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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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2238 new posts and replies over 316 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
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114pWho or what has helped the most in your financial journey?01/21 Family Oaks07:35 abuss368
13hA lot of bubble talk would you invest?22:37 BNAIBOA07:32 Aged Maduro
37pPost when you have received various tax forms01/10 bigtex07:31 LadyGeek
1150tLifecycle Investing - Leveraging when young2019 Steve Reading07:29 bling
2pHSA Contribution Limit Clarification22:34 Unitsmoke07:29 bluebolt
11tImportance of having an annual plan01/22 SantaClaraSurfe07:28 dcabler
16hCapital Gains Tax Questions on 500Kish of capital gains17:25 sjl33307:27 lakpr
4cYour favorite keto recipes00:45 jaqenhghar07:24 winterfan
15hLow Minimum Investment Account For Young Kids16:49 bmelikia07:22 drumboy256
1cIs there a "Bogleheads" for RV's?07:00 mlagrange07:17 xenorg
23hsanity checking my plan01/22 Phranklin07:17 HMSVictory
8t‘Frogs in boiling water’: Urgent warning for 50% market drop04:48 alex12371107:17 WarAdmiral
13tAre SPACs included in VTI?17:33 nyclon07:16 nisiprius
0pTIAA Safe Estate - Online Critical Document Storage07:11 557880yvi 
126cEngagement Ring01/19 aamr07:11 Kagord
8hWhere to invest money that is maturing from CDs21:34 ramblingman107:06 lakpr
107t[403b fiduciary lawsuits: MIT Yale NYU Duke Hopkins Penn Vanderbilt Emory Columbia]2016 ResearchMed07:06 retiredjg
16cPurchasing my first smartwatch or fitness tracker01/22 jhsu80270107:06 BarbBrooklyn
14cLaptop Suggestion for Visually Impaired Age 80+ Parent11:58 HomeStretch07:04 HomeStretch
2pMobile home insurance05:53 rjsob5807:01 IowaFarmBoy
14hTarget Date Funds Available in your 401k18:44 Horton07:01 lakpr
2hVTMFX, VWIAX or another fund for discretionary retirement spending "bucket"08:16 galawdawg07:00 galawdawg
5hPortfolio Advice16:42 gsvn06:56 HMSVictory
9pQuicken for Mac Users - Best Alternative09:38 Markwhy06:51 UpperNwGuy
38hBrokerage Bonuses versus "Backdoor" Roths12/26 Colleen06:50 Colleen
93tInternational stocks: If not now, then when?01/17 jhsu80270106:47 Triple digit go
27hEquity Bubble Investing AKA How/when to get back in?12:56 Actmck306:46 dogagility
11hClaiming social security at 70 and half10:53 Golfer1906:45 Penguin
185t'The long, long bull market since 2009 has finally matured into a fully-fledged epic bubble' - GMO01/05 Forester06:45 Chicken Little
3hSpreadsheet for unwinding unrealized gains15:39 barneycat06:44 barneycat
23hAll stock too aggressive?12:38 setitandforgeti06:34 HMSVictory
38pCitiBank $700 Offer01/11 azianbob06:32 CardinalRule
26pPaying off mortgage/ anything to be aware of?01/22 coachd5006:29 grettman
2tAA and my Need, Willingness and Ability03:06 edan06:22 Cyclesafe
7pstrange email: what to do?05:47 peterwantstosav06:22 peterwantstosav
69hSo you hit your number. Now what?01/21 Howie06:19 dogagility
6pHSA distribution tax filing question21:32 jheaps06:10 jebmke
30pGolden Visa Programs01/05 Tjb06:01 TomatoTomahto
21tWhat happened to BND back in March?18:58 rerod05:54 BJJ_GUY
