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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1422 new posts and replies over 216 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
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Subforum - TopicLast   
2hTax Rate on Treasuries?08:53 mall0c09:01 retired@50
21tExcellent, timely article on TIPS on Portfolio Charts15:42 Kevin K08:59 vineviz
4cBillpay via bank - how often does it fail?08:35 Faith2087908:58 Watty
0hAdvice on investing in CD or Treasury for Kids08:57 mj11711 
5hT-Bills for Cash acct-Bucket 110:05 CAcruising08:55 dbr
23cGlobal Entry Delay (March 2022)03/31 Naismith08:55 SimonJester
1595tWhy not 100% PSLDX? [PIMCO StocksPLUS Long Duration Fund]2020 TeeDee08:55 vineviz
20pAdvice on tax loss harvesting09/26 FishEarly08:52 livesoft
4hAccount Transfer Questions01:38 starfury08:50 cas
28tHow much of U.S. equity outperformance over foreign is due to currency?15:47 Fremdon Ferndoc08:50 junior
83hDon't time the market...but09/25 freelanceeer19708:50 rockstar
8pMorgan Stanley AMEX Platinum19:40 Jags418608:50 skibummer
22cBrief NYC stopover suggestions en route from DC to Boston09/26 steadyhand08:49 Afty
40h500k cash - 30 yrs from retirement - what would you do????14:27 MrMarket08:49 MrMarket
28pNavy Federal Credit Union check deposits: 5-day holds and multiple debiting of held check amounts starting 2 weeks ago?06/07 SunnySideUp08:48 rooms222
1331t[Vanguard may remove secure messages, members transitioning out of Vanguard]2021 runninginvestor08:47 beyou
4t2 Questions on Bonds23:02 arca08:46 vineviz
3tHow Has Income (Interest & Dividends) Changed in 2022?07:44 Leesbro6308:45 Svensk Anga
2pTax Loss Harvesting and Dividends20:16 saagar_is_cool08:45 saagar_is_cool
15hMarcus CD rate updates post Fed rate hike09:33 consinv08:44 MikeG62 or avoid?23:24 Rrvu199408:44 dbr
24pClosing my TSP account: Any tips?09/18 VictoriaF08:43 VictoriaF
16pHave an extra $175,000 sitting around that I'd like to maximize...12:31 Fess McGee08:42 helloeveryone
85tIf long TIPS hit a real yield above 2.0% I will…09/18 McQ08:41 billyt
290pCapital One is at it again2020 JD277508:40 tev9876
25tRoth Contributions as "Emergency Fund?"2020 jolmscheid08:40 vineviz
12hWhen to update Target Retirement Fund09/26 Mardenia08:36 Mardenia
296hVMFXX at 2.66% now as of 9/27/202207/14 longlife08:35 MikeG62
13156tHEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure Part II: The next journey2019 HEDGEFUNDIE08:31 skierincolorado
1049cPC Build Thread - 2020... and beyond!!!2020 Independent Geo08:30 Independent Geo
23pGetting a new house in the Bay area, need to decide what to do the previous one09/25 porfolio000108:28 Watty
55t"Stock Downturn Brings Pain To Buy-the-Dip Investors"09/26 Taylor Larimore08:28 7eight9
10cExchanging USD for YEN + other JPN travel tips19:30 soulreapersteve08:26 lthenderson
52h2043-47 TIPS paying 1.6%09/22 discman01708:22 discman017
47tCathie Wood's new fund gives small investors access to the VC market for just $50010:13 arcticpineapple08:19 belowaverage
36hStock Market Emergency Fund?09/26 Vanguard User08:18 dbr
207pMarcus High-Yield Savings Account rate increases04/22 Marseille0708:17 atdharris
651tWhy don't you factor tilt?09/16 Cannibly08:17 rkhusky
14hPlease help- sell VWIUX and buy T Bills at Vanguard?09/26 AvocadoDelibera08:15 Wiggums
77cWhere to buy grocery bags from?07/19 BogleMelon08:14 michaeljc70
