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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1636 new posts and replies over 232 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
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2cWhy won't amazon adjust a price or otherwise credit me?14:23 newbie00314:47 backslash2718
1hHelp me understand secondary market for treasuries12:42 bligh14:47 FactualFran
20c1 Week vacation in February 2019, to get away from the Midwest Winter16:02 LiveSimple14:46 voodoo72
30tOpinion Required05:40 Jacktheman199114:46 arcticpineapple
106pWhy I plan on buying a life annuity - even if it is a stupid idea11/15 CULater14:43 dodecahedron
49pCredit Card for International Travel04/28 Axtremus14:34 SeeMoe
69cBlack Friday 201811/18 OnBoard14:32 lazydavid
9h35 Years old looking for advice!11/19 Sirirath14:29 Alex GR
3hOver contributed to Roth IRA10:35 asb3714:29 justsomeguy2018
1pDisability Benefits Consultants10/22 fiseek7714:26 fiseek77
36cSelling Internet domain name based on family last name.09/07 mac_guy14:25 Cycle
14pExpensive car accident | Watching our for insurance19:09 PlayingLife14:25 PlayingLife
3pShort term loss harvesting Vanguard Muni funds13:48 Hiker-Biker14:24 Hiker-Biker
381tRumor mill - Fidelity starting individual HSA's Nov. 15th11/11 liberty5314:23 b0B
15cWhen to buy a new Volvo?19:42 yolli7114:21 yolli71
40tHow to Withdraw Money in Retirement, Following a Down Year11/20 Small Law Survi14:21 KlangFool
28cWhich cars can be unlocked and started from a smart phone?11/20 tc10114:20 munemaker
27pSell RSUs at 18 month low or wait07:40 Sourc314:20 corn18
12cFloodlight with motion sensor11:17 SlowMovingInves14:19 SlowMovingInves
677cMy 2017 CRV is a victim of the dreaded oil gas-dilution issue03/14 CULater14:17 CULater
5tAlternative Categories in the Portfolio theory model, REITs, Commods, ETC?03:38 ssvincent14:17 nedsaid
1pRMD questions and answers from TIAA13:44 BayouBoy14:17 The Wizard
144tmy review of my HSA with Saturna brokerage2014 Easy Rhino14:16 indexfundfan
2tLarry Swedroe: Private Credit Performance13:19 Random Walker14:14 scout1
1cGeico Vs Stillwater for umbrella policy?12:50 BogleMelon14:14 PFInterest
26hMore TLH questions11/17 tindel14:14 Earl Lemongrab
23tPrime MM vs 6-month Treasury in IRA11/17 Kevin M14:12 Kevin M
532tHow much international stock? A suggestion.2016 Taylor Larimore14:12 vineviz
5t% cash allocation for real-estate11:38 shaolin00714:09 Watty
7997tU.S. stocks in freefall2011 Lbill14:08 H-Town
11hMarket Timing? - Transferring funds to 3 fund portfolio and rebalancing to lower asset allocation at same time11/19 c_is_for_cow14:08 Alex GR
21cPhysician Credentials: Offshore vs. American Medical Schools10:03 stargazer14:07 money_bunny
5p30k Where to invest today??20:22 britishguy7714:06 Earl Lemongrab
16tGE bonds11/20 shm31714:04 moehoward
4t[2018 Health Savings Account Landscape] via Morningstar11/20 dignan14:00 dignan
10hWhich Vanguard fund closely resembles Pimco Income (PONAX)20:45 Socrates2814:00 Alex GR
710tHarry Browne Permanent Portfolio Discussion (Cont'd)2010 MediumTex13:57 ualdriver
118pH&R Block 2018 Tax Software Deluxe Federal + State $29.9511/01 LadyGeek13:56 protagonist
4hAlternative/Clean Energy Investing17:43 Mtangler2513:55 nedsaid
29hDeveloping Complete Plan for Windfall18:11 SleeplessDIYer13:51 mgensler
8hQuestion on worst case scenario11:32 Closer232313:48 UpsetRaptor
6tDo I need mid-cap to approximate VTSAX?12:33 gordo13:42 MJW
