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This page contains the featured blog which appears on the main page. Each blog shown in News and blogs will be selected in turn, updated daily. News is excluded. Note: The wiki has no control over content or formatting.

Bill Schultheis - The Coffeehouse Investor

Depending on your risk tolerance and investment horizon, you might be keeping some of your portfolio in cash — which, of course, is just fine, provided that you have a plan and are following it.
We often discuss removing the noise of Wall Street so you can focus on the details of your own life. However, we typically don’t outline the “details” and that’s okay except when we as a society missed the mark on focusing on the important things.
The market has been jumping around like a Mexican jumping bean, prompting unpleasant October memories for some in the financial industry. Take October 1987, when stocks dropped more than 20% before Halloween (even though it finished in positive territory for the year), Or 2008, when the market was down more than 17% for the month. […]
We are headed back to the basics and where much of this story started with Bill writing a financial column for Seattle’s King County Journal. Our fearless leader will be featured monthly in the new 425 Business magazine. His financial column will focus on all aspects of the Coffeehouse Investor and provide readers with insight on how to ignore Wall Street and get on with their lives.
We came across an enlightening but very basic investing piece of advice from Vanguard that aligned with what we often say in webinars and print – the amount you save today will have a direct correlation on your financial future.

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