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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1978 new posts and replies over 250 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
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Subforum - TopicLast   
6p1099 NEC question03:58 mauwong19:28 Eagle33
32hHow to sell RSUs outside trading windows12:42 ThisJustIn19:28 milktoast
3pMedicare premium for 2022 - Hold Harmless?17:27 cadreamer201519:28 FactualFran
9pYorba Linda Vs. East side of San Diego13:32 cbr shadow19:27 AquaBliss
28cTraditional fireplace or electric? What to do for new construction home?10:59 doss19:27 davebo
65pLTC vs self insurance12/05 rich12619:26 Wrench
17pGolden State Stimulus check (California)07/17 gobel19:26 Ron Ronnerson
207tVanguard: U.S. equities more overvalued than any time since the dot-com bubble12/06 Nathan Drake19:26 Marseille07
52pReview Family Spending -- Budget mid 30s with kids10:47 LoveTheBogle19:25 28fe6
17tWhen will Vanguard's Direct Indexing be Available to Retail Investors?15:27 ArmchairArchite19:24 Lastrun
55cDeterring dogs from doing their "business" next to my yard?11/29 z9119:24 Oldaroo3
22pCA auto insurance: Collision vs. UM property12/03 fortunefavored19:24 exodusNH
11cPrivate Jet Travel07:48 Bill McNeal19:23 makingmistakes
28pHow safe are the fintech banks?22:33 frugalor19:22 SnowBog
410pHas anyone see an inheritance not go as planned? I would like to hear stories from others of what can go wrong.2019 iamblessed19:20 ZWorkLess
8hClose out money market fund in Vanguard IRA?15:25 Stumptowngal19:17 Stumptowngal
13cKeen Wealth Advisors12/07 krafty8119:12 anon_investor
13pHarvesting Gains and Qualified Divs. vs. Roth Conversions11:53 LMK519:11 sc9182
4tPrioritize 403b or T-IRA?17:09 NostraHistoria19:03 NostraHistoria
5cSpace/heat questions for a heat pump water heater17:52 willthrill8119:03 willthrill81
22tPeter Lynch Says The Move to Passive is a Mistake17:02 alpenglow19:01 tibbitts
21pMid(ish) life single investor questions23:19 nebraskaman19:01 nebraskaman
2449cWhat are you listening to now2020 Artful Dodger18:59 iceport
4tLOL @ Vanguard [customer service limitations]17:14 MattB18:59 TJat
2pWill 2021 COLA Apply to My SS Benefit at Age 7018:24 opelikamike18:59 David Jay
4cUber/Lyft vs Car Rental for vacation (San Diego)16:04 oneleaf18:58 quantAndHold
19pRenting house but owners want to sell. Should I buy?13:09 JTHouz18:57 av111
2513pBank of America/Merrill Edge - Preferred Rewards2014 navyitaly18:56 anon_investor
3cBooks about St. Augustine, FL12/06 C4NT18:53 quantAndHold
60cNew to Mystery Reading: Which Authors?12/06 Limoncello40218:52 hohum
2818pShare your net worth progression2014 techcrium18:51 bovineplane
12pMYGA under age 59.5 penalties01/02 benderbr18:51 Stinky
76tWhy is stock investing not as popular in Europe?12/07 klaus1418:48 jeffyscott
19cMen’s Metal Wallets12/07 HotRod14018:47 yolli71
6pBackdoor Roth - basis if rollover is pending on 12/31?18:08 marklar1318:47 HomeStretch
0h1031 exchange nnn lease property advice18:44 farmboy170 
26tCould Mortgages Be Causing Inflation?12/07 Sunsphere8218:43 Sunsphere82
1162tWhy not 100% PSLDX?2020 TeeDee18:42 jarjarM
22h30 y/o, mostly cash ($1M), and seeking advice11/10 digitalchampion18:38 frugalor
46tWhy you can’t ever touch your Roth12/06 McQ18:37 sc9182
