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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1673 new posts and replies over 216 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
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Subforum - TopicLast   
5cHiring a tutor for child, anything I need to be aware of?08:01 2Scoops21:05 Duckie
50hVTI/VXUS split09/19 ilyaraz21:04 MotoTrojan
15pBuying out a sibling's share of an inherited property?16:11 DrDoodle21:04 chw
40tOrigin of the backdoor Roth?09/14 poundwise21:02 JamesSFO
6hBest HYS Account for $100k?15:51 whereskyle21:02 Boatguy
16pNorthwestern Mutual11:17 nebraskaguy8521:01 Bogle7
36cLooking for Advice for a Short Trip to NYC with toddler (I'm from small Midwestern City)09:53 jpa20:59 Starfish
0pQuicken sold again20:59 GuyInFL 
10082tHEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure Part II: The next journey2019 HEDGEFUNDIE20:58 cflannagan
12pFollow up on GEICO—car likely to be totaled09/22 retire1420:57 vinhodoporto
11hBackdoor Roth vs Brokerage account08/03 tvent20:56 go2run
11hI Bonds - purchase end of October or end of November?14:53 JohnWild20:56 nps
2tA Candid Discussion with Ted Aronson about Vanguard's Push into Private Equity and Adding Active Funds to PAS Clients12:52 Rick Ferri20:55 donaldfair71
23cPodcast Recommendations?09:13 alex12371120:55 Bogle7
49hWill I be in trouble retiring early?09/27 venkatdabri20:52 HomerJ
23cWould you buy a new car if it runs well but has cosmetic issues?16:13 Strifey20:52 DiMAn0684
21hSold my Business and currently have no Income, but 3m in cash16:19 GreenMan111120:50 ThankYouJack
3cISO inspirational books about immigrants in the US15:54 retire1420:49 AnnetteLouisan
168tInternational stocks in free fall2016 saltycaper20:47 40 Years' Gathe
4hMaximum Roth Conversion20:27 Jamech20:46 Silk McCue
8cStuttgart18:18 krafty8120:41 AnnetteLouisan
40cRoad Tripping Options? Rivian, Basecamp, Revel, etc09/21 FoolStreet20:41 clutchied
6pAuto Insurance - Liability & Comp vs Full Coverage09/27 DoubleComma20:40 Boatguy
3pNeed to Control Father's Money19:03 JohnnyP85320:38 epoche
6hPortfolio post17:01 B-rad20:37 Duckie
8fProblem sending PMs: help!09/27 TylerLearning20:37 TylerLearning
7pACA vs COBRA: provider network decisions09/26 fast_and_curiou20:37 fortunefavored
14cSource for fresh roasted whole bean organic water process decaffeinated coffee13:48 Sunrise20:37 tuningfork
25hRule of 55 (true or false?)09:31 nifty-thrifty20:37 nifty-thrifty
4pShould Wife Form LLC Before End of Year?19:38 Messner800020:36 Lee_WSP
100tBenefits of actively managed funds08/08 etfan20:35 abuss368
8hNew boglehead looking for suggestions on my approach, updated08/02 alindber20:35 DIYtrixie
30pHas anyone downshifted their career in a big way?10:13 poker2720:32 abuss368
9pHow flexible is the deadline for filing 1040X?09/27 MrJones20:31 Retired Bill
7nStock Brokers for non-US Investors09/27 galeno20:30 whodidntante
8pBack to tech at 50?17:40 humbledinvestor20:30 humbledinvestor
101tTotal portfolio allocation and withdrawal (TPAW)11/30 Ben Mathew20:29 Ben Mathew
105pCitibank Virtual Account Numbers (VAN) going away?2020 samsoes20:28 SpaceClick
0tnew ETF TYA vs. EDV or TLT [Simplify Risk Parity Treasury ETF]20:21 a_s_h 
26tProof that nobody knows nothing [Hamster Performs Better Than Warren Buffett And The S&P 500]09/25 FoundingFather20:18 wilson08
