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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1997 new posts and replies over 241 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
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Subforum - TopicLast   
26pAny Tips for "Splitting" Finances in Married Couples?13:42 fcox8504:21 brajalle
0hPay lump some on Mortgage or invest - Yes another thread04:17 Faisal 
58cHerman Miller Aeron chair08/09 aiyuanuc04:08 ScubaHogg
5hRoth IRA and high non-resident state income tax08/10 nonhysterical04:06 nonhysterical
43tThe death of nominal bonds? All Weather without bonds?08/11 DollarvsGold03:57 steve321
43cRice Cooker2017 renue7403:57 hunoraut
1hWhere to direct a new investor?02:24 alex12371103:57 DarkHelmetII
129cShould I purchase a whole house generator?08/05 miamivice03:51 pwill112
9pIRS account says no return filed, did receive "Payment with return" and cashed check, no letter?18:43 need403bhelp03:44 ivk5
21tEquities and inflation19:17 TwoIdenticalInd03:39 Valuethinker
21pRates so low. Should we take out a mortgage on home?08/10 tryingtogetahea03:36 Planner01
18tI Got Burned: Selling mutual fund and simultaneously purchasing ETF21:42 absolute zero03:35 JustinR
0tTax consequences of lent TSLA stock dividend?03:21 harikaried 
41cWhat YouTube channels do you watch?08/10 batpot03:12 splurge-retract
1713pShare your net worth progression2014 techcrium03:10 MathIsMyWayr
2hWater damage from upstairs neighbor- which insurance to claim?00:57 LH8203:07 Mr. Rumples
7576tU.S. stocks continue to soar!2018 GoldStar02:52 euphonious
27hHow does a US Citizen invest in a China index fund?08/10 willyoulaugh02:31 visualguy
51pGood (and bad) decisions/tips for home remodel?08/04 financial.freed02:28 confusedinvesto
109cWhat price range for Daughter's first car?08/10 theplayer1102:28 alex123711
26hWorth the hassle to open an HSA in California?10/18 yosemite_mounta02:25 BogleBulldawg
2hFidelity® Four-in-One Index Fund - FFNOX Opinions Pls00:56 Denver_Inv02:13 FiveK
4pThank you20:52 kurious02:08 SnowBog
2hAdvice Re: Transferring Trad IRA to Roth IRA after Retirement08/10 rjm080102:00 FiveK
50pChase Amazon Prime Card--4% back10:30 cowdogman01:57 euphonious
7hVariable Annuity vs Mutual Funds19:28 rb100101:49 rossington
73tKitces on Roth Conversions vs. Harvesting Capital Gains07/22 petulant01:40 yog
4812pRefinance Mega Thread09/01 AZAttorney1101:38 Average Investo
42tVanguard will be moving their mail operations to El Paso in the future04/30 Sheepdog01:35 rossington
9tDragon Portfolio05/10 effigy9801:23 GaryA505
46csubaru outback limited or audi 4 quattro?07/27 gips01:20 pkempfur
0cSpectrum App on Roku01:12 Cruise 
1tWhen was the last time gold dropped 7.5% in a 24 hour period?23:47 Virus476200:57 NoRegret
6pLawyers - How much does it cost to write a prenup contract?16:15 kadye00:54 bryanm
128cWho is your favorite fiction author and what is your favorite book of theirs?07/10 beernutz00:47 gr7070
48hTIPS or no TIPS again2017 AntsOnTheMarch00:46 Always passive
7hShort Term Treasury vs. Short Term Federal10:13 Munir00:44 shess
10hSimplify Retirement Plan Allocations (18 funds to 3 or 4)08/11 Laser100:43 Laser1
21cShould I caulk this area on a shower door?08:24 deskjockey00:30 Carpenterant
25cMoving truck rental add-ons08/09 Nyarlathotep00:25 Lee_WSP
19tRule of 7208/10 ReformedSpender00:21 BL
101cWasp nest07/31 michaeljc7000:15 Finridge
10cSOLVED was: Ideas for hard-to-find OTC supplement?18:00 MandyT00:12 rgs92
77hMoving to Cash?10:14 Thegame1423:54 Thegame14
10pInsurance Companies08/07 azianbob23:51 azianbob
4pFrustration with disability income insurance17:04 WxM923:45 BruDude