26hHow to invest in private companies14:09 ThisJustIn18:32 arcticpineapple
0hFinally got 2020 taxes - Ibonds also18:30 rob 
37h457 Fees vs. Taxable Account12/02 Stillwater197118:25 ThankYouJack
10tJust turned 50. Too late to invest in Real Estate?12/06 mojorisin18:25 RedDog
49hMaxifi12/01 CPA_RIA18:17 maulermark
17pYet Another - Sell Rental? post06/26 mouth18:12 mouth
0hBonds in taxable account18:11 marginal 
19503tU.S. stocks continue to soar!2018 GoldStar18:09 Silk McCue
6pIncome tax withholding - collecting SS but still working.14:21 GaryA50518:07 David Jay
5p1035 conversion of VUL policy22:16 krisSA18:05 Stinky
12hInvesting for elderly parents09:54 smallminnow18:04 AvidGardener
30pRevoke Living Trust?11/09 Average Investo18:04 Lee_WSP
4h2 for 1 question: best self employed retirement savings option and unvested CalPERS contributions12/07 banook17:59 banook
8cKitchen Counter: Neolith, Dektron (aka Sintered Stone, UltruDurable, UltraCompact))08/27 mouth17:57 mouth
13hLTC policy like a deferred annuity - does it exist?12/05 Hebell17:55 WoW2012
3807tWhat are you up YTD? [Year To Date]2014 InvestorNewb17:52 Robot Monster
3pUpon retiring: heath insurance for college students11:04 cervisia17:51 CAsage
12pMedicare Question12/07 rich12617:50 jebmke
7hNew Job - 401k Election Question14:50 FootballFan554817:49 FootballFan5548
102tIs VTI (based on CRSP U.S. Total Market Index) the best way to capture U.S. equity returns?12/05 buckeye798317:40 Northern Flicke
1299pRetiree Portfolio Model2012 BigFoot4817:40 Colorado Guy
20hRoth IRA contribution question13:34 solaris1717:28 twh
34cRetirees - Dental Insurance vs. Dental Plan12/05 fishandgolf17:28 michaelingp
60tVanguard's preliminary year-end fund distribution estimates are due out today (November 15, 2021)11/15 mangorunner17:27 mangorunner
23pCan my daughter use baby-sitting money to contribute to a Roth IRA if she didn't keep good records of it?10:34 privateID17:26 privateID
5cBoglehead Keyboard (Piano) ?11:06 doss17:24 Jazztonight
43lInterest In forming North Texas Boglehead Group2017 Rob54keep17:21 Eric
27tWhat is your best guess of the expected rate of return of VTI in the next 5 years?20:57 Yefuy.Goje17:17 willthrill81
225cHow much do you spend nightly for hotels (leisure/vacation)?02/26 Workaholic17:16 Lou Sevens
2nVanguard Australia Minimum Investment Question03:56 LeoElite17:12 asset_chaos
115cCollege visits, strategies (and ED vs. RD)07/08 psteinx17:08 Vulcan
58tA logic puzzle about diversification and non-correlated portfolio's. Can you solve it?12/07 larsnyborgpeder17:07 willthrill81
127tTotal portfolio allocation and withdrawal (TPAW)2020 Ben Mathew17:00 Ben Mathew
22cBoglehead guitar12/07 spy58716:59 Youndo
104tVanguard Flagship Services Personal Representative11/23 Grrrammm16:58 stan1
9pTerm life insurance that pays like an annuity?15:34 28fe616:55 28fe6
6hCapital One stops offering IRA's03:02 aruba joe16:47 kleiner
105tRisk Parity04/22 slowandsteadywi16:46 prioritarian
7hCompany Stock in old 401k12/07 optimismhelps16:42 optimismhelps
9p[Insurance - HDHP (High Deductible Health Plan) or PPO?]11/30 River in Sight16:40 SimpleStupid
7hWhat to add in bond holdings?12/07 nesdog16:39 nesdog
66tSeems like Roth conversions are harder with the brokerage accounts12/05 tadamsmar16:39 rkhusky
