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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1648 new posts and replies over 231 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
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Subforum - TopicLast   
0pCan amortization/depreciation deduction be skipped for a few years?11:38 gilgamesh 
15tMove beyond stocks after couple mil ?00:14 novemberrain11:38 adamthesmythe
20pChicagoland Bogleheads, please help! (Homebuying)03/24 bravodelta3811:38 bikechuck
40cI would like a boat. I also know nothing about boats23:23 AirTimeMD11:38 flossy21
41cdental work gone wrong - advice please.03/23 LadyIJ11:37 bampf
16htax explanation on active vs passive funds in a taxable brokerage account19:48 Sokam11:37 sixty40
10pStretching? (Home purchase)18:31 dooode11:36 chevca
6hHSA Investment Options10:06 jeam313111:35 jeam3131
16pWhat is the best gas credit cards hands down?09:49 vu811:35 vu8
73cFamily man who misses driving a fun car03/22 ThankYouJack11:33 Afty
4hHelp with 401k/IRA Allocation03/22 blackholescion11:33 ruralavalon
0tStepped, callable CDs11:32 jeffyscott 
0hDCP investment/tax11:31 cookiesncream 
23cNice men's jeans09:30 coalcracker11:31 telemark
1394tHEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure [risk parity strategy using 3x leveraged ETFs]02/05 HEDGEFUNDIE11:30 MotoTrojan
150pIs a million really the benchmark for retirement08/20 Calico11:28 theplayer11
21pLong-term care insurance03/24 enso11:26 michaeljc70
4hQDRO rollover to other retirement 58YO03/13 Free2bme11:26 Alan S.
49cAdjustable dumbbell recommendations03/23 ThankYouJack11:25 stoptothink
12cLeadership literature or advice03/22 SagaciousTravel11:22 Oreamnos
14tNegative Bond Yields?18:09 ericcohen11:21 jeffyscott
7psale of our investment property to our daughter03/22 turbo0111:21 michaeljc70
32cDirecTv Now changes03/23 SagaciousTravel11:19 miles monroe
52hMoving from Vanguard to Merrill Edge03/21 international0011:19 deltaneutral83
39tAny believers in the dollar milkshake theory?03/23 unclescrooge11:19 nisiprius
4h403b rollover and RMD03/22 jimmy11:19 jimmy
12hIs a Roth 403b sensible in this scenario?03/22 coastal11:15 coastal
3tSWR advice from EarlyRetirementNow.com09:42 AndroAsc11:15 livesoft
103pDo you treat inheritance as a singular or shared asset?03/22 miamivice11:13 SQRT
27cHow to Sell a Wyland Painting on My Bathroom Wall?16:41 Tortoisesque11:12 ohai
26cEast coast road trip with young kids, any stops?11:51 ThankYouJack11:09 skeptical
24pEarly retirement - hypothetical21:01 nwa-non11:08 fasteddie911
50tDividends vs Total Return03/23 sixtyforty11:05 Ketawa
5pRequest to review financial situation03/23 goggledude11:04 goggledude
61pFirst Time Homebuyer | Recently Engaged03/10 vangaal11:03 KlangFool
40tWho discovered sequence of returns risk?03/22 Phil DeMuth11:02 Phil DeMuth
8hInput Needed: Status check and 401K question03/19 ChicagoWolverin11:02 lakpr
2hQuestions on moving HSA (and more) to Fidelity05:59 mdds10:59 aristotelian
93tM.I.T.'s Andrew Lo says Buy and Hold dosen't work2012 stemikger10:59 H-Town
6t100 % stock and rebalancing03/24 uptava10:58 gilgamesh
39cLawnmower(s)03/22 psteinx10:57 tedgeorge
5cNew Fridge?09:09 Calico10:57 Broken Man 1999
4hAsset location - bonds03/23 stocknoob411110:54 stocknoob4111
4p[Solo 401K Excess Employer Profit Sharing Contribution]03/22 rwmmm10:54 rwmmm
10pWill buying a house jeopardize financial security?16:06 hslngrw10:53 Admiral
6hEtrade rollovers and etrade ETFs03/22 jim_MI10:51 jwasilko
39cA 23% increase from ATT Wireless03/20 htdrag1110:50 missingdonut
92t10 Year/3 Month Treasuries Inversion03/22 jminv10:49 gilgamesh
7hNon-Deductible Traditional IRA -Form 8606 Question11:49 davidvoyna10:48 Alan S.
