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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1726 new posts and replies over 240 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
# Replies Subforum - Topic TitleFirst Last   
Subforum - TopicLast   
52cRefrigerator Filters16:21 sport12:39 aquaman
44hAdvice for a recent widow06/15 reisner12:38 delamer
1pCommunal retirement12:28 konik12:38 Meg77
6hTraditional vs Roth 401k12:04 Bigt314212:37 Bigt3142
54cRx home delivery?06/15 4nursebee12:37 ResearchMed
15pPrivate School - Elementary vs Middle/High (bang for the buck)17:20 sdsu0412:37 fwellimort
0hI want to time the market, talk me out of it and tell me what can go wrong!12:35 QuestioningWand 
13h$ out of Schwab Money Market and into Schwab Checking?09:14 Mollinska12:34 123
43pDad wants Wife to live in house left to me and sister after he passes21:33 mouth12:33 J295
184tI'll never regret not having international funds in my portfolio06/14 tvubpwcisla12:32 NYCPete
64hSwap Mutual Funds for ETFs?06/15 mdavis689012:32 iceport
7n[Europe] Help on bonds04:26 boffum12:32 jg12345
29pRoth conversion planning -- birds eye view questions06/11 DebiT12:31 DebiT
18tHas work from home fueled this stock market rally?17:20 tvubpwcisla12:31 sureshoe
11hHit my "number" (I think) what?11:01 jjunk12:31 jjunk
19tWhy are institutions hoarding cash if they expect inflation (e.g. JPMorgan)08:50 QuestioningWand12:29 JS-Elcano
18pHSA: How do u do it?08:50 Phinance12:28 SnowBog
1pRequired to file 5500EZ notice of termination of i401K plan with <250K assets after transferring all assets to Tira?11:36 Springskier12:28 langelgjm
3hCompany sold11:38 bmh3312:28 chase_logi
71tAssuming inflation increases and rates climb (or are expected to) will bond funds appreciate in value?06/09 millennialinves12:28 AnEngineer
1pVanguard Trust Services and need for investment direction/suggestion12:12 Godzilla12:27 Rager1
3pBudgeting program12:15 Bbddl12:27 Bigt3142
0cStart Up nonprofit Organization need Direction and Board Members12:26 meda5 
10cInsecticide on Slate Patio (sweet ants)?06/15 URSnshn12:26 Bill2020
4tUnderstanding the Fidelity® Inflation-Protected Bond Index Fund09:06 enjoyinglife12:26 jeffyscott
4pTax deduction for HOA Special Assessment ?12:09 Mardoc0112:25 stan1
3n[Europe] Creating 1st portofolio08:18 chookity12:24 DJN
33hPay off mortgage vs bonds in taxable (after maxing out other retirement)06/07 Raspberry-50312:24 Meg77
525pWashington State Long Term Care Trust Act - 0.58% payroll tax - $36,500 lifetime maximum benefit02/16 Soon2BXProgramm12:23 BruDude
1pTaxes 201904/08 HappyPeaceful12:22 inverter
18pShould you view an available pension as a reduction in salary?08:19 $=WxTxI12:22 galawdawg
56pThoughts About Blue Cross Blue Shield Settlement - Class Action Antitrust Lawsuit04/16 SQ7N3mvB12:20 tibbitts
4600tSmall Cap Value heads Rejoice !!!2019 hdas12:14 SadCryingValian
1nUS -> UK Move - HSA Account Strategy05/23 asteroidnix12:14 inverter
59tWisdomTree NTSX now has siblings NTSI and NTSE launched today05/20 Winthorpe12:10 DMoogle
63hWorking on Planning RMDs - Should I stop Contributing06/13 WolfgangPauli12:07 celia
4hRMDs and Taxable accounts11:00 frederickj12:06 CABob
8pBuying a multigenerational home as a rental: bad idea?19:18 jastevenson12:05 midareff
66hHow to Get my Relatives Out of Edward Jones06/15 moorso12:03 bradinsky
19cLooking for A/C troubleshoot help05/31 workingovertime12:01 acegolfer
13pCustom Home Build Cost07:24 SeeingThroughYo12:01 mkc
17cNew Computer/Security05:47 Mr. Rumples12:00 chris319
1283pAnyone regret paying off mortgage early?2012 acegolfer11:59 JupiterJones
39cHas anyone sold car to Carvana ?06/14 cheapskate11:57 theplayer11
