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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1086 new posts and replies over 189 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
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Subforum - TopicLast   
17pDoes IRS penalize for overpayment of taxes?18:49 masonstone10:58 dbr
2pRefinance mortgage or not13:58 Investing Newbi10:58 Investing Newbi
36cTesla Autopilot, worth it?05/20 squirm10:57 DanMahowny
5tShould REITs and BDCs be looked at more like bonds?09:10 ChinchillaWhipl10:57 nisiprius
60tUS T bills - first time user05/22 duricka10:56 Kevin M
13pExperian will not lift security freeze with PIN05/09 gtd9876510:56 Horsefly
14cBrick pavers on the edge of my porch are already falling off21:02 gilgamesh10:55 gilgamesh
3hJust wanted to clarify how taxation works on LTCG rate and Roth conversion07:21 gilgamesh10:53 DSInvestor
117tTheory: Total World Index a Sure Fire Win [VT/VTWSX]05/22 guyesmith10:50 azanon
6cMinor car accident two years ago. How long till clear record?07:10 sunny_socal10:50 pshonore
2625pWhat's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?2016 guitarguy10:49 MikeG62
34cany disadvantages to using Delta Skymiles for fare?05/16 JohnFiscal10:49 seawolf21
6tMisuse of the word "technology" in finance05:55 s8r10:49 Pajamas
94pCareer planning in IT/software development when over 4005/19 CobraKai10:44 michaeljc70
16cRowing machine21:00 test12310:41 dm200
18pshould I buy or rent05/25 gizo12310:40 Ben Mathew
29tI'm an indexer... but...22:37 TheBogleWay10:37 alex_686
137pGEICO auto rates vs. USAA: too good to be true?2017 msa610:32 pshonore
99pHelping Adult Children (but not too much)05/19 Stormbringer10:20 Cruise
0cBest Website for Long Term Care Insurance Quotes?10:18 cheese_breath 
39tWhy Edward Jones?01/04 CABob10:14 CABob
5cMango card hacked and drained! Help!16:07 eagleeyes10:14 eagleeyes
11hQuestion about E*money05/22 optimismhelps10:14 optimismhelps
18pmedicaid as early retirement medical insurance (or maybe Obamacare)05/24 datamonkee10:13 Pajamas
187cHigh End Wrist Watches (Gone Crazy)2016 corn1810:13 Cycle
2tRebalancing Slice-'N-Dice Equities: Isn’t That Buying Low & Selling High?09:51 Johnnie10:11 alex_686
0hnew total world bond fund instead of total bond market in my 3 fund portfolio10:07 Boglerules 
7t30 basis points in admin fees for 401-K?09:12 MnD10:06 midareff
2cProfessional negotiator09:33 theiatejareddie10:06 steadyeddy
7pHelp Buying Mens Shoes for Work and Dating05:20 Gardener10:04 golfCaddy
27cCredit card question - get Uber's new 4%er?03/13 lazylarry10:03 TravelGeek
9hrecommended Roth percentage of total investments05/21 lomarica0109:57 midareff
37cHawaii vacation suggestions01/01 Rexindex09:57 hightower
29pwork one more year or attend law school05/24 novicejamED09:56 alfaspider
26tThe "4% withdrawl rate" - would it apply to someone "retiring" in their 70s?02:31 TheBogleWay09:56 arcticpineapple
0tThree fund portfolio - Which bond fund?09:54 Doc 
39hDo I pay towards my mortgage or invest?05/17 mech_tower09:53 hightower
6hstock screening question16:42 over4509:51 ChinchillaWhipl
30cLifting Heavy Objects onto a Vehicle Cargo Tray; Need Ideas!05/09 db121609:49 MildlyEccentric
397pRetiree Portfolio Model2012 BigFoot4809:48 marcopolo
3hWFC Float 03/4902:12 Always passive09:48 alex_686
461tWhy do so many people quote "You will likely be in a lower tax bracket in retirement"05/16 CnC09:43 marcopolo
16tCouple of questions about passages from Bogle's book "Enough"05/24 arcticpineapple09:39 dbr
77pChase Savings Account emptied out!05/21 unclescrooge09:38 GoldenGoose