0pWhat long term record keeping needed for Traditional and Roth IRAs?10:45 knightrider 
7tLarry Swedroe: ‘Passive’ Market Efficiency Works08:59 Random Walker10:45 DaufuskieNate
20tLong term treasuries as stock insurance03/23 HEDGEFUNDIE10:43 MotoTrojan
40pIllinois State Tax Loophole? What am I missing?03/22 redbird2410:42 Artful Dodger
12hIs this a reasonable AA for someone retiring in 5 to 10 years?12/10 fortfun10:41 Wanderingwheelz
29pIRS to lower 2018 safe harbor withholding threshold to 85% [2018 only]01/16 NotWhoYouThink10:41 slamfire
397tThat's enough for me in 201903/16 market timer10:39 MotoTrojan
12cWhat's a good external hard drive?06:03 Caduceus10:39 Bogle7
1pBackdoor ROTH No 1099-R received09:58 JD1310:34 nolesrule
13tThe 17th Century Bond That’s Still Paying Interest03/22 unknownfuture10:32 dkturner
27cNeed some help with slow folders in Windows03/20 newbie00310:30 oldlongbeard
48cFamily vacationing04/28 RobLyons10:27 renue74
9pH&R Block: 1099-INT not showing up on Schedule B2018 reddityeah10:26 slamfire
22cWhat golf ball do you use?03/24 EdNorton10:22 Glockenspiel
9cPropane Weed Torch?22:37 Kennedy10:22 barnaclebob
1hNew investor seeking portfolio guidance15:05 calisun10:22 vineviz
8hHelp with wife and I's Retirement Plan23:21 vss31710:21 lakpr
23pInvestopedia: Seniors Get a New Simplified Tax Form for 20192018 GerryL10:20 FiveK
369cGood Modern Science Fiction2014 gatorman10:19 alphabeta01
32cHas anyone used Heal? [Doctor housecall app]12/15 HEDGEFUNDIE10:18 Broken Man 1999
15p[Retiring before 65: How do you deal with health insurance?]19:37 rgs10:16 susa
7cScreening Buyers of Goods on Craigslist18:33 DTalos10:15 forgeblast
9pTax refund: take the cash or apply to next year's estimates?03/23 PhillyBird10:14 Cuzz35
31tDoes the 4% rule work for a 'world' portfolio?03/24 rudeboy10:12 randomguy
25cInspection Negotiations for New Home Purchase14:55 skinsfan10:04 forgeblast
12cSilvercar [Car Rental Service]2014 happyisland10:04 alter
5hETF's & Maintaining Asset Allocation08:31 Boxtrap09:55 Boxtrap
29pShould I ditch bonds? (Because I have a mortgage)03/22 mega31709:47 wolf359
6hany disadvantage to holding a Vanguard fund at Fidelity?23:16 Charon09:47 inbox788
25pNeed Foreign Currency03/22 ddurrett89609:43 SRenaeP
11hRequest for Portfolio Advice03/24 cjohnston209:30 cjohnston2
18pPrimer on Paying Taxes With a Credit Card16:50 whodidntante09:21 camillus
81cThree Days in DC03/10 Bacchus0109:12 rob
22hBaby Boglehead - Investing after "winning the game"14:51 Diligent Hands09:11 camillus
4hRoth IRA Vanguard23:41 Andrawiki09:01 fortyofforty
5pHRB can't e-file due to Form 111608:20 tenkuky08:59 livesoft
17tSmall/Emer Tilt vs 3Fund - Anyone ?16:01 confusedinvesto08:58 acegolfer
54tKen Moraif must be getting nervous2015 Bogle_Feet08:52 LonScott
2cAir fryer; basket-style vs. oven-style03/21 newbie00308:45 newbie003
