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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1896 new posts and replies over 259 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
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0pOpening a Treasury Direct Account: Unfreeze Credit first?21:54 Kookaburra 
4hibond?12:16 fittan21:51 CPonzi
9pGifting money - lifetime gift tax exemption question17:11 MickMal21:49 rtt22
2pSprint to T-Mobile Service + Phone Trade Ins21:08 Fat-Tailed Cont21:48 Fat-Tailed Cont
527tCryptocurrency in Free Fall03/15 MinnGuyInvestin21:48 vwgrrc
12pChild tax credit payments... not understanding the point18:15 ParlayBogle21:47 ParlayBogle
40tCash flow in retirement04:35 leftcoaster21:47 wolf359
8hInternational allocation range?11:01 Volando21:47 Beensabu
1tIs real estate ultimately linked to the stock market in the long term21:44 skor9921:47 scout1
8pBest Credit Card Sign Up bonus at the moment?19:45 fortfun21:46 fortfun
9tWhat decides if a fund has capital gain distributions?05/15 Helium21:45 alex_686
5hInvesting $85k that I might want to use as down payment in two years15:20 FriedBaloney21:44 Carguy85
140t"Beware of Sci-Fi Portfolios"05/15 Taylor Larimore21:43 hyperon
18tQuarterly Tax Filing05/16 chris31921:43 Chip Munk
11cSelling Engagement and Wedding Rings22:42 GeekGal21:42 dratkinson
25cStupid to Buy a Used Car in this "COVID" Market? (Honda Accord/HR-V)10:43 CoastLawyer203021:41 gblack
31pPaying for grad school, parents will assist, thoughts?05:52 Bbddl21:41 Freetime76
72tLeveraging with options vs margin05/04 Astones21:40 corp_sharecropp
1hSignature guarantee for iBonds19:21 johnwardon21:38 Starfox
1pPart D Medicare Enrollment18:38 choral5421:37 David Jay
25tAs a newbie, genuinely interested to hear thoughts on this article which puts down passive index investing08:02 SQ1721:36 heyyou
5pADU on parents' property [Accessory Dwelling Unit]20:46 JeuneCracoucas21:35 Watty
17cShould we buy this 2007 Camry SE as a beater car?05/16 kurious21:34 Greentree
23tMarch 9th, 2020 - no bid for bonds / no offer for bonds08/18 Virus476221:32 Virus4762
2hPortfolio Review - Planning for Retirement 10 yr out12:35 go2run21:31 Raspberry-503
7tQuestion about life cycle fund bond allocation11:46 Kelly21:27 Horton
1935tJack Bogle - Two Fund Portfolio2016 abuss36821:24 FIREchief
163pThe Biggest Mistakes People Make With Social Security05/11 RickBoglehead21:24 cbeck
2pMEDICARE & Health Savings Accounts14:55 mholdi154021:22 grabiner
41cTesla’s regenerative braking05/09 katnok21:21 eye.surgeon
61tLong Bonds in retirement - curiosity...05/15 daacrusher200121:19 anil686
13pBuy a house or not? Would I be house poor?13:02 sigmund.bogle21:18 ajcp
3pRefinance my mortgage19:35 LifeExplorer21:16 Watty
5170pWhat's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?2016 guitarguy21:15 greenway23
82pShould I Give Up My Earnest Money05/16 RelaxNoMore21:12 rascott
19cRoku - Last Ditch Effort15:03 Barefootgirl21:11 student
15248tU.S. stocks continue to soar!2018 GoldStar21:11 txhill
207tRefinements to Hedgefundie's excellent approach2019 Hydromod21:07 Hydromod
206tI Bonds variable rate @ 3.54% in May04/13 tomsense7621:06 IowaFarmWife
57hLosing Motivation to Invest - Anyone Relate?21:58 Buy_N_Hold21:04 helloeveryone
