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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1324 new posts and replies over 197 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
# Replies Subforum - Topic TitleFirst Last   
Subforum - TopicLast   
9tMonte Carlo Analysis VS Historical Rolling Periods14:17 Flugugrubah05:45 jmk
10pWhy did Vanguard drop TurboTax?15:21 John15105:41 pfrank
16hAnnuity Exit Strategy Help Requested: Wife’s ROTH IRA – Allianz 222 Fixed Index Annuity – Stay or go? How?11/13 Readyinvestor05:38 Readyinvestor
130hBitcoin08/13 Malinois00005:32 Valuethinker
156hWhy pay cash for a car?11/12 RDHlooking4FIRE05:30 A440
7tTSP Modernization Act Signed Into Law20:39 stan_the_man05:23 grok87
24cReplace TVs with Smart Tvs or not?18:24 AKBTX1405:23 simmias
2h401k fund allocation16:20 ajw36005:08 ruralavalon
62tWhere did you first learn about investing?11/16 Nowizard05:08 A440
4hApproximating Total World Stock to avoid exchange risk11/16 sabahang05:07 sabahang
62hAsset allocation for 5% return11/12 Jimsad04:57 Jimsad
7pTake Pension or Lump Sum payout?11:29 Wyatt04:56 The Wizard
640tThe Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses2016 Earl Lemongrab04:43 alphaomega
31pBest option for large foreign currency transfer11/05 csm04:31 Diogenes
8hDoes Vanguard hunt down overseas investors?10:29 littleislander03:56 asset_chaos
28tBuying and Spending Bitcoin11/16 grayfox03:29 grayfox
13hWhich Target Date Fund?09:55 y4rivera03:26 FiveK
1pHow can I do it better?01:19 Shikoku03:17 FiveK
44pRisks of Non-ACA Compliant Health Insurance?12:15 Postmon02:57 vmsx
42pHelp with Understanding How to Handle Bonus11/15 oktax02:07 mortfree
27tHolding VTSAX only11/16 tman994001:55 Finridge
10cHyundai Elantra Special Edition- any thoughts?11/16 protagonist01:49 Jane
16tScottrade to TDA11/16 Oak&Elm01:09 msi
60cTesla truck unnveil11/17 4nursebee00:55 daveydoo
68hHelp for semi retired friend with 8 figure savings11/16 dspencer00:46 Sandtrap
6pVoluntary life insurance - how much?17:38 2m203700:39 letsgobobby
4hOptions? Maxed 54K 401K limit from all sources limit but couldn't max 18K 401K personal limit20:16 tim_327800:30 tim_3278
2tGood Backtest tool09:55 ctreada00:29 randomizer
1hNeed help choosing supplemental retirement plan11:39 washateria00:00 CaliJim
36cOffice Chair Recommendations (Aeron?)11/15 ThankYouJack23:42 Tyler Aspect
3hDomestic partnership benefits for health insurance21:14 icedtea23:30 Watty
16pBetter credit or larger downpayment?11/05 Savio23:23 deikel
5cTiming if Medicare annual physical18:26 Good Listener23:22 mouses
2tLower Interest Rates in Aging Populations15:17 SimpleGift23:18 SimpleGift
17cUnited change fees08:58 Horsefly23:05 DrGoogle2017
5tMarijuana stocks20:34 jb123:03 CaliJim
41hVariable Annuity Help - Parent's finances11/15 jeg20823:02 itstoomuch
80pPOAs may not be that powerful11/13 tadamsmar22:56 smackboy1
32p55+ Early retirement offer.11/15 Dottie5722:51 Bacchus01
17pPaid off my house. Now how to handle insurance and tax payments?17:04 WillyMcG22:48 deikel
10pWhen NOT to deduct business expenses, for solo 401K purposes2013 JimmyJammy22:46 Bacchus01
25p2018 FEHB HDHP Recommendations11/12 Kanefa22:43 grabiner
21hSpending Taxable to Zero during Retirement14:18 OffGridder22:41 Sheepdog
7hConfused about cash and retirement - isn't this really about market timing?16:09 cyclist22:39 cherijoh
15cIs dent repair service worth it?10:19 Vanrnr22:37 jabberwockOG
25cI have a cell phone that has some malware from the cell phone maker. Malwarebytes can't not remove it. Is the phone safe11/15 rec722:32 Tamarind
7cElectric Car (Nissan Leaf) for a teen driver?19:20 texasdiver22:30 deikel
