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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1723 new posts and replies over 225 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
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Subforum - TopicLast   
17cWedding - financial burden on couple and attendees15:21 over4516:32 over45
23hManaged Beating Index?04/23 daitripper16:32 pkcrafter
24tWhat happened to the Dow Jones between 1966-1982?14:49 fortfun16:31 Jags4186
28hDo I have 3 different investment horizons when planning for retirement?17:46 dknightd16:31 dknightd
14h401k to get match,Roth,401k or IRA, agree w/ this order or depends?13:21 Looking4Answers16:31 FiveK
11hHumble, respectful advice seeker for my Portfolio Questions04/24 financiallyfree16:30 financiallyfree
7tBalanced Funds Capturing Large Percentage of Stock Market Return14:07 Electron16:28 Svensk Anga
15hIs this ESPP worthwhile?04/23 mbasherp16:28 invst65
55pWho benefits from "best and final offer" on condo?22:03 bostondan16:26 StevieG72
107hMax-funding an Index Universal Life policy to the IRS limit??03/27 ElmoHongZito16:25 ElmoHongZito
43p[Vanguard account locked out due to deceased owner]04/24 mawvan16:25 Thesaints
254tKF's simple rules to achieve FI [Financial Independence]04/20 KlangFool16:22 KlangFool
0hFee Only Financial Planner - Recommendation16:20 simple man 
5pAnother house budget question14:40 rsk16:18 rsk
10tAn Article Claiming Vanguard Will Be Responsible For The Next Bear Market10:05 Boxtrap16:18 Boxtrap
22hIs Today a good day for TLH?04/13 chabil16:17 rkhusky
7tSmall premium20:44 garlandwhizzer16:15 Hank Moody
1pTricks with credit cards for a free loan16:12 international0016:14 barnaclebob
5pBonus paid via 401k employer match10:41 hyp501016:14 hyp5010
70hA Rant about Ticker Speak2015 retiredjg16:12 randomguy
1hVG NV 529(0.16%) vs Fid NH 529 (0.13%)14:00 morpheus195816:11 rkhusky
1hRising Interest and bond funds16:05 YikesHighFees16:10 jebmke
2tGraph of various Vanguard fund SEC Yields for the past year15:58 neurosphere16:09 triceratop
13cBuilding/House Plans11:23 bonesmd16:07 F150HD
46cElectric Toothbrushes - again2017 Barefootgirl16:06 criticalmass
45cDo you have a car w/o ABS?07:53 jehovasfitness16:05 capsaicinguy
59pCashing out of the Bay Area04/24 Bungo16:04 FrankLUSMC
38pIs my computer obsolete?10:32 Hoosier CPA16:04 international00
26hDoes it ever make sense to not contribute to retirement accounts?11:58 3.141592653589716:04 3.1415926535897
6hIs my nondeductible IRA worth it?13:36 knightrider16:03 rkhusky
3h“Gradually simplify” your portfolio, or all at once?15:30 DouroBound16:02 grandmacassie
32cNew car pickup today.11:35 Dottie5716:01 bob60014
15hTLH partner for Intermediate Term and High Yield Tax Exempt14:21 Hogan77316:01 Hogan773
7hMaking the decision to do a Roth Conversion14:26 Details16:01 ExitStageLeft
15cHOA won't help.10:50 Helperme15:59 z91
39t2017 Relative Tax Efficiency02/19 triceratop15:58 triceratop
43pHow long does a will last? [Time to settle the estate]04/22 jetsmell15:56 LadyGeek
6hFriend may have messed up Backdoor Roth - help please?13:53 Clever_Username15:56 jebmke
12hShould I open a Goldman sachs 1.6% savings account?14:06 knightrider15:56 international00
2hNew to Tax Loss Harvesting15:27 psuh52815:55 psuh528
54hEXPAT: Strategy when invested in USA and spending in EUROS04/17 international0015:53 international00
28cNew car hit accident - loss of dimished value04/19 core4portfolio15:52 criticalmass
55pBuilding a New Home (Talk me out of it!)04/23 Hogan77315:51 chickadee
8cEver ship/transport a car?09:48 ARB5715:51 somekevinguy
0h529 for K-12 private school strategy15:46 mookie 
9pCapital One 360 Joint Account03/23 anonenigma15:39 seawolf21
9pWhole Life Policy11:41 teadance15:39 pintail07
9pLump sum inherited IRA make estimate tax payment?10:52 sschoe215:34 sschoe2
24hApproach to diversity out of a single stock (purchased through ESPP)04/22 manedark15:33 manedark
29hSchwab Vs Fidelity Vs Vanguard19:46 JD10115:33 ruralavalon
13pMAGI and Medicare Premium04/17 alamander15:31 munemaker
5hRoth conversion and avoiding the pro-rata consequences08:33 jonce1715:30 jonce17
10pNeeding some sage advice on mom's Uni Life policy04/24 cromagnon1715:27 jwhitaker
94pCharles Schwab Checking + Brokerage Account2016 jb915:24 MnD
0cAnyone had luck getting condo to install solar panels?15:24 knightrider 
9h40/60 Balanced Index ?09:24 tomd3715:21 investor
7pIRA Re-characterization and Roth Conversion10:00 dbikedave15:20 Alan S.
