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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1748 new posts and replies over 236 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
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Subforum - TopicLast   
64tAre millennials botching their asset allocations?07/31 vineviz12:15 nedsaid
1hGeneral help question09:50 Kf132412:14 PFInterest
0hInvest into 401k or roth IRA ?12:14 achen9291 
30tCash Flow Gain Primary Residence08:19 KlangFool12:14 KlangFool
47cSellers beware on eBay.08/19 kjvmartin12:14 michaeljc70
1hHigh Tax Bracket Liquid Assets11:03 MiamiHeat12:13 PFInterest
0cLandlord Nightmare12:13 edudumb 
2hTIAA Traditional (svf) OR Fidelity Total Bond11:31 fortfun12:11 PFInterest
2tThe case for bull: the case for bear11:46 pkcrafter12:11 cheese_breath
206tMy Favorite Alternative Funds2017 grap001312:10 Random Walker
21cCashing a check18:54 Almost there12:09 michaeljc70
4hLively HSA: Which TDA fund to invest in?10:29 DDS12:09 jhfenton
67pExcessive Emergency Room Charges - Options?12:31 fm304012:09 Nate79
1tWhat to do at 62?11:42 restingonmylaur12:07 bob60014
13pHow common is ACH fraud on checking accounts?2016 MikeT12:07 dm200
41pDo you go for annual Medicare preventive tests and screening?08/19 Lynette12:05 dm200
71pIs a million really the benchmark for retirement12:27 Calico12:04 WhiteMaxima
7cGraduate Degree Mistakenly (?) Conferred - What to Do?11:31 PNWAbroad12:04 celia
2hNo income this year - Should I take capital gains?11:53 vicp8812:03 cheese_breath
620tIt's not enough to mumble "Stay the Course"... INT'L Investing has been a disaster!08/14 HuckFinn12:01 oldzey
93pPCP Wants Full Charge Up Front [Primary Care Physician]08/19 dougger512:00 mattsm
47pHow much do you put away in investments?12:22 hifromsocal12:00 bgf
2hVFSUX01:02 mikeshep11:59 megabad
3hHow to protect against inflation?11:36 HomerJ11:59 Valuethinker
41hEstimated Tax on Large Capital Gain05/09 baseball2horse11:58 kaneohe
7tLarry Swedroe: Determining ESG’s Nature10:14 Random Walker11:58 nedsaid
21cFree Tire Change of Flat08/17 J29511:57 praxis
5hSmall Biz Owner Would Appreciate Feedback on Investments08/20 Jajb602911:55 Hayden
114cReckless driving ticket in VA-Help!08/17 andyandyandy11:55 TomCat96
0hSouth Carolina 529 Advice11:53 NBKCF 
8cOnline vs Classroom15:03 joelly11:52 mlipps
1hquestions re cds and share certificates11:30 brandy11:51 dm200
96pYour major and investing/finance?08/18 acegolfer11:50 Doom&Gloom
12hVanguard target date fund22:27 Okie7711:49 magicrat
31cNo advance notice to employer08/20 flyingaway11:46 dcabler
8pSelf Employment, Taxes and ACA07:18 willyd12311:46 willyd123
1hNew 401(k)11:13 Nwolf2811:46 Beensabu
115t(NEW) WisdomTree 90/60 U.S. Balanced Fund08/08 hdas11:45 BanditKing
0pDo I need to file and send W-2 to IRS for my part-time child employee?11:42 kchnew 
16pCo-habitation agreement - ??10:13 shell92111:42 drawpoker
29pMilitary career/college options (engineering - nukes?)13:20 psteinx11:40 blevine
25tYou Invest from JP Morgan [free trades offer]07:19 thegr88111:36 retiringwhen
13pUnequal tax treatment of HSAs and 529s08/19 nps11:32 nps
60tBullish/bearish on GE? Make your case here - new lows today08/15 tmcc11:32 Valuethinker
10hTotal International Exposure with Schwab MFs05:11 generallyspeaki11:27 generallyspeaki
41hAsked my advisor about fees and here's their reply08/13 johnsac11:26 Big_Jim
6hJust left Edelman Financial and need help08/15 ShAdams11:24 Big_Jim
