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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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2055 new posts and replies over 258 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
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13hPlease comment on my asset allocation17:42 adalaio18:50 Brianmcg321
21hBackdoor Roth - should I convert or rollover my Trad IRA?01/14 NewbieBogle00718:50 retiredjg
2hDownside to ETFs?16:42 Rinkadink18:49 nix4me
13pCPA Question12:04 KBREAMK18:49 TheDDC
4hState capital gains tax after mid-year move11:05 MotoTrojan18:49 billfromct
129pVehicles as a percentage of net worth2017 smitty151518:48 Vihoo
12pACA - mid year withdrawal and clawback10:08 mrgeeze18:48 Phineas J. Whoo
181pWhy retire?01/18 nydoc18:48 AerialWombat
0pRenting short-term/long-term when you have a child18:48 humbledinvestor 
59hScared Stiff to retire01/19 Zso18:47 Zso
6hPortfolio help please10:20 Mrxyz18:47 Mrxyz
3055tU.S. stocks continue to soar!2018 GoldStar18:46 gmaynardkrebs
10cReplacing Bathroom Exhaust Fan - Need advice before blowing a bunch of $17:52 KNMLHD18:46 iamlucky13
19pSome observation when trying to buy a new car01/17 prairieman18:46 gunn_show
29tWhere does the money go when the S&P goes down?22:44 thelateinvestor18:45 sambb
22cFriend Dynamics in 202016:03 MillennialFinan18:43 HomeStretch
52pto pre-nup or not?01/19 JoeyJoeJoe18:43 LilyFleur
46hHow many months expenses held in cash in reirement09:55 chrismckay18:42 goodenyou
57pCareer change at 4701/18 WJW18:42 WJW
21pRetire Early? Pay off mortgage?01/19 firetaway18:41 firetaway
17pDeduct independent contractor mileage?01/19 tomwood18:41 tomwood
1pBackdoor ROTH planning, 401k Roll-overs and Solo 401K00:32 zagurit18:41 Duckie
48cTime to get a bearded dragon?!21:07 seymore9218:41 Arabesque
87tVG Monthly Statements Are HORRIBLE!01/15 LISD18:40 abuss368
489t(NEW) WisdomTree 90/60 U.S. Balanced Fund2018 hdas18:39 klaus14
592tYear 2000 retirees using the '4% rule' - Where are they now?2018 willthrill8118:38 Tyler9000
0hCustomer Service & Ease-Of-Use: Vanguard vs. Fidelity18:37 ronin 
0hRetired—Big portfolio shuffle for future18:36 Dave C. 
2pH&R Block 2019 1099-INT Account Numbers17:44 student18:35 Makefile
43hDeploying a $40m windfall in current market conditions01/19 perm18:35 shess
53tstop loss order to protect again a unexpected recession01/19 Tenesmus8318:35 backofbeyond
25tCritique this leveraged portfolio05:18 danielc18:35 danielc
3tThe Case for Global Investing by Meb Faber13:18 imak18:34 watchnerd
31cMazda CX-5 - seat comfort question?01/17 JAZZISCOOL18:34 Colorado13
35pReverse Rollover Mistake05/19 0x53494718:33 Alan S.
