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26c Firefox painfully slow  05/20squirm20:44earlyout
43p Second Thoughts on Whole Life Insurance <1 Year into it - Advice???  05/26frymiller20:44FootballFan5548
17h edward jones guided solutions/grandfathered  05/12eda183620:42baritone
48p Play Money for Spouse....  16:23gasdoc20:38DVMResident
10h How to return 5% with low risk?  14:11Benny44420:37Phineas J. Whoo
33t Crowd funded real estate?  05/03JonnyDVM20:35LarryAllen
1p biz renter skipped out - what are options  18:21ps56k20:34123
37t How many investment companies to have money in?  05/26Oompadeedoo20:33Marylander1
48h How exactly does Vanguard's RMD service work? Rebalancing?  2014nisiprius20:26friar1610
30c Retiring in southern college town  10:24Slinky20:26folkher0
56h Avoiding Taxes with RMD  page: 205/24my name20:25sport
9h Leaving Edward Jones at 64  16:00yogachick2220:22pkcrafter
36t The Best Account for International Equities  05/24aj76er20:14triceratop
32p Third-party travel insurance, anyone?  05/26daveydoo20:13Phineas J. Whoo
28t DON'T pay off your mortgage; instead reduce Sequence of Return Risk  12:46livesoft20:10tanstaafl
98c Updates on the status of Linux  page: 22016DartThrower20:04azurekep
5h Need help with Retirement planning  23:36habartmr120:00ruralavalon
13t Death of the Stock Split? (WSJ)  05/26linenfort20:00ACM4297
14p Guidance needed, at a crossroads in my current job.  05/24Payoffhouse19:59HopeToGolf
11h Best Retirement Vehicle For First Time Investor (1099)  16:31brianfleer119:56avalpert
5h Hot Stocks Can Make You Rich. But They Probably Won't. By Jeff Sommer  10:26arcticpineapple19:49arcticpineapple
11h A more modest inheritance  11:30Zea Mays19:41JW-Retired
13h Buckets v Total Return and the Frequency of Withdrawal  13:21Mycasino19:40AlohaJoe
22c Paying someone to build a website  05/25Incendiary19:40JonnyDVM
9h How are my investments?  16:06elephantcow19:36brother7
6t Real Estate: Direct vs Indirect Investment  12:56mikeguima19:34Dave55
10p Debit card backup  07:22PhysicistBlake19:21DaftInvestor
27h Idea for Fun Money Account, Good, Bad or Ugly?  08:15TheTimeLord19:20fundseeker
2f new user name  18:59Livid40819:20dodecahedron
10c Good way of comparing Used Car prices?  08:48nobodyukno19:12rotorhead
13p Anyone ever use Sebonic Financial for mortgage?  2014not-a-financial19:12athan
1h Bond heavy for SEP?  18:43theplayer1119:10livesoft
7p Where to save for house downpayment?  12:11BogleMelon19:02deikel
62t DFA Retirement Income Strategies  page: 205/22bobcat219:02bobcat2
12p Not Another Payoff The Mortgage Thread....  15:32smokey joe robi19:00HomerJ
5h Which is better? [Adjust AA yearly or every 6 months]  17:31Tracyfaa18:58blueblock
39c best way to buy tires  05/25JD196718:53deikel
18h EE and I Bonds  05/27thefoggycity18:49bligh
120c What to do with all these passwords ?  page: 2 303/10sixtyforty18:48VictoriaF
106l Roll Call for the Retirement Class of 2017!  page: 2 307/11invst6518:47Miriam2
3p Limited Purpose FSA  05/26BogleAlltheWay18:46grabiner
25p Private Pension Cuts  05/26Barefootgirl18:45Uncle Pennybags
39c Septic Pumping - Did I get ripped off?  05/26PlayingLife18:44deikel
48p Meeting with retirement guru, specializes in federal govt employees  05/26Barefootgirl18:39Yooper
26t Eliminating Single Positions and Moving to Index Fund  05/24Carbonate2418:37inbox788
1t 2017 Fink Investing Conf: Faber, Hebner  17:47bzargarcia18:33pkcrafter
18h TIPS Fund in Taxable Account  03/22AHOD18:29MP1968
43p Medigap Insurance Plans  04/22rennman10018:23dodecahedron
0h Roth ira late start  18:22Boglerules  
1p Mypersonalindex software stopped downloading prices  04/25acr12318:16Kway32
