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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1937 new posts and replies over 213 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
# Replies Subforum - Topic TitleFirst Last   
Subforum - TopicLast   
8cKitchen Renovation, what is your prefered way to do the floor?17:57 2pedals20:06 Bogle7
45tShort- and longer-term effects of rising interest rates on a bond fund08:26 nisiprius20:05 nisiprius
171hWhat Individual stocks are you buying?2020 Frugalbear20:05 jarjarM
413tHow much Gold do you own and why?07/29 Always passive20:05 59Gibson
14pVanguard 2-factor ID deactivated itself12:57 Outer Marker20:05 TropikThunder
73tVanguard Customer Service 202106/18 PinotGris20:04 nalor511
22pRule 72T: Just how does this work? Anyone do this?2018 AtlasShrugged?20:03 Cooperboy22
437tModified versions of HFEA with ITT and Futures / Lifecycle Investing with Modern Portfolio Theory09/03 skierincolorado20:02 comeinvest
67tWhat 3 tips would you give a soon to be retiree?10/20 Twiggsapproved20:01 fposte
48tFinancial Newspapers & Publications2018 abuss36820:00 Sandtrap
1tTempleton Global Income fund GIM Tender offer15:16 anpaul14720:00 Tanelorn
1815pBank of America/Merrill Edge - Preferred Rewards2014 navyitaly19:59 Marseille07
386pTime to reach 1M and 2M milestones2015 sanfran201519:59 carminered2019
3cFederal EV credit - okay to claim multiple times in one year???18:06 ShaftoesSpreads19:58 ShaftoesSpreads
2702pShare your net worth progression2014 techcrium19:58 logic2000
2tWhat happens if a company outgrows S&P 600?19:19 Booogle19:58 TropikThunder
45cLooking for a desktop PC for my 75 year old parents10/11 Bob Sacamano19:54 jabberwockOG
12pDo I need a CPA15:35 Bandu7919:54 jebmke
721cPC Build Thread - 2020... and beyond!!!2020 Independent Geo19:54 LadyGeek
303tBox Spreads as Loans - Interactive Brokers IBKR - 202103/30 kellykline19:54 InvestorDave
69hOct 2021 Market timing10/05 H-Town19:52 MrJedi
632tI Bonds Mega Thread (I Bond Heads Rejoice!)04/13 tomsense7619:50 tomsense76
8tSolo 401k for backdoor Roth18:59 CLS06919:47 pizzy
7pNeed a Concise Summary of Duties of a Power of Attorney?17:31 Cruise19:46 ResearchMed
1pAny retirees spend too much and go back to work?18:48 Montgomery19:44 jebmke
150tWhy use anything but TIPS?10/13 Orangutan19:41 Makaveli
91cTV: Size vs. quality?10/19 protagonist19:39 Gooch1226
30cRoof replacement process/strategies10:28 skor9919:38 brian91480
3208tThe Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses2016 Earl Lemongrab19:35 mary1492
10hVTSAX vs VTI14:51 newInvestor987619:35 Longdog
22hHas anyone had Vanguard change their "status" - without asking - in the past few years?10:07 little_star19:33 celia
11hwhy would a fiduciary advisor recommend 60/40 in every account? (no tax location)14:38 Raspberry-50319:30 TJat
65cElectrical Grounding Question10/19 Bnjneer19:30 suemarkp
26hOk, So what S&P 500 ETF do I buy in my Fidelity Taxable Account?2020 Hiwatter19:19 nalor511
3pBeing thankful and satisfied when income increases significantly?19:06 chenzi19:19 Misenplace
11tEstate Stepped Up Basis16:36 powercherry519:18 Soon2BXProgramm
18301tU.S. stocks continue to soar!2018 GoldStar19:16 CurlyDave
22pPlugging away10/20 Andymoler5819:16 arcticpineapple
28tPast returns vs future returns10/18 cfa-ish19:14 abuss368