2hHow do you plan to invest your child credit monthly cash starting July.20:00 Warsad21:04 runner3081
3p529: Can I put 529 in myself for tax break and transfer to child?08/20 North1721:04 Cycle
24p2021 ACA plan for Early Retired Married Filed Jointly15:31 KlangFool21:00 marcopolo
61pQuitting job with no plan- Please help assess my situation11:28 2Scoops20:58 banook
1tBond Fund questions20:16 Kookaburra20:55 grabiner
10pHSA/HDHP choice - Lose now to gain later?05/14 Scorpion20:54 rascott
8pPlan for current year IRA to Roth IRA tax payment09:43 susa20:54 WoodSpinner
49h10 million dollar dilemma05/12 powercherry520:52 patrick013
10tTLH and joint accounts09:39 Raspberry-50320:51 livesoft
6hPortfolio Help Please05/16 cprice426520:50 cprice4265
11cNo longer separate charge for Amazon HD music!14:09 Broken Man 199920:50 nepats
36hParents Late 80s Advice on Alternative to Bonds05/16 mtwhmemn20:48 shess
3pTemplate for trust accounting08:12 1030danielle20:47 1030danielle
0tVectors May 202120:47 arcticpineapple 
1hSimplifying Portfolio- move from Wealthfront to DIY16:50 surfer0520:47 surfer05
6pPhysician Practice Structure Help!05/14 mdbravelion20:45 obgraham
0hAlly Bank Wire Timing20:40 J295 
2pNew savings or money market account bonus20:22 NabSh20:40 nalor511
3hTax Loss Harvesting and Cryptocurrency05/15 sociologydude7620:40 grabiner
12pQuestion about SS for my Dad05:47 I-Know-Nothing20:39 Eagle33
700pIf your net worth is over $3 million, how did you do it?2014 ahmadcpa20:35 abuss368
23cBrushed vs brushless drill/impact driver13:50 softmax20:35 kevinf
10hInvestment Tax Question05/16 bwatts20:32 grabiner
4hWhere to put daughter's tuition money while I save up for next year15:01 FriedBaloney20:28 Flyer24
30hPaper Checks14:47 BigRedHusker20:20 BigRedHusker
56hVanguard Vs Fidelity Index funds2020 johnpau20:18 9-5 Suited
79pWorth fighting a will in Virginia?05/16 mkawasaki20:12 simas
15cSurge Protection for Coax Cable?12:32 mbres6020:12 Rob5TCP
32hHM Bradley - is it safe - FDIC response05/16 inspireone20:07 hudson
3hDeadbeat stocks!19:57 uberdoc20:05 Jebediah
33hFirst time Hard money lending to a local business questions.05/15 Frugalegal20:04 PopMegaphone
8tWhy are home building stocks valued so cheaply?04/27 Virus476220:03 Kookaburra
32tAnyone using compound for savings 7.62% for US dollar coin [Crypto]05/16 am20:02 watchnerd
0hPortfolio \ Saving for Down Payment Advice19:57 octeach 
337pWashington State Long Term Care Trust Act - 0.58% payroll tax - $36,500 lifetime maximum benefit02/16 Soon2BXProgramm19:56 Kookaburra
9pUnderstanding 401k over-contribution past deadline12:01 schachte19:47 schachte
30hPersonal Finance Advisor - how to find04/21 Fortune19:47 banook
1pWhat is the impact of solo 401k contributions on your estimated tax lialbility?18:49 moto11223319:45 FiveK
52hWhich would you do with a small windfall? Pay remaining mortgage or 3-fund it?04/12 Orange_Philosop19:40 steve roy
0pmistake on Form 828319:39 Nyc10036 
3hRetirement Calculators Question11:07 kgressler19:35 chassis
167tGlobally Diversified or Worsified?05/14 Johnathon Livin19:34 Da5id
8pskip Medicare B and D?15:14 Chuckles96019:29 susa
5pLoan with Better Mortgage18:41 TLL2419:28 miamivice
1tBurry and Long Bonds19:19 rockstar19:22 anon_investor
33hTaxable account allocation05/14 Firewatcherdaug19:21 Firewatcherdaug
1hMultiple inherited IRA?16:22 Tom_T19:15 Alan S.
