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5p Balancing Student Loans vs. Investing  15:51standupguy08:50Dulocracy
2p Expected Social Security Benefit if I Have No Income for Five Years Before Claiming at 70  08:38Small Law Survi08:50Angst
63c Painting House Interior - How easy to do it yourself?  page: 205/23pop7708:46southbay
8h Move after-tax Traditional IRA contribution to Roth  05/02minimalist08:46minimalist
25p 62 later this year... social security?  14:21Webfoot08:46ObliviousInvest
69c WW2 Books & Education  page: 205/22bryantwfox08:46Sconie
1t The Three-Fund Portfolio [Help with investment options]  00:07CDK42508:46ruralavalon
7h Planning my RMD  00:54sport08:45JW-Retired
43h Raft Stategy  2014catlover08:45Staffy
5h Seeking advice in sorting out multiple accounts  05/23VirtualCuriosit08:43in_reality
14p Should I buy a house?  20:20Zeralonde08:43Zeralonde
43t Your 529 Plan - Thoughts and Strategies  2014JimmyD08:41masteraleph
145t guaranteed 5% vs stocks?  page: 2 304/05privatefarmer08:39Independent Geo
11p How much Umbrella Insurance?  21:50plover08:38plover
37p Exclusivity and Real Estate Agents. Agree or Disagree?  05/21StevenNJ108:38BW1985
21p Early Retirement and IRA's and/or Soc Sec- Bridge the Gap  05/21mrgeeze08:38mrgeeze
49h How do I invest in artificial intelligence?  05/21JonnyDVM08:36MrKnight
0p Cost for/how to understand(ing) trust documents  08:36ryman554  
147t Is there a such thing as a blue collar Boglehead?  page: 2 305/20Shallowpockets08:33Maverick3320
33t Why do we believe in the market?  05/22notsobright08:31burt
293p What age did you reach 100K networth?  page: 2 3 4 5 62013techcrium08:30Independent Geo
42p Deferred Comp: How long do you trust your company?  05/21cme08:20SQRT
16p Living without a checking account  20:45TheGreyingDuke08:18azanon
39h Need Moral Support for FA Breakup!  13:28Nearly A Moose08:18Jack FFR1846
23h Financial Engines 401k management  05/19chills3108:17dbr
7h Vanguard Voyager Select Service  22:37Cheeko24608:12azanon
2h Global Reits / Small Caps  03:16tryinghard08:11209south
50c Bikes  page: 211:49BW198508:08Perkunas
8p Thinking of renting out part of my home - how much should I spend on renovations?  18:11cookymonster08:07joebh
61h Irish Resident - US domiciled ETFs portfolio  page: 205/10mixinvest08:04mixinvest
46p Still double checking bank checkbook math?  05/22riley4208:04N1CKV
32c Ineffective/Dangerous Sunscreens  09:56Leesbro6308:02Shallowpockets
34t Rebalancing in Retirement.  01/24antiqueman08:01burt
5h Reinvesting large amount of cash  12:28ArnieInVictoria07:58Lafder
11p Advice on house  12:32vbsrisri07:57KlangFool
2p car totaled, is insurance offer fair?  06:10asset_chaos07:53cheese_breath
53c Anyone bought a new bed recently? [Mattress]  page: 202/14hardrain07:52BTDT
0t Continuing my series-does active management in EM add value?  07:49larryswedroe  
84c Advice w/ 62YO Mom Moving In - Rent? Resentment? Plans?  page: 205/18Onion07:41Merrilee
7h Request for Porfolio Review and Feedback on Current Asset Allocation  05/21Hogfish07:39BeBH65
68c Arrgghhh !!! Windows 10 installed overnight  page: 205/171210sda07:371210sda
38c Where to Stay in San Francisco?  02/01Bustoff07:31Bustoff
3c Had a sliding glass door installed in the past 5 or so years? How much...  06:02Fieldsy102407:31Green Nut
0h Do I really need a new Roth IRA?  07:28lagflag  
3h Bond ETF vs Bond Mutual Fund  21:29victorb07:27livesoft
24h Adding a tilt--which international fund to use?  05/21Morik07:19azanon
59t What was your first investment?  page: 214:12jnet200007:19Rob54keep
21p What's the deal with credit freeze charges?  10:45fortfun07:01Retired2013
