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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1567 new posts and replies over 208 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
# Replies Subforum - Topic TitleFirst Last   
Subforum - TopicLast   
89cWhy own a bed?10:41 Caduceus02:17 AlohaJoe
1043tThe Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses2016 Earl Lemongrab02:14 Mike14
28pAccepted new job, immediately laid off at old one?07/15 preciseman02:13 mouses
67pAnyone not have a Budget?07/15 masonstone02:11 Jablean
62cGoing solar?07/06 barberakb02:07 madbrain
0hBeginner looking for portfolio advice / critique!02:01 sarabayo 
106tWhy is leveraging property good but leveraging stocks bad?07/14 SpeculativeTrad01:52 AlohaJoe
348pWhat is/ was your career and would you recommend it now?06/21 alex12371101:47 cb122
42hA new investor has appeared! [Portugal]07/08 DrBlues01:42 permport
0tMarket timing benefit? Or just pure luck?01:25 greenhill 
20cPassport expiration time rules for France16:33 hoops77701:20 richardglm
36tFinancial Newspapers & Publications06/27 abuss36801:16 Kalo
73tA different take on retirement income: time segmentation07/15 willthrill8101:11 willthrill81
13hFidelity Portfolio Advice Please07/15 teacherguy01:06 gostars
2hflowchart from for backdoor roths16:48 arcticpineapple00:44 Tier1Capital
23pFamilies - What's your total annual credit card spend?16:12 UpsetRaptor00:38 bogleblitz
3hAsett Allocation16:28 goaztecsfight00:34 goaztecsfight
21cTravel to Mainland China - Cyber Security07/15 mc700:27 MossySF
285cConcierge medicine Worth It????2016 Rexindex00:17 Miriam2
6pBuy a vacation home while renting21:09 blue_skies4500:10 JGoneRiding
29lLas Vegas Mtgs Master Thread2013 nvboglehead00:10 nvboglehead
84pFor those of you who handle all the finances, how do you keep your spouse "in the know"2017 Jags418600:07 Cunobelinus
35cAmazon Prime Day 201810:21 C4NT00:03 KyleAAA
8hConsolidate and simplify07/15 LittleKnown00:02 gostars
1hUse TIPS for multi-year RMDs as a risk reduction strategy?09:21 amiller7x700:01 stlutz
9pPerpetual Withdrawal Rate07/15 skime23:59 aj76er
2pNewretirement, Robert Merton, and annuities22:19 DC350923:49 DC3509
25tRobert Merton on NewRetirement Podcast06/29 Horton23:49 DC3509
13hMy Annuity of now.07/15 Bronco Billy23:49 smectym
13hBond funds in taxable accounts?04/12 l1am23:46 gostars
3hMerrill Edge Taxable Account and Tax Loss Harvesting22:20 SVT23:41 SVT
10tGMO 7 year forecasts are worse than a toss of a coin18:59 InvestInPasta23:38 JoMoney
42t1-year Treasury Bill auction07/13 Kevin M23:31 #Cruncher
14pNew Career Advice? Would you do it?07/14 mattod12223:30 eddot98
30pDuration of Sequence of Return risk for long retirements07/15 marcopolo23:21 Snowjob
35cWould you pay $120 for a 5 year dishwasher warranty?17:51 pondering23:18 denovo
7hRetiring at 62. Have Healthcare Plan. Is my Plan Sane?17:46 bdaniel5823:17 curmudgeon
32tBalanced Funds and Sequence of Return Risk10:14 1210sda23:05 randomguy
7tClassifying CDs as Bonds or Short Term assets17:39 AtomicCash23:02 danielc
9pCalifornia Homeowners - Do you have earthquake insurance?04:37 slalom22:58 HEDGEFUNDIE
26pAnyone experienced landlords here? Caught some of my tenants renting out rooms. Anything I should do?07/12 sngaw22:55 jalbert
2pHSA (or PPO) and a baby20:51 TarHeel200222:45 47Percent
52pWho are heirs? No will.11/30 lhwerdyt*1791c22:43 JGoneRiding
42cHave you ever purchased a pricy musical instrument?09:13 investingdad22:40 jabberwockOG
10hPlease help me untangle this mess!19:12 sapper137122:34 pkcrafter
6cShoe shine, airport?17:34 Xrayman6922:29 kenoryan
0pCost Basis of Funds to file Decedent's taxes22:29 Jablean 
50p$540 a month on food for graduate student budget too much?06:59 pax423522:24 PhysicsTeacher