4pDisadvantages to making my m-i-l taxable acct as a joint acct?17:44 midwestyank18:33 midwestyank
163pMy 60 y/o parents have basically 0 for retirement & will have no SS/Medicare01/18 tph09018:33 psy1
32tRay Dalio - Worst asset you can have is cash?01/19 thelateinvestor18:31 Angst
2hPension lump sum at 55. Are there withdrawal penalties?17:18 mancich18:28 mancich
47cMagic Kingdom for a day or fun resort / hotel?01/13 ThankYouJack18:27 smitcat
405pWhat age did you reach 100K networth?2013 techcrium18:26 backofbeyond
2cBest non-OLED, non-QLED TV?17:58 AerialWombat18:26 VaR
75cIf you could only listen to one podcast...01/19 buckeye798318:26 Longtermgrowth
52pbank as executor--your thoughts?2009 aquamarine18:24 Ranunculus
32cOur little girl is turning one soon!10:31 BlackwaterPark118:23 sambb
2214tHEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure Part II: The next journey08/11 HEDGEFUNDIE18:20
120cWhat are you listening to now01/10 Artful Dodger18:20 Broken Man 1999
9hAA for Retirement Safe Withdrawl16:23 BowBog18:19 willthrill81
2h2020 Portfolio Review and questions01/19 Atomic18:18 Atomic
12cBest Italian restaurant in Paris?23:03 jaybee918:18 Hockey10
13pHow best to finance renovation when home is paid off?12:45 IMD80118:17 JBTX
53cwhat to do with old engineering text books01/14 lomarica0118:17 rj342
19hShould I withdraw my TRS? [Teacher Retirement System of Texas]01/15 smithae418:15 rj342
2hbest 401k/403b calulator?14:43 dred pirate18:14 illumination
317cWhat is your favorite consumer product?2015 Bustoff18:14 bertilak
22tIs home ownership a whole life policy?11:00 bogglizer18:13 nisiprius
3cWho pays GoodRX and how?17:38 BuddyJet18:12 awval999
24tBetter to pay off mortgage or buy CD?01/17 ilan1h18:10 chevca
4pcurrent 8606, when?15:09 mouses18:08 02nz
26pDo you have to do RMDs for Roth 401k after age 70.5? How is this best handled?01/18 illumination18:08 Alan S.
0pAsked to sign away liability for AZ short term rental18:08 Carefreeap 
8cT-mobile coverage difference with 600MHz phone01/11 bluebolt18:08 bluebolt
50tHow overvalued is this current market anyway?01/18 stocknoob411118:03 watchnerd
24hSo what do I do with this 36K I have sitting here...?01/04 hwkns18:02 hwkns
4pRoth IRA eligibility for foreign-earned income01/18 Matahari17:58 TedSwippet
15tMutual funds with a purchase fee vs. ETF equivalent01/19 AZAttorney1117:57 Lee_WSP
10pSocial Security at 70 if you filed and suspended22:02 bsteiner17:56 Lalamimi
10pDiscounted IVF medication programs for higher income people?01/16 jastevenson17:55 TropikThunder
10hRoth conversions to reduce future RMD's15:28 monty17:49 FiveK
7pTax Deferred(IRA+401K) to Total Investments11:09 wrongfunds17:47 KlangFool
53pHas anyone been able to execute a Power of Attorney with Vanguard?2018 Broken Man 199917:43 littlebird
17hVanguard Growth (VIGAX) in taxable account?2017 jafcorrea17:39 FiveK
15pW2 Question13:35 ForeverInvestor17:36 Spirit Rider
6hInvestor/Admiral Shares01/19 SeeMoe17:35 SeeMoe
11cHybrid/EV fees imposed by states... punitive?16:24 imbogled17:31 Poorman
186pEngineers - What are you making? ($$$)01/16 sapper137117:14 HawkeyePierce
1hDelaware Statutory Trust (DST) for 1031 Exchange15:20 HeelaMonster17:14 HeelaMonster
47hVanguard PAS Recommendation?01/18 Bluesky61317:12 retiredjg
4hNot eligible for HSA?15:23 mindgap17:08 mindgap
3hIs 170% too high of a Turnover for a Total Bond Fund?15:51 clement1316:58 clement13
38tTime to Barbell one's [TIPS]?10/12 grok8716:50 jeffyscott
35tindexers buying negative interest bonds06/08 dual16:49 Phineas J. Whoo
1hProtecting Investment Accounts16:32 ClemsonBogle16:44 sport
495tJack Bogle - Two Fund Portfolio2016 abuss36816:28 abuss368
24pProposed update to Non-Deductible IRA wiki article01/14 fyre4ce16:27 fyre4ce
7pHome Insurance for house that has increased in value significantly14:44 Kimota16:26 lessismore22