4cShould I upgrade to 5G? T-Mobile offering "Free" Phone08:53 davebo11:55 davebo
14hiBonds from parents estate06/15 hammer6411:55 hammer64
21hWhen does term life insurance become unnecessary?20:22 etfan11:54 solarcub
1hRetirement allocation strategy11:33 NeedMoreMoney9211:53 dogagility
105nBrexit Planning message from IB to EU customers09/16 nick_r11:53 mike999
11hTax Loss Harvesting and Cryptocurrency05/15 sociologydude7611:50 HootingSloth
10tWhat has been the historical market cap weight of total US stock vs world?06/15 withrye11:47 Tyler9000
15pBest month to retire08:29 privateID11:47 sport
15647tU.S. stocks continue to soar!2018 GoldStar11:44 ImUrHuckleberry
9044tHEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure Part II: The next journey2019 HEDGEFUNDIE11:44 FIRE55
60tWhat was it like to index during the Lost Decade (1999-2009)?13:31 NostraHistoria11:43 RJC
2545pShare your net worth progression2014 techcrium11:40 Count of Notre
5hHow much of my savings should I invest, given I want to buy a home in ~2 years?21:50 emilioc11:40 bubbly
148tMy favorite authors are turning their backs on Bonds06/06 BogleBuddy1211:39 luckyducky99
4hsetting up taxable investments for the first time10:40 pattiwack11:38 pattiwack
68cHow long should a car last?06/15 davebo11:38 wander
1291cBird watchers – what birds are you seeing?2020 JAZZISCOOL11:37 pomomojo
3tWhy does a drop in rates cause bond portfolio durations to fall?11:04 Virus476211:23 Explorer
83tTotal portfolio allocation and withdrawal (TPAW)11/30 Ben Mathew11:21 Ben Mathew
4pBuying a grandparents home. Need help deciding rate!08:52 goterps2111:18 Cruise
19pAdvice on selling a classic vehicle06/11 MN-Investor11:08 MN-Investor
61cAcoustic Guitar Help06/09 RRJeff11:04 LinearRange
18hSimplify Portfolio05/17 surfer0511:02 wetgear
1hWorth it to target and track asset location?10:30 STVCT11:02 retired@50
1142t[Fidelity Health Savings Account Mega-Thread]2018 liberty5311:00 isubrama
98tTIAA White Paper on Fixed Annuities and SPIAs in Retirement Portfolios06/11 Northern Flicke10:58 afan
8t[U.S. Stocks continue to soar - TIPS side discussion]20:17 Robot Monster10:55 Robot Monster
7hBest book for 25y/o w/ limited investing experience?08:34 MattB10:54 BirdsE
2944tThe Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses2016 Earl Lemongrab10:53 student
1cyubikey and vanguard app08:46 pescador10:51 BogleTaxPro
71tSix more ETFs from DFA (Dimensional Fund Advisors)11/17 vineviz10:42 DaufuskieNate
160tWill there be a crash to crazy asset valuation?06/13 newyorker10:40 HomerJ
544cPC Build Thread - 2020... and beyond!!!09/02 Independent Geo10:34 LadyGeek
0pAny Finance Advisors using Helios for estates and trusts ?10:30 Kumsajack 
14t"Total Return Investing"06/14 Taylor Larimore10:30 RAchip
29hSwitching my 401K allocation from a target fund to 100% SP500. Bad idea?06/14 Erald10:29 BirdsE
9nFeedback on my portfolio and asset allocation [Portugal ex-pat in Israel]17:52 maza10:28 maza
0hConsumer Rights and Fund Transfer10:27 3goofykids 
26cEar Buds - problems06/14 Laurencita10:27 BionicBillWalsh
2pHigher down payment vs cash out?10:06 ctb6160710:26 Ron Ronnerson
28c24 care home care for family member2017 frankmorris10:22 rich126
23hSenior, worried about investments06/14 novembre10:20 iamblessed
9hABLE accounts22:37 dave_510:20 dave_5
44cWWV Radio05/31 chris31910:19 chris319
189lSeattle Area Chapter Meetings - Master Thread2015 delconte10:17 ckk206
11hMobile check investment -- not working (3 days)05/10 chiefBH10:15 gtaylor
2hMoving from Accumulation to Preservation of Wealth08:51 LookinAround10:14 Dandy
50pReal Estate Advice for Divorcee06/14 rippinkittin10:10 THY4373
2cBlueAir air purifiers and wildfires08:30 NYCaviator10:04 quantAndHold