29cLock Strategy for New House13:57 supalong5208:41 lthenderson
38cWiFi Extender03/22 tampaite08:34 tampaite
3pTLH, Wash sale and Tax filing - Guidance requested22:00 sman0908:27 sman09
13hAdjust my AA to compensate for spouse AA?12:39 K7208:22 nick evets
11hVYMI (International Large Cap Value) placement in RA or Taxable Account?03/22 HW200008:19 HW2000
7cMoving from NY to St Petersburg FL15:36 HeleneL208:19 cjhud32
9tAdaptive Markets Hypothesis2009 james2208:16 acegolfer
5pSpending summers at vacation home in New Hampshire - tax question03/24 imyeti208:08 dpm321
2hVery low retirement savings but large cash position, seeking advice01:07 fashionably-lat08:06 b42
15hinvestment grade corporate bond funds fall in downturn?03/23 miket2908:06 Grt2bOutdoors
8pRestricted application/spousal benefits03/18 DenJen08:03 Carl53
69cRecommend a good SOCK. Yes, I said SOCK!08/27 heybro07:53 retiringwhen
10365tU.S. stocks in free fall2011 Lbill07:52 J G Bankerton
183tVanguard Prime Money Market yield over 2.5%01/31 Kevin M07:44 ReformedSpender
26hIs there any reason to buy a short term bond index versus long term one?03/23 schrute07:40 vineviz
59cBlu-Ray drives vs DVD drives for data storage and archiving01/27 Peculiar_Invest07:38 Peculiar_Invest
0pgeneral q: taxes on annuities from 401ks07:32 nick evets 
26pFidelity VISA Question03/23 bck6307:18 arf30
51tIn Search of... the Inverted Yield Curve07/21 grayfox07:00 grayfox
6pH&R Block updates? do you wait to file?21:25 F150HD06:59 jharkin
3cExtensive Car Damage from Road Debris23:22 Kennedy06:58 dwickenh
2cCortez,Fl ??????18:24 parigi72306:56 fourwheelcycle
5hPortfolio Advice Requested - High Income and Muni Heavy00:15 JayReece06:46 betablocker
146hRole of Pensions and Social Security in Asset Allocation03/20 Naris06:40 Admiral
5pRequirements for trust exclusion from estate20:55 senex06:38 senex
6hTax on Mega Back door Roth IRA early withdrawals ?18:31 sharukh06:03 sharukh
13pPaper I Bonds15:36 wertdaman05:35 dcabler
29pWhat to do when client doesn't pay and ignores you?03/23 MrsRoos05:06 Cigarman
21cEurope conversion fee scam at hotel..what would you do?12:34 z9105:02 z91
34hNew tax plan-62 year old convert to Roth before RMD?2017 iammoe04:49 Danielle896
5hRegarding allocation and Roth conversion appropriateness21:33 Workinprogress04:17 lakpr
18hSeries I Savings Bonds Buying Opportunity03/21 Thesaints04:07 ej0160
58tMarket timers thread03/23 revhappy01:42 alex123711
19hPrice ETFs during the weekends or before the market opens?16:14 vu801:41 vineviz
4290cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36801:24 DrGoogle2017
11c1/4 inch drywall over existing walls when remodeling?03/23 MnD00:42 Sandtrap
6pcombine Ira14:51 ser6600:25 celia
11tBook on financial market history03/22 StoneFeeler00:23 StoneFeeler
1pExcess Roth IRA contributions23:47 catmeow23:59 Alan S.
