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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1387 new posts and replies over 189 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
# Replies Subforum - Topic TitleFirst Last   
Subforum - TopicLast   
19hHighest priced ETFs17:22 HEDGEFUNDIE20:10 HEDGEFUNDIE
12pWhen to get attorney after car accident?11:10 notmyhand20:10 ChowYunPhat
29tRe-Examining an assumption: 45% bonds in retirement?06:45 AtlasShrugged?20:09 friar1610
10hWhat should I know before selling a mutual fund for the first time?04/19 Macro20:09 The Wizard
2tProxy vote for additional authorized shares15:27 dodgy5520:04 dodgy55
1hPersonal Capital Question17:31 kilkoyne20:03 ChowYunPhat
47hNet Worth where it should be?04/19 tman994020:03 smitcat
22tVanguard kicking butt with Target Date Funds03/04 BeachPerson20:02 sschoe2
14tIs diversification the point of factor investing?14:56 Amadis_of_Gaul19:58 Amadis_of_Gaul
1pNotice of Pendency of Class Action19:52 Almost there19:55 z3r0c00l
9cMontana / Wyoming Summer Trip Ideas17:56 RamblinDoc19:53 Watty
3tIEF vs AGG12:46 Forester19:52 Eno Deb
11hTapping into Roth to buy a house11:48 milosz1919:52 texasdiver
23pBuying a house without a realtor04/19 AkwardDoct@rd19:50 bikechuck
21cHouse renovation financing2018 tmcc19:50 Nearly A Moose
30cVacation home experiences?04/20 2commaBH19:49 Old Guy
1cLooking for an easy to clean ultrasonic humidifier19:18 freelancer19:46 jebmke
33hInheritance With Zero Income, Zero Expenses04/19 LaughingSam19:46 trueblueky
4hNeed to sleep at night...Must rebalance!19:11 Sweetbriar19:44 Thegame14
23pCredit and Debit card safety09:54 tc10119:41 Eno Deb
697lPost your Financial Milestone Announcements Here2018 Alex Frakt19:40 student
2pretirement planning, final health check?19:34 dn12319:40 Grt2bOutdoors
4pIRS and Taxes04/20 Leroy Jones19:39 Stinky
2tLarry Swedroe: Pension Plans & Consultants03/27 Random Walker19:37 arcticpineapple
3pCashing out of COMPLIFE question21:07 rgs19:35 Stinky
7pSelling individual stock.16:10 Wayercolor19:35 Grt2bOutdoors
85tStocks will return about 4% annually over the next decade or so rather than the 10% average annual returns - John Bogle04/13 alex12371119:33 willthrill81
32tEfficient Markets Indeed04/19 DonIce19:32 willthrill81
2hFeedback on Retirement Asset Allocation04/07 pghmg519719:31 radiowave
6pFirst Time Home Buyer Affordability Question15:57 TravelSaver19:22 drawpoker
51tJunk bonds undervalued due to boglehead popularity?04/10 Tamalak19:21 arcticpineapple
8hNeed help selling MLP [Master Limited Partnership]10:17 orenishi19:17 fabdog
11hAbsolute Beginner Question04/20 rynlee19:13 MotoTrojan
228tWhy diversification is not a viable strategy?03/08 KlangFool19:09 pward
4390cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36819:08 Grt2bOutdoors
44cTips for getting the most out of your cruise?06:00 A44019:08 jibantik
3cYubikey17:40 dave105419:06 Phineas J. Whoo
76cVideo Camera to check in on Elderly Parent03/30 ThankYouJack19:03 cbeck
6p1st job as an MD- contract review17:58 MrsBDG19:02 chessknt
289pKF's Worst Case Retirement Plan [KlangFool's]2017 KlangFool19:00 Longmonster
0tAny Successful HSA Transfer from Elements Financial to Fidelity18:59 snorkelwise 
26hAnyone here have experience with Zacks or Personal Capital managing their investments04/16 davidofma18:59 Sandtrap
41tM1 Finance04/08 Wezzley7718:54 MotoTrojan
11pORP optimism04/18 notPatience18:46 Admiral
96cLuxury car recommendations?04/14 AQ18:45 novemberrain
64pCan we afford a $1mil home?04/11 dee78918:45 wwtraveler
24hSocially responsible investing03/14 michaeljmroger18:34 Brian96
