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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1586 new posts and replies over 225 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
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Subforum - TopicLast   
0tETF Order Status & Confirmation Price -vs- Transaction History Price Precision07:57 PGR 
0pBeing a hands off homeowner07:57 VegasBH 
75pHouse not appraising for amount we were offered!08:55 Yellowhouse07:55 JJP88
7hNot Another Pay off the House or Invest...23:56 DoctorPhysics07:55 KlangFool
55hPortfolio Checkup07/10 peterwantstosav07:54 peterwantstosav
7hShould I start indexing NOW in current Market?23:06 Johnbnice07:53 tibbitts
5hAsset Location - Soliciting Thoughts05:19 Call_Me_Op07:50 Call_Me_Op
772pFidelity as a one stop shop12/15 BogleMelon07:49 petercooperjr
13fLength Limit on Quotes06/18 TomatoTomahto07:48 Sandtrap
17cNew family car and safety considerations07/13 charley07:47 tibbitts
11pShould i disclose my liability insurance policy limits?21:22 Jain8207:46 snackdog
10nItalian investor: how to invest long term after recent windfall07/14 StarsChild07:46 Valuethinker
1fSuggestion: Approx. or ca. rather than tilde ~07:04 TomatoTomahto07:40 retiredjg
10hConfused by allocations for Tax Efficiency23:39 11_blade07:39 longinvest
27hGrandparent 529s07/14 Swimmer07:39 NotWhoYouThink
3pHome Purchase Options22:23 LineHand07:38 JoeRetire
131pInvest in career change to Accounting for 37 yr old? Would it be foolish?07/13 lostinthesauce07:34 Sandtrap
3hS & P 500 Fund07:03 jamesb8907:32 tibbitts
103nNon-US citizen with US Brokers: Estate Tax risk?2014 DXB07:31 typical.investo
68cAnyone buy the Nissan Rogue over the Honda CRV???07/14 BeachPerson07:31 smitcat
15cNew Subaru Outback Engine Offering for 202021:14 tomd3707:25 jharkin
194pMillionaire by 40 and How you Did it?01/11 bigtex07:22 rascott
59hSwitching from passive to active management07/14 michaeljmroger07:22 Dottie57
109pTrust Services2017 rigoodma07:20 bsteiner
18pHow have elderly parents affected your retirement?2014 Investor207:20 pennywise
4tAvoiding all taxes while rebalancing - why no Target Date ETFs? Are 80/20 target ETFs e.g. AOA better than 3-fund?02:59 LegendaryRed07:19 longinvest
66pTenant turned off all utilities advice please!!08:32 turkey123407:19 jfn111
6hCollege cost prediction and savings for 5, 3, and newborn06:13 wabash_sphinx07:17 Bacchus01
8cSecure Android program for photos?07/14 get_g0ing07:14 get_g0ing
147pCash - Throw it all on the table!!!2014 abuss36807:12 BSBHead
16cBaking in the summertime?15:11 MN-Investor07:08 snackdog
6tFull list of Vanguard ETFs that are cheaper than their index funds?15:55 JustinR07:07 iceport
29pChildren's Savings Account & FAFSA07/15 imsomeguy07:02 jabroni
10pPaypal MC instead of Citi DoubleCash - 2% w/ more benefits09:32 Looking4Answers07:01 Looking4Answers
2pCalculating Tax on Unqualified 529 Withdrawal02:53 psy106:46 psy1
61pWill your investments be enough to cover ALF/misc.medical costs/ there is no burden to your children?07/12 rossington06:34 SQRT
43hPoor financial advisor performance16:25 jjodod06:30 Katietsu
1cFor the ladies - menstrual products04:32 sawhorse06:29 samsoes
4hREITs21:09 prk06:25 alex_686
115cBuying a Smoker07/09 Alf 10106:22 ZapRowsdower
58tWill you buy Total Bond with a negative yield?07/14 strongboy200506:13 chicagoan23
11cRetire or relocate to Portland, Maine07/14 mtmingus06:10 Lemonaid56
