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Vanguard News

Recent historic economic events cause some experts to wonder if, when it comes to outperforming benchmarks, active managers face more challenges today than at any other time.
Financial markets and Vanguard offices in the U.S. will be closed on Monday, May 25, for the Memorial Day holiday. Transaction requests we receive after the markets close on Friday will be processed with Tuesday's trade date and share prices.
Don Bennyhoff, a senior analyst with Vanguard Investment Strategy Group, offers investors guidance on how to improve the decision-making process when managing their portfolios.
Recently, Vanguard researchers dissected the investing choices of nearly 1.3 million investors across five 529 plans. Here's what they found.
Your financial priorities may change after retirement, but not everything changes. Read on for tips about getting your retirement off to a smart start.

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Bogleheads® author blogs

Jim Dahle (a.k.a. EmergDoc, for medical professionals)

The White Coat Investor - Helping those who wear the white coat get a "fair shake"

[Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from Rachel Hernandez, the spouse of a physician and a real estate investor who has written a book on investing in manufactured housing entitled Adventures in Mobile Homes: How I Got Started in Mobile Home Investing and How You Can Too! We have no financial relationship, but like every link to a book on this website, if you buy anything from Amazon after clicking on the link this … Continue reading
Estate planning is an important topic for all of us to consider from time to time, especially when major life changes occur. Readers who have been with me for some time know I’ve been doing an ongoing series of presentations on QuantiaMD about financial topics. My latest, # 7 in the series, is all about estate planning. It discusses wills, trusts, beneficiary designations, estate taxes, and probate. Prior QuantiaMD presentations can be found at the … Continue reading
In February I was supposed to present an evening discussion to local Salt Lake City docs with Garrett Gunderson, author of Killing Sacred Cows. It was set up as a bit of a debate, focusing on the differences in our investing philosophies. However, the presentation fell through due to lack of interest. I read his book anyway and had mixed feeling about it. Some parts were very good, many parts were simply low-yield, and others … Continue reading
[Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from WCI advertiser Konstantin Litovsky, who has written before about the merits of a “pooled 401(k) plan.” In this post, he talks about the benefits of a customized pooled plan for your individual 401(k) (also called a Solo 401(k).) You can learn more about choosing an individual 401(k) with this post published a year and a half ago. He titled this post: Turn Your Vanguard Solo 401(k) into … Continue reading
I am often asked for recommendations both on how to choose a financial advisor, as well as people asking specifically for a financial advisor. My mantra with financial advice is “Good advice at a fair price.” However, when it comes down to specifics, I am often left with a conundrum of one sort or another. You see, I haven’t yet found the perfect financial advisor to send blog readers to. The Do It Yourself Solution … Continue reading

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Laura Dogu

Laura Dogu is a contributor to The Bogleheads® View blog on

Laura Dogu, Mel Lindauer: The Bogleheads - Advice Inspired by Jack Bogle

After the good stock market returns of the past six years, where the stock market, as measured by the S&P 500 has more than tripled, many investors may well find that their portfolios now contain a much larger percentage of equities than they originally determined they were comfortable with. As a result, now might be the ideal […]
On February 19th, the forum will celebrate its eighth birthday. What an amazing trip it’s been! BACKGROUND  The website was originally set up and funded by two long-time Bogleheads, Alex Frakt and Larry Auton. For several years, the site served as a front-end index for the old Vanguard Diehards forum at .com. was […]
On behalf of the entire Bogleheads Community, I’d like to wish each and every one of our readers all the very best in this holiday season.  For now, I’ll leave you with some steps you can take in the New Year that can help lead to your financial success.  Obviously, these steps can only come […]
Because I was one of the most vocal supporters of I when they were first introduced, I’m often asked for my thoughts on today’s I Bond offerings. The most common question I get is “Are today’s I a good investment?” While we can reminisce about the “good old days” when  one could purchase up to […]
On February 19th, the forum will celebrate its seventh birthday. What an amazing trip it’s been! BACKGROUND The website was originally set up and funded by two long-time Bogleheads, Alex Frakt and Larry Auton. For several years, the site served as a front-end index for the old Vanguard Diehards forum at .com. was […]

