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47t "The Problem With Factor Investing Research"  05/23Taylor Larimore10:45NiceUnparticula
73c At what point to buy new car for safety  page: 205/21ThankYouJack10:45wrongfunds
6t DFA Retirement Income Strategies  05/22bobcat210:45willthrill81
5p A little guidance please..  05/23TarHeel200210:44antheus
7h Vanguard 401k advice  08:10rohans10:44Lou354
2p Milestones (significant to me!)  10:11Edie10:44TallBoy29er
7p Max a 529?  00:27metrunt10:44EATaxGuy
21h New to the forum and retiring this fall  14:34Tracyfaa10:42delamer
29h A Gem from Livesoft  05/21TheTimeLord10:42ImaBeginner
5p Is the movie Trading Places true?  08:52knightrider10:41knightrider
0c advice on hvac replacement decision  10:39sng  
1h VDAIX in taxable account  10:10topspin7010:38bloom2708
0h Arrived at milestone - what should be my next step?  10:37Bearcat  
4h When should my MIL take SS?  09:32jimmyrules71210:37dodecahedron
97h My dad is taking Social Security at 62, why would anyone not? (If they already quit working)  page: 205/19CnC10:35Hyperborea
4t 529 Questions. Double tax breaks?  13:42Oompadeedoo10:34Oompadeedoo
2h IRA to 401K rollover + Backdoor IRA in same year  06:23Sourc310:33Spirit Rider
7p Amended taxes, still not showing in IRS website  05/22dingdongditch10:33dingdongditch
45t The dot com "do over" bull market?  13:41frankmorris10:27wolf359
10h Do I need to add small and mid cap?  19:55BogleMelon10:27Gropes & Ra
30h Do you keep extra money available for investing  05/21Mr.BB10:27arsenalfan
8c Tea recommendations  05/23ThankYouJack10:25Tyler Aspect
11c anyone ever live/living on a boat?  03:34chipperd10:23MrNewEngland
1t Convenient listing of additions and removals of companies in international indices?  22:46financeisfun10:22financeisfun
47p i am my own "guy," but not sure I should advertise that  20:39frugalecon10:17cantos
2680c What Movie Have You Recently Watched?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 542014abuss36810:15BanditKing
1p California probate - DIY?  10:07letsgobobby10:14Globalviewer58
0p Fidelity customer protection guarantee-void if you use Mint?  10:12name_here  
26h Is Schwab Intelligent Portfolio OK for taxable accounts???  05/22davidkw10:11House Blend
2p Verifying IRS expectations on Inherited IRA  09:15Crow Hunter10:10Spirit Rider
88t Vanguard upgrading to Brokerage account comes with some nuisances  page: 208/06akpk10:10heartwood
3p How do I transfer property from mother-in-law to wife and I?  09:33Gardener10:07adamthesmythe
7h Newbie here! What should my betterment allocation be?  23:53jzco10:06alshayed
10h First attending level job but no 401k offered. What are the options?  17:15jkushne110:05an_asker
4h Mortgage prepay math with PMI  05/22allanj3710:05alex_686
0p Dating each signature? Letter rejected by Merrill Edge  10:04bostondan  
20h I admit, I give up [need strategy for getting back in]  05/22bogleuser2410:04ruralavalon
60c Lawyers charging for asking about fees  page: 205/19Incendiary10:04Eric
10t Survey: 5 yr. CDs: 2.12% with no EWP vs 2.69% with 12 mo EWP?  05/22protagonist10:03protagonist
8h Portfolio Questions & Check Up  05/20Livid40809:59retiredjg
17h Contribution pre/post/Roth?  05/23benevo09:54benevo
6c California Title Car Paid Off no Title for 8 months  05/22bluelogic09:51bluelogic
11t Pimco BOND - other Vanguard similar funds or ?  05/22ps56k09:50TBillT
10h Modest portfolio makeover - please help  05/15newbie192009:49ruralavalon
0t Larry Swedroe: The Problems With Formulaic Value Investing  09:48Random Walker  
11p Auto Insurance Question  05/15jimmyrules71209:45jimmyrules712
1603p What's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 3305/25guitarguy09:42Jags4186
5t Total Bond vs Total International Bond  08:22NibbanaBanana09:41NiceUnparticula