5cPurchase & Sale of House/Condo Timing13:20 Coltrane7516:25 KATNYC
21hTrad vs Roth 401(k)01/19 PolarBearMarket16:20 FiveK
104cSome possible luxury SUV choices to buy: Opinions?01/17 CULater16:17 watchnerd
61pHow to reduce spending -- suggestions?01/16 fredflinstone16:16 beernutz
8hBalanced Index for Multi-Million Dollar Portfolio (TAXES?)22:01 virginiabirdie16:16 remomnyc
14hWant to pay cash for home; does my liquidity hold up?01/19 countmein16:15 Northern Flicke
1pSwitch From FSA to HSA and Grace Period15:01 splitbaru16:10 tfb
0c2 Bogleheads books on sale16:05 Eagle33 
29tValue stocks are making a comeback, and here’s how to get in early18:58 F150HD15:59 White Coat Inve
10hPrioritizing investments01/19 mimiesg15:55 LadyGeek
2hFidelity SPRXX Money Market?15:18 thelateinvestor15:50 sport
5hVanguard Total Market ETFs - no govt securities?15:32 macnatty15:50 mcraepat9
3pForeign Capital Gains Tax on foreign shares (via fund/etf)10:24 investpie15:45 grabiner
2hRollover IRA to 401K15:30 sangk7715:42 tenkuky
61cBest quality car - Lexus?03/02 ThankYouJack15:39 acepedro45
32pCharles Schwab High Yield checking account01/18 Superleaf44415:39 backofbeyond
149hHow much to hold in international equities (VTIAX)?01/16 TarHeel200215:36 dru808
6h1 Year Update (Advice on Way Ahead)01/19 10 percent15:32 Jablean
0hImplement New AA After 8 Years & Direction on Fund Placement15:29 ef11 
30h19 Years Old, Need some advice11/24 Ynarto15:29 Cornflakey
73lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2020!05/27 Miriam215:29 ClaycordJCA
11tAnnuities as bond surrogate07:50 mass_biker15:28 mass_biker
15pbusiness deductability of home internet01/18 Soon2BXProgramm15:23 EnjoyIt
6tESPP - company giving a do-over option14:27 dandan1415:22 HomeStretch
23pPay off Student Loans or Refinance? First Post01/17 RegularGuy2315:17 LawEgr1
37hMade Big mistake timing the market - help2018 James190715:15 Stef
45pRental Property--Do numbers make sense to keep??01/18 dachshunddad15:14 dachshunddad
0hPrincipal As 401k Administrator - Feedback, Please15:13 aciaitf 
8hinvest in the traditional TSP or the ROTH TSP?01/19 KATNYC15:10 KATNYC
11pMortgage Options01/18 MidwestNick15:05 Living Free
65tBonds in taxable01/18 ultraviolet15:05 palanzo
1246lPost your Financial Milestone Announcements Here2017 VAslim1615:04 jaj2276
7cVirgin Mobile is now Boost Mobile01/09 Rob5TCP15:02 brad.clarkston
51tLA Times on Vanguard Too Big01/17 BeachPerson15:01 beehivehave
0hUnderstanding short term saving goals14:59 spdoublebass 
8cKeePass users, What iOS app?12/13 EHEngineer14:55 PinotGris
7hPortfolio Review - too conservative?01/12 Joyfully14:54 mhadden1
6pLife insurance - recharacterize from 30 to 20 year?01/19 Triple digit go14:54 bling
59cRobocalls! -- current best call blocker?2017 cyndiego14:49 mur44
3tSWR with Total World Fund?13:49 j__h14:48 klaus14
18p$400,000 Cash: Pay Off Rental v. New Home Down Payment01/15 brich7914:42 brich79
14hSupplemental Annuity Collective Trust of New Jersey (SACT)2016 fireman4414:35 krow36
24nSWR - For Retirees in UK01/18 NearlyRetired14:33 xxd091
32hClean slate - with which brokerage would you place $1M+ in index funds?01/18 pppez8014:33 retired@50
41cVanguard Security Key01/07 Rob5TCP14:31 L82GAME
4nNRA newbie with no tax treaty (Paraguay)01/15 RFontes14:21 Laurizas
43nNew listed ETF [SWRD - SPDR MSCI World UCITS]03/07 imperia14:20 TedSwippet
1735tQSPIX - thoughts on interesting fund2015 Yesterdaysnews14:18 klaus14
6cAnyone been to Montenegro?01/16 Raybo14:17 Bammerman
3tCRSP now an LLC11:11 sunnywindy14:11 FactualFran
38tHolding too much emergency fund cash...21:18 AndroAsc14:07 watchnerd
3nBrokerage firms that trade Ireland-domiciled ETFs?06:04 paradiseapplefi14:04 imperia
7pStopping and resuming Social Security Payments10:32 smmsmm5714:01 JoeRetire
2p401K Non-Taxable Balances Question12:33 jcpct14:00 Alan S.
