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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1808 new posts and replies over 228 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
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Subforum - TopicLast   
11cTreadmill recommendations12:19 Las22:05 lightheir
6954pRefinance Mega Thread2019 AZAttorney1122:04 need403bhelp
13hHelp my try to rationalize why I should ignore Nasdaq12:52 Carguy8522:03 Fclevz
67pShould I go for online Will making software?05/16 gurusw22:03 palanzo
15tNJ Municipal MM closed and will liquidate12:55 heartwood22:02 palanzo
4hWhat paperwork to retain to prove IRA/401K contributions was within annual legal limits?09/24 userwithconcern21:59 grabiner
2tWhat do funds do with accumulated dividends before payout?21:38 LittletonRetire21:58 JoMoney
49pMilitary FIRE; 7 years to go & losing motivation--HELP!2018 PMM3268321:58 qwertyjazz
20tThings to know when buying Individual Foreign Stock on US Exchange19:46 00021:52 HenryPorter
34pDental practice billing09/22 tenkuky21:51 Carguy85
84pAt what networth is okay to splurge on a 200k car ? (Tesla roadster)13:32 sjl33321:48 000
4cAdding a NAS Drive: Difficulty Level13:34 Coltrane7521:45 Nearly A Moose
6hRoth IRA Investing - Is there a rule of thumb?09/24 pshacha21:44 grabiner
37hHow to combine finances with your spouse? Recently married/early30s13:35 ChiLawyer21:44 CyclingDuo
40pLarge Nest Egg...should I run a deficit to pay a larger mortgage?09/24 unknownENG21:40 grabiner
54hRebalancing to 50/5009/18 Kayaking21:36 bog007
12cPHEV + Solar panels + Midwest13:03 chrismj21:36 Norgeiron
25cAny Blended Scotch Drinkers Here?15:53 tomd3721:34 onthecusp
30cInternet trouble, specifically ZOOM09/24 Maven21:32 silverlitegs
2907tSmall Cap Value heads Rejoice !!!2019 hdas21:32 000
8884tU.S. stocks continue to soar!2018 GoldStar21:31 mrspock
33pHome Listing Mess-Up09/21 Coltrane7521:29 michaeljc70
86hVXUS - Why? [Vanguard Total International Stock ETF]09/22 greek-yogurt21:27 alexp
2cAndroid 11 on Pixel 3A question21:06 Kalo21:26 tibbitts
2hVTSAX & VFIAX dividend distributions timing09/20 Mode3221:23 Mode32
25hStandard Boglehead Portfolio plus Small Cap Value (SCV) tilt from AVUV. Does my tilt percentage make sense?09/24 wizard90321:15 rkhusky
40cWhat's your favorite reasonably priced gin?10:49 heartwood21:13 Kalo
7pHow to approach kid’s middle school / high school / college decisions?17:12 charleypartanna21:12 quantAndHold
19hDoes my house payment budget make sense?09/24 portfolio12321:11 CyclingDuo
7hIf you owned Wellington would you have to file a schedule 1 on your taxes if you did not sell any shares?13:02 iamblessed21:10 iamblessed
6393tHEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure Part II: The next journey2019 HEDGEFUNDIE21:08 manlymatt83
31hPortfolio help - Losing Money with Index Funds09/19 MissOptimist21:08 dratkinson
31pSet my heart on a Navy Federal Credit Union mortgage...anyway I could join?02/17 xerxes10121:07 peseta
10hVTWAX [Roth IRA - Three-funds to Two-funds]09/24 Mario222221:06 LadyGeek
25hVTSAX & VTWAX08/28 Mario222221:04 LadyGeek
11t10 Smartest Things Ever Said about Investing by Jack Bogle09/23 Taylor Larimore21:02 marklearnsbogle
35pRetired physicians (but others ok too. ;))09/23 is50xenough20:59 gasdoc
5794cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36820:54 cheese_breath
4hVanguard ESG corporate bond ETF (VCEB)12:54 Xrayman6920:53 000
1204pMy LenderFi refinance is going well01/15 abyan20:53 Jagger
46pHow to structure inheritance/trust08/05 christiek20:49 neverpanic
