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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1427 new posts and replies over 198 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
# Replies Subforum - Topic TitleFirst Last   
Subforum - TopicLast   
0pChild Insurance Policies - Maintain or ?05:26 invest4 
15pThinking of hiring a financial planner - any advice?18:55 germark05:24 galawdawg
91hHigh income earner waiting for a bear market to start investing10/21 Antarctic05:23 TomatoTomahto
27pTax on Inheritance by U.S. Citizen from Canadian Resident - Section 280110/07 lawman396605:23 typical.investo
0pFlorida Blue has 2020 ACA rates out05:12 Moneybags1 
4pWhat do Bogleheads think about House Hacking?01:25 tjhar05:12 Mr. Rumples
2hCombine brokerage accounts?02:57 notmyhand05:04 RickBoglehead
0hVG St Term Corp Index Vs VG Sh Term Inv Grade04:59 Moneybags1 
23cBCBS wont pay lab bill...10:11 Corsair04:57 Mr. Rumples
5pSeparate insurance plans for husband and wife21:03 crockpotinvesti04:33 Tamarind
3pScenarios where contributions/deductions HAVE to be made before end of 2019?11:54 Looking4Answers04:06 Tamarind
61pAdvice: Windfall Makes Working Worse Than Not Working10/20 curiouskitty03:20 halfnine
2hHelp with parent's portfolio21:32 biron.t02:51 rossington
35p501(c)(3) Public-Charity or a Private Foundation?2017 Theseus02:41 Theseus
0pFAFSA for Independent Undergrad02:41 RetiredCSProf 
9pHelp on Whole Life Policy11:44 dblazer02:39 AznSaver
50tHelp me think about Pakistani bond10/19 get_g0ing02:36 Valuethinker
19cCar cover for vehicle parked outside during winter10/15 Cubicle02:27 onourway
38tPaul Merriman article12:46 garlandwhizzer02:13 Forester
2pRevocable or Irrevocable/Estate planning?00:42 sixpercentninja02:00 sixpercentninja
1hNew Simple IRA plan - Questions on what to do14:54 readysetgeaux01:43 krow36
72ccar battery change or not? 2 year old battery10/16 Jonezez01:40 CurlyDave
34cMoving my home landline phone number to MagicJack - good idea?10/17 teelainen01:23 novemberrain
11cTurks & Caicos on a budget??10/18 UnLearnYourself01:21 novemberrain
85tIsn't lack of transparency in China a huge risk for international stock index?10/15 Vision01:18 glorat
37hAdvice for friend - lots of loads and high ER yet good returns10/20 CompoundedInter01:13 scubadiver
21cLiving life post smart phone10/20 BradJ01:10 novemberrain
4765cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36801:04 travellight
94tComposition and safety of TIAA traditional annuity05/11 Nittany_Lion01:04 Gabriel A. Loza
7pCan HSA be funded from IRA or 401(k)?13:15 JibeHo01:04 Spirit Rider
0pTRP Donor Advised Fund (DAF) experience?01:04 herrtodd 
26tHealth equity investment fee. High or low?09/10 RL101301:01 TropikThunder
6tIndividual 1099 Employee ??s - i401k, Roth i410k, HSA, Dependent FSA, etc18:12 arsenalfan00:47 Spirit Rider
8hBest way to save for kids and protect from creditors10:05 Corsair00:22 celia
1270tHEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure Part II: The next journey08/11 HEDGEFUNDIE00:22 DaveG75
11cSecond Opinion for Dental Procedure/Cost (Crown)12:59 Small Law Survi00:21 sawhorse
45pUTMA accounts2017 bampf00:20 Spirit Rider
6tHidden liquidity risk with I-bonds22:41 Northern Flicke00:17 Northern Flicke
17pExecutor for parent in Florida seeking guidance15:21 Conch5500:08 123
3tYahoo: The Downsides of 401(k)s That You’ve Never Heard Of23:05 MathIsMyWayr00:04 baconavocado
42pMy husband says I can retire. Is he right?12:01 MissBouvier00:01 celia
8cNeed help deciding on a new appliance21:31 Momof423:48 Momof4
27hOdds of Illinois Teacher Pension Solvency to use for Planning Purposes10/20 Holden4223:42 CyclingDuo
1hTriple Net (NNN) Investing - anyone involved ?20:29 grkmec23:41 StealthRabbit
23pFAFSA - tips for filling out10/15 biker203523:38 cshell2
4pForbes GE Pension Discussion09:00 Broken Man 199923:36 smectym
1138cMy 2017 CRV is a victim of the dreaded oil gas-dilution issue2018 CULater23:35 CULater
45pHome buying advice: Build new or buy used?11:06 tomwood23:31 Lee_WSP
2tTiming of Rollover19:18 boater0723:22 Alan S.