49tFloating Net Worth w/ VT after 5 Years04/21 princetontiger15:20 pascalwager
13tLarry Swedroe: Financial Perils Of Old Age09:05 Random Walker15:19 MidFlorida1214
50pHow far I am behind in retirement savings?08:37 BogleMelon15:18 BogleMelon
1tFTSE Reclassifies Poland as a Developed Market15:12 jalbert15:17 lack_ey
15pCA Public School Teacher - Union Dues, Pension Contribution04/23 CollegePrudens15:13 pshonore
16hHelp needed with a loan/payoff scenario.01/24 llmgwc15:12 #Cruncher
5hWhat to do with 500k?09:22 NewInvestor915:11 mega317
4hMr. Analysis by Peralysis13:21 jhendrix15:10 ruralavalon
82cNew retirees: so whatdayathink ?04/20 tennisplyr15:10 UpperNwGuy
175cIs Los Angeles a good place long term to live financially?04/17 GrayS2615:09 Maverick3320
5pAllowances - Tax14:45 Kathys15:07 MrBeaver
16hAllocation Debate - consider all accounts as one?19:38 RootCanalDr15:06 mnvalue
6422tU.S. stocks in freefall2011 Lbill15:06 willthrill81
1hAllocating Savings09:02 geocache5915:05 BigMoneyNoWhamm
70tBloomberg article on lump sum vs dollar cost averaging04/18 Freefun15:04 renue74
7pTerm4Sale Agent - Am I getting bad advice?12:36 BobStrauss15:03 BobStrauss
8phow would you handle this--collecting life insurance11:24 aquamarine15:02 BruDude
8pSocial Security computing question12:25 FXDXontherun15:01 DorothyB
6tVanguard: new display this morning?10:26 linenfort15:01 linenfort
42cNeed to cut the cable cord - is there an alternative?04/22 summerof4215:00 Lochen
3pDid not deduct SEP-IRA contribution04/24 BruinBones14:55 Spirit Rider
11pi401k contribution causing net business loss20:57 theplayer1114:44 theplayer11
21h'mini retirement' then back to work - how to allocate?11:25 banker2214:43 ExitStageLeft
29cBuying BRK.B to save $94 annually on insurance?04/19 BogleMelon14:43 WhiteMaxima
4hVWELX or VWINX?13:58 cegibbs14:39 JoMoney
23pAlliant Credit Union Signature VISA07/21 MikeG6214:39 UpperNwGuy
2pHelp with modest inheritance14:28 Meaty14:38 Meaty
0tImpact of allocation changes on returns14:38 julaney 
41tAnother Warren Buffett S&P 500 Recommendation19:48 JoMoney14:34 pascalwager
28tHolding S&P 500 Index vs Total Stock Market?2014 Youkai14:29 fujiters
9hAllocation to combine Dave Ramsey and Vanguard?08:58 guyesmith14:25 DarkHelmetII
120tMuni Money Market funds starting to look good!12/27 bligh14:22 Kevin M
44tVanguard Surveys04/22 fortyofforty14:18 fortyofforty
150cBH travel tips?04/14 leftcoaster14:17 JupiterJones
25cRebating buyer's agent for 1st time single-family home purchase04/23 need403bhelp14:10 mak1277
1h401k only up to the match and the rest in IRA's...13:44 1210sda14:09 BuckyBadger
169pHow much cash do you keep at any time on checking?02/27 cam24013:59 Clever_Username
