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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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2047 new posts and replies over 226 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
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Subforum - TopicLast   
149cHas anyone seen the documentary "Playing with FIRE?"07/18 Colorado1307:10 racy
73cWhole Bean Coffee: Worth the effort?07:52 RollTide3145707:09 SrGrumpy
7pHelp! Should we refinance our 4.375% mortgage loan?12:18 Markr86707:08 Nowizard
27cWhat companies provide the best customer service18:43 gac197907:07 Sconie
19hAre Bonds Still Necessary Ballast in a Long-Term Trust Fund?13:27 USInvestor07:06 welderwannabe
9tIs there a High Tech Bubble in S&P 500 & Total Market?02:09 nedsaid07:05 SovereignInvest
6pBigger house?05:32 happyjuice800007:04 Nowizard
22hspecific investments when market crashes07/21 gram07:03 SovereignInvest
5hMax out 1 roth ira or split into 2 equal?06:00 Robertscz07:03 vtMaps
7cVisit Taipei, Taiwan or tour smaller towns in Japan?22:51 Kennedy07:02 stan1
4pEquifax settlement: how to file claim?23:52 CoastalWinds07:01 gtd98765
40pPaying Off Mortgage Question07/20 AC198407:01 arsenalfan
40cCruise advice?07/21 yolli7106:59 jlawrence01
7pSingle premium Life Ins with Long Term Care Benefit22:28 DebiT06:59 Nate79
7hWithdraw Methods07/21 Eldorado06:58 John Z
107t60/40 VS 30/70 "Center Of Gravity"@@ Allocation for Retirees ??? Bernstein VS Ferri ?? -- What Would You Do?07/19 Sandtrap06:57 Sconie
23cOntario in August07/09 InMyDreams06:56 jlawrence01
35cAnyone install fake grass?07/19 ThankYouJack06:54 mmmodem
9hYieldStreet latest offering - North Florida Pre-Development Financing20:10 guyinlaw06:52 trustquestioner
7hFidelity ZERO index funds in 401(k)22:50 mathguy302106:51 Jack FFR1846
2hParking cash: Money market or 1 month CD's?06:05 boomer_techie06:50 remomnyc
2hHold REIT in IRA or Roth IRA???00:24 BHawks8706:49 retiredjg
12tDonating Appreciated Shares during Accumulation Stage12:51 petulant06:43 Stinky
16tRebalancing07:23 xxd09106:42 longinvest
9nSell real estate, pay capital gains tax and buy index fund?16:47 shcnno06:41 runner540
7pDCU digital credit union Massachusetts20:11 bogleboy06:38 ahimsa
11pDonate land for a tax break?20:26 jkers06:38 LifeIsGood
71tChanges to Morningstar Website?07/18 Call_Me_Op06:38 Kelly
9nThoughts on Australian portfolio construction (feedback from all nationalities welcome!)07/22 clank06:30 clank
3pApplying for EIN after becoming trustee: SS-4 and online10:34 1030danielle06:27 bsteiner
22cNew house... need to buy fridge and washer & dryer17:33 catdude06:23 boomer_techie
7hAdvice Requested: My Mom's Edward Jones Account18:23 k.a_thorne06:22 Stinky
12cissues with roofer07/20 brandy06:20 brandy
13nOverseas investor [Hong Kong]07/20 issackayiu06:19 glorat
50pVanguard Natl. Trust Co. - Important Information07/19 Gill06:19 Gill
55pWhat two or three financial things to do to wind up wealthy regardless if you make numerous other financial mistakes?14:31 bigtex06:17 johnny
31tShould my retirement portfolio be considered separate from my taxable funds?07/19 Jesteroftheswam06:15 aristotelian
13cAlfa Romeo Giulia thoughts12:27 Restless06:10 alfaspider
9nLazy 2-or-3 fund feedback07/01 pomwi06:08 BeBH65
781pFidelity as a one stop shop12/15 BogleMelon05:56 lazyday
51pWife (teacher) and I are trying for a baby. What are some "must-knows" and other tips?12:33 Bob Sacamano05:52 Stinky
84pIs solar power for your home a worthwhile investment?08/03 willthrill8105:44 Valuethinker
20tETF "Tax Efficiency" Quantified16:22 schooner05:38 schooner
43hwe need much less money to retire10:44 Streptococcus05:38 remomnyc
