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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1789 new posts and replies over 249 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
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30pTIRA Roth Conversion and Backdoor Roth IRA in the same year possible?01/16 azianbob06:31 retiredjg
0cRental Car Insurance Ireland & Scotland?06:30 TLC1957 
13pSurvey - Total Cost of Insurance Policies14:14 eastlansingspar06:26 Pioneer
11pQuestions about Fidelity20:43 randombits06:22 AllMostThere
9hHelp re-examine Vanguard fund choices (corrected with full fund names)10:34 Infomom206:17 retiredjg
120pDivorce w/child. Spouse wants to move.01/19 Gardener06:13 jeffyscott
14hTax-loss harvesting while contributing to same funds regularly (weekly), and preventing the wash sale13:06 ThisJustIn06:12 livesoft
2hsignificance of spread in Vanguard Health VHT vs XLV01:19 4nwestsaylng06:06 jhfenton
4pRoth IRA exclusion limit01/13 Monkeygogo06:03 lakpr
19cWhat to do this weekend in Tokyo?01/17 aude06:00 aude
39tVanguard Total World Stock and All-World ex-US Small Cap Admiral Shares should launch February 501/17 jhfenton05:58 jhfenton
28tRetirement savings new research01/15 Mr.BB05:50 The Wizard
1p1099-MISC for moving expenses, help!21:34 Dunder Mifflin05:47 lakpr
42cMen's No-Cotton Travel Pants Suggestions? Other Tips from experienced world travellers?11:17 Sandtrap05:45 matatupuncher
11hHow are we doing?01/19 skives1905:44 mortfree
74tWhat active management stock funds would you own?01/18 hushpuppy05:34 hushpuppy
32cIs it wise to move from NewYorkCity to Sunnyvale CA, Lifestyle choice to be more outdoorsy - warm weather20:15 sharukh05:34 FireProof
31cWhere to buy CR2032 batteries?18:56 squirm05:26 Fletch
6hWhich HSA to keep?17:17 qzly05:26 3-20Characters
2hHelp with Calculation02:48 summerof4205:16 The Wizard
1460tThe Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses2016 Earl Lemongrab05:15 JustinR
10hMuni Bonds for large part of Bond allocation smart?17:13 cavemanwithFIRE05:05 mmcmonster
54hDoes anyone have entire 401K in bonds?01/13 unstoppable05:00 JustinR
350lSouth Florida Local Chapter2010 niteowls04:59 indexonlyplease
13hSaving accounts08:49 indexonlyplease04:57 indexonlyplease
1tWas the great bond bull market just plain bull?04:07 long_gamma04:49 AlohaJoe
31tInternational Allocation and Siamond's "Investing in the World" Series01/19 Amadis_of_Gaul04:48 ICH
54hStay the course is hard01/20 RandomPointer04:37 SGM
10pbest way to cash a Aussie $ check19:08 viewer004:35 jminv
57tThe NY Times calls us a cult but in a good way01/18 S&L194003:37 Valuethinker
2tVNQI (Global ex-US Real Estate): Is this a bargain or not?00:52 KJVanguard03:25 Valuethinker
55pPaying extra on mortgage - what am I missing?01/17 lvrpl02:28 Starfish
175cAre You Dumping Netflix?01/15 lexie200002:21 Starfish
12p"Buy term life because it is cheap"18:48 AkwardDoct@rd02:18 Starfish
19cNY Times $1 per week digital01/18 Rob5TCP02:17 AerialWombat
45cPaying thousands per ticket to attend the NFL Super Bowl?19:06 Global10002:08 Starfish
