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Vanguard News

No doubt it can be challenging to balance multiple financial goals, from paying debts and saving for your future to juggling parents' and kids' needs. Here are a few suggestions to help you maintain your financial equilibrium.
A number of Vanguard mutual funds recently reported changes in their expense ratios.
The financial markets had many factors to absorb this week, including Fed testimony to the Senate Banking Committee, clashes in the Middle East, and the downing of a Malaysian airliner. At the same time U.S. economic data were mixed. The Fed's Beige Book indicated modest growth throughout the country while housing starts dropped more than 9% in June.
For teens just starting to earn some money, opening a Roth IRA, or, more likely, having one started for them, may be a good idea. Here are a few reasons why.
Budgeting, saving more than you spend, and resisting impulse buying are good ideas at any age. That can be especially true for kids, who have a lifetime to reap the benefits.

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Bogleheads® author blogs

Jim Dahle (a.k.a. EmergDoc, for medical professionals)

The White Coat Investor - Helping those who wear the white coat get a "fair shake"

In Part 1 of this series, I discussed the important principles that affect investing in retirement, including the sequence of returns issue, inflation, and safe withdrawal rates. Today, we’ll get a little more practical about how to deal with these significant issues. Converting to Income First, a caution. Investors, both before and after retirement, are often inappropriately focused on “income” such that they ignore their total returns, which in the long run are far more … Continue reading
I am often asked about how someone should invest in retirement. My first reaction is usually to wonder why they’re so worried about it. Just as investing for physicians is 95% the same as investing for everyone else, investing in retirement is 95% the same as investing before retirement. It seems to me that if you can figure out how to stash away enough money to retire on, then it shouldn’t be that hard to … Continue reading
I recently had a life insurance salesman show up in the comments thread of a post I published years ago about not mixing insurance and investing. He thought Indexed Universal Life Insurance (IUL) was the best thing since sliced bread. In support of his position, he posted a link to an article written in 2012 by Insurance Agent Allen Koreis in 2012, entitled 16 Reasons Why Accountants Prefer Indexed Universal Life Insurance. I thought it … Continue reading
[Editor's Note: This is a guest post from Jamie K. Fleischner, CLU, ChFC, LUTCF, an insurance agent (Set For Life Insurance) and a paid advertiser on this blog. She has specialized in helping physicians with their disability insurance planning needs since 1993. Her niche is finding discounts and unisex rates for her clients and has created one of the largest portfolios of available discounts for physicians nationwide. This post addresses important issues faced by female … Continue reading
I’ve been getting various versions of the following question more and more frequently: Q. I was playing around with a loan calculator and I figure it would be better to just take the loan forgiveness (even at 20 years via the Pay As Your Earn (PAYE) program, not just the 10 years via the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program) than to actually try to pay back my student loans. What do you think? Can … Continue reading

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Laura Dogu

Laura Dogu is a contributor to The Bogleheads® View blog on

Laura Dogu, Mel Lindauer: The Bogleheads - Advice Inspired by Jack Bogle

On February 19th, the forum will celebrate its seventh birthday. What an amazing trip it’s been! BACKGROUND The website was originally set up and funded by two long-time Bogleheads, Alex Frakt and Larry Auton. For several years, the site served as a front-end index for the old Vanguard Diehards forum at .com. was [...]
On January 25th, Taylor Larimore, who Jack Bogle dubbed “The King of the Bogleheads” turned 90. Taylor, a decorated World War II paratrooper, was in the Battle of the Bulge and is a member of “The Greatest Generation.” In 1998, Taylor was one of the founders of the Bogleheads community at the Vanguard Diehards forum [...]
For investors who prefer paper I Bonds to the electronic I Bonds issued via TreasuryDirect, there’s still a back-door option that allows you to purchase an additional $5,000 in paper I Bonds per tax return per year.
Two steps forward and one step back.  That’s the stock market for you.  It’s a dance all new investors need to learn because it affects the portion of your portfolio that you have allocated to common stocks. Two steps forward and one step back.  The stock market has been dancing to that tune ever since [...]
Today’s guest columnist is author Bill Schultheis. The beat goes on.  Corporate America continues its relentless shift away from defined benefit plans and toward defined contributions in helping workers prepare for retirement. Recently, American auto maker Chrysler announced it was going to freeze its pension plan for about 8,000 workers, transferring them to a defined [...]

