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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1617 new posts and replies over 213 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
# Replies Subforum - Topic TitleFirst Last   
Subforum - TopicLast   
28pTo What Extent Do You Subsidize Adult Children ?05:15 dagsboro07:58 HomeStretch
35pIncome Tax in Philadelphia08:54 Leesbro6307:53 Leesbro63
63hI think it's time for me to get back in total bond fund04/15 corn1807:53 rkhusky
21ciPhone 15 compare to iPhone XR - much of a difference?03/20 CloseEnough07:52 CloseEnough
0cTravel insurance: why ever buy a stand alone policy vs using credit card?07:52 MtnTravel 
34pMedical school (DO school) - Are we thinking right?12:53 Indexfan8907:51 folkher0
3tRatings on New ETFs06:46 darylt07:50 z3r0c00l
326hDie with Zero - opinions?04/15 maroon07:49 Leesbro63
0pclosing Roth i401k at Vanguard07:47 Areliax 
26pWhat's your current savings rate?18:52 playboy_number907:46 Triple digit go
5tSmall Caps in TSM, Illusion of Diversification?21:30 JSPECO907:45 nisiprius
4pWhat was your effective tax rate in 2023?07:14 Workqa07:45 Billionaire
3049tModified versions of HFEA with ITT and Futures / Lifecycle Investing with Modern Portfolio Theory2021 skierincolorado07:44 Kbg
8pContemplating taking a step back...somehow. Could use some perspective02:14 mopman7807:43 tashnewbie
5hNon Deductible IRA Pro rata for Roth Backdoor?09:04 Orange4407:40 magicrat
7hAdvice requested: Cash-heavy with retirement nearing in 2030s17:48 phillytim07:39 HomeStretch
10pCA 529 "Scholarshare" 2.5% Penalty18:30 Tweakit07:38 Ambassador Spoc
6hStable Value Fund - rate lag question15:23 life_force_pran07:37 hudson
30cObserving Tree Removal09:29 LaramieWind07:33 Jack FFR1846
9tWhat happens to 529 funds if I die before they are spent?04/17 Swimmer07:32 toddthebod
6764tI Bonds Mega Thread (I Bond Heads Rejoice!)2021 tomsense7607:31 Beachey
16hFidelity vs Vanguard expense ratio on FSKAX vs VTSAX19:09 letsgonow07:28 HomeStretch
21pIs there a job that offers early retirement healthcare after working for 5-10 years?04/12 gwu1107:27 Swansea
19cAlaska tour after cruise13:59 nonnie07:21 MrNarwhal
8pUse Roth IRA to Pay off Credit Card Debts15:09 vaharrison07:20 retiredjg
6hELI5, treasury bond buying opportunity?10:56 retire57nh07:17 nisiprius
213pThe cost of not using credit cards with rewards?04/14 etfan07:17 student
10tMath! And inflation decay of pension.20:29 BirdFood07:17 CyclingDuo
30cIPhone unavailable and locked04/16 S_Track07:16 dknightd
61pShould we pull the plug and go OMY? (When do I stop??)04/16 OMY07:14 OMY
7hLooking for reassurance with portfolio choices10:57 Rosewoody07:11 hudson
24pHow can I close my Solo 401(k)?16:06 chaser07:07 Pete3
18cPortugal trip04/14 JackE07:00 Chardo
7pAnother when to take Social Security question:15:19 Carnell0432106:56 dcabler
39tInvesting like a Boglehead is easy but investing like a Boglehead is hard04/14 gavinsiu06:46 dcabler
31hConsidering Schwab10:12 WhitePuma06:44 legio XX
13tTax Tables -- any feedback?18:48 mkawasaki06:37 Katietsu
9cHELOC uses16:49 YeahBuddy06:36 YeahBuddy
9h401k to IRA to withdrawal for retirement expenses18:21 ajpond06:22 Retired2013
224cSupermarket pizza - any good ones? Any great ones?02/11 PeninsulaPerson06:21 snackdog