12hBrand new here, what to do with $50K cash right now01/19 robindbee02:07 BL
62pFidelity Rewards Visa Card2017 raamakoti02:05 inbox788
14pEvaluating risk of home value dropping: how much riskier is single home vs housing market?13:01 amillionshort01:58 AerialWombat
24hSolo 401k - fidelity vs. vanguard06/08 Phcomstock8101:54 AerialWombat
4tVanguard Target Retirement 2030 Fund Composition?00:15 catchinup01:46 FiveK
34lSingapore Local Chapter Established2015 w4rd01:46 Rohinee
3hAsset allocation and risk evaluation for family with high equity income every year20:24 chenzi01:44 HEDGEFUNDIE
13hLooking to roll over my old 401k. Which IRA should I choose?01/19 INTRESIS01:38 mcraepat9
39cSon moving to Denver from California01/19 krafty8101:30 phantom0308
66cGrocery shopping strategy14:27 Triple digit go01:29 HEDGEFUNDIE
5tDow Jones Index has beaten cap weighting21:57 Beliavsky01:16 phantom0308
31cFord F-series pickup with 4x4 and 4 doors?01/19 Jeep4Life01:06 Jeep4Life
12hSo, I want to Retire - Help ?14:29 OHWantToRetire01:06 OHWantToRetire
30tGold ETF "Guarantee"01/18 Call_Me_Op01:04 boglerdude
14tThe Value "Premium" has been ZERO for 30 years13:46 Jebediah01:02 AlohaJoe
1hSetting a personal AA glide path23:18 SarahS00:53 brad.clarkston
22hHighest Guaranteed Return Investment for My 75 Year-Old Dad?15:20 joer121200:52 echidna
41cIdeas for Nashville trip?2011 conundrum00:43 LeVolant
1hAutomatic 401k closure - what to do?23:57 OldSport00:33 MrJones
16cHenderson, Nevada ?08:47 sixtyforty00:29 jlawrence01
13cConfirm that IPhone 5s Won't Work on Verizon Network as of Late 2019?01/19 Kennedy00:16 Gryphon
38cStressless Recliners2013 Dave C.00:06 phxjcc
2pRecovery of faux state refund applied to use tax01/20 boomer_techie23:51 boomer_techie
214hWhy are you NOT buying rental properties?01/16 tomtoms23:48 rocket354
43pHow long until we see negative ER funds?01/17 DesertMan23:30 nedsaid
1pGratitude18:21 moneywise323:25 552BB
21cLooking for old school CD player & bookshelf stereo01/18 texasdiver23:21 22twain
0tMorningstar betaquote23:15 JBTX 
53tHow much money does one need to setup a private S&P 500 fund?01/19 J G Bankerton23:07 CurlyDave
3fWhy can't I post polls anymore?16:02 INTRESIS23:01 22twain
2355tThe Three-Fund Portfolio2012 Taylor Larimore23:00 KJVanguard
38c2019 Camry vs RAV401/14 Alexa922:54 sambb
14cGetting rid of Silverfish?15:06 Theseus22:54 Rrolack
18pYet another Solo 401k vs SEP question01/18 car73322:54 Spirit Rider
0hJumbo primary residence mortgage closed before new tax law - Is the mortgage interest still deductible up to 1.1M?22:53 Magikmike 
19hJettison QSPIX?12:54 ilan1h22:49 nedsaid
20cRefurbished iPhones from Amazon01/17 catdude22:41 JBTX
39hFor those with both Vanguard and Schwab09:17 PoultryMan22:34 champion_ham
10hAny mutual fund or group of stocks which pay dividends09:34 johnpau22:32 venkman
12tThe Section 199A Tax Benefits Of REITs Over Direct Real Estate Investments at by Jeffrey Levine09/26 arcticpineapple22:32 travelogue
18pBonus check: Towards down payment, debt, or emergency fund?16:42 JB201322:29 OnTrack2020
25tActionable information in order to invest in physical gold11:52 the journey22:28 willthrill81
