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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1492 new posts and replies over 214 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
# Replies Subforum - Topic TitleFirst Last   
Subforum - TopicLast   
120cMedicare Part D Choices for 2024 available09/29 EagertoLearnMor14:30 mslaw
44tVanguard 2023 Year-end Capital Gains Distribution Estimates11/14 RickBoglehead14:29 HeelaMonster
24cPlan my retirement travel for me!23:20 JBTX14:27 JDCarpenter
13pIf no Medicare B, can HSA funds pay primary premium for FEHB12/07 4nwestsaylng14:27 Eagle33
2pFeedback on making a life change: changing jobs at 35. Financial considerations and addressing burnout.14:12 YoungSisyphus14:25 Nottingham
4cphysical balance14:02 MP17314:25 henry
2tIBond gift box questions13:57 hoops77714:24 hoops777
176pWhose is Self Insuring for Long Term Care (LTC)? I'd Like To Hear Your Plan12/06 MrCheapo14:24 Lee_WSP
41hYet another “Can I retire after layoff” thread12/06 nomdeplumefeath14:23 marcopolo
5hNew job; 401k help12:41 rxsmp14:20 bonesly
20cWho looks after your home while you are away for travel?12:09 Tub8414:20 quantAndHold
82hChristmas present = forced retirement18:36 fulliautomatix14:18 Gardener
39cHeat Pump Propaganda?09:44 delrinson14:15 delrinson
3hRoth IRAs for unemployed people with earned income08:41 metrangia14:15 diy60
104hCan I retire in 4 weeks?12/04 retirement_cowb14:14 retirement_cowb
0pSocial Security withholding and Estimated Taxes14:14 TSintheATL 
16cWhat are some uncommon luxury goods/services?13:30 JG614:14 PeninsulaPerson
75cNew Set of Tires11/14 LaurenRose14:14 rockstar
413pIntuit's Mint App Shutting Down...Replacement Recommendations?11/01 cascadian14:13 feHkWdn
2hearly retirement bridge fund - how would yours be designed14:02 spacemanspif14:12 runner3081
7hAny caveats with 100% withholding for 401K?09:09 Zipster14:11 simplextableau
6pWells Fargo Credit Card (Also, Quicken)10:34 slippinsurlies14:11 TheRealJohnDoe
17tVanguard's Estimated YE Distribution Schedule11/04 Cernel14:10 Chip Munk
13tShortening Duration as a way to de-risking Bonds12/07 gavinsiu14:09 muffins14
8hRetired - Year end Tax Avoidance Strategies?12/05 Steve_Sr.14:07 Steve_Sr.
152hDelaying Social Security is getting less advantageous10/23 ljb123414:05 Cah
15hWhat do you think about YieldMax™ Option Income Strategy ETFs?12/06 fingoals14:05 fingoals
8pRevocable Living Trust10:45 PatrickA514:04 Lee_WSP
1tTax-Deferred EE Bonds at high marginal rates compared to 4.63% YTM STRIPS and 5% T-Bills13:56 SantaClaraSurfe14:04 petulant
41pIs there any benefit to taking ss while I’m still working08/21 goldfinger2214:02 Navillus1968
0hHow do you account for inflation adjustments on the Personal Capital (Empower) app?14:02 DKD 
6906tThe Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses2016 Earl Lemongrab14:02 potatogun
18tHow do you retirees monitor withdrawal rate (SWR) vs portfolio size?12/06 HeavyChevy14:01 desolationjones
6cOrdering Citrus Fruit Online11:17 MrWasabi6513:57 Emilyjane
3858tThe Three-Fund Portfolio2012 Taylor Larimore13:55 Eagle33
2hSchwab T-Bill Auction, before when must order be placed?13:30 nalor51113:53 nalor511
17cInexpensive Chromebook or Similar?14:47 MrWasabi6513:51 Northern Flicke
13pSelf employment tax benefit12:22 Tom_T13:50 MP123
