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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1665 new posts and replies over 207 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
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Subforum - TopicLast   
98cPSA: Don't buy a big house08:47 sunny_socal19:17 dorothyday
16hTiming the market - Some say it’s possible?17:44 BigBevo19:17 Starfish
1p2019 Expenses > 2019 Income – Help us close the gap19:08 Ron Ronnerson19:14 AlohaJoe
441lYour USER NAME...what does it mean?2017 fishandgolf19:14 You Know What I
9hHelp with asset allocation for a retired 65 yo?10/13 walrus6519:13 LadyGeek
291pAlly Banking 1% extra back up to $1,000 on new money deposited10/15 LSLover19:12 Gadget
3hPortfolio advice request10/21 MakeSenseOf5b1U19:10 MakeSenseOf5b1U
1cFinancing Graduate School w/ Employer's Help?16:16 morsk19:10 leeks
2pBad news for alternate payees18:51 Alan S.19:09 Alan S.
49cCar Dealer told us car was Certified, but it isnt13:25 Thegame1419:08 Mr.BB
112tTotal Bond Market Fund - interest rates rising!10/19 HomerJ19:08 patrick013
6pVanguard, Costco, Coursera...17:05 lamp100219:08 sport
1270tThe Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses2016 Earl Lemongrab19:06 lisaneedsbraces
53cCross-country trip via Amtrak10/17 catdude19:06 LadyGeek
27cPlaying with FIRE(Financial Independence) documentary trailer.09/28 lostdog19:05 KlangFool
6pExperian credit freeze10/21 student19:05 student
26pMega Backdoor Roth Mechanics02/25 halldr17719:03 whodidntante
5tHedging tomorrow's tax rates15:30 samsdad19:02 Startled Cat
5pTax Implications of a (very) Appreciated House18:22 Typ997S19:02 Typ997S
218t"Safe" Withdrawal Rate for Early Retirees (or any retiree)10/08 Rowan Oak19:00 visualguy
15tWhat's Your Fixed Income Strategy?14:27 mmnj18:56 mmnj
1hTLH - VTIAX to VFWAX18:42 spidercharm18:55 stocknoob4111
15t"Investing versus debt pay-off?"14:10 Taylor Larimore18:55 willthrill81
58tDFA small value... acitve management?10/20 privatefarmer18:55 Robert T
4tDo you use any economic "theory" in your approach to investing?17:40 Ron Scott18:52 Alexa9
4hVanguard's Personal Advisor10:51 NewBog2118:51 GerryL
35cBeer - Strong German Style Lagers10/20 Atilla18:48 yatesd
118cQuitting w/o notice10/21 gpburdell18:46 LMBFlorida
53cTesla Model 3 Owners: Your experience so far09/05 InvestoGuy18:43 madbrain
3hQuestions about managing parent's conservative investments12:24 francine18:38 megabad
13cCanada Goose Jacket16:19 Keepcalm18:38 davidkw
29cDentist "Service Fee" for Filing Insurance Claim?10/21 totalnoobie18:34 ralph124cf
47tToo Much Apple [AAPL] Stock10/17 Duffydog118:32 bluquark
0cWall insulation material18:32 pieinthesky 
23hShould I sell or rent out my bay area house?19:52 cyberme18:31 visualguy
6pWells Fargo - Premier Banking, relationship managers - good or bad?16:36 Wernerger18:30 Wakefield1
48cCar servicing10/17 jackal18:26 jharkin
29tProtecting large sums of cash.10/20 airahcaz18:22 AlohaJoe
20pNeed Advise: Offer from new job shoulf my wife tell them she is pregnant?16:51 Faisal18:20 MathIsMyWayr
31pRetire now or in the Spring. - changing work conditions10/21 fsrph18:17 SoAnyway
5pIRS - Anyone deal with you owe us more tax letter?16:07 wfrobinette18:17 MarkNYC
39tSet it and forget it10/19 Rick Ferri18:15 Taylor Larimore
11hVanguard cost basis information suddenly "not available online"2016 Intrepyd18:10 Broken Man 1999
8hBest broker for buying US Treasures15:49 Bambuk18:02 ej76az
46hTiming mortgage pay down10/18 AspireToRetire17:57 Ron Scott
33pPut more than 20% down on a house?10/20 gadoc17:57 lotusflower
0hTax Loss Harvesting - noncovered shares?17:55 RandalThor 
4hElapsed time to redeem iBonds?15:31 james_madison17:53 Broken Man 1999
39hFor those who paid off house - how did you do it?10:45 sojirovs17:51 MathWizard
112pDepositing Cash if it was gifted?10/18 LITeacher17:50 Ged
9hnon-governmental 45709:37 spth17:47 megabad
