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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1513 new posts and replies over 209 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
# Replies Subforum - Topic TitleFirst Last   
Subforum - TopicLast   
3pWhen is the Best Time to Make a Post - High Visibility09:37 snowboarder09:50 lazynovice
8hUnique EJ situation09:32 scsu7409:49 Nate79
56cTarget gift cards 10% off this weekend12/02 fsrph09:49 mikep
89tUnder what conditions is a 50/50 portfolio worse than any other?11/28 Phyneas09:49 Phyneas
14hInvestments to retire by 5011/28 Bb07308409:48 Bb073084
8cSelling (Inherited) Firearm, Possibly Classic?00:08 dabretty09:46 mr_brightside
65pWhat is the simplest way to handle the household budget?11/01 guppyguy09:46 MikeG62
133pSo now you're dead -- how does your executor find all your accounts & bills?06/08 miket2909:45 lazynovice
1cUpload the washer and dryer now or later?09:42 mschurner09:45 livesoft
0hHelp - should we buy I Bonds?09:45 Triple digit go 
2tNumber of mutual funds negatively correlated to beating the market?09:39 Stanczyk09:44 arcticpineapple
6hTax efficient etf or mutual fund for savings not allocated to a specific goal12/01 gionnovi09:44 sycamore
17pMedigap part G or Medicare Advantage for 84 yr old mother?11:20 anonyx09:43 dodecahedron
258pHow strong are my golden handcuffs07/27 MAKsdad09:42 MAKsdad
20tDr. Ed Yardeni discusses his new book and the economy on this "Bogleheads on Investing" podcast12/01 Rick Ferri09:42 Leesbro63
16hDoes filing taxes "Married Filing Separately" make sense in our situation?14:50 katnok09:41 gionnovi
305cLet's play chess01/15 LadyGeek09:41 canadianbacon
59tLucid electric cars & stock08/08 F150HD09:39 stan1
6pRemodel or move (take 2)07:57 roadnottaken09:36 Firemenot
13cCheapest iPhone to Use With Apple Watch11:44 Small Law Survi09:35 02nz
26tWe talk about Down, but should we also discuss Sideways?11/30 SantaClaraSurfe09:34 balbrec2
1tAOR or VSMGX 60/40 Is there a home country bias?08:52 invest2bfree09:33 sycamore
2494pBank of America/Merrill Edge - Preferred Rewards2014 navyitaly09:32 FedGuy
63tStarting to feel like a schmuck for buying total market funds!16:36 VTI09:32 arcticpineapple
441pVery high earners ($400k+), how did you do it?11/28 Yefuy.Goje09:30 Firemenot
9tIs VTI (based on CRSP U.S. Total Market Index) the best way to capture U.S. equity returns?06:03 buckeye798309:28 Booogle
3tVanguard Total Stock Market Fund08:58 Swansea09:26 UpperNwGuy
16hQuestions for Retirees - How many years in fixed income?01:24 Always passive09:26 BernardShakey
3tWSJ on Direct Indexing00:22 FrugalProfessor09:25 tj
42tIf History Repeats - From a Financial Perspective What Period of Time Does Today Most Remind you Off?12/01 MrCheapo09:24 JoMoney
146pWhat % of your Net Worth is Home Equity? What % is total value of RE relative to net worth?2020 LFKB09:22 Nowizard
17pValue of Pension in Salary Negotiations12:56 Ashdog09:21 AnnetteLouisan
212pAt what net worth would you to be comfortable purchasing $3MM house? (given certain assumptions)12/02 stostech09:20 Ron Ronnerson
19tOne-fund portfolio using fixed ~60/40 index or active funds.10/27 GaryA50509:18 Booogle
21pWill my estate have to go to probate??12/04 Provlima09:17 chemocean
9hTransferring from Fidelity00:47 Aceea09:16 sycamore
4pEnd of 2021 - Megabackdoor Roth IRA + Normal Backdoor Roth IRA Considerations Early Next Year (Pending Legislation)22:52 Nathan Drake09:14 zaboomafoozarg
38cVanguard login security code11/18 AQ09:10 JSparks
50tDoes market-cap have TOO much US?12/01 larsnyborgpeder09:03 jeffyscott