19pShould I have an estate plan at this point in my life?11:25 Bogle64Pilot20:48 FIREchief
17pDave Ramsey Home Affordability Calculator18:21 stocknoob411120:48 Kelrex
100pAlly Bank savings interest rate dropping from 0.8% to 0.6%09/24 anon_investor20:48 happydaze412
35cPossible Relocation to Columbus, OH Area09/20 blackwhisker20:47 camiboxer
16tDo I Need to Keep My Life Insurance Policy?09/24 LMK520:46 Blister
2hHow does my hypothetical portfolio look?20:14 germx12220:39 000
3hLooking for help structuring three fund portfolio between 6 accounts09/15 TommyTwoTone20:36 TommyTwoTone
9hnew physician looking for investment advice?09/23 Physician10120:29 medt
9pHelp confirm the best mortgage options2019 zrzhu11120:27 zrzhu111
1h403b options- equally-weighted fund18:53 uberdoc20:25 David Jay
4hWhat to choose-ETFs vs Mutual Funds.11:10 IndyMachiner20:25 Eagle33
5hRebalancing in Vanguard18:12 MissOptimist20:24 telemark
5cAnyone use the Blueberry Pediatrics subscription or something similar?09/23 notmyhand20:22 mega317
151cPC Build Thread 202009/02 Independent Geo20:22 Brain
7tClean Energy ETFs06:00 occambogle20:17 aristotelian
11pPreparing for Large Sum of Money - Where to Allocate09/23 socialforums20120:09 patrick013
31pCost Basis problem transfer of assets from Vanguard to Schwab09/23 557880yvi20:06 theresearcher
67tStock Market Recent Sell Off Mystery09/24 boogiehead20:04 Semantics
19hLooking for 529 plans with Vanguard Index Funds as 100% of holdings and lowest total fees09/24 TommyTwoTone20:01 inbox788
9hAsset "Location"....17:09 Boogieknight19:58 alex_686
16hEmerging Markets Multifactor ETF06/14 VillageVanguard19:57 VillageVanguard
27cAnyone Have A Solo Stove?09/21 RJC19:55 DoubleComma
13hTwo 401k accounts: Previous and Current Employer08:44 summerof4219:43 lakpr
10pGift Tax Question17:04 gouldnm19:40 MarkNYC
6tHow ETF charge their Expense ratio?19:01 flash_os19:37 alex_686
8cWhich car to sell first13:28 7eight919:35 quantAndHold
8nInteractive Brokers: domicile, insurance, taxes09/11 Urgestein19:33 theresearcher
66pHospital bill for deceased parent...received 2 years later.09/21 shorty31319:27 bengal22
11hAbout to retire and looking for consolidation/asset allocation suggestions09/24 newstudentofbog19:24 Watty
134cA simpler car.09/23 SmallCityDave19:23 Tingting1013
4pHSA Return of Excess Contribution23:54 3funds4life19:22 3funds4life
18hMaxed out tax-advantaged space, next steps2019 Doctor_ice19:10 1789
69tMyths of international investing - Fidelity09/24 pkcrafter18:55 petulant
165pPaying off sub 4% mortgage interest rate early09/11 Frugalbear18:54 EnjoyIt
2136c[What TV Show Have You Recently Watched?]2016 dbCooperAir18:54 You Know What I
2414tThe Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses2016 Earl Lemongrab18:53 Thrifty Femme
1223tJack Bogle - Two Fund Portfolio2016 abuss36818:47 spdoublebass
35pTech/IT to govt jobs13:18 Wannaretireearl18:43 oldfort
19pSaving for a downpayment - little by little, or later lump sum?09/21 muffins1418:41 gr7070
11hSpousal Roth IRA - Backdoor13:56 pshacha18:40 retiredjg
33cSmall Travel Trailer Advise needed09/24 beatle202018:35 p14175
3pWhat’s the max initial investment in a 52918:04 Swimmer18:35 rkhusky
143tNever Ever Rebalance Bonds into Stocks?09/22 Leesbro6318:32 RadAudit
24pGazillionth mortgage pay off question09:16 Frugalbear18:27 goingup
30c3G 4G 5G09/24 egrets18:25 inbox788
35nTransferWise vs Schwab for EUR to USD recurring transfers08/26 sociableorg18:18 hunoraut
8hShould I make 2020 Roth IRA contributions, or wait? What have you done?11:23 cogito18:13 Duckie
