318:28 Kagord
1pUnemployment benefits being clawed back?17:58 SeekingWisdom_118:26 7eight9
1622pFidelity as a one stop shop2018 BogleMelon18:26 spammagnet
35tGold as Part of a Portfolio?08:57 rockthisworld18:25 nisiprius
265t4% rule - confidence poll07/01 stocknoob411118:24 Cousin Eddie
14pH&R Block Software not allowing form editing07/08 Aerophany18:23 Aerophany
0hPerspective on Mortgage Forbearance18:23 olympia_t 
5353tHEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure Part II: The next journey08/11 HEDGEFUNDIE18:20 SVT
3pWhy is libor so low?17:57 wholeinone0418:17 wholeinone04
2hFidelity Tax Managed Index Equity Fund18:00 poppa2318:17 poppa23
310cDon't pay full price for SiriusXM radio2016 catdude18:15 canderson
25cPool Maintenance - The Boglehead Way10:53 bagle18:09 ddurrett896
39t"Are You Questioning Your Foreign Stock Funds?"07/03 Taylor Larimore18:04 bacon4retiremen
22cTom Clancy series book recommendations07/08 Swansea18:02 Eowyn
4hAny benefit to splitting gold allocation amongst several ETFs?07/08 Lynx31065018:00 Wade Garrett
2pCan I have both self-employed 401k and 401K from a W2 job?19:48 shallowglen18:00 Duckie
3pFSAFEDS special 60-day election period17:28 Glomar17:59 stats99
17nUSD currency risk as a non-US investor04:10 Stef17:54 typical.investo
1620cCoronavirus (Consumer Issues) How you are preparing?02/12 TomCat9617:48 Fallible
1hIs a deferred annuity worth it if the investment grows tax free?16:51 tvubpwcisla17:47 Katietsu
30hBusiness Valuation and Retirement07/07 sauce087117:45 Ralph Furley
105cPassword vault or generator?05/10 OldBallCoach17:45 Gadget
31h51 year old physician07/05 mikedomba17:44 02nz
101pActions at end of life to benefit heirs07/05 southwest_stack17:43 shell921
40hPossible 1/3 income cut07/08 Triple digit go17:42 willthrill81
8pRoth IRA Basis12:17 sport17:36 sport
4hvviax17:24 ripete17:35 Zillions
9nInternational SP500 investment: Amundi vs Vanguard07/08 international0017:34 international00
6hDo you pay taxes if you sold stock as NET shares?14:10 Trying2learn17:33 fabdog
13hVSS Dividends06/18 Mitchell77717:33 Zillions
106tDoes it really matter when you claim Social Security07/06 tvubpwcisla17:30 willthrill81
18cApple Airpods vs. Airpods Pro?12:40 ruanddu17:27 mnsportsgeek
50tReaching for Yield: Is It Really Different This Time?07/05 Leesbro6317:23 AerialWombat
6pChecking in at a hotel with a credit card15:53 cheesepep17:20 tibbitts
33cBrooks Brothers Bankruptcy - Quality Issues07/07 CaliforniaInves17:19 Broken Man 1999
2hVFSUX/VFSTX Hold?03/20 bpg123417:18 bpg1234
8pDo I need to send the empty pages of my tax forms too?23:18 Tejfyy17:18 whodidntante
28pAlly drops savings rate again07/07 indexfund5617:17 Rainmaker41
86p15 year or 30 year mortgage?07/06 tomwood17:17 scubadiver
13tPortfolio Optimization: A General Framework for Portfolio Choice2019 vineviz17:13 vineviz
59hFido Deferred Fixed Annuity05/04 aruba joe17:12 khart23
10hThoughts on GNMA bond funds07/07 annu17:10 BrandonBogle
7hIncrease Small Cap Allocation while working for FAANG?14:29 tech_fam17:10 BruinBones
9cBankrupt gyms - wondering where they sell equipment?16:25 MeansNotEnd17:05 whodidntante
2880tThe Three-Fund Portfolio2012 Taylor Larimore17:04 Taylor Larimore
6528tU.S. stocks continue to soar!2018 GoldStar17:03 Semantics
47tU.S. Treasury Inflation Protected Securities (TIPS) ETF04/18 Aw0k3n17:02 Angst
9pHow long after you refinance does your new payment get updated?11:49 van_sun_3816:58 Silk McCue
1794tSmall Cap Value heads Rejoice !!!2019 hdas16:50 livesoft
10hIs it better to contribute to non deductible IRA and do backdoor Roth IRA in the same calendar year?01:24 memcpy16:49 Alan S.