2hESPlanner Value vs. Cost09:08 PaHumbug11:24 TimeRunner
1t3 and 6 month tbills with the same CUSIP---same maturity10:48 bberris11:19 Doc
14pRepairs, and the economic joys of homeownership20:22 middistancerunn11:18 FIREchief
361cMy 2017 CRV is a victim of the dreaded oil gas-dilution issue03/14 CULater11:18 tapotti
2hIssues with IRA rollover21:43 hacktorious11:15 cheese_breath
5hFidelity Zeros or Vanguard's patent advantage ?10:23 finance-mess11:14 MichCPA
3cWood pad for garage door separating from wall: Who is responsible?08:04 General Disarra11:13 General Disarra
19cFinishing a Basement2016 Andyrunner11:13 DanMahowny
5hDoes this Solo 401k Plan Make Sense?00:54 colonialrampage11:12 colonialrampage
24pWhere to buy engagement ring?05:14 genjix11:11 alfaspider
28cComposite Decking Material08/19 Prudence11:10 ponyboy
15hHow many brokers do you use simultaneously?09:20 pomidoro11:09 AllieTB1323
12hPension Rollover to TIRA, does it affect backdoor ROTH?08/16 onyxlinkia11:08 Earl Lemongrab
54cThe Fall of Consumer Reports08/17 windaar11:07 SuperGrafx
93tThe Bigger Story: Fidelity Expense Ratios08/10 burnout45411:05 Daitokuji
0tMy: the 10 commandments of retirement11:00 grok87 
40hRetirees: Timing your withdrawals08/19 tennisplyr11:00 2015
18tAnother approach to bonds17:14 reisner10:54 JW-Retired
16hNaive rebalancing question08/20 RobLIC10:52 bryanm
8hFirst investment portfolio advice (ETFs) for a Swiss resident (non-US citizen).08/20 Happydad10:52 Happydad
2hVG PAS Recommendations - Surprised/Disappointed?10:25 BigJohn10:52 tomd37
9hWould you trust Chase with your investments?07:04 Bhairston201810:46 Bhairston2018
11pPersonal Capital Questions2016 csm10:43 Texconsin
161tTreasury Bonds are the Only Bonds You Need07/31 CULater10:42 Darth Xanadu
5pNon-Traditional college financing09:32 Jack FFR184610:40 GreenGrowTheDol
91tVanguard predicts 10 year equity returns08/17 miles monroe10:26 JackoC
7hThe problem of choosing the best MSCI World ETF2017 googel10:26 BeBH65
213tVanguard to offer non-Vanguard ETFs commission-free07/02 Ever Ready10:21 SlowMovingInves
12h401K rollover time allowed08/19 MPLSTCH10:16 scrabbler1
21hUnion at Fed job20:44 Vol10:14 InvisibleAeroba
1tCommission Free Non-Vanguard ETFs Now Live09:53 ReformedSpender10:12 SteelyEyed
16pGiving away donation receipts05:58 David Sq10:06 student
33cI saved $3,200 on a $23,500 car with minimal stress.17:09 Dolcetto10:00 Atgard
8hwhich Fidelity funds to use for 3 fund portfolio?08/11 Beachwalk09:53 ruralavalon
6hPlease help my mom with her investments08/20 austinboglehead09:53 goblue100
24tThe problem with 'saving receipts' for future qualified HSA withdrawals08/19 MrBeaver09:46 Nate79
14hOverwhelmed! Inherited Tax-Exempt Bonds/MM/Cash in Taxable Accounts08/15 Ilikesparklers09:46 bertilak
12pHelp with Vanguard Individual 401(k)08/17 ssean09:36 cowdogman
7cFree Trades with Fidelity03/06 bigtex09:36 letitsnow
12pQuestion from an FA22:03 Greenman7209:30 Nate79
15cCell phone insurance21:29 xrvision09:27 indexfund56
10cCable Modem Router recommendations08:08 ThankYouJack09:23 indexfund56
38pHow do you pay for purchase of a vehicle in retirement?08/19 Cody09:21 dm200
1pVanguardAdvantage Account - Direct Debit functionality (ETF)08:43 BoglePaul09:15 heartwood
68pEdward Jones rep door knocking08/18 FBN201409:12 GoldStar
3hWhat you think of my situation?21:33 treeman09:00 megabad
31cICE or a hybrid car08/17 Calico08:56 lazydavid
3pNOL Carryover from Trust - Where/How to Claim Them16:37 PalmQueen08:53 MarkNYC