1pSimple question about 2018 gift giving17:13 beautifulsong17:46 Gill
4hWhat else can I do?15:54 tman994017:40 bluquark
5hTSP and Vanguard07:22 wassabi17:38 retiredjg
53hMy Edward Jones IRA is out performing my Vanguard 401K10/20 CashedOut17:37 LarryAllen
7tBuy-And-Hold vs Tax Loss Harvesting16:24 BolderBoy17:35 BolderBoy
122tBarron's Making the Case for Gold09/30 hdas17:28 All Seasons
19tShouldn't Fridays be higher than average due to 401k contributions?15:40 JustinR17:27 Jeff Albertson
8hUK capital but US resident alien10/21 vanrico17:24 jjface
10cHow often does Costco have the deals on 4 Michelin tires?16:33 dm20017:24 dm200
16hTransferring $1.2 Mil taxable to Vanguard10/16 PQ12$17:21 lgs88
54pReal Estate Versus Stocks01/17 Stanchion17:14 Gemini
69cI want to sell my home, but I don't want to fix it up07/23 fredflinstone17:13 kay8bee
35hAnyone using VanguardAdvantage with free checking, Visa Gold Debit/ATM, electronic bill pay, direct deposit, plus more?08/26 mpnret17:13 b4real
14hWWYD, OMY? Portfolio, Do we have enough?11:11 4nursebee17:13 sergeant
3hAdministrator incorrectly followed order, now what?14:56 tenkuky17:12 tenkuky
38pHealth Care Options for 26 year old10/18 yankeefan406517:11 sunny_socal
0hI-bonds or CDs17:07 macintosh 
48cLost Power for 24 hours - what food to toss?10/12 ThankYouJack17:07 sunny_socal
44cnoisy generator10/19 mouses17:02 ResearchMed
6pIs there a wills/trust/estate planning forum you'd recommend2015 hickory16:57 afan
2hNeed advise with investing plan.15:43 palciparum16:56 palciparum
7tMarijuana ETF's09/18 creditdefaultsw16:54 lukestuckenhyme
23pCan you include this in a will?10/18 PoppyA16:53 Gnirk
22pFederal taxes in retirement07:25 4nursebee16:52 The Wizard
1tWhat is the name for this type of portfolio?13:47 BigEater16:50 asset_chaos
11pUSAA homeowner's insurance question10/21 aaflygirl16:49 aaflygirl
37p50% of Cancer Patients Burn Through Their Life's Savings in Just 2 Years11:34 billy26916:47 cs412a
44cWhat to do with >$1000 in Amazon credits?10/21 cookymonster16:31 matatupuncher
0hSuddenly retired...would appreciate asset allocation and withdrawal advice16:28 jpc912 
85tSix stocks make up 98% of S&P 500 gains in 201807/10 letsgobobby16:27 willthrill81
4hTraditional IRA Interfering with Backdoor Roth Converstion15:15 Eric in DC16:26 visualguy
3hportfolio, plan and early retirement10/16 SSM116:11 megabad
5hNeed advice on managing my mother's investments10/21 Charlie Foxtrot16:09 Charlie Foxtrot
5pConfused about compound interest and diminishing returns09:47 abs998616:07 ResearchMed
4pBest Large Deposit Banking Sign-up Deals with High Interest Rate10/21 AlphaLess16:07 LadyGeek
14c2019 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid10/21 tampaite16:07 Typ997S
4hGetting rid of legacy annuity?10/20 siamond16:03 siamond
10hHelp with factoring in inflation14:17 AMG7916:01 mindbogle
67p8 reasons why pensions are [good]10/21 calmaniac16:01 LadyGeek
9hFeedback requested on approximating total stock market22:15 olliema15:58 olliema
7hFunding Roth with Money in Taxable Account21:20 Sammita15:58 Sammita
28cDo I need to buy laptop software?10/21 tennisplyr15:55 Austintatious
12tCard/Account churning to prevent investment tinkering?10/21 MotoTrojan15:53 Fruition15
2hIncur short term losses for more Roth Conversion availability?14:38 enjoyinglife15:52 Peter Foley
17hAm I doing it right?10/20 tin36915:49 arcticpineapple
145tHelp me understand dividends2016 rbaldini15:47 pkcrafter
231p"Open Social Security" calculator: feature requests, bug reports, etc06/06 ObliviousInvest15:46 TBillT
13h529: Just getting started02:53 WAF2415:44 mervinj7
61cWhy are Carbon Offset Credits so cheap?10/20 Cycle15:39 LadyGeek
0hDelaware statutory trust15:39 billthecat 
20cWhich HDHP plan is better, Blue Cross or United10:58 alter15:39 Farmboyslim83
474t2-year CDs at Vanguard and Fidelity Today04/05 Kevin M15:36 Happy2BeFree