45pOlder Bogleheads: What was the most expensive decade of your life?12/07 Ed_Sandwich16:32 Ependytis
15hBackdoor Roth Pro Rata headache!01:10 rayne16:30 retiredjg
3pShould I DAF or wait for tax bill to lift SALT ?16:00 Muggle16:18 LadyGeek
80hETFs - A hassle without auto-investments?11/11 shipsahoy16:16 shipsahoy
30tartificial intelligence ETFs2020 chem16:15 retire2022
26pHow long to work?12/02 chilidawg16:15 desiderium
48cDid this plumber take me for a ride? Water Heater12/02 URSnshn16:15 RMD3819
8hEnd of Year Check-In09:00 owlofminerva16:14 owlofminerva
47hWhy not 100% stocks?12/05 hod92816:10 novolog
526tBox Spreads as Loans - Interactive Brokers IBKR - 202103/30 kellykline16:02 millennialmilli
73c[Replacing HVAC - considering heat pump]11/29 MortgageOnBlack15:57 twh
68pUnemployment Income Tax Refund05/13 bmelikia15:57 GettingComforta
0hBond Allocation in a Credit Shelter Trust - Municipal vs. Taxable15:53 huskyscream 
30cGmail 2 Factor Login07:10 LifeIsGood15:53 Jeepergeo
34tCould millennial trends threaten stock market performance over the coming decades?09:14 VartAndelay15:50 Jeepergeo
11cEncrypted email? Any issues with this scenario?12/06 URSnshn15:49 motiv8ed
34pCan I gift a house ?21:05 BernardShakey15:48 willthrill81
14hTSP contribution optimization: worth it?12/02 TheTurtle15:45 TheTurtle
10pSocial Security Notice of Benefit20:22 sport15:43 Monster99
3pHSA - switching from family to employee+spouse15:11 artgerst15:40 Duzz78
40cSemi-truck tire explosion hit my car - insurance claim help12/06 GypsyHome15:37 GypsyHome
9hBack door Roth IRA question20:31 Indexfan8915:33 FiveK
4hSolo 401k Contribution - Roth or Traditional?06:05 KaskadeForever15:30 Nver2Late
2hBackdoor Roth Decision13:57 SimpleStupid15:27 SimpleStupid
6hBuy high in taxable sell high in IRA ?12/07 carminered201915:27 carminered2019
14cStolen vehicle recover systems.22:24 CedarWaxWing15:24 Joey Jo Jo Jr
82pWhat's in your wallet? [credit card strategy]12/06 Bigt314215:24 bgvg
15pCar for tax benefits for a small business.12/07 rparmar6715:21 MMiroir
10pACA subsidies and income12:12 Tom_T15:17 marcopolo
157tAnyone here CoastFIRE’d?10/15 rssll515:13 TheNightsToCome
6hRoth conversion12:41 sandman5915:13 rkhusky
5tWhy 0.01% and not 0% interest on money market funds?11:56 jt415:11 MrJedi
17pWhat would you recommend to a close friend in the following situation?12/07 Ependytis15:06 GaryA505
22pRental Properties: When to sell?12/05 AerialWombat14:59 BernardShakey
32cHVAC replacement question12/02 tibbitts14:58 tibbitts
57hFisher Investments [vs S&P500]09/13 BertandErnie14:47 nisiprius
21hInvesting hoarded cash12/04 slalom14:43 Remster
24hCD Ladder Discipline12/07 AAA14:37 eldinerocheapo
2hAsset Allocation nuts and bolts for a retired 73 year old12:17 40040140214:36 EfficientInvest
153pSo now you're dead -- how does your executor find all your accounts & bills?06/08 miket2914:20 Luckywon
26tFree trading, but often a catch: NYT2019 Fallible14:14 Northern Flicke
0hWiser Heads, Please Prevail: Taxable Account Positions?14:11 crozet 
3363c[What TV Show Have You Recently Watched?]2016 dbCooperAir14:07 apple44
73hComplex portfolio w/ high fees and unrealized gains11/12 FrankyZoo14:04 neurosphere
14pExecutor: settling IRA in a trust12/07 usagi14:03 Alan S.