15pPotential Claw-Back from IRS of Gifted Assets08/26 Justin Time13:37 HueyLD
9hWife's new 401k options21:53 GoPreOregon13:33 goingup
6pAt a crossroad21:51 justanotherdoc13:26 fourwheelcycle
0pMaxMyInterest - anyone care to share any feedback?13:25 Clarice 
2hEIN to Solo 401K to Backdoor Roth Game Plan11/17 FoolF513:24 ExitStageLeft
10hI did Backdoor Roth; is my form 8606 incorrect?11/19 Ndop13:22 retiredjg
33hAm I understanding this right about DAFs? If so...wow11/18 Galaga13:21 Pigeye Brewster
2pQuestions about new 20% Qualified Business Income Deduction12:54 jaypee13:19 vitaflo
31cLastPass vs BitWarden11/17 get_g0ing13:15 3-20Characters
21t[The Economist: Should investors diversify away from America?]15:05 AaronScott13:14 Vulcan
5cDifference in hot water tank BTU's08:29 dodgy5513:10 NavyIC3
6tAlly 2.65% 12 month CD08:30 midareff13:09 smarcus3
6pHow to confirm an adviser is a fiduciary?09:15 Silver Bullet13:08 retiredjg
2tA Jonathan Clements "primer" on corporate bond risks11:00 Austintatious13:07 nisiprius
72hCan someone explain what's going on [with the stock market]?11/20 parigi72313:04 not4me
20cLooking for a car that can handle a long commute, any suggestions?11:51 CobraKai13:03 djpeteski
2hTSP Eligibility for widow12:33 pkcrafter13:00 pkcrafter
16cCheap Windows laptop <$200 (NOT chromebook)09:17 coalcracker12:56 badger42
20p12 Month Short-Term Health Insurance11/20 athan12:49 BruDude
82pIs my husband ready to quit tenured professorship to pursue side hustle?11/18 francine12:41 Charon
370tU.S. stocks continue to soar!08/27 GoldStar12:39 Nicolas
12tInflation11/20 rich12612:38 not4me
28pAm I buying too much house??! What kind of mortgage?11/04 Sevo12:35 Glockenspiel
14cAnyone own a Roth oil tank?09:54 theplayer1112:35 whoshighpitch
7hShould We Need to Adjust the Porfolio Mix?11:08 bei2200012:34 bei22000
23pHow did I miss this? Roth 401K11/16 captpete12:31 Darth Xanadu
6pTraveling Itinerant Nurse Tax Law/Business Questions11/19 money_bunny12:29 money_bunny
7hOwnership in family business11/20 Carnut12:29 not4me
3tIs selling Vfiax and buying Vtsax considered too similar for Wash Sale?12:12 andysnp12:28 DSInvestor
7hFirst TLH - make sure my plan is sound please (VTSAX & VTIAX to VI)08:54 RW-Expat12:25 rkhusky
10pNeed a financial check up11/19 cashisking50012:25 Ben Mathew
330pNew HSA provider Lively offers investments for $30/yr fee2017 indexfundfan12:23 jhfenton
8pQuestion about qualified charitable distribution (QCD)09:58 LearningAlot12:22 sport
11hDeployment TSP limitation question07/01 Cerasiorion12:22 pilot_error
7hQualified Account Allocation Guidance11/13 Senior Miguel12:20 alec
3hFirst Time Mutual Fund Tax Loss Harvesting10:58 JJP12:17 JJP
15hBear Check-Up11/20 hellobogle12:12 btenny
100pWeigh in on our Marital Argument =)-- HCOL edition10/13 Myamar12:06 Gretchen
12htechnology index funds11/20 Alexandra11:53 bei22000
202tVanguard lowering Admiral level to $3,000?11/10 DartThrower11:45 BogleFanGal
10hROTH withdrawal rule clarification needed11/09 7BeachbUm011:34 jimcrawford01
71tLarry Swedroe: Munis Increasingly Risky11/19 Random Walker11:31 pascalwager
4tReducing number of funds by supplementing LifeStrategy16:50 saintsfan34200011:22 David Jay
39tTake your canes out in Emerging Markets08/15 hdas11:18 hdas
57pReview after one month with Fidelity Cash Management2017 whodidntante11:15 Arby
77pAmazon says TurboTax 2018 will be released November 1211/07 cadreamer201511:14 oneleaf
102pTime Value of Money vs. Variable Percentage Withdrawal (VPW)11/05 willthrill8111:14 siamond
