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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1023 new posts and replies over 166 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
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Subforum - TopicLast   
9cVRBO host asking for photocopy of driver's license - new normal?08:02 Johnny Thinwall09:14 ScubaHogg
6t10-year equity premium 1793 - 202321:46 McQ09:11 SimpleGift
5pBank of America Premium Rewards Elite? (credit card)07:49 NYCaviator09:07 tj
19cShoe Inserts/Insoles/Orthotics?06:38 LaurenRose09:06 Hebell
3hInherited IRA withdrawal strategy12:49 lo382uder09:04 SuzBanyan
7677pBank of America/Merrill Edge - Preferred Rewards2014 navyitaly09:04 tj
6tWhen do you buy insurance against your portfolio?06:43 long-term-inves09:04 Sandtrap
70t(Market Cap) Rotation to Small Cap?07/15 like2read09:02 kilkoyne
39cWhat’s going on with Uber prices ?10:50 Sho09:01 CFM300
16p[20 year old driver has car accident]10:09 gr707008:59 JackoC
11606cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36808:58 LadyGeek
2cMedicare vs. Regular Health Insurance08:06 LaurenRose08:58 retiredjg
27cStereo System hardware07/20 Swansea08:57 TomatoTomahto
14hBack Door Roth with Rollover / After Tax $ in 401K07/17 Colorado21a08:56 Rocinante Rider
1pany recommendations for disability insurance online or by mail?22:44 syc08:49 Sandtrap
41psimple plan for living off investments in retirement07/20 feh08:47 UpperNwGuy
0pWindfall Elimination Provision (WEP) Question08:46 forestcity 
25cPossible stucco house purchase07/20 Nowizard08:44 Sandtrap
24pAdvice for choosing second career07/18 mtwistercapital08:43 Nowizard
11cWhy is Safari so slowwww lately?21:03 RationalWalk08:40 Nowizard
3pQq on recharacterization and backdoor Roth07:02 huyadu08:34 retiredjg
5cStihl Vs. Ego battery powered chainsaws08:09 scifilover08:33 Sandtrap
1nSeeking advice for portfolio: Armenia/Serbia residence05:59 adamastis08:32 DoctorE
60cRat at home - how to catch?2020 bo10595402708:30 muffins14
2hRolling a traditional and Roth 401K21:18 Big Worm08:30 retiredjg
7tIs anyone using Fidelity Baskets?07/20 Gaston08:25 MBB_Boy
33hGood enough AA and good enough all-in-one fund for retiree?2023 OSUperu08:24 NiceUnparticula
107cJoin a gym? Is it worth it?07/12 tman994008:14 hudson
12pHow do state taxes work for part-time residents07/19 gt4715b08:13 grabiner
8pConsidering buying and selling a home - real estate agents?07/21 Parkinglotracer08:12 tj
24tIshares defined maturity bond etf question07/20 hoops77708:11 crefwatch
95tRoth IRA what to invest in and how06/30 blwegrzyn08:08 Regal 56
133cFYI-News reporting massive outages with [CrowdStrike]07/19 mrmass08:07 nisiprius
32cAny suggestions for Australia in December?07/20 worthit07:49 niagara_guy
19tNew Vanguard PAS Service?07/10 Rose07:47 BetaTracker
11p1099 income/S corp guidance/resources05/04 Petr8907:45 montanagirl
5cBipass Closet Door Parts18:04 M22RPCV07:41 lthenderson
5hHelp With Portfolio Allocation01:28 investor_bill07:40 dbr
24cCan the new iPad Pro replace a laptop?07/21 NYCaviator07:36 NYCaviator
31tIRS clarifies stretch IRA rules: non-spouse annual distributions req'd07/18 Admiral07:35 goodenyou
2pCash Plus versus Wealthfront versus Fidelity for HY06:32 cvsvm200707:34 NYCaviator