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Rick Ferri

Rick Ferri Blog

I’d have a lot more money today if all I had ever done was buy index funds and hold onto them. Instead, early in my investing years, I bought “gems” like penny stocks before they went bankrupt, options on banks falsely rumored to be ripe for buy-outs, a vacation timeshare because I thought it had [...]
I’m always interested in reading academic studies that measure how well professional mutual fund managers can time financial markets. Many fund companies routinely claim their experienced management and propriety research give them a leg up on knowing where the markets are headed next. But is it true? Have mutual fund managers made profitable timing decisions [...]
Index fund investors let the facts speak for themselves. The long-term data comparing active funds to index funds shows actively managed mutual funds underperform in all asset classes and all investment styles. There is no ambiguity in the results, and there’s nothing new to report here. The data has been saying the same thing for [...]
Shoebox design has not changed much in 50 years. Shoeboxes are still the same shape, made of the same flimsy cardboard and hold one pair of shoes. The color and lid design do vary among companies, but it’s not a big deal for shoe buyers. We’re only interested in what’s inside the box. The expansion [...]
Each year, I put my head on the chopping block and publish a 30-year forecast for global stock and bond market returns. This forecast is used to create long-term asset allocation strategies for our clients. It’s a terribly imprecise exercise because no one can know how financial markets will perform in the future. There are [...]

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Mel Lindauer

Mel Lindauer is a contributor to The Bogleheads® View blog on The Bogleheads® View RSS feed is listed above.

Mike Piper

Mike Piper - Oblivious Investor

A reader writes in, asking: “I’ve read that Mr. Bogle doesn’t think investors should use an international allocation. His argument makes sense to me. With our globalized economy, it seems that the performance of companies here in the United States would be dependent on what is going on in other countries anyway, allowing for international […]
This week, well-known author/advisor Rick Ferri announced that he will soon be launching a robo-advisory service, targeted toward younger investors. Cinthia Murphy of has the scoop: Rick Ferri Launching a Robo-Advisory from Cinthia Murphy Investing Articles Supreme Court Makes It Easier to Sue Over 401(k) Plans from Associated Press The Perfect Financial Advisor from Jim Dahle Our […]
A reader writes in, asking: “I recently came into some money, about $40,000 of assorted stocks. Is there a way to get this into one of my retirement accounts? I gather that I am not allowed to roll it into my 401K or IRAs, is that correct?” It is correct that you cannot roll money […]
Update: Vanguard unpublished the article mentioned below for some reason. I’ve asked them via Twitter if they’ll be republishing it, but have not yet received an answer. Over the last several years, with interest rates being so low, many investors have been making changes to their bond portfolios. Some are choosing longer duration bonds in […]
A reader writes in, asking: “I saw the recent article on Squared Away about target funds appealing to inexperienced investors. [Mike’s note: see here.] I gather that you use a target date fund yourself, despite being an experienced investor. Could you elaborate on why experienced investors might want to use a target date fund?” Target-date funds, […]

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Allan Roth

Bill Schultheis

Bill Schultheis - The Coffeehouse Investor

We want to congratulate those of you who have read the Coffeehouse Investor book, have listened to the advice of the index fund pioneer, John Bogle, or stumbled upon the realization yourself that index funds reign supreme in the investment world.
I was reading a favorite blog and came across Leo Babauta’s most recent blog, “Don’t Waste Your Opportunity” and the Coffeehouse Investor immediately came to mind. The passive investment philosophy is now a household term but that wasn’t always the case.
We are talking about hedging our bets on top stocks and companies that reign supreme but unfortunately not forever. Yes, we know we sound like a broken record but Wall Street is loud and the noise can be overpowering at times. Most of our April newsletter was dedicated to education around what happens when you try and pursue the top-performing companies for your own portfolio.
We are back! In the month of May, the Coffeehouse will introduce a new, never been presented before webinar titled “Savings Matter”. In this 60 minute presentation, Bill will discuss aligning your passions to your actions to your financial resources. The inspiring TED style talk is sure to motivate you! Get your pen and paper ready and spend an evening with the […]
We are continuing our conversation from last week about financial plans and the adaptations that need to happen along the way. The Sketch Guy discusses these adaptations and the uncertainty our financial plans should include knowing it is impossible to determine the future.

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Larry Swedroe

The Finance Buff

TFB - The Finance Buff

Different solo 401k providers serve different roles for the plan. Be sure to understand the scope of services when you choose a provider.
High-volume Internet agents took over agent listings. See how you can still find a local agent if you prefer someone local.
Spending small extra amount of money on small luxuries repeated every day is a great reward for doing big things right.
Vanguard's advice service offers access to a human advisor, which Betterment and Wealthfront don't provide.
Fidelity's new service FidSafe offers secure online storage for your financial and legal documents.

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Academic blogs

Wade Pfau

Retirement Researcher Blog by Wade Pfau

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