45preturning PPP loan07/07 go_mets16:48 Lee_WSP
34tHelp me understand this on real estate investing07/06 Tylenol Jones16:43 barberakb
4hThe Sky is Falling and If you cry wolf too often?16:17 Boulous16:42 LadyGeek
0pwhat do you look for when shopping around for home insurance?16:40 schmitz 
5568cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36816:37 batpot
4cContemporary Leather Recliner?15:39 BoomerM316:34 batpot
34p1099 rates for Engineering Consultant07/03 Colorado Guy16:34 Elric
15hinvesting for the election15:41 Mike O16:33 LadyGeek
4nUK tax implications of gold02:54 myzipis0213916:32 myzipis02139
8pCancelling my disability insurance?07/08 Streptococcus16:31 123
37pBasic eBay Questions - New to eBay04:18 lhwerdyt*1791c16:26 RudyS
22t"Rightful owners" of stocks and the pandemic10:37 ikowik16:25 LadyGeek
15hReasonable withdrawal rate?07/08 Kiana16:24 onthecusp
0pEstimated tax payment on large capital gain16:23 batch 
45tBernstein’s Deep Risk: Global Equities Hedge for Inflation06/30 Enganerd16:21 nisiprius
3hVanguard Personal Performance Question14:12 Bulgogi Head16:17 Bulgogi Head
16pWhat is the best way to finance this house+land?07/06 femur16:11 Meg77
17pHow to Establish Medical Directive and POA?21:20 Kookaburra16:08 RudyS
106pLandlords: How are you doing this year?07/01 tomtoms16:07 Meg77
0c(Koi) Pond Maintenance16:06 bertilak 
1nNew UK Investor12:00 ropehead16:04 JamesUK
20pEstimated Taxes on Unemployment?07/07 azianbob16:04 FiveK
20ptax for self employment08:27 viewer016:00 boomer_techie
133hHigh net worth portfolio advice06/20 buzztrot15:58 Meg77
12hHelp Needed on Understanding Negative Tips Yield07/07 antiqueman15:42 protagonist
131cThinking of buying myself a luxury item.. Is LV wallet a legit purchase?07/06 bo10595402715:40 stoptothink
39pVerizon Visa06/22 rage_phish15:37 DesertMan
15tFuture value of REIT's07/08 Mr.BB15:25 ohboy!
3hfunding our Roth IRA's, review my thinking please11:37 jbinpa5915:24 jbinpa59
25pErroneous Urgent Care keeps coming!07/06 RamblinDoc15:23 SheReadsHere719
102cThinking I should go car shopping amidst the panic03/16 CULater15:15 tibbitts
11tTSP fees shocker21:51 sunny588515:14 rich126
2pQ1, Q2, Q3, Q4 confusion14:44 Phinance15:14 kaneohe
11hWhat happens after I move an account?07/08 Toller15:13 UpperNwGuy
6tTracking Basis on Inherited Securities14:28 TheDDC15:06 TheDDC
26pJob offer - lateral comp19:57 Bb07308415:02 Pomegranate
106hDo you ever feel you've missed out due to the 3-fund portfolio?07/06 Zillions14:58 CyclingDuo
5cHelp with Internet and TV issue11:07 mbres6014:58 mbres60
3hContribute to Retirement (Keogh)or Payoff second mortgage14:37 wackerdr14:58 fabdog
34pMove from Bay Area?07/08 socialforums20114:57 shess
8hNew TSP Lifecycle Funds09:25 Helene14:50 Beehave
11hShould I move this Dodge & Cox $$ to Vanguard?07/08 FXDXontherun14:48 not4me
29csafety thing for stairs?07/08 egrets14:45 clip651
22pBuying house from parents07/08 yoshald14:36 Sandtrap