61hMortgage Payoff vs Taxable Account - What else should I consider?04/11 Scooter K19:09 NabSh
8hWhy is record keeping fee so high?17:06 AC198419:07 AC1984
0hRetired, getting out of Valic19:01 Cara 
9pBuying I Bonds In Trust?21:34 Jogger18:57 sgm7091
26hConvincing an employer to allow after-tax contributions and Roth rollovers in 401(k) plan10/20 Shift418:54 Misenplace
9tDid Jack stumble?: "Why would anyone want to buy the S&P 500 at 10 o'clock in the morning and sell it at 2 o'clock in th17:44 Jack&Warren18:53 arcticpineapple
333cCars -- When and Why Did You Switch from Economy/Practicality to Luxury?05/19 CoastLawyer203018:52 Wannaretireearl
254tCan you ignore social security in your calculations?08/28 wrongfunds18:50 jarjarM
11pTax gain harvest or Roth conversion10:14 red light18:50 J295
9pSpousal IRA Inheritance - Helping Mom Figure Out Options11:08 kmanjir18:44 mhalley
547lSouth Florida Local Chapter2010 niteowls18:38 Miriam2
2p2022 Dependent Care FSA (DFSA) strategy16:57 mrsmitt18:37 6bquick
110phelp me straighten out, please07:10 Rasputin1318:33 Trader Joe
20hFidelity "Zero" index funds for HSA21:08 db5518:31 whodidntante
23cDo I need a US Passport if I have another one10/19 Artful Dodger18:31 student
3271c[What TV Show Have You Recently Watched?]2016 dbCooperAir18:26 Tubes
44pmortgage length10/18 settlement1218:14 grabiner
18pAnyone switch from Capital One to Ally?10/19 angelescrest18:12 angelescrest
52cRat/mouse hole behind Subzero fridge...10/18 jplee318:10 tenkuky
49cKid Friendly Dinner Ideas10/20 ddurrett89618:10 fyre4ce
25hPSLDX during FIRE and/or ex-pat status [PIMCO StocksPLUS Long Duration Fund]10/14 sigma_frq118:08 MotoTrojan
1cSmartphone w/ USB 3.0 Port17:05 chuckwalla18:08 mhalley
334tWhy Roth conversions always pay off—if you can hold on long enough09/23 McQ18:01 McQ
102pWhat do you typically do (and how do you spend your money) on a typical retirement day/week/month10/12 MrCheapo17:50 Shackleton
146cSingle People and Retirement Question2018 Limoncello40217:44 Ependytis
11tTBM, MM, Cash Comparison [Total Bond Market, Money Market]10/20 Superlite1717:32 secondopinion
1tRebalancing with New Money13:51 SantaClaraSurfe17:31 Enjoy11
117pWhat do you wish you knew before you retired you know now!05/01 MrCheapo17:29 cockersx3
37hFresh Start10/19 gerp12417:27 Lynette
5pKeep rentals or sell and invest10:29 runningshoes17:24 CTinVA
88cDid I get a good deal on tires?10/20 Vanguard User17:24 Nicolas
10263tHEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure Part II: The next journey2019 HEDGEFUNDIE17:20 jarjarM
37pVanguard new desktop site doesn't work10/19 whyme17:19 Matahari
56pLife Estate for Father-in-laws New Wife?10/20 PatrickA517:18 fortunefavored
3pISO Strategy & AMT12:28 berg17:14 jarjarM
7tPart Active, Part Passive and Part Larry10/20 invest2bfree17:13 invest2bfree
82pFor Those Of Us in Can't-Return Jobs - What is your retirement exit criteria and stress tests?10/14 MrCheapo17:13 flyingaway
8cKitchen damage from dishwasher installation15:48 Deighve17:10 jabberwockOG
32tAlternative investments/assets with bond-like risk?10/19 psteinx17:08 bobcat2
231cCostco rotisserie chicken2016 Pete1217:02 Pete12
2hAny Suggestions on My Portfolio Selection & Allocation13:40 job5517:00 job55
5pWhat to do with trust distribution that needs to be held?10:01 Vtsaxandchill16:57 Lee_WSP