51t Boglehead Portfolio vs. All Other Possible Investments  page: 205/25joer121218:15Phineas J. Whoo
15h tax exempt bond funds  04:17zadie18:14grabiner
4h Portfolio and career change advice sought  10:18Slinky18:11indexmonkey
7h Target date funds & tax implications of retirement prep  11:39evestor18:09grabiner
23p Avoiding the Hassle Factor - Vanguard, Schwab, or Fidelity?  09:39darkhorse34618:02jhfenton
25h Safe 5 percent ROI  05/21forinvesting2317:59just frank
14c Priceline for car rental  2016brak17:32TNL
60h Looking for advice/reassurance on what to do with $4-5m  page: 205/26ThrowAway1234517:31lhl12
9t Using the Funded Ratio to drive your retirement investment plan  09:52bobcat217:28Lieutenant.Colu
23t Why Are U.S. Stocks So Expensive Today?  08:31Simplegift17:27herpfinance
69p When does Saving become missing out on life?  page: 205/25MortgageOnBlack17:27Doom&Gloom
27p millennials considering purchase of a dentist practice  02/10l2yangop17:18Cruise
37c Cell phone service abroad  10/17oldcomputerguy16:56curmudgeon
28t Mathematically-rigorous, yet comprehensive (assuming little prior investing knowledge), books?  22:03financeisfun16:34Random Walker
7c Any BH use Coinbase?  09:08TheTimeLord16:24Jonathan
20h Should I go into a target date fund, or separate index funds?  21:49SinisterMethods16:18whodidntante
10h Backdoor Roth IRA but want to keep SEP-IRA  05/24surgeonm16:13Lafder
6p Defer income - is it wise?  05/26steelerfan16:08Katietsu
7p High School Graduation Gifts  22:53LarryAllen16:06gasdoc
2h Portfolio questions for German investors  05/21alpaca15:55hilink73
5h Help - transfer HSA; rollover 403(b) to IRA  05/27BuyAndHoldOn15:55BuyAndHoldOn
9p Caluclating Fed taxes after age 70  03/31Mr.BB15:53FiveK
26t Great Depression Lesson - Is Total Bond Market Too Risky?  05/26InKirkWeTrust15:50aj76er
4c best watch for climbing/mountaineering?  08:53rabbitrun15:38texasdiver
7h Lump Sum Vs. Annuity?  05/21WoodStock6515:29#Cruncher
28t Is it investor behavior that dooms Active Mutual Funds?  05/27TheTimeLord15:27avalpert
13t Angel Investing  2011psteinx15:25nisiprius
30c i just changed all my passwords  05/27letsgobobby15:24adam1712
5h 20 percent international  14:19indexonlyplease15:22nisiprius
65p Should I cancel my whole life policy?  page: 204/19XDark_FenixX15:20pintail07
39t Bloomberg hit piece - Vanguard's Irritating Perch on the Moral High Ground  05/23donfairplay15:10Bracket
36p When to start talking to older parents regarding their finances (and how to do it?)  05/26onourway15:07bengal22
1h Exceed Roth IRA contributions - Have few questions (already done my research)  14:45ff493014:59retiredjg
4h Vanguard Custody Question  12:58Money Market14:40Money Market
26h Can I really pay no capital gains on $100k?  05/253spots14:36Chip
56c Risks of electronic access  page: 205/21easyliving14:17Call_Me_Op
1p Morningstar: Fiduciary Rule and Mutual Fund Flows Update Articles  05/24Pops186014:16nedsaid
19p Contributing the entire Year 401K in one Pay period allowed?  05/27Wandering13:56dcabler
4h More Roth conversions better to avoid 85% SS tax?  05/27freebeer13:55#Cruncher
12p Question regarding ROTH IRA conversion and taxes owed  05/27MrMiyagi13:49livesoft
6p 401K and SEP Contribution Limits  12:27marshall13:45ENT Doc
3h Rollover a SEP IRA that is preventing backdoor Roth by opening a new solo 401k  21:18smith23413:37Lafder
6h Rebalancing ease between taxable, tax-advantage account, pure stocks  22:19hammond13:27ENT Doc
65c Pet insurance for new puppy  page: 202/01pochax13:26thecarrotfund
23h Voyager Select vs Flagship  05/26tc10113:03LSLover
3h Which Vang. Muni Fund?  12:50Carbonate2412:56retiredjg