5tIs any time a good time to adjust asset location04/17 drr109906:15 LeslieSmiley
18pYahoo Changed Something and Now My Spreadsheet is Broken04/17 JSparks06:06 PeninsulaPerson
129tConvincing others to leave an advisor04/12 4nursebee06:04 LeslieSmiley
5pProperty purchase help12:34 moximouse05:59 Bikesy
3205tNow that long TIPS yields have breached 2.25% again I will…2022 McQ05:53 dogagility
78tVanguard to Exit Individual 401(k), Multi-SEP, and SIMPLE IRA Plans With Ascensus Deal04/16 foolio9705:41 HomeStretch
3hQCDs at age 70 1/201:35 razorbacker05:22 jebmke
21cVanguard Survey04/04 drzzzzz05:15 StevieG72
46cHome internet speed question04/16 hoops77704:54 iamlucky13
20hDJT shorting?16:25 Toller04:44 madbrain
31p"At Vanguard, my voice is my password" - Still Good Practice?04/11 Small Law Survi03:38 madbrain
27hInherited IRA and RMDs08:50 josephny03:24 josephny
4hRoth 401k or Traditional 401k09:47 tdough2103:21 BitTooAggressiv
20hLeveraged funds vs underlying assets?04/17 Moogamouth03:20 BirdFood
11hIs VNQ unnecessary in my portfolio?04/12 playboy_number903:03 BitTooAggressiv
166cLiving in 55+ Communities?2023 Joyful02:48 THY4373
2hISO Basic math re: best yields00:42 Bayrn7702:07 Morik
11hRetirement Related Readiness/Investiments04/14 menka02:01 doobiedoo
1844tRobinhood 3% IRA Match08/07 BobbleyBob02:00 Morik
5604tInternational (Non-US) versus US Equities (The "Arguments")07/23 CraigTester00:44 JBTX
17hRolling I bonds into a 52901/01 INLAFF00:43 chemocean
11223cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36800:26 jginseattle
4tTax Loss Harvesting 10105/31 PeterParker23:31 Hyperchicken
3tMel's Midcaps - Avantis19:26 PhraRam23:14 Dottie57
5953cWhat are you listening to now2020 Artful Dodger22:43 Nicolas
2nAustralian investor commsec - expanding to ETFs & newbie advice04/17 peachherb22:32 peachherb
36hNeed Input on Plan to Move to Vanguard Indexes04/07 DSILVER22:31 DSILVER
4pSECURE 2.0 Emergency Savings Option17:46 krafty8122:18 whodidntante
121cAutos Collecting and Selling Our Driving Info? Is this real?03/23 Hogan77322:13 ClaycordJCA
7pNeed to amend my State return - Do I need to amend Federal return too?10/23 dang122:11 TheRoundHeadedK
2hRecord keeping19:50 doodlelou22:09 123
34pWashington State Estate Tax / Gifting04/16 AS791122:01 capran
4608cWhat frugal thing did you do today?2017 Nectarineman21:56 Nicolas
11hInvesting advice for newbie in Puerto Rico04/17 seba82821:46 seba828
11papparently you need less than you think you do to live comfortably in retirement20:33 rule of law guy21:37 ClaycordJCA
3pHelp with TreasuryDirect form 54462022 fetch548221:24 RfoleyHenry
290pFirst Republic line of credit - 100k @ 2.25%, any concerns? [And other financial considerations]2021 cogito21:24 mentos
37hMerit still to Harry Browne's Permanent Portfolio idea?04/11 PeninsulaPerson21:22 technovelist
5hHow can I know if withdrawals have been made from my TIAA account?11:46 MoolaGrow21:18 cheese_breath
4278tTrading Treasuries (nominal and TIPS)2022 Kevin M21:16 jeffyscott
31hTalk to me about Qualified Charitable Contributions (QCDs) from traditional IRAs04/16 texasdiver21:16 texasdiver
10pPreparing property for sale (order of operations)04/18 drr109921:14 snackdog
715tTotal Portfolio Allocation and Withdrawal (TPAW)2020 Ben Mathew21:11 Horton
106hMidLife Crisis04/13 bhamerica21:09 Vanguard User