0pSell old home, keep renting, buy?23:55 JB010101 
30pDo the wife and I have house fever? Want to buy 550k home03/23 cogito23:54 harrychan
14cATT - "Inside Wire Repair"03/23 Barkingsparrow23:37 inbox788
68pShould we have renters insurance?03/19 cbr shadow23:30 Minty
5tLeveraged Multi-Asset Risk Parity funds [J.P. Morgan Nordnet Multi-Asset 15] – good or bad?15:42 celerity23:07 MotoTrojan
124lSeattle Area Chapter Meetings - Master Thread2015 delconte23:06 AndroAsc
5hStrategy for tax-optimization03/18 coldnose22:42 coldnose
15cReplacing asphalt driveway03/21 delamer22:31 Devil's Advocat
19pMM Rates [Money Market]03/22 Thegame1422:24 jeffyscott
199cAnyone disenchanted with retirement?2018 tennisplyr22:22 telemark
40hTax Exempt Bonds as a Diversifier?03/23 bck6322:12 fennewaldaj
29tLiability Matching: What to do with monthly leftover?03/24 TheTimeLord22:07 TheTimeLord
21cOld Laptop - Keeps Freezing - Help!03/21 RMO8722:03 RMO87
154tVMVFX (Global Minimum Volatility) as core equity holding. Your opinion?12/11 vwgrrc21:58 DB2
15hEquity indexed annuity (variable) in 401K2017 country_runR21:54 FoolStreet
31twhy are there so many ETF prices? By Vanguard03/22 arcticpineapple21:52 grabiner
23pCanceling escrow account03/21 rashad300021:48 ETadvisor
4cTwo Lessons from Alan Krueger03/19 frugalecon21:42 bobcat2
3hTracking non-covered shares19:49 SarahS21:35 grabiner
47hHigh Tax bracket strategies03/23 sambb21:32 grabiner
106cHow do you organize your pockets?2011 kirent21:25 LadyGeek
6pFirst Homebuyer Needs Advice13:13 arensin21:22 stan1
16cPlanning a trip to Iceland with kids11/25 am21:21 TooOldForThis
2pordinary vs qualified divs from total stock market20:10 sambb21:05 krow36
2pHow distribution is made on living trust being beneficiary of TSP03/22 alg58720:55 alg587
6pNew Back Door Roth Each Year?17:38 baseballislife20:48 baseballislife
13hStart Roth after Retirement?03/23 wallenjs20:45 bhsince87
17pSell our condo or rent it out?03/23 MoneyMike8220:37 J295
7cPlease suggest: A forum to discuss relationship problems13:21 kouppnky20:36 brandy
2hAny advice would be appreciated - status check + not sure how to handle 401k03/20 lguy120:28 lguy1
55pUsing the Time Value of Money Formula to Determine Withdrawals: Year 2000 Retiree Example02/27 willthrill8120:20 willthrill81
7pConsolidating Accounts to One-Stop2017 peterwantstosav20:13 LadyGeek
0ptax question on childcare20:11 taxquestionchil 
15hWhat would be your perfect personal bond allocation03/24 happymob20:07 Every things fr
17hRMD and QCD Tax Filing Question03/24 jbranx19:58 Gill
2pTax time Question17:45 metalworking19:49 123
6hPlanning to invest over $100k, but apprehensive18:11 SuperCraig19:46 Trader Joe
71pBig IRA accounts02/10 elainet719:42 elainet7
3hVanguard Fund "Numbers"19:15 orlandoguy19:38 vineviz
4pTax Help - Move From New Jersey to NYC12:15 iceberg19:35 iceberg
12pQuestion On Roth conversion tax filing03/23 ElJefe30219:17 ElJefe302
6pNeed clarification on foreign transaction fees for international CC use14:24 workingovertime19:12 texasdiver
8cyard service questions16:02 brandy19:00 brandy
106pWhat rate of return are you using for retirement projections?07/07 ronhh18:58 ronhh
13hZero Qualified Dividend bracket vs. Roth Conversion - Decision Help03/20 Retiredron18:42 Retiredron
16hSurprised on tax benefit after first year as landlord!03/23 capitalG18:26 Slacker
93t"Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics."03/17 Taylor Larimore18:23 patrick013
5tRoll call retirement 201803/17 Golfview18:17 Golfview
19hParanoid and looking to invest money03/23 think_future18:09 Broken Man 1999
5pStruggling with state tax module and out of state income17:37 tenkuky18:07 tenkuky
0pDental Insurance deduction on 1040 Self Employed18:05 DavidRoseMounta 
6hVWALX vs VWIUX or VNYTX.03/22 suchda18:03 suchda
5hHelp me understand deferred annuity03/23 skierrex17:42 skierrex
