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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1453 new posts and replies over 204 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
# Replies Subforum - Topic TitleFirst Last   
Subforum - TopicLast   
19tCommuting dilemma12:10 eltron19:32 Globalviewer58
7hInvesting into CDs vs Bonds11:12 Blue45619:31 Hector
3hrecommendations for an inherited taxable account18:39 TNthewrongway19:31 retired@50
4hUSAA dividends question18:32 Gnirk19:30 dbr
70lMetro Atlanta Bogleheads Local Chapter2016 vbonthu19:30 Elena
0hPortfolio change after reading news article19:29 scarson 
2pAuto Insurance - Insurer Not Involved Since Less Than Deductible15:05 Dragline19:29 tj
37cSeiko Watch10/11 sport19:27 Independent Geo
9cBarclays Savings Rate Drops to 1.9% (October 9, 2019)10/09 obafgkm19:27 batpot
36cWhy are Mazda CX-5’s sales so much less than other brands?10/14 FinIndyGal19:25 theplayer11
2cOpen Windows and Shower- Smoke Detector17:16 Kywildcat19:25 RickBoglehead
7cWhere to stay in Maui?18:40 Wenonah19:23 batpot
119tVanguard: the case for global equity investing10/11 garlandwhizzer19:21 vineviz
34pInherited Annuity question(s)09/10 malujerry19:18 FoolStreet
1hMassMutual Fixed Account Confusion19:00 Spacoli19:18 sergeant
70cReplace water heater just because it's old?10/11 Seasonal19:16 iamblessed
20hIs VUSXX Really Safer Than FDIC Insured Bank Account?08:55 Modeone19:15 aspiringboglehe
21pSafe Harbor through Withholding13:28 NewMoneyMustBeS19:10 Spirit Rider
3pHow to pay for roof, solar, electric panel00:28 burgertimer19:07 burgertimer
62cSolar Installation - 0.75 Year Later10/02 mervinj719:03 shans2000
32cElectric Car Charger - options/Amp settings?10/12 cdaddio2319:03 smackboy1
3hLump Sum or monthly income?16:13 mtmingus18:59 mtmingus
1pMedigap pricing methods23:47 OnTrack18:58 drawpoker
8tBank of America declares 'the end of the 60-40' standard portfolio15:20 indexlover18:58 goodenyou
42cInvited to join HOA board. Pros/cons?07:56 miamivice18:55 jaydub71
39tAdjusting AA based on equity risk premium10/13 bluquark18:55 bluquark
3hCD is maturing, what to do10/13 spid18:54 spid
66tBest CD rates thread10/07 indexfundfan18:54 Kevin M
69ppoor Boglehead sending my kids to college10/14 alfredwallace18:54 goodenyou
4tEdward Jones presentation at the senior center18:39 tc10118:51 livesoft
4096pWhat's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?2016 guitarguy18:45 HEDGEFUNDIE
0hFAFSA - tips for fill out18:43 biker2035 
48tHow often do you look at your IRA or 401K Balances10/13 BalancedJCB1918:38 goodenyou
12hHow can I beat Vanguard Prime Money Market Fund in retirement account?10:02 Hector18:35 Hector
47hAllan Roth and Bill Bernstein fixed income portfolio?10/10 IslandTime18:29 vineviz
1h3-fund portfolio: using AGG vs IUSB18:15 carlaqqqt18:29 mervinj7
41pHome appraisal square ft less than Seller Listing06:06 Bb07308418:27 THY4373
2pMortgage for vacation property in Colorado10:08 TexD18:22 fortfun
22hSaving for medium/indefinite term - advice?19:38 Jacobi18:21 financeperchanc
2hWhat Funds to Hold in Taxable Account for Tax Loss Harvesting?15:04 BHawks8718:21 rkhusky