20cPet Insurance company recommendation10/16 Swansea15:34 wfrobinette
24pHouse has major repair issues right after buying... options12:56 cdu715:28 123
9hInvesting a $1.5m windfall [Great Britain]10/20 rivarama15:22 vanrico
4hWhere to roll an old 403b13:18 joetown200115:17 Rupert
249cHigh End Wrist Watches (Gone Crazy)2016 corn1815:13 ionenergy
2hswitch bonds to money mkt?14:41 miket2915:11 Taylor Larimore
4hAlly online: Online Access Temporarily Blocked12:21 MathIsMyWayr15:07 grp2c
8hShould I TLH/reallocate and take advantage of current market?10/20 SerenityBlue15:00 SerenityBlue
30tThoughts on 5 year TIPS bonds?10/19 BlueEars14:48 JackoC
118tRich, Broke or Dead: Visualizing probabilities of outcomes in early retirement09/28 EnjoyIt14:42 visualguy
7hNeed brokerage advice, US person living abroad10/16 john7714:32 john77
879c[What TV Show Have You Recently Watched?]2016 dbCooperAir14:23 TwstdSista
650pHow much money do you want to retire?2017 benign_user14:15 visualguy
6pNew business - expenses with zero revenue10/10 oaks14:13 fabdog
15pRoth contribution limits for married filing separately10/21 RustyShacklefor14:11 RustyShacklefor
55cTV recommendation for my father10/11 fsrph14:10 TN_Boy
1hPrivate stock conversion to Roth10/21 Cowbell14:04 mhalley
3tLarry Swedroe: Time Not On Active’s Side08:53 Random Walker14:03 edgeagg
3tUnderstanding Rebalancing, Annual vs on New Cash Inputs20:06 Dink201813:59 ThrustVectoring
7cBuy, Sell, or Hold - Car Dilemma12:09 Fox13:55 thatme
8pNew scam hackers spoofing actual correspondence with your own history22:58 LeeMKE13:55 jalbert
70cGardening 201804/08 Earl Lemongrab13:39 Earl Lemongrab
27pChanging Health Insurance Around Child birth to reduce costs2017 Magikmike13:37 AnsAvi
26t50 Stocks Enough to Diversify Idiosyncratic Risk?10/21 Park13:37 Broken Man 1999
3pShould I own my home through an LLC?12:33 Doug00713:33 unclescrooge
18pAlly 1% bonus and cashing out muni fund10/20 am13:30 MikeG62
2273tThe Three-Fund Portfolio2012 Taylor Larimore13:29 Taylor Larimore
25cSequoia or Land Cruiser08:41 rashad300013:21 WhiteMaxima
0pDisability Benefits Consultants13:11 fiseek77 
22pFinal Decision - Housing10/18 MindTheGAAP12:59 texasdiver
3pMega Backdoor vs Backdoor Roth IRA10/21 pasadena12:59 Earl Lemongrab
10pQuestion about 2018 tax scenario--Roth conversion and capital gain in 201810/21 beautifulsong12:57 beautifulsong
3tIndexed variable annuity question09:15 Kelly12:57 Kelly
60cDIY Home Security: SimpliSafe vs Ooma vs Nest vs Ring vs Other?09/20 Saving$12:57 BashDash
23p2 rental car reservations?10/21 JeanMich12:40 texasdiver
29pNeed advice will vs trust for my situation07/24 RMD381912:40 nyc212
161pWhat I spent in 6 months on medicare07/05 dm20012:34 Nowizard
0pextra monthly cash - taxable or 4.75% building loan?12:32 TarHeel2002 
24pISO taxes and AMT [Incentive Stock Option]09/28 ilala12:27 ilala
5hQuestion on reallocating stocks to bonds10/21 Closer232312:26 deikel
2pFlexible spending account for Invisalign08:56 Carson12:15 Carson
18cShort trip to Orlando with my parents and children10/20 beserker12:10 28fe6
32hSetting up Backdoor Roth IRA, can't figure out where to stuff IRA08/22 DanEmmy12:04 mhalley
12cSix Pillars of Self-Esteem: Nathaniel Branden10/07 kayanco12:00 kayanco
6cChase Sapphire Reserve -points for family ?10/20 andyandyandy11:53 bob60014
8hAny government guaranteed money market funds available?21:35 Five11:48 Valuethinker
5p1099 for Solo 401k01:02 RamblinDoc11:46 Misenplace
7cPixel phone: can't make or receive calls but data works08:00 CULater11:39 CULater
1hETF trading above NAV11:37 CarpeDiem2211:38 oldcomputerguy
16hAmerican Century Small Cap ASVIX19:43 edvest11:28 nedsaid
5cToshiba CB2 2015 CB35-C3300 w/ HD screen???20:33 htdrag1111:04 htdrag11
6cAdditional charges for kids in Las Vegas hotels09:30 FB0110:54 dm200
33hFinally ready to start investing in RothIRA (23yrs old)10/16 ynotyese.710:49 ynotyese.7