28tAdjust Asset Allocation When Markets Are Over Valued08:22 invest2bfree20:18 BJJ_GUY
0cAttic sealing/insulation costs20:15 SlowMovingInves 
137cRunning Linux vs Other OS?2017 Alexa920:15 roamingzebra
57pChase branch declines signature guarantee for TreasuryDirect form09/26 dailybagel20:13 Jack FFR1846
8tQuestion for those who hold both SCV and bonds..12:34 JSPECO920:09 grabiner
8hNearing retirement - seeking input16:15 ajpond20:06 ajpond
45hInheriting $4M, not sure what to do09/26 DrDoodle20:04 Finridge
3hShould I sell PNQI? [Invesco NASDAQ Internet ETF]16:26 ralphboy20:03 ralphboy
1cInternet Security/Privacy Advice Needed19:02 eucalyptus20:02 inverter
4hNeed advice on Vanguard bond accounts16:52 JIMX720:01 UpperNwGuy
3hWhich taxable withdrawal makes the most sense11:45 relentless119:57 bradpevans
1nSeeking a fiduciary that specializes in tax optimized investment and withdrawal for expat Retirees19:04 RetiredExpat19:56 Silk McCue
16cAny ID.4 owners on Bogleheads?09/21 angelescrest19:55 anoop
301tWhat's the catch with I Bonds?06/02 Buy_N_Hold19:52 SnowBog
1p$300,000 fine 5500ez19:05 loveeatingpizza19:52 CFM300
14tVanguard lowers expense ratios for Target Retirement Funds11:21 Barry Barnitz19:45 bgf
3hRebalance in taxable account18:11 Brianjp1819:45 Brianjp18
3cCostco auto - how to select packages?15:16 gogreen19:45 gogreen
7tWhatever happened to the BRICS?18:42 nisiprius19:19 nydoc
125tWhy Roth conversions always pay off—if you can hold on long enough09/23 McQ19:19 FiveK
4pCost for trusts13:04 NewMoneyMustBeS19:16 bsteiner
3189c[What TV Show Have You Recently Watched?]2016 dbCooperAir19:08 Cruise
32pUmbrella Coverage09/24 AnnetteLouisan19:06 harrychan
47tHelp me understand the 1966 Sequence09/25 coffeeblack19:00 randomguy
180tModified versions of HFEA with ITT and Futures / Lifecycle Investing with Modern Portfolio Theory09/03 skierincolorado18:57 DMoogle
100cGauging Risk to Personal Safety While Traveling [Chicago]09/05 Canopus18:56 Wannaretireearl
10cWeekend in Philly07:04 Dmslax4518:56 D Newton
24388tU.S. stocks in free fall2011 Lbill18:54 lostdog
64cSlower mail ... by design starting Oct 1 [US mail]09/22 heartwood18:53 Capsu78
6tIs "Growth" an Outdated Descriptor?02:26 One More Thing18:52 Taylor Larimore
47pWhat if deferring Social Security pushes one over an IRMAA cliff?09/25 rgs9218:52 capran
4hUsing bond dividends to buy more stock?11:03 Aeiouoiea18:51 bertilak
143csurprise $7000 rental car damage bill09/11 Drewman18:46 EnjoyIt
112cHow do you live your life?2011 dwade110918:40 LadyGeek
2tEnhanced Indexed Funds12:59 Gaston18:40 grabiner
60hTeen wants to trade stocks08:46 verbose18:34 celia
18hInvest $1k/mo or refi to 2.125% 15-yr mortgage09/23 justsomeguy201818:33 grabiner
7tWash sale clarification13:26 ChinchillaWhipl18:31 H-Town
4885tSmall Cap Value heads Rejoice !!!2019 hdas18:26 jason2459
2pwhat is the best way to fund this down payment?17:21 ASpenderInRecov18:19 ASpenderInRecov
4pRental property fire claim question12:06 rascott18:19 BatBuckeye
4cExcel XIRR Calculation15:57 chris31918:17 yog
161pTo be or not to be - MD vs Computer science09/26 vk2218:11 nigel_ht
18pMonthly bill payment using credit card12:39 mac201918:04 tomsense76
2pRule of 55; would employment gap or part-time status matter?17:43 Charon18:00 Charon
