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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1604 new posts and replies over 228 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
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Subforum - TopicLast   
106hSpend It All vs. Leave $$ for the Kids11/09 MaryO05:48 goblue100
1pShould I do a cash out refinance?01:24 dmk39505:48 grettman
11hinheritance11/10 tomcook76105:47 Dottie57
26cWhat is this sound in the house?11/09 URSnshn05:46 IowaFarmBoy
3hExtra contributions to 401k ?? has anyone heard of this09/09 curious george05:46 curious george
6ccan I read MS Money file w/o MS Money?07:34 heartwood05:46 heartwood
278hHolding bonds vs 100% equities10/29 irasymn1005:45 pharmermummles
12pOB/GYN Prepayment?21:02 sg206005:41 fasteddie911
45hWhat’s in your TSP?11/09 tomwood05:39 grettman
38nEuropean, dutch investor here: Is investing in VTI and VXUS still a good choice?02/16 finrod_200205:30 Zilvervloot
14hIs it a good time to transfer my inflation protected securities balance to the S&P 50011/10 SaraR.05:28 oldcomputerguy
13cWater hammer15:00 Swansea05:25 F150HD
8hUTMA v. 529 in no-tax state11/10 Cash05:24 Cash
134pDo you charge your employer for the time that you spend working on your off days?11/08 CobraKai05:20 augryphon
7hDo you batch 529 reimbursement or match costs?18:30 shess05:19 augryphon
42pI think my friend is already financially independent (through a fantastic bitcoin investment), can you confirm?11/11 JacobTeach05:15 boomer_techie
33cHard Wired smoke alarms. Recommendations.11/09 ram05:13 augryphon
18pHDHP over BCBS Basic for Feds?13:08 RJC05:13 stormswami
233cMan’s life savings stolen from hijacked cellphone number04/28 cdu705:12 ARoseByAnyOther
1461tHEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure Part II: The next journey08/11 HEDGEFUNDIE05:08 tyou
12hAlready maxing out Simple IRA and Roth IRA, refinance into a 15 or 30 year mortgage?08:58 79461304:54 lakpr
1hAsset allocation in Triditional 401k21:58 scooter10104:45 lakpr
18h"Tax advantaged Annuity" advised for friend21:28 Wenonah04:38 RickBoglehead
14hDilemma: After-tax 401K to Roth IRA, limited allocation for all 401K "types".11/10 corp_sharecropp04:35 lakpr
82hInvesting $140k in cash at 1k per week12:44 timetraveler04:35 goblue100
25pHomebuying in Los Angeles - Advice Needed12:11 poppy4204:28 Valuethinker
15pState Estate Tax Consideration11:52 JoeHart04:20 bltn
2hFIRE Roth Ladder Tax Question01:31 Paradise04:20 Tamarind
12hAbout to put $ in Fixed income, which one?10:28 William Million04:14 goblue100
13hBond for a recovering "xen of bad choices"11/10 annu04:00 dratkinson
3n[Wiki] Real estate investment trusts for non-US investors, seeking feedback and contributions on draft page11/10 DJN03:21 TedSwippet
8nU.K. Switch from income to accumulating ETF?11/10 minimalistmarc03:17 Valuethinker
2tLEVERAGED ETFs (2X/3X) - Historical Performance & Strategic Portfolio Allocation [1929 - 2019]15:35 RayKeynes02:18 skeptic42
8tWhy is VBTLX dropping?11/07 Tenesmus8302:17 rossington
3pSolo 401k + 401k sanity check18:34 flyingcows01:45 HomeStretch
6halternative investments22:49 smoothnobody01:43 danielc