87tHow many years of expenses to keep in safe assets?12/26 duffer16:55 59Gibson
3tWhat is your favorite edition of A Random Walk Down Wall Street and why?2018 permport16:37 Horton
71cHave water heaters and installation gotten this out of hand?10/19 maineminder16:33 Californiastate
6hSold the smelly jackson perspective VA, now what?14:34 Tavistock116:29 Tavistock1
9pBoA closed Merrill Edge, credit card, checking accounts.23:49 euphony7516:27 Nate79
1hTax Loss Harvesting Immediate bonds14:37 TXGator16:23 friar1610
22cBuying Home - Waive Appraisal?06:40 outlierZ16:15 Nowizard
7pRoth IRA conversion question?08:56 cockersx316:15 cockersx3
3hPortfolio check-up & questions15:05 colddeadfish16:05 vas
46cLuggage performance10/20 OldBallCoach16:03 Caligal
18hHelp with portfolio (and sins of my past)10/06 WhatNow_NowWhat16:03 macandal
98pVanguard vs. Fidelity [Customer Service Reputation]2017 nbseer16:01 sport
12484pRefinance Mega Thread2019 AZAttorney1115:59 Bogle101
5nNew Member - Would like portfolio advice [Mexico]10/19 geshiro15:55 jg12345
22hasset allocation dilemma10/20 gabe195515:55 deikel
1tWidows and widowers- Reporter doing story15:11 Mel Lindauer15:49 BitTooAggressiv
2hFinancial Portfolio Review15:03 Bogle10115:49 tashnewbie
33tWhat do bond funds do when issuers go bankrupt?09/05 00015:41 000
0hInherited Roth and the Five Year Rule15:14 jackrabbit14 
6pQuestion about Windfall Elimination Provision10/20 stuper115:12 donall
165hHelp please. Being forced to retire early..03/10 Poisns115:02 Poisns1
21hTax efficiency - Bonds in taxable?01:05 yosemite_mounta14:58 MrJedi
7hSolo 401k contributions, front loading, quaterly example.10/20 doitman14:36 HomeStretch
18pReducing Long Term Capital Gains10/20 zeekhb14:36 calmaniac
0hPortfolio Review and AA Recommendation14:31 investor2018 
5crenewal for newsletter [Vanguard]10/20 flblazer14:25 OnceARunner
2tThe best asset allocation in a high inflation environment13:42 creator14:24 creator
6hPortfolio review, plus whole life policy12:42 Igneous8814:20 tashnewbie
2hTIPS Purchase Question13:46 JakeyLee14:19 JakeyLee
20hHow to minimize taxes when living off of a brokerage account10/20 RoboFan14:12 celia
128tLocked and merged threads on proposed budget, Roth, etc.09/13 hotscot14:11 LadyGeek
28tWhat's the actual all world long term average?10/19 alex12371114:08 bobcat2
1192t[Fidelity Health Savings Account Mega-Thread]2018 liberty5314:04 robbierob03
20cRecommendations for international data sim card10/20 michaeljc7014:01 hunoraut
4hIRS RMD Worksheet heads-up for RMDs for 2022 and beyond13:07 One Ping13:58 One Ping
23pHacking SF Housing Market04:00 mrspock13:57 jarjarM
167pHow much of a pay cut is reasonable for a shorter commute?09/01 CobraKai13:49 hoofaman
7pInternational wire transfers from U.S. to Europe: Transferwise/Wise or someone else?10:33 LeftCoastIV13:42 German Expat
0pFilling out 8606: Late Backdoor followed by another late backdoor13:41 uclalee 
7tQuestions about Portfolio Allocation and Location23:05 Cras108er13:36 patrick013
4pSocial security death benefit10/20 jojay13:16 techiegirl
4pCan Vanguard withhold taxes for me?10/20 mcse3713:08 Eagle33
23hHelp with selection of stock funds? | edit: Help with whole situation10/19 Chris5678913:07 Chris56789
17t529 accounts and asset allocation10/19 DoctorPhysics13:07 DoctorPhysics