17cKeep insurance on 12 year old Toyotas?10:32 fortfun19:14 fortfun
4tNatural Gas Index Fund17:30 DTalos19:13 MarkBarb
160tInflation could be 20% in the next three years: Wharton's Jeremy Siegel05/15 invest2bfree19:13 9-5 Suited
5pHow to deduct school tuition from taxes?05/16 Econberkeley19:12 lcheatha
31cDo I pay for extra day for 10 year anniversary?05/15 JB201319:09 Thesaints
4cCovid test kit for returning from international travel.13:02 fortfun18:54 fortfun
0hRetirement Advice Payoff Mortgage18:52 Timo325 
17pPaying Cash to Babysitter. Can i claim childcare credit22:38 SUN4318:49 SUN43
17c35+ mile EV range in a PHEV SUV?16:16 batpot18:46 bubbadog
13tVanguard to Open New Office in Dallas09:16 Dave5518:45 Dave55
98cWeight lifting question. Machine vs free weight05/11 retire1418:39 mr_brightside started charging recently10/25 CrossOverGuy18:38 mr_brightside
67pReceived a "surprise" $13,000 IRS refund check on 2018 taxes. Please advise.04/20 texasgal4718:37 Quirkz
18hHSA and California move05/01 seeker2418:26 seeker24
16hRetirement Advice for a Novice 457 vs 403b05/16 PatientDH18:24 02nz
17nUS expat looking for lower priced world etf05/12 Boog18:23 sfmurph
0hWhy should I own any short-term or corporate bonds?18:22 Majeranek 
649tCryptocurrency - Bitcoin Continues to Soar!03/13 MinnGuyInvestin18:02 nisiprius
43cHigh School Graduation Gifts2017 LarryAllen18:00 hi_there
8hPortfolio Questions05/16 Driggo2117:50 Duckie
4cTraveling to Ireland for vacation - COVID Restrictions05/16 ShadowCat17:49 THY4373
1pQuestion Regarding How to Complete Form 5500-EZ16:27 the11diesel17:44 plannerman
32pEstate planning: Handling of separate property in Community Prop State (CA)05/02 bbrock17:42 bbrock
7pEmployee Referral Bonus Advice13:48 soup_can17:24 dailybagel
16pMortgage Math Including Taxes and Inflation05/16 tooluser17:14 IMO
20pBackdoor Roth conversion and confusion05/14 boglemtgt17:11 FactualFran
9hour retirement number13:00 petej17:09 22twain
10hAdvice for Parent Investment--60 years old05/16 combatdoc8817:02 delamer
14tLIVE May 8th Bogleheads® Speaker Series featuring financial planner Kara Beth Vance, CFP®04/29 Bogle Center16:50 Atticus
1715cWhat are you listening to now2020 Artful Dodger16:49 Nicolas
4cMCAT prep courses13:47 skor9916:49 itaos
879tYear 2000 retirees using the '4% rule' - Where are they now?2018 willthrill8116:49 TN_Boy
6715cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36816:45 MP173
42cSchool districts and reassignments05/12 jedin16:44 jedin
207tA bond rule of thumb better than "age in bonds"2020 vineviz16:35 Eagle33
50hRoth IRA vs. Traditional IRA05/13 necroman16:32 Sahara
5151cWhat Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI2014 Alex Frakt16:29 heartwood
50pwhat to do if USPS lost my certified mailing of IRS return?05/11 capran16:27 capran
25pCareer Change? (Mech Engr to Software)03/02 marathonfi16:26 marathonfi
10344pRefinance Mega Thread2019 AZAttorney1116:26 dks05c
17hBringing Rollover IRA into a 401k Plan01/03 an_asker16:25 an_asker
139pAnyone else see drastic increase in Zillow value today?04/05 bigtex16:24 Scott S
2pEquity Line v. Inherited IRA -what should I use?14:36 JDKD61116:24 tigermilk
0hNSO strategies [Non-qualified Stock Options]16:23 crimzonthunder1 
5pRefinancing with most tasks online15:34 investor231i16:19 ResearchMed