85tBuying Bonds Because They Actually Work12/03 Northern Flicke09:00 Robot Monster
2pWash sale when involving both long and short?20:33 raiserchu08:59 dbr
24tBehavioral Changes as Investment Wealth Outpaces Income15:18 YoungSisyphus08:58 AnnetteLouisan
148c[madbrain's AO Smith Water Heater Replacement Adventure]10/19 madbrain08:56 dratkinson
10cGood source of cell phone batteries?12:23 egrets08:55 egrets
3pStop spousal benefits I’m turning 70 next month21:12 Ineed$08:55 Info_Hound
13hNon-Profit Retirement Plan setup12/03 bf012308:54 crefwatch
4t"Mix And Match" by Jonathan Clements10:35 Taylor Larimore08:49 Sandtrap
3cRecommended Bluetooth keyboard for tablet?10:36 Tamales08:48 Stephen_Crane
2tis the sortino ratio good for comparing portfolios? if not what is?23:22 tcrez08:47 dbr
8pCalculating taxes on inherited IRAs from a Trust with multiple beneficaries12:29 evonboeck08:47 MarkNYC
5hExcess 401K Contribution06:59 BV327308:45 BV3273
25hRobo-Advisors @ Schwab vs Vanguard12/03 JackBoglereader08:44 BF3000
8cHome, auto, umbrella, earthquake insurance CA12/04 moi08:42 Mudpuppy
6pRoth Conversion Options/Questions06:35 bogletay08:41 retiredjg
10hHeads Up on TreasuryDirect Banking Peculiarities and Slowness11:38 MrCheapo08:39 absolute zero
7cBest web browser on Windows06:51 NYCaviator08:38 runner3081
7382cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36808:38 JAZZISCOOL
14hWhen to Tax Loss Harvest?12/02 MrCheapo08:37 grabiner
271hWhere Do I Go From Here - Asset Location09/18 AnnetteLouisan08:37 AnnetteLouisan
2hCollege Savings Fund22:48 niar08:36 niar
27cReplacing bathroom sink faucets11/27 September08:35 jcpct
40pID.me12/03 jackoak08:34 Mudpuppy
12tVIG vs VDIGX vs SPY vs VTV During 2007-200909/26 invest2bfree08:34 Elysium
0hPartnership 401k Question08:26 g0ldplatinun 
1hPortfolio Review A Few Years On21:30 MadDash33508:23 HomeStretch
156tVanguard Website03/02 GS08:23 cas
8tFinding year-end distribution amounts01:39 FlyingMoose08:22 livesoft
9cCOVID Rapid Test for re-entry to US12/03 retire1408:13 UpperNwGuy
38pAnyone purposefully and happily downsize their job?10/27 BusterScruggs08:09 hvaclorax
9hHSA portfolio12/04 brak08:07 brak
11hBond Question: Substitute VBTLX (Vanguard Total Bond Market Index) for TIPS?21:34 sw531808:05 dbr
3cInsurance and Prescriptions17:02 OpenMinded108:03 anon_investor
43p2.75M nest egg, 84K expenses: Can we take a break/slow down?11/30 Phinance08:01 TheNightsToCome
52cOur bed is shot!10/23 Retired207:54 sunny_socal
15cAmerica's Forest Carbon Market12/02 Drewman07:51 TomatoTomahto
10pSS Restricted Application - Final Steps12/03 dowse07:49 LadyGeek
189pH&R Block 2021 software offer10/21 LadyGeek07:39 Tubes
27pCreating a negative balance on a credit card to make a charge that's greater than the credit line19:05 Ron Ronnerson07:36 fourwheelcycle
5cGoogle ending support for Chrome Apps June 202212/04 BuyAndHoldOn07:33 acegolfer
4hSuggestion for BH posts on Inflation?13:57 Carbonate2407:33 Freefun
3nwhat is the best platform to invest in eu + how to buy sp500 in euro and not usd and based in Ireland and is Accumulatig11:33 Barak07:22 hithere
0nWithholding taxes by countries other than US07:20 aurorion 
8pForm 8606 Question12:53 Carl26207:09 retiredjg
6hInvestment With Planned 15 Years Active Life12/03 amateur07:07 Sandtrap
24pLogistics of Fractional ETF Shares at Fidelity11/09 NYCaviator07:01 tonyclifton
22hIPO confidentiality question12/03 sharma's06:47 crefwatch
10729tHEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure Part II: The next journey2019 HEDGEFUNDIE06:44 zkn
