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The Bogleheads forum has a comprehensive FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) list to assistance members with:

  • Login and Registration Issues
  • User Preferences and settings
  • Posting Issues
  • Formatting and Topic Types
  • User Levels and Groups
  • Private Messaging
  • Friends and Foes (disabled on this forum)
  • Searching the Forums
  • Topic Subscriptions and Bookmarks
  • Attachments (disabled on this forum)
  • phpBB 3 Issues

See: Frequently Asked Questions, which is located at the top right of every forum page ("FAQ").

What do the forum icons mean?

PhpBB icon descriptions.png

Forum policy

The Bogleheads forum policy can be found at: Policies and Etiquette, which is located at the top right of every forum page ("Forum Policy").

Was my private message read?

A Private Message (PM) stays in the "Outbox" folder until it is read by the recipient. For further clarification, see PM seems stuck in Outbox.

How do I receive email notifications if a thread is updated?

When you are viewing a thread, there’s a checkbox in the menu bar at the bottom of the screen to subscribe or unsubscribe to the topic.[1]

You can set the default to subscribe or not in your profile.

Click on: User Control Panel > Board Preferences > Edit posting defaults > Notify me upon replies by default (Yes/No)

You can remove threads from your notification list by going to the User Control Panel > Manage subscriptions menu

You can also click on "view your posts" for a quick look to see if the last poster was someone other than you, and/or whether the date of the last post is since the last time you logged in.

Add a wiki link to your signature

Members are welcome to add a link to the wiki in their signature.[note 1] There are four graphics available:

Graphic Copy/Paste into Your Signature








Be sure that the "Disable BBCode" option under the signature is NOT checked.

The code will not only show the graphic in your signature block, but will also make the graphic clickable. Anyone clicking on the graphic will go straight to the main page of the wiki.

Google Docs

Ambox content.png Google Docs is one of several ways to share documents with other forum members. Publishing anything on the Internet is inconsistent with keeping it private. Be cognizant that Using Google as a custodian raises privacy concerns on its own.

Google Docs is a freeware web-based office suite offered by Google within its Google Drive service. This article describes how you can use Google Docs to share word-processing documents and spreadsheets with other forum members:

  1. Go to
  2. Create a no-cost Google account if you do not have one.
  3. Log in.
  4. Next to "Create" you will see a red button with a icon on it that means "upload". Press it.
  5. Upload a word processing document or a spreadsheet in many common formats, notably Microsoft Word and Excel.
  6. Click on the document. It may show a preview. Examine it to see if the format conversion is acceptable. Perhaps click "open" and view it in the Google Docs word processing or spreadsheet application itself. When you are sure you are ready, click on the Share button.[2]
  7. Change "visibility" to "Anyone with the link."
  8. Leave "access" at the default, "Anyone (no sign-in required), Can View."
  9. Click on "save."
  10. Copy the "link to share."
  11. Post the link, being aware that once posted publicly in Bogleheads, anyone can find the link in Bogleheads and then can read your document. While the name of the Google Docs account is not obviously embedded in the link, remember that the purpose of Google Docs is to share documents, not to hide them, and you are probably disclosing clues to your personal identity and possibly to the name of your Google Docs account.

Helping new investors

In addition to the wiki link graphics, there is a dedicated link to Asking Portfolio Questions - the forum's standardized portfolio format for helping new investors. This allows members to help new investors by simply saying "See my signature for more information."[note 1]

Link Copy/Paste into Your Signature
Asking Portfolio Questions 


Be sure that the "Disable BBCode" option under the signature is NOT checked.

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  1. 1.0 1.1 Adding wiki and Asking Portfolio Question BBCodes must be done by a site administrator. Please PM a site administrator and request the BBCode to be added.


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