1pLook up COVID disaster relief loans17:20 augustwest7318:10 7eight9
171cPSA: switch to LED light bulbs and save hundreds per year08/22 Afty18:07 TomatoTomahto
11hVTSAX for roughly 10 year investment?09/24 dvb31617:58 whereskyle
6pAvoiding Estate Tax09/24 davey17:37 hereverycentcou
67cTesla battery day.09/22 4nursebee17:35 hagridshut
22pDependent care expenses - we're going to lose a ton because of Covid09/24 interwebopinion17:25 beachairs
13hWere mutual fund share numbers rounded down when transferring from Vanguard to Merrill Edge?08:24 pinkpigh17:19 David Jay
79cWhat can I expect from new golf clubs09/20 dodgy5517:03 TN_Boy
120lMetro Atlanta Bogleheads Local Chapter2016 vbonthu16:56 drummerboy
577tWhy not 100% PSLDX?03/04 TeeDee16:55 M1garand30064
19cCheapest place to get subscription to Wall Street Journal08/31 Maverick332016:50 stefanich
7hTrust investment question09/24 TRTikka16:42 bsteiner
359tIt's Not Different This Time03/22 White Coat Inve16:42 White Coat Inve
70pWhat happens if your income comes in below the minimum for the ACA?09/22 7out16:37 7out
1tWhy are charts telling me different things?16:13 Brownie_lsl16:25 csmath
50hBuckets in Retirement09/24 bpkasl16:18 Dandy
30tBrokerages for Futures Trading in IRA?2019 jt416:16 EfficientInvest
9hNYSDCP and the 3 fund portfolio09/24 TeeMo16:14 retire2022
10pUsing Margin Loan to Buy House14:31 thebeerfund16:10 MarkerFM
40hHow to get $200,000 into the market (dollar cost averaging or...)09/24 coloradobjj16:05 dbr
10hPortfolio review and encouragement to continue with law practice09:01 FatRabbit0116:04 SavinMaven
21pParents have no elder care plan - What are the concerns?11:44 Cobra Commander15:58 tashnewbie
38hFidelity Zero funds vs Vanguard performance09/21 Brucie15:54 alex_686
12pIs there any investment products can guarantee 2-3% annual return?12:30 bo10595402715:48 gougou
6hquestion about a wash sale09/23 sjhotwings15:45 livesoft
2nMoving part of nest egg to Euro [Germany ex-pat in US]14:17 Enlil15:40 TedSwippet
113cWhy buy medical insurance ?09/21 beyou15:24 JBTX
6pPaying estimated taxes question09/24 Tejfyy15:18 kaneohe
4pCaptive Insurance [Can you pay yourself a salary and open a 401(k)?]13:15 Hederal15:11 vtjon02
54hAdditional investment when the market is down09/07 LarryCarell15:00 medt
14tNew iShares 25+ Year Treasury ETF06:23 vineviz15:00 Day9
8pDividends (VTSAX, VTIAX) 2019 vs 2020, 3RD QTR YTD10:41 1210sda15:00 1210sda
3pCash App text12:23 cookieid14:57 BH13
6tDownload Vanguard balances prior to 2008?06:35 synthfan2314:51 Gardener246
6hTax Managed Balanced or NY Muni for Taxable09:19 BV327314:47 BV3273
7hOpinion on switching to Vanguard brokerage services from the original Vanguard accounts...11:25 Maisie14:41 BL
72hHow to combine finances with your spouse? Recently married/early30s11/13 DualMotors14:40 Old Guy
11tmadsinger monthly report (July 2020)08/08 madsinger14:36 AlwaysLearningM
23tSwenson's Yale Portfolio09/24 garlandwhizzer14:34 Northern Flicke
3tAsset Allocation for Private Investments12:27 manlymatt8314:33 manlymatt83
28pCitibank Virtual Account Numbers (VAN) going away?09/23 samsoes14:21 tashnewbie
4hNewbie needing some help with a rebalance09/18 jbbdds14:17 retiredjg
13hShould I dump PONAX? (junk bonds concern)03/26 Alex GR14:14 RetiredCSProf
5hShould I sell my bonds and stocks? -- Jumping tack brackets next year09/24 Cranberry4414:05 Cranberry44
22IRussia Bogleheads Local Chapter08/05 YHOLMOGOROV14:04 LadyGeek
1hHow Long-term capital gains are applied13:10 Narpule13:59 terran
66cAnyone REGRET retiring too soon?2018 Cleverusername13:57 wander