0hBogle interview offers basic info for newer investors09:38 pkcrafter 
2twhere did this Vanguard post go? And how to get it back?21:20 arcticpineapple09:35 arcticpineapple
21hA Lonely T. Rowe Price Account - Transfer?05/24 jbsmith0509:34 Fishing50
5hLooking for guidance on implementing 3 fund portfolio17:39 4growth09:29 4growth
4hInvestment Strategy at 5520:49 Iceberg632809:24 OnTrack2020
13hSwitching jobs, what to do with 401k05/23 zarzaquemada09:23 ruralavalon
72pAm I crazy to pay off my 30-yr fixed 3.625 mortgage?05/24 rantk8109:20 minesweep
10pHow safe are our funds in online platforms?15:16 hithere09:14 gotester2000
1tDo TSM funds contain REITs, BDCs, CEFs, Prefered stocks?09:05 ChinchillaWhipl09:09 dbr
1hHelp with a few questions please - British expat05:34 Lazarus09:06 mega317
14hlow fee index fund suggestions05/25 JayS09:06 ruralavalon
51hSchwab Vs Fidelity Vs Vanguard04/24 JD10109:04 Papajoe56
12hAlternative to Morningstar X-ray Tool05/25 Exafchick09:02 HAWK23
39t5 yr CD up to 3.41% APY, NO EWP for seniors in IRA, but with catch05/15 protagonist09:02 Sandtrap
21cRental car in Denver, CO05/23 dknightd08:49 pjhalifax
12pKeep or sell primary residence condo after job move?05/24 zagurit08:45 Nate79
17cI need advice on having 2 jobs.13:15 achen929108:40 jminv
28pMortgage for new home12:52 frisbeeaddict08:39 frisbeeaddict
20cWhich tickets would you buy in advance (Europe)?13:01 fortfun08:31 mrb09
22hBook for wife on investing15:28 corn1808:27 PhysicsTeacher
11pFree to freeze and unfreeze your credit report05/24 student08:22 SimonJester
4cNear commercial level treadmill06:11 dentoid08:22 bob60014
20pRestricted Stock Units and Stock Options Strategy05/02 timmy08:19 timmy
287cDo people still use AAA?12/06 fittan08:11 timmy
99cHow have you upgraded your wardrobe?05/22 investingdad07:53 Go Blue 99
26tIs inflation the greatest risk to retirement portfolios?05/24 CULater07:51 SGM
2hMove "after tax" 401K contributions to Roth?07:29 actx07:36 marcopolo
5hMid-30's portfolio review, Married, 2 kids.05/23 YerYer07:31 Snuffycuts99
190lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2018!07/02 NCPE07:24 MnD
19cEarphones for iPhone?05/25 Barefootgirl07:19 student
1tContango and backwardation02:08 kevinchou33307:11 9-5 Suited
6h401k investment choices05/21 semperlux07:11 Papajoe56
186tBuy on Really Bad Days, Sell on Really Good Days?10/03 TheTimeLord07:02 Lieutenant.Colu
26pLife Changes05/20 Devil's Advocat06:46 drdrgolf
21hAnybody hit their rebalance bands?02/09 JaySayms06:43 Lieutenant.Colu
20pMy first CP2000 letter from IRS! Am I missing something?04/05 marcopolo06:30 MikeG62
8hWhere to transfer Roth?15:45 valleyman12306:02 retiredjg
5hTracking Federal TSP (Specifically Interfund Transfers)22:21 nutshellml05:58 rkhusky
9hTIAA TRAD as Fixed Income in my AA?12:11 Brian199505:17 Brian1995
10cHeart rate monitor05/23 test12304:03 telemark
9h21, non-US citizen, best options for a lazy portfolio?05/22 cahn199603:39 TedSwippet
35tIf the US market cap was 5% instead of 52%, would the US vs International conversation change?05/25 JustinR03:07 JustinR
5cHow long is reasonable? Life insurance followup05/25 aquamarine02:11 aquamarine
47pBuy an old farmhouse?05/22 health teacher02:02 KSActuary
12hExiting a variable annuity05/24 Frank Grimes01:50 KSActuary
6pLump sum versus annuity - could use your insight.16:44 Canoesmith01:48 CurlyDave
12cvinyl plank brands, which is best?05/24 mrtimo01:01 Medlabscientist
42cFlorida Living05/22 searchher00:18 Puckman1035
38hCA muni bonds v US bonds in taxable account?12/30 zippy12323:19 manedark