11hWhat are the pros and cons of investing in an ETF over a non-ETF mutual fund?10/13 holmessherlock18:20 sarabayo
4748cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36818:20 jginseattle
1pLump Sum vs. Income/Tax Issues Only18:06 GiannaLuna18:18 CAsage
7hRandom HSA Questions10/09 tormund18:12 tormund
73pFrustrated with dentist fees10/14 Jimsad17:59 SrGrumpy
20tCollege for real life use10/14 robbmann29717:54 dpm321
1541tU.S. stocks continue to soar!2018 GoldStar17:48 lostdog
55tREITs or investment property?10/14 PTGuy117:45 packer16
4h403b/457 vs TSP00:25 tsipareht17:32 supersharpie
9ceBay resolved dispute in my favor — how long before refund?10/10 3-20Characters17:25 3-20Characters
6pcoin collection - sell or keep?14:23 retired@5017:24 Mitchell777
2pS-Corp Salary Payroll15:54 duckfan10117:18 Spirit Rider
7pGE Buyout "Bonanza" - Options10/14 invest417:14 BeneIRA
10hConfused newbie15:29 pje17:09 Taylor Larimore
14pShould I sign authorization to settle lawsuit prior to mediation/trial20:49 FireSekr16:57 FireSekr
3pConvincing a small business employer to offer a 401k/Simple IRA13:21 DonIce16:54 dratkinson
3hTaxable Account Strategy15:08 crazy11alpha16:52 misterjohnny
8hCash or bonds (exempt or t-e?) or what given this specific scenario?10/14 OkanePlease16:50 OkanePlease
44cHow much do you spend on cellular annually?21:08 m524e16:47 GaryA505
2tAlibaba (BABA) is an ADR of a VIE?16:25 Ferdinand201416:46 Elysium
14hI-bonds with kids10/14 newpup16:37 newpup
7pStudied in the US long ago, suspect someone might be using my identity in the US03:54 ertyu16:34 scubadiver
4tVanguard Research: Aging demographics12:17 garlandwhizzer16:31 fru-gal
43cDoctors charging for things outside of insurance, is this Kosher?10/14 Jags418616:26 Seasonal
24tIsn't lack of transparency in China a huge risk for international stock index?05:09 Vision16:24 Seasonal
80cWhen is private (elementary) school worth it?10/11 financial.freed16:21 davebo
59pOffered 18-Month, 0% interest loan w/2% fee. Should I take the loan and invest or pass on the offer?10/11 Bdouvs16:21 LadyGeek
18pRefinancing NYC co-op apt we don't live in, should we go 30-year fixed or 7/1 ARM?10/11 BatLamp16:17 HomeStretch
2pVanguard 401k "Retirement Withdrawal Coach": Calc Way Off??10/12 InvestorThom16:10 InvestorThom
8hInvestment Choices in Fidelity 401(k)10/14 elhamn16:04 elhamn
96tThe One-Fund Portfolio as a default suggestion08/12 longinvest16:03 longinvest
4hSeeking advice on exchanging Vanguard TD Fund 2030 to TD 20352018 Modeone16:03 sergeant
21cHelp me find some high quality cargo pants.04:25 MrJones15:59 retiredjg
45pFEHB Open Season 201910/08 motorcyclesarec15:56 VictoriaF
69pGE Pension Buyout10/10 ixohoxi15:48 LadyGeek
1cAmerican Express Gift Cheques15:44 Opalmanta15:48 fabdog
116t"Steelmanning" the case for owning individual stocks01/29 hdas15:45 Forester
1plearning about consulting side job - taxes, etc.15:32 perl15:44 HomeStretch
6hQuestion about a rollover strategy10:05 LuigiLikesPizza15:43 retiredjg
28cInappropriate touching in a workplace- What is the best act?14:33 BogleMelon15:42 LadyGeek
1918tThe Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses2016 Earl Lemongrab15:38 SlowMovingInves
