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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1308 new posts and replies over 195 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
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Subforum - TopicLast   
7hTax loss harvesting for a beginner with inheritance11/17 adam12319:25 rkhusky
1pHelp evaluating HSA vs. Standard PPO (Adult + children)13:31 e511619:25 grabiner
38pparents buying home for sibling11/17 cw12319:23 London
53pIs my husband ready to quit tenured professorship to pursue side hustle?07:33 francine19:20 willthrill81
133tIf riskier than US, why doesn't international outperform?11/16 samsdad19:19 columbia
35tWhy do people think CD rates will keep going up?20:49 fortfun19:18 willthrill81
0ttiming muni bond fund sale to maximize tax benefits19:18 15202guy 
11pPre-payment penalty mortgage11:08 DINK4LIFE19:16 whodidntante
6tbrokerage failure & risk premium for t-bill & cd15:01 fatherted19:15 AlohaJoe
32cLaptop security - Mac OS or Windows11/17 AAA19:15 MindBogler
9hCurrent Retirees: Do you touch your principal?18:45 hirlaw19:15 freebeer
3pNFCU offering free $2K in AD&D insurance, does it make sense?18:00 schrute19:14 wootwoot
23hAm I understanding this right about DAFs? If so...wow08:08 Galaga19:14 TN_Boy
324tRumor mill - Fidelity starting individual HSA's Nov. 15th11/11 liberty5319:12 Spirit Rider
7tUK total beginner book11/17 BritAbroad19:11 BritAbroad
15csell current home before buying new home?11:23 panhead19:10 Elena
5h"Stay The Course" by John Bogle10:28 Taylor Larimore19:05 Rick Ferri
7840tU.S. stocks in freefall2011 Lbill19:05 CaliJim
65pAmazon says TurboTax 2018 will be released November 1211/07 cadreamer201519:01 Elena
134cFavorite "free stuff"?11/08 tennisplyr19:01 Earl Lemongrab
2h401K Rebalancing Advice - Need to get this 6% bond allocation up!14:34 PlayingLife19:00 PlayingLife
6hHelp young investor/family man with a unique situation...11/12 CMLAW119:00 StoopieHippo
5cWhole house water filter? How to interpret test results??13:14 dkore19:00 Ramon
701tHarry Browne Permanent Portfolio Discussion (Cont'd)2010 MediumTex19:00 Smith1776
5hDo you angel invest? If so, how many investments do you typically do?17:02 schrute18:58 bogglizer
21tInterview with Fidelity's Abigail Johnson11/17 SlowMovingInves18:52 Nate79
51pNew job concerns11/07 lateregistratio18:52 whodidntante
47pHow high can House prices go11/06 prettybogle18:48 srt7
5cCoffee tablebooks??16:18 OneWorld11118:43 oldcomputerguy
23hSmall Value tilt Q20:38 DesertInvestor18:43 DesertInvestor
30cBlack Friday 201807:40 OnBoard18:39 htdrag11
3pLife Insurance Company Reccomendations16:22 OpattyD18:37 Nate79
39tEd Slott & Roth Conversions11/17 drzzzzz18:36 Electron
22tTIPS yield curve oddity11/17 wintermute18:35 abuss368
6pRoth conversion amount question15:47 lws677218:31 sawdust60
7pACA cliff and MAGI; to ACA or Cobra?09:37 jh498618:29 MP123
3hVanguard Target Retirement/Life Strategy vs 4 Fund DIY balancing15:37 danceswithhamme18:27 Taylor Larimore
48cWhen is Too Long to Return a Hair Dryer to Costco?11/17 Kennedy18:26 tooluser
25hIs it 'Market Timing' (i.e., Bad) to Have an Investment Plan Where You Increase Stock Allocation if Market Declines?11/17 Messner800018:24 Messner8000
1tDFA Dimensional Fund Advisors - compared17:03 ps56k18:16 PFInterest
1511tQSPIX - thoughts on interesting fund2015 Yesterdaysnews18:11 Taylor Larimore
4pSS Question17:45 Prudence18:10 Golf maniac
5cNew car - aftermarket upgrades vs higher trim11:28 ragnathor18:10 mrspock
223lNew York City Local Chapter established2013 quanuec18:07 Flying Penguin
3h401(k) alternatives15:44 dannyboy18:07 whodidntante
3011pWhat's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?2016 guitarguy18:02 TravelforFun