12cWhere to buy new iPhone?07:47 yolli7122:29 2comma
29cCabo San Lucas - question10/29 FB0122:29 seersucker
34pUpgrading a flight - what are your rules?11/13 noco-hawkeye22:05 sco
4hDoes emplyer matching in an IRA count toward 5,500 cap11/15 me853121:53 me8531
21pPhysician(s) changing Jobs - Advice2013 DoctorJay21:50 E5797
157cGot an iPhoneX11/03 Leesbro6321:48 knick17
5tAs we gear up for the predictions season, a look back on how they fared for 2017 so far10:22 Ron Scott21:48 technovelist
47pPayPal alternative?11/09 kayanco21:46 knick17
50cMy dad's army jacket08:11 dia21:43 denovo
7cIssue with Bank of America credit card07:55 student21:40 RudyS
9hMoving to fund-of-funds - any regrets/downsides?11/16 12321:37 Sandtrap
19pForgot to file form 5500EZ for 2016 year11/16 doug452321:36 ERISA Stone
1tCIT Bank 11 Month No Penalty CD11/16 SquawkIdent21:34 GridironGems
18tGoldman Sachs mulls the death of the value factor11/16 garlandwhizzer21:26 Boglegrappler
94cHas used furniture dropped in value dramatically?11/15 mac_guy21:24 LeeMKE
1hBackdoor Roth - should we do it?19:48 MindTheGAAP21:22 mhalley
2cLibraries and EULA/copyright restrictions19:15 tibbitts21:16 iamlucky13
0hVanguard admiral shares vs. ETFs - tax cost differences21:13 FamousWalrus 
44p35 yr-old doc needs some wisdom2014 madman1921:04 JDCarpenter
8hRMD account09:16 doobman20:57 Peter Foley
31cRenting a car from Atlanta GA to Austin TX: $$$11/16 siamond20:53 Watty
6hVanguard Personal Advisor Services/Portfolio Review15:32 rivercityriverc20:50 rivercityriverc
13pTo buy or not to buying question (budget)11/16 Bird Beard20:50 noco-hawkeye
1hHealth Equity HSA20:39 TropikThunder20:49 jhfenton
278pPhysician Retirement Savings2016 llessac1520:48 E5797
27cQuestions for Boglehead runners08:36 NorCalDad20:44 azurekep
5hDFA vs Vanguard17:08 Jimsad20:35 Robert T
2tVanguard Global Wellesley Income and Global Wellington Portfolio Composition17:33 cnh20:33 AlohaJoe
23c$23K 2009 Lexus IS 250 AWD V-6 Miles 33K Certified.2014 goru120:30 LadyGeek
3hHelp with portfolio / Gathering collective wisdom11/17 enterobacter20:28 badbreath
9hAm I loopy for thinking about doing this? [Change stock allocation]11/12 Gsnod20:28 Gsnod
10hRefinance 30yr to 15yr mortgage?11/17 GrumpyMonk20:28 KlangFool
28tAre actively managed funds that claim to beat the market actually "scams"?11/13 Ron Scott20:27 Fudgie
5pPartial capital gains exclusion on sale of a rental home19:17 techlion20:24 DrGoogle2017
8hWho has had a 3 or 4 Fund Portfolio the past 10 - 15 years?17:28 Radd20:21 Rolyatroba
42tShould we be using high equity retirement portfolios? - Some cFIREsim scenarios.11/16 Finridge20:15 itstoomuch
19pAmegy Bank $1000 business Card offer10/21 JBTX20:10 JBTX
3hcash balance plan12:53 pbv19:50 pbv
61tShould you own only non-U.S. stocks?11/10 CULater19:38 nedsaid
7pHow to navigate through college expenses and possible early retirement17:24 UncleLongHair19:35 KlangFool
9pAre my husband's traditional IRA contributions deductible for 2017?06:38 betsybug35419:29 clydewolf
33hAn enviable problem?2013 scylla19:24 sergeant
18hCurrent precarious equity environment for a retiree14:07 dachshund19:16 AlohaJoe
127t[Bitcoin] question08/29 CodeMaster19:05 wrongfunds
28cBMW to Chevy Bolt?11/16 IMRTguy19:04 Jeff Albertson
35cplaces to live near Stanford University11/13 aquamarine18:51 aquamarine
14cUnder the sink water filter11/16 AAA18:48 JMacDonald
1hportfolio review16:48 Markov18:43 btenny
20pVirginia to New Jersey income tax11/06 communipaw18:28 Good Listener
1pSelling an investment property at a loss: taxes, losses, depreciation17:48 UncleLongHair18:28 chevca
16hCost basis question about Vanguard's covered/uncovered mutual fund shares11/16 bobsmith18:23 livesoft