14h[Software to track investments?]12/05 Chemtrails13:50 jarjarM
214tInvesting 100% into TQQQ10/21 RichIn7Years13:48 Tamalak
9hTransfer Funds12/06 smc194813:48 GaryA505
14hTransferring assets between jointly and individual accounts2020 jiamajia13:45 jebmke
16hWash?20:56 LISD13:42 retired@50
31hVanguard says we have a trust account????12/04 SGM13:42 cheese_breath
11cVanguard is locking my money for 1 year [and a call to customer service lasted over 2 hours!]!23:01 BogleMelon13:41 BogleMelon
13pNon-Deductible IRA from '18 - now what?09:35 Pghbuckeye13:41 Pghbuckeye
26tSWR and Discretionary expense11/30 swayswift13:41 KlangFool
132tBond yields of 1% mean that 60/40-type allocations are off for almost everyone?2021 mdlm13:40 Tamalak
20hWhat are people doing with small mortgages?23:20 MrCheapo13:40 lakpr
3657tTrading Treasuries (nominal and TIPS)2022 Kevin M13:38 Calhoon
42cShould I take job offer? Commute concerns12/06 archiehr13:38 Pdxnative
25pVehicle for a Year12/07 J29513:32 J295
4cHow to best protect a new Dogwood tree?10:57 OatmealAddict13:32 Kenkat
4hInterest is high. Is now good time to lock in a QLAC?12:50 WhiteMaxima13:31 WhiteMaxima
16pPeople In The Car Sales Business: Question About Transportation Cost12/07 hotajax13:27 jerrysmith
20pQuestions on the Backdoor Roth process12/06 saagar_is_cool13:22 saagar_is_cool
111cPrivate High School - worth it?12/05 Yesterdaysnews13:22 stoptothink
50pHow to tax deduct upcoming losses in Roth IRA: Brilliant?12/06 livesoft13:22 erp
284cT5 engineering school or in-state T35 with full-ride?12/01 acegolfer13:18 deserat
33hContribute to ESPP or mega-backdoor Roth?12/04 grogu13:15 lakpr
18pFidelity free Turbotax 202312/01 chinchin13:12 MisterBill
1pPaid way too much Federal taxes and will be due a refund nearly = to '24 liability13:00 Workinprogress13:05 ehh
25cHow would you know if files were lost on Google drive22:07 gavinsiu13:04 stan1
0hT-bills matured at Vanguard yesterday13:02 Gigihsu 
6hConsiderations for moving from Target Funds?11:48 WilliamB12:57 the_wiki
88pFractional Real Estate Ownership - Thoughts?2021 maulermark12:49 LFKB
26pCash Merger and HUGE realized Capital Loss12/07 aum12:49 Hyperchicken
50pParents of recent college applicants: How did it play out?12/06 CascadiaSoonish12:49 stoptothink
46cWhich Mesh Router To Buy12/07 LifeIsGood12:48 Luke Duke
165hUninterested Spouse12/02 Mr. Potter12:42 Broken Man 1999
65pSell house below market value12/05 brianplycatu12:40 brianplycatu
313cTesla savings vs used ICE cars09/16 jplee312:40 ncbill
2hPlacing $ in Vanguard Settlement/Sweep Account...12:29 investment guy12:38 Doctor Rhythm
2008hPurchasing MYGAs (multi year guaranteed annuities) - mega thread2020 Stinky12:34 Bronco Billy
140cIf you could wake up anywhere tomorrow morning, where would it be?08/01 Designairohio12:34 HomerJ
52nBond and bond ETF taxation as a non-US resident2022 culturedcomment12:33 TedSwippet
124cAdvice for a budding electrical engineer11/21 YeahBuddy12:30 investor997
32cMaking MIL's PC safe as possible18:24 BH_RedRan12:29 PeninsulaPerson
22pInsurance for immigrated parents12/05 Yvy12:28 Yvy
7hPortfolio review - retirement advice request12/06 RFintuit12:27 mrmass
0cPSA - information on what to do if a nursing home is pushing for discharge & you don't agree12:25 cs412a 