16cGetting a large French Door installed, outswing vs inswing? Wanted some feedback.12:45 illumination08:13 jabberwockOG
73cMaster Bathroom Reno Advice07/29 msj1608:10 msj16
14t60/40 vs. Golden Butterfly for Retirement11:18 Poe2208:09 Hydromod
17pRear-ended by uninsured motorist21:40 SavinMaven08:07 TJat
39cMirrorless/DSLR vs. iPhone for low-light photos09/26 brew08:04 TN_Boy
111tSo... the best predictor of future bond returns?09/21 HomerJ08:02 abc132
33cPool table stay or go when selling a house?09/26 AussieDad07:57 jabberwockOG
4hInvesting in Gold and Silver21:27 ruanddu07:56 homebuyer6426
4hTLH, leveraging short term cap losses, and dodging dividends14:50 Aguilar07:56 sycamore
392hHM Bradley - is it safe - FDIC response2021 inspireone07:54 Vulcan
32tWhat is your Favorite Technical Indicator2021 tvubpwcisla07:53 Beliavsky
12tHow would exactly TIPs [mutual] fund behave during prolonged deflation?10/31 Blue45607:50 Dude2
10pLetter from debt collector regarding parent estate20:34 kr2407:49 dknightd
7tHow does one prepare for long term financial downturn?13:40 mortalsonofmort07:47 KlangFool
2cWarm lined pants / lightweight coat / winter shoes (for men)06:33 RealSunset07:44 homebuyer6426
953hPurchasing MYGAs (multi year guaranteed annuities) - mega thread2020 Stinky07:39 Zosima
4pWill need to move soon - is now the time for an ARM?16:27 GoodOmens07:39 kleiner
1909tModified versions of HFEA with ITT and Futures / Lifecycle Investing with Modern Portfolio Theory2021 skierincolorado07:34 Beliavsky
18pKeep maxing 401K contributions while paying off credit card debt?09/24 JB201307:31 n0v0w3ls
66hStopping BND bleed by temporary move to Tbills.09/26 ebeb07:24 burritoLover
4twash sell01:39 Always passive07:24 rkhusky
86pTake 50% pay cut for quality-of-life?09/24 mwelsh111807:23 dknightd
7hPotential TLH partners for VTSAX, excluding S&P500 funds06/15 PA_Boglehead07:20 PA_Boglehead
1544tLifecycle Investing - Leveraging when young2019 Steve Reading07:19 sharukh
12hTLH - Do I have this right?09/26 FinanceDad07:18 HomeStretch
65hManaging my mom's account09/22 LadyGeek07:18 LadyGeek
13nQuestion about inflation protected government bonds09/26 Picablo07:11 Picablo
582tA time to EVALUATE your jitters2011 nisiprius06:57 Silverado
3hInvestments on hold.15:01 RobLyons06:56 exodusNH
3pMulling Hypothetical Career Move (Private -> Civil Service); Implications?02:27 MattE06:47 Parkinglotracer
8pTransition from Fidelity Corporate 401K to Alternative09/24 R206:44 retiredjg
542cVanguard website succumbs to "Fisher-Price" UI design01/27 HanSolo06:20 LadyGeek
1744tTrading Treasuries (nominal and TIPS)05/24 Kevin M06:05 evelynmanley
8cAmsterdam hotel recommendations09/26 Thos06:03 Picasso
7tA couple of T-Bills Questions09/23 Doc705:57 MikeG62
1hSell active global fund / buy VFSAX or AVDV in taxable?04:58 theorist05:27 Enolacs
2pTax cost basis and home improvement: Do I need to adjust basis down with an estimated value of the replaced component?09/26 investing engin03:32 investing engin
192tVanguard now allows purchase/sale of dollar amounts for Vanguard ETFs (fractional purchases)12/01 exodusNH02:38 mongstradamus
29tWhy panic? Here's some positives09/25 mcdonaldj102:36 Starbase
25pCoinbase and taxes2021 am02:32 Starbase
14pSpecify estate as TOD/POD beneficiary?09/25 ee22bee01:42 ee22bee
156pOfficial HELOC (Home Equity Line of Credit) thread2020 JohnSmith12301:23 Tonygis