4hMax out 403b or open solo 401k?10:08 etxman18:19 Spirit Rider
36hFinance Simplicity11/16 jharri127118:17 abuss368
8hHelp with 401K fund choices, please11/16 southlandgirl18:15 KSActuary
13hIs it a bad idea to invest several times a month?09:20 FriedFire18:07 randydimera
28pValue of 401k Employer Match vs. Salary Equivalent11/15 cwagon18:04 KlingKlang
3054cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36818:03 jginseattle
40hhelp assessing risk of promissory note w/ Techshop, Inc.2015 InertiaMan18:00 po_bambino
12hTarget Date Fund Investment Strategy10:57 bogglesquared17:54 abuss368
57cBuy iPhone 7 or Wait for iPhone 812/01 RoadHouseFan17:54 pennstater2005
121cMoviePass-Too good to be true, but it's legit.10/04 denovo17:44 Slacker
6pH&R Block Tax estimator13:38 delamer17:32 delamer
28pRE sale: long close vs. bird-in-hand11/16 freebeer17:32 quantAndHold
3pLooking for job, should I freeze my credit now?11/16 WannabeEarlyRet17:27 WannabeEarlyRet
139pNew HSA provider Lively offers investments for $30/yr fee09/26 indexfundfan17:24 jhfenton
7hTaxable account investments11:10 LFremont17:19 mega317
35cFavorite Holiday Recipes11/11 fishandgolf17:11 mouses
7hHR messed up my HSA election11/16 Determined17:04 Determined
153pWhy NOT make more money?11/10 flyingaway17:04 White Coat Inve
2hAsset Allocation and SS Income15:40 frederickj17:02 Dandy
135tThe 4% rule DOES fail but still makes sense!11/14 flyingaway17:01 willthrill81
6tVanguard Total Corporate Bond ETF (VTC)11/10 spdoublebass16:58 spdoublebass
12tAn hour with David Swensen at Council of Foreign Relations06:51 RNJ16:57 TheAncientOne
22hInvesting help family of four....Do nothing?11/15 CouponJack16:53 CouponJack
6pTiming of rolling IRA into 401k & initiating a back door Roth conversion08:51 retiringwhen16:53 retiringwhen
14hHelp Advise with a Fidelity Managed (discretionary) Account11/16 minskbelarus4716:44 Shallowpockets
31tI Bond fixed rate 0.10% [November rate announced]11/01 flah16:40 #Cruncher
1hInvesting ideas14:05 johnhenryiii16:27 ruralavalon
24cChain of command11/15 joelly16:24 munemaker
61pDraft a will with legalzoom or other online legal help11/12 Amy201716:19 munemaker
26hPortfolio allocation/location11/14 behumble15:42 ruralavalon
7hQuestion re: my high fee 401k plan/my investments11/16 ohiobucks115:15 mega317
3hPortfolio checkup & review 2018 fiscal plan (now married)11/16 Rainmaker4115:02 Rainmaker41
53cMichelin or Bridgestone?11/14 Dri14:58 tj
3tannualized TLH data from Wealthfront11/16 buffalo14:56 livesoft
183tMy Favorite Alternative Funds07/06 grap001314:55 Slick8503
2h[Traditional to Roth IRA conversion - backdoor?]11/16 zoecat14:45 FactualFran
8cDive computer recommendations11/16 Boglegirl8114:35 WhyNotUs
11cSuggestions for 1st week vacation in 2018?09:36 flyingaway14:24 oldcomputerguy
12hInvested more than $5500 in IRA - Help11/16 adimoron14:22 Earl Lemongrab
10pRetire at FRA of 66, or delay for one year?10:15 JohnFiscal14:14 delamer
8hSolo 401k and 403b11/15 angelescrest14:09 Veiled
4h401k how to reduce or eliminate fees11:58 choppyfish4614:00 sschoe2
0pVA 529 rollover deduction question14:00 crazyapple11 
37hWhat might you ask In-laws' FA?11/13 Edge_9013:58 NotWhoYouThink
10cWindow 10 Update -> Biometric , Cannot log in (Read this)12:31 KlangFool13:49 KlangFool
2tYet another TIPS thread10:48 dh13:40 dbr
12cWindows 10/Edge Conflicts11/16 ubermax13:38 ubermax
28hBenefits of Flagship2015 sanfran201513:37 downshiftme
7hFidelity fund fees for different fund classes11/17 TentativeScot13:37 RootSki
34tThe World's Negative Interest Rate Experiment11/14 SimpleGift13:36 Caduceus
