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24h Help placing limit order for BND  12/04ilan1h08:36livesoft
4p Finance recordkeeping  16:22andyandyandy08:36MikeG62
14c Relocation to Asheville, NC  15:48Barefootgirl08:35matonplayer
23p Feel like I'm spending more even though I'm saving more  12:50acejacksingh08:35jf89
0p Dad would like to loan 500k/questions  08:30YoungDentist  
11p American Opp Tax Credit - 4 year rule?  10/31guitarguy08:30HueyLD
5p Shoes for flat-footed over-pronators  02:41saltycaper08:28retire14
2p W4 Allowance Rules  21:57pancake1908:27livesoft
23p How do you save copies of your tax forms and supporting docs?  12:41island08:26Toons
26c CBP (INS) Global Entry program worth it?  12/02gd08:25TravelforFun
78t What was your Asset Allocation before and after retirement?  page: 211/22CaliJim08:24longinvest
21c Hearing aids: best brands and where to get them?  12/01CULater08:24carolinaman
13c Smartphone for a low techie  16:03chabil08:23Toons
8p buying land without realtor- advice  21:20Olds3308:23Talisker
29h Life-changing event just happened. Seeking portfolio review and guidance  12/02MaggieBianca08:23MaggieBianca
2h Ultimate Buy and Hold Implementation Question  14:06aadwen08:21retiredjg
26p Anyone have experience with Kaiser in Colorado  12/02Steelart9908:21dm200
26h 403b help in NY Voya  11/30chud538008:21chud5380
7h Managing kids money  06:28Eagle4Life08:20mortfree
5t Retirees and risk-taking  06:54tennisplyr08:20Wagnerjb
22h Traditional vs Roth  12/03Hunter12308:19KlangFool
23c Merkur Safety Razor = money saved  17:42Rainmaker4108:17Rainmaker41
3p gift tax as applies to money vs property  21:50Olds3308:15Longdog
27h Retirement with $8M in investments  18:03marktop08:12Riprap
0t The fairy tale that are structured products, buyer beware  08:10larryswedroe  
0t The fairy tale that are structured products, buyer beware  08:10larryswedroe  
25p How to define "Retirement?"  18:17Cruise08:09Rodc
6h Retirement Plan / Portfolio Critique Requested  21:27marcopolo08:07MikeG62
42t P2P Lending Dead  12/02j7se08:05larryswedroe
6t Euro slides as Italy Votes No  17:22grok8708:05gd
0p Penn Treaty American LTC Buys the Farm  08:02skepticalobserv  
22c Sous Vide?  13:09Barefootgirl08:02smackboy1
2h HSA asset class.  12:12JohnnyM08:00ryman554
33h Edward Jones to Vanguard - about to make the move  11/30Green_9808:00Green_98
7h Which is higher priority? Convert MF to index or ira Roth conversion?  07/04redrocker07:59redrocker
1t Reinsurance. CAT bonds  01:46boglerdude07:59larryswedroe
1t History of the Cross Section of Stock Returns (paper)  05:38Beliavsky07:54larryswedroe
51c FIRE how do you live now  page: 211/30mule07:54carolinaman
7h Given EE bonds - what to do?  13:36iwrotecode07:53Grt2bOutdoors
25t Nice short Vanguard videos on factor based investing  12/03larryswedroe07:50larryswedroe
0h Index Fund NAV and Dividends  07:43IndexFundJake  
1t Isn't Vanguard misleading investors with BNDX?  07:12neomutiny0607:42larryswedroe
9p Open enrollment period - HSA or no-HSA insurance - with upcoming surgery  12/01landlordjohn07:35landlordjohn
7t Vanguard Wellesley Fund VWINX  21:42william4807:29tennisplyr
34c Which country in Africa to visit?  10:20flyingaway07:26carolinaman
44h Nearing early retirement, how to adjust planned withdrawal rate if market corrects  12/03marcopolo07:22MikeG62