563pVery high earners ($400k+), how did you do it?11/28 Yefuy.Goje14:03 LadyGeek
174tInternational stocks will outperform US stocks in 202101/04 InvestorNewb13:59 LadyGeek
2pPacificSource, First Health reviews?12/05 FireAway13:58 Munir
11pCan't Front-Load HSA thru Employer - Options?11:44 wiivile13:57 AnEngineer
9tA question to those that are receiving social security.08:13 SmallCityDave13:56 Grt2bOutdoors
2pNew HELOC12:22 Astronaut413:52 jm1495
441tVanguard's new mobile app (formerly known as "Beacon")08/12 anon_investor13:48 CRC_Volunteer
21tDoes the prevalence of "deals" make inflation hard to measure?12/07 nisiprius13:45 TropikThunder
133pWould you incur debt to move from an HCOL area to a VHCOL area to improve your family’s quality of life?11/01 Electrified13:39 JackoC
7h200K Question05:42 ECR13:39 mr_brightside
40hWhat Staying the Course Means During a Crash?12/07 jason112213:29 carminered2019
1317t[Vanguard may remove secure messages, members transitioning out of Vanguard]07/30 runninginvestor13:27 outbackcountry
19pFirst time Career CPA. Priortizing Spending12/05 Ni0ck13:26 Taxapalooza
2pInheriting an Inherited House12:34 austin75713:22 JoeRetire
1hBackdoor Roth - Delay Cashing Pre-Tax 401k Rollover Check?12:51 mcraepat913:17 David Jay
47pHow are you using TurboTax?12/06 jeff62285913:17 talzara
40clooking to buy a new car, can I time the car market04/27 inspector0013:09 IMO
3pIs it a big deal to lose all performance history if I move 401k from Fidelity?12:43 bogleboy13:08 retire2022
9hFTSE All-World ex-US (VFWAX) versus Total International (VTIAX)02/19 Kookaburra13:07 nalor511
8hAdvice on 401k and Roth IRA allocation12/05 khk5013:06 ruralavalon
2pTaxable Income Bracket - 1040 Form line number11:12 johnpau13:06 Running Bum
1pIRA Conversion and RMDs12:39 Still Learning13:05 sport
4998tSmall Cap Value heads Rejoice !!!2019 hdas13:00 imak
2hI did it: Transitioned to 4 fund portfolio! Thanks!11:53 ZWorkLess12:58 ZWorkLess
13hAnother Backdoor Roth and pro-rata rule question04:02 mancich12:53 retiredjg
3cPrevnar 2011:22 Freeadvice12:49 Flyer24
11pNot itemizing: effective mortgage rate20:02 K7212:40 K72
5hNew to investing--Portfolio Questions.20:48 Emerick12:39 Emerick
5560cWhat Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI2014 Alex Frakt12:36 Elsebet
343cLet's play chess01/15 LadyGeek12:34 Marseille07
284hPurchasing MYGAs (multi year guaranteed annuities) - mega thread12/31 Stinky12:31 HueyLD
0pNJ Health Insurance State Subsidy Recapture or Pay Back12:18 opus360 
347pHow quickly did you receive your 2020 tax refund?03/06 CardinalRule12:11 Jimi
21pPay down home mortgage??12/07 sandy.matthew1811:59 gblack
36cAmerica's Forest Carbon Market12/02 Drewman11:46 Trav
31hDeciding between various Fidelity Index funds - Asset Allocation11/30 syncmaster11:46 ruralavalon
47cRent or buy a tux for a fancy wedding12/06 blastoff11:33 remomnyc
24pCan we afford this new home?12/03 doss11:32 CoastLawyer2030
108cSquirrel Proofing a Bird Feeder2013 gatorman11:28 nativenewenglan
562cSo what are you cooking2020 Skeeter111:23 michaeljc70
1064pRelationship mortgage discounts for moving a million assets2019 softwaregeek11:20 CalculatedRisk
71tIf History Repeats - From a Financial Perspective What Period of Time Does Today Most Remind you Off?12/01 MrCheapo11:17 MrCheapo