17hWhere to invest $1M...10/20 rjdoc7413:02 rjdoc74
34pHelp with my car situation please!10/15 MrsRoos13:00 runningshoes
13hHelping my family member preserve their cash (inflation)10/19 Jwulgaru12:53 Jwulgaru
239tNew Avantis ETFs06/23 brademac12:53 HippoSir
51pchild photo model for home business10/20 EnjoyIt12:53 Flyer24
115cHow is your wallet or purse financially prepared: Suggestions?? what do you carry? men/women? Daily? For travel?10/16 Sandtrap12:49 btq96r
10hWhat's the easiest way to transfer Rollover IRA assets from Fidelity to Vanguard?10/19 GaryA50512:48 GaryA505
115hWant to help daughter - Do we risk our retirement?20:45 Always passive12:45 Flyer24
0tnasdaq-100 total return, past 1 year ?12:45 julius_wolf 
21pbusiness name containing own last name, good idea?10/19 chudat12:26 spammagnet
3nLooking for advice - AUSTRIA10/08 stefan_austria12:24 jg12345
20hAlternative to Bond Fund?10/20 JDSwim312:20 patrick
2nAustria: FynUp Website - ETFs vs Pension Products... Thoughts?10/20 nomadboglenoob12:18 jg12345
5cVanguard no longer issues "Confirmation Numbers" ?05:20 JohnFiscal12:16 JohnFiscal
0pYet another Scholarship, AOTC and 529 question12:13 kelvan80 
3cVideocall/meeting software to use with ESOL students?10:16 nisiprius12:08 FoolishJumper
29pI am a victim of identify theft - suggestions for others plus input needed10/15 artgerst12:02 Bagels
0hInflation-protected in taxable, short-term bonds in Inherited IRA?12:00 jefmafnl 
20pTransitioning from full time salaried to independent contractor10/20 camper111:55 cadreamer2015
9pMy personal hedge fund?00:29 jazzmania11:51 bhough
4pHome insurance & spiking replacement costs10/20 siamond11:49 siamond
245hIs Vanguard so bad?10/14 namajones11:43 btq96r
3p2 houses, sell, rent, cash out refi?07:05 Scuttlebutt11:43 deikel
29pLess common one-person S-corp deductions10/20 fyre4ce11:40 fyre4ce
73cIdeas for Celebrating A Financial Milestone & Staying Motivated10/12 AnnetteLouisan11:39 AnnetteLouisan
3pBuying year of service KPERS10/20 Niplboss11:38 Bruce
12hAnother 401K rollover question10/16 SVUS11:29 an_asker
37cWeb Hosting and Email Recommendations?09/22 JupiterJones11:25 tibbitts
2c2021 Nissan Leaf - anyone buy under $20k?09:10 chrismj11:16 CletusCaddy
12hFamily Loan Tax Reporting?08:06 HeelaMonster11:09 6bquick
3hVanguard: How to get rid of fractional shares of individual stocks?10:28 vileparle11:05 vileparle
2tRoth Conversion vs. Backdoor Roth10:47 mjb7e11:04 mjb7e
5hBackdoor Downsides?10/20 SimpleStupid10:59 SimpleStupid
4hRoth IRA contribution limit09:07 candyfloss10:52 tashnewbie
420t2021 I Bonds: what's your plan?12/22 CardinalRule10:47 50/50
24pHSA nerfed - any reason not to move out of employer-sponsored plan?10/20 epoche10:47 JayhawkGolfer
15pDo I need Life Insurance?10/19 Incognito10:44 JoeRetire
14tCountercyclical Investing10/20 Kevin K10:42 secondopinion
6hTransfer of ESPP shares not allowed2018 MathIsMyWayr10:31 international00
14tWTMF - WisdomTree Managed Futures Strategy Fund10/14 Booogle10:29 BJJ_GUY
1tProblem with Treasury Direct Account:08:58 Nowizard10:24 BrokerageZelda
0hPAL Loan In Lieu of Selling Investments -- Cash Flow and ACA Planning09:59 J295 
13hare unrealized dividends taxed in taxable accounts10/20 brocker09:34 mhc
2hInvesting in a higher inflation environment08:42 creator09:22 Flyer24
