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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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2380 new posts and replies over 228 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
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Subforum - TopicLast   
25cShould I get a safe? What kind? What would you do? How safe is a "safe"?13:07 Sandtrap19:33 Sandtrap
294tWell, I am market timing... Wish me luck.02/05 CnC19:32 Hustlinghustlin
9hActive vs. Passive Question02/24 attzonko19:32 Phineas J. Whoo
314cProtection Against Home Intruders02/11 Prudence19:31 SteadyOne
2pExcess HSA contribution--calculation of Net Investment Income19:15 28fe619:31 28fe6
13p30 year mortgage under 3%15:18 1130Super19:30 1130Super
5plogistics of buying house with "cash"18:38 Nyc1003619:30 gr7070
21fForum is very slow?? is this just today?13:07 elderwise19:29 F150HD
8tThis is boring14:22 roadnottaken19:29 FIREchief
6hWhere should I put bonds if I plan to FIRE?02/24 SRenaeP19:29 WoodSpinner
19h401A, Backdoor IRA and Mega backdoor02/20 Abk91119:28 home_body
13891tU.S. stocks in free fall2011 Lbill19:28 UpsetRaptor
19tBond Yield vs. Money Market Yield02/24 germark19:28 patrick
2hRoth IRA for 70 year old? - Retired19:09 Winterjp12319:27 increment
8cMVNO with Visual Voicemail for Android Moto G6 Play12:40 BashDash19:26 BashDash
98t700 Years of Falling Interest Rates, 1310-201804/13 SimpleGift19:26 packer16
1cheating element of warm mist humidifier is flaking19:08 Nyc1003619:25 Gryphon
2898tHEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure Part II: The next journey08/11 HEDGEFUNDIE19:23 Thesaints
9pTax Withholding - Direct Rollover17:56 windowdog19:20 windowdog
9pHome Title Lock17:35 diehard19:20 F150HD
19hAdvice Requested: LTCi or Paydown Mortgage10:45 L82GAME19:20 TN_Boy
77cPostponed travel due to Corona Virus. Am I am overreacting ?06:31 Theseus19:18 beernutz
21nHow Boglehead philosophy guides home bias equities for US vs non-US02:09 glorat19:17 glorat
51pCatch 22 with Gold Medallion Requirement for Exercising POA for Father02/22 JaneyLH19:16 ballons
12pRefinance @ 3% vs 'Rewrite' @ 3.125%?16:27 UnLearnYourself19:13 gr7070
12pIdentity theft02/12 jmorgans19:13 Katietsu
2pCar loan or not...14:56 johngav123419:06 gr7070
175tGold $1600 Oz - When?01/24 watchnerd19:04 watchnerd
169hWhat did you learn from the 2/24 sell off?08:47 TheTimeLord19:02 Doom&Gloom
1hConfirming best TLH partners for VOO and IXUS17:22 CrazyCatLady19:02 lakpr
327cCoronavirus (Consumer Issues) How you are preparing?02/12 TomCat9619:00 bitdocmd
6hHelp w Fed Employee TSP C Fund13:39 jason112218:59 retiredjg
21cNegotiating hospital PT bill02/24 ThankYouJack18:56 Rwsawbones
1417pShare your net worth progression2014 techcrium18:56 SouthernFIRE
4tHelp quantify the benefit of tax deferral09:25 bs01010118:56 Lee_WSP
43tBerkshire Tempting2018 delrinson18:54 theorist
51tIsn’t this a fantastic time to buy what we believe in?22:41 aparan18:51 Wannaretireearl
183tWhat to pair with NTSX?01/27 siriusblack18:50 lexor
7hXOM Question2018 depeche2u18:48 Big Jim24
6hRecharacterize or Withdraw Excess from Roth?14:08 MexiPino18:46 lakpr
10cYellowstone trip beginning of June13:05 hoops77718:44 clip651
0hRollover / Backdoor Roth Advice18:43 Aubazette 
7hLast question on reverse rollover, backdoor Roth and taxes14:20 blacknotebooks18:43 lakpr
159cDo you ever use cash?02/24 tc10118:42 Bogle7
16tCoronavirus/Sector Impact11:47 TresBelle6518:40 TomCat96
