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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1609 new posts and replies over 202 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
# Replies Subforum - Topic TitleFirst Last   
Subforum - TopicLast   
8hBack Door Roth07:13 jameswg11:10 anon_investor
3hWash Sale Questions10:24 manlymatt8311:10 barnaclebob
6hNew investor looking for Fidelity index fund retirement portfolio feedback18:57 tenfour3311:10 tenfour33
54pFriend on the verge of financial ruin, how to help?16:56 neowiser11:09 aristotelian
60cTalk me into buying a Tesla Model Y09/26 retire1411:08 anoop
21pWould you pay off a 1.5% school loan09/26 EnjoyIt11:08 hudson
4p401K Overpayment - Ex Employer Asking for Money Back08:28 cdogstu9911:07 cdogstu99
5cVacuum for mostly hardwood floors...10:49 daheld11:07 tmcc
8tHow would a USD collapse affect dollar-denominated international ETFs?10:31 jajlrajrf11:06 neilpilot
4hUniversity of California employee, how to max out mega backdoor?23:50 john198411:06 retiredjg
36tAre we NOW in a bubble?16:09 Tellurius11:04 fredflinstone
11hFired financial advisor! NEED HELP simplifying accounts09/26 shareenmd11:03 shareenmd
17hScholarship and 529 - withdraw or let it ride?09/27 sp22611:02 UpsetRaptor
10tVTSAX- is it overvalued as a result of the tech influence17:32 Rcnut22311:02 bertilak
2hAdvice selecting funds and balancing20:23 SloanKeterson11:01 dbr
7cShipping Electronics?00:52 rich12611:01 El Greco
8tThe only reason to buy long-term treasuries over I bonds and EE bonds at current rates is to profit from a drop in rates10:05 hackingdragon11:01 hackingdragon
73tWere you nervous when you retired?09/26 4nursebee10:59 Escapevelocity
12hBudgeting and investing on 80k18:28 NewBoglehead8810:58 Tamarind
42hNeed help with my investment plan after reading Larry Swedroe09/26 y4rivera10:58 gr7070
63pTech/IT to govt jobs09/25 Wannaretireearl10:57 rich126
90tCALPERS Needs 7% Return06/15 David Althaus10:54 Grt2bOutdoors
4hAA Glide Paths in Distribution Years15:18 RetiredCSProf10:54 David Althaus
25cDoes anyone recommend this $350 laptop?03:47 xerxes10110:54 tibbitts
125hLong Suffering VXUS Holder No More09/23 cowdogman10:53 roka
34cTreadmill recommendations09/25 Las10:52 UALflyer
5tWhy are charts telling me different things?09/25 Brownie_lsl10:51 Brownie_lsl
215tNever Ever Rebalance Bonds into Stocks?09/22 Leesbro6310:50 KlangFool
15hAre 401(k) plans required to allow you to transfer out rolled over assets?15:22 fortunefavored10:49 fortunefavored
16tJoe Montana vs S&P since 1981 $1 invested09/27 F150HD10:46 shelanman
29cDSLR camera improvement suggestions13:06 tommy8510:44 smackboy1
47cEmail Management Tips09/22 Horton10:43 dak
23pRetirement Planning - Mid 40s21:18 pdanet10:41 pdanet
2hReverse Rollover Into 401k06:57 jkusa179110:40 retiredjg
22hMunicipal Bonds in Taxable as Alt to Cash, how to choose which fund?09/26 miasma10:40 hudson
22tRetirees spending question12:06 Mr.BB10:38 rich126
0pTAX FILING SECOND HOME10:37 golfer292 
56tFederal Reserve scraps transfer count limits on savings accounts04/24 indexfundfan10:35 Cheez-It Guy
22pHow much do you pay for healthcare (50-65 year olds)12:33 EnjoyIt10:34 JackoC
7pCashing a check made to a non existent estate20:43 RobinH00d10:30 Skeeter1
16tTo what extent is divergence between US and European stock markets related to structural factors?09/11 Tellurius10:30 Robot Monster
2947tSmall Cap Value heads Rejoice !!!2019 hdas10:28 Forester
2hBonds in zero interest rate environment18:59 ivgrivchuck10:23 Broken Man 1999
65pBCBS or GEHA?09/03 Sunshine201610:23 Soon2BXProgramm
27pFidelity HSA - Account Closed (Risk Department)2018 Atgard10:18 testing321
8910tU.S. stocks continue to soar!2018 GoldStar10:17 Robot Monster
0pKeystone Funding - Experience10:16 hand 
205pBuying vs. Renting Principles09/06 geerhardusvos10:10 9mm
55cCar Battery issues - SHORT Drive due to COVID (Work From Home)09/26 Nathan Drake10:09 tyrion
