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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1719 new posts and replies over 203 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
# Replies Subforum - Topic TitleFirst Last   
Subforum - TopicLast   
8pwife going back to work - tax implications13:41 BeerTooth09:03 BeerTooth
65h[Buying S&P 500 Index Fund - Fidelity or Vanguard?]07/19 6d1v7x309:03 ruralavalon
74pSide Hustles07/22 Havoner09:03 davemanjam
17cNo mail since Thursday - Informed Delivery reporting?07/27 michaeljc7009:02 wander
245pWhat is the average savings rates for bogleheads?07/23 Havoner09:01 smitcat
16783tU.S. stocks continue to soar!2018 GoldStar09:01 squirm
3pConsidering Move from Renting to Owning07:38 POLO09:00 tashnewbie
2hNeed Help on Moving Funds from Fidelity PAS Account22:06 lynnec3208:58 retired@50
11365pRefinance Mega Thread2019 AZAttorney1108:58 bestisfree
22pVanguard Retention Bonuses09:54 Leesbro6308:58 Leesbro63
12hFirst post: Getting married and reviewing portfolio. Advice welcome.12:48 transit08:55 retired@50
112c2022 Ford Maverick Megathread...;-)07/17 xerxes10108:52 Dagwood
8pAlternative careers for physician? Tech?07:34 Veaselhaufen08:50 We're wolves
125tConfused about dividend investing, market downturns and early retirement05/07 I-Know-Nothing08:49 JoMoney
37pWhat are your “rules” for how much real estate you’re comfortable buying?07/25 LFKB08:48 abuss368
1cRoute Package Protection08:24 jebmke08:48 Nyc10036
4cBest ticket brokers -- sporting events13:20 brian9148008:47 rmdashrfsplat
29pLearning why real estate is so great07/27 lgb08:46 SubPar
4hMega Backdoor - 2 Options?07:53 socialforums20108:46 socialforums201
4cSpa purchase contract23:09 itaos08:45 verbose
52pOne month, still no counteroffer [job]20:29 smalliebigs08:44 smalliebigs
2cBest way to learn golf08:32 pochax08:43 Nyc10036
0tImporting Vanguard fund prices into Google Sheets, again08:42 marklehead 
2pTiming for ACA Lifechange declaration with LTCG14:07 elpollo08:41 mlipps
23cWFH Options (San Diego vs . Manhattan)?13:59 sjl33308:40 Nyc10036
1hBucket vs ???22:49 StanFrancisco08:40 David Jay
91tAny concern about China?09:11 jb308:39 Robot Monster
24hHow to make up for a non COLA pension?07/26 Tracker96808:39 Sam_957
14tThoughts on Active Funds in China?07/26 nzahir08:38 Dave55
24pClass-action Lawsuit Against a Mutual Fund07/25 Moon and stars08:35 bberris
100tThinking of Dropping Out of International Stock Funds11:17 MrCheapo08:35 wootwoot
19pHow close am I to early retirement?19:49 JfonLA08:34 JfonLA
4hProrated 401k Contributions?07:11 GoldPressedLati08:33 GoldPressedLati
14tAny Retirees Using a Permanent Portfolio or Golden Butterfly?07/26 BHawks8708:29 Kevin K
17hParent's Retirement Funds in a mess16:05 chasewallis08:28 trueblueky
11tHelp Me Understand Vanguard's Settlement Fund2020 DavyGravy08:26 Maris61
4pLast minute preschool decision - any way to mitigate costs?07/23 sergio08:24 sergio
8pTax Return Not Processed?06/24 RosanneR08:24 old medic
31hE*TRADE Line of Credit 1.4% APR07/26 Cucumbers08:22 Startled Cat
18hConservative Dividend Investing14:09 jeffreyalan08:21 JoMoney
5p529 question20:50 tomwood08:21 Flyer24
1388cBird watchers – what birds are you seeing?2020 JAZZISCOOL08:19 GG1273
38cHow to become an Adjunct Professor?14:22 OnBoard08:19 gtd98765
6cUnforeseen Maintenance Requirements Due to Relocation06:54 vested108:14 investingfan
234tVanguard Annuity Transition to Transamerica12/07 Broken Man 199908:11 Broken Man 1999
24hBefore-Tax, After-Tax, and Roth in 401K14:06 DoronD08:09 retiredjg
18pNew construction home windows (marvin, kolbe, sierra)07/27 eagleeyes08:07 leftcoaster
117pHow strong are my golden handcuffs10:14 MAKsdad08:06 slyfox1357
6tSwitching half my portfolio to treasuries?05:21 zetsui08:02 zetsui
49hVanguard customer service - Experiment with Fidelity to compare07/26 blackcat407:59 WillRetire
58cMen - need boxer brief recommendations07/25 Triple digit go07:59 livesoft