40p[Vanguard glitch] Your brokerage Consolidated Form 1099 is now available10/14 RustyShacklefor15:34 J G Bankerton
18hA friend was offered an annuity by Chase13:42 owenmia15:32 Taylor Larimore
14pSign on bonus and taxes10/14 Blue45615:28 Blue456
45hChase $750 for depositing 75K10/11 6d1v7x315:27 krafty81
8pCollecting Payments through ACH from Customers.00:25 naveen15:23 HomeStretch
5pHealth Insurance upon FIRE and beyond08:17 alexfoo3915:20 randomguy
288tCase study Broker trade executions2015 livesoft15:15 ftobin
11tAsset location for commodities10/14 fyre4ce15:07 Forester
12pRisk Aversion09:28 skime15:05 gr7070
71hDiversify my portfolio further with factors and sectors10/09 UberGrub15:05 patrick013
9pFidelity DAF--how to minimize fees10:16 mookie14:56 Artsdoctor
9hgoing cash for 3 months 401(k)10/14 TarHeel200214:54 BuckyBadger
19cHouse centipedes in an apartment09/16 Bob Sacamano14:52 Edward Joseph
31hFinally moving from high yield savings to Vanguard10/14 irasymn1014:48 ruralavalon
28cI thought Pyrex glass food storage containers were supposed to be durable?10/14 Bob Sacamano14:45 UpperNwGuy
18hOverfunding a 529 - weighing risk / reward10/07 we114:35 inbox788
11pHow to make myself most employable (full stack developer)10/14 ThankYouJack14:31 rj342
15hWhere to Put "Extra" Taxable Savings11:25 NoVa Lurker14:28 NoVa Lurker
1005cWhat frugal thing did you do today?2017 Nectarineman14:24 bck63
77pPrimer on Paying Taxes With a Credit Card03/24 whodidntante14:17 ResearchMed
6pEquifax Breach Settlement - Email?05:40 Stinky14:17 Phineas J. Whoo
8pSuggestions for college savings22:14 wyoming8224014:15 goodenyou
56pNeed help !!! US or Canadian universities?10/10 veryseablue14:09 HereToLearn
105tIndexing beats Wellington and Wellesley right?03/15 teelainen14:09 hoops777
38hWithdrawal Plan. McClung or Allocation Bands?10/12 HappyJack13:50 2pedals
17hHelping 23-year-old with first 401K: 2 questions10/14 GoPreOregon13:50 Farmboyslim83
5hCan I combine two rollover iras at fidelity into one account?07:40 bigtex13:48 Alan S.
6t$2,467 is a minimum emergency fund12:02 Fishing5013:38 JackoC
23pApplying to a Federal Job10/14 JBeck13:31 Helo80
12cSolar company took 3+ months from install to turn on - compensation?09/16 wilked13:22 Helo80
4pfrom a Community Foundation or my own checkbook12:33 Mr. Digweed13:14 augryphon
23tEquity Style Boxes (Morningstar)10/14 asset allocatio13:05 rkhusky
33cCheap Cell Phone Plan10/10 NavyIC313:01 Tdubs
14cJoshua Tree National Park10/11 Calico12:55 MikeWillRetire
4hRoth conversions in a solo 401k plan?10/14 Smokey2112:28 HomeStretch
5tBloomberg article on Ivy league Hedge funds under performing10/09 BeachPerson12:21 firebirdparts
3p401k Provider with Mega Backdoor Roth IRA Ability10/14 robertmcd12:20 tfb
27hDumb Question - Maxing out 401k now, or at start of 2020?07/30 Sigz12:09 MillennialFinan
14hNew to Bogleheads - Want to Rework my Portfolio Investments/Retirement09/29 MountainFather12:09 ruralavalon
50pHumana Part D - ILLINOIS - premiums up up up09/28 LadyIJ11:59 JerryS
81pFiled extension, finishing up taxes, question about non-deductible IRA10/12 schrute11:45 FiveK