401pPhysician Retirement Savings2016 llessac1517:56 PhysDoc
9hTrying to leave Merril Lynch07:57 B-rad17:55 scintillator
44hTime to overweight BND?09/26 ebeb17:54 Northern Flicke
69hBuy today [on the dip?]09/20 Bogli17:50 jsapiandante
129cBest place to be a Snowbird if money is no object09/22 QBoy17:48 IMO
32cHouse versus townhome dilemma09/26 kiwisun17:47 LittleMaggieMae
63pAm I making a big mistake by not chasing bigger tech salaries at my age?09/26 sarabayo17:31 AnEngineer
14h401(k) expense fees worth it?09/27 Ghost2517:23 an_asker
31pCareer Change? (Mech Engr to Software)03/02 marathonfi17:20 marathonfi
4hConverting old 401k to Roth IRA09:37 Nah2Has17:02 retiredjg
4tThoughts on David Stein's podcast - Money For the Rest of Us09/27 tomsense7616:57 GoneOnTilt
12hIssues with basis transfer07:47 student16:55 Katietsu
202hHow are the "100% Stocks" people doing?2020 RPW2516:52 AnnetteLouisan
13pAt a complete loss…. [identity theft victim]09/26 Boredchicken16:42 Average Investo
32cZinsco box called out by insurance on new home...09/27 jplee316:35 jplee3
989pWashington State Long Term Care Trust Act - 0.58% payroll tax - $36,500 lifetime maximum benefit02/16 Soon2BXProgramm16:30 BruDude
15pCareer Advice Needed - Sr. Director to VP22:38 middlemanager16:17 middlemanager
6pTracking down IRS refund12:56 mikejuss16:15 PaunchyPirate
25pVenmo credit card for paying rent09/23 CoherentIntegra16:10 NYGiantsFan
6hpay loans or invest09/27 summit12316:02 ruralavalon
5pHow to typically reimburse kid's college apartment utilities from Ed IRA or 529?12:29 tettnanger16:02 mnnice
8pNecessary to amend my tax return for a K-1 that shows $0 in income for 2020?09/26 alexcr16:01 jimishooch
13tVTEB vs VGIT 30 day SEC Yield Comparison [Munis in taxable…or not?]09/27 Horton15:56 grabiner
26nRisks of a Russian when investing in a US portfolio?09/23 V.T15:52 Phil_1976
19hHelp Me Understand my Wife's 401K09:16 Ramjet15:49 an_asker
7hDownside of Converting Vanguard Account to Vanguard Brokerage Account and Beneficaries Question?12:50 MrCheapo15:45 ruralavalon
10hRoth account question14:02 mj5515:40 willthrill81
1pPassword strength and cracking06:56 ikowik15:36 afan
14cAnyone buy a new car recently (chip shortage inventory issues)?21:24 GetRichQuick15:26 surfstar
2nAudible recommendations13:27 Stanczyk15:23 zincTwo
78hFirst Post - Portfolio Review - 2 YEAR UPDATE in last post2019 althea15:18 althea
41hMistake buying too many Vanguard Mutual funds?09/27 boogs515015:17 dratkinson
26cBicycle, scooter, motorcycle helmets09/27 is50xenough14:48 getthatmarshmal
30c[Rug] Retailers09/09 aburntoutcase14:45 sport
16hSwitching Funds Within Taxable11:32 HeelaMonster14:31 mikejuss
1102tWhy not 100% PSLDX?2020 TeeDee14:12 RosieQ
6hMuni Bond Fund09/21 ditto14:00 ditto
9hRobo Account vs Boglehead portfolio09/27 chupapa13:52 dbr
4p[Get a home equity loan without a mortgage?]01:21 Redgypsy6113:51 Admiral
25tIs "Never bet against America" still relevant?09:22 alex12371113:50 LadyGeek
25pBuying a house in Boston metro?09/27 econalex13:41 MAandMEMom
54cWhat consumer changes have you made since the pandemic?09/27 leftcoaster13:28 jmw
9hInheriting a 457 plan, what to do with funds? Rule questions21:30 blaugranamd13:24 blaugranamd
151tMost people [Is TSM not the best choice for informed investors?]09/22 bertilak13:22 LilyFleur