7pStruggling with the math of a refinance09:39 seligsoj14:16 arcticpineapple
30nHow would you invest in my situation? [Brazil]07/05 joao55283314:10 assyadh
1ph&r block state filing issue- can't change email13:44 freckles0114:08 nalor511
3tNew actively managed ETF's to help the three fund portfolio?12:05 tvubpwcisla14:06 pkcrafter
8nVxus is not tax-efficient for me07/06 joao55283313:59 BeBH65
34cBradford White vs Rheem Gas Water Heater07/05 DTalos13:57 jaxxmjd
10pMove from Vanguard MM to Ally for higher rate - no brainer?07/08 adam12313:55 02nz
12hBackdoor roth conversion advice07:08 bsloan300013:42 retiredjg
8pSouth Dakota Trust [Will this work in PA?]09:51 Leesbro6313:41 Leesbro63
29hPortfolio Simplification and Help, Please and Thank You07/03 Tea4Two13:39 Tea4Two
291tImproving the Dalio/Robbins All-Seasons Portfolio2016 azanon13:37 Robot Monster
84cBuying house without realtors07/01 bdylan13:26 beernutz
0tThe landscape of diversification opportunities13:26 TwoIdenticalInd 
19cdrop Spectrum for over-the-air TV07/08 montanagirl13:25 rh00p
4456cWhat Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI2014 Alex Frakt13:23 birnhamwood
2pWhat to do with maturing CD?12:25 knswamy13:21 sycamore
31cLG refrigerator not cooling--dump it and rebuy?06/30 beernutz13:12 beernutz
6pTax Question - How to import UTMA 1099-DIV from Vanguard?21:34 Finridge13:02 livesoft
5hShould I sell or hold my vested RSUs (2 months after vesting)12:39 Pikachu055013:02 Pikachu0550
110tYou have a second chance to reduce your stock holdIng06/08 yules13:01 Presintense
6hBackdoor Roth advice06/05 El Duderino13:00 lakpr
234cTesla Model Y2019 4nursebee12:59 Will do good
19tSeparate bucket AAs -and- account types to bridge the gap to 59.5?07/08 OSUperu12:58 SantaClaraSurfe
31hVYM and getting killed [Vanguard High Dividend Yield ETF]07/07 chet9612:50 chet96
12hVanguard Mutual Funds or Vanguard Index Funds23:55 Bbsgarcia12:47 ruralavalon
9pPay off mortgage balance or dollar cost average into the market?03/20 nguy4412:46 nguy44
2pNew credit card offer05:57 student12:38 MortgageOnBlack
117pWho has long term care insurance?07/02 LXEX5512:33 Artful Dodger
50pNo tax return after >10 weeks?05/06 geerhardusvos12:30 K5821
5nportfolio construction06:30 Ivan19901112:30 galeno
2cTurbo Tax disappeared in progress12:19 reisner12:28 wfrobinette
72lSan Francisco Mid Peninsula, California Chapter2018 nance12:28 nance
21hWhat does it mean that Amazon owns 7% of my company’s stock?01:12 RocketShipTech12:24 tenkuky
32cToyota OEM parts07/07 sambb12:08 lazydavid
33hCOVID Portfolio07/07 omeletpants12:07 nisiprius
89cCar Issues - No Oil05/28 SC Anteater12:04 MrsRoos
77cHow would permanent WFH reshape Silicon Valley?07/07 Ciel12:02 MrsRoos
3hQuestions about rolling over a SIMPLE IRA07/08 Jadzia11:57 Alan S.
5hRetirement funds07/08 sandwolf111:42 ruralavalon
4hCan we do both backdoor Roth IRA and mega backdoor Roth IRA00:21 memcpy11:37 Alan S.