0tSafe Withdrawal Rates for Tactical Asset Allocation vs Buy & Hold05:42 sbillertpa 
25tfavorite investing books??01/22 albireo1305:41 Kelly
5nAsset allocation - I listened to the advisor, now I am not sure [Russia]01/22 levomekol05:35 levomekol
19pDoes this retired couple need a trust?01/22 asdfgf05:31 Kagord
2534c[What TV Show Have You Recently Watched?]2016 dbCooperAir05:28 vested1
62t[wiki] Callan periodic table of investment returns01/16 LadyGeek05:19 jsprag
29cgood duct tape01/22 egrets05:03 egrets
51hYour Thoughts On What To Do With $1.5 Million?01/16 JnyVuko04:56 Jaylat
97cWhat's your favorite reasonably priced gin?09/25 heartwood04:54 retire57
4tHow do purchases of a stock and market makers effect the float of a stock?03:24 traderlmd04:51 AlohaJoe
63nA new investor has appeared! [Portugal]2018 DrBlues04:49 Rui
6hExpatriation plan US -> EU for Green Card holder01/21 nicholas_181304:08 TedSwippet
111hGameStop GME: anyone joining?01/21 Prettyfrtnt04:05 aarondearu
9pSecuring my accounts, what am I missing?01/22 RJ201004:01 Tejfyy
2nUS resident in UK: how to use income tax credits?00:40 Rk98zpY5TUK8MZb03:57 AlohaJoe
62cMusic Streaming Services10/02 TresBelle6503:46 tzydzy
52cPassword manager01/12 k b03:21 tzydzy
24pAdvice for a mid-30s humanities graduate student18:20 ohthehumanities03:21 ohthehumanities
1nUK Save into ISA or Pension02:37 GordonZola03:06 Valuethinker
7300tHEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure Part II: The next journey2019 HEDGEFUNDIE03:03 cogito
529tThe Calm Post - Stay the course thread.02/26 max1237702:27 Tejfyy
15pPersonal Financial Adviser NEEDED01/22 tanre02:13 Pandemic Bangs
18pReal estate investment with daughter01/22 Wenonah02:08 IMO
185t2nd million is easier!2017 bubbadog02:03 TIAX
108tTracking my ARK / Bitcoin - non-Boglehead portfolio01/18 MinnGuyInvestin02:01 Prahasaurus
8nUK investor - wait til April or invest now?01/23 spope201:46 spope2
10pMulling to move from Silicon Valley to Elk Grove (CA)23:26 Glasgow01:44 goos_news
8tImportance of expense ratios15:48 jhsu80270101:43 BJJ_GUY
72t“New Bitcoin Investors Explain Why They’re Buying at Record Prices“01/21 BogleBuddy1201:30 Prahasaurus
31tHow to understand all that's going on with GME [GameStop]10:38 aaja01:28 BJJ_GUY
32tInflation01/22 powercherry501:25 Tejfyy
4970pWhat's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?2016 guitarguy01:24 manlymatt83
11h10 year treasury down21:38 noelb01:24 000
40tNow that I'm a homeowner, how do I track my net-worth in an Excel document?01/22 TheBogleWay01:24 shess
17tIs it ever better to open a taxable before maxing 403b?01/20 JBEB01:18 CurlyDave
1tDiscussing New York Tax-Exempt Bond Funds09:57 sharppencilinve01:17 beyou
11pHow To Fix Excess Roth Removal With Amended Return2019 UpsetRaptor01:13 throwawayconfus
14hAsset protection for rollover IRAs in Virginia2014 hoppy0852001:05 beyou
28pBuying a House - Should I Open a Trust First?01/19 SVT01:04 megabad
116pWhat Causes Burnout at Work?01/20 neb202001:03 Beensabu
30cSlightly different keep/replace car decision2019 lazydavid00:55 lazydavid
12cWhat advisors do you have in your life?21:09 manatee200500:53 bantam222