17h Help with asset allocation across multiple accounts  05/18Pobre09:40Pobre
1t Bernie Madoff Revisited 8 Years Later  09:35muddlehead09:39prudent
21c Help choose company service gift [choice made!]  16:59Earl Lemongrab09:35Earl Lemongrab
1h Which accounts to consider in AA  08:47lazydavid09:35Dandy
24c Bradford White Electric Water heater?  16:07unclescrooge09:32hand
3h Government 457 options. Advice appreciated.  03:45Keepcalm09:30dbltrbl
7h Does anyone know [choosing a Vanguard bond ETF]  05/21Vision09:28BeBH65
22p Trying to pay off student loans  05/14AsamiSato09:28mortfree
55t Question on Schiller CAPE predictions  page: 205/23frankmorris09:27CantPassAgain
15p Use Voided Check or Deposit Slip?  12:32sport09:27dm200
15t Are all markets efficient?  22:41Runalong09:26asset_chaos
3h Adding money to my 3 fund retirement account  05/23indexonlyplease09:25indexonlyplease
89c Which Small SUV for 15 Year Reliability?  page: 205/16steadyeddy09:18wrongfunds
17t Understanding a Post Tax 401k  05/18kappy09:13retiredjg
30c Need new Router/Wifi Networking Ideas  05/20blueman45709:06BHUser27
22c Well-made quality handbags  05/20Barefootgirl09:03Barefootgirl
73p Net worth is overrated  page: 205/22an_asker09:01BW1985
25h Fidelity and their "free advisor" service?  13:55CnC08:57dbr
5h Help with 401k Fund options.  13:30bouldert08:55bouldert
11c When will used Rolex prices decline significantly?  05/19soupcxan08:51mak1277
15t 401k vs Pension  05/23ActionTransacti08:44Doc
3h Transfer existing 401K to SEP-IRA or Solo 401K ?  07:48Mark261408:39Rainmaker41
7h Relative owns lots of funds through various fund companies, can he combine?  11:26Olav208:37Olav2
31h Missed window for selling Fairholme Fund (FAIRX)?  05/22financeisfun08:24Jags4186
5c Does auto insurance still hike your rates for a claim?  15:20hesson1108:06Swansea
7h Made 100k From Home Sale, Advice Wanted  20:45Shutout08:03Vanguard Fan 13
15p Health Insurance Company "Case Manager"  05/22slapfish07:58spammagnet
58p Zacks says sell Wellesley!?  page: 205/22nbseer07:56donaldfair71
0p Insurance: NY Central Mutual vs State Farm  07:54bb  
8p Vanguard, Betterment and Wealthfront for a teenager  20:21luckybamboo07:53lazydavid
14t Place to put Cash - short term  05/21calliecake4707:51skepticalobserv
0p Att: Google/Morningstar Employees - historical price data feature opportunity  07:51datamonkee  
9h Classifying "Other" investments in Vanguard Portfolio Watch  01/03Chan_va07:46livesoft
10t From the short end of the yield curve  04/18skepticalobserv07:32skepticalobserv
5h Withholding tax on Ireland-domiciled distributing ETFs for non-Europe residents?  05/06etf_gaucho07:31TedSwippet
24t Are risk factors just ways to take on additional risk?  17:23selters07:31NiceUnparticula
32t Refinance Mortgage From 30 to 15 OR Invest?  05/21no_surrender07:24stan1
2t Moody's cuts China's credit rating  03:18jalbert07:23nisiprius
55t Milestone and not peeking. . .  page: 205/18stemikger07:21Lynette
33p IRS tax letter triggered by Turbotax's 8606  05/22sophie107:20Chip
5p Battle of Low Interest CD's  21:55Riley1507:03BHUser27
2t Another Millionaire Using Index Funds  06:06snarlyjack06:48sometimesinvest
7h Any advice on investing 200k, short term 1 yr?  05/19leleballpen05:40aqan
8p Identify theft inusrance coverage - worth it?  18:27markcoop05:04scooterdog
54t American Funds beat out Vanguard Index over lifetime?  page: 205/13ole luna patoon04:08JoMoney
9h Investing Strategy  05/19dchmelir03:13dchmelir
378t The Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 808/05Earl Lemongrab03:11pre
45p Should I cancel my whole life policy?  04/19XDark_FenixX03:01Benton Bair
10h Advice and guidance for UK based first-time investor  05/23ecosistema02:41ecosistema
63l I think I found Rick Ferri  page: 208/29neomutiny0601:39digarei