784pMy LenderFi refinance is going well01/15 abyan23:45 Rayandron
7tRoth 403b08/10 joetro2923:45 joetro29
22pAnother question on Vanguard 1099-DIV16:54 MathIsMyWayr23:43 BL
116tGold continues to soar!08/04 00023:40 unclescrooge
124tConvince me not to sell all my US equities to Cash temporarily07/20 alaskantraveler23:40 jibantik
2tAnother "Investment Gem"18:54 Taylor Larimore23:36 rgs92
3hPortfolio Advice - from robo to self managed08/11 E90Tony23:23 retired@50
47pBuying Rentals for retirement income. Worth it?08/09 mojorisin23:22 reastman
5826tHEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure Part II: The next journey2019 HEDGEFUNDIE23:20 guyinlaw
20hHow to buy gold in a boglehead friendly way06/19 settlement1223:19 Blueskies123
6tRoth Conversions Considering Taxes17:57 Cyclesafe23:14 FiveK
13pNewbie Refinance Questions08/07 blackwhisker23:07 BrandonBogle
138pRental property investing and #'s explained (why real estate can be a great investment)08/03 barberakb23:06 flaccidsteele
7pseeking advice on flood insurance11:37 LearningAlot23:06 gr7070
53hAssets going from 600K->15M, should I change my asset allocation?13:41 principlegenera23:05 Chadnudj
33cNew hybrid SUV? Talk me into/out of it08/08 TheTurtle22:53 wwtraveler
1pPrices Not Pulling on Google Sheets22:31 pkay22:41 anon_investor
147cWhat Car Maintenance Do You Do?08/02 Superleaf44422:37 wander
12pCan I still refinance? Refinanced a month ago.08/10 siankisr22:35 siankisr
1pA few things that points blogs don't tell you about credit card points22:21 freyj622:34 TravelGeek
360cDon't pay full price for SiriusXM radio2016 catdude22:28 rascott
51cWiFi burglar and fire/smoke detector system08/09 TomatoTomahto22:25 willthrill81
21tThe Case for Consumer Staples in Your Portfolio2016 mrog114122:18 Croissant
61pCareer advice08/07 Supurdueper22:14 Mudpuppy
151hBond Alternatives in the time of Zero rates07/04 Compass22:07 Steve Reading
28hWon the game07:49 LarryCarell22:05 runner3081
16hUsing Taxable to Spend08/10 mikeyzito2222:04 grabiner
44hWhere to start with mega backdoor Roth IRA?06/29 knightrider22:00 epargnant
18pCareer advice08/08 k b21:55 NewMoneyMustBeS
5hWhat to do with 457b money after switching jobs?14:04 fc_pty21:53 savemorelivebet
62cCar safety after age 67 or so08/07 BarbBrooklyn21:52 ResearchMed
26cMore fun: drone or RC plane?08/10 jastevenson21:49 jharkin
13cCalling all Long legged BHers for car advice12:47 Domadosolo21:45 willthrill81
18cValue of Six/Lean Six Sigma certifications and accrediting bodies.08/11 CorduroyGivenTo21:36 jarjarM
121tBogleheads blog: a new rebalancing study08/08 siamond21:36 nedsaid
133tWhat happens if you run out of money in retirement?08/04 matti21:34 jello_nailer
7hVTSAX VS VTI20:34 cowboy73721:24 jason2459
16p401k for 2nd home or stop contributing and save08/09 longrun1021:23 gr7070
19hAsset Protection of Retirement Accounts - How to withdraw?08/10 CorduroyGivenTo21:22 wwtraveler
27hReinvesting 1M AAPL08/10 innagadadavida21:22 000
10tWhat proportion of your portfolio is rebalanced annually?11:39 zarci21:19 Ferdinand2014
55t2020 Bogleheads Conference Update05/07 Bogle Center21:16 TravelGeek
46pWhat did you do when you won the game? Edited08/10 Frugalbear21:13 Cruise
2038tSmall Cap Value heads Rejoice !!!2019 hdas21:11 Steve Reading
2hStock splits and cost basis18:24 Prettyfrtnt21:05 increment
10hbond diversification08/04 prk21:05 prk
32cPersistent Internet Outages - should I upgrade to Comcast Business08/10 FeesR-BullNotBu21:02 RetiredAL
25tFractional Investing05/25 tvubpwcisla20:49 000
4pEffective framework(s) for managing individuals at a process light company20:21 kurious20:48 Flyer24