111hPhase out EF [Emergency Fund]?07/14 bstewie06:08 abuss368
30hTeacher 403B Plans07/09 aadwen06:06 A440
2hShould I refinance my home loan?22:29 zero705:56 McGilicutty
137pHave $3m at 33, "approach to career" advice needed2018 gcc3205:52 ponyboy
7tDoes factor investing only work if you rebalance?08:11 Jefferson05:35 fennewaldaj
77tTax Reform - Revised Kiddie Tax2017 TIAX05:19 Spirit Rider
24hOld pension plan- take the lump sum or wait for the monthly payout?08:07 ACA05:05 fingoals
4pAffordable health insurance plan for seniors21:48 Tenesmus8303:26 dodecahedron
58tWealthfront now offers 2.51% APY05/28 div03:16 LegendaryRed
21cCar Rental in Europe--specifically Sicily07/13 gensuki02:45 kiwi123
3pSeparate Personal and Rental Property Umbrella Insurance16:41 renue7402:36 boglerdude
2nBritish Expat Tax Advice23:56 Curny02:32 TedSwippet
1hLarge sum in High yield account23:38 flh01:44 Tyler Aspect
81hHelp - Talk to me like I'm 4 y/o please07/08 kelsa8lynn01:35 Write2staceyz
8tHow is "Total World Bond" (BNDW) weighting determined?07/10 Geographer01:34 pascalwager
7nUS expat transferring assets to UK - financial and tax advice urgently needed16:08 USinUK01:30 typical.investo
2494tHEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure [risk parity strategy using 3x leveraged ETFs]02/05 HEDGEFUNDIE01:26 MoneyMarathon
16hVTMFX or VSMGX?07/14 BV327301:02 Alex GR
332lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2019!2018 Miriam200:55 Miriam2
6pHow to maneuver insurance claim between adjuster's estimate and contractor's quote07/14 Bob_Sacamano00:40 LilyFleur
12hFidelity zero-fee index fund questions04/12 new2bogle200:21 Jablean
9hNew to investing at 35, Portfolio check please?07/13 NewYork500000:00 l1am
3pInvestment Records07/14 alan23:48 grabiner
72tSmall-Cap Value Funds: Then And Now01/31 Taylor Larimore23:47 Alchemist
4tMinimum to start fund.22:36 dru80823:42 dru808
62hVOO vs bonds07/10 owenmia23:34 travelogue
32nEuropean investor: Is this the best choice of etf's? Wiki updated with new ones!07/24 DJN23:28 DJN
8p1099-B Non-Covered CD Basis07/15 Shortsellforfun23:27 stlutz
15pPay Bank of America Credit Card from Another Bank?07/11 soup_can23:14 soup_can
34lOrange County, CA chapter?2015 Clixt23:06 ellink
436tWhy factor investing isn't working07/06 CULater22:38 greenhill
7tAgree? Article: Tracking the Agg? Why the Bond Index May Not Work.12:30 stvchang22:37 lack_ey
2hBest strategy to deal with a (spousal) inherited IRA?09:42 CoastalWinds22:33 Alan S.
49cNew car?2018 izzacg22:28 tomd37
16cfrom Seattle (WA) to Inverness (Scotland) and back12:11 Mr. Digweed22:27 rooms222
163pMedigap vs Advantage: Which did you select?07/12 charleshugh22:26 FIREchief
38hVTI vs VTSAX07/05 bugaloo22:25 MotoTrojan
4hhello [retirement finance questions]07/06 ricqas132422:18 bluquark
65pThe Boglehead is anti-entrepreneur?09/15 Ron Scott22:16 Cycle
10pReferral for Financial Planner15:26 shukaistudio22:16 ausmatt
68tTax cost stopping move to indexing07/13 restingonmylaur22:15 MotoTrojan
394lSouth Florida Local Chapter2010 niteowls22:09 Miriam2
18tWorld's worst market timer. Buy high, sell... never?2015 jasc1522:09 owenmia
2hRe-Organizing Investments, Advice?14:54 Shael_AT22:08 Watty
5pEF in Roth IRA for NJ resident and withdrawal consequences07/15 BogleMelon22:08 grabiner
3cRing video doorbell 216:14 raveon22:08 unclescrooge
15pMortgages and RSUs07/14 Huygens22:06 Huygens
2tFixed Annuity20:40 Paisley22:06 Cyclesafe