13pTemp. Sell Bonds to Fund Home Purchase?05/16 mrspock16:12 mrspock
29hShould I rebalance during a market correction?05/16 drramey16:03 drramey
28cExperience with replacing heat pump - Carrier or Lennox?2019 ASpenderInRecov16:02 andypanda
2cSodastream Fill-Bottles: How Often to Replace?14:47 Strider15:59 Horologium
4hInvestment withdrawal strategy for buying/upgrading to a nicer home05/14 GSW173015:51 fyre4ce
3pWhen are est tax payments due on potential Roth conversion?11:03 DebiT15:50 DebiT
11pdissemination of assets upon spousal death, probate process, and other questions05/14 pescador15:45 pescador
66cHiking solo in the [Smoky] Mountains05/13 stocknoob411115:45 stocknoob4111
37pUsing Turbo Tax for the first time how long would it take you to do one brokerage and one credit union?05/16 iamblessed15:44 iamblessed
403tGold continues to soar!08/04 00015:31 anoop
54tFor those pondering early or even mid-life retirement05/13 HuckFinn15:28 Sand101
7hJust Learning and Not Sure05/16 magicfolk15:17 rhubarbpie
25hRoth conversion amount needed in Retirement?05/14 Fierce Escape15:12 retiredjg
14l[Investing rhymes - limericks and other related poetry]05/15 minesweep15:08 telemark
24pVacation home frenzy?05/15 Annabel Lee15:02 Jeepergeo
6ptrusts ... why/when set up?14:16 Thomas9314:56 QBoy
1217cBird watchers – what birds are you seeing?2020 JAZZISCOOL14:56 Sandtrap
7hHelp me adjust my fixed income (TBM) to FIPDX (Inflation Protection)05/16 rebellovw14:55 rebellovw
12hThinking Outside the Box - Other ways to invest outside of investing in Mutual Funds and Stocks05/14 MrCheapo14:55 investuntilimri
82hI sold off all my (modest) crypto holdings this morning05/03 JonnyDVM14:53 Marseille07
19pDoes "time in the market beats timing the market" apply to housing?05/16 hammer10k14:50 rebellovw
7pAppeal Property Taxes13:19 Meme14:47 Meme
0tThe New Fidelity iOS Beta Trading Experience14:39 Bogle64Pilot 
5hDoes a "cash liquidation distribution" count as a 'tax loss sale'?13:00 rcarlson14:38 fabdog
14canyone use Dashlane? (password manager)01/31 F150HD14:34 F150HD
3p1099-R Advice12:54 home_body14:32 nalor511
73pTransferWise versus Interactive Brokers - thread?06/15 fogalog14:31 Marseille07
1pkids EIP 1 - survivor benefits14:21 GeekGal14:29 FiveK
38pClarification on 25x annual spending rule05/16 coldweather14:28 Godot
5hMobile check investment -- not working (3 days)05/10 chiefBH14:27 gtaylor
12hWhich Vanguard Fund to Choose00:01 TandL14:25 iceport
3tTime To Re-Evaluate EVs?10:02 stocktrader14:24 LiveSimple
104pRoth Conversion Conundrum2019 GeekGal14:22 GeekGal
55cLife events spent more than earned05/15 B3GINN3R14:21 getthatmarshmal
7pHSA Eligibility12:15 Ruth14:17 AnEngineer
16hTo consolidate 401(k) or not?05/16 ruud14:17 ruud
12hReverse rollover TIRA from VG to 401k09:29 62nc14:14 anon_investor
50hHigh-level early retirement plan - What do y'all think?05/15 Grifin14:11 ralph124cf
16cDaniel Kahneman discusses his new book - NOISE05/07 bobcat214:09 VictoriaF
9pUnderstanding insurance [medical]05/16 stocknoob411113:56 stocknoob4111
15pVanguard wont Manage Money for Corporate Trustees ?05/15 Den11113:53 Flux Capacitor
38nFIRE in Europe: Qualifying for both US Social Security and EU state pension(s) and how to estimate benefits?05/09 wineandplaya13:43 wineandplaya