11hChoosing TIPS ETF_Short or Medium Term?10/20 EvelynTroy09:15 hudson
8pevaluate my cash-out refi plan10/20 camillus09:06 goingup
65hRebalancing to 50/502020 Kayaking08:51 Julieta7
36hConfessions of a serial ex-trader07/29 DRReaders08:45 chris319
74tIs the S&P 500 Still a Diversified Portfolio?10/04 Northern Flicke08:42 namajones
4hDiversification with tax question10/20 pastureperson08:38 retiredjg
9hLiquidation [to change brokerages]10/13 B-rad08:25 B-rad
30cAllow-List Landline System?10/06 Second Round08:22 Point
1123tWhy not 100% PSLDX?2020 TeeDee08:20 ljford7
9pLeaving first job for short-term consulting position?10/20 Baxxter08:14 Stinky
65cVerizon is ridiculous [Looking for alternatives]10/20 Tom_T07:57 bluebolt
2cRenters insurance liability coverage amount22:57 CRJPylote07:51 JoMoney
6hWhere to invest now if we maxed out stock index fund allotment?20:10 painslayer07:41 UpperNwGuy
8cStreaming Warriors games - what options work for you?10/20 interwebopinion07:38 azanon
1pHomestead in NV10/19 Investment10107:31 Investment101
93pDo you have a piece of housing advice?10/20 mikejuss07:16 vanbogle59
70pBuilding a House in This Market/Can it be Done "Frugally"?09/17 CoastLawyer203007:14 CoastLawyer2030
6h401k Plan Language for Roth Rollovers10/20 nlf07:09 ruralavalon
24pMedicare [selecting Original or Advantage?]10/19 willyd12307:04 susa
16cLooking to stay connected without being fleeced10/19 vg5507:00 Tubes
5pSelling Real Estate - How Many Yrs Primary Residence to be Eligible for 1031 Exchange21:53 AnnetteLouisan06:58 AnnetteLouisan
3hLeaving job w/401K for job w/ no 401K10/20 jand8706:53 ruralavalon
3hLife Insurance Retirement Plans (LIRP)23:35 Tricho53606:13 Stinky
14hSpouse Alone Plan Review10/18 ga674204:19 ruralavalon
8nVanguard ESG Global All Cap UCITS ETF (USD) Accumulating10/20 Betelgeuse7904:01 Laurizas
13pChase Sapphire Reserve: Priority Pass03/15 chrischris02:25 Blue456
128hHelp, I’m in a Money Market and I can’t get out!10/17 Creditcardguy00:10 Pu239
638pTales from this insane real estate market03/23 ASpenderInRecov23:35 Sandi_k
3pWorth Extending 15 year to 40 year using loan mod for end of Forbearance?10/06 jonny78122:51 exodusNH
18pSell or Rental (What would you do?)10/17 FITJ22:37 willthrill81
7216cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36822:33 gamboolman
12tWhat are the tax advantages of VTI+VXUS instead of holding just VT?10/18 QuestioningWand22:32 secondopinion
17cWorlds largest cocktail party [UGA game]09/30 Goblue9722:26 Goblue97
0p529 K-12 qualified withdrawal for LA21:52 ssjjhh 
27tshorting an inverse leverage ETF05/09 ragnathor21:34 BJJ_GUY
8hHelp me Better Understand the Tax Implications of Target Date Funds (Taxable Account)10/19 AugmentedSixth21:27 AugmentedSixth
457tBill Sharpe's preferred portfolio2017 Quark21:20 pascalwager
48tReturns in peer to peer lending10/06 international0021:16 moneyflowin
6pAny reason to stick with group life through work?20:30 TJat21:11 TJat
16pProperty Appraisal Question - obscure situation04/17 grkmec20:43 oldmotos
10hToo Many Vanguard Funds in Our Port?10/18 Millefleurs20:34 Millefleurs
46t20 years of TIPS vs BND, why bother with bonds?09/08 Blue45620:21 000
88tAnyone here CoastFIRE’d?10/15 rssll520:11 stocknoob4111
17pHome Appraisals: Science or Art?10/20 bhwabeck353320:08 Normchad

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