62tTIAA in the News Today [Fined $9M, $97M restitution for steering customers into high fee accounts]07/13 spacegoose07:37 S_Track
1784pMy LenderFi refinance is going well2020 abyan07:36 eltron
154pAre Private Universities Worth It Compared to State Universities?07/26 MrCheapo07:27 Johnsson
18hdoes anyone buy ibonds under kids' names?07/22 latticedefect07:23 AnEngineer
13pJob thoughts - staying in a comfortable role or taking a risk (for alot more $$)00:02 preciseman07:14 Olemiss540
2980c[What TV Show Have You Recently Watched?]2016 dbCooperAir07:14 Blues
3036tThe Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses2016 Earl Lemongrab07:02 abracadabra11
9pWhat Renters/Homeowners Insurance Options Do I Need?07/26 Grogs06:56 iamblessed
10hBonds in Portfolio or Pay Down Mortgage07/27 socialforums20106:51 socialforums201
10hThoughts on Quality Actively Managed Vanguard Funds To Complement SP500?20:26 MrCheapo06:43 nisiprius
57cHard Wired smoke alarms. Recommendations.2019 ram06:37 TLC1957
2fhelping posters and asking for additional info22:06 babystep06:23 LadyGeek
11croof heating cables nuisance tripping of gfci09:20 We're wolves06:21 Rhino01
69hReally how many times your annual spending?07/26 watchman167506:16 Triple digit go
7tHow much money US printed in 2020 and what consequences it might have ?23:13 lazybones1806:16 LadyGeek
106cGardening 202104/09 peppers06:15 peppers
27hTake out a Mortgage to invest?07/26 roguewarrior006:09 Freetime76
770tAre 3x leveraged ETFs the long-term winning strategy?03/24 tradri06:02 noodle
10nLiving in western Europe over next decade (stock mix)07/26 facchina05:31 TedSwippet
2610pShare your net worth progression2014 techcrium05:07 mushripu
125tBest inflation hedge besides gold, real estate, stocks, and crypto07/19 teelainen05:07 Aged Maduro
34tDirect Indexing Revisited2020 parentsretireme04:32 UpperNwGuy
3tSimilar service to "Annuity Review" from Macro consulting?19:54 Raffert03:47 Stinky
917pRelationship mortgage discounts for moving a million assets2019 softwaregeek02:20 CalculatedRisk
4hOn the cusp of retirement - seeking Portfolio guidance14:13 DonFifer02:15 DonFifer
1hThinking about leaving current job with pension, rollover or keep?01:14 preciseman01:40 Brianmcg321
75pApple Pay: value vs. chip credit card07/22 jebmke01:07 tomsense76
23816tU.S. stocks in free fall2011 Lbill01:01 mrspock
5hCapital Gains and Tax Bracket Question12:36 schildkrote00:55 placeholder
2pWhere to put small amount of UTMA money12:28 indexsci00:52 schwank
0hSold rental property income inflated 202100:46 Ninja 
69tHistorical asset returns before 1970: Where to find07/15 McQ00:37 McQ
5pQuestion on filling form Form SSA-1-BK- application_retirement benefits07/26 poboyee00:22 Chuckles960
1hIRA, 401k, Or Back door Conversion options20:22 MochaTheDog00:01 FiveK
54cAnother Where to Retire Thread - Waterfront Towns?07/26 2marshmallow00:01 Mel Lindauer
43cNeed travel help07/25 bgyt23:51 F150HD
2pFidelity TurboTax Import - Allocation of Taxes Across Accounts21:29 portfolio12323:47 FiveK
2hWhat to do with offer to purchase assets at 99% of NAV?22:30 friskies23:45 friskies
32pNot All ATM Fees Are Reimbursed By Fidelity (Problem Resolved)07/23 JamalJones23:41 criticalmass
5283cWhat Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI2014 Alex Frakt23:37 Fbone
5pLogging into TreasuryDirect w/ forgotten password21:06 CashConfessions23:29 tibbitts
9344tHEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure Part II: The next journey2019 HEDGEFUNDIE23:28 OohLaLa
2287tJack Bogle - Two Fund Portfolio2016 abuss36823:23 Munir
980pBank of America/Merrill Edge - Preferred Rewards2014 navyitaly23:19 Marseille07
60hAlmost on FIRE04/18 LCMay22:57 StrangePenguin
6cAfter vehicle accident should I use Insurance's preferred Body Repair Shop?20:23 jpa22:56 thomas716
25tUnannounced Change at Vanguard [no Market Alerts for mutual funds]07/24 colodane22:55 Eagle33