18hMy drawdown from peak to valley during Covid19 was -15%: why buying a bit on margin cannot be considered when DCA-ing?01/20 thibaulthib00:45 thibaulthib
320cWhat have you baked recently?2018 Elsebet00:28 Tejfyy
11pNot eligible to contribute to a retirement plan at work, but W2 shows retirement plan box checked01/21 Hector00:21 megabad
7pSold a car but lien not released-car going to auction14:16 RMD381900:18 qwertyjazz
103ciPhone 12 Pro Max OR ...?10/19 need403bhelp00:15 need403bhelp
8hRetirement portfolio recommendations for 64 yo male would be greatly appreciated.13:38 Clammypollack00:14 raiderjkwong
10hFixed Income Choices - What Would You Choose in My Shoes?20:13 STVCT00:10 000
22pVehicle allowance vs Fleet Vehicle01/21 PlayingLife00:10 megabad
58lSan Antonio TX Chapter - Master Thread2016 bdrolan00:09 Eschew_Obfuscat
15pNo term life on a visa?2019 countdrak00:04 BruDude
4pCA Home Insurance canceled need suggestions16:48 coynerone23:58 123
0pYet Another California HSA Question. . . :)23:57 drewchuck 
188tSigns of Bubble logic - greed overcoming fear01/20 Valuethinker23:52 EnjoyIt
189pGot my stimulus check, how about you?01/04 Tdubs23:51 wander
2tIs it possible to turn nominal income into Inflation protected income?09:33 Wrench23:50 2pedals
28pCARES Act money from Roth 401k to Roth IRA?12/17 CrisisAverted23:45 CrisisAverted
12hDo bond funds price in market expectations like equity funds do?01/21 Sylvie23:37 Tamarind
2053lPost your Financial Milestone Announcements Here2017 VAslim1623:36 crossroad101
258tWhy isn't every indexer investing in small cap value index funds?01/07 QuestioningWand23:34 brad.clarkston
16cAny recs for HIGH quality webcams? Has to be better then a Macbook Pro webcam12:33 lightheir23:28 toofache32
2cCostco Allstate Protection Plan for TVs19:57 Cruise23:27 Cruise
26cTown A vs Town B14:16 TheMoneyMan23:26 MoonOrb
81pInvestment in Mobile Home Park01/19 MrNo23:25 sergeant
46tSneaky ways to get into closed funds (e.g. POAGX in TN 529)2018 HEDGEFUNDIE23:21 GreendaleCC
3hPortfolio Advice for new Attending Physician21:15 stonksandbonds23:19 calvin+hobbes
16hEmergency Fundvestment - Planning for Large Future Expenses13:18 hyperon23:19 hyperon
23hThoughts on Fidelity's new low-cost personal annuity?2020 sgm709123:16 qwertyjazz
20hGlobal Market Cap vs Overweighting Domestic?01/04 OutOfCollegeInv23:05 yules
15pWhy are various financial entities blocking google voice?17:42 Broken Man 199923:04 Marseille07
0hOverweighted in Tax-Deferred for FI22:50 FIREwalker_Fed 
30hEditing my 3 fund portfolio (VG, TSP, Fidelity)01/21 tomwood22:43 LeeMKE
8hPension vs Lump Sum?21:11 alex12371122:37 Callisto
12pPPP second draw - slow application?01/22 jjface22:34 saagar_is_cool
9hAdvice on how to invest portfolio across two 401ks and one taxable account01/01 pizzatriscuits22:32 retired@50
68pAnother House Can I Afford It Thread12/05 socialforums20122:30 Thegame14
4hCurrent State of Market15:47 Gui050722:29 Gui0507
4hRolling Over Prior Employer Fidelity 401(k) due to fees13:23 AnStrANG22:22 LeeMKE
30cHow to do the Boundary Waters?01/12 fortfun22:19 fortfun
4h401k Options, Need Help with Vanguard Options/Allocation18:06 nzahir22:17 nzahir
13hCheck-in on glide path and asset allocation10:27 berg22:14 LeeMKE
4pHSA limits12:27 RJ201022:09 MP123