7hConcentration risk in brokerage account(s) > SIPC07/15 Alearning05:30 lazyday
5nUK - please help with my portfolio15:31 minimalistmarc04:35 danielbird193
2650tHEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure [risk parity strategy using 3x leveraged ETFs]02/05 HEDGEFUNDIE04:34 coingaroo
17nCanadian moving from US to Japan02/27 nyorotono04:25 rhe
16hInternational Stock question21:11 owenmia04:24 visualguy
18pHelp figuring out how to enter SALT (state tax) deduction data in Turbotax14:42 abyan03:47 boomer_techie
5nFinancial risks while executing an international move07/21 eurobogle03:45 eurobogle
27pCreative, "outside the box" to lower auto expenses?11:05 dm20003:29 Nissanzx1
59pBuying a house - bay area07/22 osaka02:18 MrJones
1pAlternatives to named non-owner auto, or umbrella?16:31 AdamP01:54 boglerdude
187tare TIPS expensive? or are they cheap?06/01 grok8701:39 Northern Flicke
2hRoth conversions, marginal tax rate ??21:35 jbinpa5901:31 StealthRabbit
5tLarry Swedroe's "sure things for 2019", 2Q status07/21 nisiprius01:17 nedsaid
37cAcura RDX vs Audi Q507/20 saagar_is_cool01:05 ssquared87
11062tU.S. stocks in free fall2011 Lbill00:30 limeyx
2tRetirement Spending Question22:01 Paisley23:45 james22
163pLong term care insurance excessive price increase -upset!06/30 musicjay23:44 WoW2012
10h55 Age Rules w/403b10:48 JakeyLee23:35 Alan S.
27hQuestions about mega-backdoor Roth, and is there any reason NOT to do a mega-backdoor Roth?2017 TheBogleWay23:34 ucla-engineer
20c2012 Infinity G37 Sedan maintenance costs07/19 pascal23:24 Naikansha
123pWhy I don't think I should get long term care insurance right now04/27 markcoop23:23 WoW2012
10tRebalancing in Tax-protected account10:23 drkevinmc23:20 grabiner
65pDogs and homeowners insurance company07/21 OldBallCoach23:14 hale2
16cLogin for citicard-Citibank [login problems]07/19 PinotGris23:12 beyou
4cPSA: Audible subscription 66% discount for Prime Day07/14 Tamales23:12 Katietsu
13hPortfolio guidance for a newbie07/19 BeautifulMess23:09 BeautifulMess
8cEnhanced Multi-factor authentication for Vanguard14:13 Quickfoot23:03 megabad
7hSchwab Target Date Funds too much cash?03/30 lhwerdyt*1791c22:50 lhwerdyt*1791c
22hCharles Schwab Funds03/25 JD10122:48 lhwerdyt*1791c
9hWealthFront to Vanguard Questions & Portfolio Review07/19 StillLearning1922:40 tj
8hRetirement Readiness and SS Plan - Feedback Please18:52 mnveloguy22:37 mnveloguy
3hPortfolio Allocation Questions07/21 PickitPaul22:31 PickitPaul
30cSandals with arch support07/09 pablolo22:22 Kennedy
16hBonds: all munis in taxable account?12:24 HandMD22:19 grabiner
87cC8 Corvette - who is buying?07/21 strafe22:14 bstewie
5c6+ month old medical bill on old plan20:12 z9122:12 toofache32
18hSelf Funding Ideas for Long Term Insurance07:23 Mr.BB22:05 TN_Boy
28tTax Loss Harvesting Worth it?07/20 understandingJH22:05 Small Savanna
71hThoughts on 33% Large 33% Mid and 33% small?07/21 detroitdiablo21:58 Elric
35cDumb phone07/19 summit21:55 summit
14pHSBC checking bonus07/21 SCb&b21:49 drgenefish
6pCharitable remainder trust for an early retiree - bad idea for now?12:31 megaroth21:45 megaroth
27tReal Factors vs Data Mining07/21 klaus1421:44 petulant
62hFerri? Or Vanguard PAS?07/17 Greatlakesgirl21:43 LadyGeek
47hMore aggressive portfolio with a pension?2018 FearlesslyFifty21:40 calmaniac
69tThis is why a 100% stock allocation is a bad idea2016 CajunDan21:39 mikeyzito22
2htransferring old 401K to IRA. What to do with this small change?19:37 novice1321:36 Watty
8hBest approach for couple to take RE: investing/retirement planning?07/22 McDougal21:34 delamer
48cApollo 11 (In Real Time)07/19 oldzey21:28 FoolStreet
199pMedigap vs Advantage: Which did you select?07/12 charleshugh21:25 LadyGeek