16hMortgage as my bond fund.03/24 Tdubs17:37 vineviz
1hLoss carryover tax question16:53 Paradise17:12 livesoft
36pFidelity HSA-how are you investing the funds?03/22 4nwestsaylng16:59 dogagility
176pGift tax question11/27 defscott62716:55 Greenman72
89pWould you trade experiences in your youth for early retirement07/13 TheTimeLord16:51 pward
7cVanguard App & Android 412:45 BigbirdPhila16:46 BigbirdPhila
4pProper Handling of Final K-1(1041) with Excess Deductions in 201803/16 geobrick16:15 geobrick
690cWhat frugal thing did you do today?2017 Nectarineman16:08 CaliJim
0ciphone photography sites/blogs?16:08 texasdiver 
19tLeveraging Stock/Bond Portfolios and the Kelly Criterion02/16 pezblanco16:07 pezblanco
12cadvice on a carpet cleaner03/23 EnjoyIt16:00 EnjoyIt
11hIdle cash in ETF brokerage accounts?13:28 vu815:57 Nate79
72pWhere do you find high paying jobs?03/23 InvestInLife15:34 LadyGeek
70tWhy past performance does not predict future?03/22 get_g0ing15:31 rkhusky
3tMoshe Milevsky: Are You as 'Old' as You Think You Are?03/24 CWRadio15:25 columbia
11cHonda Odyssey EX vs EX-L?03/24 TarHeel200215:25 bottlecap
7hKitces/Pfau rising equity glide path for early retirees with NQDC03/15 leftcoaster15:22 leftcoaster
45cSecurity camera with local storage and remote access?03/18 Saving$15:03 gpburdell
30cWild Planet Sardines quality problem [Review of sardine brands]01/16 dual14:54 jdb
12hSwitch Advisor account to self-managed Vanguard or Schwab?03/19 beaglehead14:54 beaglehead
1cSamsung Smart TV - always defaults to Live TV app14:42 ThankYouJack14:50 midareff
153pEarly retirement07/13 skime14:47 willthrill81
2437tThe Three-Fund Portfolio2012 Taylor Larimore14:45 retire2022
245tThe $4,026,858.95 Car or a Worry-Free Retirement?03/21 Taylor Larimore14:43 LadyGeek
0pSSI impact of Filing a 1041-T for a Special Need Trust?14:40 geobrick 
7hETF to identical mutual fund in taxable - wash sale?13:40 RamblinDoc14:37 stan1
17hShould I be more aggressive?03/22 Boilermaker1014:30 DesertDiva
76cWhen your responsibility to your children ends?03/21 flyingaway14:27 JackoC
74tI think US interest rates could drop.2018 rgs9214:26 Portfolio7
1hNew Boglehead, Evaluate My Portforlio03/23 ninjab14:26 ninjab
80tDoes 10% Gold increase or decrease risk?03/20 JuniorRob14:21 pward
9fScheduled Maintenance - Sunday - March 24, 2019 at 3:00 PM Eastern [19:00 UTC]03/23 mingstar14:20 vu8
4hPortfolio review - 4603/22 petej13:48 petej
4cAetna website identity tracking for personalized experience03/24 Figuring_it_out13:40 LadyGeek
3nInvesting amid uncertainty and no safety net [Canadian ex-pat in Asia]03/24 nrrami13:24 TedSwippet
7lPotential Oklahoma City Chapter01/03 petulant13:21 arensin
217tMy Favorite Alternative Funds2017 grap001313:09 Random Walker
1hChurning about Medicaid Expansion12:50 selem13:07 LadyGeek
34pDo you trust/use your bank’s mobile app03/23 anoop12:59 jhfenton
24pNew Dentist - what to watch for financially03/12 dm20012:51 TexasPE
3pGift tax form 709 for property03/14 coffeebean12:50 coffeebean
37cAnybody tempted by the new iPads?03/23 catdude12:38 inbox788
7n[CZ] ETF investment plan check & questions03/22 JakubFranek12:35 JakubFranek
15pHow to juggle Roth conversions with staying under ACA cliff?03/24 theplayer1112:19 FiveK
2hIssue with Fidelity Full View on Safari Browser12:04 Jimmy Mac 3312:12 Ferdinand2014
18cMoving from NYC to Miami03/21 financeguy8812:05 Miriam2
1hQuick Questions on Withdrawal Rates11:43 dvd7e12:01 GrowthSeeker
2hUnder 30 - Seeking Advice03/24 nick3111:57 Flyer24
992tRumor mill - Fidelity starting individual HSA's Nov. 15th11/11 liberty5311:50 TaxingAccount
104pAre RMDs that bad if you're not an over-saver?03/19 ThankYouJack11:50 willthrill81
2tConcentrated stock portfolios and market outperformance03/24 CULater11:45 vineviz

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