2hM1 - taxable - shift from one ETF to another01/22 kelway22:07 dru808
2hQuestion about DCA versus buying on the dip.17:38 Saphomd22:01 LeeMKE
474cPC Build Thread - 2020... and beyond!!!09/02 Independent Geo22:00 Independent Geo
1cUniversal Gate Remotes and Homelink?21:32 unstoppable21:56 FrugalInvestor
31pgifting money to adult children or to grandkids after you have retired01/21 carloslando21:54 cheese_breath
6hELI5 - SEP IRA vs Solo 401k?15:48 pppez8021:53 MP123
2hApproach on moving into a 3 Fund Portfolio12:11 Paul_3Fund21:51 Paul_3Fund
0hPortfolio Review & Questions21:50 acejacksingh 
19hMy Employer is removing Vanguard as an option for Retirement investing Hosting (help)01/22 ProfessorX21:43 talzara
8cMazda CX 5 For Tall Guy (6 2)10:57 David Althaus21:39 Pandemic Bangs
4pSSA tells me I need a new SSN to get on-line access20:11 usagi21:38 denovo
15hVarious investment questions01/21 svoboda21:35 svoboda
0hDitch LPL broker? Advice appreciated21:35 Harpersmom 
26f48-72 hour waiting period for first post?09:36 F150HD21:23 Normchad
6hHelp with 401(k) allocation18:25 hn7nh21:13 MrJones
96tVanguard Multifactor fund VFMF has had a bad year09/18 00021:01 Steve Reading
2pTax Managed Funds in Taxable Account With Low Income20:32 MishkaWorries20:54 rob
0pMining versus Transportation20:52 mooudn 
105hGood idea to hold TIPS now?07/30 mike246820:52 finite_differen
2pLTC policy numbers16:45 hoops77720:51 BruDude
18hPortfolio review and recommendations - 39 Yrs. Retiring in 15 years01/17 LiveMusic20:45 LiveMusic
21hCan we retire at a young age?14:45 g0ldplatinun20:44 trek83
4pPPP Loan forgiveness and tax transcripts [Can't get loan due to IRS delays]10:16 Calhoon20:43 MP123
29cSlippers with support01/22 TSR20:42 Kennedy
8t401K Rollover From Vanguard Nightmare01/20 old_hacker20:36 beyou
9hBucket Approach to Retirement Planning16:41 Dr. Dad20:28 One Ping
133lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2021!05/25 Miriam220:18 Gardening Dog
134pVanguard 1099-DIV Missing a Fund01/18 Blues20:16 palanzo
3hPortfolio Questions - Seeking advice on AA to reach goals16:09 BH4Life20:14 Duckie
5hWhich Funds, Where.13:23 HENRYGRUGER20:12 Flyer24
15hTraditional IRA vs Taxable brokerage for mom nearing retirement?01/18 Mode3220:09 Eagle33
4896cWhat Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI2014 Alex Frakt20:07 jebmke
207tA low-cost 5 fund Boglehead portfolio2019 vineviz20:02 freyj6
17pProfessional HOA Management01/22 arf141019:58 trueblueky
7pLLC vs Trust vs Wills etc.01/22 PapaB19:56 BillWalters
1286cWhat are you listening to now2020 Artful Dodger19:50 Geronkas
15tEMH -- does it leave room for exploitaation?10:41 bertilak19:33 qwertyjazz
6260cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36819:32 tenkuky
37pOptions for IRA assets in estate planning01/22 Ranunculus19:25 Lee_WSP
60pMy bad financial habits01/22 tennisplyr19:20 howard71
19pFidelity and ACH/EFT deposits01/20 duckcalldan19:14 tkeppell
10hBack Door Roth Conversion 2020 & Tax Filing16:12 Denver_Inv19:13 Duckie
33tBitcoin value falls 90% since June2011 nisiprius19:12 Gadget
491pThe Mega Backdoor Roth IRA2014 coolguy95419:06 HockeyFan99
18hNo Love For Vanguard GNMA Fund. Why?12:33 Van19:05 nedsaid