7hgifting stocks to kids for 0 LTCG20:42 viewer023:16 livesoft
8hChanging 2019 Traditional IRA Contributions to Roth IRA Contributions16:59 OnedayAHouse23:05 Alan S.
7cTransporting elderly parent state-to-state22:00 bankle23:05 cheese_breath
19cEmail Compromised On The Dark Web09/22 RJC22:58 toofache32
4hNew Investor with an Inheritance19:32 Tim147722:58 genefl
19cRoof not installed properly10/14 Triple digit go22:52 Cubicle
38pPay off Mortgage Before Retiring vs. Taxable Investing10/18 Bassman22:51 gr7070
16cPicking a VPN -- 201903/03 nordsteve22:46 prioritarian
4pCan Charitable Giving reduce Net Investment Tax (NIT)?17:19 nerdymarketer22:45 mcraepat9
34pCapital One 360 shaking up savings accounts09/19 Ice-922:37 criticalmass
61pHas anyone used,, or jt422:37 EnjoyIt
0pAnyone work in Compensation/Benefits? (Math teacher looking for a career switch)22:29 LITeacher 
5hWhich Type Of Order Do I Want?20:48 cap39622:25 Katietsu
47tBuying after PR Crisis [Public Relations Crisis (Boeing 737 Max)]10/10 memic22:16 GaryA505
22cSodaStream: a good replacement for Costco Kirkland sparkling water?10/17 Kennedy22:05 InvisibleAeroba
27tInvestment amount instead of allocation percentage2014 TheTimeLord22:02 Ferdinand2014
32hLeveraging Investment with Pledged Asset Loan10/18 Doug00722:02 Tyler Aspect
102hHow to handle 5M capital gain (post-IPO)10/15 fluter22:00 TN_Boy
5pWhere can I find 2019 CA Income Tax Rates10/20 WoodSpinner21:56 WoodSpinner
13tBoglehead on Investing Podcast, partial transcription of Episode 1 with John C. Bogle10/19 neurosphere21:55 asset_chaos
81tA gentle alternative to HEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure with 2-Year Treasury Futures09/20 jt421:55 jt4
16cWifi in 3000 sq ft house and garage16:34 Bayoufrogg21:53 yogesh
65cUpdgrade car for new safety features?10/20 siker21:52 MishkaWorries
78pHomebuyer wants me to do a 1031 exchange. Um, what?10/18 fredflinstone21:48 Lee_WSP
7cQuestion about Verizon Travel Pass with Iphone 6s11:41 worthit21:37 michaelingp
74pAt wits end with mortgage company issues10/04 michaeljc7021:29 michaeljc70
22hLarge Position in Fidelity Blue Chip (FBGRX)10/19 clammyhands21:26 Prettyfrtnt
5pDependent care account questions09:50 Foreveryoung7521:21 aristotelian
16hMetLife demutualization shares cost basis2016 NancyABQ21:18 anon_investor
15cWhere can I find iphone deals/discounts?10/20 ame21:06 moneywise3
126tBest CD rates thread10/07 indexfundfan21:00 808
17cGoogle Wifi Mesh 2 Pack vs. TP Link Deco 3 Pack10/20 louiethelilac20:59 Tamarind
24pEntrance Fee for Retirement Community10/20 Prudence20:54 delamer
13pIs this a good mortgage deal?10/20 jason112220:53 Lee_WSP
965tMy trend following strategy and experience01/17 willthrill8120:52 willthrill81
52cTime for a new car - Corolla or Civic...07/06 Barkingsparrow20:51 jabberwockOG
68pHumana Part D - ILLINOIS - premiums up up up09/28 LadyIJ20:49 Electron
49tInvesting for the "great sag" - Dalio10/18 CULater20:47 nisiprius
45tIf Charles Schwab et al. drop commissions to zero, can we build our own index funds?10/10 index2max20:47 pokebowl
9hPension Question10/20 multiham20:44 multiham
15nHelp with brokers10/19 nonUSwithSSN20:41 glorat
27h"Conservative" Portfolio offer by a large investments bank2018 Jesse123420:40 Jesse1234
61pLegacy/Inheritance10/17 justind76920:39 Clemblack
1556tU.S. stocks continue to soar!2018 GoldStar20:30 whodidntante
11hInvesting in equities in EDJ as cheaply as possible12:34 Jules420:26 JBTX
5pNeed some math help with understanding value of standard vs itemized deduction17:15 GerryL20:14 GerryL
32cPhoto Scanner (Recommendations Please)10/18 TallBoy29er20:11 mvilleguy9
0hPortfolio review - Tax efficient? Optimal asset allocation?20:08 comfortably_num 