79hInvesting on Margin2015 oinkyboinky13:54 Steve Reading
398pPhysician Retirement Savings2016 llessac1513:47 EnjoyIt
3pCaptive Insurance Account at Vanguard.07/24 Hederal13:43 LadyGeek
15pRental Issue/Dispute08/27 AD313:40 IowaFarmBoy
85hLong Suffering VXUS Holder No More09/23 cowdogman13:40 inittowinit
13h403b rollover: Vanguard asking earnings & fees split by employer v employee contribution09/23 legionnaire13:37 userwithconcern
66cBogleheads knows how many Echo devices I have09/24 dodgema13:26 batpot
41pWife Quitting High Earning Job?09/24 CactusGuy13:26 Savermom
66cAnnual oil changes a must? Car maintenance during these times09/24 Lynx31065013:23 batpot
1hAdd wife to deed-I have an owners title policy13:02 mrmass13:23 Abe
14pCompany ST Disability Benefits Limits09/23 rich12613:17 BruDude
1tA visual, possibly of Value & Growth, and their weight in the world over time?09/24 corp_sharecropp13:08 garlandwhizzer
17tBuying the ex-dividend dip09/24 TheDDC13:04 bugleheadd
49pFAFSA Simplified Needs Test now that forms 1040A and 1040EZ are gone2018 teen persuasion12:57 teen persuasion
289tA Simple Bogleheads Retirement Using Variable Percentage Withdrawals (VPW Forward Test)2019 longinvest12:53 Tejfyy
15pWhat sectors are hiring?09/24 Octavia12:41 rich126
2988tThe Three-Fund Portfolio2012 Taylor Larimore12:37 dbr
7tHow to imitate DFA Global Equity Portfolio with ETF?09/22 flash_os12:36 manlymatt83
921cWhat are you listening to now01/10 Artful Dodger12:36 Nicolas
2tAfter-Tax Return comparison of similar index funds/etf09/22 DaftInvestor12:33 DaftInvestor
1708lPost your Financial Milestone Announcements Here2017 VAslim1612:33 ruralavalon
25hPay more on 2.49% car loan or invest in taxable?09/24 Boglelicious12312:31 CyclingDuo
245cWhat is the single best piece of exercise equipment you bought for your home?06/24 tvubpwcisla11:59 Tejfyy
5cPrevent trex transcend deck from scratches09/24 Econberkeley11:41 Econberkeley
6hHelp with 401K Fund Allocation00:07 StarDreams11:38 Brianmcg321
6nVHVE/VFEA with low size risk to close in the future?08:40 gickyf3e11:36 mohd
23nNew to investing (Chile)09/11 andyesm11:35 nikhoxz
4cMedical Alert Recommendations10:28 ARB5711:28 Broken Man 1999
32tLong-Term Investors Should Time Volatility2019 Beliavsky11:26 Uncorrelated
51cbare-bones phone and cheapest prepaid plan for a kid09/12 BeerTooth11:17 an_asker
21hPortfolio Help: Struggling to Pick Emerging Markets and or International09/23 nzahir10:57 nzahir
14hPortfolio Review Question(s)09/22 Maat1610:55 Maat16
13cbought upright Steinway "festival piano" sight unseen09/19 diabelli10:54 diabelli
33cErasing everything off a computer? Any software?09/24 unstoppable10:46 Dottie57
7pCan an underwriter cancel your life insurance?09/23 boglerocks10:45 boglerocks
5cUsed Pickup Truck with front bench seating09:13 Gardener10:40 crefwatch
23tDoes an insurance company pay tax on the earnings of its float?09/23 Ben Mathew10:39 Ben Mathew
5hExtended Market Index09/24 William2710:28 JoMoney
20234tU.S. stocks in free fall2011 Lbill10:28 Robot Monster
7pWhat would you do regarding refinance?09/24 Bucho10:27 Lee_WSP
9hRecently Retired: Desire Simplification and More Conservative Shift of TIAA Investments09/24 BlueBike201110:27 BlueBike2011
66tWhy does the stock market go up in the long term?2019 FatFire87a10:25 Kaktus
4597cWhat Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI2014 Alex Frakt10:23 quantAndHold
251lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2020!2019 Miriam210:15 Miriam2
17cBuying a house in a city with historically declining housing prices?09/24 TechieTechie10:14 Nestegg_User