5tCrystal ball fun - and reallocating within bands12:30 Tigermoose13:20 vanbogle59
9tInherited individual stocks 9 months ago - Should I wait for the 1-year capital gains tax rate to kick in?12:05 whereskyle13:09 whereskyle
86pAnnual cost of owning a home is 4% to 6% of the value of the house.09/26 hg06475412:59 fyre4ce
66tVanguard Capital Markets Model - So Wrong for So Long09/25 happyjuice800012:57 Thesaints
12354pRefinance Mega Thread2019 AZAttorney1112:53 GoldenFinch
130tThe Single Greatest Predictor of Future Stock Market Returns2013 ArthurDent12:52 Horton
11hNon-Political *If* the US Defaults What happens to Money Market Accounts and Other Bond Focused Funds07:29 MrCheapo12:40 LadyGeek
17pSeeking companies (besides protective or Costco) to buy term life insurance09/26 argees12:18 BruDude
38cDual-agency in RE?06/02 JediMisty12:10 angelescrest
45cLearning to play the guitar as an adult - possible?09/24 sabhen11:45 backpacker61
14hHow much more money can we withdraw?09/26 Bigfish11:34 Bigfish
12cTermite Inspection/Treatment in COVID-19 Era09/27 DTalos11:34 illumination
0hPortfolio Review Update - Fund Placement & Retirement Planning11:30 finingo 
32cSenior fall and other safety help need electronics09/27 Sheepdog11:22 TN_Boy
915tYear 2000 retirees using the '4% rule' - Where are they now?2018 willthrill8111:21 Candor
51pUnemployment Income Tax Refund05/13 bmelikia11:12 AverageGolfer
24hReduce retirement savings to paydown mortgage09/26 t_man11:06 willthrill81
455cDon't pay full price for SiriusXM radio2016 catdude10:51 Go Blue 99
29cCars, bikes, ebikes -- and the winter...09/24 sizzlefuzz10:50 xb7
23hFour Investment Questions08/26 inv02110:48 ruralavalon
5pUnderstanding, Safe Harbor, estimated taxes, and extra payroll deductions07/23 cork10:42 cork
6hConvert to Roth or Not07:01 D Newton10:38 WoodSpinner
42cWhen is it time to upgrade your house?09/26 ThankYouJack10:34 alfaspider
12tBest brokerage for manual tax-loss harvesting?09/27 HurricaneDitka10:27 illumination
21pShould I have a CPA?09/27 vrr10610:26 delamer
17960tU.S. stocks continue to soar!2018 GoldStar10:15 HomerJ
4pHelp selecting bank job offer (model validation / audit)?09/27 JHU ALmuni10:08 MBB_Boy
26tWhy Buying the Dip is a Terrible Investment Strategy - Nick Maggiulli09/22 golfer29210:07 StartedAt22
28pHow do I plan relocation across states with family?09/26 Alto Astral10:06 vinhodoporto
59lBirmingham, Alabama local chapter2019 Stinky09:55 Stinky
12hGetting Married! - Portfolio Review Request09/26 cb12209:53 cb122
18hNew Job. Next Step?09/26 mrbluewho09:48 Wildcat8888
8pGift / Estate Taxes09/27 willyd12309:44 Phil DeMuth
6ciPad OS 1509:17 MidwestMike09:43 DSInvestor
10tcan I borrow money to buy I-bonds?08:01 BeerTooth09:42 Svensk Anga
30tThe EE Bond Manifesto (A companion piece to Mel’s I Bond Manifesto)09/24 SnowBog09:41 willthrill81
3hUniversity California 403b inheritance options06/08 neowiser09:40 jefmafnl
18cSliding Glass Door (to deck)07/06 psteinx09:39 psteinx
79pWere your last few career years a slog?08/01 investingdad09:39 DVMResident
4pNew Home Purchase - Please Help!09/27 CraneRigger3109:37 bertilak
170tLong term low returns predicted09/22 alex12371109:36 skierincolorado
0pAlternative to Employer-contracted 401k/457 administrator?09:34 DrTobiasFunke 
17h457b catch-up contributions and privacy09/27 tonyclifton08:44 wolf359