6hHSA eligibility if two health insurance?08:57 lostlost10:38 lostlost
3cCruise America RV rental experience?10/21 JeanMich10:38 drew1976
39tDebunking Bonds in Taxable10/08 Cartographer10:28 international00
25hFiduciary using funds with a front load?10/18 GutCheck10:14 GutCheck
4pDeferred Compensation Plan01:36 Rick7710:09 QoolQat
48hPortfolio advise (30 something) from NL10/06 Sinsji10:00 international00
11cHow to open a sealed up fireplace?10/21 knightrider09:57 Smoke
14tIs there a case for Active in fixed income?10/21 hdas09:56 jeffyscott
10hOld Newbie Looking For The Same Advice?10/21 mintChocolateCh09:47 Jack FFR1846
78cPersonal Adventure - recommendations10/16 seychellois_lib09:41 WhyNotUs
152pWhere would you go for financial guidance if you win the Megamillions?10/17 CULater09:30 10.06am
47cLufthansa Premium Economy2017 frugalecon09:22 WhyNotUs
0tExclusions from my Fidelity reimbursement guarantee09:08 tadamsmar 
90pWhen to stop putting money into an older vehicle10/14 rashad300008:52 Nova1967
23hLong Term Bonds for Young Retirement Investors10/21 K2L08:51 Valuethinker
31cAmex premium car rental insurance not kicking in09/27 goaties08:30 goaties
19hAvoiding excess HSA contributions.10/20 EdLaFave08:23 Spirit Rider
0hDoes this look like a workable retirement investment plan for me and my siblings? [Germany]08:22 TheGreek 
1971tWhat are you up YTD? [Year To Date]2014 InvestorNewb08:18 lostdog
73tDo Advisers Add $$$ Value?06/30 Rick Ferri08:15 packer16
24cHeadlamp for dog walking10/20 charley08:09 Katietsu
7hRebalance 401(k) and Roth10/20 veritas et virt07:30 BL
5pHealth Insurance bridge until medicare20:07 boglemania07:27 Retired2013
7tAvoiding Wash Sale: FSTVX -> ITOT10/19 dbk07:19 retiredjg
10tDo you use mobile apps to assist with your investments?10/20 Gamma Ray06:54 GrowthSeeker
5hSolo 401K contributions year of death10/06 LeeMKE04:05 LeeMKE
23h“The Worst Kind of Bear Market”10/20 ribonucleic03:26 Valuethinker
15hRobo or Self managed?10/20 vss03:19 typical.investo
12hConstructing a 100% equity diversified Factor portfolio10/19 Daedalu503:16 jalbert
5cPrivacy Protections for a Patient Death Preceding Passage of HIPAA23:04 Canopus02:28 ResearchMed
5hUnavoidable market timing decision - RSU vesting20:41 HEDGEFUNDIE23:50 randomizer
70tMoneytalk with Bob Brinker coming to an end09/28 Jim18023:49 smectym
35pCo-pay accumulators in new health plans10/19 madbrain23:40 madbrain
83tVanguard Precious Metals and Mining Fund is changing07/27 asif40823:35 saves nine
13tHow long will TIAA Trad (3.5%) stay ahead of the fixed income pack?10/21 b0B23:30 jalbert
33tPhysicianOnFire blog: "Tax Loss Harvesting with Vanguard: A Step by Step Guide"10/20 Taylor Larimore22:33 Methedras
20hInvesting During Retirement10/16 Helpmebogle22:29 hawkfan55
20hNeed some advice getting started at 34yo (updated 10/21/2018)09/27 Laymen22:29 BL
40pHas anyone taken out an online mortgage?08/07 CULater22:15 rayout
588cMy 2017 CRV is a victim of the dreaded oil gas-dilution issue03/14 CULater22:00 CULater
14p529: multiple accounts for the same beneficiary10/18 boglebrain21:59 HereToLearn
14pReceived strange letter from IRS10/20 Hayden21:53 HIinvestor
5hNew early retiree, looking to start this off correctly10/20 tntopspin21:50 tntopspin
68cWhy Purchase an Automobile using Premium Gasoline?10/21 Nowizard21:48 LadyGeek
31pFirst RMD is due last day of year10/21 praxis21:46 Alan S.
16tUS Large Cap Value - valuation?10/21 ge121:24 columbia
6hWife Left Job - What Do I do with 403(b), 457(b), and Pension Contributions?10/21 Messner800020:40 krow36
4tQuestion about the book Bogleheads' Guide to Investing10/20 frotec20:28 wolf359
10p529 Gift Tax10/21 black_knight_3220:23 mschurner
3346cWhat Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI2014 Alex Frakt20:04 Halicar
17cNo power in half the house10/21 unclescrooge19:21 dratkinson

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