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This page contains the featured blog which appears on the main page. Each blog shown in News and blogs will be selected in turn, updated daily. News is excluded. Note: The wiki has no control over content or formatting.

Bill Schultheis - The Coffeehouse Investor

Spend an evening with Bill as he discusses risk management and assessing your appetite for risk in "Managing Risk - Your Portfolio, Your Life" at 6pm tonight - Thursday, July 24th.
It’s finally starting to sink in, you really are listening to our investing principles. Congratulations – now we’re going to continue to repeat these rules over and over again until you never deter from the plan (your long term financial plan that is). Fidelity Investments are reporting retirement investing accounts have never looked better, employees are now investing more into their 401K accounts, and are taking advantage of employer match programs.
As the temperatures rise this weekend, I’m find myself enjoying the crawl of the summer schedule, the afternoon Popsicle with my oldest, and the sunset patio discussions with my husband. Sounds idyllic but it truly has taken purposeful energy to stop and smell the summer. We are products of to-do lists, Outlook schedules, and over booked dinner dates. It’s embarrassing and completely self-propelled.
Retirement investing is risky business but it doesn’t have to be. With a well thought out financial plan and a portfolio allocation that addresses your risk tolerance, you can make the savings experience an enjoyable process. Listen in as Bill discusses the finer points of risk management strategies in our next webinar “Managing Risk – Your Portfolio, Your Life” on Thursday, July 24th at 6pm (PST).
You won’t be surprised to hear that our readership is mostly male, our webinar participants are mostly male, and one of the main priorities when clients come on board is to ensure their female spouses are taken care of long term. We as women have often taken a back seat with finances and it’s beginning to take its toll. Jean Chatzky discusses this issue in her recent article for Daily Worth.

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