100cWhen is private (elementary) school worth it?10/11 financial.freed20:06 grkmec
14lInterested in a Charleston SC Area Local Chapter?2009 DriftingDudeSC20:05 olbaid07
32hWhat CD rate do I need to beat Prime MM?10/19 Gatto Bialetti20:04 UpperNwGuy
16pLandlord Question10/19 thefoggycity19:58 renue74
1055cWhat frugal thing did you do today?2017 Nectarineman19:56 Lalamimi
24hFidelity HSA questions10/20 VictoriaF19:47 anon_investor
27pRetired Empty Nester Move from House to Apartment10/16 BGeste19:39 BGeste
100pI bought a STOLEN vehicle!!!10/18 futurewealthy19:39 LadyGeek
10hRoth or regular IRA ?10/20 Alkali Ike19:38 lakpr
74hFine Art Investments09/25 aendia19:36 TomCat96
2615tThe Three-Fund Portfolio2012 Taylor Larimore19:35 bertilak
2hBonds in taxable math review request18:20 investor_86753019:28 Prettyfrtnt
13hLate 20s Checkup10/19 Pretsler19:27 Pretsler
3cRecommend audiobooks on Financial fraud12:04 get_g0ing19:21 get_g0ing
10hInvestment Questions10/19 101invest19:20 101invest
61pBeach City / Town in Florida09/05 BGeste19:12 mathwhiz
23cOld bourbon whisky10/13 mtmingus19:11 windaar
0pcontinue converted long term disability policy?19:10 A Boglehead 
66tLate Starters2016 stemikger19:07 Ferdinand2014
2cUsing 40MM bands in 38MM watch17:28 FB0118:57 dollarbillz
11pTrip insurance - purchase through or outside?10:10 new2bogle18:33 ResearchMed
28tUnique withdrawal method10/18 tennisplyr18:31 dcabler
7pHelp With Staying Above The ACA 138% Poverty Level10/20 averagedude18:31 megabad
23tUnderstanding Single vs Multi Factor ETFs13:56 mjuszczak18:09 mjuszczak
19tRMD to Roth?10/10 Almost there18:08 22twain
9hXIRR (not IRR) spreadsheet to track a porfolio09/03 nervous_water18:01 nervous_water
9hPortfolio Review: I want to simplify15:51 Tese17:58 Taylor Larimore
25hWorth the hassle to open an HSA in California?10/18 yosemite_mounta17:52 grabiner
76pCan you claim financial independence with kids still in school10/19 Jimsad17:47 Jimsad
28hPortfolio Review-Lazy Not for me12:03 Bama1217:30 1789
4hFull-time to Contractor - What to do with 401K and HSA?14:38 Dark_Knight17:30 Duckie
13tMerrill Edge Unlimited $0 Trades10:11 indexfundfan17:28 Taylor Larimore
16hPriotized Investments wiki - for a Microsoft Employee10/18 Bogletechs17:25 Rob Bertram
23pIs there a risk to overdraft protection feature?10/17 BogleMelon17:09 MandyT
10hTrad IRA & Mega Back Door Roth?10/18 UnLearnYourself17:06 Duckie
33pMedicare Part D provider help-Wellcare Wellness10/16 Skeeter117:00 Skeeter1
10hDo Partial Roth Conversions make sense12:31 indyfish16:52 rkhusky
15thymb, dividends, portfolio.10/20 james777716:51 arcticpineapple
25pFidelity DAF--how to minimize fees10/15 mookie16:46 MathIsMyWayr
4027cWhat Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI2014 Alex Frakt16:44 MP173
14tHelp Needed: 3 Fund Vanguard ETF vs Schwab Mutual Funds10/19 bennettg16:37 Kbg
10pBank Promotions and Direct Deposits10/20 invest416:37 Pu239
84hRetiring and Getting Over The Fear of Quitting?10/18 Random Poster16:24 EnjoyIt
19pvacation home10/17 whaler0815:54 ncbill
5hRoll over 401K into IRA?08:15 downrod15:48 ruralavalon
9tAssessing the Value of Advice10/20 WhyNotUs15:14 megabad
17hFactor Portfolio Check10/20 UberGrub15:10 305pelusa
27pHandling a substantial salary increase - suggestions?10/17 BigMoneyNoWhamm15:10 BigMoneyNoWhamm
23cEnlarge shower to include bench, walk-in tub, or both?10/20 Broken Man 199915:07 Broken Man 1999
24hsuggest 50/50 portfolio12/22 Wild Willie15:04 pkcrafter
12hJust starting out, baby on the way status check11:13 urodoc114:47 Grt2bOutdoors
59pFor those who are FI: At what point did you begin to relax?10/19 Ed_Sandwich14:38 mptfan