7400cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36811:15 michaeljc70
31hIRA on top of a mega backoor Roth?11/05 T20three11:05 T20three
20p[Any experience with] Unifimoney12/07 engaged7301611:02 LadyGeek
40tHow does passive investing impact stock market returns as a whole?02/05 brian9148010:59 BrooklynInvest
13hHelp me understand selling with specific identification does it cause more tax transactions than average cost? For09:30 iamblessed10:58 jebmke
34cCheapest iPhone to Use With Apple Watch12/04 Small Law Survi10:57 walkabout
1173tI Bonds Mega Thread (I Bond Heads Rejoice!)04/13 tomsense7610:55 theac
5pQCD after death?12/06 OldTimer10:54 OldTimer
4hIndex Fund Screeners To Identify Value Index Funds?12/05 MrCheapo10:49 MrCheapo
11hDoes all Roth make sense?08:15 JRinvests10:48 Svensk Anga
19cDoes teak wood that's very old turn black?12/07 Caduceus10:48 JackoC
5cDo I need to unfreeze credit to upgrade Phone with Verizon?21:20 Lou Sevens10:44 Lou Sevens
65hMade a horrible mistake with my retirement accounts12/06 jarhead10:41 tibbitts
23pADVICE: Post-Auto Accident12/06 BespokeBiker10:35 PatrickA5
0tBlackRock to spread its assets from State Street to other custodians10:35 sycamore 
0hHow to reduce long term cap gains - business sale10:33 passivestream 
3tA Boglehead Christmas Gift12/07 Taylor Larimore10:30 JupiterJones
27hCan't make mobile deposit using Vanguard's mobile app12/07 saver110:24 saver1
1273pWashington State Long Term Care Trust Act - 0.58% payroll tax - $36,500 lifetime maximum benefit02/16 Soon2BXProgramm10:20 johan851
109pTurboTax TY202110/28 billthecat10:18 Pete3
18hAdvantages and disadvantages of converting a 401(k) to an IRA12/06 Clammypollack10:15 niagara_guy
31tClosest way to mimic Wellington?12/05 nasrullah10:07 sycamore
9hDoubts on Tax benefits on Individual 401k contributions12/07 cvsvm200709:54 cvsvm2007
19cMy Eyeglasses Stretch Out So Much: What To Do?12/07 Limoncello40209:51 egrets
4hCore four portfolio vs mutual fund (Vanguard 2050)06:56 TraderJohn09:48 sycamore
78tA bond duration glide path for retirement investing2020 vineviz09:41 djm2001
9tMadsinger Monthly Report status?06/01 Expro09:28 sycamore
168tVanguard Website03/02 GS09:27 LadyGeek
1540cBird watchers – what birds are you seeing?2020 JAZZISCOOL09:23 JAZZISCOOL
11hVanguard Mutual fund account actual fees paid: Where to find??12/06 vrr10609:22 alex_686
264t"Just Stand There" vs. incorporating new info12/06 burritoLover09:16 burritoLover
18hNeed help with new 401k12/07 Jay09:05 tashnewbie
6tBullet shares e.g bsjm [Invesco BulletShares 2022 High Yield Corporate Bond ETF]11/20 rman22209:04 rman222
4hDealing with annuities12/06 jodhpur08:56 exodusNH
16cPlease educate me about adding Hi-Rez audio streaming to my set up11/29 CenTexan08:45 eddot98
23tInternational stocks will outperform US stocks in 202221:10 Triple digit go08:41 oldcomputerguy
45cVanguard login security code11/18 AQ08:39 sycamore
5tHow to withdrawal down tax efficiently?12/07 mike246808:27 KlangFool
6pSolo 401k: Worth contributing?12/07 Oh12308:23 cowdogman
6pShould I estimate Taxes for 202112/07 ajnabi1408:22 RyeBourbon
2hSeeking Boglehead portfolio input20:24 Rashers Ronald08:14 Rashers Ronald
5hLimits on taxable accounts2019 sitout07:59 dafioram