10hDoes Vanguard Money Market earn interest?05/23 newyorker12:21 Daddio1949
6pUS Treasury "gains"15:24 andyandyandy12:20 RyeBourbon
4hReinvest Capital Gains / Dividends21:34 controlledmonke12:19 SnowBog
32cNeed help with replacing noisy AC unit in new house.09/30 Gort12:00 tibbitts
44hShould I be investing in PRIMECAP Odyssey Aggressive Growth Fund?2018 uberme11:57 sperry8
44hWhich broker to use? F. S, VG [Fidelity, Schwab, Vanguard]12/06 4nursebee11:57 jeffyscott
13cOther financial forums?07/09 bgyt11:56 dual
5hvariable annuity options16:35 tpn11:53 tpn
11hTIPS or portfolio for 11 year SS Bridge?17:31 Raspberry-50311:45 Raspberry-503
41pI am “lower risk” what should my emergency fund be?12/06 Yaris-351611:44 abc132
7hGrowth, Value, Non-Growth/Non-Value?10:01 LISD11:44 the_wiki
9cUsed Nissan Leaf S purchase 3rd car for kids06:34 Fishmanflats11:42 oxothuk
5cWood stair refinishing advice needed10:58 220volt11:41 Sandtrap
4080cWhat frugal thing did you do today?2017 Nectarineman11:39 WoostaGal
14152tHEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure Part II: The next journey2019 HEDGEFUNDIE11:36 Football2408
22cGood decisions that paid off for you 60, 70, 80, 90+06:26 PeninsulaPerson11:34 Colorado14
2038tWhy not 100% PSLDX? [PIMCO StocksPLUS Long Duration Fund]2020 TeeDee11:31 comeinvest
32hBackdoor Roth IRA in simple words07/27 mander7511:31 S_Track
7tMinimum Time Horizon for the 3 Fund Portfolio18:24 InvestBiz9911:29 Johm221122
11cSuggestions for a strange Macbook/mouse issue?08:02 MrWasabi6511:25 Gecko10x
2hPOAGX No Dividend Distributions?03/21 aristotelian11:23 sperry8
7fHow do I post or embed graphics to this forum?10:19 swong11:21 David Jay
2hBackdoor Roth/SIMPLE IRA/ROTH - prorata rule?10:58 Idesire2FIRE11:16 Idesire2FIRE
6pHelp evaluating my in-law's life insurance policies12/07 Rd12312311:13 Nate79
0hDealing with post tax ira contributions11:07 jjshoe 
75nMoney Market Funds04/14 michoco91110:56 stressed
6hFirst MegaBackDoor Year, question on order of operations15:40 illumination10:55 illumination
75pAdvice for nephew, 25, raking in that Silicon Valley pay11/30 McQ10:55 rebellovw
3hNo cash equivalent in 401k?10:46 62caster10:54 CAsage
3pHow to protect young adult kids if spouse and I both die? (a trust? etc)09:51 vinhodoporto10:54 bsteiner
7hFamily HSA05:39 rothdog10:50 Artsdoctor
5306cWhat are you listening to now2020 Artful Dodger10:49 iceport
7pCross shopping agents for high value insurance carriers?08:14 NYCaviator10:36 pizzy
9pOptimizing cc purchase07:37 Astronaut410:24 safari
8tETF's12/05 Mildot10:23 GaryA505
4hStructure settlement help15:11 Merlinnn10:20 bberris
5pIs front-loading into pre-tax 401K allowed?06:19 eugeneD10:13 eugeneD
12pProblem logging in to Treasury Direct ? - worked after taking out trailing dot on URL, thanks.18:19 DSBH10:12 DSBH
669lSuggestions for the Wiki2008 Barry Barnitz10:03 beyou
37cTesla - ARgh [Frustrated with tech support]12/06 arsenalfan10:02 nisiprius
6cDownspout route around corner need to know what parts I need.08:56 mtwhmemn10:02 mtwhmemn
7cStatus of Death Valley NP17:12 investor4life09:44 investor4life
6cHow often to get chimney flu liner cleaned?12/07 WoostaGal09:42 lthenderson
24tSelling bond mutual fund shares between ex-dividend dates, and taxation12/06 Carsson309:30 Carsson3