10137tU.S. stocks in free fall2011 Lbill22:24 Doom&Gloom
3hCD for condo association15:25 geospatial22:24 LeeMKE
11hHelp With Poor 401k Options01/03 Sammie675822:15 lakpr
12cDo any of you guys have a good on-line wine store?10:06 Quickblue0222:12 HEDGEFUNDIE
47pBest Credit Card for International Travel01/18 NYCaviator22:10 terran
22hNo 401K match new employer01/17 inn_vest21:56 lakpr
13pBest Budgeting App/Program01/15 Need2BudgetandS21:47 inves76
8pSell my condo ?19:45 rockfuture21:38 123
30hInvestment advice - mixed thoughts01/18 DB221:38 KlangFool
30cSicily over Italian cities?01/19 theplayer1121:34 augryphon
515pRetiree Portfolio Model2012 BigFoot4821:31 scottadelman
75tBogle "5% Gold"01/17 JuniorRob21:26 car733
3hAsset allocation in index funds for 60+20:57 rmesrobian21:22 onthecusp
1tWhy brokers don’t support auto invest ETF, but can do it with dividends.18:43 sharukh21:19 nyanchu021
38tWhy is index investing better than other quantitative strategies?01/19 PluckyDucky21:12 nps
2hVanguard Rollover IRA Brokerage Account - Please Advice19:16 topaz31821:06 David Jay
3lMinnesota BH Main Meeting 1/26/1901/12 Fallible21:00 Peter Foley
3pItinerant Worker Housing Deduction15:59 money_bunny20:55 BolderBoy
1pRoth Conversion and Capital Gains20:22 sdvan20:51 rkhusky
2hRoth Contribution Trouble?19:45 bruingent20:49 billfromct
3pAccessing CPA expertise like an hourly financial advisor?19:53 msa620:46 bsteiner
7hHelp Converting t401k to Roth IRA07:26 NBKCF20:39 lakpr
10pShould I cancel earthquake insurance?18:36 undrc720:39 tooluser
83cWhat is a Boglehead funeral/burial?01/19 dm20020:37 SrGrumpy
19hNo 529. son in high school01/19 ellink20:34 livesoft
8hOvercontributed to 401k, now what?01/05 AndroAsc20:34 AlphaLess
4051cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36820:33 LadyGeek
9pTrying to reduce base expenses11:47 notmyhand20:33 LittleGreenSold
1hPositive Cash Flow Residential Rental Property Adjustable Rate Mortgage – Payoff or Refi? …any alternatives?15:38 Magikmike20:27 StealthRabbit
10pPhysicians: did you incorporate yourself? Is it worth it?10:47 financial.freed20:21 desiderium
7hPls advise on the deployment of 3 fund portfolio, Thank you!01/19 soholiving20:20 lakpr
228lNew York City Local Chapter established2013 quanuec20:14 Flying Penguin
14tIRS Form 860601/19 abuss36820:13 KJVanguard
3hBeginning investing late at 50 years old17:15 Leb412320:01 CyclingDuo
43tJack Bogle's Obituary From The Family01/17 Taylor Larimore19:56 KJVanguard
17h401k + aftertax 401k -> roth methodology01/19 tmcc19:54 Pigeye Brewster
44cImportance of college summer internships??01/18 texasdiver19:54 MP173
9pAfter-tax 401(k) to Roth IRA conversion - confused about tax treatment10:43 raixx01719:31 Spirit Rider
16hRetired - One paycheck in 2019 - Roth IRA?15:50 PaunchyPirate19:30 Katietsu
56cShould I get umbrella liability insurance?01/10 yosemite_mounta19:22 LilyFleur
0pPersonal loan question19:20 defscott627 
19cAnyone have TCL Series 4 65” TV?01/13 RRJeff19:20 hammond
5hIRA Rollover to 401k when there are Partial Non-Decutible Contributions12:31 invstar19:18 Earl Lemongrab