90tDoes anyone have 'Lazy Portfolios'?2014 g3d13:56 nisiprius
41cMy Hotmail account is getting spammed big time01/18 squirm13:56 Oakwood42
16cNeed emergency car repair..what would you do?01/18 z9113:55 alfaspider
15pIs There a Tax Basis on These Stocks?01/18 SurfCityBill13:55 SurfCityBill
34cSwitching from AT&T to Mint Mobile, any drawbacks?01/11 xerxes10113:53 batpot
12cJournal of my recent ride in Northern Italy2015 Raybo13:43 Freefun
46cHelping or Enabling Question01/18 Vanguard Fan 1313:42 123
5nComplete newbie to investing with particular tax situation, guidance needed [Taiwan]01/19 bluedaze13:38 TedSwippet
7cNewer water well issues01/19 Elsebet13:21 praxis
5054cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36813:18 Elsebet
21hRoth conversions when we will be in 22% bracket for indefinite future2018 cadreamer201513:12 retiredjg
35cSpain in July with kids01/17 Yukon13:09 international00
8tDoes Vanguard ever split shares?12:26 Helo8012:59 Helo80
4353pWhat's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?2016 guitarguy12:58 SurfCityBill
12h401K Rollover and Pro Rata Rule01/18 Llpt1512:55 retiredjg
1hOn the right track?12:42 Smiley7212:49 hightower
21cA bike tour from Bolzano to Vienna (Link to Journal provided)08/26 Raybo12:43 02nz
4pIncomplete Form 860603/13 NavyIC312:43 NavyIC3
2hPaycheck in retirement and when to tap cash savings11:23 Bogletoon12:34 dbr
5hFirst Time Portfolio Review01/18 Bb07308412:18 snailderby
22pEstate Planning01/05 investor231i12:17 Tarheelstrummer
8hExpecting first child: portfolio review request01/19 jackson31312:13 NJ_Bogler
115hNew Here Fidelity or Vanguard01/11 nanciT12:12 dbr
40pI Bought Myself Quicken - Now What?01/12 AllMostThere12:07 corpmd
19cApple Care01/19 harrad12:06 rich126
5pReal Estate Capital Gains and Gift Tax question01/15 winterfan12:04 winterfan
5hShort/Intermediate Bond Fund in Retirement?01/19 GiannaLuna11:56 pyld76
203tIsn’t Inflation Much Larger Than 2%?01/16 CoastalWinds11:52 JoeRetire
92hChase $750 for depositing 75K10/11 6d1v7x311:45 ChowYunPhat
1pLender Credits and Mortgage Deduction10:07 archbish9911:31 seawolf21
28pSS @ 62 as part of tax reduction strategy01/19 veggivet11:22 Pacinotti
24pNewly married! combining investing philosophies01/14 TN Bogle11:22 MotoTrojan
9pH&R Block deluxe tax+state+fed efile: $20 at Amazon01/18 dual11:16 hmw
54pLife advice for recent graduate01/17 riverbluff11:14 riverbluff
40h2 IRA Accounts - Good idea?12/30 DPL11:10 02nz
7hQuestion on implementing change in Asset Allocation01/19 K.P.11:09 K.P.