11hHow to get funds out of Actively Managed?04/20 prickly_comment18:31 prickly_comment
25cupdate 70s kitchen or nah?14:14 montanagirl18:28 Cycle
22cRiver cruise, Avignon to Lyon, France04/20 Horsefly18:26 GerryL
16hMuni Bond Fund Help (FHIGX)04/19 bck6318:26 hudson
24pLoan to employer?07:15 Tecmed18:24 Jags4186
17hBoglehead Philosophy - High Yield Dividend Funds04/20 fixieclimber18:15 Vanguard Fan 13
13hTaxable Brokerage Fund Question13:06 AshiGarami18:14 stan1
80tWhy should stocks beat bonds in the long run?02/12 mudphudstud18:02 SimpleGift
70p[Retiring before 65: How do you deal with health insurance?]03/24 rgs18:01 vtMaps
3pMega Backdoor Roth Contributions Exceeded for 201914:16 crag17:43 crag
15cApple Air14:27 bertilak17:42 bertilak
14hShort/Long term capital gains04/06 michaeljmroger17:41 bradpevans
26cGarage Door Opener Replacement04/18 DTalos17:39 OldBallCoach
8pState-Level Estate Taxes14:59 leemalk17:38 TravelGeek
7hHelp choose 401k options12:45 sun2517:36 lakpr
12pLLC taxed as S Corp - SS and Dividends04/20 martint17:32 jackets320
22tJason Zweig WSJ: You, Dear Investor,Are Patient, Prudent And Calm04/20 Random Walker17:30 telemark
3hPrivate Equity (PE) and Allocation07:00 Makaveli17:27 2commaBH
11cSuitable present for friend's retirement?04/19 Pomegranate17:25 Steven in NC
12c[Tankless” hot water heater can’t keep up when filling bathtub]03/17 motorcyclesarec17:22 wageoghe
11cTraveling to paris and amboise next week04/20 jayk23817:16 WhyNotUs
18cMower purchase considerations04/10 Earl Lemongrab17:15 Steven in NC
39hLeave a job with a pension?04/17 BradJ17:13 Meaty
1tAlpha Architect: Momentum Factor Investing In Russia04/04 Random Walker17:10 nedsaid
1pI-Bonds: Reasons for Choosing Beneficiary or Secondary Owner11:54 CharacterCounts17:07 bsteiner
17cAnyone use Gate 1 Travel?07/06 OldSport17:06 c.coyle
5hRebalancing - Asset Allocation Strategies?07:45 SeaShelleys17:01 Banjoman
6hFNILX (Fidelity ZERO Large Cap Index Fund) vs FXAIX (Fidelity 500 Index Fund)?04/09 paramedic16:46 nedsaid
91cAfter financial independence, do you play credit card bonus games?04/15 flyingaway16:43 GCD
14hInvesting for siblings00:49 -Bman-16:40 Trader Joe
5pCFP [Anyone here taken the CFP exam?]07:54 Bogle198116:26 acegolfer
5hActual steps to take to maximize TSP contributions while deployed22:31 168gr16:23 Crushtheturtle
82tHow and when did you do it - to get to 1 Million2013 migmarks16:16 ThreeBears
69tAmerican Funds vs Vanguard04/18 Paisley16:16 Earl Lemongrab
38cFrench Door Refrigerator Recommendations?04/14 HardHitter16:07 TimeRunner
25pFirst Time Home Buyer Tips22:02 JoeChick1016:03 SDLinguist
7hWant to Include Emerging Markets in the Portfolio2018 RhoRho15:58 SweetAeromotion
524pMr. Money Mustache, SWR, and equity allocation12/18 Triple digit go15:55 LadyGeek
22cGetting rid of spam04/20 CABob15:54 CFM300
21pRoth conversions, taxes, and social security04/07 bornloser15:52 rgs
26cI need advice on cleaning a toilet. How to you clean this part of the toilet? What is the best thing to use?04/20 iamblessed15:46 dbr
5hAsset allocation using Portfolio Question format03/30 Bogle_Follower15:43 Bogle_Follower
60tConsensus on I Bonds for 2019?02/02 sophie115:39 jeffyscott
8tWhen to prioritize funding 529?12:38 pepperz15:25 Grt2bOutdoors
86hThinking about selling stocks near all time highs04/18 mathguy302115:21 KlangFool
30pPhysician “TO-DO” list for LLC04/12 Phinance15:10 Spirit Rider
182tSimulating Returns of Leveraged ETFs02/11 EfficientInvest15:05 Mouro_Emprestad
65pOptimizing credit card airline points04/19 delamer14:58 ResearchMed