134hCash at Fidelity10/16 Da5id07:31 PersonalFinance
470tNew tool for building a TIPS ladder2023 kaesler07:19 kaesler
41tIs “Age In Bonds” back in style?07/20 TrustTheMarket07:08 Tubes
15hPlease Critique: Investment Strategy with TIPS15:21 EricGold07:05 Dude2
49cFire Safety with Lithium Battery Power Tools?07/16 windaar06:59 tm3
58hAre IBonds still a decent investment?07/20 Badgered06:58 lazyday
235cCalifornia weather in a lower cost of living area07/12 wunwun106:52 RetiredMommy
12pLeaving Vanguard: which US brokerages allow for revocable trusts?06/24 FIREGuy8806:51 retired early&a
513pFor those retired or FI, how much do you spend annually?2021 MyBrothersAdvis06:44 Wanderingwheelz
59tBuffered ETF's12/31 Rjhasti06:35 nisiprius
3hHelp with where to stary investing for spouse21:25 RichL110706:35 HomeStretch
29cOur State Farm auto insurance went up 40% in one year. Normal?04/07 knightrider06:15 alpenglow
10nUS Citizen in UK - S&S ISA2021 boz06:10 TedSwippet
32pStateFarm homeowners Insurance increased $400 this year ...ouch!07/21 swong06:01 Tubes
71cLancaster PA trip2023 BashDash05:57 vglifer
18pConsidering purchasing a new house. What to do with old one?07/20 CLKGTR05:48 Bikesy
19pLooking to get a life insurance - trustworthy brokers?07/19 AnderJoy05:31 Valuethinker
3pInheritance question23:55 jim77905:14 jim779
13hVIG (Vanguard Dividend Appreciation ETF) sole equity investment07/20 Baylor Boy05:11 LaramieWind
15pBuilding credit for a minor17:10 oldguy282805:05 CAsage
30nUK pension investment advice06/17 Hopeful2503:57 StillGoing
29pFinancial Analysis and other considerations - Nursing School at 422022 Iowa David03:45 toddthebod
5tInherited IRA: subsequent beneficiary07/21 jefmafnl03:43 jefmafnl
15nUK DC Pension TFLSM, UFPLS, India relocation etc - unable to decide05/26 bluejeansman03:41 Valuethinker
18nRetirement cash reserve [UK]07/16 chrismckay03:40 StillGoing
1pTaxes for small amount of freelance work?02:47 BAM!03:23 toddthebod
27cTravel to London12:35 keys2retire03:22 Valuethinker
2hUltra Short-Term Investment For Nonresident US Citizens10:37 monkeytoad02:19 monkeytoad
589pImproving the TSP [for current participants]2014 MichDad02:04 MichDad
327h$13 Million Goal for Early Retirement (am I crazy?)2015 MaxSave01:15 Xrayman69
11hTotal bond funds and maturity07/20 bogleschwabber00:01 Beensabu
41pProposed update to Health Savings Account wiki page06/22 fyre4ce23:47 fyre4ce
22cGarage door openers - recommended brand, model?2015 CherylHall23:19 Alfonsia
39hAggressive Roth options for 16-year old07/19 PA_Boglehead22:35 momopi
22hClosing Fidelity Wealth Management accounts - tax implications Q07/18 MamaMN22:32 kodiac
11hPortfolio check / tax-efficient withdrawal strategies07/18 AlaskaNewbie22:31 AlaskaNewbie
10pQuestion about the once-per-year IRA rollover rule09:52 vtMaps22:25 bsteiner
72pIs anyone selling their house with 2% mortgage to move to a better house?07/07 Starbase22:15 CuriousGeorgeTx
53tIs Rebalancing Necessary?2020 alex12371122:14 alluringreality
74pSSA now or acct required to access07/11 557880yvi22:14 criticalmass
99pDelay Filing an LTCI Claim?01/21 AnnetteLouisan22:11 snic
25pPayoff Mortgage or Improve Property?07/20 Lucky7222:00 cvoege
1hPortfolio Review18:12 WhenDoISell21:51 bonesly
12hChoosing TIPS ETF_Short or Medium Term?2021 EvelynTroy21:39 Gaston