0pExercise ISOs in December vs. January?06:44 berg 
1pLock in exchange rate for UK Graduate School costs20:12 newcollegeman06:35 newcollegeman
6p2021 - $300/$600 Charitable deduction for tax filers who don't itemize still in effect15:59 DoTheMath06:29 jebmke
24cSingle Serving Pod Brewers (coffee, tea, etc.)?11/30 MandyLuna06:29 tennisplyr
28tDoes Future Social Security Benefit Get COLA?12/03 spencydub06:24 JoeRetire
4pMedicare/Medigap Plan N vs G in Long Island (NY)12/04 pandahouse06:24 ModifiedDuratio
28c[Replacing HVAC - considering heat pump]11/29 MortgageOnBlack06:23 Valuethinker
3nWhat stock/bonds ratio would you suggest for my pension? [UK]11/30 Gliss05:31 Valuethinker
9hUS expats - government annuity in Hong Kong12/02 rxtra805:16 Chip
15h91-year old MIL requests assistance with portfolio12/03 Copilot04:08 ResearchMed
2nChoosing exchanges with Interactive Brokers14:26 Munich Investor03:13 hithere
19382tU.S. stocks continue to soar!2018 GoldStar02:43 Brianmcg321
891tModified versions of HFEA with ITT and Futures / Lifecycle Investing with Modern Portfolio Theory09/03 skierincolorado02:18 comeinvest
152tWhy doesn’t everybody factor invest? (If it has better risk-adjusted returns, then why not?)11/30 larsnyborgpeder01:53 Northern Flicke
19hDuration of a trust?12/02 jbinpa5901:30 jbinpa59
97cBuying a 1.3M house - worried about unexpected expenses2020 nonamer80001:13 Firemenot
16hMechanics of Roth Conversion *at* Vanguard12/03 Cara01:11 livesoft
28cExterior Water Service Line Coverage2020 Orbuculum Nonga00:47 twh
14pEnd of life Documents12/04 rich12600:41 twh
19pwater main insurance12/03 SpideyIndexer00:18 unclescrooge
14hExcess cash and inflation - what to do?12/03 renegade0600:15 tejas24478
9h403(b) vs. 457(b) vs. 401(a) vs. Roth12/04 K-SawDude00:06 K-SawDude
229fSearching for Lost Contributors04/28 RovenSkyfall23:59 JoMoney
3pRecovering stock shares escheated by state of Florida?22:49 bueller_bueller23:59 Watty
121hGravy train ride over ? Time to reevaluate asset allocation12/03 Jimsad23:53 LilyFleur
22hDebating on Options trading - any suggestions12/03 prettybogle23:52 000
18hMinimize capital loss to reduce wash sale, or minimize capital gain?12/03 jimmyg23:39 jimmyg
25314tU.S. stocks in free fall2011 Lbill23:36 Flyer24
138tThe I Bond Manifesto09/23 Mel Lindauer23:17 FinancialDave
4hWithdrawing 529 funds in parents name or kids name17:26 rm23:16 BernardShakey
2440cWhat are you listening to now2020 Artful Dodger23:15 quantAndHold
1tVanguard's "Tax Center" Website Link10:23 BolderBoy23:08 Eagle33
1261pWashington State Long Term Care Trust Act - 0.58% payroll tax - $36,500 lifetime maximum benefit02/16 Soon2BXProgramm22:59 Marseille07
35pHow to really take my credit to the next level12/02 rgm198222:54 mhalley
22p2022 social security benefits now available at My Social Security12/02 heartwood22:42 Big Dog
22hCreating a trust for purchasing additional I Bonds12/04 September22:40 jeff1949
16hInvesting hoarded cash10:39 slalom22:26 mikejuss
25hNEWBIE HERE! I really look forward to learning so much from this site12/03 mstr4j052521:19 Joey Jo Jo Jr
21hWash sale?: Is IWV Substantially Identical to VOO?15:21 Jack&Warren21:19 Sprucebark
3pSeeking Estate attorney for possible conservatorship in Santa Clara county, CA14:24 capper21:09 stan1
3355c[What TV Show Have You Recently Watched?]2016 dbCooperAir20:55 hohum
10hAllocating funds over time12/03 sloberg19:59 bertilak
10hCorrect my allocations11/28 rehpyc19:44 rehpyc
13pHelp with Medicare for Mom12/01 wassabi19:35 thursdaysd
10pTransfering from VG Rollover IRA to Merrill Traditional IRA12/02 cvsvm200719:27 Alan S.