97pWhen family members fight over the check when out to eat07/21 BWildt21:25 Erwin007
48tOne bad decision - examples?07/20 drgenefish21:23 owenmia
102pExplaining the magic of compound interest to teenagers07/18 Nosh21:16 KlangFool
14hnew windfall: investment questions07/21 percy21:12 emlowe
56pMBA worth it?07/21 DoctorPhysics21:11 whodidntante
6hBest Large Cap Value Fund/ETF10:41 mrwheelerdealer21:05 vineviz
64tVFMF (Vanguard Multifactor) == Closet Value Index Fund06/11 hdas20:52 hdas
96tFrom ex-dividend to distrubution where is my money?07/13 J G Bankerton20:42 RAchip
13hPortfolio guidance and recommendations07/20 bond70720:39 nedsaid
319p"Open Social Security" calculator: feature requests, bug reports, etc2018 ObliviousInvest20:36 David Jay
13pMega Backdoor Scenario on Gains / Losses07/19 curi0usAndCuri020:33 lakpr
36cTree guy is no-show; payment was "deposit"07/21 CFIT20:26 2pedals
32hCan't do this alone-need a financial planner-please help!06/03 novice11120:25 novice111
171pJust Bought an Annuity04/02 TravelforFun20:23 bluegrassman
4cBroken and New Dishwasher Issues17:39 SVariance120:18 123
2hPortfolio review: 37 years old, no debt, moderate risk level10:59 icedtea20:15 lakpr
1hIRA and Target Date Retirement Fund Inquiry16:50 asj199620:12 David Jay
861cWhat frugal thing did you do today?2017 Nectarineman20:11 hmw
70pHelp! At Fault’s Insurance Company Refusing to Pay Diminished Value02/27 Boston Barry20:01 tmcc
7hVBS statements, so change back to VG non-VBS07/21 elpollo19:59 elpollo
0hSIMPLE IRA - 100 or fewer employees rule19:55 wildungar2000 
13cTablet/cell phone combo07/21 Speckles19:53 Speckles
0pCash-out Refi to Fund Home Improvements??19:51 newtoohere 
9hRollover Fidelity 401k to Vanguard IRA07/22 notherianPickle19:44 jhfenton
27tLarry Swedroe: Which is better, mutual funds or CDs?07/19 willthrill8119:38 sycamore
44hORP and RPM recommend large mega Roth's from IRA07/13 RETIRED01519:31 BigFoot48
49pCost of children15:55 EnjoyIt19:23 LadyGeek
69tThe Single Greatest Predictor of Future Stock Market Returns2013 ArthurDent19:23 garlandwhizzer
9pAny regrets returning to work after baby? Glad you did?16:56 Sophia188419:21 Watty
21hTaxable vs. Tax Deferred Fundamental Concept07/20 bgyt19:21 LISD
3cGetting more out of Google Home Mini17:38 ThankYouJack19:20 renue74
4h457 Rollover to Traditional or Just take out money18:44 ynotyese.719:16 retiredjg
1cDay & Night Shade18:39 raveon19:14 megabad
2hSeeking Advice on Different Options for Funding a Project from Sale of Stocks/ETFs11:13 rhatfiel19:11 rhatfiel
22cCar Leasing Question07/21 Pepe.Silvia19:10 boatdriver79
16hLocked out of a brand new Treasury Direct account?06/06 HawkeyePierce19:08 smectym
5tleveraged corporate loans — lending to companies with high levels of debt17:13 fortfun19:07 Grt2bOutdoors
6h529 savings if not used07/21 johnpau19:02 renue74
25pWhat do I need to know about becoming a teacher in California?07/18 JacobTeach19:01 Tlmlb
41pPoll: Are you happy after retirement?2015 rayson18:59 Dottie57
29cLightweight, durable, laptop bag07/17 Bacchus0118:58 CppCoder
14pSS benefit discrepancy07/20 Carl5318:54 trsk
50cWill Tall Fence Lessen Neighboring Dog Bark Noise?07/21 Kennedy18:49 chevca
97hAlly Savings vs Vanguard Prime Money Market Fund - Need Advice09/21 Investing.Newbi18:48 sixtyforty
5hHow does Vanguard PAS service handle existing positions in taxable?07/22 zadie18:29 megabad
8cDigitize VCR to computer07/21 mtmingus18:27 maple92
21tHow long is too long trying to rebalance with contributions?07/21 Ekstravertas18:25 Hector
6pAccounts that take foreign currency (London Oyster card refund)?13:05 bryansmile18:13 Cyclesafe
388pSeeking comment on proposed revisions to Marginal Tax Rate and Traditional v. Roth wiki articles05/17 fyre4ce18:08 fyre4ce