13cLocast: An Approach to Cord Cutting?04/20 Strider14:53 Carson
798cWhat frugal thing did you do today?2017 Nectarineman14:46 dratkinson
9tPrinciples of Tax-Efficient Fund Placement04/19 Bongleur14:31 grabiner
10hSelling Business - Requesting advice on how to invest proceeds20:43 iguaniagu14:30 betablocker
3tState Tax basis in IRA, Roth, HSA and 403B04/19 money_bunny14:29 grabiner
6hRoth > 457? And investing at Chase?04/20 Seananigans14:27 FiveK
37tThe Annuity Puzzle: Findings from a Recent Survey04/19 Horton14:24 Horton
16tCash Flow vs Appreciation - Same thing?09:07 pepperz14:22 dbr
9pPersonal Finance Apps/Websites03/05 mcadams08913:55 yangtui
130tVanguard Announces Plans to Launch Commodities Fund04/04 MFInvestor13:50 james22
11hBest Vanguard match to BCOIX (Baird Core Plus Bond Fund)11:57 kraven13:49 retiredjg
29ta percentage decline is MORE than that decline OF YOUR GAINS??04/20 arcticpineapple13:43 garlandwhizzer
176cHow much do you spend on food per month, per person?2017 whiteprius13:41 Paul78
7tstocks as inflation hedge - 70's and early 80's??04/03 FeeMonster8113:37 SimpleGift
7hPortfolio review request00:59 sks13:32 sks
36cIs Crown Molding Out-of-Style?04/20 Kennedy13:29 Dottie57
82pExecutor of Will - Selling House in Poor Condition04/16 DarkHelmetII13:25 Dottie57
3tJack Bogle and Trusting the Process04/04 Grt2bOutdoors13:14 abuss368
13pHow to get USAA insurance?23:14 rgs9213:05 LadyGeek
2cFree / Cost Effective Database for 100+GB Data11:24 DarkHelmetII12:54 nordsteve
20lOklahoma City Bogleheads Local Chapter Established01/03 petulant12:54 petulant
16pCost basis date to use for inherited stock03/08 gensuki12:52 inbox788
1pAdvice on Health Insurance Choices - Out of Network08:37 peek12:52 stlutz
73cWashing Machine that uses a LOT of Water04/16 bagelhead12:48 nordsteve
0pDeductions for California State Taxes12:43 alexcr 
1pNew car loan - Interest rate12:29 Fortune12:36 RickBoglehead
6pAdvice on How to Find Competent Social Security Advisors (St Louis area)04/19 NOLA Rob12:30 celia
23tThe Fundamental Axioms / Laws / Principles of Investing04/20 Paisley12:28 Whiggish Boffin
2pTotal return and withdrawal rate calculator12:10 FBN201412:23 ExitStageLeft
1tAbsolute & Relative deviation (Re Balance / Port. Visualizer)04/20 Snowjob12:21 dbr
117pQuicken 2019 and forward11/27 Scorpion12:02 michaeljc70
10pRethinking Asset Allocation08:24 heerekj111:53 22twain
156pIn Laws Retirement Nest Egg04/15 Bogle198111:39 Misenplace
3tLarry Swedroe: Q1 2019 ‘Sure Things’ Review04/15 Random Walker11:38 nedsaid
74tIn which companies do you own a single share, or token amount, of stock?04/18 tristessa7911:27 montanagirl
6ccorporate conference - seeking help04:13 mushyyy11:18 TomatoTomahto
38cApple MacBook Air - what to do next.04/20 LuigiLikesPizza11:08 CyclingDuo
54cCollege admission inputs - Purdue vs local SJSU vs others04/18 techrover11:03 gips
1690tThe Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses2016 Earl Lemongrab10:59 Earl Lemongrab
15nCurrency risk when retiring abroad - Investing internationally in EUR?03/12 undid10:49 Valuethinker
11tWhy don't dividends affect the cost basis?22:42 spdoublebass10:46 dbr
24cWhat are your 5 favorite tools (hand, power, other)04/20 fishandgolf10:37 ralph124cf
10hHelp Clean Up Retirement Savings - Half one stock04/18 UpsetRaptor10:32 UpsetRaptor
11tThe Market Cycle of Emotions04/19 Paisley10:20 Paisley
6hportfolio review04/20 sunny skies10:17 Dandy
19hInvest 529 or taxable account?04/20 topcatin10:10 Ob81
667pRetiree Portfolio Model2012 BigFoot4810:09 BigFoot48