21t Tax Loss Harvesting - S&P 500 vs TMI vs ACWI ex US  05/17NMJack06:59retiredjg
1h All weather portfolio vs 3 fund portfolio  03:03dhasan9406:42Lou354
0h how to utilize my annuity in portfolio allocation  06:25smileartist  
12h Another 529 question  05/09Geekling06:25Geekling
0p Physician Looking for home business ideas  06:20karpems  
6c Recall: Subaru 2015, 2016 & 2017 Legacy & Outback steering  05/13stratton06:09Bustoff
13t irreverent??? [Bogleheads' Guide to Investing]  09:17CABob06:08Fieldsy1024
7t Only 1/4 of stock held in taxable accounts  16:48grog05:48Snowjob
2h Feed back on these 2 potential portfolios (Current and retirement)  05/22SJF05:38SJF
3t We should be bond fund pickers?  23:09Ron Scott05:02Ron Scott
453p High Earners - What's Your Profession?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 102014Hawkeye_Saver04:59GMan82
58c Best credit card deal  page: 205/19Hulk04:08brajalle
7h SLYV large distributions [SPDR S&P 600 Small Cap Value]  05/22happenstance04:03in_reality
141t 2016 hedge fund contest  page: 2 301/03Norbert Schlenk03:424nursebee
12h Understanding currency exchange in ETF  05/22speer03:03inbox788
23h Vg Prime MM Fund vs. VG Ultra ST Bond Fund  05/21restingonmylaur02:35restingonmylaur
10t Total market/passive investing as a self-destructive paradigm  05/23Ron Scott02:13dltnfs
101t CDs vs. treasury bonds  page: 2 308/05rca182401:32saltycaper
12c Canada driving  14:55hulburt101:20tludwig23
20f Staying Logged In  05/22AAA01:19galectin
35c Trip to Portland, Oregon  05/20thirdman01:10HIinvestor
16h What to do with $500 a month  05/21js117sk00:51tludwig23
202p Physician Retirement Savings  page: 2 3 4 505/11llessac1500:37Misenplace
6p Received Check from IRS in error  10:54Glossy Ibis00:36Iridium
12p term life insurance  12:31slowboy00:21mephistophles
9c Has anyone purchased a car from  05/21WL203400:11ladders11
49c Is living in the Bay Area this difficult?  05/19ashagru00:08cme
49p Evicting a tenant-Hire lawyer?  05/11Kyle R23:37boglerdude
17t Any thoughts on this? [Why advisors don't like target funds]  05/20Spikeman144423:24NMJack
62c How do Bogleheads TRAVEL?  page: 205/01indexaway23:21boglephreak
11p Is this crazy? [Considering new job with pay cut]  05/22bwthomp23:17ClaycordJCA
0t Unrealized gain / losses  23:08adriciu  
15p Roth IRA choice of beneficiary - always first to one's spouse?  05/12Matahari22:56Peter Foley
3h CAFD 8point3 Energy Partners "Fake" Dividends (Return of Principal)  03/24OldSam22:55grabiner
11h Optum Bank HSA - Wellington or Total Stock Market Index?  05/21Cheeko24622:51grabiner
0h over contributed to my HSA  22:50confusedbyhsa  
5p Borrowing on investment real estate  17:56mvasani22:50renue74
3p HSA and the 5498-SA form  19:13bogleviewer22:47bogleviewer
6h Old 401k has 33% in company stock - what are my options?  16:50Cheeko24622:44BigJohn
3c Orlando universal studio/wizarding world of Harry Potter AND Captiva/Sanibel island trip  22:19sss200922:44radiowave
9h Questions about Bonds in Taxable accounts  08:57tadamsmar22:40grabiner
29h I just shorted the S&P, now what do I do?  14:58corn1822:35GoldenFinch
9c Building an enclosed breezeway  05/22coalcracker22:34Epsilon Delta
21p Incomplete Account Beneficiary Information  05/22tibbitts22:31bsteiner
8p Considering HDHP HSA in a state that doesn't recognize them  05/22learnedfool22:22grabiner
30c How to buy a good used grand piano?  05/22financial.freed22:15madbrain
24h Advice for a soon-to-be MLB draftee  11:21chicagoan2322:15JonnyDVM
71c Amazon has no head to head competitors?  page: 205/21Barefootgirl21:54TOJ
394t "Vanguard converting mutual fund accounts to brokerage?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 82013indexfundfan21:48gkaplan