86pShould relative incomes be a factor in wedding gift?07/20 FireProof18:07 Ekhanomist
1hTIAA Traditional loyalty bonus11:03 talzara18:07 megabad
3hSell High, Buy Low17:40 peddler1218:01 peddler12
32cStandard Car Key Battery Life for Late Model Vehicles07/13 Electron17:59 G12
4608cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36817:52 Mickey7
40hFidelity Zero Funds01/12 OldSport17:48 Punta Cana DR
17hWhat to do with Vesting Stock07/21 NewMoneyMustBeS17:47 milktoast
14h401K Rollover to VG IRA upon Retirement07/19 reddison17:46 BigJohn
9hHow to generate passive income07/21 bsteiner17:38 megabad
90pPay off a 30 year mortgage in 15 years? The cost of flexibility01/10 willthrill8117:37 WhiteMaxima
9hCorporate bonds or F fund?08:05 jbinpa5917:37 Soon2BXProgramm
2cGrowing Lotus plants from seed16:48 bertilak17:32 bertilak
0pUndo rollover commingling?17:26 AdamP 
104p$1 million house--- sanity check2018 DS198617:16 Socrates
1802tThe Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses2016 Earl Lemongrab17:11 SlowMovingInves
44tHas DFA failed to innovate and keep up07/20 Elysium17:09 nedsaid
189tVanguard Announces Plans to Launch Commodities Fund04/04 MFInvestor16:48 Ketawa
3hEngaging a Stock [how to follow company news]07/22 gluten16:42 gluten
6tLow volatility and minimum volatility (variance) - what are the differences?07/21 MaxLeo16:33 patrick013
65tDGS: Own it? Opinions on it? [WisdomTree Emerging Mkts SmallCap Dividend]10/12 KJVanguard16:32 rascott
23sRetirement - Spain or Portugal?07/20 Json16:30 wineandplaya
2hMoney market vs. Total Bond Market Index Fund14:19 geerankin16:29 pkcrafter
15tOptimized Roth Conversion Model07/20 Indyhou16:25 Peter Foley
107cGardening 201904/11 Earl Lemongrab16:23 MP173
11cSolar Panel worth it 2019? SoCal region07/21 moi16:13 clutchied
38hMaxing out everything?09:55 RPW2516:12 HockeyFan99
7hAsset Allocation for a 79 year old15:20 Duffydog116:09 delamer
1hLooking for Bay Area Boglehead Advisor15:36 Hastelloy15:56 pkcrafter
28c2019 Honda Fit - Anyone experiencing horrific whistling sound when front windows open >45mph?07/21 EvelynM15:05 EvelynM
25cThoughts on starting a life advisor business?07/18 knightrider15:03 GCD
5tIs using the yield curve to market time a successful strategy?14:15 K8ya15:00 Carol88888
16tPersonal Capital07/21 Richard158014:38 DaftInvestor
30hDynamic Spending model and Vanguard advisor advice07/21 privateID14:34 BL
2hAsset Allocation and 401k Rollover13:43 nofivehole3314:25 megabad
9h529 for Kindergarten07/19 thefoggycity14:23 thefoggycity
176cDon't pay full price for SiriusXM radio2016 catdude14:21 neilpilot
7hAnalysis Paralysis: How to Invest Windfall + Extra Cash?07/11 Meg7714:19 tj
2tVanguard considering move to Private Equity13:32 susa13:57 Grt2bOutdoors
18pIf you own a sportfishing boat...when did you pull the trigger?07/18 crockpotinvesti13:39 smitcat
13pPotential New Job07/21 Thegame1413:29 Thegame14
20cHow much data do you have? [data backup issues]07/19 Caduceus13:20 DarkHelmetII
117cDo you buy cellphone outright or pay over 2 years?07/19 Admiral13:17 DarkHelmetII
4hRetirement funds - 250K FDIC limit and 401K question10:00 MnyGrl13:17 MnyGrl
45cNew Subaru Outback Engine Offering for 202007/15 tomd3713:17 mpnret
3pWhat incentive does an employer have to limit non-HCE 401k contributions?07:54 Tamarind13:00 Spirit Rider
49cTrip to Honolulu07/19 veena911112:31 heartwood
14cCD music to iMac MojaveOS no CD drive07/21 PoppyA12:27 3-20Characters
164tRay Dalio’s latest fearmongering round09/13 hdas12:25 Carol88888
2538tThe Three-Fund Portfolio2012 Taylor Larimore12:22 hagridshut
64hContinue 403b or start roth ira07/20 Robertscz12:16 Robertscz
13pRolling over after-tax 401(k) withdrawal to Roth IRA07/20 wineandplaya12:11 Alan S.