21hSIMPLE IRA - Transfer of Funds from Edward Jones to Fidelity (Send help!)07/08 A_Bond22:02 A_Bond
3hFuture Value and accruals20:47 alfonsedinkbo22:00 alfonsedinkbo
8hConvert IRA07/14 Pepper1121:57 lakpr
1247tU.S. stocks continue to soar!08/27 GoldStar21:54 JoMoney
18cCan an HOA ARB legally deny a request to install motion sensing SPOT lights07/13 synthfan2321:52 dbr
21tNuanced Benefit of delaying claiming of SSA Benefits07/14 cresive21:43 jeffyscott
17hLow cost index fund Vs Mortgage10:32 moneymatters28121:39 grabiner
4pHealth Care criteria for retirement07/14 rgs21:33 Watty
1hVIHAX21:01 prk21:29 lack_ey
15cBathtub Mat Recommendation10:48 daytona08421:25 drawpoker
20hPortfolio Allocation accross accounts07/07 scharn21:17 HappyJack
22cGold Coin for fun, not for investment or numismatics [Canadian Maple Leaf]07/14 JohnFiscal21:10 celia
3hHelp with 401k investments and a little more17:31 Girlmomlife21:06 Watty
2nIs there any alternative option for CQQQ?07/15 trexdaddy21:05 QuantOfAsia
3tRAPEQIN Fund Question08:36 Village Idiot21:03 JBTX
18tS&P MidCap 400: Outperformance and Potential Applications07/13 imak21:01 imak
13hContributing to Roth IRA for my teen prior to receiving earned income07/14 smartgroup20:58 sawhorse
2hPlease review our investment selections14:45 rashad300020:55 sawhorse
6pAutomated In-plan conversions of after-tax to Roth 401k - disadvantages?07/14 ved20:39 Alan S.
18cWhat to do in Little Rock07/13 momof320:35 HomerJ
2tBond Index Fun math question - do NAV gains off set reduced dividends?07/15 Needsomehelp20:32 grabiner
21cHot water heater on pilot light06/27 ipod_keith20:28 criticalmass
164tare TIPS expensive? or are they cheap?06/01 grok8720:28 Kevin M
41hE-Trade and mega backdoor Roth2018 worthit20:22 worthit
8hPre Retirement Portfolio Review18:32 Retirement Nerd20:14 Watty
1pIRS is looking for comments re 1040-SR draft20:03 Eagle3320:09 LadyGeek
10pHow to bring this money to the USA?08/21 HurdyGurdy20:04 nestorius
26cWant a 2 in 1 laptop07/13 Incendiary20:00 abuss368
0pWiki - How to campaign for a better 403(b) plan19:52 LadyGeek 
7hTransitioning to liability driven investment (LDI) approach in early retirement07/13 RubyTuesday19:43 Artsdoctor
20cMorocco Travel2018 eastwayroad19:41 FRT15
4tdumb question about mutual fund returns16:55 fru-gal19:38 MotoTrojan
40hORP and RPM recommend large mega Roth's from IRA07/13 RETIRED01519:33 Bacchus01
41hWhat asset class is gold?07/12 corn1819:28 columbia
5tSchwab in talks to buy USAA Wealth/Brokerage12:25 bzargarcia19:26 bzargarcia
29pURGENT! Expat taxes: California state taxes, driver's license renewal, foreign tax credit,04/04 USinUK19:26 AKsuited
26cShould I knowingly buy a fake antique?07/14 Caduceus19:23 ram
38tFrom ex-dividend to distrubution where is my money?07/13 J G Bankerton19:21 retiringwhen
9pQuestion about bonus withholding17:38 Adastra19:20 Katietsu
36pBest way to deposit Euros to a US Bank07/10 Aschafer199419:16 kxl19
6pIrrevocable trust distritutions13:15 frisbeeaddict19:13 Gill
54cHow to encrypt Cloud backups?07/11 get_g0ing19:13 tibbitts
135pIf there are no close or trusted relatives close by, who will care for you, pay your bills, etc.07/08 1210sda19:11 Arlington2019
31hWas going with AXA a bad move?07/13 becksftw19:03 grabiner
17cCan the dealer be trusted?07/14 Myopic squirrel18:56 Turbo29
331pHow to Minimize Your Emergency Care Expenses2018 White Coat Inve18:49 sawhorse
60pNo A/C in Office [not a safe work environment]07/12 Thegame1418:42 Broken Man 1999