58h$250,000 Debt, High-Income Potential, beginner starting from ZERO05/08 asdfgghk11:25 LadyGeek
5hDeadline for 2019 solo 401k and 529 contributions04/05 robocop11:10 Spirit Rider
9pHouse sale - where to park the money07/07 Marmot11:00 novemberrain
2hPortfolio Review09:05 BarbBrooklyn10:58 BarbBrooklyn
16hSeeking advice for parents situation07/07 hrb10:57 hrb
8tVanguard Sells out to China10:03 ArmchairArchite10:56 LadyGeek
33pHow do I fix my mistake/blunder with recruiter/offer07/08 sksbog10:51 domoi
3cAuto Insurance Question10:32 Prudence10:44 Jack FFR1846
18tReality check: why would anyone buy a Stone Ridge Longevity fund?07/08 nisiprius10:43 Elysium
3hAny good Traditional IRA Promos07:16 recklessmax10:32 02nz
21tNew Stone Ridge interval funds, 1) bitcoin futures, 2) for 65-year-old women only (sort of)07/06 nisiprius10:29 not4me
1c2018 Odyssey Infotainment Issues08:51 epargnant10:28 02nz
0pYotta - savings app inspired by UK Premium Bond program10:28 DinkinFlicka 
4pForm 1116 for Vanguard Foreign Tax Credit: Please confirm which calculation is correct00:53 jackk10:27 livesoft
128cNeighborhood Noise07/05 Call_Me_Op10:20 virginiabirdie
16pMilitary SBP (Survivor Benefit Plan) - Is it worth it?2015 Tayskiing10:17 NMBob
5hWhen do I sell and reinvest in the 3 fund portfolio19:53 sjdvm200710:09 w3ldon
4pPicking the Right broker when Refinancing ... going from 3.75% to 2.75%09:22 StevenNJ110:08 wootwoot
511tThe Calm Post - Stay the course thread.02/26 max1237710:05 Robot Monster
1173cMy 2017 CRV is a victim of the dreaded oil gas-dilution issue2018 CULater10:02 tibbitts
10pBudget Estimate Methodology07/08 Kiana09:51 jebmke
9hHow to invest Inherited IRA under new Secure Act07/06 RMG7709:48 senex
240t2020 Hedge Fund contest01/10 Tanelorn09:42 ReformedSpender
12hRequest comments on Lump Sum vs. Annnuity decision07/08 eukonomos09:28 bertilak
52hChanged AA07/06 rockthisworld09:22 Vanguard Fan 13
62cStartup vs big company (financial equity at stake)2017 malloc3309:02 RocketShipTech
1pQuicken Loans appraisal fee - charged more than Loan Estimate22:01 ma21n209:00 Mako
9nUK investor ISA and SIPP02:13 chrismckay08:50 Valuethinker
166cCybersecurity and passwords01/26 Cpadave08:33 jebmke
2pUnemployment Claim in Virginia / Severance Pay07/08 KlangFool08:33 KlangFool
61tDoes minimum volatility give better returns?2019 jokuvuan08:02 snailderby
48closing ability to ensure good computer hygiene- what to do07/07 forkhorn07:42 Chuck107
6nHigh yield ETF portfolio02:00 John_Nadir07:37 galeno
11cGoogle voice is dropping calls. Anyone else?07/08 BogleMelon06:25 sam1838
6hThree Fund Portfolio - A Few Questions07/08 Investor131906:05 sycamore
1hDividend funds to capture investment (CMA) factor23:07 Saganesque05:55 rkhusky
17hSplitting bonds07/07 Seasonal05:10 Stinky
31hRetirement plan change . . .am I about to do something stupid??07/05 CRTR04:51 Chip
3nBritish expat in China advice07/07 yst1104:17 glorat
30tStudy claims active management better than benchmarks06/23 gtd9876504:01 ValuationsMatte
1619pShare your net worth progression2014 techcrium03:11 btq96r
46tExpectations of factor investing from a factor regression2018 GammaPoint01:29 pascalwager
28pAttorney needed?07/05 amosobadiah01:28 neverpanic