25tFinancial Engines recommends spending Roth money first11/17 Ready3Retire17:52 inbox788
76hMy Edward Jones IRA is out performing my Vanguard 401K10/20 CashedOut17:40 international00
117pReplacement for Google Finance price quote function02/02 The529guy17:36 donheff
88pWhy I plan on buying a life annuity - even if it is a stupid idea11/15 CULater17:31 inbox788
107cGranddaughter needs $ help for university11/12 Almost there17:31 ThatGuy
27pIRS announces 2019 Tax Rates, Standard Deduction, etc.11/15 P&C actuary17:29 andypanda
98hI can't take this anymore=) I'm selling stocks and buying bonds!11/13 Alex GR17:28 delamer
57hShould we drop our manager, for 4-fund portfolio?11/11 Lazareth17:27 retiredjg
6cHome security system and outside cameras11/15 serbeer17:22 Geneyus
3cBuying Google Home Minis on Ebays16:27 Good Listener17:18 Good Listener
13tPrime MM vs 6-month Treasury in IRA20:14 Kevin M17:12 Ricchan
14hsolo 401k worth it, if I can only put $3200 a year in it?00:44 mrtimo17:02 Duckie
9tmorningstar not displaying charts?20:18 arcticpineapple16:59 Doc
28tinteresting call with my 80yr old mothers Fidelity advisor11/17 lomarica0116:58 inbox788
3820cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36816:56 jginseattle
932c[What TV Show Have You Recently Watched?]2016 dbCooperAir16:49 Halicar
20cMy car was totaled. Do any of you have experience with this process?11:03 CobraKai16:41 123
131hRoth vs. Traditional 401k11/10 FrugalPharmacis16:41 FiveK
32pCredit Card for International Travel04/28 Axtremus16:39 Rattlesnake
10tState Municipal Bonds verse Total Bond Index10:12 Highlandbeach16:35 retiredjg
87pTime Value of Money vs. Variable Percentage Withdrawal (VPW)11/05 willthrill8116:35 siamond
3hStarting to get serious about portfolio allocation, looking for feedback on my plan!11:35 tthesian2516:28 tthesian25
23hIn Grad school but work at a hotel which likely will be my career. Retirement?11/15 randydimera16:27 randydimera
477pAlly Banking 1% extra back up to $1,000 on new money deposited10/15 LSLover16:20 fortfun
0hDo Irish-domiciled ETFs trade on US exchanges?16:15 AlexTheLion 
96hFirst time invester, help needed please11/07 stt81616:07 retiredjg
3hMore TLH questions21:54 tindel16:05 rkhusky
7tTLH and successor tax-exempt fund02:35 restingonmylaur15:56 rkhusky
173p[Financial] Habits of the Rich11/11 Wilhou201515:51 Wricha
6hHow best to implement Dollar Cost Averaging in the UK?13:30 jaredlucas15:51 Valuethinker
41pDeceased year RMD of inherited IRA2013 livesoft15:48 hudson
5cNew car choice for low mileage driving: Prius Prime Premium or Subaru Impreza Premium?13:21 margered15:45 Quaestner
672cMy 2017 CRV is a victim of the dreaded oil gas-dilution issue03/14 CULater15:44 Turbo29
5hTo IRA or not12:18 SimpleFox15:43 rkhusky
68hHow exactly does Vanguard's RMD service work? Rebalancing?2014 nisiprius15:38 5boro
22hLOST OVER $400 on CDs in 2 Weeks!11/16 BlueSkySS15:26 sport
94hFor Those Who Purchased Ally No Penalty CD's in Dec/Jan05/01 MikeG6215:22 Kevin M
2pRental Property Mortgage Pay-Off -- Liability11:08 Ten10Power15:18 Derby
3pFidelity Self-Employed 401(k) and Prior Year Contributions00:55 southerndoc15:13 Spirit Rider
68cCremation seminar – with complimentary lunch11/15 GerryL15:12 cheese_breath
16tWhere do you get your information? Favorite blogs/sites/resources?10:04 dalbright15:11 dalbright
11hCanadian Citizen with noticeable tax deferred investments and home equity, considering moving outside US before 6006:57 EnjoyTheJourney15:11 LadyGeek
6pCDCTC vs FSA22:44 guliver15:08 guliver
7pInsurance Help - 80% Co-Insurance - Grandmother's Payout Amount?11/16 GatorMichael15:01 Iridium
20hDoes my logic on Roth401k vs non-Roth401k make sense?21:08 justsomeguy201814:59 KlangFool
1hwhat to ask ORG re CDs14:45 brandy14:50 radiowave
2tMM fund interest starts on what date?11/16 zeugmite14:42 zeugmite