6h5 fund portfolio10:49 jos3f878701:34 UpperNwGuy
34nAdvantages for US persons abroad11/09 wineandplaya01:30 wineandplaya
131cSaving seats on Southwest11/10 squirm01:24 Gnirk
107pSeller's agent not letting us use a buyer's agent11/08 jks198501:21 AlphaLess
285pCollege Admission Time, What parents need to be aware and how to be helpful2015 LiveSimple01:15 LiveSimple
8cLos Angeles to San Francisco Roadtrip22:29 aude01:10 phxjcc
3pCash In or Take Annual Leave18:07 HarleyGuy01:08 UpperNwGuy
2hTIAA's real estate fund23:57 dmcmahon00:36 dmcmahon
3hBest bond fund for taxable12:29 qjoe00:07 annu
19tOrder or distributions on Roth IRA10/23 international0000:06 FiveK
29hAsset Allocation for larger portfolio11/11 RogerR23:55 GrowthSeeker
76tWhen Value Is More Valuable09/27 Random Walker23:54 james22
56pDental Insurance02/24 Leesbro6323:51 rj49
80tIf you were forced to pick an alternative asset...11/09 eleventhstreet23:45 rj49
12cOutlook email PST file is corrupt, need advice11/04 carolinaman23:45 RetiredAL
90pTimeshare offer experience10/30 HEDGEFUNDIE23:43 AlohaJoe
5hPortfolio adjustment help19:46 gndibot23:42 retired@50
16tVTWAX/VTWSX availability at Fidelity11/09 yogesh23:41 mervinj7
16hNew Construction Home Purchase14:49 Ana-Maria5723:39 annu
65tLong Term Bonds getting killed today11/07 hdas23:32 Lee_WSP
6p29yr Big 4 Tech Consultant Pursuing Higher Earning Potential11:20 MrProcess23:31 ivk5
109tDebunking Bonds in Taxable2018 Cartographer23:06 White Coat Inve
909tVariable Percentage Withdrawal (VPW)2013 longinvest23:05 MA405
8pSimple Bank - ACH to/from a "Protected Goal" account11/11 Ricchan22:59 Ricchan
86pShould I buy the family cottage?11/08 alfredwallace22:56 MrsBDG
54cSpectrum Internet has a good scam going11/05 Inframan471222:54 Katietsu
7pDistribution of principal from a bypass trust20:16 ChrisLA22:25 ChrisLA
12cGiving away cat that has microship...11/10 JHU ALmuni22:21 Katietsu
4pVA Land Preservation Tax Credit2017 TCP22:19 FedLawyerandBal
2pBond fund letters change to Q21:33 MrsBDG22:18 MrsBDG
17cFruit Fly Problem11/10 runner922:16 protagonist
5hWhich Tax Fund in Taxable at 22% Tax Rate19:55 Rajsx22:05 rkhusky
16cHi Def Audio listening17:23 4nursebee22:04 jabberwockOG
250hWill we be OK at 3% WR?11/05 bhsince8722:02 visualguy
12tShiller PE10 data not being updated?11/09 BlueEars21:57 tesuzuki2002
36pAmica - Auto Policy, only 6 months11/06 grenadaRocks21:53 sarahjane
8p[Medicare & IRMAA]11/09 itsf821:48 itsf8
36tSchwab to allow fractional stock trading (WSJ)10/17 JAZZISCOOL21:40 anon_investor
15pHealth Insurance Company Reviews11/04 Hayden21:39 toofache32
6hAdvice on Nest Egg draw down17:39 KatchABogle21:23 arcticpineapple
4102cWhat Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI2014 Alex Frakt21:21 moshe
4788cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36821:20 KFBR392
121cBucket List Adventures/Activities2018 TheTimeLord21:06 protagonist
34pWill I be audited?11:23 Ddd765121:02 JBTX
11pFeedback on specific Michigan/Midwest insurers11/09 jaybee920:56 jaybee9
14cSnow tires17:52 OldBallCoach20:55 dbr
11tRoth Conversion Calculation16:53 ColoRetiredGirl20:53 protagonist
