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Vanguard News

The IRS has announced that beginning January 1, 2015, you'll be limited to only one IRA-to-IRA rollover within a 365-day period, no matter how many IRAs you have.
Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen told Congress the Fed would remain "patient&334; regarding rates for at least another couple of Fed meetings.
Answers to these questions can help make preparing for 2014 tax filing easier.
Vanguard will increase the international equity and fixed income allocations for Vanguard Target Retirement Funds and Vanguard LifeStrategy Funds to offer you enhanced global diversification.
In recent weeks, a number of Vanguard mutual funds and ETFs reported changes in their expense ratios.

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Bogleheads® author blogs

Jim Dahle (a.k.a. EmergDoc, for medical professionals)

The White Coat Investor - Helping those who wear the white coat get a "fair shake"

My February column for ACEP NOW is all about The Alternative Minimum Tax. Typical physician incomes ($150K-400K) fall right smack in the middle of the range of folks hit by the AMT each year, so many physicians know they get hit by this, even if they’re not sure exactly why. This column will help you understand how the AMT works as well as some ideas to possibly decrease your tax bill as a result of … Continue reading
As mentioned in this year’s State of the Blog post, we’ll be having a White Coat Investor Scholarship competition this year. This post will serve as the formal announcement, but it is being announced this week on other forums and blogs and hopefully via email to medical and other professional students by their peers. In fact, we recently finished mailing a note about the scholarship and a free copy of The White Coat Investor: A … Continue reading
If you’re a doctor, the odds of you making it through your career without ever being sued are vanishingly small, especially in some of the more liability-prone specialties. Ilene Brenner is an emergency physician whose father was a malpractice defense attorney. When her turn to be sued came up, she learned a great deal about the process, both from her defense attorney, and her father. The appropriately named How to Survive A Medical Malpractice Lawsuit … Continue reading
[Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from Mark Zoril, a financial advisor at Plan Vision. This firm specializes in setting up retirement plans for small and medium size firms. This post is an excerpt from their free ebook (Simple Steps to Success: The eBook to Help You Improve Your Workplace Retirement Plan ) offered at his site, with some minor editing. Although this post is lengthy, it is an excellent step by step guide … Continue reading
Many people have no idea how much they need to retire. This amount can be measured as both a net worth (of investment assets) and as an income. People also aren’t sure whether or not to include the amount shown on their Social Security statements. My latest presentation on QuantiaMD discusses this important concept. It also discusses the fact that most docs won’t need anything near their pre-retirement gross income in order to maintain the … Continue reading

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Laura Dogu

Laura Dogu is a contributor to The Bogleheads® View blog on

Laura Dogu, Mel Lindauer: The Bogleheads - Advice Inspired by Jack Bogle

On February 19th, the forum will celebrate its eighth birthday. What an amazing trip it’s been! BACKGROUND  The website was originally set up and funded by two long-time Bogleheads, Alex Frakt and Larry Auton. For several years, the site served as a front-end index for the old Vanguard Diehards forum at .com. was […]
On behalf of the entire Bogleheads Community, I’d like to wish each and every one of our readers all the very best in this holiday season.  For now, I’ll leave you with some steps you can take in the New Year that can help lead to your financial success.  Obviously, these steps can only come […]
Because I was one of the most vocal supporters of I when they were first introduced, I’m often asked for my thoughts on today’s I Bond offerings. The most common question I get is “Are today’s I a good investment?” While we can reminisce about the “good old days” when  one could purchase up to […]
On February 19th, the forum will celebrate its seventh birthday. What an amazing trip it’s been! BACKGROUND The website was originally set up and funded by two long-time Bogleheads, Alex Frakt and Larry Auton. For several years, the site served as a front-end index for the old Vanguard Diehards forum at .com. was […]
On January 25th, Taylor Larimore, who Jack Bogle dubbed “The King of the Bogleheads” turned 90. Taylor, a decorated World War II paratrooper, was in the Battle of the Bulge and is a member of “The Greatest Generation.” In 1998, Taylor was one of the founders of the Bogleheads community at the Vanguard Diehards forum […]