10cLaptop freezes up soon after coming out of sleep or hibernation07/08 atikovi00:36 Mudpuppy
7cTruck Rental Alternative Vendors?07/07 rvflyer00:34 rvflyer
0pIncome Tax. Dividends from foreign country.00:19 ram 
4hForm 1116, Can I lump more than one mutual fund in one column under "RIC" for foreign taxes paid?07/06 cb47423:51 cb474
151pManager vs. Direct report salary issues07/04 Wannaretireearl23:36 TechFI
29pautomobile 2 yr used vs new2019 Paullmas23:04 tibbitts
167hThose that have an "Anti-Boglehead" investment account, what are your "risky" plays?2019 Bob Sacamano23:01 HawkeyePierce
100tRisk tolerance and asset allocation with mathematics03/04 Uncorrelated22:59 cos
25c8 seater SUV questions07/07 Blue45622:54 applejack123
11tVanguard Mega Cap Growth ETF (MGK) tilt07/07 Dead Man Walkin22:34 AlphaLess
4h"Core" Bond ETFs Seem Expensive07/08 Cosmic Pony22:02 WoodSpinner
352tWill ex-US ever revert to good performance? Or is it just a high-risk, low-reward investment?06/30 LongTermEtfHold21:54 mikeyzito22
3hCalculating business expenses07/07 The PA Investor21:54 Eagle33
5hMutual Fund to ETF07/07 movingon21:48 grabiner
5hVWEAX High-Yield Corporate - Question07/07 BoulderTrojan21:42 BoulderTrojan
4pCredit Check for Savings Accounts07/08 GS21:34 Mudpuppy
103lMetro Atlanta Bogleheads Local Chapter2016 vbonthu21:30 stup123
3hMaking sense of Fidelity 401K balances and pension options07/08 bestplans21:29 WoodSpinner
20hAsset allocation for very early retirement?07/07 deanmoriarty21:25 deanmoriarty
25hVerifying Gold Coins are not counterfeit07/08 spm30121:24 ncbill
16nJustification for Buying Weekend Used Luxury Car (Lexus) [Indonesia]07/08 Neus21:05 Neus
19hTaxable Account - VTSAX vs. VTI07/06 Investor131921:05 cchrissyy
9cAnybody use a percussion massage device?19:15 jkushne121:04 random_walker_7
20cI sold my boat today07/01 HomerJ21:03 Random Musings
6pS-Corp 2020 Q2 941/7200 flow thru ?07/04 RIMDBogle21:00 MP123
74tVanguard Prime Money Market Fund07/07 abuss36820:55 Munir
7cOnline Scrabble and other games07/08 ThankYouJack20:50 Gufomel
39pFeedback on Guideline 401k2017 mdds20:49 pcflojet
201pWhat to do with all this MONEY ?07/03 Rajsx20:36 LadyGeek
27hMega backdoor exit strategy question07/06 DoubleClick20:36 DoubleClick
41cTime for a new car?07/06 anthonyphamy20:17 anthonyphamy
4hInherited Roth and 401k accounts07/08 Boston Barry20:16 anon_investor
21hFidelity Tips: Building an auto-rolling US Treasury ladder for EF or HSA in California01/21 mervinj720:06 mervinj7
7pRefinance to 15 or 20 yr?07/06 topcatin20:05 mortfree
19pHow to sell my car in these times07/08 TheGreyingDuke20:05 hudson
6hFirst time investor- Index Funds, Roth IRA07/08 alinvesting202019:41 ruralavalon
186pPodcast - Wade Pfau: The 4% Rule Is No Longer Safe04/29 Stinky19:40 Horton
8hTreasury Bill Noob Question07/08 SnowBog19:23 SnowBog
26pCharitable Remainder Unitrust (CRUT) as beneficiary of traditional IRA assets07/07 FIREchief19:17 FIREchief
8tDidn't receive Q1 2020 dividend for VFSAX (Vanguard FTSE All-World ex-US Small-Cap Index Fund)05/13 PackersFan1219:16 sycamore
366tSelling all equities, discuss why I'm wrong. :)2015 Calais19:11 FinancialDave
3hHow do you calculate YTD ROI?07/08 omeletpants19:06 livesoft

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