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This page contains the featured blog which appears on the main page. Each blog shown in News and blogs will be selected in turn, updated daily. News is excluded. Note: The wiki has no control over content or formatting.

Mike Piper - Oblivious Investor

Your marginal tax rate (and, in many cases, how you expect your marginal tax rate to change over time) is a critical factor in tax planning decisions. One thing that married couples often fail to consider in their planning is that, in the majority of cases, after one spouse dies, the widow/widower’s marginal tax rate will be greater than […]
No matter how confident you are in your employer’s prospects, it’s generally a bad idea to hold a significant portion of your portfolio in your employer’s stock, if you have a choice in the matter. As Ron Lieber reminds us this week, investing heavily in the stock of your employer puts you in a position where not […]
A reader writes in, asking: “Regarding Roth conversions, is it worth it to convert, putting yourself in pretty high tax brackets if you have a lot to convert? Second is it worthwhile to do some converting when the result would likely still leave you with heavy RMD’s and 85% of SS taxed, nullifying some of […]
Over the last few weeks, I’ve repeatedly received questions (and seen similar questions on the Bogleheads forum) about whether it’s worth ditching international stocks entirely, given their poor performance over the last several years relative to U.S. stocks. In short, my answer is that that’s the opposite of what most investors should be doing right […]
A reader writes in, asking: “I understand that a bond’s price goes up when interest rates go down and vice versa. Do interest rates usually move together with all rates going up by roughly the same amount? And if not, which interest rate is it that determines bond prices? Federal funds rate? Treasury bond rates? Other??” Firstly, interest […]

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