65tWorried About PE Ratios?06/14 William Million10:04 IlliniDave
2hJust retired; should I redo Solo 401k to enable Mega Backdoor Roth (MBR)?19:55 GeraniumLover10:03 GeraniumLover
1hNew to SIMPLE IRA, Questions09:25 DocHudson10:03 nolesrule
17cTrying to Prevent Car Total by Insurance Company06/15 BogleLearner10:02 BogleLearner
23pCash Out Refi-Thoughts?06/14 hahabye09:51 sc9182
20hAm I calculating the tax cost of Vanguard LifeStrategy fund correctly?06/14 withrye09:51 retiredjg
16hSolo 401k for Mega Backdoor Roth07:05 wwsdt09:48 retiredjg
1pSports cards (hockey, baseball) valuation & sale?09:07 Carousel09:47 runner3081
57cThe Future of Cars in Suburbia?15:55 BreadandButter09:47 knowledge
1866cWhat are you listening to now2020 Artful Dodger09:46 chris319
7hRetirement Assessment13:37 Portfolio709:39 LeftCoastIV
48tInvestment Software06/04 chris31909:35 chris319
46pCost Basis problem transfer of assets from Vanguard to Schwab09/23 557880yvi09:29 simas
29pUtilizing Life insurance as a tax mitigation06/15 smitcat09:21 HootingSloth
3pHow to find an insurance agent?07:51 SteadyOne09:20 SteadyOne
1n[Eur] Income in other currencies (vs. base currency)08:42 jg1234509:18 DJN
3pParents retiring - help with planning/investing21:01 mdbravelion09:16 02nz
8pMoney from Home Sales13:16 sixtoeight09:15 sixtoeight
586cPull-ups and Push-ups2013 Jazztonight09:13 sixtyforty
33h[Maxifi Users] What rate of return are you using for simulations?05/12 jjunk09:11 tonyclifton
16pPaying estimated 2021 taxes to avoid paying penalties06/14 sabhen09:10 Shallowpockets
15cCompendium of general consumer issues threads06/07 LadyGeek08:57 LadyGeek
72tHow are you preparing for inflation and higher interest rates?06/11 tvubpwcisla08:54 Nowizard
16hWhere do I put my cash?06/13 Shauninusa08:50 ruralavalon
6h[Rollover IRA]06/14 Tanise198008:38 oldcomputerguy
12hdynamic spending 5.2% outdoing the 4% rule. If I am understanding this right he never takes out less than06/14 iamblessed08:37 MikeG62
10cVacation Ideas - Christmas Week07:21 SanAntionetta08:35 SanAntionetta
256cWhat is the BEST thing you spent money on?03/17 Shalom Aleichem08:34 Eagle_
2pTurning single member LLC into a partnership?18:29 Phinance08:28 Phinance
56pShould I look for a new job or call it done?06/13 newbie2808:26 North
3cWorst TV show character - financially08:03 derauqsdm08:24 Flyer24
7h33 year old Newbie06/12 schmittie12008:18 Fishing50
23hBest Way To Speculate With $2,000?06/15 JustGotScammed08:18 Gundy
15hRecommendations for what to do fianacially in retirement...06/15 Lemonaid5608:10 Outer Marker
17nBest way to offset a Vanguard UK Bias and increase equity holding06/11 CqpedVulture08:08 Valuethinker
22hSchwab vs Vanguard15:30 insaner08:05 anon_investor
63cWhich is a more BH vehicle: a cargo Ebike or a Camry? [Ways to move around your community]05/20 furiouschads08:01 stoptothink
17cNegotiating on a brand new vehicle in current environment. Seller's market?06/14 MortgageOnBlack07:48 Ramjet
7pPreferred risk insurance company will not underwrite my home because "trees too close"06:20 coalcracker07:29 eigenperson
11hRequesting suggestions for - HSA rollover and MegaBackdoor Roth 401k06/12 Snowfire07:26 Contador314
60hI'm being "invited" to "pre-register" for an IPO (Doximity)06/07 neurosphere07:13 neurosphere
7hVCR [Vanguard Consumer Discretionary ETF]03:29 Robertj8607:06 oldcomputerguy
10hWhere to put my bi-weekly savings $$$?06/14 Jesteroftheswam06:38 retiredjg
7hFidelity non-spouse inherited IRA RMD?14:52 AussieDad06:34 AussieDad
11hTeenager new to the job market19:50 KDillon06:31 ddurrett896
9cMoving plants interstate16:12 Cookiegirl06:24 smitcat
8hVINIX all the way or...06/15 investment guy05:53 dogagility