7709cWhat Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI2014 Alex Frakt21:03 nisiprius
1142tTaxation of Treasury bills, notes and bonds2022 Kevin M21:00 HereToLearn
110tLMP/TIPS Ladder Pros & Cons Master Thread02/23 TheTimeLord20:49 rossington
1hWhat's my tax basis?20:31 mustang1120:45 aristotelian
6cPercussive massage devices04/17 4nursebee20:39 Marathon Man
11hLooking for advice on CD ladder versus VMFXX04/08 Bennie20:34 Sandtrap
15cSelling precious metals online04/16 roamingzebra20:32 roamingzebra
25tWho has been retired on the 4% rule for the longest?04/14 alex12371120:24 HanSolo
10hHow big of a concern is this [holdings in single mutual fund > insurance limit]10:13 goldfinger2220:18 bonesly
6hRecommend Investing/Retirement Guides/Resources04/16 daheld20:14 Squirrel208
40cGoogle Drive security04/12 stocknoob411120:12 stocknoob4111
2pInternational Property Gift14:46 Ollie12320:12 Ollie123
5pTerm Life Conversion Extension Rider Worth It?14:31 Palsgraf8620:12 Palsgraf86
12tBest brokerage platform for taxable investing?04/28 supersharpie20:11 calwatch
31hNewbie Portfolio Question03/19 bjorn77320:07 bonesly
10hStocks or Cash for Social Security Bridge?04/17 Charles Joseph19:43 David Jay
36pFidelity warning that account will be declared abandoned property04/17 neowiser19:42 Lee_WSP
4pPSA: H&R Block online software is incorrect on solo 401(k) limits04/06 Charon19:42 MrPersuader
96hMoney Market Funds vs US equities right now?04/08 msterrr19:35 KBR
9lBH meeting w/ Nords- Military Service: Financial & Life Lessons- 4/17/24-8:00 pm ET03/27 Miriam219:29 Nords
114cAnother Where to Retire Thread - Waterfront Towns?2021 2marshmallow19:28 KBR
24cAquarium and home fishkeeping2021 Bill McNeal19:23 nvboglehead
6hNeed Help on Possible Retirement14:49 sandleo698119:21 bonesly
8011tThe Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses2016 Earl Lemongrab19:16 tj
75pHelp understanding whole life inforce illustration2021 exodusNH19:12 exodusNH
15hConsidering dropping my FA but have a few questions12/28 SB202319:10 Stinky
29pFidelity Rewards CC: Depositing the rewards to a Roth?04/16 theRoCK19:09 Olemiss540
6hAVUV Sector Concentration01/24 Agitated_Analys19:02 KyleAAA
29cBasement Dehumidifier2022 LifeIsGood18:46 Metsfan91
15tHow do Fidelity, Schwab, Vanguard etc afford to maintain retirement accounts for free04/17 Robin123418:42 Robin1234
0tBasis error for SNXFX (Schwab 1000 Index)18:41 SnakeEyes 
25pHow many LLC's do I need for rentals ?04/13 arnik8318:39 zie
204cTesla self driving car2022 tc10118:34 vbdoug
23cGolfing Community Near the Ocean12:26 fishmonger18:26 toomanysidehust
25hInsurance Co attempting to change terms of contract03/19 cvn74n218:18 Stinky
34hAre t-bills not worth the effort now vs. VMFXX?11/04 LeftCoastIV18:16 flow580
26cDo All AmEx cards allow purchase of Premium Car Rental Ins?04/17 DebiT18:15 fatima526
673tVanguard Cash Plus Account01/12 stan118:10 manlymatt83
65pBehind financially, should we buy a house?04/17 pineland18:09 madbrain
48cContemplating new car purchase04/15 rocket35418:01 JoeJohnson
3hAdd international to taxable?17:07 dougspitz17:40 Da5id
2tEtrade and Morgan Stanley04/18 investor231i17:15 rv26
0nReducing tax obligation resulted from Canadian Registered Pansion Plan by claiming CCA on rental property17:09 rockyflats 
40hYoung Centennial looking to learn04/16 DonBogleone17:06 cbs2002