12cWindow Replacement Preparation and Order of replacement12/07 URSnshn09:30 tibbitts
13tReinvest vs Deposit to Core2021 advicenow09:30 jeffyscott
13tWhat gave GEICO its Economic Moat?12/07 Fat-Tailed Cont09:29 MH2
7hHelp me allocate my funds in my IRA17:07 DJZ09:28 ruralavalon
25cPirate Ship - Save Up to 89%12/04 bhwabeck353309:27 ClevrChico
8pFidelity Full View12/07 Lloydo09:25 mhc
51p100k in CDs maturing in a few days - roll over at 5.5 percent or how would one decide this?11/30 AnnetteLouisan09:14 TheRoundHeadedK
23pCan we make Roth contributions in 2023?12/07 GeoMetry09:09 RyeBourbon
5hQuestions about Asset Allocation and REITs05:50 scaredmoney09:05 dbr
76pThe Final, Definitive Thread on Bank Bonuses03/19 whodidntante08:54 Fortitude
58pDeath Book2013 Steady5908:51 mxyzptlk
1hBuy individual muni or muni fund now?12/06 FruitTree08:49 Rocky Mtn Man
61cretire in 50s what do you do12/05 Hillview08:45 Shackleton
32cCutting Cable, Recommendations?12/06 foodman08:37 new2bogle
59tValue vs Growth divergence is at all time high12/03 Elysium08:36 dogagility
26hWhat IRMAA bracket estimate are you using for 2024?2022 water235708:35 TheRealJohnDoe
25pState Farm Auto Ins. 3 Year Mark12/05 bartmer08:34 bartmer
1n[UK] Drawdown question05:13 Gemini196208:33 TedSwippet
3hwhat happens to IRA when spouse is deceased04:52 aptget08:29 Wiggums
5hHelp with Treasury Bills.....07:50 cresive08:28 Impatience
93cHow respond to recent graduate from my alma mater asking about "opportunities" at my company?12/05 knightrider08:23 crefwatch
7hNeed help picking out a 403(b) provider!11/19 nursechel08:00 VTS3X
2hsavings bonds online with maiden name now with married name11/05 Dandy07:41 Mullins
156tFundrise - Real Estate2022 abuss36807:40 CloseEnough
8cMigrating files to a new computer by cable18:46 ByThePond07:37 JayB
36cIs 2 hours enough to clear customs and make flight in Atlanta?12/05 trustquestioner07:26 criticalmass
57hFunding Fidelity solo 401k in person rather than ACH2020 eltron06:32 life in slices
23pDashlane Password Manager10/31 ZIP2C06:00 biscuit5
9pRefinance plan for recent homebuyers18:27 ss9805:47 MillennialFinan
29hSP 500, Nasdaq and Bonds. Will it work?12/06 Imtrying05:42 windaar
178pReview of book "Die with Zero"06/26 TheMurphy05:28 Godot
94hAsset transfer fraud protection11/30 rks05:11 investuntilimri
43cWhere do you buy glasses?12/05 faanger10104:51 dcabler
65cTechnivorm Moccamaster KBTS coffee machine01/26 sunny_socal03:49 bertilak
58IValuethinker has 48,000 posts11/26 nedsaid03:35 iwm
7cMeeting scheduling software- free and easy?12/07 Scooting03:20 ivk5
3420lPost your Financial Milestone Announcements Here2017 VAslim1602:05 m@ver1ck
135tWhat non-index fund investment made you a lot of money?11/25 TipsQuestions01:29 Ron Ronnerson
4pTax calculator recommendation?12/07 slvrhwk00:24 capran
13hVanguard hold on new accounts?03/15 theplayer1123:19 BogleMelon
78pWhen to move to a continuing care retirement community (CCRC)12/02 Hillview23:10 nonnie
31cGeico Auto - Premium up again12/06 MrWasabi6522:51 soretired
5044tWhat are you up YTD? [Year To Date]2014 InvestorNewb22:35 novemberrain
6261pBank of America/Merrill Edge - Preferred Rewards2014 navyitaly22:12 anon_investor
14p2024 Income Planning & 2026 IRMAA brackets12/04 LilyFleur21:51 LilyFleur
82tSCHD Poor Performance06/02 POINT3R21:49 GP813