2hNeed help with Investment Advice and current plan review23:31 saagar_is_cool10:09 tashnewbie
116pAlly Bank savings interest rate dropping from 0.8% to 0.6%09/24 anon_investor10:08 mrtwstr
24cPhotographers: cheapest way to acquire a Nikon D850?11:27 fyre4ce10:06 fyre4ce
5pAdd wife to deed-I have an owners title policy09/25 mrmass10:01 Abe
27pInvesting and Saving Considerations for Single Guy19:17 austin75709:58 fyre4ce
31cSell My Car To Carvana?09/15 Leesbro6309:53 Shallowpockets
4796pWhat's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?2016 guitarguy09:50 Workaholic
20pStarting Medicare & never ending phone calls from uhc09/27 whtmyid9909:50 rivercrosser
49cDIY life style. Typical Boglehead?09/26 Lets do this th09:47 lthenderson
6414tHEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure Part II: The next journey2019 HEDGEFUNDIE09:45 petulant
17nTrouble understanding yield for INXG - iShares £ Index-Linked Gilts UCITS ETF09/27 hackingdragon09:41 hackingdragon
51pTrust Beneficiary Modification09/21 vgc30309:41 vgc303
8pTax Loss Harvesting Example - Please Help12:13 Frugaldoc09:41 Frugaldoc
35pThe College Admissions Game09/27 A44009:39 campy2010
58hAsset Allocation at age 6109/10 GetSmarter09:37 CyclingDuo
11cWhat Android smartphone to replace a good pocket point-and-shoot camera?07:44 nisiprius09:36 Watty
6997pRefinance Mega Thread2019 AZAttorney1109:36 Familyman2012
34cAny Blended Scotch Drinkers Here?09/25 tomd3709:34 TSR
25tA Good Technology Fund or EFT?09/23 abuss36809:31 abuss368
21cHow do YOU find a good doctor these days...05:23 xerxes10109:29 atikovi
95hBuckets in Retirement09/24 bpkasl09:28 bpkasl
53hHow to combine finances with your spouse? Recently married/early30s09/25 ChiLawyer09:28 champion_ham
21hMaxed out tax-advantaged space, next steps2019 Doctor_ice09:24 Doctor_ice
8hAre US REITs undervalued relative to other asset classes?06:02 delrinson09:22 Valuethinker
7hDiversifying Bonds08:06 HandMD09:22 rkhusky
23pChase Sapphire Pay Yourself Back08/09 Superleaf44409:20 e5116
10hRecently Retired: Desire Simplification and More Conservative Shift of TIAA Investments09/24 BlueBike201109:10 crefwatch
8cWhat type of accountant / lawyer for investigating $ exploitation of an elder?19:51 CommitmentDevic09:09 carolinaman
70lDetroit Area Bogleheads - Master Thread2014 daytona08409:08 daytona084
6hI wish I had not bought silver bricks. Help!07:16 Sanek3209:07 mrtwstr
3cHulu and HBO MAX17:02 walkabout09:06 epicahab
9hVanguard ESG corporate bond ETF (VCEB)09/25 Xrayman6909:00 ronno2018
12cAnchors screws - over time do they get loose ???09/27 curious george08:59 dbr
21pHow to get company 401K matching after maxed out09/26 crypto1108:58 LadyGeek
166cA simpler car.09/23 SmallCityDave08:51 JackoC
31cThe One Who Pays14:03 vested108:49 SRenaeP
9nHow accumulating ETF dividends are re-invested09/26 mohd08:47 galeno
138tMyths of international investing - Fidelity09/24 pkcrafter08:44 petulant
9cSeverance / unemployment09/27 Cookiegirl08:36 Cookiegirl
9h200k to invest, need some help.12:42 Kojo197608:25 TexasandETFs
20pSchwab closed my checking $0 account without a warning. Is that common?09/26 BogleMelon08:14 Uniballer
16hIs this a perfect time to pile into a 3% yield, net of fees, stable value fund?09/26 corp_sharecropp08:04 MikeG62
27hNYSDCP and the 3 fund portfolio09/24 TeeMo07:59 slimshady
14cWorst financial decision that you were able to turn around and make it into a positive?09/21 SmallCityDave07:38 jm1495
8fForum attains 100,000 members20:31 Barry Barnitz07:35 LadyGeek
45hPortfolio help - Losing Money with Index Funds09/19 MissOptimist07:24 dratkinson
2pLooking for real estate agent/Lender in NOVA, suggestions?21:36 crazyapple1107:21 SnS
2nEU Investor - Gold ETC09/27 rerombo07:19 rerombo
30hWhere to park 500K ?09/26 boxerbali07:18 jameswg
1053tVariable Percentage Withdrawal (VPW)2013 longinvest06:50 ScubaHogg