4nBlackrock Predictions17:33 steveyg5018:40 oken
9hTeaching kids about saving money and investing16:31 Mario222218:37 abuss368
59pProposed update to Non-Deductible IRA wiki article01/14 fyre4ce18:35 fyre4ce
4517pWhat's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?2016 guitarguy18:34 Jags4186
24cCredit Card cancelled for non-use?02/24 f35phixer18:32 iamblessed
6tInflation returns to some countries where it was pronounced dead02/24 Northern Flicke18:30 Portfolio7
43h38 yr old having 2nd thoughts...14:33 k198218:27 k1982
9hWhere to Allocate 700,000 Fixed Income?10:48 Baseballmom9418:25 lakpr
17fHow can I attach pictures in posts?05/27 Leveraged100to118:22 bertilak
0pPoll: Break down your SPENDING by category18:22 timboktoo 
1pTaxAct - how to report excess HSA contribution that was already withdrawn?11:26 pkay18:19 Spirit Rider
30hStudy CFA just for personal investment and portfolio management knowledge02/24 esrever18:19 abuss368
124pChase Sapphire checking 1000$ offer09/30 BashDash18:18 abuss368
13p529 Deduction Recapture11:25 SteelyEyed18:15 abuss368
394tCoronavirus and the market02/04 XM16E118:07 LadyGeek
54pDoes Biomedical Engineering School Matter?02/24 Cg218:05 Mako
127pMy LenderFi refinance is going well01/15 abyan18:04 manuvns
55t2020 Bogleheads Conference and Survey01/06 Bogle Center18:00 LadyGeek
4hWhere to put money to save for more real estate13:05 stt81617:59 stt816
11hITOT and VTI double hedge?02/24 Hoongajji17:56 Hoongajji
612tJack Bogle - Two Fund Portfolio2016 abuss36817:55 abuss368
19hFidelity Privacy Concerns02/19 9dimes17:52 DrCheese
150pRefinance Mega Thread09/01 AZAttorney1117:51 zeal4thil
5tFidelity changes loss/gain twice in one night?16:33 thelateinvestor17:49 Puretaxableinde
6hAdvice with Accounts and Investments02/23 goodka2417:46 lakpr
3h[401K]Explain technically how staying allocated Aggressive is superior over Conservative "time the market"16:00 richmondthefish17:43 Svensk Anga
177cWould you drive without a spare tire?02/04 prairieman17:40 lukestuckenhyme
71tWisdomTree 90/60 U.S. Balanced Fund [NTSX]01/29 kevinf17:37 crystalbank
8p35 year old Universal Life policy- Time to cancel?22:39 brownmoses217:32 pshonore
7hPulling the Retirement Plug - SORR & Post Retirement Portfolio?01/11 TresBelle6517:26 TresBelle65
1fNeed to subscribe to Personal Posts?17:15 bfeenix4417:20 Sandtrap
11pHSA for single-person S-corp02/13 meeotch17:15 meeotch
7cLeather Furniture Expo, Anyone buy from them?09/09 Housedoc17:15 Housedoc
102cRelocating back east / Fair Lawn, NJ / Are we crazy?02/23 imsomeguy17:13 mpnret
9tPlease help me understand - SPCE ???10:57 elderwise17:12 ralph124cf
6ciPhone repair - when buying a used phone?09:08 TresBelle6517:11 Jim Beaux
63tESG outperforming - will you add any ESG funds to your portfolio?01/31 JacobTeach17:10 Housedoc
12tHSA investing for short term?02/24 dnmccoy17:04 jeffyscott
1hBest time to buy treasury bonds?14:36 treesummit17:01 jacksonm
14hROTH Conversion at 32% Tax Bracket?02/21 whaleblow16:56 whaleblow
6pEarned Income Credit12:36 AAA16:54 AAA
1307tMy trend following strategy and experience2019 willthrill8116:51 Lee_WSP
5hFED TSP vs. Rollover VG IRA14:10 espositojp16:42 lakpr
22tNovice high income invester- leveraged ETFs12:57 redfan1116:41 1789
8hManage Bonus Money`12:50 nj12116:39 1789
12pCar recall can't drive over 3 months-WWYD?? FORD11:13 turkey123416:36 TN_Boy
3nIrish- domiciled on LSE still recommended after Brexit?13:38 bogle_man16:35 bogle_man
70cCostco Tires02/12 CULater16:29 UALflyer