9cNegotiating for CPO Toyota or Honda13:41 blackcat allie19:17 blackcat allie
3hWhich funds are best in my 401k?18:24 Noodle1919:14 David Jay
11hREIT in tax deferral account?11:33 soholiving19:10 dacalo
8pHelp resolving overcontribution to 401k.12/27 EdLaFave18:56 Spirit Rider
39pEvaluating Job Offer - Longer Commute11:22 Broadway201818:54 Thegame14
31hCapital One 360 MM for $500 bonus01/18 3-20Characters18:42 MotoTrojan
5tPop? Real Estate Values....high-end and low-end news13:25 Rus In Urbe18:35 Rus In Urbe
847tJohn Bogle has died at age 8901/16 d332318:25 2kids&pets
78cWho's flying?01/11 Dude218:24 moneywise3
19lAustralian Chapter ?2015 duffman1218:19 AlohaJoe
8hCD ladder vs Treasury ladder for short-term "backup" EF01/18 AerialWombat18:15 komsomol
10hNoob needs help01/18 Heelz18:09 Nate79
2hasset allocation timeline16:16 latebloomz17:57 latebloomz
6tTesting a Statement from Bernstein's "Ages of the Investor"13:33 Horton17:55 bluquark
12hPre-Retirement Review- Need Wise & Witty Bogleheads01/17 ThriftyisFun17:49 ThriftyisFun
24cWild Planet Sardines quality problem [Review of sardine brands]01/16 dual17:46 rgs92
62cHow do you keep a calendar?01/17 letsgobobby17:44 Artsdoctor
8pTax basis in TIRA after backdoor Roth conversion01/19 philrhenry17:43 FiveK
3hMunicipal Bonds in Taxable Retirement Account17:26 beabea17:41 radiowave
6hFDIC , SIPC insurance questions09:50 johnpau17:31 Iridium
43tIs using an Asset Allocation Mental Accounting?01/19 TheTimeLord17:29 vineviz
1hPortfolio Check up, Fixed Income Opinions?12:47 SunTzu17:24 David Jay
5hVNYTX: Municipal Bond Fund01/19 m0287617:22 hudson
5hWhy BNDX (TOTAL INTL BD) has had better 5 year returns than BND (Total Bond Market ETF) despite lower SEC yield01/19 johnsmithsf17:19 lyrictulip
103pHow much money did you receive from family? (Gifts/inheritance)11/07 Chrysalis17:09 exitrow
48pVanguard Tax Forms Now Online2018 John15117:08 TravelGeek
11hHow should I adjust my portfolio01/19 qzly17:00 qzly
42hRollover - why checks instead of wiring funds?01/12 stw16:54 stw
15pDo I need an attorney to open up S Corp?12:02 Gemini16:50 jackets320
11hVanguard's Dividend Reinvestment Program?01/19 101invest16:47 Artsdoctor
5hBest Brokers for those in other nations01/19 Benjamin Buffet16:37 ICH
35cCredit score dropped dramatically, while credit has been frozen01/14 JD277516:32 hudson
61tWhy I left Wealthfront02/26 Badger175416:25 abuss368
16tThe recent market move in context01/02 hdas16:24 AnalogKid22
15cMyrtle Beach Restaurants01/18 wolfeman16:16 hudson
58cAny admission pointers from pre- med/ med students?01/16 new00016:11 JPM
110tTributes to Jack Bogle01/17 J072116:08 abuss368
2tHigh Coupon Rate Short-Term Treasury Holding14:33 Orvis16:07 Phineas J. Whoo
13hSmall Cap Value Tilt and Asset Location?01/19 espositojp16:07 abuss368
6hHelp needed escaping from Ameriprise [Denmark]01/16 NineK416:01 CAsage
9pDo I qualify for 199A Pass-through Deduction11/20 Chairman16:00 Chairman
10tPredicting future Exp. Ratio changes on Vanguard funds...11:35 siamond15:55 LadyGeek
2hTransferring Lively HSA to Fidelity...Need Address09:19 Goinganontoday15:55 mhalley