9hGSLC ETF available commission free through Fidelity07/14 mathguy302118:27 mathguy3021
2hInterest Adjustment on my TIPs - What is this?14:58 Always passive18:05 FIREchief
2tBenefits of investing early in career, not later:11:41 Nowizard18:01 Day9
4hInvestment Allocation Advice / Debt paydown etc.07/07 bucktp17:45 bucktp
3pAmended 1040X07/15 NavyIC317:42 jebmke
4hPortfolio review/ check-up10:09 Toboso_Boy17:40 ExitStageLeft
30pRefi at this rate?07/05 huai17:16 SovereignInvest
8pPreparing for 20% down payment but how much more?07/14 workingovertime17:16 delamer
8h37th Parallel Properties2018 pmardo16:54 bcg
49c"Objective" Importance of Keeping Your Physicians?07/13 dm20016:46 Godot
4cLiquid solar blanket for inground pool?11:39 charleshugh16:36 jebmke
58tFive Nobel Laureates Recommend The Market Portfolio07/12 Taylor Larimore16:27 azanon
103pWhy I don't think I should get long term care insurance right now04/27 markcoop16:27 FBN2014
149cWho cuts your hair? And for how much?07/09 Mr. Digweed16:22 kelvan80
85pAt What Age or Point in your Career did your investments start outweighing your regular paychecks?07/01 bigtex16:19 2tall4economy
112tSmall Cap Value heads Rejoice !!!06/03 hdas16:13 HippoSir
42hWould you exchange VTSAX to VTI ??07/13 Rajsx16:10 schooner
13h24 Year Old With Options07/10 KeystoneK15:52 savethebird
3hPlease Help me Simplify my IRA - Fidelity 3 fund?10:21 MidwestInvest15:51 mervinj7
14hWhat to do with 10k07/12 dave_515:46 Rus In Urbe
10hST Corp Bond Index (VSCSX) for cash parking?07/08 vwgrrc15:25 Electron
69cSurvived the First Week [of retirement, what's next?]07/07 jdv0115:16 tennisplyr
2hA Path to FIRE (or Semi-FATFIRE) in 10 Years14:51 helver177015:09 BanquetBeer
10hPurchasing a home - Use Retirement/Non Retirement Funds?07/15 NYC115:08 TravelforFun
8hCan I transfer from one 401(k) provider to another at same workplace?07/09 dropdx15:00 autolycus
71pHow to Safely Share User IDs / Passwords with Spouse07/11 doug102214:55 rj342
5p401k fee disclosure question07/11 harveyclayton14:53 autolycus
14hNeed help with allocations in retirement portfolios07/11 pollux14:50 pollux
13fHow can I attach pictures in posts?05/27 Leveraged100to114:39 Time2Quit
5tHow to generate normal random correlated variables in excel?12:12 jmk14:38 Capricorn51
76tA Simple Bogleheads Retirement Using Variable Percentage Withdrawals (VPW Forward Test)06/30 longinvest14:30 longinvest
7cActivity tracking- Fitbit charge versus Apple Watch 307/14 am14:23 p14175
10pTracking capital gains for taxes07/12 Foreveryoung7514:16 FactualFran
16pGeico subrogation claim07/14 StevieG7214:15 dwickenh
77cI think i can spend 30k on this vacation, but wife not sure07/13 neargoyard14:07 tennisplyr
841lPost your Financial Milestone Announcements Here2018 Alex Frakt14:01 toto238
14hBonds in Tax Deferred vs Munis in Taxable?07/14 Vornado2313:56 aristotelian
19pIrrevocable Trust Distribution: Tax Reporting by Beneficiary2017 Michael123413:31 frisbeeaddict
37pFeedback on Guideline 401k2017 mdds13:11 lebushjr
47cWaPo: "Mobile Passport" is the best-kept secret in air travel07/10 catdude13:01 criticalmass
7hDoes health premium costs lower MAGI?09:41 genjix13:01 LilyFleur
21tVanguard account “Your mutual funds are eligible for tax-free conversion to ETFs”07/13 Xrayman6912:52 SlowMovingInves
14fUsing Site From Smartphone Question09:50 dm20012:49 dm200
337pSelling home- Demanding Buyer (Repairs)05/16 Gardener12:33 BeneIRA