1pSwitch mortgage lender mid-refinance?10:52 jco16:25 seawolf21
8hretirement portfolio help for my sister13:00 Julyguy75416:24 Julyguy754
9tBuffett: American public has been going ‘wild’ with enthusiasm for index funds02/24 Rowan Oak16:19 Stinky
44hHyper Tax Efficient Funds02/24 lexor15:55 lexor
24pVanguard's web site is down02/24 tc10115:38 ponyboy
5nUK renewable energy investment trusts (e.g. BSIF, TRIG) - how to account for them in portfolio?02/23 mattjgalloway15:32 Forester
17hHelp simplifying my TIAA 403b accounts02/22 beernutz15:32 Dregob
218cWhat are you listening to now01/10 Artful Dodger15:29 Broken Man 1999
3tSo there is no chance to spot a recession? According to the FED it is possible!12:37 Always passive15:28 SimpleGift
105hWhat is the expected real return of S&P 500 for the next 30 years?2018 hithere15:23 Northern Flicke
26hAvoiding pro rata but want to move to Fido02/23 lexor15:22 retiredjg
6hCollege Fund Planning02/24 SouthernDude15:19 Jablean
41cAssuming you were going to buy a cargo van (new vs carmax)...02/22 physiorol15:18 tibbitts
39pThoughts on car financing02/24 AverageInvestor15:18 whunter3333
14pWhole life insurance08:33 Faisal15:18 DaftInvestor
49cHow often do you need new car tires?02/10 ThankYouJack15:10 iamlucky13
18hBefore tax yield and mortgage payment question02/22 simpleguy12315:05 sb0623inc
28hPlaying Catch-Up02/12 LazyDaisy15:04 sb0623inc
5pLooking for Early Retirement Advice02/22 Bill202015:03 UnclePennybags
15pAdvice for very young person promoted02/24 hungryforhummus14:56 SheReadsHere719
28hwhy are triple leveraged ETFs a bad idea?02/12 Edge21514:51 sb0623inc
37cIphone cords / cables02/13 JBTX14:41 bluebolt
3tWhat happens when money pours into bond funds/etfs?12:45 Edsel14:41 beehivehave
9pHelp some first-timers with the home searching (and buying) process02/24 Bob Sacamano14:33 Quirkz
7tDoes the bid/ask spread increase when the market dips? If so, why?02/24 Nicolas Perraul14:27 Northern Flicke
37tMorgan Stanley buying E*TRADE02/20 galawdawg14:26 Harry Livermore
19tWhy do companies give dividends?06:48 international0014:07 TwoIdenticalInd
10hTime to Tax-loss harvest?10:55 novice11114:06 seymore92
1hVSGDX vs VFIRX - Am I missing something there?13:27 GaryA50514:03 Geologist
22hRequest to review portfolio - 39 years old family man02/02 morpheus195814:01 lexor
3805tU.S. stocks continue to soar!2018 GoldStar13:53 Darth Xanadu
6cARM Designation08:21 ebrasmus2113:39 jbmitt
68cAvis charging for existing damage on rental car02/24 atdharris13:34 atdharris
7pExcel Losing Support Question02/24 Vanguard Fan 1313:27 OAG
1290cBest watch for around $5,000?2008 Petrocelli13:23 watchnerd
35hFind a list of the best performing index funds02/09 grandcanyon13:18 Dottie57
273t4% SWR: It is not a rule and it is not safe (anymore).02/18 Thesaints13:14 willthrill81
19cWindows 10 Performance Problem02/23 bertilak13:11 bertilak
1735c[What TV Show Have You Recently Watched?]2016 dbCooperAir13:09 michaeljc70
6tHow often do you TLH/Rebalance?12:23 nasrullah13:08 nasrullah
142hDow Futures down 426 for Monday 2/24/20. Buying anything today?02/23 Puretaxableinde13:00 watchnerd
5hWhat exactly is capitalization weight for U.S., developed, and emerging markets?02/24 XacTactX12:54 jhfenton
104t"The "Everything Rally" Continues - Will this end badly?02/20 CULater12:52 TN_Boy
27pHelp me with mortgage math, please10:16 daheld12:49 daheld
50tNet worth approaching lifetime earnings. How many years did it take?02/23 Financologist12:49 HobbesMB