168tHow do you think about longevity?07/15 rockstar21:35 Garco
20pPaying taxes on tIRA withdrawal07/20 2BRetiredsn21:34 2BRetiredsn
11pMortgage Recast/Payoff/Invest07/18 AKFireball21:26 grabiner
6371cWhat are you listening to now2020 Artful Dodger21:04 Nicolas
4hHow's my portfolio looking?12:56 zorkb4521:01 bonesly
9hFinancial Health Check In07/20 malibuboats9120:52 bonesly
9pPurchasing a home with a Leased (Solar City/Tesla Energy) solar system12:53 WoodSpinner20:48 gwanghoops
22cBuying art07/20 psteinx20:48 brainstem
41pRule of 72t. Need information12:38 EricInAtlanta20:40 KlangFool
20cUpgrade to Windows 11 ?07/20 Rajsx20:31 Sampan
128pIRS Now Requiring again?2023 Leesbro6320:24 single2019
7pSECURE ACT 2.0 surviving spouse treated as deceased employee07/18 RCL20:13 Alan S.
15hAny financial adjustments?07/17 TarHeel200220:09 bonesly
7hPortfolio Advise07/16 RETIRE ONE DAY20:07 bonesly
20pHow to find my most tax efficient Roth Conversion plan?09/15 $tar-Lord19:33 rs9876lg
33cHVAC Question (Mini-Split with Central Air?)07/18 ObliviousInvest19:21 pshonore
8hTime to simplify13:30 Rebbie18:43 Hebell
884tTotal Portfolio Allocation and Withdrawal (TPAW)2020 Ben Mathew18:40 dcabler
3059cBird watchers – what birds are you seeing?2020 JAZZISCOOL18:22 JAZZISCOOL
92pAdvantages of having an American Express card in 2024?04/27 MCST18:22 cheesepep
832tA Simple Bogleheads Retirement Using Variable Percentage Withdrawals (VPW Forward Test)2019 longinvest18:17 longinvest
1hBrokers and Discounted DRIP program07/20 sobresa18:09 Tyler Aspect
8013cWhat Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI2014 Alex Frakt18:09 hudson
13hportfolio @6007/18 mnr318:03 BitTooAggressiv
687tBill Sharpe's preferred portfolio2017 Quark18:03 longinvest
1cUnderstanding the US Retail business17:18 imyeti218:01 LadyGeek
8hSell Treasury Note before maturity?15:58 SweetJohnny17:53 delamer
1ptenancy in common (property taxes)17:37 moneyflowin17:44 nalor511
1055tVanguard to Exit Individual 401(k), Multi-SEP, and SIMPLE IRA Plans With Ascensus Deal04/16 foolio9717:41 Eric
5tA Simplified VPW Strategy07/20 aj76er17:41 GaryA505
11pAssisted living/skilled nursing and running out of funds07/18 buddysam117:40 nanciT
33cAny Piano Players? Yamaha Clavinova Digital Piano06/28 OldSport17:33 Hubub
45cGood search tool for doctors?07/19 psteinx17:17 InMyDreams
4tTax-efficient fund placement, with more detail at pre/post-tax account level14:33 BlandMonkey17:16 123
37hTIAA-CREF 403b: Need advice regarding investment options05/29 tyros17:15 student
17tlist of non-income genearting lower risk investments07/20 babystep17:14 Weathering
6229c[What TV Show Have You Recently Watched?]2016 dbCooperAir17:09 ResearchMed
188tConsidering Schwab04/18 WhitePuma17:09 ez_mode
50pHow much to leave kids vs other family/friend vs charity?07/20 ThankYouJack17:07 prairieman
1pAsset potection on Spousal Beneficiary Rollover07/21 gavinsiu17:00 Eagle33
16hRequest for retirement review07/20 friendlydave16:57 dadjunk
41pExperiences with Mint Mobile07/18 dh16:51 GaryA505
23cLas Vegas for Seniors06/24 cheapedy16:39 SmileyFace
68hInflation Protected Investment07/01 patrickscott16:09 GAAP
12pSeeking reassurance on convos with IRS re: missing 2020 return07/16 MGA160016:09 talzara
15pPay cash or take out a mortgage?03/06 elb216:00 JJ2019!