20hFor Those NOT Retiring in 10-15 years...21:34 mas0011:02 Ron Ronnerson
39cDetached garage: Recommended ways to heat water for shower? Save space and money?01/17 doss10:58 smitcat
29hIs a vanguard target date enough?01/19 NATIX10:45 rkhusky
83tNot Experiencing Any Problems With Vanguard12/15 Cheez-It Guy10:42 neilpilot
7pWatching the clothes go round01/18 FOGU10:42 Flyer24
102tDownsides of VPW?06/03 msa610:20 NearlyRetired
27hLooking for input/will this work?01/18 Zetorman10:18 Zetorman
9tBond fund SEC yield vs YTM01/18 jmk10:11 jeffyscott
7hbond funds - what am i missing here ?01/18 curious george10:10 curious george
3hRollover question - TIAA to Vanguard07:46 twinsmd10:10 twinsmd
2hBetterment vs. Vanguard/Fidelity for IRA09:35 Geoffb91210:08 dru808
8tHypothetical Rebalance and Taxes01/18 mymoneyresearch10:06 mymoneyresearch
20cTell me about Chile/Argentina12/27 an_asker10:03 dbr
8hRetirement Fund Allocation01/19 whzup44410:01 lakpr
1cMedical Bill Survival Guide09:50 calmaniac09:59 arcticpineapple
0psolo 401k eligibility?09:55 Kelly 
17hIncreasing REITS as we age?01/18 dh09:52 dh
208hWho’s Buying Bitcoin?01/15 Jon_PassiveInve09:50 watchnerd
7pFinance Books for Managing Retirement Portfolio01/18 GiannaLuna09:47 Broken Man 1999
1166tSimba's backtesting spreadsheet [a Bogleheads community project]2007 simba09:23 siamond
173tA Simple Bogleheads Retirement Using Variable Percentage Withdrawals (VPW Forward Test)06/30 longinvest09:23 siriusblack
69tBH theory vs practice01/19 Huberpc2709:22 Vanguard Fan 13
4pSocial Security survivorship question01/17 capran09:21 Chip Munk
136pIs our spending crazy?08/04 Deighve09:19 JGoneRiding
46cAny liveaboards here?03/03 Regattamom09:06 crazcarl
22pHome refinancing question (recent first time homeowner)04/01 jackson31308:56 jackson313
88cQuality Power-Tool Brands12/17 mlh4608:54 papiper
62tThe Investor’s Fallacy - Why Markets are Never “Due” for Anything01/18 Rowan Oak08:47 Lee_WSP
48pShouldering the burden of my in-laws’ lifestyle21:47 Jnick5508:41 LadyGeek
25hAnything else I need to be doing for retirement?01/15 peterwantstosav08:38 dcabler
3hPortfolio Question07:25 sparer08:26 snailderby
14hAm I Silly Not To Cut And Run?20:24 telcodenizen08:26 drzzzzz
124cIrrational Fear of Injury in Small Car?01/07 margaritaville08:24 dbr
16pQ/A for early retirees who retired before 50 and have been retired for at least 5 years.01/15 EnjoyIt08:00 EnjoyIt
6pWhen are inherited annuity proceeds taxable?01/19 WorkToLive07:52 WorkToLive
5pHSA Reimbursement for Expenses Deducted only on State Return?01/19 FrugalInvestor07:35 FrugalInvestor
4pJumbo Refinance19:19 Mrm535307:31 Mrm5353
15cMicrosoft Office Home & Student - 2013 and 2019 Versions01/17 Electron07:27 pantomime
29c2020 Lexus RX 350L Advice01/10 Wolverine9007:26 spitty
29hNeed help on deciding regarding VULs01/18 gidoc8407:14 petulant
53cBest Way to Resolve Property Line/Fence Issue with Heirs01/17 SC Anteater07:04 Mr. Rumples
1pNeed all in one tracking tool for budgeting, debt and investments01/19 dentite07:02 FiveK
9cHeat Pump Water Heater01/10 btenny06:32 Silverado