8tTime to stop buying EE bonds09:29 folkher001:18 WinstonTeracina
42cWorld Cruise 202309/25 Jazztonight00:37 Jazztonight
5pDo I need to pay home state capital gains tax on house sold at another state?11:14 Olufsen1234500:17 grabiner
55cApple TV vs. Roku vs. Chromecast vs. Firestick ?09/25 teelainen00:08 leland
2hVWIUX into Treasuries23:53 poker2700:08 retired@50
3028pFidelity as a one stop shop2018 BogleMelon23:53 VictorStarr
8pIncome Investing18:33 Invictus00223:43 Invictus002
1740tFirst 20% of bonds in long-term Treasuries2019 vineviz23:38 comeinvest
7pReviewing LTC for Parents11:14 cornellbuds23:34 RetiredAL
49tInverted Yield Curve ?09/22 Fat-Tailed Cont23:31 whodidntante
8tTreasuries coupon rate vs yield - help please09:08 brak23:26 exodusNH
109tNew Avantis worldwide ETF with value tilt06/28 brademac23:15 Galt guy
94cFavorite music from the 60s?09/13 tenkuky23:15 StrangePenguin
35hDBMF - Managed Futures Strategy ETF09/01 drzzzzz23:13 smerd
3728pBank of America/Merrill Edge - Preferred Rewards2014 navyitaly23:08 MisterBill
7pSolo 401k - rollover/transfer from vanguard20:03 chicagoprof2223:04 HomeStretch
4hWindfall & some general advice09/26 bikeage22:59 bikeage
14pWhat would it take for you to switch H&A insurance carriers?09/22 PrestonSea22:53 exodusNH
24hHow to account for proportional investing over time?09/26 justsomeguy201822:35 Wiggums
16pForm 8606 part 3 - return of excess roth contributions09/15 b17CC22:34 Alan S.
2pGolden 1 CU gives 3 days notice no longer cashing bonds20:55 runner2622:03 Katietsu
1pDoing both traditional IRA and mega backdoor roth20:01 SeriousFun21:57 zincTwo
5hVWUAX Inheritance, A winning 10 year proposition? [Vanguard US Growth]05/13 KatieG21:56 loanswithme
8cGeico Premiums Doubled19:20 Bigfish21:40 chrischris
8pTLH confusion (recent reinvestment in fund I was going to exchange for) - appreciate some help09/26 eoren121:17 rkhusky
5tTips? gold?18:41 gutrageous21:15 Beensabu
28tTurn This Bear Market "Lemon" Into "Lemonade".09/24 Taylor Larimore21:14 bog007
18tCD Early Withdrawal Now or Wait09/26 bpg123421:03 bpg1234
5pBank with better online security20:20 Gaston20:55 mongstradamus
15cIs this cost reasonable for having exterior of house painted?09/27 Nowizard20:52 Sandtrap
132p[Speculation on future of Ally Bank - Seeking Alpha article]09/23 Sunflowerlover20:48 LadyGeek
3pCreative financing to build dream home09/26 daave20:39 LadyGeek
14pHoly TIPS yields, Batman !09/26 RustyShacklefor20:34 AlphaLess
45hWhere to invest $100k today?09/22 CAPRI20:33 Ed 2
31tRay Dalio’s All Weather Portfolio is NOT working right now09/26 teelainen20:31 AlphaLess
31pWhat bloodwork should be covered as part of the free annual physical?09/23 fortfun20:30 tooluser
4tSell VXUS and buy what (something similar) to prevent Wash Sale?11:44 andysnp20:24 zonto
2tWhat 20 years of research into active funds tells us on the "Bogleheads on Investing" podcast with Craig Lazzara09/27 Rick Ferri20:12 Rick Ferri
5tDoes Vanguard e-delivery always send an email about an online notice?09/26 water235720:04 jebmke
6hSorry, but yet another TLH and wash sale mechanics Q14:43 sagegrouse20:02 rkhusky
1cDid the No Surprise Billing Act make insurance covering air ambulance unneccessary?19:52 notmyhand20:00 ResearchMed
755cSo what are you cooking2020 Skeeter119:57 tooluser
2tVanguard's CIO's (Greg Davis) take on the markets18:32 arcticpineapple19:51 livesoft