0tSteve Dubner interviews Richard Thaler21:51 bobcat2 
58pShould we sell our business?07/13 201621:46 HenrysCreek
5pJob Change?19:07 KP Patches21:45 gunn_show
6tLarry Swedroe: The Drums Of (Trade) War09:11 Random Walker21:41 Random Walker
16cHeart Rate Monitors Fitbit vs. Garmin07/15 Sasquatch21:38 five2one
5pBusiness Credit Card15:51 Nomadix21:35 Nomadix
18lAny interest in a Shelby/Jefferson County AL chapter?06/21 Housedoc21:33 Mel Lindauer
5pUnusual asset protection strategies17:43 abw21:27 Beehave
20cWho has owned a ski boat or waverunner & did you regret it?2015 ThankYouJack21:20 Bajanana
41pWhere to get a $100 bill?07/15 cap39621:15 RetiredCSProf
7cAnyone use a heart rate monitor for swimming???01/18 davidkw21:12 five2one
19cShould I cancel my Colorado trip due to wildfires??07/01 RudyS21:09 Colorado13
94cWhat are you learning or studying?06/29 dentoid21:05 tnhooper45
13pSocial Security Questions for my Parents17:58 LFKB21:04 delamer
12cTesla Insurance Question and how to get out of the deposit07/03 InvestoGuy20:49 djheini
8hPortfolio Alignment Guidance07/14 RIMDBogle20:47 LadyGeek
13tturnover rate impact on return07/15 omerthegrouch20:43 asset_chaos
50hTell me what's wrong with my strategy07/13 JoeMontana1620:42 LadyGeek
3hCheck-up - suggestions welcome09:03 traveler320:40 David Jay
13hInvesting in oil?10:08 Thegame1420:37 market timer
56cIs expensive olive oil worth it?07/12 tuningfork20:35 Pajamas
0h23 and seeking help with investments20:33 TheCapitalist 
290cMy New Car Buying Tips2013 denovo20:33 namenloseblonde
3hMissed Secuties Class Action Claim Deadline07/15 Niam20:27 CrazyCatLady
99pWhat rate of return are you using for retirement projections?07/07 ronhh20:25 delamer
9hSimple question on where to fund - 401k > IRA > what next07/14 Mr_Yan20:19 David Jay
85tSchwab Intelligent Portfolio vs. Schwab Target Fund03/07 lhwerdyt*1791c20:19 Nate79
8tIs Tax-Managed Small Cap (VTMSX) an underrated fund?02/15 oneleaf20:09 jalbert
11cHow much did your braces/invisalign braces cost?15:05 fortfun20:08 jminv
33hbrokerage account conversion01/02 VT1485020:06 VT14850
18pBraces: Keeping cost down and insurance questions.07/14 fortfun19:59 fortfun
8pAny guidelines on going pre or post tax for pension HAS.15:58 fortfun19:56 fortfun
76tSix stocks make up 98% of S&P 500 gains in 201807/10 letsgobobby19:53 ReformedSpender
65tIn defense of short-term treasuries07/14 danielc19:48 Kevin M
60cBears!!!07/15 pezblanco19:37 Yooper
7hAsset Allocation with multiple retirement accounts11:32 Elbukari19:35 Elbukari
18hRealizing 85% of 401k contribution going to bonds07/15 Jermbo19:33 Jermbo
9hVanguard Sub-Asset Allocation Model, Personal Advisor Service07/12 jbuch00219:25 nasrullah
10pClass Reunion Fund: How to Hold and Where to Invest?15:55 nszzya19:20 nszzya
1cLooking for a VOIP Replacement for Skype On Mac16:49 Amphian19:16 nasrullah
5cDSL Modem and settings for TDS.net05:49 aerofreaky1119:14 mhalley
3hPortfolio Tune up Help07/13 invest119:11 invest1
10cAlaska Trip/Cruise Summer of 2020. Help me plan12:19 Housedoc19:11 friar1610
2pSaved up down payment, but may not be buying soon; where to place money18:36 InvisibleAeroba19:04 nasrullah
93cAdvice on IT Certification program07/12 delamer19:03 bampf
4hPlanning to invest, but where?15:22 rvergara19:01 nasrullah
10tVtip short term tip etf ??13:09 Mardoc0118:56 jalbert
32cDid I get ripoff by this car mechanic?07/15 jfgout18:52 aspirit
8lLooking to start a chapter in Hershey, PA07/15 UncleBogle18:48 UncleBogle
16pBored10:35 28fe618:40 28fe6
71pOne Person Defined Benefit Plan2014 gasdoc18:37 northernrun
27chow to diagnose problem with cable internet speed07/05 gwe6718:30 student
3hCan I Tax loss harvest this?12:16 sgadlin18:27 sgadlin
37cHow much furniture spending is ok?07/15 jayk23818:26 Dottie57