1hQuestions in studying Bond carriers21:49 retirap06:28 sycamore
38hAlly to require SSN for benefiaries, points to new FDIC rule01/18 shawn_lad03:48 shawn_lad
4209cWhat Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI2014 Alex Frakt02:59 manatee2005
156lSeattle Area Chapter Meetings - Master Thread2015 delconte02:51 core4portfolio
377tI can't believe I am thinking this [Panic and Survival 2008-09]2008 Sheepdog02:50 manatee2005
11uNon US, non Europe based broker with access to Irish ETFs ?11/24 DubaiEntreprene00:42 DubaiEntreprene
0pVariable Life COI deductions pays for what?00:16 Mike83 
50tWhy have so many people forgotten about 19% drop 13 months ago?01/19 1130Super23:49 McCharley
9hPayroll deduction vs direct funding for HSA?01/19 corp_sharecropp23:29 JDDS
20hFDIC Insurance Rules Update01/15 LeftCoastIV23:26 puc_ytpme
26cReplacing Oven and Dishwasher01/15 its4inthemornin23:02 Mike83
11cHire a Gutter company or Handyman?01/19 luckybamboo22:46 boomer_techie
1hChanging asset allocation in anticipation of starting a company22:36 interestedParty22:44 123
48h[Chase told me they can beat index funds]01/19 freezeray22:38 unclescrooge
72cPaying for vices (like cigarettes)12/05 Caduceus22:34 F150HD
16hPortfolio Review for newbie01/10 retirap22:18 retirap
3pVanguard Tax-Exempt Interest % by State for 201918:58 BolderBoy22:03 BolderBoy
8pCredit in Charity's Newsletter from Donor Advised Funds01/19 E579721:54 Vanguard Fan 13
13pSelf tax preparation for a newby01/14 guppyguy21:51 Gray
6hWill contributing to a Roth affect college scholarship amounts?01/17 1.38621:51 1.386
3hSharing Current Statements with potential new FA evaluating your current plan01/19 BHOCnewbie21:50 Katietsu
2hRedemption fee other than for high frequency trading01/18 MathWizard21:32 MathWizard
3hHow Long To Keep Retirement Account Statements20:43 drzzzzz21:10 grabiner
44tInvestment Statement Record Retention - Years01/01 abuss36821:10 abuss368
10cAny favorite Etsy (or similar) jewelers making good quality, creative jewelry?01/18 Barefootgirl21:09 metalworking
48hCan i retire?12/09 LeslieSmiley21:06 FireHorse
5hPortfolio Review - Help! I need to simplify (and improve) FA's plan01/18 CyprusAvenue21:02 Elysium
20pShould I use Turbo Tax?01/18 tman994020:37 montanagirl
13hStretch IRA Question01/19 Odie20:35 willthrill81
2691tThe Three-Fund Portfolio2012 Taylor Larimore20:32 papahurls1
16pSeek wisdom about variable annuity use01/02 dbjneedham20:19 Dale_G
15cRoofing contractor keeps giving me the runaround01/16 CobraKai20:15 Freetime76
61tWhat is considered a lot of money to have saved up?01/17 Jesteroftheswam20:12 Phineas J. Whoo
18nHow to implement the Swensen portfolio in the Euro-zone?2014 drMerkwurdichli20:06 glorat
36tWho is not "Most Investors"?01/17 willeric20:02 Phineas J. Whoo
4cNavien Tankless Heater - DIY not working01/18 TxInjun20:02 rutrow2015
17pFlorida lowers cost of prepaid college plans....01/14 Broken Man 199920:00 Taz
6hminimizing days worked while maximizing ROTH spaces01/19 usagi19:23 02nz
1hNewly married - Taxes & Student Loans01/19 Structure19:22 lakpr

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