3cIHG Points13:57 JBTX14:40 JBTX
4tVanguard Daily Market Alerts11/17 colodane14:35 afan
7hTrying to create a portfolio I can manage myself11/17 samswami14:28 Earl Lemongrab
39pGoogle sheets not pulling stock prices03/27 pshonore14:16 sperry8
44pHow to charge much higher than Credit Card Limit09/26 itgeek13:58 Jags4186
10tShould I expect 4 funds to perform better than 2 funds?11/16 Simple Simon13:57 longinvest
18p38 & 43 with pension and $1M in assets considering increasing spending11/16 Ybsybs13:42 Ybsybs
4tRecommend an International Large Cap Index Mutual Fund11:50 zmaqoptyxbglp13:39 Random Musings
12pDependent Care FSA - Question11/06 ddurrett89613:36 guliver
7hComment from Bogleheads book about future market gains11/17 USAFperio13:34 Mel Lindauer
5tRatio of stocks to bonds12:17 tsores13:30 Random Musings
3hSimple procedural question on Backdoor Roth11/17 ybdam13:28 Earl Lemongrab
8hBuy a 2-family/rental property or REIT11/17 BoggledHead213:24 averagedude
6cLastPass vs BitWarden11/17 get_g0ing13:22 get_g0ing
4tBasic simple questions on TLH11/17 Triple digit go13:17 JW-Retired
49cBest headphones under 500 bucks10/08 am13:11 am
9pNegotiating offer when you gave a number early in the interview20:16 sizzlinkola13:10 Earl Lemongrab
3hProjecting 2018 Taxes11:14 mikedm13:06 2015
4pReal estate capital gains - advice needed11/17 khale713:05 khale7
7hShould I sell bond fund, use for mortgage pay down ?11/17 dmk39513:03 CRTR
4hNeed help with investment plan [Europe]11/16 Spike8613:00 TM90
20cHow to pick a wifi router to replace one we rent from Cox?11/17 knightrider12:49 Big Dog
34tAlpha Architect: Factor Investing Fact Check: Are Value And Momentum Dead?11/15 Random Walker12:49 2015
25cWarm winter vacation11/17 dave105412:47 Sandi_k
38pIncompetent home inspector - what to do?11/16 novembre12:47 SeeMoe
2pFile K1 if not for a calendar year?11/17 harmony12:46 harmony
172tA reminder: Stay away from AQR11/08 hdas12:21 gtwhitegold
38hIf the market is this high, does it make sense to invest a large sum of money?11/17 EPCOTCenter198212:19 sperry8
1hQuestion on 401k - DFLVX - DFA U.S. Large Cap Value Portfolio Institutional Class09:45 justsomeguy201811:56 PFInterest
19cNavigating Venice Italy Transportation System11/16 Swampy11:54 Swampy
22cMen's crew neck t-shirts22:07 pkay11:49 TerryDMillerMBA
53cHome sale etiquette: wall repair11/16 coalcracker11:46 wrongfunds
1tSalable assets part of Asset Allocation?10:36 convert94911:41 Dandy
17pRoth conversion complications- tax help needed!11/10 francine11:27 francine
36cWhat convenience fees does your city charge for credit card use?11/15 protagonist11:09 Artful Dodger
16pAny Accountants here?07/26 alex12371111:03 nedsaid
51cCancun in a few weeks10/13 Flymore11:02 Flymore
30pWater-Sewer line insurance11/17 Admiral11:00 Turbo29
4tAmazon public subsidy09:43 retire202210:53 LadyGeek
23hTraditional IRA rollover to 403b witholding amount11/16 Hanopol10:49 BL
7cBlue Cross, Blue Shield dental plans11/13 MrMojoRisin10:38 westie
49cUnderstanding the difference in cell phone OS types11/14 Earl Lemongrab10:35 mmcmonster
9tPOV on Vanguard's Global Wellington Fund Admiral Shares (VGWAX)10/20 timmy10:32 retire2022
12tSell 0% Fixed Rate IBonds and Buy TIPS?11/16 pop7710:30 tj
2hRecent Windfall - Summary of Final Decisions10:02 itgeek10:27 TomatoTomahto
2hHow to cancel automatic deposits on vanguard?08:27 JF214110:23 JF2141
90cToo many choices for my next TRUCK11/08 ad200710:17 rkuklinski
2p[Backdoor Roth Conversion - Does pro-rata rule apply?]09:45 mjoeharris10:13 JW-Retired
86pRetirement accounts and physician SCorps and Tax Reform12/24 gasdoc10:10 Spirit Rider
7pNeed a sophisticated calculator for retirement. Help.11/17 reimann10:08 smitcat
3ppro-rata rule in Backdoor Roth Conversion06/20 phrelo10:08 retiredjg