13hReady to down shift?2018 MrxBuff20:47 sksavers3
1hESPP with short holding period - worth participating?20:33 kytt20:38 ARoseByAnyOther
7cIs LastPass still top in security, any reason to switch?12:06 squirm20:34 furwut
4pBusiness Insurance - Who are the main players?11:33 lgb20:33 Lee_WSP
5cHelp :- Need a power wheelchair11/09 glee27320:29 Lalamimi
5pEstimating back taxes?12:05 Tristar50020:18 MarkNYC
16hmega backdoor roth gone wrong11/11 dangling20:17 anon_investor
3pAnyone received a retention offer from Merrill Edge to stay?12:22 theplayer1120:14 ShadowRegent
1psavings/retirement/benefits options for a small nonprofit15:48 ljwobker20:02 FiveK
10pBOA card - Preferred platinum and property taxes11/09 tampaite19:54 cowbman
345tBest CD rates thread10/07 indexfundfan19:36 SlowMovingInves
13cOrganization supporting Veterans - Donation11/10 tranquility19:34 bampf
4hIRA Distribution and 403b contribution same year07:40 Finme45719:33 David Jay
16n[wiki] New page for (potential) US citizens abroad: "US tax pitfalls ..."11/05 TedSwippet19:33 assyadh
8t"Retirees' Year-End Tax-Planning Guide"09:22 Taylor Larimore19:31 SeeMoe
1964tThe Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses2016 Earl Lemongrab19:29 indexfundfan
147pAnyone want to share their monthly budget? Here's ours2018 jehovasfitness19:19 MathIsMyWayr
13hMove 401k to brokerage account?11/09 batman_ds19:19 ruralavalon
9hNeed Help With Bond Funds and Comfort Level. Or...11/08 GetSmarter19:11 GetSmarter
8pCleaning my (Financial) House15:21 KingRiggs19:09 drawpoker
14tBoglehead Podcasts: Volunteers needed to convert the audio into text11/06 neurosphere19:05 Barry Barnitz
19pVPN % question11/09 50ismygoal19:03 50ismygoal
0hBond fund or ??18:54 Rosencrantz1 
7hNeed Help To Plan11/09 InspiredbyBogle18:46 WoodSpinner
50c"Beer Money" Methods11/06 CryingHawaiian18:41 JoeRetire
5cAny NJ lawyers or former heirs out there?11/08 Godot18:38 Godot
241tIndex Funds Bubble? [Michael Burry article]08/28 exarkun18:37 jdilla1107
10h[Help with my three-fund portfolio]05/04 Basel Hodge18:34 Wiggums
2pChanging health insurance mid-year15:38 Hayden18:29 snowman
13pNeed to add houseguests to homeowners or umbrella insurance?11/10 need403bhelp18:26 123
1550c[What TV Show Have You Recently Watched?]2016 dbCooperAir18:24 Trader Joe
42pFidelity - promotion bonus11/05 johnubc18:21 snowman
3hVMATX (MA Tax Free) for proceeds from locking in LTCG?13:36 557880yvi18:17 Tyler Aspect
12hPortfolio Review - Some Serious Changes Needed10/25 rhoms3318:08 Duckie
27t2020 IRS Limits Announced for 401(k)'s etc.11/06 JAZZISCOOL18:07 Tiffku08
52cSplitting fence cost with neighbor05/30 miamivice18:06 Mr. Rumples
36cQuestion for Car experts - how urgent/important are these maintenance items11/08 ctuser118:04 CheCha54
9pStudent Loan Refinance Suggestions11/10 flyfishers8317:56 MrsBDG
1cBookkeeping software for small LLC16:47 ChinchillaWhipl17:31 Sweet Betsy
14tAcademics accuse Morningstar of misclassifying bond funds12:15 bobcat217:29 nisiprius
32hTax Gain Harvesting and Dividend Schedule08:20 LIGuy8217:16 rkhusky
4pExcess after tax 401K contributions - Need help with the next steps13:15 sdsu0417:13 Alan S.
