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Vanguard News

While using dividend-producing stock funds to replace some bond fund holdings may seem an attractive way to increase the income in a portfolio, it introduces new complications and new risks.
A tax refund isn't a gift from Uncle Sam, and it isn't necessarily good news. If you received a check from the IRS this year, consider putting that money to work with these simple tips.
The solid track record of our multi-manager funds over long periods shows that many heads can be a good thing.
As part of our ongoing effort to protect your Vanguard account, we've added a new feature for web-registered clients. Effective immediately, you'll automatically receive e-mail alerts when you perform certain transactions on your account. This will allow you to track account activity in real time.
Understanding the global economy helps put market movements into context. Here researchers from Vanguard Investment Strategy Group examine the economic trends that impact the investing environment.

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Bogleheads® author blogs

Jim Dahle (a.k.a. EmergDoc, for medical professionals)

The White Coat Investor - Helping those who wear the white coat get a "fair shake"

I recently had the opportunity to speak to a large group of emergency physicians. I do this periodically and really enjoy it, especially when it can be combined with me getting some CME and getting some turns in at a world class ski resort. However, it made me a little depressed when I realized just how much more work there is to do out there as far as educating physicians about personal finance and investing. … Continue reading
Using a 401(k) (or other tax-deferred retirement account) can be a fantastic way to save for retirement. However, who gets the most benefit out of using it? It turns out that the law of diminishing returns definitely applies to 401(k)s. Let me show you what I mean. The Minimal Saver Imagine a doctor who has never saved anything for retirement. He has a 33% marginal tax rate and his employer matches the first $10K he … Continue reading
[Editor’s Note: This is part 2 of a two-part guest post about what to do when you lose your spouse, at least from a financial perspective. If you missed part 1, go back and read it first. The anonymous (to you) author and I have no financial relationship.] Banks You need to notify all banks in which your spouse maintained accounts of his/her death and provide certified death certificates. Joint accounts are not usually a … Continue reading
[Editor’s Note: This is a guest post submitted by a regular reader, a physician who wishes to remain anonymous. Although it doesn’t apply to me, and hopefully won’t for a long time, I did pick up a few pearls I didn’t know before reading it. This is one of the best written and researched guest posts I’ve ever received. However, it’s a little long, so I split it into two posts, one today and one … Continue reading
I get lots of questions by email. Sometimes by the time I’ve answered them I realize I have an exceptional blog post written. So, with their permission and with identifying details obscured, I use it as a Q&A post. This one came a few months ago and is about making the transition to attendinghood properly. Q. We are so excited to find your site. You have no idea! I am an attorney and my husband … Continue reading

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Laura Dogu

Laura Dogu is a contributor to The Bogleheads® View blog on

Laura Dogu, Mel Lindauer: The Bogleheads - Advice Inspired by Jack Bogle

After the good stock market returns of the past six years, where the stock market, as measured by the S&P 500 has more than tripled, many investors may well find that their portfolios now contain a much larger percentage of equities than they originally determined they were comfortable with. As a result, now might be the ideal […]
On February 19th, the forum will celebrate its eighth birthday. What an amazing trip it’s been! BACKGROUND  The website was originally set up and funded by two long-time Bogleheads, Alex Frakt and Larry Auton. For several years, the site served as a front-end index for the old Vanguard Diehards forum at .com. was […]
On behalf of the entire Bogleheads Community, I’d like to wish each and every one of our readers all the very best in this holiday season.  For now, I’ll leave you with some steps you can take in the New Year that can help lead to your financial success.  Obviously, these steps can only come […]
Because I was one of the most vocal supporters of I when they were first introduced, I’m often asked for my thoughts on today’s I Bond offerings. The most common question I get is “Are today’s I a good investment?” While we can reminisce about the “good old days” when  one could purchase up to […]
On February 19th, the forum will celebrate its seventh birthday. What an amazing trip it’s been! BACKGROUND The website was originally set up and funded by two long-time Bogleheads, Alex Frakt and Larry Auton. For several years, the site served as a front-end index for the old Vanguard Diehards forum at .com. was […]