5hLooking for input on wife's retirement account plans14:42 phobophobe21:39 lakpr
21tMax Drawdowns Bonds/All Stocks11/29 rich12621:29 arcticpineapple
5pCalifornia Homestead Exemption Clarifications04/30 MrCheapo20:31 DebiT
12hHow to handle 2023 RMDs?2022 7BeachbUm020:29 ee_guy
2pIndependent Agent for Disability Insurance12/07 clement1320:25 NYCaviator
8hDefining a TIPS ladder based on my expenses, not CPI.12/06 Free to Choose20:22 watchnerd
10cMicrosoft edge12/07 Tooth20:18 techbud
10hEE Bonds or not for an almost 62 yr old12/07 Moneybags120:07 SantaClaraSurfe
6hAdvice needed on the near future17:17 Goldenkey195919:57 Call_Me_Op
13tBacktesting tools that take taxes into account10/30 deejay7719:46 deejay77
492tTotal Portfolio Allocation and Withdrawal (TPAW)2020 Ben Mathew19:42 Ben Mathew
30hContributed $52K to TWO 529 Plans in 2023 - Is that a problem?12/05 authrd19:13 toddthebod
2tishares defined maturity TIPS ETF17:36 runr19:08 runr
8pHow do you compare Federal Blue Cross Standard versus Basic?11/15 Pizzaboy2218:59 rkhusky
13pNeed Advice on Consolidating IRA and 401K12/06 fdeanw18:35 fdeanw
23tDid anyone regretfully save a lot of cash before investing?12/03 Yaris-351618:31 YangtzeCruiser
67hWhen to add bonds?11/10 tman994018:22 YangtzeCruiser
9pInvalid ABA routing number on a major company check.07/07 ltgcc18:11 tetractys
39hRetirement account in Target date fund12/05 hoodibaba18:07 arcticpineapple
100hSell everything10/03 capen246818:04 ddbtoth
4tAny tool that lets me back test with taxes12/06 RichIn7Years17:48 RichIn7Years
59pAnybody else a retiree who is a conservative investor?10/04 Back Dr17:44 tetractys
4pShould I exercise ISOs?12/07 javigme17:44 LotsaGray
8hWhat’s the best order to convert Traditional IRA’s to Roth?12/07 tetractys17:35 tetractys
8hEmployer using new 403b plan11/25 throwaway65317:15 throwaway653
34hRoth Conversion in December - pay taxes in April?11/30 namenloseblonde17:09 retiredjg
7pone IRA transfer to another institution per year allowed?12/06 sil201716:57 sil2017
2796tModified versions of HFEA with ITT and Futures / Lifecycle Investing with Modern Portfolio Theory2021 skierincolorado16:50 comeinvest
256t"In general, bonds add little or no value to the portfolio of ordinary long-term investors"11/23 Do_Nothing16:18 HeavyChevy
107tHas surviving stock market crash made you more resilient12/02 gavinsiu16:14 chw
68cCA Solar Decision11/27 krafty8116:11 krafty81
3pInherited IRA rules pre-Secure Act12/07 FBN201416:07 Alan S.
2pHelp estimate tax and taxable income without W2 &1099R15:54 Swiss Chard16:06 Silk McCue
22cShopping safely: Parents12/06 clutchied15:50 supalong52
38pFeds - Is GEHA Still The Best HDHP Option?2022 RJC15:41 Cruz
23pCar Loan Rates11/20 mrtiger15:31 eugeneD
10nAssets location and FATCA-IGA reporting12/06 fman15:19 fman
4pNationwide Private Client vs Cincinnati Insurance12/07 ChicagoBear715:13 Kenkat
4hSo if I buy a municipal bond fund for my state, how do they know not to tax?15:02 Booogle15:12 Xexanoth
1hPIMCO ladder vs VWIUX14:45 Mayacallie15:00 nyclon
1pYear End - Tax Questions14:32 mander7514:51 lakpr
8tWhere do companies like Berkshire Hathaway hold their cash?12/06 skp14:50 Glockenspiel
3pStep up cost basis for personal residence and LTC12/07 vjkapust14:36 vjkapust

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