38cSynology NAS -> DS220J, DS420j, DS41809/22 KlangFool10:12 quantAndHold
12h1st Time Transferring Stock to DAF09/24 reddison10:09 reddison
15tUS Investor investing mostly in international09/23 mx010:04 Ferdinand2014
19pBusiness Structure for revenue generating hobbies09/23 Kimota09:59 MBB_Boy
5cBest chair cushion for working?09/24 unstoppable09:58 Sandtrap
33tInternational Correlation with the US and Struggling to Pick EM/ International09/23 nzahir09:56 abuss368
10tTotal Stock Market Index vs. ETF pricing [Vanguard mutual fund vs. ETF]09/24 palanzo09:46 LadyGeek
53cOLD papers [How do I dispose of old papers?]09/18 brandy09:40 dbr
3pOne house or two?00:26 GraduateStudent09:14 JGoneRiding
11hPortfolio Review - questions09/23 invierno12109:11 ruralavalon
25pAre you taking 2020 RMD anyhow?09/23 AAA09:07 TJ89
44cCamping Lantern09/21 ThankYouJack08:58 ThankYouJack
11tGold price gap between London and NY+Toronto: why?09/23 steve32108:39 steve321
11tVanguard Global Credit Fund VGCIX - What's the catch?09/23 crystalbank08:18 belugawhale
35cNew Rolling Stone Top 500 Albums (which is a must buy?)09/22 tenkuky08:17 crg11
582tVanguard's Wellesley Income fund is incredible2017 willthrill8108:12 Robot Monster
4hWhich Merrill Edge deposit account (preferred deposit or money market) should I choose?09/23 Elva08:02 MikeG62
33hNeed direction_understanding MYGA(multi-year guaranteed annuity09/19 EvelynTroy07:51 EvelynTroy
6ppay down mortgage selling VBTLX09/24 gabriel197007:51 whodidntante
7hDollar cost averaging question09/24 roccodean07:49 jimkinny
109tIn which companies do you own a single share, or token amount, of stock?2019 tristessa7907:49 bradinsky
11pContingent Beneficiary Question-Specific Situation09/24 MarkerFM07:45 MarkerFM
25nEuropeans - whats your net worth and age09/21 batman07:29 hunoraut
1651pFidelity as a one stop shop2018 BogleMelon07:13 DaftInvestor
207cWhat is your favorite reasonably priced bourbon?2017 Dead Man Walkin07:01 BV3273
1ptitle insurance in Pennsylvania09/24 matt188206:55 hand
61lORLANDO Chapter Bogleheads2012 Rajsx06:37 synthfan23
21pBad Finance to put 20% down on House09/22 Nissan35006:18 sunny_socal
9cExcel 2019 instructions09/24 mucho dinero06:15 ruhigste
34cEmail Management Tips09/22 Horton05:58 Kelrex
3cTuscon area in February23:57 Wenonah05:56 ruhigste
44pShould I Quit Hated Job And Take 80% Pay Cut?09/24 Teachnik04:48 azianbob
18cAir fryers09/11 Dontwasteit01:20 BrandonBogle
4cLatest time for purchase of same day ticket09/24 sil201700:48 ralph124cf
7pComparing 30yr fixed jumbo Wells Fargo options w points09/24 Hedgy00:20 Goal33
5hmultiple buy/sell entries in my Fidelity IRA09/23 JoeyJoeJoe00:13 Eagle33
0pRefinancing: Debt to Income Ratio Q for business owners00:02 J6shin 
5h22-year-old seeking help with three fund portfolio in taxable account09/22 tophat23:59 BestCoast123
22cNew 2020 Acura TLX?09/23 OldSport23:47 IfIOnlyKnew
310tPaul Tudor: Compelling case for bitcoin ?05/11 indexlover23:45 softwaregeek
17cTrying to open a checking account for my LLC09/24 Thegame1423:45 Katietsu
13prental property depreciate ?09/21 bog00723:41 tj
2tVTSAX Price today23:28 JohnQ195423:39 JohnQ1954
65cRelocation - CO considerations?09/16 wabbajack23:14 Nestegg_User
1pDoes a builder pay sales tax on appliances?09/24 NewMoneyMustBeS22:53 Millennial
15pAdvice for young people09/24 rondodude200022:40 Helo80
28pHow to discuss with HR that I live in multiple places...09/21 MikeZ22:28 grabiner
4tiShares ETF High Yields?09/24 abuss36822:14 terran

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