19pCar shopping tomorrow08:47 RRAAYY313:34 daveydoo
17hInvesting priority11/15 runfast413:27 runfast4
6pBackdoor Roth and $0.01 question11/16 omega12:55 livesoft
24hPay down a 3.25% 15-year mortgage?11/13 hyperpigment2612:50 CurlyDave
34hPortfolio Review11/14 Exafchick12:48 KlangFool
13pIdentity Theft Credit Score11/14 GridironGems12:44 takeshi
6hsolo 401k questions - add spouse, loans11/16 emoregon12:32 livesoft
2cIf you run Windows Defender & this07:23 fishboat12:20 fishboat
8pnon deductible ira moved to 401k??11/15 noobtoinvesting12:20 Earl Lemongrab
4tAnybody used Robinhood for investing?11/04 Bradley3712:06 Bradley37
5hHaving problem with Vanguard phone access11/16 tadamsmar12:00 tadamsmar
20cKeep old cards active by paying yourself?11/14 kayanco11:56 takeshi
10cConfused!!!! CRCCs or home care..? Help!!11/16 roy1111:55 mickeyd
8tWhy is there talk of a bond bubble?06:53 sjwoo11:47 z3r0c00l
16cSt. Petersburg, FL visit: Rental car, tolls, SunPass questions05:56 AntsOnTheMarch11:43 AntsOnTheMarch
4p401K & self employment retirement vehicles?06:45 LuigiLikesPizza11:39 PaddyMac
6h? On Maxing out solo 401k with 403b for 201711/07 emoregon11:35 T-Wrench
107cDo you meditate?11/11 gasdoc11:32 TedSwippet
17pquestion for cpa? state income tax when living / moving back and forth in CA and WA?11/14 RVD11:24 missingdonut
4148tU.S. stocks in freefall2011 Lbill11:10 Doom&Gloom
21cASUS Student Chromebook - thoughts?11/15 LuigiLikesPizza10:54 hicabob
15hSocial Security younger Wife11/16 seychellois_lib10:53 ZWorkLess
15hCashed out Inherited IRA used to justify IRA contribution?11/16 bobsmith10:34 David Jay
2hIs it safe (to backdoor Roth) yet?09:50 crit10:27 magicrat
25hA Friend Asked Me - Ponzi or Not? [1st position commercial mortgage notes]2016 Bob.Beeman10:03 Abe
4hHelp Moving IRAs, Starting Anew, Balancing Debt, Saving and Investments11/11 GreyInvestment09:55 ruralavalon
41pSchwab/Fidelity vs BoA Gold: Checking11/11 kayanco09:54 simas
105tUsing Funded Ratio to drive retirement investment plan - Part 1 of Funded Ratio series05/28 bobcat209:52 bobcat2
12tCar loans vs. Home loans - Are markets efficient?11/15 ksleo09:50 smitcat
2pHealth Plan Comparison- What to Do?11/16 advice78909:49 dm200
15pChristmas Vacation on a budget11/16 investing101209:45 JupiterJones
192tLarry Swedroe: Slaughtering The High Dividend Sacred Cow11/06 Random Walker09:42 nedsaid
37pAdvice needed for parent's finances11/13 guitarguy09:14 JW-Retired
16fLinking wiki articles into forum posts2012 Peculiar_Invest08:45 LadyGeek
9hIntroduction to myself, my portfolio and my situation11/14 Midnight Rider08:41 Midnight Rider
116tThe fear of retirement, black swan, and math to dissuade the fear.11/08 EnjoyIt08:35 EnjoyIt
12hHow can I get my kids into Vanguard Primecap11/08 Car Nut08:31 Car Nut
9tAnti-Index Fund Arguments - Help staying the course.11/16 Ignorant08:29 Longdog
15hConfused about IRA deduction Limts11/16 bobsmith08:28 bobsmith
87cSpam calls to cell phone...11/02 vaught08:26 totallystudly
24hNeed help to understand tIRA rIRA conversion11/14 loklav08:19 LadyGeek
50pHow unwise is it to move to a high-tax fiscally-shaky state? (Connecticut)11/15 lvrpl08:12 nisiprius
7hPortfolio Opinions and Tax Efficiency11/14 towtruck07:29 ruralavalon
1hVanguard adding do-it-yourself QCD screen to website06:26 smashhand07:18 tomd37
7hPortfolio Advice - Reducing Clutter Military 31M11/12 EODTECH1906:40 Fishing50
22cNew TV for Father11/15 Marjimmy06:35 F150HD
4hThoughts on my asset allocation?11/16 Jacky81706:25 stemikger
19hBond fund in a ROTH11/16 jtelwood06:23 F150HD
3hTop quality home builders in North Dallas11/16 ckhouston06:10 sc9182

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