40cHow to approach kid’s middle school / high school / college decisions?09/25 charleypartanna06:48 alpenglow
24hJust Found Out We Are Expecting First Child - Now What09/26 derauqsdm06:46 ScubaHogg
5805cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36806:42 MDfan
13cHVAC refrigerant leak issue09/26 JackRam06:42 Chuck107
20cRental car company charged me for toll road I did not use09/26 Kennedy06:33 SquawkIdent
15hrollover mistake - cancel possible?09/25 teramesher06:26 retiredjg
1nNew Zealand Boglehead - bond fund options?01:57 tiberiusNZ06:11 Valuethinker
44pGazillionth mortgage pay off question09/25 Frugalbear05:32 Kelrex
3pPreapproval for mortgage23:59 Oh12304:59 60B4E24B
45tDoes the three fund portfolio provide adequate protection from inflation?09/26 mookie04:49 Chip
14ciPhone 11 - Anyone get a dud camera?19:52 d18lover01:25 cacophony
14cHeating System Tune Ups Necessary Every Year?09/26 BHawks8701:02 gr7070
12cMedical Alert Recommendations09/25 ARB5700:15 rich126
30cNew 2020 Acura TLX?09/23 OldSport23:44 abonder
10ccordless cleaning scrubber09/26 egrets23:23 esvee
34tGold is again on my head09/26 Always passive22:59 Random Musings
7hLiving Cash Invested?09/26 socialforums20122:52 Affable at 50
18cMusic for a camping trip16:18 LuigiLikesPizza22:49 Watty
24nNew to investing (Chile)09/11 andyesm22:48 andyesm
13tHelping Niblings13:41 NewMoneyMustBeS22:29 terran
4hNew to Vanguard17:33 DaftJungle22:28 pkcrafter
17t"The Psychology of Money" by Morgan Housel09/21 KlangFool22:26 Wricha
10tAny restrictions on spending retirement accounts after 59.5?09/27 userwithconcern22:22 terran
5pAdding attachment to TurboTax e file?12:12 blackwhisker22:13 stan1
57pShould I Quit Hated Job And Take 80% Pay Cut?09/24 Teachnik22:01 MerriebytheSea
6cHome Inventory App16:15 diydocwifejd21:59 telemark
11hSeeking guidance on REITs: stay the course or bail?15:38 Bobaji21:51 wolf359
29cCensus 2020 question03/12 FB0121:04 adestefan
7hHow does my hypothetical portfolio look?09/25 germx12220:58 medt
1hFull Time Employee + Part-Time Employee: Mega Backdoor Roth (SEP IRA, SIMPLE, and solo 401K)?19:14 BoglesRazor20:55 Spirit Rider
218lNE Ohio (Cleveland Area) Master Thread2014 Maid of the Mis20:54 Pushkin
8cHow big is the used class B RV bubble?09/22 MikeZ20:40 grettman
30hUpdated: Personal Finance Advice for New PhD09/22 bwn20:38 CedarWaxWing
8t"A look back at the life of Vanguard's founder"09/27 Taylor Larimore20:34 Norris
13hVanguard Customer Service: How to Proactively Avoid a Problem17:53 Kookaburra20:24 000
34pUniversal Life Insurance Keep or Cash Out09/14 tj20:12 tj
1h[CARES Act - 401(k) convert to Roth IRA]19:09 DALjockey19:47 Alan S.
6pPremiums on gold bullion purchase16:13 PoppyA19:43 7eight9
36cCheapest place to get subscription to Wall Street Journal08/31 Maverick332019:41 Freefun
4606cWhat Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI2014 Alex Frakt19:39 BroIceCream
59tWhy do people end up with 10-15 funds in their 401k?09/07 burritoLover19:20 bck63
3tHow can I better use portfolio charts?18:16 zetsui18:55 stereotaxis
9hIRA or taxable (or other?)11:41 playtothebeat18:54 BL
20tWhat Is Your Preferred Short Term Bond Fund For A Retiree's IRA in Distribution Phase?09/26 Munir18:33 Gill
23pShould we pay our 2.75% interest mortgage sooner?09/22 joelly18:12 joelly
26pShould I get a mortgage if I don't need one?08/16 Fixmen18:03 beernutz
80cAnnual oil changes a must? Car maintenance during these times09/24 Lynx31065017:59 ncbill
16cPayPal payment pending09/22 surtu17:24 surtu
13hPortfolio Review - questions09/23 invierno12117:12 invierno121
43tVanguard will be moving their mail operations to El Paso in the future04/30 Sheepdog17:03 cvn74n2
29pMedigap Insurance Premium Increase07/21 donall16:35 donall
8hVanguard Says I'm Too Growth Oriented?15:57 NYCaviator16:29 1789
589tVanguard's Wellesley Income fund is incredible2017 willthrill8116:23 Electron