7hHelp me choose my 401k investment options to mimic VTIVX02/08 NewbieBogle00719:22 Triple digit go
330tWhat's the catch with I Bonds?06/02 Buy_N_Hold19:05 tibbitts
44pDeath Book2013 Steady5919:00 miket29
424tA Simple Bogleheads Retirement Using Variable Percentage Withdrawals (VPW Forward Test)2019 longinvest18:57 FiveK
5tFortune magazine Investor's Guide 200712:36 K7218:42 TJat
3hTiming of gains harvest to be used to pay taxes on Roth conversion18:08 Cara18:41 Cara
8hDonate to charity every other year?15:25 michaelingp18:29 CAsage
16hMega Backdoor Roth EoY Timing12/03 DMoogle18:28 DMoogle
14hLopsided Growth in Taxable - Updated with Portfolio Details2020 freeform018:22 freeform0
3hFinance or pay cash private stock12:29 joeyhsauce18:17 joeyhsauce
5tOTC Trade Pricing Change - Schwab12/03 InvestorWannabe18:17 amphora
18hPortfolio Review/(60/40-LTT or Inflation Hedged Bonds?)12/01 PennyWise718:16 ivgrivchuck
15hno 5 year wait on converted Roth coming from a previous employer 401k?12/01 sidwin51618:14 sidwin516
91tHow do you personally prevent behavioral mistakes? What do these preventative measures cost you?12/01 VTI18:11 skierincolorado
67tVanguard China Select Stock Fund11/29 Barry Barnitz18:08 Robot Monster
2817pShare your net worth progression2014 techcrium18:01 AnnetteLouisan
68h100% Stock Portfolio03/12 johtaf17:45 Flyer24
9tLimit on interest rate increases14:17 shuresm7b117:29 Booglie
10hRetirement Plans and Insight/Input Request12/02 PHKn@x17:18 PHKn@x
20poptimal asset allocation?2009 1johanna17:15 invest2bfree
38tWilliam Bernstein interview on Rational Reminder "Praying for a bear market"2020 YRT7017:13 livesoft
1313tVariable Percentage Withdrawal (VPW)2013 longinvest17:07 SnowBog
56cPet food delivery services12/25 Mudpuppy16:49 Mudpuppy
16pStocks received as Trustee fee14:59 BusterB16:49 BusterB
15pTax Question ROTH Principal Withdrawal12/02 Cloud16:46 sycamore
28cHVAC replacement question12/02 tibbitts16:44 tibbitts
106cInstant Coffee?2019 sport16:41 Horologium
13pRoth conversion "cost" in ARP tax credits05/19 GeekGal16:39 dodecahedron
1pTaxes and capital gains14:49 Newbie2invest16:38 chemocean
30hNusi [opinions on covered call funds]12/02 Meaty16:34 olyveoil
12638pRefinance Mega Thread2019 AZAttorney1116:21 rage_phish
16pRMD calculator for a 40 year old05/22 GeekGal16:19 GeekGal
11pRelative Never Took RMDs on Inherited IRA From 201212/02 Rebeccah16:12 Rebeccah
28pExcessively Expensive Umbrella Quote11/24 Radiata16:08 JohnSmith123
5thow to defer taxes on Series I bonds14:50 virginiavanguar16:07 Gill
28cMysterious package delivered by USPS11/29 bertilak16:07 Mudpuppy
70nBABA and Tencent07/08 Swiss Bee15:54 Freefun
37tHow much of the historical average return comes from dividends?11/29 alex12371115:50 willthrill81
14pGood Idea?: Convert Individual Stock to VTSAX via donating to DAF to Avoid LTCG Tax11/24 fireman15:47 Skeet