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Rick Ferri

Rick Ferri Blog

Peter Bernstein wrote The 60/40 Solution in 2002. His seminal article laid out arguments for why 60% stocks and 40% bonds is the “ideal asset allocation” for long-term investors. He considered this allocation the “center of gravity” on a risk and return spectrum. Bernstein’s observation is timeless advice for many investors, but not everyone. The [...]
I make investment changes at a glacial speed. The last change was about five years ago when I combined micro-cap stocks with small-cap value stocks to reduce the number of funds in the portfolio. Before that, I eliminated a preferred stock allocation, which was fortunately done right before the financial crisis. Over the coming year, I believe the opportunity may present itself for another change.
Asset classes and investment strategies are two different concepts. An asset class is a category of tangible or intangible assets whose scope may or may not be fully quantifiable. The quantifiable part is the raw material from which an investment strategy is created. US equity is an asset class that’s fairly easy to define and measure. How one invests in US equity is an investment strategy, and there are many ways.
What people say they believe about financial risk and the way they think they’ll act under market stress is often contradicted by their behavior. Long-term investors frequently become short-sighted at the first sign of trouble. Many times this reaction is brought on by answering an investment questionnaire under the influence of recency bias.
Volatility. Investors hate it. Any downturn in stocks creates fear for even the most experienced investor. We can’t get around it. The feeling is natural. When something is cutting away at our net worth, we want to stop it. “It would be nice to have my money in cash right now,” our minds tell us, even though we know that’s not in our best long-term interest.

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Mel Lindauer

Mel Lindauer is a contributor to The Bogleheads® View blog on The Bogleheads® View RSS feed is listed above.

Mike Piper

Mike Piper - Oblivious Investor

A few readers have asked what I think about the recent announcement that Vanguard will be increasing the international allocation in the Target Retirement and LifeStrategy funds. (In case you missed the announcement: The international equity allocation will increase from 30% to 40%, and the international bond allocation will increase from 20% of nominal fixed-income […]
For several months now, Schwab has been promoting their upcoming “Intelligent Portfolios” platform, which will offer automated rebalancing and tax-loss harvesting of a portfolio of ETFs. The big selling point is that there is no fee for the service, aside from the cost of the funds held in the portfolio. Frankly, an automatically rebalanced portfolio of Schwab’s super low-cost […]
When I recently asked for suggestions of specific estate-planning-related topics to write about, one thing that immediately became clear is that many people aren’t entirely sure what estate planning is — and whether it’s something they should be thinking about. To put it bluntly, estate planning is planning for your incapacitation or death — choosing, for example, […]
There are many personal finance rules of thumb that can be helpful when developing a rough-draft retirement plan. However, as Darrow Kirkpatrick and Christine Benz remind us this week, following a given rule of thumb may not be the best approach. Kirkpatrick addresses the question of how much to spend per year, while Benz looks at which account(s) […]
A reader writes in, asking: “I heard on the radio recently that Obama will be changing IRA rules so that Roth IRAs will require RMDs and so there will be a limit on IRA account size. Do you think this has a big effect on the decision of which type of account to contribute to?” To […]

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Allan Roth

Bill Schultheis

Bill Schultheis - The Coffeehouse Investor

If you haven’t ventured to the Bogleheads forum, you should. The site provides a wealth of information and often a great way to get an investment question answered from experts. If you are lucky, you may even get a response from Bill himself, he makes an appearance from time to time helping investors from around the world.
It is time to nestle down for the evening, grab your pen and paper, favorite beverage and spend an evening with Bill. What’s the biggest drain on your portfolio?  How did your funds perform in 2014? Should you be investing in bonds? Find out the answers to these questions and more tonight at 6pm (PST) with our first […]
Bill’s argument in this month’s 425 Business magazine is hard to deny. His common sense approach to investing and index funds is always a refreshing voice in the midst of Wall Street noise. If you are not convinced index funds are the way to go, read his Coffeehouse Investor book for the first, second, or third time.
The passive investing philosophy is starting to sink in for many investors. Whether they have read the Coffeehouse Investor book, started reading Boglehead posts, listened to John Bogle himself, or are tired of losing money picking stocks with dismal returns, investors are turning their attention to index funds.
Interesting article on the history of bull and bear markets and the proven theory that the market may be more fruitful than realized. Forbes contributor Robert Lenzer gives us a lesson in stock market history and the surprising findings. Looking back since 1920, bull markets lasted 97 months on average compared to bear markets average duration of 18 months. This fact alone […]

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Larry Swedroe

The Finance Buff

TFB - The Finance Buff

Mint and Personal Capital operate on a different philosophy than Quicken and Microsoft Money. Choose one that matches how you'd like to use the tool.
Schwab Intelligent Portfolios feature a higher-than-usual allocation to cash. They also place more emphasis on fundamental indexing.
General structure of a co-branded credit card relationship between the program sponsor and the issuing bank.
Fidelity offers free trades on another five iShares ETFs, increasing the total from 65 to 70.
Step-by-step walkthrough with screenshots for how to report backdoor Roth in TaxACT.

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Academic blogs

Wade Pfau

Retirement Researcher Blog by Wade Pfau

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