332hAnyone tired of the stock market going up?11/24 TheTimeLord11:04 Doom&Gloom
2hFirst post advice10:13 Mr.D31511:04 David Jay
5pGenworth LTC Insurance Viability19:39 deadrise11:02 Dottie57
42tWhat's in your Investor Policy Statement about Bear Markets?11/20 wolf35910:56 cheese_breath
28pFidelity CMA + MMF vs. online credit union05/16 squidfather10:56 IntangibleAsset
21cNew car choice for low mileage driving: Prius Prime Premium or Subaru Impreza Premium?11/18 margered10:55 HIinvestor
17pHomeowners Insurance Claim-Experiences?11/14 pennywise10:45 Hockey10
7cWhat's the catch? Nikon D750 FX + 24-120mm f/401:01 raveon10:32 adamthesmythe
108cDon't pay full price for SiriusXM radio2016 catdude10:30 teacher
40tHow This All Happened (to the US economy)11/19 siamond10:17 stan1
5cUtah Gasoline Octane Ratings Deleted09:18 scifilover10:15 badger42
3tHappy Holidays from the Sequoia Fund07:40 matjen10:13 matjen
14cXfinity Mobile07:53 mbres6010:09 1TheGame
79hCurrent Retirees: Do you touch your principal?11/18 hirlaw10:03 vested1
10hMy Name is Paul, and I am a Larimore Boglehead11/20 pkcrafter09:58 pkcrafter
27cElectric wrench / screwdriver for the home auto mechanic11/19 MrJones09:57 barnaclebob
24cExecutor and Will11/19 4nursebee09:53 mouses
6hTSP Roth - Contributions & Tax consequences03:50 ndnboy09:53 rkhusky
7tWhy Active Funds Have Outperformed in Theory11/20 Doc09:49 Doc
8pSocials Security taxes and Surcharges05:05 fnc230209:46 Gretchen
7pQuicken 2019 for Mac10/10 RooseveltG09:45 abuss368
0hUnderstanding Portfolio Return09:42 football236 
4tCDs vs Treasuries01:41 Arby09:29 jeffyscott
24cRemote temperature monitoring05/27 ediekrager09:29 Luke Duke
3hOld 401k: To rollover or not?09:01 UnLearnYourself09:24 Watty
756tFidelity Files for Four Fidelity ZERO℠ Funds (0.00% ER)08/01 jhfenton09:19 tj
6hNow the Time for TIPS Fund VIPSX?04:22 William Million09:14 jhfenton
120pReplacement for Google Finance price quote function02/02 The529guy09:13 Flymore
5h6 month waiting period for 401k?18:55 bgf09:12 Grt2bOutdoors
2hHelp with Selling a CD [TD Ameritrade]08:41 aristotelian09:01 aristotelian
7tSide Hustle Newbie, Solo 401k Best Use Question11/17 akokopuff08:51 robphoto
67pHow high can House prices go11/06 prettybogle08:47 willthrill81
25hHelp me pick a fund for my HSA in California2017 eye.surgeon08:44 mervinj7
10pReal estate capital gains - advice needed11/17 khale708:42 MarkNYC
4hIndex fund vs ETF for taxable account08:13 eltron08:41 jhfenton
222p[Financial] Habits of the Rich11/11 Wilhou201508:37 KlangFool
12cHome remodeling costs19:08 Beanbone08:27 jbuzolich
12cBuying Google Home Minis on Ebays11/18 Good Listener08:24 greyhound
36cGood oil for cooking and salad?11/19 blackwhisker08:17 daytona084
3tVanguards PAS vs Intelligent Portfolios vs Etrade Core Portfolios03:43 ssvincent08:16 Nate79
2hVanguard Managed Payout Fund VPGDX?06:59 Socal7708:12 vineviz
6cBudget Laptops18:36 Alexa908:10 student
6cLandlords: Where do you buy your fridges?06:53 motorcyclesarec08:10 Senior Miguel
4hVanguard LifeStrategy Index in Taxable Acct?05:35 Bobby Lupo08:07 retiredjg
4ckeep smartwatch or return?11/13 go_mets08:05 go_mets
2pNY Essential plan - what if you fall outside of income range?11/20 petesamprs08:03 smitcat
14tWhat to do when you have Less than 100K ? say just 50k03:28 ssvincent07:58 columbia
438pRetiree Portfolio Model2012 BigFoot4807:58 BigFoot48
4p529 Plan as an Uncle06:23 captpete07:41 captpete