13tVNQ close to a ten year low valuation?15:12 hoops77720:48 hoops777
10tTesting Safe Withdrawal Calculator Excel Spread Sheet.08/09 investor.saver120:43 FactualFran
85lNew Orange County, CA Local Chapter established2015 Clixt20:42 ocdaniel
6pOnline Savings Account Rates19:30 nebraskaguy8520:40 fittan
38cInsurance quote shenanigans08/10 michaeljc7020:38 Dyloot
16pRoth Conversion Planning for Inheritance (not the usual!)08/11 wwtraveler20:36 wwtraveler
4hEF in taxable and Roth: Order of withdrawals19:31 fingoals20:34 fingoals
4hRIRA --> 401K to facilitate Backdoor Roth IRA conversion??20:20 Buddy032920:33 Buddy0329
53tExpected return of a bond fund2019 grabiner20:32 Kevin M
1hRoth IRA Question19:53 Hydrasport8020:18 Duckie
80tSilver: The Forgotten Precious Metal?08/08 willthrill8120:16 Robot Monster
6hPlease Review my Portfolio18:04 augusto20:12 augusto
6pPre-immigration planning08/11 frequentflyer20:09 theresearcher
8hREITs in total stock market index08/09 rjicsjjw20:06 Northern Flicke
52cAnyone using meal delivery services?08/08 PoultryMan20:06 Trader Joe
1566lPost your Financial Milestone Announcements Here2017 VAslim1620:05 TravelforFun
38hRoth IRA - No Longer Qualify...Help!?!?!08/10 ddurrett89620:05 FiveK
1h401K and IRA19:19 Atownstaydown20:02 lakpr
1036tLifecycle Investing - Leveraging when young2019 Steve Reading20:02 Steve Reading
4cAcura MDX and oil dilution issues?17:45 Deighve19:55 bubbadog
8pInsuring against risk of DI provider going bankrupt08/05 callumguitarist19:48 000
11hAsset Allocation Questions15:09 Texas5019:47 lakpr
28h3 fund portfolio - Bond indexes bad in this environment?06:29 c_is_for_cow19:44 grobertj
24pSocial Security Claiming Strategy - Best Calculator?08/06 FrugalInvestor19:38 afan
7cGFCI keeps tripping separate circuit08/10 lp2329419:35 LadyGeek
15pVenmo newly asking for personal information?08/03 doctorfaust19:27 rich126
8p401k Mega Backdoor Roth and Nondiscrimination Testing08/10 PowderDay919:25 MathIsMyWayr
57hJust pulled the trigger ...03/20 fingoals19:17 fingoals
3p1099-INT from Treasury for T-bills bought at Fidelity14:44 MathIsMyWayr19:16 FIREchief
9fsort by thread not post?05/14 catermick19:16 Peculiar_Invest
5hNewbie Looking For Investing Advice12:21 ObsessedGolfer19:12 pkcrafter
62pThinking of buying a vacation home in NC mountains and doing Airbnb. Bad idea?08/03 Perkunas19:11 Johnfmh
9hTransfer 403b from Aspire to Vanguard?15:58 KatieMN19:11 FiveK
4tSigFig wins 2020 Q2 Robo Report ranking08/10 RetiredNewbie19:02 bzargarcia
0pRefi Quote19:01 goru1 
0hShould I transfer my foreign stocks to my U.S. account?19:01 InvestorWannabe 
2035c[What TV Show Have You Recently Watched?]2016 dbCooperAir18:49 JBTX
38hNeed Help with 1st Time Retirement Plan Options!2008 Di3hard18:46 JS-Elcano
16h401k Advice - New to Boglehead world08/10 Finch86818:45 backpacker61
24tWhat if I have to fund more of my retirement myself?08/09 effillus18:43 TN_Boy
2pUse of 2020 Census Data18:12 Carno18:38 Flyer24
232cOddly Difficult to Find Items During the Pandemic07/16 alfaspider18:21 Old Guy
18tBuy TIPS Mutual Fund or I-Bonds?08/10 diyinvestor18:20 protagonist
12hAlly NP CD down to 0.75%, HYS rate likely to follow?08/09 anon_investor18:20 anon_investor
145tThinking Fast and Slow2012 larryswedroe18:20 Fallible
3pCan a home refi be canceled in mid-process?11:45 mark_in_denver18:14 sunny_socal
31pNaming sons as Roth primary beneficiaries08/02 Swimmer18:11 LadyGeek
1tLoss aversion study replicated16:46 csh18:08 Fallible
126tWhat to do with significant index changes, e.g., S&P 500 adding Tesla07/01 harikaried18:02 LadyGeek
6fHow do I change username12/17 moving on17:54 LadyGeek
53tDan Wiener just shutdown his forum08/10 littleboss17:39 Scooter57