29c 32 GB or 128GB storage for a new smartphone?  12/03heartwood07:18Fudgie
16h Reading journey - where to next?  12/01bamn07:10carolinaman
18p Advice on dealing with Amazon customer service  12:54JRix07:09FinTruth
7p Turbotax 2016 HSA limit error  11/30FIREchief07:00pshonore
109t What percentage of international do you hold?  page: 2 312/01thethinker06:57Rodc
28h $100,000 to invest; pay-off 2nd mortgage or invest all?  09:36mjposner06:50retiredjg
107p Handling "drive-by" doctoring bills following surgery?  page: 2 306/30MnD06:48xynder
62p Do You Consider Dividends As Income?  page: 212/03retire5706:31Dandy
41t Forget the 4% safe withdrawal rule -- use RMDs instead.  12/02CULater06:23longinvest
2t Backtesting the three fund portfolio  11:22bighatnohorse06:21dcabler
67c Owning a Chromebook  page: 211/20tennisplyr06:20munemaker
24c Men's Fashion - Best Bang for Buck  16:31HardHitter06:03tim1999
31t Global bonds suffer worst monthly meltdown, cause for concern?  12/01fantasytensai05:58Lloydo
4h Taxation of EU resident investing in Ireland-domiciled ETFs  11/20vstariradev05:50Fabio
5c Best business credit card and bank account for S-corp  17:09mesmer05:46Cigarman
12c Need Advice on France for my son  15:42SpartanFan05:37SpartanFan
19h Haste Makes Waste Lump Sum Investing  12/02Toby Orange05:25Jack FFR1846
2t i-orp white paper on variable withdrawal strategy  12/02Emilyjane05:02AlohaJoe
30p What level of wealth will get the attention of an estate attorney?  11/30Guorami04:26celia
2h Is my Roth Conversion logic logical?  12/04PapaGeek04:12celia
4t What does Dave Ramsey mean by "ride the wave"  00:24hammond03:28selters
9p Universal Life Insurance Since Birth - What to do with it now?  14:48hadata02:07hadata
384p Share your net worth progression  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 82014techcrium01:58aj76er
0t Colorado 529 Rate in 2017 - 2.59%  01:52rrppve  
1h Can I time-shift sole proprietor income to max employer solo401k contributions?  00:25nerdymarketer01:25rrppve
4p Should individual disability insurance complement group coverage?  12/03capitalG01:21White Coat Inve
5h Late 20's Overseas American Couple, how can we invest for retirement?  12/04birdclock21223:39whodidntante
8h Advice on 529 NY plan  13:22Panam@201623:26edge
35t Vanguard ETFs Less Tax Efficient Than Other ETFs?  12/02Park23:26grabiner
13c Any particular oven toaster you preffer????  12/04parigi72323:21cholan
1h how to transfer $ from traditional ira to backdoor roth?  22:4390%stupid22:57DSInvestor
7h Investing 100k with Schwab  09:42Tmbuktu22:56Kenneth Almquis
1h Self employed HSA or no?  12:21eltron22:50grabiner
19h need advise on my new approach for 2017  12/01jafcorrea22:19jjface
2088c What Movie Have You Recently Watched?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 422014abuss36822:16gkaplan
8p Quick question on capital gains to confirm my understanding  13:182tall4economy22:13grabiner
43l livesoft is almost at 50,000 posts...  11/30Pete1222:11fsrph
104p TaxAct pre-purchase discount  page: 2 310/16Saving$22:10runner26
6h Tax Gain Harvesting: Which shares to sell?  12:52shmadas22:06LadyGeek
31t I'm calling a bond bottom.  11/27fredflinstone21:57stlutz
11h Net Worth Calc: Do I Include Est. LT Tax Liabilities?  10:54louiethelilac21:42louiethelilac
23c 2 Gifts each under $50  11/27Brokepilot21:18Sandi_k
6h VBTLX vrs. Nationwide Fixed @ 3.5%  08/15vest7421:09vest74