55hNorthwestern Mutual nightmare - help needed11/14 ZeldaMD07:41 jakehefty17
11hDoes Roth IRA at Vanguard have a separate settlement fund?11/20 JustinR07:31 retiringwhen
15hSwitching to Vanguard from USAA11/19 kaydubya07:24 Soon2BXProgramm
39tUSAA getting out of mutual fund biz11/06 Riprap07:21 gtwhitegold
99cToo many choices for my next TRUCK11/08 ad200707:16 tphp99
3411cWhat Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI2014 Alex Frakt07:16 jumbopapa
3pTLH - need reassurance.... what did I miss?00:43 Mrxyz07:12 dwickenh
1hHelp Needed - please confirm my understanding of TLH (1st time)?21:46 cj201807:02 PFInterest
26cGood audio book for a family?11/19 learningstill06:58 Calhoon
3hLarge Sum to Invest, Need Advice11/19 viperguy5606:48 viperguy56
14hI was 30% into US stocks.. Down 5.5% YTD. Should I now get back in ?11/20 toomuchRE06:47 Call_Me_Op
6pdisability insurance increase..or not?11/19 TarHeel200206:23 fasteddie911
4p3year myga (fixed annuity) rates11/18 pablolo06:17 pablolo
58cwhich snow blower ?11/15 lmea06:15 capsaicinguy
6hWash Sale Question11/17 csr201806:03 Güero
4pClaiming Suspended SS Benefit22:37 JerryB05:50 HueyLD
18hVanguard Target Retirement/Life Strategy vs 4 Fund DIY balancing11/18 danceswithhamme05:50 Edward Joseph
6ppredatory lending18:37 retire202205:47 djpeteski
13pNegotiating offer when you gave a number early in the interview11/17 sizzlinkola03:57 retired recentl
513lPost your Financial Milestone Announcements Here01/09 Alex Frakt03:39 Mr.BB
57hYou Invest by JP Morgan Chase10/28 Dead Man Walkin02:50 mongstradamus
3hMultifactor ETFs11/20 Dead Man Walkin02:38 Dead Man Walkin
12hi-bonds vs muni bond11/03 l1am02:22 l1am
10hTrying to create a portfolio I can manage myself11/17 samswami02:13 CyclingDuo
1hVUG vs. VTI00:45 OnBoard01:35 JoMoney
14hOld new investor just woke up needs to catch up11/19 skipper01:25 CyclingDuo
2pHSA Contribution - Did I do this wrong?15:11 gazelle199100:28 gazelle1991
12hFSCOX vs VSS - What am I missing?11/19 Indxer00:27 CRTR
9pDowning sizing home16:58 SimpleFox00:21 basspond
97cfuel for snowblower11/13 serbeer00:16 sco
7cGeneral contractor vs. hiring indivdual contractors09/23 TTGO80800:15 VegasBH
2hHow to setup a Vanguard Target fund (beginner)23:18 Dindin1300:02 pkcrafter
17cClark Howard - Sign Up For USPS Informed Delivery11/19 miles monroe23:59 criticalmass
20hUniversity of California Retirement Plan Proprietary Funds2017 Minty23:52 boglebobble
3pBest Student Loan options (federal, private, ...)11/19 mapofuniverse23:38 mapofuniverse
3hWhat's the difference between these two Vanguard treasury mutual funds?21:15 irving23:16 JoMoney
5hTLH and Re-balancing a buy and hold 3 fund portfolio11/07 investintex23:12 investintex
1pFudget or YNAB11/16 rashad300023:08 Wings5
14ttiming muni bond fund sale to maximize tax benefits11/18 15202guy22:59 15202guy
41cRecommendations for Home Printer11/20 ashagru22:36 Teague
18tThe Rise of Passive Investing - Are we missing something?11/19 diligentinvesto22:27 TigerNest
30tRegulators are investigating whether Bitcoin was propped up illegally11/20 arcticpineapple22:25 LadyGeek
32hIn Grad school but work at a hotel which likely will be my career. Retirement?11/15 randydimera22:19 jalbert
3pDo I qualify for 199A Pass-through Deduction19:51 Chairman22:09 Spirit Rider
13tLots of Newbie bond questions11/16 305pelusa22:02 jeffyscott
5tETF in IRA20:20 Tommy21:45 columbia
4hWalk Me Through My First Tax Lost Harvest19:17 Soup Nazi21:37 Soup Nazi