9hRefi to pay off house or invest08/05 Katz17:30 Katz
118tThink no one can beat the index?08/08 southwest_stack17:27 Robot Monster
5pBypass-trust seems to be no longer feasible for inherited IRA?09:43 Lazareth17:25 afan
56pPursue a Job Offer I am not ready for? Apply more pressure for my Raise? Wait?07/22 Patzer17:20 Normchad
17pHELP! Columbia Threadneedle, Medallion Signatures, Notorized Doctor's Letter!07/13 redeem_ct17:19 afan
6hUTMA - Taking Custody w/out financial advisor08/09 sedna27317:17 RetiredAL
6hNeed some advice15:45 Zach12517:14 000
7cGoogle Play Music sunsetting to YouTube Music10:20 heartwood17:04 michaeljc70
22cWhat is going on with LL Bean's business model???08/08 BeachPerson16:56 friar1610
23tIs there an ETF for equities with stable cash flows?09:35 steve32116:54 000
20hVUL Conversion Advice02/08 mpott6516:50 RussianInNYC
10nKeeping a US vanguard account for a non-resident alien.2019 john.richard216:44 TedSwippet
2pHealth Insurance Question11:12 A7las16:39 A7las
807cWhat are you listening to now01/10 Artful Dodger16:38 Nicolas
2261tThe Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses2016 Earl Lemongrab16:35 ras4250
62cRetirees: How you spend your time?07/15 AerialWombat16:33 BH_RedRan
20hCash Injection into 3 Fund Portfolio08/09 HrdWkr9916:28 Reamus294
8hAnother inheritance situation. Comments appreciated.08/10 chuckb8416:24 RetiredAL
2tVFITX and Lipper [Vanguard Intermediate-Term Treasury]08/10 garyp193616:23 000
10hFor Alan S and others 2020 Covid-19 RMD06/29 pablolo16:20 pablolo
4pSocial Security Calculation14:38 alex1116:04 swengineer
3pQuestions about Merrill08/09 Sahara16:00 Chip Munk
14pSmall HSA Check - What to Do?08/10 s0me0nesmind116:00 s0me0nesmind1
8tmadsinger monthly report (July 2020)08/08 madsinger15:52 rascott
5hUsing Captial gains as offset for high yield/risk investing08/10 annu15:43 000
2hSavings Bond Purchase Limit not Inflation-Indexed?15:27 Walkure15:39 fabdog
304tPaul Tudor: Compelling case for bitcoin ?05/11 indexlover15:37 typical.investo
13hChanging tax-inefficient portfolio into tax-efficient08/10 Riversider15:32 grabiner
9hWhich of these funds should I place in taxable account?08/10 joo2lo15:27 grabiner
21hTaking profit, discouraged by VG PAS, opinions10:06 FXDXontherun15:16 retired@50
23hWhat should I do?08/09 Guptonr1115:00 tredd351
5tMorningstar X-Ray results question14:38 hudson435114:56 Kenkat
200cBooks that changed your life02/02 HotRod14014:55 book lover
13hViability of Tax Exempt funds even in a lower tax bracket08/09 LookinAround14:55 grabiner
2hNo fee/low refinance investment property08:34 CantTimeIt14:53 tredd351
56n[AT/Austria] clarification on ETF taxes03/31 ellaellela14:41 casually averag
370tGold $1600 Oz - When?01/24 watchnerd14:35 Pu239
79tAnyone abandoning trend following and/or dual momentum approaches?08/08 steve32114:16 Steve Reading
5hReview of Retirement Portfolio07:54 dbp777714:07 dbp7777
3cSingle sink to double sink conversion- Is it a DIY project?08/10 A44013:57 RudyS
295tImproving the Dalio/Robbins All-Seasons Portfolio2016 azanon13:54 index20
257t2020 Hedge Fund contest01/10 Tanelorn13:46 hornet96
6pShort term car lease options08/10 bigguy843713:42 sk2101
17pHow to receive answers to specific SS benefit queries from the source08/08 Maisie13:36 arcticpineapple
6hHelp me help my Dad with his foreign ESOP?08/07 bpfwt13:36 inbox788
15hTransferring Fidelity Total Market Index Fund (FSKAX) from Fidelity to Vanguard06/15 abracadabra1113:32 abracadabra11
10hHow would invest between these three funds to best resemble vanguard total stock market index?12:27 bigtex13:26 jason2459
20cDo not call08/10 HeadTail13:15 000