209p Pride in no inheritance to kids?  page: 2 3 4 505/18scienceguy21:12MossySF
1p Any reason NOT to change MediGap coverage?  20:44Myopic squirrel21:12RudyS
16t Lessons from the past - digging though old work records  09:46Rick Ferri21:11dwickenh
6h International small cap as only international fund  19:54mb1321:06whodidntante
16h Cost basis problem with Vanguard re inherited assets  05/20Godzilla21:05itstoomuch
143l New York City Local Chapter established  page: 2 32013quanuec21:04Flying Penguin
11c Boston Conference Hotel Suggestions  18:52URSnshn20:55b4real
1h Exchange from Lifestrategy to Target Date  20:38vikasa20:47Mike Scott
15h Fidelity 401k plan do i tell?  05/16jgdsss20:43jgdsss
10h Excessive Expense Ratios for Index Funds in 401(k)  11:03InvestoGuy20:14ruralavalon
27h Decisions - Leave Fidelity Advisory Services for another...  05/13costerdock20:11costerdock
8t Fidelity Fund on Morningstar: expense ratio = 0.00%  14:46ibhhvc20:10rgs92
1f Warning Levels  18:02Bob B20:03LadyGeek
20h Scottrades new game  05/20Guardyourheart19:54neilpilot
80p Rebuilding our house for $1.5M: Bad Idea Financially?  page: 205/20perfin19:40badger42
23c Running in new pair of shoes  09:07InvestorNewb19:38Rodc
10h Maximizing Tax Efficient Options  05/22Investkai19:29Investkai
5h Monsanto-BayerAG  15:12ekid19:27btenny
8t "A Wealth of Common Sense" -- A Gem  05/22Taylor Larimore19:11GoldenFinch
1h [Moving to Vanguard] what funds [should I choose]?  18:24tbone195619:10radiowave
43p Tenant stops paying rent and refuses to show the house for prospective buyers  05/10savemorelivebet19:01savemorelivebet
104h How much money do you keep in your regular checking/savings?  page: 2 32013icedtea18:56Beck49
7p FICO Score - Can You Explain This  15:27orlandoman18:53orlandoman
12p A toughie... Trust and Will but no one to ask... what to do?  14:28Webfoot18:53Gill
3h Does Vanguard handle CDs or CD ladders?  14:17Webfoot18:49Webfoot
29t Bernstein says emergency fund part of your "asset allocation?"  10:27ajacobs618:45RandomPointer
2t Investing for non profit - Making presentation what to recommend ?  10:25LiveSimple18:38LiveSimple
1618c What Movie Have You Recently Watched?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 332014abuss36818:26bertilak
7h Problem with Fido --> Vanguard rollover  16:43johnny18:02Kenster1
12h Who's the latest low cost HSA account holder  03/29Qmavam17:58danaht
51c How to stop MS loading Windows 10?  page: 202/02CountryBoy17:58fmhealth
27h Rollover - silly concern  05/20lernd17:51mvasani
46c Which HBO show to watch next?  05/21Utetooth17:23Rexindex
20p Buying Whole Life using your RMD  05/22danny9m17:06fourwedge
5t Should I annuitize my TIAA account?  05/15Kelly16:55ralph124cf
2h New 401K, no ROTH 401K option. What to do with my old ROTH 401K?  15:57Rudy6316:50icefr
5h Checking My Thinking [tax efficiency]  05/22anonenigma16:45goingup
4c Convert sitting desk into a standing one  15:19goru116:44KlangFool
7t Simple question [How does "perceived" value determine stock price?]  14:32speer16:34psteinx
9h 401K Rollover Fund Question  05/12rahulk3016:34ruralavalon
6h Need help - Roll old 401k into new employer 401k or IRA?  15:45Cheeko24616:33Cheeko246
5p Advice on new mortgage  11:06englishgirl16:32bayview
7p Who to trust? (loan officers)  13:01Tobes16:27Tobes
21h When to sell Berkshire?  05/21Rexindex16:15Abe
10h help with 401 and 457  05/21bogleboyz16:05ruralavalon
53h Vanguard advisor at 0.03% [actually 0.3%]  page: 205/09chielement15:48kd2008
60p Anyone use Fidelity as their bank account?  page: 22014Hayden15:45harikaried
30p Buying land in West  05/21samsmith15:39JGoneRiding
8h 529 Vangurd Plans (help!)  05/22skajrishma15:27skajrishma