12hNew 401K after company has been acquired question21:38 lepa7113:57 rdgbogle
77cAAA? What to do in car emergencies?04/21 LaurieAnnaT13:56 Artful Dodger
50hCustomer Service with Vanguard03/31 LilyFleur13:45 cfs
5pTraditional IRA conversion/Roth back door23:09 noobtoinvesting13:41 FiveK
1hPortfolio review needed Pls05:52 ndnboy13:38 FiveK
21tYield Curves-Treasury, CD, AA/AAA muni04/22 Kevin M13:31 Kevin M
23tHelp poke holes? Roger Ibbotson recommends a Fixed Index Annuity as a partial bond alternative.20:40 Edward Joseph13:24 jalbert
41pTurning 65, and choosing not to take Medicare Part B10/20 Mr. Digweed13:21 delamer
9cPayment for Medical Device09:44 sport13:20 Pajamas
59pBrokered CDs - often better return secondary market11/14 dm20013:09 dm200
16cTraveling to italy.........04/22 cartman13:08 WhiteMaxima
34tUnprecedented Event20:45 pkcrafter13:06 3feetpete
5hOur gap year aka trying out early retirement04/23 Retirednomad13:05 Retirednomad
2pRoth Contrib funding issue07:26 Steady5913:04 FiveK
9hWhich 3 are recommended?04/20 CoolInvestor13:02 CoolInvestor
0hAdvice on Bond fund placement12:59 jaguar 
88cWhat have you baked recently?03/20 Elsebet12:57 seashell
18cDifference in Difficulty Driving Moving Trucks By Size04/24 jpa12:57 MDfive21
12hNew 34, Bogle convert wanting to make sure I don’t screw up 401k08:30 Kduqchick12:54 jalbert
2hDual Earner Backdoor Roth question12:47 HEDGEFUNDIE12:53 HEDGEFUNDIE
2hNewb - Wanting to control my money11:05 Biff1312:31 mhalley
6h26 Year Old Asking For Advice21:54 ice112:27 Pajamas
4hfunds choose advise in the taxable account22:25 james1james2jam12:22 bloom2708
90tCharles Schwab Experiences?2016 pc9512:20 betteryeti
238pNew HSA provider Lively offers investments for $30/yr fee09/26 indexfundfan12:12 jhfenton
35tWhy are rising Bond Yields bad?04/24 Bhairston201812:03 alex_686
14pCredit card that offers high limit for no fee balance tranfers22:08 jimtramont12:00 Luke Duke
240pHow old are you and how much do you save for retirement a year11/07 RDHlooking4FIRE11:58 intothegreatunk
728cTo take or not to take delivery of Tesla 309/06 wrongfunds11:57 roflwaffle
0hHelp with a managed portfolio from J.P. Morgan11:57 Roxen72 
10hVested in pension... leave it in or take it out?22:51 BFive5511:54 Beehave
17pFIRE and health insurance04/21 Determined11:45 guyesmith
19cRetiring soon - health insurance planning Cal-COBRA2017 curmudgeon11:36 2015
128pNew Car: Ever make sense to lease?10/30 RRAAYY311:36 MDfan
951tThe Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses2016 Earl Lemongrab11:31 investor997
24pCharles Schwab international ATM (worth the hard credit pull)04/24 fortfun11:28 txranger
4tInterest rates have no impact on equity markets...04/24 princetontiger11:27 Pelerus