2hInvesting question on international funds20:42 Five23:08 venkman
83ckeyless ignitions and carbon monoxide05/14 mouses22:32 criticalmass
5cReducing mosquitos by pool19:46 ThankYouJack22:17 random_walker_7
22hShould Tax-Free Munis Be Part of Roth IRA?05/19 bog72upCash22:12 grabiner
28hHow to invest $1.4 million inheritance?05/23 Goodson5522:12 texasdiver
78tFact, Fiction, and the Size Effect05/22 Robert T21:53 Random Walker
46cAlexa Echo sent family's audio file to a contact05/24 ResearchMed21:27 rcjchicity
3035cWhat Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI2014 Alex Frakt21:26 bpp
9hDo I need to reduce monthly debt payments? Auto + House05/25 frisbee21:23 grabiner
3pEaton Vance?05/24 socraticbogler21:20 alex_686
10pFirst time home buyer tips/ mortgage rates05/19 Inwa1721:18 Inwa17
48tTax Reform - Revised Kiddie Tax12/25 TIAX21:16 grabiner
172tAlly online savings now at 1.60%02/09 sycotik21:12 pokebowl
7hHealth Care ETF (VHT)13:31 Tech21:11 dbltrbl
7hNew to investing 28 yo, advice on mutual funds05/19 Inwa1721:08 Inwa17
23tLow net asset ETF — Issues?05/23 delamer21:03 delamer
6pIs there a good one stop website/broker for car insurance quotes?14:28 PrettyCoolWorks21:02 random_walker_7
6honly iShares ETF's, risks?05/24 Wimble21:00 alex_686
1111tSimba's backtesting spreadsheet [a Bogleheads community project]2007 simba20:59 siamond
19pcombining two Roths so when is 5 year bar?05/23 Lyra20:54 Alan S.
27cRum and Summer Cocktails05/25 Alf 10120:04 Steady59
2hHelp with Investing Trust Assets for My Children05/25 Sola Scriptura19:45 Sola Scriptura
6cHome Telephone network16:09 runner919:43 Watty
2cBook for graduate?18:02 Barefootgirl19:38 teddytimtam
8tIs backdoor Roth IRA eliminated in 2018?15:29 abonder19:23 abonder
40tFear vs. reality. Don't worry. Be happy. [Outliving your retirement savings]05/24 protagonist19:19 IlliniDave
64tRenting vs Owning Your Home05/24 Ben Mathew19:16 Cycle
8cAir Conditioner Questions: Stop Leak & Qualified Technician15:42 URSnshn19:07 Big Dog
23pVariable Percentage Withdrawal09/06 Leesbro6319:07 cfs
9pMy erroneous request to recharacterize >$5500 from Roth-->Trad IRA was honored by my custodian, what do I do?05/24 Lisa S.19:06 Alan S.
6pRoth conversion - will I have pro-rata rule problems?17:27 DetroitRed19:05 Spirit Rider
977cTo take or not to take delivery of Tesla 309/06 wrongfunds18:56 Big Dog
36tEdelman & Financial Engines merging05/20 davidkw18:54 Taylor Larimore
5pBackdoor Roth Question05/25 inthearena18:52 teddytimtam
148pNew(ish) attending physicians in the Bay Area: Housing05/12 somekevinguy18:50 toomuchRE
82pAlzheimer's Disease, Long Term Care, and your Retirement Finances05/19 CULater18:29 2015
59h$1,700,000 from family trust...05/19 troubleshooter18:28 md&pharmaci
4hTD Ameritrade Branch Offices16:44 happysteward18:19 student
16hNoob investing, Want to avoid messing this up!05/20 Debtsuks18:18 Debtsuks
1hFidelity CD - Morgan Stanley or Wells Fargo11:04 beserker18:15 mhalley
76pHow do I tell if Roth conversions are worth the trouble?05/21 Horsefly18:04 celia
18pAdditional Liability of Getting Married (Protecting Taxable accounts)05/23 Brocklobster17:51 freebeer
573cTV show recommendations?2012 reggiesimpson17:50 Bharat
5ptrustee to trustee IRA transfer05/25 mouses17:46 Spirit Rider
261lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2016!2015 VictoriaF17:45 cfs
33pSocial Security Calculations - married, 10 years apart03/10 Hillview17:39 afan
98tWithdrawal Rates – Part 24: Flexibility Myths vs. Reality05/10 nooneofnote17:37 randomguy
14hShould I open a traditional IRA for bond allocation?05/24 vanhmm17:27 mhalley