10nPFIC and expat US citizen investing in non-US domiciled funds08/09 michaelotal13:08 Valuethinker
9nHow to allocate capital tied up in family business?08/10 MrCurious13:02 Valuethinker
4nInvest in AUD or USD? Short term investment.08/07 cosmicuniverse112:53 Valuethinker
13hLooking for a cloud based portfolio tracker08/08 Bitzer12:51 BlueRidgePro
2913tThe Three-Fund Portfolio2012 Taylor Larimore12:40 Taylor Larimore
13hConverting traditional 401k to ROTH 401k in the same tax year08/03 stingray77712:40 lakpr
17nLeverage on mortgage08/09 frugalbelgian12:37 Valuethinker
7pFor those that have taken a break from work... [Military to civilian career change]08/10 Ripcord12:25 friar1610
11hPortfolio Options if One Has "Won the Game"08:09 Bob12:19 Taylor Larimore
6pNon-deductible tIRA contributions and withdrawals08/10 michaeljc7012:12 fyre4ce
46pAuto Decision08/10 tryingtogetahea12:00 gr7070
20pChase Sapphire Pay Yourself Back08/09 Superleaf44411:57 anon_investor
26hESPP...sell ASAP?08/09 JSDNJ11:11 inbox788
67cwater softener for whole house?2017 rakilive11:05 willthrill81
5cExpense/Receipt Tracker App for 529 Expenses07/22 Katietsu10:57 Katietsu
3hWhat Is Appropriate Classification Of GDX In AA?09:21 sjm196210:51 ruralavalon
7cNotch in hardwood - what to do07:09 DarkHelmetII10:42 Watty
181tAnyone else hoarding cash right now?08/05 JustinR10:24 Independent Geo
14h401(k) Investment Fund Options for Myself?07/28 fitmisfit10:11 lakpr
32nEx-US fellows I think I've found a gem and I need your help !!07/31 danyboy710:06 Walkure
5uMy First Lazy Portfolio with $1M [UAE]08/08 91109:53 911
18hEntering worforce, have large inherited allocation in a single stock08/09 selenium09:46 BrooklynInvest
18pPurchasing MIL's home as she moves to 55+ community: best practices08/10 coalcracker09:45 tashnewbie
20hIs not making early mortgage payments a good hedge against inflation?08/10 kevin9909:35 kevin99
111tThoughts on bonds from Fed decision...08/04 TexasBorn09:30 TN_Boy
11hRoboadvisor vs. S&P500 Index Fund07/31 beebee500409:24 dbr
2pESI Insurance at Credit Union?08/10 ccmquark09:24 Broken Man 1999
12hRESOLVED - Vanguard Annual Fee - Charged in Error08/10 keyfort08:50 bondsr4me
51hAnyone using crypto exchanges to earn higher interest on their cash?08/07 tman999908:37 barnaclebob
11pSeeking Student Loan Advice for Fiance07/29 DollarsInMyRame08:35 SS Rambo
26pWedding Finances during COVID07/31 pennywise08:33 MikeG62
31pFiled paper return in mid March. Still no status06/08 tealeaves08:27 egrets
8hRoth IRA Backdoor with Existing Traditional08/10 targetfuego08:20 mcraepat9
4nUS TIPS as an European Investor08/10 DollarvsGold08:15 DollarvsGold
8IRussia Bogleheads Local Chapter08/05 YHOLMOGOROV08:00 LadyGeek
1tstock market related question - newbie08/10 memcpy07:38 boomer_techie
43tBroad commodity investing with iShares CMDY ETF08/06 chem07:04 nisiprius
6lBogleheads US Chapters - Yahoo Groups content deletion December 14, 201910/16 LadyGeek07:01 sleepysurf
3nDividend tax08/10 MrCurious06:57 TedSwippet
69pCompare the state tax across states - California, Florida08/04 LiveSimple06:39 trueblueky
36hGetting rid of Financial Advisor. What do I do next?08/08 sleeker06:31 Stinky
25pSpouse got a job, now have 2 HSAs08/10 sedonabogle06:15 sedonabogle
8nESG Investing Possible Downside?05/25 gladtobehere06:14 MrCurious
40tWhy not Vanguard U.S. Growth Fund?04/14 TheDDC06:01 nisiprius
39pAdvice needed on interesting PSLF situation - should we change course?10/26 ASpenderInRecov05:46 Tamarind
36cNew refrigerator08/07 MDfan05:43 Old Sage(brush)
2tDifference Between How an ETF and Mutual Fund are Taxed08/10 arca05:19 sycamore

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