7pOpenSocialSecurity.com10/20 Retired CPA14:33 Retired CPA
14hMistake converting 403b to a Roth? (independent contractor)08:15 rock3614:18 retiredjg
3hTransferring Simple IRA from previous employment10/20 AK5914:10 krow36
60twhat was vanguard like before the internet?10/19 Hulk14:02 Sheepdog
53hConsidering switch from Vanguard to eTrade...pros, cons and other input?10/01 galawdawg13:44 TSPballer
11tTotal Value Market using Vanguard10/19 brademac13:43 snailderby
13hAfter tax account allocation10/19 kimchifire13:34 HomeStretch
3hNot *that* EF fund question [EF based on market conditions]12:51 digit813:31 anon_investor
13cPlumbing issue09:39 Jags418613:12 wageoghe
5cLamps with mildew - toss or clean?10/21 Caduceus13:05 adamthesmythe
2pMy Two Factor Auth at Fidelity Stopped Working12:37 vested113:03 arf30
6pFiling tax returns for deceased uncle.10/10 cjcerny12:59 CAsage
26pSelling used car experience (dealer vs online vs in person)10/14 4nursebee12:38 jsandra
49hVanguard?06/18 Rebus12:35 Mountebank
10pRetirement income streams10/20 dekecarver12:29 MJS
5hMM etfs for Roth IRA10:54 gram12:27 Looking4Answers
2pImporting LaCerte Tax Info10:39 oembogle12:24 Rob5TCP
32hPaying current taxes vs continued high expenses08/13 HeelaMonster12:19 HeelaMonster
19cWant to stop renting optimum modem.10/12 BashDash12:12 BashDash
18pFed Workers Prep for Budget Delays10/18 Ybsybs12:06 Ybsybs
21tWhatever happened to the commodities miracle?10/18 CULater12:04 CULater
11h33 (Him), 32 (Her), New Parents, Check-up10/20 defscott62711:50 lakpr
10hindividual stocks performance vs ETF10/20 mk103911:22 Silence Dogood
14hRoth IRA10/20 Ignaciom3211:21 nix4me
17tExpected returns from vanguard total bond market10/20 masonstone11:15 Scooter57
55cHelp me find some high quality cargo pants.10/15 MrJones11:11 TheOscarGuy
72hHow do you cope with regret over selling too soon?2017 kathyauburn11:10 Mullins
23tPensions - Why Isn't Time In the Market a Part of the Formula?10/18 billy26910:45 Stinky
76pFEHB Open Season 201910/08 motorcyclesarec10:38 AnonJohn
0hDefined Benefit Pension for small business husband and wife, want to convert to IRA, split in half?10:06 illumination 
25cGPS to stop working on older phones Nov 3?10/19 sawhorse09:56 DaftInvestor
9pComposite Tax Return Question04/14 subdude09:51 mcraepat9
13pHouse Sale - Release of Mortgage Loan never Executed10/15 kilkoyne09:44 kilkoyne
7hComputershare to Schwab, individual to joint10/20 kapios09:43 straws46
139pWhat percent of net worth should a persons house be?10/17 masonstone09:43 goingup
6p[Looking for Boston MA Financial Planner]2017 proceedwithcaut09:42 haranoth
45cselling house, should we put in sod to replace ugly lawn?10/18 bwatts84909:14 dm200
6pSide Hustle and Possible Retirement Job10/20 KandT09:10 Jack FFR1846
40hHow much to hold in cash?10/14 PTGuy109:03 dbr
22hDoes anyone know what the AXA 403(b) fees are?2017 tchasteen08:59 Vanguard Fan 13
3cUse of online teaching platforms for income?10/20 Rsanchez08:45 PhysicianOnFIRE
98pShould I take the job in OKC or Orlando?10/17 Streptococcus08:11 abuss368
22pPlanning to take some money out of roth ira10/17 ketanco07:47 financeperchanc
15hBest way to structure 401k plan to improve employee participation10/20 CoastalWinds07:42 smitcat
3hmega Roth 401k and backdoor ROTH10/20 rm07:32 HomeStretch
2hVanguard for "true" self-directed IRA and "Solo" 401k?06:09 IslandTime06:28 IslandTime
12cA fire next door caused water damage in my unit - Insurance question10/20 equili8906:21 investingdad
38tIs avoiding negative bond yields market timing?09/16 termsandconditi06:20 Random Musings
9hDo tax-free housing proceeds outweigh expenses?2017 delrinson06:14 delrinson

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