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Rick Ferri

Rick Ferri Blog

The ETF Decision Is Not All or None Shoebox design has not changed much in 50 years. Shoeboxes are still the same shape, made of the same flimsy cardboard and hold one pair of shoes. The color and lid design do vary among companies, but it’s not a big deal for shoe buyers. We’re only [...]
Each year, I put my head on the chopping block and publish a 30-year forecast for global stock and bond market returns. This forecast is used to create long-term asset allocation strategies for our clients. It’s a terribly imprecise exercise because no one can know how financial markets will perform in the future. There are [...]
The cost to invest in mutual funds is often couched in terms of expense ratios and commissions. These are important structural costs and certainly worthy of your consideration. However, other costs are not so obvious that can eat deep into your investment return. It’s wise to know what those costs are and how they relate [...]
Peter Bernstein wrote The 60/40 Solution in 2002. His seminal article laid out arguments for why 60% stocks and 40% bonds is the “ideal asset allocation” for long-term investors. He considered this allocation the “center of gravity” on a risk and return spectrum. Bernstein’s observation is timeless advice for many investors, but not everyone. The [...]
I make investment changes at a glacial speed. The last change was about five years ago when I combined micro-cap stocks with small-cap value stocks to reduce the number of funds in the portfolio. Before that, I eliminated a preferred stock allocation, which was fortunately done right before the financial crisis. Over the coming year, I believe the opportunity may present itself for another change.

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Mel Lindauer

Mel Lindauer is a contributor to The Bogleheads® View blog on The Bogleheads® View RSS feed is listed above.

Mike Piper

Mike Piper - Oblivious Investor

Quick housekeeping note: My wife and I are on vacation for the next couple of weeks, so there will be a gap in the publishing schedule. The next article will be published on Friday 5/8. A reader writes in, asking: “On several occasions, you’ve explained Roth conversions with language that indicates you can convert parts of your […]
I’m frequently asked what I think about using ETFs as opposed to index funds. As I’ve written before, I don’t think it makes a big difference for most investors. And, as Rick Ferri reminds us this week, there’s no reason you can’t use  both. The ETF Decision is Not All or None from Rick Ferri […]
A reader writes in, saying: “I thought that I completely understood [Social Security strategies] but I sure didn’t understand the Medicare Part A/HSA complication.  Please make sure that your readers are aware of this significant complication, which doesn’t exist if you don’t have an HSA.” The complication the reader is referring to is that, beginning with the first […]
One of the most common questions I see (both via email and on the Bogleheads forum) is why the share price of a given fund went down unexpectedly — perhaps even on a day when the market is up. This week, Vanguard provides a clear answer to that question: Why Your Share Price Can Go Down […]
There’s been quite a bit of talk over the last few years about the fact that most people should wait to claim Social Security, if they can afford to do so. And that’s true, for two reasons: Waiting to claim Social Security reduces risk, because it is a decision that works out best in the most financially scary […]

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Allan Roth

Bill Schultheis

Bill Schultheis - The Coffeehouse Investor

We are back! In the month of May, the Coffeehouse will introduce a new, never been presented before webinar titled “Savings Matter”. In this 60 minute presentation, Bill will discuss aligning your passions to your actions to your financial resources. The inspiring TED style talk is sure to motivate you! Get your pen and paper ready and spend an evening with the […]
We are continuing our conversation from last week about financial plans and the adaptations that need to happen along the way. The Sketch Guy discusses these adaptations and the uncertainty our financial plans should include knowing it is impossible to determine the future.
As many of us board airplanes for spring break vacations and venture toward warmer weather, we often take for granted the pilot’s flight plan. Regardless of weather or turbulence, our expectations are that these talented sky drivers will get us to the gate in a safe and timely manner. In a recent piece for 425 Business magazine, Bill compares a pilot building a flight plan to how we build our own financial plan.
“Striking a balance between saving and spending starts with making a conscious decision to take a step back from the countless activities that consume your every waking moment long enough to calculate approximately how much you should save each month to reach a financial goal.” Bill Schultheis, The Coffeehouse Investor, pg. 86
I watched the first practice of little league baseball for 11 little boys this week. They missed catches, pitches, and spent a lot of time in the dirt. They had to focus on a series of step, step, and throw movements during one part of practice. All of the boys were so focused on getting the steps right that they negated the whole act of throwing the ball. They were so focused on trying to do the steps correctly and avoid failing, they missed the end goal of throwing the ball.

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Larry Swedroe

The Finance Buff

TFB - The Finance Buff

Do you know what types of questions you should ask customer service and what types of questions you shouldn't?
Cut down tax refund identity fraud by aligning information and motivation and unleashing the power of competition.
See how TurboTax, H&R Block, and TaxACT software handle the complex calculations for self-employed health insurance deduction and the premium tax credit under the Affordable Care Act.
New IRS regulation makes it crucial to adjust the cost basis from 1099-B when you sell ESPP shares. Otherwise you will be double-taxed. Here's how to do it in TaxACT.
Morningstar's data and ratings on mutual funds aren't that useful when you invest in index funds.

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Academic blogs

Wade Pfau

Retirement Researcher Blog by Wade Pfau

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