24tIn which scenarios will cash outperform TIPS?12/03 VartAndelay15:12 AlwaysLearningM
1pHow Do You Choose Home/Auto Insurance: Price vs Reputation?14:54 CygX115:05 Lalamimi
33hRecording the recorder: Fidelity and transaction mistakes06/28 Godot14:54 Godot
6pAny easy way to ditch PMI?12:31 chrischris14:49 strafe
80hShould I include social security in my retirement planning?12/01 Fran K14:27 Eagle33
12pHouse didn't appraise, tax implications12/03 Ophiuchus14:21 tim1999
21tTax Loss Harvesting and Wash Sale Rules12/01 mangorunner14:21 Nate79
21hSleeping well with 50% S&P 500 and 50% Target Index12/04 orsocorso14:19 orsocorso
29cStationary bikes12/01 tc10114:15 Arlington2019
41lInterest In forming North Texas Boglehead Group2017 Rob54keep14:11 jarhead
908cPC Build Thread - 2020... and beyond!!!2020 Independent Geo13:54 Mudpuppy
19pOptimizing Credit Card Rewards12/03 dunk123413:49 spickups09
18hFeeling overwhelmed and confused about which bonds/bond funds to buy and where to place them10:32 VartAndelay13:38 Wannaretireearl
278pBest decision(s) in your financial life02/23 ArtsyProf13:20 pahkcah
13hI Bond opinions12/04 David_w13:15 livesoft
64hAnother Edward Jones question (leaving ethically)09/20 frenchpress2712:49 TomatoTomahto
1805cWhat frugal thing did you do today?2017 Nectarineman12:45 Michael Patrick
3hFNILX vs S&P 500 on 02 Dec12:09 IntlRetiree12:38 IntlRetiree
29tArticle: The Domiance of Large (FAANG) Companies Appears to be Waning.12/02 Apathizer12:38 willthrill81
43pAnyone Else Scratching Their Heads Over $3M House Post?11:06 Leesbro6312:37 LadyGeek
4hThink I put too much in my 401k11:16 sidwin51612:23 H-Town
0hStarting the New Year Off Right...Hopefully12:19 Rkoa63 
12h457 Fees vs. Taxable Account12/02 Stillwater197112:12 retire2022
19hHow to Optimally Tax Loss Harvest ETFs12/03 Kookaburra12:01 nalor511
215tRiding HEDGEFUNDIE’s excellent adventure2020 CanaBogle2411:49 bgf
11h10% penalty due to employer closing 401k and paying it out?12/03 MHA55611:48 twh
469tA time to EVALUATE your jitters2011 nisiprius11:35 Leesbro63
34pDo You Recommend Marcus (by Goldman Sachs)?05/26 hirlaw11:24 student
51pBuying a Triplex?2020 thatme11:07 EdNorton
27cVoluntourism for the 40+ crowd11/25 motorider10:35 motorider
4hBuying a big building!12/02 XM16E110:31 playtothebeat
14cWork from home phone: dual sim cell, softphone, other?12/03 benway10:30 Sam_957
20pCA auto insurance: Collision vs. UM property12/03 fortunefavored10:27 moi
6h3 bond etfs for taxable account12/02 Robo10:16 mrpotatoheadsay
6hVanguard Joint Taxable Account: Confirming Bank?2017 cbr shadow10:15 firechain
15h2 years later, windfall invested, now what?12/03 teacher216310:06 VaR
13c10 year Anniversary ideas12/03 UTgrad10:00 UTgrad
9tETF Tax Advantage12/01 firmsoil09:56 livesoft

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