9hWhere to transfer OTC penny stock to sell?03/02 caklim0013:37 robjc99
10pFinancial & Housing Assessment for Early 30s DINK in HCOL05/16 sc17313:36 sc173
0pAccounting Questions Re: Sale of Rental Real Estate13:33 iceport 
1pAmazon Pay for 5% cash back13:03 gwe6713:27 ApeAttack
19p[Form 8606 - What do I enter for the post-withholding amount?]05/16 SoCalSemiRetire13:22 neurosphere
3tMunis vs. inflation index (real-return) munis10:21 jackal98113:16 Dennisl
329tBill Sharpe's preferred portfolio2017 Quark13:15 watchnerd
58cIs there a current car without a console between the front seats?2018 mouses13:04 ClevrChico
36hPlease review early retirement plan05/12 fullplay202413:01 MrCheapo
10hHelp: Schwab MFs to Vanguard ETFs05/11 bennettg12:58 bennettg
2hClosed end funds11:38 brak12:53 alex345
4cTiling question11:41 edgeagg12:46 edgeagg
16hVanguard Mega Backdoor Roth mobile check deposit question03/24 teammjs212:39 indexofindex
6cBose Wave SoundTouch System IV01:36 catdude12:28 supalong52
14tRetail Alternative to DFEVX DFA EM Value08/27 caklim0012:07 JamesDean44
23287tU.S. stocks in free fall2011 Lbill12:04 CurlyDave
2nQuery Regarding Execution-Only Brokerage’s Obligation to Notify Investors of Impending Delisting [Ireland]05/16 Pyrrho11:48 Pyrrho
16tVanguard Value Factor Fund factor regression surprise05/11 Kelly11:37 Kelly
1pEstimated tax withholding10:58 CABob11:36 jebmke
3h401k Investment Change - Target Fund to S&P Index 500 Fund07:54 Canard Gris11:29 mr_brightside
5pCar loan calculations05/16 Grog98711:19 mr_brightside
11tCrypto currency investing and market efficiency21:55 ChinchillaWhipl11:15 txhill
7nA viable replacement for US TIPS in a risk parity portfolio?(South Korea)04:30 justanordinary11:10 galeno
26pFamily loan as a form of wealth transfer?05/15 01010111:10 JackoC
6pSSA earnings record off09:29 TheCowbell11:09 nolesrule
13h1.5mm portfolio Advice - Where to Deploy Capital?09:07 rocketsrule11:04 Rudedog
3nContributions to UK Pension (similar to 401k) – tax free in the US?05/16 ThisTooShallPas11:00 TedSwippet
12tTax loss harvesting - need to completely exit stock?05/07 Poppy123410:55 AnEngineer
0pRefinance with Quicken? Advice please!10:53 jason1122 
9cBest college book for parents05/16 atlanta_dad10:52 MOlifant
81cHonda CRV or Suburu Forrester or other SUV05/14 rramaswa10:50 Colorado13
825pRelationship mortgage discounts for moving a million assets2019 softwaregeek10:50 Daapower
29tAre Vanguard's 10-year forecasts flawed in any way?05/16 hithere10:46 NiceUnparticula
16cPart-Time or seasonal jobs - Feed The ROTH2018 JMKEBogleGuy10:42 SRenaeP
6hNeed Help With FIRECalc Excel Error09:18 LMK510:36 LMK5
381tA Returns Spreadsheet for Bogleheads2014 longinvest10:27 FinancialDave
26hWhat's Your Rebalancing Workflow?05/14 ZeroXing10:00 Raspberry-503
5hInvesting in Falling Angels Bonds01:09 Always passive09:59 alex_686
189tVanguard Portfolio Watch has a new look [Calculations may be incorrect]04/07 livesoft09:35 Nebraska_Drough
12tDoes VT/VTI sufficiently cover possible upcoming market transformations?05/16 etfan09:30 NiceUnparticula
0pSolo 401k and future multiple member LLC Implications - Retirement Account options09:21 mdbravelion 
159tBlockFi Interest Account (8.6% APY) with Stablecoin12/03 snailderby09:20 BrandonBogle
3cFilters for Santa Fe dehumidifier03/30 newbie00309:01 newbie003