10hI Bonds now or wait until May?09:21 gowest11:26 jhfenton
44hAmeriprise :(12/14 justwondering11:24 ruralavalon
61pUsing Vanguard’s advisors12/29 easyodie11:19 LoganLot
36hNew AA [Asset Allocation]2013 M_to_the_G11:14 M_to_the_G
24pHow to be a good executor to family21:23 PoppyA11:13 Hub
0pAdoption assistance from employer11:10 TareNeko 
30tA Challenge To The 3 Fund Portfolio...The 2 Fund Portfolio04/24 Boxtrap11:08 goblue100
10hStrategy for investing in HSA09:18 tenkuky11:03 aristotelian
80hTreasury Direct is a waste of time2016 clearwater11:01 jacoavlu
20cCost of ownership for midsize SUV/wagon04/24 forks11:01 SDLinguist
8pbest resources for executor2017 letsgobobby10:21 andreahrizk
44pCriteria used to make Roth Conversion decision02/02 Details10:18 ralph124cf
15hIs mid/small cap necessary04/21 stocknoob411109:59 jhfenton
108cKitchen features03/01 daggerboard09:58 forgeblast
49cKitchen Faucet & Sink recommendations?2016 BW198509:55 GAAP
10tIs there any app/software that neatly tells you daily gains/losses?03:06 TheBogleWay09:52 RetireBy55
22hVanguard customer experience04/14 ncgenx09:32 dbr
6hWhat to do with a dormant SEP IRA?04/11 Ms. Lemon09:25 Ms. Lemon
7hanyone convert PONAX to PIMIX at Fidelity?04/23 SpideyIndexer09:23 WoodSpinner
6tBuffett tax red herring?04/23 Telloverture09:18 not4me
7pAny use in keeping Alaska Airlines card ?04/23 SlowMovingInves09:18 SlowMovingInves
0pApplying for 2 life insurance policies at the same time09:06 Bambuk 
7cDoes anyone have Cali Bamboo flooring? Your experience?17:05 CedarWaxWing09:04 alpenglow
44hAnyone invest in I Bonds and why?07/29 Nectarineman09:00 DaftInvestor
11hUSD/EUR Investment and Tax Optimization04/13 A2NTrader08:43 hithere
4hNew convert04/23 Kduqchick08:42 Kduqchick
14cRemoving Existing Satellite Systems04/21 pascalwager08:29 Luke Duke
11cChallenging New Home Taxable Value02/26 FiscallyRespons08:01 FiscallyRespons
2pTax-smart Diversification - what to buy? VGuard & Schwab05:06 teachmetofish07:59 Looking4Answers
62pAccumulation-Dynamic Decumulation Strategy03/08 icetrap07:57 Ms.Fortuna
51cHow long have you been unemployed?04/22 corn1807:57 wxz76
103hAlly Bank No penalty CD for parking cash, is there a catch?06/16 marcopolo07:56 sperry8
4hAnnual percentage yields (APY)04/24 tuffy722207:54 PhilosophyAndre
6hNeed help with Bond Funds22:34 macreel07:46 aristotelian
11hConsidering No 401K Contribution or Profit Sharing For 201804/24 sdvan07:31 magicrat
154pCan I retire at age 40?04/15 Johnretirement07:22 smitcat
97tAlternative to Google Finance? [Portfolios feature deprecated]09/26 retire5707:12 matjen
64tThe World in 2050 — GDP & Stock Market Capitalization04/15 SimpleGift06:41 AtlasShrugged?