40cMy son was scammed on Craigslist- how to get money back08/19 rocdoc108:53 alpenglow
17pAnyone else seen huge rise in TX insurance costs?08/20 new2bogle08:47 bigred77
2cFirst Home Project - Flooring Estimates and Material07:12 HardHitter08:42 renue74
1pUber Visa and cell phone protection06/19 28fe608:23 MikeG62
32pCheapest Home Insurance ?08/16 confusedinvesto08:10 vineviz
9cstarting an email group19:00 kenoryan08:07 mega317
21hThe 1 portfolio08/19 passive-winning08:07 magicrat
21tAnother reason to be wary of international stocks...08/19 BWildt08:03 bayview
6pChoosing Best Annuity Option08/19 Cincinnati Kid07:57 #Cruncher
8h403b rules and advice21:13 rrdubs07:56 The Wizard
56tVanguard Switch to Brokerage Accounts08/09 cowdogman07:53 Rupert
11cPlanning a December trip (Colorado/Midwest)08/20 azumagaoka07:50 azumagaoka
2hSimple Question06:47 SNIPER33807:45 jakehefty17
2t4 week Treasury bills didn't pay out on time?17:26 wildungar200007:41 bayview
1pInherited Roth IRA07:34 alrick07:39 David Jay
13hCA resident 52908/10 Abk91107:36 jacoavlu
45hU.S. brokerages and retiring abroad2017 Owl07:24 mikeportfolio
163tBonds in Taxable2016 Doc07:22 White Coat Inve
3pLooking to provide free personal finance advice01:38 Classof202307:07 stan1
1hHelp splitting up a Vanguard Rollover IRA - mixed pre-tax and post-tax dollars06:20 yurtdweller07:05 HEDGEFUNDIE
33pLooking for a pep talk08/01 beth6506:49 scorcher31
10hFidelity Full View transition to eMoney07/28 crefwatch06:46 MikeG62
76pI pay $6K in rent. Am I an idiot for not buying?2017 imanagecat06:40 3funder
8hWhat should I do with my pension lump sum?16:30 happysoul06:39 JoeRetire
124cAs an American, where are some great places in the world to retire?08/14 Colorado2906:39 finite_differen
3h2018 Income Tax Simulation20:30 Bob B06:37 kaneohe
6pFidelity Full View21:29 radiowave06:33 G-Force
2hPortofolio diversification question04:37 meigloo06:24 meigloo
24cTrip to Kazakhstan & Uzbekistan. Time to utilize a travel agent?08/15 ChinchillaWhipl06:10 prodigal
10tHow do you measure % of international holdings?13:07 chambers13605:52 chambers136
32pCivil service: Long Shot Interview.. Would you go?08/14 kjvmartin05:50 kjvmartin
11hWhat to do with a pile of cash?19:50 itsjustme05:49 Grt2bOutdoors
30cSecond Career Abroad, Teaching ESL2013 Barefootgirl05:35 DartThrower
6pFLorida Condo Insurance08/18 cresive05:27 cresive
23hNeed advice on limited TIAA fund choices!08/19 OtterBee05:14 Valuethinker
104pTeachers Who Have Net Worth of $1 million +08/16 Gardner's Son05:13 cresive
16hPlease look at my portfolio and give me advice [Norway]08/17 OkEmail03:51 BeBH65
3tVanguard UK ownership08/20 gradient03:47 Valuethinker
12tWhat has been the best returning major asset class since 2000?15:39 CULater03:39 Valuethinker
15hHow to Begin with 1M08/19 TylerLearning03:28 MrJones
32cSheraton Kauai timeshare08/18 squirm02:49 Starfish
4hHow to track and manage investment income to meet tax tier objectives08/01 guywhogetsit02:45 ryman554
4hManaged Account to...21:52 Zzdave02:26 Jablean
3184cWhat Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI2014 Alex Frakt02:14 CarpeDiem22
12cOld Acura TL vs new Honda Accord08/16 Torger02:06 abonder
4hWhat accounts to spend from in retirement23:19 vest7402:04 celia
27p'Online Banking – School Me’ 208/19 Agcentral01:56 Starfish
0hTiming of treasury bond trades01:18 Tylenol Jones 
38pMoney Market Funds vs. Online Banks08/18 John15101:17 gostars
86pReplacement for Google Finance price quote function02/02 The529guy00:54 gostars