4hRecently Married - Portfolio / Savings Planning09:40 lesko12:48 BullHouse_BearM
53tWhy aren't Asian stock markets down due to coronavirus?02/15 fredflinstone12:45 Tanelorn
64tHelp me figure out the Target Volatility formula01/31 danielc12:43 hilink73
169pInvest in career change to Accounting for 37 yr old? Would it be foolish?07/13 lostinthesauce12:40 birnhamwood
8pLet's talk cash out refi's21:59 RobLyons12:24 RobLyons
23cSelling a house with a safe08:22 Kennedy12:21 greg24
4pExpedia Flight Refund Coronavirus08:30 njinvestor201912:11 njinvestor2019
3hTransferring securities between E-Trade and Fidelity11:57 jajlrajrf12:11 mhalley
61cDo You Have a Long Term Travel Strategy?02/21 capitalhockey12:05 backofbeyond
4tChina Owned Family Property08:36 tsipareht11:53 adamthesmythe
489t[Small Cap Value heads Rejoice !!!]06/03 hdas11:50 guyinlaw
29hPortfolio Review Advice/Investing Advice02/19 alaska198611:50 alaska1986
10hPortfolio Review01/27 faero1311:48 ruralavalon
12tAre Reits better than FXNAX Total Bond Index?05:31 thelateinvestor11:43 abuss368
2090tThe Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses2016 Earl Lemongrab11:41 MisterBill
22p1099-R blank taxable amount, but I know there is a taxable gain02/21 ballons11:38 ballons
20pJob interview question: how do I explain wanting to leave my current job so soon?02/24 Halicar11:26 MittensMoney
13tShould I buy into Fidelity Select Gold?05:23 thelateinvestor11:11 Forester
6pAmend taxes to switch from Roth to Traditional IRA02/24 Hadal4211:04 FiveK
25hLarge taxable portfolio - how to maximize charitable giving and minimize loss over long time horizon?01/28 joeschmo11:01 aristotelian
15p1041 Estate - very high tax rate19:55 ButterUtterD10:53 gokartmozart
3h403B Rollover location question02/24 mic57510:35 mic575
5cModular/Manufactured Homes19:50 mobilefan10:33 bighatnohorse
24pMicrofocus tax implications2018 abeaver10:22 e5116
68tDifference between short-term TIPS funds?02/11 joeschmo10:22 watchnerd
166cTesla Model Y03/14 4nursebee10:13 Texanbybirth
19cCar shopping PHEV / ICE / or all electric?02/23 RetiredCSProf09:57 delamer
336pRelationship mortgage discounts for moving a million assets05/08 softwaregeek09:55 rjman36
50pHow quickly did you receive your 2019 tax refund?02/21 czaj09:52 michaeljc70
13nHelp me understand this ETF thing...02/20 chrismckay09:49 Texanbybirth
10hNew savings money: Mortgage principal payments vs. 401k vs. transition EF money out of Roth02/24 spangineer09:45 spangineer
25pPost Divorce Business Sale Sharing, Reality Check02/23 KneadingWater09:29 RubyTuesday
15tDividing Your Investments Among Several Companies for Security Reasons02/18 OpenMinded109:20 hagridshut
70pInterest only mortgage: the conservative choice?02/22 HEDGEFUNDIE09:17 Admiral
3hBond holdings in BrokerageLink?08:10 JimmyD08:54 pasadena
46tFidelity [website issues Feb 24 2020]02/24 Cpadave08:35 RubyTuesday
6pMicrosoft Edge for FAFSA (StudentAid.Gov)22:34 workerbeeengine08:31 Para45
7hWindfall during times of big drops ..not necessarily a recession02/24 elderwise08:29 Puretaxableinde
10cTool to remove encrusted soil from bronze00:48 Caduceus08:29 Kenkat
5hSecure Act - Roth conversions during retirement02/24 lexor08:27 MathWizard
130cBuying a Smoker07/09 Alf 10108:27 3CheersforLkyJa
25tTarget funds by gender02/23 international0008:27 Para45
16tArticle on leveraging a balanced portfolio02/21 imak08:22 firebirdparts
53hMarket sell off02/24 salahanwar08:12 mrsbetsy