8tEffective interest rate of a 401k loan04/13 fyre4ce17:02 fyre4ce
0pAntigua Citizenship Investment16:59 DolphinVA 
12pFinancial Records Retention2023 tomd3716:57 eddot98
3pAccount inactivity and closure or going to state13:19 gavinsiu16:53 gavinsiu
147hDo Bogleheads "Buy the Dip"?02/03 followtheplan16:49 Lextalionis
2hExcess contributions to Roth IRA over multiple years04/08 lsun120116:48 lsun1201
10hBest Mid Cap Fund for SCV Heavy Portfolio12:43 Chocolatebar16:48 dcabler
6tHousing outlook16:26 herennow16:45 rockstar
0tbid-ask spread variance16:43 jackal 
11pNot your normal “Do I take new job offer or stay at current job” post04/17 takingcharge16:34 cbs2002
7hNearing Retirement Questions on Portfolio and Plan10:51 pjskater16:32 pjskater
5tEarnings Growth vs. Dividend Yield (definition)04/17 Jary31616:18 Jary316
17nAdvice for UK based American young professional2022 Leela16:09 Redstar222
43pShould I Quit My Big Law Job or Go Part-Time?04/15 CedarRams16:08 EddyB
6242pFidelity as a one stop shop2018 BogleMelon16:02 tj
16nInvesting for American Expat in UK10/02 Redstar22216:01 Redstar222
17cNeed advice regarding replacing front door03/24 skp15:56 pshonore
80nKeeping Vanguard account as Non resident Alien2019 saroop15:52 TedSwippet
51tRisks of going all TIPS/i-Bonds for bond allocation?04/11 gwu1115:45 avalpert1
6cNew car market (Honda CR-V?), April 202414:49 psteinx15:37 YeahBuddy
125pBest way to be a first-time home buyer if I intend to move in three years?01/16 JustGotScammed15:32 chassis
15hWhere to hold emergency cash?04/16 Badgered15:24 the_wiki
61tFidelity introducing fees on ETFs from 9 firms03/29 Gaston15:22 JamesSFO
2pCalifornia Part Year Resident Taxes14:33 Guiseppe15:05 Big Dog
17cThe current crop of NonAlcoholic spirits?04/15 LaurenRose14:59 heisenberg.
41tStaying in 12% tax bracket w/ annual Roth conversion02/02 Livelife2fulles14:59 jeffyscott
118hEffectiveness of swapping between muni & treasury money markets2023 hkcj14:56 Hogan773
8pquestion on stock cost basis01/07 mymoney202214:56 felizcortez
14cSecurity checklist04/13 stocknoob411114:53 stocknoob4111
12pLoan forgiveness (not college)04/16 rick5114:51 nostresshere
208p$2.5M networth under 40 now what?2021 Bb07308414:50 Bb073084
6pshould my friend get a reverse mortgage HECM?04/16 linter14:49 nostresshere
14pCritique the approach - Reduce Primary home Mortgage loan by Selling Rental home04/08 Naturelover14:48 Naturelover
29pComparing job offers..04/11 redfan1114:46 innovation4U
28pMoving from Vanguard to Schwab or Fidelity04/17 silvervknight14:39 tuningfork
27hNovice Investing04/16 cbaur8814:33 bonesly
31cNice / Simple Single Serve Pour Over Coffee set up?11/20 ThankYouJack14:32 KlangFool
364pAble to Retire Early, but concerned with Healthcare Coverage04/12 aciaitf14:27 jeffyscott
29hPortfolio Help(changing to 3 fund portfolio)03/31 windowdog14:10 windowdog
4pTax Return Impacts of 2023 Roth Full Recharacterization and Conversion04/17 mws4ua14:10 Eagle33
11hWhat to do with municipal bonds after retirement?04/15 neopsych1214:09 Thranduil
68pAuto finance rates - my word04/17 slyboots14:08 BruDude
12hTaxable account VOO & VBR?04/17 LanceSoFast114:04 cacophony
12hWhat Fidelity money market fund has the better after tax yield FDLXX or FSPXX ?04/14 Connemara13:54 Thranduil