242pThe primary factor for picking a College/University is out of pocket cost04/11 nigel_ht09:01 Calico
89tIs inflation bad...05/13 BanquetBeer09:01 seajay
7pBackdoor Roth: The tax programs are more confusing than the actual Form8606! Lets discuss how to confirm it's done right05/15 NewbieBogle00708:57 mceagle555
40tIs Suze Orman smart to listen to? Has she been right05/16 Boglekid08:48 Flyer24
24pHigh income, child in college - benefit to child by me not claiming as dependent?2019 CT-Scott08:43 Soon2BXProgramm
41hSplitting out a target date index fund05/14 Stargazer6508:23 dorster
10pTax question - VA Life Insurnace payout to owner05/16 RetiredAL08:10 Stinky
539tThe Power of Working Longer02/03 bobcat208:10 HootingSloth
7pPersonal Finance Accounting Software?05/15 LegacyWealth20108:04 flossy21
4h403b Pre-tax/After-tax Roth, Megaback door roth etc.05/16 Gui050708:03 retiredjg
6hCapital Gains/Dividends in a tax Deferred Account05/07 top-dawg07:53 scrabbler1
21p4.7% SS COLA?05/15 CABob07:50 #Cruncher
13hRolling over a 403(b) while still employed?05/10 itsmeagain07:45 itsmeagain
6tMarginal improvement in drawdown for every 5% in bond allocation05/15 K8ya07:31 dbr
60pWhat are you paying for umbrella insurance?07/01 barberakb06:54 RickBoglehead
19hI Bond buy date05/15 chrisjul06:46 fundseeker
5pAnswered. Uh oh - it is Tax Time- please HELP.05/16 Dottie5706:25
63pWhat specific complaints do you have for your tax software05/14 hollerg06:24 prudent
1pGoogle sheets IMPORTHTML not pulling yahoo finance tables?22:01 kxl1906:07 sycamore
3hHelp with 5500-EZ - Have Questions05/16 catchinup05:42 livesoft
10hNeed help with Tax Loss Harvesting Fund Selection05/16 Nearly A Moose05:31 Nearly A Moose
4cQuicken Alternatives for iPads?05/16 texasdiver05:13 onourway
10nETF choice and asset allocation (based in EU)05/14 Paddarazi05:07 Paddarazi
20pHow many professional advisors required ?05/15 SwissCoffee04:23 Northern Flicke
5pIRA recharacterization in process at the tax filing deadline05/16 uma02:20 uma
5nSunsuper Advice (Australian Superannuation)05/16 codchops01:04 andrew99999
8hKid summer job -- questions on tax and leveraging the opportunity for education05/16 itworks00:30 Wiggums
8960tHEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure Part II: The next journey2019 HEDGEFUNDIE23:54 DMoogle
74tRiding HEDGEFUNDIE’s excellent adventure09/29 CanaBogle2423:51 DMoogle
2cdashlane digital security.2013 pablolo23:43 F150HD
11hUnderstanding Tax consequences of Backdoor Roth IRAs05/15 inforthelongrun23:29 Flora
51hI-Bonds and EE Bonds in Portfolio [in your 20's]05/05 csm1423:15 tibbitts
136pHow much would you budget for a typical wedding?05/12 carloslando23:07 daave
17t"Agnostic" investing05/16 Majeranek22:59 watchnerd
6h403 overcontribution- 1099 form?04/16 mozzy22:50 mozzy
24pMaking offer well-over asking price?05/15 justsomeguy201822:40 SwampDonkey
8pRamifications of claiming qualifying relative as dependent05/16 gwe6722:39 Jablean
85pHouse appraisal in insane market04/14 BarbBrooklyn22:17 vanbogle59
4pOver-contributed to 401k by <$1, do I need to do anything?05/16 Cruz22:04 Kookaburra
153h18 to 100 percent annual return fund02/12 johnsmithsf22:03 Monsterflockste
72cHelp me choose a piano for my 10-year old04/27 hmw21:54 Dregob

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