7h Can you still do backdoor Roth with SIMPLE-IRA plan?  05/22wanderlust1412:54ENT Doc
37c Insulating Walls - Worth it?  05/05General Disarra12:44Bengineer
39p When you didn't have 401(k)/403(b), did you have IRA?  05/05livesoft12:44qwertyjazz
18h Unwinding a maturing UTMA to pay least taxes  05/27livesoft12:42Chip
5t Wells Fargo Introduces New Fund Class  05/27dbc4712:28pkcrafter
5p Help with rollover from Municipal Job (pension and 457 deferred comp)  05/26y4rivera12:24Carefreeap
35l Online group meetings via web conference? [Virtual online chapter]  2013dandan1412:21Cruise
12h New-ish Investor--Advice on strategy  05/07irl12:15autopeep
11c am I the victim of ID theft?  05/27gips11:55JonnyDVM
43h Intermediate vs Short Term TIPS Fund  05/19BigJohn11:35abuss368
8c Employer 401k disappeared from Fidelity  02:24sunny_socal11:24llama
15h Investing Strategy  05/19dchmelir11:12retiredjg
16h Portfolio Questions & Check Up  05/20Livid40811:06retiredjg
34h New to the forum and retiring this fall  05/23Tracyfaa10:53Tracyfaa
22p Havings twins  05/26stlbrucefan10:46miamivice
8h Rebalancing  05/27indexonlyplease10:28indexonlyplease
46c Tell me about Alaska  02/17an_asker10:26kwarden13
11h Need help before receiving inheritance  05/27kkhanmd10:23bsteiner
26c Recommendations for moisturizing lotions that don't feel greasy  05/27JamesSFO10:22Investor2
70c Sell 2015 Subaru or Keep?  page: 205/21kwarden1310:17kwarden13
3t Why did Vanguard's Market Capitalization in their Portfolio Analysis change?  21:36mevans15410:14livesoft
2692c What Movie Have You Recently Watched?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 542014abuss36809:53abner kravitz
13t Why do Hardship Withdrawals Increase in the Summer?  05/25MarginalCost09:44LadyGeek
34p One time chance to reselect Defined Benefits or Defined Contribution  05/19frugalnotenough09:42ubermax
4c Anyone here use Fidsafe?  07:58TheTimeLord09:41Horsefly
82t The dot com "do over" bull market?  page: 205/23frankmorris09:41frankmorris
50c Mexican Pacific Beaches  page: 205/21FreddieG09:29552BB
9h Withdrawal questions  05/26JackE09:27billfromct
8p FDIC insurance, CDARs and overall health of national banks  05/27xanadu3209:10dm200
3c HondaCare Warranty Transferrable?  05/27Leesbro6309:08JamesSFO
3h Allocation Help Across His/Hers Accounts  05/22RThomas08:31livesoft
3h [Investment strategy]  05/27Oh12308:02grok87
8p Renting a condo but owner didn't pay property taxes  05/26Joecrow2308:02Shackleton
23c Cheap gym shirts w/ certain materials  05/24PlayingLife07:46brokendirtdart
110p Spreadsheet to show how taxable SS benefits will affect you  page: 2 32015PapaGeek06:58my name
5h The best bond ETFs for a European Investor?  05/26smesman06:56smesman
1653p What's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 342016guitarguy05:55onourway
10c Help with attaining CDIB card through research on indian ancestor that cannot be located on Dawes roll  05/27EveryDayI'mBogl05:13mouses
8h Managing My Elderly Moms Portfolio  05/18AveryAUSTIN04:16celia
4h VDVA - Vanguard global value fund  05/26nathaniel04:03BeBH65
13h California municipal / VCLAX  05/27cloudcloudcloud00:27Tyler Aspect
13t History: Tulip Fever  05/27selftalk22:16Nate79
42p New car doc fees  05/26SpringMan22:15SimonJester
2322c What Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 472014Alex Frakt22:14pezblanco
12l Any Albany, NY Bogleheads out there?  2016evarrr21:53fireworm
4h Inherited a Bond UIT - how to value?  05/27wanderer21:47wanderer
2c Second report on my bike ride from Amsterdam to Passau  05/26Raybo21:23jj
9h Stepped up basis of farmland  05/27bubbadog21:03bubbadog

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