146pAnybody Else Having Trouble Connecting to H&R Block to efile Your Tax Return?04/14 morsetaper213:54 dodecahedron
39pFee-Only Advisor: What are the costs?04/15 CashFlo13:48 student
15tCloset Indexing04/17 delamer13:42 afan
14h403B Rollover to Roth IRA04/12 JL30113:41 lakpr
5tTIPS funds tax reporting and distribution history11:37 exodusing13:41 FactualFran
41cWhich California city for vacation?04/13 nimo95613:40 adamthesmythe
11pIndividual Financial Institution Fraud Alerts?04/11 I_Am_Not_A_Doct13:37 I_Am_Not_A_Doct
32tHow are your 1999 investments faring now?04/08 JustGotScammed13:27 CyclingDuo
15pCan we document legal guidelines for Successor advisor of our Donor Advised Fund (DAF)?02/08 nyc21213:25 avalpert1
29tEquity Risk Premium as a S&P 500 barometer04/16 Abakus13:25 Logan Roy
10hShield Strategy Lazy Portfolio10:29 jjgaucho13:20 the_wiki
27pNo RMD in 2024 for certain IRA beneficiaries04/16 bsteiner13:16 MainelyMoose
83cCrazy to get a new car after 8 months? Which EV?04/03 MCST13:06 seawolf21
21tIs there a smart way to use 2x/3x LETFs in one's portfolio?04/15 okmanl12:58 Logan Roy
10pChanging HSA custodians. Can this trigger a wash sale?04/10 Ctf12:55 Ctf
19pmy CPA "does not believe in IRS Form 8606"04/17 JohnFiscal12:41 chasemp
5tVanguard Pushing Advice11:07 jimbok_mb12:34 LadyGeek
5hNew Investor > Ready to self-manage! Need guidance!04/16 juniper258612:19 bonesly
11hhow to properly account for value of a TIPS ladder04/17 syc12:14 dbr
8pHas anyone taken an RMD in stock instead of cash?04/17 nyc21212:01 nyc212
5pSolo 401(k) mega backdoor roth (after-tax) contribution calculation04/14 Daddy11:45 Daddy
3hVCADX vs VTEC09:38 jaMichael11:30 Cocoa Beach Bum
3pDo I need to amend? (1099-MISC [scholarship] and 1098-T received unexpectedly after filing)04/15 grammaticus11:23 chemocean
5p[Question about] Online social Security application process04/17 Zeva2411:18 BogleTaxPro
4tCan you short BOXX to use as a loan?04/17 tcrez11:12 Lawyered_
44pHow to set the basis in inherited property from life estate?2019 BlueEars11:07 bsteiner
148tWhat's Been The Best Investment of Your Lifetime?04/01 JustGotScammed11:06 Hacksawdave
32hWhere to invest after maxing out 401k and roth?04/13 bumblebee3011:03 KATNYC
40hTo buy iBonds now or wait? What do you recommend?03/08 Aguilar10:59 LeslieSmiley
14pchoosing a part D Medicare plan?04/16 miket2910:32 carolinaman
129tCan you do better than BND, Part 2: Test across bear and bull markets03/25 McQ10:31 Indyhou
39cWhat's behind low price of used Tesla EVs04/16 Elysium10:14 bertilak
25hHow to minimize LT Capital Gains on a big stock win04/17 DM201610:12 RyeBourbon
40hIt seems the market knows to punish me when I deviate from the Boglehead way04/17 tcrez10:03 MrBobcat
14p(Resolved) IRS hasn’t debited tax $ yet04/16 Weathering09:59 Thesaints
7pDidn’t file 8606 forms with taxes04/12 2021retiree09:36 leeks
7hHow would you handle a D.R.O.P. account in your asset allocation04/17 whitemiata09:17 Walkure
119pIRS slow this year (2024)02/10 djmbob08:53 rkhusky
24tIs Vanguard now turning off check writing after one year of inactivity?07/22 water235708:45 rkhusky
10tHow to determine what % of taxes to be withheld from Social Security04/16 TnGuy08:12 Monster99
68pfeeling stuck with kid expenses and this phase of life03/07 impala0108:04 Van

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