107tAre Bonds Always Safe? — A Second Look at U.S. Portfolio Disasters07/09 SimpleGift18:08 willthrill81
4lNew Hershey PA Local Chapter Established11:20 Mel Lindauer17:47 UncleBogle
7hU.S. expat starting to invest07/15 Mahler7817:46 FOGU
2hRoth IRA conversion16:09 kallakh17:37 Rob54keep
61pAre Credit Cards Actually Convenient?07/15 magister17:35 TravelGeek
15hAdvice for young colleague please08:40 kjsammy17:31 Doctor Rhythm
27hNeed to generate income07/14 canada6517:24 canada65
35pSmall Personal Loans for Mixed Martial Arts Training02/22 learner10017:23 willie838
21h[EU] About the cost of taxes on dividends in European funds05/05 RME17:23 BeBH65
101pEarly retirement07/13 skime17:19 flyingaway
12hportfolio help07/10 ostfrisian17:15 ostfrisian
187tTaylor's New Book: The Bogleheads' Guide to The Three-Fund Portfolio10/24 Mel Lindauer17:14 JoeRetire
7hAdvice adjusting Asset Allocation14:40 reddison17:13 Dandy
13cChoosing a Used Car Model07/14 lump53217:07 LMBFlorida
45hShould I simplify my portfolio and switch from 3 fund to 2 fund portfolio?07/15 Vision17:07 copleyma64
20cSuggestions For Re-attaching a Closet Handle09:56 SVariance117:07 Pinotage
17ckayaking!07/12 k.erin2117:03 Angst
2hWhat is the best three fund portfolio solution for EU citizen with non habitual residence status in Portugal07/15 DJN16:58 imperia
6tFlat real yield curve07/15 jalbert16:57 gmaynardkrebs
19h30K Spare Cash12/24 Ignoramus500016:46 Duckie
2tDeterministic SWR Calcuation/Equation16:37 One Ping16:45 One Ping
20cSeeking advice about "defective" computer07/15 CFM30016:35 LMBFlorida
1cBooks on Paying for College16:21 FreddieG16:27 DaftInvestor
24tBrokers sell ETF order flow used to trade against clients07/15 Rick Ferri16:18 afan
15hThoughts on using an ETF for TIPS investing07/11 PalmQueen16:17 PalmQueen
12tGetting antsy with indexing? Reporter doing story.07/13 Mel Lindauer16:15 jminv
4hSeeking help for investment allocation07/15 bakerjin16:14 Duckie
30hWhat's your *real* asset allocation?07/12 jaj227616:11 Meg77
13hMFs in India [Mutual Funds]07/13 arnott16:09 Mors
5pUnclaimed property13:22 Swarm Trap16:04 Pajamas
11hMoving taxable to Vanguard with capital gains?13:25 Wolfpack246315:58 Wolfpack2463
43pHow often do you buy a primary residence?07/15 pomidoro15:51 pomidoro
1tTitans of Junk: Behind the Debt Binge That Now Threatens Markets [Bloomberg article]15:16 AnotherSandwich15:51 willthrill81
179h$13 Million Goal for Early Retirement (am I crazy?)2015 MaxSave15:45 AlwaysWannaLear
4hHow do you feel about my allocation to growth funds?14:15 thgirwa15:44 thgirwa
17tIs rebalancing an advantage when holding a 3 fund portfolio instead of 2 or 1 fund portfolio?06:29 Vision15:42 willthrill81
22pBig 4 Who Jumped to Industry - Compensation07/13 HardHitter15:26 mak1277
4cPerfecting Cold Brew Coffee14:39 ThankYouJack15:15 Afty
19hRetirement Funds - Other Financial Advice Requested07/13 fruitjacket15:00 Spewin
408lPost your Financial Milestone Announcements Here01/09 Alex Frakt14:54 Tortoise Banker
32pCollege savings plans - Roth vs. 52907/11 whatevernow14:51 willthrill81
91tSaving 20% of paycheck isn't enough07/13 Marjimmy14:42 willthrill81
4hHSA Bank - Transfer investments from Devenir to TD Ameritrade?13:26 Glockenspiel14:29 theplayer11
13pSocial Security Tax Hump vs. Tax Torpedo07/14 aebknb14:17 wrongfunds
26hAbundance came late, now I'm overwhelmed playing catch up07/12 NewTimes14:11 NewTimes
8pPotential Personal Judgement-Florida07/11 Naples7814:09 randomguy
35hAll-In VTSAX07/15 Hawaiishrimp14:09 thangngo
11hHelp me analyze this real estate sale11:04 ebeard14:01 ebeard
0pHiring Parents as Household Employee13:53 mk100 
6pCollege funds spendown...07/15 marshallv13:52 Darth Xanadu
55pFireCalc: How big a grain of salt?07/15 TheTimeLord13:49 michaeljc70
46hBest options for cash in Schwab brokerage accounts?02/10 MnD13:48 bondsr4me