10ptwo questions about income tax (one cap gains, the other state tax on sale of second property)02/24 arcticpineapple08:06 EdNorton
11hMega Backdoor Roth Rollover Frequency02/24 home_body08:04 retiredjg
191tIndexing beats Wellington and Wellesley right?03/15 teelainen07:56 Laker1
8hRebalancing23:01 Sasquatch107:49 dh
14tShort-term treasury funds: TIPS or not?02/23 friar161007:48 WoodSpinner
55hPortfolio Review (Retiring Parents)02/22 lexor07:47 WoodSpinner
6pQuitting a Company That is Expanding Too Fast02/24 Blowe9607:44 abuss368
3t"Morningstars 2020 Tax and IRA Guide"21:01 Taylor Larimore07:05 abuss368
258tThe Value Premium - New FF paper01/30 Robert T07:02 abuss368
37tPortfolio Opinion: Savings Bonds, Real Assets & Stocks02/22 alluringreality06:52 packer16
1nExpat and currency exchange06:17 DartThrower06:32 AlohaJoe
17pNew Job - HDHP vs PPO02/21 TXGator06:14 aristotelian
11nAustralian starting simple investment portfolio - feedback welcome :)02/14 JustAddGenius05:29 andrew99999
16cVancouver area trip in Aug - 5 nights02/20 Wannaretireearl05:28 GeoffD
7pWork Less Hours to Be More Productive22:42 absolute zero05:06 prudent
112tVanguard 2020-2030 Returns Projection Table02/21 watchnerd04:58 alex123711
8nKeeping asset allocation over two separate accounts02/24 artfulinvestor803:06 artfulinvestor8
11hPortfolio review 401k + taxable [US expat]02/19 occambogle01:46 MoneyMarathon
5h[solo 401(k)] Is there a trick to avoiding the 21-page etrade forms?02/24 barliss200:17 Spirit Rider
257lNew York City Local Chapter established2013 quanuec00:08 nysixers
11pSell home for a loss / Or rent it out21:38 imsomeguy23:12 chevca
20tMinimum reserves for European banks only 1%02/21 PurpleArc23:08 JonnyB
1hTiming for catchup contributions22:38 skor9922:52 ThisTimeItsDiff
10hGetting hammered on taxes - Solo 401k, Employer Contributon & State Pension02/21 kiva2222:33 kiva22
0pNYT article on Medicare Advantage Plans22:25 chemocean 
179tWhy do you hold bonds in your portfolio?11/30 tomwood22:23 3Fund4Life
3hlump sum pension question02/21 2cents222:06 2cents2
4pFidelity was unable to classify my contribution as prior year02/24 drr109922:02 Spirit Rider
2tMy 529 Plan Investing Allocation Strategy21:04 justsomeguy201821:47 JamesDean44
5pTaxes: Date of Original Contrib -vs- Date of Re-Char?02/20 PGR21:22 PGR
2pTaxACT Software: How to Get Data into 1040 Line4a & 4b?02/23 PGR21:20 PGR
100hTSP share prices for Quicken2013 Simbilis21:20 gtd98765
30hHolistic Financial Advice Please01/04 alx21:09 alx
0lSacramento Area Bogleheads - Future Topics21:00 digarei 
0tCreated a Treasury Ladder Today (similar to NTSX)21:00 caklim00 
17pHaven't received 1099 from a side gig Employer02/20 jeremyl20:56 Bogle7
3pH&R Block Software Will Not Allow me to File Electronically02/24 rickwmm20:50 rickwmm
21t"Rebalance" vs "Market Timing"02/24 B_F_Skinner_Box20:38 Eagle33
3hSolo 401k: Roth or Traditional?02/24 barliss220:27 Spirit Rider
5hPortfolio Assessment, Student Loans, PSLF02/22 pneumodoc20:20 pneumodoc
29tGold and long-term treasuries are highly correlated recently02/21 fredflinstone20:17 Kbg
11pWhat does Morgan Stanley take over of e-trade mean for investor bonuses...02/21 xerxes10120:13 xerxes101
8pHR Block Roth Conversion Form 860602/20 azianbob20:08 azianbob
1392pFidelity as a one stop shop2018 BogleMelon20:05 muffins14
4nCanada moving to Australia - TFSA02/23 mooudn20:01 mooudn
3hAsset Allocation Review?02/24 GiannaLuna19:40 lexor

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