3tI don’t understand RMD statistics07:56 tennisplyr08:39 grabiner
14nAustria - Explanation of Pension Options08/26 nomadboglenoob08:38 alpine_boglehea
9h[Funds missing in Vanguard 401(k) - transitioning to new provider]04:46 dharma student08:36 LadyGeek
45tA Musing - Market Trends - Thoughts?09/23 jakehefty1708:32 blueberrypi
1pCapital Gains in Real Estate for Newb21:40 PGR08:31 fabdog
8h401(k) and general questions09/26 notebook08:20 tashnewbie
20hNew member - Firing Advisor, need help on next moves09/26 BenVestor08:18 EnjoyIt
2pLump Sum Taxes07:00 PapaGeek07:53 fabdog
243t2021 Hedge Fund Contest01/03 Tanelorn07:23 Tanelorn
4pQuestions about doing my first mega backdoor Roth09/26 PickledPizza07:15 retiredjg
12nConflict [UK]08/31 HappyBoatShoe07:13 Kickstart1967
4pTaxes On Stocks When Changing to US05:27 TraderJohn07:13 increment
112tIs anyone hedging against a US default?09/22 TJat06:54 LadyGeek
2nAdvice for moving from the UK04:47 OrangeTomato06:53 OrangeTomato
6hIRA to 401k Roll over restrictions09/26 oneboglehead06:48 tonyclifton
37pBuying into a private practice as a physician - still smart?07/13 diabelli06:45 eagleeyes
12hTIPs - what am I missing?09/27 Parkinglotracer06:41 tonyclifton
13cWhat type of pool pump to choose to replace a defective one?09/27 sabhen06:22 crefwatch
13pHow to to Save for a Child's Future?09/25 Picasso06:21 markjk
337cOddly Difficult to Find Items During the Pandemic2020 alfaspider05:40 Tubes
56pHaving “The Talk” [with an elderly parent about Inheritance]09/26 AnnetteLouisan05:38 veindoc
11hLeast amount of Equities for final years of 529 College Savings?09/26 windaar05:07 Michael Patrick
243tBox Spreads as Loans - Interactive Brokers IBKR - 202103/30 kellykline03:47 nalor511
13ISwiss Bogleheads Local Chapter Established2015 thatswissguy03:39 ivk5
21cOffice Chair Mat (Glass / Bamboo / ?)09/17 vfinx03:34 vfinx
8nAust: Help with Longterm Portfolio09/27 Z317050102:38 Z3170501
13pUniversal Life Insurance09/27 FENDERSTRYKER7502:03 calwatch
5hPortfolio Review/Questions - 10 years out09/26 takinthecake01:37 Wannaretireearl
24pIncome Tax on no deduction state tax refund!?!09/24 LoveTheBogle01:21 gobel
987tWhy the disdain for managed funds like ARKK that destroy total market funds?02/13 Bwlonge01:21 Northern Flicke
16tWhat would keep markets from rising?09/25 ChinchillaWhipl00:32 Thesaints
65hPersonal Capital pressures03/15 bbradb00:12 chris319
16cAdvice on a Scanning Medical Records Project09/20 BuddyJet23:50 zincTwo
35pLooking for confirmation that simplification is OK.08/15 manlymatt8323:41 AnnetteLouisan
30nInvest everything now or dollar cost average?08/24 Havent23:24 Swiss Bee
38hFear Y2K type of stock bubble09/26 WhiteMaxima22:03 AnnetteLouisan
1669cWhat frugal thing did you do today?2017 Nectarineman21:57 tower
7pChild support/alimony if one moves abroad09/24 MrsBDG21:57 secondcor521
3hHelping sister out of annuities21:15 socaldude21:54 tibbitts
174cWhich Toys/Experiences Have Brought You The Most Joy?07/21 capitalhockey21:48 AnnetteLouisan
58cNeed advice on new windows laptop09/16 atl200521:45 roamingzebra
50tNeed a financial advisor?09/14 jamesrs21:26 nedsaid
74cWhat house maintenance thing did you do today?09/20 z9121:26 grok87
307cYubikey only at Vanguard now possible.05/27 pragmatist21:18 cbeck

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