15hPerform 12% Roth conversions or realize 0% long term capital gains during low income years???11/17 BonziBuddy09:54 KlangFool
0pSupplemental Spousal Liability NY09:53 jmorgans 
13tInvesting idea--what am I missing?11/17 Null4209:49 Park
13hVBTLX vs. Vanguard Federal Money Market Fund11/14 GRS15909:42 GRS159
8h37 year old requests assistance with questions at end.11/16 linuxology09:32 justsomeguy2018
5tSide Hustle Newbie, Solo 401k Best Use Question11/17 akokopuff09:26 Soon2BXProgramm
2plow risk secured credit/debit card11/17 mrgeeze09:23 lakpr
12h23 Fund Managed Portfolio: Is this normal?07:24 Frank201209:17 goingup
7hDisclosure: My Colorado muni bond fund: WTCOX.2016 dratkinson09:04 grabiner
44cwhich snow blower ?11/15 lmea09:03 lazydavid
86cfuel for snowblower11/13 serbeer08:51 smitcat
1hDo 401k/403b/457b balances count toward backdoor ROTH pro rata rule?08:10 Messner800008:21 welderwannabe
447tHow much international stock? A suggestion.2016 Taylor Larimore08:21 fortyofforty
1hChange broker when: Maintenance fee + FX conversion are high?07:37 bubbasour08:20 AlohaJoe
2tLots of Newbie bond questions11/16 305pelusa08:18 305pelusa
4pVeterans business bonds 5%07:18 am08:16 jminv
18cNew Crossover Confusion.....11/17 Brokepilot08:15 Colorado13
3hAssets in Taxable Account/Highest Tax Bracket22:40 Sol07:54 sambb
0hMy Investment Strategy - Australian Working Overseas07:48 rhythm 
113cPoint and shoot camera11/09 legio XX07:38 midareff
0p3year myga (fixed annuity) rates07:34 pablolo 
57tAlly just raised Online Savings accounts to 2% APY11/16 Daendrew07:25 RickBoglehead
85tWhy don't I read about this strategy more? [12-month moving average, momentum]09/27 Dink201807:06 tadamsmar
12hPlease critique my TLH plan11/15 alil06:25 rkhusky
9cvacation in Maine, New Hampshire11/17 indexonlyplease05:33 nativenewenglan
92tBloomberg commodities index still in contango03/11 grok8704:44 grok87
2hInvesting as Expat / Currency Exchange11/17 OzCletus04:15 typical.investo
14cToyota Dealer Lost My New Car's Key11/17 JW-Retired01:11 samtex
5pZero Financial11/17 betablocker23:56 venkman
14hStock, Bonds, REIT belongs in Taxable vs ROTH?11/17 Tayskiing23:34 Tayskiing
8hSingle Vanguard MF for Taxable Account11/17 gjankow23:32 BL
18hNew FA offering to pay annuity surrender fee11/17 MBB_Boy23:19 MBB_Boy
6h401K Fund advice11/16 Anonperson23:14 Anonperson
32cMouse in the house11/15 mancich22:49 donall
12pFlagship Services Include Free Annual Tuneup. Q.’s to Ask?11/17 SeeMoe22:33 SeeMoe
5hBest Mutual Funds To Invest In With a New BOA Merrill Edge Roth IRA?11/17 Japanfan198622:18 CRTR
24pUpdate Re: Hubby soon to be laid off11/16 starfish2622:16 mariezzz
9hShould I invest now11/17 Darwhin21:55 BolderBoy
6hMoving Betterment taxable account to Vanguard taxable, help on tax efficiency11/17 celine21:20 BL
33tUSAA getting out of mutual fund biz11/06 Riprap21:05 flamesabers
30cMy experience with iPhone6s battery replacement11/15 StevieG7220:38 canderson
5hAre VG TR 2020 and TR 2025 substantially identical?11/17 TomatoTomahto20:30 jalbert
10pnew 401k plan, want to make it mega back door roth friendly11/07 calabel20:23 jacoavlu
108hAre We In A Real Estate Bubble?11/07 kadibex120:09 hawkfan55
9pSold house. need sanity check11/12 linuxology20:06 FIREchief
9tBonds and their role in a portfolio:11/17 Nowizard20:05 WildBill
17pACA MAGI, dependent, and subsidies questions11/14 evonboeck19:59 evonboeck
26hPortfolio decisions as we approach retirement11/14 Skyflyerman19:56 Skyflyerman
9pHow Much of a Hassle is it Going to be to Roll Back 2018 Roth Contributions?11/17 Small Law Survi19:42 Small Law Survi
0cWater Vapor "Fire"place19:38 Shortsellforfun 
32cNeed advice on (2) jackets.11/16 Keepcalm19:31 Keepcalm

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