1pFinancial plan review for a widowed mother16:24 jaj227617:01 student
28hApple employee seeking advice on 401k and general investments2016 sjjb16:54 jda
18tGot a Question for the Experts Panel at the Bogleheads Conference?03/14 Mel Lindauer16:43 snarlyjack
32tIs Precious Metal Equity a better diversifier than emerging market equity for US investors?05/24 jalbert16:43 FireProof
6hOther Tax deferred options?05/25 jct313216:38 Afty
23hShould I invest in expensive 457 plan?05/23 Socrates2815:56 retiredjg
7cWhole house fan05/07 fortysixandtwo15:52 ne2ca28
25pI need some math help-calculating interest savings05/24 daheld15:44 #Cruncher
115tVanguard opens special offices for $1 million clients2017 davidkw15:44 Johnnie
45tThoughts on Paul Merriman's Portfolio2014 zadie15:22 Leif
36cHome Furnace: Brand Recommendations2013 leonard15:22 bbrock
4h401K Reallocation05/22 frisbeeaddict15:04 frisbeeaddict
302lSouth Florida Local Chapter2010 niteowls14:59 Miriam2
5tNon-USA Domicle Question Re Interest Income Withholding Taxes05/24 galeno14:47 DoctorE
1pAnyone having trouble with Quicken today?14:40 retire5714:44 MP123
92cWater Heater Install $1,800!2016 Andyrunner14:38 Luke Duke
1cHtc u12+ on Verizon05/25 DiggleRex14:31 inbox788
2hQualified distribution tricks?05/24 fortfun14:22 fortfun
46tFolks, I'm calling the Tops for Bay area RE market05/25 toomuchRE14:08 LadyGeek
7pSelling ‘Gifted’ property01/22 badmojo14:01 bsteiner
2h6 month T-bill from Vanguard13:55 raveon14:00 raveon
50pWiki article - Credit freeze09/14 LadyGeek13:56 LadyGeek
9hHelp please with short term - 5yr - investment plan05/23 donzen13:53 delamer
206t2-year CDs at Vanguard and Fidelity Today04/05 Kevin M13:49 sport
52pI've never budgeted sucessfully05/23 Lyra13:44 sailaway
29cMagic Jack Go vs Obihai obi200- which one as landline replacement?10/25 buckeye798313:43 uslee2004
31pRequesting to go part time - negotiating strategies05/15 rcjchicity13:38 ThankYouJack
0hShould I combine my traditional IRA account with tIRA brokerage?13:37 FOGU 
15hShort Duration Bonds ETF with Fidelity05/24 BundyBundy13:32 limeyx
6tFZDXX- 1.81%. Security?05/24 protagonist13:26 protagonist
51cCutting the Cord: Who's Best?07/12 DomDangelina13:15 SagaciousTravel
273cMy 2017 CRV is a victim of the dreaded oil gas-dilution issue03/14 CULater13:14 NHRATA01
16tTotal Return, Yield, Average Annual Performance05/25 manedark13:10 dbr
1hHelp with allocation (minimum investment amount)13:01 Mario_13:06 Pajamas
58cWhen did this start?? [Restaurant tipping on total bill]05/25 tennisplyr13:03 LadyGeek
2pStrategies for deferring gain from MLP?05/23 United200812:33 United2008
157pPurchasing a house, downpayment vs. retirement and other considerations05/23 Brantley12:31 Flyer24
7hWhat would you do: TIAA traditional vs. TREA?05/24 ai_3_us12:16 ResearchMed
5pLegally Exempt IRAs from Medigap Countable05/23 cheese_breath12:11 cheese_breath
13hHelp with old 401K/403B05/03 tommyone12:02 tommyone
0tPaying down mortgage. because of new tax law?11:58 Mel Lindauer 
22hAnother help-me-help-my-mother post04/26 focusedonwhatma11:53 focusedonwhatma
99tThe Millionaire Next Door and civil servants05/19 davidkw11:52 texasdiver
9cUnknown issue porting FIOS number to Cox05/21 beserker11:45 Pajamas
148t100% Stock Portfolio?06/07 rattlenap11:37 rgs92
100tYTD: VBTLX down 2.28%; VBILX down 2.99%; VTSAX down 0.23%05/15 fantasytensai11:28 Munir
10hPlanning a first home down payment fund05/24 qxam11:17 Jags4186
2pDo you file 8606 if you have TIRA but no backdoor Roth, and how?05/23 njay7311:13 Epsilon Delta

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