9t"75 Must Know Statistics About Long-Term Care: 2018 Edition"08/20 Taylor Larimore00:42 nedsaid
28cSan Diego - where to stay, what to do with 6 year old08/19 walletless23:49 MJS
1pExcess withholding of foreign taxes (Japan) on ADR for US citizen15:23 psteinx23:48 typical.investo
60pHow much do kids cost in a high COLA?2017 evilityb23:42 Starfish
10pBH Career advice18:57 6teen23:33 FoolMeOnce
3h529 Vs 401A vs Post Tax investment like betterment15:30 Abk91123:32 HEDGEFUNDIE
38pHow to raise cash to pay living expenses in near term (nine months)?08/18 discman01723:25 AlohaJoe
667tFidelity Files for two Fidelity ZERO℠ Funds (0.00% ER total stock and total international mutual funds)08/01 jhfenton23:20 gostars
1cwood flooring recommendations21:57 rxjayhawk23:10 unclescrooge
24hAnybody Investing with 'Betterment'?06/29 TravelforFun22:58 thangngo
46cBooks - Your 3 Best - (Nonfiction, Fiction, Financial/Investing)08/13 Finridge22:54 somekevinguy
16pSolo 401k vs Sep Ira vs unique solo401k08/15 jessikaur22:53 Spirit Rider
1hSeeking Advice for Portfolio Construction 2nd Post21:54 JFDAKAN22:52 pkcrafter
14cShower too HOT21:29 ddurrett89622:51 diy60
9hBoglehead 3/4 asset implementation for Fidelity/TD Ameritrade/ETrade update?08/13 RIMDBogle22:45 gostars
33pRetire and become an Adventure Guide08/19 Bacchus0122:45 InMyDreams
1pTreasury Direct Joint Account?21:26 nesdog22:38 123
50cNew 2018 Honda Odyssey Problem - Need Advice2017 Kualityboy22:27 munemaker
24tAccording to BKM, value and small firms may do worse in economic downturn08/19 acegolfer22:24 jalbert
37pReal estate dropping like a rock in U.K. - can the U.S. be far behind?08/18 CULater22:13 abuss368
2pCan an already retired 54 y.o. open a HSA?21:27 becky201522:11 FiveK
4hVanguard Tot International Stock ETF best choice for aftertax?16:03 fortfun21:37 fortfun
11tLarry Swedroe: Active’s Surprising Survival08/20 Random Walker21:31 Dead Man Walkin
4cRetirement location planning18:17 Elysium21:30 sbaywriter
158tRemind me (again) how real estate isn't a GREAT investment?08/17 TheBogleWay21:19 LadyGeek
52cWhere to buy white, athletic fit dress shirt?08/15 ThankYouJack21:18 theDON2050
4hSolo 401K with Roth IRA contributions12:16 flyfishing2221:07 Spirit Rider
10hFund placement08/20 bradinsky20:50 iceport
8cSunglasses for kids?08/19 pomidoro20:48 daveydoo
3hhelping young friend with 401k fund choices19:58 Eagle3320:48 Living Free
10pBay Area housing frenzy cooling14:23 Poppy123420:47 Noobvestor
11cThoughts on starting fresh?19:12 Calygos20:43 runner3081
2pPaying a Spouse18:02 Bacchus0120:40 Bacchus01
10hHelp me switch from Robo to the Boglehead way!08/20 GatorGuy720:38 GatorGuy7
3h1-2 year high growth mutual fund20:19 forinvesting2320:37 z3r0c00l
4hInvestment advice for new medical resident13:40 jra671420:19 jra6714
8tSlash your retirement Risk08/19 micknc1920:08 willthrill81
6htax implications of selling a long-held mutual fund08/20 BostonSunshine20:04 Jablean
10pHome down payment question- HELOC or save money08/19 strongboy200520:02 strongboy2005
14cDesigning floor plan for furniture layout08/20 rjbraun19:51 cockersx3
3hInheritance—Advice Requested19:05 Fianna19:51 JBTX
5hNew Roth or Roth Conversion15:49 NH-Hill19:47 Tdubs
31cCar alarm '98 Camry ?08/16 dm20019:43 Bmac
13cHow much clothing do you need to get by?15:14 kjvmartin19:31 kjvmartin
14hRecently Retired – Request Help to Simplify Portfolio, Advice on Roth Conversions, and Taking SS08/19 LovelyDay19:14 RetiredAL