22cFront Door Renewal09/27 sureshoe19:48 teCh0010
19hPreservation of assets in current market(s)09/24 PoemMan19:46 Houdini563
1pCan you use your workplace dependent care FSA and also earn the IRS childcare credit?14:55 fortfun19:34 Asyouwish
193hFixed Withdrawal Rate - 5 or 6%?09/02 ThankYouJack19:30 vineviz
5h2 questions for planning 2023 Roth conversion09/26 Kumsajack19:09 UNCHEEL
88cTX electricity rates06/09 stocknoob411118:50 lillycat
48cCancelling a non-refundable hotel room?09/23 psteinx18:47 westie
20tPrivate equity: does anyone know these management companies suggested by a Robo-advisor using index funds?09/24 Lauretta18:38 Logan Roy
3744tI Bonds Mega Thread (I Bond Heads Rejoice!)2021 tomsense7618:37 SnowBog
15pStructuring your IRA's for RMD09/26 gavinsiu18:32 heyyou
17cRecommendations for places to visit and things to do in Acadia National Park09/21 Namashkar18:27 Random Musings
113tFree Morningstar Portfolio Ending06/16 Expro18:25 investorpeter
2pCash back /points when paying mortgage09/27 nomorework18:22 Jags4186
152c(For Women Only) Oh Dear, My New Favorite Wacoal Bra Costs How Much?08/14 lillycat18:22 lillycat
18cDaily contact lenses?09/23 MtnTravel18:08 goonie
11c"They Say, I Say" and "The Writing Revolution" book comments09/23 huzaing17:50 JimSmiley1850
4pEURO Denominated Acct for US Citizen14:06 wingman4uz17:50 wingman4uz
68hVanguard to Schwab or Fidelity08/30 bstevlin17:45 jebmke
2tBloomberg's Aaron Brown on Risk Parity15:28 matjen17:40 Beliavsky
12h36(Him) 35(Her) Portfolio Checkup - Baby #2 on the way09/26 LITeacher17:35 feehater
279p2021 Refund Times02/16 dink2win17:30 joelly
2pcan you perform a cost segregation study anytime during ownership of property?16:26 Olufsen1234517:29 Olufsen12345
12cSt. George, Utah09/27 brak17:27 jabbahop
4p2023 Part B Premiums/IRMAA announced early14:26 Alan S.17:26 HueyLD
8hYet another windfall question - with specifics12:05 dr350rex17:02 dr350rex
4hNew Bill in the Senate related to I Bonds16:38 Bibliothikarios16:58 oldcomputerguy
884c[On-going Scams - Post them here]2019 ketanco16:47 Stinky
0hPortfolio Review Appreciated (Transition to High Income and Incoming Inheritance)16:39 North_524_ 
0t'Bogleheads® Live' #22 podcast is out: Dan Otter on K-12 403(b)s16:39 JonL 
35tWhy such high Treasury yields?12:24 Gerard16:35 billyt
14pForeign Gift (real estate)09/23 TravelGeek16:28 TravelGeek
43hRebalancing tips if my AA goes beyond my 5% band in a bull market09/20 Aguilar16:23 ruralavalon
20tAre taxes complex with treasuries?04/06 buckeye798316:17 FactualFran
30pBank merger not going smoothly (change banks?)09/13 RobLyons16:08 Stinky
4hPortfolio Review09/26 boglebull16:03 HomeStretch
10hclosing account at Vanguard12:11 onlinegem15:54 nalor511
2hBND and treasuries15:07 birdbard15:53 exodusNH
79nNot so happy in Denmark... individual stocks better than index funds? [US ex-pat]2019 Ionchamp9915:36 international01
7tShort Term Treasury Bond Fund - check in09/26 Goldilocks15:25 jeffyscott
883cLet's play chess2021 LadyGeek15:17 Marseille07
6hBond Portfolio Question09/27 Archman6515:11 vineviz
81hTransferring funds from Fidelity to bank account [Account hacked, all stolen funds not replaced]09/18 IsabellaH55515:06 fabdog
689pQuicken 2019 and forward2018 Scorpion15:00 michaeljc70
18pTransferring large sum of money (and gifting question)09/23 jplee314:57 jplee3