71pOwner's title insurance for cash purchase - lawyer says mandatory07/22 aws22:55 ScubaHogg
64cBoard games07/22 Boglegirl8122:54 rocket354
53pHow to keep pre-marital assets separate, while still contributing?07/26 tsglenn22:36 RickyAZ
11pITIN dependent tax credit for prior years07/05 hameshatumkocha22:33 hameshatumkocha
3hIs this a wash sale?17:12 Opibus22:30 Opibus
47hVTWAX vs VTSAX/VTIAX in Taxable.07/19 investingforban22:26 BigPrince
7hTransition from Fidelity managed2019 signingisfun22:25 lynnec32
7pCompany reverses return to work plan20:42 BradJ22:14 MathWizard
11hAutomatic recurring stock/ETF sell orders?07/26 investorpeter22:01 Nate79
23hTraditional to Roth07/24 Bonehead322:01 babystep
33cRental Car Availability04/29 davemanjam21:50 snackdog
143cCord cutting 2020 - Youtube TV08/22 Willmunny21:33 CrossOverGuy
1hCurrently have a Target Date Fund in my Roth IRA, any downside in investing into VTSAX as well?20:13 Openyota21:22 sycamore
23hSitting on Cash07/25 pdxinvest21:16 7eight9
117fSearching for Lost Contributors04/28 RovenSkyfall20:52 abuss368
3tA more Tax-efficient, Conservative and Resilient fund blend11:44 Fordguy8820:51 grabiner
49tHow many Bogleheads "tinker"with their portfolios?2009 redrock20:43 abuss368
21pI've lost my motivation10:39 jbreittling20:40 Tubes
4hCeiling on converting tIRA to Roth IRA15:09 neitherherenort20:38 02nz
150pUse credit card at stores instead of debit?07/24 montanagirl20:35 Exchme
3637tWhat are you up YTD? [Year To Date]2014 InvestorNewb20:26 Sheepdog
4hSearching for/finding old or lost investments?15:58 Nebraska_Drough20:25 Nebraska_Drough
6905cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36820:17 livelovelaugh00
129cWhich Toys/Experiences Have Brought You The Most Joy?07/21 capitalhockey20:13 G-J-H
24cquestions about wifi and cellular when outside the US07/26 goonie20:12 goonie
29hAdvice on Canceling Fidelity Portfolio Advisory Service2017 randomboglehead19:59 lynnec32
231tIs VPW a safer retirement strategy than SWR?07/13 nigel_ht19:51 nigel_ht
12hStarting a 3-Fund Plan: How to allocate across 401K and Roth IRA?07/26 Missjosie44419:49 etfan
9hSolo 401k; What does this message from Fidelity mean?09:35 femur19:46 HomeStretch
24hSchwab question - MF, same-day exchanges?07/26 nalor51119:44 nalor511
73hSeeking feedback to help parents into retirement02/17 SuperTrooper8719:38 Herekittykitty
49pSuddenly have to pay for kids’ colleges07/25 DolfanAtx19:22 DiMAn0684
1206pRetiree Portfolio Model2012 BigFoot4819:17 BigFoot48
0pCreditable coverage for Medicare Part B19:06 howard71 
60pThoughts About Blue Cross Blue Shield Settlement - Class Action Antitrust Lawsuit04/16 SQ7N3mvB18:49 tj
39cNew Garmin GPS - charging issue or not?09:30 fsrph18:35 neilpilot
3hMega-backdoor rollovers07/27 Goldilocks18:34 Duckie
21pMy bizarre telcon with SSA today.07/26 Small Law Survi18:30 Dottie57
21hNew Member, portfolio review07/27 Nate7818:18 WinstonTeracina
753pWashington State Long Term Care Trust Act - 0.58% payroll tax - $36,500 lifetime maximum benefit02/16 Soon2BXProgramm18:04 truenyer
158hHigh net worth portfolio advice2020 buzztrot18:02 interwebopinion
12pDumb I suppose to do separate record keeping of my taxable accounts?07/26 SoftServeAddict17:48 trichebacher
4pVanguard Solo 401K contributions for single employee S-corp07/21 dkoffer17:44 nkaufman
12hSold primary home with gains, now what to do?07/25 relentless117:37 SuzBanyan
9tJason Hsu, Ph.D., is my recent guest on the "Bogleheads on Investing" podcast05/28 Bogle Center17:31 Rick Ferri
64tHow do you factor Rental Asset in Asset Allocation07/17 cybertrail17:24 harikaried
7pPay down mortgage for a lower rate?16:46 Davewright32117:23 Plano
7h52914:16 deltaneutral8317:18 dred pirate
4cTV service to pair with Google Fiber.07/26 dred pirate17:12 dred pirate
21cHow Long For CC Refund07/21 DTalos17:03 boglegirl
30hESPP vs RSU - what to sell first07/20 sdsu0416:30 international00
8cChase IHG credit card -- Free Anniversary Nights05/22 rjbraun16:27 BashDash