29hGood problem to have - but need advice.12:41 Mttownse18:53 anon_investor
2pRemedying Overcontribution to Roth-IRA17:12 UncleVinnie18:49 Duckie
5cKid's Safes?15:11 nittanytbone18:45 anon_investor
444p"Open Social Security" calculator: feature requests, bug reports, etc2018 ObliviousInvest18:42 One Ping
15hSocial Security break even calculators15:37 Scotch202318:42 Big Dog
2hFirst time home buyers - Affordability confusions18:32 bawaso18:40 slidecreek
34hUHNW Investors using Vanguard PAS?01/21 Bart018:25 qwertyjazz
29hBonds vs. Some Utilities2015 investordoc18:23 grabiner
30pWill and Testamentary Trust01/22 ShadowCat18:18 FoolStreet
17hMy situation has changed - should I sell?01/22 Jesteroftheswam18:16 qwertyjazz
9456pRefinance Mega Thread2019 AZAttorney1118:15 drk
168tWhy Total Bond and not Treasuries?2019 Triple digit go18:09 bck63
17hOptions when a parent's stock certificates cannot be located?15:37 texasgal4718:09 alex_686
49tDo you lump sum full amount into IRA at beginning of the year?01/01 dropdx18:08 dru808
15hI Bonds or CD or VTSAX01/22 spid18:04 anon_investor
19hMarried couple nearing retirement – 15 year plan (Roth conversions, RMDs, QCDs, Tax Liability)01/22 happysteward17:59 beernutz
19tWhen to Defer Taxes?01/22 4a757374696e17:50 4a757374696e
3pSigning up for Medicare for first time, a couple of questions13:46 FXDXontherun17:49 trueblueky
12hCan I Embrace Volatility Through Fixed Income15:43 STVCT17:44 KlangFool
19hFIFO... Is it always less than ideal?01/21 LivingTheDream17:43 grabiner
2hMoving from one state to another question01/21 augusto17:40 grabiner
141pOptions for healthcare during FIRE (but before 65)?01/14 neb202017:37 gatorking
3hRecharacterize Roth Overcontirbution14:23 csh17:37 lakpr
770cBird watchers – what birds are you seeing?03/28 JAZZISCOOL17:35 Dottie57
4hHSA Advice- NYC->NJ/Med + Growth01/22 apple0917:29 grabiner
24hWhere to buy ITOT01/21 jackk17:27 placeholder
2hMixed Roth/Traditional 401K13:58 Mttownse17:23 placeholder
4hBackdoor ROTH with recharacterization01/22 pmr201717:22 SurferLife
21tMando's Risk Parity Strategy [Hedgefundie's EA modification]01/18 Mando17:16 FlantasticSea
18hVanguard fund(s) for retiree who does not need the income01/22 intersubjectiv17:14 grabiner
16tquestions about approximating Total US Stock and Total International Stock01/22 goonie17:11 goonie
33h4% rule and asset allocation01/21 stocknoob411117:08 Marseille07
1hHow to tax intelligently allocation bond funds13:07 InvestUSA17:03 grabiner
28tCost for mailing tax statements07:56 Oak&Elm17:01 ThereAreNoGurus
8tRebalancing Methodology Alternatives15:05 Doc17:01 vineviz
8hHow to Choose the "Best" Theory12:52 m224417:00 m2244
1pAdvice needed on first (and late) llc/scorp payroll15:55 alwyn16:56 niceguy7376
2hExtra cost for investing in lifestrategy funds11:18 gfirero16:54 grabiner
9pEmployer under-reported W2 withholding?08:45 deanmoriarty16:50 deanmoriarty
2cHey Ladies! - Bone Supplement Support Suggestions16:24 summerof4216:47 oldcomputerguy
4hPre-SECURE ACT inherited IRA strategy01/09 aerosurfer16:44 grabiner
2pPaying back SS benefits - tax question12:21 jradisch16:38 HueyLD
6hExtra $30,000 to invest, what to buy?15:27 BogleGoggle16:37 grabiner