13pHow donating appreciated stocks save taxes?14:41 BogleMelon17:10 gmc4h232
10cAnyone had their house repiped?13:36 Jwulgaru17:08 lthenderson
18hNeed Help To Plan for Early Retirement11/09 Hawaiishrimp17:05 Hawaiishrimp
29tSaving for a new vehicle11/08 Gretzky17:00 Lee_WSP
10hUSAA Giving Fund (Donor Advised Fund)12:19 ma21n216:51 shess
4nTransfer assets from India to US10:57 vlacs16:50 tenkuky
53cAfter 2 weeks on new job, I am wanting to return to my old job, this is a terrible idea right?11/09 tiburblium16:47 fru-gal
3p80% tax underpayment exception still around for 2019?12:07 MP12316:45 MP123
1007lPost your Financial Milestone Announcements Here2017 VAslim1616:39 Fire2030
10cRomantic northeast winter weekend getaway?11/10 Bob Sacamano16:38 ubermax
17cMobile finance apps - do you use them?12:17 JD277516:34 jebmke
6hWorth Contributing to an HSA?15:57 Cwh332216:28 Tdubs
13hInherited IRA Strategy11/08 BogleTrainee16:24 BogleTrainee
1hUSRT For HSA15:01 gogent16:15 lakpr
4hRetirement Planning for Small Business Owners?12:54 beanobean16:12 beanobean
6pIs this Job W-2 or 1099?14:34 prickly_comment16:09 runner3081
17cAcura TLX owners11/08 A44015:59 msi
6hAdvice needed for unusual financial situation12:16 Jacksright15:59 EnjoyIt
13hAny positive feedback on being a franchisee?11/10 SeattleSound15:52 Shallowpockets
27pDo I Understand Safe Harbor rules correctly?11/08 CoastalWinds15:51 Gill
8pHow to Calculate Qualified Expense (for 529 Plan) for College Student Living at Home10/27 HomeStretch15:46 inbox788
8pWhat to put into Revocable Living Trust?11/10 Loyalnine15:41 bsteiner
1pEMS Pension - Effects of Solo 401(k) and Possible Defined Benefit Plan12:22 southerndoc15:37 Spirit Rider
4hBonds split in Retirement/Taxable Acct11/09 steve5015:29 megabad
6pRetirement and Tax savings question14:54 Morgan8415:26 FiveK
67tTSP 3-Funds or TSP Target Date Fund?07/18 tomwood15:26 tomwood
264hCustomer Service with Vanguard2018 LilyFleur15:01 RickBoglehead
8cMy married son's employer health insurance - HDHP11/10 dm20014:58 CMD1
14hDad is looking to move money out of Fisher Investments...need advice11/10 PackersFan1214:50 Leif
4hAmeriprise Simple IRA to IRA Strategy11/08 deadlycfx14:50 deadlycfx
7hStarting to see some gray hairs (portfolio review)11/09 z06ray14:47 bltn
9hMuni guidance for $15m portfolio11/09 crossroads14:46 Kevin M
27cKohl's credit card refuse to refund undelivered order11:24 BogleMelon14:42 Broken Man 1999
7cQuestions re mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs)13:30 CaptainMarvel14:38 pointyhairedbos
6hInvest $400K from maturing CD now, or roll into new CD?11/10 Lovn' Retiremen14:26 Kevin M
10hNon-spouse inherited annuities - help getting out of them10/19 ballons14:24 aristotelian
79pMortgage to prepay or not prepay11/06 John Laurens14:14 epicahab
35cTech guys need help with Mesh wifi booster...11/10 Ykcor13:57 lazydavid
18hHelp for MIL09:32 aristotelian13:41 BL
10tEric Balchunas, Senior ETF Analyst at Bloomberg is my guest on this "Bogleheads on Investing" podcast.11/07 Rick Ferri13:40 geniekid
6pThe lifestyle of an IT Independent Contractor?10/31 MikeZ13:38 kabob
13pWhat is reasonable HOA reserve?11/09 ReadyOrNot13:22 stan1
21pBailey Settlement question -- of interest only to NC residents2018 Bammerman13:21 Blues
3pAnnual enrollment - New "HSA 2" health insurance plans?11:59 knightrider13:15 cas
9cIHG credit card and Rewards Nights ...09:41 rjbraun13:10 BeneIRA
8cVerizon Wireless discounts on iPhones (and other smart phones) -- is there any gotcha here?11/10 R2D212:48 R2D2
36t$2,467 is a minimum emergency fund10/15 Fishing5012:41 esteen
2pCatastrophic Health Insurance Waiver for 30+11/07 newselfemployed12:38 Misenplace
97lTampa Bay Local Bogleheads Chapter2015 tampaite12:29 sleepysurf
1159cMy 2017 CRV is a victim of the dreaded oil gas-dilution issue2018 CULater12:11 prd1982