13c Should I get a dual-action polisher for my working car?  18:08lightheir01:30Carter3
2p Andrews Federal Credit Union shows 3.5% Rate on 30 Year Mortgages  05/23ERISA Stone00:03jjface
3c Looking to buy GoPro camera, need feedback/recommendations  21:23TNL00:01IMO
14c Cheshire County New Hampshire: Which town for retirement?  05/15gypsyman00:01gypsyman
22h Investing FOR Retirement vs Investing IN Retirement  05/21Peter Foley23:48Peter Foley
42t Case against long-term TIPS  2009fluffyistaken23:48grok87
3h Is withdrawing money from Vanguard Market Fund taxable?  22:22ray33323:44MotoTrojan
46h How to Invest Church Money  05/22steelerfan23:39TBillT
56t Anyone else track the value of their investments by discounting the value of equities?  page: 205/19TheTimeLord23:37itstoomuch
7h Portfolio help - 403b and Roth IRA investments  05/20Efficient23:14Efficient
36t Puzzle for you: Stocks returns vs. Economic Growth  05/20Dirghatamas23:11Chuffly
10h Portfolio Questions - from a novice  05/17heatstroke23:02heatstroke
3h Higher return vs higher ER: international and emerging market ETFs  21:13karina8723:01TropikThunder
23c Need advice from FF miles experts  05/22Admiral23:01Cruise
1h Did we make a mistake in our Roth recharacterization?  05/16Ryebrook22:59BakeNeko
18p NJ Lemon Law 2017 Honda CRV  05/20exoilman22:54TravelGeek
3t Any decent Cyber Security Funds?  17:48TheQuestionGuy22:37killjoy2012
3t NYC Employee Retirement Funds  2012aerofreaky1122:21Outafter20
11t PEG Ratio  05/22GuitarXM22:14JoMoney
15c Luxury Vinyl: Educate Me  05/22Andyrunner22:08dave_k
31c Sell 2015 Subaru or Keep?  05/21kwarden1321:55PeterWander8
5t Any recommendation on Investment Account Aggregation service?  17:32canbonbon21:48BanditKing
45c Has anyone tried Orangetheory Fitness  2011Colorado1321:36TNL
37t SEC Rejects Winklevoss Bitcoin ETF  03/10nisiprius21:31nisiprius
7p Excessive hold time for ACH for new bank accounts ?  05/22sunrunner21:17LadyGeek
91p % Roth vs. % traditional  page: 205/22amd723921:08gfmels
6p How do you find a dream/hobby/part-time job?  15:07WageSlave21:06AlohaJoe
2h TLH - Six Month Rule and ETF's  17:56TallBoy29er20:55grabiner
5h Asymmetrical Risk-Reward in Tax-Deferred Accounts?  11:27NYCguy20:54Tyler Aspect
35h Target Date Funds in Taxable Account  05/16BogleAlltheWay20:47grabiner
10t Market News Feeds Worth Reading?  05/22leo2820:20whodidntante
7h Best 401k for small companies?  16:52MotoTrojan20:20niceguy7376
27h Investing Emergency Fund  05/20Frugalnotbroke20:13brother7
41t Ken Moraif must be getting nervous  2015Bogle_Feet20:09General
18t Bloomberg hit piece - Vanguard's Irritating Perch on the Moral High Ground  14:13donfairplay20:07sport
25p Medigap Insurance Plans  04/22rennman10020:05celia
8p First house - penny wise?  05/22Ichiroll20:04itstoomuch
15p How to best approach saving for retirement/debt reduction  01/12N10sive20:00N10sive
22t Lazy way to increase returns on cash in Vanguard  05/23Greg in Idaho19:59livesoft
7h Gifted stocks cost basis  11:51jplee319:58brother7
34p Risks of electronic access  05/21easyliving19:55EricBackus
32c Is it worth it spending money to keep your house looking sharp?  05/23miamivice19:44Grt2bOutdoors
14p How to buy (or invest) into Bitcoin?  05/22calimero19:43willthrill81
4t Vanguard 1st in J D Powers investor ranking  05/23dwickenh19:43LadyGeek
111c What to do with all these passwords ?  page: 2 303/10sixtyforty19:40Almost there
38h Yet Another Real Estate vs Stock Market Thread  05/22BAM!19:34Bastiat
0t Vanguard's Bogle tells CFA Institute confab indexing-firm concentration concerns him \  19:30davidkw  
2h Opening a taxable account  18:51Meaty19:11Meaty
9h Using guaranteed yield in life insurance policy  05/21bogleyourmind19:03Malinois000
8p After tax money in 401k rolled over to IRA in 2004  15:52Retiredron18:59Alan S.