2hRetirement Portfolio Help (ROTH with Vanguard and TSP)21:25 jamesmath11:44 Fishing50
21pOpen Enrollment - to HSA or not HSA?10/08 funeshah11:23 guwop
6pLump Sum Offer/Pension Buy Out (not from GE)10/14 GiannaLuna11:20 Silk McCue
10hHow to Use Withdrawn Money10/11 Golden494911:18 bertilak
3cVanguard Website Page Overview19:40 Outafter2011:10 LadyGeek
52pRefinance Mega Thread09/01 AZAttorney1110:58 deikel
56cWhat workout equipment to get?10/12 notmyhand10:52 alfaspider
0cKaraoke machine/system for home use (2019)10:37 KlangFool 
7pLow Cost Company 401k [Looking for plan provider]10/14 mikedo10:36 bornloser
45pShould I invest in a ski in / ski out condo?10/12 miamivice10:34 Carefreeap
16h529 funding strategy/ inlaw debt management22:31 pdaddy10:26 WhiteMaxima
42cIf we visit Shenandoah and Blue Ridge Parkway, do we "need" to see Great Smoky Mtns. NP, too?10/12 nisiprius10:24 Wilderness Libr
6hVTSAX vs VTI and fractional shares09:27 dropdx10:22 ruralavalon
21p2 year old A/C leak, $$08/30 wilked10:18 wilked
18hWhen Is The Bid Ask Spread Lowest During The Trading Day?10/13 Park10:12 MotoTrojan
11pHSA plans and premiums post retirement.10/14 CnC10:11 Spirit Rider
7p[S-Corp tax witholding, ES-1040 excess payments]10/14 ssgbloghead10:02 MarkNYC
28tWhy did the stock market start a “hockey stick” run up since about post 1973 or so? You can see this in SP500 and DJIA10/14 jdamo09:55 jdamo
8cHyundai Tuscon or Nissan Rogue10/14 moneywise309:50 Flyer24
12pHouse Sale - Release of Mortgage Loan never Executed08:12 kilkoyne09:47 galawdawg
1lSuggestion for how local chapters can reach out to a younger audience- FIRE devotees09:00 sleepysurf09:46 WoodSpinner
64pWhat’s the proper way to pay yourself in retirement?10/11 ricks143309:41 CZjc1330
160tJohn Bogle’s formula says 1% real stock returns likely over next decade10/09 ukbogler09:28 PluckyDucky
21cShould I actually buy a new car ? (Seat Belt Deployed)10/14 adimoron09:26 Cycle
16cOld bourbon whisky10/13 mtmingus09:26 Tamarind
31tBRK-A or BRK-B for our grandchildren?10/10 teelainen09:25 rascott
26hHow much to hold in cash?10/14 PTGuy109:14 pyld76
5hHow do you calculate your return?20:11 NBKCF09:08 Chris K Jones
1p[GE Pension Buyout - Calculation of lump sum]06:45 robinmarie08:45 HAF-VA
17cHome upgrade question09/13 RobLyons08:22 lthenderson
88pVanguard keeps pushing their financial advisors...why?10/11 meercat808:15 sschoe2
2nHow can a EU resident own physical gold? [through an ETF]03:43 ertyu08:14 tre3sori
7cHVAC Replacement advice needed10/12 theseptemberguy08:14 mcamp18
11hMother's variable annuity10/13 Tracker96807:41 Cyclesafe
3hRoth IRA conversion question21:08 SnoopyFan07:24 nolesrule
12cRecommendations for framing a large photograph10/13 Caduceus06:37 DaftInvestor
38cAbility to Stream NFL Games (Sundays, Mondays, Thursdays)09/03 stargazer06:30 Target2019
32hMoney Market Decision10/12 summerof4206:08 RobLyons
1nUK resident US citizen money market funds05:20 jdmjdm106:08 TedSwippet
17pWhat % and for how long do you have to save to replace income net ofsaving?10/12 wubdemil06:01 tigers174
15pVA vs. Private Practice.....need help2018 TURI12305:47 Jimsad
83tFidelity to $0 Commissions10/10 Cash05:39 Cash