138pWiki - "Mega backdoor Roth" vs. After-tax 401(k)06/05 LadyGeek05:04 okwriter
5tcreating balanced portfolio with individual stock heavy taxable account06/14 gtg970g04:45 rossington
2hDifference between exchanging versus selling/buying?04:29 alexcr04:43 Wiggums
21cSelling Mom's Jewelry06/14 TravelFund02:46 Parkinglotracer
70cSecuring a VPN (Virtual Private Network)06/10 bhwabeck353302:03 sfnerd
2nAdvise request for child’s education investment plan06/14 Spgold01:44 Spgold
8hVanguard financial services - portfolio help06/14 Ghosh_Bogled01:40 ivgrivchuck
28tShort-term breakeven inflation06/12 Kevin M01:36 Thesaints
28hTrying to establish my asset allocation06/13 ryanbohle01:34 Thesaints
28cAfternoon tea in Boston?? Where??06/14 mholdi154001:31 Thesaints
61cBathroom Remodel without Permit?10/12 ConcreteMan00:44 celia
10hISO stock options exercise strategy after quit06/14 zdy99293200:21 zdy992932
34tare inflation fears driving the housing market04/14 SashaWalpole00:03 phantom0308
4pRetirement & Inheritance planning06/15 Jack5674800:03 Jablean
11cWhole house fan2018 fortysixandtwo23:19 tyrion
6hFactor Research: Mid-Caps - The Hidden Champions [June 2021]06/14 Vegomatic23:00 Wedemeyer
89hAnyone Else Investing in SPACs (Special Purpose Acquisition Companies)?09/02 desertgoose22:59 Thesaints
6798cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36822:55 Voltaire2.0
52tRic Edelman retiring in the fall06/14 BeachPerson22:32 rehoman
373p[Third stimulus payment - mega-thread]03/12 Flannelbeard22:21 techiegirl
14cLow-Impact Fence Extension?06/14 dboeger122:19 elle
79cWhat would you do and why? [HELOC to buy used Porsche]06/12 coffeeblack22:17 sureshoe
9pSell 4RUNNER to Carvana, decision paralysis06/13 destiny22:10 helloeveryone
129pTalk me out of buying a Porsche 911 as an investment....01/26 OnFire22:07 ClaycordJCA
2tTIAA Trad Annuity, QLACs, and tax-deferred accounts06/14 ResearchMed22:06 venkman
10577pRefinance Mega Thread2019 AZAttorney1122:05 mceagle555
41cShould we sell our 2020 SUV?06/10 phinanciallyfit21:57 helloeveryone
11pLong Term Care Insurance06/14 path2thecenter21:50 Point
22cVacation in Michigan in August06/14 sabhen21:50 sabhen
9h401k Expenses- should i invest in taxable instead06/14 Bluemnatra21:48 Bluemnatra
11hKeeping track of receipts for HSA reimbursement - what do I need?06/14 vel21:44 corp_sharecropp
38nTransferWise vs Schwab for EUR to USD recurring transfers08/26 sociableorg21:38 comeinvest
17pTrust companies. Layered fee's and trust administration2015 hero4u2b21:27 chinchillaz
102hWhat are you putting in your Roth IRA?05/27 AK5921:12 whereskyle
5283pWhat's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?2016 guitarguy21:08 Jags4186
15pHSA transfer: Health Equity to Fidelity14:43 FIREchief21:00 FIREchief
4pInherited IRA for trust: CS or Fidelity?16:40 harmony20:12 RetiredAL
1172pRetiree Portfolio Model2012 BigFoot4819:58 DebiT
4nVWRA+WSML: The complete global growth portfolio?06/13 MoRS7619:56 glorat
30hDonation Strategy - Gifting Stock06/14 marti03819:56 Cheez-It Guy
22pUnemployment Income Tax Refund05/13 bmelikia19:51 eddot98
2pReceived Refund of repaid ACA tax credits today13:22 marcopolo19:33 jackrabbit14
25hPortfolio Review Request06/10 hadron19:12 Outer Marker
37pHaving a Baby-- Budgeting?06/14 copenhagen22718:53 Harry Livermore
11tESG Thread06/14 Gaston18:03 harmony
9pIRMAA appeal based on a one-time Roth conversion?06/14 Lazareth18:01 Eagle33
59hLeaving Vanguard06/11 Wild Willie17:54 backpacker61
8pi-orp error message "End of plans must be greater than the retirement ages.."06/15 LUVCalifornia17:54 LUVCalifornia
6hWhat do bogleheads think of the DLP fund?2019 masonstone17:48 ryanbohle
7cDisplaying photographs15:13 Caduceus17:39 lthenderson