2p What is best health ministry for health insurance?  18:23the11diesel21:00jjface
58c Amazon Prime Getting Stingy?  page: 212/03kjvmartin20:52Taylor Larimore
11c Casio G Shock radio wave solar watches  11/27selftalk20:11selftalk
6p Buy a company share or pay down debt  12/02Utahdogowner20:06Utahdogowner
36p Federal Blue Cross Standard versus Basic  12/02Nearly A Moose20:03jalbert
87p Back to Med School - Financially Worth It?  page: 22012HenryH20:00PhysicianOnFIRE
17h What value should my 401k be at age 54?  12/03PaunchyPirate19:58livesoft
5h Solo 401k options - available investments  13:46yoshimi19:51ERISA Stone
12h Roth ira [where to open]  12/02rkrules19:43ruralavalon
4h Should I Rollover CREF into TSP?  12/02Psephomancer19:42Psephomancer
21h comments on this 2 funds  12/03jafcorrea19:41iceport
9t Is it Legal for a Company to buy its own shares ?  12/03Fonsini19:34Fonsini
19p Should I move in order to save on taxes?  12/03WEL19:28Grt2bOutdoors
5c Echo Dot promotion  12/02retire1419:22health teacher
24p 20% Match on 401k.. sorta.  12/02cbr shadow19:04ruralavalon
10p buy or continue to rent  12/03Hpyhrt18:50Hpyhrt
7c Martinique  12/03rockylou18:48rockylou
58p Anyone here use Personal Capital?  page: 22014crowd7918:44giesen5
5h Modifying investments for future tax-loss harvesting  12/03Grogs18:42Grogs
3p ABLE accounts  12/03akron197718:38arcticpineapple
214t I'm Calling an Emerging Markets Bottom  page: 2 3 4 501/15grap001318:37JimmyJammy
4h Help with stock/bond allocation in taxable account  16:27mckaydw18:34Grt2bOutdoors
44p Not happy with my realtor  12/02boglerocks18:22Grt2bOutdoors
15h Installment loan to boost credit score.  12/03Uncle Pennybags17:53mortfree
10t Swedroe's book  12/03Beat The Street17:50Blueskies123
11h Taxable VS Non-Taxable Accounts  13:39ch4au217:42ch4au2
26p Need advice on how to go about selling my mom's house  12/03PStrider17:42dm200
2p SSN or EIN on W9 for freelance contractor?  13:24GKSD17:36spectec
2h Fidelity Go vs. Freedom Index Target Fund  15:18westminster17:25ruralavalon
20t active, passive, and factor investing  12/03privatefarmer17:25larryswedroe
6p One Amazon account or two  15:44pondering16:45frisbee
3c Determining Future NFL Games To Be Broadcast In My Area  12:08stargazer16:43stargazer
49t Discussing investing with spouse  07/21Blister16:15pondering
8h $1M Investment Portfolio for Parents  12/03prince198716:09Taylor Larimore
21c Need advice on a ski location  12/02EnjoyIt16:06EnjoyIt
17c Why is actual raw sugar hard to find?  12/03nisiprius15:50nisiprius
9h Campaigning for a better 403b plan help  05/05jeremyl15:49jeremyl
184c My New Car Buying Tips  page: 2 3 42013denovo15:41abonder
3c Transferring Files - Macbook  13:49Barefootgirl15:20marc515
5h Looking to simplify porfolio and adjust allocation-help, please!  12/03deskjockey15:11deskjockey
15p possible to do IRA to Roth conversion & Roth withdrawals?  12/01Bob1123515:11Bob11235
227p Picking College and College Scholarships  page: 2 3 4 507/06timmy15:02itstoomuch
24h Thinking of going solo  11/30mostly_patient14:56mostly_patient
10p Is Federal Health Benefits Program A Good System?  12/03BetaTracker14:41dm200
1h FYI .... I Bond Variable Return Now ....  13:59J29514:34Phineas J. Whoo
2h Tax loss harvesting with short term losses in VWIUX  12/01jazzbeat10114:27jazzbeat101
10p Paying phone bills / cable bills with a credit card?  11/30Bogle82614:22mickeyd