40tHow to profit from irrational behavior?01/22 embwbam16:33 Beensabu
1hFidelity to VG Rollover questions10:58 stocknoob411116:25 Duckie
7cRecommendation(s) for Banks or CU's in Scottsdale, AZ01/21 summerof4216:15 IMO
1hConservative income ETF or Mutual Fund13:33 Littlefox16:09 sycamore
10cDisposing of old Medicines13:09 sport16:04 bberris
11pHomeowners Insurance in Arizona01/23 johnsmithsf15:59 talzara
5hCompany 401(k) plans12:08 Ependytis15:58 ruralavalon
26pDo we really need a Will or Trust09:32 pk6815:53 asset_chaos
16cLens Cleaning01/19 GiannaLuna15:52 Lente
86cWork from home getting harder01/22 Beach15:34 TheAccountant
7pHomeowner’s Insurance Coverage Way Too High?01/10 eddot9815:33 talzara
7cReal Estate Agent vs. Redfin vs. FSBO advice?14:17 lou4gehrig15:27 wstrdg
41cBest State and National Parks in the Southeast01/22 ThankYouJack15:23 Naismith
1pIllinois solar SREC credit. Is it taxable15:07 Balefire15:20 fabdog
50cHow to deter rodent from chewing wires in car01/15 Kennedy15:19 adventure
42tBitcoin ETF (GBTC): Is 17% premium irrelevant?01/03 Samosa2215:18 spanky123
13pNY Telecommute Tax for Independent Contractor whose only client is in NY01/22 allenlucky15:14 talzara
16pSchwab Bank - mediocre health rating?06/27 NYCaviator15:12 DetroitRick
13tIdeal AA for US vs International Stock01/23 Dr. Dad15:06 jhsu802701
8pAny way to retroactively fix 8606 forms?08:23 Exchme15:06 Nowizard
9pFixed Income in Tax-Deferred: Does This Include CD Ladders?01/22 Kookaburra15:03 MikeG62
4cEndowed Scholarship Concern13:56 Mr. Rumples15:02 Kagord
6cBuying a vehicle from across the country01/22 RobLyons15:01 Cicero123
3pQuestion about refinancing and taxes01/21 unclescrooge14:48 unclescrooge
14t[The Originator of ‘the 4% Rule’ Thinks It’s Off the Mark. Could Be Up to 4.5%]08:49 skime14:44 MikeG62
13cClarifying feature of Chromecast (or other TV Interface)01/21 lawman396614:39 rterickson
8pHow long to keep refinance paperwork?14:07 miamivice14:37 Admiral
5pFSBO housing deal12:57 uberdoc14:33 uberdoc
24pAny (tax) CPAs make the switch solo-practitioner? How did it go?01/20 skier813114:23 MrBobcat
21pScorp owners taking distributions-basis required01/21 theplayer1114:19 theplayer11
6hPortfolio Review and Reduce Funds12/07 Navillus14:13 Navillus
29tTIPS and negative real yields01/22 JAM1314:04 Robot Monster
7pOnline Car Loans?12:24 justsomeguy201814:02 whodidntante
4pReceived 1099-INT from IRS. What is this?01/22 Rose13:54 Rose
2745tThe Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses2016 Earl Lemongrab13:36 jimf
44nHEDGEFUNDIE Strategy for European Investors12/26 ETFlover13:35 SCraw
8hNew Member - Would like porfolio advice07:56 EarlyBird213:35 dbr
57pAdvice to Avoid/Minimize MA Estate Tax01/18 ipdiddly13:27 qwertyjazz
369fPlease Try Out Test Posts Here2007 tfb13:24 Mudpuppy
3pHealthcare selection/employment question01/22 FreddyC13:21 FreddyC
119hI have learned my lesson. No more preaching finances to my friends or family01/21 teacher216313:18 JPM
6hWhere to put cash in 401K for one month01/22 SemiRetire13:14 arcticpineapple
370tWhat is your age and asset allocation ?08/31 poppa2312:58 beernutz
2pFidelity rollover to spouse after death07:55 Bendee12:41 Alan S.