84cFor those who like travel, when did you retire and where are the most exciting places you travelled to?04/19 flyingaway10:07 Naismith
12hWhere to park the next dollar, beyond 401k?04/20 haranoth09:51 haranoth
44pleaving state job / pension. ..... bad idea?04/18 UnclePhil09:49 retired early&a
26tVHT / XBI / XLV holders (healthcare)04/16 tmcc09:42 Spinola
16hComing up on 40, please review my portfolio and direction04/19 Ladeedaw09:32 Ladeedaw
109cfun car advice04/07 EnjoyIt09:27 stoptothink
10tMechanics of Flight to quality03/25 S_Track09:26 S_Track
7cUpdating to MacOS Mojave on an old mac Mini04/19 jeanpierremelvi09:22 mchampse
43pDelayed gratification.03/10 Lehninger09:19 TheTimeLord
44hShould I start doing Roth Conversions and if so04/19 Shaneman09:11 retiredjg
29hCan we retire yet? And other related questions...04/19 reln08:51 reln
21pWhat is the Magic Formula for when One can RETIRE ?04/19 MrLazyButt08:48 LadyGeek
50pBest Credit Card for College Freshman04/19 rholt08:38 Kenkat
17cAdvice on non warrantable condo in Bellingham04/18 RobSg08:36 Dottie57
28tCareer Advice: Is active management really dying?04/15 Bogle198108:34 radiowave
1606tHEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure [risk parity strategy using 3x leveraged ETFs]02/05 HEDGEFUNDIE08:31 Mouro_Emprestad
15hSaved over 80k, should I look for a Savings or MMA?03/30 WillingtoLearn808:20 ruralavalon
1pIllinois tax as a non-resident07:19 B4Xt3r07:37 B4Xt3r
3nNRA - Greedy about bonds (Global USD AGGG vs North American USD SUAG/IUAA)?22:24 thibaulthib07:08 Valuethinker
5lMinnesota BH Main Meeting 4/20/1904/06 Fallible07:05 jeff mc
33pDW worried about What if ...? Wishes to pay off mortgage04/19 frugaltigris07:00 smitcat
62pWhere do you keep your emergency fund?01/26 siriusblack06:56 BUBear29
87h$1.1 million rental portfolio, but tired of being a landlord04/15 teelainen06:54 dmk395
23cControlling Ivy on walls04/18 Nearly A Moose06:07 Nearly A Moose
23cDIY home security system04/19 Tenesmus8306:04 shiftleft
37hVanguard or Schwab for Retiree and Power of Attorney04/20 wassabi06:04 wassabi
11hAm I supposed to start backdoor Conversation now?04/19 snowox05:58 snowox
177tMarket timers thread03/23 revhappy00:23 Hatch Batten
6pEasy to use legal zoom for revocable trust?04/19 sil201700:19 FIREchief
2tETF authorized participant mechanics04/20 up_and_to_the_r23:39 typical.investo
11pRenters Insurance2017 Joecrow2323:09 rgs92
21hNew job, please critique our investment plan04/17 Kettlebells22:30 Kettlebells
65tThoughts on this Forbes article? "Why Most Index Funds And ETFs Are Not Good Investments"04/07 therockbenz22:24 272 Sheep
26h24 yr old investment plan!!03/11 ynotyese.722:20 ynotyese.7
44cTrip to Central Asia. Do you need a CC?04/15 ChinchillaWhipl22:13 Traveler
3tFake stock factors04/20 Beliavsky22:07 Random Walker
14pSell Home Now or Wait? Relocating with Spouse04/20 Broadway201822:07 Broadway2018
17pNew job offer, pension vs diy retirement04/19 warowits22:02 lakpr
259c"The best and worst U.S. states for retirement"03/30 Taylor Larimore21:45 EddyB
22pHome Purchase Feasibility04/19 guwop21:36 Traveler
76hExperience with Edward Jones?03/25 neveragain20:51 bradinsky
24hBeginner question: best way to $ Cost Avg on sp50004/18 rajwar20:49 retiredflyboy
4nETF distribution frequency for accumulating ETF04/20 reisada20:49 andrew99999
8pReal Estate Advertising04/19 jfn11120:43 jfn111
16cUSPS In transit Arriving Late04/20 DTalos20:37 runner3081
6tBond fund duration04/20 S_Track20:37 Dialectical Inv
10hWhen to dump FIENX for FZILX04/20 bogleomics20:34 typical.investo

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