22t Backtesting Corporate Bonds (VCIT vs LQD + history)  11/30siamond14:15siamond
97t Anybody regretting holding on to your REITS?  page: 211/11JaySayms14:07JaySayms
107p Feeling like you've "made it"  page: 2 311/30warner2513:52mickeyd
19t Shocking Bogle quotes  12/03investorguy113:35investorguy1
13t High Inflation vs Currency Exchange Rate  11/14KnowNth13:14jalbert
12p Transfer Inherited Non-tax Qualified Annuity  11/30GoodEnough12:55GoodEnough
230l Master Thread for Metro Boston's Chapter  page: 2 3 4 52014siamond12:50siamond
16c the economics of Spinn coffee making  12/01dodecahedron12:44inbox788
70t [favorite] Boglehead quotes  page: 22012grabiner12:43mickeyd
0p Research and Development Tax Credit  12:41Hayden  
39p Irrevocable trust set up and funding issues, is this normal?  12/03Kompass12:33Guorami
11p Estimated Tax (IRA to ROTH conversion) question  12/02Cloud12:28FIREchief
4p Solo 401k tax filing  09:21corner55912:28Spirit Rider
12h Help with asset allocation!  12/03impguard12:23patrick013
2t "Deep Learning" and the stock market?  11:20peterinjapan12:20Rodc
60c which pickup truck  page: 211/06bbees12:20Dogbreath650
0h Helping mom with retirement  12:16detboy  
27c How to darken type in firefox or chrome?  12/03mouses12:07mouses
4h which asset class to withdraw RMD this year  10:47Godzilla12:03dbr
21h My broker has only assets slightly over 1 million USD, should I be worried?  09/27Vision12:02MN Finance
0h Role of a CD  11:53Evilmagus  
2c Qualcomm Quick Charging for Phones is amazing  2015lightheir11:53pondering
13c Asia travel  12/02retire1411:51Cruise
14c What to do in Seattle (weekend trip)  12/03tbradnc11:43itstoomuch
20c Money and Phone Abroad  11/29artgerst11:31Cruise
6t Where are the annual reports for several international Vanguard funds?  12/03triceratop11:28Geologist
1l Sacramento Bogleheads ~ Meeting 10:30 AM Sat December 10, 2016  12/04digarei11:28hollowcave2
6h TSP Lifecycle Fund Question  08:58Unadan11:28grabiner
8h Adjust Bond Holdings?  08:58Offshore11:18LadyGeek
0l Ay interest in Roanoke, VA Valley BogleHeads chapter?  11:03goshenBogle  
61t Three fund portfolio for retirement  page: 211/28bobcat210:53bobcat2
13c Vanguard store - stolen credit card  05/21batpot10:49theDON2050
6p different 401(k) matches for different employees  12/03leftcoaster10:47ERISA Stone
12c Who will run my Ethernet Cables for me?  12/03Dakotah10:43bertilak
5p Informal probate in Massachusetts was easy  12/03bostondan10:41plannerman
6c DNS services  12/03jebmke10:27killjoy2012
6c Target Gift Cards 10% Off Today  09:29arsenalfan10:06mikep
1t ETFs vs mutual funds for bond?  12/03shjin10:02grabiner
19h I've been leaving money on the table (401k)  11/24ParkersPaPa10:01ParkersPaPa
2h Swapping Tax Exempt for Taxable  12/03peddler1209:52grabiner
26c Credit Score after paying off Mortgage  12/02Ninnie09:52bertilak
4h Maxing 401k deferral affects what categories in my paycheck?  12/03gus196109:48grabiner
5h Savings investment timing, help!  12/03tomyoneto09:35Dandy
8c Help me replace my beloved shoes...  12/03capitalG09:35corner559
107h Pay off mortgage?  page: 2 311/30Erwin09:14ParkersPaPa
4p How Quarterly Taxes Work for Bonus  12/03Nearly A Moose08:46Nearly A Moose
8p "E-E bonds" or "Double E bonds" ?  12/02Mr. Gatti08:43walkindude

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