5pSEP contribution to personal account first, then to SEP?08:59 theplayer1112:38 manlymatt83
2hPortfolio Rebalance - sell SNVXX12:25 P3Sooner12:38 wetgear
34cWhat to expect when retiring to NC?01/22 RetiredMike112:33 iamblessed
2h401k overcontribution: withdraw out same $ amount or same # of shares?01/22 centrifuge4112:27 centrifuge41
2hSchwab Self-Directed PCRA vs. Company 401k01/22 ac823812:25 dbr
1tHow do 5/25 bands affect SWR, if at all?11:36 embwbam11:54 vineviz
213pHow to pay ZERO taxes in retirement with 6-figure expenses2011 livesoft11:52 prd1982
22hQuestion about cost basis step-up on death of spouse01/20 BuckeyeState11:51 Alan S.
65pWedding01/21 bitdocmd11:41 GT99
4hGifting appreciated stocks to children and staying under annual exclusion limit01/22 BHFTW11:38 CurlyDave
12cCrawlspace01/20 Mr. Rumples11:37 H-Dog
9hHelp me choose a 403B/457 provider01/22 Stanczyk11:36 ruralavalon
1059pRetiree Portfolio Model2012 BigFoot4811:25 FiveK
38cAccepting payment on used car sale during covid01/14 gas_balloon11:23 jello_nailer
12hTaxable Account Mutual Funds: Schwab or Vanguard01/17 tvaishnav11:20 ruralavalon
5pFed Retiree HSA - Dropping HSABank? Fidelity?01/20 Barefootgirl11:15 yangtui
47cHousing advice - current plan not working01/22 blake2211:07 blake22
27cLong-term satisfaction with your shower wall/system01/20 A44011:04 dbr
2hCan TSP RMD Payments Be Sent to Vanguard Brokerage Directly?09:39 clsms11:00 dbr
15hInvest mom's money in Vanguard or Wealthfront?01/22 coffeecake10:58 Blister
7hPortfolio questions01/21 ashg10:53 dbr
6hRetirement plan review01/23 Chucky41610:51 sailaway
190tWhy does dividend investing not work?2019 Blendstar10:50 CyclingDuo
51pIs Amex Blue Cash preferred card still worth keeping?01/21 bryansmile10:48 MBB_Boy
1pfirst year UTMA tax entry, please help?10:29 simas10:47 Katietsu
15hAlternatives to Bonds for Balancing Portfolio?01/03 Vermont Farmer10:45 ruralavalon
38hPriority of investing versus pay off of mortgage debt01/11 glynixx10:44 BrooklynInvest
5hRetirement fund changes -- should I alter my approach?09:46 oncodoc10:41 galawdawg
90tVanguard 2-factor authentication becoming mandatory and available for non-US04/29 asset_chaos10:41 Broken Man 1999
33tGood buy and hold stock to sell covered calls against.12/29 mojorisin10:29 GrowthSeeker
7hpension credit purchase decision01/02 test12310:24 test123
19hUndervalued Stock Picks01/15 RealEstateGuy10:24 The 19th hole
6hTerminology for a newbie08:48 tominsc10:23 tominsc
15nParaguay/PY investor01/18 thegreatPY10:22 thegreatPY
9cPolyLevel for concrete lifting?01/21 Sidnaw_kid10:21 wallygator
140pSafest/easiest way for spouses to combine gifts?01/08 FIREchief10:14 Lee_WSP
41cHow to focus and keep focused — any recommendations?09/13 SteadyOne10:06 Ivygirl
8tHow is a UTMA taxed after the child reaches majority01/22 Jaferd10:04 Spirit Rider
28hSlow start for 40 year old01/22 Vinwong4409:57 ruralavalon
59tWhy Vanguard?01/21 Djtjak09:55 Cheez-It Guy
336cAny multimillionaire's (more than 2mm) out there still mow their own lawn?01/03 EdNorton09:54 Escapevelocity
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