140cYour Amazon Prime Day purchases, please!07/16 yankees6015:56 mnsportsgeek
49cNeed some car guru feedback -- Should I call it quits on this car?07/03 z9115:55 yankees60
3cBest Air Fryer under 12" Height....Suggestions?07/20 atwnsw15:41 Doctor Rhythm
88cAmazon - from Prime to UnPrime07/13 LaurenRose15:31 SmileyFace
21pRMD withholding to eliminate estimate tax07/20 gavinsiu15:29 bogles the mind
57tTax efficient withdrawals and the need to do Roth conversions (Mike Piper comment)07/16 TomP1015:28 cvn74n2
101hWhy I am thinking of not doing Roth conversions...let me hear your feedback07/13 mahanska15:27 ncbill
9pOKC: Family New to Oklahoma07/20 Bill McNeal15:24 chiliagon
4lDoes anyone remember? [Looking for old M* Diehards forum member]07/20 jayars3515:07 jayars35
68cWorth it to buy a Tesla?07/19 BogleAlltheWay15:05 mtwistercapital
23pGetting rid of PMI07/20 Lynn202415:02 EricGold
8hVanguard 401k rollover check taking forever07/18 Twinkle_Toes14:56 gavinsiu
48pIRS Letter asking for $79,000 in taxes. HELP PLEASE!07/19 luckybamboo14:42 HomeStretch
99t2007 to 2020: The changing advice of "A Random Walk Down Wall Street"2020 simplesauce14:18 Northern Flicke
49pBack Door AOTC [American Opportunity Tax Credit]09/03 986racer13:50 Citifan
6hRoth thread regarding using 60 day rollover to pay taxes12:05 2Dog13:48 2Dog
1216tVanguard Cash Plus Account01/12 stan113:46 Feldman
17pValuing state pension07/21 am12:46 baconavocado
112l[New] metro Denver Bogleheads Local Chapter Coordinator]2017 BsmartSM12:46 amp
3pChase Business account bonus - gotchas ?07/21 sc918212:40 safari
58pACA, poverty levels, Roth conversion for MAGI07/16 Augustivus12:37 dorster
137cWorst "Large purchase" ever?2014 Rexindex12:37 Wwwdotcom
11hCan I take a break - Finance Standpoint07/18 boxerbali12:31 topofthebellcur
91cShould I buy a cordless Dyson vacuum ... and which one? (Update!)2023 PeninsulaPerson12:13 PeninsulaPerson
275lSeattle Area Chapter Meetings - Master Thread2015 delconte11:26 boglattle
133pInterest only mortgage: the conservative choice?2020 HEDGEFUNDIE11:15 CletusCaddy
13hWhat to do with $200,000 inheritance?07/20 investingguy11:08 breakfastinbed
101cBest Ways to extend Life of Car07/18 BundyBundy10:47 Wwwdotcom
35pLTC Insurance vs. Buy into Independent Living Early07/17 BernardShakey10:45 HomeStretch
8pFed. Employees - Tammy Flanagan Consult?2019 Barefootgirl10:16 Iorek
36pLaid off notice, specific questions and seeking guidance (UPDATE July 2024)04/04 tenkuky10:14 tenkuky
267pWhere were you financially when you were at 30?2016 bo10595402710:12 CelloRock
291pShare your retirement cash flow plan05/06 murrays09:53 catchinup
0pGST and trusts question09:37 986racer 
17cAirline Compensation Requirements during Current Computer Mess07/19 AS791109:27 Chv396

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