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Rick Ferri

Rick Ferri Blog

I tilt. Do you tilt? It’s OK to tilt. Many people tilt. I’m not talking about posture or politics – I’m talking about portfolio design. A portfolio “tilt” is industry slang for an investment strategy that overweighs a particular investment style. An example would be tilting to small-cap stocks or value stocks that have historically [...]
Technical analysis reminds me of searching for gold at the end of a rainbow. Children of all ages are mesmerized by the story, yet no one to date has found a pot of gold. It’s not because gold isn’t there – it most certainly exists in the mind of every child. The problem is the rainbow; it’s circular, there is no end to it.
Did you miss returns from intermediate-term bond funds because you sat in a short-term bond fund waiting for interest rates to rise? A lot of people did. This strategy has backfired as the opportunity cost of not being in intermediate-term bonds has been more costly than whatever damage rising interest rates might have taken away.
Want to be a successful investor? Have a sound investment philosophy before trying to create an investment strategy. Your core beliefs about investing should drive strategy and also keep you disciplined in difficult markets.
Successful market timing requires two correct decisions: when to get out and when to back get in. Guessing right once is a 50/50 proposition. Guessing right twice drops the odds to only 25 percent. One wrong guess and you shoot yourself in one foot; two wrong guesses and you shoot yourself in both feet. This is what makes market timing so difficult.

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Mel Lindauer

Mel Lindauer is a contributor to The Bogleheads® View blog on The Bogleheads® View RSS feed is listed above.

Mike Piper

Mike Piper - Oblivious Investor

A reader writes in, asking: “I’m trying to find more info on ACA premium subsidies. Specifically, I want to understand which year’s MAGI [modified adjusted gross income] is used. For example, would a person’s health insurance premiums for 2015 be determined based upon his 2014 MAGI or 2013 MAGI, etc.?” The premium tax credit (i.e., […]
One question readers ask from time to time is how many Vanguard index funds manage to trail their index by an amount less than the fund’s expense ratio. To some extent, the answer is pure randomness. An index fund doesn’t typically hold every security in the index, in exactly the designated proportion, at every moment […]
I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the Treasury Department’s recent release of final regulations that create a new type of annuity in the tax law: “Qualifying Longevity Annuity Contracts” (QLACs). To explain, we first need to back up a step. This isn’t really a new type of annuity. This is simply a new tax treatment […]
This week, I especially enjoyed a MarketWatch article from Mitchell Tuchman pointing out a number of errors investors often make. This little gem stood out to me in particular: “Your long-term investments shouldn’t be allocated in a way that pressures you to review them constantly. That’s not investing. It’s a slow-motion form of panic.” 5 […]
A reader writes in, asking: “When choosing between a Roth 401k and regular 401k, people always talk about marginal tax rate. Does effective tax rate play into the decision as well? I expect to have a very low effective tax rate in retirement due to a lower income level and the tax advantaged nature of Social […]

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Allan Roth

Bill Schultheis

Bill Schultheis - The Coffeehouse Investor

It’s finally starting to sink in, you really are listening to our investing principles. Congratulations – now we’re going to continue to repeat these rules over and over again until you never deter from the plan (your long term financial plan that is). Fidelity Investments are reporting retirement investing accounts have never looked better, employees are now investing more into their 401K accounts, and are taking advantage of employer match programs.
As the temperatures rise this weekend, I’m find myself enjoying the crawl of the summer schedule, the afternoon Popsicle with my oldest, and the sunset patio discussions with my husband. Sounds idyllic but it truly has taken purposeful energy to stop and smell the summer. We are products of to-do lists, Outlook schedules, and over booked dinner dates. It’s embarrassing and completely self-propelled.
Retirement investing is risky business but it doesn’t have to be. With a well thought out financial plan and a portfolio allocation that addresses your risk tolerance, you can make the savings experience an enjoyable process. Listen in as Bill discusses the finer points of risk management strategies in our next webinar “Managing Risk – Your Portfolio, Your Life” on Thursday, July 24th at 6pm (PST).
You won’t be surprised to hear that our readership is mostly male, our webinar participants are mostly male, and one of the main priorities when clients come on board is to ensure their female spouses are taken care of long term. We as women have often taken a back seat with finances and it’s beginning to take its toll. Jean Chatzky discusses this issue in her recent article for Daily Worth.
“I’ve found that low cost is the best single predictor of subsequent performance available.” We are not the first ones to tell you that leveraging low cost index funds can make a positive impact on your portfolio. New data from Morningstar is proving our point as well. A recent New York Times article provides some insight on why costs can be a performance predictor and why John Bogle had it right so many years ago.

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Larry Swedroe

Larry Swedroe, on Seeking Alpha
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The Finance Buff

TFB - The Finance Buff

Bonds had surprisingly good returns in the first half of 2014. However, you are still better off in CDs.
Review online investment management services by Wealthfront, Betterment, and Personal Capital. How do these compare with a target date fund from Vanguard?
Interesting tidbits from a Vanguard report covering 3 million 401k participants. See where you stand.
A mortgage is a negative bond. Buying stocks while having a mortgage is the same as buying stocks on margin. So is buying stocks while renting.
If you get something for free it's the same as income only if you'd pay the cash price anyway. If you are paying up front, it's just a different way to pay for an expense.

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Academic blogs

Wade Pfau

Retirement Researcher Blog

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