6h Can you still do backdoor Roth with SIMPLE-IRA plan?  05/22wanderlust1418:58wanderlust14
64t BofA HSA dropping Vanguard Funds  page: 202/15VFANX18:47nolesrule
8h SEP IRA vs. investment account  05/22drumana18:47drumana
15p Has anyone tried to negotiate tuition discount with a lumpsum cash payment?  12:37khadijahchi18:42Mike Scott
6c best for web surfing: trackpoint or touchpad?  13:35Go Blue 9918:38jimb_fromATL
2h Help Investing With 401(a)  16:30ajohns9018:24Duckie
1h Newbie investor needs inputs on portfolio overhaul  16:00Nervousnellie18:15dratkinson
23h Very Close to FI / RE - Allocation Suggestions?  05/22Irish Moss18:06Irish Moss
6h Should I have taken Social Security at 65 instead of 66?  16:45OkieIndexer18:01David Jay
23c Firefox painfully slow  05/20squirm17:49boglerdude
9p Heir died before receiving full share due  05/22EZ James17:41Gill
4t invest $1M pension pot in one fund  05/23Herberttheturbo17:30Herberttheturbo
4h Seeking Investment Help Following an Inheritance  05/22JR200717:27Misenplace
37p Shocking car insurance quote  05/20Calygos17:24Abe
489c TV show recommendations?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 102012reggiesimpson17:14mhalley
2h Beginner Seeking Advice (19 y/o, Roth + Taxable, How to plan for Grad School?)  05/23hedy17:13student
7p Fortune 500 Financial Analyst vs CFP  14:29Stryker1617:12NotWhoYouThink
36t Yield Curve and the Next Stock Market Correction  05/21Doc16:53Gene S
262t TLH for absolute dummies [Tax Loss Harvesting]  page: 2 3 4 5 62015Roothy16:39boglephreak
13t Low cost / passive SRI options  2013MN Finance16:31lorneabramson
8h Confused -- Roth vs Traditional IRA  05/23Frenchy101116:23FiveK
23h 21 yr old sons Roth IRA  05/23indexonlyplease16:11BogleAlltheWay
7h Help Figuring Out Asset Allocation  05/23Gustopher6516:00Gustopher65
15h Starting a 529 with no children on the horizon?  05/23intothegreatunk15:51Rupert
4c Looking for help with professional communication  05/23mc215:12mc2
10h Portfolio Tweak Advice & International Exposure  05/17flyersrule15:02flyersrule
1t Reporter doing story about losing money in active funds  14:34Mel Lindauer14:47livesoft
40t yahoo finance - adjusted price data incorrect?  05/16datamonkee14:39FactualFran
3c Gifts - list price vs. what you actually paid  05/19vveat14:34Exodus
15h New investor needing advice UK-US  05/05dooron14:32jjface
11h More assistance & help with 73 Father In Law - planning  05/22retireearly14:10delamer
6p Trustee who is also beneficiary of the trust and the trustee fees  05/22sunrunner14:10NotWhoYouThink
30p [Wiki] - Pro-rata rule impact on Roth IRA recharacterization  05/20LadyGeek14:10FactualFran
86t The Case for Dividend Stocks in Retirement (article)  page: 22014RNJ13:52gilgamesh
78p Question for you high net worth individuals...  page: 205/18jzzmn8813:44SQRT
2t A Look Back...The Holy Grail...Theodore Wong  05/23Roguejim13:44Roguejim
3h What brokerage service to use?  12:45jasonrecite2513:44livesoft
34t Why Invest in Average?  05/22jrbdmb13:28GoldenFinch
1h Portfolio Review for 2017 Contribs  05/22amythius13:16Tyler Aspect
3c Can you do advanced search on (multiple search parameters and price limits)?  05/22mr_breen13:09lafleurss
16h To me this is the most significant investment lesson ever  05/23Always passive12:57avalpert
8h Transaction Receipts for Expenses / Too Complicated?  05/18cranzel12:52Geologist
33c What to do w/ $60k Lump Sum?  05/22kwarden1312:40kwarden13
55c Pressure relief valve on hot water heater issue  page: 204/29yorkpond12:36yorkpond
6p Question for Sole Proprietors / Small (Micro) Business Owners  05/22QuietProsperity12:33QuietProsperity
7p Roth contributions and form 8606  05/22samtex12:29samtex
16c Best time for massage?  02/14VictoriaF12:14VictoriaF
11c I'm calling "tails" on all the tosses of this coin...  05/22Nearing_Destina12:13flyingbison
8h Solo 401k questions  05/23metacritic12:13harvestbook
22h Safe 5 percent ROI  05/21forinvesting2312:00BHUser27
65t "Stocks, Bonds and Future Returns" by Prof. Jeremy Siegel  page: 205/19Taylor Larimore11:48NiceUnparticula
5t Should I way some bonds in my Roth for this situation  05/23Cody11:44DSInvestor
9h New-ish Investor--Advice on strategy  05/07irl11:38retiredjg
104l Master thread for Washington DC Area Bogleheads  page: 2 32014grabiner11:28VictoriaF
20c Summer outdoor parties - party food ideas  05/19Barefootgirl11:28bloom2708

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