1tCurrent Drawdown Scorecard21:25 hdas21:36 smarcus3
66tWhy do people think CD rates will keep going up?11/17 fortfun21:34 TallBoy29er
12tI thought rebalancing was supposed to control risk - but it hasn't since 200011/19 CULater21:32 petulant
1pTravel Expense Rules for Charitable Donation?21:05 Carefreeap21:30 GerryL
55tWarren Buffett Books2017 abuss36821:25 abuss368
2pIs Turbo Tax and HR Block still going to have a completely free online version?11/20 bigtex21:20 GerryL
10cHome security system and outside cameras11/15 serbeer21:16 Geneyus
9hIndex or managed funds19:06 Golfview21:09 arcticpineapple
7tAutomatic rebalancing - market stochasticity?11/20 banook20:58 banook
8tFull page ad in WSJ - indexlover20:49 Random Musings
18tShorting the U.S. stock market11/19 WanderingDoc20:44 AlphaLess
40pGoogle sheets not pulling stock prices03/27 pshonore20:43 changingtimes
1clexus LS 50019:54 sambb20:09 Gill
3hTax loss harvest of IWF Russell 1000 Growth ETF11/20 justsomeguy201820:08 justsomeguy2018
8hHR Bock Software and Tax loss harvesting - Dumping FB11/20 kilkoyne20:05 justsomeguy2018
5hRepeat TLH using the same pair the next day11/20 alil19:44 alil
21hHow long does an ACH transfer to checking usually take?16:35 Eureka19:41 tony_roach
8hTo IRA or not11/18 SimpleFox19:24 Earl Lemongrab
13hself-directed solo 401 k using Vanguard pooled account, etc.06/01 sophiainvests19:03 sophiainvests
10pDocumenting High-Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) for IRS11/19 Stormbringer19:01 Artsdoctor
10h401K Rebalancing Advice - Need to get this 6% bond allocation up!11/18 PlayingLife18:59 PlayingLife
9pACA cliff and MAGI; to ACA or Cobra?11/18 jh498618:54 jh4986
9hNeed help with personal finance15:13 lostcat18:50 Tdubs
2hAdvice for rollover money investment allocation at Vanguard11/20 amara18:48 amara
26h8-month windfall check-in08/27 ticktocker18:27 smarcus3
5tTwo month plunge in oil- again today11/20 ekid18:18 i<3Investing
4tA good read for down market days (Morgan Housel)2015 noco-hawkeye18:07 deikel
47lDetroit Area Bogleheads - Master Thread2014 daytona08418:05 daytona084
11pPartnership Agreement16:49 creditdefaultsw18:03 Cruise
8pSide Business Idea feedback please: Road Warrior School11/20 MikeZ17:43 mrmass
4pPremium Tax Credit refund11/20 bobk10017:39 J295
11tThe size factor used to matter, but not lately -- Barron's11/20 CULater17:30 hdas
7tWill VTWSX expense ratio go down in the future04/09 Setafix17:13 asset_chaos
6tIf Markets Move on the Unexpected, What Gives Now?15:15 AtlasShrugged?17:02 MJW
38pVariable Percentage Withdrawal (VPW-adv) for Advanced Users05/27 longinvest16:36 1210sda
9hDad Nearing Retirement - Doesn't know What to do11/19 300bigboys16:35 jacksonm
24hAnother high expense-ratio 401(k), Help!09/12 bestisfree16:20 2pedals
5pBackdoor Roth IRA question11/19 cowlikejaw16:19 retiredjg
62pTried to get credit report - security questions don't match2013 Ciel16:01 Dyoung20
5hAmazon TLH Apple15:09 invstar15:51 NYC_Guy
19psell bond fund, buy stocks during correction?11/19 theplayer1115:43 deikel
2pAnnual 401k notice for unknown account11/20 Sam115:40 Stinky
11cSan Juan, Puerto Rico11/19 playtothebeat15:18 SenecaTheYounge
30pBack Door Roth and Mega Back Door Roth2017 pmdonca15:09 Spirit Rider
23hHelping mom with inheritance. Help!06/20 ElmoHongZito15:06 GrowthSeeker
13hTax loss harvesting - how much?11/20 l1am14:55 rkhusky
7h1-3 Year Investment Plan11/19 richard_texan14:55 richard_texan

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