10pNext steps after selling a business07/26 jaymeetme16:16 SubPar
37cHome Printer?07/26 charlestown197815:53 arcticpineapple
38tWaiting for 10% market pullback, to do conversion07/24 Lazareth15:46 iamlucky13
201tDying Broke (On Purpose) Article10/03 e511615:33 Jags4186
60pMortgage Pay Off Question2020 Colleen15:31 Colleen
36hReview my parents' humble retirement with me07/19 davibi0215:29 02nz
11hPortfolio Review - Early retirement for Spouse09:15 AndyJPA287715:18 delamer
7hNew to 3-Portfolio Method07/15 LucidArrow15:15 pedalman701
3nMinimize brokerage fees for Ireland domiciled ETFs07/26 pt3214:53 IcedTea
64pTerm life Vs. whole life07/24 roth_stuff14:46 Desert Panz
21hRoth vs Traditional 401k for high savers who max our their 401k07/26 superK1714:35 MrJedi
3hPortfolio review - started here years ago, now back with 2 kids!07/26 jbrams14:25 Eagle33
6pThe correct way to think about payment float?05/27 hkcj14:24 Broken Man 1999
5hThe plan: Cash out mortgage then Lump sum vs DCA to rebalance and stay tax efficient07/27 daniel200014:19 Lee_WSP
5hSelling rental house, and what to do with the money11:43 kcannon114:09 harikaried
1tSludge versus Nudge13:55 livesoft14:06 stoptothink
536tThe Calm Post - Stay the course thread.2020 max1237713:44 DSBH
5hSolo 401k Question07/26 chemicalbilly13:43 chemicalbilly
18cFiling Dispute for Unfulfilled Order: Capital One or PayPal?07/10 apollodorus13:41 apollodorus
516pTales from this insane real estate market03/23 ASpenderInRecov13:37 phxjcc
10pNegotiating a medical bill because it seems too high09:39 720pete13:24 123
687tAre we in a housing bubble?03/12 SuperTrooper8713:15 RoadagentMN
42hStable value fund or TBM+stable value fund?07/20 markcoop13:05 student
13hWhat to do? BALFX07/25 mmoneytalks13:02 mmoneytalks
11pNeed help with applying "prioritizing investments"07/26 esperlano13:01 esperlano
7tDoes yield include expense ratio?07/26 powercherry512:55 David Jay
25tElder Abuse and Financial Fraud: latest Bogleheads on Investment podcast07/24 Rick Ferri12:52 bogledogle
3cWimbledon 2022 - Tips07/25 jaydub7112:50 golf101
23pRoth conversion worth it07/24 dillrob12:21 bradpevans
166tDo Indexers even need to pay attention to market valuation?07/17 Buy_N_Hold12:17 alex_686
27cPodcast for a Long Flight07/19 OnBoard12:09 woof755
22hAbility to Choose Advisor at Mega Brokerage Firm06/29 DTalos12:07 alex_686
8pRoth IRA Withdrawal Questions07/26 milopup0411:55 helloeveryone
20tIshares TIP div yield is 7%??07/27 Neus11:53 Northern Flicke
33tActual headline: "Analyst: A stock market pullback is 'going to happen at some point.'"07/26 fredflinstone11:42 nigel_ht
3pBridge loan or sell stocks to buy next house?10:14 fittan11:37 fittan
6pWill - Low cost investing / index funds07/27 40040140211:20 Lee_WSP
92hEmployer to only match while using financial advisor/firm07/24 Topgun51411:12 nedsaid
7nMoving to France from US in 2023 - tax optimisation07/17 rjm_cali11:12 rjm_cali
713tWhat is your age and asset allocation ?08/31 poppa2310:51 jay22
39pHow do y'all feel about interest only HELOCs07/26 SaucedUp10:46 mervinj7
5pCareer change help needed07/27 anthonypals10:35 winterfan
7cBest Wellness Retreats - or how to recreate one07/26 UserFace10:19 HawkeyePierce
3hMaxing out pre tax retirement account for younger spouse.07/27 Stormfloatter10:13 bogledogle
22pBest Personal Finance App or Website07/25 jmmackin10:02 Ependytis
10hBenefit of consolidating into Schwab07/11 nrkv09:54 retired@50
25pCan I save capital gains taxes through UTMA or UGMA07/04 worthit09:43 SnowBog
191hAny experience with Toyota Income Driver Notes?02/14 grayparrot09:29 indexfundfan
5h401k Fund choice question07/26 quattro7309:28 Bluemnatra
76cBoglehead Tips for Long Flights07/10 BogleFed09:24 spectec
20cmedical records07/26 rjbraun09:24 rjbraun
22pParents having trouble getting home loan07/26 slalom09:18 Mike Scott
5hBest Cash Accounts07/26 powercherry509:12 inverter

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