2tSECURE Act - Passage by Congress in 2019 looks more doubtful10:44 JAZZISCOOL11:57 Flyer24
1197pFidelity as a one stop shop12/15 BogleMelon11:46 MotoTrojan
157tEx DFA CIO launches competitor which will also have ETFs06/26 larryswedroe11:32 MotoTrojan
10hQuestions about Fidelity Charitable DAF11/10 Saving$11:28 MN-Investor
14pJob negotiation 101?09:12 knightrider11:26 rich126
48hInvestment Ideas11/06 juvenho11:22 juvenho
4129pWhat's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?2016 guitarguy11:16 smalliebigs
5pLong Term Care Decision Need Help11/09 tvubpwcisla11:15 WoW2012
1pConsumers Checkbook FEHB10:33 tj11:08 Tdubs
21hWindfall11/09 test12311:04 willthrill81
94pHumana Part D - ILLINOIS - premiums up up up09/28 LadyIJ10:55 Munir
817tThat's enough for me in 201903/16 market timer10:49 CheepSkate
12cAuto Insurance - removing a driver on policy11/10 samtex10:37 lazydavid
3hTIPS and CD ladder combined?11/10 guppyguy10:29 Svensk Anga
15pDoing your own taxes and finding errors from past preparer and company!08:52 RubyTuesday10:25 frugalmama
6cYou Tube Question11/09 Leesbro6310:18 grog
1cCreating web content11/02 4nursebee10:17 furwut
6tCalls and Cash: talk me out of it11/07 CheepSkate10:07 CheepSkate
2hEmergency Fund options09:17 arnik8310:05 anon_investor
8pHas Vanguard changed the $250 min Checks?11/10 stev10:02 bertilak
27cvisiting Maine in November11/07 happyisland09:53 Downeastah
27hMay need to move 401k money by end of year, but not eligible for new 401k until February11/07 E579709:27 Spirit Rider
1hCoverting mutual fund shares to ETFs at Vanguard08:23 student09:18 pyld76
15pCredit Card Charge - refund11/06 stockrex09:18 Helo80
69pVacation house? Need objective third party2018 bromeliad09:04 rocket354
11hResource suggestions for recently retired father11/10 flyfishers8309:00 Stinky
2cGoogle Drive Search Question08:02 Deadwood08:58 Deadwood
8tReduce Allocations11/09 tampaite08:46 dbr
22lU. S. Marine Corps Birthday11/10 Sheepdog08:33 Sheepdog
0pFeds FEHB Open Season: Checkbook 2020 up and running08:31 Tdubs 
2hNew to investing, Simple IRA rollover questions.2013 79461308:23 794613
621tLifecycle Investing - Leveraging when young02/28 305pelusa08:20 EfficientInvest
2pATT wireless unable to port lines07:47 stockrex08:15 CyclingDuo
15hMoney Market Fund in IRA for RMD11/10 LarryG08:08 Sheepdog
6pVanguard settlement account show in "My Accounts" screen?07:24 quisp6508:06 retiringwhen
33cBuying Wall-to-Wall Carpet: What Do I Need to Know?2013 Oilburner08:05 Cyclesafe
2p401k fund manager investing for company11/10 jon6308:03 dbr
14hroth ira in 403b11/10 renovator2007:56 retiredjg
7hMoney Market yields dropped a lot!11/10 mtmingus07:53 retiringwhen
32hShould I use my 457(b)? Worried about disbursement options...11/09 orangejelloh07:46 Spirit Rider
12hBackdoor Roth Gone Wrong11/10 confusedMD07:46 kaneohe
4pHas anyone been retro billed for IRMAA?06:14 Mitchell77707:45 Cyclesafe
8pMortage Refinance Opportunity- pros/cons?11/09 MadDash33507:35 RickBoglehead
5pRefinance Rental Property? What do you think?11/09 msr10707:30 SRenaeP
14pSingles/DINKs in HCOL/VHCOL areas, can you please share your budget?11/08 Plz07:28 Plz
16hAsset allocation significance11/09 DebiT07:20 David Althaus
10hmax contribution mulitple employers 401k 403b2017 Soon2BXProgramm07:07 Spirit Rider
92pTurbotax 2019 on Amazon11/06 deanmoriarty06:55 Zephavest
13hAlly as a one stop shop11/10 Tdubs06:52 anon_investor
57cYour Fantasy Kitchen (Cookware-wise)11/05 coalcracker06:32 hand
14nEU investor: 7M+ in VWRA vs SWDA + EIMI (or a combination) and partially hedged global govt bond ETF11/07 cafe7206:31 TedSwippet
55c2 days in New York City03/15 catdude06:28 motorcyclesarec
20hWhat should the AA of a young retiree be?11/10 masonstone06:10 samsoes

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