50cWhat are subscriptions that add the most value in 2020?09/26 BogleMelon16:21 egrets
1pdetailed questions on federal and Maryland estate tax14:57 invest12316:11 bsteiner
53cbare-bones phone and cheapest prepaid plan for a kid09/12 BeerTooth16:11 acegolfer
8tiShares MSCI World ETF vs. Vanguard VT09/27 mx016:02 snailderby
11hPortfolio review - more checking on asset allocation09/20 joetro2915:57 joetro29
372tIt's Not Different This Time03/22 White Coat Inve15:32 willthrill81
6pFull time students working part time and federal taxes14:46 DidItMyWay15:30 DidItMyWay
39pAvoiding Estate Tax09/24 davey15:30 bsteiner
2nInvesting in Ireland for less than 8 years11:28 gri3g015:19 Fortune Seeker
9hMuni bond funds: Taxation09/26 ThisJustIn15:15 grabiner
11hCost Basis - selling TWCGX to VTSAX09/26 vicke03215:12 grabiner
4hHelp with my daughter’s Roth IRA.09/26 Ed 215:07 Ed 2
25pParents have no elder care plan - What are the concerns?09/25 Cobra Commander15:05 shell921
3pNow available: IRS Form 1040-X electronic filing08/21 Duckie14:52 HueyLD
55pRetired physicians (but others ok too. ;))09/23 is50xenough14:51 is50xenough
3hRebalancing a TIAA 403b to the 3 funds - is this right?09/26 TeeMo14:50 TeeMo
5tETF alternatives to VASIX11:24 neatp14:48 vineviz
1hCancer derails retirement date - Need portfolio advice14:19 BoulderHippie14:44 miket29
39tHelp my try to rationalize why I should ignore Nasdaq09/25 Carguy8514:40 rockstar
14hShould I dump PONAX? (junk bonds concern)03/26 Alex GR14:32 occambogle
13hUnfreeze Credit To Open TreasuryDirect Accounts?09/27 ImUrHuckleberry14:32 ImUrHuckleberry
53hGuidance for breaking the news to our financial advisor09/18 Octavia14:25 RCL
2pEarly payout of legacy pension13:57 GG127314:23 GG1273
17pMath question calculating RoR on paying mortgage points09/23 Kelly14:12 RoadRat
0clooking for Broadcast Spreader recommendations14:09 cashboy 
28hStandard Boglehead Portfolio plus Small Cap Value (SCV) tilt from AVUV. Does my tilt percentage make sense?09/24 wizard90314:06 heyyou
11pMedicare Part A - Navigating Hospital bills for ER/Hospital/Rehab09/26 LovingSon202013:54 runninginvestor
2hnew physician out of residency portfolio build12:35 familythriftmd13:49 familythriftmd
4h529 vs taxable11:53 Alison21213:44 BernardShakey
8pTaxes [When are capital gains taxes paid?]09/27 Timb50813:43 terran
16pState Farm Executive Protector Life Insurance Policy, What to do?2019 OhioBuckeyes13:42 Stinky
6hPlease help review a beginner's porfolios09/25 Kamurai213:40 Kamurai2
9pPossible error in backdoor Roth IRA conversion11:16 gidoc13:33 HomeStretch
29cHiring a Security Guard Agency09/26 A-Commoner13:23 retiringwhen
6hVTSAX & VFIAX dividend distributions timing09/20 Mode3213:18 tesuzuki2002
14hNTSX Based taxable portfolio09/26 mogies13:18 occambogle
46cNew Rolling Stone Top 500 Albums (which is a must buy?)09/22 tenkuky13:03 Wanderingwheelz
8h401 eliminating some Vanguard funds09/27 dharma student12:56 dharma student
20tNJ Municipal MM closed and will liquidate09/25 heartwood12:31 Electron
24pMy good experience buying a Hertz rental car09/26 fredflinstone12:28 Purdue
4hwhere to invest $100k if needed in 3 years?09/27 theplayer1112:26 Stinky
31pThe Variable Savings Rate (VSR) -- an accumulation-time prelude to VPW2018 longinvest12:14 tj
93cWhat can I expect from new golf clubs09/20 dodgy5512:10 tm3
31tThe Economist: The age-old strategy of buying cheap shares is faltering09/23 hackingdragon12:07 whodidntante
22cVisiting Oregon Coast09/12 almostretired1912:05 Isabelle77
4tPGF as a Bond Alternatives09/27 invest2bfree11:50 am
11pForce statements to be e-delivered monthly?09/26 softmax11:46 Hockey10
2144c[What TV Show Have You Recently Watched?]2016 dbCooperAir11:45 JAZZISCOOL
45cOil change disaster09/26 baz_202311:27 tibbitts
1hWhere best to invest to help fund college for grandchildren?11:14 Brit11:21 onourway

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