7hMoving HSA to Fidelity - What to Invest In?01/19 FrugalInvestor15:43 komsomol
8hParting ways with financial advisor--is this allocation right for now?12:45 ljgs15:42 retiredjg
75pMy daughter's inheritance.09/09 KRBerly15:41 LadyGeek
5hBond index in Roth or Munis in taxable11:20 Jms7015:26 UpperNwGuy
62pQuicken Alternatives02/09 vthokie10015:24 Capricorn51
21tTell me your HSA strategy/advice01/19 3-20Characters15:22 investor1
3tAutomatic Investing in new Fidelity HSA (Individual)12:10 jcerickson15:17 investor1
93pShould I buy a house in the Bay area or give up?01/17 yosemite_mounta15:06 dorazzle
15hHelp updating portfolio for 2019.12/31 CBgall15:04 Peter Foley
15tSpreading 3 fund portfolio across brokers?01/18 Pomegranate14:55 drk
5hBonus and 401K Stable income fund option01/19 yadbugee14:53 Earl Lemongrab
1hIRA or ROTH IRA14:34 dthanson4214:49 FiveK
11h2018 Vanguard Roth IRA is $0.08 short01/19 MrsRoos14:44 mickeyd
21hNy 457 plan: bond index fund or stable fund01/19 BashDash14:42 Earl Lemongrab
163lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2019!04/18 Miriam214:38 Miriam2
9cInternet filtering for kids13:46 onourway14:19 onourway
18tEver heard of "Floating island" strategy?01/18 serbeer14:13 Earl Lemongrab
97tWhat does 20% extra of portfolio allocated to equities get you?01/19 livesoft14:06 willthrill81
15cdiagnostic fee for car under warranty?01/19 woolie14:01 wander
9cHearing Aids01/19 barber13:55 Doom&Gloom
1hRolling over Trad IRA with basis into both 401k and Roth IRA01/19 PassiveChoices13:54 FiveK ... "The Coolest Portfolio Tool on the Web"?2015 scottj1970713:52 Tyler9000
1tOrder in Which Accounts Types and Funds Types Get Roth "Converted"09:25 mtwhmemn13:44 FiveK
103tTalk me out of a 60/40 AA2018 nasrullah13:38 nasrullah
32hHow to Invest my HSA - Lively2017 GridironGems13:35 indexfundfan
58tIs Fidelity Zero Fund BETTER than Fidelity Expense Ratio Fund11/17 heybro13:24 2pedals
8hAm I On the Right Track?01/19 hotelcalifornia13:20 bligh
8cCleaning up Facebook feed for elderly relative01/19 curmudgeon13:09 curmudgeon
3pAlly FATCA Certification Seems Wrong01/19 Whalers12:58 FiveK
2hTrying to understand 403b plan options and simplify07:14 chikachic81712:53 DoTheMath
1hInvestment advice - Retire early with 457 and pension plan07:40 TreeCounter12:51 sergeant
26pGeico auto - used parts??01/11 BostonButterfly12:48 seawolf21
7pTaxable social security and medicare payments09:09 Smoke12:43 Smoke
12hVSFVX Admiral Shares01/23 OldSport12:39 DS03
10hNeed help with my 10% cash just sitting there.01/20 ilan1h12:37 dbr
55cBuy house without agent11/03 squirm12:33 staythecourse
23pWills- Options other than family/charities?01/19 mirror12:23 leeks
6pTax question: any difference using older vs newer car for business?09:28 BogleFanGal12:13 neilpilot
70tWhat is the evidence against slice and dice?02/15 hdas12:05 dbr
22hTIAA Traditional, what is it, and death of spouse2016 zeke201812:00 The Wizard
7hHigh Yield vs Inter-Term Tax Exempt - Considering Rebalancing10:03 pubman11:57 Kenkat
19cbathroom vent condensation moisture01/17 go_mets11:54 lthenderson
7cCruise to China, Japan and South Korea— ship tours or booking private tours01/19 westcoast11:51 RadAudit