31pEthical to Work with Two Realtors?06/11 FreddieG17:16 Soon2BXProgramm
57hEffective tax rate 40%+ Sanity check on strategy for tax efficient investing04/10 ltv16:59 ltv
15hDecrease/stop 403b contribution for self and contribute to children's Roth IRAs06/13 Racingbea16:51 Racingbea
17cEvernote: looking for alternative06/15 jebmke16:51 jebmke
11h401K with Principal Financial06/14 Carl J16:42 JBTX
19pMentorship - Engineering to Business06/13 mooudn16:36 Parkinglotracer
2tTracking Portfolios for Rebalance13:25 FindingPaths16:34 ccctbb
33lHow to better advertise the Upcoming Events calendar? [a.k.a. Calendar of Events]01/29 siamond16:22 LadyGeek
128tRegister NOW for these Bogleheads Speaker Series Events10/27 Bogle Center16:21 LadyGeek
19hMega Backdoor Roth with a catch06/14 TJat16:17 TJat
52tIs market capitalization the correct metric?06/12 Gaston16:04 Boglegrappler
20cPortable / Window AC06/12 Mr. Rumples15:58 rich126
2cPSA - Philips recalls ventilators and sleep apnea CPAP machines06/15 AllMostThere15:56 cs412a
18lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2022!06/09 Miriam215:54 Miriam2
274lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2021!2020 Miriam215:48 Miriam2
20hMaximizing Dollar Cost Average06/14 AK5915:48 tadamsmar
23381tU.S. stocks in free fall2011 Lbill15:48 z3r0c00l
44pHow much does [Seattle area] private school cost?06/14 kasamasa15:42 femmefire
868pRelationship mortgage discounts for moving a million assets2019 softwaregeek15:27 amrp
141cTire flat fixing for beginners06/13 psteinx15:20 Small Savanna
11hPortfolio help and guidance for newbie 38yo06/13 jump4joy15:00 tashnewbie
26cBuying house 1 million at 40?06/14 ps2me1114:56 Watty
21hSold One Third 4/9/2020 in Virus Panic06/15 mak14:53 Doctor Rhythm
3hRoth IRA for Children14:05 txdoc30514:51 txdoc305
9h5500 EZ06/14 808surfboy14:50 AlmstRtrd
81hExtremely lazy investing06/12 etfan14:35 gblack
8pSocial Security06/15 Sahara14:20 Sahara
34hPlanning mom's retirement portfolio - sanity check06/12 wolfv14:16 wolfv
27pCredit cards for the kids06/06 CoatHanger14:08 galawdawg
22tOptimal Investment Withdrawl Rate for very early retirement (<50 years old)06/13 mathwhiz14:06 WoodSpinner
1tVectors June 202106/15 arcticpineapple14:03 Taylor Larimore
0hRestatement of Fidelity Solo 401k Plan Required by 7/31/202214:02 HomeStretch 
7cgoogle assistant tracking Jersey Mike's app content?06/14 heartwood13:56 heartwood
18pAdvice on Buying Condo06/14 cwk32813:53 manuvns
71pMedical service provider asks for consent to pursue insurance company06/12 larrydmsn13:48 larrydmsn
34pTrying to find ways to make extra money06/14 atl200513:45 Godot
7hChanging jobs and now 1 year wait to start 401K06/15 Dannemand13:43 exodusNH
190tWhat's the catch with I Bonds?06/02 Buy_N_Hold13:42 redwhitenblues
19cTV Cord Cutter Advice06/15 aburntoutcase13:33 aburntoutcase
16nEUR Hedged All World Stock ETF or not?06/09 ddg8413:26 ivgrivchuck
23hDump my IRA06/14 rosalee13:18 Outer Marker
22pLoans for Medical school06/13 skor9913:09 anon_investor
4pDeath tax question12:44 steelerfan13:08 steelerfan
2hChart anywhere for ancillary expenses of ex. US index fund?06/14 netrammgc13:07 netrammgc
1hGreat Quotes from John Bogle06/15 pkcrafter13:07 ruralavalon
1hRoboadvisor for income stream in retirement: Plausible?12:51 jajlrajrf13:00 Makefile
3hThe Stupidest thing you can do with your money06/15 pkcrafter12:58 Stinky
11pI think this website about RMD rules is out of date but it is dated 202106/15 ljb12:46 Alan S.
2pHSA + avoiding FICA06/15 PeterParker12:45 sc9182
1pCan S-Corp W-2 SEHI be used for After Tax 401k contributions?06/14 crystalbank12:45 crystalbank

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