13cBuenos Aires - How many days?07/21 climber202012:08 hookemhorns
43tMathematical model of Roth conversion [error] (does not suggest more is better)07/16 GrowthSeeker12:06 BigFoot48
16hSingle fund per asset location - thoughts?07/20 oldbie11:58 abuss368
65pMarcus Bank 1% Bonus for New Funds up to $50k ($500 bonus)07/18 bmr1211:55 j9j
21cThinking about buying late grandparents' house, proper boundaries with rest of family?09:26 Bwlonge11:54 dbr
25clightweight, durable, ~15.6" Windows laptop07/18 batpot11:48 batpot
14cApproach to airline compensation07/20 typical.investo11:42 DVMResident
17hTrigger GEARS - structured notes07/16 SCRVestor11:41 talzara
45tLarry Swedroe: Next "Bogleheads on Investing" podcast guest07/17 Rick Ferri11:39 jhawktx
17pAny downside to using 'trusted contact' feature for financial accounts?07/17 Pops186011:37 PatrickA5
54lMaster Thread for RTP, North Carolina Bogleheads Chapter2014 Steve Thorpe11:31 Steve Thorpe
0lRTP, NC Chapter Meeting 11:00 AM Sat August 24, 201911:29 Steve Thorpe 
200pDo people in HCOL areas have a higher net worth and more wealth building potential than LCOL?07/18 bigtex11:17 HEDGEFUNDIE
30cYour pick for a lawn edger07/17 Tenesmus8310:57 FIREmeup
15pHSAs savings vs investment accounts and best HSA administrators07/21 savingsmom10:54 Aku09
1pW9 backup withholding letter?04/25 Tamales10:45 llama
3tShort-term Capital loss carryover - does it offset short term first, or long-term?07/21 kxl1910:41 kxl19
30cExtended warranty for kitchen appliances07/18 domoi10:28 michaeljc70
102hGold?07/17 Phinance10:24 oldcomputerguy
5hStocks or Bonds in 401k?09:46 Luv2Perform10:06 Luv2Perform
6hseeking advice for bond fund for 3 fund portfolio for taxable account07/20 Toboso_Boy09:56 Toboso_Boy
51pBeing a hands off homeowner07/16 VegasBH09:41 Ron Ronnerson
50cHow to get rid of a piano?07/20 Seal the Deal09:27 sunny_socal
347pSelling home- Demanding Buyer (Repairs)05/16 Gardener09:14 jminv
8cPrescription drug cost and manufacturer coupon07/21 miamivice09:11 miamivice
5fSending private messages . . .08:38 Bluce08:48 jebmke
17tForex Trading07/20 Learning10108:39 JoMoney
25cPhone options when traveling out of country?07/14 ChinchillaWhipl08:32 SRenaeP
27c**Most Cost, Time Effective Way to Repair Yard after Septic Repair? (with pictures)07/21 Gardener08:28 Hockey10
41hThis is bad right?? [my investment earnings]07/18 Girlmomlife08:24 wolf359
10nEmerging Market allocation for UK-based investor07/18 danielbird19308:18 danielbird193
272fPlease Try Out Test Posts Here2007 tfb07:46 PapaGrouch

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