22cTechies: Advice on How to Transfer Data/Files from Old Mac to New Mac01/10 Small Law Survi11:49 drk
50tKen Moraif must be getting nervous2015 Bogle_Feet11:15 TravelforFun
28p529 Details01/18 psteinx11:13 DIFAR31
12pMortgage Observation - when it's better to invest at lower rate01/19 frostyblue11:12 JackoC
5tInternational Stock = Lower Qualified Dividends09:22 john_nh11:11 grabiner
24hMerrill Edge "Money Account" Question04/19 FootballFan554811:06 indexfundfan
22cUsing carry-on for traveling locally?01/15 Keepcalm11:04 Sandtrap
13cBicycling trip along the French Riviera01/19 cookymonster11:00 InvestInLife
2hSell AMCPX for VEIRX?01/19 brademac10:58 grabiner
8h401k or 457B and Roth or Regular02/14 Foodeefish10:57 Pugs1351
11hBonds In Taxable Account01/19 Tatala10:52 grabiner
27tSo when do you sell?01/18 justsomeguy201810:51 jeffyscott
6tRoth IRA Basis Ordering Rules01/19 abuss36810:46 abuss368
129tTIPS yield curve inverted at short end12/22 Kevin M10:33 Kevin M
2hTaxable account as part of 2-fund AA - balancing, tax efficiency, etc.01/20 GaryA50510:31 grabiner
157p"Bank Of America Cash Rewards Card Now Lets You Choose Your 3%(=5.25%) Category"12/10 b0B10:30 cookymonster
19hInherited IRA - RMD01/18 scottrj1210:26 elainet7
3cAndroid App for ICE meds, emergency contacts, etc.01/19 MeansNotEnd10:19 TravelGeek
18hHSA Records: For the IRS, how much is enough?01/19 Tdubs10:18 Tdubs
7tTax-managed LifeStrategy fund01/19 michaeljmroger10:16 jcerickson
1hAnyone use Invesco BulletShares?09:33 TheTimeLord10:15 CardinalRule
20tshort term investment05/12 veena911110:13 willthrill81
17pHow to Get Competitive Quotes on O&G Tax Prep Fees01/17 Beatle Boots09:47 riverguy
6pBank Acquisition Lowering Credit Score01/18 greenback09:43 tmcc
154lMaster thread for Washington DC Area Bogleheads2014 grabiner09:41 grabiner
4hAsset mix on 403b01/19 Future Earnings09:30 Future Earnings
6tETF turnover effect on return2016 trope09:17 alexfoo39
46hDifferences in Investment Approach01/18 RJC09:12 tennisplyr
4tA Roth In Plan conversion is now available to me.01/19 PhrugalPhan09:07 House Blend
1pFidelity Solo 401(k): Automatic Investments01/18 southerndoc09:02 southerndoc
1h2018 1099-R confusion01/19 DDinAZ08:55 vtMaps
10tCurrency Hedging in order not to affect currency fluctuations01/19 nyanchu02108:44 nyanchu021
25hNeed help with portfolio, template included06/24 AnneMiller198008:37 retiredjg
25hStorage facility as investment.09/04 me11296408:37 jminv
7cZero Gravity Chairs01/19 jim77908:19 The Wizard
11hMaxing out Roth IRA ASAP vs Monthly01/19 AllStarDaniel08:12 Longdog
2hPortfolio and Brokerage Questions01/20 Theguy08:08 livesoft
89cIs California worth the premium?01/19 ThankYouJack08:03 LadyGeek
18hGood plan for a young man?01/19 Richard3207:27 JTColton
45tBenefitWallet HSA - anyone successfully liquidated 100% of investments? (update: also transfer/rollover issues)01/09 cas07:19 cas
14hDeployment TSP limitation question07/01 Cerasiorion07:14 JTColton
12hIs my 1099-r correct?01/18 ghe201906:39 annielouise

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