5pCash in Investments to pay off mortgage?08/18 Cintrapark19:10 raisinsaregrape
4hRoth IRA Backdoor Investment question08/09 Abk91119:03 PFInterest
5pcareer move: pay versus boredom15:36 jwhitaker19:02 JBTX
16hThe more I learn the less I know: general checkup, lots of questions.08/19 Hermione19:01 goblue100
33pApartment Decision After Divorce- Please evaluate my thinking08/18 Gardener18:54 lifeisinmirrors
6tMedian pay for 30 Bay Area companies16:41 Tamales18:50 FireProof
19hAdvice Request: Considering removing advisor from IRA08/16 Peppermint18:48 JW-Retired
7pRental propery - selling owner financed16:04 latebloomer18:12 CedarWaxWing
16hAsset Allocation (College Graduate Edition)08/19 ttpark18:10 PFInterest
2hIRA and Inherited IRA Distributions17:05 PickitPaul17:53 Jablean
14hdollar cost averaging08/19 rtl17:48 rtl
1pWhen is interest income on family loans reported?16:38 Rainmaker4117:47 Gill
76pphysics/math major looking for programmer/analyst job?08/17 gips17:43 gips
0hVanguard performance tracking17:37 wassabi 
12pPaying cash for a house. Good idea?08/19 alil17:15 grabiner
2hAllocation advice15:20 margtberg17:13 Dandy
4pSprint's iPhone protection plan - Worth it?12:52 doss17:12 ttc5q
564tFellow TDA bogleheads [TDA dropping Vanguard ETFs from commission-free list]10/14 John Laurens17:10 Earl Lemongrab
24hMore than $55,000 in 401k contributions this year ?08/19 madbrain16:09 Duckie
15pCredit Card to Pay off Overpayment of Student Debt08/17 Clarice15:49 DaftInvestor
17cFile a claim for $750 worth of car damage?08/20 R2D215:32 LadyGeek
10hAllocating 30% across accounts given conditions08/19 CTG15:30 CTG
18tWhich is more diversified? TSM or TSM+value?08/19 acegolfer15:30 MJW
4hMutual Fund Drift (Style Perspective)08/20 MindTheGAAP15:08 jhfenton
0cCell Phone Promo again with Sprint (if you have Verizon, etc)14:59 Shortsellforfun 
4hGoogle sheet to calculate future growth08/19 gusty14:57 FiveK
130phow much car can we afford?08/12 johussman14:35 Jack FFR1846
8tQuestion regarding roll-over of 401(k) and pension into IRA08/20 nwa-non14:28 Earl Lemongrab
0tSEPP 401k is treated as private pension by IRS?14:26 ray.james 
4hFirst 401K Plan Advice Needed08/14 Christine14:14 ruralavalon
18pTrust as Beneficiary OF ROTH and Traditional IRA06/07 ofj14:07 bsteiner
7hVanguard Dividend appreciation or high dividend yield ETF13:43 sil201714:07 MichCPA
32cAir conditioner compressor replacement cost06/18 hmw13:46 nguy44
8hFinance advice for 35 year old trying to plan ahead08/19 irishtom8313:40 irishtom83
3pAMT absorbs Premium Tax Credit (PTC) repayment08/18 libralibra13:37 libralibra
8hleft advisor, overwhelmed08/17 finance-mess13:37 finance-mess
49pCostco Eyeglasses - No satisfaction guarantee. Any chance of resolution?11/18 kjvmartin13:34 oko
4hVanguard Investing - Feedback Needed12:42 TargetingFI13:27 retiringwhen
10tDollar cost averaging frequency08/19 28fe613:19 Earl Lemongrab
31cSump Pump Issues - What can I do, if anything?03/09 jimmo12:57 Boglegrappler
14pHas anyone used Income Strategy website/software?01/02 busdriver12:38 busdriver
10hCore portfolio for retirement in Europe - Living in Singapore08/18 EUR-SGD12:36 BeBH65
10pMega Backdoor Roth via Solo 401k11/30 SJR12:35 RIMDBogle
65tEmerging Markets in Bear Territory06/27 bligh12:28 WhiteMaxima
2hVanguard 529 - need help08/20 SeekingAdviceVA12:23 OhioGozaimas
19hExpanding portfolio, real estate vs REITs, vs crowdfunding08/19 sasecool12:20 sasecool

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