108hThose that have an "Anti-Boglehead" investment account, what are your "risky" plays?04/06 Bob Sacamano12:28 smectym
29pRecent layoffs and now focus on corporate valuation - are owners looking to sell?07/13 IthinkICan12:24 Grt2bOutdoors
0pContribution limits when switching dependent care FSA providers to spouse’s plan when plan years overlap12:23 exces6 
54ppriority of supporting parents vs saving for college07/12 leeks12:16 StealthRabbit
46cVisiting Buffalo,NY / Niagara Falls area - things to see and do?07/10 Stinky12:05 nymeria.stark
3nUK bias in VG LifeStrategy and Retirement funds (UK)07/14 steveyg5012:01 steveyg50
8pProperty tax value from pool = $63k ??07/14 hotrodz11:57 MrSarcasm
94h"Steelmanning" the case for owning individual stocks01/29 hdas11:45 Taylor Larimore
11cPhone options when traveling out of country?07/14 ChinchillaWhipl11:41 criticalmass
23hVanguard TD funds07/14 Fishing2retire11:16 dbr
28hAm I missing out on Roth IRA01/31 sedonabogle11:11 Charon
57hHow do most advisors produce client returns?07/11 Cody11:06 NotWhoYouThink
1pFinding MA attorney- need prenup and will/revocable living trust09:21 protagonist11:03 bsteiner
2hHow to calculate Capital Gain Taxes?10:02 NYC111:00 fposte
2pAny gotchas converting from SEP IRA to Solo 401K?10:41 knightrider10:59 knightrider
62lRichmond, VA Area Local Chapter2014 PocketChangePen10:52 buxton.bogle
0hConcentration risk in brokerage account(s) > SIPC10:50 Alearning 
0hVGCIX - Global Credit Bond Fund for Short Term10:47 Imbros 
0tVanguard: Exploring falling ETF costs10:27 Whakamole 
6hEarly career doc leaving NM for Vanguard06/28 DunderMifflin10:22 DunderMifflin
19hPassive vs active for parent's retirement07/14 Bob_Sacamano10:21 Stinky
10lAny Los Angeles area chapters?06/01 crystalbank10:17 trexdaddy
37pHow to set the basis in inherited property from life estate?07/14 BlueEars09:53 BlueEars
82p[Proposed changes to 401(k) and IRAs]05/23 kardan09:52 Misenplace
41pPay student loans via cash-out refinance?07/11 dtee09:34 alfaspider
1hCan I roll over my traditional IRA to my 401k09:29 genjix09:32 retiredjg
84tIndex Fund Creator Jack Bogle Didn't Like ETFs Being Used For Speculation07/12 schooner09:28 schooner
7pMechanics of back door Roth IRA (with MBR 401k)07/13 Jefferson09:28 retiredjg
10cAlamo Airport Car Rentals03/12 alex1109:14 magazinewriter
13pRebalance portfolio vs Tax bracket & Medicare part B premium07/14 goshenBogle09:02 retiredjg
14hTotal World Stock only large cap in US part07/14 chr09:00 chr
101c11/28 Today Only, buy a phone on Google FI and get travel gift card of same value11/28 harrychan08:57 michaeljc70
70tWhat is the Boglehead opinion of the inverted yield curve?04/01 teelainen08:51 Chief_Engineer
2p529s / K-12 tuition vs college08:30 rascott08:49 rascott
6hRoth 403b07/14 RevFran08:43 ruralavalon
19hMy rough plan to invest $200k windfall...any suggestions?07/14 knguyen12008:31 knguyen120
2cPSA: Audible subscription 66% discount for Prime Day07/14 Tamales08:26 Katietsu
9pRelocation to Denver07/14 ReelinReds08:20 BUBear29
67tThree most important elements of investment success07/11 Rick Ferri08:13 Ragman
20nSIPC coverage for Irish-domiciled ETFs2017 orenplen08:12 TedSwippet
13n[REITs ETFs] iShares REET (NYSE) or iShares IWDP (LSE) for NRA?06/25 thibaulthib08:06 danielbird193
21hHigh ER 401k vs Taxable Account07/14 B_F_Skinner_Box08:04 ruralavalon

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