3hSWVXX Money Market at TD Ameritrade12:07 over4514:57 over45
2tM2 money supply exhibiting meager growth14:07 bberris14:49 Alex Frakt
30tInvested heavily in a INTL fund. Stay the course?09/26 CurbedEnthusias14:47 Wannaretireearl
14tAsk Avantis: Investing in Bonds Amidst High Inflation09/18 JonL14:38 Mardoc01
19pSolo 401K - Help needed09/21 mt2k14:33 fyre4ce
31pEviction of an inherited tenant with no lease UPDATED02/24 teacher216314:27 Sandtrap
157t[60 year old - anxiety over market downturn]09/22 doc254714:20 invest4
5tSocial Security statement - new look11:49 David Jay14:20 David Jay
6hRight timing to get into bond ETFs?09:18 seiyafan14:19 like2read
27cLowes - Return extra building supplies for deck?09/24 caklim0014:16 caklim00
32cStrapping a cal king mattress to suv roof rack/crossbars09/26 jplee314:11 jplee3
1hLesson learned - IRAs at multiple institutions13:55 friar161014:10 rkhusky
10hVSS or VFSAX - any pros/cons I'm missing?09/22 namenloseblonde13:58 kelway
1hContribution limits: Solo 401k and Defined Contribution Plan (401a)09:26 happypediatrici13:57 Alan S.
0pSafe Income for IRMAA after SSA-4413:45 lstone19 
24ca more leisurely travel experience09/23 Moose197213:37 JupiterJones
969tNew fee for Vanguard mutual accounts08/08 Iorek13:30 celia
7cPassword Computer security09/27 pgs5913:24 stan1
12cWhere to sell Salvage title car ?09/27 mk103913:20 IowaFarmBoy
34hHelp with RMD please09/24 retiredjg13:03 Chip Munk
24pAll else equal, does lower pay lead to greater job security?09/25 MrNarwhal12:19 MathWizard
168tWhy is 60/40 supposed to be the best for retirement?09/16 Poe2212:11 Poe22
3hPimco Real Return fund11:39 Gerard12:01 toddthebod
6pOptions for Inheriting a 401K09/26 learningstill11:59 Alan S.
28cAre you having malfunctions with Vanguard's transaction history?09/12 spottedtiles11:45 LadyGeek
11hnondeductible IRA contribution to ROTH IRA09/26 Olufsen1234511:42 HomeStretch
7hRethinking Bond Asset Allocation and Early Retirement09:25 abs998611:41 deikel
6hTreasury futures05/24 Varsh11:37 LTCM
6cAdirondack hiking vacation09/26 SunRainSnow11:17 deikel
6hWhich safe 529 investment09/26 jb311:16 mamster
4hThinking of moving stable value contributions instead to Total bond and TIPS09/27 Doc711:12 Doc7
8cBuying New Subaru in Seattle Area09/25 cowdogman11:07 jpelder
17pelderly mother buying into long term care when market is down09/26 Workingmom7911:05 scienceguy
11hACH Transfers09/25 JD10111:04 Tubes
10pVanguard Website not working (for me?)09/26 furwut11:02 furwut
161sSpain and Roth IRAs2015 michaelotal11:02 wineandplaya
16hintermediat bond funds09/26 frederickj10:55 ruralavalon
13pMedicare Sign-up To Go Into Effect 1/1/2409/26 dcop10:55 Retired2013
36hEE series Treasury Bonds matured09/21 riptide10:50 ScubaHogg
32hNew retirement plan, and I'd like to mimic my old plan's funds09/15 np8110:43 ruralavalon
4tYATLHQ (Yet another tax loss harvesting question)09/27 Investing Newbi10:41 Investing Newbi
12tGlide paths - fact or myth?09/26 Poe2210:09 Poe22
283cAny Boglehead musicians out there?06/19 Jazztonight10:00 Sandtrap
7h401K + Brokerage / Tax over dividends09/26 Sonete09:47 retiredjg
32hQuestion about opening Treasury Direct account12/12 DidItMyWay09:47 hidey39
13hTLH and keep asset allocation similar09/21 Phinance09:34 Phinance
19pIrrevocable Trust Distributions02/21 ForumQuestionGu09:17 Lee_WSP

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