18hStrategy to buy a north los altos house (SF Bay Area)?07/15 emlowe
50cPeloton spin bike worth the high cost?05/27 Milo95313:43 queso
15hAnyone Else Here Trying to Max Out 401k for the 1st Time in 2018?07/15 Daedalus13:41 katzmandu
12pInherited retirement account07/14 Schooly D13:37 JGoneRiding
5hHelp with consolidating DRIP stocks07/15 Loon1113:24 Loon11
7cTripAdvisor "Points" & "Levels" ?07/15 ResearchMed13:21 ResearchMed
13pValue of Arizona State Retirement System07/15 JDofAZ13:20 RagnarRahl
6pContinue contributing to Roth or switch to Traditional?10:09 SerenityBlue13:18 FiveK
4t3% APY 14 month CD (New England States Only)07/15 alpenglow13:14 alpenglow
0pTurbo Tax -- Forms 8814 and 8962 (Household income calculations for PTC)13:10 47Percent 
81pWould you trade experiences in your youth for early retirement07/13 TheTimeLord13:03 kaudrey
18pCapital One 360 no beneficiary option04/11 Bhairston201812:54 Bhairston2018
6hNew Fidelity Solo 401k: FFNOX or FSTMX to start?03:10 Pancakes-Eggs-B12:17 mervinj7
296cMoviePass-Too good to be true, but it's legit.10/04 denovo12:09 denovo
9hFidelity PAS - starting the process to extricate07/15 bulkdataman12:07 bulkdataman
6pHome Equity Loan: anyone have experience?09:13 CULater12:00 Jack FFR1846
5pQuestion Regarding Life Insurance09:54 SelfEmployed12311:57 Miriam2
2hSmart401K going away09:45 nc70011:49 David Jay
8hChanging jobs - 401k etc07/16 mooncalf11:30 Spirit Rider
41hPortfolio Analysis + 125K Cash to Invest07/15 SAY3711:29 nasrullah
87cHow to tip07/04 masonstone11:20 pejp
1hLate Tax Filer - SEP IRA to Solo 401k for 201709:44 firegirl11:10 Spirit Rider
44pAlliant 3/2.5% card - any experience?12/14 sunny_socal11:06 jaj2276
5pHow to apply safe withdraw rule?07/15 whodatheads10:52 galeno
10tAny source for: "If markets fall X%, a X/X portfolio will fall X%?07/15 hesson1110:50 hesson11
8hToo Diversified?07/13 bgar1510:42 ruralavalon
4pGoogle Sheets has an easy to use Budget worksheets - tip07/15 timmy10:42 heartwood
3pMonte Carlo simulator09:57 FBN201410:16 willthrill81
375cFlaunt Your High-Mileage Car2015 Teague10:14 radiokurt
31cWhich minivan?10/23 daave10:01 lazydavid
16tMath help: 401k vs debt payoff formula07/14 ray.james10:00 Dottie57
24pQuestioning insurance valuation for homeowners07/14 tenkuky09:56 dm200
15hWhat to sell for Mom's RMD07/15 Ginny'sMom09:54 Ginny'sMom
3hDiversification & Capital Gains05:49 Aristotle9909:54 JW-Retired
3hPulling past Vanguard Annual Reports08:17 ReformedSpender09:41 CyberBob
3602cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36809:23 wilson08
48cWhich City to spend 4-6 weeks?05/08 Theseus09:06 Theseus
11tMarket cap weighting vs rebalancing07/11 mlz09:03 mlz
41pDeath Book2013 Steady5908:59 LarryAllen
60cAny kayakers here?07/09 daheld08:52 Townline Lake
11hVTSAX vs. Fidelity Freedom Index Fund07/14 johnkgan08:51 HJG0989
8hHelp with consolidating Retirement and taxable portfolio07/13 nish08:46 retiredjg
13p14 years with Bogleheads07/14 moneywise308:43 nedsaid
5pWire transfers from internet banks (CapOne 360)06:14 sunny_socal08:38 sunny_socal
1hDoes transferring US ETFs to a foreign custodian create tax problems?08:00 FireProof08:08 AlohaJoe
2pNew book based on Millionaire Next Door07:03 timmy07:41 timmy
10hBlackRock Lifepath Fund?07/14 sapper137107:35 vineviz
102cXfinity Mobile2017 student07:09 A440
29tHow to determine weights within portfolio07/14 flroots07:00 flroots
0cAny luck Unlocking Sprint iPhone 5?06:43 A440 
64lSt Louis Bogleheads2014 larryswedroe06:29 deeppizza
9hGrade my portfolio please, newbie here07/15 NRB05:04 Tamarind
24pIRS CP2000 on Backdoor Roth, Did I do it right?07/04 schrute03:49 Chip
6t[EU] How to bypasses MIFID II, PRIPS and buy US ETFs07/13 norciom02:48 TedSwippet

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