21c1 week camping tour, Phoenix-El Paso, suggestions?10/13 TheGreyingDuke05:35 livesoft
22pAre there HSA matches for Federal employees?10/11 tomwood05:16 motorcyclesarec
14nIndex Fund Investment from a Person in a Small European Country (Bulgaria)2018 a.nikolov04:37 ertyu
4hAdvice on 529 for a couple years outlook10/14 Domadosolo04:24 Juice3
13cPortable Music for Exercise10/13 GiannaLuna04:17 Finridge
5tBond allocation optimization10/14 Plz04:10 Uncorrelated
554cTalk me out of buying a Tesla Model 32018 investor99702:54 4nursebee
9hI-Bonds for emergency fund, now or wait?10/14 Atomic02:08 ivk5
105cDo you carry your passport with you during international travel?10/09 wubdemil02:02 Starfish
29cCar renting10/12 gurusw00:36 Ztx
4hBreaking from federal service and going fee basis - retirement options?10/13 jigglygoo00:19 jigglygoo
10hBond Allocation Choices at Retirement10/11 HappyJack23:28 animarising
19hBest Option to Sell Long Held Individual Stock10/13 Big Jim2423:05 Northern Flicke
27cHow much do you spend on dry cleaning?10/14 nonfacebookuser23:01 Shackleton
11nHelp with my Australian retirement plan10/13 superaus22:57 retiremefast
22pMaking money with oversized rooftop solar system?10/09 softwaregeek22:53 mervinj7
131pAnyone want to share their monthly budget? Here's ours2018 jehovasfitness22:52 wyoming82240
2hMuni Bonds in After Tax Account10/14 spartyfanaa22:35 whodidntante
2tInteractive Brokers Cost Basis10/14 spefactor22:29 Katietsu
11pProviding for a adult child with serious illness10/07 FAW22:28 seligsoj
2tREIT to Invest in Short Term Rental Market10/14 Leesbro6322:19 jeffyscott
18hhave i made a huge mistake in rebalancing 403b?10/13 spursiolo22:15 KlangFool
91thighly compensated employee (HCE) Time bomb?10/09 CnC22:01 rich126
17nLSEETF vs. AEB10/12 marinero21:47 glorat
3hMarried Filing Jointly - 2 backdoor Roths - ok?20:26 justsomeguy201821:46 sksavers3
1pHow To Maximize Retirement Savings: 401(k) and SEP IRA19:58 noisyearth21:42 HomeStretch
24pSelling used car experience (dealer vs online vs in person)10/14 4nursebee21:38 GT99
39p2020 Social Security Maximum Taxable Earnings $137,70010/12 Spirit Rider21:31 AlphaLess
8pSelf employed retirement plans and with more than one business10/10 cw12321:28 cw123
4pNew job - over contribute to HSA by choice?20:17 rockyracoon21:20 Helo80
3tWhere should HSA Contributions go? Wife is 10 years younger.10/14 drgenefish21:04 MP123
38cHow much do you spend on clothing?10/13 notmyhand20:54 Random Musings
1hFederal payflex HSA fees (switching plans)20:13 cmoneymillz20:47 motorcyclesarec
1hRecharacterization and Backdoor Roth Q's20:18 kappy20:41 FiveK
13hSounds too good to be true - converting after tax 401k contributions immediately to Roth 401k10/13 simple man20:39 Big Dog
4pEquifax class action settlement - options?10/14 baconavocado20:29 baconavocado
10pHouse buying (and selling current one) without contigencies10/13 Findourway120:25 rascott
9cReducing hospital costs10/14 susa20:08 SevenBridgesRoa
4pIssue/Question Regarding car loan I was accepted for.10/14 jdaily219:55 jdaily2
26cCold feet - Radiant subfloor heating question10/09 Domadosolo19:36 Domadosolo

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