1p Make a Separate "Happy Budget" to Motivate Your Financial Goals  14:12Gambler15:14nanoanalyzer
50t "Can Anything Stop Vanguard?"  page: 205/13Taylor Larimore15:09ajjulee
22t a new look at the size premium  05/20larryswedroe15:03larryswedroe
1459t The Three-Fund Portfolio  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 302012Taylor Larimore15:00wizzard
21h Appropriate fund for solo 401K?  05/22Musicman8515:00PaddyMac
109t Improving the TSP [for current participants]  page: 2 32014MichDad14:49TimeRunner
11p 2 Big Companies merging = no severance package?  13:23JD277514:41Capsu78
19t The Perils of Historical Asset Returns  05/22Simplegift14:30garlandwhizzer
50p Reality check - how am I doing  page: 205/18miamivice14:17HomerJ
60p Most affordable option for a will  page: 205/17fortfun14:17protagonist
9h Best time of day to buy or sell funds  13:18shakenbake14:06livesoft
12p Why am I paying 36% tax on W2 salary ???  05/22StevenNJ113:51dziuniek
9h was going to buy home...  05/22lospecv13:49furnace
12h Investment Progress Check after close to 1 year  04/24mech_tower13:35mech_tower
50t safe alternative to stock market  page: 205/18riptide13:30clip651
19c starting a very small business - extension of a hobby?  05/22WasabiOsbourne13:25Chicken lady
13c Solar Panels offering free Panels in Pa? (Vivint Solar)  05/22Fieldsy102413:16AnonJohn
11c Quicken to Spreadsheet  05/19lostdog13:15belmont8924
6h ETF mechanics question  12:15speer13:05btenny
1p Child Care [maximize deductible costs and tax credits]  05/22rblackburn1013:04pshonore
9h re-evaluating my investment strategies  05/19trv7512:41JW-Retired
73c series/ movies filmed in your home town?  page: 205/20Valuethinker12:32stratton
3c Replacing carpet in house - clean air ducts?  11:28ved12:32soaring
1p PMI/Refinance options  11:05dtm101712:26MikeZ
32c Las Vegas in July  05/17retired recentl12:19Doom&Gloom
1h Long time lurker - first post - buying a home  09:15rikkitikkiTimbo12:15EHEngineer
8h Getting Rid of High-Performing Individual Stock  05/22dcbogle12:04dcbogle
14h Equity Dividend Fund / ETF at Schwab?  05/19bobf12:00patrick013
16h Coordinating student loans & retirement plan with fiancée (long post warning)  04/26Rainmaker4111:59Rainmaker41
10h New wannabe BH looking to finalize plans  05/20Robo11:56Robo
16p Advice on Wife's Credit  05/20guitarguy11:55lospecv
14h Barron's article...Closed End Funds Advantage....  2015bondsr4me11:51Amarowsky
2t "A Risk Drill for Your Retirement Portfolio"  09:44gkaplan11:50MIpreRetirey
3h Cheapest way to set up monthly payments?  05/18gretah11:46EHEngineer
8h Help with European bond ETF selection  05/19Fabio11:38Valuethinker
16p Is this a dumb idea?? [Asset allocation for retirement]  05/21TheTimeLord11:33TheTimeLord
28t Stocks, Bonds, and "Real Assets" (TIPS, REITs, Commodities)  05/19neomutiny0611:22Wagnerjb
6h 401k Advice  05/22bmoore161111:20synpacket
10h Is it possible to pull $150K from 401K and use it for "investment" land purchase  05/22baskervi10:54ERISA Stone
8h Recommendations for College Grad Gift [to start investing]  05/20BobDaBlob10:54BobDaBlob
3h Mutual Fund or ETF  09:00cmhall12510:40livesoft
5t In Europe: govt bonds (negative yield) vs insured savings account  05/16dustytown10:28BeBH65
12h re-balancing my portfolio  05/19politigal10:15politigal
25c day trip or 2day trips from Boston  05/18veena911109:41protagonist
23t "We don't have enough companies like Tesla"  05/18hardrain09:40hardrain
71p How old can you be and retire early?  page: 212/22TheTimeLord09:08corn18
3h Investing for the first time right now.  05/22beaubeau4408:52Tamalak

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