14hBond Fund for HOA community - bad recommendation by Wells Fargo Advisors?12/07 4runner81807:51 dbr
3pVanduard vs Fidelity: Trust as beneficiary12/07 chemocean07:50 chemocean
4tThought exercise: You're a mutual fund manager who restricts withdrawals. Will you generate better returns? How?04:45 VTI07:44 LadyGeek
13pRoth conversion tax question12/07 HoneyBee07:38 retiredjg
3hFireCalc and Home Downsizing12/07 JSparks07:18 dbr
11hAlight Financial Solutions?05/27 IlliniDave07:17 sbillertpa
17pHow did you finance your rental unit purchase?12/03 workingovertime07:16 Slacker
147hEmployee Fiduciary Solo 401(k) with MegaBackdoor Roth and TPA - Discussion2020 ICMoney06:11 Tamarind
232fSearching for Lost Contributors04/28 RovenSkyfall06:05 ResearchMed
17pHSA contributions per pay period/or on own12/06 TurksandCaicos006:03 dcabler
10pQuestions about gift tax when giving money to parents12/06 VartAndelay05:49 TomatoTomahto
436cOddly Difficult to Find Items During the Pandemic2020 alfaspider05:36 Tubes
2nPortfolio advice - Indian nationals (place of retirement undecided)12/04 boglemonster_1205:06 Valuethinker
17hInternational Investment Alternatives -- Avantis and DFA ETFs09/25 mikewitteman05:04 Sammy_M
276t[Why did my fund suddenly drop in value?]2011 stratton04:31 Visitor76
21hVanguard Customer Service Down?12/07 JimmyK04:08 Steelersfan
10hStrategy on unloading company stock12/07 Lynx31065003:24 Valuethinker
11nMoving back to Europe from US - Thinking of selling everything next week12/07 rjm_cali02:53 TedSwippet
11hAdvice on where to invest $30K12/07 bettycooper12323:23 Doctor Rhythm
21hComingled After and Pre Tax in Retirement Accts in 1980s12/05 Mike8322:20 Alan S.
19hInflation Protected Bonds vs. Pay Down Mortgage12/07 Sourc322:20 Watty
1hAdult Child and HSA tax benefit12/07 Hitmonchan22:17 FiveK
8t2021 Boglehead Contest Update07/03 Taylor Larimore22:12 StevieG72
46cAmazon Pharmacy2020 SlowMovingInves21:17 Cruise
11cHelp find a stand for my enormous (51lb) keyboard?11/17 CommitmentDevic21:14 Lou Sevens
4tIs a brokerage transfer always done in kind as the default nowadays?12/07 iamblessed21:08 Callisto
14hVanguard Customer Service Issues [Should I go with Fidelity?]12/06 ddatl20:51 monkeytypist
32tAs Vanguard pushes into private equity, some fans get queasy12/06 Breaking Away20:38 CZjc1330
23hNew at investing, general ?s12/01 rgm198220:35 golfrgirl
15pOlder Bogleheads: do you wish you'd spent more time with family/kids vs focus on your career?12/07 crossbow20:25 Flyer24
17tEnd of Year Reminder: Open a Roth12/07 David Jay20:12 sad2
3pThird party DAFs12/07 InMyDreams20:11 Stinky
16pVariable Universal Life - How to Flex and When?11/21 Mike8319:56 afan
10hTraditional vs Roth 401k?12/05 OldSport19:47 VanGar+Goyle
3pCan't get into social security12/07 aruba joe19:47 JoeRetire
21hContributed Too Much to TSP--What Happens?2010 mikeast19:44 dukeblue219
11hRoth conversion to top of 24%? Early career high income, last year at 24%11/29 exces619:38 inbox788
925tModified versions of HFEA with ITT and Futures / Lifecycle Investing with Modern Portfolio Theory09/03 skierincolorado19:32 skierincolorado
10hCan Schwab transactions manually export to Quicken?11/25 DebiT19:32 TimeRunner

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