16hPaying off mortgage with Mr Cooper04/18 international0004:31 boglerdude
4hRookie Investor- Help Getting Started20:34 BooRadley01:10 BL
11hPortfolio, asset allocation feedback requested04/24 SeekingAdviceVA00:47 ExitStageLeft
91lSacramento, CA Area Chapter - Master Thread2015 digarei00:40 digarei
11hMax out 401K with Empower or open a separate IRA04/22 manedark00:04 manedark
37pReview after one month with Fidelity Cash Management2017 whodidntante00:01 AustinRR91
8hTime for Taxable?04/24 user8561323:58 FiveK
50tVanguard factor funds slow to catch on04/23 Rick Ferri23:56 CULater
28pSmart or Stupid? Paying taxes with credit card to satisfy minimum spending requirements.04/23 Derivative23:52 solobuildingblo
61cNomadic lifestyle in their 50s04/23 barry2ipa23:39 Bfwolf
16hSpecID not yet available04/19 aha23:36 Thesaints
78pInheritance Changing Lifestyle04/21 arf141023:27 genefl
5lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2019!04/18 Miriam222:41 TheTimeLord
5pStudent Loan Re-financing (SoFi, others?) for friend04/24 Texanbybirth22:39 momikey
24cFamily trip, Southwest USA04/23 psteinx22:31 metrunt
164t2-year CDs at Vanguard and Fidelity Today04/05 Kevin M22:29 indexfundfan
14hSmall Roth, big RMD--advice?04/22 togb22:23 LeeMKE
3502cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36822:22 telemark
5pA la carte vs VTINX (Vanguard Target Retirement Income Fund)20:18 nyclon22:21 Taylor Larimore
109cDo you buy new or used cars?04/20 Hulk22:12 wander
17pCredit Score and Credit Cards04/23 Taspy8722:01 takeshi
5pTreasury yields climbing...tap the brakes on paying low interest student loans?04/24 hightower21:56 whodidntante
15hPortfolio Analysis needed!04/22 Starchild21:48 nedsaid
137tI’m still not a fan of international bond funds04/20 Rick Ferri21:42 pascalwager
6cInsurance Advisor?20:29 investorhead21:42 golfCaddy
10cusing Outlook mail/calendar on Apple devices04/23 bondsr4me21:33 vtBob
50hWhat advantages do a personalized portfolio have over a target date fund, in your opinion?04/14 jonce1721:25 mikeyzito22
98pSalary Negotiation gone sour04/23 livetaswim0621:25 LadyGeek
8hWhat to do with a recent "windfall"?04/11 akubusdari21:21 randomizer
8lBogleheads@MSFT2012 archbish9921:03 VictoriaF
103tNYT article: Everyone should hire a financial planner04/20 Teague20:44 VictoriaF
4hPension Rollover to Roth IRA?19:20 khaleesi120:19 Silk McCue
52hLincoln Investments "Participant Directed Platform"2015 A44020:08 HAWK23
34cNegotiating for a new Toyota.[my fault comparing apples and oranges]04/19 Dottie5720:04 Leesbro63
8hHelp with TSP proportional disbursement03/15 Rick C20:02 Tdubs
1h401K vs IRA Asset Protection19:50 JD10119:58 golfCaddy
26hWhat to do with extra 50k? Still struggling.04/23 fortfun19:51 fortfun
14hIf you were starting from $018:14 Wezzley7719:51 Grt2bOutdoors
172t30 yr tips auction 2/15: 1.0% yield?02/08 grok8719:39 grok87
45tFun Money04/24 CriticalCareJun19:37 snarlyjack
5hWho is penalized for incorrect rollover Employer or Custodian?04/23 elderwise18:52 Earl Lemongrab
246tCase study Broker trade executions2015 livesoft18:07 triceratop
6pForeign home sale04/24 CoolInvestor17:44 HueyLD
33hDividend fund in taxable account during retirement, yea or nay?04/22 keepingitsimple17:41 bltn
15pSocial Security Spousal benefit & FRA03/03 nanook17:35 TravelforFun
7pCDs & Early Withdrawal Penalties04/23 Leif17:33 invstar
17hIncome investing in Taxable04/24 El Greco17:32 dbr
3cCredit Card Extended Warranties for Kitchen Appliances?04/23 WaffleCone17:31 madbrain
4hTransferring Taxable Account to Vanguard to consolidate04/23 LuigiLikesPizza17:25 samsoes
4hStep 4 of 10 towards simplifying investments04/24 Iowa David17:19 Iowa David
21cUsed car dealer-Freight charge04/23 psteveo17:17 dm200
1pnew tax law - does it change calculations for prepay mortgage or muni bonds in taxable?04/24 Needsomehelp17:15 grok87
9hImplementing Assest Allocation Strategy04/23 d4ldogger17:13 Hukedonfonix4me
3hTitling rollover IRA04/24 jeffyscott17:12 jeffyscott
11p37 yr old + UTMA + student loan = ???04/24 Zolpidem_Dream17:00 livesoft
108t2-year AA Munis at Vanguard and Fidelity Today04/12 Kevin M16:37 gmaynardkrebs

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